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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby mrblah » Thu Jun 04, 2020 6:49 am

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Optics: ON. Auditory systems: ON. Recalibration in progress... now at the end of it, Demo was mostly initiated. Her red eyes gazed about the area as her processors worked to acknowledge the situation she was in quickly. Still on the battlefield. Surprisingly... fully intact? With numerous remains about the area. She knew she was the cause of this; she exploded and destroyed countless Galleons in the fight against Serpent, a desperate attack done with full awareness of the harm it could cause her and the others, all for the sake of taking down their one threat and finishing the mission... and yet, despite all of the pressure on her to succeed, she failed...

The robot wouldn't dwell on her failure for long. Before she could even think to try to examine this situation further, she spotted parts in the wreckage pooling together to form... disturbing, amalgamated forms of Galleons, seemingly damaged but functioning. She saw Serpent behind them, his smug grin clearer on his face than any other identifier. His slowly reforming army of unretired mechaniloids were moving in her direction, their eyes shining with an intent alien to her. Demo naturally sought to resist to her best efforts and struggled to stand and reach for her Drive Sabers. She found her body... completely unresponsive? With following checks into her status proving inconclusive? And where were the others? This situation wasn't leaning in her favor probability-wise—they were upon her now. The robot rebelliously glared up at the Galleon Mass as it reached down for her, her mouth open to bear teeth to try to bite its hand(?) in a desperate, feral defense. She couldn't move so the attempt mattered not; the monster had reached down to grip her sideless top... and with one tug upward, it— lifted it??

"... Inquiry: What are you doing." Her modest breasts were completely on display with nothing underneath it. Demo's combat form was minimalistic in design; she mostly wore light forms of armor to protect her extremities and related areas, then she wore practical sheets underneath to cover her modesty; a long one to cover her front and backside that was held in place with wiring, and two other disconnected pieces underneath her hip armor. As a robot primarily combat-focused, she didn't need to have any more or less, though she was well aware of how her appearance might come off to some... why would the enemy care to see her breasts? The following action as it laid a hand on her to fondle them answered the question and raised more, so the totally confused Demo would... only stare in further confusion, her face a careful mask of indifference to deny her enemy the satisfaction. "If this is some form of investigative technique, you should be fully capable of seeing that I— nnh..?"

... With her top raised, she couldn't see just what was happening down below from her position, but the robot felt something... hard, touch her hacking port. "What... are you doing??" Again, Demo tried to move to the best of her abilities. She fought against whatever force was keeping her bound and ran checks to figure out the source of it. Those defiant attempts were interrupted when one of the mass of Mechaniloid parts reached for her neck and started forcefully bashing her head in against the stone. She grunted from the sudden attack, her body still incapable of struggling and forced to take the abuse as more sparking broken hands reached to fondle her. More of those disgusting small fry, all the ones she destroyed... were doing as they would with her. Rolling their hands against her hips. Pinching her nipples. Digging into her arms and legs. Scratching her. Molesting her. This treatment continued for... how, how long? Her HUD wasn't displaying the time accurately— it was surely going too slow, and her sensors were all... flashing red, warning her of the danger she was in. The robot had kept strong despite the abuse. Throughout it, she'd not cried out once, remaining silent as a statue as they did as they would and simply bearing through it with confusion, rage... and the smallest hint of fear and shame, until it all came to an end...

No. Not an end. Not yet. She felt the hand that had been feeling up her hacking port move away, ceasing its raging rubbing... but being replaced with the tip of something that felt like one larger finger. Demo was no fool. She knew what was coming next. "Ah... haah... w-wait..." She tried to stop it. Tired out from the constant assault as she was, she tried to stop it. "Don't— don't you dare..." But it wouldn't amount to much.

In one cruel thrust, her hacking port had been filled, a tool finding its way all the way inside and stretching out her previously unclaimed port to immediately begin hacking her. The robot gasped, her composure broken at the alien sensation and eyes wide in shock... then as it started to properly get into the heinous act, she was left grunting and moaning softly despite herself, her face beginning to heat up strangely despite her wishes. And all the same, Demo tried to stop them. Her frustration in the face of these new and unwanted sensations built up to force her to death threats, but she was quickly shut up by a pair of tools shoved down her throat and stretching out her mouth to its limit. Another Galleon Mass reached for the other half to her top and ripped it out of place, freeing her ass to the world... and giving the monster access to her only unclaimed hole left. "Mmm— ngh?!" Demo could barely react to it.

She was ravaged for so long that she forgot she was trying to resist. All of those many, many tools... thrusting, rubbing, spurting out fluid and restarting... it was too much for her. The defiance Demo met them with overtime had melted from the repetitive act, breaking down her barriers and exposing her emptiness as her processors failed to boot any of her procedures. Fight back? Failed. Run? Failed. There was nothing she could do other than accept the invading hacking tools. When it was over and she was left in that puddle, the completely defiled Demo laid with an empty gaze, her eyes gazing forward at nothing and her body merely twitching in the aftershock.

"..." Serpent's involvement would reactivate the robot. Feebly, her eyes turned to him, the light returning as a look of confusion met his words. "... What—" Her eyes widened as he suddenly kissed her, another involuntary twitch shaking her body slightly as he invaded her mouth with his slimy tongue. She was completely unable to protest his act or try to stop him, allowing him free access to play with her tongue and explore her mouth as his hand reached to fondle her breast. Demo moaned into the forceful kiss, her body more sensitive than it had any right to be in a manner most unnatural, but what could she do about it? The Galleons had their way with her and she wasn't able to do anything against them. Even, to some extent... her confused mind had begun to see the action as "good," or so was how she explained the incentivizing pleasure that made her want more of their disgusting, rough touch. They had successfully hacked her and did some horrible damage to her; it was the only explanation... so she could do nothing to stop it. Serpent broke the kiss suddenly, leaving the robot breathless and confused before he carelessly hurled her to the ground, letting her slap into the stone face first without a care. And so limply, Demo laid like a broken toy, her face expressionless and offering no reaction as Serpent moved to lift her hips. She would be stuck there. Doomed to be used at the mercy of her enemy, thrown out by the allies she'd kept, and now... she'd be the plaything of someone she swore to defeat. Her punishment for failing her prime directive.

She felt him prodding into her port and dimly recognized the sheer size of his hacking tool, her analytical mind recognizing it as a danger, and besmirched as she was, the former soldier felt no shame in the sudden strike of terror she felt. "W-wait... wait— that's..." She tried to protest. It wouldn't fit. It wouldn't fit, couldn't he see?! She tried to will her body to work, fighting everything she had to move to stop him. She put all of her energy and power to her arms. "Move..!" And with one harsh push, she was slowly able to raise her front as she fearfully looked back to Serpent, her hands moving to try to pull herself away from him as her mouth opened to speak. "P-please, I—"

Her voice was stolen as he ruthlessly thrust forward, smashing into Demo's hacking port and filling it to its utter brim as it stretched around his hard tool. Demo's voice, her plea, broke into soundless husks... but instead of feeling the most painful agony she ever thought to feel...

She felt bliss, and a feeling of wholeness, as Serpent cruelly hammered away at her dripping port.

... Optics: ON. Auditory systems: ON. Recalibration in progress... all systems are a go.

"—!" SMASH!

A fist exploded from the pod to send shattered glass everywhere, the owner of the fist looking around with a frenzied look. Her systems flared warning signs as she'd already begun to overheat, her rage boiling over and pushing her to find something—anything—to unleash it on. It was thanks solely to the fact that she was mostly alone and Demo's own discipline that she was able to get herself under control, her logical systems quickly working to rationalize the situation. Right. A dream. That... was a dream. How incredibly inefficient. What were the point of dreams if they were just meant to torment you. It wasted valuable resources that could've been better expended on reviewing combat data, which that was decidedly not. The robot checked her hand as she stood there, her systems working around the clock to archive the memory of that 'dream' to the best of its ability, at least for the foreseeable future. "More like a mental attack."

Demo looked up to regard Efina, her face a severe mask of indifference, but her gaze sharp with thinly veiled distaste from earlier. "Astute observation. What are you doing here and how long have you been here. Addendum; explain what has happened while I've been in recovery mode, preferably with more clarity than you had informing me that I was awake."

... Someone's a little snappy. Demo crossed her arms underneath her chest and leaned to the side, her red optical lenses scanning over Efina... she's made a full recovery herself. The robot notably stared at the arm she'd seen mangled in battle. The memory, oddly enough, sent a pang of... something, in her chest.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby cliffracer » Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:51 pm

BM's answer to Mimi's ruminating actually kinda seems to stick. She's taking it like a compliment, which she was kind of off-guard for right after blowing smoke about how she was obviously fit for the purpose. No sense in being a defeatist, anyways. She and BM are highly compatible, and what's one bad fight on the same day she fired up her active combat systems for the first time in a long, long time? She still managed to get in an armor-puncturing hit against a huge threat like Bucksubishi basically alone (not to discount Vera's contribution against the rest of the foes.) Still pretty damn good!

"Well, now I know just how physically durable I am against being hacked. Thanks, Doctor Esper... I guess." There's questions to ask herself in that field. She's glad Delphi's not being regretful about Mimi taking the brunt of the punishment, too. She has a mild nagging that she should be a little more upset about her own hacking, but right now she's being a bit too utilitarian about it to really think about how she personally sees it. Finding Peri and getting status on the acting commander seems to be the mission now... And hey, Vera's fixed up STEVE at the perfect time. Mimi waits patiently as she's being bathed in that green glow, very glad that even her clothes are coming back. She's... perhaps considering that she should tuck away her favorite clothes and wear something she's a bit less attached to, though. "Thank you. I'm... suprised I'm still functional after all of that. I really should've at least thought of power-saving mode in case I shorted..." She pauses and shakes her head. "That's not important anymore. Once we find Peri, I'll start searching for your acting commander. It's probably a bad idea to send Vee searching on her own, do you think you'll need a bodyguard while I'm looking? Er... and who are they, anyways? Someone I've met?"

Who they are doesn't really change the plan much. Mimi's gonna confirm Peri's status, change in to something more practical, then start a high-speed sweep of the base. Whether or not Vera comes with is up to Delphi, but if Delphi doesn't need her, she'll be keeping her with her as an extra set of eyes... if she can keep up, at least.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Littlemankitten » Fri Jun 26, 2020 12:46 am

When Harmony woke, the first thing she did was start thrashing again, looking around at the unfamiliar place wildly before quickly realizing she wasn't where that monster of a Mutos was, making her calm down and regain her composure. When her panicked state past, she actually took a good look around the strangely decorated room, and winced as the bass boosted music pierced her ears. Upon seeing the four reploid women in front of her, she instinctively tenses up a little, her brain still quite on edge after what happened before she passed out. Though she managed not to jump as the girl with the cat outfit gets real close to her, whose name was apparently Bezelle. She said nothing for a while as the group of girls talked and explained the situation to her, though her mind was racing. She's of course heard of the Rocket Fist before, it was one of the more well known mercenary groups, and thankfully one you could get caught up in without a high probability of retirement. Her eyes flickered to each one individually, she knew little about the members singularly mostly hearing their accomplishments as a group. She did know Fierre was supposed to be a mastermind, easily coming up with plans that outwit even the most intelligent of opponents, she knew nearly nothing about Bezelle except she was apparently very skilled in combat. Maylene was the one everyone seemed to like, though she seemed to not care about any of the attention, she simply focused on her mission and little else. Kaence was the one you didn't want to meet, she had a very nasty reputation more befitting that of a crazed gang member over a well organized mercenary group member. Thankfully from their explanation, she was starting out on good terms with them, as apparently Azyriah was one of them. After a bit of thought, she looked over at Azyriah's pod and slowly nodded. "Yes, I found Azyriah in a unfavorable position and attempted to assist her, however I had miscalculated the strength of our enemy. I thank you for your hospitality and help, however I can not stay long, I have a mission I have to complete for my master still, and this has brought upon me a unfortunate delay."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby RandomRoninKitten » Tue Jul 07, 2020 12:42 am

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Harmony explains her situation, Bezelle starts to inhale to speak, however Fierre interrupts her, causing her to puff out her cheeks in annoyance "Understood. Is there any particular location that you would like to be dropped off? Our airship moves fairly quickly, so it would likely be advantageous to you if you were to stay onboard until we pass over your destination." Fierre says, as Bezelle impatiently opens Harmony's pod, to which Maylene responded be grabbing her hood and tugging her back, whispering something in her ear, which caused her to scowl at her. Though all of this, Kaence stayed in the doorway, watching the interactions closely, her arms crossing beneath her chest.

As this was happening, Azyriah continued to remain shutdown as her pod repaired her, though from her appearance, it looked as though she would be finished soon, as the pod was now focusing on external repairs, rather than the internal, meaning that the internal repairs were already completed. Bezelle seemed to notice this, and quickly moved away from Maylene, smacking her face against Azyriah's pod "Heeey, Azy, wake up!" she calls to her, which causes Maylene, to grab her by the hood and drag her out of the room as she kicked and grabbed for anything to delay the dragging.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

[Under Construction]

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The public transport was a large box-shaped Mechaniloid with googly eyes, black coloration, and jagged red lines across the sides. While boarders are expected to stand, the floor was lined with magnetic locks that activate in response to jerky motion, which prevents people on board from being knocked around if the transport gets struck, attacked, or crashes. Also onboard the transport with Luna were numerous other Reploids and Humanoids, most of which were minding their business. As Luna would expect, a few of them began watching her when she boarded, one with long dark hair and brown eyes, in a black leather jacket and matching leather pants, moves closer to her once Luna boards. When he does, several other Reploids move a bit closer to her, the next closest having red hair in a mohawk, and similar leather jacket and leather pants to the first Reploid.

After the transport rumbles forward for a few moments, one of the Reploids behind Luna gropes her thigh and begins rubbing it, before running it up her thigh and to her ass, beginning to grope and rub it through her panties. One of the other Reploids then leans closer to Luna and whispers to her "I know what a slut like you is here for." he hisses to her with a smug grin, as he reaches towards her chest and gropes her left breast.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As Provesta thinks to herself, Model HM hushes, as if carefully listening for Provesta's answer, while Master Tier smiles pleasantly and lets her think it over patiently, showing no signs of rush or impatience. When Provesta finally asks about her extending that offer and putting trust in her, she merely continues to smile as she replies "I want to give you a second chance. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the one to free Reploids from the Maverick Virus for good. If the one with such power were retired... everyone would continue to suffer. I think we should all be happy." she says, sweetly. After Provesta then says that she wants to see a world without the Mavericks, and without the Virus, Master Tier nods slowly "I know that all of us would like to see that. Perhaps then, we can finally rebuild this world that the Mavericks damaged in the Eurasia calamity, a sanctuary for everyone." she says, before then turning her gaze to the V0 Valkyrie that was with them "Thyra, please call in Sandy." she asks, politely. Thyra then engages her comm system "Master Tier asks that you report to the Throne Room." she says, simply.

Suddenly a freezing cold wind blows through the room and a girl's voice speaks "Christmas... cometh." in a low monotone, after which a girl suddenly appears beside Provesta. She had long white hair down to her hips, her bangs hanging down over her face. Her eyes were mismatched, each flashing different colors in a sequence, from red, to blue, to green, to white, but never matching each other. She was wearing a sleeveless blue overcoat with bright light blue swirling wind designs, matching her long blue gloves with a similar design. Beneath her coat, she was wearing a black thigh-length skirt with dark blue edges, knee-length black boots, crisscrossing black belts up her legs, over her thigh-high black stockings, a black top with blue edges over a black tube top and fishnet shirt. She turned to Provesta, then to Master Tier, her posture slightly hunched as she asked "What child is this who lays to rest on Sandy's lap is bleeding?" she asked, her voice sounding like an echo within a rushing wind, to which Master Tier replied "This is Provesta, please supervise her as she collects the Biometals." she says, sweetly, as if she was telling them both to behave and be the bestest friends. In response, Sandy turns to Provesta and says "I shall carol her, we will be a package deal, and deck anyone who attempts to stop us right in the halls. When needed... I shall always be present." she says, slowly, before finally introducing herself "Not to worry, Provesta... Sandy Claws is here to make our list, and check it twice..." she says, reaching out a hand to help Provesta to her feet.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Demo speaks to Efina, she first replies "Well, to start with, that poor, defenseless window did nothing to deserve being smashed like that." she says, snarkily, before continuing "Anyway, I'm not actually sure how long I've been here, I was unconscious for some time while my Lies repaired my body. At least a day, I'd say." she says, smiling, before addressing what she was doing there "I'm here because I'm not really a Guardian, so I don't think I'm allowed anywhere else. Besides, you ordered me to fuck you, so I still have to do that~" she says, as she stands up and smiles. She then addresses the second part "Well, I know that missing Guardians are being searched out by what few Guardians are not being repaired. Most of them are either Retired or repaired, though. Prairie is directly commanding the medics and search party." she explains, before adding as an afterthought "Also, Crocus wanted to know when you were repaired. Said you had business with her." she says, with a neutral tone. Suddenly she seems to remember something "OH! I also learned to do this while you were napping!" she says, summoning three Lies, who started at her blankly, just before she started juggling them, smiling triumphantly as she did so, the Lies looking horrified by the act.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Terra tugs Mia really close to her face, she blushes lightly and stares into her eyes until she finishes and lets her go, staring at her feet for a moment as she asks her next question, regarding command and assembling a team. Mia replies while Lowin seems to be stretching "Well, uhm... last I saw her, she was directing the medics, who are repairing... most of the Guardians who went out. We have a lot of wounded... a lot of Guardians also went out to recover the retired and wounded, since Demo's self destruct retired so many Mavericks that they were forced to retreat... it was like a nuke was set off in the middle of the city." she says, pausing for a moment, before continuing "Because of that, your team may have to be small... unless you're okay with bringing some of the Mercenaries she hired to pick up the slack. Rocket Fist agreed to help us for now." she explains, quietly.

The Mercenary Band known as "Rocket Fist" was a mostly-female Mercenary squad that was among the best-known in operation. Naturally, due to the actions of Dynamo, who nearly wiped out all life on Earth by crashing a space colony into it, whether a Mercenary Band has a good reputation or not, they're still considered scumbags. These Mercenaries are well-known for taking any job, and fulfilling the conditions... with extreme prejudice. Rocket Fist once destroyed an entire city block just to catch their bounty, and returned him to the client in pieces because they failed to specify that they wanted the humanoid alive. The fact that any mercenaries were hired at all, let alone Rocket Fit, would be a very strong indicator of how many Guardians were currently out of commission.

Lowin then chimes in "If things are that bad, I wouldn't mind tagging along. I know my way around a fight, I'm pretty durable, and I know the Guardians are good for compensation." she says, somewhat smugly, to which Mia adds "Uhm... well, if you really don't want me to come with you... I know Rocket Fist has a medic Reploid that works for them... I think Crocus managed to repair herself at some point during the battle, just not quickly enough to help your squad, so she should be available, too... if she's not out searching for the missing." she says, starting to twirl a lock of her hair around her index finger, avoiding eye contact with Terra.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Mimi talks about the plan, Delphi shrugs "You have a Biometal, so I probably need Vee more than you do. I don't want to be cornered alone again, anyway. Have fun." she replies, before addressing the question regarding the acting Commander "You've probably met her once or twice. Tristesse is the acting Commander here." she says, before wandering down one of the halls, STEVE following her, while Vee awaits for Mimi to give her the command to follow, impatiently shifting from foot to foot.

Mimi had been visited by Tristesse before, in her room. She was a very tall woman, with white hair down to her shoulders and bright blue eyes, usually wearing a revealing black top with gold details, shoulder-length black gloves, a short skirt with a huge black belt with gold studs, black tights, and thigh-high black boots. She always wore a black choker, and a necklace with a gold cross dangling from the string. The woman often only visited Mimi to check her well-being to ensure she was content with her living space and her interactions with staff so far, otherwise showing little emotion.

After Mimi wanders through the hole that Peri had been knocked through, and begins searching, Model BM begins speaking "I don't see any Mavericks yet. Perhaps the remaining survivors are safe, then." he says, thoughtfully. Mimi then suddenly trips over an object, stuck in the sand, before rolling back down the sand dune that she had been climbing. When she examines the object that she had tripped on, she sees that it's a strange object, shaped like a shark, with googly eyes. After a moment, she hears a voice from the object "...Huh? Oh, uh... BEHOLD! Tis I, Model SM, the most powerful of all Biometals. Foryouse-THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO-" the Biometal shouts, before being interrupted by Model BM "I doubt that he's the strongest Biometal. Surely, other mechanical entities that were more advanced have become Biometals since his creation." he says, calmly, to which Model SM replies by loudly sighing. Model BM then comments "You know... Bucksubishi had been searching for a Biometal... if he missed this one, I doubt his qualifications outside of combat capabilities." he says, slowly.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After their repairs had been completed, and the two resumed their journey towards, they soon start to hear a thunderous pounding sound, after which they can see a Reploid in the distance, attacking the door to the structure. Zephyra cocks her head as she sees this, turning to BB "It seems someone got here before us... and may not be that skilled at hacking, since she seems to have opted for hitting that structure's door instead of hacking it." she says, slight confusion in her voice.

When the two draw closer, they could hear the Reploid's voice as she swears at the door, or possibly the Reploid that she supposes inside. The woman had long white hair down to her hips and heterochromatic eyes with the right yellow and the left green, and was wearing a a black jacket with red lining and silver buttons, over a black sleeveless tube-top that only covered her chest with a silver zipped, and a pair of black short shorts with a white belt. She was slamming the door with her fists and occasionally kicking it, yelling "YOU SON OF A SCUM-SUCKING WHORE, GET YOUR FLAT COFFIN ASS OUT HERE AND FACE ME LIKE A REAL REPLOID, YOU CAN'T JUST FUCKING GAMMORAH MY FUCKING VILLAGE AND THEN FUCK OFF INTO THIS STUPID BUILDING, I'LL JUSTICE YOUR FACE RIGHT THROUGH THE GODDAMN MOON, THAT'S HOW YOU REACH SPACE NOW, YOU COCK-GOBBLING, FLAME-FACED BITCH!" she screams as she slams her forehead into the door.

Seeing this odd scene, Model P chimes in "Yo, dawg, we needa assert our dominance by hitting dat dere doe hardah." he says, to which Model SM replies "... Or we could open the door through hacking, milady. If the Maverick truly isn't there, we should make the most of the time we have before it returns." he says, calmly. Meanwhile, Zephyra tapped the woman on the shoulder, causing her to spin around to face them in a huff. Once she saw them, she straightened up, took a deep breath, then asks "Uh... what brings the two of you here?" in a confused, but slightly embarrassed tone. Zephyra replies "We were on our way to check out this structure, to see if we could find the Maverick that has been destroying the villages.... or to find information on it." she explains, calmly, as if the woman hadn't just been screaming and punching a door a moment ago. "Well, I'm after a coffin Reploid that destroyed my Clan. I'm going to punch him into space." she says, running her hand through hair, flipping her bangs. The woman then turns to BB and back to Zephyra "I'm Forza..." she says, softly, to which Zephyra replies by introducing herself and shaking Forza's hand, after which Forza turns to BB and extends her hand for a handshake.

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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby MiscChaos » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:29 pm

Terra mostly ignores Mia’s blushing. Mostly out of the hope that maybe if she does it for Mia, Lowin will ignore hers. It’s a naive hope, but it’s all she’s got. She’s not sure what to make of Mia’s refusal to meet her eyes though. Is it shame at having to be told the same thing twice? Being uncomfortable being forced into close proximity to Terra? Mia seems a little shy after all, so having someone so deep in her personal space might throw her off. But wouldn’t she have backed up instead of just looking down then? Her thought process is shaken a little off track when she sees Lowin stretching out of the corner of her eye, but she tries her hardest to refocus on Mia instead. She’s mostly successful, but she still keeps half an eye on Lowin. Just in case. She’s a stranger after all. She knows she’s lying to herself, but she’ll take it for the moment. She focuses more on the report of affairs, logging that the Guardians took massive casualties even if few of them ended in retirement. Or at least that’s how she’s interpreting Mia’s statement.

Terra’s entire face twists into active disgust when she hears that Prairie hired mercenaries, let alone scum like Rocket Fist! Mercenaries are bad enough for nearly destroying the world for a few bucks, but this set is willing to endanger entire cities to catch their quarry. How are they any better than the Mavericks they fight against!? They might just be worse! At least SOME Mavericks have the excuse of having their programming forcibly rewritten. Those Mavericks are merely sad creatures who must be mercy killed before they do anything that would upset them in their right mind. Rocket Fist is all the destruction with none of the excuses. Still, Mia doesn’t need to hear about the full level of her disgust for the mercenary outfit. She keeps her response simple. “No, I would really rather not have a mercenary at my back. If keeping me in one piece isn’t part of what they’re being paid for, they won’t care to do it.”

Still, with Rocket Fist not even in consideration, there is the makeup of her team to think about. Lowin volunteers, so she might as well take her up on that offer. As for a medic… she’d really prefer to have Connie on the team, but Mia doesn’t even bring her up as an option so she must either still be in repair or out assisting in recovery. Crocus would be a good addition to the squad as well since they’ll need more people capable of knocking out the opposition. That still leaves medics… of which only one she knows for a fact is available. One which is currently avoiding eye contact and trying not to show how eager she is to go with her. It really goes against every protective instinct she has, even considering bringing Mia with her. She’s the last living member of Terra’s original squad and really should be packed in Terra’s pod and never let out so that the world can’t hurt her again. But, with the Guardians being so short handed, Mia is going to be put to work sooner than later. If Mia isn’t on an assignment with her, Terra can’t be 100% sure she’s being protected. This is supposed to just be an exploration mission anyway, so it should be safe enough. She hopes. With a sigh that shows just how unhappy she is with the idea, she looks to Mia. “If I bring you along, do I have your word that the instant I tell you to get the hell out, you’d do it?” Upon getting her answer, she’ll get out of her pod. “Well, c’mon you two. I guess we’re looking for Prairie to get this mission going.”
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby mrblah » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:05 am

"Statement: That has to be the least productive use of your time you could've possibly conceived," is what Demo really wished she could've said. But as much as she found Efina's new juggling talent to be asinine and completely unimportant to either of the girls' purposes, the robot really didn't care to dwell on that in the face of more pressing concerns. Namely, that she'd been out for a day, there are missing Guardians out and about, and the memories of the battle coming in full clarity for her analysis... and the results weren't good. She could barely perceive if any of her allies survived her suicidal attack—Demo herself wasn't fully sure she would've and hadn't taken that into account. What was important at the time... was destroying her enemies to the best she could. That, Demo recalled, was all she was thinking about.

What a ridiculous idea she had.

Even had she succeeded, there were humans present on the battlefield and important Guardian assets that could NOT afford to be lost. Her risky gambit... no, not even. Her suicidal rage-fueled explosion to kill Serpent, which failed, went against every directive she stood for. But how could that be? As a robot, her prime directives should have been absolute. Not even by accident should she be capable of harming a human, let alone indirectly. Yet, her action in battle could potentially have harmed humans. She could not compute the contradiction. As she silently analyzed the data repeatedly, her processors running at frightening speeds and slowing unnecessarily in the odds of anything rising to askew her results... they remained the same. She had potentially endangered human life of her own free will.

... Despite having time to dwell on it, Demo convinced herself that there'd be no need, not when Guardian operations were still being upheld. She wouldn't prove the most effective search operative as it wasn't her intended purpose, simply having all five senses and being able to move is better than nothing, and the Guardians could use all the help they could get. Maybe even, command might need her to engage in other operations. She had better things to use her time for than standing around doing nothing. That, precisely, is what Demo decided.

She might be willing to fight an external battle, but an internal one is something she'll always avoid.

"..." That said, Demo didn't forget her 'deal' with Efina, nor did she the girl's... current status. She'd betrayed her previous employer for... sex? Which personally is something Demo is incredibly dumbfounded by, but as it benefited her, she wouldn't question it. Efina was also a skilled combatant in a sense. She could dodge attack after attack, so along with her Lies, she would prove useful in any battle. If ever were she to engage in a highly dangerous hostile situation like the battle against Serpent (which is more than likely if the madman's words and resources weren't telling of some massive plan), Demo would want her skills on the side of the robot rather than the enemy. So Demo approached Efina without a second to waste.

"You want to fuck?" Started the Casanova as eloquently as the first time. Not subtly, her hand reached out to grab hold of the juggling girl's wrist, and were there no resistance, she'd pull Efina in for a... risque hug, her hand coming out to rest on her former enemy's ass as she leaned forward, the robot's head the littlest space shy from Efina's ear. "Let's engage. Command is unaware I'm active. Now is optimal."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby CondorBoH » Sun Jul 12, 2020 7:45 am

Provesta has been through a lot today. So much had hit her over and over again, and here she was - half broken down and leaking fluids in the halls of the Master. In the rarest moment of today, the Biometal within her had quietened and wasn't ravaging her throbbing head with it's rants. This was... concerning, in its own way. She would have to talk to Model HM later, to explain herself. Yes, things would be different with their quest, but the goal was the same. There was still going to be lots of fire and destruction and hopefully, after all of that... a remade world.

Then Provesta got very, very confused.
The slight smile that had grown on her face was replaced with one of confusion. C-christmas? The bizarre woman whose eyes kept changing colours swept into the room at the beck and call of Master Tier and the silver Valkyrie, much to the surprise of poor Provesta. Her ways of speech was just so weird and gosh she was losing track of the conversation. Lets just nod.
"Um... Hi? I'm Provesta? You're... Sandy Claws?"

She took the hand offered, rising unsteadily to her feet. Her whole body shook slightly from the strain, rebelling against the notion of taking action. Provesta took a deep breath before speaking again, more controlled than before.
"It's nice to meet you. I look forward to being in your care. You um... seem to be a bit off season?"
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Blue56 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 8:54 am

BB nods at Zephyra's assessment, having come to much the same conclusion herself. "Let us proceed with caution then." She mutters, keeping a close eye on their surroundings, in case this was bait for a trap. As they drew closer though, it became apparent that this Reploid was genuine in her shouting and pounding on the door. Although this Reploid used vocabulary that BB was unfamiliar with in this manner, through context clues she could deduce that their motives and goals were very much the same. BB stands quietly as Zephyra and Forza exchange greetings, only speaking once Forza offers a handshake. "My designation is BuildBot #0056, though I understand it is easier to refer to me as BB. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She says in her usual soft spoken tone, shaking Forza's hand firmly. "The coffin Reploid you described is likely the same one that destroyed my clan. We assume that the same is true for Zephyra, but she did not witness her villages destruction, so it is possible that another is responsible." BB adds to what Zephyra had told Forza. Something the other Reploid had mentioned during her raging rant did stand out to BB, however. "You said earlier that the coffin Reploid had... Fucked off... into this structure. Did you witness this? The only intelligence I have received thus far states that the Maverick left this building, so it would be helpful to know for certain if it truly is here or not."

Regardless of the answer, BB was determined to enter the structure. "We will be heading inside to investigate. If you wish to join us, I think we will be stronger together." BB states, looking to Zephyra for her opinion on the matter, though she did not think the Reploid would disapprove. It was just a matter of how they would get inside. The door had proved resilient to Forza's efforts, but she wasn't sure how strong this structure was, or how strong Forza was. There were too many unknowns to determine if using force to enter was a viable option. Hacking was an option, as Shadowman had suggested, but... "Though I possess a hacking tool and data on its usage, I have not used it before. It is not relevant to the task of building." BB confesses to her companions as she continues to weigh her options. "I am, however, proficient in demolition. I believe that using this skill to breach the door will be more efficient than attempting to hack. If I am unsuccessful, we can hack the door as a backup plan." Provided there were no objections, BB would motion for Forza to step aside as she shifted into combat form and summoned her bits. This would be a good opportunity to learn more about the construction of the structure. After a brief analysis, BB identifies what is likely to be the weakest point of the door and commences her strike. Her bits move first, concentrating their fire on a single point, which she then strikes with her heat blade. Even if this alone cannot melt the metal that makes up the door, it could at least destabilize it enough for the follow up strike from her drill that would hopefully be enough to pierce the door and gain them entry.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby cliffracer » Thu Jul 16, 2020 1:46 am

Mimi nods. That's right, she'd seen Tristesse before, but she hadn't really been paying attention to what her rank was due to a... lack of necessity to do so. But hey, now she has a rank to a face! "Ah! That's right! Okay. Vee, make sure you protect Delphi. Do what she needs you to do, alright?" She smiles and nods to her to dismiss her, then starts climbing on through that wall to go look for Peri. When she doesn't IMMEDIATELY see him she starts getting a bit concerned, but she's not about to start actively worrying until she starts finding body parts. If he got buried in this sand dune though... That'd be annoying.

"Yeah, I've got a good feeling that we've dealt with the worst of what'll happen to us. Sheesh..." She's about ready to take her viewpoint and get a good scan of the surroundings when her foot catches on something, making her faceplant and start sliding back down with the thing she just dislodged. She spits out some sand and shakes plenty out of her hair as she's sitting back up from that, grabbing the thing she tripped on. It's a... well, it looks weird and is themed like something, so it's probably a Biometal? Mimi doesn't know how to identify the things yet, but she's got a pretty good hunch... Aaand yep, on the money. Whoa, the most powerful Biometal? Wait, that didn't sound right to even Mimi since it obviously wasn't the target of that raid... Introduction out of the way, and BM's commentary considered, Mimi says "Heehee, I think you're right. No need to fight fair against that jerk next time if he's such a dummy." She looks to the new Biometal she's holding, offering it a smile despite BM's roast. "Hi, 'SM.' I'm Mimi. It's fine if you're not on BM's level because he IS kind of the best, don't worry about him. Honestly, even if all you can do is make me swim good, that'd be a really big upgrade. Somehow I think you're better than that, though." There goes Mimi and her damn kind nature.

She starts to climb the dune again, but figures she'll take SM with her for now. She'll be able to make use of him, but she might see if Vee will be fine with him once they link back up later. Spread out the Biometals a little, maybe. "Did you notice a... skinny Reploid with long hair get blown past you? He got punched by that dummy-jerk me and BM were talking about, and it'd be nice if he wasn't dead."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Littlemankitten » Sat Jul 18, 2020 9:35 pm

When asked where she wanted to be dropped off, Harmony looked between them all for a bit, then at Azyriah. She wondered if she should make Azyriah tag along with her, though her combat performance didn't seem excellent, Harmony couldn't exactly talk as she fell along with her, it was certainly a hard opponent, and they did have a reputation of being good. "Preferably near a raider camp or something similar. My objective requires a large grouping of undesirables who have happened upon something valuable." Her eyes flickered to all of the people in the room constantly, judging their reactions constantly. She then turns to Azyriah's pod. "She will be out soon, I am happy to see that the damage she received was temporary." Her voice had a tiny bit of relief in it, though it was still mostly robotic and emotionless.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Mark3000 » Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:10 am

Trip on the Transport
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Luna kept her head up as she entered the public transport in her skimpy outfit. She could feel the eyes of the various Reploids and Humanoids on the transport drifting to her body. She tried to pay them no mind, merely focusing on the task at hand. She could say from experience that looking meek or embarrassed only seemed to draw more attention to herself.

It didn’t take long for someone to make a move on her. A fellow Reploid in leather attire, flanked by a companion for back-up. They waste no time groping her ass and left breast. Still sensitive from the plowing Dinglefitz had given her, her cheeks blushed from their sudden touch. She wasn’t sure if the two of them were hired by her master or just a pair of random punks on the transport, but she’d have to endure it for now. “ And what do you think that is?” Luna said as she looked away from the men.

The first of the two punks continues groping her ass, snickering softly, while the other replies “You obviously want cock. Lots and lots of cock. I’d say all of the cock you can handle… but I doubt that you have a limit of any kind, whore.” he says, his hand slipping under her top and beginning to grope her breast through her bra more roughly as he leans closer to her. As this was happening, more leather-wearing punks started drawing closer, though most of the passengers hadn’t noticed what was happening yet. One of the punks moves up behind Luna, joining the first two, this one pressing his crotch against Luna’s ass, and starting to grind his hard cock against her ass through her clothes.

Luna’s eyes darted side to side as more of these leather bound creeps drew closer. Even with the suspicious circumstances none of the other passengers paid her any mind. “You sure you want to do this here? Someone might see.” Luna said, putting up some token resistance. She knew better than anyone there was no stopping what was about to happen. She could already feel a shiver run up her spine as one of the punks started rubbing their crotch against her panties, still wet with her juices and a few specs of Dinglefitz’s cum.

When Luna says that someone may see, the punk that was groping her ass snickers again, then replies “That just means that you would enjoy it more~” in an accusatory tone, after which he lifts her miniskirt up to expose her panties, then begins rubbing her slit through her panties. The punk that was groping her breast then lifts her top up, exposing her bra, then starts using both hands to grope her breasts roughly, one hand on each, his left arm wrapped around her back to reach her left breast, while the other reaches across his own body to reach her right breast, commenting “Why don’t you be a good slut and start jerking and sucking off a few of us? I know how badly you want a snack.” in the most demeaning voice the man could muster. The third punk presses his cock against her ass a bit harder, starting to hotdog his bulge between her asscheeks, through her panties. In response to the punk’s suggestion, more of the other punks begin moving closer to Luna, using their backs to shield them from the view of the other passengers.

Luna groaned. Partially due to their fingers wrapping around her sensitive frame. But mainly because of how painfully forward they were. They had one thing on their mind and Luna’s only purpose to them was to satisfy their needs. With a sigh she gave the leather bound gang a seductive smile. “ Well if you boys really want to have a good time, I can oblige.” She said in a low whisper. The sooner she got them off the faster they’d leave her alone. Jutting out her hips, she wiggled a bit to stimulate the punk she was hotdogging. Meanwhile she reached out to message the crotches of two of the other men. She moved slowly into their pants until she was jerking off their tools. All that left was her mouth.

As she hotdogged one punk and began jerking off the other two, their tools started to harden between her asscheeks and in her grip, the three Reploids moaning softly with each of her movements, and beginning to buck their hips a bit more. Another punk rests his hand on the back of Luna’s head and slips his cock out, poking it against her cheek and grinning down at her “I know you’re a thirsty slut, here~” he says, rubbing it against her cheek a bit. Meanwhile, a few of the other punks started slowly rubbing their own tools to get them hard, in anticipation of getting to have their way with Luna, commenting amongst themselves on how great her body is. The punk that was rubbing her slit soon pushes his fingers into Luna’s pussy through her panties and begins fingering her with surprising skill.

Luna let out an honest moan as she was fingered by one of the creeps surrounding her. She was surprised any of these punks knew how to pleasure a woman. As for the cock in front of her, she turned away for a second not wanting to acknowledge the long tool before her. But eventually she slipped the tip into her mouth and began to bob her head.

A rush of embarrassment washed over Luna as the gang of punks complimented her frame. All the while they stroke their cocks imagined what they would do to it. Luna wasn’t built to be a prostitute but a protector and her old body used to reflect that. But now after so many modifications, she looked like a whore and was acting like one too. Her lamentations were cut short as she let out another soft moan.

The punk that was fingering her port soon thrusted his fingers deeper into her, continuing to skillfully finger her, with mounting vigor. After long moments, he retracts his fingers, but then tugs the crotch of Luna’s panties aside, before laying down on the floor, tugging her down so that she mounts her port onto his tool. The punk that was hotdogging Luna then pulls her panties further aside and rams his tool into her ass, then both punks begin thrusting in and out of her holes, fast and hard.

The two punks that Luna was jerking off begin bucking their hips more, moaning loudly with each of her hand’s movements, their tools beginning to twitch in her hands, while the one that she was sucking off began bucking his hips, while pressing her head in time with his thrusts, moaning loudly. “Mmm, I knew you couldn’t resist more cock~” he says teasingly through his moans, his hacking fluid beginning to flow into Luna’s mouth.

When the punk removed his fingers from her port, Luna didn’t breathe a sigh of relief. She knew what was coming next as her pussy like port dripped lubricant. As she was mounted onto the punk’s stiff tool, a shiver ran up her spine. This shiver turned into a shock as the other punk entered her secondary port. Her cries were at least muffled by the tool occupying her mouth. But it was getting harder and harder to cover her sorry state.

As her hips bounced with the two men underneath her, she looked up at the three she was serving with her mouth and hands. They were close, she could taste the small droplets of hacking fluid. Her hands stroked the two reploids playfully, using her thumb to massage their tools. She was glad to have the hacking tool in her mouth as she continued to bob her head and play with the tool with her tongue. It kept her from answering and saying something she might regret later.

It wasn’t long before the two punks that Luna was jerking off released a louder moan and fired off loads of hacking fluid onto Luna’s hair, face, and chest, the sticky fluid running down her skin and staining her clothes. Only a moment after, the punk that she was blowing pressed down on Luna’s head and made her deepthroat hit tool, after which he began releasing huge globs of hacking fluid into her throat, but the force of his release causes it to explode from her mouth and run down her chin.

Meanwhile, the two punks that were pounding her hacking port and ass continued going strong, thrusting harder and fast, driving their tools deeper and deeper with every thrust, while moaning loudly. After several more minutes, Luna could feel their hacking tools twitching inside her, while small amounts of hacking fluid leak into her.

Despite not having a gag reflex, Luna was still caught off guard as she was forced to deepthroat the punk’s cock. She wasn’t even able to get comfortable before her throat was flooded with hacking fluid. A muffled gurgle left her lips as she struggled to process the fluid. When he pulled out, a mess of hacking fluid and lubricant from her mouth dripped down her chin joining the fluids already on her chest.

Though a mess, Luna continued to bounce on the two tools thrusting into her ports. Now however her moans rang out unimpeded. “Ohhhh, that’s it~” she let slip as she used her now free hands to caress one of the punk’s chests to help brace herself. Luna could already feel herself reaching her climax.

When Luna braces herself against one of the punks, he allows her, simply grinning down at her, but also reaches to start groping her breasts, massaging them roughly with both hands. The other two who had finished as well busy themselves by continuing to rub their hacking tools against her, further smearing their hacking fluid all over her while they wait for their friends to finish.

All the while, the last two continue to pound away at her hacking ports. It's not long before the punk fucking her rear port grunts, hilting his hacking tool as deep as possible and flooding her rear port with a copious amount of hacking fluid. After a few moments, he pulls out with a contented sigh, giving a harsh slap to Luna's ass once he's fully withdrawn. That just left one punk, who Luna could still feel throbbing inside her, but wasn't finished just yet. "You want another load? I wanna hear you beg for it.~" He whispers in Luna's ear. It seems as though he noticed she was close to her own climax. And he wasn't the only one. Luna's moans attract the attention of other passengers who she was now aware were watching and muttering at the sight.

Luna bit her lip as one of the punks hands fondled her breasts. She gave a lust-filled expression as the other punks smothered their leaking tools on her face. A small amount of drool left her mouth as she continued to produce lubricant in it’s heightened state. As more and more passengers began to watch her beleaguered form, she was filled with a sense of intense shame. In only a short amount of time, she had gone from the leader a new taskforce to a wanton slut who would do anything for a good fuck. If Tier or Thyra found out about this, she would never live it down.

But those thoughts faded as her rear port was filled with hacking fluid. When he slapped her ass, she let a loud cry. Now that she had everyone’s attention, there was no need to muffle her cries. But it wasn’t enough to put her over the edge, she needed more. Her hips moved on their own as her front port wrapped around the last punk’s hacking tool. Hearing him whisper into her ear, she wanted to respond defiantly. She wanted to tell the punk off and regain some sense of control. Opening her mouth she cried.


Her face was twisted in a lust-drunk expression as she shouted as loud as possible. Her hips slammed down into the punk’s crotch, her ass clapping with each thrust.

If any of the other passengers were somehow unaware of what was happening, Luna's loud cries ensured that all eyes were on her. The Reploid's who had already finished laugh at her begging, while the one still pounding away at her hacking port grins widely. "Well, if you insist..." He tells her, speeding up his thrusts before slamming her ass down on his hacking tool. WIth a groan, he unleashes a torrent of hacking fluid into her port, just as she had asked. He gives a few smaller thrusts, just to ensure that Luna is completely stuffed to the brim before pulling out and rising to join his friends.

The punks look down at Luna on the floor of the transport, clearly pleased to see her lying there covered in their hacking fluid. "Damn, you're a good bitch... Next stops coming up, but we've gotta do this again sometime, right boys?" The lead punk says, turning to his friends who all agree enthusiastically as they store their hacking tools. Many of the other passengers have turned their gaze away. embarrassed by the display they witnessed. A few bolder ones are gazing lustfully at her but make no other moves. Thankfully, in her current state, Luna is completely unrecognizable as the one who had fought to defend Tier just the other day.

Luna let out a moan just as loud as the last one. “OHHHHH!” she cried as she flung her head back. Her port was flooded with the hacking fluid, it felt like her system might shut down. “Ahhhh, so ... full” Luna said in a hushed tone as she was dropped to the ground. Her body was still twitching from the thorough fucking she had recieved. She barely acknowledged the gang of punks as they left the transport.

Embarrassed but still aroused, Luna didn’t get up for a while. She tried to avoid making eye contact with any of the other passengers as her sense of shame finally started to return and her system stabilized. How much longer would she be able to go on like this before she breaks. Her only respite was the Valkyrie Taskforce and her battle form, the last parts of her life that remained undefiled. Thought that relief dissipated when she remembers the deal she had made with her master for his assistance. Sulking, she cleaned herself off as best she could and stood back up away from the other passengers. Once the transport stopped, Luna would make a beeline to the store.

”I’m sorry you had to see that B, though it’s rather standard for me. I’m … not the Reploid you think I am” Luna told her Biometal companion with an unusually submissive tone.
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