Creating a New Free RPG Game, Need Team!

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Creating a New Free RPG Game, Need Team!

Postby CorruptedChampion » Thu May 10, 2018 8:12 pm

I'm creating a new RPG based game which will be influenced by the games created by fenoxo on their website. I need a team who I can email and who can help me take bites out of this elephant. I am new to this community but have been coming to this site for certain reasons for about 3 years. Activity is dwindling and I want to help try and bring it back. If you are an artist, programmer, or are diligent in adobe CS5, unity, or unreal engine and would like to help me, feel free to post a response below. I will respond as diligently as possible. Looking forward to creating this game with the help from some friendly people. This game will definitely be free and I'll be saving the models and putting them in resources when the game is finished. This is just the beginning!!

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Re: Creating a New Free RPG Game, Need Team!

Postby Lucky777 » Fri May 11, 2018 11:24 pm

There was a man with a Trunks avatar, whose name I unfortunately forget, who would always pass by topics like these and say something to the effect of "if you're an idea-man, you should get the skills to implement your own ideas."

Sometimes his way of phrasing it would be a little rough, but I actually agree.

If there are people with the skills you seek, they'll probably prefer to employ those skills in making their own ideas into a reality.
If they do prefer to do that, then at some point in production it may become a problem as there are differing preferences for the final product, and shit may go sour.
If it even gets that far.
Part of the reason this is so likely is simply that they have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to do what you want rather than what they want.
That's what happens when you have people working for free.

Now if you're planning to pay professionals to work for you that's a different matter.
It's true that even then shit can go sour.
But it's an entirely different matter.

Who knows, don't just give up though; your endeavour could be one of the success stories even if you don't "pay or just acquire the skills yourself".
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Re: Creating a New Free RPG Game, Need Team!

Postby Golrim » Sat May 12, 2018 6:53 am

Like Lucky said you should have some skill that can be applied to the game such as programming or creating assets. If you have neither I suggest programming using using an open source software like Unity, Godot, and Unreal Engine. I have experience with Godot and Unreal Engine and find Godot guides and layout easier to grasp than Unreal Engine. At most it should take you a month to learn the basics and to create a simple game like pong or a plat former. Once you get to that point start making the game yourself and share what you done so that you can receive feedback.
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