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Introduction: Serijas

Postby Serijas » Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:32 pm

Hi guys,

Serijas here, I'm from germany, 23 y/o, male - job's a plumber, so basically I cosplay Super Mario every workday.
I'm new to this website and have played most of the old games when Legend of Krystal has still been in developement.
Ever since I've been working on my own projects & worldbuilding, I've gained some skills in Pixel Art, Animation, 3D Modelling / Texturizing, Mapping etc.
My bane of existence remains the programming part, not because I lack the logic but I just can't seem to write a simple code. I found a program called "Pixel Game Maker MV" (with a node based programming enviroment *Thank god*) lately and found out that you can import and resize any images without blur or loss of quality. I wanted to let you know that I'm working on a Metroid Themed game, picking on it's actual mechanics, while there will be ryona & consensual scenes similar to LoK.
Since I'm not familiar with the Metroid Universe there will be a lot for me to look up on wikis and retro play some of the games but I've got the motivation and time in hands. I'll post my progress on a different topic, until then.

I hope we can work together!


- I've added a picture of Samus to let you know how the artstyle will look like!
- Some example animations (had to resize them and the intervals are bad to tweak with .GIF)
1- Idle (No Weapons, Full Health)
2- Idle with Cannon (Main Idle when doing absolutely nothing.)
3- Idle with Cannon, Ready (Idle between Runs with Cannon, or 5 seconds w/o input turns to Idle w. Cannon)
4- Idle with Cannon, Aggressive (If shot once, or after hit, after 5 seconds w/o input turns to idle w. Cannon, Ready)
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