Item in store help needed

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Item in store help needed

Postby Midxorn » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:50 pm

Need help with some stuff
i just implanted money,items and stores into my game but i have small problem
Working with GameMaker
on main room in which are buttons to open shops so when i press on 1 it opens new room which is shop there i made items to buy everything works on hover it shows info about item when not hovering with mouse it removes info when left pressed with mouse it ask to buy item yes or no pressing yes it takes money out of ur wallet that works also now i made that when u buy item it dissapear from that room becouse its only 1 time use item but problem is when i return to main room and enter shop room again it creates that item again

to make it simple i want to buy lets say house which will be added to main room after bought thats why i dont want it reapear again in shop
any advice how to do coding for 1 time use item?
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