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Re: RWBY: Daylight Dies

PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 3:53 am
by Blue56
Amelia is confused to find herself back in the forest again. Had her fight with the wolves just been a bad dream? Unfortunately, looking up shows that if that was the case, then it meant she was still in that giant spider's clutches. Rational thought quickly leaves her head, her only thought is to run as fast as she can, but before she even gets the chance, she's knocked roughly through the forest. Right, running isn't an option, the only thing she can do is put herself at the monsters mercy and hope to escape with her life. Amelia keeps her eyes firmly shut as she trembles before the mighty beast as it pins her down. When she feels its disgusting tongue seeking entry, she opens her mouth to allow it with only a slight hesitation. Despite her compliance, Amelia still feels the spider press down on her shoulder with increasing intensity. Tears stream down her cheeks and she begins to cry out feebly around the tongue probing her throat, her cries only grow into screams of pain as she feels her bone begin to crack under the force.

And yet, despite all this, her pain starts to fade from her mind as that black goo erupts into her mouth. At first, the disgust overtakes her, but then as her sensitivity skyrockets, her focus turns to the leg rubbing against her slit and how surprisingly good it's starting to feel. From there, with no resistance, she finds herself lost to pleasure. It overwhelms her pain, her disgust, and her discomfort as she feels the large appendage withdraw from her mouth and stuffs it down her tight pussy. The impossible feeling of fullness overwhelms her with ecstasy and her only response is to moan freely. As the spider tongue fucks her, it's not long before Amelia finds herself reaching orgasm. And it doesn't stop there, one leads to the next and the poor girl finds herself cumming nonstop despite the pain and disgust she felt. By the time the monster withdraws it's tongue from her sopping wet pussy, she was a complete wreck, her body slick with sweat, the strange black substance, and her own juices. Her mind is in a haze of lust as she comes to realize that the Grimm isn't done with her just yet. It's cock is much too large for her, even after the tongue had stretched it out, but Amelia welcomes it all the same. The pleasure of her increased sensitivity quickly overwhelms the pain and discomfort, and her moans ring out through the forest with renewed vigor. Amelia quickly finds herself cumming helplessly once more, her mind starting to break under the hours long ordeal she was enduring, her eyes firmly glued to the back of her head and her voice growing hoarse from all her moans. She's left a cum soaked mess by the end of it, but the experience was so blissful that she didn't even care about the filth she was coated in.

Amelia jolts awake, disoriented once again to find out that she was dreaming. Despite herself, she found she was moaning quietly, and likely had been in her sleep. Her arms still cover her privates, but the hand covering her breasts was now groping one while the hand covering her pussy had been rubbing it in her sleep, and is quite wet now... All this while Esmeralda was right where she had been before Amelia slept. Realizing this, she leaps to her feet and quickly spins to stare at the wall, hiding the furious blush of embarrassment from the other girl. She hadn't been expecting to command the respect of her fellow students in any capacity, but after this, she was sure to be the laughing stock of the whole school, if she even passed this test. On top of that, her dream left her... restless. She didn't feel well rested at all, but she felt well enough to keep going now. The sooner she got her shield back, the sooner they could end this nightmare, and it would be nice to find her underwear too so she would at least have something to wear. "Th-thank you for s-staying with me... D-don't w-want to waste any m-m-more of your time, so let's g-get moving... " Amelia stammers out to Esmeralda, avoiding eye contact deliberately as she moves to the cave entrance to see if she can't retrace the wolves steps through the forest and make her way back to where her shield should be.