Real Time Tactics/Turn based smut game.

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Real Time Tactics/Turn based smut game.

Postby James Mccloud » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:10 am

Hi all, I'm a veteran 3D modeller with a love for game design and I've been brainstorming and prototyping a concept for a Smut-based game in the vein of Total war/HOI/Warhammer 40k series. Sound crazy? Hear me out.

Gameplay is a mix between a grand strategy game and an RPG. Where there are certain character types and these character types have their own, individual stats that can be leveled up. There are two kinds of leveling, but i will go into that later, for starters I'll start with how the game is played.

Theres 7 Stats.


STR; Physical Attack Power

DEX; Chance to hit with ranged/physical attacks

END; Endurance, dictates how much AP your character has.

SPD; affects how fast your character moves. higher AP means higher-tier skills use less endurance.

WILL; Your characters Will to fight, if reduced to certain thresholds your character will begin to become vulnerable to being routed.

LUST; how aroused your character is. Affects damage done with sexual based attacks. Theres two variants to this stat, your power and vulnerability. Power is a fixed number (lets say 1-100) that adds a modifier to your lust based attacks. and the other is a percent value. the higher your base value the more resistant you are, while being able to deal out more lust damage.

1. Choose your faction.

Currently theres 6 factions. 5 main factions and one NPC faction, that begins the game with a sizeable portion of the map in their control. Essentially like the rebels from medieval 2. The NPC faction has story significance and also from a gameplay perspective serves as an early enemy.

The 5 main player factions are currently wip so I won't go into much detail about them, but the idea is that they may begin the game having an equal share of the map.

(so lets say there are 100 regions on the map, NPC faction begins with 60, and the other 5 player factions begin with 8 territories each, amounting to 40)

The goal of the game is to capture the territories of the map until you achieve total control of the map. with each territory you control you gain new units, options for buildings for your armies, and new territory to expand to.

On your territories you must; Build your structures. (Barracks/Resource refineries/Culture buildings ect) Your structures on the map have various features. Such as

1.building your units for your army

2. Upgrading weapons/units

providing bonuses to things such as public order/happiness/resource production.

When you upgrade your unit's there are two types of upgrades.

Hero upgrades, and unit upgrades.

heroes stats can be boosted via giving them stat points that they earn after each level up.
They also have various skills that can be bought from a skilltree, you accumulate points for it every level up.

Regular units
Regular units have fixed stat growth. The stats effect how combat plays out, as outlined above.

After the fighting is done, you can "boost morale/HP". Which is where the smut scenes come in. Via faction bonuses/abilities ect you buy from your character skill tree, your "heroes" can help boost morale/ heal HP by servicing your army. there may also possibly be healing units used exclusively for said purpose. If your hero is busy fighting elsewhere ect.

And that is the basic outline of the game so far. I'll probably end up tweaking different things and adding ideas onto it in the future, but for now I'm focusing on building the first level and a rough outline of the world map. I'm eager to find out what kinds of ideas you guys might have.

as an aside, I have been deliberating on what universe I want it to take place in. I'm thinking something like the Smash bros universe but not entirely certain.
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