any interest in "Krystal Fox Adventures the parody"

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any interest in "Krystal Fox Adventures the parody"

Postby Joshex » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:40 am

Hi, this is my first post on this forum. Today I am posting to test the waters for a possible game project I am interested in doing. As in I want to see how much interest there is and in the case I should have something to release to play, how much money people feel they could chip towards the project (how much would it be worth to you?).

The project in question would be a 3D remake and parody of StarFox adventures starring Krystal through the game with no Fox McCloud and possibly(most likely) adult content, because I figure we all share that in common, we all like Krystal. we could even add new zones or whatever, you know "make it our own thang" so please do share your ideas(though if it is just me workign on this alone I may have to ignore some ideas because they will cause me to feature creep and the game will never be done).
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I am aware there are action replay codes which can enable krystal in the official game, however it's glitchy and krystal lacks certain animations and Voice content leaving the game bugged if you do so. besides McCloud is still in the cutscenes. and theres no adult content
Nintendo would not touch a Krystal hentai adventure with a 30 ft pole, so it's fair to say I am not encroaching on thier customer base. lets be fair you'd be playing this game for entirely different reasons. that and I will probably poke fun at the various parts of the game satiracally pointing out all the things we thought made it subpar only saved by Krystal.

I am not asking for donations at this time.

Some of you may be familiar with me from various places on the net, Forkheads, newgrounds, sometimes I go bug Zone when he streams (been a while). I work in Blender3D 2.49b and python 2.6.2 (yes the old version because it's just easier to... everything.. in the old version). I am willing to train people to help with this project.

If I am left to do it alone, it'll take me about a week or so of full attention on blender to model krystal with all her textures and so on and so forth(however, I cannot give things full attention if I have IRL interruptions or procrastinate.. which i'll admit is common). rigging takes me longer, however I'm not affraid to do Shapekey animations (which are quicker to produce results IMO), only difference is rigged can do stuff like step detection and easier object pickups, so we can program around where the feet and hands are(think footprints in sand and realistic stair and ladder climbing, or picking up boxes, a staff, rocks etc.), regardless we can try to match some armature bones to the shapekey animations if that looks too buggy we can just do the rigging..

programming stuff, easy. I already have test files for most of the necessary physics and interaction elements you'd need in your average Action Adventure game.

-- No Patreon Yet-- I have a patreon for another project (which is making no money and is of my own design, and not really worth showing yet), and don't want that linked to this. IF this project gets to a point where by forum rules I can post some sort of donation link, I might just do paypal, but yeah I'll listen to your input as well.

To be clear the game will not be done in a week. thats unrealistic, the Krystal Model could be done in a week. But for reference I made a Mario model for my own amusement, and that took me about 2 weeks due to IRL (to be honest it's still not done, needs textures eyes and a tongue but hey the shape is there.)
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. If I had to say when this is going to be playable in any way shape or form (probably with limited or no scenery and no enemies or items or basic cubes to replace them, and only 1 single zone or even just a box room), I'd say a few months?

As the game will be in blender format all the models will be largely open source. I may post license rules later as needed.

-- No copyrighted models! -- gotta remake everything manually so no model rips.

Right now, Money is an issue for me. I am not asking for donations ahead of time. I am just asking who is interested so I can know weather or not it'll make anything and be worth the time or just be yet another project that bites the dust due to IRL conditions related to money. If this project sounds like something you would be interested in seeing, let me know what you think and if you would be willing (no obligation) to put money towards it and (hypothetically how much) once it has some sort of playable content.

Again I am not asking for donations at this time. Just testing the water to see if it's a better venture than say.. lowering myself to a level of drawing MLP porn. Not that there is anything wrong with MLP, but I don't want to just be a pic and anim artist, I want to make games, it's my dream.

For your reference: my monthly expenditures are 585 GBP rent and about 100 on transport and 200 on food. Currently I am not making this amount as my job is.. declining in customer base(lucky to work 1 hour a day). So if I were to get into this project, I'd need at least that much to do it full time. anything helps. And I will as per the forums rules not put up donation options till theres a playable release of some level. Again anything helps and I will work proportionately to the amount fo value the project represents. where a value of $0 is "slow, maybe years later" and 885 is "I'll f--k the world and dance with j00" game progress will be worked on full time every day and reported daily.

HOWEVER, before I do any sort of money anything, i need a game to show! again let me know what you hypothetically feel the project is worth.
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Re: any interest in "Krystal Fox Adventures the parody"

Postby Joshex » Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:37 pm

Ok, 46 views is a lot even if it's the same people more than once. No comments is a bit concerning, but this was my first post on the forums so I can understand the skepticism.

fine, then. heres the state of things. I'm going to finish messing around with the mario parody thing 'm doign for fun, at least get one level of that playable to prove to myself I can do it. after that I'll get more serious here and we should see a Krystal forming. I figure after I get some pis of a decent krystal model done I'll get more replies.

if I had to give an ETA (roughly), I'd say with the current amount of free time I have every day, maybe 3 weeks till I can even start on krystal.... IRL is a nuisance sometimes..
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