Pokemon Porn Parody Game Idea +1st Renders (Opinions Wanted)

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Pokemon Porn Parody Game Idea +1st Renders (Opinions Wanted)

Postby ThunderOne » Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:27 pm

Hello everyone, I've been around for a while and just decided to make an account and ask for opinions about this endeavor. I might post on other forums after I see what you guys have to say.

General Idea: Pokemon porn parody game following Leaf in the events of Pokemon Firered (can expand to other games later).

Motivation: I always wanted to make a pokemon porn game, but never really went for it. The reason for choosing Firered and the 1st generation is because if i'm gonna do this, i might as well start from the beginning.

About the Porn: My drawing skills are not good enough for this. But I can create and customize 3d models pretty well. That's why I decided to use 3d renders. I made a test scene and rendered using iray render and shaders in Daz3d. Result below. The render takes a long time (couple hours per image) put that's not a problem, since I can leave it rendering during the night. Making the scene itself takes much more work.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):


About the Genre: So here is where things get complicated. I have programming skills. I can work with unity and flash. I know the basics of RPG maker and Renpy. That being said I really don't know what would be the best for this.

* RPG Maker with Pokemon Essentials:
+ Most natural approach. Very similar to the original work. Little time with programming, since Essentials have all I need, including the combat system.
- Map, event and story building/writing takes a lot of time, which reduces the time I can work on CGs.

* Ren'Py:
+ Very easy to make, allowing more time for Cgs.
- Combat system would have to be dumbbed down a lot, since I don't have experience with programming in Ren'py. Maybe even taken out. Also, Not sure if an almost dialogue-exclusive game is a good idea, since english is not my native language, which can make the dialogues seem artificial and not realistic.

* Point'n Click with Unity or Flash (Probably Unity):
+ Very easy to make too. Not too dialogue dependent. Combat system can be more complex, since my AS/C# is on point. Also, it would have similar gameplay of Pussymon from NG, which I think is a great game.
- More time spent on programming, since I would have to rise it from nothing pretty much. This would also reduce the time on CGs, but just until I have the foundations working.

About the money: Last, but not least, I don't have a lot of time to work on the game, since I gotta pay the bills. Currently I can probably build a scene and render it in about 4 days or something, I would guess. The rest of the game, like story, maps, events, etc, would vary greatly depending on the type of game I decide to go for. Also, do you guys think this is Patreon worthy? Getting some money out of this would make things much easier. As a freelancer, I would just switch some time to this instead of other stuff as needed. Also, would I run into copyright problems? I know the title can't contain "Pokemon" in it, but what about all the rest?

Conclusion: Finally, I really want opinions of you guys. What do you think of the renders? What type of game would be the best? Also, if you have experience/knowledge in the matter, can I get some money out of this? Would I have copyright issues?
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Re: Pokemon Porn Parody Game Idea +1st Renders (Opinions Wan

Postby Zeus Kabob » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:19 pm

I've moved this to Creative Discussion, because your intent is to discuss a game yet to be made rather than share a game you've made. When you have a playable demo, I'll move this to the Creative Corner.
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Re: Pokemon Porn Parody Game Idea +1st Renders (Opinions Wan

Postby Dead2112man » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:24 am

Heads up about using Pokemon essentials, if you use it, for get about asking for money, for the people who created it don't want anyone making money of off it.
That was something we had considered also for a while and figured even Patreon was to close to the wall with it also.
I might not create games, but I will test them, Then I will give advice on what I think needs to be added, removed, or improved.
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Re: Pokemon Porn Parody Game Idea +1st Renders (Opinions Wan

Postby ValturNaa » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:11 am

Thunder, as far as I know, you can get patreon support for a pokemon parody under the "fair use" law, but I don't know about selling a product. But it probably would still be advisable to create a more unique name.

As far as your choice of programming language, I can tell you from personal experience that ren'py works well for visual novel style graphics, but if you were going to create a map with moving sprites, you'd have to practically rewrite the engine in python, so you'd be almost better off starting off in python to begin with (though there are some interesting functions that might still be nice to have). To put it plainly, pokemon-styled battle mechanics would be FAR easier than the simple moving-around, and you might have an easier time doing mouse-over mechanics like pussymon. RPG maker has the opposite problem: it's designed for pixellated games, and you'd have to expand on it to allow larger resolutions. The RPG elements are very intuitive, but the pokemon-style battle system would pretty much require pokemon essentials, and Deadman already put his finger on the problem with that. Flash would probably be the easiest to work with (pussymon is in flash, iirc) but you'd have internet security problems, as native flash support is being phased out, and the system is simply not capable of handling larger games; hence the need for Pussymon to build many small games in a series. I'd say your best bet is Unity's 2d engine, Gamemaker Studio, or any similar 2d engine. If you're skilled with c#, go with unity.

I'm personally working on an engine in gamemaker studio, but it has a few critical limitations that I'm having to find workarounds for (most notably, object classes). Mine is for the Pokemorph project, which I'm actually the writer for but I've been coding for since the beginning, and looking for a better coder the entire time with no success. If you were interested in helping us escape flash, we could provide the art and story and let you focus on the engine until it's strong and solid, and then you should be able to build your own game in the same engine if you choose.
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Re: Pokemon Porn Parody Game Idea +1st Renders (Opinions Wan

Postby AcademyOfFetish » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:37 am

I don't know if this helps, but there are other pokemon parody games already. I wouldn't let that stop you though. My game has an even more cliche setting and I'm going full steam ahead.
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Re: Pokemon Porn Parody Game Idea +1st Renders (Opinions Wan

Postby ThunderOne » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:01 am

Thank you all for the replies, it really helps.

Based on what you guys said I'm thinking about going with Ren'py. My biggest fear is the dialogue being kinda dumb due to my language barrier, but we'll see.

I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do about the combat system though. Probably a simplified version, I think. Any ideas are appreciated.

Also, I don't know how to do the scenes backgrounds yet. Rendered backgrounds would be ideal but I have no idea where I'd find the assets and models for some of the stuff (like houses for towns). Drawn backgrounds are kinda difficult for me, since drawing is not my forte, but I can do some simplistic art representation of the game locations. I'll probably try it out and see what people think.

I'm working on an initial demo with Ren'py to see what people think and I also have a couple more renders (Leaf solo) to show. I'll be posting them in a couple days, probably.

Thanks again for the replies.
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