How Do People Play Games?

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On what kind of Device do people want to play Adult Games on?

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How Do People Play Games?

Postby Dark_Onix » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:11 pm

I have been working with a Game engine, that can be used to create games for PCs or Smartphones. So far, my motivation has been to create a game that can be played with an Xbox controller, because my hands get tired pushing buttons on a keyboard. However before I get too involved in another project, I am starting to think that I should ask around to see how other people want to playing adult games. Do people want to play games on their PCs or on their Smartphones.

Smartphones have a smaller displays, but allow people to play games anywhere; however just because someone can play an adult game anywhere does not mean that they would want to play adult games in public.

PCs on the other hand have larger displays, and there are more options for how a game can be played. (Keyboard, mouse, of etc.) However it is also an older technology; and may someday go the same way as VHS tapes.

Fell free to tell me that you think. I do not keep up to date with all of the new technologies out there. But this question is one that all game developers should spent some time thinking about. And it is also a question that all players of games may want to think about, as technology advances.
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Re: How Do People Play Games?

Postby GameDesignDisaster » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:47 am

I like the idea of adult games that you can play on the go, the only problem that I can see with it is that save for text based games like CoC, most adult games require a good visual experience in order to provide enjoyment. A small screen like that of an iphone or smartphone does not give you the quality of erotic content that a computer screen could, that is without holding it directly in front of you eyes, which in public could look weird and at that point I would rather use a laptop anyway. The only device that I would personally play an adult game on that is not a computer or laptop would be a tablet as its screen is just large enough to allow for an enjoyable viewing experience. I hope my opinion could be helpful and provide some helpful insight to your question.
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Re: How Do People Play Games?

Postby Duoiz » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:28 am

There is a reason they are called adult games... well mostly... and I think I saw a manga or anime out there describing this, but here is the basic run down. There are a few types of adult games.

Some only tell a story, no barrels hold, including sex, murder and what not. Some one got raped? Image and Descrtption is there to describe the pain of the victim. (A game based on Game of thrones could be an example) These games are like a good book and could be played anywhere. Probably best enjoyed on a tv screen with a controller... (Witcher 3 with moor boobs? anyone?)

Some tell a sexy story, or be themed around sex. Alot like the above one, but more focused on the sex part. Ment to tease the player and sometimes being funny at the same time. (Think the Sierra Larry series) Not very fun on a mobile device, maybe, computer or tv screen to recommend it, and controlls, well the old ones would want a mouse but that is a design issue that can be curcomvented, surcom... gotten around...

Sex graphical games. Can be like the one above, but more focused on images/art. As we get to this point the screen size starts becoming an issue, for me I would like a bigger screen even for the game above, but it isn't 100% needed there to enjoy the laughs and dirty jokes, here the point is to get the player horny, or down right masturbating to the images/video/art. (Examples of games here would be something like stip poker games). Alot of people woudln't want to play these in public, sure you could use a smart phone to play them, but would you really want to? Also consols may not be recommended due to one hand being used for.... other stuff...

Lasty there is the pure fap games. These are basicly interactive porn videos, ment to provide litle to no story or an story like, hero has big dick and needs to fuck the demon lord, kind of story. (examples here should probably be most flash games/flash animations calling themselfs games, there are exceptions ofc, but they are the odd ones here) A phone is not recommended for two reasons, both having to do with controll, but for diffrent reasons... Same with xbox controller, they arn't really ment to be used one handed, catch my drift?

So asking just, adult games is a bit vague here... What adult type of game did you have in mind? When you say using a controller for a xbox, my thougts are drawn to games like Larry manga cum lade, not a clicker hero game with girls instead of monsters... things like that matter when making choices like what kind of platfrom you want to use.
(On a side note, laptop in theses options are to vague aswell, with a mouse it controlls like a pc, with a touchpad it is on its own, and with a touch monitor it is the same as a tablet... just wanted to point that out....)
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Re: How Do People Play Games?

Postby Dark_Onix » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:50 pm

Thanks for the opinions, I can see how my wording of the question was a bit vague. I was looking at the problem of what kind of game to create through the lens of the device used to play the game. For example I was toying with the idea of creating a simple game for touch screens devices, like Smart Phones and Tablets, where you play as a guy with a Nudity Gun; and you tap the screen where you want to shoot. However the small screens would be a problem; and there would be a limitation on how complex the game could get.

For Computers with keyboards and larger displays; I was looking into creating a game similar in format to, "Furry Fury: Legend of the Twin Orbs" or "Pokémon: Lesbe Island". Such games could not be easily played on a Touch Screen devices. However there would be fewer limitations on how complex the game could get. (If you add a Jump button to a Touch Screen device, the display just got smaller.)

As for the questions about Apple devices; not all game engines are compatible with those devices and I do not know many people are playing games on them. In any case I was planing to create Visial games with graphics. I have played text based games before, like CoC, and I prefer games with pictures to look at. However I do respect how much freedom text based games give the developer. It is sort of like the challenges that Movie Producers have converting a Book into a Film.
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Re: How Do People Play Games?

Postby hentaiwriter » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:41 pm

I see a few people ask about Android hentai games every so often, but I don't know how huge of a market there is for it. There must be a decent market at least though, given that sites like Mikandi are doing pretty well.
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Re: How Do People Play Games?

Postby Dark_Onix » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:42 pm

Hello I am just giving a little update. I have been testing sprites, in a game engine, and I have found a little problem. All of the sprites used in an object are stored in the RAM; and the more sprites that are used in an object the more RAM that is needed. For example one object I tested required about 400 MB of Ram to use, in addition to the other RAM needed to run the game. I am currently working on ways to reduce the amount of RAM needed to fun my sprites; however I may have found another limitation on creating games for cell phones.
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