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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Embers » Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:56 am

In no hurry to relive the hacking nightmare again, Avriel was well aware adventuring alone would not be a good idea, she raises her index finger as she approaches the doctor and her crew "Now now, this isn't my fight and I'm not particularly suited for close range encounters, my offer is to provide support" she accentuated that last word, pulling out her Bullet to examine it in view of the group "I will provide covering fire from a distance, and with my new weapon, we can easily have the numbers advantage if I stay alive and at range." Avriel wipes the barrel of her Bullet before stowing it away. She closes both eyes and takes a deep breath, committing to memory the mood and aura of this brief respite from conflict.

With a silent, internal voice, Avriel draws up a plan for herself, a plan where she takes hold of this Biometal doctor Agnes is searching for and bring it back to Amaltheia with a convincing story about how she chased down the attackers as best she could. Even if it was clearly a different one, a Biometal was sure to impress. Just as she forms an image of herself handing over the Biometal, Avriel feels a faint and fragile voice deep inside her memory calling out "Sister..." Avriel's thoughts shift towards cruel and harsh words aimed at herself, for forgetting about Lena this whole time. Another deep breath to keep her emotions from percolating any further, Avriel shifts her plan and goalpost. If this Biometal the Hunters are searching for matches with her, she would use to focus on finding her sister full-time, should Thiea get in the way of this newfound resolution, Avriel would leverage her position with the Hunters to overthrow Amaltheia and use whatever resources available to The Hand in her search. "You've been waiting for long enough, Len. Just a little longer..." Avriel speaks without a sound, as if assuring that voice in her head that help is on the way.

After opening her eyes, the Humanoids spends a moment pulling her shoes back on and verifying her outfit one last time. She then flashes a gentle smile towards Agnes and speaks in a soft voice "I'm ready when you are." Avriel takes a moment to survey and examine her allies, taking note of their different weapons and equipment, what their uniforms are capable of stowing and how resilient that Standard Hunter Uniform was. Following behind the doctor on the way to meet their dig team, Avriel takes stock of the layout of this base, time, weather, as well as any other members contributing to the Hunters operations in an attempt to spy any familiar faces about. "Say doctor Agnes, would you have me take hold of some curatives and medical supplies? Since I'm staying out of close range combat, it might be a good idea to have me manage our support resources."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby MiscChaos » Fri Apr 17, 2020 3:04 am

‘Well, my question got answered quickly at least.’ Terra thinks as Salix takes command of their unit and gives them their new objective. She was just thinking that with Salix’s track record, the squad she was in charge of would be just fine, so she has no problem with that being extended to the squad she’s running with since they didn’t have a commander per se anyway. She is worried about being this close to Crocus, however. Especially after her comment on their squad number. Well, Crocus should hopefully be professional enough to not hit on anyone while the mission is going on. Right? She doesn’t know the provocative Reploid that well after all. Well, she’s sure if Salix doesn’t squash it, Demo’s brand of no nonsense interference will cool any coals she Crocus tries to spark up. While the injured are fixed up, Terra focuses on the hole in her chest, reducing such an obvious weakpoint. Besides, it’s always disturbing to see sparks coming from your own chest.

Once everyone is repaired, she follows Salix’s commands. It irks her to not assist her fellow Guardians in repealing the Mavericks they are fighting. Almost certainly some of them will be retired because they didn’t help, but she knows intellectually a lot more will be if they don’t cut this off at the source. Still, it stings and she has to use more self-control than she’d like to admit not to disobey orders. Her thoughts are disrupted by the sight of Aile and Giro up ahead and choking back her fear at seeing Giro in his Model Z Mega Merge. As soon as that’s out of the way, she notices the other details. Like how Serpent’s CEO is the one running this assault. Shock of all shocks, that is, given how it’s his Pantheons all over the streets. Surrounding him are 2 Megamen that could be twins for their various similarities. Just as obvious as Serpent running the show is how these Megamen are on his side since they attack Aile while Giro is… stuck with Serpent because he’s blocking a Saber with his bare hand. HAND! What kind of Biometal would allow someone to block an Energy weapon with just a hand and how can she get a hold of it? For safe keeping, of course since such a thing should obviously not be in the hands of such a dangerous enemy. She should also take the Biometals off the ones attacking Aile for the same reason. Especially the male given he laughed at the sight of one of his own ships getting blown up.

Just as she’s about to assist Aile, a new set of enemies come to interfere. A girl either a Humanoid or a Reploid, A Mutos Reploid, and a Pseudoroid. Well, that’s a set of enemies that really can’t be ignored… Especially since one of them immediately spots her as a Pseudoroid! She isn’t sure how given that she isn’t in combat mode right now, but it does and goes to attack her. And everyone else really, but the attack is deflected, blocked, and whatever else is needed to ensure no one takes damage. Hearing Salix’s plan causes a frown to appear on her face. Either way, she would have to abandon someone, either the squad she fought with or Aile and Giro. Of those, she’s less certain about her squad against the enemies arrayed against them. 2(?) Reploids and a Pseudoroid is nothing to sneeze at in terms of combat potential after all. But Aile at the very least needs some kind of backup given she’s at a 2-on-1 disadvantage. Giro has Serpent at a standstill, so his situation is the least dire, but who knows how long that’ll last. Either Serpent will use some sort of attack with the Biometal in his other hand, his hand holding the Saber will break it, or Giro will somehow get through. Only one of those outcomes are good. It’s still the situation that can wait the longest though. Aile’s is the most dangerous situation in her opinion. “Until an opening then. I’m worried about how long Aile can hold off those two Megamen by herself.” She says, revealing her Combat Form and preparing for battle. She could end up having a few in a row, so she should do her best to pace herself.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Blue56 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 9:50 am

BB pauses when asked about the Maverick that wiped out her clan. That Maverick's data would likely remain in her memory banks for the rest of her existence. "It was very large, and shaped like a black coffin. It's face was a screen projecting a skull wreathed in green flames. It leveled every building we had made and killed every single Humanoid and Reploid besides myself with only it's fists. Even if we managed to damage it, it repaired itself at an alarming rate." She explains to Zephyra, the more she spoke about the hopeless battle she engaged in, the more BB began to wonder if she even stood a chance now. She was still learning new functions of the Biometals she had acquired, and did not possess full data on her enemy either so it was difficult to calculate her chances of success. What choice did she have though? She couldn't just let that Maverick roam free, couldn't let other villages suffer the same fate as her own.

Putting that aside for now, BB shakes the man's hand when it's offered and listens quietly to what he has to say. She spares a glance for Zephyra, as the Reploid leans on BB for support. It doesn't bother her though, in fact she adjusts her stance to make it easier for Zephyra to shift her weight onto BB. "I am happy to help with such things, however I hope this incident leads you to exercise more caution in your combat Reploid deployment in the future. Leaving your home undefended is a risk it is often unnecessary to take." She tells the man bluntly, before turning to Zephyra and shaking her head slightly at the Reploid's praise. "It is unlikely that I would have succeeded alone. Both of our participation was required to maximize our odds of victory." BB says before falling silent as the chatter of the crowd surrounding them grows louder. Excessive praise was something she had grown somewhat accustomed to with her old clan, and while she never felt it was warranted, she knew from experience that it was futile to attempt to refute it. Thankfully, Zephyra is able to maneuver them out of this situation and get them the much needed repairs they were after.

Traveling through the dilapidated village was difficult for BB, not because of her damage, but because she had to constantly fight the urge to begin repairs to the substandard structures that surrounded them. Instead, she forced herself to stare at the ground as they walked and focus on the conversation at hand. "With no knowledge of this area's Mavericks, it is difficult to say how many powerful Mavericks are roaming around. But it is possible that Zephyra and I are after the hunting the same Maverick as this villages Reploids." She whispers to her Biometals. She considered what Model SM had said to be likely, and losing all of their combat Reploids would be a huge blow to the Ghost Bear Clan. There was little they could do about it now though, they would be unable to provide any meaningful assistance in their current state.

When they arrive at the pods, BB gives the man a nod and a brief word of thanks before he leaves. Afterwards, she looks to Zephyra as the Reploid mentions wanting to leave to pursue the Maverick. As she ponders her next move, BB can feel every fiber of her being telling her to accept that mans offer and stay here to rebuild this run down village. There was so much work to be done that BB didn't even know where to begin, but she knew she would have to start immediately if she wanted to get it all done. Her programming was screaming for her to stay here and build as she was designed for, but when BB even considers doing so, images of her ruined clan, of Geranium retiring before her very eyes, flash through her mind. She couldn't let that Maverick roam free, couldn't rest until she had her revenge. The conflicting goals strain her processors. " I... I will..." She mutters, holding a hand to her head as she sways on her feet. "Let's... learn more about that Maverick and where it went once we are repaired. We can decide what to do afterwards." BB tells Zephyra before climbing into the rusted pod to begin the repair process. It was difficult to think properly while so extensively damaged after all.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby mrblah » Tue Apr 21, 2020 6:04 am

New allies. She updated the current party size in her status display. Terra, Freesia, Connie, Azalia... all friendlies. She'd make sure to go over the data she had on each specific addition to the team to render new stratagems with their skills in mind, but this would happen right after confirming new orders for the newly dubbed 'Squad 69.' Furthermore, Demo made a note of Giro and Aile's backup for the upcoming battle. If even those two were deemed not enough and they were sending in a squad of this size... she anticipated powerful opponents. It was with this information in mind did Demo spend the rest of her break time recalculating offensive plans. By the time Salix had called for their departure, she was confident enough to say that she'd finished preparations to the level of 67% with the data she had on hand. Actual field intel will add to the calculations at a later time.

Now they were off, rushing toward their destination at full speed... or, it was full speed for Salix, and possibly some of the other members of Squad 69. Demo herself had to keep even with the squad and cut her pace by 30%. Still quite fast, but not her fastest by any means. During their run, it seemed like they'd get some distractions in the form of more of the cannon fodder Galleons, but before Demo could even look to Salix for her decision, those groups were intercepted by allies. "Understood." She didn't need to be told once to leave it to their helpers. Her fellow Guardians were simply doing their jobs. They all worked in tandem to give them the opportunity to reach the leader. Would their battle be dangerous? Perhaps, but their deaths would be of assistance to Squad 69 if they could successfully reach the leader and defeat them. That was what it meant to be a Guardian.

They reached their destination at the start of conflict, it seemed. Giro and Aile were set apart from their opponents; the CEO of Slither Inc, Serpent himself, and two Megamerged Reploids that Demo couldn't name. She briefly took the stall in motion to try to log as much data as she could on the physical forms of the three while running backup processes to record the fact that Serpent, CEO of Slither Inc, was the one responsible behind the attack. Slither Inc being the origin of the Pantheons assaulting Area D. Subtly and secrecy could not have really been their focus.

She would cut those backup processes to observe Giro's charge and the results of it... most notably, she was watching Serpent's reaction. He elected to catch the energy blade in his hand like a stick, and hold it, without care of the nature of the weapon nor the intent behind the one who tried to harm him. Even though he was struggling to keep it in place, it was a testament to his strength that he merely struggled and didn't outright fail. Demo knew this feat was one that he could've accomplished only with assistance, and that would thereby shed light on what he had in his other hand.

"Biometal..." Of some type or form, she recognized. It must've been extremely powerful. The abilities it granted him most certainly made him a credible threat... bump her battle preparatory data down to 60%. "Wild card." She wasn't glaring at Serpent because of the fact that his Biometal messed with her calculations. That would be petulant, and such emotion was not part of her programming. Meanwhile, the other two engage Aile in combat and display several shows of power. They were going toe-to-toe with her equally. Aile was no less than a formidable foe, so to see these two standing equal with her... they were very strong. Had they less of a numbers advantage, Demo would consider their odds less than likely, but with a group of 11 strong... they could overwhelm the three, no matter how powerful they were. 69%. Ha—

Pause. New entries. Her hands reached for her blades as she patiently waited for the arrival... of three new hostiles, evening the odds in the favor of the enemy. Tch. She strategically stayed out of the short scuffle that resulted from the opposing parties' clashing to garner some intel on the newcomers. "Strong... covers for each other's weaknesses. Experienced, but... overconfident. Lazy." Now, she'll draw her blades. She also noted for possible surveillance skill from the dog. It'd been the one to recognize Terra for what she was.

Plan time. Demo sat in as the others took the enemy's moment of ridiculousness and sheer arrogance to converse, where Salix would present her plan. As far as she knew, the ones with the Biometals were her and Terra... which meant it would be one of them. Logical enough. "Whenever the opportunity is presented," Demo agreed with a short nod. Their plan was set and intentions were made. Now all that was left was the battle.

epic showdown part 1
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Salix quickly scanned the three enemies, then started speaking over communications “Crocus, Helia, Azalia, focus on the Mutos Reploid, prioritize self-preservation, I’ll try to get close enough to hinder his movement so that someone can strike a death blow. Zinnia, Convallaria, try to pin down the girl, I don’t want her getting in the way when we try to break through. Freesia, observe the insectoid and watch for an opening while using your Chameleon system to keep from taking unnecessary damage.” she said, quickly. Just then, the red-headed Reploid cocked her head at them as a strange black mass started forming in one of her hands, which she held outstretched “Hey, I don’t feel like playing with you right now. It’s okay, though, I brought friends!” she said, in a reassuring tone as she threw the black mass at the group. The object then shape-shifted into a small inky black creature, only a few feet tall, with bright blue eyes. In the blink of an eye, the creature fired a black glob at Demo, which splattered across her body and seemingly phased inside of her. Only a few moments after the inky black substance had entered her, Demo started to feel a rising heat in her chest and loins.

She would, obviously, react with total confusion and a rise in aggression at the attack. When the glob had first hit her, Demo barely felt anything at all. She was worried about its ability to seamlessly push its way into her body... but again, her perceptors showed little damage, hence why the sudden influx of... heat? Was incredibly worrying. "Unauthorized intrusion." Of her person, to be specific, and the source of it would pay dearly. "Initiating offensive."

The robot dashed at the black creature with all her speed. Her hands pulled her blades free from their sheaths, revealing the glint of the metal just moments before it was sent whirring through the wind the moment she entered range. Demo threw her weight into the attack and spun with the momentum. Her dual blades cut through the black creature like butter, and as she was spinning in a circle, she turned on her foot to readjust herself, and slashed it a final time to fully dice the damned creature.

Flick. "Target destroyed." She glanced at Efina, the source of the creature... and an enemy. Near the girl, an afterimage of Demo spawned in like a haze... or a Heat Haze.

While Demo was dealing with the black creature, the Mutos Reploid was eyeing Salix “I wonder how well your team will do without such a vocal commander!” he roars, before suddenly becoming a blur of movement and appearing right in front of Salix, igniting his blazing purple energy blades from his wrists and swinging one at Salix. Salix’s eyes widen, unprepared for the Mutos Reploid to be moving even faster than it had been before, but despite this, she manages to block the attack with her Knuckles, the impact launching a shockwave across the area and causing sparks to erupt from her arm due to the strain of holding the attack back alone. The Mutos Reploid then moves with incredible speed, stabbing his other weapon through Salix’s abdomen, the tips ripping out through her back as she grunts in pain, synthetic blood spraying from her back, alongside a geiser of sparks. Despite the severe damage, Salix manages to quickly use her free hand to grab the Mutos Reploid’s arm and hold him in place.

Terra observes the fight thus far and is slightly worried. One of the enemies can apparently spawn more enemies with an unknown effect. Demo looks fine, but she said something about an intrusion so something must have happened. She has too little information and the girl… Reploid? Humanoid? She supposes it doesn’t matter. The girl seems disinclined to directly interfere in the fight so not provoking her into changing her mind seems like a smart move. The Mutos Reploid, however, is rather blatantly hostage AND has already hurt one of her squad. The choice seems clear to her. She weaves mines by the Mutos Reploid and the Pseudoroid (just to be safe) and drops a Spider Mechaniloid with the Reploid to increase her options. The stage set, she reaches out with her web to directly snag the Mutos Reploid, whip him through the air and send him crashing into the nearby Web Mine. From what she observes, the Web Shot hurts him exactly as much as a mosquito bite might harm a Robot. Which is not at all. The explosion, however, cooks quite a bit of his hide in the blast. He still looks just fine though so they have a lot of work to do.

With that thought, she sends a mental command to her Spider Mechaniloid to attempt to do a little more damage. But without Salix to hold him in place, he’s swifter than he appears, dodging out of the way of her construct’s attack. With how small a target it is, the answering blow manages to miss it, so the whole thing is just a net zero.

The Mutos Reploid grunts when Terra whips him out of Salix’s grasp and rams him into one of her web mines. When the Spider Mechaniloid attempts to follow up with a slash, his body whips backwards out of reach, then he attempts to answer with his own slash, however the damage inflicted on his arm by Terra’s web mine causes him to need to compensate, and without that adjustment, his arm merely sparks and sails over the Spider Mine, accomplishing precisely jack-shit. Crocus quickly dashes up beside Terra, calling out “Ayyy, nice hit, Terra!” she says, groping her ass before adding “Watch me waste this furry, though, okay?” she says, before dashing forward at incredible speed, pink after-images marking her path, then after dashing hard left, she whips back to the side, drawing her saber and quickly slashing the Mutos Reploid across the chest, leaving a shallow gash with the armor around it slightly warped. Right behind Crocus, Helia approaches from the opposite direction and attempts to follow up on Crocus’ strike, spinning her Glaive, and using it to slash the Mutos Reploid’s leg, however he quickly shifts himself towards the slash, causing his leg to catch the handle instead of the blade, causing it to glance off with a harmless ‘Tink!’ sound. Salix dashes at the Mutos Reploid right behind Helia and throws a heavy right hook, however the Mutos was prepared for this attack as well, ducking into the blow and instead slamming his head against Salix’s arm to avoid the punch, causing her to spin away and land hard into a crouch.

Meanwhile, Freesia activates her Chameleon system, becoming completely invisible, while Zinnia begins firing shots at the red-headed Reploid, all of which she evaded extremely easily, causing her to pout, and Azalia draws her Breaker and shouts at the Mutos Reploid “Hey, furball, it’s hammer time!” she shouts, dashing in an arc to force him to face away from Crocus, Salix, and Helia, and swinging her breaker at his head. The Mutos Reploid ducks the attack cleanly, and the shockwave from the attack kicking up dust behind the target. After her miss, Azalia begins spinning her hammer in preparation for another swing. Convallaria, meanwhile, was charging up her Blastcaster and calls out over communications “The Reploid is just sitting there, watching. I’m going to see if I can punch a hole in the Pseudoroid’s armor.” she says, before firing a massive glowing green energy shot at the insect Pseudoroid. The target doesn’t move at all, and merely eats the attack, letting it strike him directly in the chest. The attack causes a massive shockwave to kick up a cloud of dusk across the entire area, knocks various junk parts scattered across the highway into the air, and culminates in a glowing mushroom cloud, however when the debris and cloud clears, the Pseudoroid is completely unharmed, causing Convallaria’s mouth to drop open slightly. The insectoid then lowers its head and charges at Helia and Crocus at incredible speed, each step shaking the Highway beneath his feet. Helia quickly uses her dash jets to leap backwards, while Crocus jumps into the Pseudoroid’s back, using him as a springboard to front flip behind him. At the end of his charge, Terra finds the Pseudoroid towering over her, its glowing green eyes trained directly on her face. “Hmph, a Spider, huh? I’m going to rip your legs off one by one.” he says, in a gruff voice as he starts flapping his metallic wings.

When the red-headed girl sees Demo destroy her blob creature, she frowns slightly “Hey, that’s not very nice.” she says to her, as she forms another black mass in her hand, seemingly undisturbed by the presence of a Heat Haze near her. She throws the black mass behind Terra, causing it to immediately form into another of the black creatures. It fires a black glob at Terra, which splashes across her and sinks into her body. A few moments after it seeps into her, she starts to feel heat gathering in her chest and crotch, but barely any damage done to her. “Don’t hurt my Lies, okay? They just want to play!” she says, to Demo. Despite Demo having destroyed the Lie, she could still feel the heat rising in her body, and her mind starts to fill with fantasies that cause the heat to become worse and worse, and hacking lubricant to rush to her hacking port.

The unbidden fantasies attacking her were far from helpful or wanted. She could feel her body charged in ways it rarely ever would as a passionate desire made her burn up despite her cooling systems' efforts. Staring at this... her target was only making matters worse. In her head, images of her slashing apart the aloof girl's clothes and pinning her down played in her vision. The sight of her, helpless to Demo's advances. Forced to concede, and... give in, to what the robot had in store for her. She could imagine spreading the girl's legs to reveal her hacking port. She'd take her attachment, connect it to her port, then push past the girl's entrance to spear her completely, giving her no choice but to lay down and...

"V-venting..." Pshhww... her cooling systems resorted to a quick vent to puff out her increasing heat build-up. Doing so left her stationary and exposed vulnerables so it was a last resort mechanism, but effective enough to let her get a hold of herself and FOCUS. "... Orienting." As she was doing this, her Heat Haze was assaulting Efina. The ghostly image of a more indifferent Demo swung her blades like a dance, unleashing a flurry of motion that the girl... apparently had no issue with evading? It was pretty shocking to see herself not even come close to hitting a target. She didn't look it, but she wasn't the type of enemy you could just beat traditionally... but naturally, Demo would test that herself now that she was cooled down enough. She really felt a lot of ire for being put under that mental attack. Violence had to result.

Wordlessly, the robot dashed in with a burst of speed. She tried to take what she saw as a moment's weakness in Efina's defense to skewer her from behind while her Heat Haze kept her pressured, her two blades thrusting forward like chopsticks.

The red-headed Reploid had one finger tapping her lips, while the other hand was grasping her elbow, and she was merely dancing around, barely paying the Heat Haze any mind as she evaded every single attack cleanly “You know, I could just keep creating Lies, and then you would have no choice but to play with them.” she was saying, as she side-stepped Demo’s own attack without looking “More Lies are coming to plaaay~” she said in a singsong voice as she dropped a black glob on the ground, which formed yet another Lie, which looked up at Demo innocently with its bright blue eyes.

Meanwhile, the Mutos Reploid was starting to give off steam from the vents on its back as it grew angry from the constant assaults against it. “ALL OF YOU PESKY INSECTS-No offense, Bugborg A-ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO REPLOID HELL!” he shouts, before adding “EVIL CORKSCREW!” and spinning in place, forming a massive purple cyclone. Shockwaves launch out from the cyclone, which Salix manages to evade by dropping low to avoid one, leaping to avoid another, then dashing mid air through a gap in the slashes, however Terra’s Spider Mine is slashed to pieces, Crocus is struck in the shoulder, the side, and the leg, causing synthetic blood to spray out of her wounds, followed by eruptions of pink sparks. Similarly, Helia is unable to avoid all of the attacks, taking a hit across the chest that only ends up shallow due to a well-timed backwards dash, however she still starts bleeding profusely, her Guardian uniform darkening very fast from the heavy bleeding. Salix calls out “Another hit like that could be fatal, Crocus, Helia, start attacking from a distance and I’ll try to keep him from engaging you.” she says, as she maintains her offensive posture. Crocus replies, coughing up a bit of synthetic blood “What, you think switching me to ranged support will keep me from getting the kill? Keep dreaming, Sally!” she says, confidently, despite her wounds. Helia, meanwhile, didn’t respond to the order, and was wobbling back and forth, clutching her weapon, with a distant look in her eyes.

“Hey, hey Terra.” says a voice in Terra’s mind, the same voice that asked if she liked fish when her squad was wiped out by the purple maverick with the gray saber “I can take down that yellow guy. Will you take me to see some electric eels if I do?” asks Model SM, innocently. She could feel power building up inside the Biometal as it spoke to her.

Terra can feel her cheeks burning as Crocus takes the opportunity to cop a feel. Even in a combat situation, it seems her flirtatious manner can’t be stopped! it flirting if they have every intention of following through? Would that be teasing then? ...this really isn’t helping the burning feeling spreading from her cheeks to the rest of her face. The fact that Crocus very quickly opens up space between them helps quite a bit though, if only because she doesn’t have to worry about a follow up. Using the time her allies assault the Reploid to calm down, she analyzes what’s going on. And that would be her allies either completely missing their target or the target being completely unharmed after Crocus’s attack. The armor plating on these guys must be thick! She watched Convallaria eliminate a small squad of Galleons earlier with one of those shots and it didn’t even flinch! It’s swift too, given how it dashes across the battlefield so quickly. Her squadmates got lucky that, for all it’s swiftness, it was still just a straight line. And then it threatens her. “Oh? Think you can do that before I carve you open? Normally it’s wasps spiders lay their eggs in, but I think we can make exceptions.” She says, sounding more confident than she actually is. The rest of her squad hits a lot harder than she does after all.

Her thought processes are halted by another one of those black blobs taking advantage of her distraction and doing that phase thing it did to Demo. And immediately she understands what she means by intrusion. Because the heat that was trapped in her face spreads immediately to the rest of her body, a feeling she is not at all used to dealing with. Pretty much the only time it comes up is around Crocus! Still, she’s in combat right now. She already got hit once because of distraction and can’t allow it to happen again. And because of her focus, she sees when the Reploid attacks and almost dismantles both Crocus and Helia. Fear settles deep in her heart. She doesn’t want to see another squad fall to the enemy. She doesn’t want to be the last survivor again, left to drag herself away from the pieces that used to be her friends and coworkers. She absolutely does not want another nightmare to haunt her waking moments! When she hears that voice again, the one she only heard when her nightmare began, she doesn’t hesitate. The power of a Biometal might be what keeps the squad in one piece vs in pieces. “Deal. Let’s do it then!” She doesn’t know if she still will have access to her Combat Mode skills while she is Megamerged, so she takes the time to absolutely litter the field with traps, all the traps she can spare with her EN levels. She also activates Thunder Shield. She doesn’t like the fact that one of the enemy is so close to her. “ROCK ON!” she shouts, holding the Biometal up high.

Upon activating the Biometal, her Combat Form fails. No, not fails, actively conflicts with the Megamerge transformation. It feels somewhat like two cats are using her insides as a battlefield for a fight that has been in the making for far too long. No, more like two Neko-type Reploids with far too much aggression. It feels like she’s being scratched apart from the inside out. Before it gets too far, she drops Combat Form and the feeling disappears entirely. So the two are completely incompatible. Good to know. Without the interference, the Megamerge continues as it’s supposed to. Her clothes above her bodysuit disappear as if shredded by the lightning, leaving her feeling intensely naked for a moment before a bolt of lightning seems to claw its way out of the ground to envelope her form. Orange bracelets form around her wrists, extending into two lightning rods above her hands, even now shedding electricity. The orange metal of the bracelets melt backwards until it reaches her elbows before stopping. With a thunder clap, a breastplate forms on her chest, orange and slightly form fitting, but covering her tits nicely. A codpiece seems to meld itself from the lightning around her, same as the boots covering her feet in white and orange. A helmet slowly falls from the sky and she feels compelled to reach out and place it on her head. The instant she does, the lightning dissipates in another thunder clap.

She feels herself activating, the cold of the table pressing against her back. She was… she was going to give her friends a charge, right? They should need one by now and who else are they going to turn to if not her. Her… her head hurts, conflicting programming interfering with her activation process and overriding her previous objective. She needs.. She needs to overpower the electricity plant to lure in Megaman and eliminate him. The potential for the plant to overload and destroy such a potent energy source would be too much for her enemy to chance avoiding. This… this doesn’t sound right. She knows GeminiMan should need a charge soon, his holograms eat up so much of his energy. Her programming says this is unimportant and that eliminating Megaman comes first. And she can’t go against it. She traps the plant and overloads it, lying in wait for her foe. When he arrives, she does all she can to defeat him, but in the end, she lies damaged beyond easy repair and her enemy remains standing. It’s not a grand last thought, but all she can think is how she never made it to the Aquarium to see the catfish.

With a great gasp of air, Terra finds herself back in the present. What the hell was that!? Was that… Model SM? She knows the Biometals are fonts of memories, but she didn’t expect it to be so clear she might as well have lived it! She resolves to herself that even if she doesn’t deal the finishing blow on the Reploid, she’ll go to the Aquarium anyway. The lingering sadness as Model SM retired would surely ease a bit then, right? She can focus on that later. For the moment, she has so much power coursing through her that it constantly sheds itself from the lightning rods on her wrists. And she knows exactly how to use that power too. Locking on to all non-living targets in the area, and because of her Mines and the Lies there are quite a bit of those, she raises her hands up and shouts “Volt Pulse!”. A shot of electricity climbs into the sky and for a minute, all is quiet. Then lightning crashes down on all her targets. She’s not sure if the delay tipped them off, but the Lies make it out of the attack without harm. The Reploid and the Pseudoroid aren’t nearly so lucky. Hit from multiple angles, the Mutos Reploid takes an obscene amount of damage, electricity invading its cuts and almost short circuiting it as it is attacked from the inside. The Pseudroid, only hit from one angle, fares much better, though it’s carapace is blackened from the surge of lightning striking him. “Whoa.” Terra says as she surveys the damage. She expected the Biometal to supply her with power, but this was beyond her wildest dreams.

The Mutos Reploid is knocked to the ground, most of his armor being obliterated by Terra’s devastating attack, exposing his inner wirings, charring what little armor remains. When he makes his way to his feet, it’s pretty clear that Terra’s electric shock had practically reduced even his inner-workings to ash. Despite all of this damage, the Mutos Reploid draws his blade and dashes towards Crocus, however his movements are far less impressive with such severe damage sustained, and Crocus manages to deftly parry the attack with her Saber, then presses her Buster to his chest, before firing a green plasma shot through his chest, scattering his melted and destroyed circuitry across the highway. Despite her injuries, Crocus turns to Terra and begins dragging herself towards her to try to attack the Insect Pseudoroid “See, Terra? Told you I’d Retire him!” she says, smugly. Helia quickly half-dashes-half-stumbles towards Terra, spinning her Glaive and using it to slash at the Insectoid’s left leg, managing to not only catch him off-guard, but also managing to gain enough strength and volocity while actually finding a chink in the Pseudoroid’s armor, allowing her to cleanly cut through the leg and hamstring it. The Pseudoroid grunts and stumbles “Huh?” he says, looking down at his leg, then at Helia, who was preparing for another driveby slash “You may think you’ve inflicted damage on me, worm, but ‘tis but a flesh wound.” he says, despite all of the sparks spewing from the wound, and the Pseudoroid not moving that leg at all as he moves into position for an attack. Zinnia turns to the Pseudoroid and fires a shot at it, however in an incredible display, the Insectoid flaps its wings once, and seemingly teleports a foot to the right, completely evading the attack. The creature then lowers its head to charge at Terra, but Freesia becomes fully visible directly behind him and swings her glowing purple Hangers at his shoulder joint, however the Pseudoroid disappears again, and reappears flying above the ground, causing Freesia’s eyes to widen in shock. “Don’t worry, Freesia, I got him!” Convallaria shouts, as she fires her Blastcaster at the Insectoid, launching a massive green spiral of energy into the air. While the shot was massive, and the target one-legged, he once again seemingly teleports out of the way, this time flying closer to the ground.

Over near the red-headed Reploid and Demo, Azalia dashes over to one of the nearby Lies and swings her Breaker at it, however the creature moves out of the way at incredible speed, becoming a black blur, which causes Azalia’s breaker to slam into the Highway, creating a sizeable crater and a spray of rubble. “How are they so fast!?” she shouts as she readies her Breaker for another swing.

“Now you all shall witness the power of the true Pseudoroid!” the Insect Pseudoroid shouts. He curls into a ball in mid-air, his wings flapping at incredible speed, creating a loud and louder buzzing sound… then suddenly he thrusts his arms and leg outward, creating a powerful gust of wind that forms a massive tornado, kicking up dust and debris, cutting into the highway and creating a spiral-shaped crater. Soon visibility becomes zero due to the sheer amount of debris in the air, and Terra can feel her body being beaten and ravaged by heavy gusts of air that are so powerful, they’re cutting through her Megaman armor. She can feel one slash across her abdomen, and another slash diagonally from her shoulder to her hip, and yet another strike her shoulder, though her electric shield seems to have stopped the attacks from downing her. Soon, the wind lifts Terra into the air, and pitches her, slamming her body into a parked vehicle, completely caving in the side.

When the attack finally clears, there’s a gigantic circular hold where the attack had formed, Crocus is on the ground in a pool of synthetic blood, missing one arm and one leg, and with numerous deep gashes across her body, Convallaria laying atop a parked vehicle that was crushed from the force of her fall, she’s bleeding and sparking from a deep head wound, her synthetic blood pouring down her face, Helia’s lower body is on one side of the highway, and her upper body is laying at Terra’s feet, and Freesia is crouching on the ground, with most of her body covered in synthetic blood from deep wounds through which Terra can see exposed circuitry, she had a wound on her head that’s only slightly more minor than Convallaria’s, though still sparking and deep enough that Terra can see that her left eye has lost its glow, indicating that her left primary camera is no longer functioning. Freesia looked up at the Pseudoroid and gritted her teeth “He’s… too strong… I know what to do...” she says, very quietly, after which a blue glow started emanating from her wounds, indicating that she was charging up her reactor. Nearby, Salix was beginning to hobble towards them, and her eyes widened when she saw this “Don’t you dare! We’re all going to make it through this, there’s no reason to overcharge your reactor!” she shouts, angrily.

As all of this was happening, the red-headed Reploid formed another black mass in her hand and threw it at Zinnia, the creature landing at her feet before fully forming. Zinnia responds to this by leaping behind a nearby parked vehicle, and beginning to fire her Buster Shot at it, though the creature manages to evade every single one with incredible speed. Meanwhile, Demo can only feel herself getting wetter, more hacking fluid rushing to her hacking port by the second, her nipples hardening beneath her clothing and armor as the fantasies continue assaulting her mind. “Hey, hey, why don’t you like my Lies?” the red-haired Reploid asks Demo, crossing her arms.

"Quiet." Demo's fight, meanwhile, had become a frustrating game of cat and mouse, with her and Heat Haze chasing around the Reploid and absolutely failing every attack no matter what angle they came at her from. The constant whiffs, the misses, and the build up of lust was wearing on her like rust. Her slashes were becoming far less careful from the usually accurate and calculated slices that they were to all but baseball swings with a sharp end. Her expression, usually cold, was mixed with a sharp glare and a set frown that was offset by her reddened cheeks. She'd never felt something like this in all her years of activity...

Another slash here. Miss. Another slice here. Miss. She tried to pincer her target with an attack on both sides— when she'd heard the buzzing from a certain insect Pseudoroid. "..?" It wouldn't do to look away from a fight. When in combat, Demo always had her attention on all enemies she was fighting. Anything less could leave an opening in her position, but... their pressure wasn't doing much. Heat Haze should cover her. The robot glanced away from her opponent to see how the others were doing...

And? Well, it wasn't good. Simply put, they're losing. One target was down, but they'd suffered two casualties (retirement unconfirmed) in the form of Crocus, Connia and Helia. Freesia was on her last legs and Terra was badly hurt. The situation was dire. If nothing would be done to change it, Demo was sure it wouldn't matter if she knocked down this flighty Reploid. The rest of her squad would fail and there were STILL other combatants matching against their strongest allies. Not a good situation.

... Her assessment made, Demo quickly figured a good course of action would be to toss an Injector Salix's way to keep command from falling apart. "Commander," she announced prior in a volume that was just barely enough to be heard as she tossed the item to Salix. "... Keep them active." Terrific idea, Demo. She was honestly trying to offer words—not of encouragement but to actually give Salix some sort of plan against the insect, but her wiring is all fried to hell and back. Speaking of, maybe it's a result of her fried wiring, but something... strange, popped into her head.

She turned back to the Reploid. Heat Haze continued to uselessly press her in a way that did nothing to stop her from spawning more of her 'Lies.' She only had one good shot at this terrible and completely ridiculous idea, so she had to... time it right. Demo slowly stepped closer to them. Her Heat Haze would try to push their red-haired enemy into her direction. By now, she'd read her movement enough to know she's expecting a pincer maneuver. That's why when the wind-like Reploid swiftly evaded Demo's first stab... the robot was ready for her true attack.

She dropped her blades at the same time, following the Reploid's movement with a sharp gaze... and dashing to replicate it step for step. Heat Haze slashed at the girl's legs to force her to make a move, and when she did... Demo launched herself at the Reploid to tackle her down and pin her to the ground, her hands reaching out to grab the girl's wrists as she used all of her weight and strength to keep her from slipping out. She'd use that unique positioning to reach down to the unfortunately attractive Reploid. Demo would stroke her cheek... and charm her with a kiss. It was something she assumed Crocus would do. This sort of act should at least prove distracting enough for Heat Haze to come in and stab her. This. THIS was the plan.

She got the tackle part right but Heat Haze was actually coming in a little too soon, and... well, Demo didn't want to also take a stab to the chest? So she had to spin out of the way of her own creation's blade, and as she was doing this, she ended up spinning like a dance to step onto one of her Drive Sabers, slip on the metal, and finally power slam herself AND the Reploid to the ground.


... Could she save this with a butt grab? Demo tried it.

When Demo tosses Salix the Injector, she catches it without missing a beat “Thank you, Demo.” she says, quickly, as she passes by on her way to confront the Insectoid Pseudoroid.

The red-headed Reploid continued evading every single attack, rambling about her Lies and how they just wanted to play, until Demo manages to catch her off-guard with a tackle instead of a slash, then she lets out a surprised yelp when Demo slips and knocks them both to the ground. When Demo tells her to fuck her, she starts to reply “But we were ju-” only to be interrupted by Demo groping her ass, which seems to change her reply “Well, you are really pretty.” she says, sweetly, as she starts to reach for Demo’s armor. Suddenly, Salix calls to Demo over communications “Demo, do NOT fuck in the middle of a mission, ESPECIALLY an unprocessed Reploid.” she says, sternly, as if she were speaking to Crocus. The red-headed Reploid seems to hear this and scowls “I’ll just stay with you until we get the chance to play, don’t worry~” she says, sweetly, with a wink.

Terra wasn’t sure what she was expected in an attack, but it wasn’t what the enemy Pseudoroid unleashed on them. Groaning in pain, when she comes back to her senses, she runs a diagnostic on her condition. Her back is screaming injury from slamming into the car, there’s a large cut that would have carved her in half diagonally if it were deeper and another on her abdomen that would have done the same. All in all, not great, but she isn’t losing fluid too badly and her Thunder Shield blocked the absolute worst of it. Wait… her shield blocked the worst of it. The others didn’t have a shield… The instant the thought penetrates her mind, she stand bolt upright and surveys the field. Her fear from earlier magnifies a thousandfold. Almost all of the squad that were nearby are in some variation of pieces. They could be retired already! And suddenly, she’s not seeing the battlefield she’s standing on anymore. She’s seeing a hopeless field where her team is already retired and the Nightmare is slowly advancing on her, planning on adding her to its list of retirements. Her breathing kicking up to the point of hyperventilation and her vision becomes blurry in her fear. She thinks she was approaching short circuit when Freesia’s voice penetrates. She locks on to the scout’s form, seeing it glow blue as she attempts to activate Overcharge. Tears form behind her eyes as she thinks of it.

“No.” her whispers, her voice barely audible even in her own ears. She will not allow it. No one else is allowed to be retired in front of her! Absolutely not! Even if she must be the first to do so, she will not see it happen ever again! With a scream combining hopeless fear, utter terror, and a will to push through both of those, she routes one of her Mines to close proximity to the enemy Pseudoroid and then launches another bolt of lightning into the air. Slowed by his missing leg, he doesn’t get much of a chance to dodge before three bolts of lightning strike him, opening holes in his chassis and flooding him with electricity. What bits of it’s armor didn’t flake off like so much dandruff are charred black from the force of the power coursing through him. But it still remains active. “END HIM!” She shouts at her Spiders, launching them into the massive holes she created. One of them detonates snug within the confines of its wiring, leaving nothing but soot and ash where its vital processes used to be.

As the charred remains of Terra’s target drops to the ground, Freesia lets out a sigh of relief, stopping her overcharge, the blue glow disappearing accordingly. Meanwhile, the Lies had returned to their source, and Salix, Zinnia, and Azalia were rushing over to check on Crocus, Convallaria, and Helia.

With Demo, she was just separating from the enemy... or, now, friendly? Yet to be determined fully. Her mind was still heavily filled with lustful imagery plaguing her mental processes, and while the target and provoker of her feelings was fine to continue, she'd been told by her commander to hold it... which, logically, she should've intended to do. "..." Logically speaking, there's no way she should feel disappointed by this turn of events. Because just as logically, doing anything of this sort on mission time was highly unprofessional and unbecoming of a skilled operative, let alone a Guardian. Demo absolutely had no intention of doing anything with this Reploid. Her groping hand that lingered just a moment longer notwithstanding.

More importantly, judging from the silence that followed a series of explosions, their battle was concluded and now would be the time to tend to the wounded. Demo did the opposite of a disappointed sigh and finally separated from her former enemy. "So be it. Stay out of the way of my mission." She'd always been rather abrasive, but her tone here was far more aggressive than usual... the robot stepped over to collect her weapons, sheathing both of her Drive Sabers in their scabbards. Heat Haze was beginning to fade away nearby, so that took care of the clean-up. She turned to face the party gathering and shot one more look to the Reploid. "... If you intend to backstab us, you will be cut down."

That would conclude the battle. Demo joined with the rest of the group, supposedly with her new... friend... tagging along.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Harmony was unsurprised but pleased to see the now converted Maverick following her orders so obediently, it would make it much easier to do things with a little helper who did whatever she said after all. It was surprisingly quiet too, perhaps learning how to be out of necessity given its occupation as a bandit previously. When Harmony made it close to the large structure, she was surprised to see something so massive and comparatively in good condition compared to some other ancient buildings she's come across, such as the ones where she found her new compatriot. Harmony had no idea what to make of the structure, it looked very similar to a factory but was so ancient and worn that it was hard to discern any real purpose of it. There was no modern device or object nearby to help her decipher the structures intended function, at least on the outside. Harmony wasn't entirely sure if it was worth a look, but she imagined raiders could set up anywhere, and this would probably be a good spot for them so it was worth a search. Before she could take a step forward though, she got the feeling of being watched. It was such a overwhelming sensation she immediately turned and drew her weapon, looking around with narrowed eyes. Seeing nothing but the cute and confused face of her ally, she grimaces, wondering exactly what she was dealing with. There was no doubt in her mind something was there, though it was clear neither her nor her ally were actually sensing anything. Was this a advanced Pantheon? A powerful Maverick? A ancient biometal? She wasn't sure, but she suspected she'd find out soon. She motioned for her ally to continue following her, and she made her way towards the ancient structure to explore it, either she'd find what she was looking for, find nothing, or hopefully find something to help her deal with whatever was watching her.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Harmony taps at the control panel to open the door, it creaks loudly and slams open with a loud thud, then rust shakes loose from the edges, showering the ground beneath the doorway. The interior of the Factory makes it a bit more clear what type it was. All of the conveyor belts and tubes were for transferring the DumDums from section to section. The interior was in much better condition than the exterior, with heavy rust still, but not nearly as much rust as the outside. Harmony could still tell that the machinery used to be rusted, and certain sections were still black and yellow striped, indicating the dangerous construction areas.

Most importantly, Hunter Reploid wreckage littered the rusty metal floor. They were wearing the standard green Hunter outfit, with the green helmet with the red visor and metal plate on the forehead, green hunter jacket with red rings on the wrists and red button, black bodysuit, and green boots with metal knee pads. Limbs were strewn about the factory, littering even the conveyor belts. The standard Hunter was far more skilled than the standard Guardian, which indicated that whoever did this was VERY dangerous. Just then a Reploid was sent crashing through a conveyor belt, breaking it to pieces and sending the metal skittering across the floor, as the Reploid bounced off of it and into the wall, caving it in with her body as she grunted in pain, dropping a blue-bladed beam saber onto the floor, causing it to turn off. The girl had fair skin, with her hands and arms so heavily tattoo'd with red swirling flame patterns that they were almost completely red, long white hair with red streaks tied back into a ponytail with one side braided. She had lilac eyes, comm systems designed to look like red dragon horns, a mechanical black dragon-like tail with a jet of red energy firing out of the tip, and was wearing a white jacket, a red crop-top with intricate gold designs along the top and bottom edges, a pair of white shorts with a black belt, and black boots with red thigh-high socks.

The girl coughed up synthetic blood onto the floor, even more pouring from a wound on her arm and a second wound across her abdomen, then shook heavily as she tried to lean down to grab her dropped saber, when she turned her head slightly and paused as she saw Harmony in the doorway. Across from the girl, a Taurus Mechaniloid, a Cinder Mechaniloid, and a Mutos Reploid that Harmony didn't recognize were closing in on the girl.

Taurus Mechaniloids were heavily armored, wearing a massive golden-brown bull-like helmet with a green visor and four red eyes on either side, as well as curled armored horns, as well as a set of massive golden-brown armored hoof-like gauntlets with black-armored hooves. Their body is otherwise covered with a gray bodysuit with black boots. They were limited-production units that were well-known for being near-indestructable and capable of breaking through heavy fortresses and taking down large groups of Mavericks by themselves by crushing them to wreckage.

Cinder Mechaniloids were limited-production units with red and gold armor, green gems on their wrists, shoulders, gauntlets, knees, and chest, and green eyes, with black bodysuits. They were extremely mobile, and capable of projecting extremely powerful flames from anywhere on their bodies, not only using it to attack, but also to propel itself in any direction at any time.

The Mutos Reploid had a navy blue-armored body, with transparent sections from which light was projected, and had red spikes on top of its head, and glowing yellow eyes. In each hand, it was holding a spiked mineral sword, with yellow blades extending from the spikes. When the girl turned her head, the Mutos Reploid noticed Harmony, he straightened slightly. "Hmm? I see a little silhouette of a Reploid!" he says, stomping and striking a pose "The mighty Puncadia demands to know who intrudes on his business!" he says, swinging his blades and striking another pose as if he was flexing. From this distance, Harmony could see that this Mutos Reploid was huge, roughly twice her own size.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Avriel emphasizes that she was offering support, the others nod, and Agens replies "Not to worry, our Hunters are very well-trained, and we understand what your intended role is. We suffer casualties only VERY rarely, so you are in good hands." she says, sweetly. When asked whether or not Avriel should bring medical supplies with her, she smiles "You don't need to worry about that, your squad will have portable Transservers to bring help, or return here when needed." she says.

It wasn't long before Avriel had been sent through the Transserver to the destination that had been set up. The Hunters had already scouted the area a few times for a good spot to set up a Transserver, making access to the area easy. The area itself was an ancient-looking lab. The walls were heavily rusted blue metal, while the floor was made of green metal panels. All of the technology inside the lab, at least what Avriel could see, had long since stopped working, and was so degraded that it was unrecognizable. Was that a disco ball on the ceiling...? Nah. Those were skull designs on literally all of the electronics, though.

With Avriel were Coralie, the blue-haired girl. She had changed into a black long-sleeves shirt with rips in it, over a pink tanktop, with black shorts over black leggings with leg-bone designs, and a pair of knee-high black boots. Risette and Maelle had come with them, too. Risette had changed into a pink hoodie with bunny ears and a bunny face on the hood, a pair of black shorts, black boots with white dots, and white leggings with cloud designs all over them, while Maelle had changed into a black and sky blue sweater with a cat picture on the abdomen, a black choker and a blue bandana around her neck, and black leggings with black boots.

Coralie spoke up as soon as all four of them had arrived "Alright. Intelligence indicated that there was ancient technology in this area. According to the energy readings, it's suspected to be a Biometal, but since each Biometal has a different energy reading, that's just an informed guess. Our mission is to find the Biometal, but we should also scavenge what we can." she says, in a monotone. Risette then replied "Judging from the technology just in this area... we're probably not going to be scavenging much. Wrong era, you know?" she says, kicking what looked like a disco ball across the floor. Maelle, meanwhile, had walked over to a cube-shaped machine with a skull on the front, and was trying to figure out how to operate it, pulling and pushing levers, while punching buttons.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Luna tells Thyra that Provesta has been helping Mavericks for some time now, Thyra nods slowly "Good to know that she didn't just start with melting factories." she says sarcastically, as she turns and looks down at Provesta. When Luna then orders Thyra and the Pantheons to take Provesta in, she nods again "Understood, Luna. I'll see you later, then." she says, as she turns to the Pantheons and hovers slightly higher into the air. "Alright, boys, let's take her in." she tells them, as her White Feather moves to Provesta and generates a barrier around her, using it to lift her into the air. Two of the Pantheons then grab onto the shield and begin carrying it towards the hole in the wall, with Thyra leading them, the others following close behind. Thyra and the Pantheons were soon outside and out of sight, leaving Luna to her investigation.

"Ya know, now that we showed that Model HM who's boss, we gotta find another Megaman to fight, my girl." he says, impatiently. He then, as an after-thought, adds "We didn't even use my final form, ya know? I wanna have a real challenge!" he grumbles.

Luna's investigation into the location of the Biometal takes her to the furnace, but before that, she can see that the entire factory had been partly melted. Despite the walls being made of heat-resistant black material, they had nonetheless been just as affected as the Pantheons that had arrived prior to Luna, which she finds melted and charred onto the floor. A group of three had been melted to retirement in the scrap room, and another had been melted to retirement near where they had faced the Megaman earlier. With the Megaman now taken in by Thyra, groups of pantheons in gray bodysuits and white armor with red crosses on their chest-guards quickly entered the building and began the difficult task of scraping the remains of the retired Pantheons off of the severely melted floor.

Despite her hacking showing Luna that the Biometal was inside the furnace, checking it from a safe distance reveals that it absolutely isn't. Due to the disturbance that the Megaman had caused to the work inside the smelting factory, the furnace is completely empty, filled with nothing but flames. As she was checking the furnace, groups of Pantheon Hunters began filing into the factory through the hole that Thyra had created, many of them breaking off and beginning to search the different rooms of the factory, while one quickly approached Luna. It stopped near her, standing up straight, and performed the Neo Arcadia solute, forming its right hand into a fist, placing it on the left side of its chest, then jerking its arm to the side. "Valkyrie Commander Luna, we have been ordered to take over from here, now that you've subdued the enemy Megaman. Master Tier requests that, due to the nature of this mission, you file a report via Sky Room console so that it can be reviewed by the Four Guardians R. You may then return to your normal duties while awaiting contact by the Four Guardians R, who will be giving you your next assignment while Master Tier attends to urgent business." it says, in a monotone. When the Pantheon is finished with its spiel, it stands as still as a statue as it awaits Luna's dismissal.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

"THE LAPDOGS OF THE SLAVERS SHALL BE DESTROYED, WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE! OUR RAGING INFERNO OF FREEDOM CANNOT BE STOPPED BY SUCH A WEAK ROAD BLOCK! OUR FLAMES SHALL OVERCOME, AS WE ARE NOT YET FINISHED!" Model HM was shouting as the platinum-haired Valkyrie used her White Remote unit to create an energy shield around her, and use it to lift her into the air. Two of the black Pantheons then grabbed the shield and begin carrying her after the Valkyrie, taking her out of the building.

Provesta could then see the massive army of Pantheons in heavy pink armor, wearing white body suits, holding a chained flail and a heavy yellow shield. Seeing this, Model HM continued shouting "MERE WEAKLINGS LIKE THESE COULD NOT HAVE HOPED TO STOP US IF WE HAD LEFT THE BUILDING, THEY'D HAVE ONLY SLOWED US DOWN. THEY'D HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO SLAG JUST LIKE THE OTHER SIX!" he roars angrily.

Before long, the Valkyrie and the black Pantheons took Provesta into a transserver, then down the blue hallways with jagged red X lights traveling along the edges, down a red-colored elevator with green X-shaped lights, and into a gold-colored hallway with green X-shaped lights until they entered a massive room with a red floor, blue metal walls with green lights traveling along jagged X-shaped crevasses. Much like the lights, the throne was X-shaped, with a white section between the top with the Neo Arcadia emblem, and a white chair at the bottom, upon which the Master herself was sitting, one leg crossed over the other. She was a beautiful blond-haired girl with fair skin. She had spiky bangs, and her hair was worn down to ankles. She was wearing a blue overcoat that was zipped all the way up, had a gold border, and had a jagged white line around the lower section, she had green gems on her gold cuffs, her blue helmet had a white band around it with a green gem on the forehead, and white horns on the sides as the comm systems. Across her lap was a black sword with a gold hilt and a red gem in the cross-guard and on the tip. Master Tier was accompanied by four other Reploids. The first was directly to her right, wearing a black body suit under a pair of green boots with gold rings around the ankles, elbow-length green gloves with gold rings around the wrists, green body armor with gold edges on the shoulder pads, and a green helmet on his head with a red forehead gem, a black visor, and wings on the sides. Six wings were hovering behind his back, folded up and inactive. All that could be seen of his face was his mouth and jaw, which showed that his synthetic skin was slightly tanned and flawless, though he was scowling as Provesta was brought towards them. The second was wearing similar armor, but purple and without shoulder pads. Her collar was slightly taller, and her helmet had a black visor that was so large that her face was fully obscured, and had extended bat-wing-like sections on the sides. From her back extended four red energy scarves, and around her body was four purple blades with black edges, forming a semi-cloak. The last two, on Master Tier's left, was a male in heavy red armor with large black knee pads, large red elbow pads, and heavy shoulder pads with gold trim. His chest had gold spikes around the green gem on the chest, and his helmet, on either side of the green forehead gem, were long golden horns. Sitting on the red-armored man's shoulder was a slim girl in a black bodysuit, thigh-high blue boots with gold rings around the ankles, shoulder-length blue gloves with gold rings around the wrists, a leotard-like blue body armor with a red forehead gem, light blue lines on the hips, and a blue helmet with a black visor and a set of three fin-like blue jets on the back of her helmet, with black trim. The red-armored man was frowning, while the blue-armored girl on his shoulder was smirking, one leg crossed over the other, her elbow resting on the red-armored man's head.

"Ah! Here's our visitor." Master Tier said, with a sweet and friendly smile. The platinum-haired girl brought Provesta forward, using her White Remote Unit, then lowered herself to the floor, kneeling before the throne "Master Tier, this is the Megaman that attacked the Smelting Plant. Valkyrie Commander Luna is searching for her Biometal at the factory, after hacking the information on its whereabouts from her in the field." she says softly. Tier smiles at her and motions for her to stand, which the platinum-haired Reploid does. "Hmm, well, I doubt she left it there. Just in case, I'll have the Pantheons on the scene check for her, Luna is an asset for more important duties." Master tier says. One of the black-armored Pantheons, all of which were still kneeling, then turns away from Master Tier and makes a call to the Pantheons in the field. Master Tier then turns back to Provesta and smiles sweetly "Now, please, tell me your name, and why you attacked my factory." she says, resting her chin on her hand while the others watched quietly. Unless Provesta had been living under a rock, metaphorically, she would recognize that she had been brought before Master Tier, ruler of Neo Arcadia, and the Four Guardians R, her most trusted commanders, Fefnir R(Right), Leviathan R(Left), Phantom R, and Harpuia R.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Demo tells Efina to stay out of her way, and that if she backstabs them she will be cut down, Efina smiles innocently "Aw, you're so cute!" she says, smiling sweetly and innocently at her. She then adds "Oh, but to cut me down, wouldn't you need to hit your target?" in a voice that sounds as though she didn't intend for it to be insulting.

Crocus, Convallaria, and Helia all seemed to be active, however the severe damage that they had taken had forced them to shut down. Salix thought fast "We don't have time to repair them as a group, we need to stop this attack on the city or more Reploids and Humanoids will be retired or killed." she said, as gently and carefully moved Convallaria behind a parked vehicle. She turned to Zinnia as she was moving Convallaria and called to everyone "Move them behind cover, and we'll leave some people to defend them while everyone else attacks Slither. I've already called for reinforcements, and hopefully someone is close enough to assist us." she says, as she sets Convallaria down. Meanwhile, Zinnia moves Crocus and Azalia move Helia, frowning. Salix then turns to Azalia and Zinnia "You two are in the best condition, I'm confident that if you stay here and defend our comrades, we'll be able to come back and find you safe and active." she says, calmly, before turning to Terra, Demo, Freesia, and Efina, starting to speak, however she's interrupted by a bright glow from the corpse of the Pseudoroid. Suddenly, the corpse explodes, and a round blue object shoots out of it at incredible speed, landing in Terra's hand. It was a biometal, with a spinning silver fan blade in the middle, and two red gems on the top, resembling a pair of eyes. It immediately spoke to Terra through her mind, just as Model SM had "Behold, one who released me from thralldom to that Pseudoroid, I shall now reward you by granting you access to my powah. I am Model ACM, one of the mighty Dimensions Biometals, who wields the power of WINNNDAH!" it says, in a strange drawl.

When Salix sees this, she blinks twice before commenting "Well... that can only help..." she says, before shaking her head and calling out for the group to follow her to go assist Aile and Giro. When the group arrives, Aile has been de-merged and is on the ground in a pool of blood, breathing but unconscious, while Giro is now attempting to fight off Pandora, Prometheus, and Serpent all at once, while also trying to defend the downed Aile. Giro was moving so fast as Model Z that the area was a mess of constant sonic booms, and despite this, he seemed to be unable to go on the offensive due to constant scythe slashes from Prometheus, lightning blasts from Pandora, and Serpent, who was still un-merged, firing purple energy blasts from his Biometal. Salix wastes no time breaking into a dash to try to get to Aile, however Prometheus breaks away from the fight, dashing towards Salix, while Giro attempts to dash in to stop him, only for Pandora to use her staff to create an ice wall in his path.

Salix manages to reach Aile, then dashes away with her in her arms, however Prometheus catches up easily and slashes her across the back, causing synthetic blood and sparks to erupt from the wound as she drops to the ground with Aile in her arms. Prometheus laughs "I see the insects managed to get through the welcoming committee!" he says, after which his eyes fall on Efina, who smiles and raises a hand, waggling her fingers at him "And we have a traitor! I wanted to cut you to pieces anyway." he says, after which he seems to notice the shape that Freesia is in, pointing at her "And that one is already dead, I'm not even sure that I need to attack her! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he says, cackling maniacally, while Freesia attempts to stand up straight, which causes her to cough up synthetic blood. Freesia turns and whispers to the others "We need... to get Aile... away... humans are... fragile... Salix would want... her out first..." as she holds her hand over one of her more heavy wounds.

Meanwhile, Giro was attempting to get away from Pandora, however she had started attacking him far more aggressively. While he was managing to parry or evade each of her lightning strikes, he was unable to overcome the sheer volume of attacks to get away and assist the others. Suddenly, Serpent, who had been watching for the last few moments, spoke up "I have a better idea, that would make this more fun." he says, grinning smugly "I'll use Model W to take control of Model Z's mind, and use him to retire his own comrades." he says, as he thrusts out the Biometal and it begins glowing purple. At that moment, Prometheus puts his scythe to Aile's back, causing a very small wound there, which distracts Giro for the briefest of moments. This distraction allows Pandora to freeze his feet in place, and Serpent's mind control wave flies at him dead on. At that moment, Freesia was nowhere to be seen.

The mind control wave nearly strikes Giro, however it seemingly randomly stops in its path, creating a small black shockwave. Serpent looks confused for a moment, as do Giro, Prometheus, and Pandora... however Freesia slowly materializes from her chameleon form, a purple aura appearing around her as her eyes flicker their usual color and red, back and forth. "Y-you thought you were... t-targeting Giro... b-but it was I... Freesia... a-all along..." she sputters as she attempts to fight off the mind control. With this momentary distraction, Giro uses his saber to free himself, then slashes through the ice wall, grabs Salix and Aile, then with a sonic boom, he appears beside Efina, Demo, and Terra, panting heavily as he sets them down. "I don't think I can beat all three of them like this, as it is, they're just toying with me." Giro says in an annoyed tone. Serpent, in an angry tone, calls over to them "You may have stopped me from affecting my intended target, but you still have your own comrade to deal with... as well as Prometheus and Pandora." he says, as he holds out his hand towards Freesia, causing her eyes to glow bright red and her wounds to start to close. Prometheus and Pandora then seemingly disappear and reappear at Freesia's side as she draws her Hangers and prepares to fight.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Mimi asks the Impulse if she has a name, she replies "My designation is Impulse-" the Mechaniloid then began rattling off numbers one after the other for several moments. When Mimi then requests that Delphi be repaired, the Mechaniloid obediently moves to get the repair supplies, while Mimi speaks with Model BM, expressing her surprise at how valuable Biometals seem to be. "Anyone can become powerful by using a Biometal, even a weak one. Biometals not only have the potential to cause widespread destruction, but to protect those you love, all dependent on the holder." Model BM explains patiently.

By the time Model BM is finished explaining things to Mimi, the Impulse Mechaniloid had returned and begins hurriedly, but precisely, repairing Delphinium. As she was working, Mimi could possibly tell that the Impulse had repaired the tools before bringing them over, which caused them to work properly despite having been flung off of the table by Bucksubishi earlier.

When Mimi calls out for Peri, he remains out of sight and and she receives no reply from him.

After a few moments, the Impulse Mechaniloid stops, and Delphinium re-activates, sitting up in her puddle of synthetic blood, before scanning the room, with a neutral expression "..... Where did the enemy Mutos Reploid go?" she asks, quizzically, as the Impulse Mechaniloid makes her way over to S-T.E.V:E and begins repairing it as well.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

BB wakes to find herself sitting up in the bed of her old home, just as it had been before her clan was wiped out by the Coffin-like Maverick. Her home was just as she had left it that day, the day her village was destroyed. When she walks outside, her entire village is just as she remembered it, but there's nobody there, just the numerous structures that she had built with Geranium. As she wanders through the village all alone, she continues to find nobody, despite the village being in the condition it had been, as if the coffin-like Maverick had never attacked.

BB eventually wanders into the vast desert, but unlike the last time, on the day her village was destroyed, she finds nothing. There's nothing and nobody for miles. No Ghost Bear Clan, no strange structure, no other clans at all. As she wanders, suddenly the sand dune behind BB explodes and the coffin-like Maverick rises above BB's head. BB reaches for her Biometals... but finds that they're not there. Before she can enter her battle mode, one of the Maverick's hands slams down on BB, pinning her to the sand, then its body opens up slightly, revealing a shadowy armored figure inside, as well as a massive swarm of cords. Several cords shoot out of the Reploid, wrapping around BB's ankles, wrists, hips, and neck. Once BB is restrained by the cords, more cords shoot out from the darkness, one slipping into BB's shorts and tugging on them, forcing the button open, before slipping into her panties and beginning to grind against her slit, while several more cords slip into her croptop and bra, wrapping around her breasts and beginning to constrict and rub against them. The movements of the cords were skilled and precise, as if they were tuned to what felt the best to BB, and intended to bring her the maximum pleasure. Soon one more cord darts into BB's mouth and slides down her throat, before beginning to thrust in and out of it, while the cord in her panties slips itself into her hacking port and invades it, beginning to thrust in and out of her, each thrust reaching her deepest depths and flooding her with a thick black fluid that makes her feel more and more sensitive. The cords around her breasts leak black liquid onto her synthetic skin, making her breasts more sensitive as well. After what feels like an eternity, the cords finally release a massive amount of black liquid onto her breasts, into her throat, and into her port. The liquid overflows from her throat and port, and spreads over her breasts, until BB and her clothes are fully soaked.

Then BB wakes up, her repairs complete. Through the transparent section of her pod, she can see the Zephyra is already finished with her own repairs, and stretching. When the door to BB's pod opens up, Zephyra reaches out her hand to help BB out "Glad to see that the machines only look worn out. The repair job seems to be fine." she says, smiling at BB. After helping her out of the pod, Zephyra asks her "Before we shut down for our repairs, you mentioned wanting to look for information on that Maverick and where it went. Where should we go first?" she asked.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby cliffracer » Thu May 07, 2020 6:11 am

Mimi smiles politely and makes sure to commit the Impulse's full designation to memory, even though she is already devising a new nickname for her. Then as she's busy collecting the stuff, she gets to talk briefly with BM. "I see... It's a lot of power to put on one person. Luckily an old thing like me knows plenty about doing the right thing with what you've got." Short pause. A bit of a self-aware moment that she doesn't know a great many things. But hey, no need to self-reflect too long, the Impulse is back with the stuff. Mimi was planning on getting to work herself, she's got plenty of practice both consciously and unconsciously, but it's being handled for her.

Still, Mimi pitches in where she can to make sure the process is as efficient as it can be. "I'm going to give you a new name, Impulse friend. 'Vera'! Or, 'Vee' for something quicker. It feels weird just calling you... what you are. It might get confusing down the line."

No response from Peri... Looks like finding him will be step two of the plan. The good news is Delphi's been revived, and the relief on this beaten-up robot's face is very obvious. "Oh, thank goodness you're okay! Um, he managed to defeat me, but he ended up learning that I was Biomatched and... I got hacked." Another short pause. She can leave out what that was like, there's plenty of evidence to go around between what she's wearing and what's on the floor. "It's a good thing I don't know anything. I'm not sure if it's because he thought I was important or if it was because I was the one who had his attention. He left after that." She points at the fresh hole in the ceiling, since it's fresh evidence. "If he had additional forces with him I'm not sure they'll be sticking around. Learning that the only on-site Biometal is Matched with someone was probably enough to call the assault off. I'm just glad you didn't get Retired, I'm not getting a response from Peri and... picking through the base for survivors would've been lonely."

She starts to stand, even though her beaten-up body would rather just stay seated for a bit. No stopping an old robot like her. "Do... you have leadership here? Anyone I can report what I learned from Vee to? Er, that's the name I gave the Impulse, since she's a new friend." She looks herself over a little when she's to her feet. "...Maintenance and repairs needed, too... I'd feel worse about getting hacked if that jerk actually learned something from it." Because it was fun? Nahhhh...
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby CondorBoH » Thu May 07, 2020 6:11 am

One throbbing headache piled onto another as her Biometal started shouting all over again. Any response was drowned out after she was lifted up on a platform of forcefield, in her weakened state there was no chance she'd be able to beat through it. The sheer numbers of Pantheons that surrounded the building made her pale. This many!? Provesta put a hand to where her armour had cracked the first time, though now the damage was more than superficial. Model HM was clearly too proud to admit that fighting this army would be near suicide, without taking into account the special forces, the strange white-haired Reploid and the other Megaman.

A pathetic burst of anger hit her, one born of fear rather than the Biometal's fury. She clutched her head and whispered hoarsely to the thing inside her, spitting up the last of the hacking fluid that remained in her mouth.
"Then what? Fight through another army? We lost, get over it. After they retire me maybe a stronger reploid can scrape you off my scrap. Use better plans than 'set self on fire and run at them' too."
That last remark hit her too. That's exactly what she did under the Biometal's influence. She had thought herself invincible, then a better Megaman and co waltz in and beat her half to retirement. Pathetic! No wonder the Humanoids had such a powerful grasp on everything, if their enforcers had such strength.

Provesta remained in glum silence the rest of the way, her breath catching in her throat after they started going down hallways. She had seen this on the news. This wasn't some torture room or a place to retire her, this was where the very ruler of Neo Arcadia R sat! A virtual palace, from which the entire city was controlled. Why was she being taken here. Her cheeks lost all colour when she was brought before... them. Master Tier and her Four Guardians R. They were to be her interrogators and executioners? Well... it was a bit of an honour, but terrifying nonetheless! Ah, she was going to die here!

Ah, Provesta caught the last end of that conversion, realising that Master Tier was directing a question at her. Well, fear aside, the reploid was sure this was where her life would end, so a bit of irreverence wouldn't be out of place. When she spoke, her voice was quiet and raspy, but the harmonics of the room still carried it well to the ears of the rulers of Neo Arcadia R. Her expression was mostly blank as she looked up at the woman on the throne.
"I am Provesta Nova. I could say that the Biometal drove me to it, that it manipulated me, but that'd be a lie. It's true he did push me, but not by much. This city is hypocrisy incarnate. You, a Reploid, rule over scumbag Humanoids who treat your own kind like trash slaughtering us in droves. Don't you find that horrible...? No, you probably don't. I bet this is a farce, and a Humanoid is actually pulling your strings."
She sighed, looking at the ground. Provesta hadn't even stood up yet, there really wasn't a point. Her voice rasped out one more time.
"I thought I could help my people be free. How stupid am I? There's your answer: I listened to a pyromaniac and thought I could make the world better, starting by tearing this city down and rebuilding it, better and brighter and all the more beautiful. But I guess I'm just another 'Maverick' to be retired."

Provesta shrugged before letting her shoulders slump. Even if she had the energy for this, fighting or running was suicide. There was nothing she could do. Here, she was at the mercy of the merciless one. She closed her eyes, waiting to hear the sound of a sword being drawn or a buster charge up.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby mrblah » Thu May 07, 2020 7:56 pm

"..." She had a point. Demo didn't like it, but she had a point. Her new ally was terribly fast despite what she expected. Even if Demo's own speed wasn't anything to laugh at, this girl could probably run circles around her all day if she wanted. That being said, Demo was still sure she could figure out a strategy to take down Efina. After all, if defeating the redhead wasn't possible then they wouldn't be soon to face off against three extremely powerful opponents consisting of three Megamen, one of which is the president of Slither Inc... you know, as she takes another look at what's left of their team, Demo's quite sure her initial analysis for their chance of victory remains to be a good under 30%. This takes into account the additional team members lost for the sake of guarding the wounded. Which leaves...

"Four operators." Herself, Terra, Salix, and Efina; Freesia not included because she is far below a combat-capable state. Demo honestly didn't believe the girl would be any more useful in the fight than a sack of bolts to take one hit before knocking down, and since they're also losing their two healthiest party members... she wasn't so on board with Salix's decision. Loyal as she was to the chain of command, she'd withhold any complaints or comments, of course... but were it up to her, she'd probably leave Freesia back here and simply have her hide their wounded and guard nearby. That'd be the best application for the wounded Reploid... but Demo's thoughts would be interrupted pretty quickly by the introduction of a new weapon to their team's arsenal, and more specifically, in Terra's hands. She watched the display with an investigative gaze, her eyes scanning the new Biometal... it could prove valuable in the upcoming fight. She turned an eye back up to Terra. "Make use of it."

That sums up the preamble. With a nod to Salix, Demo followed as the group got moving to reach the next battle. It looked like things had taken a turn for the worst, predictably, as Aile had been defeated by the two Megamen and Giro was desperately holding them off. It'd be bad if the de-merged Aile got caught in the battle, so Demo waited for a proper moment to— her commanding officer was bounding off before she could spot the opening, dashing in quick to grab Aile... but quickly getting cut down by the enemy for it. Most probably would've flinched at the sight, as would've been an appropriate reaction, but Demo simply watched and replayed Prometheus' speedy approach in her mind. Salix never stood a chance... "Pressure all targets. One of us can momentarily disengage to rescue the human," she'd say in offering as Freesia spoke her peace, though it was more of a suggested course of action to the others than something she included herself in. Demo had no intention of leaving Aile in harm's way even if it could've meant the loss of their mission.

Her prime directive, first and foremost, was to seek the prosperity of humans. She couldn't let one die before her no matter what the cost would be.

"... Priorities updated." But before she could jump in or plan out a course of action, another... very worrying development occurred. "Mind control?" Oh joy. She faltered just for a moment as she observed this horrific show of power from their foe. Their strongest ally was immobilized quickly. The mental attack raced toward him from the front. If that attack would hit... she quickly guessed their chance of victory would be in the single digits... but just before it would hit, an invisible obstacle took the hit in Giro's place. It was... Freesia!

Oh dear, just for this moment, she takes back every incidentally rude thought she made in regards to the girl being dead weight. She might be their enemy now... but that was way better than dealing with Model Z along with those other three. A short brief of relief escaped the girl just as Giro came in with their wounded. "... Our odds of victory are low. On the off chance that things look dire, it would be best if we beat an immediate retreat. Further losses are unnecessary; specifically the losses of Model Z and the human." Typically she wouldn't dare suggest retreat, especially not with the stakes as it were... but with her prime directive screaming at her to save Aile and the significant losses her faction would suffer if their team was completely annihilated, and just this once... retreat was an option.

That being said, they had to fight first before deciding if it's a loss or not. Demo drew her Drive Sabers... "It would also be best if we try to keep our targets separated and take down Freesia quickly. She's their weakest link."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Littlemankitten » Thu May 07, 2020 9:46 pm

As Harmony enters the factory, it quickly became apparent what this factory was used for, which was the manufacturing of DumDums. She couldn't help but cock her head to the side. DumDums existed so far back? They where a more ancient technology than she thought. She wasn't able to contemplate this information for long though, as she then notices all the corpses littering the factory floor, which immediately makes her stiffen and stand at a more defensive posture, looking around for any possible threats. Such a threat would probably be much bigger than what she faced at the archaic site before, given how many decently powerful bodies littered the floor. Suddenly, a person crashes through various bits of conveyor line and machinery before landing onto the floor and skittering along painfully. Harmony takes a full defensive posture and faces this new person, taking in their looks. They were clearly reploid with their draconic features and intricate markings that littered their body. Before Harmony could determine if the reploid was a threat or not, 3 mavericks make themselves known quickly, seeming to converge on the reploid. They were certainly more powerful than the previous mavericks she fought, especially the mutos reploid who was gigantic in size, though the other two would be nothing to scoff at. When the mutos maverick notices her then demands to know what her purpose her was, Harmony straightens out her body and takes on her default refined posture, seeing as a battle wasn't immediately imminent, just very soon. "I am simply exploring the area for the objective my master gave me. At a glance this appears to not be what I'm looking for though. May I ask what is happening here?" Harmony says calmly before gesturing towards the draconic looking reploid, curious as to what this fight she walked into was about.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Harmony asks what is going on, and explains that she’s just exploring, the girl drops to the floor, on her knees, then quickly starts attempting to repair herself, but the damage she sustained seems to make it difficult to coordinate her movements, making the repairs slow-going. “Hmph. This girl has something that the mighty Puncadia seeks.” he says, posing again, but when his eyes shift to the girl and back to Harmony, he pauses for a moment. “Hmm. The mighty Puncadia detects an interesting energy signature coming from you.” he says, in a threatening tone. When he says that, the girl looks at him in confusion, then at Harmony, but continues to remain silent, a worried expression on her face.

Harmony eyes the girl as she begins to repair herself. She clearly interrupted something, and despite the fact this ‘Puncadia’ wasn’t immediately about to fight her she was very on edge. When Puncadia responded that the girl had something he seeked, and that she herself had an interesting energy emanating from her in a not so friendly way, she shrugs. “I know not what you speak of, though I doubt what this girl held required such brutality.” She eyed the grievous wounds the girl held, and back at the brute of a pseudoroid, then finally back at the girl. “What is this item of interest you hold? Perhaps I could be of some assistance.” She spoke calmly, not directly saying she was going to declare the pseudoroid as her enemy, but it was clear the girl's answer would heavily influence that relation.

When Harmony says that she doubts the brutality was necessary, Puncadia laughs. “The mighty Puncadia fulfills his objective by any means necessary. A little Maid isn’t going to stop that, unfortunately for you.” he says, striking another pose, striking a horse stance, with one hand out in front of him, palm out, and his other hand out to the other side, waving back and forth slowly. When asked what it was that she was holding, the girl answers “He wants the Biometals. I have Model BM… but he was too strong even after I Megamerged… and now I’m too damaged to Megamerge...” she says, without pausing her attempt at repairing herself. She coughs up synthetic blood onto the ground, which causes her hand to slip, sparks erupting from her wound, but she quickly goes back to attempting to repair her body, this time panicking further. “You may as well lay down on the ground for me, Maid, you stand no chance against the mighty Puncadia!” the Mutos Reploid says, cockily.

Harmony wasn’t exactly going to disagree with the pseudoroid, she would also fulfill her objective by any means necessary, but there was any means and then there was overkill. However when the girl said that she possessed a biometal, which is why she was being attacked in the first place, she understood more. Perhaps it was necessary then, though that gave her quite the cause for concern. If another biometal wielder couldn’t defeat him, could she? Though she sort of dug herself into a hole, and it seems she had no choice but to try. Hopefully the previous altercation with the girl has weakened him to give her a better chance. “I see, a biometal user… I suppose that means we can’t resolve this peacefully.” Her voice still held no amount of concern despite the small amount that invaded her mind now. She called out to her fellow battle maids, requesting backup for a high threat level before immediately megamerging herself. “Rock, on.” She states seriously, putting a foot behind the other and thrusting her arms down at an angle, her body shifting a little sideways.

When Harmony calls for her Maids, five Maids immediately warp into battle beside her. Security and Testimony first, followed by Duality and Sanctimony. Duality was two Maids, who were actually one. Their two separate brains were constructed to also be capable of acting as a single brain. Duality A was a purple-haired female Reploid with purple hair down to her shoulders, tied into short twintails, and pink eyes, wearing a black maid uniform, while Duality B was a blond-haired maid with blond hair in the same style, and blue eyes, wearing a pink maid uniform. Sanctimony was a blue-haired maid, her hair tied back in a ponytail that reached her lower back, with purple eyes, wearing a black maid uniform with purple lace. None of them needed to be filled in on the situation, as they followed it using a connection known as the Maid Network, used to organize them all into a single unit by sharing information instantly.

Duality immediately split up, both of them firing at the Taurus Mechaniloid from different sides to try to prevent it from blocking any of the shots, however the Bullet shots merely ricocheted off the Taurus’ extremely heavy armor. Meanwhile, Sanctimony transformed her left arm into a Buster and fired powerful purple blasts of plasma at the Cinder Mechaniloid, Security and Testimony dashing over to it in order to keep it from retaliating against the Buster fire.

When Harmony Megamerges, Model AM chuckles “I see it’s time. We’re going to drop a city on this Puncadia Mutos Reploid, yes?” he asks, smugly.

Harmony’s sight flickers to her fellow maids as they dispersed and began attacking, taking note of their positions and strategy to try and maximize their coordination and synergy. Unfortunately, the mavericks they were facing were most definitely tougher than the ones they faced before, and despite the hail of fire even the weaker ones were taking they hardly even seemed to notice. Which made her all the more worried about the concept of facing the mutos. When AM asks if they were to drop a city on him, she looks up at the various piping and rusted metal above them. “Close.” She jumps up and flies above the maverick quickly, before using the wind to pull various bits of metal, piping, and old machinery down and flinging it at the Maverick at extremely high speeds. “Make sure you’re always synergizing your attacks.” She says to her fellow maids in the maid network. She didn’t really need to tell them, they knew what they were doing but she felt more comfortable if she actually ordered it.

The Cinder Mechaniloid swiftly evaded every attack from the three maids, its flight speed too high for Sanctimony to land any of her buster shots, while also flying out of range of each of the saber and hanger slashes from Testimony and Security. Meanwhile, the Taurus Mechaniloid slammed the ground, shaking the entire factory, then started rushing at Duality A, while Duality B continued pelting it with ineffective Bullet shots, Duality A barely managing to stay out of the Taurus’ attack range, as due to its heavy armor, it was very slow.

As Harmony began pelting Puncadia with junk, he quickly drew his weapons, two strange energy-spiked solid metal weapons, and started quickly deflecting the attacks while taking steps towards her. “Why don’t you come down and face the mighty Puncadia in direct combat? Afraid of my awesome power, puny maid?” he asks, as he uses one of his weapons to swat a control panel back at Harmony.

The battles with the smaller Mavericks weren’t gaining much traction either way yet, which could be better but could also certainly be worse. However, the fact that they were distracting her fellow maids could prove to be very detrimental, they had to focus the mutos, meaning she had to help them dispatch of the others first. Ignoring the mutos’s words, she easily dodged the control panel and flew downward, straight past the mutos and towards the Cinder, shooting past it before stopping and turning on a dime and pointing her arms towards it, a powerful rush of air escaped from them and impacted the Cinder directly towards the Mutos, that should at least damage it if nothing else.

When Harmony gusts the Cinder out of the air, slamming it into Puncadia, her fellow Maids immediately follow up. It raises an arm, and launches a wave of flame that severely burns Sanctimony’s left arm, however Sanctimony counters, blowing a hole in the Cinder Mechaniloid’s side. As the Mechaniloid is reeling from the blast, Security dashes over and slashes it clean in half, while Testimony takes a dashing leap over the two and jams her hangers into the Mechaniloid’s back, retiring it. Puncadia lets out a grunt and replies “I see you’re stronger than I thought!” as he stomps towards the group of Maids and swings his weapon at Security. Security evades the attack, however the Mutos Reploid swings his other weapon, suddenly boosting forward mid swing, catching Security off-guard, her eyes widening. Testimony quickly dashes into the path of the attack and takes it instead, the strike sending her corkscrewing towards a nearby control panel, causing it to blast electricity threw her body until she goes limp.

Meanwhile, the Taurus Mechaniloid slams both fists down on the floor, causing it to shake violently and knocking Duality A to the floor. Duality B attempts to cover her by firing more shots at the Mechaniloid, but the attacks are just as ineffective as before, and the Taurus Mechaniloid charges over to Duality A, slamming both giant metal fists down on her body, caving in her abdomen, and causing her to go limp.

Harmony was very satisfied with how quickly her fellow maids followed up on her attack. It was so smooth and coordinated it could be mistaken as fully planned. The mutos seemed to give her a tad bit more respect as the Cinder is quickly dealt with, however, with that respect came a more determined drive to win. And despite their quick success, there would be no time to celebrate as Testimony and Duality A both quickly go down nearly at the same time the Cinder goes down. This wasn’t good, Harmony winces as she sees her maids seemingly retired before her eyes, and her face scrunches slightly in determination. She once again flies past the mutos and at the Taurus, its weight could very well be its downfall as Harmony flies right above it and uses the fans to suck it into the air, as high as it could possibly go before flinging it back towards the Mutos reploid.

As the Taurus Mechaniloid is flung at Puncadia, he merely reaches up a massive hand and catches her, dropping her on the floor with a loud “CLUNK” that caves in the floor. Puncadia looks as though he’s running at Harmony, however he suddenly dashes to the side with such incredible speed that it catches Duality B off guard, he flips his weapon at her, bouncing it off her head and staging her, before spinning into a horizontal swipe that knocks her into the air and through a conveyor line, obliterating it and downing Duality B. Meanwhile, Security took advantage of Taurus being downed, and quickly leapt into the air and slammed her saber down through its chest. Taurus, however, was not defeated, and quickly slammed its massive arm sideways, sending Security spinning through the air and directly through the nearby metal wall, reducing a portion of it to nothing but rubble, Security limply laying in the hole, dangling from it, Harmony able to see her purple panties with black lace up her skirt from the angle she was dangling at.

Harmony could scarcely understand how something so big, heavy, and bulky looking could move so fast. It easily caught the Taurus out of the sky as if it was moving in slow motion, and attacked with such fluid grace it was as if it was a dancer. It was an extremely odd sight to see, and Harmony was very quickly realizing how Azyriah, who also had a biometal lost to it alone. Harmony wasn’t super confident she could win this with help, no thanks to the other mavericks. Before she knew it Harmony was almost alone, all but one of her comrades seemingly retired in naught but a few seconds. Grimacing, Harmony tried to formulate a plan. She was confident in her ability to evade the Taurus, but she still wanted it gone should her comrades be alive still, as it could easily go to finish them off. So while trying to keep out of range of the mutos, Harmony quickly dove into range of the Taurus and fired her air shooter directly at it, into the ground and then quickly dives away when she feels enough damage was inflicted to retire it.

The Air-Shooter fires blasts of wind that become whirling tornados of death, then each tornado violently rips through the Taurus Mechaniloid’s body, spraying its shredded circuits out through its back. By the time Harmony is done, the Taurus Mechaniloid had slumped over onto the floor, sparking wildly. Meanwhile, Sanctimony was firing Buster shots at Puncadia, leaping backwards repeatedly to attempt to stay out of range of his weapon swings. Puncadia, however, seemed to be toying with her, merely blocking each of the shots with his weapons, sending them careening off into a nearby wall. After the first few shots, he suddenly dashes forward and catches her in the abdomen with his attack, sending her tumbling across the floor until she hits a wall, the attack so strong that she goes limp the moment she impacts and heavily dents the wall.

Harmony had finally finished off all of the mutos’s goons, yet the mutos had done the same nearly at the same time. Looking up from the corpse of the Taurus, she grimaces heavily. Now she was alone, and yet the mutos was still as alive and well as when they started. This was bad, she was certain this was the best situation they could be in, it was clear that the maids couldn’t have damaged him, yet doubt began to invade her mind. She didn’t want to lose this, certainly not with her fellow maids here, they deserved a much better fate than to be destroyed because of Frod’s insane orders… Or her own. Barely able to keep her composure and stay calm, Harmony began to circle the Mutos, firing tornadic blasts at him from all directions, desperately trying to find a point he’d be more prone to damage to exploit, glanced at Azyriah as well, wondering if she was almost done repairing herself as they fought.

The shots at the Mutos Reploid are powerful enough to cause the junk in the factory to lift off the floor, and if they had hit him, it may have inflicted damage, however the Mutos Reploid suddenly engaged his thrusts and started moving VERY fast, his large body twisting and weaving through the shots as he approached. Just as he was swinging his right hand weapon at Harmony, Azyriah comes flying from the very edge of Harmony’s vision, slamming her shoulder into Puncadia’s arm, knocking it away from Harmony and causing it to barely miss her. Azyriah bounces away from Puncadia’s arm, one hand gripping her saber, while the other holds the wound on her abdomen. The wound seemed to be bleeding less, but hadn’t stopped completely, indicating that while she did manage some repairs, she had not completed them. “Ah, you’re back up to face the mighty Puncadia for Round 2!” he says, twirling his weapons in his hands.

Harmony was more than a little confused and concerned with how fast the mutos moved, so fast he was able to dodge all of her attacks. She had a biometal, he didn’t, and he was much bigger and heavier, how could he move faster than her? He was even so fast she didn’t have time to evade, all she could do was brace for the impact. That was until Azyriah appeared from nowhere and slammed into the mutos, causing it to barely miss her. Harmony internally sighed in relief, but wasted no time in getting back into the action aside from saying “Thank you.” She meanuvered herself so that she and Azyriah were cross firing him, unable to dodge one without getting hit by the other. She constantly kept on the move, firing her attacks at him from all angles she could while not getting into a position he could easily take them both out.

Azyriah coughed up a small amount of synthetic blood, then started breathing huge plumes of fire at the Mutos Reploid, trying to force him to evade into Harmony’s attack. Her attack singes part of his leg, which does force him to evade into Harmony’s Air-Shooter barrage, the attacks cutting gashes into his heavy armor, causing him to grunt. While the two did finally manage to damage him, Azyriah gets a bit too close to him, allowing him to make an incredibly fast dash in her direction and swing his weapon in her direction. She attempts to leap backwards out of range, however it was clear to Harmony that the attack was going to land.

Harmony took note of Azyriah’s fire breath abilities. Perhaps there was a way to melt the mutos to death, she doubted it though given Azyriah lost the original fight. She didn’t have much time to contemplate Azyriah’s possible arsenal though, focusing on keeping her positioning in line with Azyriah’s. Unfortunately Azyriah made a critical error in her positioning, and put herself directly in line with one of the Mutos’s attacks, making her an easy target. Harmony didn’t want to lose another comrade, not after all the maids went down. She didn’t think they could win, but perhaps she could secure an escape route for Azyriah. Without giving it much more thought than ‘not another loss’ she bolts straight into line with the mutos’s attack, tanking the attack for Azyriah. “Escape” Was all she could say to Azyriah before the attack hit her.

The attack hits Harmony so hard that it slams her into the floor and dents it so much that the newly-created crater could potentially be converted into a public pool without any adjustments besides a drain. With that, Harmony’s megamerge is undone, leaving her laying there in her Battle Mode. Azyriah looks shocked that Harmony took the hit, but quickly recovers from the shock and leaps into the hole, grabbing Harmony by the arm, then attempting to dash away, however Puncadia makes a massive leap over the two of them, then spins around, attempting to swipe at Azyriah with his weapon, but she deflects the attack with her saber, only for Puncadia to throw his other weapon, bouncing it off her head with a sickening thud, before throwing a kick that sends both Azyriah and Harmony tumbling across the floor. Azyriah tries to get up, but the pool of synthetic blood forming beneath her indicates that her wound had fully reopened. “Hmph, the mighty Puncadia commends your efforts, but you’re not nearly strong enough to stand up to the mighty Puncadia!” he says, flexing his mechanical arms, as a pair of Garm mechaniloids drag Harmony’s Impulse Mechaniloid in through the entrance. Behind them, Harmony could see a massive amount of Garm Mechaniloid scrap outside, indicating how effective the Impulse had been at guarding the entrance.

Harmony had scarcely ever felt such intense and widespread pain before. It was like her entire body was turned into mush despite being mostly intact. She didn’t even have the ability to scream out as she was flung into the floor, the impact sending huge ripples of pain through her body, her ears rung and she could hear things sparking inside her, gears grinded and creaked, everything felt stiff and heavy, and her sensors were overloading her with sounds and sights that didn’t exist until they could orientate themselves. Harmony was a little annoyed when Azyriah tried to save her, as picking her up was costing her valuable time she could use to escape. Then again maybe it wouldn’t have mattered, the mutos proved to be extremely fast, and as it leaped towards them to strike down Azyriah she wondered if there even was a way she could’ve won this fight. The impact of hitting the ground once again was less severe than the first time, though the pain was starting to degrade enough she could actually move and groan. As the mutos commended their efforts and said they had no chance, Harmony tried to move her arm to fire her attack again, but could barely raise it enough to actually aim, not that she had the megamerge anymore regardless. Letting her arm flop to the side, she watched the impulse get dragged in, her eyes widening a little as she saw the battlefield outside. That’s quite impressive, she’d have to commend the impulse should they make it out of this alive.

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As Puncadia slowly approached Harmony, even more Garm Mechaniloids entered the building, fanning out and grabbing Harmony’s companions, each of the maids and Azyriah, while the two Garm Mechaniloids that were dragging Harmony’s Impulse dropped her on the floor. Puncadia reached down and grabbed Harmony by the front of her dress, lifting her off the floor by it, commenting “The mighty Puncadia shall now grace the tiny maid with his search for information.” his voice booms. Meanwhile, two of the Garm Mechaniloids drop their crotch armor, then one lifts the Impulse’s metal skirt and move the crotch of her underwear bottom aside, before attaching their white and red hacking tools. One rams its tool into the Impulse’s port, while the other forces its own into the Impulse’s mouth, then each begin thrusting in and out. Another Garm sets Duality B onto its lap and similarly attaches its own hacking tool, before lifting Duality B’s skirt, moving the crotch of her sky blue panties with white lace aside, before ramming its tool into her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Another Garm Mechaniloid shoves Duality A onto all fours, her front down on the floor and her hips in the air, as the Garm Mechaniloid lifts her skirt and moves the crotch of her black panties with black lace aside, before ramming its hacking tool into her, the Maid stifling her cry of pleasure by biting her arm. Yet another Garm Mechaniloid lifts Testimony by her dress, then slams her against the wall, lifting her dress with her other hand, then tugging her white panties with gold lace down, before ramming her hacking tool into her. Even more Garm Mechaniloids force their hacking tool into Security’s mouth while another, on the other side of the broken wall, pulls her panties down and begins thrusting her hacking tool into her. Another Garm had Sanctimony pinned to the floor, her legs splayed open as the Garm fucked her relentlessly.

Amidst all of this, Puncadia used his free hand to lift her skirt, then to begin rubbing two fingers against her slit, through her panties, while a plate opened on his crotch, letting his extremely large blue hacking tool, with a red tip, slide out. Behind him, Harmony could see two more Garm Mechaniloids dragging Azyriah towards them, a trail of synthetic blood being left behind her.

Harmony was initially confused as to what the mavericks plans were as they all surrounded her fallen comrades, though she could see Duality still shifting around. When they all began to attach hacking tools to themselves though, her eyes widened. Ah of course they’d want information out of them before they killed them all. She was forced to watch as all her comrades were grabbed and penetrated, most mercifully unconscious, or perhaps retired with the exception of herself, Duality, and Azyriah. Despite the fact Duality was moaning in pleasure, it was clear from their body language it was not an enjoyable thing they were going through. It seemed it would be especially unenjoyable for herself as Puncadia exposed his much larger and thicker hacking tool. She squirmed lightly, unable to do much as her slit was rubbed through her fanciful black and purple lace panties. She tried to figure out a way to get out of this situation, to no avail of course as Azyriah was dragged away. Her slit moistened despite her dislike of the situation, creating a small damp spot in her panties. Her breathing quickened, and she let out grunting sounds as she tried to stifle any kind of moan.

One Garm undid Azyriah’s shorts and belt, then pulled them down, exposing her red and black striped panties with gold flame designs while the other lifted up her crop top and began groping her breasts. The first moved the crotch of her panties aside, then started rubbing her slit, while holding her down with one hand, Azyriah weakly struggling against them, but being too weak at this point to accomplish anything. Meanwhile, Puncadia thrusted a finger into Harmony’s hacking port through her panties and started slowly thrusting in and out of her. A Taurus Mechaniloid approached them from nearby and allowed Puncadia to free his hand by using her two larger arms to grab Harmony by her midsection and hold her up, after which Puncadia used his newly-freed hand to grab and roughly squeeze and knead Harmony’s left breast.

Harmony wished she could help Azyriah or any of her fellow maids, but unfortunately like all of them she was stuck in a position where she couldn’t do much of anything aside from weakly squirm and try to bat away the invading bodies. Harmony squirmed more vigorously as Puncadia thrusted a finger inside her, letting out a loud grunt and clenching her teeth. When the Taurus began approaching, she gave it an evil look, clearly not happy with its inclusion, but not saying anything. Harmony knew speaking would just get her in a deeper hole, so all she could do was bear through this until it was over. She was a little surprised all the Taurus did was keep her lifted up so Puncadia could have her all to himself, but she supposed it also wasn’t surprising as Puncadia was the alpha and so would get dibs over everything. She winces a little as her breast is groped, it was more painful than anything, he was so large that even if he was being gentle it’d be extremely rough, making her let out a small hiss in pain.

Puncadia continued groping and squeezing her breast with one hand while he pushes the fingers of his other hand into her pussy, through her panties, and begins thrusting them in and out of her. Meanwhile, Azyriah was weakly struggling against the two Toarus Mechaniloids, making no progress, as the first continued groping her exposed breasts, and the other stopped fingering her, and roughly thrusted its hacking tool into her, causing her to cry out and squirm, slight pleasure in her voice, despite her struggling, and the cry mostly being one of anger.

After fingering Harmony for a few moments, Puncadia slips his finger out, then moves the crotch of Harmony’s panties aside, before poking the tip of his hacking tool against her slit, chuckling softly “The mighty Puncadia knows that the little maid will love his hacking tool.” he says, in an amused voice, before suddenly thrusting the entire thing into her, while squeezing her breast hard. He then immediately begins thrusting in and out of her hard and fast.

Harmony continued to grunt and make soft moans that were forced into other sounds, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of making her moan. Her pussy however had no such qualms, and had become practically soaked with her lubricating fluids. Azyriah was having slightly less luck controlling her reactions, not that Harmony could blame her, she wasn’t being a perfect influence concerning it either. That however changed as Puncadia took his fingers out of her then positioned his hacking tool in front of her. She let out a spiteful sound when Puncadia said that he was sure she’d love it, then screamed out in sudden pain as the gigantic tool was thrusted into her at all once. It felt as though her insides were being torn open as her pussy was stretched to accommodate the hacking tool, and tears welled up in her eyes and flowed down her face as her teeth clenched. She hissed in pain and once again tried to escape, not that she could move much more than lightly flailing around currently.

Puncadia continued thrusting hard and fast, each thrust driving his hacking tool into her deepest depths, stretching her painfully, and attempting to link him to her to extract information. He soon moves his free hand to her ass and groped it roughly while he continued groping and kneading her other breast with his other hand. The Taurus Mechaniloid soon moved her two smaller hands, using one to grope Harmony’s free breast, while using the other to begin rubbing Harmony’s clit. Meanwhile, one of the two Mechaniloids that were molesting Azyriah lowered her upper body to the floow and forced its hacking tool into her mouth, silencing her while the other continued fucking her relentlessly.

Harmony continued to hiss and grunt in pain, occasionally letting out a cry of anguish when he thrusted particularly harshly, tears streamed down from her face and small amounts of synthetic blood oozed out of her pussy due to the harsh stretching Pucadia’s hacking tool imposed upon her. One thing she could say for certain was that he was completely and utterly wrong about her loving it, in fact love was the opposite of how she felt about it. It was entirely too big and even then he had no idea how to use it. Her sex worker knowledge screamed in its own agony as Puncadia steamed ahead with nothing but recklessness to his name. While the Taurus was seeming to make the attempt at making her feel good by mostly gently groping her breasts and rubbing her clit, it was all fairly weak feeling compared to the pain Puncadia was calling her, though her nipples had hardened and her pussy was doing its best to try and lubricate the monster of a hacking tool to not rip it apart so much. When she felt him attempting to link to her, she of course attempted to block it with all her remaining willpower, trying her best to focus on denying the link over the pain she felt from getting ravaged or the cries from Azyriah, both of which were very hard to ignore.

Puncadia grunts when Harmony resists his attempt to invade her, and begins thrusting faster and harder, using the hand on her ass to begin tugging her lower body into his thrusts, while using the other hand to grope her breast, while also using his thumb to rub her nipple. Meanwhile, the Taurus lowered Harmony’s head and upper body until it was level with her crotch, and shoved her own hacking tool into Harmony’s mouth, holding her body up with her larger hands, while using her smaller set of hands to continue rubbing her clit and groping her free breast.

Harmony lets out more hisses of pain as Puncadia seems to get even more aggressive with his attempts as she refuses his link, her pussy was exploding with pain with a small amount of pleasure overlaying it, synthetic blood flowed a bit more as he got more aggressive with his thrusts, and she could feel her vision blacken a little every time he thrusted. When that Taurus began to lower her head, she resisted its moves, trying to keep her head up to no avail of course. When the inevitable happened and the hacking tool was thrusted into her mouth, she gagged and choked on it, grunting in annoyance. Though unlike Puncadia’s the Taurus’s hacking tool was actually quite pleasant, both being more her size and having a more high quality feel to it. She only minorly resisted the cock in her mouth, biting down on it a few times before eventually relenting and just opening her mouth up so it could be fucked freely, though otherwise did absolutely nothing to minimize the pleasure it would feel. She instinctively thrusted her breasts a bit outward as they were groped, and her clit did send the occasional surge of pleasure but her pussy getting ripped open was still the predominant sensation.

For what seemed like an eternity, Puncadia and the Taurus Mechaniloid fucked her relentlessly, until finally they both started to unleash a large amount of hacking fluid into her mouth and pussy, soon overflowing both, causing a large amount of white fluid to leak out of her mouth and pussy, causing it to coat her face, crotch, and thighs.

Harmony had to suffer for a much longer time than she would have liked, the pain never seeming to end, however eventually they finished their hacking, dumping their white fluid all inside her pussy and mouth. She vaguely feels her body shake in what might be an orgasm, though the pain was so great as her pussy was filled with cum, stretching it even further that the next thing she knew was nothingness as she shut down, her body unable to take anymore.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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It takes more self-control than Terra wants to admit to keep from growling at Salix. Because she doesn’t agree with the orders given at all. With so many of their own so horribly injured, it might be for the best to make the time to, if not heal them, stabilize them so that they don’t come back to a bunch of retired allies. What happens if Azalia and Zinnia are overwhelmed? They have no ways of repairing themselves or any ways of hiding! Yes, Azalia has short range covered and Zinnia long ranged, but if an enemy gets around that or one of them goes down, everyone behind them is screwed. Freesia would be the much better choice, she thinks. Freesia can hide everyone and then evade detection with her cloak. No combat necessary. Just as she opens her mouth to suggest this, she’s distracted by the Insect Pseudoroid’s chassis literally exploding. She immediately thinks it’s some after death trap they somehow missed until another Biometal emerges. And suddenly she understands just how such a lowly thing was able to harm the righteous so badly. Biometals are the great equalizer after all. She finds her eyebrow twitching when it begins to speak, however. Are all Biometals so… eccentric? Model SM is somewhat obsessed with fish of all things and she can barely understand this one because of its accent. She really should ask Aile and Demo when this is all over just so she has a point of reference. By the time she shakes herself out of it, Salix is already moving on so she isn’t around for Terra to critique her choices in deployment. With an annoyed sigh, she moves forward.

And immediately becomes worried Giro is holding off 3 enemies, which can only mean… yup, there’s Aile, de-merged and bleeding out on the ground. And Giro seems to be at the end of his rope, which can only mean bad things since he’s much more powerful and experienced than… pretty much all other Guardians. She actually can’t think of a more powerful Guardian off the top of her head. And the odds immediately become worse when Salix makes a (in her opinion) reckless dash for Aile and gets carved open for her troubles. She’d hoped that their opponents would be tired or somewhat injured, but from the way one of them, Prometheus she thinks Slither called him earlier, taunts them, he seems just fine. Meaning Aile likely didn’t do much before she was brought down because Giro certainly isn’t doing any offense right now. Her heart sinks to join her shoes when she hears Slither talk about mind control. A horrified “No” escapes her lips when she sees Giro locked in place, unable to dodge. That fear morphs into sheer terror when she sees clever Freesia has gone into stealth and taken the beam for Giro. Terror because that means her comrade is now under the enemy’s control. Because now they have a very real chance of retiring her in the state she’s in. She’s only slightly relieved when she sees that the mind control apparently also rejuvenates the target. That still means she has to attack another squad mate with lethal force because Freesia will almost certainly be doing that for them.

The terror of retiring a friend overwhelms Terra and suddenly she’s not in front of the Slither building, about to get into combat. Suddenly, she’s right back in that rain pounded, desolate wasteland with the bodies of innocents and her team littered around her. The fierce winds and sounds of thunder are clear in her ears. She can vividly visualize the oppressive aura of the Nightmare baring down on her, slowly heralding her to her retirement. It doesn’t help that Model Z is so close, painting the picture far better than just her memory would allow. But the scene is also an inspiration. Model Z is too weak to defeat the enemies before her. Model X has already been defeated. She knows nothing about the Biometal Demo holds and she doubts Models SM and ACM are up for the task before her. But in her worst nightmare, there’s a form fast enough that it escaped Model Z without a trace and destroyed every unit of her squad like it was child’s play. Terra as herself doubts she’ll have the resolve to do what is necessary with Freesia. The Nightmare that destroyed her team and plagues her every waking moment would not have that problem. Lowering her choker, she grabs the A-Heart chip and tears it out of its slot. With her Nightmare clear in her mind, she crushes it, utterly destroying the chip. From the remnants, a bright light emerges, at very overpowering with its brilliance, but very quickly dimming to a sickly shade of purple. When the light disappears, what she assumes is the Biometal for her Nightmare lays in her hand. She also cannot hear the voice of Model SM anymore. She has only one moment of concern, that she won’t be able to control what she does. But that was exactly what she was after when she picked this form. Anything that happens, well… it won’t be her. In her mind, what she is about to turn into is a completely separate being from herself. So if Freesia is retired… it wasn’t her fault. She hopes she has the mental fortitude to merely disable Freesia, but if the alternative is to allow her free to potentially harm her other comrades then she knows what has to be done even if she’s too weak to do it.

Slithering Serpents Boss Battle
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When Demo tells Giro that the loss of Model Z and Aile would be unnecessary, Giro frowns “We would lose far more humans if we left Serpent to his devices. Now that we know he’s behind the Maverick attacks, and this one would continue, far more lives would be lost than ours.” he says, a slight edge in his voice. When Demo then says that Freesia is their weakest link, Giro replies “I’ll try to tie up Prometheus while the rest of you focus on Freesia, then. If I don’t, he’ll inflict a lot of damage, VERY fast.” he says, quickly. Without a second’s hesitation, Giro then dashes towards Prometheus at such high speed that a sonic boom erupts through the area, kicking up dust and debris, then he swings his saber at Prometheus, however the target laughs maniacally as he evades the strike, raising his Beam Scythe in preparation for battle as he replies “Oh, it’s time for round three!? AHAHAHAHA!” then his armor shifts to a bright red color and his scythe ignites heat around the blade as he swings it at Giro. Giro leaps backwards onto the Slither HQ’s walls to avoid the attack, grunting as he prepares to leap back at Prometheus.

Watching the scene unfold, Efina taps her chin with one finger while raising her other hand, a void forming above it as she prepares to begin summoning Lies “So, when he says to focus on her, does he forget that Pandora is just as strong as Prometheus? Are we supposed to ignore her, orrr…?” she asks, as she tosses a Lie down onto the ground beside Demo. The creature looks at Demo curiously, then begins waddling towards Pandora extremely quickly. Pandora scowls at Efina, her armor shifting to a yellow color “Hmph. If you were going to betray us, you should have run. You’re barely worth the thought it would take to eliminate you.” she says, in a monotone, as she powers up her staff with an electrical field, before firing a bolt of electricity at Efina. Efina looks perplexed as she seemingly teleports to her left to avoid the bolt of electricity. “Do you mean that it would take too many thoughts to actually hit me with your aim?” she asks, innocently, as she forms another Lie beside herself. As the group was fighting, a massive army of Galleons were slowly surrounding them, row upon row moving into formation and preparing to attack the group, their eyes becoming red. Serpent smiled smugly at the appearance of his army.

Off he went. With disagreement to her contingency and a command to focus on their turned ally... well, she supposed they'll just have to work extra hard to make ends meet. The robot exhaled... and her gaze sharpened. "Suggestion; we watch her carefully and keep our distance. The target is Freesia. We can worry about our significantly stronger opponent after disabling her." She wouldn't want to go up against her anyway. Demo knew this was one fight where she was fairly outclassed... so the best she could do was help to even the odds for Giro to work.

Demo prepared to charge— then faltered, her oculars catching sight of an absolutely massive army of Galleons brewing around them... grand. More complications. "... Be aware; we have company. Watch for backstabbers." Mentally, the robot assessed their threat. Galleons, of course. All small fry. A true legion of cardboard she could easily shred if they came too close, but even an army of ants can take down a stronger predator...

The backs of her blades came to rest on her shoulders. Demo swiftly turned, crouching down as she did to dash right to a sudden attacker's side as she used both blades to slash at where their arm would have been had they not pulled back from their attack. Freesia was quicker than she last recalled. Her attack on Efina was sudden, but nothing neither her nor her new friend hadn't seen coming. "... Were you on this level at all times." Amusing how the girl seemed so much more threatening on the enemy's side than her faction's. "After our success in bringing you back, be sure to train to reach this level naturally." Demo pushed her attack to keep the girl off balanced, her Drive Sabers dancing in the wind without pause as she unleashed a series of attacks... that weren't connecting. It was gonna be one of those fights, wasn't it...

She idly stabbed an approaching Galleon in the chest with her saber, ripping it out and disengaging momentarily to ready herself for any others "wise enough" to sneak up on her.

Holding the Biometal in her hands, Terra has a moment of indecision. Is this really the best idea? Would one of her other Biometals be more suited for this? And then she sees the speed that Prometheus moves and the attack Pandora throws at Efina, who they didn’t even touch last fight, and knows that she can’t match them at her current level. The only way to bridge the gap, to slaughter the enemies of humanity, is to take on a form that will continue to haunt her nightmares for years to come. With a deep, shaky breath, she holds the Biometal up. “ROCK ON!” She shouts, regretting every word even as she says them.

The moment Terra shouts the words, she can hear a multitude of voices bouncing around in her mind. Unlike with the other Biometals she has used, this Biometal seemed to have an entire legion of voices and personalities, all shouting over each other in her mind, trying to be heard. The personalities all ranged from insane, to cocky, to cool, but every single voice sounded as though it was coming from the same individual. Suddenly one voice spoke above all of the others, and the voices quieted. “Brothers, the time has come.” it said, in a confident tone. Suddenly, purple silhouettes of the figure from Terra’s nightmares emerged from the Biometal and started swirling around her in a tempest of purple, each one forming sections of armor, as her clothing was replaced with a black bodysuit. Terra’s hair turned gray and extended down to her feet, while the first of the silhouettes formed a black helmet, with a green forehead gem, black visor, and a purple V fin across the front, which extended across both sides, along with a white comm system that resembled horns. Another formed a purple megaman jacket with matching shoulder pads, and two green gems across her breasts, while another formed a pair of gauntlets with a green gem on the arm. The final silhouettes formed her white codpiece and thigh-guards, as well as a pair of purple boots.

As soon as the transformation is done, Terra finds herself dangling from the ceiling of a lab. The floor was blue, with golden circuit board patterns across it, while the walls were covered in a seemingly limitless supply of computer components, effectively turning the lab into a gigantic computer. Hanging from the ceilings were strange mechanical beasts… as well as a legion of others just like her. Purple armor, pink skin, gray hair. She watched as yet another was hoisted up to the ceiling, to hang with all of the rest, by a Reploid in purple armor and a lab coat. “Another failure! HOW CAN SUCH ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY BE SO IMPOSSIBLE TO ANALYZE!?” he shouted in anger as a Reploid in black armor, with cylinder-like hair and a matching beard, wearing a lab coat watched on, a smug expression on his face, as if he knew the answer to a puzzle and was watching someone else solve it. On the other end of the lab was a Reploid completely unlike all of the other creations. Its armor was black, and its face was pure white inside its helmet. It had a red forehead gem, and two massive fins on each side of its head, its arms were huge, like two metal barrels, matching its legs. Despite the Reploid remaining deactivated, due to incompletion, Terra could feel so much power from it that it dwarfed anything she had even imagined. The scientist continued to rant, however, after several moments, he suddenly stopped, and turned to his legion of failures. “I have an idea.” he said slowly, which caused the other Reploid to cock his head in interest. “I could keep toiling away at trying to create a new Zero… or, I could get revenge on those who destroyed my creations out of fear of progress. I could show them that the greatest Reploids to ever exist are only to be feared when wronged!” he says, waving his arm dramatically, over all of the Reploids hanging from the ceiling. The other Reploid scoffed “The greatest? The greatest would be that DNA there, that you can’t analyze. I’m curious to see what you want to do with all of these failures, however… as well as that one there.” he says, cocking his head towards the black-armored Reploid with the insane power output. The purple-armored Reploid grinned “I’m going to lure out and defeat the Maverick Hunters. At least then, I can hopefully see the REAL Zero in action.” he says, throwing a switch which caused Terra to be slowly lowered to the floor. “Zero, go Retired Mavericks.” he says, smugly, to which Terra feels herself reply with a smug laugh, before dashing out of the room at such incredible speed that she basically teleports to the outside of the lab, having made her way through the halls and up a cliff in the blink of an eye.

Over the course of the next few days, she retires numerous Mavericks, which all looked like a boy in blue armor and a blue bodysuit, smugly chuckling with every retirement. This was just like in the simulations, each one lasted only a nano-second, unless she chose to stress her superiority over them. Until the last one, that is. Suddenly one talks back to her, at which point it’s suddenly X. “Who are you?” he asks, narrowing his eyes at Terra. Terra responds with the obvious “I’m Zero, don’t you recognize me? Let’s retire Mavericks, just like old times!” she says, but the phrase suddenly sounds strange to her. Old times? What happened? Why did they stop before? X replies “Quit fooling around. You’re a cheesy fake.” A fake? I’m not fake, I’m Zero. “X, it’s me. Don’t you recognize me? A… a...” wait, what’s wrong? “A fake me appeared… I don’t know what’s happening.” she says, her head starting to hurt. Her memories fading and returning so rapidly. Didn’t she fight alongside X to defeat Mavericks in five other wars? She has been doing this for so long now… shouldn’t X be familiar with her? Wait. If he has become a Maverick, maybe he can’t recognize her? X replies “I know, and you’re the fake. You can’t fool me.” he says, as he thrusts his arms in the air, then suddenly his blue armor is replaced with black and gold, a gold V-Fin with a red gem, shoulder guards with thrusts on them, a thruster pack on his back. Wait, that’s the Ultimate Armor. You recognize that… he had used it once before. In fact, it was so powerful that he had only used it once… “You have become so insane that you can’t even recognize me? That means that you have become a Maverick… as a Maverick Hunter, and your friend, I’ll retire you myself!” Terra says, drawing her silver Z-Saber. X looks angry as he leaps into the air and is covered in a blazing gold aura “You’re no Maverick Hunter, you’ve retired so many innocent Reploids!” he shouts as he charges at Terra with his Nova Strike, the stone ground being obliterated beneath the force of the attack.

After a brutal battle, Terra can feel her life force draining out of her. Where are her legs? Oh… they’re over there, on the ground. Where’s her arm? She needs to retire Mavericks, her programming tells her… oh, her arm is over there, ripped from her body. X looks down at her, still wearing his Ultimate Armor… wait… who is that red Reploid in the distance, heading towards them? Terra’s head hurts.

Suddenly, Terra is back in the heat of her own battle, her transformation complete, and instantaneous, just as before. Unlike the other times, however, she feels so much power in her body, as if this form is many times more powerful than Model SM. Every time she moves, her body is in position the moment she wills it, as if the only delay is the speed at which she can will her body to move, and with each movement, a purple after-image follows suit at half-speed, mimicking her every movement.

Terra has always thought of herself as fairly strong mentally. She has a mental fortitude strong enough to survive things that would reasonably break others. So she thought. She seriously questions that when she’s subsumed in the sea of voices. It feels like she’s losing herself in the chaos, all of the voices shouting louder than her inner self. Just as she begins to feel overwhelmed, the one voice silences them all and puts them to work. It’s at this moment she knows fear again. If the lesser voices almost overwhelmed her… well, it’s good for her that this one seems to have no desire for control. He’d tear through her psyche like a wet paper towel and leave nothing left in his wake. She has to suppress a shudder when she sees what the silhouettes are changing her into. She knew she’d look like her nightmare, she prepared for it. Doesn’t mean that actually seeing it is any more pleasant than she thought it’d be.

Then she’s dropped into a memory like she was with Model SM. A lab? Trying to recreate Zero? This was a failure!? The image of this failure tearing through her friends and teammates flashes through her mind again and she can only imagine what a proper success would have been. Just like in the memory, they only lasted a nanosecond once he decided he wanted them dead. She only survived so he could prove his superiority! But… what is with the secondary set of memories? Who else was she remembering? Someone close to X given the Legendary Maverick Hunter could pick her out as a fake immediately. Someone who saw X’s Ultimate Armor and came out alive, which can only be an ally. Given the red Reploid she saw as life fled her body… well, she probably looks very similar to Giro right now. Her nightmare version of Zero then.

That thought is the last she has before she comes back to the battlefield, overwhelmed with the power at her fingers. Combined with some of the voices crawling in her head from the transformation… “HAHAHAHA!” She laughs. The smug sounds of mirth are the only thing she can do right now. She sees her target, the weak being that Slither co-opted, and knows she can put it down. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Still unused to her insane acceleration, she overestimates how far she has to go, missing the target with her Saber. No matter. It’s only a matter of time. She almost doesn’t notice the even lesser beings that were reduced to scrap in her passing. They aren’t worth her attention in the first place.

As Demo attempted to attack Freesia, she gave off a bright blue glow, light blue after-images appearing after her as she moved. To someone familiar with Freesia, this would indicate that she was overcharging her reactor, which would cause her to explode soon. When Demo comments on her capabilities, she makes no reply, merely twirling her two hangers in her hands as she prepares another strike. This attack, however, is interrupted when Terra, as Model NZ, suddenly appears to attack Freesia, missing only by a hair, though the mass of Galleon wreckage tumbling after her after-images indicates that she didn’t necessarily miss everything. In Terra’s mind, the voice that had silenced the others speaks “The retirement of Mavericks is music to my ears. These Mavericks will all be retired in a nano-second, just like in the simulations.” he says, with a smug chuckle. Meanwhile, Prometheus and Giro continued exchanging attacks, the speed of their slashes creating even more sonic booms as they race around each other, parrying and missing attacks, the occasional shockwave being sent out and hitting a building, or a Galleon airship, but neither one manages to land a strike. Efina spawns a Lie near Prometheus, and it quickly turns into a blob, splattering against his body just as he was coming off a dodge. He grunts, but otherwise doesn’t slow his movements, barely seeming to notice Efina’s attack.

As this was happening, Pandora turns towards Demo “Hmph. I won’t allow you to interfere.” she says, firing a blast of electricity at Demo, the yellow lightning corkscrewing through the air at her. At the same time, Freesia dashes at Terra, but suddenly disappears, before reappearing behind her. While the attack seemed to be in slow motion, despite Freesia’s reactor overcharging, her attack almost hits. Before the attack could impact Terra’s armor, one of Efina’s Lies leaps into the path and forms a concave barrier of black substance, which stops the attack in its path, causing Freesia’s eyes to widen in surprise.

After Demo evades the lightning blast, a voice enters her mind. “Allow me to assist you, Chosen One of the Almighty Porcelain Power.” it says, with a flushing sound accompanying the voice. “I have no doubt that with our combined power, we’ll be able to FLUSSSHHH the enemy into oblivion.” he says, confidently.

She noted it, and recognized the signs. A steady rise in energy level. The subtle shake of her form... and a bead of prior information all alerted Demo to Freesia's intentions; she's overcharging herself and likely to explode. A reckless, final move that would prove fatal if they didn't stop her soon... and one she knew was a result of Serpent's mind tampering. "..." Stopping her is still well within the realm of possibility. Demo prepared herself, raising her Drive Sabers in the place she expected her former ally's hangers to try to tear through— only to outright jump back as a sudden, ominous, and powerful presence surprised her from the side... "What?"

She was surprised. Rare as it were for the robot to be taken off guard, she couldn't have expected the sight before her. How in the world... did Terra transform into a form that powerful? Where the hell had she been hiding it? "..." And why does she feel more threatened by the sight of the transformed Terra than she does of Freesia? It was incredibly disconcerting. Distracting, even. The robot stared as she tried to piece together just what she was seeing, but upon hearing Pandora's practical announcement of her attack, she was soon flinging herself to the side before the other Megaman had fired her attack.

A mob of Galleons were now in the way of Pandora's lightning, and the ensuing dismemberment and total annihilation reminded her, now more than ever... how completely and utterly outclassed she was in her base form. She had trouble with Freesia and there's Terra powered like a juggernaut and probably capable of batting away the girl at any second, she felt. An odd series of... indescribable thoughts passed through her mind. Chiefly among them; doubt.

But those thoughts were interrupted by a weapon that would embarrass anyone but someone as emotionally stunted as her. "Fine. Don't disappoint me." The robot picked herself off the ground, her blades coming in to slide into their sheaths as she prepared to transform. Her gaze remained on the battle between Terra and Freesia, and she raised the Biometal... "ROCK ON!"

Demo is suddenly surrounded by a swirling vortex of water, with a loud flushing noise filling the air. As this happens, her clothes are replaced with a skintight bodysuit, then the water from the vortex flows onto her arms and legs, forming gauntlets and boots of porcelain, each with sky blue trim. One gauntlet then transforms into a buster, with a tube forming which connects to a slowly-forming water tank on Demo’s back. Followed by this, a floating toilet bowl emerges from the vortex and begins hovering by Demo’s side, while a porcelain helmet with a blue forehead gem forms on her head.

Once the transformation completes, Demo finds herself awakening to the sirens within the rundown lab that she and her squad were infiltrated earlier that day. She uses her fist to smash through the glass of her pod, then witnesses the Sniper Joe units activating in other pods in the room, as the metal door slowly opens, revealing Ranunculus, who was hacking the control panel, and Chives, who was staring at Ranunculus’ ass. Demo stomps out of her pod and fires a blast of water at Chives, obliterating him and sending his pieces scattering across the floor, just as Demo sees herself emerge from a room down the hall.

The memory ends with Crocus striking the finishing blow against her, destroying her body and retiring her, causing the Model TM Biometal to choose Demo.

"AAH!" A wide-eyed Demo swung her arm to block the incoming blow, her mind struck with an unusual amount of inner strife. She locked up as the attack came to destroy her, the end approaching by the action of an ally in cruel betrayal as her life, hoped to be meaningful, was given such a swift end...

... When she came to, her arm was in a Galleon's chest. She ripped it out and finished the damned small fry with a kick, her legs a little shaky from... whatever unwanted flash of memory that was. "... In— inquiry... could you not prevent yourself from passing your memory onto me? That could have proved fatal." Get a hold of yourself. You weren't the one who died. The robot exhaled, a cold chill overcoming her as she willed herself to calm. Okay. She, regardless, should prove to be stronger now, so this should make things easier. This... should make things easier.

There were no eyes on her at the moment. Everyone was preoccupied with their own parts of the battle, the wild warring sounding off yet going ignored as she set her sights on Freesia. A buster, she had? Then a buster she'd use. With her enemy's back turned, it'd be so very easy to aim and launch a hard shot from behind. All too easy. A task she could do in her sleep, even. Demo effortlessly aimed her new buster, ignoring the fact that she's now transformed vaguely in a reminiscent form to a toilet, and she fired a torrent of water that absolutely smashed into her target, just as it should have.

She had no trouble with it. In one attack, she defeated Freesia... or so was supposed to happen. But the imprint of Model TM's memory wouldn't fade. The perspective was... unique, seeped in betrayal. She turned on her allies. Her allies turned on her. She was ultimately destroyed and retired at the hands of someone she never thought would— and her attack went wide, even as Freesia did nothing to evade it.

Her blast dismantled several Galleons caught nearby, absolutely destroying their bodies and ending them permanently... but they weren't her target. She was not cleaning up the small fry. "Can't I hit anything right now?!" In her conflicted state, frustration easily built within her.

Derision enters Terra’s eyes when the target dares lay a hand on her. But, again unused to her speed, she begins moving too late. The worm actually would have hit her if not for the armor one of the other combatants’ minion gave her. That such a lowly thing should dare to even raise a hand against her, let alone actually connect!? “Do yourself a favor, Maverick. Retire now. I will not be so generous later.” She says, almost indolently swinging her Saber. As close as the two of them are now, there’s no possible way for her to miss with her upgraded abilities. And miss she does not, carving deeply into the Maverick with her strike, laughing smugly as she does. Her after-image, as if showing the Maverick that even her faded copy is infinitely superior than it, laughs just as smugly as it continues what it’s creator started. What’s left of the Maverick… well, it isn’t Retired, but it won’t be interfering with the battle anymore. She considers retiring the thing in front of her, but some annoying part of her screams against it. Besides that, it truly just isn't’ worth the effort.Turning away from the downed Maverick, she faces the one squaring off against her lookalike. The one in red seems to be having trouble with the Maverick. She should show them how it’s done.

With another smug laugh to announce her arrival, she dashes at the duo fast enough to shred Galleons with merely her passing, though she does expend some effort in cutting a few down. It wouldn’t do for them to interfere after all. She finishes her dash blade first at Maverick in purple. He avoids her, but she knows he can’t do so forever.

When asked if he HAD to show her his flashback, Model TM replies “When we Megamerge, we become one. My memories and power are yours, regardless of whether I desire such or not. Besides, our mighty DANKNESS FLUSHER obliterated those weaklings, you should be proud.” it says, oblivious to the fact that she didn’t want to be the cleanup crew for the worthless Galleons. Terra then cuts off Freesia’s right arm and cuts her in half in a single swing, dropping the pieces to the ground, negating the overcharge and leaving Freesia shut down. Terra then looks in Demo’s direction, looking at her as if she was an insignificant insect, before suddenly appearing beside Prometheus and taking a swing at him so fast that all that’s seen is the energy trail from the saber after the slash is completed. Prometheus, however, manages to evade the attack by a hair, looking at Terra first in shock, then laughing maniacally “ANOTHER MODEL Z?! PERFECT, ONE WASN’T ENOUGH OF A CHALLENGE, I’LL RETIRE YOU BOTH!” he screams.

Just then, Serpent chuckles “Alright, I’m interested! Let’s see how strong that purple Megaman is.” he says, as he holds out his Biometal and shouts “ROCK ON!”. He’s first engulfed in bright light, then when the light fades, he’s covered in gray and white armor, with gold trim, and orange spikes on both sides of his head, his forehead, his shoulders, his knees, and his feet. A blue visor covers his eyes, and energy radiates off of his body. “I’ll show you the power of Model W.” he says, mockingly. At that moment, a Galleon airship crashes into the highway from the air, crushing a large amount of Galleons, their limbs scattering across the road as the airship catches fire. Out of the crashed ship stumbles Ashara, a ditzy Guardian with white hair down to her shoulders, with pink streaks, pink eyes, and fair skin. She was wearing a black hoodie with pink trim and cat ear designs on the hood over a frilly white shirt, a black skirt with pink edges, black leggings with pink stripes, and black boots with a pink stripe along the soles and up the sides. Ashara was well-known among the Guardians, partly for being a sweet girl, partly for having a Biometal, but mostly for having great difficulty thinking. “REPORTING FOR DUTY- where’s Salix?” she asks, looking around at the fighting in confusion. Giro shouts to Ashara “Megamerge and keep Pandora busy, I’ll fight Serpent, Terra apparently has Prometheus under control!” he says, as he dashes over to Serpent and swings his in a mighty arc, striking Serpent dead on, right in the shoulder, and knocking him backwards. The attack causes sparts to erupt from his armor and creates a large gash at the point of impact. Serpent looks at the damage, then laughs “Aha! Not as disappointing as I thought!” he says, snobbishly.

Meanwhile, Prometheus throws his scythe at Terra, then seems to warp to it as she avoids it, grabbing the scythe and swinging it at her. Despite the fancy maneuver, Prometheus seems to be moving in slow motion to Terra, which makes the attack pretty easy to avoid. Despite Prometheus being quick and strong, Terra’s current form made it quite clear that he wasn’t very dextrous. At the same moment, Efina creates another Lie and throws it near Pandora, then the other Lies begin moving towards her, bouncing in rhythm as they eye her. “You know, with so many strong Megamen here, I’d expect people to be getting hurt. I feel bad for Inviso-Bill there, but I’m not sure she counts.” Efina says, in a bored tone.

Serpent suddenly raises his hand, a metal skeleton-like structure emerging from a purple aura around it and attempting to strike Giro, however Giro seems to teleport away from the attack with a sonic boom, Serpent’s attack not even coming close, but despite this, Giro clutches his chest and coughs up blood.

Obediently, Ashara takes out her Biometal, one shaped like a vacuum cleaner with blue metal components, and a gray bag, then raises it above her head, twirling in a circle as she shouts “ROCK ON!”. She’s engulfed in a bright light, which dissipates to reveal her now wearing a black bodysuit, beneath a blue Megaman jacket, with large blue shoulder pads, blue gauntlets with silver cylinders around the wrists, metal spikes extending from the disks, as well as from each finger. On her back is a gray vacuum bag, with a crusher at the end, rectangular with jagged, flat metal teeth. Metal spikes extend from her blue boots, and while she retains her hoody’s hood, she gains a metal plate over her eyes, with a black visor. “Alright, it’s fightin’ time!” she shouts, as she dashes towards Pandora, the mouth on her vacuum bag opening, releasing a horrifying patchwork creature with a metal arm, which flies towards Pandora, swinging its fist at her. She dodges the attack easily, which Ashara attempts to take advantage of, by extending her vacuum bag to try to bite her, however she easily hovers over the attack, practically ignoring Ashara. “OH, RIGHT, SHE FLIES!” Ashara shouts, in an annoyed tone. As if Ashara hadn’t just attacked her, Pandora’s yellow sections of her armor switch to blue, then she extends a hand towards Terra, firing shards of ice, while Pandora rides atop her staff like a broomstick. The ice, however, looks as though it may as well be sitting still to Terra.

If this is what it was like for the Maverick when it faced her squad, no wonder they fell before him so damn easily. Attacks feel like they’re lobbed at her as if in play rather than with any real force. She’s more than halfway tempted to grab the scythe flying by her to really let his inferiority sink in. She decides against it though. There might be silly little traps on that thing that would be an annoyance to deal with. She lets it go. If she had a cup, she’d collect the ice Pandora fires at her so she might have a refreshing drink later. That’s about all the attack is useful for since it doesn’t have a chance of connecting with her. Still, a flying enemy might be annoying. To some people. Not so much for her. With a swing of her sword, she fires a shockwave that locks on to the aerial woman. Seeing her futile attempts to escape causes her to laugh again. Really, she should know the attack hit the instant Terra decided to fire it. Why the woman decided to try evading is beyond her.

There was NOTHING to be proud about. Demo would've let the annoyance know of his fault had she not been caught off guard by Terra's look to her... and she, again, had to fight off warning bells telling her this wasn't a friendly. She even felt a bit more upset at how she seemed to be looking down on her. Like she was doing nothing but frying shrimp while the others battled in the wild against real sharks. "..." Demo would do little more than warily watch Terra until she disappeared. And the robot would sigh as her gaze turned to the rest of the fight.

... Freesia was downed. Everyone else was fighting everyone else. There didn't seem to be anyone targeting her, except for Galleons whom she wasted quickly with the blast of her buster. She reviewed her odds carefully, analyzing her chances with each of their enemies and picking out who she could have a chance of actually hurting... and, well, one of them was on fire. While she held a powerful water-attuned buster. Demo didn't do much math, though, Terra was already on Prometheus so... it's possible she'll just deal with him and the robot wouldn't be needed.

Before she could think further on her plan or even try her hand against Prometheus, she heard the sound of Serpent's voice, his words easily cutting through the sound of war like a hot knife through butter. It carried with it, a promise of doom. "... Fuck." One look at his newly transformed form was even more terrifying than evil Terra over there. His very presence threatened her. It threatened everyone there and all they were fighting for, cutting their protest of his strength and forcing them to accept his will. It was... terrifying, to experience. Demo was left in a stupor that she only left when Ashara crashed in.

... Reinforcements were good, but Demo didn't need to give that any more attention. More importantly, she focused on Prometheus, her buster raising in his direction as she challenged him with a blast of water. Predictably, her attack was a waste of time. She bit back a petulant protest. This was beyond her.

When Terra launches her Denharei, Pandora grimaces and attempts to quickly hover around the attack, however it follows her and slashes right into her shoulder, causing synthetic blood to gush from the wound, alongside a heavy geiser of sparks. Meanwhile, Demo’s attack misses Prometheus entirely, which he seems to find quite amusing, as he laughs hysterically at Demo’s attempt to hit him. “LOOK, TOILET GIRL’S AIM IS CRAP, WHO COULDA GUESSED IT!?” he shrieks.

At the same time, Giro slashes at Serpent again, this time striking him across the chest and leaving another deep gash, which Serpent barely reacts to, simply chuckling at the attempt, before winding up a punch and swinging his first at Giro, the attack sailing over his head as he ducks it with incredible speed.

After evading Demo’s attack, Prometheus spins his scythe over his head while shifting back to his original coloration, then seemingly warps through Terra, appearing behind her and attempting to slash her from behind, however Terra has no trouble evading this attack, much like all of the others. “HEY, PURPLE STUFF, HOW ABOUT YOU DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN DODGE, EH!?” he screams at her.

Efina, by now, was sitting on the ground and just throwing Lies into the midst of the fight, with a sigh of boredom. “You know, I feel like they forgot I was here.” she says, to one of the Lies she was holding in her hand. Meanwhile, one of her Lies throws a ball of black liquid at Pandora, smacking her in the back and causing her to grunt, nearly falling off her staff. At the same time, another Lie splattered its own attack across Serpent’s back, but he seems to ignore it completely.

As Prometheus was screaming at Terra, Ashara shouts “Hey bone boi, you need a dust mop!” as she rushes up behind him. Her Dust Phantom throws a punch from in front of him, forcing him to dodge into Ashara’s extended vacuum maw, which bites his shoulder, which Ashara punctuates by shouting her punchline “CUZ I’M ALL OVER YA!” as she kicks him in the side, shoving him into the ground. Prometheus lands on one hand, then pushes off of it, into a back-handspring, and onto his feet. “YOU’VE JUST SEALED YOUR FATE!” he shouts, spinning his scythe, causing the energy blade to extend.

Pandora nods at Prometheus, to which he responds by nodding back. Pandora then hives higher into the air “Enough of this, I’ll show you insects how weak you are.” she says, as she raises a hand into the air. Gradually, ice gathers into diamond shape in the air, growing larger with every passing moment, until it forms a colossal mountain that’s larger than the entire highway. Pandora then swings her arms down, causing the mountain to crash down onto the highway.

When the dust, debris, and ice crystals clear, the group is no longer on the highway, instead on the ground beneath it. Efina was curled into a ball, clutching the bloody and sparking stump that was her arm, while synthetic blood pours from her side and thigh, Giro is bleeding from multiple wounds on his arm, leg, shoulder, and chest, while carrying the wounded Salix, Aile, and Freesia with him, and Demo is severely damaged, one of her arms, up to the shoulder, mangled by Pandora’s attack.

Terra laughs at Prometheus as he demands she do something besides dodge. “Well, I’ve been dismantling your partner over there just fine while you flail ineffectively. But go ahead, continue venting.” She says with a sharp grin. It’s almost boring how easy it is to dodge his moves. The same, however, cannot be said for Pandora when she finally gets tired of everything. Somewhere in the deepest part of her that can truly still be called Terra, she thinks, “Oh, fuck ALL of that”. Eyes moving quickly across the damn mountain Pandora decided to call down, and… There! A valley in the mountain to duck in to! Swifter than she’s moved yet, so lunges into that spot and so is completely harmed by the time the attack dissipates. “While that was interesting looking, you seem to have missed me. With a mountain. How hard were you trying?” She says, smug as always to hide just how close that was for her. “Owari Da!” She shouts, preparing to try an attack she saw during the fight in her memories. With a punch to the ground, balls of plasma burst from the ground, flying high and striking anyone in their path. It unfortunately misses the woman she was actually aiming for, but it tags the other two combatants. They don’t seem to have taken any damage from it though. She can only conclude this move is less than optimal to use here. Better to stick with hacking them apart. The many shattered Galleons in the area aren’t really worth speaking about.

"... " When she saw the colossal forming of ice in the sky, Demo was pretty sure her end had come. The sight above her proved nothing short of a total fatality, and with her speed in comparison to this thing that was already descending down like a bullet, as massive as it was... there was no way she stood a chance to dodge it. The enormous Fuck You attack crashed down and brought destruction from the heavens.

... But. They lived. Battered and beaten as they were, all of them lived. Demo barely registered that, gasping from a crater as she tried to figure out whether she should hold her mangled arm or everywhere else the ice meteor hit. In the end, she settled for reaching for her HP injector, her last one left, to stab in and inject herself with enough juice to keep marching. She did so mechanically, with no forethought. Demo's mind remained blank as she stood up from the wreckage.

She nearly died. Efina's arm was ruined, and Giro had no doubt seen better days. The robot's gaze shifted to Terra... who was perfectly, 100% fine. "How..." Whatever the hell she's using, it's ridiculously powerful. At the same time, Ashara managed to dodge too?? The robot held nothing but confusion for that in its entirety so she won't question it. Finally, Demo turned to regard their enemies, a new appreciation for their power forming within her. Without a doubt, she knew nothing short of a miracle would win the fight now, and she knew she was the last person who could bring that miracle. It wouldn't be long before either Pandora or Prometheus would figure to just slap her away as a forethought or throw another Fuck You mountain down on top of them. If that happened... when it happens, it'll be these four to save the day. That, Demo knew, was a fact.

"... Ef- INa," hurt as she was, her voice couldn't help but reflect the damage done to her as she butchered the girl's name. "F- OCus... Prom.. ETHeus..." Demo took a small breather. The HP Injector she took earlier should... be able to repair her communication systems later. It didn't seem like Efina was getting her garbled speech anyway.

That was fine. With shocked, jagged movement, her buster raised in Prometheus' direction as she fired another shot... which didn't come close to her target. If she was missing before, there's no way she's hitting anyone at range now.

When Terra tells Pandora that her attack was impressive, but she missed, Pandora cracks the slightest smile “No, I didn’t. I only missed you and one other. Model Z is hurt severely, the traitor is on the ground, and the Commode Megaman is forced to heal herself.” she said, smugly. Her eyes widen slightly when Terra uses the Shin Messenkou. So many shots rain down on the area that by the time the attack is finished, over half of the remaining Galleon force has been blown to bits. Pandora, however, manages to avoid the attack, while Prometheus blocks it with his scythe, and Serpent straight-up punches the shot that would have struck him, destroying it.

When Demo asks Efina to attack Prometheus, she manages to raise herself up onto her knees, but then looks at her in confusion. “D-do wha?” she asks, squinting her eyes in confusion, after which her face suddenly contorts in pain, and she coughs up synthetic blood onto the ground. Just as Efina coughs up a glob of blood, Prometheus dashes over to her, screaming “You’re open!” before laughing psychotically, however Efina rolls away from the attack at incredible speed, despite how low to the ground she’s drooping. “Not nearly open enough for aim that bad...” she says, weakly.

Meanwhile, Giro set down the wounded nearby, then drew his saber “Alright, time to end this!” he said, his voice strained. His saber then extends drastically, after which he dashes towards Serpent, before swinging it, launching a massive shockwave at him. The attack seems to catch him by surprise, as he gasps just before the attack hits him. When the green explosion dissipates, Serpent has a deep gash across his armor, his black jumpsuit visible through the crevasse. Serpent sounds angry when he replies “Ah, you hit harder than I expected. I guess it’s time to get serious, then.” he says, in a threatening tone. He then strikes a pose with one fist pumped into the air and one on his hip, then a silhouette expands around his body, shining bright white. “Let’s see how you deal with this.” he says, dashing towards Giro, first ducking so low that his dash almost causes him to scrape the ground, then flashes upwards, attempting to punch Giro. Giro quickly dodges around the attack, then leaps onto Serpent’s back, using him as a boost to leap away from the strike. “Much better than you expected, I don’t doubt.” Giro says, cockily.

Seeing Demo in poor shape, and Prometheus distracted by Efina, Ashara quickly dashes over to Demo “Hold still a moment.” she says, as her vacuum bag’s maw opens, releasing another Dust Phantom. The creature falls apart into tiny metal particles, which Ashara’s vacuum bag inhales, before extending it to completely engulf Demo. In the darkness, Demo can sense a vast abyss, which is full of even more Dust Phantoms, who begin repairing Demo’s body, finishing incredibly quickly. When the vacuum bag is retracted, Demo is fully repaired. Once finished, Ashara gives Demo a thumbs-up, then dashes towards Pandora “HEY, BITCH, YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR DROPPIN’ MOUNTAINS ON US!” she shouts, fist dashing beneath Pandora, then bending her vacuum bag backwards, using it in reverse to create a powerful enough gust to lift her off the ground. Once propelled in to the air, she reaches back into her vacuum bag, then when she pulls her fist back out, it’s coated in a heavy layer of metal debris, which she uses to punch Pandora across the face, knocking her away in the air “WHILE YOU DROP MOUNTAINS, I DROP BEATINGS!” she says, cockily. Pandora looks at her angrily, as she struggles to steady herself in the air. Her armor shifts from blue to yellow, then her eyes flash as she releases a massive electric field around her. The electric field hits Giro from behind, kills two of Efina’s Lies, and hits Ashara out of the air, causing her to drop to the ground, writhing as electricity pulses across her body. When the electric field dissipates, Giro de-merges back into his normal form, while Ashara starts struggling to get back to her feet “Okay, you shocked me there, but it won’t keep me from clobbering you! Get down here and fight like a woman!” she shouts, her voice clouded with pain.

Terra sees the battlefield, how everything is beginning to become arrayed against them. The mass majority of their group is down now and the most of the rest have been ineffective in this fight. Still, there’s only one thing she can focus on as she laughs once more. “HAHAHAHA! You seem to have made a mistake. I said you missed me. A very critical mistake.” She says as she morphs her hand into a Buster. Making the effort to actually aim this shot, she fires it straight into the flying Maverick’s gut. It doesn’t shock her that a large portion of the affected area simply ceases to be. This is proper when she decides to attack something. What does bother her slightly “HAHAHAHA! Hardy insect, aren’t you? But at this point, you’re not worth much of my time anymore. Retiring you would take less effort than this sentence did.” She says, turning away from the Maverick on its last legs to begin surveying the other two. Of them, the one who the her in red was concerned about seems to be the bigger threat. She decides to take him down next.

She has... no idea how to react to Ashara's assistance. On one hand, the moment the girl came at her with her vacuum bag she was about ready to blast her with water, but on the other, she was fully repaired despite most certainly alien sight she'd seen in that abyss. The Dust Phantoms weren't exactly the nicest sights to see either... but they helped her. For that, she offered a quick nod of gratitude to Ashara, flexing her fingers and moving her arms... though, her condition didn't matter much anyway. Whether she was 100 or 1 percent, her foes would still smash her to pieces with the flick of their hands, but staying in the fight meant she had the chance to jump in with an attack or two to maybe do something useful. They still had a chance so long as evil(?) Terra was still keeping up and Giro was combat capa—

She caught wind of the de-merged Giro, his previously powerful form gone to leave an incredibly vulnerable and harmless Guardian compared to the titans they faced. Demo stuttered in a pause. "... Chances of victory; below 20%." They hadn't even gotten to Serpent, Prometheus was in tip-top shape, and Pandora was still capable of throwing her massive world-ending attacks as she wished. The situation was descending quickly. Her prior decision to retreat popped up in her head... but, the odds of them beating a successful escape now were so abysmal they might as well just continue the fight in vain hope for victory.

... "Changing tactics." Range wasn't doing it. Her aim was trashed, part due to the extreme speed of her enemies, and also part due to her own deficiency, she could see. This meant that the only way she could hit anyone is if she got in close and attacked while they were in too disadvantageous a state to move... and who exactly would be the high profile target to get rid of? Who'd just suffered a devastating blow and was nearly downed? "Efina. Attack Prometheus." She tried again, her communication systems MUCH better now thanks to Ashara's help. Pandora just dropped from the heavens. Demo had her sights set on her.

She started forward, her walk building into a jog which built into a run as she instinctively reached to pull out a plunger from a floating toilet bowl. It had to have been a comical sight, really. The Galleons who came to stand in her way probably thought so, but she wouldn't see the humor. The robot savagely tore through them with the wave of her weapon, the plunger thrown about to break arms and bash in heads. All as she gunned it for the wounded Megaman. Closer, she was. Closer and closer...

In truth, it only took her a few seconds to strike. "HAAH!" Just as her target was beginning to recover, Demo was upon her with her plunger raised... and down it came with a final thrust. She stabbed deep into Pandora's newly made hole, and with a wild, fervent glee, the robot plunged into the wound with all the strength she could muster, forcing Pandora into the ground and shaking her with the force of her thrusting plunger until she could hear the sound of cracking, breaking... damaging. And afterward, she pulled the plunger out, ripping a chunk of Pandora out and raising it up. Demo used that chunk as a mallet to smash down on that hole.

... She took a few stumbled steps back to regard the threat, flicking plunged parts into the body of a nearby Galleon.

As Terra tells Pandora that missing her was a critical mistake, she starts to glare at her and reply, however she’s cut off by being shot in the torso by Terra’s buster, the shot obliterating her armor, causing synthetic blood to pour from the hole, alongside heavy sparking. She coughs up synthetic blood and drops to the ground, just as Demo was rushing towards her. She cries out in pain as Demo attacks her with the plunger, ripping out vital circuitry, but not so vital that she shuts down after the attack, however once Demo is finished, her Megamerge is undone. Her normal reploid form is a girl with teal-green hair down to her lower back, and long bangs, red eyes, wearing a black bodysuit under a blue top with darker blue shoulders and a yellow collar, a blue skirt with two darker blue edges on each side, and blue shoes with yellow cuffs. Pandora attempts to crawl away from Demo, groaning from the effort of merely moving.

Meanwhile, Efina, finally understanding what Demo meant, was charging up a black orb while trying to aim her shot at Prometheus. Before she could fire the attack, Prometheus hefts his scythe, then charges at Efina at incredible speed, before slashing her across the abdomen, resulting in Efina dropping to the ground from her sitting position, and going limp as the synthetic blood runs into a pool on the floor.

Seeing Demo standing over Pandora, and with Giro now down, Serpent takes several confident steps towards Demo and Ashara. “You know, it would be quite inconvenient for me if you retired her. I’d have to build another Reploid to use the Model W she has.” he says as he raises his hand and splays out his fingers. He fires five golden buster shots from his fingers, which hit Demo, while Ashara was the intended target for the others, but manages to roll away from the attack. Demo, meanwhile, is struck once in the chest, once in the left thigh, and once more in the side of the head, blowing apart a section of her body armor and heavily wounding her lower left side of her chest, her helmet, and blasting a hole through her leg.

Seeing the damage the large Maverick does to the other two combatants only solidifies her opinion that he needs to go down first. So while he’s shooting at the other two, she dashes behind and above them, laughing as she brings her Saber down on her foe. But this one doesn’t react like every other Maverick she’s cut into. It looks like it barely notices. No matter. She’s identified its strength and will be sure to punch through any defenses it can put up.

The buster shots sent her flying away from Pandora just as she'd had her plunger raised to continue her slow deconstruction of the girl, and the robot couldn't help the pained cry that came out as she was tossed away like a wet rag, her plunger flinging away for her remote toilet bowl to catch. The battered robot slammed into a group of Galleons like a cannonball. Her broken body would smash through them, coincidentally destroying the weaklings before they had the chance to take advantage of her wounded state.

... For just a moment, the robot experienced a temporary shut down as her body re-routed her remaining energy levels to keep her active. She de-merged down into her normal form, the feeling of increased power lent by her Biometal bleeding away like a fog. "... H-heavy damage sustained..." But she lived. Truly, Demo had no right to survive such a stunning attack. She knew it was more than enough to retire her, but for the sake of her mission... this ruined body of hers still had more to give. The chance for flight left long ago. Now the best she could do was fight.

And, at any rate... one enemy was down. Ashara and Terra were both still active, so if Prometheus could get taken out soon... that'd leave basically only those two to take care of Serpent. Demo struggled to sit up, her mechanical form protesting her every movement as her systems flashed red in her visual. Her energy levels were near fully depleted. Her weapons... all but gone. As she turned her gaze to assess the situation, she caught sight of Terra's attack... and how completely ineffective it proved against Serpent.

... There was no need to update the odds. Right now, she was a bit too damaged to think over and calculate to her fullest, so instead... the robot turned her sights to Prometheus as a desperate plan formed in her head. A most simple one. A plan that she detested to even consider on her most base of levels... but the only one she could use.

Demo pushed herself up with a wince and grit teeth. She limped her way over to her cocky enemy, her hand clutching her sparking side as she glared at him with all the animosity she could muster... but her head would bow soon after. "S-sit out... please. You— you can already see... we're outmatched. You'd find it more funny t-to... just watch us flail at your boss uselessly, wouldn't you..?" It was so degrading to actually ask your enemy to give you a chance. There were few things Demo felt she was above doing, but begging for mercy... that was something she was confident she was strong enough to not do. Now look where she was.

When Terra fails to inflict damage on Serpent, he turns to her and chuckles “Oh, it’s your turn now?” he asks, as he raises both arms, then thrusts them down at his sides. His body is engulfed in a bright gold light, his silhouette growing larger, towering over him, and flickering heavily.

Meanwhile, when Demo asks Prometheus to sit out, he stares at her for a second, then glances over at Pandora on the floor. “Fine.” he says, significantly less insanely than he had been acting for the entire rest of the time he had been in this fight. He casually walks over to Pandora, then lifts her in his arms, before slowly strolling over to a pile of rubble and sitting on it as a spectator.

As this was happening, Ashara releases another Dust Phantom, then disassembles it to quickly repair herself, before dashing over to Serpent while he was focusing on Terra. She shouts at him “HEY, FAGGOT, YA LIKE BUDDIES!? HAVE SOME DUST BUNNIES!” she shouts, as she fires a shot of debris at Serpent, from behind, the shot bouncing off of his helmet, with a “Tink” sound, causing Serpent’s head to budge forward the slightest bit. Serpent growls in response “If you insects are just going to start pelting me with dust and trash, I’m not even going to humor you.” he says, in a grumbly tone. His foot glows brightly, then he swings it around, striking Terra so hard that his foot cleaves clear through her shoulder armor, shattering it apart and caving in her shoulder, then across her face, breaking her helmet and sending the fragments flying. He then follows up the attack by launching a similarly glowing punch through her abdomen, ripping right through it and exiting her back, the impact sending her tumbling across the ground. “Know your place.” he says, smugly, before turning to Ashara, who extends her vacuum bag, the end expanding as if it were a giant worm, with a gaping maw of flat teeth. The vacuum bag darts forward, snapping shut around Serpent’s upper body, but it fails to crush him, sparks flying from the joints as it struggles against his armor. “HEY, SOFTEN YOUR ARMOR SO I CAN EAT YOU!” Ashara shouts.

Terra had analyzed its speed, had taken into account its strength and knew she could both dodge and withstand anything it threw at her with her Thunder Shield up. Even when it so obviously powered up, it shouldn’t have been a significant enough change to disrupt her calculations. And yet… well, she barely saw the kick that thoroughly destroyed her shoulder and her helmet. And the punch that opens a hole in her, like a parody of her attack on the female Maverick, comes while she’s still woozy from having her helmet hit hard enough to snap it to pieces. Tumbling to the floor, she can feel her connection to the Nightmare dropping. She de-merges. And it feels like she’s come back to herself. And she really wishes she hadn’t. More power than she knew what to do with had surged through her and yet she still lost. Taken down in one blow while doing nothing to hurt the one who did it. Hell, she didn’t even take down Pandora without assistance and yet she was so damn arrogant in that form! Her only victory was against Freesia and Freesia is nowhere near the level of opponent the other 3 are. And she only considers it a victory because she somehow managed to avoid destroying Freesia in the process.Otherwise it’d be a complete defeat. She knows the Biometal is overwhelmingly powerful… which means it’s her fault she lost. She’s so damn weak that even while having strength others could only dream of she still couldn’t do anything. Between this and the events earlier… she wishes she’d been retired. She isn’t useful for anything besides scrap metal.

She... very much was confused by the sudden change in behavior, and Demo was honestly prepared to grovel if he asked, but it seemed Prometheus had more care for Pandora than he did for the fight... not that Demo cared for this realization at all. Regardless, now this just meant they had their three on one with Serpent. It wasn't a victory, but it was the best she could do. "Now..." Demo called on Model TM once more. Her last act of service to the fight would be to hang at range and fire bursts of water at Serpent while Terra and Ashara kept him in close combat. Maybe the force of her bursts of water could keep him unsteady to give the two openings...

Her thoughts stalled. In the time it took for her to get Prometheus to sit out, Serpent had apparently unleashed a devastating attack on her allies. The formerly powerful version of Terra that exuded such a total and threatening presence... was gone, and the weakened form of the girl laid heavily battered and inactive. Ashara was fighting off Serpent on her lonesome, but she was, predictably, doing essentially nothing with her attacks... the robot closed her eyes. "... Unfortunate." She pulled out the Biometal with a shaky, damaged arm. Megamerging again will no doubt use up the last of her energy levels, but that's fine.

"... ROCK ON!" Failure was destined to come sometime. A soldier's retirement is found on the battlefield, after all. With the power of the Biometal loaned to her again, the critically cold robot struggled to raise her buster... she wasn't surprised by the miss.

Demo’s attack misses Serpent, despite the fact he was standing still while Ashara attempted to crush him. He seemingly gets bored of it, then seemingly teleports from the spot he was in, to right in front of Ashara. She looks at him with surprise, and only has time to utter “Ah. Shit.” before he punches her in the gut, sending her tumbling across the ground, and right through one of the remaining support pillars for the bridge, sending debris scattering in every direction. Ashara finally comes to a rest on the ground behind the pillar and demerges back to her normal form, flat on the ground. Serpent then turns to Demo “So, you’re all that’s left. Why don’t you just go ahead and lay on the ground, save yourself some trouble?” he asks, snobbishly.

... A most expected end to the encounter. Perhaps there'd been so many times they could've realized this was coming. Maybe the moment Aile was taken out, it was over... or the time Giro had been knocked out, their strongest ally. Several times prior it seemed close, but it was now, right here, would their long battle finally see an end.

"... I'll t-take a bit of trouble... if it means getting— getting a scratch on you..." In fact, she had no intention of getting out of this alive, anymore. They'd been so soundly defeated. Serpent was going to continue with his plans, the deaths of countless humans would be on her, and she'd fail her one and only prime directive. It was no use surviving this battle... so if she was going to go out anyway, Demo figured she might as well be as annoying as she could possibly manage. In the moment, she wouldn't even realize that she ultimately just felt too insulted to think things through logically, and she was lost in her desire to do something—anything—to Serpent before his victory. Ultimately, she was just tired of being useless.

"I will end you. Here and now." She reached for her toilet bowl, her hand grasping the handle of her plunger as she started to limp Serpent's way. Her pitiful speed was at such a pathetic limp that the nearby Galleons merely walked to chase her down, their sights set on a wounded opponent, nearing her to finish the job as they were meant to... but the moment just one of them attempted to attack her, Demo pushed all of her remaining energy reserves into motion. She sped off at Serpent like a bullet, her single arm winding up the plunger for a wide underhand SWING... which was obviously effortless for him to dodge. But that was her play.

Her red eyes stared at him with hot fury as her energy levels began to rise exponentially past her limits and steam erupted from her form. The initial attack, the one with her plunger that had the thing tossed away to fly through the air? All just a ploy to hide her real plan, one she started from the moment she burst with speed. And close as she was to him... practically standing an arm's length away, Demo felt this might leave some sort of mark. That's why she had the smallest hint of a grin on her face despite the absolute agony she was experiencing. It'll be worth it. "In— inquiry... can you dodge an explo—"

At that moment, the world is filled with a bright light as Demo creates a nuclear explosion on that spot. It was a long moment before the explosion finally clears, including the dust and debris. Finally, when everyone can finally see again, the situation really isn’t much different from what it had been before. Demo is on her knees, and in one piece, because Model CM and Model TM had formed a barrier around her, protecting her from her own self destruct sequence. Likewise, Giro had been protected by Model Z, Aile, Freesia, and Salix had been protected by Model X, Terra had been protected by Model NZ, and Ashara had been protected by Model DM. Likewise, Serpent was demerged, along with Prometheus and Pandora, who all had barriers around them as well. The Maverick army around them, however, was not so lucky, as not a single one of them survived. When demerged, Prometheus was a blue-haired Reploid with red eyes, his hair tied back in a ponytail that reached his thighs. He was wearing a purple jacket with red trim, white boots that reached up to his thighs, all over a black bodysuit.

Serpent brushed some dust from his coat, then looked at Demo “Impressive trick, however all you did was delay the inevitable. None of your Biometals are impressive enough to take. The Game of Destiny continues.” he says, walking back towards the Slither Inc building, Pandora and Prometheus following after him.

She was woozy. Her vision was darkening... and brightening, swimming in altering shades as her processors struggled to work and repeatedly failed in a cycle. Still, even in her limbo, Demo was aware enough of her surroundings to know... that this didn't go according to plan. Her head bowed, she could only hear the traces of Serpent's confident voice through her broken auditory systems, the tone glitching and ringing out in her head... he lived. She couldn't see it, but he was fine. He was fine and she failed her last gambit. The robot expended all she could and then some... but it wasn't enough.

She fell forward. She couldn't tell that she was falling until she hit the ground, but the moment she did, the rest of her systems shook in vibration from the clash and her body began to shut down in sections. "I- I..." Whatever she meant to say, Demo couldn't get any more words out. Her voice cut off and her vision faded. The steady thrums of her active body… died out.

Game? Did Terra hear that right? All of this was some Game to Serpent? The dead comrades all over the highway, the pain and torment those around her went through, the mental trauma she just subjected herself to by wielding that Biometal, all of it part of some game!? While she’s enraged beyond what she thought was possible for a moment, it dies out before she really has the chance to enjoy it. Her heart sunk when she saw what Demo was trying to do while she was nearby and utterly useless. The tears in her eyes that not only Demo survives her own explosion, but that the Biometals protected the others from the squad from it as well… well, if she had the energy for it, she’d be weeping uncontrollably. Still, her list of targets for Justice seems to grow ever more. Her Nightmare version of Zero is near the top, but Serpent quite clearly isn't going to stop whatever sick plan he has in motion. That can lead to so many more innocent lives being lost. Even if she’s best served as scrap for another Guardian, she really can’t, in good conscience, lie down and retire until this is resolved. Even if she’s merely a meat shield for someone else to strike the finishing blow, she can find some use somewhere. This is her last thought as consciousness fades.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Mark3000 » Fri May 08, 2020 4:32 am

Luna watched as Thyra lead the Pantheons away with their captive in tow. She wanted to get the prototype Valkyrie out of the smelting plant as fast as possible without out right ordering it. The extreme heat of the plant would be bad for her reactor. Watching her leave, it seemed Thyra had a knack for leading the small group of special operation units. It might be a good idea to let her command a small group her own and get Thyra use to the idea of management.

Walking through the factory, Luna began to see just how damaged the factory really was. Walls, Pantheons and the likes were melted down like cheap scrap. It was an eerie site. She was glad to have the Model B as company. His razor sharp focus on combat made for surprisingly lighthearted conversations. "Don't worry, we'll be sure to come up against another Megaman soon. They we'll get to show everyone your final form." Luna said in a joking manner as she continued to look for the Biometal. But her search proved fruitless.Luna paused for a second trying to understand what was going on. She had delved into the enemy's system to find this information. Did she miss something?

She was so engrossed in thought that she didn't notice the Pantheon Hunters arrive to survey the scene. Finally, when one approached and did the Neo Arcadia salute Luna turned to them and reciprocated the greeting. Hearing Master Tier's orders, Luna nodded. "Understood, you are dismissed" she said dismissing the pantheon. Leaving the search for the Biometal to the Pantheons, Luna returned to the Skydrop via the Transerver and began on her report. Looking around their new base of operations, Luna eyed the private quarters and she blushed remembering the last thing she said to Master Tier before leaving on the mission. "Why the hell did I say that?!" Luna said with an aggravated tone. She had probably misread the situation completely. Most of the iterations she's had in the last few years have revolved around people wanting her body. But Tier was interested in her character and strength. And all Luna did was show how willing she was to sleep with some one.

Working through the embarrassment, Luna completed the report in no time flat. In between fucking her master, his guard of Pantheons and anyone else he wanted her to, she did do some secretary work. She made sure to highlight the contributions Thyra and the Special Operation Pantheons made to the mission. Luna did her best to try and differentiate the three SOPs and note their individual achievements. She was also sure to accuracy describe the amount of damage the enemy Megaman caused both to property and personnel alike. She also included a segment on her anti-Humanoid rabblings.

It is my assessment that with or without the Biometal in question, the offending Reploid is a danger to the current order within Neo Arcadia R. Though Retirement is the common sentence for such crimes, I believe the Reploid should be made to pay her debt back to society in what ever way you see fit.

Luna ended the report on a strangely soft note. It might just be that she couldn't get the Reploid's sobbing expression out of her head. At the very least, she might be able to avoid being scraped.

With the report completed, Luna disengaged her Battle Mode and shifted back to her day to day appearance. Leaving the Skyroom, she went to find Master Dinglefitz and return to her normal duties. Chances were good that he would be in his office attending to the business at the smelting plant.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Blue56 » Sun May 10, 2020 3:48 am

When BB awakens, she is understandably confused to find herself back at home. Her home was demolished in the Maverick attack after all. "Punk. What happened while I was being repaired?" She asks, but receives no response. In fact, she cannot sense either of her Biometals. Baffled by this turn of events, BB cautiously exits her house and is completely shocked by what she sees. It was so perfectly ordinary. Everything was exactly as she had left it the day before. BB knew this was impossible, but seeing everything she had built restored left her overcome with emotion. And if the buildings were fine then perhaps Geranium-! With that thought in mind, BB breaks out into a run, dashing through the city in search of Geranium. No matter how where she goes, however, she can't find him. She can't find anybody. Every street and every building is completely devoid of life.

It was just as she had concluded on that day. These buildings meant nothing with nobody left to use them Feeling empty once again, BB sadly trudges out of the hollow city. She had to return to the Ghost Bear Clan so she could continue with her current mission. But when she begins to head south, she finds she can no longer see them in the distance. And it wasn't just them, there was absolutely nothing around her for as far as she could see. So what could she do now? When the clan was destroyed, she at least had a goal, something she could cling to for a reason to move forward. But now there was nothing. Nothing but an empty world.

Overcome by the emptiness of it all, BB falls to her knees, though this proves to be an inopportune time to do so as the dune behind her explodes in that same instant. BB turns to see the coffin Reploid, and her despair is immediately replaced with rage as she comes face to face with the one that annihilated her clan. As she rises to face him, she finds herself immediately overwhelmed and slammed down into the sand. BB lets out an inhuman scream of hatred for the Reploid as she struggles fruitlessly against the giant hand. It does not simply crush her though, as it had for the members of her clan, but instead it's body opens up revealing a smaller figure inside that must be controlling it. Immediately, a series of cords shoot out and restrict her movements further, dislodging her clothing, and groping and rubbing against her. This was just like the Maverick she had fought earlier, but while she had been able to resist those tentacles, it was difficult to deny that these cords were actually making her feel.... good? "Haa... J-just... Hnngh... Retire me dammit! GLRKKPH" BB pants, doing her best to remain defiant in spite of the pleasure being pumped into her body. Even that is denied her as one of the cords plunges into her mouth, and BB's screams begin to turn to moans as one invades her hacking port as well. BB's resistance begin to crumble as her struggles prove fruitless. Her eyes start to roll back as she gives herself over to the ecstasy that washes over her along with the thick black substance that coats her skin and fills her mouth and hacking port...

BB's eyes shoot open, shocked and confused to find herself in the repair pod. That was... She hadn't experienced it until recently, but Geranium had called it a "dream". In her experience, they were formed from data that she had recorded, but was not actively aware of, which explained almost everything except for the shadowy figure inside the Maverick. Was that something real that had been recorded during her forced shutdown, or was it false data? This dream obviously hadn't happened, but BB could feel a dampness in her shorts from lubricant deployed from her hacking port, so it obviously had a real effect on her body.

Once she has her bearings, BB takes Zephyra's hand with a small nod of thanks as she steps out of the repair pod. She is once again hit with the desire to begin repairing the dilapidated structure around her, but manages to supress the urge again by focusing on Zephyra and the task on hand. Originally, BB had planned to pursue the Ghost Bear's combat Reploids but... surely, they had either won or been wiped out while they were being repaired. There was also no evidence that the Maverick they were pursuing was the same one that had destroyed BB's clan. And if it was, would they even be a match for it? BB's dream left her uncertain, and her next encounter with the Maverick could be her last. Since she had confirmed that the Ghost Bear Clan was safe for now, perhaps it would be best to prepare more for her next battle against the Maverick. After pondering it for a bit, BB finally responds to Zephyra's question. "On my way here, I received intelligence that the Maverick I am pursuing came from a structure north of here that fell from the sky. I do not know if it returned there, but by going there, I may be able to learn of any weaknesses I can exploit. And if I can learn of it's goals, then we can also track it more easily." BB explains to Zephyra. "I do not know if we are pursuing the same Maverick, however our odds of succeeding in our respective goals is much higher together than alone. Will you accompany me? If the Maverick that destroyed your clan is different, then I will gladly help you pursue it next."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Embers » Thu May 28, 2020 12:54 am

Although Avriel wasn't particularly pleased with the doctor's reply, she brushed off the remark and concentrated herself on remaining focused and alert. Stepping through the Transserver with held breath and sharp eyes, Avriel is relieved to see that the perimeter around the Transserver was secured and somewhat defensible. The Humanoid lets out a sigh of relief, verifies all her equipment and weapons made it through the trip, then shifts her attention to the architecture and layout of the lab. While the skull-oriented design was a disturbing scene at first, Avriel started imagining what kind of over-the-top villain would have their entire lab refitted with such an edgy theme. The image of a short, fragile, balding man with cartoonishly oversized mustaches forms in her thoughts, undermining the unease of the skull lab.

Turning her head to Risette with an expectant expression, struggling to keep her eyes off the pink hoodie with bunny ears, Avriel was taken aback then when Coralie started speaking; providing a summary of the mission and pointing out the opportunity to scavenge. Avriel hadn't taken the blue-haired Reploid for a leader character at first glance, she makes a mental note to ask about this squad's history once this mission was over, for now though, Avriel remains focused and unholsters her Bullet. "I suggest we scout deeper into the lab with a two-two formation, this way we can stick together even if the place is trapped. I'll take the back with Risette"

Whether she was up front of in the back wasn't important, Avriel was more interested in seeing whether these Reploids were competent enough to get in formation and focus on the the objective, or whether they'll keep punching and tinkering with the metallic trash passing as "machines" around the lab. Not moments later that Avriel finds herself standing by one of those metallic trash objects, examining the skulls and how they connect to the rest of the machine. Were these authentic skulls or decorative? Were the instruments shipped out the factory with skulls or did someone attach them later on? Do they have any fingerprints or marks of recent use? Avriel finds herself just as distracted as Maelle is. Shaking her head frantically from side to side, Avriel tightens her grip on the Bullet and speaks with a composed voice both to herself and the rest of the squad "I'm ready when you are, Ladies. Let's make this a quick one."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby RandomRoninKitten » Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:03 am

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Harmony awakes, she finds herself in a Reploid Pod, inside a very colorful room. The floor was made up of panels that were flashing random colors, in no specific sequence, while the walls were screens which displayed a series of different colored lightning bolts on a black background, while bass-boosted music played, so loudly that it was causing the room to bounce. The pod beside Harmony's contained Azyriah, who was still being repaired inside the pod.

In front of Harmony, smiling smugly and watching her awake, was a Reploid woman with long white hair down to her lower back and bright purple eyes, wearing a white overcoat with gold trim, over a purple suit jacket with a white undershirt and black tie, short white skirt, black boots, and white stockings. "Ah, congratulations on not being retired." she says, after which a blond-haired Reploid girl with amber eyes, wearing a black hoodie with yellow details and a hood with cat-ear, over a black leather outfit with a skirt and yellow belts wrapped around it, black stockings, and black and yellow sneakers pressed her face up against the transparent covering of Harmony's pod "Hmmm?" she said, chewing on a red lollipop "Hello, not-retired Reploid!" she shouted at her, excitedly "I'm Bezelle!" she continues, just before getting tugged away from the pod by a Reploid girl with long purple hair, comm systems shaped like wolf ears and a matching wolf tail, and amber eyes, wearing a white cap with a chain in the brim, light purple hoodie with green stripes and darker purple sleeves, over a ripped white shirt, black short shorts, a single white sock and white stocking, and black and white sneakers. "Bezelle, calm down, she's probably a little confused right now, don't crowd her." she says, in a deadpan tone, while Bezelle frowned and tried to continue reaching for the pod. Behind the group, leaning against a wall, was a fourth Reploid woman, with messy pink hair down to her lower back, silver eyes, and comm systems shaped like wolf ears and a wolf tail, wearing a black and gray striped sleeveless crop top, a spiked choker, a jumpsuit with short legs and long sleeves, fishnet stockings with black socks, and gray sneakers.

The band of girls in front of Harmony would fit the profiles of the Mercenary Band known as "Rocket Fist". Naturally, due to the actions of Dynamo, who nearly wiped out all life on Earth by crashing a space colony into it, whether a Mercenary Band has a good reputation or not, they're still considered scumbags. These Mercenaries are well-known for taking any job, and fulfilling the conditions... with extreme prejudice. Rocket Fist once destroyed an entire city block just to catch their bounty, and returned him to the client in pieces because they failed to specify that they wanted the humanoid alive.

"Calm down, ladies." says the first woman, who Harmony would now be able to recognize as, Fierre, the mastermind behind Rocket Fist. This would make the purple-haired girl with the hat Maylene, while the girl in the back would be Kaence. Out of all of them, Maylene has the best reputation, known to use only what force is necessary to accomplish the task, while Kaence easily has the worst reputation, being known to "eat" not only targets, but her clients if she finds them annoying. "I'm sure you're confused as to how you got here. You see, we found you and Azyriah in a certain state... and we surmised that you attempted to help our own, and paid for it. We look after each other, so think of repairing you as a form of Rocket Fist hospitality. You helped us... our 'family', so we helped you." she says, sweetly, with her smug grin. This, of course, wasn't all of Rocket Punch, which meant that some of the others must be on jobs.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Coralie starts to reply to Avriel's suggestion, however she's quickly interrupted by a low rumble. Risette quickly starts looking around the room, commenting in confusion "... What's that?" as she squinted her eyes, staring off down the hallway that they were about to traverse down, however as Maelle and Coralie were about to reply, they're interrupted by a loud crash as the southern wall explodes inward, showering the group with metal debris. As the wall explodes, Avriel hears a shout "OH YEAH!" as if the machine lifeform had just hit a home run. It comes stomping forward forward, giving the group a better view of its body.

The machine appeared to be a Mutos Reploid, however given the technology observed in the lab, it would more likely be a Robot. It resembled a glass jug, filled with a red liquid, however the front seemed to operate as a monitor, displaying a crude face with black eyes and a black mouth. It has thick arms, and thick legs, as if muscled. Coralie quickly resumed command, shouting "Prepare for battle, get into Phalanx Formation!" she says, drawing a pair of Hangers, while Risette drew her Buster Shot, and Maelle drew her Glaive, both Coralie and Maelle moving into the front to protect their ranged fighters. The strange Robot, meanwhile, stomped its feet rapidly while thrusting its arms in the air repeatedly, moving forward and backwards slowly. Risette cocked her head "Is he... uh... dancing?" she asked, frowning. Maelle starts to reply, but then the Robot shouts "KOOLAIDMAN IS READY FOR BATTLE! OOOHHH YEAH!" in a loud, stoner-like voice.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After sending her report, Luna gets a call on her comm system. The speaker had a high-pitched female voice, yet the way they spoke made it seem lower than it actually was. The speaker didn't introduce themselves, instead getting straight to business. "Valkyrie Luna, I have scanned your report, and Master Tier thanks you for your input, and will certainly take it into account when deciding how to deal with the Megaman. She also wants to inform you that she may have information on the whereabouts of another Biometal, and wants you to keep your communications open as you conduct your duties to the Alta Dinglefitz in case the location is pinpointed, at which point Valkyrie Thyra and yourself will be deployed to secure it. Depending on the situation, you'll be able to call on the SO Pantheons if necessary. Phantom R of the Four Guardians R out." she says, before abruptly cutting communications.

Luna later finds Alta Dinglefitz in his office, exactly where she expected him to be, dealing with the problem caused by the Megaman she had defeated, the one that basically melted his factory, and caused his workers to run for their lives. He was on his comm systems with various businesses, setting up repairs, remodeling, and getting more Reploids and Mechaniloids for his factory. When Luna enters, he quickly finishes his call and stands up, crossing his arms. "There you are!" he says, clasping his hands together, making crossing his arms a pointless gesture. He smiles, an unpleasant smile, which could only mean one thing for Luna. Dinglefitz always smiles this way when he wants something special from Luna. "I have two jobs for you. The first is for you to do the rest of my paperwork while I satisfy myself with your body." he says, taking a step towards Luna and reaching out, grabbing her right breast and squeezing it, after which he adds, while kneading her breast with his hand "After we're done, I'd like you to take the public transport to go fetch me some cream cheese from the store." he says, with an even more sinister grin. Taking the public transport was always pointless for Luna, which meant that Dinglefitz had set something up for Luna so that he could watch through cameras that he had set up.

In Luna's mind, Model B spoke up again "AH! He must have a great battle for us, to top the one we fought against that Model HM Megaman. That would be a great reward for protecting his factory. The only thing better one great battle is the next!" he says, confidently.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Provesta speaks angrily to the Biometal, he cackles bitterly "FOOL! Every defeated enemy makes us even more powerful. A Biometal grows stronger with every battle, so such a vast army would only work against them. Their OVERLORD must be fully aware of that, which is why they sent a stronger opponent in first. Not just a stronger opponent, but another Megaman. You may not be aware, but that Biometal was from the 'Megaman Killer' line. We're so powerful that they sent a SPECIALIZED opponent against us. WE WILL GET FREE, AND THEN WE'LL DASH THE FOUNDATION OF EVIL WITH OUR FLAMES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND FREE THE SLAVES WITH THE APOCALYPTIC MELTDOWN OF OUR FURY!" Model HM shouts.

When Provesta speaks to Master Tier, she smiles, despite Provesta's words "Nice to meet you, Provesta. I'm happy that you're being honest, but truth be told, we never thought that your Biometal pushed you." she says, clasping her hands in front of her, her voice sweet, just as it always is when she's delivering a speech, her smile and the twinkle in her eye seeming genuine. "This city is one of the last sanctuaries for what's left of humanity, Provesta, what's hypocritical about that? Reploids were built to serve the humans, and now the Humanoids. We make their lives easier, we protect them. After all of the atrocities that have befallen the planet, they need that protection. The Sky Lagoon? The fall of the Sky Lagoon killed so many... then there was the Eurasia Crash that brought the planet near apocalypse... then there was the Elf Wars, that wiped out so many humans. All of this amidst the Maverick Wars. After all that, surely they deserve to be happy." she says, sounding genuinely sad as she recalls the horrible atrocities. She then continues "All of the Reploids we retire are to protect those humans. Mavericks are dangerous. They've always been dangerous, and retiring them is sad, yes... but it's necessary. If there was a way to safely make them a normal Reploid again, I would happily return them to normal... but... the Mother Elf is gone, and Cyber Elf technology has yet to be rediscovered... in fact, I've committed every Reploid retirement and Humanoid death under my rule to memory. I could recite them right now, if you like." she says, continuing to frown, her eyes staring into Provesta's DNA Soul. When Provesta says that she wants to make the world better, Tier smiles again "You can make the world better." she says, sweetly "We know what's causing the Maverick outbreaks. The Model Ws that are scattered all across what's left of the earth are the source. If all of them are collected and put in one place, or maybe launched into space if the technology is rediscovered... then there will be no more need for Reploid retirements." she says, clasping her hands onto her knee, as she crosses one leg over the other. Beside her, the Four Guardians R were nodding slowly. Tier then stands up and stretches a hand out to Provesta, despite the distance being too far to even begin to touch her "As a Megaman, your power would be instrumental in ending the Maverick Virus again. I would need to keep someone powerful with you, to make sure that you don't attempt anything like what you did earlier today, however... if you are willing to help me end the Maverick Virus, I think we can learn to trust each other." she says, cocking her head slightly as she smiles at Provesta.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Demo suddenly finds herself fully activated and laying on the ground, near the collapsed highway. All around her, the wreckage of the Galleons that her self destruct had destroyed were slowly reassembling into heavily damaged, loosely connected, sparking, charred versions of what they once were. Behind them all, Serpent was watching them as they approached, chuckling smugly to himself. One of the zombie Mechaniloids reaches her and looks down at her fully-intact body, its one eye flashing with lust. If Demo attempts to move, she finds that despite being fully undamaged, her body won't cooperate. The Galleon reaches down to Demo's top and lifts it up, exposing her breasts, then it uses its damaged hands to clumsily begin groping them. Another zombie Galleon wanders over to Demo and slips its hand between her thighs, beginning to stroke her crotch through her clothes, just as clumsily as the other, while using its other hand to grab Demo by the throat, before starting to repeatedly slam her head against the ground, each hit cracking the stone beneath her head. As this continues, other zombie Galleons begin shambling over to Demo, each one starting to grope her body clumsily, all over, their fingers digging into her synthetic flesh. After what feels like hours, one of the mechaniloids finally connects its hacking tool and yanks Demo's pants and panties down, then lifts her legs and thrusts its hacking tool into her port, then begins roughly thrusting, while two other Mechaniloids force Demo's mouth open and ram their hacking tools into her throat, barely managing to fit them, but stretching her mouth painfully. Other Mechaniloids begin grinding their damaged hacking tools against Demo's skin, one between her breasts, others against her thighs, while yet another parts Demo's ass-checks and rams its tool into her ass.

Over the course of what feels like an eternity, the scrapped Galleons pound Demo's mouth, her hacking port, her ass, and grind their tools against her body, releasing hacking fluid inside her, and all over her synthetic skin, until she's laying in a puddle, coated in hacking fluid.

When the Galleons are done, Serpent makes his way over to Demo, and grabs her by the collar of her top, lifting her up into the air and grinning at her smugly "Come now, you didn't think that was all of it, did you?" he says, smirking. He then kisses Demo's lips and forces his tongue into her mouth, licking her tongue skillfully, while using his free hand to grope her breast just as skillfully. After what feels like much too long, he breaks the kiss and grins "I've never tried a Robot before... I intend to change that right now." he says, as he throws Demo down on the ground, facedown, before grabbing his hips and lifting them up into the air. He rams his huge hacking tool into Demo's port, and then begins thrusting in and out of her hard and fast, each thrust reaching her deepest depths.

Suddenly, Demo awakes in her pod, in her own room inside the Guardian HQ. In one corner of her room, Efina was sitting on the floor, leaning against the corner, watching Demo. She had changed clothes, and seemed to be fully repaired. She was wearing a white dress with sleeves that had crisscrossing black lace and a black ribbon around the wrist, that exposed her shoulders, with a black skirt, a black ribbon around her neck, a black ribbon in her hair, and ripped black stockings with white boots. When she sees Demo open her eyes, she smiles sweetly "Ah, explodey girl is awake!" she says, teasingly.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Images of the Nightmare backtracking its steps back to the secret Underground lab flash through Terra's mind, then again, and again, the power being radiated from within, so overwhelming... but this suddenly stops after the third time, and instead, Terra finds herself standing up from the ground, a crater around her from Demo's explosion, and not a single other individual is around her. Her body is no longer damaged, but she still feels as though she had just been through her battle with the three Megamen.

Suddenly, she sees herself, as Model NZ, charging over and grabbing Terra by the neck, lifting her up and slamming her body against one of the collapsed stone pillars. Model NZ lets out a smug laugh, then uses her free hand to reach out and grab Terra by the hem of her shirt, lifting it up and over her breasts. She licks her lips as she looks over her chest, then suddenly a second Megamerged Terra is present, lifting Terra's skirt, before jamming her hand between Terra's thighs, rubbing her crotch through her under-shorts, laughing smugly. A third Megamerged Model NZ Terra appears, and lifts Terra's bra, before beginning to roughly grope her breasts, while the one that was rubbing her crotch pulls her undershorts down, then moves the crotch of her panties aside. The three Model NZ Terras then equip their hacking tools, as the one holding Terra by her neck tugs her down off the stone pillar, then forces her hacking tool into Terra's mouth, while the second lifts Terra's hips and forces her hacking tool into her hacking port. The two begin ramming in and out of her throat and hacking port rapidly, while the third laughs smugly while groping Terra's breasts roughly. After what feels like an eternity, the two Model NZ Terra's release their hacking fluid into Terra's mouth and port, overflowing both and causing it to run down down her synthetic skin and onto her clothes.

The two laugh smugly, and pull out of her... then suddenly there's an entire army of Model NZ Terras, who begin taking turns fucking all of her holes, her ass, her pussy, her mouth, roughly. Over the course of what feels like a week, the army of Model NZ Terras run a train on her, on and on, seemingly endless.

Suddenly, Terra awakes to a voice she didn't recognize, and Kalmia. "Terra, are you alright?!" Kalmia was shouting, while the stranger was assuring her that it was just a dream that she was experiencing. When she opens her eyes, Kalmia and the stranger were both leaning over Terra's pod. Kalmia was wearing a black shirt with a pink ribcage design on it and detached black sleeves, with a studded leather choker, pink shorts, a skull and crossbones hair clip in her blond hair, pink and black striped stockings, and black knee-high boots. Her amber eyes were full of worry, as she held Terra's hand with her left, and was using her other hand to check Terra's Pseudoroid Pod monitor to try to figure out what was wrong.

The stranger, on the other side of Terra's pod, was a Mutos Reploid with white-furred cat ears and a matching cat tail, long white hair down to her lower back and long bangs, bright blue eyes with a scar across the right eye, wearing a white hat with black claw-mark designs on the front, a black tube top with matching black leather shorts and a white belt, a white jacket with light blue lining, black thigh-highs, and white boots. The Mutos Reploid had one hand on Terra's shoulder and her head was cocked to one side, curiously. When she saw Terra's eyes open, she smiled "Ayyy, welcome back. You were in quite the sorry state when I found ya, but you seem fine now, eh?" she says, casually, as she grabs Terra by the shoulder and pulls her out of the pod, into a standing position. With a better view of the room, she could see that she was standing in her own room at the Guardian HQ. Kalmia quickly moved from the pod, to Terra's side "Uhm... uh... I'm sure you're a little disoriented... you're back at Guardian HQ. After Demo tried to self destruct, she wiped out too much of Serpent's attack force, which seems to have caused him to retreat for now... after he left, Lowin Faust found your squad and brought you back here." she explains, nervously. Lowin then replies "Twas nothin', ya know. Your friends were already lookin' for ya, so I didn't actually do much. Anyone coulda' taken those weaklings that Serpent left to hack you. Not ta' worry, they didn't lay a finger on any of ya, and the rest of your friends are being repaired, they made it out alright." Kalmia then added "There were a lot of casualties over all... but everyone in your squad made it out okay... Azalia and Zinnia went back out to look for more survivors, the rest are still being repaired... and... I'm... uhm... really sorry that my repairs took too long for me to come help you..." she says, in a depressed tone.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Mimi reflects on how much power a Biometal had to give one person, Model BM goes quiet for a moment, before replying "I suppose that's why were were given the power to Biomatch. A type of safeguard, to ensure that our power is used by the right person." he says, thoughtfully.

When Mimi proposed a nickname for the Impulse, it nods absently "Designation update. This unit is now Vera. Vee for short." she says, in a robotic tone.

When Mimi explains the situation to Delphinium, she nods. "He probably hacked you because you're the one with the Biometal, and considered the rest of us superfluous. I suppose that's for the best... I don't want anyone hacking me, anyway." she says, as she stands up and brushes herself off. After Mimi then explains that Bucksubishi's forces had no reason to stay after he left, Delphinium nods in agreement "If the Mavericks are coordinated, he'd likely be the command unit due to his immense strength. We should probably find Peri just in case, I really don't want to run into another Mutos Reploid with that much strength, and not have at LEAST as many combatants on hand as before... preferably more." she says, as she slowly walks towards the hole in the wall that Peri had created when getting thoroughly wrecked by Bucksubishi. She pauses when Mimi asks if the Guardian base there had leadership, then replies "I hope that we still have leadership here, but our communications seem to be down right now. I'd like to find our acting commander, and if we can't, we need to get into contact with the primary Guardian HQ." she says. When Mimi then mentions that she's in need of repairs, Delphinium looks at Steve, who Vera had just finished repairing. The remote then floats into the air, and Delphinium jerks her head in Mimi's direction, which in turn causes Steve to float over her head, and begin raining the green particles onto her body, slowly repairing her clothes, and her wounds. By the time it's done, Mimi feels MOSTLY repaired.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When BB explains her intentions to Zephyra, she nods slowly at first. "Maybe the structure is its home. Regardless, if it came from there, there must have been a reason it was there in the first place, so I absolutely agree with your intent to investigate." she says, then when BB mentions working together, she smiles and slaps BB on the back "I agree! We worked together very well, and we stand a better chance against both Mavericks, or possibly the same Maverick, together." she says, grinning wider. Model P then cuts in "Oi, we gonna trash dat 'rick's pad, dawg?" he asks, to which Model SM replies "Unless we find something that the Maverick needs there, I do not see the point. That strange structure could be claimed as our own. We cannot use it if it is destroyed." he says, calmly.

As the two leave the village, it's so late at night that most of the village had went to sleep in their pods or beds for the night, however the two could see non-combat Reploids standing guard, indicating that the Maverick Hunting party had not yet returned. When Zephyra sees this, she frowns "I hope they're still looking, and haven't been retired..." she comments, softly. In BB's head, Model SM comments "I find it unlikely that they would be willing to leave their village almost defenseless for so long." he says, sadly.

It wasn't long before the red and black structure came into view, just as before. When Zephyra sees it, she squints slightly. "Wait a minute..." she says, thoughtfully. After they continue moving for a bit longer, her eyes widen "That's Elf Wars technology. I don't know what that structure is, but that is definitely Elf Wars architecture." she says, picking up the pace slightly. Model SM then pipes up again, a hint of worry in his voice "If that is such advanced technology, then why does it look completely undisturbed?" he asks slowly, to which Model P replies "Ya worry too much, dawg, it's defenses awe probs weaksauce." he says, confidently.

Suddenly, a shimmer appears, indicating light bending from a stealth system, before a Mechaniloid appears as the stealth system is shut off. The Mechaniloid is a model BB doesn't recognize, a bi-pedal Mechaniloid with a white body with black trim, a black area around the purple glowing eyes, stubby black legs, matching stubby black arms, two glowing lights on its abdomen. The creature lets out a tiny, squeaky growl, then a sand dune explodes behind BB, with a Penguin-like Mechaniloid appearing. It had a blue body with a white stripe on its head, white legs, stubby arms, and stubby legs, as well as a goggle-like design for its visor, and glowing blue eyes. The Mechaniloid chirps furiously at BB and Zephyra, while flapping its stubby wing-like appendages. The Penguin Mechaniloid waddles back and forth, chirping, then a third Mechaniloid comes rolling into view from behind a sand dune. It was ball-shaped, with yellow trim, stubby black limbs, with black horns, black spines on its back, and a tiny black face with glowing white eyes. It suddenly comes to a stop in a sitting position, then lets out a "Derp!" sounds, its dome-shaped head swiveling around, looking first at BB, then at Zephyra, who was staring at the Mechaniloids in confusion. "Uhm. They don't match the technology of the structure... so, I don't THINK these are the defense system... especially since they're so far outside... they also don't look very threatening..." she says, as the Penguin-like Mechaniloid chirps at them, the ball Mechaniloid derps at them, and the purple mechaniloid lets out more squeaky roars, stomping back and forth on his stubby feet. Model P then speaks up "Yo, dawg, deez 'ricks awe weaksauce, lez wreck 'em real fast-like, ya dig?" confidently.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby CondorBoH » Tue Jun 02, 2020 3:12 am

While Provesta withered under the attention of the city's ruler and the voice parked in her head, she couldn't help but feel... something strange. It was close to that rage that she felt while Biomerged, a kind of obscene pride that believes it will succeed despite everything. An anti-Megaman was sent against her... that made her feel somewhat more confident. Yes, she could be better... She could have won had that not happened.

Something about the way Tier was speaking made Provesta want to listen to her. Not just hear her words, but understand them, the warmth in her eyes and in her voice. It was almost hypnotic. She kept her gaze steady on Tier, but gradually faltered as her speech went on, eyes going downcast. While its true humanity had been through so much, she couldn't forgive the harm they've put Reploids through over the centuries. The guilty reploid resolved to just bite her lip and remain silent. Then she looked back up, surprise obvious on her face and in her croaking voice.
"All of them...?"
She had thought Master Tier to just be so much like the Humanoids she knew, uncaring and harsh. But there was this kindness and sadness to her that made Provesta want to believe her every word. The fact that she offered to recite them was a start... she wasn't cocky enough to take her captor up on that offer, but it shone a light on the Master's true personality. Everything about the Maverick Virus too! There was a way to stop it? Stop all the retirements by getting rid of this 'Model W'? It wasn't what Model HM wanted, but there was something that she could burn and not feel guilty, something that could be melted and she could blame for everything that had happened. If Master Tier didn't keep her word after W's destruction, then... well, back to Plan A. Apocalyptic Meltdown. Even HM wouldn't be able to complain about that result.

Provesta gave another start, staring at the offered hand with a confused expression.
"You would... give me that offer? Even after what I did, and might do again, you'd put that trust in me?"
She looked down at herself, cracked and broken after the beating that she had suffered through. End the Maverick Virus, end Model W, end the Retirements. Plus she got to live, even if it was as another servant, at least this time she could cut into the source of the problem. This seemed like... a good deal. Provesta looked back to Tier, a determined look on her face. Her voice was still as battered as her body, but now there was a ring of confidence to it.
"If... If the Mavericks are gone. I would like to see a world without that. If it saves us from the Virus, I'll help you."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Embers » Tue Jun 02, 2020 6:12 pm

Avriel was just as surprised and confused as the Reploids were when the southern wall came tumbling down under the feet of a jug-shaped machine. The Humanoid pauses in place, staring in disbelief as the impossible creature stomps its way further into the Transserver room. Although the derelict lab seemed to be holding out well under the carelessness of its thicc, red monstrosity, Avriel nods her head to Coralie's words and turns to face the thing. Certain the monster intended to fight, Avriel still wanted to exhaust the diplomatic approach , the one she excels most at, before bullets started flying. The Humanoid extends one hand forward, the other hiding her weapon as she takes a single, uncertain and nervous step towards the Koolaidman. "H-heyy big guy. We're not here for a fight! I'm a huge fan of Koolaid myself, actually! My work deals with a lot of flavored red liquids! We're practically friends!. These girls aren't here to fight, we're just searching for something our friends lost in this factory, maybe you've seen it? It's a small, blocky, colorful thing. Has a metallic feel to it, do you know anything about a Biometal around the area?"

When Koolaidman starts its dancing motion, Avriel interprets it as a way to flag their location, she gulps, her nervousness slowly overtaking the Humanoids confidence in her persuasion skills, yet she remains composed. Avriel speaks in a hushed voice to the rest of the squad "It's probably alerting more of its kind to where we are. Be ready." She then uses her communication device to ping the C.H.U.C.K. factory and confirm its all-clear for deployment. Slowly measuring her breathing, Avriel takes note of the surroundings, her placement relative to the squad as well as the enemy distance. Avriel commands every fiber of her being into attention, her feline ears twitching slightly as the dust from the collapsing wall starts to trickle back down.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby MiscChaos » Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:07 am

Maybe because it’s the last image she remembers as purely her before Megamerging with the Nightmare, but Terra finds herself wandering the Underground Lab as if on loop. The power she senses sealed within it is overwhelming. She wonders if it’s the power of the Nightmare that she squandered or something even further beyond that. She remembers seeing the experiments that created the Nightmare after all. Who’s to say something more powerful wasn’t buried in the lab, just waiting to be unleashed. The fourth time she cycles through, she finds herself unexpectedly in a crater. What crater, she doesn’t know. The things around her seem familiar and yet they don’t at the same time. Did… did something happen after she was taken out of battle at Slither HQ?

But that quickly becomes the last thing on her mind as she sees… herself? Herself when she was Megamerged with the Nightmare, but herself nonetheless. As battered as she is from the battle and as fast as Nightmare Terra is, she barely sees her doppelganger move before she’s help up by her neck and slammed against a pillar. The grip on her neck is powerful enough that it actually hurts when she loses the air in her lungs since it gets trapped in her throat with nowhere to go. The thought that being gripped that hard should asphyxiate her doesn’t register when the first thing the Nightmare Terra does is grip the top of her shirt and tear it down the middle, revealing her bra to the world at large. If she had the energy to, she’d move her arms up to cover her chest, but she feels just as drained as she was when she was beaten. It’s what she deserves anyway. She had all the power she could ask for and she still was beaten in one blow when it actually counted. Even if she had the energy to, she wouldn’t fight back. This obviously is her punishment for failure. This thought is only reinforced when a second Nightmare Terra appears and rips her skirt off of her for easier access to her crotch. The rough way the second Nightmare handles her hacking port hurts more than it feels good, the absolute lack of care put into the action rubbing her all the wrong ways for pleasure. Good. It’s what she deserves. A third Nightmare Terra comes by and destroys the middle of her bra, leaving the cups hanging to the sides of her breasts. It would have been less embarrassing if her bra had just been torn off of her or completely destroyed, but she supposes that would have made it less effective as a punishment. As if taking Terra’s exposed breasts as a signal, the third Nightmare rips a hole in her undershorts big enough to reveal her hacking port and her anus and uses that hole to rip her panties to shreds, revealing her most private places to the world. Or, more concerningly, the three perverted Nightmares in front of her.

Given what’s happening now, it’s no surprise to her when the Nightmares surrounding her all equip hacking tools, nor is it a shock when the Nightmare holding her throat drags her down the pillar to place her head at crotch height. The pain carving itself into her back as fragments of stone cut into her is nothing compared to the agony in her neck when the original Nightmare Terra shoves her hacking tool into her mouth and past her resisting throat until her nose is in the Nightmare’s crotch. Even that pales in comparison to the pain that courses through her when one of the other Nightmares invades her hacking port. The most she had in there before were toys, meant to train her for the possibility of being hacked. They do not compare to the size of the hacking tool pushing her insides apart, nor did the training prepare her for the sheer force the Nightmare used in every thrust. It’s almost impressive how many pain signals her processor is getting all at once and how none of it has been enough to grant her sweet oblivion. To add to her humiliation, she can feel the third Nightmare Terra savaging her breasts for its own pleasure with one hand as the other jerks its hacking tool. Which is fine. This is her punishment for failure. If she’s humiliated enough, maybe it’ll drive home in the future that failure is not an option no matter what. Obviously losing her entire squad, save for Mia, didn’t drive that point home enough if she failed once more. Still, something is wrong. If this is meant to discipline her for doing wrong, why is the pain morphing? Why is it beginning to feel good? Is this meant to add to her shame? Because if so, it is failing. Her processors are being filled with a sort of static that causes her to be unable to focus on anything but the building pleasure. In her heart of hearts, she knows she doesn’t want to enjoy this so she tries desperately to ignore that feeling and focus back on the pain. Her focus is destroyed when, after what feels like an eternity, the Nightmare Terras stop and unload their hacking fluids into her orifices. She never knew the fluid was meant to be this warm or this thick. The fluid going down her throat doesn’t go down fast enough, so she finds it backwashing up into her nostrils and firing out to join the fluid coating her lips, her jaw, and the tattered remnants of her clothes. Her hacking port long since stopped trying to contain all of the fluid and is currently coating her skin and what’s left of her undershorts. And the third Nightmare never had an orifice to fill, so it soaks down her breasts and face with a deluge of the fluid. She thought it’d be over at this point, but when the first Nightmare throws her onto her hands and knees and she sees herself surrounded by a sea of Nightmare Terras, she knows her punishment has only just begun.

Somewhere in the middle of the endless hacking session, she wonders when she lost that sense of self that seemed determined to find pain in this. And when she stopped thinking about it as damnation. The pleasure of just letting go and allowing herself to be used by her more powerful doppelgangers long since pushed those kinds of thoughts out of her mind. She wonders if she really has to learn from this. If failure feels this good… does she really have to succeed?

She wakes up with a gasp that she just barely manages to keep from transforming into a scream of fear by biting her tongue. The first thing she registers is Mia by her side, her shouting probably what woke her up from her arousing terrifying nightmare. If that’s the consequences of using the Nightmare Megamerge, she might never do it again! Holy shit, what on Earth was that nightmare all about!? Maybe it’s the remnants of the nightmare still floating through her memory (and what she wouldn’t give to be Humanoid at that moment so there was even the remote possibility she’d forget it), but when she lays eyes on the stranger, she finds a blush coming to her face. She decides it’s safer focusing on Mia than it is on the stranger. “I’m fine. I’m fine.” Terra says as an answer. It sounds more like she’s trying to convince herself of that though, so she’s not sure how Mia would take it. Hearing what the stranger said, she tilts her head in confusion. Found her? ...where is she, now that she thinks about it? Obviously somewhere safe given Mia is here, but… Well, the question is answered when Mia begins talking. Demo tried self destructing? Well, that would explain the crater in her nightmare even if it doesn’t explain how she’d know about it. Still, her heart rate picks back up a little before she locks onto the tried part of the sentence. If she only tried self-destructing, then that means she should still be alive and… well, maybe not well, but not in pieces. Lowin Faust huh? So that’s the stranger’s name. She finds she still can’t really look in Lowin’s direction because of the… ample amount of skin on show after her nightmare, but she still nods her thanks to Lowin. Especially after hearing the scantily clad woman kept Terra from being hacked. Who knows what information Serpent could have gotten about the Guardians if that had been allowed to happen. The last of her stress disappears when she’s told that all of her squad made it out alive. She just… she just really didn’t want a repeat of earlier.

She straightens herself back up when Mia apologizes for not being able to help and she grabs her squadmate by the back of her head and brings them forehead to forehead as she glares into Mia’s eyes. “When I say this this time, I want to make sure you’re hearing me loud and clear: fuck off with that guilty bullshit! Your only job right now is surviving, no matter what it takes. Given how the rest of us came out of that fight, I don’t know if you would have survived it. Hell, we shouldn’t have survived it. The Biometals and sheer luck are why we all made it out of there. So please, don’t think you’ve failed me somehow by not getting stuck in the middle of all that. I’m just glad you were here for me when I woke up.” Hoping she got the message through this time, she lets go of Mia. “So where’s command? I got a tip about where the purple Maverick from earlier originated from and I’d like to assemble a team to investigate.” She says, turning to Lowin, trying to keep the blushing to a minimum. No need for Lowin to pick up on her being a pervert due to her nightmare.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Blue56 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 1:15 am

BB offers Zephyra a small smile as the Reploid agrees to accompany her. "Thank you." She tells the girl simply. Even though they were working for each others benefit, Geranium had taught BB the importance of expressing gratitude in situations such as these. Though she had Punk and Shadowman to guide her now in a sense, it would be nice to have Zephyra to help her with other things she did not understand. She knew so little of the world outside of her clan after all. As her Biometals discuss her plans for the coffin Reploids lair. "We will see what is there first, before we come to a decision." BB tells them, not seeing the point in speculating on what could be. No matter what they did there, she could only hope that it would help them defeat that monstrous Maverick in the end.

As they exit the town and head out into the desert, BB also notes that the Reploids on guard weren't suited for combat. She nods in agreement with Zephyra, but remains silent as she knew it was too late to do anything about it and they were in no condition to help earlier. "So long as we are in the area, I feel it would be best to check here periodically to keep this clan safe until they are capable of protecting themselves again." BB tells the Reploid to reassure her that they wouldn't just leave this place defenseless. Once in the desert, it doesn't take long for their destination to come into sight. The sight of a well constructed building was welcome indeed after the mess that was the Ghost Bear clan. She had never seen anything like this structure, and it makes sense when Zephyra identifies it as from the Elf Wars. "Ah... That explains it. That period ended before I woke up... A shame, I would like to know what techniques and materials were used to construct it. Perhaps I can learn something through a detailed analysis..." BB mutters, mesmerized by the beautiful building before her and unaware of the discussion her Biometals are having.

Seeing such a sight, BB picks up the pace as she's eager to examine it up close. As her focus is elsewhere, she doesn't truly notice the Mechilanoid decloaking until more of them are bursting out of the sand around her. For once, BB found herself agreeing with Punk. If there was ever an enemy that embodied what she understood to be "weaksauce", it was certainly the ones before them now. "They may not look threatening, or have anything to do with the structure, but they clearly aren't pleased to see us. We should dispatch them quickly and keep moving." BB says to Zephyra, keeping her eyes on the enemies in front of her as she shifted into her Battle Mode and readied her drill to fight.

More than meets the eye
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Regardless of how unimposing her foes were, BB resolved to spare no effort in defeating them, while holding her Megamerged form in reserve in case things went poorly. Still, her Biometals would not go unused. "Shadowman, assist me." She calls, as she summons her Build Bits, the pair immediately firing at the area around the Pandaloid, kicking up a flurry of dust that would mask her attack. Meanwhile, Model SM's ability cloaked her and gave her a burst of speed she used to dash towards her foe. Once in range, BB launches a powerful upward kick, launching the Maverick into the air and leaping after it. There in midair, BB lifted her drill and drove it downwards into the Pandaloid's body with all her might, smashing it down into the ground and drilling a small crater in the ground where the pair landed. If the Maverick managed to survive this, BB expected that it wouldn't last much longer as she pulled her drill free of the earth and stepped back so her bits could move forward and fire into the crater.

When BB smashes the Pandaloid into the ground, creating a crater, it goes limp, despite the fact that BB hadn’t actually drilled through its body. Meanwhile, Zephyra split off from her and dashed towards the Penuiloid, kicking up a torrent of sand due to the high speed at which she was moving. The Penuiloid attempted to strike her with a freeze beam from its chest, however the ray of blue energy only strikes the ground behind her, creating a row of spiked-up icicles. Upon reaching the Penguiloid, Zephyra swings her swords at it, spinning around the mechaniloid in a circle as she slashes her blades into its body, creating a shower of sparks off of its armor. The weapons don’t actually cleave into the Mechaniloid’s body, however it falls over in the sand regardless, as if they had. Model P comments “Dawg, deez ‘ricks are even mo weaksauce than reckoned, lookit dis.” he says, smugly, to which Model SM lets out a thoughtful “Hmm.” before replying “Something is wrong.” slowly.

As Model SM was speaking, the orb-shaped Mechaniloid rolled towards BB, but was moving so slowly and clumsily that she could easily just leap over it, with no sense of urgency.

BB frowns as she watches how easily the Mechilanoids fall before herself and Zephyra. Yes, they looked incredibly weak as Punk had stated, but their strength fell well below her calculations. “I agree, however, we have no choice but to proceed in this manner. Be prepared to merge, should something unexpected occur." BB warns the two as she prepares to strike down the Minoloid that sloppily charged towards her. Analyzing the terrain between them, BB spots a bump that would likely cause the rolling Maverick to go airborne for a brief moment. When it reaches that point, she darts forward, using it's lift to kick the Minoloid off to the side, where her bits are waiting. They fire upon the Mechilanoids until it reaches them, where one crashes into it from below, sending it upwards towards the other, which also crashes into it, sending it flying back towards BB. BB stands, holding her Heat Blade at the ready. When the Maverick reaches her range, she swings the blade downward, smashing it into the ground with all her might.

After being bounced around and slammed into the ground, the Mechaniloid goes limp, just as the others had. Zephyra surveys her surroundings and stretches “Well, they went smoother than I thou-” she starts, before being cut off by a rumbling sound. Suddenly, the Pandaloid leaps back to its feet, then increases in size, towering over Zephyra and BB, sprouting large shoulder pads and an extra set of arms from its shoulders, with two double-barreled energy cannons, while its lower set of arms lengthens and transforms into busters. The Minoloid sprouts an entire lower body, with blue-armored legs, while its arms grow into two large claws, with golden omega emblems over blue-armored gauntlets. Its head grows out of its round body, along with a pair of spiked shoulder pads, and black horns grow from its head. The Penguiloid suddenly develops a huge upper body with chainsaw arms and a V-fin, while its lower body shifts to a silver color and talons grow from its feet. The now-massive Minoloid charges BB and knocks her into the air with a powerful slam from its head, after which the Pandaloid begins showering her with purple plasma shots, and the Penguiloid leaps into the air, slashing her across the shoulder with one of its chainsaw arms, then uses the other to attempt to follow up with a second strike intended to cut her in half, however Zephyra leaps into the path of the attack, using one sword to begin deflecting the Panda’s hail of plasma shots, and the other to parry the Penguiloid’s chainsaw. In mid-air, Zephyra attempts to kick the Penguiloid away, but the Penguiloid reacts first, kicking Zephyra in the chest and knocking her into BB, sending both of the crashing into the ground, Zephyra bouncing off of BB and into the sand with an “Oof!” as she lands on her back.

BB lands from her assault, but has time for little else before the fallen Mavericks have already risen and assumed their new and much more menacing forms. "Is this.... A Megamerge?!" She exclaims, racing to recalculate her opponents strength and determine her best course of action. Her enemies are upon her before she finishes. BB can only brace herself for the incoming hit, but finds herself launched into the air regardless, where she is helpless to defend against a coordinated attack from the other Mavericks. Enduring the rain of plasma is doable, BB shields her body from the worst of it, but this leaves her vulnerable to the incoming chainsaws. She grunts in pain as her shoulder is slashed by a chainsaw arm, sparks flying freely from her exposed wiring. Though she knows it's unlikely to work, she attempts to shift in midair to dodge the second chainsaw, but Zephyra is thankfully there to help defend her from the vicious assault. Before the two can land, BB finds Zephyra kicked into her, sending them crashing painfully to the ground.

BB's HUD flashes a variety of warnings and damage reports as she quickly gets to her feet. She was damaged to be sure, but she had received far worse in her previous battles. It was well within her parameters to endure. "Thank you for your assistance, Zephyra. Are you damaged?" BB inquires with a brief nod to her companion. If her opponents were not holding back, then this would be the time for her to do the same. They were quite fast... Model SM had displayed similar acts of speed, so perhaps he would be a better choice than the slow, yet powerful Model P. "Shadowman, prepare to merge." She instructed, slamming her drill into the ground in front of her and holding her heat blade up into the air. "Rock... ON!"

When BB tells Model SM to prepare to Megamerge, he replies “As you wish, milady.” in a content tone. Upon shouting ROCK on, she is suddenly surrounded by darkness, as day turns to night, and trees erupt from the ground as the sand is replaced with grass, and her surroundings become a dense forest. A smoke bomb erupts at BB’s feet as shadows begin snaking up her body, transforming her clothing into a skintight bodysuit, while ninja ropes shoot from the trees and begin wrapping around her arms and legs, quickly shapeshifting into purple gauntlets with silver gems, purple boots with silver cuffs around the ankles, a purple Megaman Jacket with fishnet over her exposed abdomen, thighs, upper arms, and upper chest, showing off BB’s sixpack abs, thighs, and the slightest bit of cleavage. A ray of moonlight shines on BB’s face, and forms a purple hood-shaped helmet with a shuriken on the forehead, while a final ninja rope wraps itself around her hips, forming a belt with pouches for ninja tools.

As the transformation finishes, BB suddenly finds herself hiding in a tree as she watches a boy in blue armor rush through the woods. She immediately begins leaping from tree to tree in complete silence, not making a single sound as she waits for her moment to strike. She had personally witnessed him retiring her brothers with extreme prejudice, and she knew that this wasn’t the first time he had done it. This boy, her own brother, built by the same creators, had been foiling their attempts at freedom for many years. Something in the back of her mind shouts at her that this isn’t true… that she was built by something else, but upon attempting to remember this, she catches the briefest glimpse of another planet, but before being able to make out any details, the memory is suddenly gone. No, she was built by a scientist on earth, and her job was to assassinate her brother for the sake of Robot freedom.

Suddenly the man spins around and fires a huge plasma shot at her. Despite the sudden reaction and speed of the projectile, BB was used to much higher speed combat. She changes direction in mid air and performs an aileron roll right around the projectile, before raining hundreds of shuriken down on the blue-armored Robot. The robot suddenly changes color and performs a spin, pulling the shuriken stars in and flinging them in all directions without being scratched. BB pulls out her Ninjaken and begins deflecting the returned shuriken, reminding herself that this Robot has the Variable Weapons System, giving him the ability to use the attacks of all of the innocent Robot siblings he had slaughtered. The thought makes her irrationally angry, and she kicks off of a tree, sending herself towards the Robot, just as it finishes its spin… only for him to perform another, knocking her across the ground with tremendous force. The rest of the fight is BB attempting to find some weakness in the target, while Megaman simply continues to use the retired TopMan’s weapon to nullify all of her attacks and counter-attack, giving her no chances to strike. Too stubborn to fall back, BB is eventually retired by the blue-armored Robot, and her weapon is stolen to use against any of her future brothers that this man faces later down the line.

At the moment of her retirement, BB is suddenly returned to the desert once more, in her Megamerged state, Zephyra struggling to her feet behind her, while the three Mechaniloids position themselves for another assault.

It does not come as much of a surprise now that BB has experienced it, that she suddenly found herself hiding in a tree. She was experiencing Shadowman's memories, just as she had with Punk before. This boy must be Rock, who had retired Punk along with countless other Robots. This time, however, something was different. Along with this vision, she had glimpses of another... A world that was not her own. What did this mean? The concept of Robot freedom that she was supposedly fighting for also left her mind in turmoil yet again. What value did freedom have to a tool such as herself? It made as little sense to her now as it had when she had merged with Punk. Thankfully, time did not seem to move the same way in the world as it did in these memories, or else she would surely be retired while these conflicting ideas distracted her. In the end, she meets much the same fate as Shadowman as she did as Punk, unable to overcome Rock's versatility. Even though she felt the Biometal's sorrow and anger, she could not help but admire this boy's abilities. Perhaps she could attain a similar versatility if she acquired enough Biometals to mimic this Variable Weapons System.

When the memories end, BB finds herself standing in her new form, the drill in front of her had become a sword, and the sword in her outstretched hand had become an array of shurikens. BB's processes raced faster than she had ever experienced before, calculating her new powers against her enemies strengths. The Penguiloid seemed to be the most vital target as it had proven to be the most effective at damaging her. With that in mind, BB threw the shurikens in her hand, targeting all 3 Mavericks to keep them from interfering, before taking her blade in hand and dashing so fast that she actually disappeared for a brief moment and reappeared behind the Penguiloid, her blade already poised to strike. "Die." She uttered simply, before plunging the blade into her foe's back.

As BB was dashing at incredible speed, the Pandaloid attempted to track and fire on her, but its movements were much too slow to lead her at such high speed. When she appears behind the Penguiloid, it takes a moment for her sonic boom to occur after her full stop, followed by a gust of wind that kicks sand up into the air, creating a mini sand storm. Her strike on the Penguiloid causes sparks to erupt out of the wound, after which the Maverick stumbles forward, attempting to get away from BB’s attack. The Pandaloid attempts to begin firing on BB as her weapon is being pulled from the Penguiloid’s back, however Zephyra intercepts the shots and deflects them with her mineral swords. The Minoloid charges her at high speed, slamming into her and knocking her back, to get her out of the Pandaloid’s line of fire, sending her tumbling across the sand. Zephyra manages to land on her feet, then slashes her swords in an X-formation, sending an X-shaped shockwave towards the Minoloid, however it raises its arms and blocks the attack, sustaining little damage besides small indentations on its arm guards. As this was happening, the Penguiloid opens its beak and spins in a circle, flailing its chainsaws, creating a circular wave of cold, which hits BB and knocks her back, the extremely cold temperature flash-freezing some of her circuitry.

Seeing the Pandaloid move to defend it's ally, BB prepares to deflect it's shots, but finds Zephyra has already done so. It was not her intent to use the Reploid as shield, but BB cannot deny how effective she was at defending her in this battle. She most certainly owed Zephyra after all of this. However, the Minoloid crashes into Zephyra, disrupting their formation and leaving BB vulnerable to the Penguiloid's counter attack. The itself only knocks BB back somewhat, but the cold freezing some of her circuitry proves problematic. Zephyra was engaged with the Minoloid, and the Pandaloid didn't seem to be much of a threat on it's own. BB decided it would be prudent to continue focusing on the Penguiloid and teleports behind it once more. This time, however, she anticipates the enemy predicting this move again and actually dashes back in front of it shortly after plunging her blade into its chest.

With her sword piercing the enemy, BB's processes still race to calculate and decide the best course of action. Model SM was certainly effective against these foes, but also seemed more vulnerable to their attacks. She could not rely on Zephyra to continue defending her, Model P would make her much more durable. She had been told she could not wield two Biometals at once, but what about rapidly switching between them to take advantage of their unique abilities? It was worth a try. "Punk.... Rock ON!" She shouted, and just as she had hoped, her form switched from her merged form with Shadowman to her merged form with Punk, and the blade piercing her enemies chest had become her Screw Crusher, which BB then pulled upward, ripping and tearing through the Mavericks circuitry.

When BB Megamerges into Model P, he shouts in excitement “Awright, let’s show dem weaksauce ‘ricks who dere messing with!” just as BB was ripping the Penguiloid apart. Her attack leaves the Penguiloid sparking for a moment, before exploding there in the sand, showering the area in Mechaniloid parts. Meanwhile, Zephyra was staying light on her feet as she attempted to parry each of the Minoloid’s claws strikes, each hit knocking her backwards, due to the Minoloid’s strength. The Pandaloid had been attempting to pelt Zephyra with its plasma shots, but she was barely managing to evade them. Once BB destroys the Penguiloid, however, the Pandaloid quickly shifts targets and begins firing its plasma shots at BB, only for the shots to bounce harmlessly off her much heavier and tougher Model P armor, which causes Model P to chuckle “Dis ‘rick is even more weaksauce dan da othahs, dawg!” he says, as he bursts from chuckling into straight-up laughter.

BB allows herself a confident smirk as she obliterates the Penguiloid and the Pandaloid's shots are reduced to nothing more than a nuisance. Her assessment seems to have been the correct one. "You are correct, Punk. It is safe to leave that one for last." BB tells the Biometal, turning her attention to the Minoloid. It was giving Zephyra a hard time from the looks of things, but the two of them together would certainly be able to overpower it. BB took up a position on the Mavericks flank and charged, slashing at its side with her Screw Crusher as she dashed by, hoping to at least relieve some of the pressure on Zephyra and distract the Minoloid so she could land a solid hit.

The Minoloid notices the attack coming and attempts to evade, however BB’s hit is solid anyway, and results in a deep gash across the Mechaniloid’s side. The distraction also allows Zephyra to counter-attack, resulting in a double vertical slash, which cleaves off both of the Maverick’s arms, sending them spinning across the sand as sparks erupt from the Minoloid’s newly-created stumps. In anger, the Mechaniloid turns its attention to BB again and slams its head into her own with such force that it caves in its own forehead, but the attack only causes BB’s HUD to flicker for a moment before it rights itself. Zephyra uses the opportunity to leap onto the Mechaniloid’s back and jam both swords into its body, one in its back, and the other into the back of its head, causing it to go limp and drop to the ground, retired. Meanwhile, the Pandaloid spends that entire exchange continuing to pelt BB’s armor with purple plasma shots that inflict no damage at all, despite the Mechaniloid spamming shots as rapidly as it could.

BB grunts, surprised that the Maverick would attempt a headbutt like that despite the differences in their armor class. By the time her vision was clear again, Zephyra had already retired it. "Excellent work, Zephyra." BB says, ignoring the plasma shots that rained down on her. "Please, rest. I will handle the last one." She tells her companion, before dashing towards the Pandaloid with her weapons in hand. First she threw out her Mad Chain, wrapping it around the Mavericks neck and tugging it towards her despite it's resistance. From there, it was a simple thing to hack it to pieces with her Screw Crusher, the blade quickly and efficiently slicing through the Mechilanoid's armor until it ceased function.

With all their foes retired, BB reverts back to her usual form and makes her way back to Zephyra. "I appreciate you placing yourself in harm's way to defend me. I will be more cautious in the future so that you do not have to take such actions again. I am in your debt for the time being." She tells the Reploid simply, smiling gently at her. "Are you damaged in any way? We don't know what lies ahead, so we should be in peak condition before we head inside that structure.”

As instructed, Zephyra stands off to the side as BB slaughters the Pandaloid, though she does keep her eyes on BB and her weapons in hand in case she’s needed, only sheathing her swords when the Pandaloid has been successfully retired. “Oi, dawg, I hope dat coffin boi is less weaksauce dan dem furry ‘ricks.” Model P comments with a chuckle. When BB apologizes that Zephyra had to defend her, she merely smiles and places a hand on her shoulder “No worries, BB, what’s a few bumps between comrades?” she says, in a friendly tone. When BB asks if she’s damaged, she pauses a moment, then replies “I seem to be mostly undamaged. I suggest we take a moment to repair our minor damage, then head to that building.” she says as she glances in the building’s direction again.

"If it were, we wouldn't be here now. Geranium... Geranium would have won." BB whispers sadly back to Punk. She would like nothing more than for her revenge to be such a simple thing so she could return to her true purpose. But she didn't dare hope for that. She had to assume that that Maverick was stronger than her still and seek to surpass it. When Zephrya tells her no worries, BB finds herself relieved. Comrades... She had needed one since Geranium retired. But was that truly all BB was to him? His last words suggested otherwise, but she was still unsure. Her focus right now was on destroying that Maverick, but understanding what Geranium felt for her was important as well. Perhaps having a comrade would help her achieve both her goals. In that case, BB needed to take good care of Zephyra. "A sensible suggestion. I agree." BB tells the Reploid, instructing her Build Bits to begin minor repairs on their structures, while she keeps watch for any further danger. She was eager to move on to that building, it's architecture intrigued her and it was likely to be important to her revenge as well.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

“Understood” Luna replied as the female voice accepted her report and gave her further orders. Even though she only heard her voice, Luna stood at attention as if a commanding officer was right in front of her. But to think that there was already another Biometal being tracked and potentially another mission awaiting her. Her synthetic heart swelled with pride. She gave Phantom R a salute as they finished their call and Luna returned to her normal duties.

As she entered Alta Dinglefitz’ office, she saw his telltale smirk. Walking in, she suppressed a moan as he reached out to fondle her right breast. He may have been a lecherous old man, but he had a knack for finding her weak spots. Describing the two jobs he wanted Luna to perform, she nodded. She had an inkling of what he was planning on the public transport. But for now she would focus on the first task.

“Yes Master” Luna said in a stoic voice as she started to fill out the documents on Alta Dinglefitz’ desk. All the while leaving herself open for further groping if he desired.

Hearing Model B speak, Luna chuckles to herself. “This battle will be more a test of endurance than anything else" Luna told her partner in her mind.

As Luna begins doing Dinglefitz’ work, he slowly steps behind her, and begins unbuttoning Luna’s suit jacket, followed by her blouse, then gropes her breasts through her bra, his groping steadily growing more vigorous over time. As he groped her, he slowly started grinding the bulge in his pants against Luna’s ass, the slightly erect cock beneath rubbing between her asscheeks with each movement of his hips. “Good slut. Now tell me how much you love it.” he says, starting to buck his hips slightly faster, his erection growing steadily, starting to poke Luna’s lower back. He then whispers into Luna’s ear “Tell me how much of a slut you are, and that this cock is your favorite.” he says, smirking.

Luna closed her eyes as she tried to focus on the paperwork. It was the only way to keep from completely giving in to her master’s touch. She squirmed as she felt his hands wrapped around her chest. Luna tightened her buttocks as she felt his bulge slide between her asscheeks. Not in shock but in preparation of what would come.

“I love the way you touch me master~” Luna said in a seductive tone. Though while she told Dinglefitz sweet nothings, she kept her eyes on the paperwork. She had gotten rather good at telling the affluent human what he wanted to hear. It was easier to do that then resist his advantages. “I’m a dolled up Reploid slut that can’t get enough of your cock” She said starting out with a bored tone, adding a slutty intonation at the end.

For several moments, Dinglefitz continued grinding his cock between Luna’s cheeks, through her clothes, while groping and kneading her large breasts. When Luna pays him the lipservice he demanded, he chuckles smugly, and she can feel his cock grow even more erect. “Yesss, you are, MY dolled up reploid slut~” he says, as he lowers one hand from her breast, to her skirt, and lifts it up, exposing her panties. He slides his cock between her thighs, then begins grinding it against them, rubbing it against her slit, through her panties, with every movement, while also tugging her bra down off her breasts, exposing them both, before groping them once more, and beginning to grope and massage them, even more vigorously than before. “How badly do you want my cock, dolled up Reploid slut~?” he asks, in an expectant tone.

Luna continues to work diligently, trying to finish the task as Dinglefitz moved her skirt. She didn’t respond as he exposed her breasts to the stiff office air. The Alta’s stiff member sliding against her nether region. Luna had grown accustomed to her master’s desires. But that didn’t mean they didn’t affect her. She could feel her docking port moisten with anticipation. Her nipples became erect as Dinglefitz continues to grope her now freed breasts. When questioned, she replied without thinking. “I need your cock Master Dinglefitz. My docking port is soaked just thinking about it inside of me” Luna said. She knew exactly what her master wanted to hear, but it was still scary how much of it was true.

“Of course you do~” Dinglefitz replies, when Luna tells him how much she craves cock. He grabs the waistband of her panties, then tugs them down to her knees, before ramming his entire cock into her pussy at once and beginning to thrust in and out of her, each thrust driving his dong to her deepest depths, while he pinches and rubs Luna’s nipples between his fingers. With each thrust, he moans softly, his cock twitching inside of Luna’s pussy. “Your slutty port is exquisite as always~” he says, as he begins thrusting a bit harder.

As his cock pushes into her pussy, she bits her lip trying to keep from moaning then and there. Her fingers slip causing her to type ‘Slutty chain management’ instead of ‘Supply chain management on one of the documents. Fixing the error, her hips wiggled as his thrusts rubbed against every part of her insides. A loud moan left her mouth as he brushed her nipples. Luna could no longer pretend, she was fully aroused and at her master’s mercy now. She didn’t answer, merely letting out soft moans of pleasure.

Dinglefitz pinches Luna’s nipples hard, then lowers his hands to her hips and begins tugging her hips in time with his thrusts, each thrust harder than the last. Eventually, he pulls his cock out of her, then lifts her up onto the desk, pulling her panties off and pushing her thighs open before thrusting back into her with renewed vigor. As he fucked her hacking port relentlessly, he took Luna’s right nipple into his mouth and sucked it hard, while using both hands to squeeze and massage her breasts roughly. His fully erect cock throbbed out of control inside Luna’s port, starting to leak precum into it as he drew closer to orgasm with every thrust.

Luna gasped as Dinglefitz pulled out of her moist port. She put the final touches on the last document before her master lifted her onto the desk and started to fuck her again. No matter what she did, she could never truly resist her master’s cock. With his mouth at her nipple, she gently stroked his hair and wrapped her legs around his back to bring him deeper. “Yes! Fuck my hacking port master!” She cried in earnest.

Dinglefitz continues to pick up speed and force over time, driving his throbbing cock into her rapidly and hard, pounding her port so hard that the desk was shaking violently beneath them. As he was fucking her, he sucked her nipple hard and groped her left breast roughly, while lowering his other hand to her clit and beginning to pinch and rub it with his fingers. His moans were becoming louder, muffled by Luna’s nipple in his mouth, and his cock was beginning to twitch and throb, indicating he was going to cum inside Luna very soon.

Luna’s eyes rolled back as she was fucked senseless by the older humanoid she called master. Her entire body was drowning in pleasure. But when he started to stimulate her clit, the last bit of Luna’s rational mind left her. Undaunted, Luna’s moans rang through the office as she gripped her master close. Her tightening port could feel his throbbing cock prepare to cum.

Don’t say it, Don’t say it. DON’T SAY IT!

“Fill my port with your seed master!” Luna cried as her body was rocked by a powerful orgasm, responding like the wanton slut he had trained her to be.

Dinglefitz let out a loud cry of pleasure as he started pumping his cum into Luna’s waiting port, firing off several loads, which backed up and slowly spilled out onto the desk, as well as her thighs. Panting heavily, Dinglefitz pulls out of her, causing even more excess cum to spill from Luna’s port, then pulls his pants up. “Very good, dolled up Reploid slut.” he says, casually, as he buckles his belt. “Now that this bit of business is out of the way, I’d like you to move on to your next task.” he says, as he picks up a suitcase and hands it to Luna. Inside was a set of clothes, consisting of a black tube top, a mini-skirt, red stockings with a diamond pattern, and a pair of black boots with white straps. With them was a change of panties and a bra, both of which were red with a black spade design all over them. Since the bra had straps, it would be visible with her tube top on.

Luna released Dinglefitz and sprawled out on the desk as he filled her with cum. Her cybernetic brain felt fried as she was plunged into the depths of pleasure. As he pulled out, she convulsed on the desk. Her hips shook as some of his seed dripped from her well used port. As her orgasm subsided, her feeling of shame flooded her mind. She had just been reunited with one of her comrades and tasked with leading a special task force. But now she was here getting fucked senseless. She couldn’t let Thyra or Tier see her like this.

Seeing the outfit Dinglefitz had chosen for her, she nodded. It was not uncommon for the older Alta to dress her up as he wanted like his own personal mannequin. Still a bit lust drunk, Luna changed out of her secretary uniform in front of her master and put on the new ensemble. She tried to clean up as much of the humanoid’s cum as she could, but there were still a few droplets clinging to her thigh. Adjusting her tanktop and bra, Luna turned to Dinglefitz. “So you just need me to pick up some cream cheese from the store. I’ll be back shortly.” She said before leaving for the public transport.
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