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Postby Mark3000 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:49 am

Morgan was still being played with by the Minotaur. Despite the beast's size, she was rather gentle as she played with Morgan's body. "I actually got an effect removing card earlier so most of the changes have been undone. Plus..." Morgan said as the Minotaur played with her sizable breasts. "I rather like this body. It feels like a whole new way have expressing herself has opened up."

As the Minotaur continued to toy with Morgan, she turned to Violet. "You're lucky I can't put my hands on you." The horned beast said as she turned her attention back. "Unlike fangs over their, I'm not interested in sticking around" She said as she put Morgan on the ground. The cheerleader's cock standing at attention. Licking her lips, the Minotaur practically dropped onto Morgan's cock forcing her to make a loud gasp. With excessive force, the bovine babe rode Morgan cowgirl style. It took everything for Morgan to keep from being crushed as the Minotaur's plump booty slammed onto his pelvis. Finally, with one final motion, the Minotaur's pussy engulfed Morgan's cock one last time as her lower lips quivered. A loud moan filled the room as the Minotaur reached her climax.

She stood up just as easily as she went down on the former crossdresser. Once off Morgan, a small string of cum dripped from her vagina. "Not a bad lay." The Minotaur said as a portal formed to take away the satisfied beast. "I wouldn't mind you summoning me the next time you do .. Whatever all this was" She say pointing to the deck and game. And with that the Minotaur was gone.

Catching her breath, Morgan finally got right side up she put in her vote. "Yea I'm fine with how I look right now, Minus the collar."
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