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In Need Of Game Development Help

Postby Titankerberos » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:46 pm

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I was writing a thing since 1Am(Currently 4:46Am) with a full list of my things and my ideas and about how i have been around a long time and stuff and when i went to post it i got asked to get logged in and didn't save the information so i am tired and upset now cause i put tons of effort into it, so instead i'm gonna cut this down into a simple post that won't log me out and suddenly realize i lost everything i typed that took 4 hours to write. T-T

I am sick currently so i might not be on a lot, also i got a lot of life stuff going on so please give me some time to respond, also it's late rn so i might get some sleep after posting this and come back later to check on things. Please be patient.

I need help making a game, i have been around here on another account a long time and don't like asking for help cause i feel like i bother people when i do so this is my first time ever asking for help with game stuff.
i'm an artist, my FA if you feel you need to see my works
I've worked on making a game since 2006, failed a lot and learned tons of code but run into issues when i try to code, i need a bit of help.
Also i don't need someone to do all the work for me, just in general a bit of help in areas will do tho i'd prefer an actually programmer do things and a modeler make the models i can work those out myself if need be.

Currently i'm working with godot while being busy with life stuff.

My idea is basically, haydee/tomb raider 1, you puzzle around, but you have an rpg combat system like in parasite eve 2 rather than action and guns. Your items build your combat stats and general ability to get around is effected by those items.
Said items are keys and clothing and other things and the game is focused around you getting boned by things ether way, success or fail.

Things about the game
Fixed camera angles, weird controls, puzzle game, puzzle platformer(kinda), character customization, rpg combat, sexual stats, clothing effects stats.

I want to basically have it be you can build a character like you could in a WWE game basically, then you get into a game that basically uses the arrow key or wasd to move, but you can edit the controls. Then you have two bottons that interact with stuff, a button that leads you to the menu where said two buttons before become confirm and cancel and then you get a final button that lets you open a menu where you can select if you're, standing, crouching, crawling, climbing, etc etc.

The idea isn't as scary and big and crazy as it sounds because you could basically mod skyrim to do the same thing tho i wanna build it with godot so i don't have to deal with open world stuff and issues with modding a game to make a full game

I have been wanting to ask for help for awhile now but i've avoided it because i didn't want to annoy people or come off to strong. However after thinking about it for years i've decided to ask for help.
The help i need is mostly a guide or even a few people who might be able to assist in areas of a game i'm working on.

The help am asking for isn't large ether, anything you can do in terms of advice is welcomed along with any help you feel you want to offer. This is more of a passion project for me since i've been trying to make it since 2006 so any small push could help me a lot. I've been into modeling, coding, design, art and music so i feel as tho i could get this project done myself given enough time however i know with help that time could be cut in half.

First off let me give you some info into me, i'm an artist, my FA if you feel you need to see my works I've worked with coding before but also modeling and design also music and i've worked on games in the past, nothing crazy but each time i came close to getting my games out there i would run into a wall and was scared to ask for help. But today i feel i've grown enough and know enough that i can ask for help to implement an idea i've had since i joined these forums way back when on my old account i used to lurk. With a bit of a guide i feel like i could get a lot more done then i have before. So here i am to pitch my idea/asking for help.

The design is simple and clean for the most part however it's going to be very built on animations and the situations will be the main draw.
The method of control being basic tank controls, meaning w to go forward and s to go backward while a and d turn your character, one button for confirmation and another for canceling or a secondary action while not in a menu, the final aspect is a secondary menu button that is built to be a modifier to your character.
It opens up a grid where you select the action for the situation you need, such as climbing or crawling, using a key and more.

The primary gameplay flow would be a movement puzzle game in a similar way to something like tomb raider 1-3 on the psx or haydee but the combat focus would be an rpg style, think parasite eve 2 or hyperdimension neptunia.
The world would be isolated areas that link to each other, similar to metal gear solid 1, portal or many games that use a contained area for it's design. The areas themselves might not feel small however depending on how development goes.
The camera angles would also be fixed for the most part, save for situations where it feels camera controls would be better and the player doesn't have to deal with action at the moment.

Possibly the more difficult part would be the clothing and character customization. I would enjoy being able to allow players to express themselves by making a character to their liking and earning clothes along the way which would act as your stats for the game.
The second area would be the characters sexual stats which would mostly lend itself to unlocking more events but also as a way for players to set a preference for the types of encounters they would experience.

I'm aware this doesn't sound like the most interesting of ideas however i feel it's the implementation of an idea that makes it work rather than how new or appealing the idea is. Think of how many games are zombie survival horror games but how only a few actually stand out, because while the idea of a zombie survival horror is a worn out idea it's how others implemented the idea that made games like left4dead and resident evil such a big hit over games that were similar if not carbon copies all together.

To cut things down into a list:
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The contents of the game would be
1 character customization
2 outfit unlocks
3 Sneaking and movement puzzles
4 Fixed camera angles
5 Rpg style combat(think parasite eve 2 or hyperdimension neptunia)
6 Stat editing and puzzles using stats.
7 Sexual encounters and sexual customization.

I am aware as well that most people dream big but never really thought of how things would be implemented and often fall short when it comes to how to actually get their game working. I have thought long and hard about the details of how to get things to work and even can list how things would possibly work. Which i can explain down below
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For one movement and movement based things in this game would not be super complex. How you get to the area might be but the design would be simple. The complex part however is how animation dependent they would be, meaning a lot of effort will go into making sure things fit and are measured well.

The fixed camera angles allow for more options for one handed play and also add in a bit of flavor to it's design, making it more like resident evil or parasite eve of the past and letting the player focus more on what they have to do rather than how they have to aim the camera to see things they need to see.

While walking around would be simple, the animation swaper/skill menu that pops up to select things would be a bit more complex, acting more similar to something like a weapon wheel where you select crawling, climbing, etc etc.

Climbing would be just a way to have the player look up and use a secondary shimmy to get across locations. Going from a flat square to another flat square to make it easy to design where you can and can't climb. It adds a slight amount of confusion when you have to deal with areas where looking up or down becomes an option but it makes the game world feel less flat and that's it's primary usage.

Keys and other items would be stored in a menu, clothing in one and keys in another, think rpg maker style of just lists of items but tabs for each. Nothing crazy just a database of items in terms of code which are linked by global variables.

Clothing would also be a database style in design in terms of coding, a full list of items you can put on and when you put on one item the others that can't be put on go red. This areas menu would look a bit odd with there being a list in a list, such as a part saying
But the items would be made so they can overlap and give more customization in the long run, with mods and more edits later on.

The combat would probably be a hard but easy thing to add, just take the models to a different area, have menu items which link to an attack that plays a canned animation and count numbers with variables that alter them slightly. Nothing crazy but it does give the player something to take their minds off of the puzzles when things start to get a bit hard.

Character customization is a bit harder but it would be based on what we can and can't do. The characters general height couldn't be changed and they would be a bi-pedal creature however you could pick if it was a wolf or a bird and it's colors also possibly areas like the breast or butt size.

Sexual encounters would be a mix of casual designs and losing a fight or running into an event marker while certain global events are active. Mostly just animation loops built into the game.

To put the list i made before and the only thing i had copied before i lost my full post, it was made to be funny so enjoy.
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Moving is tank controls.
Meaning walking backwards is awkward
But there is climbing and stuff
Tho it's sexy climbing
The camera angles are fixed cause you don't need to aim the camera a lot in most games
So now you can look sexy in 3d
Play a thicc furry girl
And there is sexy clothing too
And custom characters, which are fun

Thank you for reading.
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Re: In Need Of Game Development Help

Postby Titankerberos » Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:28 am

For those wondering what level of knowledge i have on making games, i've done "dreams" or worlds would be a better way to put it in furcadia, i've worked on some flash projects which i never uploaded with FlashDevelop which used scripting instead of the placement of objects with normal means and i've jumped into java and java script to try and produce 3d games however i found out java was to heavy of a language for what i was trying to make.

So now i am trying to learn python, not because i need to know python but because it's the closest thing to the godot engines programming language. So any help with being able to understand white space languages would be very useful.

Modeling wise i've done a bit which i'll list below
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Most of these are older models and i'm not 100% aware of the best way to rig or texture my models so modeling help is needed for my project, even just a guide to help me understand modeling better is enough.

Now if you want to see my models first hand you can download this one and use it on the site i'll list below, tho i didn't rig this model personally i just used the websites auto rigging to make a point of how they look while moving.!yg5UhJ4b!CfArdGECLJB_ ... yyMsB2xAjs

Which you can see the model move around here

Some of my older models

As for my art i linked my FA account before if you want to look around and see what i've done over the years.

Music, while i'm not the best at it, i can make a few tracks for video games.

In terms of level design i've messed around with it for a long time but never had any feedback as to if it's good or not, i can link shots of areas i've made in RPG maker but sadly a lot of my old content is gone since my old computer i used to make everything on died a long time ago.
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

A project i was working on till i realized i wasn't going to enjoy making an rpg maker style game cause of how much i prefer 3d games. You can play it and see what you think about my design and level design!SlpkEBDS!8xUnifdX1BXS ... -5wkwHE0hA
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Re: In Need Of Game Development Help

Postby Duoiz » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:05 am

Hello, and sorry. The reason I say sorry already is that I don't think I could help you with the project.
Buuuut, reading your text I think I could help you with something else, now I will be honest, and since this is text it might come around the wrong way, so please continue to read this while thinking happy thoughts.

Reading the description of your game idea and looking at what you have done before, it feel like you are going, more or less from drawing images and some small projects to making a huuuuuge 3d project close in scale to a full AAA game.
To be honest this scares me. And I don't think many people will be willing to jump aboard just like that.

I would suggest that you make some of your own demos, like a movable square in a room with a ladder, so you can show the world that you are really ready for a huge project like this.
Perhaps even make a fight, nothing too advance, just 3 shapes fighting a rpg like fight against a player controlled shape, like, 3 cubes vs a pyramid or something.
Next would be perhaps implementing a chest with a key and a locked door.
Then once you feel you can do this, try to put in a 3d modell you made. It doesn't need to be a AAA version, just show that the bottom layer is made, and the project is ready to get some "help" and not in need of a crew to do, more or less, everything.
Show what you can do (in 3d and programing). I belive this would also make you more sure of what you are capable of doing yourself, what parts you need "help" with to make things better and so on and so forth.
I have made the mistake myself of going to heavy on the 'I want to make a huge game'. Don't get me wrong, having ambition is good, and so is asking for help. But you might have gone to fast and/or too big.

Since you are writing and I will quote you here:"...i am trying to learn python, not because i need to know python but because it's the closest thing to the godot engines programming language." It gives the feeling that you arn't quite ready yet to start making a full 3d game, more like you are ready to make a project to help you learn more about programing, animation and game making. A small hobby project, is the image I am getting...

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for more game on the krystal forum, hell knows I need them. There for I suggest that you post some small examples showing that you are ready to take on this project, to led, lead... show the way for the people you want to "help" you, beacuse right now it feel like you are asking for a bit too much. Almost like you are trying to get a studio togheter with you as the studio leader.

Now if you read this far, I want to once again say sorry. I want to see more of what you can bring out (I really like the black and white furry you made...), and I feel I might have been a bit harsh with my words. If I have somehow missunderstood or otherwise gotten the wrong msg I am once again sorry.
But I still recommend you showing a bit more of your work, showing that you are ready for a project of the size you are suggesting, or be more exact on what type of "help" you are looking for, and if everything else fails, perhaps scale down some. Going from flash and Furcadia into 3d with character customisation and custom clothing in a 3d envoriment is somewhat of a huge leap.

Well that is all I have to say for now, hope I havn't said anything I shouldn't. Best of luck.
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Re: In Need Of Game Development Help

Postby GameDesignDisaster » Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:03 am

I hope I am not too late to give my positive criticism and advise, let me start by saying that your idea for your game is great but, it is more of a goal to shoot towards later, like when you are young and want to be a game developer but when you grow up you realize just how much work you have to do in order to make even the simplest of games.

Some advise I could give as someone who has only a small amount of coding experience in Twine would be to write out on a piece of paper, in paint, anywhere where you can visibly view it, a story sheet for your game showing all the paths and different options you could have or think of within it. For me personally this has helped me see where some of my faults lie when making something as well as where I could be able to add something if it is needed.

And as someone who fancies them self a writer of stories and reader of more I would recommend focusing on making your characters, if you have multiple that is, connect to each other in some way, not like in a relationship but in the same way that different races might coexist within the same world. The same can also be said about your world, if your world has a population make it feel lived in, if the main character is the only one there make it feel as though nature has taken over and that you are alone in a terrifying and alien place.

I do hope that I have imparted at least a little bit of helpful information, and I wish you good luck and good health in your journey to making games.
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Re: In Need Of Game Development Help

Postby Titankerberos » Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:02 am

I feel ya guys, though i do have demo like things out, for doing it myself i feel like it is a nice throw and close to what i wanted at least :>

One thing i might have not made clear was it wasn't going to be anything insane, not like a full AAA style setup, this is stuff i've seen done on the PS1 so i assumed others might be familiarize with it's designs and setups.
Now personally i had to take a break from these because i didn't really like fighting the engine i was using but i did everything here myself so i feel i did somewhat well.

Tough realizing halfway through that 3D was gonna be an issue cause of the jitter of going up and down a hill i realized i could just make her a drawn character instead and animated her up and made another demo on top of that. Again sorry to randomly ask for help and even more so not to come in and reply but i've never actually asked for help and i've been busy with getting my life more propplerly setup with a stable job since right now i'm just stuck on commissions for outfits in games like gal*gun.

3D demo if people want to try it, she had body textures before but i'm not sure if she still has them in this version xD
3D test Demo
(7.4 MiB) Not downloaded yet

The 2D character demo, slightly better animations on this one since i actually get to animate while i make the character which is more fun but a lot more work.
Testing Lab
2D test Demo
(7.07 MiB) Downloaded 1 time

Also a little note, might want to uninstall them before installing them both or any at all, since they have the same name might not want to install both and i've never tested it on windows 10.
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Re: In Need Of Game Development Help

Postby Darkwood » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:59 pm

Why not separate adult game and the project you described above?
The thing is if you combine 2 games into one and any of them is bad - that makes the whole game is bad. Drawing sex scenes is a hell, doing good game mechanics is a hell. Why do you need 2 hells in one project?
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