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Powerpuff Girl Adventures ( PPG Adventures )

Postby Paradox Luck Games » Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:20 am

Hello I plan on using this post space to post/update relevant information on 1 of my upcoming games Powerpuff Girls Adventure
As I posted a voting poll on another website and as of 12/24/2018 The Kid's Next Door Adventures Has the most votes and as I am a listener to the people and black hand I will obey... That said however I love PPG more.
So to go both ways I will post the PPG content here. All free of course! :)

Powerpuff Girls Adventure

Base Game information~

    Made in RPG Maker VM

    Currently a Work in Progress

    Each character Interacts with each npc and item and quest differently.

    Each character has unique endings

    Each character has different starter stats and some are easier or slower to level based on with girl is chosen

Planned Features~

    Furry ( If easter egg comes true )
    Epic Battles
    Other places than Townsville to roam
    A good amount of stats to grow or shrink
    A (I hope) Krystal easter egg
    Great hand drawn art (Again I hope if volunteers aid)
    Many many events based on current stats and current character
    3 selectable characters ( Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup )

Current completed/partially added features~

    PPG House
    Public Pool
    Bubbles ( Only playable character )

Leave a comment below on possible ideas/events
also if anyone knows a artist willing to work for a hug from Bubbles... Lemme know
Yes I do have a patreon but atm is empty and pointless... SO everyone gets top of the line demos until a good complete demo can be made to share then support for sooner updates but all releases complete or not are free :mrgreen:

Known Bugs~

    Currently None yet

Space saved for Screenshots

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

PPG Adventure Title.png
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