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LOk Rebirth suggestions

Postby Luka2005 » Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:06 am

So i've been playing i think 0.8 rebirth lately, and I'm not sure where to put this so, if a admin or mod needs to move this please do.

so for my suggestions and these may already be implmented but.
1.I want to see a little more of K's pussy, perhaps some sex scenes that show it? All LOK games seem to lack a good look at K's pussy tbh.
2.I'd like to be able to walk around fully naked, perhaps with high lust or something (And some added stuff who knows)
3.I'd like to see some of those plants fuck K if possible and maybe even some of the wild animals...
4.I'd like to be able to shoot those little shits that keep stealing her clothes...
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