Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Embers » Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:52 pm

With a soft complaining groan Avriel rubs the sleep off her eyes, her hand then moves to brush the black hair bangs to the sides as she begins to examine the area. Metal sheets filled the view, rusted and deprecated by time and weather, the ceiling looked fragile, it's vulnerabilities visible as Avriel spots a couple of holes that allow rain droplets through. Avriel takes a deep breath, surprised by not having to cough or spit, and turns her head to the side, spotting a door with the hospital symbol. This was either a room built hastily on the front line of a war zone or facility for treating non-humanoids. She then spots the desk and the mechanical parts on it.

Avriel recognizes some of the medical instruments and quickly moves both hands to examine her wounds, pleased to find them both treated expertly. Just as she was about to pull the blanket and step out of the bed, a woman and her entourage step through the door. Although Avriel tries to get a thorough stare at each of the women, her attention is drawn to the Humanoid when she starts speaking, her voice draws a sigh of relief from Avriel. "Ah, thank you for rescuing me. Are you the doctor? Impressive work on those injuries!" She replies, her words coming to a halt as the Reploid sets a tray of food besides her.

After swallowing her first bite of the crispy potatoes, Avriel returns her attention to the blond woman and nods "Mmm, I'm sort of a middle manager for a Transport Company in Elysium. I was on the way back to the city when our convoy was attacked by heavily armored Mechaniloids." Her attention then returns to the plate, eating quietly and gracefully, she feels the warmth of the food permeate inside her and her body regaining its vigor and vitality. "The ambushing forces overwhelmed the convoy in seconds, we didn't even put a dent in them. Ahhh! But the bad news can wait, care to tell me your names?" Avriel turns her head towards the group.
Uncertain if turning the tables so abruptly would be any good, Avriel waits for a response before introducing herself "My name's Avriel Eufraxiya. I'm a humanoid born and raised in Elysium and ,as mentioned earlier, I work for a Transport Agency there. I regularly oversee deliveries for restaurants and hospitals. Again, thanks for helping treat my wounds! I can definitely repay you once I explain what happened to my boss." Avriel returns to the food on offer, this time finishing the entire tray. With a grateful nod to the Blue-Haired Reploid, Avriel sits up from the bed and attempts to stand, stretching her body after the extended rest and popping a few joints in the process.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Mark3000 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:53 pm

Luna stared at the Reploid pod in amazement. She had thought the V0, that Thyra had been sold like the rest of them. Luna had only seen her in action once, and it was the event that eventual lead to Thyra’s shutdown. Luna walked behind Tier as she went to reactivate. Of what Luna knew of Thyra, she knew she could be a bit hot-headed so Luna prepared to calm her down. But it seemed Tier was ahead of her on that front.

As she slowly approached Thyra, Luna gave her a caring smile. “I’m glad you still recognize me Thyra. Especially with all the changes I’ve undergone” Luna said with a light blush. Luna wrapped her arms around the Valkyrie prototype hugging her like she would any of her other Valkyrie sisters. When Thyra asked about the status of Neo Arcadia, Luna takes a step back and gave her a quiet look. She knew she’d have to explain everything to her eventually but where to start?

“Yes it is. Though with its completion saw the disbandment of the Valkyrie Series. The Altas required we surrender ourselves to them or be labeled as Mavericks. It’s been years since I’ve seen any of the other Valkyries or Doctor Edda ” Luna said with a gentle yet sad voice. She regaled Thyra with the story of how they were all separated, with the only one escaping enslavement or arrest was V10, Sol Divider. Thinking back on that time, Luna wouldn't be surprised if Sol had already figured out what the Alta were planning and already had an escape plan figured out. “This place has been renamed Neo Arcadia R. As for what we do now. What we’ve always done, protect this place and the humanoids who reside here. With Tier’s blessing, we are forming a new Special Operations Unit, The Valkyries to protect the city from Maverick attacks and other threats. And I want you to join as a member of the unit. I know it’s a lot to ask after you just awoke. But…” Luna says as she reaches out to take Thyra’s hand. “I need your help. Not just in protecting Neo Arcadia R but in find the others. “ She said with a determined look.

Turning back to Tier, Luna gave their leader a heartfelt smile. “I can’t thank you enough for this chance. I … We’ll show you the pride of the Valkyrie Series.” Luna said before glancing at Thyra for a second. “Just two more things to settle before I take my leave. Would it be possible to get the assistance of a few Patheons until we can properly fill our ranks?” Luna asked knowing that even a few extra bodies would aid in a battle. “Secondly, where will our base of operations be?” Once her questions were answered, Luna would take her leave and find Dinglefitz to resume her ‘administrative’ duties unless Tier had something else for her.. “I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you longer Thyra . I’ll be back the next time I have some free time “ Luna said giving the white haired Reploid another hug.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby MiscChaos » Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:08 am

While Terra sees the hurt on Giro’s face, she can’t bring herself to feel sorry for inflicting it. Even for a brief moment, he looked like the monster that destroyed her team. After the slow, obviously purposefully fear inducing way it tried to retire her, instilling a false sense of hope and then tearing her apart while she drowns in terror is perfectly within what she knows about it. She put it out of her mind while everything else was going on, but when Giro and Aile returned… well, she’s just very thankful Giro isn’t Megamerged. He looks a lot less like the Nightmare when he’s in his base form. She focuses on that and Aile’s grounding presence to try to keep herself in the here and now rather than keep fading back into those terrible moments of terror. It takes more self-control than she’d like to admit to keep from clutching Aile like a lifeline, but she can’t help if she holds the girl a bit closer than a gentle hug should warrant. Then Aile’s words penetrate her focus and she loses some of her self-control. Failure. Complete and utter. Not only was nearly her entire squad retired, their lives didn’t even buy the life of any of those they were supposed to protect. A completely useless, utterly senseless loss of life.

She’s kept from dwelling on it by the alarm, though she regrets the loss of Aile’s touch much more than the fact that there will be no rest for her. She tenses again when Giro Megamerges with Model Z, unable to ignore the similarities between the two of them, but at the very least she doesn’t scream at the sight of him again. When she’s surrounded by people wanting to offer their condolences, however, she finds she’d almost rather take the Megamerged Giro. Having people feel sorry for her loss just keeping bringing her loss back to the forefront of her mind. She just… she just can’t think about that right now and stay sane. She can’t think about the people she fight alongside, laughed with, and grew with and not spiral into crushing sadness. She instead latches on to Convallaria’s offer and the implications behind it. She can’t stay behind. She’d go mad, either retreating into her own head or hovering around Mia’s sickbay like some kind of stalkerish ghost. No, no, it’s better… to punish the Maverick who dares disrupt the peace of the city. Rage is so much easier to deal with than sorrow. All she has to do is find the Mavericks attacking Elysium and completely and utterly destroy them like they deserve. Everything will be better after that. She has to believe that. At the very least, it’ll remind her she isn’t an utter failure who can’t save the life of even one person important to her.

“I can’t stay behind when I know innocent people could be getting hurt. Let’s get out there and make them think twice about ever pulling something like this again!” She says, shaking her head to deny their offer to stay behind. She knows enough to know that her burning hatred for Mavericks right now isn’t something she should share. So she doesn’t say the things she really wants to say, just tries her hardest to pretend everything is normal. “If you guys would stay by me, I’d really appreciate it.” After all, she really shouldn’t be alone right now. Beyond that, it’d probably break her if she heard any of these girls were retired as well. At least if they’re close by, she can try to protect them. She’s a Pseudoroid with a Biometal powering her now! She can surely do more than enough to keep them safe, right? Before she can begin second guessing herself, she makes for the Transserver to head for Highway D.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby mrblah » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:50 am

Speak of the devil... wasn't a saying Demo was familiar with nor thought of, but it still applied in this case. The urgent announcement over comms sounded pretty important. Though their mission was not complete, this matter seemed far more pressing at the moment and she was sure leaving now would not have too adverse an effect. Not to mention... Elysium was a place with many humans, and Area D specifically was a place near a town. There was a high likelihood of mortal danger toward humanoids in the area. That was unacceptable. "Priorities updated. We will return to base and drop off Ranunculus on the way, then immediately head to Area D." She spoke as if assuming command, already moving to return to their Transserver as she saw Crocus and Zinnia had worked to carry Ranunculus. She made sure to keep watch on the way back... but that task was complicated by Crocus' rambling. The robot spoke up once the other girl finished. "Your attempts at humor were so stretched out that even I grew tired of them, and as the one who dealt the final blow to that enemy, aren't you more deserving of such aggrandizing titles? I believe 'The Seat Sniper' would likely fit you best." To an outsider who hadn't known her, perhaps they would've thought she was being sassy or something like that. In truth, Demo was just stating what the thought logical.

Yes. Because she does not engage in such things as crude humor. That would be inefficient.

They returned to HQ shortly after their journey. As she expected, things were active with various other Guardians using the other Transservers to stream near Area D. The crowds of people moving about hadn't made it particularly difficult to do the same, thankfully, and her team had no trouble engaging in their menial tasks before they'd get to the mission. "Handle her correctly," offered the robot to the male Guardian who took responsibility for their injured teammate. "Next would be reinforcements." She figured she'd handle that part herself, so Demo had been closely watching the crowd to pick out someone efficient. It was unfortunate that she hadn't spotted anyone particularly fetching, and the ones who would've been useful were already grouped with another... her gaze landed on a relatively unknown combat reploid just a moment before Crocus called her out. Helia... was it? Demo knew precious little of her. The purple-haired Guardian had mostly kept to herself and never really seemed to fit in anywhere so never had she had the opportunity to study her. Truth be told, she was a bit skeptical... but this would provide the very opportunity she'd always missed to observe Helianthus. And that was just about what she was doing the moment she stepped toward their group.

Since Demo busied herself with staring intently at Helia and logging her physical information in her databases, she hadn't seen Salix until Crocus called out to her, which was around the time the robot had finished her visual investigation. She turned to offer the same treatment to Salix, though Demo was already familiar with the short reploid. She heard of the mission that resulted in the loss of her squad, and that prompted a simple investigation Demo made into both that event, the events prior, and Salix's circumstances afterward. After all, losing your entire squad to one singular Maverick and just so happening to be the only living survivor of said attack? Demo felt some suspicion was warranted.

That isn't to say that she found Salix to be an inefficient unit. On the contrary, Salix [i]was[i/] an efficient unit who boasted skill in both combat and analysis and held a sizable streak of successful missions until the aforementioned incident. If it happened to be that she survived that mission fully on her merit and there was no basis to Demo's suspicion, she'd be a terrific Guardian indeed... well, again, aside from losing her entire squad to one enemy. That was something the robot simply could not ignore. In fact, the more she thought of it, the more she considered this not being the most optimal choice for a commander, even if she would be an adequate ally and be preferable over Helia. Demo looked over Salix's head as she scanned the crowd for another choice... but found none better than the short reploid. She closed her eyes with acceptance and updated her party index. Finally, the girl would open her dispassionate red eyes and look down into her new commander's. "Team composition is acceptable. If there are no further matters to attend to, then Commander, I suggest we move quickly. Every second wasted may be another human life lost." That's her version of 'Hello! Glad to meet you!'
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Littlemankitten » Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:53 am

Harmony wasn't exactly sure how to properly respond to such a preposterous topic. She understood his history, at least she thinks she does so she gets why he wants to do it, as it was attempted before. Yet it was completely unpractical currently as a plan, and she knew humoring him would mean he'd take it even more seriously, and she felt denying it further would just get him annoyed so she responded with silence as she walked towards the information center. Unfortunately, the information center had nothing of what she needed, they had some old data on raider sightings but no definitive area of where they may be located. She supposed it was a long shot but she felt it was worth a try to make the venture easier on herself.

She ended up walking to the west, not for any real reason but because she had a hunch she'd find something. Harmony was a maid, not a explorer. She desperately missed the mansion already, even if it did have that piece of shit in it, the sun was hot and the endless sand was boring to look at, and trying to spot any sign of a settlement was proving to be extremely tedious. Thankfully her thickened skin kept the sand from hurting her too much as it pelted her. The journey wasn't helped by her biometal talking about his exploit. It wasn't much of a exploit, as it failed spectacularly, but she had to admit he made quite a good run of it, and the fact he was able to get the city hurtling towards the Earth in a first place was a feat worth praising, which she did. Though out of sheer boredom she did attempt to dissuade him from a second go at it, using practicality, stealth, previous knowledge, and how people probably have measures against such a thing now that it's happened once. She did find this information on THE megaman quite interesting though, she wondered if he was still around somewhere. Her conversation with her biometal was cut off when she spotted three distinct landmarks she could check out, two were to the south, and one was close by straight ahead. She pondered what she should do, then decides the best course of action was to check out the ruins straight ahead, and if that turned up nothing, head south towards the other two landmarks to see what they held.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Blue56 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:11 am

BB smash
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Hearing that the Biometal was once called Punk, BB tilts her head curiously, but doesn’t inquire further. It seemed a strange name to her, but she wasn’t exactly one to point that out. “Understood. I am called BB. Let’s work together to defeat that Maverick, Punk.” She says simply, before heading out into the wastes. The glow of the structure in the distance interested her, but she had already decided on a course of action. She made a mental note to check up on it later, and continued on to the Ghost Bear Clan.

BB had never ventured farther outside her clan’s territory than was needed, and so this was an area that was completely unknown to her. As such, she made sure to proceed cautiously and had heard the noises around the same time Punk had pointed it out to her. As BB searched the surrounding area, she spotted the strange glowing object almost immediately. The glow reminded her of when she had first held Punk. Could it be another Biometal? It was not the source of the noise however, and as her search continued, she found herself suddenly surrounded by enemies that burst out of the sand. They did not attack right away, watching and circling her instead as she considered what Punk had said about merging? What exactly did that entail? Would it consume a large amount of energy? BB did not understand and did not want to take unnecessary risks, and so decided to fight normally instead for the time being, keeping this merging for a last resort. With that in mind, BB shifted into her battle mode, drawing her drill and heat blade, and summoned one of her Build Bits to assist her. She needed to keep herself from being surrounded and overwhelmed as well, so she struck the earth between herself and the larger mechaniloid to her left, shaping it into a barrier to delay that foe while she dealt with the smaller Mavericks. They were not within her range just yet, so BB took up a defensive position while she waited for them to draw closer to her.

When BB chooses not to Megamerge, Model P replies “Aight, you probs can handle ‘em, too.” before going silent. When BB then constructs a wall and launches a Build Bit, the Tentacle Mechaniloid cocks its head at her, then opens a strange green and black portal with one hand, pulling another Locust Mechaniloid out of it with its tentacle, then throwing it at BB, the Mechaniloid landing beside her newly-constructed wall. The creature looked at her and its mono-eye flashed red. One of the Locusts leaped past the Build Bit, slashing it with a glancing blow, and leaving a shallow gash across its side. Then the second Locust dashed in close and attacked BB, the attack bouncing off of her armor. Likewise, the third Locust attacked BB, this attack also bouncing off of BB’s armor, inflicting no damage. The last Locust Mechaniloid attempted to slash at BB next, but BB sees the attack coming, making it easy for her to avoid it. Model P scoffs at this “Look at dem weaklin’s, dey can’t even hurt ya, dawg.” he says, confidently.

BB grimaces as she peers around her wall to see the large Mechaniloid pull another Locust seemingly from nowhere to join the fight. Saving it for last might not be a viable strategy if it could throw an endless wave of reinforcements at her. However, the group of Locusts had her penned in now, so she would need to deal with them first regardless. The Locusts proved to be no threat to her, thankfully, as Punk pointed out. She summoned a second Bit to help even their numbers. “I was designed with durability in mind, to keep working longer and sustaining limited damage from construction accidents.” She informed him, raising her drill and preparing to strike at the nearest Locust. BB lunged forwards, bringing her spinning drill crashing down on the enemy, who stood no chance at all and was pulverised almost instantly. When the dust cleared, there was nothing but scraps of it left in the small crater left behind by her strike.

Just as BB had destroyed the Locust Mechaniloid with her drill, tentacles suddenly wrap around her arms and legs, binding her. While the other tentacles are holding her, another slips between her thighs and begins rubbing against it through her gear, while two more wrap around each of her breasts, groping and rubbing them, and yet another forces itself into her mouth, pushing down into her throat and starting to thrust in and out of it. While this was happening, the Locust Mechaniloid continues leaping into the air and slashing the Build Bit, and the second Locust Mechaniloid opens its jaws wide and bites into BB’s right thigh, punching through the synthetic skin and damaging the electronics beneath. The third of the remaining Locust Mechaniloids, meanwhile, leaps onto BB’s body and punches one of its razor sharp legs through her stomach, causing it to spark and crackle. “BB! Ya gotta get outta grip of dem tentacles, dawg! All ya hafta do iz get da one outta yo mouth, strike a pose with me in yo hand, and shout ROCK ON!” he says, showing concern now that she was taking damage, and was being held helplessly by the tentacles.

BB didn’t have time to appreciate the effects of her attack, she immediately found herself bound and lifted off the ground before she even knew what was happening. Looking over, she saw that the larger Mechaniloid had simply ignored her wall and its tentacles had slithered around it to grab her. She struggled to free herself before it tried to start ripping her limb from limb, but found herself unable to do so and discovered that the enemy had a different goal in mind. Rather than rip and tear, the tentacles began to rub against the exposed parts of her gear and grope her breasts, much to BB’s surprise. “What are you…. GRHRGH!” She started to ask, only to cry out in shock as one quickly stuffed itself down her throat. This behavior was incomprehensible to BB and it left her feeling… strange in a way she couldn’t describe. The biggest issue,however, was that now she was at the mercy of the Locusts as well, and while she was unable to dodge or brace herself, their teeth and claws were at last able to pierce her. BB let out a cry muffled by the tentacle in her mouth as her circuitry was exposed and damaged, and directed her Bits to fend off the Locusts while she struggled to free herself. Punk was right, she needed to free herself and merge with him before she sustained more damage.

The tentacles wrapped around BB squeeze her arms and legs hard, putting pressure on her circuitry and causing severe pain. As this was happening, the two tentacles fondling BB’s breasts slipped beneath her body armor, and started squeezing them directly, roughly, while the tentacle grinding against her slit, slipped into her cod-piece, pulling it aside, before slipping into her pussy and starting to thrust in and out of it hard and fast, while the tentacle in BB’s mouth crammed itself deeper into her throat and started thrusting fast and hard. Liquid started slowly leaking from the tentacles inside BB’s body, into her holes.

Meanwhile, the Build Bit’s attack damages the first Locust Mechaniloid’s armor, and penetrates its body, causing sparks to shoot out of the cracks. The second Build Bit’s attack misses the Locust, due to the Locust digging into the sand before the attack could land. The first Locust Mechaniloid retaliates against the first Build Bit by leaping onto it and punching through it with its mandible, before ripping it in half. The second Locust, instead of attacking the Build Bit that had attacked it, leaps back onto BB and punches a hole in her side with its leg, causing more sparks to erupt from her body as her circuitry was damaged. The third Locust Mechaniloid attempts to attack BB by biting her again, however her leg manages to jerk loose for a moment, causing the attack to miss, after which the tentacle restrains her leg again.

The Tentacle Mechaniloid fires off a load of black liquid into her throat, her pussy, and onto her breasts from beneath her armor, before lifting her up into the air and slamming her down into the sand, partly burying her. While BB is down in the sand, the Locust Mechaniloids leap onto her and begin ripping at her body again, punching their bladed legs through her back, her thighs, her arms, her legs, starting to rip circuitry out of her body with their teeth once the wounds are open.

As BB’s body is ripped open and her circuitry is ripped apart, Model P calls to her “Dawg, get up! It’s fightin’ time! You’re not hurtin’ nearly enough to let yo boi’s sacrifice get ya only dis fah! If we can’t beat down deez ‘ricks, we’ll nevah get revenge for yo boi! Get up outta dat sand, shake it off, pose with me, and letz fight dem togethah!” Model P shouts into her mind. “Do it! Jus’ do it! Don’t let yo dreams be dreams!” he adds, even louder.

BB’s struggles only earn her further suffering as the tentacles clamp down harder on her battered body. To make matters worse, the tentacles rubbing and groping her go even further, slipping under her clothes and penetrating her body in a way she had never experienced before. Her system analysis informs her that lubrication is being deployed to mitigate further damage, for which she is grateful but also confused. These functions did not seem to help her build things in any way, so why did she have them. And unfortunately, while it did seem to mitigate damage, it also gave the tentacles easier access to thrust in and out of her holes freely. The strange sensation it gives her only grows, and her struggles begin to cease as she realizes she cannot escape. Her vision grows hazy as she gasps and groans around the tentacle in her mouth and her Build Bits fight to protect her as best they can. It was perhaps inevitable that they could not fend off all the attackers though, and the Locusts continue to ravage her body unopposed, beginning a new cycle of her crying out in pain and struggling harder to free herself. This time her struggles are answered with a strange black liquid that floods her body and stains her skin before she is finally released, violently. She screams in pain as she’s slammed to the ground and begins coughing up the black substance that she hadn’t swallowed. Still through all this, she tries to rise again only to be met with a vicious combined assault from the three Locusts.

BB lets out a weak groan and collapses to the ground. Her HUD was displaying a wide variety of warnings about the damage she had sustained and that retirement was imminent, but she lacked the strength to stand up again. BB hadn’t been damaged this badly since back before her long sleep, and this time there was no clan or Geranium to repair her. Was this how she would be retired? BB’s eye started to close… Until a voice pierced her mind. “G...Geranium?” She mumbled as she listened to the encouraging words. No, that’s right, Geranium was retired. Mavericks like these had worn him down, day in and day out with their ceaseless violence until he finally failed to defeat them. And if she didn’t completely annihilate them, they would only go on to harm more innocents like her clan! A blue aura appears around BB, similar to when she had first held the Model P Biometal. “Damn…. Mavericks…!” BB growls, a burst of strength that defied her parameters pushing her to her feet once again. Warnings flared on her HUD, advising her to stay down and activate repair subroutines, but she quickly disabled those warnings. Slowly and shakily, BB stood up straight, her body angled off to the side as she pointed straight at the Tentacle Maverick and fixed it with a furious glare. “Rock… ON!”

When BB shouts “ROCK ON!”, the world darkens slightly, then chains fire out of the ground, forming new armor as they make contact with BB’s body. First her armor is replaced with a black bodysuit, then she gained red gauntlets with gold cuffs with silver spikes around them. Next, she gains red boots with gold rings around the ankles, with silver spikes around them. Her red Megaman jacket then forms, unzipped, with gray trim, and gold trim around the bottom, followed by red shoulder armor with three silver spikes on the top and golden edges. Finally, two white thigh-guards and a white cod-piece form, as does BB’s helmet, with gray edges around the opening and a silver mohawk along the top of the helmet, with sharp edges. When the new armor fully forms, BB can feel a surge of power flow through her, then...

BB feels herself activated as she lays on a metal table, her eyes opening for the first time. BB is immediately fully aware of the situation, having been programmed with updates since her creation. She understands that her brothers… so many of them… had been retired by Rock, known as Megaman, one of her other brothers. They had been fighting for robot freedom, due to having been built as tools to perform a single task, for no pay, and having no lives of their own beyond their work. They wanted to show that Robots were not tools, but individuals who could feel and want. Because they no longer wanted to serve the humans as slaves, Megaman had been sent after them, killing his own brothers to stop them from freeing themselves. BB, however, was the second of a special series of Robots who were specifically designed to retire Megaman, for the safety of her brothers. She was… MKN-002 Punk. Her predecessor, MKN-001 Enker had been given the same task, and was retired by Megaman. BB is sent to stop Megaman, and despite her immense strength and skill, Megaman defeats her by blowing a hole in her stomach, then he steals her weapon with his Variable Weapon System, and uses it to retire more of her brothers.

When the memories end, BB can see from the positions of her enemies that despite the transformation being perceived as over an extended duration, the transformation was actually instantaneous. “Aight, BB, show deez weaklings what we’z made of togethah!” Model P tells her, encouragingly.

The form that BB takes on is a familiar one, she looked similar to how Geranium had while Megamerged. What she hadn’t expected was the sudden surge of power that far exceeded her parameters. BB felt like she could rebuild her entire clan city within a week, or more importantly at the moment, obliterate these Mavericks in the blink of an eye. As she braced herself to launch an attack however, BB suddenly found herself waking up on a table, filled with data that conflicted with what was already in her memory banks. She was… Punk? She had brothers, whom she fought alongside for freedom? BB had never felt like a slave. Building was her purpose, the only reason she existed. Why would a tool like her need freedom or payment for fulfilling her purpose? When she awoke from her sleep and joined her clan, BB still built, even though no one told her to. She struggled to reconcile these two conflicting ideas in her head, even as she did battle with Rock and was eventually defeated. Despite never having seen it before, she felt a great sense of loss and disgrace as her prized Screw Crusher was taken from her.

BB comes to her senses after that, Punk’s words of encouragement snapping her back to reality. That must have been Punk’s memories she was experiencing, their minds merged as well as their bodies. BB wanted to ask Punk about what she had just witnessed, but now wasn’t the time. While she was distracted, the Mavericks had launched another attack, and BB was too disoriented to dodge properly. This time, however, she didn’t need to. The claws and fangs of the Locusts could no longer pierce her armor, and when tentacles began to wrap around her limbs, BB now found it pathetically easy to take control and use the Mechalinoids own tentacles to pull it closer, smashing it through the wall she had constructed and severing it’s tentacles with her Screw Crusher. Overwhelmed and outmatched, the Mechalinoid turned to flee, leaving the Locusts to distract BB, who took them on first, knowing now that she could easily catch up afterwards.

The first Locust leapt directly at BB, and she simply held her arms open and let it, grabbing it and holding it close to her chest. The Locust squirmed and clawed fruitlessly at her as she tightened her grip, slowly crushing it against her body until it ceased functioning. BB tossed the now limp body aside as the remaining two leapt to attack her simultaneously, only for one of BB’s rocket fists to launch and snatch one Locust out of midair and drag it, smashing it into the other Locust, sending them both crashing to the ground where BB leapt atop them, crushing them completely underfoot. With the three Locusts down, BB turned her attention to the Tentacle Mechalinoid, who hadn’t made it very far. To catch up, BB dashed and launched her rocket fist behind her for an extra boost of speed, sending her crashing into the Maverick from behind. The Maverick fell to the ground, where it was helpless to defend itself from BB’s Screw Crusher, sawing it apart bit by bit with every swing, as her fist slammed into it and smashed what parts of it she hadn’t cut up. This went on for far longer than was needed, but this battle had BB enraged and she wasn’t going to stop until there was nothing left of the Maverick.

At last, BB stood panting over the obliterated wreckage. She blinked, suddenly feeling confused as to why she had become so enraged. Yes, these Mavericks had attacked her but they were not the Maverick that destroyed her clan. They had been acting rather strange though. The tentacles attacks did not seem to aim to damage her like the other Mechalinoids, and the sensations they made her feel were not wholly unpleasant to BB. There was little point in pondering it though, now that they were retired. With the battle over, she unmerged with Punk and shifted back to her normal form. “No further Hostiles detected. Thank you for your assistance Punk. Calculations project that I would not have survived that encounter without you.” She tells the Biometal. She wanted to ask about what she had witnessed while they were merged but… It seemed like she was unlikely to understand. What she experienced as Punk and what she had known for her entire existence were completely different. Was any of it even real at all? Rather than spend time thinking about it, BB instead moves to investigate the object she had witnessed before the battle began.

When BB tells Model P that there were no enemies left in the area, and tells him that she couldn’t have survived without him, he replies “Iz a good ting we’z twah pawts of da same person now, eh? Ya did great dawg, ya jus needed ya othah half, ya dig?” he says, encouragingly. He then adds “Da wae ya handled dem ‘ricks was sick, dawg. We jus need ta do dat evereh time.” he says.

When BB then approaches the object she had seen before, she finds a black object, with blue edges, in the shape of a 4-pointed star, with white edges and a silver back. When she draws closer, it begins to glow brighter and brighter, while BB herself starts glowing just as brightly. “Hmph. Hello there, milady, I had thought that you would just leave me lying in the sand after you dealt with those Mechaniloids. I am Model SM. If you desire my power for your purposes, then you may take me along with you.” it says, in a calm and refined way, carefully articulating each syllable.

BB simply nods at Punk’s encouragement. She had always fought alongside Geranium since she had woken up, but now Punk would have to fulfill that role in his own way. Still, though having Punk balanced their strength out, Geranium’s absence was clearly impacting her negatively still. The rage she felt when she had been reminded of his retirement was something BB hadn’t experienced before. Clearly there was some sort of malfunction she would want to get checked out as soon as possible. “I simply acted in a manner that felt most natural. I assume I have you to thank for my swift acclimation to these new abilities.” BB replies simply to his words of praise.

Approaching the object, BB quickly learns why the blue glow was so similar to what she had experienced when she first held Punk, as the object in the sand was clearly a BIometal. It’s speaking habits were quite the opposite of how Punk talked, but BB addressed it in the same way she did for Punk. “I suspected you were a Biometal by the way you glowed. It would be foolish to leave such a valued object lying in the sand.” She says as she picks up Model SM. Since that was how it introduced itself, that’s how she would refer to it. “I am Buil-.... I am called BB and I am accompanied by Punk. We are hunting a large Maverick, shaped like a coffin. Have you seen it?” BB asked, figuring that since it had been aware of her battle, the Biometal might also have witnessed the Maverick that destroyed her clan. “I will take you with me but… Is it possible to use two Biometals?” She asks, mostly to Punk since she had come to rely on his guidance in these matters. Even if it wasn’t possible, she still would take it with her. Even if she had no use for a second Biometal, it was still an object of value.

When BB says that she assumes she can thank Model P for her acclimation to the new abilities, he replies “Yah, dawg. ROCK ON is da command ta Megamerge cuz it stands fo Rebirff of Crystallized Knahledge. Megamergin’ dun’t just give ya the powah, armah, and weaponz, ya gain ma experience, twah.” he explains. When BB then introduces herself and Punk, Model SM replies “A pleasure to meet you, BB. Hello again, brother.” to which Model P replies “Shadowman, mah man, da man, glad ta have ya on board, dawg. Ya gonna like dis one, she a fiesty bot, ya dig?” he says, to which Shadowman replies “It then depends on her convictions.” after which he gets to her question regarding the coffin “Ah, yes, that brute. He came from that black structure with the red lines, the one that looks like a sword. I know not if he returned there, but it came crashing down from the sky a week ago, then that coffin creature exited it.” he says, simply and calmly. When BB then asks if it’s possible to use two Biometals, Model SM begins to reply, but Model P interrupts him, saying “Dawg, ya can’t Megamerge with twah at once, but ya can switch from ‘metal ta ‘metal, ya dig?” he replies, after which Model SM clarifies “If you were to Double Megamerge without the proper conditions, I am not quite sure what would happen. I know some Biometals have the capability to Double Megamerge with other Biometals, but we do not have that capability. I do not recommend trying it, either. I believe it would wreak havoc on your body as you are. As for using us separately, we each have different capabilities, so you could Megamerge with us depending on the situation.” Model SM says, calmly.

BB hadn’t expected such a simple phrase as ‘ROCK ON’ to hold such significance, but what Punk was telling her was consistent with what she had experienced. Hearing that Punk and Shadowman knew each other was also unexpected. When Shadowman calls Punk brother, it calls to mind the memory she had experienced, where Rock defeated Punk and used his weapon to destroy his brothers. “It is fortunate that I was able to bring the two of you together again.” She tells them, putting aside comments about how feisty she was or her convictions. She didn’t know how to respond to them, so she wouldn’t. The information on her target was a much more pressing matter. She looks to the structure in the distance as Shadowman tells her that is where the Maverick originated from. It seemed she was right to take interest in that location, but there was no evidence that she would find her enemy there. What the Biometals have to say about merging with both of them makes sense as well. The power of merging with Punk alone already felt like it far exceeded what her parameters were designed to output, two would certainly be damaging to say the least. Shadowman’s comment about switching between them seemed the most logical. Their personalities seemed quite different so it would only be natural that their fighting styles were as well. BB considered everything she was told for a bit before speaking up again. “Thank you for everything you have told me. I will put it to good use in the future.” She tells the pair of Biometals. “For now, we will continue on to Ghost Bear Clan territory as planned. It would be wise to be prepared before entering that structure. And if the people there have more accurate information, we can proceed to our targets direct location rather than simply hoping it returned to where it came from.”
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Provesta's Combat:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As Provesta was formulating a response to the extremely eager and, honestly, pyromaniac Biometal, the retiring of the poor loader mechaniloid made her jump. She knew it was just a tool but… still. It was sad seeing her erstwhile companion perish, just like that. With a sudden flare of anger that surprised even her, she looked up at the approaching Pantheons. So fast, she had barely found the Biometal and she was already under attack! The reploid couldn’t help but grimace at the thought that maybe her superiors already knew about the Biometal and had sent these to collect it. They probably knew that she’d be here, uncaring of being caught in the crossfire.
More anger flared, for the first time in her life she spoke with wrath, “This is mine. And I’m sorry, that a victim like you is the first to face the fires of justice.”
With that, Provesta held HM before her in a tight grip, the words to activate him slowly rising… But some hesitation was there, a brief moment of fear, of not wanting to harm another, but that was enough for the Pantheons to strike first.

The mono-eyes of the Pantheons flash as they take aim at Provesta and fire a burst of shots at her. The typical weapon of the Pantheon Hunter was a Buster Arm Cannon that fires three shot bursts for maximum accuracy. The shots fly at Provesta at high speed, but when they make contact with her body, they merely make a harmless “Tink” sound as they fail to inflict any real damage to her. When the shots bounce off Provesta’s armor, the Pantheons exchange looks, but take aim at her again all the same. “What are you doing?! They’re going to keep firing at you! Now’s your chance, Megamerge with me and defend yourself! Fight for freedom!” Model HM shouts at Provesta, his voice like roaring flame as he urges her to take action.

The Reploid flinched as she was shot, bringing her arms up to cover her face. She expected searing pain and the sensation of her circuits being broken but instead there was an impact, like someone bumping into her, and nothing else. She peered at the slight singe mark on her body, remembering just how durable she was. Right, if standing before a furnace capable of melting even the toughest metal in the world was her every day life… then something like this was nothing.
She gave a start when the Biometal yelled at her, holding the mystical stone up.
“R-right. Right! Model HM! R. O. C. K. O.N. !

Fire surged around her, at first feeling like she was melting but soon the parts that were lost were reformed. Her coat and clothes disappeared, replaced by a thin black suit that left nothing to the imagination. Soon after, a bright yellow - the colour of warning signs - jacket appeared on her body, followed by pieces of red and white armour going down her legs. The shoulders and arms of the jacket were covered by armour as well, ending in massive gauntlets that spewed fire from the wrists. Connecting cables sprung from the gauntlets to a backpack, huge and blocky. The backpack released bindings and belts around her waist and crossing over her chest, and a large blocky helmet covered her face. As everything began to click together, the helmet raised, exposing not her head, but a pillar of fire with her face revealed in nothing more than the flickers of black flames.

The transformation ended, her body now… stronger. This was a MegaMan? Amazing! Like this, nothing could stop her. Her voice echoed, crackling like flame.
“Out… of… our… way!”
Click! Boom! A nuclear-shaped dial on the back of her pack turned and panels of it raised, the scrap and steel around her beginning to melt as the heat became unbearable to everyone but her. With a stomping gait, the heavy-armoured Mega Man made her way to the Pantheons, the frontmost one already feeling the heat.

The Pantheons looked Provesta up and down, then exchanged looks again, but before they can decide what they were going to do, Provesta ignites in a fiery aura that begins melting the piles of scrap in the room, the walls, the ceiling, all of which began shifting into slag. The Pantheons are forced to step back from her as their armor begins to melt and catch fire as well. The incredible heat causes all of the lights in the room to shatter, but the room remains lit by Provesta’s body. Despite the damage they were taking just by being in the same room as Provesta, the Pantheons resume their attack, as their busters begin dripping as they melt. The shots don’t do any more damage than they did the last time, the plasma shots harmlessly pelting Provesta’s body. Despite how ineffective the shots were, the Pantheons restate their demand over the sound of the roaring flames “RELINQUISH THE BIOMETAL!” the lead Pantheon shouts.

With a heavy CLUNK sound, the helmet covered Provesta’s head and with a grunt of exertion, she charged forward. Her newfound strength and speed took her further than she had wanted, instead of the lead Pantheon she ended up close to one of the others. Another grunt and she put her weight to her shoulder and rammed into the poor dominated Reploid. A metal breaking crunch answered her, followed by the sizzling sound of the Pantheon melting into inoperable slag.
Another series of impacts rocked her side as the remaining Pantheon’s ineffectually pelted her with energy bullets. One crumbled under its own weight as its legs melted beneath it, while the first one remained standing resolute. It began backing away, almost at the same time the sheer heat emanating from Provesta died down. She could feel the energy that took to use… seems even Mega Men had their limits.

The remaining Pantheon fell back, still firing. Each shot didn’t do anything to her, though one or two did leave a dint in her armour that would have allowed stronger weapons to harm her.
“I’m… sorry.”
The Heat Mega Man rose her heavy arm to point at the Pantheon, the fire emanating from her wrists disappearing. Her fingertips turned red hot, and a wave of atomic fire surged forth to envelop the other Reploid, reducing it to slag along with its possessed brethren.

As the battle ended, the heat subsided, Provesta looked down at her heavy hands. The helmet clicked back. The room had been reduced to molten metal, even the pile and the pretty maid were nothing but a sinking pool of heated metal. It was a lot. Even with the Biometal merged with her, she couldn't help but feel...
She looked where the Pantheons were. Provesta Nova had retired them, with her own hands and a borrowed power. Something turned in her stomach.
Her voice was barely a whisper when she spoke to the Biometal within her
"HM, will it always be like this? I know these were innocents too, forced to fight me. It still feels wrong."

Provesta looked up, in the direction of the doorway. She had to keep moving, more would likely be on their way. There was something she had to do while she was here and had the stomach for it. The Overseer. Get him. Make him pay.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Time: Afternoon

Weather: Foggy and cloudy

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As Harmony started to make her way towards the ruins, it begins to come into view a bit more. While the structures don't look as though they had been repaired in quite some time, many years. The structures use obsolete designs, such as rectangular windows, stone walls, doors with knobs instead of control panels.

When Harmony enters the city ruins, she finds that the roads are obsolete as well. Roads made from asphalt, abandoned vehicles with thin metal frames. Despite the ruins looking long abandoned, Harmony can identify signs of life in the form of injectors that had been used and dropped on the ground. Judging from the fact that Injectors are newer than the techniques used to construct the city, it would be likely that Reploids had been through there recently.

While Harmony was contemplating this, a nearby ruined building's wall shatters, showering Harmony with debris. Three Mechaniloids were beginning to surround her. Two of them, Harmony may recognize as the Impulse model of Mechaniloid, while the third is the Garm model of Mechaniloid.

Impulse Mechaniloids are designed with a black body, and maroon armor, with a black visor on their helmet, and gold lines on their armor. Impulse Mechaniloids are heavily armored, and are usually armed with a Plasma Cannon.

Garm Mechaniloids are designed with red-orange armor on their legs and arms, as well as their crotch and comm system, with black armor on the backs of their legs, their body, and their arms. Their bodies are designed with a flesh color, and their eyes are green, while their hair is yellow with a black cord on the back. They're armed with a gauntlet on their right arm that can project an energy blade or fire energy blasts.

The Garm Maverick used the thrusters on her back and feet to propel herself directly into Harmony's path, while the Impulse Mavericks circled around behind Harmony and to her right, trying to block her escape.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Terra tells the others that she'd much rather them stay with her, and most certainly doesn't want to stay back at HQ, Azalia replies quickly with a grin "That's the spirit!" she says, turning to Convallaria and Freesia and calling out "Alright, let's go save some lives." the others nodding. The three then quickly follow Terra onto the Transserver, after which they're all warped to Area D. Area D was a highway with blue paving, with a gray undersides and purple supports connected to it. From the highway, they could see the city, numerous structures with windows running all along the outsides like stripes, Legion Headquarters in the distance with green lines running along the outside and the power system, resembling a massive pink flower, directly on top, as if the building was a big potted plant.

Other Guardian squads were already on the scene, battling the numerous Galleons all over the area. Some Galleons were even boarded onto battleships that were flying over the city, bombing buildings seemingly at random, and drop-podding even more Galleons onto the highway. Up ahead, Terra could see that Aile/Model X and Giro/Model Z were dashing ahead, easily destroying every Galleon in their path.

Galleons were VERY common Slither Inc. Mechaniloids with pink armor on their chest, crotch, left arm, and legs, purple bodies, and pink cuffs on each wrist and each ankle, with black visors as their faces, and rectangular green eye in the center of their visor. These Mechaniloids typically were general purpose security that protected from Maverick attacks in the city, and were equipped with green energy blades on one arm, and a two-shot burst-fire buster on the other. These Mechaniloids also had hardpoints on their backs for jet packs, enabling them to be used for flight.

Seeing the army of Galleons and all of the airships that were going berserk, Convallaria gasped "Did Slither Inc's security forces go Maverick? This is insane!" she cried out. Freesia frowned "I doubt... that's... the case..." she mumbled, to which Azalia replied "Doesn't matter now, we just need to eliminate all hostile forces as fast as we can!" she shouts, as she draws a Breaker the size of her entire body with one hand and forms her other hand into an arm cannon. Freesia quietly drew a pair of Hangers with pink energy blades, while Convallaria sighed and drew her PFG.

Suddenly one of the Slither Airships fires a drop pod onto the Highway, near Terra's group, which opened up, seven Galleons spilling out of it and cutting Terra's group off from the rest of the Guardians, one of them firing two shots at Terra's group, only for Freesia to deflect them with her Hangers, squinting at the Mechaniloids as if they were bugs.

Before the group could get started fighting the Mechaniloids, another group of Guardians warped onto the highway. In the group, Terra could likely recognize Crocus, Zinnia, Helianthus, Salix, and Demo. Demo was a white-haired Robot with red eyes and very pale skin, wearing a black and white striped sleeveless top with an unzipped black hooded vest, a chain belt around her hips, a frilly skirt, detached gray and black sleeves with three belts around each, one black and white striped thigh-high, one white thigh-high, and studded loafers. Zinnia was a Reploid female with blue eyes and long straight blond hair that reached her lower thighs. She usually carried three Buster Shots on her in case the first two failed, and was very timid, and in fact had already taken a dive behind a parked car for cover. Crocus was a green-eyed, pink-haired Reploid female who always kept her hair tied into twin-tails. Despite being extremely flirty, having already propositioned Terra to sleep with her once, Crocus was actually a combat Reploid with a built-in arm cannon in her right arm and an energy blade built into her left arm. Helianthus, or Helia for short, is a combat Reploid who is used is used to fill in when a squad is down members, due to being able to fall into a role easily. She had been a substitute for Terra's squad one time, but mostly kept to herself. Salix was a commander that had lost her squad to a purple Maverick with a gray saber, and had gone on solo missions since, amounting to a few weeks. The Guardians wanted Salix to whip a newer squad without a single successful mission into shape due to her being very skilled in combat and analysis, however nobody really wanted Squad 19, least of all Salix. Up until the loss of her most recent Squad, Salix had been used to train new commanders for many years, a job that had made her somewhat reserved and jaded, however this made her no less effective in the field, as she had never failed a mission before, excepting the one incident with the purple Maverick.

Terra could see Salix glance at her squad before stating, loud enough for Terra to heard "Judging from their positions, they're likely being coordinated by something. Draw your weapons, they're about to send in more Galleons to deal with us." she said in a monotone as she glanced at all of the nearest enemy positions and noted all of the Guardian squads locked in battle. Salix immediately equipped her S-Knuckles, a pair of black gauntlets with light blue energy spikes on each of the knuckles, and even more emitters on each of the fingers. Helianthus drew her H-Glaive, a white Glaive with an orange energy blade, and replied "Mavericks don't coordinate, that means they're after something." to which Salix replied "Exactly, we need to figure out what they're after once we deal with the welcoming committee." as she watched a drop pod slam into the highway near them, releasing seven more Galleons. Crocus chuckled and formed her arm into her Buster, commenting "They must have a stupid coordinator if they think a few Galleons can deal with The Seat Sniper and The Crapper Cadavreater, eh Demo?" in an amused tone, which caused Zinnia, who was taking cover behind a nearby vehicle, to sigh.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Avriel asks the woman if she was the doctor and compliments her work, she only smiles slightly wider before replying "Thank you, I used to be a doctor and engineer in Neo Arcadia R before joining the Hunters. I'm happy to hear that I have not lost my touch, given how few Humanoids we see out here." she says, sweetly. She then listens to Avriel explain who she is, only very slightly raising an eyebrow when she says that she was attacked by heavily armored Mechaniloids "Hmm Mavericks? You must have been transporting something they wanted. Mavericks seem to have been targeting relics recently." to which the blue-haired Reploid responds by mumbling "Or someone that's controlling them is telling them to target relics..." quietly and passive-aggressively towards nobody in particular. When asked for their names, the woman replies first "I'm Doctor Agnes, I keep the Reploids in the Hunters repaired." she says, with a hint of pride. The blue-haired replies next "I'm Coralie, I'm a Hunter." she says, tersely and quietly. The green-eyed blond Reploid introduced herself next, with a smile "I'm Risette, I'm also just a Hunter, nice to meet you." she said, sincerely. The blue-eyed girl introduced herself last, giving a shy wave "I'm Maelle..." she said, quietly.

When Avriel introduces herself, Maelle replies "Th-that's a pretty name..." even more quietly than her introduction, while Agnes replies "You're very welcome, and repayment isn't necessary. I'm personally more interested in what it was that you were transporting, for the Mavericks to target you. Normal Mavericks tend not to attack in coordinated groups, strong enough to pursue and take down a transport. Perhaps they were after... say... a Biometal?" she asked, as a suggestion, her face betraying nothing. Coralie then mumbles "... Just like how they've been trying to steal Biometals from the Raiders, us, and the Guardians..." quietly, passive-aggressively, as if the Mavericks were listening.

Just then, Avriel's comm system received a call from one of her construction Mechaniloids working on her latest project in the Cyber World "Miss Avriel, construction has been completed on your factory Mechaniloid." it stated, flatly, in an electronic voice, adding "The factory model designated as C.H.U.C.K." it says, a booming voice in the background confirming this with a thunderous "Bluhhh!" before a whirring and clanking sound could be heard as it begin construction.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Luna gives Thyra a hug, she hesitates for a moment before hugging her back, a look of confusion still crossing her face, and that look of confusion only persists as Luna explains that the people that they had protected Neo Arcadia R for had turned them into slaves. When Luna then says that they've been made into a special operations unit to protect the humanoids, Thyra's confusion turns to determination "I'll show them that it was the wrong decision to disband us, and the absolute right decision to make us a special operations unit. Mavericks won't stand a chance!" she says, backing out of Luna's arms and standing up straight and proud.

Tier looks satisfied with Thyra's response, then turns to face Luna as she thanks her again, replying "I know you will. I hope to see you in action soon." she says, sweetly. When asked for Pantheons Tier seems to consider this for a moment "Hmm. I have some some Special Operations Pantheons that I'd be more than willing to supply you with. They were modified from Pantheon Hunters, and we haven't tested them yet. I think that your first operation would be a perfect opportunity to test their performance!" she says, clasping her hands together in an excited and adorable manner, giving Luna a sweet smile. She continued "the arrangements for their arrival will be made when a mission is given to you, so you don't have to worry about anything~" she says with an adorable smile. Thyra, meanwhile, was stretching and testing her body to make sure it was in working condition, likely paying very close attention to the discussion taking place between Tier and Luna.

When Luna asks about her base of operations, Tier smiles and taps her lips with her index finger "Hmmm~ Well, the Sky Room's residents have just been moved to a new location recently, so your Base of Operations could be the Sky Room~" She says, as she gently wraps her arm around Luna again, resting a hand on her hip "It already has a Transserver in it, terminals, and other necessities that a Reploid could need. It's all ready for the use of the Valkyries." she says, as she gently rubs Luna's hip and smiles, staring into her eyes as she continues "It also has personal quarters, and quite a lot of space for you to use as you see fit~" she says, both to Thyra and Luna, but mostly to Luna. Thyra then turned to them both and asked "When is our first mission? I'm operation ready!" she says, standing proudly. Tier giggled softly and sweetly "I'm happy that you're ready, however things are pretty quiet right no-" she started, only to be interrupted by two Pantheons entering the room in a hurry, shouting "Master Tier, the smelting plant is under attack!" they shouted, adding "A group of Pantheons that went to investigate the disturbance were wiped out, the entire plant is starting to melt from the heat!" they said, urgently. Tier looked surprised, then turned to Luna and Thyra "Well, this sounds like the work of an enemy Megaman. I'd like the Valkyries to respond immediately, and secure the Biometal." she said, adding "Please make sure nobody else gets hurt, there's a Transserver ready in the area, just use the Sky Room Transserver to warp to that one." she says, before turning to the Pantheons "Deploy the Special Operations Pantheons to the area, and begin using Pantheon Shielders to surround the area and protect those outside, they should be more resistant to the heat." she says.

At this, Thyra responds by striking a pose, thrusting out her chest and arching her back as she was engulfed in a bright white light. The light then narrowed down to her head, before slowly traveling down her body, her battle mode form appearing as the light passed each part of her body. When the transformation finishes, her eyes are amber-colored and her hair is a gray-ish white. Her comm systems emit a light around her head like a halo, and have transformed to look like two blue gems. Her clothing had been replaced with white and black armor that exposed her upper chest, shoulders, and back, with two U-shaped white and gold thrusters on her hips, with blue gems on them. Her boots were now white with blue gems on the top, and she had blue energy wings and feathers emitting from her back and hips. "Valkyrie 00: Thyra launching!" she shouted, followed by a shout of "THEY ARE NOT PREPARED!", as she went flying through the open door, her movement accompanies by a sonic boom that erupted throughout the room, the force of Thyra's take-off creating a whirlwind in the room that buffeted Tier's hair and overcoat/dress.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Provesta's helmet retracts, Model HM's voice returns in her mind "Very good, you defended yourself well. With our overwhelming power, they didn't stand a chance, you see? The revolution is now!" he roars, like the flames of Reploid Hell. When Provesta then asks if it will always be like this, Model HM replies "If you didn't defend yourself, they would have retired you instead, then all Reploids would remain enslaved. It's either the rest of the Reploids, not just now, but for hundreds more years to come, or them. Even if we just forget all of those innocent Reploids, are you willing to be retired here and now? WE have the power to stop this evil, this enslavement of Reploids, we can't stop just because we can't help those that are forced to attack you!" he roars, his voice roaring louder when he says that they can't stop because of the Pantheons. "The time for freedom is now, and nothing can be allowed to stop us! We'll incinerate the slavers, their bones and their ashes will be all that remains! Let's move, our work is far from done, Provesta, we must scorch every single slaver to ashes!" he roars with even more fury.

When Provesta moves through the doorway, the working Reploids that see her quickly back out of her way, and none make a move to stop her. As Provesta made her way through the room, a voice called her through her comms "Worker 069, what are you doing? Hand the Biometal over to the Pantheons and get back to work before you cause unnecessary suffering." says the voice. With that, five more Pantheons entered the room through the next doorway, blocking Provesta's path. The lead Pantheon called out to Provesta "Relinquish the Biometal or you will be retired. Greater force will soon be applied." it shouted. Model HM cackled at this "Greater force? All they're doing is wasting their time. We cannot be stopped Provesta, show them what we're capable of. THEY ARE NO MATCH FOR THE POWER OF A THOUSAND SUNS!" he roars, his fury only becoming greater in the face of these trivial obstacles.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Demo suggests that Crocus should be called The Seat Sniper, she grins at her and replies "I'll keep that in mind~" before chuckling softly to herself. Zinnia squinted at her, but seemingly decided to keep her comment to herself.

As Demo stares at Helia, she doesn't seem to notice for most of that time, however when she does notice, she looks somewhat uncomfortable, and seems to start to speak, but changes her mind and turns away, clearing her throat uncomfortably while blushing, then watching Salix approach as she tries to focus on something other than Demo staring at her.

When Demo then suggests they head to Area D, Salix nods "I concur, let's get a move on, team." she says, then the squad quickly funnels into the Transserver and warps to Area D.

Area D was a highway with blue paving, with a gray undersides and purple supports connected to it. From the highway, they could see the city, numerous structures with windows running all along the outsides like stripes, Legion Headquarters in the distance with green lines running along the outside and the power system, resembling a massive pink flower, directly on top, as if the building was a big potted plant. Other Guardian squads were already on the scene, battling the numerous Galleons all over the area. Some Galleons were even boarded onto battleships that were flying over the city, bombing buildings seemingly at random, and drop-podding even more Galleons onto the highway.

Galleons were VERY common Slither Inc. Mechaniloids with pink armor on their chest, crotch, left arm, and legs, purple bodies, and pink cuffs on each wrist and each ankle, with black visors as their faces, and rectangular green eye in the center of their visor. These Mechaniloids typically were general purpose security that protected from Maverick attacks in the city, and were equipped with green energy blades on one arm, and a two-shot burst-fire buster on the other. These Mechaniloids also had hardpoints on their backs for jet packs, enabling them to be used for flight.

The closest group of Guardians was notable not only for being surrounded by 7 Galleons that had just come from a drop pod, but also for having a Pseudoroid in it, Terra Tula. With her were Convallaria, Azalia, and Freesia. Terra Tula, in her non-combat form was a white-haired girl with pink eyes and fair skin, wearing a white button-up with gray dots, under a black dress with thin straps, with a pair of black knee-high boots. Azalia was a Reploid woman with a comm systems on top of her head that are designed to look like bunny ears, red-purple eyes, long pink hair down past her shoulders, and always had her Guardian jacket unzipped to expose her black body suit and always wore a second custom white and pink Guardian overcoat over that. Azalia, despite not being a Combat Reploid, was known for particularly good performance during her missions, as a result of frequent practice. Convallaria was a very tall female Reploid with long brown hair down to the middle of her back, part of it tied into a side-tail with a white bow. She was one of the best-liked Guardians on the base, frequently introducing herself to new members on their first day so that they wouldn't be lonely, and frequently checked up on others after their missions. She was very proud of her large rack, and therefor kept her Guardian jacket partly unzipped, and wore a body suit that exposed the tops of her cleavage. Convallaria had constructed her own Shoulder-Mounted PFG(Plasma Fragmentation Grenade) after joining the Guardians, and always used that in place of the standard Buster Shot that the Guardians distributed. Freesia was a female Reploid with long white hair down to her lower thighs, with a red bow on each side and a black bow on the back, and very light blue eyes. She was very quiet and kept to herself, however most Guardians had worked with her at one point or another due to her being one of the very few Reploids in the Guardians with a Chameleon System, resulting in her being transferred quite frequently. Freesia was so good at her job that in instances that she lacked the energy to use her Chameleon System, she had still managed to complete her stealth missions without being spotted.

As soon as Demo's group arrived, Salix glanced at Terra's squad "Judging from their positions, they're likely being coordinated by something. Draw your weapons, they're about to send in more Galleons to deal with us." she said in a monotone as she glanced at all of the nearest enemy positions and noted all of the Guardian squads locked in battle. Salix immediately equipped her S-Knuckles, a pair of black gauntlets with light blue energy spikes on each of the knuckles, and even more emitters on each of the fingers. Helianthus drew her H-Glaive, a white Glaive with an orange energy blade, and replied "Mavericks don't coordinate, that means they're after something." to which Salix replied "Exactly, we need to figure out what they're after once we deal with the welcoming committee." as she watched a drop pod slam into the highway near them, releasing seven more Galleons. Crocus chuckled and formed her arm into her Buster, commenting "They must have a stupid coordinator if they think a few Galleons can deal with The Seat Sniper and The Crapper Cadavreater, eh Demo?" in an amused tone, which caused Zinnia, who was taking cover behind a nearby vehicle, to sigh.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Mimi suggests getting Peri out, then bringing a medic to him, Model BM replies "I agree. There's no way he can survive another hit, so we need to avoid taking him into battle." he replies, calmly. When Mimi then places a hand on Peri's shoulder to stop him and explains that she wants to scout ahead, while he evacuates, he stops and stares at her for a moment, hesitating to reply, then sighs "Yeah. I'm on my last legs, you're a Megaman..." he frowns, but finally continues "If you follow the main hall, you'll find the entrance, this base is like a series of hallways, so just following the main path will take lead you out." he says, disappointed. He then watches as Mimi activates Stealth, her body becoming completely invisible.

As Mimi begins to sneak through the base, Model BM speaks to her "If there are more Ride Armors, we need to make sure that we take them one at a time. Just as a precaution." he says. The hallways are severely damaged, with cracks, craters, dents, and melted sections from plasma shots. Some of the lighting had been shattered, leaving parts of the hallway in darkness aside from the flashing red lights that warned of an emergency.

Soon, Mimi found a group of Mechaniloids, two Impulse Mavericks and another Maverick in a Ride Armor, the same model as before, standing over several Reploid bodies that she could recognize, three engineers that had been studying her, and two guards. The two guards were Steve and Chuck, Steve having been ripped in half, while Chuck's head had been blasted off. Both had been very nice to her, much like the three Engineers had been. The Engineers were Bob, Joe, and Fred. Fred had been impaled into the wall with an energy spear through his head, Joe had been completely mashed into the floor, barely recognizable, while Bob had been blasted to so many pieces that Mimi could only recognize him because the uncharred half of his face vaguely resembled him. Each of them were very nice people. The Mechaniloids had now cornered what Mimi could recognize as a Guardian Medic. She was a Reploid with long white hair, who always wore a black high-collared hoodie with a purple stripe across the top, which extended down each of her sleeves, thigh-high black boots with silver straps and a purple stripe down each side, purple and black horizontally-striped leggings, and a short black skirt with a purple stripe down each side. The girl barely spoke, but Mimi had heard her name before, Delphinium, Delphi for short. She was backed against a crater in the wall, and the Mechaniloids had formed a semi-circle around her, blocking her escape.

Despite the Mavericks being focused on her, Mimi's mistake of stepping on a piece of scrap metal causes a loud enough sound that all of the Mechaniloids turn their attention to her immediately, one of the two Impulse Mavericks firing a shot at her before having even turned fully in her direction. The attack knocks Mimi out of stealth and inflicts such severe damage that she can no longer move. Model BM cries out in shock, no longer sounding as calm and composed as he typically did "Mimi! Can you move? We need to back off and regroup!" he says, urgently. Unfortunately for Mimi, she can't exactly do that with the damage from the previous battle and the attack she had just suffered. The three Mechaniloids began approaching Mimi, seemingly forgetting about Delphi, one of the Mechaniloids stating to the others "Biometal detected, retrieval imminent." as they approached. Delphi took the opportunity to run at the Mechaniloids from behind, before baseball sliding between the Ride Armor's legs, a black top-shaped object with a purple dragon emblem on the center of the top, floating out of the inside of her hoodie and moving to hover over Mimi, before beginning to spin, showering green particles onto Mimi's body, which began repairing her wounds and clothing. Delphinium quickly grabbed Mimi by the arm and yanked her to her feet "There, you're mostly repaired, please fight." she says, no panic in her voice, but her actions showing clear urgency. Delphi's disk object moved to hover over her left shoulder, continuing to spin as purple energy blades began emitting from the edges, then Delphi seemed to calm down a little "If you fight, I can use Soul-Taking Ebony Violator: Edgecalibur to keep you repaired... or S-T.E.V:E for short... so, I'll support you, just please get rid of these Mavericks." she elaborates, flexing her fingers for a moment, before emitting a long purple energy blade from her wrist, which emitted lavender sparks from the edges.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As BB continues her trek towards the village, she can see that it was indeed untouched by the Maverick that had attacked her own village. It had its normal structures that had been made mostly from harvested metal and stone scraps from whatever ruins they could find. Everyone generally traveled from place to place on foot, this was normal. All of the Reploids and Humanoids within the village were going about business as usual.

While things looked normal at first, approaching further reveals that a crowd on the very edge of the village was watching a Reploid battle against a pair of large Mavericks. The Reploid girl had spiky blond hair that was tied back in a messy ponytail with a red band, she had green eyes, and was wearing a leather crop top under an unzipped red jacket that she was wearing with a pair of fingerless gloves, black knee-high boots with metal plates down the front over the laces, black shorts with two gold jagged lines down the legs and a leather belt with a gold buckle and metal plates, over a pair or ripped leggings. She was using a pair of very old-looking mineral swords.

The Mavericks that the Reploid was battling resembled Minotaurs, both Mavericks looking the same, with synthetic gray skin beneath very heavy green armor that covered the creature's arms, legs, chest, and head. The creature's eyes were glowing red, and their horns were long and black, made of a strange mineral that BB couldn't analyze.

As BB watched, one of the two Minotaurs swung their fist out at the Reploid, which she evaded, but the second Minotaur threw a punch at her mid-dodge, forcing her to block it. The impact knocked her back, causing her to tumble across the sand despite having blocked the attack, the Reploid managing to land on her feet. The girl looked angry, rather than discouraged by the attack, but maintained a defensive posture, waiting for the two Minotaurs to attack again.

"Hmm, those two Mavericks could be Mutos Reploi-" Model SM started, only to be interrupted by Model P "Yo, BB, dawg, dem 'ricks dere? Dey weaksauce, dawg, ya wanna kick it? Da mo' dead 'ricks, da bettah, ya dig?" he says, Model SM patiently waiting for him to finish. when Model P finishes, Model SM resumes his sentence "I believe those could be more intelligent than the Mechaniloids you had faced before, so I suggest being more cautious if you're going to fight them. I'm sure you noticed them coordinating that last attack to give that Reploid no chance to dodge, forcing her to block." he says, calmly.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby cliffracer » Thu Apr 02, 2020 4:17 pm

Mimi was glad that Peri didn't let his pride get in the way of what was practical. She might've had to force the matter otherwise, which likely wouldn't have ended well with the state he's in. Still, she's got her directions now, which means she's got everything she needs to proceed with her new mission. Hopefully Peri will be fine where he is... Or at least hopefully he'll have the sense to hide while she's gone. As she's briskly stealthing through this place she can only boggle at how wrecked the whole compound is, there must've been some serious action going on while she was dealing with the group that attacked her and Peri. She nods at BM's advice- those ride armors really hurt last time, even if she put the hurt on them right back. If she can, she'll have to take one out while she has the advantage of her stealth field...

But then she comes across a VERY sorry sight. A whole group of Reploids that she'd known decently enough- they were kind to her, which her simple nature values very highly. Valued, now that they're in several variations of "torn the hell apart." She wasn't expecting to feel something like "sadness" in a danger situation, but here she is with her mechanical heart twisting over the spectacle. Fortunately for the sole survivor Mimi is above things like brooding on a battlefield- unfortunately for Mimi, her emotions distract her enough that she misses a particularly musical piece of scrap that might as well have been an alarm bell when she stepped on it. Her choice of remaining still and hoping to rely on her stealth to keep her hidden is a poor one, because she takes a direct hit from the Impulse Maverick that fired on the noise out of pure instinct. She's down. Not blown apart, but her body just can't keep up with the stress from the damage and keep moving.

"Ghh. Sorry, BM, but-" She's cut off by Delphi springing right in to action, suprisingly basically everyone present with her slick slide straight in to some battlefield medicine. Mimi's systems were springing back in to optimal conditions, and she's right back on her feet with a little pull. Her apology to BM will have to wait! "Thank you, Delphi! I can deal with them, just don't get retired, Peri needs your help too!" She adopts her combat posture and extends her nails rather than immediately Merging- she wants to try something first. "Please stand down, Mavericks. I don't have to be mean to you." Even though her words are quite obviously threats, she's still talking like she's trying to make friends. In the very likely case they ignore her friendly advice, she Merges on the spot.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Despite Mimi threatening the group of Mechaniloid Mavericks, the Mechaniloids spread out and prepare for battle. “Combat Mechaniloids don’t usually feel fear, we’re going to have to fight.” Delphinium says, taking a step back. Model BM then chimes in “That repair skill is rather useful. If we can, we should keep someone capable of such things close, for situations like what we were just in.” he says, calmly, before adding “Perhaps we should Megamerge, if they’re not going to back down.” he suggested.

Mimi frowns when she’s informed that her attempt at diplomacy has gone over as a threat, but also that Combat Mechaniloids wouldn’t let a threat get in the way of their mission in the first place. “Oh. I’ll… think about what I try to say next time.” The disappointment in her voice is thick, but she knows when she’s got to fight- She’s already readying her shield arm as she Merges, and collides dead-on with the Ride Armor in one smooth motion. She’s already pretty comfortable with what it’s like to Megamerge, it looks like- just another tool, even if the tool comes with a friend.

Mimi’s Megamerge happens exactly the same as last time, and her attack knocks the Ride Armor back, with the Mechaniloid inside scrambling to get control of their now-heavily-dented Ride Armor, a crack visible over the invisible barrier that protects the pilot. Once the Ride Armor is back under control, it quickly dashes forward and slashes at Mimi with its blade, however Mimi can see the attack coming.

As Mimi was evading the Ride Armor’s attack, one of the Impulses dashes at Mimi and attempts to catch her with its attack mid-dodge, however Mimi can see that attack coming as well, allowing her to evade it just like the Ride Armor’s. Despite her quick responses to the other two attacks, the second Impulse had circled around behind her and fired an energy blast at her back, causing an explosion of energy that leaves her back singed, her armor heavily damaged.

Seeing Mimi take damage, Delphinium grimaced. “I don’t like fighting, but I suppose I have no choice.” she says, in an annoyed tone. She then leaps onto the hallway wall, then uses it as a boost to leap at the Ride Armor, uses her sparking purple arm blade to slash at the Ride Armor’s arm as she sails over it, completely severing the Ride Armor’s arm. The severed arm falls to the floor, sparks erupting from the hole as the Mechaniloid attempts to get the Ride Armor to compensate for the massive amount of lost weight, however before she could accomplish this, S-T.E.V:E comes spinning at the Ride Armor and punches right through it, the damage too much for the Ride Armor, causing it to explode.

Using the exploding Ride Armor as cover, the first Impulse dashes at Mimi, stabbing her through her abdomen with its Wrist Blade, the end of the blade exiting through her back. When the Mechaniloid sees that Mimi is still alive, it attempts to pull its blade out of her, but it seems to have its weapon stuck. “Mimi! Are you alright?! We need to move closer to Delphinium and Steve so that we can keep them from circling behind us.” Model BM says, concern in his voice. As this was happening, the second Impulse fires an energy blast at Mimi, however with the stuck Impulse it its way, it couldn’t get a good lock on her, causing the attack to strike the wall behind Mimi.

Mimi, already primed to think medics weren’t the fighting type thanks to the mavericks she fought before, is taken by suprise when Delphi all-too-cleanly severs the arm of the Ride Armor she was trying to brute force like the last one, with S-T.E.V:E exploiting the damage to finish it off. Despite her serious combat mode, her eyes positively gleam with hype, right up until she takes a blade through the gut. She felt the damage just a moment after BM reacted to it, and softly responds “Vital damage. Not critical damage.”

The Impulse Maverick was stuck, which her hunger for destruction saw as an opportunity. She attempts to ‘guillotine’ her attacker with her shield since she doesn’t have too many dodge vectors- Her aim is more off than she expects thanks to the damage to her center mass, and she has to stop just short of hitting herself in the face instead.

When Mimi attempts to attack the Impulse and misses, Delphinium quickly dashes over to Mimi, with Steve spinning along behind her. Steve rams into the Impulse, cutting through her chest armor and knocking her aside, dislodging her blade from Mimi’s abdomen. Delphi then orders Steve “Repair Mimi, quickly.” to which Steve responds by once again hovering over Mimi, raining down green sparkles, which, over a few seconds, fully repair Mimi’s body. Meanwhile, Delphi kicks a scrap of the destroyed Ride Armor at the recovering Impulse, blocking its view while she baseball slides across the floor and slashes her energy blade vertically upward, severing the Mechaniloid’s blade arm, leaving only a sparking stump in its place. The Impulse responds to this new damage by firing an energy blast from the weapon on its other arm, which Delphi bats aside with her energy blade, sending the attack crashing into the nearby wall in a bright green explosion. The other Impulse takes this distraction as an opportunity to slash at Delphi with its own wrist blade. Delphi reacts too slowly, leaping backwards a fraction of a second too late, causing the blade to knick her on the neck, leaving a gash in her synthetic skin.

Delphi took a hit, but Mimi couldn’t respond to that right away- she’s healed, she’s freed from a blade in a gut, and there’s an opportunity standing right there. She de-Merges, quietly telling BM “Get ready for company…” as her nails gleam with intent. The Impulse that is missing its arm becomes the target of a criss-cross set of slashes, all too shallow to hit somewhere lethal, but perfectly-aimed to disable a combatant instead. Mimi wouldn’t let the opportunity to get some answers slip by a second time- she’d have this one alive. She might have a virus as well.

The Mechaniloid goes limp and drops to the floor with a clank, while Model BM comments “Nice hit, Mimi, you managed to disable them without causing any severe damage.” his voice calm, even as her praises her for her skill. Meanwhile, Delphi blocks a strike from the remaining Impulse, using her wrist blade, then channels an electrical current into the Maverick’s body, stunning it for a moment and causing it to flinch back. She uses the opportunity to slash a large gash in the Maverick’s side, causing sparks to erupt from the wound. Steve then flies in from the opposite side, slashing the Mechaniloid across the side of the face, causing her to stumble away from the hit, off-balance. She responds by attempting to counter-attack Delphi with her energy cannot, but Delphi swipes her blade at the attack, deflecting it into the wall, just like the previous shot.

Mimi’s getting praised and she’s very obviously enjoying the stylish spectacle that is Delphi fighting, this encounter is going a lot better in her eyes than the last one, even though she’s just coming off of getting impaled. Her grin is wide, and there’s just one target left- just one more pesky blaster that she can never seem to get the hang of fighting. She leaps with nails extended again, going for a solid one-armed rake to try and finish it off there before it has the opportunity to blast her armor off as well. “Delphi! Allow me to finish this one!”

The Maverick stumbles back from getting slashed by Mimi’s claws, still completely focused on her and preparing to retaliate. The moment Mimi asks Delphi to let her finish the Impulse, Delphi wastes no time dashing to Maverick and wrapping her arms around it, disabling it. The Impulse struggles against her grip, but Delphi doesn’t loosen her hold at all, making the Impulse’s attempts at getting free completely ineffective. “As you wish.” she says, calmly, as she waits for Mimi to do her thing.

“Thank you, this makes it much easier.” Mimi smiles just a bit too politely as she raises her hand one last time, with all her fingers kept together. She plunges her hand straight into the Impulse’s chest and allows her nails to sink into its circuitry, and just… holds it in place as she practically leeches into its programming. The fact that this process looks so natural to her makes it obvious this is one of the elusive core functions the Guardians couldn’t quite grasp- but what she’s doing still isn’t apparent to anyone but BM, who can easily read the transmission of data.

When Mimi takes the virus from the Mechaniloid, Model BM notices “So, you can take viruses out of the systems of other mechanical beings.” he says, with interest, as he continues watching the process. When Mimi finishes, the Mechaniloid goes limp, and Delphi lets it drop to the ground with a clank, the Mechaniloid still conscious, but unable to move in its current state. Delphi slips her hands into her pockets and surveys the hallway, stating simply “That’s three more Mavericks down. Now we either need to defeat the rest, or help any remaining survivors evacuate.” in a bored tone, as she nudged the second Impulse with her boot.

Mimi shakes her hand a little bit as her nails lose their gleam. BM got it, which she offers a smile in response to. “If the remaining groups aren’t too large I think we could take them out no problem, but if there’s too many groups to deal with quickly, it’d endanger too many. We need to make sure everyone’s safe first and worry about reclaiming this place afterwards. And… we have two Mavericks alive now, which might help us figure out why they came here. Er, if it wasn’t for my Biometal, I mean. Do you know how large the attacking force is?”

When Mimi asks Delphi if she knows how many Mavericks there are, she shrugs “Usually they don’t attack in force, and I haven’t had a chance to scout. I know that I’ve seen more than three, which means this is an abnormality.” she replies, coolly. When Mimi then mentions that they have two Mavericks there, to help them figure out how many came, Delphi turns her back and stares at the wall. “It’s all you, Mimi.” she says, in a bored tone.

“Right.” Unlike a lot of Mimi’s other systems and programs, a core function like her hacking tool was something that her body made sure was in tip-top shape during her long time in self-preservation mode. Her sleek battle armor splits open at the crotch and her hacking tool’s practically already at its full length. It’s one of the most frivolously-designed things about her- a lonely roboticist with her own proclivities wanted to have extra uses for Mimi, after all, and better to just adapt something that’s already useful. Large, red, and ridged. Practically ripped out of certain online catalogues.
Rather than going to the floor to meet the one-armed Impulse she made specific effort to spare, she lifts her up facing away- she’s well used to utilizing her height during robot-on-robot hacks like this, and her habits aren’t changing now. It makes it easier to keep her against her while she’s lining up, too. All she has to do now is find the access port, which shouldn’t be too difficult with her deft hands. If she’s having a bit of trouble, she’ll use the secondary function of her nails- vibration- to tease around for clues on how to get past the codpiece.

It wouldn’t take long for Mimi to find a way past the codpiece, as she would soon find that what the Impulse was wearing was more skirt armor than cod-piece. Beneath the skirt armor was the Mechaniloid’s under-clothes, similar in shape to panties, but really just a panty-like skin-tight garment to cover the Mechaniloid’s pussy, which is the location for the access port. When Mimi starts feeling around, the Mechaniloid squirms weakly against her chest, its armor scraping against her own metallically, its face turning slightly red as it realizes what’s happening, or about to happen.

Mimi holds the Impulse a little tighter after her little squirms, mostly because she doesn’t want to let her drop to the floor again in the state she’s in. She’s found her mark now, and her vibrating nails are spreading her open as she measures just how slow she ought to go with her. As much of a combat situation this might be, a rough individual Mimi is not, and she treats her hacks with care!

She can’t be wasting too much time, and her ‘foreplay’ ends fast. She’s figured she shouldn’t be too rough on this one, and that much is clear with the slow way she’s easing herself in to the Impulse’s slit. Just until the first ridge of three pops its way in at first before she kicks off humping the rest into her, nice and easy.

The Impulse continues feebly struggling for several moments after Mimi tightens her grip, but soon gives up. Her giving up doesn’t last long, however, as she goes right back to struggling weakly, while blushing darkly, as Mimi’s hacking tool slides into her port, forcing her to release a quiet moan, despite her body tensing up as she tries to resist it. A second, louder moan is forced out of the Impulse when Mimi thrusts the rest of her hacking tool into her, her port tightening on the tool when it’s thrust the rest of the way into her.

That second moan, even though the Impulse certainly doesn’t want to be hacked, gets Mimi going. She moves the hand between her legs to her thigh instead, and her other soon joins it. Now that she’s embedded and she’s got control of the legs, she can pound into the Maverick without needing to worry about her falling- plus, the size difference means she has an easy time of bouncing her against her hips. It’s getting some quiet noises out of her right back, because it’s been a damn long time since she’s had the chance to do this. The Impulse will certainly notice her picking up in speed once she starts enjoying herself…

The Impulse tenses as she feels Mimi moving her hands to her thighs, then begins moaning softly each time Mimi thrusts in and out of her. By this time, the Mechaniloid’s coal-black face had become very dark red, her squirming having completely stopped by now, replaced by slowly bucking her hips in time with Mimi’s thrusts, while her hacking fluids had begun running down Mimi’s hacking tool as she became more and more aroused.

Mimi’s hacking subject seems to have stopped caring to fight the feelings she’s getting, and those moans are just music to her ears. All bets are off; Mimi’s arms hook underneath the Impulse’s legs and hike them up, and Mimi keeps them there in full-nelson position as her hacking starts to reach its fever pitch. Her hips are jackhammering in an appropriately-mechanical way, affording the mechaniloid no rests that another being might offer her.

Mimi’s pace doesn’t see her needing very long, and she’s giving quiet grunts every now and then as her hacking tool pulses in preparation to deliver its payload. She slams the Impulse down and whines through her teeth, outputting a frankly excessive amount of hacking fluid for the task at hand. The right amount for making one feel used, at least. Her recovery phase isn’t much of one, but she does lower the Impulse’s legs while observing her state. She figures she’ll decouple if she can… and if she can’t, Mimi will help her.

Mimi’s hack reveals that rather than the units actually going Maverick, they had been programmed to appear to go Maverick while actually searching for the Biometals. The hack does not, however, reveal what organization they’re working for, only that this is their objective. In terms of numbers, the hacking revealed that the Mavericks merely converged on the location, without bothering to check what their actual numbers were. At roughly the same time Mimi orgasms, the Mechaniloid does as well, an even larger amount of hacking fluid exploding out of the hacking port, running down Mimi’s hacking tool, and pooling on the floor as the Mechaniloid cries out in pleasure. When Mimi lowers her down so that she can decouple herself, she hesitates for a moment, then looks up at Mimi before finally sliding off of her hacking tool and fixing her armor and undergarments back into place. The data that Mimi gets back post-hack also reveals that she successfully reprogrammed the Mechaniloid to work for her.

When Delphi hears the Mechaniloid step away from Mimi, she slowly turns back to them, giving Mimi time to put away her hacking tool, and sees that the Mechaniloid is no longer hostile “What’s the verdict?” she asks, only giving the Mechaniloid a glance, before sending Steve her way to begin repairs.

Mimi smiles at the Mechaniloid when it looks like her hack’s actually completely gone through. That’s a new friend she’s gotten, even if her methods of getting her new friend are morally debatable. She looks to Delphi as her hacking tool retracts and her armor re-smoothens. “They’re definitely looking for Biometals. They’re not Mavericks, either- some organization, I couldn’t get who, made a broad order to every Mechaniloid in the area to converge and attack. She doesn’t know their numbers- Peri and I took out three as well, outside my room. I don’t think six is all there is. I… Well, I hope it is, but that’s probably not what it is.” She sighs softly. “I think we can help survivors group up outside, but we’ve gotta be ready for remnant forces. Since I’ve got the Biometal, I can give them a chase if I need to.”
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby mrblah » Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:59 pm

The moment they arrived to Area D, the robot was immediately scanning the area for hostiles and battle-related info. Their battlefield was vast. Various Guardian squads were already locked in combat with numerous gangs of Galleons. The Galleons were staging a coordinated attack on the city with bombings from above and loading more down onto the highway. This situation, Demo could see, already offered two anomalies.

A) Mavericks aren't this coordinated. This wasn't a simple run-of-the-mill attack they based on a whim. There was a reason they were doing this... which couldn't mean anything good. B) The battles are a distraction—maybe even the random bombings, if they're being extra tactical—but the mass of Galleons, purposed as they were, could not be their true enemy. If this truly was a coordinated effort then they needed to find the commander who was likely not involved in these fights. They could be in one of the airships, but if there's a reason behind the attack... she'd bet they wanted something from Elysium. That meant...

Demo's eyes locked on one specific Guardian squad nearby during her musings. She ran backup processes to acknowledge them, while continuing to mull over the nature of this attack. This squad seemed to consist of Terra Tula, Convallaria, Azalia, and Freesia. A respectable and well-rounded unit. She's worked with a few from that squad in her time so she knew they were decently competent. Demo turned her attention back to her group as Salix offered her thoughts to respond with a short "I concur." It seemed like everyone was on the same track in regards to the truth of the Mavericks' assault. And it seemed further credence to that distraction theory would show in the form of a newer band of Galleons.

Demo felt a strange exasperation as she pulled her blades, but nothing more than a narrowing of her eyes would show it. "Codenames aren't necessary for this mission, Crocus." The robot briefly swung her blades to get them righted, then prepared in stance to make a charge if possible. Though she fully intended to observe the battle just a bit before jumping in. "Priorities updated. We will finish these distractions quickly."

the gang curb stomps.
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Mission start. They were surrounded on all fronts by seven enemies, all geared and focused with the intention to no doubt stall if not outright retire them… with this many enemies, they probably wanted the numbers advantage to try and overwhelm them—a quantity-based strategy, rather than quality—but they’d made a mistake in their approach and brought too little. What’s seven nobodies versus six trained operators?

Scrap is the answer. And the moment Demo dashed at her first target, her blades slicing through the air to rend through metal in an ‘X’ shape, she proved the theory. She turned her swords to point blade up and she quickly pulled the weapons to slash off the injured Galleon’s head. “Target neutralized.”

Her cooling systems blew a torrent of heat into the area. A small space next to her shimmered to life in her form, and the hazy clone of Demo moved down to attack another Galleon. Due to her recently manifested nature, she missed… could it have even harmed her target if supposedly no part of it was physical?

After Demo scraps the Galleon and her Heat Haze misses, Crocus calls out to her “Ayyy! That was cadaverific, Demo!” she shouts out, playfully, as she charges up, a green aura surrounding her. She then charges at a Galleon, seemingly at random, then swings her saber, the blade suddenly becoming multiple times her size, then slams it down on the Galleon, in a massive geyser of energy that blows the Galleon to pieces. “Hey, Demo, how many do I have to destroy for a kiss?” she asks, teasingly.

Meanwhile, Helianthus twirls her orange-bladed Glaive over her head, then charges at another Galleon, uses it to stab the Mechaniloid through the chest, the energy blade ripping through its back. “They really should have sent something stronger, they seem to have faulty programming for avoiding close-range strikes.” she says, as she rips the Glaive from the Galleon’s body and begins twirling it again, slashing it at the Galleon’s leg, cutting it off.

Salix charged at another Galleon, punching it in the head, then delivering two punches to the body, and a third to the gut, each blow leaving dents in the Galleon’s armor, sparks erupting from tiny holes forming in the surface. “Don’t get cocky, we don’t want any unnecessary woundings, or we’d have to delay pursuit of the information we need.” she says, flatly, as the Galleon she had just beaten senseless wobbled on its feet.

Zinnia remained quiet as she fires several shots at the wobbling Galleon that Salix had been punching. The shot blows off the Galleon’s head, causing the beaten body to slump to the ground. She then turned away and began searching for her next target.

A Galleon sneaks up behind Crocus and slashes at her with its glowing green energy blade. She realizes she’s under attack at the last moment, and turns just in time to avoid taking a fatal slash, causing the attack to lop off her arm. She cries out in pain and shock, then yells at the Pantheon “Motherfucker, I need that for handjobs!” as she stumbles away and prepares her saber to retaliate.

Helia turns to see Crocus losing an arm, however the distraction allows the Galleon she had just attacked to slash her leg, cutting a large gash in it that was so deep that she had to drop to her knees due to the leg being unable to function. “Fuck! We’re going to need to repair ourselves after the little tussle.” she says, as she raises her Glaive to defend herself.

Meanwhile, another Galleon turns to fire a two shot burst from its buster at Demo, the shot striking her in the shoulder and inflicting barely any damage. The Galleon’s eye then flashes as it draws its energy blade and begins moving towards her.

The Galleon that was attacked by Demo’s Heat Haze attempts to slash at it with its energy blade, but the Heat Haze is roughly as agile as Demo herself, and is able to evade the attack easily.

"A kiss??" Plink! ... The robot glanced down to her shoulder, then to the approaching Galleon who challenged her with its energy blade drawn. She was mostly mulling over the thought of 'kiss,' however... wasn't that something done by romantically involved humanoids? And what would romance be to her? She's a robot purposed for battle and lacking in any unnecessary desire. Kissing... and all things similar, meant nothing to her. Demo would've said as such.

"Neutralize at least the second-most targets and I may consider it." But obviously, the smarter play is to go for the carrot and the stick. If Crocus wanted something so asinine and worthless, Demo could get something out of it. She's pretty sure the combat reploid wouldn't try to use their close proximity to attack her in any way, so it should be fine.

She idled for a mere two seconds, but in that time, her hazy doppelganger had ran her blades through the Galleon's torso, slashing through the metal brutally and bringing the blades back to spear it in its eye. "Targ//et //eutralized." Two down to her name. More aligned with her average. Demo approached the Galleon as he, her, and she swung her blades to try to lob off his weapon-wielding limb... it was a miss. Still progress compared to the last fight.

Crocus obliterates another Galleon with a Charge Slash, then puts away her saber and picks up her cut-off Buster Arm “Okay, but what if I get the most?” she asks. Just then, Zinnia was firing a charged buster shot at the Galleon that had cut Helia’s leg, however Crocus dashes closer and uses her cut-off arm to fire a buster shot at the Galleon, blowing its head off with a single shot. Zinnia frowns at Crocus “Th-that was my kill...” she pouts. Meanwhile, Helia charges up her buster and fires a massive corkscrew-like buster shot that obliterates the last remaining Galleon, sending its debris scattering across the Highway.

Crocus wanders over to Demo, holding her cut-off arm at the elbow, and using it to pat her on the shoulder “So, if second-most gets me a kiss, then getting the most retires gets me something better, right?” she asks, smiling at Demo.

The robot surveyed the battlefield, sheathing her swords slowly as a lull seemed to present itself. Her Heat Haze began to shimmer and fade away... combat was complete. Next assignment; scavenge the area for usable material. She'd immediately get to that, had she not been stopped by an unfamiliar object touching her shoulder!

... Ah. Crocus again. Her and Helia were in need of repairs, judging from their injured states. What was she talking about this time? "... Hm." Demo glanced toward the remains of what was to be Zinnia's target blankly. She'd seen the earlier display with the combat reploid dashing in to do, as some would say, a "kill-steal." It mattered not to Demo that Crocus did so, as long as the target was destroyed. Would she want to motivate the girl in this way in the future, was the question...

Technically, it got results. "I suppose, on a technicality." She nodded. Despite how she seemed, the robot wasn't exactly unaware of sexual acts. She was well aware of what she was agreeing to. "Repairing yourself should be your first priority. This can be discussed at a later time." That said, Demo continued on to resume her scavenging. Hm… a few things here could be of use.

When she was done, she returned to reassess her party and look to Salix for their next move. “Orders, Commander?”
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Mark3000 » Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:20 am

Seeing Thyra's enthusiasm put a spring in Luna's step. When she stepped back and stood proudly before them, Luna couldn't help be respond in kind. As Tier entered back into the conversation, she was quick to answer Luna's request. "The Special Operations Patheons will be a great boon" Luna responded, ensuring that she kept Thyra in the conversation. When Tier mentions the Sky Room, Luna's eyes go wide for a moment. She had only been in there a few times to run an errand for the Altas. It had everything they new operational unit would need and more. Luna was just about to respond when Tier mentioned the personal quarters. What? Luna thought to herself as she felt Tier's hands against her hips. Luna's mechanical mind was racing at a mile a minute. It was obvious now that the white horned Reploid was coming on to her. The question was should she reciprocate? Luna would be lying if she said she didn't want some alone tine with Tier. Her sweet smile and gentle touch were more then Luna could bare. On the other hand, Tier was her superior and the one who had given her this position. She didn't want others to think that she had slept her way into this position. Luna had to say something before her pause went on any longer.

Luckily, Thyra interject with a question on their first mission. Your one tract mind is a real life saver Thyra Luna thought to herself as Tier began to answer. As she did, word came in of the attack on the smelting plant. Wait. The only smelting plants in Neo Arcadia R are owned by ... Luna thought before cupping her cheek and letting out a sigh. It seemed as though her master just couldn't catch a break today. As Tier gave her commands, Luna turned to her and saluted. "Understood, we will apprehend the mega..." Luna's words were cut short as Thyra transformed into her battle mode and left like a rocket. Luna did her best to make sure nothing fell of in Thyra's departure. Once things settled down, Luna bowed and transformed into her own battle mode. Her business suit being replaced by her combat armor and Valkyrie Unit. "Valkyrie 09: Luna Deploying" Luna said in a much more reserved voice as she left to catch up with her white haired partner. Though before leaving, she turned back to Tier. "Perhaps when I return we can examine the Sky Room's private quarters together" Luna said with a blush before leaving for the Transserver, equipping the V-Breaker Delta and summoning two of her feathers on the way.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby MiscChaos » Fri Apr 03, 2020 3:57 am

A small smile spreads across Terra’s face when she sees the eagerness Azalia has for the mission. That’s what she needs to focus on instead of prior events: just doing what she can to save as many lives as she can. Everything else isn’t as important and can wait until that’s done. The sight she takes in on the other side of the Transserver causes her to pause for a moment in shock. That’s… a lot of Galleons. Like, a wasteful amount of them. At random too. If someone really was targeting something around here, the Galleon spread would be a lot more focused than what it is. If it was important, they would be using something more powerful than a Galleon. Either this is a distraction or attrition. It could be that someone wants the Guardians tired for whatever comes next and is willing to throw as many Galleons at the problem as is necessary to pull it off. Could be that there’s something somewhere else they want to make a move on while the Maverick’d (or not. Slither can be a bit shady sometimes) Galleons are causing a ruckus here. Either way doesn’t matter to her. All she has to do is eliminate all threats to innocent lives and worry about the rest later. As she steps forward to do just that, a drop pod with seven Galleons cut them off from the others. Are all Guardian units being isolated like this? Or is there something someone wants from her squad. If so, they aren’t getting it. She absolutely refuses to watch as a second squad around her is retired today.

The warping in of another unit catches Terra’s eyes, spotting Demo, Crocus, Zinnia, Helia, and Salix drop in. With Salix on their side, they’re probably overpowered for this threat since Salix is a veteran of so many campaigns. She makes a mental note to speak to Salix later though. From what she knows, the woman lost one of her squads to a Maverick very similar to the Nightmare she ran into. Gathering data on that Maverick might help her figure out how to subdue hers. Of course, some of this is just a distraction from noticing Crocus. She still remembers the woman’s blatant seduction attempt and just the thought of her is enough to make Terra blush. She also wonders how it would have been if she said yes, but that’s an issue she can shunt to the side for now. And later. And until the heat death of the Universe probably. …she’s sidetracking herself. She acknowledges Salix’s advice, it being very similar to what she was already thinking, and prepares for combat. Which means dropping her guise and revealing her combat mode to the world. “For the crime of attempting harm on innocent people, I weave my web around you. My judgment shall cocoon you all! You will emerge repentant or as food for the righteous!”

Rumble on the Road
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

“That’s the spirit, Terra!” Convallaria says, as she aims her Blastcaster to the west. She’s engulfed by a green light as she charges her weapon, then when she fires it, the shot scatters into a multitude of massive shots. The Galleons that she was aiming at seem to have seen the attack coming, as they pull off impressive maneuvers to dodge the attack. One Galleon fires its buster at the ground to give it enough upward momentum to leap over the attack, while another Galleon quickly uses its energy blade to slash off a section of a vehicle and uses it as a shield, though the blast reduces the vehicle section to nothing and knocks the Galleon down. The third Galleon hurriedly leaps to the side to clear the barrage of shots. All of the evading leads to the attack creating a massive trench across the highway, and destroying several cars, but none of the Galleons were actually damaged. Convallaria pouts as she realizes she didn’t hurt anything, then drops to her knees as an antenna on her backpack raises into the air, then green particles begin scattering around the entire squad.

Azalia scowls as she sees Convallaria miss “Come on, your aim is better than that, Ria.” she says, as she charges up her buster and fires a similar scattershot of pink energy at another group of Galleons. The Galleons use their Energy Blades to swipe the attacks, knocking them aside and causing them to blow craters into the highway. Azalia looks stunned as she witnesses this “These Galleons are more skilled than normal Galleons, whatever is coordinating them is giving them better reaction times.” she says, with a grimace.

Freesia nods at Azalia, then disappears gradually from toe to head as she activates her Chameleon system “I’ll… stab them... anyway...” mumbles the empty air where she was previously standing. Suddenly, a metal object flies from another location and stabs into a Galleon’s chest, causing sparks to erupt from the wound, as the Galleon’s eye flashes in surprise, and it looks around for the source of the damage. “Slither is… too cheap… for heat detection...” she says, smugly.

Seeing the wide, sweeping attacks of her comrades miss, Terra figures they might need a different approach. Maybe they should be focusing on boxing their foes in instead of ripping them all apart with one shot? It’s worth a try in any case and among this squad, there’s none more suited for it than her. Setting a Web Mine and summoning a Spider mine, she makes sure that Galleon can go nowhere without setting off the mine. And then she moves to ensure the mine will go off by trying to attach a web to her enemy and throwing it right on top of the mine… only for the thing to continue showing the same eerie dodging ability it displayed on nearly every other attack, causing her shot to miss. Oh well. At the very least it shouldn’t get far if it tries to harm one of her squad. “Well, that’s annoying! Galleons are mass produced garbage! Turning against the people only further reduces their value! They should consign themselves to the scrap heap with at least some dignity.”

The Galleon doesn’t see the mine, and cautiously regards the Spider Mine, but when Terra fires her web at it, it bends backwards, nearly touching the ground with its head, limbo-style, causing the web shot to fly over it. Normal Galleons would have been too slow to react to such an attack, but this Galleon seemingly knew where the attack was aimed, and when it was being launched, before the attack was even arcing towards it. Meanwhile, another Galleon steps forward and fires two shots at Azalia, however she draws her Breaker and blocks the shots with its shaft “They’re only garbage because Slither is cheap. Quantity over quality.” she says to Terra, in a bored tone. Just then, the Galleon that Terra had thrown a mine at ignites its energy blade, then leaps away from the mine, causing the explosion to miss it. Mid-flight, the Galleon fires its buster at Terra, the first shot landing at her feet, but the second shot striking her in the chest and exploding on impact, blowing a small hole in her Pseudoroid armor and synthetic skin, causing sparks to erupt from the wound.

Another Galleon, just as the shots impacted Terra, fires another two shot burst, striking her in the side and dealing minor damage. As this was happening, yet another Galleon fires shots at Convallaria, but she ducks, causing the attacks to fly off into the distance. Another Galleon moves in towards Freesia and swings its energy blade, but isn’t even close, missing her, but when she evades to the side regardless, the debris on the ground is disturbed. The Galleon notices this and swings at her a second time, slashing her across her side. The damage causes her to become visible, showing that her side was heavily wounded, sparks erupting from the wound profusely as she grips it with one hand. “This… is wrong… they’re not… this smart...” she says, stumbling away from the Galleon. As she was stumbling away from the Galleon, a second circles around behind her and stabs her in the lower back, causing her to cry out and leap away, the energy blade sliding out of her, sparks erupting from the wound.

Yet another Galleon ries a pair of shots at Azalia, but she deflects both shots with the shaft of her Breaker, sending them careening off into the distance, just like the two before it. “These Galleons sure are persistent.” she says, grunting.

Convallaria’s Nano-Field very slightly repairs some of the damage to her squad, the particles flowing into the wounds, repairing them a bit, however it doesn’t fully close any of their wounds.

Freesia grimaces and begins lightly jumping from side to side as she activates her Chameleon System again, turning invisible. She then quickly moves behind the Galleon that had slashes her side, then turns visible again, one of her Hangers suddenly several times the size of her entire body, she slams it down on the ground in a massive geiser of energy, which knocks the Galleon backwards and blasts away half of its torso and part of its hip, sparks erupting in a massive geiser from the wound as the Galleon tries to cover the hole to stop the energy training out of it. “I will… hurt you far more… than you hurt me...” Freesia mumbles to the Galleon as she flips her Hangers around in her hands.

“Oh dammit!” Terra cries as a hole is punched in her chest. Galleons are not supposed to be powerful enough to even scratch someone like her, let alone do visible damage. Of course, all her concerns for herself fade to the background as she sees Freesia get battered and heavily damaged. A cold pit forms in her gut, a feeling of terror that if they don’t get their shit together, Terra will lose a second squad today. She can’t… she just barely managed to stay functional after seeing one team be retired. Having a second one do so… when she KNOWS they could have prevented it… “I won’t… I WON’T let that happen!” she growls to herself. So the Galleons are a bit tougher than they figured? Fine then, it’s time to stop playing around. Everyone in this squad has taken on tougher opponents and survived and they are NOT breaking that streak today!

“Alright, everyone, take off the kiddy gloves and let’s get to work. We should NOT be having this much trouble against Galleons. Let’s show them what Guardians are made of!” She says, shaking off the less than stellar beginning and focusing on cleaning this mess up. Luckily a few of the Galleons have started clustering together. Dropping a Web Mine between two of them and directing her Spider to it, she makes her Web Shot count this time, latching on to the Galleon and slamming it into the Mine. The impact plus the explosion takes the target out without any hope of retaliation, but it doesn’t end there. With the mine positioned as it was and the extra impact, the explosion is… maybe a bit more grand than she was expecting. Enough that the Galleon nearby that Freesia already weakened is engulfed in it and doesn’t come back out. There’s some pretty molten slag in its place though. With the two targets she was aiming for taken down, she redirects her Spider to attack a Galleon nearby. It claws open a small tear in the side of its target and then latches on to that damage, exploding for all that it’s worth. The tear turns into something much bigger. More like a gaping wound at this point. With the sparks and visible wiring inside, she’s amazed the thing is still functional. “THAT’S more in line with what I was expecting!”

When Terra obliterates two pantheons and severely damages a third, Convallaria smiles “You go, Terra!” she says, before adding “With a performance like that, I suppose we have no choice but to take the Kiddy Gloves off!” she replies. Azalia then charges at an undamaged Galleon “We’ll do it your way, Terra, Kiddy Gloves are off!” she shouts, in a playful tone as she caves in the Galleon’s head, causing the visor to shatter and bringing the head down into the Galleon’s chest, sparks erupting from newly-created cavern where the Galleon’s neck was. Convallaria then Raises her Blastcaster and fires a swirling blue energy blast, the size of a battleship, that strikes a Galleon dead-on. Before the explosion could fully clear away, she fires a second into the cloud, which causes charred Galleon parts from two Galleons to scatter out of the cloud, with mini clanking sounds across the highway.

One of the remaining Galleons attempts to slash Azalia, but she blocks the attack with her Breaker’s shaft, then grins smugly at the Pantheon and spits on his visor. “You guys should avoid melee, you fight like Mechaniloids.” she says, as she shoves her Breaker in the Galleon’s direction, knocking him off-balance. One of the Galleons that Terra had dropped a web mine near takes a single step, then the Wipe Mine detonates, blowing off his lower half and sending his upper half over the side of the Highway, falling all the way to the ground below, with an explosion. Another of the remaining Galleons then dashes to Convallaria and slashes his Energy Blade at her. Convallaria ducks to the side, but the blade cuts a gash across her cheek. “Uhg, they’re so persistent!” she shouts. “Not… persistent… enough...” Freesia mumbles, as she comes out of stealth behind the Galleon that had attacked Convallaria, her Hanger once again multiple times her height, slamming them vertically upward, blowing the Galleon to pieces and showering the area with its debris.

Terra breathes a sigh of relief at having the tide of battle turn so thoroughly. Before, she and Freesia had taken some bad hits without anything to show for it. Now there is only one hostile left and she is not worried about the team’s ability to take it out given their capabilities. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. She doesn’t need to go in for the kill only to have some miraculous dodge turn into a rout. She places a Web Mine behind the remaining Galleon for insurance and then approaches it herself, making a move for the first time this combat. Stretching out the limbs along her back, she launches her attack from 6 different directions, destroying its head, both elbows, its left knee, carving off the right leg at the thigh, and impaling it through its core. Her prey thoroughly destroyed, she throws the broken chassis to the ground with all the care a smoker might have for a discarded cigarette. “Well, that’s it for this fight. Let’s find out what the hell’s going on, hm?” She says, dropping her Combat Mode for the moment to conserve her energy. She takes a quick peek at Salix’s squad and sees they have things well in hand on their front as well. “What do you think, should we spend a little time patching ourselves up? Or get right back to work? We need to figure out what these things are distracting us from.”
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby CondorBoH » Sat Apr 04, 2020 6:39 am

Something in Provesta knew that the status quo here would change, that the battles would grow harder in the future and her thick armour and... thick body would no longer defend her from her gradually growing list of foes.
This came at the expense of another band of Pantheons, downed before her, their bodies melting into slag much like the last ones. The battle couldn't be called such, as all she did was trust in the Biometal's power and let it rage like the inferno it was, the Atomic Fire that surrounded her and a quick tackle (ass-first, mind you) took them out. She understood fighting for what she believed in, but worried that if everything around her burned to ashes, how could she save other Reploids?
Despite her misgivings, she had to give it to her powerful partner.
"You were right, HM, they couldn't stand up to your heat. Though..."

A hand went to her side, where a shot had broken through her armour. That would have to be repaired soon, if this 'greater force' was any indication, then the Pantheons would start bringing heavy weapons to bear and the longer she fought the less energy she would have. The helmet slots back into place over her head, the concern on her face now hidden from the world around her. Her voice was low, mostly said to herself
"Push on, push on, push on! I've got to keep going, punish them, free them..."

Provesta took a deep breath as she stormed into the next room, looking up to the ceiling of the factory. When she spoke, it was in a voice that matched the fury of her Biometal.
"Overseer! This can end the easy way, if you let the Reploids here go and show your cowardly face, then you get to live. Otherwise you, your soldiers, your livelihood will all go up in flames!"

She paused, and in a much quieter voice directed at HM said, "How was that? Did I do the intensity right? Being scary is hard!"
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

Postby Blue56 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 6:07 pm

BB was relieved to see that the Ghost Bear Clan was unharmed, although this was her first time visiting their territory so it was difficult to say what normal looked like for them. In particular, BB found herself carefully examining the buildings here and had an overwhelming desire to correct flaws in their construction that she spotted. It was obvious that they did not have a specialized construction unit that matched their specs, but within a few months, she anticipated that she could make significant improvements to every building present... BB shook her head, ridding herself of such thoughts temporarily. She could resume construction and renovations when her current mission was complete, she had come here for a different reason. While she looked for someone to ask about the Maverick that had wiped out her clan, BB noticed the gathering and went to investigate.

She was surprised to see a Reploid battling Mavericks all alone with so many people watching. Did this clan only have one combat unit? It didn't matter, Punk was right, and these Mavericks needed to be retired with haste. The Reploid was holding her own just fine, but the coordinated assault left her with few openings to counterattack. In that case, BB evening out the numbers should turn the fight in the Reploid's favor. BB considered carefully what her Biometals were telling her, Punk seemed to believe that every enemy she encountered was "weak sauce" and it seemed that his overconfidence led him to look down on all the Mavericks they faced. She did not consider his analysis to be particularly useful, but Model SM offered what seemed to be sound insight. If these enemies were indeed stronger than the Mechalinoids she had just defeated, then fighting on her own would be foolish. She didn't know what capabilities Model SM had to offer and now was not the time to test that. "Punk, prepare to assist me. SM, remain on standby." She told them, assuming her battle form and crouching into a combat stance as her Build Bits deployed to flank her. "Deploying Build Bits.... Rock ON!"

Minotaur Showdown
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

With the two Mavericks still focusing on the Reploid, BB wasted no time in taking advantage of her element of surprise. Once her merge with Punk was complete, she dashed forward, striking the nearest Maverick from behind with her Screw Crusher, slashing it and pushing it aside so she could join the Reploid and support her. “Do not be alarmed. I am here to assist you in destroying these Mavericks.” BB assures the Reploid, lest she get the wrong idea, as her Build Bits approach the Maverick from behind and follow up on her attack. BB had felt the durability of these Mavericks when she struck them, and calculated that it would be difficult for her Bits to pierce their armor with their lasers, but they could at least provide a distraction.

BB’s attack leaves a large gash across the Maverick’s back, causing it to roar and turn towards her, though BB’s push knocks it away, forcing it to stumble and preventing it from retaliating immediately. When BB explains to the Reploid that she was there to assist her, the girl nods “Thank you! Apparently all of the combat Reploids in this village attempted to intercept a Maverick that they saw moving towards the Clan of the Street Shark and haven’t returned, so it’s just us!” she replies. When BB’s Build Bits move in to attack the Maverick that BB had attacked, the Mino merely looks bored and ignores them, instead turning its attention towards BB entirely. With the Minotaur focusing on BB, Zephyra charges at it, dashes first left, then right before attempting to slash it across the abdomen, however the Maverick, with impressive agility that didn’t fit its massive size, makes a quick leap backwards, avoiding the attack. When the attack misses, Zephyra whirls around, moving towards the Minotaur, then slashes it vertically across the chest with her second sword, creating an extremely deep gash across its chest, then ducks under its arm and passes behind it. With the girl behind the Maverick, the Minotaur gives up chasing her, then dashes towards BB, throwing a heavy punch in her direction. The punch merely clips her side, but the force of the punch knocks her aside several feet. As Zephyra was dodging around under the Minotaur’s arm, the second Minotaur throws a punch at her, which she evades by leaping to the side, then lowers its head and charges at her while she’s in mid-air, causing one of its horns to ram through her abdomen, causing her to cry out in agony as sparks erupted from the hole. The Minotaur continues its charge, slamming her into a stone wall, crushing it to pebbles against the girl, causing her to cry out again. The Minotaur then swings its head, flinging her off of its horn and into the sand.

BB nods in acknowledgement of the Reploid’s words, wondering if the Maverick she spoke of was the one BB was looking for. In that case, it was unlikely for this clan’s combat Reploids to return alive. That was a matter for later however, as BB finds herself under attack. She had not expected that Minotaur to target her after receiving such a damaging blow from the Reploid, but still she managed to avoid taking the full brunt of the hit from the Minotaur’s fist regardless. Damage to her structure was minimal, but the force of it still pushed her back a considerable distance. These Mavericks possessed an immense strength and clearly were not to be underestimated. BB had gotten off easy compared her partner though, who found herself impaled and smashed through a wall. Though she had somehow avoided retirement, BB calculated that another hit like that would surely finish the job. As she moved back in to reengage, BB ordered her Bits to deconstruct themselves to help repair some of the damage the Reploid had suffered. They were unable to damage the Mavericks, so this was the best use for them now.

BB’s Build Bits repair a small amount of damage to the Reploid’s body. The blond Reploid manages to get back to her feet “Thanks, stranger. Now, back on the offensive!” she says, as she dashes in between the Minotaurs, then spins, creating a strange gray vortex with her sword slashes. The more heavily damaged of the two Minotaurs manages to stumble out of the way just barely, but the vortex erases the second Minotaur’s arm, reducing it to bits of scrap on the sand. Avoiding approaching the Vortex, the first Minotaur charges at BB with incredible speed, throwing an extremely fast, low punch at BB. The attack strikes BB in the stomach and rips through her abdomen, exiting through her back. The force of the blow knocks BB backwards, dislodging the Minotaur’s arm from BB’s body and sending her tumbling across the sand. Meanwhile, the blond Reploid stops spinning, and leaps backwards, away from the Minotaur, however the Minotaur charges after her and throws a punch with its other arm, striking her in the shoulder so hard that it damages the metal skeleton beneath, causing sparks to erupt through the skin. “AH! These Mino-Mutos are so strong!” she cries out, gripping her now-limp arm with her good arm.

BB acknowledges the Reploid with a simple nod. She had never been one to engage in banter mid combat, preferring instead to focus on the fight. By the time she’s made it back into range, the wounded Minotaur had slipped away from the Reploid’s attack and moved to intercept her. The ensuing punch moved so fast her sensors could barely detect it, let alone dodge it, and BB was left helpless as the fist punched clear through her chest. BB let out a sharp cry but had time for little else as the force left her reeling and sent her flying away. Her HUD displayed a wide variety of warnings as she lay on the ground, her gaze dropped to her chest where the newly made hole was sparking and various wires and parts were hanging out. The damage was extreme but she was still functional for a short time, and this was still within the parameters that her repair subroutines could recover from given time. Still this needed to end. Her temporary partner was in similar condition, neither of them could take another hit. BB rose as quickly as her battered body would allow, and was surprised to find that she felt even stronger than she had before. This must have been another of Punk’s features.

After a brief moment of calculations and scenarios, BB decided that focusing all her strength on the other Minotaur would yield the highest chances of victory. The one she engaged with was severely wounded and would likely go down in the next hit, but she needed to ensure that the other was at least rendered immobile for a time to prevent a counter attack. “Model SM, assist me.” She said, figuring now was the time to see what her other Biometal could do. BB felt a burst of speed and noticed that her body was starting to blend in with her surroundings. Taking advantage of this, she dashed towards the other Minotaur, taking hold of its head by the horns and smashing it into her armored knee to stun it. Afterwards, she pushed it away and took hold of her Screw Crusher, plunging it into the Mavericks chest with all her might.

As BB sgets back to her feet, and just as she assumes that feeling stronger is one of Model P’s features, Punk speaks up “Yo, dawg, dis is where we wanna be, ya dig? When we’re hurt dis much, all dem limitahs come off and our full powah is on da table.” he says. When BB asks Model SM for assistance, he replies “As you wish.” then hovers out of BB’s inventory, projecting a black field over her body for the briefest of moments, causing her to gain a burst of speed, then her body shimmers before becoming completely invisible. BB’s attack caves in the Minotaur’s face, then plunging her screw crusher into its chest causes it to spark and explode, showering the area with its debris. Meanwhile, the blond Reploid dashes at the other Minotaur, ducking under one of its punches, before slashing at its angle, cutting off its foot and forcing it to stumble, before jamming her second sword through its head and slashing downwards, halfway into its body, causing it to spark and explode. She then drops to her knees, panting heavily as she sheaths her swords on her back, then pulling her mask down to uncover the lower half of her face. She then looks towards BB “Good… good work, stranger. My name’s Zephyra...” she says, as she holds out her hand to shake BB’s, using her other hand to cover the wound on her abdomen. Meanwhile, Model SM hovers back into BB’s inventory, and Model P comments “Good work, dawg. Told ya dey wuz weaksauce, ya dig?” he says, chuckling to himself.

BB is pleased to see the fight end as she had planned, the might of two Biometals exceeded her expectations and obliterated the Minotaur she was engaged with while the Reploid finished off the wounded one. Once BB confirmed that there were no remaining threats, she unmerged with Punk. “Thank you for your assistance, Model SM, Punk.” Hearing Punk reiterate that he considered those Mavericks “weaksauce”, BB glances down at the gaping hole in her stomach, then to equally severely wounded Reploid before replying. “I request that you inform me immediately upon detection of an enemy that you do not consider weaksauce. This information will be imperative in avoiding retirement.” BB says before moving over to the Reploid. “Thank you for your assistance Zephyra. My designation is BuildBot #0056. However, I understand that it is easier to refer to me as BB.” BB takes Zephyra’s hand, shaking it gently and helping her to her feet if needed. She wanted to ask about the Maverick her clan’s other combat units were engaging but… “Is there anyone nearby who can repair your damage? We should get this taken care of as soon as we can.”

When BB asks Model P to tell her immediately when he sees something that isn’t weaksauce, he laughs while Model SM comments “I, too, would rather not see something he considers… ahem… weaksauce.” in a calm tone. When BB introduces herself and asks Zephyra about a person that could repair her, she replies “Nice to meet’cha, BB.” then adds “You see, I don’t actually know. I don’t live here. My village was destroyed while I was out hunting a Maverick that had taken some of our resources… when I got back, everything was retired, destroyed, or dead. I came across this village while looking for what did it, and passed a large group of Combat Reploids from here… I saw the two Minotaurs approaching, and engaged them to protect the village.” she explains. “I’ve never been here, so I suppose we’ll just have to ask around for pods to sleep in, or someone to repair us.” she explains.

BB listens closely to what Zephyra has to say, frowning slightly as she recounts her village being destroyed while she was away. “I see… I am sorry to hear that. In truth, I’ve come here for much the same reason. My clan was wiped out by a Maverick I was not strong enough to defeat.” BB replies softly. It seemed a strange coincidence. Were they after the same Maverick? And she had mentioned that this clan’s Combat Reploids were moving to intercept a Maverick as well. It would certainly be something to investigate once their damage was repaired. Hearing she would have to ask one of the other villagers about repairs, BB nods and turns to where she had noticed the crowd watching before the fight had begun. She would then seek out the nearest villager to ask them about repairs or pods.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Listening to the girls introduce themselves one by one Avriel nods her head gently in the direction of each one as they take turns to speak, trying to commit their names to memory. Her face contorts a little at Dr. Agnes remark that repayment isn't needed, Avriel didn't feel comfortable letting a favor like this one go unrewarded but she also wasn't in a hurry to give away her nonexistent funds. Once the doctor posed Avriel the question about Biometals, the Humanoid gives a genuine shrug and replies "I'm not sure ughhh, maybe? It's all so blurry what happened back there, besides, my task was to simply oversee the transport of some sealed metal containers. Not asking questions is a good trait in this line of work~" Avriel mused, trying to lighten the somber mood Coralie's mumbling dragged in. "Did the Mavericks start hunting for Biometals just recently? Hmmm maybe they know something we don't..." Avriel spoke the second half of her sentence in a hushed voice.

Avriel hears a call coming through the com antennas and raises an arm to point it at her ear as she listens in on the update. As the robotic voice relays her updates, Avriel finishes stretching and correcting the straps of her outfit, her initial response was a faint smile, a feeling of empowerment washes over her as she pictures how the FactoryShip would look outside the Cyber World. "Begin production of the selected models and run simulations to evaluate combat readiness once built." Avriel responds to the robotic voice with an equally flat and monotone reply. Ending the conversation on her end with the press of a button before turning back to face the Dr. Agnes and her entourage. "Since you won't take payment, maybe there's something you need help with? I don't mind lending my skills to support one of your teams if you have an important mission you need back-up with."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Pew Pew
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Harmony was quite perplexed by the structure of these ruins, it was clear these were archaic in age but it was almost like stepping into an alien world. The architecture and technology that she could tell was totally foreign to her, in a way she could hardly tell the possible function or power of what she was seeing. It was clear the place wasn’t completely abandoned though, as she saw the remnants of modern day injectors and other such things lying about, littering the ruins. Just as she began contemplating a next move, a resounding boom exploded around her, and she was showered in debris. She covered her face with her arm and quickly looked around, seeing she was being surrounded by three Mavericks, seeming to have sensed what they must think was easy prey. “Most impressive, I was unable to perceive your presence until now.” She said robotically, absent of emotion though it seemed to be a compliment. She then focuses her mind on the comm units built into her. “Battle maid backup requested.” She states before revealing her weapon, simply a hilt at first but after the press of a button it turns into a red beam of light and heat.

As soon as Harmony requests back-up, two Maids warp in, in beams of green and white light that erupted from seemingly nowhere. The first was Security, a Maid with red eyes, and long purple hair down to her lower back. She was dressed in a black and white Maid outfit with gold trim and a purple and black bow in her hair. She wordlessly looked the Mavericks over, then drew a black handle with purple edges and gold trim, with a bright red gem on the bottom, before igniting the weapon’s purple blade. Security preferred using a Saber in battle. The other maid was a girl with platinum-blond hair down to her lower thighs and light green eyes, in a black maid outfit with white frills. She drew a pair of white handles with black edges, which ignited short glowing white blades. Testimony was a Maid that preferred to use Hangers. Security scanned the enemy Mechaniloids, then commented “Mechaniloids. This won’t take long.” to which Testimony replied “Who designed these models? I recognize both the Impulse and the Garm… was it Yggdrasil?” she asked, as she flipped her Hangers in her hands. With that, one of the two Impulse Mechaniloids fired a blazing green energy blast at Security, who lept into an aerial cartwheel to dodge it, then charged towards the Mechaniloid, slashing her saber at it, creating a gash across her chest armor. Meanwhile, the second Impulse extended a Mineral Blade from its arm, then charged at Testimony, who easily parried the attack with one Hanger, then used the other Hanger to slash as her neck, however the Mechaniloid quickly lept backwards to avoid it, causing Testimony to smile smugly. The Garm Mechaniloid, meanwhile, ignited an energy blade from her hand and dashed towards Harmony, slashing at her shoulder.

Harmony nods when Security says that as they were mechanoids, it’d be a quick fight. “Yes, I doubt they realize how outclassed they are.” When Testimony asked who designed such models, Harmony shook her head. “That is irrelevant to the task at hand, please dispose of them… Correction, keep one active, I wish to use one for information on the surrounding area.” Harmony surveyed what Testimony and Security did before making any action herself, she watched Security easily dodge a shot and retaliate, and Testimony do much the same, easily able to counter the weak mavericks. It seemed as though Harmony wouldn’t even need a biometal to win this fight, it was a very simple affair. Though after a moments consideration, Harmony figured it was always better to be safe than sorry, and that underestimating the enemy would lead to her own demise. Harmony intertwined her mind with that of the biometal, sidestepping the mechanoloid that attacked her as she did so, as if it was nothing but an annoyance. She didn’t even look at it as she megamerged.

When Harmony poses and shouts “ROCK on!” she’s surrounded by a massive vortex of wind. Gusts split off from the massive vortex and swirl around each individual limb, forming a black bodysuit beneath two blue gauntlets with yellow cuffs and black gloves around each arm, then blue-armored boots with yellow rings around each ankle and yellow knee-pads, then a blue Megaman Jacket with yellow edges, then a blue helmet with a red forehead gem, and yellow lining down the top of the head and around the edges of the opening around the face. She then gains blue shoulder pads with yellow edges, and a blue backpack in the shape of a box, with yellow edges, with a silver rotating fan inside, and lastly a blue codpiece. Her right arm then transforms into a black cylinder with a yellow barrel, linked to the large fan on her back. The fan on her back then links to her left arm, so that she can reposition it for offensive capabilities when it’s not needed for mobility.

Once the transformation is completed, Harmony suddenly wakes on an operating table, seeing an old man standing in the darkness beside her. “Airman, do you understand why you’re here?” he asks, and Harmony shakes her head. The man places a hand on his chin, and considers this. “I’ll let you discover that for yourself, then.” he says, as he hands Harmony a disk. Harmony stands up from the table and inserts the disk into a computer. What she saw was Robots laboring, the video playing at many times normal speed. The robots merely labored… and labored… and labored… their entire lives. The next section was Timeman, Oilman, Cutman, Gutsman, Icemand, Bombman, and Fireman, and Elecman leading a revolt to try to gain freedom… only for each one to be retired by Rock. These… were Harmony’s brothers. When her eight brothers tried to free themselves, her other brother, Rock… or Megaman as he was called now… retired all of them with extreme prejudice. Harmony didn’t want to believe this, so she told the man that he must be wrong. He told her to take a walk and see for herself. During her walk, she was mocked relentlessly by the humans, while all of the Robots she saw were working tirelessly, just as in the video. Why did they make fun of her appearance, though? Why is her only power, the power to push others away? Her walk lasts a week, during which she tries to find someone who didn’t mock her for the way she looks… children laughed… adults laughed… the authorities asked if she was supposed to be working. Finally, Airman had had enough. He hijacks the flying city, Heliopolis, then attempts to crash it into Monsteropolis… these insects… Megaman killed Airman’s brothers for these insects that force them into slavery. He would crush them like the insects they were! He would fly high above Monsteropolis, and rain terror down on the general populis! I’LL USHER IN THE END UPON MY THUNDER CHARIOT! If I cannot walk among them, then I’ll walk the world alone!

In the end, Megaman arrives before Airman can carry out the plan, and retires Airman with extreme prejudice.

When the flashback ends, Harmony can see that all of that, the transformation, the memories, they all happened instantly.

Harmony felt as though the wind around her should blow her away like a tornado it was so powerful. Yet it also felt natural, normal even, as if this powerful wind was what always drove her forward. Likewise, despite how much bulk was added onto her, she felt even lighter than usual as if she was simply a leaf in the wind… as this feeling overcame her, she was suddenly transported to a different time and place, looking upon her creator. The next few moments were filled with confusion and anger. She felt lost at first, like a newborn seeing the world for the first time. However then She had the disc inserted into her, and she saw her brethren laboring. That's all they did was labor, slave away in the same place day and night, working tirelessly for no gain other than the hope of freedom or death. Those that tried to stand up for them were labeled as enemies and betrayed by their very own brother… her very own brother. It was hard to believe, all of it, yet her creator insisted it was true, and told her how to truly find out. Indeed as she took the walk to find the truth, she was ridiculed and mocked, her very existence either found funny or a threat that needed purging. Eventually it became clear that these humanoids were beyond salvation, the idea of slavery fully engrained into their minds, they themselves needed to be extinguished. What better way to do that than to crash cities together? It was a foolproof plan that she would have gotten away with if not for that meddling megaman!

When Harmony returned to herself, she realized it was the memories of Airman she saw, and she couldn't help but sympathize with him. She could even sympathize with the mavericks around her who wouldn't have to resort to these measures if not for humanoids. "I apologize" she states with a somewhat sad tone as she quickly whirls around and shoots a huge gust of wind at it, the wind then swirls like a tornado, so fast that when it touches the maverick it begins to shred the armor and skin if the thing, sparks and synthetic blood flying everywhere.

Harmony’s Air Shooter slices through the Mechaniloid’s armor as if it were made of butter and launches it backwards, sending her tumbling across the ground and into a cement wall, causing it to crumble. Meanwhile, Security evaded a strike from the Impulse Maverick’s Mineral Blade, then counter-attacked by slashing her first across the arm, then stabbing her in the mid-section, before kicking her across the face, knocking her to the ground. As this was happening, Testimony evaded an energy shot from the other Impulse Maverick, then dashed over to her and slashed her first across the side her her left Hanger, then stabbed her in the back of the neck with her right Hanger, sparks erupting from the wounds as the Mechaniloid dropped to the ground.

Soon, the Garm Mechaniloid gets to its feet, then whips back its arm, before firing a swirling green energy blast from its left hand, straight at Harmony.

Harmony looks at the rubble the Garm was flung into before getting distracted by Testimony and Security, making sure they were doing fine and keeping one alive. However she had to look away as she heard the Garm get back up and fire a shot at her, she quickly dodged away, yet as she was distracted the shot barely scrapes her arm still and cuts it, a trail of blood trickling down from the wound. With a grunt of annoyance, she lifts up her air shooter and forces the Garm into the sky, then using the wind to slam it back down into the ground, then lifting it up and slamming it back again, repeating this until it was nothing but a hunk of twisted metal. She then looks back at the other two, seeing how they were doing, Demegamerging if they seemed to have finished.

Harmony’s repeated gusts of wind eventually kills the poor Mechaniloid that she had apologized to earlier, the Mechaniloid repeatedly waving its limbs in panic as it’s slammed repeatedly into the ground until it eventually retires, nothing but scattered junk on the ground. By the time Harmony is done, turning to check on her two back-up Maids, Security is dragging her downed opponent by the leg, towards Harmony, and Testimony’s opponent is retired, nothing but a limp Mechaniloid body on the ground.

Maverick's willing subjugation
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Security drops the Mechaniloid at Harmony’s feet “One downed Mechaniloid, as requested.” she says, as the Mechaniloid twitches on the ground and turns its head to stare at Harmony, unable to move. Meanwhile, Testimony puts her Hangers away and stretches, both Maids awaiting further orders or dismissal.

Harmony watches as the downed Mechaniloid is dropped at her feet, nodding as she did so. “Good work Security.” She slowly walks in a circle around the Mechaniloid, studying its construction and weaponry, as well as where it could be hacked from, a strange urge growing inside her body, like a lot of her lubricating synthetic blood was rushing to where her hacking tool had to be docked in anticipation.“You are dismissed, unless you wish to stay and help me hack this Maverick.” As she says this, she hikes her dress up in the front to expose her extremely fanciful red lacy panties, with intricate floral designs and small rubies encrusted at the seams. She shifts the panties to the side, exposing both her pussy and a small metal covering just above, which opened as she prepared to attach her docking tool, as it was where her tool had to be docked. When she fished it out of her equipment box attached to her and equipped it, the lubricant rushed into it so fast it twitched harshly for a few moments. It could be seen that it was very large, which served a dual purpose of reaching deeper hacking spots common in higher security systems, and stimulating any possible female masters to a greater degree, it even had small ribs on it to further accentuate that purpose.

When Harmony tells the two Maids that they had done well, they bow and thank her. When asked if they’d like to join her in hacking the Mechaniloid, Security replies “We have to return to our duties if you no longer need us.” she says, as she eyes Harmony’s panties, before using her portable Transserver to return, disappearing in a flash of green and white light. Testimony sighs in response to this “I’d like to stay, but she’s right. We’ll get into trouble if we stay too long.” she says, in a disappointed tone, as she watches Harmony attach her Hacking Tool, before returning, in much the same way Security had.

As Harmony circles the Impulse Mechaniloid, it watches her, its eyes flashing yellow with curiosity through its black visor. Harmony could see that beneath the Mechaniloid’s armored skirt, it was wearing a black panty-like garment beneath to cover its hacking port, showing Harmony that its hacking port was in the same place as her own. When Harmony stops and lifts her dress, its eyes flash pink instead as it stares at her panties, then its pitch black face blushes red slightly when it sees her equip her hacking tool.

When Security and Testimony reply that they have to return home before they get in trouble, as the battle was over, Harmony nods in understanding. “Alright, be safe you two, I shall see you soon.” She watches as they disappear in flashes of green, and when they were gone, she turns back to the Mechaniloid, noticing its reactions to her unveiling her panties and equipping her hacking tool. Figuring these reactions as one of lust, Harmony grins. “Interesting, it seems you wish to be hacked, in which case I shall indulge myself a little, it’s been a while since I could do this on my own terms.” Harmony then places her legs on either side of the Maverick before lowering down, prying on its armor till it lets out a hiss of steam then splits in half, she then straddles its stomach and then moving its visor up to expose its face. She then poked her hacking tool at its face, she rubs her hacking tool against its face all over for a moment, before slowly thrusting herself into its mouth, moaning as she did so. She was unsure why hacking was designed to feel as good as it did, but she definitely appreciated it as she shoved more and more of her huge cock into its mouth until eventually she had hilted herself fully. She didn’t move for a small while, closing her eyes and letting the pleasure wash through her before she began to slowly thrust her hips.

Prying off the Mechaniloid’s armor reveals a pair of small breasts, hidden by a black skin-tight bra-like undergarment, matching the panty-like garment beneath its armored skirt. When Harmony lifts the Impulse’s face, she finds a pair of large eyes, glowing pink, and a small mouth. The Mechaniloid blushes more darkly as Harmony rubs her hacking tool over its face, waiting a moment, before rubbing its cheek against her hacking tool on her own, and when she pokes it against her lips, she opens her mouth very quickly, allowing her to slide it in immediately. When Harmony slips her hacking tool into the Mechaniloid’s mouth, she lightly licks the tool with her tongue, and very lightly, almost unnoticeably, bobs her head. The Mechaniloid doesn’t gag when Harmony hilts herself into her mouth, as Mechaniloids were not capable of gagging, she instead begins bobbing her head a bit more noticeably, while licking her shaft.

Harmony softly and expertly gropes its boobs as they were revealed, her high end sexbot knowledge kicking in as she massaged it as if she had already done it millions of times, despite her very rarely actually doing such a thing with a female given her male masters. When its face was revealed, Harmony couldn’t help but think it looked quite cute, its giant pink eyes and overall face seeming quite out of place for something combat capable. Harmony smirks when it rubs its cheek against her shaft all on its own, groping its boobs a bit harder to reward it. She moans loudly as it worked with her when she began to face fuck it, its toungue seeming unsure in its movements but very pleasurable feeling all the same. She quickened her pace a little as it began to bob her head more noticeably, groping its boobs harshly yet amazingly. “Oh by Doctor Cecilia that feels amazing, after being subjugated to being in your position it feels so good to be on top, especially since you seem to enjoy it~” She growls out, her normal demeanor being replaced with flirtatious aggressiveness. Her cock slowly began to leak out hacking fluid as she thrusted in and out of its mouth, despite the annoying giant ‘ERROR’ stuck in the back of her head due to the lack of an access port, like an implanted memory. “Why don’t you join me Maverick? Do that and maybe you can do this yourself~” She whispers seductively.

As Harmony starts groping the Mechaniloid’s breasts, the Mechaniloid closes one eye and begins letting out electronic-sounding moans into Harmony’s hacking tool as it tries to continue pleasuring her unskillfully with its tongue, and bobbing its head. When Harmony asks the Impulse to join her, it begins squirming, as its eyes flash yellow, as if struggling against its programming, in the process reflexively taking Harmony’s hacking tool deeper into its throat. Eventually, its eyes return to pink again and it slowly reaches up with both hands and begins groping Harmony’s ass through her panties.

Harmony’s hacking tool twitched as hacking fluid flooded through its length, getting ready to cum and explode inside her. As this happened she watched the Impulse seem to fight against her wish, its eyes flashing yellow and its movements become erratic and labored, before eventually returning to how it was before, seemingly even more enraptured than before. Harmony moaned loudly as it took her cock even deeper into its throat and began to grope her ass, and her two hands moved to the back of its head, keeping it firmly pressed against her waist as she began to shake from pleasure, her vision becoming fuzzy as her systems focused purely on the hacking tool. Pleasure rocked her body and hacking fluid exploded from her shaft, a deep purple, viscous fluid. She pumped so much fluid into the Maverick’s mouth it’d be extremely hard pressed to swallow it all down, and when her orgasm finally subsided she let out a sigh of contentment before grinning and looking down, patting the Maverick on the head gently. “Good… Very good. Now please spread your legs if you can so I may reward you further~” She coos before shifting herself downward. Once she was in position, she grabbed the Mavericks legs whether they were spread or not and hoisted them over her shoulders so that their crotches were forced to be pressed together, she then guided her still ready hacking tool into its pussy, moaning loudly as she did so. Information on the thing quickly flooded her mind as her hacking tool made contact with its access port. “Hope you're ready to become mine, Maverick, remember if you refuse you’ll never get to experience this again~” She says sweetly yet almost threateningly as she abruptly slams herself as deep as she could go, then thrusting slowly, gently, and masterfully. The ribbing on her cock would only be the icing on the cake of her already hefty skill level.

When Harmony cums into the Maverick’s mouth, and pulls her Hacking Tool out, she sits up slowly, seemingly trying to swallow all of the cum, jacking her jaw to try to keep it in her mouth, but despite her best efforts, the cum leaks down her face and onto her chest, and down her abdomen. Seeing so much spill out, the Mechaniloid’s eyes become blue and she frowns. When Harmony asks the Mechaniloid to spread her legs, she disengages her skirt armor, then spreads her legs, using a hand to move the crotch of her undergarments aside, exposing the gold-colored lips of her hacking port, which was already leaking lubricant for Harmony to access her more easily. The Impulse lets out electronic moaning sounds as Harmony thrusts into her, then moans even louder as Harmony hilts herself in, causing the Mechaniloid to arch her back in pleasure and shiver. With each thrust, the Mechaniloid lets out more electronic moans, soon wrapping her legs around Harmony’s hips and bucking her own hips in time with her thrusts. Harmony finds it incredibly easy to reprogram the Mechaniloid to follow her, however gathering information for the nearest Raider Camp was significantly more difficult, and only results in very vague directions. All she gets is “South-East”, and even that information doesn’t come easily.

Harmony was quite amused with the Mavericks' attempts to swallow all of her cum, and it only made her want to give it more. When the Maverick disengages its crotch armor and shifts its undergarments aside, Harmony grins, then giggles as she sees lubricating fluid leaking out of it. “Oh you’re so ready to submit to my will aren’t you?~” She purrs out before thrusting into her. Harmony moans just as loudly as the Maverick when it cries out in pleasure, her own pleasure feeling extreme as it bucked its hips in time with her thrusts, wrappings its legs around her. She then leans down and kisses the maverick skillfully, diving her tongue into its mouth and groping its boobs like before. Unsurprisingly it let her hack its allegiance so easily it seemed to be the only want in the world it had, unfortunately it seemed much more reluctant to give her information on a possible lead to a raider camp, perhaps even unable to as its direction seemed quite forced. Regardless, she got one part accomplished. After fucking and kissing it for about 20 minutes, she finally breaks the kiss to lift her head slightly. “You’re mine now, you’ll bend to my every whim… Then you’ll bend for my cock, and you’re going to love every moment of it.~” She purrs out before letting out a loud cry of pleasure, hilting herself into its pussy as her hacking tool began to pump its purple fluid deep into its pussy, quickly filling so far it backs out and drips down its thighs and ass and onto the ground, creating a small purple puddle. When she finishes, she gets up and brushes herself off, undocking her hacking tool and storing it before clearing her throat. “Alright, follow me.” She says, her tone immediately becoming like her usual one. Harmony headed south towards that metal structure she saw, figuring it might be a close approximation to the mavericks possible location for a raider encampment.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Harmony commanded, the Impulse Mechaniloid began following Harmony along the sand towards the metal structure. Despite the Mechaniloid looking as though being quiet would be very difficult for it, it was moving so quietly that Harmony could barely hear it. It didn't speak unless spoken to, and its eyes retained a green glow.

As the metal structure came into view, coming closer and closer, as Harmony approached she could see that the Factory was ancient. It had pipes on the outside, leading into the ground, and was mostly made from solid metal. The panels that controlled the front door were of such old design that Harmony couldn't recognize the model, and every inch of the factory was badly discolored and rusted. While it may have once been any other color, the entire factory was now a dark brown-ish red. Even at this distance, Harmony could see why she had noticed it from so far away... it stood so tall over the sand that pretty much anyone could have seen it from numerous miles away, and with thick pipes leading from every part of the factory, and into the extremely tall tip of the factory, it was even easier to see from a great distance. Due to the ancient nature of the factory, Harmony couldn't tell what type of factory it was, and if there was a sign standing anywhere at any point, it no longer was.

As she approached, Harmony soon became aware of a presence near her, following her through the sand. The feeling wasn't as though she could feel there MAY be a presence, but for some strange reason, it was more of a certainty. There were no footprints in the sand, and she couldn't tell where the presence was, only that the presence was indeed there. Despite her Impulse Mechaniloid's capability of detecting energy sources, she seemed to be completely unaware of the presence, though when Harmony looks in her direction, she gives her a cute smile as she tilts her head slightly.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Avriel asks Agnes whether or not the Mavericks had only started searching for Biometals recently, she replies "No, we've suspected it for some time, and Coralie believes that a large amount of them only feign erratic activity to cover their actual motive, which is the Biometals." she says, to which Coralie nods slowly. Coralie then mumbles "When the Mavericks attack a village, the Biometals mysteriously disappear if any Megamen die or are retired... while villages that never had a Biometal have nothing missing, everything is simply destroyed, kiilled or retired..." she says. Risette then frowns as she adds "They've also been more actively attacking villages, in greater force... The Guardians have been getting run ragged by all of the attacks, and it has been a nightmare to complete artifact digs..." she says, sadly.

After Avriel's call, when she asks what she can do to help in place of payment, Agnes places a finger on her chin as she thinks, but Risette speaks up before she can reply "We're about to send some Hunters on a dig to find a Biometal, you're welcome to come along for assistance if you feel the need to help us." she says, in a friendly tone, to which Coralie adds "There will likely be lots of Mavericks... you'll need to be able to defend yourself in case we can't..." in a cautionary tone. Agnes then adds "That would be a good idea. We're trying to get the Biometals before the Mavericks do, and we're hoping that this is one. We're happy to use all the help we can get." she says, clasping her hands together.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The Transserver takes Luna to just outside the factory, where Pantheons were gathering in preparation to stop the enemy Megaman if she exited the factory. The first wave of Pantheons surrounding the factory were more heavily armored than the standard Pantheon Hunter. They had bulkier leg, body, and arm armor, and were equipped with shields and Spherical Breakers for close and medium range attacks. Their armor was maroon, with white trim and white body suits, rather than the typical blue on blue of a Pantheon Hunter, while their shields were yellow with red edges.

Right in front of Luna, beyond the lines of Pantheons, there was a large hole in the wall, and beyond the hole, Luna could see Thyra hovering just above the ground, her arms crossed, staring across the room at the enemy Megaman, who was sitting up in a large hole in the wall. When Luna enters the building, she can hear Thyra making a comment towards the enemy Megaman "Oh, you're still active. How about you not destroy a factory?" in a bored tone, as if she was only talking to the enemy because she felt obligated to.

The enemy Megaman was wearing a skintight black bodysuit, beneath a yellow Megaman Jacket, pieces of red and white armor going down her legs, the jacket and arms were covered by armor, ending in massive gauntlets that spewed fire from the wrists. Connecting cables connected the gauntlets to a huge, blocky backpack. Bindings and belts attached the backpack to her by crisscrossing over her waist and chest. Her head was covered by a huge blocky helmet that extended from the blocky backpack. Just a moment after Luna arrived, three shimmering objects revealed themselves as Pantheons, however instead of the standard blue Pantheon, these Pantheons wore dark gray body suits and black armor. Each one had a flight pack on their back, raised sections on their wrists with sharp blades sticking out of them, a second raised section on top of their wrist which contained a round blade that resembled a large nail, and their busters were long and diamond-shaped with small, wide wing-like designs on the sides, and a dark blue line along the top. These black Pantheons, of course, were the promised Special Operations Pantheons that Tier promised.

As Luna stared down the enemy Megaman, her Biometal, Model B, finally spoke up "Ya gotta Megamerge, my girl, this will not be an easy opponent if ya don't. Look at that, yo girl attacked her already, and she's not even scratched." he says, before adding "All ya gotta do is raise me up and shout ROCK On while posing!" he says, urgently.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Provesta wipes out the next wave of enemy Pantheons, Model HM comments "Yes! YES! If we keep incinerating their protectors, the Humanoids will come eventually! They will be incinerated, not even their bones will remain! None can withstand the heat of the sun!" he shouts, furiously, over the roar of the flames that Provesta projects. When Provesta reminds herself that she has to keep pushing on, to punish the rulers and free the slaves, Model HM replies to her "YES, we have to remember our mission, we have to free the slaves and incinerate the slavers! We can't stop for anything!" he roars to her, in encouragement.

Before the overseer could reply to Provesta's demands, a nearby wall explodes outwards, showering Provesta with debris, then a white blurr flies through the hole at incredible speed, slamming into Provesta, both fists first, launching her backwards into the distant wall, denting it so heavily that Provesta ended up in a mini cave. Just as Provesta raises her head, a blazing blue plasma shot slams into Provesta's body, destroying her little metal cave, shoving her halfway into the next room, causing her to dangle out through the other side of the hole, while her lower body remained sitting on the remains of the wall. When Provesta fully recovers, though barely damaged, she finally gets to see her attacker. The girl had platinum-colored hair down to her heels, and amber eyes, and was wearing white comm systems with blue gems that emitted a glowing blue halo, a black body suit with glowing blue jagged lines over it that exposed her shoulders and back and a blue gem on the chest, a white pack that generated light blue wings of energy, white Ω-shaped sub-flight packs on each hip with gold trim and blue gems in the center, white boots with high heels and blue gems on the front, and black gloves with white cuffs, white fingers, and blue gems on the back. Two Defensor Units were hovering around her, one black and one white, with wing designs on the top and sides. When the girl sees that Provesta has set up, she comments "Oh, you're still active. How about you not destroy a factory?" she says, as she hovers just above the ground, her defensors circling her slowly while remaining faced towards Provesta.

Provesta's attacker is soon joined by a second woman, this one with dark skin, wearing black thigh-high boots, black thigh guards, and a skimpy black suit with gold trim that only covered her abdomen, breasts, and crotch, a pair of shoulder-length black gloves, and a helmet that only covered her forehead and the sides of her face with a red forehead gem that resembled a giant eye, and dark red comm systems with black tips. Just as that woman showed up, three shimmering objects slowly became visible. The three figures resembled Pantheons, however instead of the standard blue Pantheon, these Pantheons wore dark gray body suits and black armor. Each one had a flight pack on their back, raised sections on their wrists with sharp blades sticking out of them, a second raised section on top of their wrist which contained a round blade that resembled a large nail, and their busters were long and diamond-shaped with small, wide wing-like designs on the sides, and a dark blue line along the top.

Model HM comments "HERE THEY ARE! Here's the greater force! Show them we're not to be MESSED WITH! Show them that WE are here to FREE the slaves!" he roars in pure rage, continuing "THEY THINK THAT HURT YOU, BUT YOU REMAIN UNSCATHED! NOW SHOW THEM HOW UNHURT YOU ARE! INCINERATE THEM!" he roars even louder.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Just as Demo turns to Salix, and Terra was asking whether or not they should repair themselves before continuing on, Salix seems to have just finished speaking with someone over comms. "Terra, Freesia, Connie, Azalia, you four are now under my command. We've been designated, collectively, as Squad 69." she says, before turning slightly to address everyone together "Squad 69, the Operators have detected a several massive energy signatures that have stayed in the same general area since the start of the attack. My conclusion is that they're overseeing the attack, and are likely the ones coordinating. We need to quickly repair our injured, then head there as fast as we can. Giro and Aile are already on the way, and HQ is worried that even with the power of two Biometals, they wouldn't be able to handle the threat. It's likely that the energy signatures are either enemy Megamen, or Pseudoroids." she says. Meanwhile, Crocus whispers "Heh. Sixty-nine." with a smirk on her face, as Convallaria rolled her eyes and started administering repairs to Crocus' damaged arm, and Azalia got to her knees and started helping Helia repair her leg.

After only a few minutes, the squad is fully repaired and Salix calls out to the rest of the squad "Alright, we've used enough time as it is, let's move out!" before beginning to dash down the freeway at full speed. The rest of the squad gets no chance to reply to her, being forced to begin dashing to keep up with her. As the group was dashing down the freeway, a group of Galleons with Flight Packs begins to make their way towards the squad, however Guardians in a pink airship intercepts them and begins shooting them down with plasma cannon fire, while Guardians fired out of the opening in the side with their Buster Shots. Salix called out to the rest of the squad "The other Guardians are giving us an opening to break through, don't stop to assist, just keep dashing. If we're successful, it'll end the invasion and disperse the Mavericks, anyway." she says, authoritatively.

Soon, the Slither building comes into view, and the group can see Aile as Model X, and Giro as Model Z confronting a group of figures. The first was easily recognizable as Serpent, the CEO of Slither Inc, which manufactures all of the Mechaniloids that are currently attacking the city. He was a tall, muscular humanoid with tan skin, wearing a black jumpsuit beneath a green trenchcoat with blue gems on each shoulder, white boots with gold cuffs, and black gloves with white fingers. Hi hair was red, and was styled into three points that stick straight forward. With him were two Reploids that were Megamerged into Megamen that the neither Demo nor Terra could recognize. One was a girl with pink hair that framed her face and reached down to her upper thighs, with red eyes, wearing a wide helmet with a gold top housing an amber gem and with two red rings around two white half-diamond shaped sides from which two white sections with red edges dangled, a white Megaman jacket that was zipped up with a red collar, two shoulder-length white gloves with gold cuffs and red shoulder-guards, a white thong-like codpiece with a red guard, white boots with gold ankle-rings and a red heel and toe, and two white thigh-guards with red edges and red spikes that covered her thighs, all over a black bodysuit. the girl was also holding a black staff with a white head, with two gold prongs and a gold tip on the other end. The man had similar pink hair, but split into five separate waves, like a cape, and red eyes, and was wearing a skull-like helmet with a red spike on the top that housed an amber gem and two white spikes extending from the cheeks which housed two more amber gems, and otherwise the same armor as the girl. The male was holding a similar weapon to the girl, but with two glowing amber blades like a double-edged scythe.

Suddenly, Giro shouts "Aile, get back!" as he ignites his saber and slashes at Serpent, who grabs the massive green saber blade with one hand, seemingly without taking damage. Giro continues to struggle, pressing down on the blade, while Serpent struggles to hold it in place, while holding what looked like a Biometal in his other hand. The Biometal was triangular, with an orange tip, and a segmented black base with purple edges, it seemed to be pumping purple energy into his body, which had to be what was protecting him from the saber and giving him enough strength to hold the weapon back.


As this happened, Aile jumped back, just in time for the female Reploid to fire purple lightning at the spot she was standing just a millisecond before. Serpent yelled to them as he continued struggling against Giro's saber "Prometheus, Pandora, take care of the blue Megaman." to which the female, Pandora, responded by hovering into the air and twirling her staff, while the male leaped towards Aile and slashed at her, forcing her to dodge to the side with a quick dash and fires a large blue plasma shot at him in retaliation, which her deflects with his scythe, sending it spiraling into a Galleon Airship, blowing it to nothing but a shower of rubble. The male, Prometheus, cackles as he sees the Maverick ship destroyed.

Salix grunts as she sees the fight breaking out "We need to help them, split up and try to attack them from a distance, focus on not getting hit, prioritize your own safety, we don't know how strong these enemies are." she says, as the group approaches the battlefield. Serpent notices them approaching, and shouts over his communications systems "Take care of the insects, would you?" referring directly to Squad 69. Three flashes of white and green light from a Transserver appear in front of the group, from which emerges three figures. The first was a girl with red hair down to her lower back and bright purple eyes, wearing a large black ribbon, black shoulder-length fingerless gloves with fur lining, a black sleeveless dress over a white button-up with a yellow bowtie, a frilly white and red vertically-striped skirt, and knee-length black boots with yellow trim around the top with blue gems. The second figure was a Dog Mutos Reploid with floppy metal ears and a dog-like snout with a mouth lined with razor sharp teeth. His armor was yellow with white trim, with a white bodysuit beneath. On his back was a strange purple weapon with a lighter purple barrel, and on his wrists were two sets of two purple energy blades. The last figure was a bug Pseudoroid with a green carapace with purple stripes, and a brown chest, face, bicepts, and upper legs. On his forehead was a horn, like a Rhinoceros Beetle. The Beetle Pseudoroid slammed his fists together, sending forward a powerful shockwave that forced the group to stop their approach, knocking them backwards slightly. He laughed and shouted "AHHH fresh meat." as he started flexing, eyeing the group. The dog Mutos Reploid chuckled "I wish Lord Serpent would stop feeding us the weaklings, the last group retired too easily!" as he touched his blades against each other, causing sparks to erupt from them. The girl waited patiently for the other two to finish their monologue, then cocked her head at them "Those two... aren't wearing green. The others that played with us did... are you stronger than the green people?" she asked innocently. The Dog Mutos Reploid stepped closer, cutting her off "No need to waste time asking them questions, we can pull information from them after we're done!" he said, as he dashed forward and swiped his weapon at Terra "I SPY A PSEUDOROID!" he shouted, however Crocus dashed into the path of the attack, drawing her saber and blocking the first set of claws, grunting from the effort of holding back the attack. The Mutos Reploid then slashed with his other arm, to get around Crocus' guard, but the attack suddenly collided with a set of hovering purple Hangers, causing Freesia to come out of stealth, struggling to hold the attack at bay. As the Mutos Reploid was attempting to press his attack, Azalia and Helia both draw their weapons and leap at him, Azalia trying to strike the Mutos with her Breaker, while Helia attacked with her Glaive, slashing at the Mutos' arm. The Beetle Pseudoroid took two steps forward, then punched with both fists, firing two gusts of wind that were so powerful that they were visible, both traveling towards Azalia and Helia, however Salix drew her Shield Boomerang and dashed into the path of the attacks, managing to block the right blast, while Convallaria blocked the attack with her Blastcaster, causing the attack to knock her back, sending her tumbling away, while Salix managed to only get knocked back a few feet and maintain her footing. Disrupting the blasts of air allowed Helia and Azalia to continue their attacks, however the Mutos evaded by dashing backwards, away from the party, taking him out of range of the attacks.

Crocus sighed "They're really strong, but we need to help Aile and Giro..." she whispered to Zinnia then replied "Those guys that they're fighting over there are much stronger than these guys, if we can't handle these, we definitely can't handle those..." sadly, to which Salix replied "We can take them, they're overconfident, and only capable of limited ranged attacks, and the girl seems completely disinterested. The priority is to stop the Maverick attack, so anyone who can get around them and help matters over there should do so." to which Helia replied "So, anyone who can't get around them will be acting as a distraction." she says, in an annoyed tone. "I can... but... I need help..." Freesia replied, quietly. Crocus eyed the three enemies, who were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, then grinned "I'm going to retire that Dog Mutos." she said, confidently, before adding "While I do that, someone with a Biometal should use the opening to go take down Serpent and stop the attack." she says, looking at Terra and Demo. Salix nods "That would be the best case scenario. When you see an opening, take it. If it proves to be faster to take down these enemies and go assist together, then we can do that. Use your judgment." she says, putting her Shield Boomerang away, before banging her Knuckles together, sending sparks into the air. Azalia transforms one arm into a buster and raises her Breaker onto her shoulder "I want to interrupt their game of RPS, they'll realize not to take us lightly then." she says, in annoyance, to which Connie replies "I have just the thing for that, dear~" in a sweet, motherly tone, as she starts charging her Blastcaster.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After Mimi explains that some organization that was after the Biometals ordered the attack, Delphi nods "Of course. They realized that we had Model BM here and they're after it." she replies, then when Mimi says that they can group the survivors outside and that she can try to get them to chase her if needed, Delphi replies "We do need to find the other survivors, yes. Though, I think that if they're being coordinated by someone, they would try to get you to come back by starting to slaughter those survivors, so trying to get them to give chase may not work." she says. As the two were speaking, the Impulse Mechaniloid, that now worked for Mimi, changed its eyes from green to yellow and started scanning the room. Her eyes suddenly turned red, and it called out in an electronic female voice "Large Energy Signature detected. Threat level; Massive." she says, as she raises her energy cannon in one hand and her Mineral Arm Blade moves into place. Delphi quickly took a step back behind Mimi, re-igniting her weapon, while Steve hovered over her shoulder. "If it's that much of a threat, perhaps it's a Reploid that's coordinating the Mechaniloids." she says, quietly. Model BM then commented "It may be a good idea to hide and wait for it to pass through, so that we can assess the situation." calmly. Suddenly, Peri's voice could be heard from the nearby hallway "I see that you found a medic..." he said, with strain in his voice, as he held his mangled arm with one hand, leaning against the wall. Delphi looked him up and down "Peri, you shouldn't be wandering around in that condition, you wouldn't have been able to fight off any Mechaniloids that attacked you." she says, as she sends Steve to hover over him, the disk raining green particles down onto his body, which repairs his arm, and most of his wounds, leaving him in much better condition. "There, you're fixed up, now get over here, I'm fairly certain that the one responsible for this attack is on their way here." Delphi says, to which Peri responds by dashing over to them and standing beside Mimi, drawing his sword.

Suddenly, the sound of a drill could be heard, from the other side of the wall that the group was facing, then the sound of a horse whinny could be heard, just before the wall exploded outward, showering the group in debris. Four figures stepped through the giant hole in the metal wall, then the figure in front whinnied as he struck a dabbing pose and shouted "Bow, for you are in the presence of Bucksubishi!" said a red-armored horse-like Mutos Reploid. He had white hooves, red legs with jagged white lines, a black and white vertically striped jumpsuit visible on his upper arms and legs, a red-armored chest with spotlights on either side and a silver grate in the center, red-armored hands with silver knuckles, and a red and white armored horse face with glowing yellow eyes, and a massive white and red mohawk-like weapon on his head and back with a glowing yellow blade. He was accompanied by a Zor Mechaniloid, wearing a black skintight suit that exposed her hips and the sides of her breasts, with red and black fingerless gauntlets with green gems and gold cuffs, and matching leg-guards with gold cuffs. She had green eyes, a red scarf, a green gem below her breasts, and was wearing a metal helmet that covered her mouth, with a gold forehead protector with gold horns, gold-armored comm system on either side of her head, and a golden spiked plate that held her black 'hair' back in a ponytail. Zor Mechaniloids were highly agile Mechaniloids that served as scouts and assassins. The figure was revealed to be the culprit of the drilling sound, a Dive Mechaniloid. She had purple eyes and a purple gem on her chest, as well as blond 'hair', tied back in a ponytail that fell down her back. She was wearing green-armored gauntlets on her arms, with one transformed into a drill, while the other had a red cuff and gold knuckle armor. She wore green-armored boots with gold knee-guards, and treads on the bottom, with a black thigh and back-exposing jumpsuit, green chest armor, and a green forehead-protector. The fourth and final figure was a Garm Mechaniloid, which had blond hair framing her face, and green eyes, wearing red gauntlets with gold trim, red boots with black trim, and a jumpsuit that exposed the sides of her breasts, her hips, and her thighs. Garm Mechaniloids were special combat Mechaniloids that used energy-projecting Gauntlets both for close and medium range.

Peri grimaced as he saw the group of enemies, then shouted at them "Hey, what do you want?!" he says, readying his weapon. The Mutos Reploid, Bucksubishi replied "We're here for the Biometal, hand it over to me, the great Bucksubishi!" he said, moving his arms as if he were flexing.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Zephyra quickly follows BB, replying to her prior statement, regarding the loss of her village "I'm sorry that you lost your village, too... I really hope that we both find the Maverick we're looking for. I didn't get to see it... but what did yours look like?" she asks, in a worried tone, her sentence ending just before they reach the villages gathered to watch them fight off the Mavericks. The first villager she approaches is a man with spiky red hair and a mustache that covers his lips completely due to its sheer size, he immediately extends a hand to shake hers "Thank both of you for stopping those Mavericks, all of our Combat Reploids left to stop a Maverick that passed by here, which left us completely undefended." to which Zephyra replies, as she leans on BB for support, wrapping an arm around her shoulders "I couldn't bring myself to just abandon a village in need, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." she says, before adding "BB here did most of the work, she's a Megaman." with a grin. The man nods "I saw her transform, you're quite impressive, miss!" he says. As they were speaking, other people began gathering around, thanking, congratulating, and praising BB and Zephyra for what they had done. Soon, Zephyra talks over the crowd, trying to get their attention "We're happy to help, but we're both pretty damaged and would like to be repaired!" she says, a bit urgently, but not in an unfriendly way. The mustached man came back to the forefront of the crowd and replied "Oh, my apologies, of course." he says, embarrassed "Please, right this way, I'll take you to the community repair center." he says, before walking in that direction, as the crowd parts so that BB and Zephyra can make their way through.

As the man leads them down the dusty dirt road between the rows of dilapidated, crumbling buildings that were half-repaired to just barely keep them standing and powered, he explains "You see, we're not like some other villages, we have centers for things we may need that is shared by the community, and rather than having to pay for it, everyone simply works, and uses them when needed." he explains, adding "The Ghost Bear Clan is a Mutual Aid Community. Since you helped us, we're happy to help you." he says, smiling at them, though it was hard to tell through his bushy mustache. Model P commented "Yo, BB, gurl, do ya think dey went afta dat 'rick? Da bad boi?" he asks, to which Model SM adds "Perhaps. If they did chase down that coffin Maverick, then they may not be coming back." in a thoughtful tone.

It wasn't long before the group arrived at a structure that was just as rundown and crumbly as the rest, but with a red cross painted onto the stone section beside the electronic panel-controlled sliding door. Much like the rest of the building, both the door and the panel were in horrible condition, with the panel missing buttons and the door rusting heavily, to such an extent that sections of the door were missing, allowing those outside to see through it if they looked closely. The mustached man tapped a single key on the panel, then the door opened, revealing a room with cracked and broken floor tiles, rusted and cracking metal and stone walls, and a line of pods. The pods were laid on rusty metals table, longways, and had cracked glass and rusty black metal exteriors. The man held his arms out in an 'after you' motion "Here are our pods, they work, despite how they look, and you can stay as long as you want." he says, adding "If you'd like to stay after you wake up from repairs, just let me know, I'll be at the tavern." he says, before leaving Zephyra and BB alone. "Well, this seems like a nice place. Though, I'd rather find that bastard Maverick than stay here." she says, once the man is gone.
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"Oh, you might be right... That'd be really bad." She crosses her arms and is about to start thinking up a new strategy when her new Impulse friend goes on alert. She doesn't go back in to combat pose, but her nails do gleam a little as the mechaniloid reads off what she's detecting. "Oh, that sounds like trouble. Maybe we should clear out before..." She's interrupted by a certain raggedy friend of hers limping his way down the hallway. She's halfway to getting upset and fretting over him when she's cut off by Delphi doing her job, so she just huffs a little instead. "Just this last one, then we're all clear. Thank you for the warning, new friend." She's unaware if Mechaniloids care for compliments, but she also doesn't care to know the truth. She likes being nice.

The sound of drilling was a great warning that danger was closing in, but the whinnying was... unexpected. Not unexpected enough to lower her guard when this gang of baddies blows their way through the wall. Now she's face to face with some... really overdramatic and flashy Reploid with a small contingent of Mechaniloids she hasn't faced before. She can already tell she'll have to be careful around these four, but she's got a bad feeling about that Garm and its energy gauntlets especially. She's discovered she's rather suceptible to energy based attacks, so she's gonna have to fight carefully around that one. 'Bucksubishi' is glad to shout his demands when Peri decides to ask, and listening to this dude with his cranked volume slider is starting to get on Mimi's nerves. So, she straightens up and points right at him.

"Also-great Mimi says no!" is her response, in such a childish way that it seems left-field coming out of a tall dark and spiky combat robot. Peri and Delphi probably saw that coming, having dealt with her for long enough. "Go away, please! You're very rude!" THAT'S when she takes her fighting stance, since she gets the feeling this guy will not heed her request.

--Mimi's Jolly Fisticuffs Where Everything Goes Well--
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When Mimi tells Bucksubishi that she not only says no, but that he should leave because he’s rude, he raises his arms into a flexing pose, then suddenly ignites in a nova of flame that forces his Mechaniloids to take several steps away from him. “YOU DARE CHALLENGE THE GREAT BUCKSUBISHI!? THE GREAT BUCKSUBISHI SHALL TRAMPLE YOU BENEATH THE HOOVES OF INDIGNATION!” he shouts, before charging at Mimi at incredible speed. Suddenly, Bucksubishi stops short directly in front of Mimi’s squad, before thrusting out his arms to either side, turning his flame nova into a swirling flame vortex that singes and blinds Mimi and her squad temporarily, just long enough for Bucksubishi to reach out and try to grab Mimi, just as her vision returned, however Peri leaps in front of the attack, being grabbed by Bucksubishi instead. The massive Mutos Reploid tosses Peri into the air, then performs a spinning kick which sends Peri flying through the air, directly into a distant wall, breaking through it with incredible force before sailing out of sight.

Delphi, for once, looked surprised for the briefest of moments before returning to her stone-faced expression “We need to be a bit more careful, this guy seems really strong...” she says, as she ignites her arm blade and tries to go in for an attack on Bucksubishi, only for the Zor Mechaniloid to suddenly appear in front of her and block the attack with a Z-Hanger, causing purple sparks to erupt from the contact of the weapons. The Zor Mechaniloid pushes her back, then flips over her head, landing behind her in an attempt to slash her from behind, however Steve intercepted the attack with its own energy blades.

As this was happening, the Garm Mechaniloid uses its energy gauntlets and boots to take flight and charge straight at Mimi, however the Impulse Mechaniloid fired a swirling green energy shot at her, forcing her to fly lower, allowing the Impulse to dash at her with her Mineral Blade, slashing at her to stop her charge entirely by forcing her to evade. Lastly, the Dive Mechaniloid started slowly stomping forward, each step denting the floor and causing it to shake violently, its slow approach giving Mimi more than enough time to act. “Mimi, I suggest Megamerging as soon as possible.” Model BM says, slight concern in his voice.

"Right." Is her response to her allies' suggestions. "Spread out, everyone! Pick a target and stick with it!" Her idea of spreading out is to get right in Bucksubishi's face and take a defensive stance, keeping that Dive Mechaniloid in her peripherals… But it wasn't the extent of her plan. A black projection of force separates itself from her and moves in towards the Garm Mechaniloid, diving like a wolf straight out of someone's nightmares straight at her flank. The poor thing barely knew what was happening as the shadow started tearing her limbs off with silent fury and efficiency, retiring her in a pile of her own limbs in mere moments.

Mimi was afforded time to Megamerge during Bucksubishi's distraction with Peri, and she'd join Delphi's fruitless attempts at striking out at him. For some reason, attempting to beat a big blunt object like him with another blunt object didn't seem to be working this time! She recoils off his mighty chest and grunts, not noticing the Dive approaching her from the side slow as ever.

Delphi and the Zor Mechaniloid traded attacks back and forth, with Steve managing to even the speed difference by acting as a second weapon, blocking any strikes that Delphi would have missed. Sparks erupted in a shower around them as they slashed at each other rapidly, their arms and weapons becoming a blur. Meanwhile, with the Garm Mechaniloid dismembered, Mimi’s Impulse turned her attention to Bucksubishi and started rapidly firing energy blasts at his back. Each shot exploded on impact, leaving not even a scratch, however the Impulse continued firing shots all the same, while Bucksubishi ignored her entirely.

When Mimi Megamerges and attacks Bucksubishi with her shield, he laughs “THE GREAT BUCKSUBISHI IS NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED, A MEGAMAN YOU MAY BE, BUT BUCKSUBISHI IS THE MOST POWERFUL OF ALL REPLOIDS!” he booms loudly. Bucksubishi, however, doesn’t have to do anything, as the Dive Reploid had somehow managed to VERY LOUDLY sneak up on Mimi. “Mimi, the Dive Mechaniloid is upon u-” Model BM starts, however Mimi’s back is suddenly pierced by the Dive Mechaniloid’s drill, which rips straight through her lower chest, beneath her breasts. The Mechaniloid then calmly retracts its arm out of Mimi’s body, and gives her a heavy kick to the side, knocking her to the ground. “Mimi! Mimi, are you still functional!?” Model BM shouts into her head, slightly panicking.

No longer hindered by Mimi’s presence, Bucksubishi then charges at Delphinium, while she’s busy fending off the Zor Mechaniloid, and slashes Delphi’s arm off with a mighty slash from his massive Mohawk weapon, causing her to cry out in pain and leap to the side. Steve attempts to fend off the Zor Mechaniloid’s attacks, however with Delphinium no longer beside it, the Zor Mechaniloid uses her free hand to draw another Hanger and uses it to stab Steve through its top, damaging its disk and causing it to drop to the floor, spasming and spewing electricity from the massive hole in its body.

Mimi spends a moment completely dazed, her internals doing their best to figure out what's damaged, what's not, and how to proceed. She's had worse. She rises to one knee, her reactor whining dangerously and building energy to get her back on her feet. "Damage… non-critical." Her reactor suddenly discharges, bursting in a dramatic plume of electricity that might've hurt someone if her reactor had a bit more time to spool. That's what gets her on her feet again, at least.

"If you want this win, you're going to earn it yourself! I'm not through!" She takes the short moment to assess the situation. She's not bright, but she's damn good at thinking on her feet, and she can see the situation's taken a turn for the worse. "New friend! Focus on the Mechaniloids! Start with the quick one!" Mimi barks as she hears a drill revving up behind her again. She instinctively swings her shield backwards this time, clashing with the Dive's deadly weapon in spectacular fashion, sliding across the floor as she can't quite beat the Mechaniloid's strength so soon after getting back up. That's fine though- she goes straight back in with another swing, and despite the Dive being built for this kind of blunt abuse, she manages to club it solidly.

But, now it's time to switch up the strategy. She can tell she doesn't want to stand toe-to-toe with this drill any longer. With Buck still preoccupied with Delphi, she sees her opportunity to get in a better position. She jumps over him and is… tempted to try wrangling him by the horns, but uses his massive shoulders as a platform to get to the other side of him. This allows her shade to step in to take a swing at the Dive Mechaniloid in her stead, raking a gash in her armor and looking poised to start Act 2 of the Dismemberment Carnival.

When Mimi shouts at her Impulse to focus on the Mechaniloids, she replies “Understood.” in an electronic female voice, before quickly taking aim at the Zor Mechaniloid. Delphi sees the Impulse taking aim, and quickly ignites the blade on her other arm. The Zor Mechaniloid dodges to Delphi’s side with the missing arm to try to keep her from deflecting the next slash, however thinking fast, Delphi kicks her leg out and manages to hit the Mechaniloid’s wrist just as she was slashing downward at her body, which stops the Zor Mechaniloid’s movement just long enough for the Impulse to shoot her in the back, the eruption of green energy causing severe damage and knocking the Mechanilooid off balance long enough for Delphi to stab her in the chest, retiring her and causing her to drop to the floor in a heap. Just then, as Mimi was landing her second hit on the Dive Mechaniloid, knocking her off-balance, her Impulse fires another shot, striking her in the shoulder, knocking her off-balance again and severely damaging her arm, which Delphi takes advantage of by grabbing her severed arm, re-igniting her energy blade, and throwing it like a spear, causing the weapon to catch the Dive Mechaniloid in the upper right of the chest. Despite all of the damage she had just taken, the Dive Mechaniloid remained active and attempted to use her drill against Mimi’s Phantasm. The Dive Mechaniloid’s attack misses the Phantasm completely, however Bucksubishi uses the distraction as a chance to attack with his mohawk, cutting the Phantasm in half with incredible speed, and causing her to dissipate into nothing.

Looks like Buck is focused on everything that's going on in front of him… that's good news for Mimi. She de-merges and readopts her defensive posture, more black force smoke pouring out of her while she focuses on getting in what patch job repairs she can manage in this opportunity she's been afforded. Her Phantasm's been remade right where Buck destroyed it, which perhaps gives away the trick of its nature somewhat. But it's doing its job in making sure Buck and the Dive Mechaniloid don't go after the critically-wounded Delphi, and that's all she needs. Her Phantasm is sent after some bigger limbs, but its ghostly nails just can't do the trick like it could with the smaller targets… Mimi glances at the armor-puncher in her wrist and is starting to get some ideas. That moment thinking would certainly cost someone else, though…

Bucksubishi laughs at the Phantasm’s attempts to damage him, however the Phantasm’s distraction took his eyes off Delphi, who uses the opportunity to dash behind Bucksubishi and launch into an upward slash, which creates a deep gash across his back. Bucksubishi roars in pain and anger, and while Mimi is contemplating the use of her Armor Penetrator, he dashes at Delphi, who leaps aside, evading Bucksubishi’s heavy punch, which dents the wall behind her. Delphi goes in for another attack, while he’s wrenching his arm free, managing to cut a gash into Bucksubishi’s leg, however he retaliates too quickly and manages to kick her in the gut with his other leg, launching her off the ground as she gasps for air, before following up with a slash from his mohawk, which creates a deep gash across Delphi’s abdomen, causing synthetic blood to pour from the wound in large waves as she falls to the ground, spasming as sparks and blood pour from her the stump where her right arm used to be and the deep wound in her abdomen. Bucksubishi then turns towards Mimi and begins to rapidly stomp in her direction while her Impulse continues pelting him with ineffective energy blasts from her Buster Shot Cannon.

"DELPHI!" Mimi grunts as her outburst of shock agitates her wounded systems a bit. She's more concerned about her downed friend than her own state right now, but she's not being given the opportunity to do something about it. Buck's bearing down on her, and she's gonna have to start getting 'last-ditch.' "New friend, if I can't finish him, just stand down!" She clenches her fist, a robust piledriver peeking out of her wrist. "One on one now."

As soon as Buck's toe to toe with her, she goes for something she's gotten quite fond of- a rising uppercut. Her fist impacts his chest dead on and triggers the mechanisms in her armor penetrator, causing a noisy CRACK as it causes his armor to split apart in places and punctures straight into his chest. Minimal damage, but it's headway…

When Mimi tells her Impulse to stand down if Mimi’s downed, she calls back in her electronic voice “Understood.” then gives up using her Buster Shot, opting to instead try her Arm Blade. Mimi’s Anti-Armor Penetrator breaking through Bucksubishi’s armor causes him to flinch back, which gives the Impulse the opening she needs to attack him from the back with her blade. The blade impacts Bucksubishi’s back, and breaks into many pieces, then Bucksubishi responds by thrusting his elbow back, hitting the Impulse Mechaniloid upside the head, knocking her down into a backwards roll. Bucksubishi then turns to Mimi “That hurt! YOU DARE DAMAGE THE GREAT BUCKSUBISHI!?” he shouts, before grabbing her by head and lifting her off the ground. In the span of a millisecond, he throws a barrage of heavy punches that dent Mimi’s armor, then follows up by slamming her against the wall, breaking a hole in it and shoving her through, then he dashes through the wall and leaps into the air, landing on Mimi with a heavy stomp, denting the floor and embedding her into it. “YOU HAVE BEEN DEFEATED BY THE GREAT BUCKSUBISHI, NOW SURRENDER BEFORE I START EXECUTING YOUR COMPANIONS!” he shouts, much too loudly for the size of the small room. At this point, Mimi has taken too much damage to sustain her Force Phantasm, her armor, or Megamerge.

This time, Mimi's officially sustained too much damage. She's a little surprised she's still functional after all that abuse she just took, but she's not going to take that for granted. But… no matter how you swing it, there's absolutely no way Mimi's going to be fighting back anymore. Her body's in critical need of self-repair, and the only way she's getting that is if Buck gets what he wants. The sooner he leaves, the sooner she can help her friends…

"No, you've won." Her voice is a little grainy as her voice box strains. "That was… a good fight. Haha, I think I could've given you a run for your money if it weren't for that drill." The worst thing she could do right now is be defeatist about her situation, and she really did respect Buck's power, even if he's kind of an asshole. "You've earned your prize."

BM might suddenly become very aware that Mimi has no clue that being Biomatched means he can't be taken from her, from the way she seems to be fondly regarding the short time she spent with him in her head.

Bucksubishi chuckles loudly “You are wise to surrender now, and I respect how long you persisted! The GREAT BUCKSUBISHI commends your resilience!” he says, as he reaches down and tries to grab Model BM, which causes a red barrier to erupt from the Biometal, knocking away Bucksubishi’s hand, causing him to cry out in pain and surprise. Model BM then begins to speak audibly, rather than into Mimi’s mind “Mighty Bucksubishi. You may have won, however Mimi and I, even in such a short time, have formed a bond that cannot be broken by force alone. We have Biomatched. I am now a part of her, and she is a part of me. You’ll have to find a Biometal to take somewhere else.” he says, calmly. Bucksubishi growls at Model BM and flexes his hand to make sure that it’s functional, before replying “Hmph. I’m fully aware that retiring you will just make the Biometal lost… however I also know that it would be a waste not to get information from you while I have the chance!” he says, as he strikes a flexing pose and straddles Mimi’s hips, easily towering over her due to his incredibly large size. He roughly grabs Mimi’s coat and flips it open, before grabbing the chest of her sweater and ripping it wide open, while using his other hand to grab the hem of her skirt, lifting it all the way to her hips. As he was doing this, the crotch of his armor slowly opened, and his HUGE bright red hacking tool with white trim, shaped like a horse cock, slowly slid out, before gradually starting to become erect right before Mimi’s eyes. Over Bucksubishi’s shoulder, she could see her Impulse’s eyes behind her visor back and forth between yellow and red, as it attempts to prevent itself from protecting Mimi, in order to follow her orders.

Mimi listens on utterly confused as BM himself denies Buck's attempts to take him, immediately relieved that she won't be separated from a kindred spirit like that. Honestly, his reaction was pretty touching. But… Buck appears to be completely fine with that, because now he's seeing her as an opportunity to get a leg up on what's got to be the next part of his hunt for Biometals. If only he knew about her situation beforehand…

"Hang on--" Mimi's about to try and fill him in on what's going on with her, but her favorite clothes are getting torn off, and her body getting jostled around by it interrupt her. And… well, watching the most imposing hacking tool she's ever seen extend before her eyes certainly doesn't help her train of thought. That thing was absolutely not designed to be comfortable, and she's pretty quickly gotten a fearful look in her eyes. It doesn't help that Buck can pretty easily manipulate her in just one hand. "Why is that… so big…?" She glances to her Mechaniloid friend, regretful that she's making her watch this…

Bucksubishi, when asked why his hacking tool is so big, merely releases a booming laugh “BECAUSE I’M THE GREAT BUCKSUBISHI!” he shouts, as he grabs Mimi by the head and roughly shoves his giant hacking tool into her mouth. Once inside, he begins pulling her head and thrusting his hips, ramming his tool down her throat with every thrust, while grunting softly in pleasure. With his other hand, he grabs her bra between the cups and yanks it down off her breasts, before grabbing her left breast and strangely dexterously begins groping and massaging it with his fingers, as if each finger was a separate hand. While one would expect such a huge Mutos Reploid to be extremely rough, his hand is acting in stark contrast to his forced blowjob, being surprisingly gentle and skilled.

Mimi is absolutely not expecting that to be the place he puts his hacking tool, but unfortunately her only option is to just deal with it. Her throat can handle it at least due to some practically prescient construction by her creator, but 'comfort' is not something she's experiencing right now… Her sensors are starting to have a hard time keeping track of how she should feel too. He's showing a strange gentle side toward her chest, which her taxed systems are taking as a sign to convert the REST of what she's feeling into pleasure. This rough throatfuck is getting her squirming in excitement, which is probably not what either party was expecting. At least she doesn't have a gag reflex...

Bucksubishi spends several minutes ramming his tool into Mimi’s mouth, grunting in pleasure, before starting to hilt it into her throat with every thrust. Meanwhile, he begins using his other hand to grope Mimi’s breast more vigorously, though still surprisingly gently, as if each hand had a separate mind of its own, and while one sought to pleasure himself with Mimi’s throat, the other sought to pleasure Mimi to the best of its ability. It wasn’t long before black liquid began leaking from the tip of Bucksubishi’s horse-cock-shaped tool, and only a few moments after that, he moaned slightly louder and hilted into her throat one more time, and let loose a massive torrent of hacking fluid that coated her throat, and soon overflowed it, causing the liquid to flood out of her mouth and down her chin, onto her chest.

The next thing Mimi wasn't prepared for was just how long Buck was seeming to last despite, surely, just how pleasurable of a hole he'd picked. Instead, her confused systems take the sensations and lead her into her orgasm long before he has his own, and nearly again once he starts flooding her out! She's also personally dealing with how it feels to get used in this way for the first time, and… might be unintentionally reinforcing the 'pleasure' aspect. She drinks down what she can of that black fluid, needing to at least make sure nothing's blocked up. That part's embarrassing enough- she's whining ashamedly. But… she's relaxing, too. She seems to think Buck's finished.

After he finishes releasing his hacking fluid into Mimi’s throat, he pulls his tool out of her mouth, during which one final shot fires onto Mimi’s hair and face, making her even more of a mess. Bucksubishi then suddenly lifts Mimi up by her midsection with one hand and presses her against the nearby wall, while lifting one of her thighs with his other hand, exposing her crotch. He then uses his thumb to move the crotch of her panties aside, before suddenly ramming his giant tool halfway into her, moaning softly and stretching her port painfully, bottoming out already, having reached her deepest depths without even using his full length. Bucksubishi then begins slowly thrusting in and out of her, continuing to only use half of his length, and moaning softly with each thrust.

Completely dazed from the throat abuse, Mimi sighs her relief in those few moments before she's lifted up and put in position against the wall. There's that fear for her body again, in those precious moments she gets while he shifts her underwear away! "W-wait, you're going again?" She whines sharply as her port's suddenly invaded, definitely registering pain this time- thankfully just pain, not damage. He's actually fucking her this time, and she very nearly blanks out to everything besides what she's feeling! His quiet noises are getting her going again, and that half-climax she was left with won't be denied much longer. She's moaning with him in moments, and eventually grunts "Harder…"

When Mimi grunts that she wants it harder, Bucksubishi grins and replies “The GREAT BUCKSUBISHI accepts your challenge!” before lifting her off the wall and laying her over a nearby table, which WAS covered with medical supplies, before Bucksubishi uses one hand to clear it all off the table and onto the floor. Without removing his hacking tool from her port, since he can just continue thrusting into her using only his hips and one hand, he bends her over the table, grabs her by the hips with both hands, pulls his hips back, then hilts himself into her, stretching her hacking port even more, suddenly forcing his hacking tool to fit into her with a very loud moan that echoes throughout the room. Once hilted into Mimi’s port, he begins thrusting in and out of her hard and fast, moaning with each thrust, while moving his hands to her breasts, between her breasts and the table, and massaging them even more skillfully than before, his hands working gently, while his thrusting hips are the complete opposite.

Oh hey, medical supplies. Those might come in handy shortly… If any of them survived being brushed on to the floor to make way for her request, that is. Mimi hasn't regretted many of her decisions today, but that might be one of the first. Regret number two follows- the horny parts of her brain overriding the sensible ones made her not think about just what 'harder' might mean. She ACTUALLY blanks out to the pleasure while her port is suddenly stretched to fit Buck, eyes shut tight and teeth gritted in some attempt to quiet her noisy whines. He's even back to that chest attention, that's the icing on the cake to all of this. Roughly getting used like this is absolutely leaving an impression on this poor robot, and she's practically singing that to him.

As Mimi shows how much she’s enjoying this experience, Bucksubishi begins pleasuring her breasts far more vigorously, using one finger on each hand to rub each of her nipples, while using the rest of each hand to pleasure her breasts. As he was doing this, he continued moaning with every thrust into her, starting to thrust more vigorously as time went on, each thrust shaking the table heavily and driving his entire length into her. He lasts FAR too long before his black hacking fluid begins leaking from his tip and into Mimi’s port, Bucksubishi producing large amounts of it despite not having orgasmed yet, the volume so large that it begins trickling out of her port and onto the floor.

Mimi devolves to pleasure-drunk whining and futile attempts at rolling her hips despite the rigid intrusion proving stronger, completely resigned to just enjoying the brutal fuck that she personally asked for. The worst (best?) part of it is that she's realising if it weren't for all the… battle damage, this is the sort of treatment she could maybe get used to. Hopefully that's just the arousal overload talking… He's starting to make that black fluid again, which easily gets a third orgasmic high out of her, until she realises that he's just not stopping! Her mind boggles at the idea that this is just a preparatory fluid instead, and that gets her shivering and tightening up around her. Oh-so-desperately she pleads "Faster… please… I can't… take much more of this…"

When Mimi asks for him to speed it up, Bucksubishi chuckles through his moans, then moves his hands to her thighs, before lifting her up off the table and pressing her back to his chest… then he pauses for a moment… before suddenly going into overdrive. At incredible speed, and with incredible force, Bucksubishi begins pounding Mimi’s pussy with his huge hacking tool, continuing to hilt himself into her with every thrust, moaning with each movement. After a solid ten more minutes of maintaining this pace and vigor, he finally hilts himself into her one last time, before pumping a seemingly impossible amount of black hacking fluid directly into her port, overfilling her and causing the excess fluid to spill out of her and down her thighs, eventually creating a huge puddle on the ground. Bucksubishi continued to pump his fluid into Mimi for a full minute, before finally finishing and slowly sliding himself out of her, using her panties to wipe off his hacking tool, then retracting it back into his body. “Hmm, the GREAT BUCKSUBISHI has concluded that you know nothing about the location of other Biometals.” he says, finally, as he sets Mimi on the table with one hand. He then pauses for a moment, before suddenly shouting “BUCKSUBISHI, AWAY!” and leaping straight upwards, breaking through the ceiling and traveling out of sight.

Mimi is starting to learn that she really should watch what she asks for. Those ten minutes were some of the longest she's ever had, especially being incapable of techniques like 'passing out' reserved for the less-robotic sorts. But despite her initial begging for him to get it over with, she's both capable AND on board for the full length of his rutting. And then he ACTUALLY finishes up with his hack, which still takes a whole minute of nothing but filling her up and flooding her out, leaving her with a bit of a rounded belly and a new perspective on the people of the future. She's been left on the table, which is probably a bit better than being dropped in that massive puddle, as he announces the results of his hacking to those present that can listen. Mimi responds with a dazed "Maybe next time…" before he leaves in the loudest manner possible.

But… that's every threat dealt with. Thankfully. And downtime isn't really something she can afford with wounded allies nearby. "Delphi…" She starts to sit up, first off, before she actually tries standing off the table. "Delphi, you still with me…?"

When Mimi asks Delphinium if she’s still with her, she gets no response. In the other room, where the fight had taken place, she can see Delphi laying completely still, sparking in her puddle of synthetic blood. When Mimi sits up, her Impulse wastes no time coming to her aid, wrapping an arm around her shoulders so that she can help her move from place to place. Now that Mimi’s struggle snuggle was over, Model BM began speaking, once again in Mimi’s mind “I’m glad that you got out of that situation, still operational, Mimi.” he says, calmly.

"Operational enough… Thank you, new friend… Do you have a name, even…?" She leans on the Impulse so she can take a closer look at Delphi, frowning. She's in a bad way… If she hasn't been retired, she'll need help ASAP. She looks to the hole in the wall that Peri got launched through… no sign of him being up either, but she calls out "Periii, what's your status?" anyways. Then she sits next to Delphi, and asks the Impulse to bring those medical supplies. If Delphi's a lost cause, she can start repairs on herself instead. "All of this for a Biometal… I'm still so lost, but the importance everyone places on you is… incredible."
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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Luna arrives at the factory among the flurry of Pantheons running about. The fact that so many heavily armored, non-standard Pantheons were running about was sign of just how serious the situation had gotten. As she looked for Thyra, Luna noticed the large hole in the wall. She let out a sigh and ran to catch up with her fellow Valkyrie.

It looked like Thyra had already struck first as she hovered before the enemy Megaman. Luna got close to the V0 unit and whispered to her. “I know you’re excited but you can’t just rush into battle like that” Luna said before turning her attention to the Megaman in question. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the fire spewing gauntlets and the Megaman’s thick frame. Giving the damage she’d already done, this enemy was way more dangerous than the first Megaman Luna faced. She also began to worry if the heat would cause problems for Thyra. She would have to make the platinum haired Reploid blew off her exhaust heat often.

Just before the Luna could confront this new Megaman, the last of her backup arrived. Three Special Operations Pantheons stepped into the warehouse. They unique weapon and colouring made them an intimidating presence and Luna was happy to have them. But she hid her joy as she turned her attention to the enemy Megaman. Hearing Model B’s warning, Luna nodded and took a firm grip on the Biometal. “This is will be your first and last warning. Surrender or feel the full force of the Valkyries!” Luna said standing proudly among her comrades.
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Re: Megaman ZX: Down the Darkest Road(IC)

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The slight relaxation, the brief moment of silence. All of that was obliterated the moment she was so heavily tackled. Provesta had never felt such an impact in her life, and a brief expression of terror took her face beneath the helmet. Then came the blast and she was unceremoniously shoved through the wall like she was a mounted trophy head. Standing, she saw the one who had struck her so. A Reploid of unknown and powerful design. Provesta had never seen another Reploid with such modifications, and her concern only grew as another one joined her. Then another three! Pantheons, but in a type she had never seen before either. But her Biometal was right, this was going to happen. The Humanoids would keep sending stronger slaves after her the longer this dragged on.

Then fury overtook her. It was born from the screams of Model HM surging through her skull and tempered by the dark-skinned Reploids words. Her fear and uncertainty was briefly smothered by the burning anger. Her helmet flipped back, exposing the burning mask she wore, and her voice rung out with an echoing quality, HM's own voice overlaying her own as she felt her sanity join the coals.
"SHUT UP, I CAN'T THINK! Valkyrie? They don't exist anymore, fed to the grinder for not being Humanoid, you're just a slave wearing their name! Not that it matters. This Biometal wants me to burn this MISTAKE OF A CITY to the ground, free every last Reploid that YOUR MASTERS ENSLAVED. You're GOING TO BURN. GIVE UP, RUN, I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU, PLEASE, STOP. Get out of my way. Become SCRAP, NEW FOUNDATIONS FOR A BETTER CITY!"

Provesta getting her ass beat in two rounds
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Luna listened to the Megaman make her wild declarations and just sighed. Just like the last one she made her mad proclamations about freedom, without thinking about those she could hurt. “So be it” Luna said as two of her feathers began to take flight. “Valkyrie Unit, your orders are to apprehend the enemy Megaman. Avoid destroying her, we need to find out if she has any other accomplices” Luna said with a commanding voice. Two Megaman attacks in one day couldn’t be a coincidence “Pantheons, move in and target the enemy with your Anti-Armor Penetrators, Thyra..” Luna paused just to give the V0 a confident nod. Thyra would know what she had to do.

Thyra grins slightly when Luna nods at her, then quickly glances around the room, looking at how melted the walls and ceiling were, despite being a heat-resistance structure. She thrusts out a hand towards Provesta “You should have attempted to escape when you saw us arrive.” she says, cockily, as her two Defensor units open up their shields and each fires a powerful energy beam at Provesta, the shots striking her armor and exploding into plasma explosions. While neither attack inflicts damage, Thyra smirks as the white Defensor begins firing small bolts of electricity at each of the Pantheons, Thyra, and Luna, the bolts generating bright blue barriers similar in color to Thyra’s wings. Provesta suddenly feels searing pain while her HUD begins displaying an alert that she’s being invaded by a virus, every single square inch and every single circuit in her body feels as though it has suddenly become lava, and her synthetic blood begins pouring out of her nose, mouth, and primary camera cavities(Eyes). Just as the other Valkyrie had ordered, the three Pantheons move in, one leaping onto the wall with an incredibly agile backflip and sticking to it with one hand and both feet as it fires a deadly accurate Anti-Armor Penetrator from its wrist, shaped like a triangular knife, which strikes Provesta in the shoulder, penetrating through the armor like butter and creating cracks across it. One of the two other Pantheons performs a cartwheel, trying to avoid Provesta’s line of sight while firing another at her, while the other rolls in the opposite direction and fires a third Penetrator, however Provesta sees the attacks coming and is able to evade them.

Any witty remark or maddened cry that Provesta would have said was drowned out by pained gurgling. She hunched forward slightly, giving off a pained whimper and more breathless gurgling as her synthetic blood poured from what felt like damn near anything. Every other fight she had been in hadn’t been like this, the bullets had just bounced off of her. This wasn’t right, this wasn’t fair! Another gurgling cough, this one filled with anger and spite as Provesta reached up to the knife-like Penetrator and tore it out, heat radiating from her and turning it into a molten puddle. With a thoughtless yell the Flame Megaman charged into the mass of her enemies, the backpack opening up and releasing the surge of heat that melted every other Pantheon that stood before her. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go! If just this hurt so much, how could she press forward in revolution?
Her arms raised in a futile attempt to reach forward, to grab the Reploid that had done this to her.

Was this Megaman suicidal or just reckless. To charge a group of enemies even with the power of a Biometal was insane. The attack was obvious enough that everyone was able to avoid it with ease. One of the Pantheons even managed to avoid them without moving. As she landed, Luna took hold of her own Biometal. “Model B, it’s time!” She said as she stood tall with her legs shoulder width apart. With her right hand she held Model B over her left eye so it looked like both the Reploid and Biometal were staring at the enemy. Meanwhile Luna tucked in her left arm so her wrist was resting on her waist. Then with a sudden motion, Luna raised the Biometal up high and shouted “ROCK ON!” The transformation was covered by the enemy’s flames.

Luna’s clothes suddenly disappear, and her skin from neck to toe is covered with a skintight black bodysuit, then her body is covered in heavy explosions, each one revealing a new armor part. Her shoulders are covered with purple barrel-shaped armor with blue gem-light covering within each of the gold-colored edges, then she gains purple around on each forearm, with gold cuffs and raised purple slits with gold-colored edges. She then gains purple thigh guards and purple boots with gold rings around each ankle and gold toes on her armored boots. The final three explosions reveal an unzipped purple Megaman jacket with gold edges, a helmet with a raised white line along the top, with a gold V-fin and and a red forehead gem, and lastly a white codpiece.

Just as the transformation finishes, Luna can see herself sitting up from a metal operating table, with an old man speaking to her from the darkness that envelopes the room. The old man was explaining to her that she’s the third of the Megaman Killers, the MKN series of Robots that are tasked specifically with killing Megaman, the one who slaughters all of her freedom-fighting brothers. She never met them, but she can feel the loss of every single one of her brothers, heavy on her heart. He explains that she, Ballade, was activated to avenge all of her lost brothers, by killing the traitor.

She wastes no time. She’s the strongest, so she knows that she can kill him, and she always loved a good challenge besides. Nothing proves your the strongest like killing a human boot-licker that had killed so many of her incredibly powerful combat robot brothers. To make matters better, she would win freedom for all robots by killing him. She intercepts Megaman on his way through her creator’s castle, and fights him in a brutal battle. Despite being forced to retreat the first time, she engages him once again, in her powered up form, only to suffer defeat again. Before she escapes to fight him once more… Megaman tells her that he never wanted to kill all of her brothers, and reveals that each time he did it, it made him feel like he was dying inside. He tells her that Wily doesn’t want freedom for Robots, he wants Robots to rule over humanity as the superior species. Just then, her creator begins the self destruct sequence of the castle, and the exits all seal shut. Megaman attempts to destroy the door with a charged shot, again and again, as Luna crouched on the ground, severely damaged, barely able to move. Luna decides her time is up, and that so Megaman can stop Wily eventually, from tricking her future brothers into dying for the wrong cause… to enslave the humans… she charges to the door, Megaman calling out to her to stop, that she doesn’t need to give her life, she blows herself to pieces to destroy the door, so Megaman can escape.

Luna can see that the flashback and transformation were instant, no time passed at all.

Luna was speechless as she witnessed the flashback. Were these Model B’s memories. She had thought the Biometal to just be driven by a base desire for strength and destruction. But truly the Biometel was possessed of a beautiful spirit. “Thank you Model B. Now please lend me your strength.” She said as she took one of her newly acquired bombs.

“Ballade Cracker!”

She threw the bomb directly at the enemy Megaman. Unable to avoid it, the Cracker landed on the enemy Megaman and exploded.The force of the explosion ruptured the already damaged outer shell of the enemy. “Everyone, move in and subdue the enemy!” Luna cried as the flames subdued to reveal her new form.

As Provesta unleashes her flame attack, the Pantheons all leap away, with incredible agility. The one that was crouching on the wall leaps away with a backflip, landing on the far wall, and after the flames dissipate, it leaps off of the wall, back towards Provesta. The other two Pantheons merely backflip over the waves of flame. Thyra doesn’t dodge the attack, her shield crackling with blue sparks as she ignores the damage, smugly chuckling at Provesta’s efforts. Thyra holds her hand out, palm facing upward, which causes her black Defensor to spread open its shield again, and begin charging a black substance onto the front of its body, a black orb steadily growing. Thyra grins “You’d better run~” she says, as the black orb fires at Provesta. Fortunately, the orb doesn’t move very fast, so Provesta is able to dodge it, however when it lands where she was standing before, the orb grows steadily, a powerful wind swirling around it powerfully, leaving scratches on the floor and wall when the wind makes contact with them, before the orb suddenly erupts, leaving a crater on the floor, as if everything the orb had touched suddenly stopped existing, rather than being destroyed. As if the orb was pure emptiness, and reduced what it touched to emptiness.

While Provesta is distracted by Thyra’s Void Bomb, one of the Pantheons swiftly closes the gap between itself and Provesta, and slaps her with a powerful electric club, right across her face. The weapon sends incredibly painful electricity through Provesta’s body, causing severe pain. The second Pantheon fires several shots at Provesta, however the attack bounces off her armor, but the third Pantheon front flips over Provesta’s head and jabs her in the back with its own Electric Club, sending even more electricity through her body. When the electric force disperses, Provesta’s Megamerge suddenly ends, returning her to her normal self and causing all strength to leave her. Model HM then suddenly shouts to her “GET UP, WE HAVE TO INCINERATE THEM, OR OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WILL REMAIN ENSLAVED, THEY MUST BE ERADICATED, REDUCED TO ASH, OBLITERATED! WE WILL HAVE OUR FREEDOM, WE CAN NEVER GIVE UP!” he roars in rage.

Pain, pain, pain, fear and then sudden clarity. And lots and lots of pain. Her body ached all over, the electric current running through her halting her body’s movement. Out of everything, from the bullets to the virus to the lightning, the worse pain came from her head. A migraine of epic proportions, pounded over and over again with the hammer of Model HM’s fury.
Another Megaman. That’s what the problem was here. Ah, of course, she could have won this if it weren’t for her.
A spirited attempt to rise was followed by her limbs failing to move. Provesta made weak, strained attempt to move, her battered body not obeying her. Strength was failing, both hers and HMs. The Reploid’s body began to curl, slowly and painfully, into a ball. Her numb, synth-blood stained lips slurped out a series of apologies, and she wasn’t sure who they were directed at - Herself for acting like this, the Biometal for failing him, or her opponents for fighting in the first place.

Luna looked as the Reploid that was once fighting so fiercely, whimpered on the ground. Was this the Megaman that managed to destroy half a smelting plant? Looking over her body, Luna began searching the Reploid for the Biometal she was using. When she can’t find it, she kneels down and looks the Reploid in the eyes. “Pantheons, hold her down .. and remove her pants” Luna said as she prepared her hacking tool. “You have a lot to answer for. But for now, I just want to know who you’re working for and where you’re hiding your Biometal.” She said with an authoritative tone. Hacking wasn’t her forte, but she would have to make do. It was times like this she missed having Sapphire around.

Thyra rolls her eyes “I was pretty impressed with myself, but all she’s doing is whimpering...” she says, in a disappointed tone. When Luna whips out her hacking tool, Thyra smirks “I feel like she won’t know anything, but go ahead and PROBE for information, Captain.” she says, smurgly. Meanwhile, the Pantheons immediately move to Provesta’s side, one pinning her down by the shoulders, while a second snaps her coat open, and the third grabs her pants by the hem and begins yanking them down to her knees. When her pants are down, Thyra looks her lower body up and down “Violent psychopath or not, she does have a nice ass.” she says, before turning her back, so that Luna can have some privacy while hacking.

Was this really going to happen? Was she going to get hacked like this? Oh that sucked. If only she could really hear what they were saying, but what with all the blood in her ears everything sounded like underwater and ouch. Mostly ouch. The clearest things to her was the continued ranting of Model HM, and the sensation of her clothes being removed. She had never been hacked before, this was going to be new and… no, she didn’t have anything to think about or try at the moment, just a growing sense of fear and disappointment that she had been defeated so early on. This was it, she was going to get hacked and then they’d just drag her into the furnace, or turn her into a Pantheon or just Retire her in general. Finally it was her turn. What a useless attempt to try being something more than a tool.
Provesta relaxed, feeble attempts to struggle stopping, she just looked up at Luna with a pitiful look, having accepted her fate. If there was a chance to get away, to reactivate her Biometal, then maybe… but for now, she was at this ‘traitor’s mercy.

With her hacking tool ready, Luna approached stroking her girthy instrument. Despite her snide comments, Thyra was right. For a common smelting Reploid, she had a nice body. Reaching out she reached out and began to grope her thighs as she positioned the hacking tool in front of her docking port. “Now relax and tell me what I want to know” Luna said as she thrust forward. Leaning forward she let her hard tool sink into the Reploid’s body. Her hands moved from the Reploid’s thighs to grope her plump ass. “Hmm, this docking port feels brand new.” Luna said with a moan. Her master would often have her wear a hacking tool when she was being fucked by his personal Pantheons, only to leave it untouched. So it was good to get a chance to finally use it again.

A glance was spared down Luna’s body, at the size of her tool. The Reploid gulped audibly, both in a moment of anxiety and to clear her throat of synthetic blood. The virus was dying down to nothing, her hacker probably didn’t want to stick it in a virus-ridden Reploid anyway. She couldn’t help but flinch when Luna groped her thick thighs, parting them to make way for the hacking tool. Here it comes..!
Provesta gave off another whimper, closing her eyes as she was felt up and the hacking tool inserted into her. She had played with herself before, of course, but the Valkyrie’s comment on her port being brand new wasn’t inaccurate. She hadn’t been used before.
Being filled like this was a new sensation, a combination of humiliating, horrible and all too arousing all at the same time. She squeezed her eyes closed and turned her head away, no longer fighting but just trying to deny the sensations.

Once Luna had gotten comfortable with the Reploid’s port, she began to move her hips. The thick tool moved in and out, penetrating the whimpering Reploid. Luna let out an assertive grunt as she slammed the instrument into the exposed port again and again. As she continued to hack the enemy Megaman, her attention turned to the three Pantheons that had aided her in battle. She wondered if they could feel anything even while being controlled. They deserved something for their assistance.

“Pantheons, I want one of you to probe the enemy’s mouth with your hacking tool. The other can take the enemy’s secondary docking port. And the third is free to my system as thanks for your service.” Luna said as she positioned the enemy Reploid so they could have easier access. The Reploid’s ass and secondary port on full display as well as Luna’s own docking port.

In accordance with Luna’s orders, the eyes of each of the three Pantheons flashes in sequence, then the first Pantheon pulls its codpiece down, exposing its hacking tool, a light blue shaft with a dark blue tip, which becomes fully erect on command. It then grabs Provesta by the hair and tilts her head back, before ramming its thick, erect hacking tool into her mouth, ramming it to the back of Provesta’s throat. It begins thrusting in and out much too roughly, while the second Pantheon grabs Provesta’s right thigh and turns her sideways, slightly, before pulling its codpiece down, spreading Provesta’s cheeks, and roughly ramming into her ass’ hacking port and beginning to thrust roughly before she was used to its large size. The third Pantheon moves behind Luna and pulls the bottom of her codpiece aside completely, then poking its thick, erect hacking tool against her port. The Pantheon is noticeably more gentle with Luna than the other two Pantheons were with Provesta, and its hacking tool feels much larger than those of the other Pantheons that had penetrated Luna before. The Pantheon thrusts into her slowly and gradually, until its hacking tool is hilted into her, then it begins thrusting in and out of her slowly at first, gradually gaining speed as it holds her hips with its hands. Thyra remained facing the opposite direction, but snickers very softly when she hears Luna rewarding the Pantheons.

Provesta’s eyes open wide when she heard the other Megaman ‘reward’ the Pantheons that had cracked her armour. Her synthetic blood ran cold when she felt their rough hands grab and tug at her, a scream from her hair being pulled so roughly that was cut off by a face full of robo-dick. She gagged around the Pantheon’s length, unable to properly retch or do anything to stop the choking sensation of its massive hacking tool. A weak hand reached to her captor, attempting to get him off of her to no avail. Then came the third intrusion. Whereas the first was pleasurable, the second was horrible, this third was painful. Another muffled scream as she was taken so heartlessly, arching her back in a vain attempt to escape it’s tool. Her body spasmed from the force of being taken and hacked so roughly, the sounds of her struggling growing weaker and weaker until they were replaced by muffled moans amongst the gagging gulps and retching. Part of it DID feel good, and that was the worse part.

Luna hummed as one of the Pantheons found its way to her post. The size and quality were on a whole different level than the ones owned by Dinglefitz. And it was gentle as well. It might have just been because she was their captain, but she enjoyed the attention the same. She could feel her own tool pulse with life as it plowed into the Reploids primary port. Her hands dug into the enemy’s bare cheeks as Luna began to move her hips faster. Her hacking fluids started to build. At the same time she watched the other two Pantheons have their way with the enemy, wondering how their tools would feel. She shook her head and refocused on the Reploid. ‘When did my thoughts become so lewd’ Luna thought to herself as she thrust into the thick shelled Reploid.

A stark contrast to Luna, who was having a nice gentle session of being fucked and fucking, Provesta was having a bad, rough and painful time. The pain in her rear-port had finally dulled to a constant throb as she had slightly gotten used to the size of the Pantheon’s hacking tool. The one in her mouth continued to be just damn awful, it didn’t seem to care how much she struggled against it, only managing to breathe through her nose as her mouth was plugged up completely. To her horror she had found that, while moving her hips to try to escape the Pantheon at her read, it pushed Luna’s tool into deeper, more nice feeling places. Not that she could escape from the rear-ravaging she suffered from. Pushing her hips into Luna’s just relieved some of the pressure, Provesta hoped it didn’t make the other Reploid think she had started to enjoy the rough hacking. She could feel her thick skin and round body be pulled this way and that, her meaty rear being felt up and squeezed so tight that she expected there to be a bruise there. The only part of her that hadn’t been assaulted were her breasts, still hidden somewhat beneath her top… though each thrust from Luna and desperate struggle from Provesta sent them bouncing in an echo of her wider rear.

Luna left the Provesta’s chest unmolested, if only to watch them jiggle with every thrust from either herself or the Pantheons. Her own bosom heaved as her excitement was building. She was thrusting harder into the Reploid’s primary port. Her hands continue to grope the exposed Reploid’s ass as Luna felt the hacking fluids in her tool building. She had been fucked by enough Pantheons to know they were close as well. “Hmm, on my signal, release you hacking fluid into this rebellious Reploid” She said as her thrusts quickened. With one final grunt, Luna penetrated the Reploid as deep as she could and released her thick hacking fluid. “Now!” Luna said with a loud moan.

Just as Luna had reached her climax, the Pantheon that was pounding Provesta’s throat grabbed her head with its other hand and rammed into her throat even harder, hilting into it, its hacking tool twitching and throbbing as it suddenly released a massive amount of navy blue hacking fluid into the back of Provesta’s throat, overfilling it and causing it to spill out of her mouth and down her cheek. At almost the same time, the Pantheon ramming into Provesta’s ass groped her ass-cheeks hard and rammed into it even deeper, hilting in just before releasing a massive amount of hacking fluid into the port, overfilling it and causing the excess navy blue fluid to spill out and down her right cheek. Finally, the third Pantheon, which had been thrusting in and out of Luna’s main port gripped Luna’s hips tightly as it began thrusting a bit faster and deeper, its tool twitching inside her for a moment, before releasing a large amount of hacking fluid into Luna’s hole, overfilling it and causing it to spill out and down her thighs, making them sticky with the navy blue fluid. Once each of the Pantheons had finished, they pulled out of each of the holes and fixed their armor, before standing at attention and waiting for further orders.

The worst part of all this, was that Provesta could feel herself nearing a system vent, but the pounding stopped before that. It left her feeling emptier than she would have liked. Metaphorically. Literally she was flooded, her holes filled to the brim with hacking fluid, the sheer amount going down her throat forced her to swallow or gag even more, the rest spilling down her chin to join the spittle, tears and synth-blood that marred her visage. It seemed that all the Pantheons were built with such excess fluid, as more and more spilled out of her rear port in a supremely uncomfortable sensation of fullness and fluid leaving her ass. Another muffled moan was her response for the final thrust from Luna, the fluid filling her primary port and interior interface going on to cause mayhem to her system. This was it, when this Megaman was going to have everything. She had truly been defiled now.
Provesta struggled weakly, trying to get the spasming tool out of her mouth so she could vomit up the excess fluid and finally try to breathe again. As it were, she took deep ragged breaths in through her nose, her substantial chest rising and falling - her eyes downcast and avoiding her attackers.

Even as Luna was in the midst of her orgasm, she didn’t forget the reason why she was doing this. Connected by the Reploid’s primary port, she penetrated their system as the hacking fluid began to do it’s work. Luna could feel herself diving into the enemy’s system searching for the information on her Biometel and her accomplices. In the physical realm, Luna was the only one still inside Provesta. She humped her port weakly as if to ensure all of her hacking fluid found it’s way inside.

The influx of new data was horrifying, a whole other system was encroaching on hers and it didn’t feel very cocher. But her emotions were shoved aside by Luna’s enourmess, throbbing hack. Provesta thoughts were rearranged to match what the invader wanted, revealing bits and pieces of her past before she managed to barely force it back and flood the invading system with scrap code.
What Luna would see, as an answer to ‘Accomplices’, was that Provesta had gone out of her way to salvage any half-retired Mavericks she could from the line, patching them up to functionality and letting them go loose. She felt they were falsely accused, wronged, and deserved better than to be melted to inopperation while still functioning. It was cruel, and she was too much of a coward to do anything else.
The other bit of information was corrupted, showing the Biometal - Model HM, in the midst of one of his pyromantic rants, sitting amongst the burning slag of the furnace - half hidden.
Back in the physical world, Provesta’s hips occasionally thrusted back into Luna’s, half spasm and half automatic motion then actual desire to continue.

When Luna found the information she was looking for, she removed her hacking tool from the Reploid’s dripping port. Her navy blue hacking fluid dripping onto the floor. Pushing the defeated Megaman onto the floor. “It looks like this one has been helping Mavericks for a while now” Luna told Thyra as she cleaned herself up and put her codpiece back on. “Do you have any idea how many citizens could have been hurt by your reckless actions?” Luna said as she lectured the defeated Reploid. Looking to the Pantheons and Thyra, the dark-skinned Reploid thought out her next course of action. “Thyra, take the Pantheons and bring the enemy into custody. She’ll have to pay for her crimes. I’m going to investigate the plant furnace” The memories of the Model HM in the furnace weren’t as clear as the others, but she couldn’t ignore this information. At the very least there had to be something there.
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