Just wondering, Godot?

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Just wondering, Godot?

Postby Waffle » Sat Apr 09, 2022 6:00 am

Anyone interested in working in Godot?

Its free, can do RPG stuff (sorta working on one now)
and export to HTML5 ....

GDScripting is sorta tough though ....
based on python so hurts my head from time to time.
Think I got the basics down, now its mostly just getting the classes to behave ...

The level design stuff is very cool ...
importing animations is great ...

code subdivision is a learning exercise.
Just wondering if there was anyone interested, other than me.
HTML5 can be a good replacement for flash and/or rpgmaker ...

Unless some asks me to dust-off gamemaker (1.4) I plan to stay with Godot
instead of upgrading to GMS2.X ...
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