[HELP]Need help finding Hongfire H-game

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[HELP]Need help finding Hongfire H-game

Postby Namakazi » Sun Sep 26, 2021 7:35 am

[1] You start off as a adventurer in a town working in a guild whos dream is to get a harem of 151 women
[2] 1st fight is in a sewer and you kill a special rat with special tail that some mage pays alot of money for
[3] You save some rich real estate investors guys duaghter from crime syndicate in a town only to enslave her with a collar
(Also there was a paladin girl who helped bust the oporation who becomes enslavable)
[4] You are rewarded with a mansion and real estates duaghter functions as head of your harem and mansion
[5] Theres another girl whos insecure with her weight that was child hood friends with MC
[6]You could burn down some dudes turnip farm and take his duaghter (penelope)
[7]There was a Albino necromancer tsundere goth who could be beat and enslaved
[8] around the world you there was a war tribute to [Great bug wars] A shout out to supporters
[9] There were optional slaves in the main town square you could buy (which was a magician and twins)
[10]There was a 1v1 tourny side quest that would come to the mansion you could do
[11] There was a male scientist who would make some OP shit for you as well as a blacksmith and shopkeeper girl whod bring passive income
[12] They had a whole eastern weeb section with magical girls (That werent enslavable early access)
[13] There was a elf girl who you had to help breed with her people after dark elfs kidnapped light elfs
[14] Lore wise there was a underdark across the entire world map (Not accessible)
[15] There was alot of clock jokes and refrences to mechanus
[16] Quest involving [Fairy queens / Nymphs/and gods
[17] Had a affection system based on gifting the girls thier favorite items
[18] I think it was called (harem something) and was fully pixelated with some still images every now and then
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Re: [HELP]Need help finding Hongfire H-game

Postby kvier » Mon Sep 27, 2021 2:47 am

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