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Lilith looks around in awe of the shear size and scale of the castle. She'd never seen anything so grand. She would have to do some exploring when she returns. But the time spent traveling gives the Nomad time to actually think on the task she was given. Lilith was no stranger to killing. But that had been in self-defense or to survive. But Lady Ash wanted her to engage in wholesale slaughter. Would she be able to do this? What would her mother think of her if she knew what she was planning? The night she disappeared was still a blur, but fragments of it were starting to return to her. All she knew was that it was her fault some how.

"Mother ..." Lilith said as she reached the exit with her goblin companion. She was surprised how close they were to the village. Patting the goblin, Lilith tried to reach out to her minions mentally. If Lady Ash could do it so could she.

It was only a few moments before the two ogres were standing directly behind her. The Goblin shrieked in surprise and bounced backwards when he saw them standing behind him, as the two were so silent that they had practically snuck up on the two. After only a moment, the Goblin settled back down, gripping its chest through its rusted armor, as if he had a heart attack.

The two ogres bowed when Lilith noticed them, then patiently awaited her commands.

Lilith too was surprised by her two ogres' sudden appearance. As they bowed, she felt a small swell of pride. Clearing her throat, she gave her command. "Both of you rise. We are returning to Dartmoore. This time we'll going to attack and ..." Pausing for a moment before issuing her orders. "On my command, tear through the village. Leave no one alive unless I bid it so. When no one is left, we will bring the bodies to the spire." Lilith said as she tried to sound as authoritative as possible. "Now follow me" she said as she lead the way to the village.

The creatures were still as a statue as Lilith informed them of her battle plan, then the moment she demanded that they follow her, the ogres rose. The Goblin quickly knelt beside them when he heard Lilith speaking to them, then tried to stay as still as they were. He didn't rise until he noticed the Ogres rising, then quickly ran up beside Lilith as she began walking away.

As Lilith approached the village, she could see that what was left of it was relatively little, and what few defenders remained were wounded. There was no sign of any of the mercenaries hired to guard the village, including Metia. Around the gates, there was a group of villagers sloppily fixing parts of the wall that had been burned partially.

It looked like Lilith's worst fears were alleviated. With Metia and the other mercenaries gone, her mission got a lot easier. With the state of the village, the best strategy seemed to be to just overwhelm them with force. Seeing the villagers repairing the gate, Lilith pointed towards them and looked to her two minions. "Attack the villagers and anyone who assists them." She says before looking to her goblin cohort. "You're staying with me" Lilith adds as the Nomad follows behind the two undead ogres.

Without hesitation, the two Ogres charge over to the villagers repairing the gate. The Goblin obediently stays by Lilith's side. By the time the villagers notice the Ogres making their way to them, it's too late. The unarmed villagers are torn apart in moments, with Lump ripping one man's head off, and Loaf grabbing the remaining two and crushing them, before throwing them against the partly-repaired wall.

The villager's screams alert the city that they're under attack, and a measly group of Guards come running out of the village. The few wounded Guards that arrive to face the Ogres are no match. One couldn't hold a shield due to his wounded arm, one couldn't evade due to a wounded leg, and the other three were equally weak. Lump acts first, moving in and punching the nearest Guard, the man's armor caving in from the blow as he's sent flying. Loaf slams his fists down on a Guard who was attempting to block the attack, but the blow is so strong that he's crushed beneath his own shield. The remaining three Guards attack to attack Lump and Loaf un unison, however Lump merely swings his arm and sends all three flying, before closing the gap and crushing one beneath his foot.

From her short distance away, Lilith can clearly hear the screams of pain from the dying soldiers, as they're slaughtered by the mighty ogres. Even when one Guard manages to get in a blow on Loaf, his weapon doesn't even penetrate his thick skin.

The Slaughter was so one-sided that Lilith almost felt bad for the wounded guards. Not enough to call off her two minions though. They were doing a fantastic job taking care of the last remnants of resistance. Hopefully they would leave enough for the spire to revive. As she walked past the guards, she started searching the houses for any survivors. Even as she searched, the screams of the guards still pierced her soul. Though they would stop soon enough.

In the first hut, she found a Guard with a cross scratched onto his wooden armor, treating another wounded Guard. When she entered with the Goblin behind her, he seemed unaware that she was the reason their village was under attack again. Meanwhile, behind her, she could hear more screams from the Guards being slaughtered by her undead ogres, as the remnants pour onto them to stop the attacks.

"What's going on out there? Are the Goblins attacking again?" he asks, then a look of shock crosses his face when he notices the Goblin Lilith keeps with her. "B-behind you!" he cries out.

Lilith doesn't answer the guard as she slowly approaches them. Finally, the wounded guard notices the goblin behind her. "Now" Lilith says with a calm inflection. Rushing forward she prepares to stab the cross-bearing Guard with her hidden dagger. The wounded one would be easy enough to handle.

The Guard is quicker than Lilith expected and evades the attack, somehow. However the Goblin that Lilith had brought with her had circled around and uses his rusted cutlass to slash the Guard on his side beneath his wooden chest plate, causing him to cry out and begin bleeding profusely. He drops to his knees and starts to wobble back and forth. Meanwhile, the wounded Guard on the bed attempts to rise, however he does so slowly, the strain seeming almost too much for him to bear.

Her goblin companion just kept on proving himself to be more and more useful. As he slashed the first guard, Lilith turned her attention to the second. Before he could get up, Lilith kicked him to the ground and got on top of him. "Having a little trouble aren't you" She said in a mocking tone. "Now listen, the people of this village will be killed and their bodies given to my Mistress. Of course I'll let you escape such a fate if you tell me exactly how many villagers remain in this run-down town." She said

The Guard grunts in pain when Lilith knocks him over, then cries out when she sits on him. Meanwhile, Lilith's Goblin watches as the Guard he had attacked slowly bleeds out on the floor. "Th-thirty..." he says, after hesitating a moment. Meanwhile, Lilith sitting on the man caused his wound to open back up, and he had started to bleed onto the floor.

Thirty huh? Lilith pondered as she saw the man's wounds open up underneath her. She probably should have asked where they were hiding. But the Village was small. It wouldn't be hard to find them.

"Looks like you aren't long for this world my friend" Lilith said as she saw the pool of blood form. "Since you gave me the information I asked for, I'll give you a reward." When she finished speaking, Lilith thrust her hidden blade into the man's heart. "A quick death and the chance to serve Zalaam" Withdrawing her blade, she turned to the goblin. "Finish him of and we'll continue to search the village."

The Guard starts to cry out for Lilith to wait, but it's cut off as he dies from her stabbing through his heart. The Goblin obediently cuts off the dying Guard's head, when ordered.

When the group steps out of the hut, they find that the Ogres have now killed a great many Guards, and piled up the bodies for easy counting. After counting the bodies, she finds that there should only be 8 people left in the village. What's strange is that thus far, Lilith has seen only Guards in the village.

Seeing the bodies they've already collected, it seemed as though every available man in the village had volunteered to act as guards during the goblin attack. What did that leave? Woman? Children? The Elderly? They had to be hiding some where?

"Lump to the east, Loaf to the west, I'll take the north and you'll take the south my little friend" She said to her minions "Search the remaining homes for those last few villagers" Lilith said as she went to check the last few huts around the northern part of the village.

The creatures all obediently split up to find the remaining villagers. Lilith finds in her part of the village, a single hut with five dead and dismembered old people, however all of the other huts seem to be abandoned, as if after the Goblin Invasion, the remaining villagers had sent away the women and children. As she leaves the hut, her Goblin meets her, holding the heads of an old man and an old lady, which he lifts up to show her, proudly.

"That makes seven" Lilith said to herself as the goblin brought her the two heads. Giving the little creature a pat on the head. It looked like there was one person missing, Lilith was more then fine with calling this a mission accomplished. Recalling her two ogres, she began the arduous task of carrying the bodies to the black spire.

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"Well that went less than ideal..." Said CeeCee with a pout. "I'm not sure about the girl with the visor, my queen. We know she is a chimera, and her name is Idalia. I don't know any of her abilities but I saw some strange symbols on the visor for sure. And yes I do think we should follow them... stalk them in fact." She said as she watched the other group walk off. "I like the idea of sending the undead after them, I think it would be a great first wave of attack." Said CeeCee to Lucephine. "We'll follow them until they stop for camp. Send in the undead, then once they think they battle is over, Fridolf can immerge from the ground and we can flank in. If the undead manages to knock out one of the chimeras then Fridolf can just pull them into the earth and we can escape." She said to the group, her eyes were intense with focus. "Once we have one we head right for Vitra, or at least where Vitra was the last time I saw it." She said as she started off after the group, creeping quietly through the vegetation. "I'm sure I don't need to uhh advise either of you on sneaking? But just to be safe, stay as low as you can, keep our line of sight interrupted, and stay downwind if we can." She said in a whispered tone. CeeCee was confident they could stay far enough back to not alert them. She scent tracked them this far and was certain she could continue to track them unless they went through some kind of water.

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Arrival in Azraq
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Ophelia begins to feel annoyance build as her request to find somewhere to change into her armor is seemingly ignored. She realizes that everyone else may feel secure in this city enough so they do not feel the need to, but she has been in armor whenever she has left the Techra estate since she was small. It feels almost integral to her. Still, she also realizes that making a fuss about it would be petty so she tries her hardest to ignore the persistent and growing bundle of nerves that are building because of her exposed state. It is simple enough to put out of her mind as they travel to the Train and she allows an eyebrow to raise when it comes into view. Truly, technology is a marvelous thing. She never would have dreamed of such a feat being possible and has an idle wonder about the amount of material needed to not only construct such a massive project, but the tunnel it will apparently travel though. It must have been an undertaking that took years to reach fruition and required massive amounts of manpower if the tunnel extends from here to Azraq. Masino would be pleased, she thinks. She nods to the guard, but doesn’t get much of a chance to explore further as Alice pulls her into the chair next to her and envelops her in a hug. With Annie taking the chance to lean against her from the other side, Ophelia feels content with that world at large.

She pays attention as Annie outlines what her detective knows of the case thus far. And is deeply concerned. The government itself is involved with the disappearances? Are being paid to do so? She knew that the upper levels of power within the city were horribly corrupt. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together could easily come to the same conclusion even with as few interactions as Ophelia has had given that she is hidden away. That they are morally bankrupt enough to sell their own people? And stupid enough that they will sell both the poor who work for them and the rich who buy their product? The organization buying the slaves must pay exceedingly well for that kind of stupidity to be considered. Her sense of foreboding increases when mercenary Selvaria brings up that the guards may be involved as well. There will be no assistance from any quarter if they handle this poorly. Or possibly even if they handle this well. After all, who cares what goes on in one city so long as it does not affect their own? She is mostly sure the only city that would care too deeply would be somewhere like Calts because of the JUSTICE of Masino running through them. Everywhere else would just make sure to heighten their guard so that their own citizens are not snatched for the profit of someone else. For quite possibly the first time in her life, she considers simply ignoring a threat to Lady Techra to keep Alice and Annie safe. They cannot be entangled in this if they do not investigate after all. But even as she thinks it, she knows it is too late. Annie has already started investigation after all and she believes the time she and Annie convinced Alice to put off raiding an Orc camp was a fluke. It would probably take more social skills than she has to convince Alice to ignore such evil, especially if her sister is in the area. With an internal sigh, she resigns herself to continuing the investigation and strengthens her resolve to keep them safe.

Her thoughts are taken out of the gloomy place they have travelled, as they usually are, by Alice. More specifically Alice making her blush once more. She knew she enjoyed the way Alice and Annie filled out their outfits. She enjoys it quite a lot to be honest. She did not consider that either one of them were paying attention to how she herself made the outfit look. It is… flattering? She thinks that is the world she is looking for. It is flattering that Alice enjoys how she looks outside of her normal appearance. “Thank you. I quite like how you make the outfit look as well. If I may, could I request you keep it? After you change into your armor? Just… to have?” She can feel her embarrassment ratcheting up the more she speaks, but she also finds she feels the need to make sure she can see Alice in that outfit again. Many times actually. It also causes her to consider the both of them in different outfits she has seen in her journeys. She has to stop very quickly because the vision is causing the flames of her lust to build up again and she very much doubts… well, she is not actually certain Alice would object too terribly much to certain activities in front of mercenary Selvaria, but she is VERY certain Annie would. And she really should not play with Alice without including Annie seeing as she owes Annie an orgasm or two from the hospital. It just would not be fair, she feels.

As Alice and Annie fall asleep on her, Ophelia makes to occupy the time she has to herself. She does not wish to fall asleep, not with the mostly unknown mercenary Selvaria with them, so she must keep busy. She decides to try her hand at crafting something. Taking the Steel Pistol and Bronze Crossbow she looted from previous battles, she also gives the rotting penis in her possession a side eye before giving a very small shrug (she does not wish to disturb Annie or Alice after all) and attempts to use that in her experiment as well. After that experiment is done, she moves on to the next thing on her mind: Putting on her damn armor! She realizes mercenary Selvaria is in the room, but mercenary Selvaria has also seen her almost nude before so she has no issues with changing in front of her. Slowly as to not disturb the sleeping pair, she strips out of her hospital given outfit and dons her armor, ignoring any looks mercenary Selvaria gives her. It is not like she removed her undergarments and those have been seen by everyone in this compartment. With her armor and weapons finally in place, Ophelia breathes a sigh of relief. Now it does not feel as if she is being sent to die somewhere out of sight. She can defend herself and those around her if need be.

Selvaria is so engrossed in her new squishy friend that she doesn’t notice whatever penis crafting Ophelia is doing on the other side of the room. The mercenary would felt she would never tire of how soft the Necro Blob felt on her skin. But suddenly, the happy squeaking stopped and Selvaria noticed her pet gazing elsewhere. Her eyes followed it’s gaze to see Ophelia, who seemed to be stripping again. The pair looked on in silence as she changed clothes and Selvaria found she couldn’t help but admire the Wanderer’s choice in cute underwear, until she comes to her senses and realizes that it would be rude to stare at Ophelia in this state of undress. She quickly lowers her gaze, covering her Necro Blob’s eyes as well and spinning the creature around to face her again, so as to give Ophelia the privacy she deserves for the rest of their trip to Azraq.

When they arrive in Azraq, Ophelia is only half surprised the entrance for the Train is hidden. Her own entrance to the Techra estate is hidden in much the same way. It causes her to wonder just how many secret passages there are in this city, but it is an idle one she will probably forget in the near future. She looks upon “home” with no measure of fondness. Azraq is simply a place where she resided between missions. She did not explore it, she did not meet any of the people who lived within it, she merely existed within it. Her attention is snatched by Alice calling out and running to someone… who looks like her. Well it is what she expected, so she is not surprised, but it is still slightly eerie to look upon a second Alice. Still, Alice’s joy in seeing her sister brings a smile to Ophelia’s face. She gives a bow as she is introduced to Aurora. She is not shocked that Aurora is also a Paladin, JUSTICE seems like it runs in Alice’s blood. She is merely surprised that she serves a different goddess. But not for long since she remembers Alice saying so. She a fond smile on her face, she gladly shakes Aurora’s hand. “Likewise, any who Alice looks upon fondly, I also hold dear to me.”

She is immediately switched into a different state of mind as a scream breaks the peaceful atmosphere. “For Great JUSTICE” Ophelia calls, one hand coming up with her fingers spread across her face, the other behind her as if to reach for something, her feet planted to take off. And then she follows after the Sisters of JUSTICE, ready to see what is causing the commotion. She is somewhere shocked that mercenary Selvaria posed with them, however. Maybe JUSTICE runs through her as well…

When Ophelia tells Alice, onboard the train that she likes how she looks and would like her to keep the outfit, she smiles and gives her a soft kiss on the lips. “I’ll keep it just for you, Ophelia~” she says, rubbing up against her softly. Annie doesn’t seem to pay attention to their exchange.

When Ophelia shakes hands with Aurora and replies that she holds dear those who look upon Alice fondly, Aurora gives her a smile “Th-thank you...” she says, happily. When the group’s introductions are interrupted and everyone, except Annie, poses together, Aurora and Alice take a quick moment to glance and see who is posing with them, unable to keep the looks of satisfaction off their faces when they see Selvaria and Ophelia posing with them. Despite remaining apart from the posing, Annie still follows the group to the source of the screams.

When the group arrives on the street that the scream had come from, they’re met with the sight of numerous Gray-Armored individuals holding two-handed Greatswords. The armor held no emblems with which to identify the individuals, and while some of them had varying body types, being anywhere from tall and muscular to smaller builds, a great many of them were eerily similar in build. The armored individuals were surrounding a strange-looking girl with hair that was half black and half white, a red eye and a black eye, with pale skin, who was wearing a split black and white ribbon in her hair, black boots and stockings, and a black and white quartered dress. The girl was on the ground, making scared-sounding hooting noises, as if she were an owl, as the armored men closed in, however Alice interrupted them by calling out “Not so fast! Leave that girl alone, you monsters!” she shouted. As the group slowly turned around to face her, startled, she was already running at them full speed. One of the men started to raise his sword to attack her, however Aurora summoned a shield of light and threw it with pinpoint accuracy, the disk bouncing off of the man’s helmet and staggering him, long enough for Alice to punch him in the helmeted face, sending the man tumbling across the path and into a nearby stone wall, as she shouted “JUSTICE PAWNCH!”. The man she had punched seemed to be among the living, however he made no move to stand up from the ground. The other armored men spread out and turned way from the girl while others in the group continued to watch her. One of the men stepped forward as Alice was about to speak and cut her off

“Now, my lady, this is none of your concern, and you don’t even know what’s going on. Let’s not… Justice Pawnch… anyone else.” he says, reaching out to ouch her shoulder, as if to reassure her, however Annie fired a shot, hitting the man’s gauntlet before he could touch her. “Well, isn’t this situation strange.” she said, scanning the area. “A group of men in neutral army, surrounding a girl on the street, while the city Guards are mysteriously absent.” she says, narrowing her eyes at the men, while Aurora caught up with Alice and stood beside her, brandishing her ivory-colored blade. The man hesitated when he heard what Annie had said “As I said, my ladies… and Gray-skin...” he added, as he saw Ophelia “You do not understand what is going on, and shouldn’t get involved. This girl is not what you think she is.” he says, slowly, his attempt to sound reassuring evident in his voice.

Ophelia takes in what is going on, not pleased with what she is seeing. She has done many horrid things in her life. Harming a child is not on that list. She cannot identify where these individuals come from nor why they are here, but Azraq is in the middle of a wave of mysterious disappearances. While this seems too sloppy to be one of those, it could simply mean the kidnappers have grown bold. And as Annie has pointed out, the city guards are doing nothing to improve the situation. It could be that this is the city guard in disguise and is that not a thought that makes her skin crawl. She ignores the slight made at her with the ease of long practice. “Gentlemen, because we do not understand the situation this looks bad for you. Imagine, if you will, if you yourself came across a group of men surrounding a little girl and trying to convince concerned citizens not that what they are doing is right, but that they should not get involved. Would you trust it?” Ophelia says, pointing out just how terrible the situation looks. “Regardless, I am afraid that I cannot allow you to do as planned with that girl. Please peacefully leave the area before we are forced to make you in the name of JUSTICE.” She places her weapon in her hand, her ultimatum given. She hopes this can end without endangering Alice and Annie, but given what she knows of evil men she doubts it.

“Come on, you girls are out-numbered, just mind your own business before things get nasty for you.” he says, as other armored men line up with the one that had been speaking, all of them forming a line of armed and armored men. Aurora gave the men a strange look “You wouldn’t happen to be from the wetlands, would you? That seems to be the hotspot for men who kidnap little girls… and spectross-wraith people, sometimes...” she says, as she forms another shield of light for herself. Alice looked at her in confusion, now gripping her Vorpal Blade in both hands “You know these guys?” she asks, to which Aurora merely shrugs. “I uh… I’m not sure. There was a group of Gray-Armored men with red capes, and more advanced equipment, like stuff you’d see in Calt, who kidnaps little girls. These guys remind me of them, despite having different armor and no sigil… I helped release them from their cells.” she explained. It was at this moment that one of the men in the back seemed to recognize Alice. “Guys, boss, that’s Alice… I think we should retreat and look for the girl later.” he says, nervously. The man in front seemed to recognize her now as well “It’ll be alright, we outnumber her ten to one.” he said “Charge!” he ordered, the men stepping forward to attack Alice and Aurora.

With that, the armored men began to spread out and circle Ophelia, Alice, and Aurora, forcing them to press together back to back. Aurora whispers to Ophelia and Alice “I can hold them off on this side, just cover each other.” she then held her shield out in front of her, mumbled something, then the shield grew to the size of a tower shield. Alice, meanwhile, leered at the warriors in front of her. “Well, which one of you wants to die first?” she asked, making a show of flipping her sword around in her hand, displaying to the Warriors how skilled she is with her weapon. One of the warriors shuddered and spoke to the others “Guys, I think this is a bad idea...” only for another to reply “We out-number them ten to one, no mere human can fight off so many!”

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

“When you mistake Quantity for Quality, you are doomed for failure.” Ophelia says before she ducks into stealth. Targeting one of the men standing against her, she reappears right behind him and unleashes a trio of slashes against his spine. She underestimates the man’s armor quality and the first bounces off without any concern on his part. The second, she has learned from her mistake and instead targets one of the weak points in the armor, a small smirk as the man cries in pain. He flinches as she goes for her third strike and once again it bounces off of his armor. With a small curse of annoyance given how 2 out of her 3 strikes were worthless, she backs off to rejoin with the rest of her party. Being one stuck among many would end incredibly poorly for her right now.

Of course, it seems the man she has targeted is the spiteful sort. Before she can set herself back into place, before she can put her guard up, he is in her space. The only warning she gets is a flash of silver as his blade descends. The first cut is the worse, she thinks, carving her open from shoulder to hip. Before she can even cry out from the pain of it, his sword reverses course, slashing across her abdomen. He then boots her in the chest as if expecting her to fall into pieces. Consciousness is an extremely fluid thing as her back impacts the ground so hard it jars all her injuries into hurting MORE. But she perseveres, clinging to consciousness, even if it is such a tenuous thing that she cannot hear what Alice is shouting at her as she is pulled back up to her feet.

As Alice is pulling Ophelia to her feet, she can see one of the men taking the opportunity to slam their sword through Alice’s arm, causing her to grunt in pain, blood running down her arm. She looked at the man angrily and punched him in the face, denting his helmet and causing him to stumble back, only for a second man to slash her across the side. Alice kicked the man in the head, forcing him to stumble back beside two other Guards, after which Alice ran over to them, hefted her Vorpal Blade, then with a mighty spinning slash, she hit all three of them with such a deep wound, straight through their armor, that all three were forced to grab their stomach to hold their guts in, each one dropping to the ground as they slowly bleed out, groaning out their last breaths. Meanwhile, behind them, Aurora slammed a group of armored warriors with her shield, causing them to stumble and fall. Despite holding a sword, she didn’t use it, she instead jumped on top of one’s chest, then kicked the second in the head, knocking him unconscious. When one attempted to attack her from behind, then dented his helmet by slamming the hilt of her sword into it, knocking him unconscious. Annie could be heard nearby, firing at a group of Warriors who were blocking her attacks with a shield.

“Alice, would you by chance happen to have a-?” She starts her sentence, but before she even finishes it, Alice has a Potion in her mouth, forcing her to drink before she drowns in the healing fluid. What an embarrassing way to go, that would be. Killed by something meant to prevent such a thing. But die she does not, swallowing the drink as she feels her wounds knit together at an almost exaggerated speed. When Alice finally removes it, she almost can’t tell she was nearly cut into pieces moments ago. “My thanks.” She says. As she does, she can feel the aura of a Nomad press upon the men Alice left on the floor, their wounds deepening and old ones reopening as they rapidly fall apart. She is not sure that is any less painful than bleeding out, but she hopes it is given how much she saw them hit Alice. Seeing Annie attempting to shoot down a new set of warriors, she turns her attention to them, preparing herself for damage this time and slipping behind them before striking, breaking their formation as she rends open their arm, reducing his ability to hinder Annie to nothing.

Three more Warriors join the battle in the gaps left in the formation by the warriors Alice and Ophelia had killed. All three as well as two more that had already been there move in on Alice at the same time, one stabbing her in the stomach while she blocked an overhead slash with her blade and caught another blade slashing at her horizontally with her bare hand, causing blood to run down her arm. A fourth blade caught her in the side and another in the collar, before she forced the group back. It was pretty obvious that Alice was in bad shape, however she shouted “JUSTICE RISING!” as she charged at the soldiers, becoming a storm of cuts as she swings her Vorpal Blade at the enemies with extreme precision, force, and speed. The first warrior was reduced to a puddle of red gore the moment Alice reached him, then she cut a second clean in half as she slammed her fist through a second’s chest, causing him to cough up blood onto her. She then began spinning so fast that she turned into a gold and silver whirl as she reduced several other warriors to tiny bits. Aurora, meanwhile, was beating enemies over the head with her shield of light and bashing their armor in with the hilt of her sword, knocking enemies unconscious instead of killing them. With Alice clearing the wave of soldiers in what seemed like the calmest murderous rampage most people would have ever seen, Ophelia could see, nearby, Annie being forced to the ground by two more of the armored men, one stabbing her in the stomach, while the second pinned down her gun arm. She managed to get her gun arm loose for a brief second, just long enough to fire a bullet through one man’s brain, causing him to crumple to the ground, dying instantly, however the second grabs her arm and breaks it by punching her in the elbow, causing her to scream. Annie was trying to force him off by punching his helmet with her one remaining good arm, but she wasn’t as strong as Alice. The remaining armored man pulled his sword out of her stomach, then stabbed her in the chest, causing her to cough up more blood as she kicked and punched at him.

Alice very clearly has the main theater of this battle under control, even if it causes a pang of panic to unfurl within her every time she is harmed. That she manages to basically shrug them off is inspiring seeing as Ophelia herself was almost brought low by a single strike. But since Alice has that under control, she turns her attention to supporting the both of them as well as she can, making sure as few sneak up behind Alice as possible without a knife in their own spine to disrupt their plans. Her entire plan is derailed when she hears Annie cry out and sees her distress. Seeing her arm broken and her stomach being stabbed over and over again causes her to move with a speed she did not know she had in her, slipping her dagger in that sensitive area between where his armor ends and his helmet begins. She makes sure not to cut too deeply: She only wants to destroy his spine. She wants him disabled for the rest of his days, forced to be able to do nothing to interact with the world for the crime of harming Annie. Throwing the all-but corpse to the side, she pulls Annie to her feet and does what she can to tend to her detective’s wounds. “Stay with me Annie. Today is not the day you pass into the arms of the goddesses.” She says, trying to keep Annie conscious. It seems her new plan will be to cover Annie while Alice does what she does best…

Though Selvaria had intended to follow closely behind to the source of the commotion, the rest of the group moves much more quickly than she does and by the time she arrives at the scene, Alice has already punched one of the armored men and a fight has broken out with Selvaria having no clue what is going on. She doubts that Alice was the type to attack unprovoked however, so Selvaria simply trusts that her companions were doing the right thing here and takes aim with her rifle. This presents a new set of challenges though, as even with her sharp eyesight, the were-beast finds it difficult to get a clean shot. The risk of hitting her allies was too high at this angle, precisely the sort of complication that made Selvaria prefer to work alone.

Rather than do nothing or risk doing harm, Selvaria decides to find a higher vantage point to give her a better shot, scaling a nearby building to fire from the rooftop. By the time she is in position, Ophelia has been severely wounded and Alice is fighting valiantly to keep the enemies at bay. The melee is fierce enough that firing into it is still too risky, but there was still a way for Selvaria to be of assistance. Many reinforcements were waiting in the wings, working up the courage to face Alice as she cut a bloody swath through their ranks. Selvaria set about firing at those warriors, though they were far enough away that she was unlikely to hit, the warning shots would still keep them at bay and prevent her allies from being overrun. Still, things weren’t looking good, until Alice overcame the odds to become a literal tornado of justice and crashed into the enemy ranks. Firing at their main force was no longer an option, and apparently no longer needed, but Selvaria could still provide covering fire for Ophelia, who was looking after the wounded Annie.

The Gang Becomes Moms
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Annie shudders and wraps her good arm around Ophelia, limp in her arms. Meanwhile, one of the enemy warriors shouts to the others “I TOLD YOU IT WAS A BAD IDEA!” he shouts as all of the warriors grab their wounded and begin to full-on run. Aurora grabs the girl that the enemies were after and holds her in her arms as she backs away from the fleeing forces. Alice, meanwhile, shouts after them “And don’t come back, evildoers! JUSTICE never rests!” she then staggers over to Ophelia and coughs up a bit of blood “I-is Annie okay? Are YOU okay?” she asks, dropping to her knees beside her. Aurora, with the hooting girl in her arms, hurries over to Annie and places a hand on her, mumbling something, after which the light seems to shine directly on her, her wound slowly closing “It’s alright, I’ve trained as a Paladin for uh… I’ve trained as a Paladin...” she says, seemingly embarrassed to say how long. Annie does not heal fully, however she no longer looks like a corpse when Aurora stops. She then quickly turns her attention to Alice and Ophelia, healing each of them slightly in turn. Aurora herself had no wounds, seemingly. “I-is everyone alright?” she asks, when she stops. Before anyone can reply, the girl that the group had just saved turns to them, cocks her head, then says “Hoot hoot?” just like an owl.

Ophelia breathes a sigh of relief as the army retreats. She has never been a part of a fight so outnumbered and hopes to never do so again. If nothing else, their victory cost them quite a bit. Annie is more apart than together and Alice, despite putting on a marvelous show, is just as beat up. She wishes with all her heart that she knew how to heal rather than only kill, but she has absolutely no knowledge of those arts. She finds herself exceedingly thankful when Aurora joins them and begins healing everyone. With another sigh, she watches the color return to Annie’s face and some of the wounds Alice took close up. She makes sure to point Aurora to Annie’s arm to make sure her gun arm is healed as soon as possible. The idea of Annie being crippled is a frightening one and she wishes she did not have to entertain it for the few moments that she did. “I am fine. Besides being on the outskirts of a few blows and the initial first one, I took no damage after the first charge. I am more worried for the others.” She would be more worried for Annie and Alice even if she were more damaged, but that is beside the point. “I sincerely thank you for healing them. Normally after rough battles, we are forced to soldier on without aid.” Before more can be said, she turns her attention to the hooting that seems to come from the girl they saved. “Hello, little one. Are you well? They did not harm you, did they?” She says, reaching out to the strange girl and attempting to pat her head. She does not recall the armed men having a chance to attack the girl, but it very well could have happened before they arrived. She screamed for a reason after all. “Do you have a name, little one?” She keeps half an eye on Alice and Annie as she speaks. She is not 100% sure this girl is not hostile after all and would much rather be the first to take any attack the girl throws.

Aurora nods when Ophelia points her to Annie’s arm and makes sure to heal that as well. When she finishes, while still holding onto Ophelia, she carefully flexes her arm to make sure it works. When she thanks Aurora for her healing, she gives her a friendly smile “I’m happy to help.” she says. Alice gives the girl a perplexed look “She’s hooting like an owl… it’s strangely cute.” she whispers to Ophelia. The girl looks as though she was barely hurt, only having some bruises on her skin and a bloody lip, however she doesn’t seem to mind. When Ophelia pets her head, she leans into it and closes her eyes, indicating that she enjoys it. When asked her name, she replies “Mmm… n-nemm?” she says, as more of a question than an answer. After a moment, she points at Ophelia “Mmmommy~” she says. Aurora sets her down gently, and she throws herself into Ophelia’s arms with Annie and hugs her, letting out soft hooting sounds. Alice pauses “Well, I guess you’re a mother now… congratulations.” she says, grinning at Ophelia. Aurora looks at Alice “I don’t think that’s how that works, sis...” she mumbles.

Ophelia was so very sure that Alice was the only one who could reduce her to a blushing fool. This girl managed to do it in one word and in one action. It only gets worse when Alice chimes in. She has had no thoughts of motherhood before, never even entertained it. For as long as she could remember, she was sure she would die without leaving anything behind. She still would not, but now she is forced to think about the prospect because of this girl who could not have come from her if she tried. “Um… little one, I am fairly sure you are confused. I did not birth you and cannot be your mother. Do you know your name? With it, I am fairly certain we can find your proper mother.” She says, trying very hard not to show the child how much she is freaking out internally. From what she knows, children react poorly to fear or panic and it negatively affects the mental growth of the child to be introduced to them. She is very much aware she knows very close to nothing about raising a child so this information may be incorrect, but it is all she has. “Does anyone know anything about child rearing?” She asks those around her, hoping someone as ANYTHING she can use in this situation. In the meantime… well, the child is cute and there is not really any harm in continuing to pet her. She has very soft hair. It is almost hypnotizing to run her fingers through.

The girl shakes her head, apparently to both questions, then pokes Ophelia’s chest “Mmmommyyy~” she says, then hugs her tightly and rubs her face in her chest, leaning into Ophelia’s hand as she pets her. Annie remains silent, resting against Ophelia, while Alice shakes her head when asked if she knows anything about children “I treat them nicely when I’m around them, from city to city, but I’ve never had to raise any. Besides, you should know, this is apparently your kid, Ophelia~” she says, teasingly. Aurora follows Alice’s answer up similarly “I’ve been training as a Paladin of Sirius, not a… uh… maid.” she says, blushing. “She’s really cute, though… the hooting confuses me, much like it does Alice.” she then pauses “It’s also strange how those men were after her. I wonder if… ” she starts to think, however she interrupts herself. “We should find an Inn, rather than staying in the open. Night will be falling soon.” she says, looking at the sky as it darkens. Annie seems to have recovered her senses as she sits back up, without taking her arm off of Ophelia “I think we should keep this child close...” she says, slowly “If they were after any child, they wouldn’t have suffered so many loses over her, but they were willing to fight over this specific child, and wanted to tell us nothing of what they were doing. If we don’t take her with us, they’ll likely be after her again, and we may not be there to protect her.” she says, testing her gun arm again.

She can feel her eyes widen as her panic begins to start overwhelming her. Who in Chaldea would put HER in charge of the safety of a child!? Yes, she has avoided killing them at all costs, but she knows nothing about taking care of one! Is it different than taking care of any other adult? Do they have special needs? How does discipline work? She knows that is supposed to feature in the life of a child, but how does it work!? She is trying very hard not to hyperventilate but it is becoming difficult given how Annie has now said that they should bring her with them. Her original plan was simply to find a safe place for her, but Annie brings up a very good point. They let quite a few men die for this child, so there must be something about her. And they will likely hunt for her again and whatever safe place she has in mind will very quickly become unsafe given the difficulty her party had in holding them off this time. And with one loss under their belt, there is no reason to think they would not come in more overwhelming numbers or to bring actual skilled combatants with them next time. So the safest place for the child is with them. And given the girl seems to address her as mother, she supposes that puts most of the responsibility for the child’s care on her. The thought of doing so still causes considerable amounts of panic, but she is choosing to think of this as an assignment. And she has never backed down from an assignment before. “Very well. Let us find an Inn. I am unsure when this child ate last and we should take care of that.” Her voice is very shaky as she tries not to let her panic consume her. Children need to eat right? Like more than adults? They are still growing after all right? She is unsure how they could fit more food in their smaller stomachs, but if that is what is necessary. “Um… I suppose if you do not have a name, I will have to give you one. Um… as your… mother, your name should relate to my own, yes? Ah… Helena should be suitable right? But you are fairly simple and I fear for your ability to remember that. Lily? That’s short enough to be easily memorable right? I know you can say Hoot, which is not any more difficult. Yes, Lily. Can you say Lily?” She says, picking up and carrying the child. She is not sure how fragile children are, but better to be safe than sorry.

With the danger passed, Selvaria descends from her rooftop perch to rejoin the others, only to find a strange girl, hugging Ophelia tightly and calling her ‘Mommy’. She’s not sure what to make of this baffling turn of events, and neither is anyone else it seems. Taking a child along with them seemed like a poor choice given the task at hand, yet leaving the girl to fend for herself was equally callous. There was something else that seemed off about this girl as well. She was young, yes, but her actions were appropriate for one far younger than her appearance would indicate. That and the large group of warriors after her led Selvaria to wonder if this girl was an artificial human that Skyrille had been searching for. It was difficult to say, but she would be interested to know more if the girl could ever tell them where she came from. For now, the suggestion that they find an inn makes the most sense to Selvaria. Sleeping was always the best option in her mind, and there she could also see if she could get her Necro Blob to eat something that isn’t a corpse. “Yes, I agree. We should rest and take the time to carefully plan out our next move. Any misstep from here on will be fatal, we’ll need to be prepared and in peak condition.” Selvaria says, nodding in agreement with Ophelia.

When Ophelia asks the girl if she can say Lily, she pauses for a moment, licks her lips, then speaks “W-w… Lily?” she says, cocking her head, then hooting. “Awww~” Alice says, grinning “She’s so cute~. How did you have such a cute daughter, Ophelia? Oh, I know, it’s because you’re cute, too~” she says, rubbing Ophelia’s cheek with her hand. Meanwhile, Annie stood up and straightened herself out. “We really should get going, as Ophelia and Selvaria said, we can do this back at the Inn.” she says, after which Aurora pipes up. “I have a room already, if you’d like to just share with me, i-it’s cheaper that way...” she explains. Alice grins and slaps her sister on the back “Ayyy, good work, sis, that makes things easier.” she says, after which she helps Ophelia up and the group makes their way to the Friendly Mushroom Guild, where Aurora has a room, due to working there as a mercenary. The interior is painted red with white spots, while the exterior is painted similarly, the structure itself shaped like a giant mushroom, though clearly constructed from stone. The group passes by the clerk, who waves to Aurora as they pass by her red wooden desk. As they reach the wooden steps, covered by a red rug, they pass by a door which read “Bathhouse”, which Alice notices. “Heeey, they have a bathhouse! Whenever we get the chance, we should use it, I don’t see many of them in my travels… you know?” to which Aurora nods, and Selvaria’s Necroblob squeaks excitedly. The girl that Ophelia is carrying cocks her head and repeats “Baff?” in confusion.

Aurora’s room is room 7, which they soon reach, and she lets them inside. A very large room, compared to most inns, with two beds, a chest to keep belongings, a bathroom with a red marble floor, and a kitchen with stone counters. The floor was wood, and covered with a red rug, with the emblem of the Friendly Mushroom guild, a red and white mushroom, on a brown background. The beds were relatively large, with white blankets, with red dots. When the group entered, Alice leapt onto one of the beds, face first, and stretched, while Aurora began taking off her armor, stripping down to a pair of white shorts with a pink stripe down the front and back, and a matching stomach-exposing top with no sleeves, before sitting down on the other bed and leaning back, with a content sigh. “This is such a comfortable Inn, I don’t actually see why anyone would work for another Guild.” she says, to nobody specific. Annie paused and considered “Well, there are all of those stories about a mercenary who works for this guild. That Were-Dragon, who incinerates all of her enemies, or rips them to shreds. That could drive off a few people.” she says, as she digs in her pack and pulls out her overcoat, hanging it on a hook on the wall, before staring at it a moment. Aurora grins sheepishly “W-well, I haven’t met her myself, but I s-see what you mean...” she says. Meanwhile, Alice rolls onto her back and holds out her arms “Opheeelia, you should be giving me a huuug~” she says, grinning at her.

She is not sure why, but the girl learning a name brings a soft smile to her face. It also makes some part of her inside twinge and make her wonder how it would be to have a child of her own blood. But it is a thought she puts to the side for the time. Instead she follows the others to the Inn, Lily secure in her arms as she moves. “Yes, Lily. That is your name, little one. When I say Lily, I am talking to you.” The fact that she can pronounce it is encouraging though. It could be less that Lily is simple and more that she simply has not been taught how to speak. Could the reason she only says hoot because she was raised around owls? How did she learn “Mommy” then? Someone else had to be involved with her development then. Minimally given how few words she knows, but it was there somewhere. She supposes something to do as they have downtime would be to expand Lily’s vocabulary. Because of her unique coloration, she stands out in a crowd already. To combat being hunted, they need to reduce that as much as possible. Meaning an outfit that covers her up and a more normal method of speaking to make it near impossible to distinguish her in a crowd. The only thing that she cannot help is that Lily has been seen in Ophelia’s party. Because of her gift, the men after Lily cannot identify Ophelia. The same cannot be extended to Alice, Annie, Selvaria, or Aurora. Any of them being identified brings scrutiny upon all within the group. Alice especially given she is both famous and the most responsible for their defeat in the last battle. Well, they can still do the other measures, but the greatest defense they will have in the end is a solid offense or to blend into a crowd flawlessly. With an internal sigh, she strengthens her resolve and moves on.

She is brought out of her thoughts by their arrival in to the Inn and Alice pointing out the bathhouse. That… is a luxury she has never had the opportunity to enjoy. She knows her Lady enjoys something similar within the Techra estate, but she was never allowed to join. Instead she had a small shower in her chambers that rarely got warm water. The lure of a bathroom is strong, she will admit. It is tempered slightly when Lily speaks up. “Yes, Lily, a bath. It is a pool of water, preferably warm, where you can get clean. I will show you what it is like later.” She says to the child. She finds herself surprised when she sees the size of the room they will be sharing. It is easily one of the largest she has spent time in outside of the Techra estate. Bigger than the room at the Colosseum which was meant to house a team. For the first time, she toys with the benefits of being part of a mercenary group. But it is only a brief thought since she is not sure Alice or Annie would join her. She attempts not to stare too openly at Aurora as she strips into more comfortable clothing. She does not know Aurora as she does Annie and Alice and she is aware such things can be considered rude. She is aware Alice would not care, but she does not want to make the assumption her sister is the same way. Instead she busies herself with putting Lily down so she can stand. “This will be our room for the time being, Lily. Please, make yourself comfortable.” She does not know if Lily understands what that means, but she can (hopefully) be taught easily enough. The discussion of a Were-Dragon is interesting, but in the end it is not a matter she can speak on with her lack of knowledge. She just makes a mental note to keep an eye out for her and make sure she is not hostile to those she wishes to protect. If she shares a guild with Aurora, it is doubtful, but better safe than sorry.

Her attention is dragged to Alice, laying back and demanding a hug. Normally it would not be an issue, but Alice reclining on the bed as she does so… well, it is very similar to other positions they have shared together and she is entirely sure that such a sight is not something to show to a child as impressionable as Lily. She will have to control herself because she cannot find it in her to deny Alice her hug. Climbing into bed next to Alice, she wraps her arms around her partner in JUSTICE. “You need only ask.” She whispers in the other woman’s ear, a smile across her face as she does so.

Selvaria follows quietly behind the rest of the group as they make their way to where Aurora was staying, she didn’t dare lower her rifle yet until she could be sure they were safe and she found herself peering cautiously down every alley they passed, as though to find some hidden assailant waiting to ambush them. Thankfully, their walk is uneventful, and staying at a mercenary guild was likely to be safer than most other places since it was full of other combat hardened individuals who wouldn’t take kindly to their place of employment coming under attack, especially one so revered as the Friendly Mushroom. True to its reputation, the guild looked quite luxurious on the inside. It even had a bathhouse! Selvaria nods in agreement with Alice’s suggestion that they stop by sometime, though she was a bit hesitant to bathe with the others, the Necroblob in jiggled excitedly at the thought in that way that always made her heart swell with joy, and she very much wanted it to enjoy a bath with her.

Aurora’s room was just as luxurious as she had imagined a Friendly Mushroom room would be. It was far more spacious than Selvaria’s own tiny home. She would spend the rest of her life in a room like this, if the guild wouldn’t object to someone reaping the benefits of being a guild member without actually doing any mercenary work. As Aurora begins to change clothes in front of them, apparently just as open as the rest of the women she was traveling with, Selvaria politely averts her eyes and takes a seat in the nearest chair, letting her rifle lean against the arm rest. She would like to be free of her combat gear as well but… She’s still not quite comfortable enough with her new companions for that. Although, she might have to be judging by the fact that there were now six of them and only two beds. They were quite spacious and looked comfy, but Selvaria was under no illusion that she would be getting one to herself. They would either have to share beds or some of them would be sleeping on the floor, and she’s honestly not sure which she would prefer at the moment. Aurora’s question of why anyone would choose a different guild leads Selvaria to ponder just why she had gone to work with the Black Salamander instead, but Annie’s explanation reminds her of her reasoning. Fierce mercenaries often attracted difficult work, and she was looking for something quick and easy, even if her current job had turned out to be anything but that. “I have heard that rumor as well…. Though, I imagine it has been exaggerated, like all rumors.” She adds, nodding along with Annie.

When Ophelia explains to Lily what a bath is, she giggles, and hoots at her softly “Watah~” she says, when Ophelia finishes. When she tells Lily that this is her new room, she quickly runs over and flops onto the bed on the other side of Alice, mimicking her behavior. Alice, meanwhile, wraps her arms around Ophelia when she moves to hug her and gives her a long, soft kiss on the lips “Mmm~” she hums into her mouth, then when she breaks the kiss, she gently gropes her ass beneath her skirt “My gorgeous friend of JUSTICE~” she says softly as she gives her a second kiss, as she strokes her ass with her hand. She’s interrupted when Annie speaks “Ophelia, I’m intending to go out for a bit, to have a look around.” she says, facing away from her to hide her face. “W-would you like to come with me?” she asks after clearing her throat. Meanwhile, Aurora was blushing as she stared at Alice and Ophelia embracing on the bed, and Lily was was slowly sliding off the bed, before flopping back onto it, softly hooting and giggling as she does after which she repeats the action again.

Ophelia has one moment where she thinks, “Well, this cannot be appropriate to do in front of a child” before her mind is instead consumed with the act of kissing Alice. The softness of her lips, her wandering hands, the encompassing scent that is Alice, the woman just seems to ensnare all of her senses and not let go. She is thankful for the second kiss because the first was not enough for her. She finds her own hands moving under Alice’s shirt, groping the Paladin’s breasts as her tongue invades Alice’s mouth. She is only moments away from furthering it when she is brought back to her senses rather forcibly by Annie. For only a moment, she is annoyed. Then she remembers her semi-private resolve to make sure Annie is included in the next bout of lovemaking and her annoyance disappears. It is for the best then: Annie would never consent to do such things in front of such a large audience. And Ophelia does find herself both embarrassed and turned on when she remembers she was groping and being groped in front of Alice’s sister, Selvaria, and Lily. It is mostly Lily who brings about the embarrassing part of her emotions. She is supposed to be teaching the girl good habits. Thus far, she has taught her 2 words, Alice’s manner of flopping on the bed, and how to deep kiss someone. She has the feeling that the last one is not something a good parent imparts upon their child. She thinks about preventing Lily from repeating her current action, but the child seems to be having so much fun that she cannot bring herself to do it. If it was harming her, maybe, but the action is not inherently bad so she can let it be.

“Um, yes. Yes, I will come with you, Annie. We have likely made a few enemies this day and it would worry me to have you go alone.” She says, reluctantly pulling away from Alice and gathering herself enough to push her lust back to controllable levels. She wonders if she should apologize to Aurora before they leave, but given how intently she was watching Alice and herself she does not think the other Paladin found something worth objecting to or being offended by. “Please, keep safe while we are out.” she says to the others before turning to Annie. “When ready.”

When Ophelia pulls away from Alice’s kiss, she licks her own lips and winks at her, then whispers “Later~?” then when Ophelia tells everyone to remain safe, Annie sits back up “Have fun, Ophelia~... come back soon~” she says, stretching. Aurora nods “You stay s-safe as well, l-ladies...” she says. Meanwhile, Lily had gone over to Selvaria’s Necro-Blob, and was holding it, tossing it up and catching it, repeatedly, while giggling, the Blob squeaking in excitement and jiggling happily each time she tosses it up. When she hears Annie and Ophelia leaving, she turns to them and cocks her head, hooting. “Don’t worry, Lily, we’ll be back soon...” she says, hesitantly grabbing Ophelia’s hand and gently leading her out of the room.

Selvaria had been hesitant to surrender her new friend to Lily, as she knew absolutely nothing about the strange girl, but the look in her eyes as she beheld the Necro Blob was similar to how Selvaria imagined she gazed at it herself. She reluctantly handed the blob over to Lily, unable to utter so much as a ‘be gentle’ before the girl was already happily tossing it in the air. “Ah! D-don’t….!” She began to protest, the creature was so soft after all that she did not know how easily it could be damaged and did not want to ever test that. But that all changed as soon as she saw that her Necro Blob was not only unharmed, but seemed to be immensely enjoying the sensation of being tossed in the air. Seeing that made Selvaria want to try it for herself, but for now she would let Lily play, content to simply watch the adorable sight unfold, unable to help but smile and giggle herself.

Re: Carnival of Rust

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Date Night
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The clerk waves when the girls pass her, and walk out into the night, Annie briefly waving back as they exit, saying “We’ll be back soon.” before letting the door close behind them. The city had poles lining the side of the streets, with lights on the top, giving the streets an eery lighting, however Annie didn’t seem to mind. Annie began walking down the side of the stone walkway, holding Ophelia’s hand and gently leading her along. After walking down the dark streets for what felt like a full mile, Annie finally breaks her silence “S-so… h-how are you feeling?” she asks, hesitantly. Due to Ophelia’s night vision, she could see Annie blushing as she asked. While Annie was still visibly scanning all of her surroundings with her eyes, her eyes kept wandering back to Ophelia’s face and focusing on it. At this time, the streets were mostly empty, aside from a guard stationed on a corner, or the occasional individual working jobs that could only take place at night, such as street sweeping… and prostitution, something which was fully illegal in Azraq. Annie soon gently led Ophelia around a sharp turn and began heading straight towards a well-lit, rectangular stone building, the walls were painted blue with a red stripe around the middle of the walls, in sharp contrast to all of the other structures with more light coloring, the blue and red were more neon.

Another blush lights Ophelia’s face when Alice whispers to her, but it does not stop her from giving her Paladin a firm nod. If nothing else, Alice is the cause for Ophelia being so thoroughly turned on and she will be made to take responsibility for that. Later though. For right now, Lily is reasonably distracted and Annie requires her attention so she focuses on that. A soft smile crosses her face and, for the first time outside of combat, she is thankful for her excellent night vision since it allows her to see Annie’s blush. She is not 100% certain since her detective is not using her usual nervous tick, but she believes Annie is rather unprepared for casual conversation. Which makes for two of them if she is honest. She is usually happy to let Alice do most of the talking and to respond as need be. It is rare that she is the first to talk and most of those times are due to concerns for either Alice or Annie’s safety or to ask a question. She is… rather ill-practiced when it comes to speaking just to fill the space or to get to know someone. This might become awkward, but she feels she owes it to Annie to try anyway. And to be honest rather than paint a convincing lie. “I am exceedingly nervous. I have never had any reason to care for a child before and to suddenly have to do so now is concerning.” Now that she has started speaking, she finds she cannot stop. She only planned on saying what she has thus far, but, without thought, she finds herself continuing. “But… I also find myself reacting to the challenge in a strange way. As if I would like a child of my own blood. But given that I do not have the equipment for it and neither do you or Alice, it is only an idle wonder. Because I simply cannot envision sharing such responsibility with any but you two.” Her own blush paints her face after her honesty. She has basically just told Annie that she would like to either impregnate her detective or Alice or have one of them impregnate her. She has the feeling even someone more emotionally knowledgeable than her would find such a thing embarrassing. But she does not regret saying so.

“And how about you? You scared me when you took that blow in our last battle and I did not get the chance to check on you as thoroughly as I would have liked given everything that happened afterward.” Scared feels insufficient to describe her feelings at that time, but it is the only word she really has for it. Would terrified have worked better? Probably, but she cannot correct herself now. It is only as she finally takes her eyes off of Annie’s face, trusting her detective to point out if they were in danger, that she sees where they were going. “Um… where are we headed? I am not familiar with shops that look like this.” She is only familiar with general, armor, and weapon shops after all, so that she lacks knowledge in the differing store fronts is not a surprise. She trusts Annie to know though so she is not terribly worried about it.

Annie only blushes darker as she listens calmly to Ophelia’s response “W-well… you treat us with caring and compassion… you’re the best friend I’ve ever had, and if not for you, I’d have probably died multiple times over... ” she says, pausing. “I think you’re more than qualified to care for that girl, and that you’ll gain experience along the way. You won’t… you won’t be doing it alone, either, you’ll have Alice and I, so you need not be nervous...” she says, hesitantly, squeezing Ophelia’s hand tightly while reaching up with her other hand to pull up the collar of her overcoat, only to find she’s currently in the outfit she got from Keeper Skyrille in Vitra. When Ophelia says she’d have liked to have a child with her or Alice, she looks embarrassed “W-w-well… uhm… th-there is a way… y-you know...” she hesitates. “C-C-Calt has th-that sort of… y-you know… a uh… uhm… m-metal th-thing… y-you know...” Annie seems to have trouble getting the words out, and is looking at the ground, away from Ophelia, back to Ophelia, blushing darkly as she tries to explain herself. She gladly leaps to another subject when asked how she is “I was okay… thanks to you, of course. Alice’s sister is quite skilled at healing… all of her Paladin training really paid off...” she pauses then continues “She’s quite skilled as a combatant, reliable as a person, and a powerful healing. It’s no surprise that Alice would have a sister that’s so… well, so much like her. The two are very similar.” she says. She gently rubs the back of Ophelia’s hand with her thumb, once again blushing “The way you protected me… the way you always protect me… you’re a very special person, and you’re very precious to me.” Annie doesn’t respond to Ophelia’s question as to where they’re going, until they’re well within distance for Ophelia to read the sign, The Lambchop, a grilling restaurant. “I… wanted to go to dinner with you.” she says, hesitantly, and softly, as they approach the oak wood door, with a picture of a Sheep on it. Annie pushes the door open with her free hand so that Ophelia can go in before her. The interior was well-lit and full of people. The restaurant was quite clean, with a beautiful marble floor, yellow-painted walls with scenery of grassy fields painted on, with sheep inside white fencing, grazing. The tables were made of glass, with white table cloths, and glass sheep knickknacks decorating their tops. The chairs were smooth wood, with soft white cushions on them, shaped like fluffy sheep wool. Annie leads Ophelia up to a handsome man in a suit, with a handlebar mustache and slicked-back hair, standing at the front. She hesitantly spoke to him “I’d like a t-table for two, please...” she says. The man seems to recognize her. “Welcome back, Lady Doyle. Right this way.” he says, leading Ophelia and Annie to a table for two. Annie pulls out Ophelia’s table for her, then sits down as the man hands them menus. “What can I get you two ladies to drink?” he asks. Annie speaks first “I’d like some uh… water, please.” she says.

Ophelia’s smile spreads a little larger as Annie says she will not allow her to face raising a child on her own and reassures her their bond is as strong as she hoped it was. “My thanks. It is deeply reassuring to hear it from you. I made the assumption that I would not be alone in it, but to have confirmation makes the burden feel lighter.” Before she can think too deeply about it, she decides to imitate Alice and give Annie a kiss. It is little more than a light pressure that lasts no more than a second, but she knows Annie is not as spontaneous as their third and she is not sure if Annie would appreciate it as much as Alice does. She gets slightly distracted thinking of the technology of Calt. If Annie brought it up in this context, that must mean it is fully functional. As in capable of ejaculation and causing the recipient to bear child. The idea is deeply tempting. She wonders if it is a technology Calt developed or a blessing bestowed by Masino. Just to cover her bases, she sends a quick prayer to her goddess asking for guidance in this matter. She is unsure if Masino will respond, but she determines it cannot hurt to try. At worst, she is exactly where she was a moment ago. She pulls herself back to reality as Annie does a self-diagnosis on her condition, her smile now tinged with relief since she now knows that Annie is fine. She will have to find a way to thank Aurora another time, even if she is not sure how to do so. The way she would show thanks to Annie or Alice seems… inappropriate when not applied to either of them. In addition, she is unsure how they would react to such a thing. It seems a betrayal of their trust, so she ends up not considering it too deeply. “Think nothing of it. You have protected me as well. And I know you will protect me in the future just as I will do the same for you. My trust in you will not allow me to consider any other outcome.” She grips Annie’s hand more firmly, trying to convey the strength of her conviction though touch.

Her grip loosens considerably when she sees what looks to be a restaurant. She has never eaten in one before. She has seen them obviously, but she never considered she would actually be allowed to be a patron within one. It is with awe that she takes in the atmosphere and scenery within the establishment. The extra, unnecessary detail should seem an excess, but it only adds to the warm mood of the place. She has a moment where she wonders if one such as herself is even allowed in a place like this, but she shakes it off. It would not do for Annie to suspect her of having such thoughts. It seems… ungrateful somehow. It feels like she would feel ungrateful if she doubted Annie’s judgment in this matter. So she tries her hardest to not let her self-doubt show on her face and instead focuses on the cute way Annie stutters when embarrassed. She wonders how often Annie has eaten in this restaurant before if she is recognized, but in the end it is an idle curiosity. It simply means that if Annie recommends something, she knows her detective is making an informed decision and will trust her judgment. She is not sure what to make of Annie pulling her chair out for her, but she allows herself to be seated regardless. Ophelia is aware of the existence of two drinks: water and wine. And she would rather not impede her senses while she is with Annie, so her answer is obvious. “I will have water as well.” She says to the waiter. She then looks to the menu, aware that it will likely take her longer to read it than Annie. She was taught to read to be able to locate her targets and receive notes from her Lady. She had no need to read well or quickly if that was all she needed it for. She feels somewhat embarrassed for that lack since how is she to teach Lily how to read and write if she can barely do so herself? But she knows she has Annie to pick up that slack and that ends her worry. “You have eaten here before. Do you have a favorite dish?” She asks, trying to get a feel for the food of the restaurant while she puzzles out the menu.

Annie blushes and returns Ophelia’s kiss, just as softly, this time without hesitating. When Ophelia asks Annie what she recommends, she smiles shyly “I usually order the uhm… Smoked Garlic Lambchops, and ask for the chopped Alqarfs as a side… they’re uh… delicious and healthy. They also come with rice and I uh… like to m-mix them in.” she says. It’s not long before the man returns for their orders, and delivers their Gray Water, the typical fake water that people drank as a substitute, due to water being too dangerous to collect. Annie downs all of her’s almost immediately. “O-Ophelia...” Annie starts, hesitantly “I-if you used that m-method I mentioned to have a ch-child with one of us… w-would you choose me, or A-Alice?” she asks, slowly and nervously, her face red from blush. By the time she manages to get the words out, the man returns with their order and sets it down in front of them. Several large chunks of Lambchop with chopped Alqarfs and rice. Unlike the rice that was usually served, this was white rice, uncommon among restaurants. Usually restaurants used a rice substitute that turned out more gray, due to growing more easily. At the same time as the man delivers their food to their table, he returns with even more water for Annie, replacing her empty cup. Annie starts to say something else to Ophelia, but instead nervously downs all of her water again.

Ophelia does not have the foggiest idea what that is, but it sounds better than spending the next 10 minutes figuring out everything on the menu. “Sounds good. I believe I will have the same.” She saying, trying very hard not to let show how cute she finds Annie’s stuttering. She knows it is a nervous habit the detective would not appreciate it being called out, but she cannot help but find it endearing. She is not sure if Annie is nervous or dehydrated, but she raises an eyebrow at how quickly her detective downs her drink. Her nerves very quickly become very understandable after her question, however and it takes all of her willpower not to do the same. She does sip at her beverage to extend the time she has to think. She is aware stalling is not the most graceful thing to do, but such a question requires a lot of thought. In an ideal world (and if her perversion was allowed free reign), she would simply choose both of them. The idea of both Annie and Alice gravid with her child is one that she must force away because it causes her mouth to water with just how delicious she finds it. But this is not an ideal world. She is aware that the combat potential of the pregnant one would be drastically lowered and having both of them pregnant would mean Ophelia would be the only active combatant unless she brought in help. Given her defeat in the last fight and how she was knocked down instantly in this one, she is not confident in her ability to protect the both of them on her own. So the decision would have to be made at some point anyway. She thinks on what she originally considers combat potential, but that feels like too callous a way to figure out something as emotional as this. So instead she considers the personalities of both women. She honestly does not think either of them would be a poor mother, both of them would raise their child with all of them might in completely different ways. So then she must think about what she would desire in a child. And she thinks the answer may be freedom. She understands that, until this last mission, nearly every action she made was dictated to her or made to fulfill an order handed to her. She would not want such a thing for her child. She would want them to grow to be whatever they please. Certainly she would hope they would never grow to be something as wretched and murderous as herself. And of the two, she sees Alice as more likely to have a child follow in her footsteps as a Paladin of Masino focused on bringing JUSTICE to the land. It is a noble goal to be certain, but not one she wants forced on her child. Annie, however… well, it may be she has less insight into her detective’s personality due to her more subdued nature, but she doubts she would have the child pick up her trade unless the kid desired it. That makes her choice a lot clearer.

“Do not mistake me, I do cherish the both of you and believe neither of you would fail when challenged with motherhood.” She starts, swirling what is left of her water in her nervousness. Speaking of this matter honestly makes her more nervous than any other subject she has ever spoken on before. But Annie asked and she would not dream of being dishonest with her. “However, if I had to choose… I believe that you would make the better mother. You are the one I would trust with a child the most. I… I would choose you.” Her face feels like it is on fire as makes her confession and she looks to the side in embarrassment. She contemplates splashing the last of her water on her face, but that would be very out of place in this setting. Instead she follows Annie’s lead and downs the last of it. She also looks down to her food and begins eating to extend the time period before she is forced to answer again.

Annie stares blankly at first, as if she didn’t register the question, then gradually starts to blush darker and darker, as she considers it in her mind. While her face doesn’t indicate that she’s thinking, Ophelia would likely know her well enough at this point that Annie has always managed to hide the inner-workings of her mind outside of embarrassment. Annie starts to say something, twice, however she instead flags down the man for another cup of water and downs it immediately. “Y-y-y-y-you would ch-choose me...?” she asks in disbelief. She takes a deep breath, sits up in her chair, then slips her finger into the neck of her shirt, tugging at the collar as she tries to recompose herself, not noticing that doing so flashes Ophelia her black and red striped bra. Finally her blush fades, and her face straightens back out. She clears her throat “I ch-cherish you as well, Ophelia. I th-think the three of us would be happy to raise the child together, regardless of who you chose.” she says, pausing to finally start nibbling at her food, little by little. Between small bites of her food, she pauses to ask another question “Where would you… where would you want to raise her? Would you want her to come with us during Guild Missions? Would you want to work for a specific Guild while raising our child…? Would you… want the child to be separate from Guild work entirely?” she asks, failing to stop at a single question, and instead launching into a barrage of questions. Despite Annie regaining her composure a moment ago, she starts to grow embarrassed again as she resumes eating her food, growing visibly nervous again.

Ophelia cannot bring herself to actually answer Annie’s stuttered question, so she nods her head and tries not to be too obvious in her sudden focus on that beautiful patch of skin and bra that reveals itself whenever Annie pulls her shirt. She also catalogs the motion as another one of Annie’s nervous tells. It is somewhat difficult to tell what Annie is thinking oftentimes, especially if she does not desire you to do so, so anything that makes the task easier is very important information. She smiles when Annie mentions that the three of them would be raising the child regardless. She honestly could not picture a life without one of them by her side in such a thing so the fact that Annie believes so as well is reassuring. She flags down a waiter to refill her water and enjoys the brief silence. And then Annie begins asking questions she really should have considered before considering having a child, unknowingly furthering her decision on Annie being the best choice of mother. She pauses in her eating to think.

“I think… I would want the child separate from Guild work unless they made the decision to do so. I… I did not have many freedoms growing up. In many ways, I still do not. I do not want such a thing for my child. I would wish for them to have the choice to do anything they wish to. If they wished to become an alchemist, I would support them. If they wished to become a Paladin of Masino, I would support them. If they wished to become a necromancer, so long as they did not harm those undeserving, I would support them. I merely wish for the child to have as many of the things growing up that I lacked. Chief among them knowing their parents and knowing those parents love them unconditionally.” She pauses to collect herself, thinking and talking about the past making her feel emotional. She thought of it too late to attempt to hide the sorrow in her voice as she spoke of her past and the raw hope in her voice as she thought of the child’s future, but she can at least prevent herself from tearing up. Once she is on an even emotional keel, she begins again. “I think I would rather not raise the child in Azraq. This city is rather… not optimal for child rearing for a multitude of reasons. I would much rather do so somewhere like Calt or Vitra. Somewhere I know the child can grow without risk of something unsavory happening to them.” She thinks she has answered Annie’s questions except for the one on which Guild they would work for. She knows almost nothing about the Guilds, their reputations, or how they work so she could not give an answer to that right now if she wanted to. “How about you? What did you envision for our child?” She asks since it is only fair. Her opinion is not the only relevant one on such an important matter.

“I agree with you. I think they should be whatever makes them happy, I want them to know their parents love them, and want to raise them in a safe place. I don’t know where, but I think we’ll find the best place in our travels. Ultimately, I want all of us to be happy there, just as the child would be, so… it’s important to me that we all agree.” When Ophelia starts to get emotional, Annie hesitates before reaching across the table and resting her hand on Ophelia’s own to comfort her. “You may not believe yourself free now, but… the mere fact that we’re here together of our own free will is proof that we are. Ophelia, you… are a beautiful, kind, caring, and talented person, with friends who love and care about you. You shouldn’t feel like you have no choice, because… right now, you can take any path you choose. Whatever situation you were in before, where you didn’t know your parents, and felt unloved, you’re not longer in that situation. Whatever you want to do, and wherever you want to go, I’ll go with you, and I firmly believe that Alice will as well.” she says, no longer showing nervousness or embarrassment, but instead showing hope, determination, and confidence. “I think… I KNOW, that you deserve to be happy. What is your dream? What do you want to do with your life?” she asks, giving Ophelia a reassuring smile.

A smile spreads across her face as Annie reaffirms her belief that Annie wants their child’s freedom just as much as she does. It is… nice to know that she knows someone well enough that she can predict what their responses and thought processes are. She also agrees with the hope that they find somewhere that is best for the child during their travels. As she has said, so far she only feels like Calt or Vitra would be suitable places, but there is a lot of world she has yet to see. It is very possible that somewhere else is a better option out there. As Annie continues to speak, it becomes harder and harder to keep herself on the even emotional level she sought out before. Tears fight harder and harder to escape from her. She… she does not know if Annie is right. The only reason she was out of the Techra estate was an assignment, a mission that she has currently failed. She barely even remembers the man she was sent to kill at this point, a failing that would see severe punishment if she were to set foot on the Techra estate. What would happen if she just...did not do so? If she left Azraq and Lady Techra behind and lived her life with Alice and Annie? Would Lady Techra admit to owning a Nomad assassin and send law enforcement after her? Other assassins? Would she bury the issue and allow Ophelia her freedom? If she were petty enough that she sent Ophelia after a man for a minor matter, she rather doubts the last one, but it is pleasant to dream. Because of this, she has trouble believing Annie’s assertion that she is free. But… she wants to. She wants to believe so badly it hurts. And Annie’s confidence in the matter makes it that much easier to do so. She thinks… she thinks she needs to see this through. She thinks that before she can truly believe Annie she needs to see Lady Techra one more time. After that… well, they will see.

But there is the matter of Annie’s last questions. They are questions she does not have the answer to. Until recently, she firmly believed she would die in Lady Techra’s service. Being in such a place allows for no dreams or desires. She… does not know. “I think… my dream is to have a dream. I want to find something I want so much I can devote my whole being to it. The place I was in before… the mindset I had did not allow for such things so until I was assigned to find Ralph I had never once considered it. Until I ran into you and Alice, I never once thought I would have the ability to do more than move from assignment to assignment. I simply do not know what I want out of life.” But she stops herself there. Because that last part, after the last conversation, rings a bit hollow. Because she does know one thing she wants now. And it brings a smile to her face through the tears. “But I believe I am learning. I can think of one thing thanks to this that I want rather badly. Even if I do not have that, a life with you and Alice sounds close enough to a dream for me.”

Annie smiles at her more when she says that she thinks she is learning, and that a life with her and Alice is enough of a dream. “I guess that makes it easier to fulfill all of our dreams.” she says, as she stands up from the table, leans over it slightly, grabs Ophelia by the cheeks, then gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. After that, she quickly finishes her meal, then waits for Ophelia to finish hers. Once Ophelia finishes, Annie leans back in her seat a little. “W-would you like to… see my office…?” she asks, hesitantly, once again blushing despite having seemed so confident earlier. As she asks, she sets the [C] required to pay for the meal on a silver tray that the Waitron had left for them, then downs the rest of her third cup of water. After she finishes and stands up from the table again, she turns back to Ophelia. “Would… would you like to do this again sometime?” she asks nervously. Annie then seems to remember something, and quickly asks the Waitron for some wine, which she pays for by placing more [C] into the tray. She quickly stuffs the wine into her pack.

Ophelia eagerly responds to the kiss, letting it last as long as Annie wills it. After the sweet taste of Annie’s lips, the food seems a bit less appealing, but it is still good so she finishes anyway. Honestly it is one of the, if not THE, best meal she has ever had. She is not used to actual rice rather than Noice. After all, from what she remembers, rice requires being grown in a rice paddy with actual water. Which is a rather… dangerous endeavor at best. Noice is grown in Noter, which can be manufactured and is much safer even if it is much less tasty. Her eyes widen slightly as Annie extends the offer to see her office. “I would love to. I admit to being curious to see how you would set such a thing up.” Annie’s embarrassed blush is much more familiar to her and easier to deal with than the questions from earlier. She is somewhat glad to be back to it, but she admits she did enjoy the thought she was forced to put into her answers. It is an experience she has really only shared with Annie and she somewhat hopes for more of them. She finishes her second cup and stands up with her detective with a smile on her face. “I would very much enjoy doing this again. I admit, I am very much not used to the experience. This is the first restaurant I have eaten in after all. I would very much like to repeat the experience.” As soon as Annie has packed the wine away, she reaches out and wraps it around the detective’s waist, wishing merely to hold her close as they make the journey to the office. “Lead the way.”

Office Tour
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Annie smiles. “I hope to do it again soon, then I’m happy to have made you happy. I hope for… you to get used to things like this.” she says, wrapping her arm around Ophelia’s hips, when she feels Ophelia’s own arm around her. Annie waves to the Waitron as they leave the building and out into the darkened streets of Azraq. Annie leads her down the streets and straight towards a black stone structure with a red roof and a red wooden door, with red and black stained glass windows. Annie points through the dark at it. “That’s my detective agency… I uh… like red...” she says, blushing. Annie’s office was very close to the restaurant. When they reach the building, she takes off her pack and fishes a black key with a red gem out of it, then uses it to unlock the door. She pulls it open and holds it for Ophelia as she enters, then follows her in, letting the door close behind her. Annie flicks on the lights, revealing a black room with a red stripe along the walls, and a red rug with an emblem resembling a silhouette with a flowing overcoat, in black. The silhouette resembled Annie, indicating that the emblem was designed by herself. In one corner was a black oak desk, and on the other side of the room, along the wall, each reaching the ceiling, was a line of filing cabinets. While there was no doubt room for all of her cases in the filing cabinet, the desk was also covered in piles of them, with sketches on the covers. On the wall beside the door was a bulletin board with pictures, sketched in pencil and pinned to the board with thumb tacks, and different-colored string connecting them together. Beside the desk was another pile of files. On the other side of the door, lining the wall, were hooks holding more overcoats similar to the one Annie ears. On the edge of the desk was a gun similar to the one Annie uses, and a pack of Deathsticks. ”Sorry it’s a bit of a mess...” Annie says, as she grabs the gun and the pack of Deathsticks and shoves them into a drawer. She then moved to a red door on the back wall with a brass knob and tugs it open, revealing a room with an inverted version of the carpet in her office, a bed with a red blanket and a matching pillow, and black sheets. On the left side of the room was a set of doors, one leading to a bathroom with a black tile floor, the other leading into a closet full of Annie’s other clothes. On the right side of the room was a black dresser with carved and painted wooden figures of Mercenaries from all over Chaldea. Annie walked over to the dresser and picked one up, a Were-Dragon in black and silver armor, wielding a pair of Polearms, then held it out to Ophelia to hold and examine. “As part of my job as an Investigator, I have to keep files on as many people as possible. Because of this, it was easy for me to pick up the hobby of sketching the mercenaries I have files on, then carving figures of them to pass the time. I don’t always have cases, so I’ve carved many of them with my time.” she explained, motioning to the long shelf on the same wall as her bed, which was lined with even more of the painted wooden carved figures. Beside the dresser with all of the figures was a door leading into the kitchen, which had a black tile floor and black wooden counters and cabinets, with a door on one side leading back into Annie’s office.

Ophelia finds herself rubbing Annie’s hip as they walk, just enjoying feeling her detective in her arms. When they arrive at her office, she is rather unsurprised to find it has splashes of red everywhere. After all, Annie’s usual outfit is rather red already. With Annie’s red hair and eyes taken into consideration… well, it is not particularly difficult to guess which color Annie likes best. “I will try to contain my shock.” Ophelia says, amusement coloring her words. First pulling out her chair for her and now holding open the door for her. Is there some custom Ophelia is not aware of? Is this how things are normally done? Well, even if it is a quirk unique to Annie she will not question it. She will just avail herself of Annie’s kindness and enter the building. She openly stares at her surroundings: the emblem that says this place belongs to Annie without words, the papers and folders covering near every surface she can see, the board she cannot make heads or tails of but imagines Annie has intimate knowledge of. The only thing that causes her to glare is the pack of Deathsticks laying on the table, but before she can figure out how to discreetly destroy them, Annie places them in a drawer. She very much doubts her ability to eliminate the drug without obliterating Annie’s desk. She very much doubts that Annie would be happy about her workstation being destroyed. She will have to pick this back up another time. She raises an eyebrow when she sees a bedroom and a kitchen in the building as well. She thought this was merely the place Annie worked, but it appears to be where she lives as well. Which says to Ophelia that, until recently, Annie did very little that could not be considered work. After all, how can you when you go straight from bed to the assignment? It is a way of life she is very familiar with. It is a relief when Annie shows her her ability to carve. Given the rows of carvings she sees, even if Annie was constantly at work, she gave herself a hobby to break up the monotony of it all. A hobby she is very dedicated to given her skill at it. If she did not know better, she would have said this was a commission by the carved individual to immortalize an occasion. Still, if there were Annie’s only company, Ophelia now understands why she is rather unused to talking to people. “There are rather marvelously done. I had no idea you could draw and carve. Rather well at that.” She says as she continues to examine the carving. “I also had no idea you lived in the same building you worked in. It is a rather beautiful room, I might add.” She wonders if the carved Were-Dragon is the same one they were discussing earlier in the room, but decides she does not need the answer right now. “Thank you for allowing me this view into your life.” She says, meaning every word.

Annie smiles, despite her blushing, as Ophelia compliments her work. “Th-thank you, I’ve had a lot of practice...” she says, adding, when Ophelia thanks her for showing her the house “Y-you’re welcome… and th-thanks for coming with me tonight, and spending this time with me.” she says, hesitantly. She then gently wraps her arms around Ophelia’s body and slowly leans in, kissing her softly on the lips. As she kisses her, she slips her tongue into her mouth, softly licking Ophelia’s own. After almost a full minute of holding the kiss, Annie finally pulls back. “I… love you...” she says, softly, as she strokes her back gently with both hands, then pulling her into a tighter hug. As Annie hugged her, she sat down on the bed, pulling Ophelia down beside her without loosening or releasing her grip.

“I would do it a thousand times over.” She says as Annie thanks her for coming out with her, echoing her words when she declared what else she was willing to do for Annie. It is only a minor surprise when her detective kisses her. It is the first time Annie has initiated, she believes, beyond the one time in the hospital, but Ophelia is at least somewhat able to read a mood. She is somewhat sure this is how a night out is meant to end based on her observations, but usually she only sees what happens before they enter their homes. What does surprise her is Annie taking the initiative to slip her tongue into Ophelia’s mouth. Annie is usually much more shy about showing her affection than that. But that does not prevent her from kissing back, holding Annie as close to her as possible while they do so. The scent of Annie is much different than the scent of Alice, but she cannot find it in herself to think either of them lesser than the other. She could drown in this smell for the rest of her life. Then Annie separates and speaks 3 words she never expected to her said to her. She has observed love before. It is what makes the family of her targets rage and fall into the depths of sorrow when she kills them. She never thought such a thing could apply to her. But now that it has, she finds it is something she wants more than anything else. She is happy to finally have a name for the overwhelming feelings she has towards Alice and Annie. “I love you as well, Annie.” She says, trying to put the depth of her feelings in every word. As she is pulled to the bed, she cannot help but push things a touch further. Her lips meet Annie’s once more, restarting the kiss they just stopped, her hands pushing under Annie’s shirt to grab at her detective’s breasts to grope them. These clothes will have to come off very soon. She can already feel their presence annoying her.

The moment before Ophelia kisses again Annie back, she blushes and gives her a shy smile, then gasps as she receives the kiss. After her initial surprise, she returns the kiss just as passionately and moans into Ophelia’s mouth, shuddering in pleasure, as Ophelia gropes at her breasts. Annie then feels all over Ophelia’s armor until she manages to undo it, tossing it onto the floor once successful, after which she slips her hands into Ophelia’s bra and begins gently massaging her breasts. At the same time, she gently pushes Ophelia onto her back, and follows her down, laying on top of Ophelia as she continues to hold their kiss, then slips her thigh between Ophelia’s legs, gently grinding it into her crotch beneath her skirt. She slips her tongue into Ophelia’s mouth, intensifying the kiss, her grinding into Ophelia’s crotch intensifying as well with every moment.

Ophelia finds herself stripping Annie just as quickly as Annie strips her. It would have been quicker, but in her excitement she tangled in her detective more than a few times, slowing her down immensely. That and she does not wish to rip the outfit off of Annie. It is a beautiful set of clothing and Ophelia will need to see Annie in them again at a later time. For now though, they are a nuisance that she is well rid of. She finds herself moaning into Annie’s mouth as well as her detective’s knee finds its way between her legs. She moves with the leg, trying to feel Annie’s touch as intensely as possible even as she matches the oral assault thrown her way. Her hand finds its way into Annie’s panties, using her middle finger to stroke the sweet treasure she finds within. She wants to move slow, but given how turned on she has been for a good portion of the day, she finds herself starting at the speed Annie moves her leg and then rapidly increasing speed. Her other hand dips under Annie’s bra and seeks out her nipple, gently rolling it between her fingers.

Annie’s pussy is already slightly wet by the time Ophelia starts rubbing it, and she starts moaning into Ophelia’s mouth with every movement, slowly bucking her hips in time with Ophelia’s rubbing. At the same time, Annie’s nipple hardens against Ophelia’s fingers as she rubs it between them. Annie responds by grabbing Ophelia’s bra with her free hand and tugging it up, exposing her breasts. She breaks their kiss, a string of saliva connecting their mouths for a moment, then she takes Ophelia’s right nipple into her mouth, sucking it gently and rubbing her tongue against it, while she gropes and massages Ophelia’s breast and continues grinding her thigh into her crotch. She moves her free hand, which she had used to move Ophelia’s bra, and grabs her skirt, tugging it upwards so that she has easier access to her crotch.

With Annie already wet, Ophelia takes the opportunity to slide her finger inside of her detective, changing her rubbing to thrusting without losing any speed. She owes Annie at least 2 orgasms from the hospital and she fully intends to repay that debt. She whines slightly as Annie breaks the kiss, but it very quickly turns into a fully moan when Annie moves her mouth down to her breasts. If she had a hand free, she would pull Annie tighter to her. But doing so would mean abandoning Annie’s breast or her vagina and neither of those are acceptable options. So instead, she moves her thumb so that it rubs against Annie’s clit. When she becomes annoyed that her hand is restricted, she pauses for just a moment to use her hand to pull Annie’s panties down. She does not need much, just enough to reveal the glistening mount to the open air. With the annoyance out of the way, she can move more freely, which she uses to remove more of her finger before it is thrust back into Annie. She wants to explore as much of her as possible.

Annie moans loudly when Ophelia slides her fingers into her, then begins bucking her hips more vigorously, her juices running down Ophelia’s fingers each time she thrusts them out. When Ophelia pulls Annie’s panties down, she kicks them off and onto the floor, then uses her free hand to pull Ophelia’s panties down, then rams two fingers into her pussy and starts thrusting them vigorously, while sucking her nipple hard. She uses her other hand to grab Ophelia’s nipple between her fingers and starts rubbing and pinching it. She starts panting softly into Ophelia’s nipple, more heavily the longer Ophelia thrusts in and out of her. After thrusting her fingers in and out of Ophelia for a few moments, she starts rubbing her thumb against Ophelia’s clit, mimicking the movement’s Ophelia is using on her.

Ophelia has a brief moment where she wonders on Annie’s ability to clean her bed afterwards before the thought is blasted from her mind with the addition of Annie’s fingers to her vagina. The sudden invasion causes her whole body to tense in the sudden pleasure, being more than wet enough to accept the fingers given she has been turned on since Annie declared her love. She wishes she had that penis Annie mentioned from Calt just so she can increase the options she has to pleasure Annie with. But she doesn’t so she adds another finger to her thrusting, rubbing her thumb in increasingly tight circles on Annie’s clit. Just as she is committing to her action, it suddenly feels like she has the voice of the goddess in her head again. While a small part of her mind wonders if this means Masino is always watching and a bigger part is just turned on by the potential audience, the majority is focused on what the voice says. It mentions the very thing she was just wishing for. She gathers her strength and flips Annie onto her back near the edge of the bed so they do not have to stop while she reaches for her pack. Annie’s breast must go unmolested for a time, but it is a sacrifice that must be made for the moment. She digs wildly until she feels something that is familiar in shape without ever having laid eyes on it before. With a brief victorious cry, she pulls it out: The cybernetic penis granted to followers of Masino. She hesitates just long enough to ask Annie, “Would you like me to use this?” She would hate to force it upon her lover after all.

Annie lets out a soft squeak as Ophelia flips her over and rolls on top of her, however she continues to moan with every thrust of Ophelia’s fingers, her juices running down her hand. When Ophelia pulls out a robotic cock, Annie looks surprised “W-when did you get that?” she asks hesitantly, though with her fingers inside Annie’s pussy, she can feel that she’s only getting wetter. Annie seems to soon decide she doesn’t care when it came from, however “Y-yes, Ophelia, t-take me~” she says, her voice almost a whine, as she gropes Ophelia’s left breast hard to emphasize her want.

Permission given, Ophelia wastes no more time planting the penis on her, just above her clit. There is a slightly concerning shock, but then she realizes she can actually FEEL the phallus. As if it is actually a part of her. She takes a moment to thank Masino for the gift she has bestowed upon her and the one she is about to bestow upon Annie before she rubs her new part against Annie’s soaked delta. She does not know much about penises, but she knows going in with it dry would be unpleasant for the both of them. From experience unfortunately. So she thoroughly soaks her cyber-penis in Annie’s juices before slowly pushing herself inside. And choking on a moan the entire way. Having a penis is VERY different than what she is used to. The sensations as she enters Annie almost cause her eyes to roll back, a long continuous moan exiting her as she moves. She continues to slowly feed more of herself into Annie until there is no more to give. Then she is forced to pause as she feels the new appendage twitching powerfully. She does not know what it feels like to orgasm with a penis, but does not want to chance this being the warning sign and ruining the experience by ending it too early. It gives Annie a chance to adjust to her length as well seeing as, well, she does not know the status of Annie’s virginity.

Annie whimpers in anticipation as Ophelia rubs her robo-cock against her slit, shuddering with every movement, her juices slowly coating it as Annie is turned on even further from the prospect of Ophelia penetrating her. When Ophelia finally pushes into her slowly, she lets out a long moan with every inch that she pushes into her, until she finally hits Annie’s hymen, causing her to flinch. When Ophelia stops there, she lets out a long sigh “G-go ahead, Ophelia… I wouldn’t prefer to give it to anyone else… I love… you...” she says, as she grabs Ophelia’s shoulders and gives her a soft kiss on the lips, before lowering her hands to her sides and gently rubs them. Even with Ophelia stopped where she is, Annie was still shuddering in pleasure and letting out soft whimpers as she waits for her to start moving again.

Ophelia cannot help but feel privileged that she is the one to take Annie’s maidenhead, the first that her detective trusts enough to allow them inside her. The feeling mixes with the sensations trying up her penis and the sounds of Annie’s whimpers as she adjusts to make self-control a very difficult prospect for her right now. But she refuses to let Annie’s first time be a painful disaster like her own and that means paying attention to Annie’s pleasure rather than recklessly seeking her own. So when everything no longer feels overwhelming, she pulls herself back until only the tip is left and slowly slides herself back in. Her eyes are on Annie’s face the entire way, ready to stop if it seems like her lover is in pain. Failing to see any signs, she begins to slowly increase her pace, wanting with all of her heart to explore this pleasure with Annie. While one hand holds Annie’s hips to keep her steady for the thrusts, the other pulls up her detective’s bra and resumes toying with her nipple. And then because turnabout is fair play, her mouth latches onto Annie’s other, using her tongue to lap and circle the nub. She still keeps an eye on Annie’s face. It would not do to fall so far into lust that she begins hurting her partner.

Annie lets out a moan as Ophelia pulls back, then pushes into her again, tearing through her hymen. Annie holds Ophelia tightly until she pushes all the way through, then lets out a sigh of relief. “G-good job… Hel~” she says softly, stroking her back. When Ophelia starts thrusting, she lets out a moan each time she pushed back into her, and bucked her hips in time. Despite Ophelia already fucking her, she blushes all the more when her breasts are exposed, then moans more loudly as Ophelia begins pleasuring with her nipple, and hugs Ophelia’s head when she begins sucking on her other. “G-goodness, Ophelia~” she cries out through her moans as Ophelia pleasures her. Ophelia can feel Annie’s already tight pussy tightening on her even further as her pleasure mounts, her juices running down Ophelia’s robotic cock as she gets even wetter.

Feeling Annie respond to her efforts, she begins to feel she can loosen the reins a little, thrusting even faster into her lover. While she is at it, she changes the angle of her thrusts, trying to find the one that feels the best for Annie. It feels good for Ophelia regardless, so returning the favor only seems right. With her head trapped by Annie’s arms, she decides she might as well do what she can and gently bites Annie’s nipple, using the slight pain to amplify the pleasure. But only slight. Her resolution not to harm Annie is still in her mind after all. It does loosen a bit as her pleasure begins to build and her self-control loosens, causing her to slam into Annie with ever increasing force. She wants to feel every part of Annie and she wants Annie to feel her long after they are done.

Annie cries out in pleasure as Ophelia thrusts harder and starts gently biting her nipple. She hugs her head ever tighter, then cries out once again and spasms as she orgasms, her juices coating Ophelia’s robo-dick even more. Even after her orgasm, Annie resumes bucking her hips with Ophelia’s thrusts, moaning even louder due to her now-increased sensitivity to pleasure. Her panting increases in intensity and her eyes start to roll back, while her tongue droops from her mouth slightly. Despite all of these, she manages to moan out “H-harder, H-Hel~”.

Some distant part of her that is still capable of thought says “1 down”. The rest of her, revealing in the ability to stop holding back now that Annie has requested her to go harder, rams her mecha-cock into her lover with all of her might, her speed increased to piston levels as the sounds of their lovemaking become loud enough to hang in the air. The utterly blissed out look on Annie’s face is all the motivation she needs to continue pounding Annie into the bed. Seeing Annie’s tongue, she cannot resist the urge to wrap her own tongue around it before forcing her lover into a passionate, forceful kiss. Her hand still on Annie’s breast gives it an almost harsh pinch to her nipple before switching to massaging the rest. She switches between them, using the pain to draw more pleasure even as her thrusting reaches breakneck speed. She feels something strange building up within her, something she has no knowledge of. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knows what is happening and manages to pull herself together just long enough to say, “I am cumming, Annie. Where do you want it?” Because she remembers, somewhat capable of doing that, that Annie mentioned you can impregnate someone with this penis. And she does not want to force that on her lover. Yet.

Annie shudders in pleasure and moans uncontrollably into Ophelia’s mouth as she fucks her harder and faster, her juices starting to create a dark patch on the bed. She tightens her arms around Ophelia and wraps her legs around her hips, tightly, as her eyes roll back even further and she begins spasming again. Through all of this, she still manages “I-inside~!” her voice clouded with pleasure. After only a moment, she lets out another pleasured cry as she has another orgasm, even more juices running down Ophelia’s mecha-cock as Annie’s whole body is rocked by it.

Well, if Annie asks for it, she cannot help but comply. Annie has her trapped within her using her legs so there is no possible way to escape. Not that she truly wishes too. It feels too good in Annie, especially as she orgasms once again. With the spasming of Annie’s vagina pushing her over the edge, she kisses Annie again, her moan invading her lover’s mouth as she cums. It is a very different experience than she is used to, feeling like a hammer of pleasure has bashed her in the head and forced the liquefied brains out of her penis. She can feel Annie react to her seed entering her, feeling as if her vagina is trying desperately to draw as much semen into her as possible. This only makes Ophelia’s orgasm even better and she feels even more cum force itself out of her. By the time she can think again, see notices she has ejaculated so much that some of it is on the sheets. She cannot bring herself to care very much though. It felt too good to regret a little extra clean up. Instead of pulling herself out, she merely moves so that she is by Annie’s side and holds her lover close, her penis still inside. She merely wants to enjoy the feeling for as long as possible. That same part of her that noticed earlier now says, “And that was two”. Her debt has been repaid. With the two of them side by side as they are, Ophelia fails to resist the urge to kiss Annie again, gentler than the one they shared before. “I hope that the experience was as pleasurable for you as it was for me.” She whispers, her forehead touching Annie’s.

Annie cries one in pleasure one more time as she feels Ophelia cumming into her with her robo-cock, arching her back and holding Ophelia even tighter, then she lets out a soft moan as she feels the warmth filling her up, and slowly begins relaxing back down onto the bed. She pants heavily as Ophelia finishes and rolls off of her and rests beside her. She returns Ophelia’s kiss without hesitation, then nuzzles against her. She lets out an exhausted giggle as Ophelia says she hopes she enjoyed it as much as she did “Yesssss…~” she says, softly “We should… do that again… soon~” she pants out, as she nuzzles against Ophelia once more and wraps her arms around her, letting out a very soft moan as her movements cause Ophelia’s robo-cock to rub against her insides slightly. She pauses for a moment before speaking again “We should probably get back to the Inn before it gets too late...” she whispers, almost as if she was hoping Ophelia wouldn’t hear, and they could just stay like this.

A smile crosses Ophelia’s face as Annie mentions she would like to do this again. She does as well, so having Annie’s consent in advance is very much a good thing to her. She considers ignoring what Annie just said. She would like nothing more than to lie beside Annie until the morning comes. It is so tempting that she almost gives in. But she knows that staying out would likely make Alice worry. Especially since they just make enemies of what looked to be a small army and they already have an assassin after them. As much as she would like to stay here, it would be for the best to return to the Inn. She may not be able to sleep naked with Annie there, but she can most certainly sleep side by side with her there. “As much as it pains me to say it, we really should. I do not wish to worry the others.” She says, her reluctance very obvious in her every word. Still, there is not any real rush. She decides they may as well lie together for as long as possible before the moment ends.

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Amun was impressed by the city's walls and clear focus on protection, a large step up from the rundown shack of a town they'd come from. He marvelled at the stone and metal used, though he found them to be primitive compared to his ruined home's security. He nearly sighed wistfully as a pain of longing hit him... but he was brought out of his somber thoughts at the greeting of the guard. Amun smiled up at the kind start, appreciative of the politeness and prepared to offer his own reply—

He jumped with his own sound of fright as his much rougher companion ruined the pleasantries with her commonplace rowdiness. Apparently she was a regular there because the guards immediately got in gear and opened the gates. Amun followed Metia in, feeling a little bad for Herman and muttering a small apology under his breath. "Well..." He started after she asked her question, not at all familiar with the city. He would've asked her if she knew of any places, but she seemed nearly as clueless as he was... wasn't she a regular? The noble was lightly confused, but he continued regardless. "Any inn you feel comfortable in would suffice, but I was hoping we could perhaps find some form of clothing or armor store? I'm in dire need of new wearables." And after that... Amun looked to several of the guilds nearby. "Do you know any of those? Or are you close to anyone in Fero?"

“I know of these, but I’ve only passed through here, never stayed. I usually leave in the same day I arrive.” she explained. “I suppose you do need some armor...” she says before adding “The easiest way to get that is to work for a Guild, then they’ll outfit you with Guild Armor.” she says, as she looks around “Annnd working for a Guild also lands you a room. Looks like you’re taking a job.” she finishes. She then turns to the Gray Frog Guild “This one will do, come along, Squishy One.” she says, roughly grabbing Amun by the back of his shirt and practically dragging him through the door of the Guild. The inside was gray, with a green carpet covering the floor. On one side was a set of doors, one for the Medical Professional on duty, the other to a Bathhouse. At the other end was a wooden desk, with a fully-armored clerk behind it, and a green sheet covering the top. Metia practically threw Amun at the desk before stepping up to it “Got a job for us?” she asked. The Guard seemed to recognize her immediately, letting out a choking sound “Th-the Dragon of Starfall…!” he gasped. “D-don’t you work for the Friendly Mushroom?” he asked as he picked up a clipboard and started turning the pages as he searched for something that would please Metia. Meanwhile, Camilla whispered to Amun “D-does it seem like she’s getting rougher?”

Amun yelped as he was grabbed and dragged like a sack of potatoes, questioning why exactly she couldn't just ask him to follow her like a normal person would. Then he was thrown against the desk—but he was ready for it this time. Amun stuck his hands out to brace himself and nope she threw him really hard. "ACK!"

Amun crashed into the desk, his stomach hitting the corner and forcing a cough out of him. He flayed out on the desk, still questioning Metia's sanity. "I... think she is... and I don't know why..." He also didn't know why he wanted her to tag along with him. Couldn't he have found a better companion? Someone who, preferably, wouldn't grab him and pull him around like he was a piece of meat to throw at animals? But at least, she brought him somewhere that could be helpful… he pulled himself off of the clerk’s desk and straightened himself, trying to smile politely at him despite… Metia.

When asked about the Friendly Mushroom, she nods “I do, they have the nicest rooms. If you want me to go help your competitors instead, just say the word.” she says, grinning, revealing a row of razor sharp dragon teeth. The man quickly should his head, then gave her a list of jobs. “I’ll take this one.” she says, poking a spot on the clipboard with her finger. “We’ll take room 11, and this squishy boy here needs some armor and a weapon.” she says, before flicking the clipboard out of the clerk’s hands, causing it to clatter to the floor behind him. The man nodded vigorously and handed her the key to their room hesitantly. “Good boy.” she says, grinning again “I think I’ll call you… Chuck.” she says, before grabbing Amun by the back of his shirt again, and starting to drag him up the green-carpeted wooden steps.

Eventually, traveling down the gray and green striped hallway, they reach a green door marked “11”. Metia unlocks it, then throws it open, revealing a decent-looking room with a green carpet, a single gray-blanketed bed, with green sheets, a tapestry on one wall with the Gray Frog sigil of the Guild, a gray-tiled kitchen with wooden counters, and a matching bathroom. Metia quickly sat down on the bed and leaned back, sighing “Well, it’s not as nice as the Friendly Mushroom’s rooms, but it’ll have to do for now. Once you have your armor and weapon, we’ll head out on our mission to kill Dickfuck the Dongsmasher’s Orc Camp.” she says, nonchalantly. Camilla looked confused “You’re going to kill an entire Orc Camp?” she asked, in disbelief.

Amun looked a little curious at the job she picked, shooting a glance at the list to try and read it. "Kill Dickfuck the..." He trailed off as Metia flicked the clipboard out of his line of sight, pausing with a finger pointed and sighing audibly. Well... he'll have to ask her what she got him into later, he supposed. For now, it seemed like they were moving again because she was dragging him up the stairs. They really have to talk about this later.

They reached the door to their room, signalled by Metia's stopping in front of it and the number on it. The number read '11', just as Metia requested. Amun took that moment to slip out of the were-dragon's grip as it slackened, pulling himself upright to walk in as a normal person would. Once she opened the door, he was pleased to see that the room at least looked average, with some minor decoration and coloring. Certainly much better than the places they've stayed as of recent. He followed Metia inside, checking the kitchen and the bathroom as he did and nodding with an appreciative smile. "It feels all too long since I've seen a proper bathroom... oh, I've almost forgotten. This place has a bath, yes? I hope we have some time to visit it before our departure. I'm in dire need of one." Amun spoke to himself as he looked around. He almost missed Metia's comment.

"After that, then we could—we... excuse me, what?" The former noble looked to his companion with a raised eyebrow. "A-an entire Orc Camp? You mean to say you chose a job that pits us against an entire Orc Camp by ourselves? Just the two of us?" Good heavens, she's... she's crazy. That's it. She's absolutely mad and he couldn't accept it. "Just why would you do that?"

Metia laughed at the face Amun was making “It’s actually to stop the Orc Threat in that area, but you generally do that by killing them, yes. They’re like big Goblins, and die just as easily.” she said, grinning “This would not be the first time I’ve done it, and it’s usually by myself.” she explained. After she had finished speaking, she began taking off her armor, dropping the parts into the metal chest against the wall. By the time she was done stripping, she had stripped down to her swimsuit. A black bikini top and bottom, with black ribbons on each hip, and a red ribbon between her breasts. She then grabbed a black jacket with similar designs to her swimsuit out of her pack and slipped it on without zipping it. Camilla was staring the entire time, and whispered to Amun “How can such a crazy lady be so pretty…?” she asked, quietly. Metia didn’t seem to hear, she continued her thought process “If you’re so scared of the big bad orcs, just stand behind me while I kill them all, you may actually learn how to fight a little. By the time I’m done, you may even know how to kill a charred and dying Goblin.” she said, before giggling to herself.

He merely became more and more flabbergasted as she spoke. "Be that as it may, I'm simply not so sure that... that..." Wait, she's taking off her armor. Why is she doing that? Amun's train of thought was slowing to a halt as he stared at her, gaze tracing over her body as he felt an unwanted desire stirring in him. By Sirius, Camilla wasn't kidding. For someone so bloodthirsty and generally rough around the edges, she was beautiful. Her long legs could've led up to heaven, and though she very clearly was no stranger to combat, they didn't look all too scarred or bruised at all. The rest of her body was similarly toned, but he felt it was just the right amount.

... Was he seriously staring at a kill crazy were-dragon with lust? Amun shook his head and had no answer for Camilla's question. "I... suppose, if you have the experience for it, then..." He pulled his eyes away from her and crossed his arms. It's probably a terrible idea to stare at her or try anything. Y'know, despite how much he really wanted to. But that did lead him to another problem that maybe should be addressed here and now. "... So, there's only one bed. And three of us."

“I do, I usually take Orc Camp missions, because they’re so dangerous to unsuspecting villages that are being constructed, as they are intelligent enough to pinpoint weak targets, AND because they’re easy to route, even as a single person. I just start setting the tents on fire, then they all run around like chickens with their heads cut off, while I pick them off.” she explained. When Amun mentioned the one bed, she glanced around the room in confusion “Well, I suppose there’s enough room for all three of us. We’re only going to be returning here for more missions and to spend the night, anyway.” she said, as she leaned her Halberds against the corner. She then started to stretch “Anyway, if you wanted to make a trip to the mixed bath, now’s the time. I’m going down there myself.” she said, before suddenly pausing and turning to Camilla “You probably don’t have a swimsuit. Uhm. Mention it to the clerk and they should have one for you.” she says, before patting her on the head, the force visibly almost knocking Camilla over. When Camilla regains her balance, she turns to Amun “She’s going to give me whiplash...” she whispered, as Metia was making her way towards the door.

He would've cocked an eyebrow as she proposed that 'dangerous to villages' part as a reason for her taking the mission, had he not remembered that Metia has a surprising interest in semi-justice... that is also violent. He supposed it helped that she was thinking for the sake of others though. Even if it wasn't him.

"If... that's okay with the both of you, I have no complications to add." Sleeping in the same bed as Metia seemed both alluring and terrifying. Sleeping with Camilla seemed illegal. But they'd just be sleeping and nothing else, so there could've been no harm. More importantly... the bath was mixed? Then... he'd be bathing together with other women? Now this was more interesting to him. "Right. Then, I'll be right behind you in a moment, Metia." Amun smiled and presented a smile to her as she left, briefly chuckling as she unknowingly assailed Camilla in passing. "Yes... she'll probably be the end of us before any of those orcs could be. Shall we be off?" He headed for the door, hopefully with Camilla, and started to head in the direction where he somewhat recalled the bathhouse being. "Ah, I almost forgot. Would you be able to handle acquiring a bathing suit yourself or shall I accompany you?" Please say you can. Please say you can. Please say you can. He really didn't want to wait to bathe he just wanted to see those scantily clad women in the water.

Camilla nods slowly when Amun asks if she can handle getting a swimsuit herself “I’ll be fine, the desk is near the bathing area...” she says, before follow Amun out the door and down the steps to the lobby. She goes up to the clerk and speaks to him as Amun follows Metia into the bathing area. The first room is a locker room, matching the bathroom’s tile floor and the lobby’s wall paint job. When Amun enters, Metia is already stuffing her jacket into a locker and slamming it closed. The room was empty aside from the two of them. Metia leaves to enter the bathing area after slamming her locker shut, and when Amun is done in the locker room, and enters the bathhouse, he finds that the room is rather large. As expected, the gigantic pool is filled with Noter instead of Water, a gray substance that’s slightly thicker than water, but works as a substitute. The edge of the pool is made of stone, while the floor around it is green tile. The walls are lined with towel racks and showers, while the walls themselves are painted with a beautiful picture of frogs populating a beautiful green wetland. Inside the pool are a huge, muscular Were-Moose in a black speedo, a Were-Wolf, just as muscular and also wearing a black speedo, an even more muscular Were-Salamander with a scar down the left side of his face, also in a black speedo, as well as an overweight Were-Bear… also in a black speedo. Among the pool’s population are also several girls, a blue-haired girl with red hair and large breasts, wearing a black bikini top and bottom, a girl with short black hair and amber eyes, wearing an orange bikini top and bottom, a girl with white hair and a blue eye, wearing an eyepatch, and a purple bikini top and bottom with rose designs on them, and a second blue-haired girl, this one with purple eyes, wearing a black bikini top and bottom, with pink trim and pink bows, with a black swim-skirt over her bikini bottom. The first blue-haired girl was talking with the Were-Moose, while the black-haired girl was relaxing against an edge. The second blue-haired girl was swimming around aimlessly, while the whitehaired girl looked as though she was sleeping. Meanwhile, Metia was sitting on the pool’s edge, with her feet dangling into the Noter. Soon after Amun had entered, Camilla entered behind him, having changed into a plain black bikini. When she aw Amun had not yet entered the pool, she walked up beside him and whispered “Wow, there’s a lot of people in there...”.

Grand. Amun nodded to Camilla as she responded, and then he headed off to the bathhouse, after making sure Camilla got to the desk. But before he headed in, he realized that he'd need his own swimsuit, so he quickly slid back over to the desk to acquire one right over Camilla's head and then he waltzed back to head into the locker room, just as Metia was leaving... but that suited him well. With his new swimsuit (a black speedo?), he'd need to change clothes. Amun shrugged off the ripped rags of his former noble self and slipped on the small piece of swimwear. Now prepared as he was to greet the many single women waiting for him, the were-dog headed out to the bath proper.

blue balls in the bath.
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He whistled at the size of the room, both surprised but delighted to see it so spacious. The pool was large with several people inhabiting it, from some few men to a few women, all as one would expect in a mixed bath. He admired the decorations on the walls and the clear work put in for the comfort of the pool's guests, appreciating it from the side of just one of those guests. Still, he didn't pay much more time admiring the bathhouse. He was more interested in admiring what was in the bathhouse. Namely, the women. Amun was glad to see a good few of them taking the time to bath at this hour, and while two of them looked to be a little busy, not all of them were off the table. Amun grinned as he felt in his element. Yes... this was what he did. It's been so long since he'd engaged in his old flirtatious games, but now... he could unwind properly.

He ran his hand through his hair and started to walk-- ah, wait, there's... there's Camilla. Amun stopped and nearly sighed. He forgot he had a kid. While usually fine with having her around, now was... well, he wanted his time to do his stuff. The were-dog turned to her with a smile. "That's right. There's quite a few people, right? If you're feeling a little scared with mingling, you could hang by Metia for now, Camilla. I was intending to talk to some of them and see if I can get any helpful info." And, obviously, try to get them to bed.

Camilla stared at Amun for a moment, then nodded “I’m not that nervous… I could try to talk with one of them.” she says, before walking over to the pool steps and stepping in. She made her way into the more shallow part of the water where she greeted the second blue-haired girl who had been swimming up to this point. She smiled at her and petted her head gently. Camilla gave her a smile back and said something else to her while pointing at Amun, then the girl laughed with her and gave Amun a quick wave. At this point, the Were-Wolf had said something to the Were-Moose, and the two were flexing at each-other in front of the first blue-haired girl with the larger breasts. The room was filled with the sound of grunting, while the other two Were-Beasts watched the flexing match, making bets with each other. The white-haired girl was woken up by the grunting, and was now watching the flexing match with a bored expression, much like the black-haired girl.

Oh. Well, good for her. Let her make friends with the locals too. Amun ceased paying attention to Camilla after she headed off to talk and instead focused on one of the girls who seemed bored with the flexing match. Specifically, the white-haired girl who just woke up. For some particular reason, she was standing out to him and he felt some amount of curiosity for that, so he was making his way over to her with a polite smile.

"Not a fan of semi-sexual male jerk off competitions?" He started in a joking tone, already starting his play. "I'm not sure which of them started exactly, but I can't imagine either of them really winning in the end."

“I heard the Were-Wolf challenge the Were-Moose, but I’m only watching because their pompous grunting makes it impossible to relax… and I want to watch her reject both of them when one finally forces the other to give up.” she responds, almost immediately after Amun finishes speaking. “I suspect on an actual Guild Job, neither one would maintain the bravado, and they would fail to pull their weight.” she added, speaking softly, while shifting to rest her head on her left hand. Meanwhile, the Were-Moose and Were-Wolf were flexing even harder, though neither one was matching the bulk of the Were-Salamander, who was merely watching in amusement. Camilla was now pointing at the two, which caused the second blue-haired girl to start chanting with her for the two to flex even harder. The black-haired girl saw the two chanting, and swam over to join them.

He shook his head in amusement as he looked over to them. Now the others seem to be egging them on too... the former noble honestly was glad he wasn't that big or else he might lose his brains like they clearly did in exchange for muscle. "At least they'll have each other after she gets bored of their groaning and panting." Amun fully turned to the white-haired girl now, offering a smile and holding a hand out to her in greeting. "Amun Khufu, miss. Could I have the name of my conversation partner?"

“That would possibly be the only way this could get more homo-erotic.” she says, with a bored tone as she reaches out her hand and shakes Amun’s. “Adelita Sigma.” she says, in introduction. Her accent wasn’t one Amun would recognize, and the last name Sigma wasn’t common anywhere. When they turn back to the two Were-Beasts, they’re now standing, facing each other, with their hands on their hips, pressing their bulges together through their speedos, arguing about which bulge is larger, while the Blue-Haired girl laughs and blushes, and Camilla, with the two other girls, laugh at them. The Were-Salamander was now staring at them, wide-eyed, while the Were-Bear was gripping his belly as he egged them on and laughed. When Adelita saw this, she looked surprised for a moment, before adding “Never mind, it got more homo-erotic.”

"Lovely to meet you, Adelita. You have a wonderful name." At the white-haired girl's mention of the other two's act, Amun looked back to see... wow. She wasn't kidding, it really was getting more homo-erotic. "Whether or not those two act further on their obvious sexual tension, who could know? I'd never hope to ask out of fear of somehow being pulled into it. But... I would ask a few questions of you, Ms. Adelita. I'm new to the city, you see, and I was hoping to find a local to help me get a bit more acquainted with it? Are you familiar, perhaps? Preferably with their taverns or such?" He gave her a conspiratory wink, and made to take a seat by her.

While Amun was still speaking with Adelita, he could hear Metia shouting at the two, telling them that if they’re going to dick measure, the true way to do that is to challenge each other to a Solstacian Dick-Fight. At that moment, the two Were-Beasts gave each other a glare. “I’m quite familiar with Fero, yes. This has been my home, for lack of a better term, for almost a year. I wouldn’t mind showing you the Fero taverns.” she then paused before asking “If you’re not from here, where did you come from? Did you travel alone?”. Meanwhile, the two Were-Beasts had just discarded their Speedos, one landing on Amun’s shoulder, then the two started actually literally attacking each other, thrusting and parrying each other’s thrusts with their dicks, their hands on their hips as they swung them to and fro to attack and defend. The Were-Wolf was driving the Were-Beast back with a flurry of powerful cock-thrusts, while the Were-Moose was attempting to parry them all with his quick reflexes. Meanwhile, the other bathers were cheering and laughing as the Dick-Fighting competition went on.

Amun, with all his considerable willpower, just barely managed to withhold a yack as he felt the speedo land on his shoulder. He carefully flicked it off and continued on. "That would be lovely. I... well, let's just say I came from a home that is no more." He was dreading that topic, but truth be told, he opened himself up to it the moment he spoke about him being from elsewhere. Amun let out a slightly nervous chuckle and glanced away, playing his reaction up a bit for a sympathy check. "I've recently come to travel with some new companions since then. They've both been of great help to me, so I truly appreciate them." Yep. He's still just gonna ignore the ridiculous dick fight happening in the area close by. Why did that ever catch on?

“Oh? I’m sorry about your home. I suppose that’s the world we live in, one in which people’s homes can become no more, so suddenly.” she said, patting him on the shoulder, seemingly not having seen it when the Speedo had landed on him. When he mentioned his companions, Adelita glanced around, as if trying to figure out which ones he was referring to. “Who are your companions? It takes powerful combatants to be able to move from one place to another like that. Are you a warrior yourself?” she asked. Meanwhile, the overweight Were-Bear had marched up to the dick-fighting Were-Wolf and Were-Moose, yelling, in a Caltish accent, that he could defeat both of them. He grabbed his Speedo and ripped it off, flinging it behind him. At the moment the Were-Bear threw his Speedo, Adelita just happened to look towards the door as another bather entered, a girl with long purple hair and pink eyes, wearing a white bikini with black edges. Looking away at this moment caused her to completely miss the Speedo landing on Amun’s head. Meanwhile, the Were-Bear, Were-Wolf, and Were-Moose were in a three-way dick-fight, as the other bathers watched on, laughing and cheering.

Amun smiled at her with a lightly wistful look, reaching over to lay his hand over hers. "Thank you. In this world, sympathy is also hard to come by." He didn't let his hand linger long in case she was uncomfortable with it, but he felt the brief physical contact could help get her more comfortable around him. The conversation moved on. "Well... only one of them is actually powerful. She had been the one who carried most of the work in battles, if I'm to be honest." Amun wondered if it was a good idea to talk about Metia to anyone... or even point her out. If his new friend ever met the were-dragon, he would be surprised if they got along. In that moment of pondering, however, he was suddenly assailed as a black speedo slapped him in the face.

You have to be kidding, or so Amun thought as he restrained an annoyed growl from the sudden attack. He pinched the speedo and flung it away from him. Luckily, someone just entered and briefly stole his new friend's attention just when he needed it, so she hadn't seen anything that just unfortunately happened to him. Amun followed Adelita's gaze to the new girl. She... seemed like she could be fun. But he figured Adelita especially was too dignified to allow him to split his attention between her and another woman. When you pick one, you stick with them. More importantly, he needed to continue the conversation.

"One of them is in the water egging on the... that, and the other is off on her own at the moment." He elected to not give names. "As for myself, I've been in a few fights but I'm not the best combatant. I'm proud to say I've lost few and won more, but I'm more of a... lover, than a warrior." Taking a chance, Amun glanced over to her with a more flirty look. "I can confidently say I'm a formidable foe in that regard. How about you?"

Adelita looked confused when Amun mentioned only one of them could fight “One warrior protected themselves and two others? This one sounds like a fierce combatant… or you didn’t run into anything dangerous, which I don’t think I’d believe. I, myself, was raised for battle at a young age, in a wealthy and powerful family. I’m actually here with my sisters, about family business.” she said, when she had turned back to Amun, right after he flicked the Speedo off his face. After saying that, her eyes widened slightly and she turned to face the other girls. “Only two people are egging them on, the rest are cheering. You didn’t arrive with that woman, which means...” she turned back to Amun “You were traveling with Metia Starfall, of the Friendly Mushroom Guild?” she asked “I distinctly remember it being said that she prefers to tear her enemies to shreds and burn them to ashes. How did you come to travel with… someone like that? Is she as the rumors would have us believe?” now that she was questioning Amun about Metia, Amun’s flirtatious look and comment about being a warrior seemed to fly right over her head. Meanwhile, the black-haired girl, Camilla, and the second blue-haired girl were clapping in rhythm as the Were-Wolf, Were-Bear, and Were-Moose were practically fencing with their dicks. The Were-Bear made a frontal assault on the Were-Wolf who parried the attack with his own cock, before making for a counter-strike against the Were-Bear, however, he had to leap backwards as the Were-Moose made a horizontal cock-slash at him, after which the Were-Bear attempted to take the Were-Moose by surprise, however the Were-Moose managed to barely parry the strike with his own cock.

What? Wait, wait wait wait... Metia's famous? And more importantly, she totally missed his move? Amun paused for a second, then chuckled as he tried to think of a way to get back on topic. "Oh, well... yes, I am. We met in a burning town and I asked her to accompany me and help me protect my friend. And if the rumors would have you believe her dangerous yet remarkably selfless, then yes." It wouldn't do to badmouth her when 1), she's nearby, and 2), it seemed Adelita might actually like the were-dragon. Somehow.

"But you say you're a warrior from a wealthy and powerful family? I'd bet Metia would be impressed. I most certainly am, and had been from the moment I saw you." He tried another smile, hoping that the transition would get her to focus more on what he was saying now. Inwardly, however, his mind was also straying from his original intent... she was a fighter too? Maybe he could use that, if she wished to follow someone as 'legendary' as Metia seemed to be. That family business of hers might get in the way of that plan though.

“Well, if she’s selfless, then all of the rumors can’t be entirely true. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about her outside her combat prowess, but here she is, having fun with other people, acting totally normal. I suppose if she takes on Guild missions, she can’t be that bad.” she responded, staring at Metia’s back. “Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of Terrorcastra. I’m related to the ruler there. Queen Alpha is my sister.” Terrorcastra was well-known city, which had passed from the late ruler, King Gaylord, to his daughter, Queen Alpha. Rumors circulated about how King Gaylord could have had a daughter when he never took a Queen, however Queen Alpha’s rule was so benevolent that nobody was willing to question her claim. All of King Gaylord’s daughters, of whom nobody knows the true number of, as they seemed to introduce themselves out of nowhere, turned out to be beautiful and highly skilled combatants. “Well, I had always wanted to meet her, even if it were just to verify the rumors. Even if they were all true, I’d still want to invite her to my home, my sister, the Queen, would be interested in employing her for her incredible strength and skill.” she said, with a smile. Only then did Amun’s compliment seem to occur to her, as she suddenly blushed “OH, I uh… uhm… th-thank you, I uh… I… think you are quite impressive y-yourself.” she sputtered out, quickly turning back to Metia and using a hand to hide her face. Metia was shouting at the Dick-Fighting Were-Beasts to put more hip into it.

Terrorcastra? She's royalty? Amun was only becoming more and more interested in this random woman he met in a bathhouse... that is, if everything she says is as she claims. He feels it could be verified though. "Oh, I couldn't be much more impressive than you, my dear. You're royalty, you're a skilled combatant, you're beautiful... well, I could go on, but I don't mean to make you uncomfortable." But her reaction was interesting. Very telling... she might've been less experienced with this sort of thing, which could be good or bad. It meant that she may be less likely to lay with someone she just met.

He'll just have to work extra hard. "You wanted to meet Metia? Perhaps I could ask her and see what I could do to help you. We're currently on a mission at the moment so I couldn't promise we could attend to your queen's needs immediately, but... if it goes well, perhaps afterwards." Here's the line up. Now, if she just takes the bait the right way...

Adelita blushed further as Amun continued to compliment her appearance, status, and skill “Th-that doesn’t make me u-uncomfortable” she sputters, until Amun brings up being on a mission “Hmm? Well, what kind of mission is it? If it’s within my power, I could make the mission easier and quicker to resolve, then I could bring you to see the Queen.” she says. Meanwhile, the Dick-Fighting competition had turned into a wrestling match, the three Were-Beasts now throwing and pinning each other in the water, while the audience watched and cheered, all but Metia, who was shouting out instructions, implying that they weren’t wrestling property, and adding that she could have already beaten all three of them.

Amun smiled. Just the response he was waiting for. "Oh, really? Well, if you wish to offer your help on our mission, then I must thank you!" He reached to take her hand and kiss the back of it, glancing up at her as he did. The former noble must admit; he didn't come here searching for a new companion... but he might've gotten lucky enough to find a good one. If he played his cards well, maybe she'd stay.

"... You know, Ms. Adelita, for all the time I've spent in this bath, I feel like neither of us have been doing much cleaning. Shouldn't we fix that?" He kept his hand holding hers, looking into her eyes with a smile.

Adelita blushed as Amun kissed her hand. “I s-suppose… I got distracted by the dong-measuring contest of those buffoons over there.” she said, motioning towards the Were-Beasts, who had finished their contest and were now drying off and making their way from the bath. The blue-haired girl waved at them as they left, and Metia turned away from them and made her way towards Amun “Ah, squishy one, I see you made a friend.” she said, with a grin, as she approached, however as she was starting to get closer, Camilla called her “Lady Metia, I have a friend who wants to meet you!” she called, bouncing up and down in the Noter and waving. The dark-haired girl and blue-haired girl on either side of her were staring at Metia as she turned on her heel and made her way towards them instead, after which the group began speaking amongst themselves. Adelita then turned from Metia to Amun “Squishy one?” she asked, confused.

He hid a grin of satisfaction at her answer. Now they were getting somewhere more interesting. "Then, let's say we-" Metia's voice cut through his words, and Amun turned with some measure of dread to meet her look. Why? Why now of all times would she choose to come over? She thankfully didn't stay long as Camilla called her over, but... that damned nickname. He sighed.

"It's nothing. Just an inside joke between us—please ignore it. Why don't we continue with where we were?" He stood up and headed to the noter, turning around and gesturing her over with a smile as he stepped back and dropped down into the water substitute.

Adelita still seemed confused about the nickname, but all the same shrugged her shoulders and followed Amun into the Noter, dropping in from the side rather than using the steps. “Does she come up with strange nicknames for everyone?” she asked, as she made her way over to stand beside him in the Noter. Meanwhile, both blue-haired girls were now speaking with the dark-haired girl, Camilla, and Metia, but their voices were low enough that nothing they said could be picked up.

"I... couldn't know. I'm the only one I know of whose received one from her, but possibly." He shrugged, but smiled all the same. The cool water-y substitute was very familiar. It was almost calming... he sighed. "Is this not relaxing? It has been far too long since I've had the time to unwind and rest like this. Truly, it reminds me of older times..." Leisurely, Amun drifted closer to Adelita and snaked his arm around her, resting his hand on her hip. It was a little forward, but now was the time to get more daring. "Don't you feel better in the noter, Ms. Adelita?"

“Older times?” she asks, before adding “Yes, I find it much easier to relax when I’m in the bath. I had actually showered before coming down here, and only came to relax. Thennn the uh… competition started.” she said, shuddering at the mention of the dick-fighting competition from earlier. She glanced at her hip when she felt Amun placed her hand on it, but didn’t show any indication that it bothered her. Meanwhile, Metia kept glancing over at Amun, but Camilla kept getting her attention back by calling to her again. The dark-haired girl and the two blue-haired girls seemed to be having a lively conversation with her, as well.

"Oh, I just mean back when I was home..." His vague answer came out as if it were an afterthought, which it practically was. He was hardly thinking about that right now... no, something more important was on his mind. With his first move made, Amun moved behind her to hug her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder and keeping his arms around her waist, pulling her back against him with a carefree smile. "... Could I admit something to you, Adelita? There's something I dearly wish to do with you, here and now. Something... perhaps you might be interested in trying?"

When Amun wrapped his arms around her, she flinched away “I j-just remembered that I need t-to get ready for the m-mission tomorrow...” she said, nervously, blushing even darker than before. “I’ll meet you, Metia, and your other companion at the g-g-gate in the morning, okay?” she said, before suddenly rushing to the steps, grabbing a towel, and booking it from the room. The black-haired girl saw this, as did the smaller blue-haired girl, and they both said something to Metia and Camilla, before slowly climbing out of the bath and making their way towards the door, Camilla calling after them “See you later!”. She then turned to see Amun alone in the pool and swam over to him while Metia was speaking with the remaining blue-haired girl “What happened with your new friend?” she asked, frowning.

Oh. Sirius damn it. Amun watched the white-haired woman run off with a beet red face, silently staring at her and running a hand through his hair as he did. Damn... was he too forward? Too quick? He could tell she wasn't the type to be so easy about it, so he took it pretty slow, he thought... but... "In the morning?" The were-dog parroted her words as he replayed the events in his head. She was still going with them, even despite this? He smiled. He didn't blow it too bad then, and he'd have some other chances later in time... well, so long as everything works out. Maybe she just wasn't up to doing anything like that in public? That might've been it.

"O-oh, er... nothing in particular. She simply had to leave in a hurry." He almost forgot Camilla was around. The former noble offered a smile at her... though in his state, his eyes were wandering a little bit. But could he be blamed? He got all worked up and fell with nothing. Still... doing anything of that sort with Camilla still didn't quite seem okay. "Have you finished washing up? It might be a good time to head out to sleep ourselves."

Camilla cocked her head “She only just now got into the Noter, though.” she said, before adding “And I got to meet everyone but her...”. When he asked if she was washed up, she stretched “But we’ve been traveling… and almost dying… and traveling some more… I kind of want to stay a bit longer...” she complained. Meanwhile, Metia was now leaning against the edge of the bath with the blue-haired girl, looking at the painting on the wall and discussing it, their backs to Amun. From this angle, he got a perfect view of both of their asses.

He almost wanted to sigh. "You'll get to meet her later, Camilla. For now, we-" As Amun was explaining, he briefly glanced Metia's way just to see what she was doing... just in time for what was both a great moment, and a dangerous moment. He held his breath, eyes wide and feasting on the sight of both women's teasing asses.
He nearly wanted to slam his head on the hard floor. Really? Of all times... now was the time he'd be treated to such an amazing sight? Damn you, Sirius. You sadistic, traitorous, little... he tried to calm himself down, taking in a deep breath. "Metia seems preoccupied, so... I suppose we could stay a few moments longer." This wasn't helping. After getting so close to Adelita and just barely missing his mark, he was just feeling too pent up with lust to handle being in the pool with three girls wearing far too little. And with that one image of two of them turned around and accidentally showing something he could only dream of touching...

Damn you Sirius. Damn you for the speedo he was wearing because it was seriously starting to hurt his erection. "Finish quickly. We really should be leaving soon, Camilla." Preferably in a place that wasn't too close to him because he's having a hard time thinking straight and doing something he feels is illegal doesn't sound like too terrible of an idea at the moment.

“I’ll get to meet her later? Did you convince he to come with us?” she asked, a smile slowly forming across her face “It’ll be nice to have more people in our group!” she said, excitedly. She then gave Amun a hug, pressing her small breasts against his chest “Thank you! Things are always better with more friends...” she said. Meanwhile, Metia and the blue-haired girl were still pointing at and discussing the painting on the wall, Metia shifting her position, causing her hips to sway, basically unintentionally shaking her bikini-clad ass at Amun.

... Oh, fuck it. Clearly some cosmic entity really had it out for him in this moment. If he tried to hold back any further, the former noble felt he might honestly explode. In response to her hug, Amun wrapped his arms around her to hug her back, though his hands nearly immediately drifted down to rest on her ass. "I was merely just making a friend and nothing more. She was the one who was interested in coming with us." He responded with a smile.

"But, if you wanted to thank me... there is a little issue I needed help with, Camilla. I'm having a bit of trouble with something in the water, and I'm having far too much trouble relaxing with this as it is. Could you help fix it?" As if to hint towards what he meant, Amun pushed himself forward, emphasizing his hard on beneath his borrowed speedo by pressing it against her.

Camilla blushed as she felt Amun’s bulge pressed against her and he groped her ass, but didn’t pull away “W-well I u-uhm… I’ll h-help in wh-whatever way I c-can...” she mumbled, looking around nervously to make sure nobody was watching “W-what d-do you… want me to… d-do?” she sputtered, too nervous to even release her hug. Metia and the blue-haired girl, meanwhile, still had not turned around yet, seemingly very intently discussing the paintings on the walls.

Well... he got one. Somehow, Amun didn't feel too good about it though. He felt a little guilty...

But also he felt horny. "I'll only need you to not raise your voice and hold onto me." One of his hands moved to his speedo, readjusting it to free his swollen cock to the waters. Then, he moved down to adjust Camilla's bikini bottom, pulling it to the side to move all the barriers out of the way. He returned his hand to where it was and pulled her up out of the water, pulling her in close until she was pressing against his cock properly. Hopefully the water would shield just what they were doing, and it'd look a little more like they were just hugging... in a very suggestive way.

"Hold on tight, okay? And, as I said before, keep your voice quiet no matter what I do. It'll... feel great. I promise." Amun pressed the tip of his dick against Camilla's entrance, but he halted to make sure she understood.

When Amun told her to keep quiet, she nodded slowly, he face still beet red as she tried to hide it by looking away from Amun’s eyes. She let out a nervous squeak when Amun began to lift her and adjust her bikini bottom, but afterwards, she covered her mouth with her left hand to keep herself quiet. When Amun promised it would feel good, she nodded again without removing her hand from her mouth. When he touched his tip to her slit, she started to flinch back, but stopped herself. Metia and the blue-haired girl showed no sign of having heard Camilla’s squeak.

Okay... so far so good. The horny were-dog couldn't admit but feel a heavy amount of excitement for the situation, namely because he rarely got those vaunted and heavily pursued public bath sex scenes, even at his best of times. With Metia and that stranger so close... Amun lowered her down onto his cock, pushing the tip past her lower lips and spreading her walls as he entered. He bit his lip, trying to withhold a moan as his painful erection was finally getting satisfied. He still felt guilty, but this was definitely making him forget the guilt.

Amun chanced a glance over at Metia and the stranger, continuing to drop Camilla down until he finally bottomed out. He then gave her a brief pause to get used to him once he had, looking to her to see if she was feeling any great amount of discomfort.

Camilla lets out a muffled cry as Amun lowers her down onto his cock, her grip on him with her other hand tightening. As he pushes into her all the way, he tears through her hymen, causing her to start bleeding into the Noter, however, since it’s gray, he can barely tell. He pussy was very tight around him, making it difficult to move. She panted softly into her hand as Amun waited for her to adjust to his size, her face showing a bit of pain due to having lost her virginity just that moment. Metia and the blue-haired girl, meanwhile, were still in roughly the same position having their conversation.

Oh, he knew that look... the shaking, the look of pain and slight confusion... the familiar tightness and warmth... it all clued him in to the fact that she was a virgin. A fact that both scared and satisfied him. "I'll go slow at the start, okay?" This wasn't the first time he's done this. Amun knew he should be especially gentle with her first time, so he lifted her upward slowly, dragging his throbbing cock out of her and pushing it back in with the same lack of speed. Despite how horny he was, he could at least make sure she didn't despise him forever for this. Maybe... a dark part of him started, maybe she'd like it. Maybe she'd like it so much that she'd want to do it again.

He adjusted his hold on her to better support her weight, and Amun continued to slowly drive his dick in and out, not daring to pick up speed until he could confirm she was comfortable. It was made easier by the fact that she was so damn tight. Every thrust was met with so much resistance that he felt it would've been easier to lift a Spectross!

The moment he'd notice any signs of comfort, he'd start to pick up the pace, trying to the best of his ability to make her loosen up around him.

As Amun started thrusting slowly, Camilla’s look of pain slowly eased into a look of pleasure, and she eventually started letting out soft, muffled moans into her hand. As his thrusting began to pick up in pace, her pussy only tightening on him further, along with her grip around his body. She slowly opened her fingers in front of her mouth to stammer, he blush darkening, “I f-f-feels… g-g-good...” after which she covered her mouth again, to muffle her moaning and pleasured cries.

"I'm... glad to hear it." Now they were getting somewhere. With her blessing, he was able to try and go a little further. Amun roughly adjusted his hold on her and began thrusting upward just as he was pulling her down, splashing the noter around them as he picked up the pace, with his hands now squeezing her ass a little harder. He could feel her tightening around him... and though it was making it harder to move, he really wasn't so against it now that she was starting to enjoy herself. If anything, it only furthered his own interests. "But- you're getting a little loud. We have to- to stay quiet." He whispered in her ear, then moved his head until he was facing her. "If you needed help... press your lips to mine."

At Amun’s suggestion, not wanting to be caught, Camilla sloppily presses her lips to Amun’s and starts moaning and crying out into his mouth, muffling every sound as he fucks her. Her juices begin running down his cock as he rams in and out of her. Her arms tighten around Amun’s body with every thrust, and he can feel her starting to pant heavily and tighten even further as she nears orgasm. Metia, meanwhile, was waving at the blue-haired girl as she climbed out of the pool. She said goodbye, and left, after which Metia slowly began to turn towards Amun and Camilla.

He could definitely tell she was getting closer, and in reply, he gave her more and more, spearing her on his cock to give her one hell of a ride that she'd never forget. His throbbing erection was painfully hard, and by now that hazy cloud of lust was really doing a number on him, pushing him to kiss her back just as sloppily and force his tongue in her mouth. Amun's previous inhibitions were far gone now, and he was entirely focused on getting his (and her) rocks off-

Fuck. Metia was done talking. She's turning around, and she's gonna see them. She's turning around and then she's probably gonna burn down the fucking bathhouse he better act quick he better do something he'd better—idea! With little time to think, Amun did the only thing that made sense. He raised one arm to brace himself and Camilla, then he dropped backward into the noter, hoping to hide them underneath the surface of the gray substitute.

Under the Noter, Amun couldn’t see what was going on, however he could feel Camilla spasming in his arms as she has her first orgasm, despite the clear fact that she was visually confused by being pulled under water while Amun was banging her. Despite being able to see a short distance in the water, Amun couldn’t see Metia moving around, as she was too far away.

... That'll have to do. He breathed into her mouth to make sure she'd be less comfortable, and submerged under the noter as they were, Amun didn't stop fucking her all the way through her orgasm. If anything, as she was shaking and quivering around his dick, he only felt more motivated to speed up his thrusts, holding her in place as he fed her pussy with all the cock he could give. He could feel it throbbing harder than it had before, and he knew he was also close. Just a little more...

He hilted himself in her and began rocking, rubbing her walls and bringing him on the edge of his orgasm. The thought of blowing his load in her in a public bathhouse motivated him to stay in, despite how wrong he knew it would be. With Metia so close by... in the same noter other people would be in... he had no qualms against it at all.

Camilla tightens her hold on him and lets out another loud moan into his mouth, completely muffled under the water as she quivered and shuddered, orgasming again due to Amun pounding her while she was still sensitive from her previous orgasm. He could feel her nails digging into his back as she spasmed in his arms beneath the water. There was still no sign of Metia approaching through the grayness.

That was the final straw for him. As he felt her orgasming around him, Amun finally blew his load, firing ropes of jism deep into her tight pussy. Blue balled as he was earlier, there was certainly a lot for him to dump, and the amount definitely surpassed his own expectations. His body shook and he held Camilla tight, pumping his cock in and out to fill her as much as he could, and unknowingly letting some of it out into the noter.

Finally, at some point, Amun found himself spent with nothing more to pack into his small companion. His hold loosened, and he tried to calm his beating heart... some part of him was weirded out by how Camilla had been his best lay in awhile, but another part was strangely fine with that. Now, with that done, it was probably best they surfaced... he'd been holding his breath for awhile and his lungs were burning.

Amun slowly raised them out of the noter, just enough for their heads to poke out and they could breathe. And also look for Metia. He did both, and did both rapidly.

Camilla was panting and shivering when they surfaced, using one hand to fix her swimsuit and the other to steady herself against the side of the pool as she was having a little trouble standing. Amun spotted Metia standing on the edge, drying herself off. When she noticed him, she gave him a strange look “I thought you had left, Squishy One, Camilla. Where were you?” she asked. Camilla stammered out a reply, but none of it was intelligible. Metia merely cocked her head “What?” as she finished drying off her hair.

Son. Of. A. Bitch. Amun froze like a deer in the headlights, staring at Metia silently as he tried to think of something more intelligent than what Camilla said to say. "... We were swimming." Very good, Amun. Great reply. "Camilla was teaching me how to swim. I've done very little swimming of my own in my youth, so I figured this would be something fun to try out." As he spoke, he adjusted his speedo, sliding his slowly softening cock back underneath the swimwear. "Right, Camilla?" He looked to her with a smile that was only a LITTLE nervous.

Camilla nodded vigorously when Amun asked her for confirmation. Metia squinted at them, stopping the drying of her hair for a moment “... Right.” she said, finally, before tossing the towel into the pool, causing it to drape over Amun’s head. She then spoke again “Anyway, we have a job tomorrow, you two should get some sleep, I’m heading back to our room.” she said, walking away towards the door. As she was making her way over there, Amun once again had a perfect view of her bikini-clad ass, until she walked through the door. Camilla managed to stand all the way up by now, though her legs were still shaky “Th-that was scary...” she said, looking at the door Metia had exited through, before looking at Amun and blushing again, looking away to hide her reddened face.

Dear Sirius, this is the one time he'll thank you. Amun let out a deep breath he was holding, raising a hand to his chest to futilely try to physically calm himself... but he was smiling wide. "It was. Very, very scary." Amun chuckled a bit, turning to Camilla fully. "More importantly... did you enjoy yourself, Camilla? I wasn't too rough? I apologize if I had been, but I had lost some amount of control of myself..." She wasn't screaming or kicking him so he sort of felt like he did okay there, but he needed to hear confirmation from her, herself.

“Y-yes… I l-liked it...” she mumbled, just loud enough for him to hear “M-m-maybe we can… you know...” she said, before pulling herself out of the Noter and grabbing a towel off the rack. She quickly dried herself off “I’m g-gonna go to the room… th-thanks for the… y-you know… s-see you s-s-soon...” she said, backing out of the room nervously and quickly, leaving Amun alone in the pool.

Ah... another fair maiden seduced. She didn't hate it, so that feeling of guilt was fading somewhat. How wrong could it have been if she wanted more later? Amun chuckled again, and ran a hand through his hair. "Still got it..." Why is his hair rough? The were-dog then remembered that Metia threw her towel at him. He grabbed it, and looked at it.

... Amun sighed. He got out of the noter, used the towel to dry off, then threw it on the floor and turned to leave, heading back to the locker room to change into the torn clothing he wore before... then sighing again. He needed new clothes.

Amun continued on his way back to their shared room, opening the door and stepping through to hurry to bed.

how to rape your were-dragon.
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When he enters, Metia is already in bed asleep, and Camilla is on her right side, by the edge of the bed, leaving the empty place to Amun, on Metia’s left, right beside her. While Camilla was sleeping on her side, with the blanket pulled up to her neck, Metia was sleeping on her back, the blanket only pulled up just below her hips, leaving her a small amount of her panties, and her stomach and above exposed. She had only dressed in a black bra with a red bow, and slightly lighter black flame designs on the cups, and a matching pair of black panties, with a red bow on the front, and matching lighter black flame designs. When he entered the room, she didn’t even stir.

This... he couldn't believe the selfishness of this woman. She's sleeping in the same bed with a male, and she dares to wear so little, barely covering herself? Amun felt himself seething as he remembered all of her mistreatment of him. The constant dragging, the near murdering, the belittling... she simply didn't care about his comfort nor anyone else's! Amun took a deep breath in, then stepped further into the room. He closed the door behind him and made his way over to the bed, crawling from the bottom up to get to the middle, hopefully without disturbing either of them.

Carefully, he lifted the covers and slipped under them, keeping himself firmly in place between them... and wondering where to go from there. Wasn't this an opportunity? Metia had been teasing him for far too long as it was! It was partially her fault that he'd lost control and had that wonderful time with Camilla, and at the end of it, she had to scare the living hell out of him! No... he had to do something. He needed to do something.

And her being incredibly hot was only 40% of the reason. But what would he do? This was an opportunity... that could be incredibly dangerous. Would he try to do something to her as she slept? She'd definitely wake up. Would he... try to wake her up and seduce her? Bad idea too. No... wait... what if he...

Genius. Amun turned to Metia and squinted his eyes—closing them just enough that they'd seem closed, but wide enough that he could see well. He moved an arm over Metia lazily, testing the waters to see how awake she really was...

Metia started to stir when Amun put his arm around her, however, when she started to turn towards Amun, letting out a very soft growling sound, Camilla rolled over and bumped against Metia, after which Metia stopped moving and went quiet again, attempting to keep from waking Camilla. After only a moment, her soft breathing indicated she had gone back to sleep

... So far so good? For whatever reason, Amun's heart had literally exploded when she turned to him and growled, but it looks like nothing went wrong? So... stage two. Amun shifted, moving closer to her body in a half hug, half cuddle maneuver. With this technique, she might feel more calm if she were to wake up and see him... all the while, he was snaking to get a little further...

His hand drifted down, sliding down her side to her hip and stopping when it brushed against the fabric of her panties. He gulped, and paused to look at her expression. Is she glaring at him with all the rage of an offended goddess?

Metia didn’t stir, she was still softly breathing, laying on her back, her face towards the ceiling, and her eyes closed. Her mouth was slightly open, baring her fangs. Beside her, Camilla’s body was against Metia’s side, her forehead against Metia’s shoulder, softly breathing. When she had turned over earlier, the blanket had slipped down her body, revealing that she was wearing just as little as metia, the blanket having slipped down to reveal a plain white bra with a black bow between the cups.

Still good. Okay... Amun slowly rubbed his hand against Metia's hip, then slid his hand up her body to her chest, idly thinking of ways he could get her to shift to her side to get access to her backside (ha). He carefully laid his hand on her breast, feeling her up and keeping a careful eyes on her as he fondled her breast through her bra.

Maybe he could... try pulling her? Would that be too much? Maybe... if it was, then he could try to make her do it in her sleep? Or maybe he could skip being so covert and just get between her legs and go at it.

Metia let out a soft sigh as Amun groped her, then shifted a little, slowly wrapping one arm around Camilla, then hugging her tight against her body, while Camilla continued to sleep soundly. When Amun continued fondling her breast, he could feel her nipple hardening very slightly.

Damn. He kinda wished he was Camilla at that moment...

But he could be in a better position if he plays this right. Now wouldn't be the time for any further hesitation, he felt. The longer he took, the more likely she could wake up. With his brief taste finished, Amun was ready for something more. All he could think of doing was ravishing Metia for all she ever did to him, but he knew she'd just wake up and kick his ass then. So... it's best to play it smart.

Amun adjusted himself. He pulled the sheets away to show Metia's legs, giving Camilla more blanket to work with in the process as he moved down. Then, he carefully hooked his thumbs around the straps of Metia's panties and tried to slowly slip them off her legs.

Metia sighed as Amun removed his hand from her breast, then shifted again very slightly, hugging Camilla tighter to her. Camilla didn’t stir at all as Metia continued moving her around, aside from resting her hand on Metia’s bare stomach. As Amun pulled Metia’s panties off, she bent her knees slightly, but straightened them back out as Amun pulled her panties off the rest of the way, settling back down and resting peacefully, leaving Amun with the sight of her hairless pussy.

Now with the barrier off, Amun was treated to the sight of Metia's more personal parts... this was practically the point of no return. If she were to suddenly wake up now, he would have no chance of explaining. He'd be caught red-handed, and from there, no doubt he'd die. No, he really thought he would die if he was caught, and that's why his heart is beating so hard it might be slightly audible.

But that's fine. As he looked at the slit of the were-dragon, he felt that this was definitely worth it. He placed his hands on her knees and tried to spread her legs, hoping to get a closer look at his target. If he was successful... and she didn't wake up and immediately murder him, naturally the next thing he'd do is bring his head close to it and give her lower lips a lick.

Metia stirs a little, turning her head to face towards the while, lifting her hips up and resting them down in a different position, a slight angle, all while keeping her hold on Camilla, who seemed to be the heaviest sleeper on the planet. Metia otherwise seems to drop back into a deep sleep after her bout of movement. When mun spreads her legs open and takes a closer look at her crotch, he finds that it’s completely hairless. When he licks her slit, she lets out a soft moan and shivers slightly.

... Holy shit he almost died. Amun isn't sure why, but again, he gets the feeling that he's stepping on eggshells and that what he's doing is the number one worst possible thing anyone could do ever. But stopping now wasn't possible. He had every intention of doing something to Metia, even if it was so small as eating her out while she slept.

The horny and probably insane were-dog wasn't done. His tongue darted out to flick her clit—once, twice, then a slow third. He slid his tongue down her entrance, then back up. He briefly teased her open, then pulled back, and repeated his earlier actions, probably having given up any intentions of living long since he's not being the most careful he could be at the moment.

Metia shivers again, then lets out very soft moans as Amun starts eating her out. She turns her head slightly and moans with almost every movement as her slit gets wet quickly. Every so often a long sigh also passes her lips. After a few moments, her hips start to buck very, very slightly, as her free hand grips the sheets beneath her.

He loved the response. The soft moans were so unlike the usually rough and terrifying Metia... it made him feel far more powerful than he knew he was. Pride welled up inside of him as he continued, putting more effort in giving Metia the best (unasked for) time of her life. Motivated by a pinch of confidence and lust, Amun tried to go a little further than tease her with his tongue. The were-dog hooked his arms around her legs, then he pushed his tongue into her pussy slowly, slipping bit by bit in until he really couldn't go any further, before he started moving it around inside of her with a languid slowness.

She let out louder moans, her pussy getting even wetter, starting to drip onto the bed beneath her as Amun’s tongue entered her and he began licking around inside her. Every few moans was followed by soft sighs and panting as he ate her out. Her hips began bucking a bit more, as if Metia was trying to get his tongue deeper into her. Her hand clawing at the sheet beneath her as her body shuddered from the pleasure.

She was getting warmed up now... but this left the question of whether he should stop now, or keep going. Naturally he wasn't finished, but... would he take this time to switch and try to actually fuck her, or would he just make her cum here and now? One was a much safer bet than the other, and if he gets too greedy...

Amun didn't question it further. He needed this. He needed to go all the way with her, right here and now. The were-dog pulled back, straightening his back and licking his lips of the remaining moisture from her dripping pussy. He adjusted his loose pants, pulling them to free his growing erection to the world, hard as if he hadn't just fucked Camilla maybe not even an hour ago. "Okay, Amun... you can do this..."

Sirius, this was his worst idea yet. Was he really going to go through with this? Metia is easily the strongest combatant he'd ever met. Even if he managed this, if she found out later... and DIDN'T kill him, he'd lose out on the best partner he could have. She'd leave him, just like how Lydia had.

But one look at the sleeping body of the were-dragon convinced him. He pulled himself forward, aiming his cock for her pussy and poking her to test her for a reaction.

When he pulled away and stopped licking her, she let out a soft and annoyed-sounding groan, released her grip on the sheets, then settled her hips back into place. When he poked his cock against her slit, she flinched, before settling back down, sighing softly and resuming the soft breathing that indicated she was sleeping again, albeit a bit quicker pace due to Amun getting her aroused.

This is it. He can stop, here and now. He doesn't have to risk it at all. He could slip her panties back on, pull on the covers, and go to sleep as if nothing happened... but something did happen, and he could never forgive himself for letting this chance go.

Amun took in a deep breath. "Sirius..." Sirius? ... No. Not Sirius. She's never done anything for him, and he knows she wouldn't be for what he was about to do. Then... who would he pray to? Metia had talked to him about the other Goddesses. He's never prayed to any of them except for Sirius. Who could he truly put his faith in, and hope for the best from? Who?

He couldn't answer that question. Amun knew just how random things were. You couldn't possibly expect a Goddess to help you, because sometimes they just won't. There are whims and fancies that they and others feel that dictate their actions. Ultimately, it's all just left up to luck. And his... was terrible.

Hm. "Malicia... for the sake of my body not being broken in a million different ways and then burned, please let her not wake up." Amun offered a prayer to a different Goddess. At the oddest of times... maybe here he could find his faith. Amun only heard the sound of his rapidly beating heart as he pushed forward to stick his dick in the violent dragon girl.

The room’s light was already low, however the moment he uttered that prayer, shadows seemed to creep across the walls, in the few places that any light seemed to remain. Then as he thrust his cock into Metia, a void could be heard as if it whispered directly into his ear, a voice that sounded like the softest of rolling dice. Even as he felt Metia’s hymen break, and the blood start to flow from her, it sounded as if the voice said “Sure, why not?”. Despite having taken Metia’s virginity, the Were-Dragon didn’t stir, outside of letting out a soft whimper of pain, however she then settled back down and returned to breathing softly as she slept.

... Huh? There were a few things Amun was confused by at that moment. 1) There was a literal response to what he just prayed for. 2) Metia was a virgin. 3) He's not dead. What the hell was going on? "... I'll dwell on it at a better time." No, he won't look a gift horse in the mouth. If the new Goddess he just prayed to is cool with helping him, great. If Metia's a virgin, that just means it'll be more fun, and that he has to make sure to give her a good time.

With those thoughts in mind, Amun pushed in further, using his added leverage to go as deep as he could go. He'd pause briefly, then after maybe a minute, the were-dog would start slowly thrusting in and pulling out of her. He felt the need to start of gentle, surprisingly, even though she was... Metia. Yet, she was still a virgin, so he didn't want to make her first time awful even if she were sleeping through it and gave no consent whatsoever. Amun also was sure to lean down a bit to pull up her bra and reveal her breasts. Eye candy never hurt.

Metia let out soft moans as Amun started thrusting, panting softly in between as she was already aroused from before, and remained so despite the pain from losing her virginity. He hand began clawing at the sheeks again and her hips began bucking in time with his thrusts, he pussy was tight, making it hard to thrust, despite how wet she was already. When Amun pulled her bra up, her nipples were hard. After several moments of thrusting, Metia started to pant softly and tighten on him even more.

He had to put a surprising amount of effort with every thrust—she was nearly as tight as Camilla! But that only furthered his pleasure and interest as he picked up speed, gripping onto Metia's hips and plowing into her with more and more force, and he noticed she was starting to respond a little more readily too. Obviously, she was only subconsciously reciprocating, but it filled his mind with impossible thoughts... what if he could do this while she was awake? What if, perhaps after a bit of talking, she'd be okay with even engaging with a threesome between the two of them and Camilla?

His heart was beating furiously, and his breath was getting hotter. He could feel his cock throbbing inside of her, already ready to burst with all it could give, but he held back. Amun was fishing for more than just this. He leaned down, placing both hands by Metia and driving in deeper with harsher thrusts, forcing his cock to reach deeper into her depths and moaning in pleasure and exertion.

Metia moaned louder as Amun picked up speed, her panting growing more heavy, her juices running down his shaft and running onto the bed sheets. Her hand gripped the bed sheets and ripped them, she arched her back and cried out, her hips bucking with his thrusts until she hit orgasm, her body spasming and shuddering as even more of her juices spilled out onto Amun’s cock.

Amun thought he must've been getting lost in the were-dragon's violent energy. Her loud moans would force him to thrust harder, and the feeling of her pussy tightening down around him was intoxicating. Though he tried to be gentle at first since she was a virgin, soon enough she had him going as hard as he could on her, and she only seemed to make him think she wanted more. He had to give her his best.

He felt her spasming and shaking in what was no doubt an orgasm, and the sight of her overtaken in her pleasure forced the were-dog over the edge. Feeling his end approach, Amun wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close as he rocked in a few more hard, pounding thrusts. With the last one, the few remaining vestiges of his control left him, and he felt his cock erupting rope after rope of white cum into her quivering pussy. The results of his hard work were put into her regardless of her consent or not, until she was filled to the brim.

Amun panted, tired out from the act. His arms felt weak and they were shaking as they tried to hold his weight—they buckled, and he barely stopped himself from falling too roughly onto the were-dragon. As tired as he was, he wasn't even thinking of whether or not she'd wake up. He was just happy he finally fucked a violent dragon girl. Good job, Amun.

Metia let out a long, soft moan as Amun released his cum into her, her back arching a bit more before settling back down on the bed. When Amun fell down onto Metia’s body, she was breathing softly again, as his cum slowly spilled out of her pussy. She slowly shifted beneath him and wrapped her free arm around his back, firmly locking him in place. He could feel her soft breathing beneath him, and from where he was, could see that she was still sleeping soundly.

His breathing slowed, tired from all of the work he'd just worked through. His eyes were half lidded and low, and in the embrace of the warm were-dragon, he simply felt like laying and falling asleep...

Wait. Amun's eyes shot open, thoughts returning to bring common sense and logic back to his head. Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. The realization that he, drunk off lust and feeling a little pissed off from what happened in the bath, raped Metia and stole her virginity hit him like a bucket of cold water in the morning. He betrayed the trust she gave him by letting her sleep in the same room as him, after all she did for him and Camilla—and for what? To feel some momentary sense of relief?

Amun just switched Goddesses but he was already damning Malicia for his mistake. "This was a terrible... terrible idea." What if Metia wasn't sleeping? What if she was just pretending and she was just waiting for the perfect time to burn him? He felt cold despite how warm she was. Amun tried to pull out and get away from her... then he realized her arm was around him. He carefully reached over to move her arm... okay, then he tried to slip back... and hopefully from there, he'd be able to slip her panties back on, pull the cover over her, and immediately roll to the very edge of the bed and pretend to sleep. Because there's no way he'd be able to now, with the threat of hot death looming over his head.

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Training Montage:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The training was more than Saphira could ever hope or dream. It was as gruelling as it was effective. The first time when she was beaten up she tried to defend herself, completely in vain. Her body was bruised and soon she was out of it, only to be faced with the same situation as soon as she was able to train again. It took Saphira a while to adapt to the beatdown, but eventually both her mind and her body developed the tenacity and constitution to keep her in the game. Saphira didn’t like this part one bit, but with the monsters she faced still in the back of her head, she was determined to make it.

Next up was probably her favourite part, an obstacle course! At least that was her mindset the first try. She’s already pretty nimble and small, and when she failed, it was mostly because of her muscles not having the strength to overcome the handlebars. Crawling under the razors was easy due to her small statute, although she had to learn where to put her two tails. The third area had spinning electrified poles, which Saphira was supposed to evade. It took her quite a few tries to get through, but the practical learning the obstacle course provided meant that when she finished, she really felt like she was more agile than before.

Fourthly, the obstacle course trained her strength and endurance, as she had to carry a metal cube. Every time the cube shocked her, she fell down, and every time it was harder to get up. There were days she couldn’t even get through half the room. There were days where she stranded just before the end, but eventually she made it to the accuracy test. For goddesses know how long, she was stuck there. The carrying test drained her of all strength and being attacked by another obstacle just flat out knocks her out.

It took her so many times just to land one shot correctly. Many tries later Saphira lands all the shots, finally ending this part of her training. Looking back at the challenges she overcame, she already felt really confident in herself, and way stronger too. Those monsters could suck it! Reading was one of Saphira’s favourite pasttimes and she devoured books faster than many monsters devoured meat. So it was soon her turn to attempt the more technical part of her training, learning especially to use the Gunblade. Many times she was bested in sparring matches, but each time she’d pick up a trick and with enough practice, her trainers finally deemed her ready.

Meeting the new girl:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Saphira saw Lord Barton again, she had mostly forgotten about the whole process of creating an artificial being due to the stress and focus the training took out of her. So she was taken aback when she saw him (still as handsome as always) and a girl who had way longer hair than herself, but otherwise looked so similar. Saphira gasped as she looked the girl over, probably a little too intensely for comfort, before she turned her eyes back to Barton. “The training took a lot out of me, My Lord. But I prevailed, in the end.” Saphira answered politely, but with a hint of affection.

“My daughter…” she murmured as she looked at her again, before approaching her. “She’s… I mean you are… amazing. You look great. I uhm how are you feeling?” Saphira energetically shakes the girl’s hand, smiling brightly. “Nice to meet you at last! Sorry I kept you waiting!”

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Night has fallen for Anastasia, CeeCee, Saphira, and Lilith
Day has arrived for Selvaria, Ophelia, and Amun

Anastasia Ursa/Littlemankitten
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After several miles, and no sign of the group they had met following them, the ruins begin to come into view. a large, round, deep hole had been dug into the ground, and in the center was a tall tower. The tower looked as though it used to be white, but had turned grey with age. All along the sides were metallic raised sections, gold in color, each one zig-zagging in sharp turns, and ending in connected circles. Every floor of the tower had green-tinted mirror-like objects that were cracked or shattered. At the top of the tower. In a language that Anastasia didn't recognize, something was spelled out in gold across the side facing them, outlined in a light blue. Each section, below the tinted glass, was a platform all the way around the tower, made of a metallic blue substance, as if, despite there being no doors visible, people were supposed to stand on it to overlook the ground below.

Dangling from the different parts of the tower were wires, and at the top of the tower was blue spheres of cracked and broken glass. At the bottom of the giant hole, at the base of the tower, was a flight of stairs which lead to a hole in the tower, which unlike all of the other various cracks and holes, was large enough to enter through, as if there had never been a door there, so someone had broken it to enter. A short distance to Anastasia's left was a steam-powered platform, built from red and gray stone and metal, on a track that lead to the bottom of the pit, next to the bottom of the flight of stairs.

Ignia stepped to the edge of the pit and looked out at the tower "Wow... that's taller than anything I saw in Kort... or the Colosseum..." she said, excitedly. Indris replied "It's taller than anything I've seen, either. It must have taken many years to build... or perhaps Magic was used. Wizards and Runecasters pull of some strange feats." she said, before moving over to the platform. "I think it goes without saying that Lord Barton's lackeys must use this to travel in and out of his dig site." she says, sweeping her hand over the panel at the edge of the platform, a large cloud of dust being kicked up into the air. Ignia coughed as the cloud of dust blew into her face "Apparently he hasn't been here in sometime..." she said, frowning. Indris suddenly jerked her head to the right, straightened, and squinted for a moment, then casually went back to examining the panel.

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"Hmm that's a cute name... I wonder if she can't act on her own. She only does anything when that Spectross-Wraith tells her to." she says, in response to CeeCee informing her of the symbols she had seen on the visor. "Do you think we should try to capture the shorter one instead, since she seems unusable to your employer?" she asked.

Alessandra grinned when CeeCee finished explaining her plan "Aww, you're such a smart little pet~" she said, petting her and giving her a soft kiss on the lips. "This sounds like a fine plan~" she says, her voice a purr. Meanwhile, Lucephine looked bored. "So, if we take down all of them, I can kill the ones you don't need, correct?" she says, looking in the direction Anastasia's group had left in.

Once the group was ready, they made their way after Anastasia. After some time, they find that her group had stopped at some ruins. a large, round, deep hole had been dug into the ground, and in the center was a tall tower. The tower looked as though it used to be white, but had turned grey with age. All along the sides were metallic raised sections, gold in color, each one zig-zagging in sharp turns, and ending in connected circles. Every floor of the tower had green-tinted mirror-like objects that were cracked or shattered. At the top of the tower. In a language that CeeCee didn't recognize, something was spelled out in gold across the side facing them, outlined in a light blue. Each section, below the tinted glass, was a platform all the way around the tower, made of a metallic blue substance, as if, despite there being no doors visible, people were supposed to stand on it to overlook the ground below.

Dangling from the different parts of the tower were wires, and at the top of the tower was blue spheres of cracked and broken glass. At the bottom of the giant hole, at the base of the tower, was a flight of stairs which lead to a hole in the tower, which unlike all of the other various cracks and holes, was large enough to enter through, as if there had never been a door there, so someone had broken it to enter. A short distance to Anastasia's group's left was a steam-powered platform, built from red and gray stone and metal, on a track that lead to the bottom of the pit, next to the bottom of the flight of stairs.

Alessandra looked at the structure, unimpressed "It's not even a tenth as beautiful as Solstace." she said, boredly. "It's only impressive as far as the common structures are concerned. I wonder what they could possibly want with a ruin like this..." she said, slowly. Then her eyes widened "Well, the device on that Idalia girl's face is certainly odd, and it's said that other strange items can be found in the ruins. Perhaps the two are in some way connected?" she says. Lucephine mumbled in reply "... There sure is a lot of people not dying going on." grumpily, then added "I think we can solve that problem with a good old rousing round of... people dying." she said, dryly.

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Ophelia finds herself in a dark alleyway. She was dressed in a plain black bikini top and a matching bikini bottom. The alleyway was filled with men and they were all lined up in the dark to have a turn with her. The first man handed over 1[C] to Ophelia, then she got down on her knees, undid the man's pants, slid his hard cock into her mouth, then began bobbing her head slowly, while fondling the man's balls with her hand. After some time, the man came in her mouth, then she hungrily swallowed. The next man handed her 2[C], then Ophelia slid onto the top of a garbage bin, spreading her legs for the man and pulling the crotch of her bikini aside, before spreading her pussy open. The man thrusts into Ophelia, and she lets out a loud moan. The man groped her breasts as he thrusts in and out of her repeatedly, Ophelia moaning with every thrust and every grope. After several moments, the man finally came inside of Ophelia, Ophelia spasming in orgasm at the same time. The man pulls out of her and cum drips down Ophelia's thighs onto the trash can. The next man pays her 3[C] and Ophelia gives him a blowjob, then lets him fuck her just as the second had done, this time fucking her bent over the trashcan. After the third man, the others seemed to grow impatient, dropping their [C] into her pack. Ophelia lowers herself onto one man's cock, taking him inside of her, while jerking off two others to either side, sucking off another, while yet another thrusts himself into her ass, all of them thrusting together. After several moments, all of the men, and Ophelia, orgasm at the same time, releasing cumshots inside her, onto her, bathing her in their cum, and Ophelia smiled as they did so. Over the course of the rest of the day, she services all of the remaining lined-up men, smiling the entire time.

Ophelia wakes up in her room at the Friendly Mushroom, her arms around Alice, who was hugging her tightly as well, while Lily was hugging Ophelia's mid-section. Annie was already up and dressed in her usual outfit, her red and black clothing with the overcoat over it. When Annie sees Ophelia's eyes, she smiles at her, and whispers "Good morning, Hel." on the other bed, she could see Selvaria, Aurora, and her Necroblob, all sleeping together beneath the blankets, the Necroblob on top of Selvaria's hip.


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Selvaria finds herself in the Azraq Graveyard that she had been investigating, all alone. She was walking between the gravestones and looking at each grave closely. When she finally reaches the back, a set of three graves right beside a black metal fence, spikes lining the top, the dirt seems to shift. When she moves closer to investigate, three skeletons erupt from the ground, holding flutes. the group took a single step forward and began to play, "doot doot"-ing at her menacingly, while a second group of skeletons appeared behind the first, these holding drums and beating them along with the song. Finally one more skeleton erupts from the middle grave and begins playing the tambourine, all of the Skeletons playing a song together... menacingly.

When the song ends, Selvaria wakes up with her arms around Aurora, who was just wearing her white top and shorts from earlier. Selvaria had one hand on Aurora's left breast, and the other on her stomach, while her face had been pressed into Aurora's neck. She could feel her Necroblob sleeping on top of her hip, jiggling with every breath.


Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
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"You have done well to make it through the training that my Warriors endure." he said, smiling. Saphira's new daughter, meanwhile, shook her hand hesitantly "Th-thank you, I feelf-fine..." she said, staring at Saphira's face. "It's nice to meet you... m-mother." she said. She then nervously asked her "M-mother, may I... have a name...? Lord Barton said he wanted you to name me..." she added.

Once Saphira is acquainted with her daughter, Lord Barton would motion for Saphira to sit on his bed. "Now that your training is completed, I think it would serve best for you to leave to find Magnolia as soon as possible. I have decided that a single squad is not sufficient, and you know best where she would have gone, and she would be more willing to leave with you. You already intended leave on another journey, so if you could find Magnolia on the way, that would make her all the safer." he explained. "Since this is your daughter, whether you wish to leave her here or travel with her will be up to you." he adds.

He then pats the bed "Since night has arrived, I believe it would be best for you to stay the night, at the very least." He then patted his bed, and while what he said implied that would only be sleeping, the way he said it implied he'd like to do something more than sleep with Saphira.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
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Amun finds himself out in the middle of an open field of gray grass, familiar thick fog all around him. He was running full speed, but all of his surroundings looked the same, and the fog lowered his field of vision drastically. Behind him, a pair of footsteps was following, and every few moments, another gunshot could be heard, and he could feel the wind as the bullet rushed over his shoulder, or by his cheek. This seemed to go on forever, hours turning into days, and days turning into weeks, then years. His pursuer eventually manages to land a shot, Amun being able to feel the bullet traveling through the back of his head, then his brain, then exiting through his forehead, between his eyes.

That's when Amun wakes up. Camilla is already dressed, her usual rags having been replaced with a pair of black shorts, a dark green sleeveless shirt that allowed Amun to see her bra straps when they were out of place, and a pair of black boots over striped black and green stockings. She was trying to shake him awake while, saying softly "Mister Amun, wake up..." repeatedly, Metia was just then slipping on her dress, giving Amun a very brief glimpse of her black bra and panties while her back was turned.

Beside the bed, on the table, was a black jumpsuit with green stripes down the legs and sleeves, with a suit of black armor, displaying the gray frog of the Guild on its back.

Metia, now with her armor on, called over to Amun "Come on, get your gear on, we need to go already. You sleep too long, Squishy One." she said.

Collaboration required

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
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By the time the group had finished carrying the bodies to the Spire, night was falling. The Goblin, of course, noticed this and pointed to the sky, murmuring something in Goblish, which Lilith didn't understand. The Spire, meanwhile, converted all of the bodies they had brought to it into yet more undead. Instead of converting them one at a time, the Spire glowed and more roots erupted from the ground, each one being used the convert all of the corpses to undead simultaneously. As soon as the Spire was done, the carvings on it glowed, then the nails on a chalkboard sound, like pleasurable pain to Lilith, ripped through Lilith's mind, the voice letting Lilith know that her little shadow had done a good job.

The trip back to the castle felt much shorter than the trip to the village. When they arrived, without even indicating they were there, another Skeleton Girl pushed the doors open for Lilith and welcomed her inside, before leading her down the halls and into a room that Lilith hadn't been in before. It looked much like the rest of the castle, with the dull colors and the Zalaam banners. Ash was sitting at a table that was covered with a table cloth, black and purple striped. On the table was two black plates and two black glasses. The glasses were filled with more of the same liquid as before, and the plates had chunks of pink meat, still bleeding, but seasoned. The sides were real apple wedges, spiced with cinnamon and butter, and grey vegetables, chopped up small, with pineapple chunks mixed in. When Lilith arrived, Ash raised her cup, which she had already been drinking from "Welcome back, little shadow. I already heard that you completed your job to satisfaction, the village is now cleared out, and we're prepared for phase two. Please, have a seat, have a meal, I'm betting that you're hungry." she said.

Once Lilith is seated, she begins to explain. "I intend to settle a horde of undead into that village, to build it up and finish that wall. Not only will that make this settlement off-limits, forcing them to start over, but people will continue to wander into that village, never suspecting it's owned by the undead. It's a small victory, to be sure, but our Goddess, Zalaam, always appreciates corpses, no matter how many." she said, finally smiling. "As promised, we can now start your Necromancer training. Your first lesson is in the morning." she said, before motioning for Lilith to eat her food.

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uhhh morning.
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He jumped up out of bed in a cold sweat, his eyes wide and mouth agape to take in deep puffs of air. That dream... was scary. He wasn't sure exactly why his mind would conjure something so needlessly terrifying, but if one intended to torment him with such a dream, that was a pretty good job of it. He'd put it decently high on the scare meter. Higher than a nightmare about constantly missing in a fight, but lower than the time all of everything he knew crashed to hell and died.

... Okay, let's not think about that to start the day off. He looked to his side to see where his companions were, only to find them both up and dressed... or in Metia's case, dressing. The sight of them reminded him of the previous day's events, where he practically forced himself on Camilla and literally raped Metia while she slept, and guilt began to settle in now that his mind was sober and clear of lust. After the guilt came fear, once more, as he remembered again that he raped Metia—and he really went all the way with her. The were-dragon likely didn't even know she wasn't a virgin anymore.

... Dear Sirius, but what if she did? What if she somehow was half awake or something? What if he left evidence last night and she checked? After all, he was kind of in a mindless state and... and he's pretty sure he came in her, but he vaguely remembers cleaning it up. Still. There'd be no way she wouldn't have noticed anything strange. How the hell is he gonna get out of this? What exactly could he say, with all of his intelligence?

"Oh... good morning, Camilla." Amun looked to the younger girl with a smile. "I do like your new clothes. They look very nice." This tactic was a legendary one. If you ignore your problem, maybe it won't incinerate you. He chanced a glance over at Metia...

Camilla smiled when Amun complimented her, then blushed “Th-thank you. Uhm. H-hurry up and get ready, we need to leave… Metia is growing impatient… well, more....” she said, the last parts being whispers. Metia finished putting on her armor and turned towards Amun “Come on, squishy one, you make your preparations like a man several times your actual age.” she said, as she put away her weapons on her back. Metia had dark circles around her eyes as if she hadn’t slept well, despite it being clear to Amun that she hadn’t awakened while he was raping her. She started to say something else, however she instead decided to make her way to the door, before opening it, stepping out into the hall, then kicking it shut. Camilla watched her leave, before turning back to Amun “I think she had a bad dream...” she whispered, nervously.

Oh dear. That feeling of guilt multiplied as he saw her, though he wasn't sure if her condition was entirely his fault. "R-right... I'll change quickly, and you can wait out there while I do." Apparently, their new apparel had come in overnight. Amun looked to the black jumpsuit and armor, glad to see that he'd soon get out of his awful rags in exchange for actual clothing. Once Camilla left the room, he'd breathe a sigh of relief...

Last night was both great and a disaster. Metia was obviously going to be affected to some extent by what he did and whatever that would be is on HIS head now. He felt less guilty with Camilla because she liked it, sort of gave consent and was awake, but Metia couldn't have liked it to begin with. Stupid, stupid, stupid... by the time Amun finished berating himself, he'd already suited up in his new clothes, adjusting the slightly uncomfortable armor pieces. Hm... it'd do. Amun walked over to the door in his new clothes. He took a few calming breaths, smiled, then stepped out to see his companions. "I'm ready."

Camilla nodded quickly, then rushed outside as if she was worried he’d start changing with her in the room. As soon as he stepped out into the hall, Metia nodded at him “Alright, let’s go.” she said, quickly. Camilla fell in line behind Amun was they made their way down the hallway, and down the steps. Metia turned to the clerk as they were leaving “We’re leaving to stop that orc camp.” she said, so that the Clerk knew where they were and didn’t give their room away immediately. As they were walking towards the location of the gate, Camilla leaned in close to Amun and whispered “A-at least she doesn’t take her anger out on others...” she said.

"Ah... or so we know of, at least." Metia seemed the violent type to do that. She's already hurt him several times as is, both physically and mentally. He walked up a bit and matched her walking speed, remaining just a little behind her to give her some space. Try as he might, he knew it'd be an impossible task to ignore her odd behavior without knowing if he was the cause or not for sure. There was still a chance he wasn't, and if that was the case? Perfect. His heart can rest a little easier.

Amun took in a deep breath, then looked to her. "Metia..." He begun in a quiet tone that she probably couldn't hear. The were-dog tried again, speaking up this time. "Did you have a bad rest, Metia?"

Metia shook her head “I feel like I didn’t sleep at all. I just want to get to the orc camp and kill everything.” she says, closing her eyes for a moment. Camilla speeds her walking for a moment so that she can catch up with Metia “D-do you think weren’t tired enough when you went to bed?” she asks, hopefully. Metia shrugs “I don’t know. I also had a strange nightmare.” she says, shaking her head. That was when they could see, in the distance, Adelita and the dark-haired girl from the bath last night. Both were leaning against the left side of the gate, having a conversation. Naturally, rather than their swimsuits, Adelita was wearing a black skirt with green lines around the edges, with a green and black button-down top, with green rose and vine designs down the sides and a red ribbon around the collar, black stockings, and black boots with green trim. The black-haired girl was wearing a red top with red boots and gloves, black shorts, and a fishnet-looking bodysuit. They didn’t seem to notice their approach yet. When Camilla saw them, she perked up “Hey, that’s miss Viola!” she said, pointing at the black-haired girl beside Adelita.

Strange nightmare? ... Was there a chance that didn't have to do with him? Perhaps Metia was having a memory from that dark past of hers that he doesn't know about. Maybe she revisited the time both of her parents were killed in an alley by a giant elephant monster or whatever else exists in this world. It didn't necessarily have to be about him in any way, nor did it have to have been caused by him so he really didn't need to ask about it. But as Amun was telling himself that, using that same logic, there's still a good chance his actions could've had SOME sort of relation to Metia's restless night.

Before he could decide between continuing to ask and stopping there, it seemed the choice was decided for him. They arrived at the gate to meet with Adelita and.. Viola, Camilla said her name was? He tried to steady himself, slipping on that familiar noble mask to greet the two visitors to their party with. "Good morning, Ms. Adelita. And to you as well... Ms. Viola, was it? My friend here had slipped your name." He bowed to both girls, gesturing to Camilla once he referred to her.

Adelita nodded at Amun when he greeted her, and Viola replied “That is indeed my name, nice to meet you, officially, Amun. Lady Camilla had spoken to me regarding you.” she said. The two then turned to Metia “Hello, Lady Metia, we’re here to assist you with your guilt quest in hopes that you’ll agree to meet with my sister, the Queen of Terrorcastra, Queen Alpha, after.” Viola said. Adelita then added “My sister wishes to hire you, and will give you and your companions room and board, as well as food and drink, should you choose to see her.”

Metia stared at Adelita tiredly, then at Viola, before nodding. “Sure. I’m always open to free stuff.” she said, before turning to Amun and Camilla, to see if they were onboard with the idea. While her back was turned, Viola gave Adelita a fist bump and a smile.

Amun smiled politely, though inwardly, he was grinning at the sight of a plan coming together. Adelita and Viola seemed happy, but he was the one who really won the lottery here. What luck he had meeting just one certain person in the bathhouse... of all the women he picked, he went for the sister of royalty. If he could get in the good graces of Terrorcastra's royal family, he'd have allies with great amounts of power, and from there he could... he could what?

Amun paused as he met a blank. What exactly did he want? He seemed to have just... lucked in to this spot. Truth be told, he never sought out any of this. He went with Metia because he wanted to live. He met Adelita because he wanted to bed her, for the Goddess's sake. Nothing he's done so far has been planned, nor shown any signs of strategy, because he truly had no goals. After the fall of Cielo... he's just been thinking about living and nothing else, but... once he's doing that and doing it well, what next? What is his purpose?

These deep thoughts distracted Amun, but he was rustled out of his stupor as he realized eyes were on him. "O-oh, my apologies, I... was deep in thought. Of course. It'd be a delight to help the esteemed Queen of Terrorcastra." He knew that going on this quest would bring him nothing but benefit if done well. Maybe he didn't know what he wanted, but he had plenty of time to decide while on the way to the orc camp.

With their interactions settled, the group got moving. Amun would be pretty deep in thought on the way there...

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"Yes the one with the visor does seem quite confident, and takes commands from the spectross quite well. I figure they all take commands in some way or another, which could be a double-edged sword. But yes I think we should attempt to capture the weakest one.. whoever drops first in combat. And Yes Luchephine I do suppose you can kill one of them if you'd like to so long as we capture one alive. We will hopefully be killing plenty of orcs after this is over but if you need to sate your blood lust early, by all means, go ahead." She said, only growing quite once they were closing in on Anastasia's party. "I would one day like to see Solstace then if it is so beautiful. It's hard to say if the visor is at all connected to the ruins, but yes strange artifacts are to be rumored to be housed within. It looks as though they intend to enter the ruins either way. Do you think we should attack before they enter or wait until they are inside? Or do you think we could sabotage that steam-powered platform and send them plummeting to the bottom?" She asked with a wicked smile.

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Lilith watched in awe as the bodies they had collected were raised all at once. These spires were truly more powerful them Lilith could have imagined. When her goddess speaks to her, the Nomad falls to her knees and and clutches her head in pain. But her face contorts in ecstasy as pain and pleasure collide in her mind. A bit of drool leaves the corner of her mouth contorts into a wide smile from the praise she received.

Once the voice was gone and she had recovered, Lilith and her minions returned to the castle. Once they arrived, Lady Ash's skeletons guided her to the dining hall. Living out in the wilderness or on the streets with her mother, food had always been lacking. They only ever had just enough to survive. So Lilith was surprised to have a meal waiting for her upon her return. Taking her seat, the nomad listened to the necromancer's plans for the village "I didn't know you had thought that far ahead Lady Ash" Lilith responded as she nodded along during her explanation. Once given permission, Lilith tore into the meal with her bare hands. She had never been one for table manners. But at the very least she knew to wait for the okay before starting to eat. She didn't even mind that the meat was still bloody, it was seasoned perfectly.

Once she had ravenously eaten her vegetables, Lilith made idle chatter for a bit. She told Lady about how she lived with her mother in the wilderness. Lilith spoke of the small cult of Zalaam worshiping Wanderers they traveled with, the drugs they used during their rituals and how her mother disappeared during one such occasion. Lilith leaned back in her chair and let out a rather long yawn. "My apologies, I guess I'm a little more tired then I realized, I think I'll retire for the night. Thank you for the meal. I'll be sure to meet you first thing tomorrow to begin my lessons Lady Ash" She said as she waited for one of Lady Ash's minions to guide her to a bedroom and possibly a bath as well.


When she finally drifted to sleep, Lilith found herself in an unfamiliar forest. None of the fauna looked remotely like anything she had seen before. A veil of darkness wrapped the forest in a sense of mystery. Even Lilith's eyes had trouble piercing this darkness. But she could make out one figure. She would recognize that person anywhere.
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Mother!" Lilith shouted as she ran towards the figure. But as she got closer, her mother gave her a look of disgust and turned away.

"Wait!" Lilith cried as she tries to chase her down. But a hand from the ground tripped her. Looking back, Lilith saw Chet's undead body rise over her now naked body. Before she could stand, the undead guard had pinned her down as it thrust it's unfathomably large cock into her pussy. It was bigger then her newest ogre minions. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned in pleasure. All the while still reaching out for her mother. But the mature one-horned nomad merely ignored her, walking into the darkness of the forest. Soon as a horde of zombies descended upon Lilith, their rotten cocks filling every hole she has to offer. Once her mother was out of sight, Lilith's dreams were consumed by thoughts of being ravaged by her fellow undead.

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Anastasia kept looking behind her back suspiciously, long after the others probably stopped. She just had a feeling they were still right behind her, yet she couldn't place why yet. However, after they get past a line of trees, Ana's mouth forms into a O as she looks at the gigantic pit, a tower rising out of it. The tower looked tall from a distance, but as they got closer it became clear just how tall the tower was, and just how deep the pit it resided in was. Once they finally approached the pit, Anastasia looked down to see if she could see the bottom. She could not of course. "By Avenir..." Anastasia breathed. "This is something I would expect to see in Solstace, not in the middle of nowhere like this." Anastasia looked at the tower carefully, trying to figure out its purpose. It's structure was so alien, the best she could guess was it was used as some kind of control tower for whatever operations were happening in this pit. "Even with magic something like this would take a very long time to build, I wonder if it used to be even more intact before the Bartons found it." She replied to Indris, following her to the control panel, pulling back and wrinkling her nose as the dust spills out from it when Indris swipes it. "Good, that means we shouldn't have to expect any company in the form of his men." When Indris suddenly diverted her gaze, Anastasia followed roughly were she was looking, trying to figure out what she was looking at. "What is it, did you see something?"

Indris slowly turned her head back to face Anastasia, her expression neutral as ever. "No, I haven't seen anything. Doesn't that bother you?" she asked. Ignia made her way over to Anastasia and Indris, holding Idalia's hand to pull her along "Wait, so should we be worried or not?" she asked, slowly peering over the edge of the hole as she spoke. "Wow, that's deep... I was hoping to just use my doorways for transport instead of the lift, but I can't reach that far..." she says, sounding disappointed in herself. Indris shook her head as if to clear it "Not all of us will fit on the lift at once, we'll have to go in groups of two. " she says, before adding "... That's really silly design given how many people he would have been able to allocate to this job. I wonder if he had multiple lifts, but took them apart to build something else when he was done digging here... because he IS done digging here." she said, lifting up her dust-covered fingers to show Anastasia and Ignia, the latter of whom was now laying on her belly, flicking rocks down into the pit, watching them fall.

Anastasia frowns a little, contemplating Indris's words. "I have been looking for something for a while now, But I suppose now that you mention it the lack of anything has been a little worrisome... Perhaps the ruins keep the creatures of the world at bay somehow?" She tries throwing an idea out there, hoping to get some sort of traction on the situation. When the subject changes to the size of the platform. Anastasia frowns and thinks for a moment. She'd rather not get separated at this juncture, she was done with separation after what happened to Idalia. "It does seem extremely odd, even if he was finished here and wanted to keep a platform on standby incase he wished to come back, a bigger platform would be much more convenient should he need something big to take with him, or a large group of people." Ansatasia walks onto the platform, making sure it wouldn't fall apart on them as soon as they stepped on it. When it didn't, Anastasia hums a bit, standing on the outside of the platform and stretching her arms out to the outside. She cocks her head to the side, then waltzes over to Idalia, reaching down and picking her up, her back facing the ground and one arm on her head, the other her ass. She then walks to the platform, stands on one of the sides and positions herself so Idalia was somewhat precariously hanging over the edge. Anastasia's grip tightens on her a little, but she nods and looks over to Indris and Ignia, smirking. "If you two trust each other enough, you can carry each other like this, we can all fit this way no?"

Ignia gets up and watches as Anastasia lifts Idalia and carries her onto the platform. "I really don't think it's a good idea to chance stressing the machine, three people maybe, but not four." Indris replied. "At least one of us is going to have to come down on the second trip, preferably two since it would be really inconvenient to investigate these ruins with one or more of us hurt or dead." she added. "Well, then how should we divide ourselves up?" Ignia asked, visibly staring first at Idalia's ass as Anastasia carried her, then slowly switching her gaze over to Indris' ass, which Indris didn't seem to notice for a few moments, however when she seemed to get the feeling she was being stared at, she slowly turned her head towards Ignia, who quickly looked away before she could notice. "Idalia should go with Anastasia, that way whoever she's with wouldn't be fighting by themselves if they're attacked." Indris said, before adding "IF we decide that we should split three and one, I'll just go on the second trip." she said, after which Ignia spoke up again "I think it's safer if we just send two people on the second trip, I can just go with Indris." she said.

Anastasia stares blankly at Indris as she explains the problems of the plan Anastasia just offered, as if Ana had never convinced the split second plan making could ever have such a glaring fault in it. After a few moments though, Anastasia nods and turns around, gently setting Idalia next to her on the platform before looking back at Ignia and Indris. "I didn't really think of that, but you're right, it would probably be best just to split up." Anastasia visible winces as she says the words, the thought of anything happening to them and she wouldn't there to help planting a heavy stress onto her heart. So much so she didn't even notice Ignia obviously lusting over her sisters. When Ignia and Indris finish saying their opinions on the matter, Anastasia nods in agreement. "Given Idalia seems to only listen to me as far as I know, it would be best if she went with me yes... Just uh, don't get yourselves into trouble as soon as I'm gone yea?" She says, her joking tone coming off more nervous than she would have liked.

Anastasia stares blankly at Indris as she explains the problems with the plan Anastasia had just offered, as if Ana had never considered the split-second plan-making could ever have such a glaring fault in it. After a few moments though, Anastasia nods and turns around, gently setting Idalia next to her on the platform before looking back at Ignia and Indris. "I didn't really think of that, but you're right, it would probably be best just to split up." Anastasia visibly winces as she says the words, the thought of anything happening to them without her there to help planting a heavy stress onto her heart. So much so she didn't even notice Ignia obviously lusting over her sisters. When Ignia and Indris finish giving their opinions on the matter, Anastasia nods in agreement. "Given Idalia seems to only listen to me as far as I know, it would be best if she went with me, yes... Just uh, don't get yourselves into trouble as soon as I'm gone yea?" She says, her joking tone coming off more nervous than she would have liked.

Ignia stares at Anastasia when she makes her joke "It'll be fine, there are no Bartons here to hurt us, and even if they were, we fought them off and escaped their castle, remember?" she says, cheerfully, as she rests a hand on Anastasia's shoulder, and giving her a reassuring smile. Indris hesitates a moment "If Ignia were to get into trouble, she can use her Black Door to take her to the platform you're on. That's assuming the enemy is strong enough to pose a threat to us in the first place." she says, finally.

Anastasia nods, her shoulders slumping a little at Ignia's reassurance. Feeling a mix of emotions, before finally holding her head up and nodding, exhaling heavily. "Yea, I know. I guess after what happened in the castle I'm just really nervous." She then looks at Indris, pondering what she said for a moment then smiling faintly. "Assuming we're not out of range. But yea, I'm sure with the both of you there you'll be fine. And even if you aren't you'll figure something out... Also I'm pretty sure you can get in trouble to Indris." She adds in a playful tone before looking over at the control panel. "Well, how do we even work that thing to get down in the first place anyway?"

"That's not how I meant it." Indris said, as she turned her back and moved towards the control panel. She looked at it for a minute, before grabbing the nob and pulling it down, then she presses a red button beside that. When she presses the button, the platform begins releasing steam before starting to very slowly slide down the track, towards the bottom of the steps at the base of the tower, deep inside the massive dig site. Ignia makes her way over to Indris without taking her eyes off the platform. As she watches, she begins playfully waving at Anastasia as she descends with Idalia. Indris merely watches and waits for the platform to reach the bottom.

Anastasia cocks her head to the side, confusion evident on her face now. "Then what did you mean?" She asks softly, her face feeling flush from embarrassment when she realized she misunderstood the context of what was said. However Indris keeps quiet, leaving Anastasia to contemplate what was meant by Indris's words as she descended into the awaiting abyss. She watches Indris and Ignia slowly get smaller and smaller above her, waving hesitantly back at Ignia when she waves down at them. She then looks towards Idalia, frowning a little. "02, did you understand what Indris meant by what she said?" Anastasia didn't expect an actual answer from the shell of Idalia, but in a way it gave her something to do other than think as she descended.

Idalia's visor flashes the yellow symbols across it, then goes blank for almost a full minute.The visor then flashes the emblems across its surface again, then when it stops, Idalia finally replies "01's statement was meant to indicate either that she understands that you do not care about her, or that she believes that you do not care about her, only 07." she says, after which her body shudders violently, before going still as a statue again. Anastasia considers what Idalia/02 says about what Indris meant, quite a few emotions arise from the theory, confusion being most predominant in her mind. "Why would she think I wouldn't care about her? Sure we haven't had much in the way of bonding but we've been busy escaping from the Bartons and avoiding creatures and trying to save Idalia." She says quietly, more to herself than to 02, trying to make sense of it in her head. She'd have to confront Indris about it later, perhaps either in a safe spot in the ruins or when they get out.

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“Thank you, Lord.” Saphira replied, giving Barton a sweet smile before returning to look at her daughter. “A name… well, what about..” She thinks for a bit, pondering while staring over at the girl. “Heart.” Saphira giggles, “Don’t you think that’s a cute name?” Saphira would smile brightly and softly brush Heart’s hair. “Unless you really don’t like that..”

Then Saphira goes and sits next to Barton, sighing a little. “Yea, it’s late already, and going all the way back to my room sounds like a hassle when you invite me here so politely” Saphira smirks playfully at the Lord.

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Bathtime Funtime!
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

It takes more self control than she would like to admit for Ophelia to not wake up screaming at the end of her dream. What on earth would have possibly influenced such a thing to come about? Is it her perversion causing it? No, she is really only perverted when it comes to Annie or Alice. If that caused her dream, then it would have heavily featured one or both of them. As in every one of those- she pauses her thoughts to suppress a shudder- men would have been replaced with her girls. That would be a lot more enjoyable. There is also the manner of the payment she was receiving. She would never, under any circumstances, have sex for money. The act is beneath her and she categorically refuses to consider it. That she did it would mean that she wouldn’t have a choice in the matter. That someone had forced her to sleep with all those men. And that she did not kill whoever ordered it out of hand means that she was so broken that she not only obeyed, but enjoyed it. And that is something out of her worst nightmares, being so completely without choice. Even her current situation with Techra allows her some measure of choice about how she completes her assignment. Being a whore… well, there isn’t any choice there. The “client” is the one who picks the position, how they do things, how long it lasts. Especially in a situation like her dream.

Only the warmth of Alice’s arms around her and Lily on her stomach grounds her and keeps her from panicking due to her dream. Lily especially. If it were just Alice and Annie around, she could panic and trust them to calm her. With Lily nearby, she cannot allow herself to do that. She is still not sure how one raises a child, but showing the child their guardian in a state of complete dishevelment cannot be a good thing. So she swallows her fear and forces herself to appear completely normal. She doubts it would fool Alice or Annie- especially not Annie-, but for those who do not know her it should suffice. The ones who do not know her are the only ones she wishes to fool anyway. When Annie whispers good morning to her, she feels a bit more centered. A bit more separated from the nightmare. She remembers how soft Lily’s hair is, so she finds herself petting Lily to further center herself. Her hand finds itself on Alice’s back, rubbing circles just to use the warm, soft skin as another anchor point. “Good morning to you as well.” She says, managing a smile. She is not exactly sure how to escape the pile of bodies she finds herself in. She might be able to escape Alice’s grasp, she might be able to escape Lily’s hold. She doubts she can do both without disturbing the sleeping girls. So she supposes she is trapped until they wake up, giving her time to consider the next step. She must visit Lady Techra soon. Today, even. But before that, she promised Lily that they would explore the baths today. She is not the type of person to make promises usually, but she is the type of person to break promises even less. Especially since that would teach Lily that is acceptable to do such things. So as soon as everyone is awake, the baths should be the first thing they do. “Would you be interested in the bath house when everyone is awake?” She asks, wanting to make sure everyone is on board first. She knows Alice, Lily, Aurora, and Selvaria are interested, but she does not remember hearing Annie’s opinion on the matter.

Annie nods “I usually just shower, but I see no reason not to enjoy ourselves in the bath.” Annie says, before pausing, staring at Ophelia’s face “Is something wrong?” she asked before reluctantly adding “A-also… I found this when I woke up in the morning.” she reached behind her as she leaned against the counter, and held up a half gray and half black egg, the colors split vertically. The egg was the largest Ophelia had ever seen. “It’s very strange… appeared from seemingly nowhere, and I feel a connection to it.” she said. Ophelia could feel a connection to the egg, as well. When Annie had finished speaking, Lily stirred and slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes, the covers shifting down and showing she was fully dressed in the clothes she had been wearing when she had been saved. She looked at Ophelia and smiled, hooting at her softly and wrapping her arms around her tightly. Alice, however, was still sleeping. When Lily saw the egg that Annie was holding up, she pointed at it with one hand “W-what dat?” she asked. Her voice seemed to wake up Alice, who only sat up slightly “Mmm, good morning, beautiful~” she whispered into Ophelia’s ear, as she gently turned her face towards her own and kissed Ophelia on the lips, her free hand groping Ophelia’s ass. When Alice had sat up, the covers shifted down, exposing her white lace bra and panties with light blue edges.

Well, she already knew she would be unable to fool Annie. Just as well she did not try. “Bad dream. It disturbed me. I am getting better now.” She says, not wanting to discuss specifics while unknowns- well, more like Selvaria since she intrinsically trusts Aurora due to her being Alice’s sister- are in the room. Her eyebrows raise when Annie reveals the egg. She does not know why she feels connected to it nor where it came from. But she does know she would kill anyone who brought harm to it without a second thought. She is not sure where this surge of protectiveness comes from, especially since it is usually reserved for Annie and Alice, but for some reason this development does not terrify her as it should. She determines that she does not have enough information on the subject and will put it off until a later time. She is not sure where she will be getting this information since Annie herself does not know what is going on, but it must be out there somewhere. She also supposes time itself will tell. It is an egg. Eggs are known to do two things: hatch and become delicious food. Given how protective she is, she doubts it is the latter.

Her thoughts are interrupted by Lily’s awakening and subsequent hoot. It brings a smile to her face and she continues petting the girl. “That is an egg, Lily. Unless I miss my guess, it more than likely has…” She tries to figure out how to phrase this so Lily can understand without going into the many intricacies that would go right over her head. Or she assumes. Given how simple her vocabulary is, she cannot assume that the birds and the bees is something she knows and understands. “A new friend. This new friend is shy and will not come out yet. It would be best if we left it alone for now.” She assumes that there is some sort of animal within. Perhaps a pet she can use to teach Lily responsibility? It would not explain why she is so protective of it, but she can only shrug. Her knowledge of animals is limited, but she knows most do live births. She wonders what produced this, but that leads right back to having not enough information.

She is distracted once again by Alice waking up and instantly giving her a kiss. She can think of few ways she would rather wake up than to Alice’s lips and her touch and she returns the kiss with all the love in her heart. “Good morning yourself, dear one.” She finds herself distracted even more when she notices Alice in her undergarments, but she can still feel Lily wrapped around her abdomen. Starting what she really wants to do would be ill advised. Or maybe she can use it to teach Lily about sex? No, she really should not. At the very least, she should make this decision with a clearer mind rather than tinged with lust. Reluctantly, she pulls back from Alice. She does not interrupt Alice’s groping, however. Some things she just does not have the will to give up. “I was thinking of going to the baths when everyone is awake. Join us?”

It is a bizarre feeling, simply watching as your body takes on movements of its own, against your wishes. Under any normal circumstances, she would have put a bullet in any skeleton rising from it’s grave long before it could take part in any sort of seven piece ensemble. And yet, she was paralyzed, forced to stand idly by and listen to that dread tune until her mind awakens from its slumber at last. Selvaria still feels the sense of dread and utter confusion that had pervaded her dream as she wakes, along with that infernal dooting of the damned that rings in her ears. She had heard once that the Goddess’ used dreams as means to convey messages to mortals such as herself, but Selvaria could not figure out for the life of her what Masino or anyone else would be trying to tell her with that bizarre dream. It might be worth returning to the graveyard at some point, just to be sure that there was nothing sinister brewing but…. Unless Selvaria was being warned of an incoming army of musical undead, it seemed unlikely that there was any deeper meaning to it.

As she blinks away her sleepiness, Selvaria’s confusion from her strange dream only increases as she takes in her surroundings. She found herself in a rather…. Intimate position with Aurora, and recalled agreeing to sleep in the same bed as the paladin against her better judgement. Sleeping in her combat gear was far too uncomfortable for her to consider, so even though she was already outside her comfort zone by sleeping in the same bed as a stranger, she had waited for Aurora to fall asleep before stripping down to her pink and white striped bra and panties and slipping under the covers and joining her for a good night’s rest. Selvaria had been concerned that her tendency to let her wings stretch out in her sleep would take up too much of the bed, but the situation she was in now was far beyond what she had imagined. Her sleep must have been a comfortable one indeed for her to end up embracing Aurora in this almost lover like manner. She could not recall a time when she had experienced something like this. She lived alone for so long now but… The warmth of another felt surprisingly nice and Aurora had a rather pleasant scent that Selvaria couldn’t help but inhale with her face so close to the paladin. So nice in fact, that she could drift off back to sleep and- No, no, this was not the time to be sleeping, as unbelievable as that conclusion was to her. Selvaria needed to remove herself from this situation before Aurora awoke and noticed that she was nearly being molested in her sleep. Even worse, Selvaria could hear the voices of the others who seemed to have woken up first. She shuddered to think what would happen if they looked over and saw this, especially Alice, who’s intense devotion to justice would be unlikely to think kindly of such treatment of her own sister.

Selvaria moves to gently disentangle herself from Aurora, only to find a new obstacle to that plan, namely her Necroblob, sleeping soundly on her hip. Now that she had noticed it, the sound of its breathing and the way it jiggled against her bare skin had her heart practically melting, a sensation she had felt often recently when she discovered an adorable new side of her pet. Selvaria simply couldn’t bare to disrupt that peaceful slumber with her movement. A-and it was probably for the best that she took it slow anyway, right? Aurora might awaken otherwise, or her movement might draw the attention of the others. It would be for the best to take things slowly, Selvaria decided. And slowly she moved, as if she were a snail coated in molasses. She resolved to move so…. Incredibly….. Slowly…. That it was imperceivable. An occurrence so miniscule, it can barely be said to have even happen at all. Until, her arms were free and she could gently scoop her Necroblob up off her hip without disturbing its slumber. From there, she would attempt to put her gear on unnoticed, to minimize the time others might see her in her underwear. Not that she had any right to object to such a thing given the circumstances of her meeting this group of women. One might say it was only fair that they get to see her barely clothed after Selvaria had done the same to them, but the mercenary endeavored to attract little attention in all aspects of her life, and this was no exception.

Lily slowly nods as Ophelia explains what an egg is. When she finishes, Lily pauses for a moment, then hoots twice before repeating back “Egg fwiend!”, grinning. When asked if she’d like to go to the bath, Alice first nods vigorously “I’d love to go to the bath with you~” she says, sleepily and excitedly, after which she gives Ophelia another kiss on the lips as her hand wanders over her hip and between her legs, where she slowly strokes Ophelia’s slit with two fingers, through her panties. She suddenly stops when Annie clears her throat to get her attention and holds up the egg for her to see. “Where did you get that?” Alice asks in confusion, a strand of saliva still bridging the gap between Alice’s lips and Ophelia’s. “I found it when I woke up, and I know the Guild Workers didn’t leave it here.” she says, gently rubbing the egg’s surface with her hand. Eventually, she grabs several towels from the bathroom and wraps the egg in them multiple times, then puts it into a separate pack. “We may need something safer to store it in, but this should do for now… it’s better than simply leaving it out.” she says, leaving Alice even more puzzled. After that, Annie grabs her pack and heads back to the bathroom. While Annie is in the bathroom, Alice glances over at Lily, stares for a moment, then slowly smiles as she says “Lily, can you say JUSTICE?” to which Lily responds with a similar grin and repeats back “J-Jawstice?” then Alice shakes her head “No, no, sweetie, JUSTICE, not Justice.” Lily pauses and frowns, then repeats back “JAWSTICE?” to which Alice smiles wider and nods. She then turns to Ophelia and, still grinning “I like her~” she says. Annie then returns from the bathroom, dressed in a black bikini with a red spiral on one breast, red stripes on the other, and curved red lines on the bottom, forming a sort of half target. She then tosses some clothes to Ophelia, and second set to Lily. “I got swimsuits for the both of you. I didn’t like what the Guild had, so I went out this morning to find more suitable ones.” she said, before turning to Alice “I know you already have your own.” she said, to which Alice responded by nodding and grinning “I do, and I really like yours~” she said, her hand under the blankets gently stroking Ophelia’s hip. Lily lifted the swimsuit that Annie had thrown to her and cocked her head. It was a one-piece swimsuit, split black and white down the middle just like her hair. She first looked at it, then at Annie, her expression shifting from confusion to interest “Oh!” she said, before slipping out of the bed and running to the bathroom, just as Annie head, then returning a moment later, wearing her new swimsuit, grinning proudly. “Hoot hoot!” she said, turning her body back and forth to show it off. Alice grinned “It looks good on you, Lily~” she said, to which Lily responded by smiling “Fank yoo!” she said. Alice then reached over and grabbed the swimsuit that Annie had brought for Ophelia, then lifted it up “Oh, this will look nice on you… much like anything else~” she said, grinning at Ophelia as she held up the black bikini top and bottom, with a lighter black vine design wrapping around each piece.

Meanwhile, Selvaria’s movement didn’t disturb her blob or Aurora, leaving both sleeping soundly. None of the others in the room seemed to notice Selvaria changing into her clothes, but when she had finished dressing, Annie, in her swimsuit, looked over at Selvaria “Are you going to join us in the bath, Selvaria?” she asked. It was at that moment that Aurora finally stirred, kicking off the blankets and standing up from the bed hastily. “GOOD MORNING, FRIENDS OF JUSTICE!” she said, loudly, as she stretched. Annie raised her eyebrows at this, while Alice only grinned at her. Lily stared at her, startled, for a moment, before replying with “G-gewd mawning, JAWSTICE?” which caused Aurora to smile. She quickly started to blush as she noticed so many pairs of eyes on her. “I’m g-going to uh… ch-change...” she said, slowly grabbing a swimsuit from her pack and heading to the bathroom, embarrassed. After a moment, she exited, wearing a slightly less revealing swim top and bottom, the top resembling a sports bra while the bottom resembled a bikini bottom that covered a small part of her upper thighs, like a shorter pair of shorts. The design matched her underwear, being white in color, with a black stripe up the front and inner thighs, and down the back. Now that everyone but Selvaria, Ophelia, and Alice were in their swimsuits, Alice slowly took her hands off Ophelia “I suppose it’s time to get out of bed and dress for the pool~” she said, in a way that heavily implied she didn’t want to leave the bed with Ophelia in it. She went into the bathroom, and returned in a white bikini top and bottom with light blue stripes, stretching. “Well, that’s everyone but what’s-her-name and Ophelia~ come on, ladies, let’s see you in your swimsuits~” she said, with Aurora whispering loudly “Selvaria, her name is Selvaria!” causing Alice to make an “Oh”-face. “Selvy, yes, that, yeah.” she said, giggling.

Selvaria lets out a sigh of relief as she successfully removes herself from the bed without waking either of its other two occupants. She sets her Necroblob gently back down on the bed so that it may sleep in peace while she slips back into her clothing. Thankfully, Ophelia and the others seem preoccupied by some sort of egg, allowing her to change unnoticed. She briefly wondered how they came into possession of such an object and what purpose it served, but didn’t dwell on it for too long as it had already proved useful enough as a distraction. Shortly after Selvaria is fully dressed again, Annie finally seems to notice that she is awake. She freezes up briefly upon being addressed, but relaxes again after realizing that she is simply being invited to the bathhouse with the group. “Ah… Yes, that sounds enjoyable. Thank you.” Selvaria replies, smiling slightly and giving a grateful nod towards Annie. With how nervous the start of her morning had made her, a relaxing bath sounded wonderful. Aurora’s sudden awakening cause Selvaria to freeze up yet again, caught off guard by the energetic greeting. “G-good morning…” She stammers out in response, glancing away and tugging her hat down to hide her steadily blushing face, unable to look Aurora in the eye knowing that the paladin was unaware of spending the night sleeping in Selvaria’s embrace.

Selvaria was prepared to protest as Alice once again seemed to imply that she did not recall her name, but thankfully Aurora was there to step in and remind her sister. “S-Selvy…” She muttered, unsure of how to feel about being referred to in such a familiar way. She couldn’t recall being given such a nickname before, but if it would help Alice remember, then she would accept it. More importantly, Alice was correct in pointing out that she and Ophelia would still have to change into their swimsuits before they could go to the bath. Selvaria nods quietly before slipping into the bathroom, with the swimsuit she had borrowed from the guild the night before since she did not have one of her own. After a few minutes of changing, and several more of working up the nerve to show herself, Selvaria eventually returns wearing a navy blue bikini top and matching bottom that also featured a white dove design imprinted on the rear. She had felt that this swimsuit was too revealing and requested a different one, but the guild clerk had been insistent that this was the only one they could lend her. As she stepped out into the room where the rest of the ladies awaited her, Selvaria instinctively reach up to tug the brim of her hat down over her face, only to grasp at nothing as she was no longer wearing it. It wasn’t exactly something one wore to a bath, but she found herself tempted to go back and retrieve it all the same. Selvaria said nothing as she rejoined her companions, merely placing herself against the far wall and waiting wordlessly for them to make their way to the bath.

Ophelia nods with a satisfied expression when it seems Lily has gathered the essence of what she was trying to say. Given a little bit of time and explanation, it seems the girl is not as dull as she originally thought. She will see about introducing more advanced vocabulary and seeing how much Lily understands. She will simply stop and work with what she has when Lily becomes unable to figure out what she is saying. Her thought process is immediately arrested by two things: the first, the way Selvaria slept with Aurora. It is a position she is very familiar with after all, which might be the reason she is able to spot it. On one hand, she feels she should be angered by the inappropriate way the mercenary is touching Alice's sister. On the other, she is very much aware that it could be by accident and that Alice herself is very nice to cuddle with. She cannot bring herself to blame Selvaria for subconsciously reaching out and embracing such a soft, warm person if Aurora is anything like Alice. She actually finds herself hoping that Aurora and Selvaria find themselves like Ophelia herself has with Annie and Alice given how the first intimate touches they had were accidents in her sleep. The second thing to distract her is much more pressing: Alice is taking her groping to another level. It takes all of her willpower to keep from making a noise or letting what her Paladin lover is doing show on her face. She fails in the face department, she thinks, feeling her eyes become lidded as she begins surrendering to Alice's kiss. Thankfully, her detective lover cuts the interaction short before she is forced to decide whether she should give Lily a front row seat to how adults spend their time in bed. She finds herself eyeing how Annie handles the egg intensely. Given how Annie feels the same protective urges she does, she doubts the detective will allow anything harmful to happen to it, but she cannot take her eyes off if it anyways. She breathes a sigh of relief as the egg ends up going into a pack, covered in protective blankets.

With her focus diverted, she looks to the side just soon enough to catch Selvaria hurriedly donning her clothing. Given how the mercenary has seen everyone else in similar or less clothing than what Selvaria wore to bed, she does not see the issue. She decides not to comment on it however given it would do her no good to make the mercenary nervous or embarrassed. She simply allows herself to catalog the beautiful skin on the attractive woman. Her perversion, which she blames almost entirely on Alice, is beginning to get a little out of hand if she is willing to gawk at women besides Alice and Annie. She decides to distract herself from further thoughts in that direction. Instead her attention is grabbed by Alice introducing Lily to JUSTICE. On one hand, she feels a mixture of pride and utter embarrassment fill her and she cannot help but facepalm to hide it. Her surrogate daughter also seems to understand the importance of JUSTICE, it seems and a part of her cannot be happier. On the other... well, this is part of the reason she trusts Annie to be a better mother than Alice. At least in the prospect of allowing her child to grow up and do as she pleases. She hopes that Alice does nothing else to introduce Lily to her way of life unless Lily expresses interest in it. Otherwise, she may have to step in.

Her thought is arrested when she sees Annie in her bathing suit. She has seen Annie in less, but she finds that the vast amount of flesh on display countered by the slim amount of fabric just covering what could be considered private places to be an utterly appealing look on her lover. It is somehow different from being in her bra and panties. Differing materials maybe? Either way, she finds herself drooling a little bit as she feasts her eyes on what might be her new favorite outfit for her detective. She pulls herself out of her lustful fugue enough to register that Annie has thrown something her way. It seems to be her own bathing suit, nicely timed as well. Having this in her hands reminds her that she did not own one of her own. She wondered if that would cause problems if she went into the bath nude, but it seems she does not have to answer that now. She does wonder when Annie had time to go clothes shopping however. After their date and their time together afterwards, she would have thought that the detective would have been much too tired to wake up so early in the morning. Especially given how late they got back last night. Her eyes narrow in suspicion. It takes a certain amount of sleep per night to remain healthy and she is not sure that Annie is getting it if she goes to bed so late and wakes up so early. She is not sure of the effects of sleep deprivation, but she is sure she does not want either of her lovers or her charge to find out. She will have to keep a closer eye on Annie's sleep schedule in the future. But given she cannot do so now, she allows herself to be distracted by Alice's touch, leaning into Alice's warmth as she does so. She finds herself smiling at Lily's happiness with her swimsuit and her smile spreads further when her charge thanks Alice for the compliment. No matter what else the little one was taught before coming into her care, she was at least taught manners. One less thing she has to do, though she really should reinforce it. She reaches out to Lily and pats her head. "Good girl." She says, making sure Lily knows she's done a good job.

Seeing her own bathing suit, she tilts her head. On the one hand, Lily was apparently taught modesty as she went into the bathroom to change. She is not sure if she was merely imitating Annie or if it was something she was actually taught. It is a good thing to learn. On the other, modesty is a thing that does not really have a place for Ophelia. She avoids exposing herself to males as ordered by Lady Techra, but otherwise she does not really make an effort to avoid being nude around those she loves and trusts. Which would be nearly everyone in the room. The only one she does not, Selvaria, has already seen everything she has to offer and therefore she does not care about exposing herself to her. Beyond that, she just really does not wish to remove herself from Alice's presence right now. Because of Alice being Alice and Annie's outfit, she has more than a little turned on and being near Alice seems to feed that. She is more than a touch glad that she removed Masino's Gift to her before she and Annie left the detective's office yesterday or else it would be very obvious that she is aroused. To change in the room or to change in the bathroom... well, she will just do things her way and allow Lily to make her own choices in what way she wishes to do things. Decision made, she removes her bra and panties and then reaches out for the bathing suit in Alice's hands to put them on. She really should make a point, though. "Lily, only do such things around those you trust. Others seeing you naked may try to do bad things to you." There, a valid lesson rolled into this. She is somewhat shocked when Aurora wakes with her roar, but she finds that she really should not be. She is Alice's sister after all despite being quieter and less prone to such outbursts. She also finds her perversion has spread to Alice's sister as well as she finds herself taking in the curves and view the bathing suit offers. She wonders if doing such is being unfaithful to her lovers. She could reason that since Alice instilled this lust in her, this is her fault, but that sounds a bit too much like avoiding responsibility to her. She has always been one to take her duties seriously and cannot fathom doing otherwise even in a situation such as this. She finds herself subtly doing the same to Selvaria after she changes into her bathing suit as well. Well, at the very least, she should do her best to keep her lusts to the party at hand. It would be a poor way to show her devotion to Alice and Annie if she went ogling every woman she came across, right? She wants to ask Annie because she trusts her expertise... well, no, Annie admitted she was as new to love as Ophelia was so the detective does not have any more idea than she would. And Alice seems to actively encourage such behavior given how she does not seem to care who else sees her grope Ophelia. It seems she will have to figure this out another way. Regardless, everyone is in a swimsuit now so there is no further reason not to go to the bath. Well, besides not wanting to leave Alice's warmth and Annie's somewhat awkward care, but that is a separate, long term issue. "When ready." She says, signaling her readiness to head out.

When Ophelia rubs Lily’s head and tells her that she did a good job, she makes satisfied and happy humming noises as she leans into the patting, closing her eyes. She seems almost disappointed when Ophelia stops. “Gewd jawb!” she repeats back to Ophelia, after which she stands up on the bed and pets her head, just as she had petted Lily before. When Ophelia starts changing, Lily, Annie, Alice, and Aurora stare at her naked body. Aurora only stares for a moment, before blushing darkly and quickly turning away, while Alice gladly stares at her the entire time, commenting “Oh, Hel, you seem to grow more beautiful every time I look at you” with a suggestive look on her face. Annie, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to know if it’s okay to stare or not, the conflict evident on her face for only a moment, before she decides to watch, a half-smile on her face. Lily watches in awe, and nods slowly, hooting softly, as Ophelia tells her only to do that in front of people she trusts. When Ophelia finishes changing, Lily comments, while pointing at Ophelia “Pwetty!” flashing her an adorable smile. Alice grins at Lily when she compliments Ophelia and gently rubs her head “Yes, she is, good girl~”.

When Ophelia signals that she’s ready, Annie quickly lifts up the pack with the egg in it, as the others begin moving towards the door, and hands it to Ophelia gently and carefully. “I don’t feel comfortable leaving this in our room, unsupervised. Would you keep an eye on it? I’d do so myself, but you’ve shown yourself to be far more protective than I...” she says, nervousness just barely edging itself into her voice before she forces it out, returning to her usual tone. While the two are speaking and moving into the hallway, Alice quickly catches up with them and wraps her arm around Ophelia’s hips, matching their paces, with Lily a short distance behind them. Lily, however, quickly turns back, running to Selvaria’s bed and grabbing up the sleeping Necro Blob, before catching back up, holding it triumphantly, with a happy hoot. Alice grins at Lily, while gently rubbing Ophelia’s hip “Oh, you like that blob, Lily?” she asks, rhetorically, to encourage her, to which Lily responds “Bwob? Gewd bwob~” happily. She then notices Annie handing Ophelia the egg, in the pack, wrapped in blankets “I think you should probably at least leave that outside the actual noter, I’m not sure being dunked would be safe for it.” she comments.

The trip to the bath only takes a moment. The door first leads into a locker room, painted the same way as the lobby, with metal lockers forming aisles in the room, with benches in between them. The tile floor was black with dark green edges, with a single yellow tile path leading to the door to the bathing room. When the group enters the bath house itself, the tile floor is the same, a black tile floor with dark green edges, a single yellow tile path around the edges of the pool. The pool was filled with noter, as one would expect, with the edges lined with gray stone. The gray and white striped walls were lines with metal towel racks and open showers. As soon as the group entered the bath house, Aurora quickly runs ahead and front flips into the noter, with a splash, after which she surfaces, grinning at Alice. Alice gives Ophelia a gentle grope on the ass, before jumping into the noter after Aurora. Annie opts to take the steps, circling around the bath, then sitting on the steps, relaxing against the edge. Lily, seeing Aurora and Alice simply jump in, gently hands the sleeping Necro Blob to Selvaria, then quickly follows Aurora and Alice, front-flipping into the water, with a sploosh. When she surfaces, she motions for Ophelia to join them, hooting and calling out “Spwoosh?” as she cocks her head quizzically. As all of this was going on, a Spectross girl on the other side of the bath had been watching them all. She had a single silver horn on her forehead, two bright green eyes, long and wavy teal hair, skin as white as snow, and veins as black as tar. The girl looked to be 9 feet tall, and was wearing a white two-piece Bikini with blue edges and a teal stripe down each breast, and two more teal stripes evenly spaced apart on the front of the bottoms, with a gold star on the back of the top and on each hip of the bottom. Her body was toned and her skin was flawless. When Ophelia looked her way, she gave her a friendly smile accompanied by a wave, after which she waved at Selvaria, in just as friendly of a manner.

A moment after the Spectross waves at Ophelia, the door opens behind them and a girl with long black hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes, wearing a purple bikini top and bottom with black criss-crossing designs across them enters the room. Following behind her was a girl with extremely long teal hair tied back with a black bow, with long bangs with black hair clips, wearing a black and white swimsuit with criss-crossing ties holding them on, the top having blue lace on the front. When the two girls entered, they both immediately noticed Annie sitting at the bath steps, and Annie noticed them, raising her eyebrows. “Luthica, Verger.” Annie said, almost emotionlessly. The girl with the teal hair, Verger, smiled at her “Hello, Annie, it’s so nice to see you~” she said, in a very friendly tone. The girl with the black hair, Luthica, smiled as well “How’s the business going?” she asked. Annie turned to Ophelia and motioned towards the two girls, though she spoke to the full party present “This is Luthica and Verger, a Runic Mage and a Bard, as well as the only real competition I have.” she said, before adding to Luthica “The business is fine, though I haven’t moved on to my next case yet, you could call it a small break, or possibly just an unposted case.” she said.

Ophelia is more than a little amused when Lily pats her head and tells her she has done a good job. She has not done anything yet so she doubts she has earned that yet. Unless she is a good girl for resisting the urge to reveal Masino's Gift and pay Alice back for all she has done to turn her on. In which case yes, she very much deserves that head pat. Still, she does not wish to discourage Lily from doing such things in the future so she smiles and says "Thank you." to acknowledge Lily's efforts. She resists the urge to blush when Alice offers yet another compliment. She is unsure if her Paladin is attempting to make her get used to them or if this is simply how Alice operates. Either way, if she allowed herself to blush every time Alice did so, she would not have blood left for the rest of her body. She does smile at Annie, seeing the conflict on her face on whether to stare. Annie has seen and felt nearly every part of her body, but that she remains appealing enough to overcome a bit of Annie's self-control is a compliment of the highest order. She does have to wonder if she is the first naked woman Lily has seen given the awe on her face when Ophelia stripped. She probably should have attempted... attempted what? To have her first naked woman be someone other than her surrogate mother? She isn't sure why that would be a bad thing given how, if that is the way Lily leans, she would see it sooner or later. So why not have the first vessel be someone she knows and trusts? That way if Lily has any questions she can answer them with confidence. That quandary answered, she is still taken off guard when Lily calls her pretty in her bathing suit. How does one deal with their charge finding them attractive? She is aware that acting on it is frowned upon, but she does not know why. To her, it would make more sense to do such things with their guardians so that someone they trust guides them through the process and the charge knows that their partner will do everything in their power to make sure they enjoy the experience. As with everything else, she is sure she will disregard societal expectations if necessary since, according to them, she should be subservient and/or dead because she is a Nomad. She will cross that bridge when she comes to it.

The instant Annie offers her the egg, she takes it. She does not even wait for Annie's explanation to be complete before the pack is in her hands. "This will come to no harm while I am able to prevent it." She says with a stern disposition. This close to Annie, however, she does notice that her detective seems to have dark circles under her eyes. "We will have a conversation about your sleep schedule at a later point, dear heart." She says in a whisper, concern coloring her words. But she doesn't want to have this conversation right now when they're supposed to be going to relax. Unless Annie is going to pass out in the baths, it can wait. With that decided, she allows herself to take in the warmth of Alice who catches up to them and wraps her arm around Ophelia's waist. She smiles at Lily picking up the blob. If she did not have a problem imposing on Selvaria, she might ask if Lily can keep the pet. Or risk stealing it. Lily seems to be somewhat attached to it and it seems like the perfect way to teach Lily responsibility. But mercenary Selvaria is an ally at the very least so stealing from her would be rather bad. Alice and Annie would definitely look down on that, so she will not.

Arriving in the baths, she picks a place fairly close to the noter itself without risking anyone accidentally knocking it over or falling into the noter. While she looks on in amusement at Aurora, Lily, and Alice dive in, but decides not to follow their example. Then again, she does not follow Annie to the steps either. She picks her spot and then lowers herself into the noter. "Sorry, little one." She says, knowing she might have disappointed Lily when she didn't splash in like most of the others did. While she tries not to hold on to prejudice like most of the world seems to do to her, she still cannot help but feel nervous when she sees a Spectross. One very different than the one who dropped a hammer on her spine for sure, but she still feels as though the woman means to do her harm. But she only has her suspicion, so she gives a small smile and a wave back since it would be rude not to. She is not quite at the point where she will be rude (in front of Alice and Annie) just because she feels nervous. She also takes in the two other women who enter to bath, much less nervous about observing their beauty than she is about the Spectross. While they do not stack up to her lovers, she can appreciate how they fill out their bathing suits. One very clearly fills it out more than the other, but such things like "breast" size" don't matter too terribly much to her.

She buries the thought the instant she hears the emotionless way Annie says their names. That means Annie does not look upon them favorably, which automatically means Ophelia is suspicious of them. It turns out the reason is because they are competing. Or is it because one of them is a Bard? While they do not have great reputations, she refuses to dislike them just because others say to, simply because she is in a similar situation. She would be sympathetic if it was not for Annie's apathy. "A pleasure to meet you. I am Ophelia. As Annie is dear to me, I do hope you have not been making her life too challenging."

This groups policy on nudity around strangers was quite baffling to Selvaria. Alice still teased her mercilessly for the incident where Selvaria had walked in on the trio in their underwear, and yet here the mercenary had merely glanced up to see Ophelia fully nude in the middle of the room. She quickly averted her gaze, but found herself glancing at the Wanderer's nude form. To see when the coast was clear to look again, or so she told herself. The lesson instilled to Lily through this, that one should only be naked in front of those they trust, was equally confusing. Did that mean Ophelia trusted Selvaria? Or had her existence been forgotten in this case? Alice still could not recall something as simple as her name, so it didn't seem entirely out of the question that they had forgotten she was still there. Selvaria was able to calm down from the sight she had witnessed while she changed into her swimsuit, but the event had still left her flustered. So much so that she might have forgotten her precious Necro Blob had Lily not gone to retrieve it. Selvaria can't help but smile at how much the girl seems to enjoy the company of her pet, who still slumbers so adorably in her arms. "Yes, a very good blob indeed." Selvaria tells the girl, nodding and allowing Lily to hold her Necro Blob for the time being, though she certainly wanted it back by the time they reached the bath. Still, if the two are fond of each other, perhaps they need not be separated once her business with this group was concluded... No, that was foolish notion. Ophelia seemed far too attached to part with Lily and making an enemy of Alice would certainly be a mistake.

As the group enters the bath, Selvaria is more than happy to take back possession of her Necro Blob from Lily so that she can join Aurora and Alice in diving into the noter. This bath seems quite large and spacious, with more than enough room for the women to splash to their hearts content. Her small bath at home couldn't even compare. As she gazes about, Selvaria finally notices that they aren't alone. Her hand instinctively reaches up for her absent hat, tugging at nothing even as she notices her wing subconsciously moving to cover her bare skin. A Spectross was quite a rare sight indeed, Selvaria had only encountered a few in all her travels after all. They were fierce warriors, but this one seemed... rather pleasant despite her large size. Selvaria relaxed slightly, her wings retracting as she did, and the mercenary returned the woman's wave with one of her own and small smile. The pair of women that enter after elicit a similar reaction, though to a lesser extent and she recovers more quickly, having now accepted that people were going to see her in this swimsuit and it was too late to do anything about it now.

As Annie introduces the new arrivals to Ophelia, Selvaria simply nods to them and moves to enter the noter. The introduction was not meant for her after all, and since she's never met a bard she liked, Selvaria would rather not be involved with the pair if she can help it. It is interesting that they are competitors of Annies, but in the end it isn't really her business at all. Selvaria sets her Necro Blob down at the edge of the bath, it still slept and she did not want to disturb it's rest by bringing it into the noter. She would have plenty of time to play with it later after all. She slides into the noter herself once that's taken care of, sighing at the pleasant feeling of warmth against her skin. Selvaria wasn't particularly interested in splashing around like Lily and the others, instead choosing to stay by the edge, near Ophelia and Annie, though she maintained a comfortable distance so as not to intrude on their conversation. Instead, she would simply relax in the noter while she had the chance.

When Ophelia thanks Lily for telling her she did a good job and for petting her, she smiles and hoots softly. When Ophelia tells Annie that no harm will come to the egg, she gives her a smile and a kiss on the cheek “I know.” she says softly, into her ear, then when Ophelia tells her that they’ll have a discussion regarding her sleeping schedule, Annie merely shrugs.

When Selvaria tells Lily that it’s a good blob, she gives her an adorable smile “Fank you!” she says, in reference to allowing her to play with it, then hugs it to her chest very gently.

When Ophelia slips into the noter instead of jumping in, Lily frowns slightly, but only for a moment, as Alice makes her way over to Lily and Ophelia, resting a hand on Lily’s shoulder, causing her to smile and lean into her. When Alice reaches the edge of the bath, she studies the two women closely. After Ophelia introduces herself and expresses her hope that they’re not making Annie’s life too challenging, the girls smile and laugh good-naturedly. Luthica crouches by the edge of the pool and extends a hand to shake Ophelia’s own “It’s nice to meet you, Ophelia. We don’t have any desire to make Annie’s life difficult, only to make our own living, so you don’t need to worry about that.” Meanwhile, Verger now had a black guitar in her hands and started to strum a tune “There once was a girl, all dressed in red, who saught justice for one who was dead, though the task before her was too much to bear, so she called on two maidens fair~” she sang beautifully “With the trio all working together, all in support of each other, the puzzle was completed quite easily, and the murderer found was quite measly~” she finished, sitting down on the edge of the pool and setting her guitar aside. Lily wasted no time it grabbing the instrument, after which she started strumming it randomly, hooting in amusement. Verger seemed surprised at first, however she let Lily have her fun, giving her a reassuring smile. Annie soon moved closer to the group “What Verger meant to say, in so many words, was that they have helped me when needed, so it’s not as though our competition is bitter.” she says, resting a hand on Ophelia’s back when she reaches the edge of the bath. Alice smiled at this “Oh, so you’re like friendly rivals!... Of JUSTICE!” she said, giving the two girls a grin. The mention of JUSTICE gets Lily’s attention, causing her to repeat the word, strumming in time with her exclamation “Oof JAWSTICE!” she calls out, causing Alice to giggle.

Aurora then took this moment to cut in “So, if you’re competing with Annie’s detective business, then why partner with a Bard?” she asks, confused. Verger looks amused by the question, but keeps quiet while Luthica answers “Well, Bards are quite knowledgeable, and she has a beautiful voice… also, they’re quite good at sweet-talking people, so she makes it easier to gather information.” she explains, which causes Verger to smile wider. While Luthica was still speaking, Ophelia could feel Alice touching her shoulder to Ophelia’s, after which, beneath the noter, she starts slowly stroking Ophelia’s slit through the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms, grinning wider.

When Selvaria sets the Blob on the edge of the pool, it slowly opens its eyes and gives her a crooked smile, jiggling happily when it sees her. While Selvaria is distracted by the Necro Blob, she hears a voice directly behind her “Hello, my lady.” says a soft and friendly voice, with no accent, articulating each syllable carefully and perfectly, as was normal for Spectross. When Selvaria turns towards her, she finds that the Spectross had moved closer to her. “I’m sorry if I startled you, I just wanted to take a closer look at your friend here. I have never seen anything like it.” she says, giving her a friendly smile, before adding “How did you come to befriend it? If you don’t mind me asking.” she asks.

Given how much rarer displays of affection are from Annie, she cannot help the blush that overtakes her face when her detective kisses her cheek and whispers in her ear. As she expected, Lily is disappointed by the manner in which she enters the Noter, but she cannot bring herself to dive in like the more boisterous members of her party. It simply is not her style. Hearing the circumstances of the rival agency's meeting with Annie, she allows them to fall back to high neutral favor with her. If they assisted Annie, then she has no reason to think ill of them even if one of them are a bard. So long as nothing untoward happens, she has no reason to revise that opinion. She releases what tension she has when she feels Annie's hand on her back. If her detective felt they were in danger and was trying to let her know nonverbally, she would have done so by now since she's in contact range. She trusts Annie's senses just as much as she trusts her own so she trusts that it is safe here so she allows herself to shake the Runic Mage's hand. She finds herself unable to resist letting her face fall into her hand when Lily once again picks up on Alice's turn of phrase. Then again, she feels she should be worried. She has no idea how gentle Lily will be with what obviously is a prized possession of Verger. "Careful with the instrument, Lily. We would not want to make the singing lady sad by breaking her guitar, right?" It is a good time to teach empathy, right? She doesn't subscribe to it too terribly often, but she hears it is a good trait to have if you want to make friends. She does take note that Lily seems to enjoy instruments though. Even if her playing is... rudimentary (she is trying very hard not to admit Lily is rather terrible, but it is a challenge), it could simply be she has not practiced. As her mother figure, she should look into getting Lily her own guitar and see how she improves. Quite possibly that could be a way to filter some of Lily's... excessive energy (does the girl ever stop!?).

Speaking of excessive energy, she can feel Alice attempt to vent some of her own again. She picks up right where she left off in the room, petting Ophelia's vagina through her clothing. She tries very hard not to let anyone else know what is going on. She doubts Annie does not know given that she is close enough to have her hand on Ophelia's back. She can feel Ophelia tense as she tries to resist the urge to moan until Alice's hand. She can only hope that, given that the others in the room are in the same business as Annie, that her detective is the only one who can tell. "You mention making a living. Does this mean that you investigate different things than Annie usually does?" She asks the other two women, trying to distract herself.

Selvaria's eyes light up as she notices her pet awaken shortly after she entered the bath. The way it jiggles happily at the mere sight of her makes it impossible for her to resist taking it into her hands and holding it gently. She recalled the night before where the Necro Blob had seemed excited at the prospect of the bath and so she was eager to let it enjoy the noter with her. As usual, her fascination with her cute squishy companion led her to completely ignore her surroundings, until the unfamiliar voice snaps her back to reality and she turns around more suddenly than she had intended. "He-hello." Selvaria returns the greeting, realizing that it was simply the Spectross who had waved to them upon their entry. She felt herself unconsciously backing away from the other woman, but she was already against the edge of the bath and had nowhere to go.

Hearing that the Spectross had approached to learn more about the Necro Blob put Selvaria even more on guard for the moment. The other woman loomed over her, but she was prepared to fight to keep her beloved pet safe. And yet, could she really deny one who was also entranced by her adorable little Necro Blob? Selvaria would remain weary until she knew more, but surely indulging in this Spectross' curiosity could do no harm. "Ah, no it is fine. I am... somewhat easily startled." She responds, smiling a little brighter and holding her Necro Blob up for the Spectross to examine, though she would not allow the other woman to hold it just yet. "This is called a Necro Blob, I have been told. I had never seen one either, but supposedly they are rather plentiful in Vitra, where I found this one. I was told by its owner that it had taken a liking to me and was allowed to keep it." Selvaria explains. She did not see any problems with talking about Vitra, as she had not been sworn to secrecy.

"Ah, forgive me though. My name is Selvaria Vaimel. May I have the pleasure of knowing yours?" She introduces herself, realizing it had been a bit rude to carry on a conversation without doing so. Perhaps it was the warmth of the noter, or maybe the presence of her Necro Blob, but she felt a bit more relaxed even in front of a stranger.

When Ophelia shakes Luthica’s hand, she can’t help but notice that she has no runes on her body, anywhere. As she shakes her hand, she gives her a friendly smile, then when they release their grip, she sits down on the floor in front of her, Annie, and Alice, crossing her legs. When Ophelia tells Lily to be careful with the instrument, Verger gives her a smile, while Lily starts plucking at the strings more carefully, hooting softer now, whispering “C-cawful… sad singah laydee… hoot hoot...”. Verger then motions for Lily to come closer, after which she begins softly and patiently instructing her on how to use the guitar, teaching her the chords, Lily happily following her instructions, letting out soft hooting sounds. As Verger speaks with Lily, Ophelia can pick up an accent that sounds like a mix of Nornian and Valian, which hadn’t been present when she was singing.

When Ophelia asks her if she investigates things different from Annie, she shakes her head for a moment, then shrugs “Much like Annie, we take whatever jobs end up on our desk, and sometimes we’re given the same jobs. Annie usually chooses to go off on her own, but sometimes she needed our help due to our unique talents, which we gladly gave her. When I said making a living, I only meant that we were doing this job to put food on the table and live comfortably.” she said, her Lairnish accent becoming more noticeable due to her longer spans of speaking, to which Annie replied “Accurate enough, yes. Are the two of you on a case?” she asks, first gently rubbing Ophelia’s side, before taking a long step to her right, a very slight blush on her face. Her moment causes Luthica to follow her with her head, which puts Ophelia outside of her vision, just barely. Aurora, now right beside Annie, which causes Annie to now block her view of Ophelia, was watching Verger teach Lily to play Guitar.

“Yes, we’ve been investigating the recent appearance of men in armor with no colors or sigils, but today we decided to take a break and go bathing. Of course, we didn’t expect to see you here, let alone with other people. I didn’t expect you to join a party, however I’m quite happy to see that you’ve made friends like this, you definitely look happier.” she said, before adding “You don’t show it, but I can tell you’re smiling on the inside~” she said, smiling in a friendly manner. Alice, meanwhile, continues rubbing Ophelia’s slit for a moment, before slipping her hand into her bikini and slowly pushing two fingers into her. As she starts thrusting in and out of her pussy deep and slow, she uses her other hand to slowly lift her bikini top, the edge of the pool blocking the view of the two girls on the outside, while Annie blocked the view of Aurora and Lily with her body, preventing anyone from seeing Ophelia’s fully exposed breasts. Alice slowly leaned closer to Ophelia and whispered to her “Hey, beautiful, have you ever thought about doing what we do with someone else~?” timing her thrusts with every whispered word. Annie didn’t seem to hear Alice’s words, as she was currently having a discussion with Luthica.

Meanwhile, the Spectross woman smiles at the Necro Blob as Selvaria holds it up for her, the Necro Blob responding by returning her smile and jiggling happily. “Oh, that was quite nice of them. Where is Vitra? I’ve never heard of this place before. I have, however, heard of Necro Blobs, they’re the reason that graveyards are rarely left outside of walls anymore… I’ve never seen one, though, let alone a tamed one… though I don’t think they were ever noted as being hostile towards anything not hostile to them first.” she says, moving her gaze to Selvaria “I can see why it likes you so much, you’re quite adorable.” she says, teaching out and gently petting Selvaria’s head “It’s nice to meet you, Selvaria. I am Blanche. Do you mind if I pet your Necro Blob? Does it have a name?” she asks, leaning a bit further forward so that he face was very close to Selvaria’s. The blob, meanwhile, had started softly licking Selvaria’s fingers, its tongue feeling like jelly was being rubbed on her fingers, but without sticking.

As Selvaria held her Necro Blob up for the Spectross to see, the sudden change in quality of the guitar chords that had been echoing throughout the bath drew her gaze. She saw that everybody had gathered nearby and Lily was now the one playing the guitar. She was such a curious girl, but it seemed like she was a quick learner judging by how well she imitated the words and behavior of others. Perhaps under the instruction of the bard, she could become an excellent player. Nothing else seems out of the ordinary as the rest of the women chat amongst themselves... except for Alice, who seems to have her body pressed quite closely against Ophelia's. Not that that was strange from what Selvaria had witnessed thus far, the two always seemed to stay quite close to each other. It was more noticeable to Selvaria because she simply couldn't fathom being in such close contact with another so frequently. Still, even if they were open about it, it was rude to stare. She forced her gaze away from the pair and back to the Spectross who had just asked her a question. Perhaps mentioning Vitra was a mistake, as it would naturally lead to more questions than she had answers, and Selvaria would likely seem quite foolish as a result. "Well... The circumstances under which I went to Vitra were quite... Unusual. I was unaware of the direction we went, so I don't know the city’s location, but it was a long journey so I'm sure it is quite a ways away from Azraq." She explains quietly. Mentioning the train didn't seem quite right, she had received special permission to use it after all, so sending others looking for it seemed disrespectful to Skyrille.

It was a bit surprising to hear that Blanche had heard of Necro Blobs despite never having seen them. She had not heard of them before travelling to Vitra, but it made sense that their existence would require graveyards to built within walls, lest the blobs feast on those who were buried. "I see... Vitra apparently has tamed many of these creatures. It is hard to imagine something so cute being hostile but... I was told that it could assist me in battle. I don't foresee myself taking advantage of that however." Selvaria muses, gazing at her blob. How could she put this precious pet of hers in danger by involving it in combat? Her attention is pulled back to the Spectross by the hand on her head. She tenses up at first from the unexpected touch, but the way Blanche gently pets her head feels... surprisingly nice and Selvaria finds herself relaxing into the touch despite herself. "A-adorable? M-m-me?" She stammers out, feeling a deep blush steadily creeping across her face. The focus of the conversation turning from her pet to herself catches Selvaria off guard. Even more so because she had heard that Spectross were such prideful people and looked down on other races. She had never expected to receive a compliment from one. "S-surely you jest. I'm not... Especially when compared to one such as yourself..." Selvaria continues to stammer and eventually just cuts herself off entirely. What the hell was she saying?! Again, Selvaria finds her hand instinctively reaching for her hat. Oh why hadn't she brought her hat? Instead, she simply takes hold of a strand of her long blonde hair and twirls it nervously. The sudden close proximity of Blanche's face forces Selvaria to stare into the other woman's bright green eyes. When was the last time she had been so close to another? Well, this morning, but that was unintentional... Probably. "A-ah, yes... Go right ahead, Blanche. It seems t-to like you as well... Hehehehe." Selvaria tells her, giggling lightly at the feeling of her Necro Blob's tongue on her fingers. So adorable, though it felt a little ill timed given the circumstances. "I was not told of name, if it has one." She answers, taking a moment to ponder. Was it customary to name one's pets? She had never had one before, so she still wasn't sure. "Perhaps, I should think of one..."

For a brief moment, Ophelia finds herself doubting information from Annie. Luthica was introduced as a Runic Mage. She fails to spot even one Rune on her body and given the vast amounts of it on display, it would greatly surprise her if Luthica managed to hide them elsewhere. Perhaps there is a technique to allow you to apply runes within oneself? It sounds like it could be painful, like tattoos but applied way deeper than is conventional, but it might be worth it if it allows for opponents not to know what to expect from you up until the very last moment. She smiles at Lily when her charge begins to treat the instrument with more care after her admonishment. She heard children were supposed to be careless about such things, but she is glad it is not a trait exhibited by Lily. She is somewhat surprised Lily knows how to whisper given her usual volume, but at the very least it could be useful later. She eyes Verger warily when she gets closer to Lily, ready to attack at the drop of a hat if something untoward happens. When the Bard begins teaching Lily how to play, she allows herself to relax. She still keeps half an eye on her charge though. It would not do for the Bard to start filling her head with things Lily would be better off without. She does wonder about Verger's accent though. If it were one or the other, it would make sense, but a mixture of the two... mixed parentage? Or perhaps a childhood spent going back and forth between the two? Well, either way it is curious, but not enough to make Ophelia do any real investigation.

By comparison, Luthica's accent is far easier to place and far less of a curiosity. She has to resist the urge to widen her eyes in surprise as she feels Annie's hand on her side. Annie touching her is a far more rare event than Alice. It also is amusing to think of where the two are likely to touch. Annie touching her is more than likely acceptable for the wider public to see. Alice, as the woman is demonstrating now, touches her in places that would only be appropriate in public as part of an orgy. Annie's gentle touch distracts her just as much as Alice's simply because Annie's touch is more rare. Especially in a public setting. She finds an answering blush on her face despite her best efforts. The matter of Luthica's investigation is rather convenient given how Ophelia's party just ran into the Rune Mage's target just yesterday. Her thought process is derailed a bit when Luthica reveals just how well she knows Annie and describes just how much happier her detective seems. It is at this point that she makes the decision to trust in Luthica just a bit. She is already forced to do so for Verger since the Bard is entertaining her charge, but now she decides Luthica is just as worthy given how she can spot Annie's joy. A smile crosses Ophelia's face and she wraps her arm around Annie's waist.

Her smile freezes a bit when she feels Alice go even further with her teasing, lifting her top out of the way and plunging fingers even deeper into her. She has a moment somewhere between panic and excitement where she looks around to see if anyone can see her. Between Annie and Alice's placements, the answer to that question seems to be no. She is not sure if she is more relieved than she is disappointed. That likely says not great things about her exhibitionism fetish but DAMMIT Alice has been riling her up since they woke up! Ophelia is beginning to feel like she NEEDS this! The only thing stopping her from fulling sinking in is the combating need to keep such things from Lily. Because of that, she bites back her moans and tries her hardest to keep them quieter than Luthica and Annie's conversation. Maybe if she does that, the two detective minded people will not notice her. And maybe the sea will become a safe place. Both are just as likely from Ophelia's point of view. It is difficult to both enduring Alice's assault and answer Alice's question in a silent manner and it takes longer than she cares to admit for her to gather the mental fortitude and will to do so. "I... I have nOt." She takes a moment to get her voice back under control, the almost loud hitch too much of a risk if she is going to attempt hiding. Why does Alice have to be so damn good with her fingers and so damn warm! Just the feeling of her paladin leaning on her cranks her excitement up an embarrassing amount. "I hold... you and ANNie far too dEar to consider beinG with others." That said, if the both of her lovers were into it, she is not sure she has the willpower necessary to resist such a thing. It was already endlessly arousing having Annie and Alice toy with her in front of the guards in Vitra. Having others join in... well, she would have to trust them first, but she cannot imagine how much better it would feel.

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Blanche cocks her head as Selvaria tries to explain why she knows nothing about where Vitra is or how she got there, but seemingly decides not to push the subject any further. She instead focuses on the Blob and Selvaria, staring into her eyes. “Hmm, but if we didn’t let adorable things into fights, you couldn’t fight either~” she said, smiling as she stroked Selvaria’s head softly, seemingly gathering what Selvaria meant by that. When Selvaria tells her that she’s not, then calls Blanche adorable, she smiles even wider and slides her hand down to Selvaria cheek, stroking it very gently “Aw, that’s so sweet of you, my lady~” she says, before cocking her head “Hmm? You’re really tense, Selvy. Do you mind if I help with that?” she says, seemingly forgetting the Blob temporarily, but she doesn’t wait for an answer, she instead lowers her hands to Selvaria’s shoulders and begins massaging them incredibly skillfully and gently, while a pleasant feeling passes through Selvaria’s mind, only becoming more pleasant as Selvaria gazes into Blanche’s eyes and her smile. “You should think of one, yes~ hmm perhaps give it a name fitting it’s happy and friendly nature~?” she says, sweetly.

Meanwhile, Aurora seems to notice that Luthica has no Runes on her body, and looks up at her quizzically. She starts to say something, however Annie speaks first “We knew about those men as well. It’s quite odd that anyone would appear anywhere without sigils, as that would be reason for concern on sight. It seems they weren’t worried about disturbing the public… and the Azraq Guard didn’t react in any way to what the men were doing.” Annie says. Luthica started to reply, however Aurora speaks up instead “Lady Luthica, where are your Runes? Annie said you’re a Runic Mage, but there’s not a single Rune on your skin.” she says, before adding “U-uh sorry for interrupting, it was bothering me...”. Luthica smiles at her “Oh, it’s fine. You see, I hide them because I don’t want any of my opponents to know what my skills are.” she says, as she sits up on her knees. Her eyes begin to glow as she speaks words in a language that Ophelia and Selvaria don’t understand, making several hand signs. After chanting only for a second, she finishes with “Spacial Magic, release!” which causes a rune on her stomach, resembling a stylized eclipse in pale blue markings, to the right of her belly button, to appear. After the first, a second Rune appears on her right shoulder, this one blood red, resembling a sword with stylized markings around it, reaching all the way down her arm, stopping at her wrist, the markings resembling Vs and Xs around the sword. A third Rune then appears on her left shoulder, this one black, resembling a skull with wisps of fog or smoke flowing around it or off of it, reaching down to her wrist. A fourth Rune, this one being difficult to discern, but vaguely resembling a sharply stylized bird in a very dark green, then appears on her right thigh, wrapping around it numerous times, only stopping at her ankle. The fifth Rune then appears on her left thigh, this one resembling a thunderbird in purple, with streaks of light flowing off its back, wrapping around her leg until it stops at her ankle, much like the one on her other leg. The last Rune, only appearing when Luthica slowly turns to show everyone, is a strange Rune that resembles a group of five round objects with a single eye sticking out of each, in a dark gray, the markings so large that the image covers almost her entire back. Luthica turns her body all the way around twice, so that everyone can get a good look at her Runes “There you go, all of my runes for you ladies to see.” she says, proudly. Aurora gazes at them for long moments, then finally speaks again “Wait, you have six Runes. Don’t most Runic Mages have 5? Isn’t it unhealthy to have so many?” she asks, sounding somewhat concerned. Luthica looks even more proud as she answers “Well, that is true, most only have five, however I’m not most. I can not only control all of them, but I have strong enough discipline that I suffer not negative effects from having six instead of five.” she says, before sitting down again, this time leaning on one arm, her body resting on the floor. Lily looks up from the instrument to see all of Luthica’s Runes, however once she had seen them all, she returned to strumming as Verger, who hadn’t even glanced away from Lily, continued to instruct her on how to play it. Once Luthica was finished explaining why she can have six Runes, Annie comments quickly and quietly “She hides them with Spacial Magic, which she dispelled to show us. She decided Runic Magic wasn’t enough, so she knows a small amount of Sorcery.” she says, in a neutral tone.

Alice doesn’t avert her attention from Ophelia at all, instead thrusting her fingers in and out of her deeper and faster as she reaches her other hand up to Ophelia’s left breast and massages it gently, but firmly. When Ophelia tells her that she holds her and Annie too dear to consider being with others, Alice smiles “That’s no fun, Hel, sweetie, my friend in JUSTICE, you always have my consent to not only fantasize about others, but do whatever you like with them~ it’s one of the reasons I don’t mind sharing you with Annie, besides loving her as well.” she says, her smile becoming sweeter, but more mischievous as she adds “In fact, I’d love it if you told me about it every time...” she says, licking her lips before softly kissing Ophelia’s neck, as she uses her thumb to rub her clit. Her voice then becomes even more of a soft whisper “I also have to admit that I love watching you hold back your moans, and hearing your voice as you try to hide your pleasure~” she says, as she suddenly thrusts a third finger into Ophelia’s pussy, intensifying her thrusts each time Ophelia tries to speak.

Selvaria couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed in how poorly she explained her trip to Vitra. Blanche must think her a fool for ending up in a faraway place without even knowing where she was... Thankfully, the Spectross doesn't seem to mind much, judging by her continued insistence that Selvaria was adorable and the hand that stroked her head ever so gently. It was almost unbelievable how someone so tall could be so gentle, Blanche was practically the opposite of the other Spectross she had met or heard of in the past. "O-oh... Well, I'm a mercenary so I need to fight to make a living... I suppose we'll have to allow it..." Selvaria mumbles at the idea of not being able to fight since she too was adorable, still too caught off guard by the compliments to consider that Blanche was simply joking with her. Though she hears the uttering of a language foreign to her and sees the flash of runes out of the corner of her eye, Blanche's hand on her cheek recaptures Selvaria's attention before she can even look away. She giggles nervously again when Blanche calls her sweet and refers to her as 'Selvy'. She had been unsure of how to feel when Alice had called her that, but when Blanche said it, it actually sounded kind of cute. "Um... A-am I really that tense? If you.... Wouldn't mind then...." Before Selvaria could even finish her answer, Blanche was already massaging her shoulders. Not that she minded at all, Selvaria let out a pleased sigh as she could feel her tension start to wash away. The bath had been so relaxing already, but it was nothing compared to the pleasant feeling that echoed not only through her body, but her mind as well. "You... You are quite good at this. I... I rather like it." She tells Blanche, muttering that last bit under her breath, but with their close proximity it was unlikely that she wouldn't hear it.

It is strange how entranced she is from gazing into Blanche's eyes, but the emotions it evokes are so pleasant and so foreign that Selvaria doesn't even think to question it. The only thing that can draw her attention away from the other woman is the suggestion that her Necro Blob needs a name. Selvaria nods in agreement, and turns her gaze down towards the pet resting in her hands. A name that implies happiness and a friendly nature... It might be hard to focus under Blanches gentle touch, but those were feelings she felt she understood quite well at this time. "How about... Felix... Like the word felicity, an intense happiness..." She eventually says, looking both to her blob and to Blanche for approval.

Ophelia tries her best to keep up with the conversation, she really does. But with Alice's ever increasing assault on everywhere sensitive, it feels like more and more of the words said around her slip in one ear and out of the other. Or perhaps they never make it into her ear, blocked by the sound of her own suppressed moans. The shining of the runes as they are revealed are indeed interesting and manage to hold her attention for a time, but between being aroused all morning and Alice's efforts, she quickly falls back into her lustful fugue state. She barely even notices Lily looking in their direction and she has never been more glad to be out of sight. Lily really should not see her like this. Some part of her subconscious logs what is being said for review, such as negative effects of having too many runes, at a later time, but that time is not now. She does not think she could ask the question without giving herself away if she tried.

She is pretty sure the only reasons she can hear Alice through her haze is because a) Alice is right next to her ear and b) Alice is the reason she is like this to begin with. It would make sense to be hyper focused on her Paladin right now. What she does hear fuels her blush even further. For a moment, Alice's permission unleashes her increasingly perverted mind causing it to latch onto any target it can. She imagines using Masino's Gift on Verger as a thank you for teaching Lily to play the guitar. She imagines fucking Luthica into the ground so hard she loses control of her magic and her runes shine into the night. There is even one very quickly shut down thought of showing Lily what it means to be pleasured. Ophelia's arousal surges even before she feels Alice's lips on her neck and thumb on her clit and she has to bury her mouth into her hands to keep her moan to a lowered volume. How can she tell what is an appropriate volume if all voices have faded into the background? Some small part of Ophelia, the assassin used to remaining cool under any circumstance, asks this. And no part of her has a reply. "ANniE wouLd." She manages to choke out from between her fingers. That is the main reason she did not allow her mind to wander further: Annie is not into the same things Alice and increasingly Ophelia are into. Ophelia does not know Annie's limitations when it comes to these things and has no intentions of finding out. It is basically all she can think with the additional finger within her and Alice very obviously trying to make sure she cannot speak without moaning. She thinks this all will be a moot point soon. She is light-headed with her pleasure and tipping closer and closer to the edge. More and more of her attention is funneled to clamping her hand to her mouth to mute herself as much as possible. She forgets she has her other hand wrapped around Annie and that, in her... "distress" she has been increasing her grip on her detective more and more.

When Selvaria compliments Blanche on her massaging skills, she giggles softly “I’m glad you’re enjoying my touch, my lady~” she says, gently moving her hands to Selvaria’s back, and starting to rotate between her hips, back, and shoulders, her fingers feeling like magic with every movement. Blanche’s face only moves closer to Selvaria’s as she continues their conversation, her breath smelling like roses “I think Felix is a wonderful names~” she says, her eyes glowing faintly as Selvaria looks into them, though she can still feel her Necro Blob jiggle happily when Selvaria suggests Felix as its name. “See? Your blob loves the name already~” she says, her voice almost a whisper as her fingers continue working away all of Selvaria’s tenseness. “Hmm~ Selvy, if you don’t like how it feels at any point, please tell me to stop~” she says, even more quietly as Blanche gently moves her hands up Selvaria’s sides, gently gripping each of Selvaria’s breasts and massaging them very gently, her movements feeling even better than before, while Blanche’s gaze fills Selvaria with bliss. Selvaria’s Necro Blob, meanwhile, slowly slides up her arm and comes to a stop on her shoulder, letting out a content “Murr~” sound, where it starts to softly rub against her cheek for a moment, eventually slipping out its tongue and licking her cheek with its tongue, jiggling happily as it does.

Alice picks up her pace even further as she continues whispering into Ophelia’s ear, while she uses her other hand to pinch Ophelia’s nipple, then rub it between her fingers. “Well, she already shares you with me, who’s to say our friend of JUSTICE wouldn’t mind sharing you with others~?” she whispers as she thrusts her three fingers deep inside of her once, then leaves them for a moment before thrusting them ever faster and harder. “Don’t you think it would be fun to… play with others like this~? To see a beautiful girl like Verger, or Luthica, and take them into bed one night~? Hmmm maybe my sister, Aurora?... or both of us at once~?” she asks, seductively, as she slowly runs her tongue along Ophelia’s neck. Annie, meanwhile, blushes again as she looks at Ophelia, but quickly turns back to Luthica, though she was very, very slightly grimacing from Ophelia’s tight grip on her, and had moved her arm to Ophelia’s hip and was gently stroking her side, as if to soothe her.

Lily was now playing a song on her guitar, slowly, as Verger encouraged her. “There you go, Lily, you’re doing a great job.” she said, giving her a thumbs up. “Would you like to keep my guitar? I have another at my home.” she says, sweetly, to which Lily responded by nodding vigorously “Keep geetaw fwum singah laydee? Pwease pwease!” she said, hooting in excitement. Verger smiled at this and thought for a moment “I’ll build you another one, too, so that it can match your hair and swimsuit. I’ll give it to you when we see each other again.” she says, gently rubbing Lily’s head, which caused her to hoot more and close her eyes. “Geetaw wike my hair, yus!” she says, hooting more. Aurora, meanwhile, continued speaking with Luthica “What are all of those Runes for? Are they purely for battle? Can Verger fight, or does she hang back while you fight?” she asked, to which Luthica responded “Slow down, one question at a time, please” jokingly “Verger can fight, too, she knows some techniques, and has a Guitar-Buster Sword, though she didn’t bring it to the bath because it’s heavy.” she says, before adding “What my Runes do is a secret, but maybe if you stay with Annie, you’ll get to see me use them if we get into trouble.” she says, smiling. Annie then replied “I’ve never actually seen her use more than one. Usually just the one is enough.” she said, to which caused Aurora to turn her attention to Annie “Okay, but what does the one do? I’m c-curious...” she said nervously. Luthica smiled again “Well, I guess I can tell you since you’re Annie’s friends. The one on my back is a summoning spell of my own design, which summons my Hoplites.” she explains. “They’re strange orb-shaped creatures, that seem to have different powers, dependent on what she needs them for. They’re incredibly versatile.” Annie adds.

The fantasies Alice paints, the ever increasing assault on her vagina, the feeling of Alice's tongue on her neck, Annie's touch, all of it adds up for Ophelia in a way she can no longer resist. Her throat hurts with how badly she chokes on her cry as she orgasms, all but strangling herself internally to keep from announcing her pleasure to everyone in the room. Her eyes roll back as she reaches her peak, how long she has had to wait for her release only adding to the sensations rolling through her. For a moment, she cannot see anything, just a white light. When her vision returns to her, she finds herself leaning against Alice because she has lost her strength. As she begins to come down from the orgasmic high, she finally pries her hand away from her mouth, wincing at the feeling of pain she can feel from gripping her own jaw too hard. "Love, you're incorrigible." she mutters to Alice behind her, a small smile on her face to show she doesn't mean anything harmful by it. She also loosens her grip on Annie, recalling from somewhere in her mind what she grimaced because of the pressure Ophelia was putting on her. She does not wish to make her lovers uncomfortable so she undoes it as quickly as possible. She leans over and kisses Annie's neck in apology for her actions and then tries to focus on the world at large.

She sees Lily being gifted Verger's guitar and smiles even as she becomes slightly paranoid. The guitar does not look cheap and even if the Bard made it herself as she implies, she imagines the wood and labor means it is still not cheap. She can only hope it is because Lily is such a cheerful and likeable girl. She does worry about Verger's certainty that they will see each other again. Does she have a lead that they will end up following? Is it a declaration that she will be stalking them? Is she simply reading too much into this because it is a potential threat on her charge? Reminded, she tilts her head to keep the pack with the egg in her vision and make sure it is ok. For the moment, she decides to assume it is the last one and mentally stands down. She does pay attention to Luthica's description, no matter how loose, of Verger's fighting methods just in case though. She also keeps in mind Luthica's own Rune Magic since she very much doubts the Mage would leave her partner to be defeated without joining in. While Hoplites are an unfamiliar race, it is one she is now cautious about seeing as Annie has said using just this one spell ends any combat Luthica is in. Technically speaking, that makes it more powerful than her Chaos Form and she will rank it as a threat accordingly. "Do not forget to say thank you, Lily." she says, reminding the girl of her manners. Turning back to Annie, she says, "Interesting. I must admit, but curiosity on Hoplites have been piqued."

As Blanche's hands begin to shift and explore more of her body, Selvaria can feel herself tense up slightly at the sensation in areas she's unused to. It only lasts a fleeting moment however, before the magical feel of Blanche's touch lulls her back into her relaxed state and she can feel her wings shift of their own accord to allow better access to her body for the other woman. As the rose scent of Blanche's breath reaches her nose, Selvaria finds herself unconsciously leaning in closer as well, so close that their faces are almost touching at this point. She can't pry her gaze away from the glowing green of Blanche's eyes, but she can feel the jiggle of Felix in her arms that she knew meant her Necro Blob approves. She's not sure which makes her happier at the moment, Blanche's approval or Felix's, the feeling of elation is nearly equal. A shiver of pleasure runs through her body as Blanche's hands trail up her waist, and she can't help but gasp as they find their way around her breasts. Selvaria makes no move to stop her or object, quite the contrary her body arches to press her breasts deeper into Blanche's grasp, silently encouraging her to continue. Selvaria can feel a strange heat start to fill her body, unlike the warmth of the bath water, and it drives her to rub her thighs together anxiously. "Hmmmm~ Please... Don't stop..." She utters, moaning softly as she fidgets in Blanches embrace. The rest of the bath didn't even register in her mind, only herself and Blanche. And Felix of course. When the blob begins to lick her cheek, she giggles lightly and rubs her cheek against him affectionately, though she doesn't break her gaze with Blanche.

Alice giggles when Ophelia tells her that she’s incorrigible, then reaches up and tugs her bikini top back into place “You’re too beautiful and I love you too much to resist~” she says, as slips her other hand out of Ophelia’s bikini bottoms and wraps both of her arms around her. She then whispers in Ophelia’s ear “Think about it, though… it’ll be fun~” she says, as she softly gropes Ophelia’s ass. When Ophelia leans over and kisses Annie’s neck, she gives her a smile and a gentle kiss on the cheek.

When Ophelia checks on her egg, it’s sitting right where she left it, just as she left it, completely undisturbed.

When Ophelia tells Lily to remember to thank her, she looks over at Ophelia and repeats “F-fank yuu?” she then turns to Verger and repeats it back to her “Fank yuu, singah laydee!” she says, smiling. Verger giggles “You’re welcome, sweet girl.” she says. When Ophelia states that she’s interested in the Hoplites, Annie replies “They’re shaped like spheres and are all black, but each has an eye of a different color which seems to indicate what kind of power it has. I’ve seen them form shields, spread poisonous fog, heal, return Mana, and throw knives. I don’t think that’s all they do, though.” Annie said. “It isn’t. Hoplites are living constructs, made from a substance called Dark Matter, and after being built by entities called Keepers, they are giving these properties so that they can assist in battle.” she explains, after which she moves to the edge of the bath and slips herself slowly into the Noter. Verger, who had been waiting for a break in the conversation, then speaks to Ophelia “Lily is very sweet, my ladies. What’s her relation to you?” she asks, innocently, as Lily starts strumming out the same song as before. This time, it closely resembles a common tavern song about a Knight who saves a princess from a dragon, and settles down with her in Azraq.

Meanwhile, Blanche massages Selvaria’s breasts more vigorously, using her thumbs to rub her nipples through her bikini top. She leans further forward and touches her lower forehead to Selvaria’s own, then tilts her head and kisses her on the lips softly, her tongue soon slipping into Selvaria’s mouth and licking her own expertly. After holding the kiss for a long time, she breaks it, then whispers to Selvaria “Cute little Selvy, would you like to sit on my lap~?” she asks, though again before she replies, she slowly releases her grip on Selvaria’s beasts and grabs her by the hips, gently and easily lifting her and moving her to a more shallow part of the bath, before sitting down in the water and setting Selvaria on her lap. When she sets her down, she can feel a bulge in Blanche’s bikini pressing against her crotch. Once they were settled, Blanche returns to gently and expertly massaging Selvaria’s breasts, and using her thumbs to rub her nipples through her top, while also planting soft kisses on Selvaria’s cheek and neck, her eyes gazing into Selvaria’s the entire time, filling her with a feeling of calm. On the other side, the Felix was jiggling and rubbing again, and softly licking Selvaria’s cheek, letting out more happy murring sounds.

Ophelia feels a blush come on when Alice speaks. She was quite sure her Paladin loved her as well, but to hear it from her own mouth is always welcome. She thinks she should be annoyed by how often she is molested in public, but she really cannot summon the will to be so when the one doing it is both someone she loves and so shamelessly compliments her both during and afterward. And then during again because she can feel Alice's hand on her posterior. Still, that does not erase the fact that Alice's arms are around her, so she leans into the embrace. After a moment of thought, she grabs Annie and drags her detective into her lap, just to complete the set. It would not do for her other lover to be left out. She will not molest Annie because she is aware that Annie will not appreciate it quite as much as Alice or Ophelia herself might, but she knows her detective enjoys being held and she wants to do some holding right now. She does breath a sigh of relief that nothing hazardous happened to the egg while she was...distracted.

She smiles at Lily after her charge thanks Verger. "Good girl." She says, regretting that she is outside of headpatting range. It would not do ruin an established pattern before it really starts to take effect. She is not 100% sure, but from what she knows, making such a pattern of positive reinforcement is important for behavioral development. Or something like that. She makes a mental note to pick up some books on parenting the next time she is able. Having a resource on such a thing would cut down on the amount of guesswork she has to do and she would very much appreciate knowing she is not unknowingly setting her charge up for failure. She is rather fascinated by all the many uses for Hoplites, though she does have a question because of that explanation. "Was Skyrille not referred to as a Keeper? Does that mean people like her are responsible for creating the Hoplites?"

When she turns to Verger, who has interjected into the conversation, she has to take a moment to deliberate. On the one hand, she is loathe to give any information regarding Lily since she knows there is a group out there hunting her. She is not sure who they are or how many so giving out intel could be potentially lethal to her charge. On the other, Verger and Luthica's assignment is likely to the group proven to be harmful to Lily's detriment. Any information she can give on that front can only help Lily in the future. Beyond that, they have Annie's trust so she can very likely trust them as well. "We seem to have adopted her. She was under attack by the unadorned men your assignment is based on and we stepped in to save her. I am unsure if it is because I showed kindness to her afterwards, but she began calling me her mother." The thought of that still causes her to blush in embarrassment on how she panicked. "And it is not as if we could leave someone we knew to be in danger. Hence why I stated we adopted her. I am not sure who she was raised by, but I use that term loosely. Her vocabulary was and still is atrocious, but in the brief time we have had her, she has made astounding progress. I believe she may be smarter than her appearance and way of speaking denotes."

Selvaria lets out another low moan as she can feel her nipples begin to stiffen, straining against the fabric of her bikini under Blanche's expert touch. A part of her wished that the garment simply wasn't there so she could feel it directly, but the other part of her that still was thinking rationally knew that the bath was not the place for such a thing. A kiss, on the other hand, was just fine. Annie, Alice, and Ophelia were doing much the same after all, and so Selvaria was more than happy to share one with Blanche, gladly opening her mouth to allow the other woman's tongue access. However long the kiss lasts, it doesn't feel like nearly long enough. Selvaria finds herself moaning a little louder this time as Blanche's rose scent fills her nose and her tongue fills Selvaria's mouth. When the kiss breaks, she whimpers needily, but finds any objections have left her mind when she's lifted up and carried off to another part of the bath. Selvaria gasps at suddenly, being lifted out of the warm noter, but she nods vigorously afterward, open to the idea of sitting on Blanche's lap. With the large difference in their sizes, Selvaria finds she fits quite well in Blanche's lap and, combined with the calming effect Selvaria feels from Blanche's soothing gaze, she's quick to relax and lean back against the other woman. "Ahh..! Wh-what is..." Selvaria gasps, the bulge she feels against her crotch raising several questions, though once Blanche resumes massaging her breasts and planting kisses all along her face and neck, Selvaria finds those questions aren't all that important anymore. Instead, she simply grinds her crotch against Blanche's bulge, an act that sends shivers through her body. Blanche's touch had her feeling sooo good already, and the promise of more to come filled Selvaria with a sense of excitement. And of course, she couldn't neglect her precious Necro Blob. When she feels Felix's tongue on her other cheek, she gives him a loving smile before returning the favor and planting a kiss on her adorable pet.

Annie blushes and leans against Ophelia when she pulls her into her lap, and gently runs her hand across her thigh. When Ophelia tells Lily that she was a good girl, she smiled at her and made her way closer, then touched her head to Ophelia’s arm “P-pat pats?” she says, hopefully, while Verger watched and smiled wider “Oh, dear, she is adorable.” she says. When Ophelia mentions Skyrille being a Keeper, Annie nods “That she was, and the way Luthica says it, it confirms my suspicion that there are more.” she says, softly so that only Ophelia and Alice could hear, though Luthica hears anyway. “Yes, there are more. You can think of it as a promotion to the most powerful of the Necromancers, each Keeper rules their own personal city of undead. They actually, after promotion, begin moving between a… I suppose a second world, one without light, and gain the power to see in the dark. They make the Hoplites themselves. You can think of the Keepers as being second to Goddesses, almost deities. To be blunt, I’m glad I met Skyrille, since the Keepers scare me.” Luthica explains, chuckling when she mentions how they scare her.

When Ophelia explains how she came to adopt Lily, Aurora speaks up “The whole encounter was quite strange, they spoke as if they had authority, telling us that what they were trying to do to her was not our concern, and as Annie mentioned, the city Guard didn’t appear to stop them at all.” she says. Verger nods as the two women speak to her “That’s so kind of you, to help a girl in need, and then to take care of her. It seems unbelievable that others would have left her to her fate, but… I suppose that’s the world we live in. It’s sad that her previous mother seems to have raised her poorly and abandoned her… I’d ask you where she came from initially, but seeing as her previous mother didn’t bother to teach her much, if anything, I suppose she wouldn’t know...” she says, sadness creeping into her voice. “It’s baffling that she can learn so quickly, but knows so little at her age. Her previous mother must have been atrocious… luckily, you’re her mother now. You’re doing great, and I’m sure you’ll continue to do a great job.” she says, giving Ophelia a friendly smile. Luthica then chimes in again “I guarantee you, when we find those men, they’ll regret laying hands on her.” she says, smiling “I do wonder… what she was doing before you took her in. Have you noticed? She can speak a little, but she has no accent. She looks to be a teen, and she picked up words, but she doesn’t say them with an accent. What was her previous mother doing… what did she have her doing… why did she abandon her?” she says. “I wonder that as well. A part of me wants to find out, but I have to admit… I’m also part tempted to leave that door closed and let her live her new life with us.” Annie replies, turning her gaze to Lily.

Meanwhile, Blanche notices Selvaria’s nipples poking against the fabric of her top and gently pinches both of them, smiling at her pleasantly. “Oh, cute little Selvy’s nipples want out~” she whispers, as she grabs her top and pulls it up, exposing her breasts. She grabs both of her breasts and massages them gently, then moves her grip to her nipples, rubbing them between her fingers. When Selvaria starts grinding against Blanche’s bulge through their bikini bottoms, she lets out a soft moan and begins slowly grinding back, her bulge hardening and thickening, becoming even larger, straining against her bikini bottoms. Blanche soon returns to planting kisses on her neck and shoulder while Selvaria kisses her blob on its body, causing it to jiggle and let out a satisfied murr. When she pulls back, Felix follows her and gives her a sloppy kiss on her cheek. “Mmm~ Little Selvy, I see you’re enjoying yourself~” Blanche says as she picks up the pace of her grinding, though still handling Selvaria gently.

For the first time, Blanche's actions actually cause Selvaria to object as she feels her top pulled off and her breasts are exposed for all to see. She can feel her face to start to burn up as she flushes a deep shade of crimson. "A-ahhh~ B-but Blanche... Is it really okay to do this here? They'll see..." Selvaria asks, though physically she makes no moves to stop her or cover herself. She supposes that if Blanche thinks it's fine, then it shouldn't be a problem, but being exposed where Ophelia and the others could see her was still.... And yet, the feeling of Blanche's fingers pinching her sensitive nipples drives those thoughts from her mind. In truth, Blanche was right, she had wanted this and it felt every bit as amazing as she had imagined. Hearing Blanche moan softly in her ear, Selvaria can't help but feel a swell of pride. It was selfish to feel so good all by herself, but like this, it seemed that she could return the favor so to speak. Feeling the size of Blanche's already sizable bulge increase, along with the speed of her grinding, Selvaria increase her own speed to match. "Hahhhn~ Y-yes, I am... Are you..? Mmmm~ I want to help you enjoy yourself too Blanche..." She whispers back between soft moans. Feeling Felix join Blanche in planting kisses on her cheek, Selvaria decides she needs to reward him as well, though she's not entirely sure how to do that. Well, it seemed to enjoy her kiss, so perhaps that would be a good place to start. She takes Felix in her hands and holds him up to her face so she can give him another kiss, though she goes much further this time, imitating the kiss she had received from Blanche and sliding her tongue into her Necro Blob's mouth to entwine and play with its own.

Ophelia smiles at Annie's blush, but does not even slightly attempt to relinquish her hold on her detective. Given she is now in a pile of those she loves, it would take a particularly mighty need to make her willingly stop what she's doing. Her smile widens and becomes softer as Lily comes to her for headpats and she is glad that she does not have to break up her pattern. As loathe as she is to remove one of her arms from Annie, she reaches out and pats Lily's head, once more enjoying the soft hair on her charge's head. Honestly, she could just run her hands through it forever and be satisfied. The fact that Lily so clearly enjoys it too is a very big bonus on top of that. She has a moment where she wonders how much the 4 of them look like a family. A rather... different family, perhaps, what with there being 3 mothers, but a family unit nonetheless given how they are coming together to love and care for a child. It is something she does not have experience in, but she cannot find it in herself to regret any of the choices that led to this moment. She wishes she could capture it and make it last forever. She is reminded there are people besides the 2 women she loves and the child she is very quickly coming to wish to protect from the world and nurture when Verger speaks up, but she can only nod her head in agreement with her statement.

She breaks herself out of her family moment enough to pay attention to Annie's explanation of Keepers and then when Luthica takes over the explanation. She finds one thing curious however... "They have to gain the power to see in the dark? I have seen in the darkest night as if it is day my entire life. Is that strange?" That is the only question she will ask aloud. Others include "If all Keepers have a city of the undead, why have we not come across more?" and "What are the other Keepers like if only Skyrille has Luthica's good opinion?". The first she does not ask simply because it is entirely possible that she has simply not seen a city like that in her travels. The second one... well, she imagines Necromancers have a bad reputation for a reason. She tries not to judge the whole of them based on the actions of a few, but when the few unleash an undead horde upon the world, it gets rather hard to do so. And beyond that, she is not very aware of any necromancers who use their powers for good. She has not heard of any at least. Still, she will try to keep an open mind about it as she does for all things.

"I try rather hard not to think of the girl's previous mother." Ophelia starts, her voice hardening slightly. "Unless there is a rather good reason, it is the height of irresponsibility to allow their child to go so far out of her ability to keep an eye on her. The poor girl did not even remember her name. I am not sure if anyone taught it to her. Lily is the name I gave her! A lot of the words she speaks are ones Alice, Annie, or I taught her! I am not sure what, if anything her previous mother taught her, but it would be for the best if I did not find out." She finds herself hugging Lily to her person as she says this, using the girl as an anchor to keep from showing the full scope of her fury. Honestly, the lack of anything resembling an education for Lily is rather infuriating and she is very sure it shows in her voice right now. What was Lily's name before they met? Did Lily HAVE a name before they met? Were her interests explored at all? Was she taught manners or did she learn them from watching Ophelia, Alice, and Annie? Just how much of a blank slate was Lily before she came into the girl's life? Thinking too hard on that is a guaranteed way to thoroughly ruin her mood. So she tries not to do it very often.
Instead she tries to switch her train of thought, instead commenting on the first part of the conversation.

"I do wonder just what kind of person can cause the entire Guard to stay away. That implies a lot of money, a lot of power, blackmail, or some combination of the 3. It worries me that they have that much pull. It was also slightly annoying that they did not even attempt to explain what they were doing. They simply demanded we leave and continue menacing a young girl. Put that way, I suppose it is for the best we do not know. It would not have mattered."

Blanche giggles softly as Selvaria shows how nervous she is about being exposed in public “It’ll be fine, little Selvy, you should be happy to show off such a lovely body~” she says. Her moans intensify and become more frequent as Selvaria increases the speed of her grinding, causing her massive cock to become fully erect against Selvaria’s crotch, through their bikini bottoms. “H-hnn ungh~ l-little Selvy, w-would you ahn~ like to ask me to p-put it in~?” she asks. Meanwhile, Felix returns Selvaria’s kiss, jiggling happily as it sloppily licks and sucks on her tongue, its saliva coating it and dripping down her chin, onto her chest, Felix’s saliva tasting like plum jelly, much sweeter in comparison no Nums, the fake Plums produced in an attempt to replicate the taste. When Blanche sees Selvaria kissing her Necro Blob pet, she giggles softly through her moans and comments “Ooohhh~ I see ungh~ you l-like your pet a lot m-more than I hngh~ anticipated~”

Meanwhile, Lily happily bounces up and down in the noter as Ophelia pets her head, drawing out content sighs and soft hooting. “G-gewd Lily~?” she asks, as she pats her head. When Ophelia mentions seeing in the dark, Annie gently kisses her cheek “Most Chaldeans can’t see in the dark, that comes from your uniqueness.” she says, to which Luthica adds “That’s a skill exclusive to Nomads, and some Were-Beasts, so it has to be granted to Keepers.” in a friendly tone. When Ophelia starts ranting and hugs Lily to her body, she happily returns her hug, hooting softly into her side, grinning up at Ophelia. When she finishes her rant, Verger replies “I suppose we should just be happy that she’s no longer in the clutches of such a horrible person, and that she now has a kind and caring mother.” she says, smiling at her, then at Lily, who returns her smile, oblivious of the conversation. Aurora then comments “I wonder if her first mother has anything to do with the sigil-less men we had to fight… perhaps she sent them to reclaim her… though that’s assuming she cares enough.”to which Annie replies “I’ve wondered about that, as well. It only bothered me further, because being able to hire those men means she had more than enough resources to properly raise her child if she cared to.” she says. Alice frowns “If I ever see her, I’ll give her a JUSTICE PAWNCH!” she says, thrusting out her first for emphasis before returning it to Ophelia’s body. This, Lily hears, as she repeats “JAWSTICE!” as she thrusts her first into the air.

When Ophelia returns the conversation back to discussion of the men, Annie replies first “I agree, though I’m thinking, given previous leads, that they were either the Guards themselves, or people the Guards were dealing with. This would imply that Lily could be more special than we realize… that, or her former mother is higher up in terms of positions of power, that she could not only hire these men, but also keep the Guards away.” to which Luthica replies “Suppose that they’re involved in the human trafficking… perhaps they wants to kidnap and sell Lily.” which caused Verger to speak up again “C-can we not talk about this innocent girl being kidnapped and sold?” she asks nervously. Alice and Aurora then replied in unison “IF SOMEONE DID THAT TO HER, THEY’D FIND THEMSELVES THE SUBJECT OF A JUSTICE PAWNCH!” with Aurora blushing and slowly lowering her head beneath the water when she realized what she had done, while Alice merely grins in triumph. Lily, hearing the outburst, thrusts her fist into the air again and shouts “JAWSTICE PAWNCH!” before returning her arms to Ophelia’s hips and hooting contentedly.

Despite what Blanche said, Selvaria found it hard to imagine herself happily expose herself to others. Then again, she would have found it hard to imagine herself doing just about anything she had already done since entering this bath and meeting Blanche. She thinks... Well, between Blanche's grinding, her hands delightfully massaging her breasts, and the sweet nectar that is her Necro Blobs saliva, it's honestly hard for her to think of anything at all. Hearing Blanche's comment about her affection for Felix, Selvaria hesitantly breaks her kiss and looks back at the other woman, smiling widely. "Yes... Hehehe~ Felix is my most treasured companion." She replies, before returning to showering her companion with affection, rubbing a hand gently along its body as they kiss. True, she had only had Felix for about a day now, but she could already tell that her fondness for the Necro Blob would never fade. Selvaria's moans grow in intensity along with Blanche's, muted only by the kiss she shares with Felix. The pleasure she feels from all angles starts to drown out all other sensation and she embraces that, closing her eyes as her wings start to twitch and flutter involuntarily. The only thing that reaches her is Blanche's voice, the words the Spectross whispers in her ear snapping her back into the present rather swiftly. "I... I've never.... Um.... Y-you are so big..." Selvaria mumbles before trailing off. She wasn't unfamiliar with sex and what it entailed, she had witnessed it on several occasions in her time with the bandits who raised her. Often, taking the belongings of their victims wasn't where they would stop, and attractive women who fell prey to their traps would find themselves raped without mercy. Selvaria had seen it, but always refused to take part, and come to feel disgusted by sexual acts ever since. And yet, surely Blanche was different. She was so big, and yet so gentle... "Mmmm~ Blanche... I would be honored if you would.... I want us both to feel good so.... Ohhh~ B-be gentle with me but... P-please.. I would like for you to... P-put it in me~" Selvaria stammers out between moans and heavy breaths, unsure of how she wanted to word her request. By the time she was finished, she was blushing furiously and quickly pressed Felix to her mouth once again, seeking his companionship.

"Very good Lily." Ophelia says as a response to her charge. The news that others cannot see in the dark as she can is new to her. It never occured to her that others would not be similarly abled, though it does make a few things make more sense. "That does explain why I had to point the bodies out to Alice that one time in the Colosseum." She says in a thoughtful voice. She finds herself moving her fingers in circles on Annie's stomach and rubbing Lily's side as she thinks. She thought it was Alice being her usual self when she failed to see the dead guards the assassin left in its wake. It did not occur to her that Alice just could not see said guards in the dark of the hallway. When Alice burst from the room, she saw the assassin just fine, so she just assumed. And she supposes she has never travelled at night with her party so she never had any reason to test their night vision in that regard. And it was always easier to kill her targets at night. Now she knows it is because she saw them long before they saw her, if they ever did. Well, it is not like this means much in her daily life. She can possibly use it in combat if it takes place in an area with dim lighting, but beyond that there is not much use for this information.

She forces herself to somewhat ignore the conversation coming back to Lily's birth mother until it comes up that she could possibly be the one paying both the plain men and the city guard. Her first thought is that is impossible. From what Ophelia knows of the wealthy, even if they did not care a wit for their progeny, they care entirely about their appearance. And a girl in Lily's normal garb, while great for the peasantry, is rags for the wealthy. It has a touch of class to it, but for someone with the money to buy a mercenary force and the town guard, they are not worthy of being used for cleaning. Given her mother does not care for Lily as a person, she would care for Lily as a status object. The Princess of the castle for which her own wealth would be judged. Unless Lily has siblings, but she thinks that such a thing would have been brought up by now. If anything, the instant Lily declared Ophelia her mother, she would have claimed Annie and Alice as her sisters. And my, that would make their relationship pseudo-incestual all of a sudden. She really should reel in her thoughts a touch. And should she be concerned that pseudo-incest did not disturb her as society says it should and instead made her curious? She is not sure how, but she blames Alice for this. Whenever she feels perverted, it is usually her paladin's fault.

Her thought process is cut off when Lily screams about Justice once more. If she had a hand free (she categorically refuses to do either option that would release a hand for use), she would facepalm again. Instead she just gives a small sigh. Well, hopefully she can teach Lily the perils of pursuing JUSTICE before she walks too far down the path. Alice is strong enough to charge down it fearlessly. Lily on the other hand... well, Ophelia is not sure how strong the girl is, but she worries all the same. And then she feels a fury that is all consuming when the idea of Lily being FUCKING SOLD comes up. She does not quite realize it, but an animalistic growl tears itself from her throat. "If any were to be so foolish as to attempt it, I will offer them suffering so profound it will make even Tenebris weep. I would gain Masino's favor, for eliminating such a profuse waste of flesh would surely better the world, through technology or no." She growls, pulling Lily into a protective embrace. She eagerly nods her head in agreement when Verger attempts to change the subject. While Aurora and Alice's united answer is amusing (especially given Aurora's embarrassment as showing her zeal again), a JUSTICE PAWNCH is not nearly enough to show her displeasure to this individual. She wonders what would happen if she poured her Mushroom Man potion down someone's throat. Would the Mushroom burst out of the victim painfully? It is something to look into when thinking of torture methods. Her mood breaks completely when Lily raises her fists and then begins hugging Ophelia and hooting. Needing the grounding influence, she goes back to making circles in Lily's side. The feeling of her charge's soft, innocent skin bleeds some of her anger and tension so she can think like a rational being instead of a murder beast bent on destroying something.

When Selvaria says that Felix is her most treasured companion, breaking the kiss to say so, an act which causes Felix to whimper softly until she kisses it again, Blanche smiles widely “I’m hngh~ h-happy that you h-have someone who mmm~ makes you happy~” she says, as she lowers her head to Selvaria’s nipple and licks it once, before giving both breasts a gentle squeeze. When she returns to kissing Felix, it begins jiggling happily again, slipping its tongue into her mouth and licking every centimeter of it, before sloppily swirling its tongue around Selvaria’s. When she begins stroking Felix’s body, it begins to ripple as, below his face, an appendage begins to form, slowly growing into it pokes Selvaria’s cheek, the tip smearing a sticky substance across it. Upon contact with Selvaria’s cheek, Felix shivers, as if from pleasure, but doesn’t stop returning her kiss for even a second. When Selvaria says that Blanche is really large, she smiles again through her moans “Oh, cute little Selvy, all Spectross have dicks roughly this size~” she says, then when Selvaria asks her to penetrate her, she nods “Of course, I wouldn’t want to hurt you~” she says, as she reaches down between Selvaria’s legs and moves the crotch of her swimsuit aside, before slipping her gigantic member out of the top of her own. She lifts her out of the water, gently, by her thighs, lining up her gigantic cock with Selvaria’s slit, then very slowly lowers her down onto her tip. She lets out a soft moan as she very slowly pushes into Selvaria’s pussy, moving only a centimeter at a time, and stopping to let her get used to every bit of it. When her tip reaches Selvaria’s hymen, she punches through it slowly, before stopping to let her rest. “Mmm are you ready, cute little Selvy?” she asks. When Selvaria gives her the go ahead, she lowers her all the way, her tip reaching Selvaria’s deepest depths, after which she begins thrusting in and out of her slowly, Selvaria’s pussy overfilled by Blanche’s gigantic cock, each thrust causing her to moan loudly “Y-you’re s-so hnngh~ tight~” she moans out, as she gently thrusts in and out of her pussy, her hands returning to gently groping and massaging her breasts, while using her thumbs to . rub her erect nipples.

Meanwhile, Lily smiles and giggles when Ophelia tells her she did very well. Annie, Alice, and Aurora nod as Ophelia declares that she would make anyone responsible suffer for kidnapping and selling Lily. While Ophelia is rubbing Annie’s stomach, she blushes and lets out a content sigh, leaning into Ophelia further and beginning to gently stroke her forearm. Lily only smiles and hugs Ophelia tighter when she tugs her into a protective embrace. Annie, halfway distracted by Ophelia’s rubbing on her stomach, though for only a moment her face shows she’s enjoying the feeling, then brings up another subject “That reminds me, this morning Ophelia, Alice, Aurora, and I came into the possession of a large egg that appeared, seemingly from nowhere, while we were sleeping. Do either of you know anything about such an occurrence?” she asks. Luthica merely looks puzzled as she replies “Uh. Not a clue. Did a stork break into your room while you were sleeping? Actually, I suppose anything like that happened, you wouldn’t need to ask us...” she says, after which Verger replies “Oh, I know something about that, actually.” to which Aurora replies “I suppose now I see what people mean when they mention Bardic knowledge...”, only rising out of the water slightly to comment, before sinking back in. Verger then raised her hands and whispered “Spacial Magic, summon Instrument.” after which a swirl of starts appeared between her hands, before a flash erupted from the area and a black guitar with red edges and flame painted across it, from end to end, appeared in her hands. “There once was a woman fair, her skin dark as a Night Wolf’s hair, devoted she was and Masino she followed, though deep within her heart was hollow… until one day, a beautiful woman she met on her way, their love was such that together they hit the hay~” she sang, strumming a tune that she had to have made up just that moment. Annie stared at her for a long moment, then suddenly blush began to creep across her face, until she suddenly commented nervously “Well, that’s all I needed to know...” before she glanced around at everyone else, Alice looking puzzled, Luthica laughing so hard that she grabbed onto Verger to stay upright, while Aurora kept looking at everyone else, as if trying to figure out what the punchline to a joke was. Lily simply began clapping for Verger’s performance, without taking both hands off of Ophelia’s body, the guitar having been slung over her back. “Wow, Annie, I didn’t know you had it in you~” Luthica said, giving her a smile, while Annie tried to hide her face in her hair.

Selvaria's eyes widen as she hears that all Spectross were so well endowed. She would scarcely believe it if she weren't beholding it for herself at this very moment. Selvaria shivers as her swimsuit is moved aside, letting water into direct contact with her now bare pussy and she can't help but gasp as she beholds Blanche's huge cock with her own eyes. It looked comically large in comparison with her own tiny frame, and even as she was lifted gently from the water and the shaft was lined up with her virgin slit, she couldn't help but wonder if it was really going to fit. It was, as it happened. Selvaria groaned loudly at the filling of Blanche's cock spreading her lips, a noise she swiftly muffled by kissing Felix again. She sought to distract herself from the foreign sensation of intense fullness by focusing on her adorable pet. The strange tendril she seemed to have summoned was most curious indeed, and upon seeing how Felix took pleasure from touching her with it, she took a hand and begin stroking it ever so gently, observing the blobs reactions and changing her movements accordingly. She winces slightly as she feels Blanche's cock push slowly through her hymen, and breaks her kiss with Felix momentarily to take several deep breaths. She was grateful to have such a gentle partner in Blanche, even if the Spectross' size is anything but that. After all she had taken inside her thus far, it surprises her to hear Blanche ask if she is ready, until she looks down and sees that they had indeed only just begun. They had managed to work some of Blanche's thick shaft into her tight slit, but there was still plenty more where that came from. Selvaria takes another deep breath before simply nodding for Blanche to continue, then groans once more as her tunnel is filled more than she had ever thought possible. And yet, once Blanche has thrust as deeply as she could and begins to pull out so she can thrust again, Selvaria finds she has acclimated to the large cock that has stuffed her full. Her groans gradually raise in pitch until she is moaning sweetly, in part thanks to the return of Blanche's gentle touch to her breasts. Before she realizes it, Selvaria finds herself instinctively bucking her hips in time with Blanche's thrusts, helping the Spectross bury herself deeper in her tight pussy. "Hmmmn~ Ohhh~ I-I'm sorry B-blanche.... I-I'm s-sorry for b-being so t-tight... Mmmmn~~" She apologizes, between moans and gasping breath, having somehow taken the tightness of her pussy to be a negative trait and driven by the desire to help Blanche take pleasure in it as much as she possibly can.

Ophelia smiles back at Lily when she smiles. She is not sure if it is a development thing or a "The innocence of this child makes me happy" thing, but it is a thing regardless. Annie's content sigh and gentle touch only serves to make the moment shine even further for her. She begins to pay attention when Annie asks their companions about the egg. Given that Annie did not know anything about it, she did not expect much from the other two. So it is more than a mild shock when Verger seems to know exactly what's going on. She is also glad that the Bard answers her earlier question on whether she has a spare guitar to be able to afford giving Lily her other one. Based on what she sees of the new instrument, it does not look like she has given up much. Or at the very least she very obviously has a favorite out of the guitars she has. She does wonder if it means the earlier statement about her... Guitar Buster Sword (and fuck if that is not a strange sounding weapon. She kind of wants to see it) being back in the room has any weight to it seeing as the Bard seems entirely able to summon instruments from out of nowhere.

But then her musings take a backseat to the tale Verger is painting. She feels the blood drain from her face and then erupt into a furious blush. She means... but the Gift... holy shit, that egg is her child!? At first she thinks her conclusion is far too implausible, but when she sees the color flood Annie's face, she knows her detective has come to the same conclusion. Using Masino's Gift to her, she somehow managed to impregnate Annie and, instead of a normal pregnancy, she suddenly had an egg. She... they are going to be mothers. Actual, non-adoptive mothers! She... is in no way, shape, or form ready for this! How is this even possible!? Is Masino's blessing so powerful that it overrides biology itself!? If she had any idea that she was capable of such things... well, she might have still had her orgasm inside of Annie. Her first time with Masino's Gift was so overwhelming that she was barely in control of herself. She likely would not have remembered until it was too late. But still! She thought she was unprepared when she took Lily as an adopted daughter! This seems so much worse!

Or... does it? She has already been told she is doing rather well as a mother by a variety of sources and she already feels a protective urge for the egg that meets or exceeds the one she feels for Lily. Maybe she will be okay? That she and Annie will somehow raise this child alright? Well, the first thing, she supposes, would be waiting for the egg to hatch. Everything else can come after that. Bringing herself down from the panic she almost whipped into herself, she hides her face behind Annie's to disguise the burning her face is still doing. Geez, she knows she was just discussing children with Annie, but she would have imagined this would have been planned better. "My sincere apologies, Annie. I had no idea this was a possibility." She whispers into her detective's ear. Gathering what will she can, she speaks up. "Does... does the tale speak of the aftermath? Specifically how long it took for their love to blossom?" There, should be suitably vague enough for Alice and Aurora, who do not seem to have figured out what this means, to stay in the dark. She needs to discuss with Annie what she wishes to be revealed. Well, she needed to speak with Annie regardless, but with the recent news some of her personal habits have become unacceptable.

When Selvaria strokes Felix’s appendage, the Blob shivers more and jiggles, swaying its body foreward so that the appendage slides back and forth across Selvaria’s hand more, the creature also ensuring to hold its kiss with her, licking and sucking her tongue as it lets out pleasured squeaking sounds, more of the substance dripping from the tip of the appendage and soaking Selvaria’s hand, making it wet and slick. Blanche giggles softly through her soft moaning as Selvaria apologizes “Th-that’s a mmmph~ good thing, darling~” she moans out, as she begins picking up her pace, bucking her hips gently, but faster, stretching Selvaria’s pussy with every thrust as leans over and takes Selvaria’s right nipple into her mouth, sucking it gently while groping and massaging her other breast with one hand, and holding her hip with the other, using it to help her up and down on her giant cock.

When Ophelia whispers to Annie that she’s sorry, Annie recomposes herself and whispers back “Well… we wanted one… here it is.” she whispers back, as she motions towards Lily, then the egg beside the bath. “We have each other, all three of us, it will be fine.” she adds. When Ophelia asks Verger about how long it takes the hatch, she catches the meaning immediately “That depends on them, I heard that it happens faster if it’s kept close.” she says, with a winning smile. Luthica starts laughing again, but soon manages to stifle her laughter “Oh, Annie. Well, congratulations, at least.” she says, before turning to Ophelia, and winking at her as she asks “So, was it... you know.” she makes a motion with her hand, pushing her fingers through the others, in a lewd gesture that was supposed to resemble a hymen being penetrated. In response, Alice just looks even more puzzled, while Aurora blushes and starts using her hands to splash water on her own face, making nervous whining noises. Lily releases her grip on Ophelia and rests a hand on Aurora’s back, patting her gently “Iz otay, laydee.” she says, softly hooting with each pat while Aurora sits and blushes. Alice finally speaks up, feeling left out now “I’m so confused, what’s everyone getting that I’m not?” she asks, to which Aurora, still being patted by Lily, replies “I don’t know, but they’re talking about lewd stuff...” she says, which just causes Alice to grin “Well, now I definitely want to know!” she then leans in and whispers to Ophelia “Come on, fill me in, cutie~” she says.

Selvaria might have giggled at the way Felix seemed to enjoy her stroking the strange appendage it had produced, if she hadn't been too busy moaning intensely as Blanche picked up the pace. Even as she felt her mind start to blank out with pleasure, she couldn't help but wonder what that substance was that was being rubbed all over her hand. Did it have that delicious plum taste she got from kissing her blob? She wanted to know, and so Selvaria regretfully removed herself from the kiss they shared and moved the appendage to her mouth so she could suck on it, feeling that Felix would likely enjoy that as well. It was a bit embarrassing that Blanche had to correct her on her assumption regarding tightness, but Selvaria could still take solace in knowing that the Spectross was obviously enjoying this too judging by the way her thrusting increased in speed. "MMmm~ Mmmmmmn~" She moans out around the blob in her mouth, wanting to convey that sentiment to Blanche, but failing miserably at trying to talk with her mouth full and swiftly giving up. It was enough to hear Blanche's moans intermingle with her own and know that they were both taking pleasure from this act of lust. Blanche busies her mouth as well, resuming sucking on Selvaria's nipple, sending shivers of pleasure running through her body. Selvaria could feel a new sensation starting to build up throughout her body. It felt as though an even greater ecstasy awaited her if she continued to pick up the pace of Blanche's thrusts into her tight pussy. It drove her to wrap her legs around Blanche's waist, using that leverage to help drive that delightfully massive cock even deeper and faster inside of her.

A soft smile crosses Ophelia's face as Annie affirms that while the child is not expected, her detective is willing to stand by her regardless. Annie is taking this a lot better than she would, she cannot help but think. If someone had accidentally impregnated her, she would be most cross and might do something rash. Well, the exception would be if Annie or Alice did it, but she would need some sort of warning first. Otherwise she may be annoyed with them for a time. But Annie, her beautiful Annie, not only forgives her but seems to see this as something to look forward to. She hugs Annie closer to her, feeling love pool in her heart. She cannot bring herself to move her face out of Annie's hair as she listens to Verger. So, she simply needs to keep the... her egg close to encourage her child to come into the world. Well, that should not be a problem for this group. Between Lily and herself, the egg will likely become annoyed with their presence and hatch simply to tell them to leave the child alone. She is tempted to ignore the crude question Luthica asks, if only because she doubts Annie would appreciate her answering it. "I have the suspicion I would not survive answering that question." She says instead, deciding to go the teasing route.

She can tell the instant Aurora figures out that what they are talking about is lewd in nature. And honestly, it takes a bit of effort to avoid laughing at Alice's sister's reaction. Especially since Lily is attempting to comfort the woman. Laughing at her would send a message that empathy is to be laughed at. She would rather not do that given how she knows what happens when an individual lacks it. It is why she faces such discrimination on a regular basis. She is forced to restrain a chuckle when Alice seems to be the only one who does not know what is going on. She wonders if Annie would mind if Ophelia told the Paladin of what was going on? Well, given Annie does not seem to wish to separate from Alice, the truth will come out sooner or later. "That egg in the pack? It seems to be a child created by Annie and myself." She says, simple and to the point.

When Selvaria breaks the kiss, Felix whimpers a little, only to cease and resume letting out pleasurable moans when she takes the appendage into her mouth, shuddering and jiggling even more, the substance leaking into her mouth, tasting like Banana Jelly. The substance runs down her tongue and into her throat, as Felix rocks back and forth to slowly move its appendage in and out of her mouth. Blanche sucks on Selvaria’s nipple even harder as she picks up the pace of her thrusting, starting to pant into Selvaria’s breast as she nears orgasm, her giant cock throbbing inside her. After several moments of continued thrusting, Blanche thrusts as deep as her cock will reach, then holds it there as she moans out loudly and begins firing off several huge loads of cum into Selvaria’s pussy, a lot of it leaking out of her and running into the bath as it overfills her. Felix soon follows, jiggling the most it ever has before, until suddenly firing off several loads of the substance into Selvaria’s mouth, overfilling it and causing it to run down her chin and onto her chest. When the blob finishes pumping the substance into Selvaria’s mouth, it settles down and goes mostly still as it lets out a satisfied “Murr~” sound and its usual crooked smile crosses its face.

Annie reaches up and strokes Ophelia’s cheek as she feels her hug tighten around her. When Ophelia jokes that she wouldn’t survive answering the question, Verger laughs “Yeah, Luthica, I’m pretty sure that’s too personal.” she says, poking her cheek with her index finger “Besides, you already know the answer, given her personality.” she adds, as she strums across her guitar “There onc-” she starts a song, but Luthica interrupts her “Okay, not everything needs a song. I just wanted to embarrass her~” she says, smiling at Annie as she blushes again. Lily takes notice of the conversation and chimes in “Singah laydee no sing?” she asks, as she continues patting Aurora on the back. “No singing this time, Luthica stopped her.” Alice says, playfully. “Whewficca?” Lily repeats back, cocking her head, no longer paying attention to her patting, having gotten used to the motion by now. “Sorry, Lily, Singer Lady needs to rest her voice.” she says, apologetically. When Ophelia says that the egg is her child with Annie, she stares at her for a moment, a confused expression on her face, however, after a moment, she looks at Annie, who nods slowly “I thought you were kidding for a moment, but I guess in that context, the conversation makes sense... ” she says slowly, before adding “Well, congratulations~” as she leans in and hugs Annie and Ophelia tightly “I can’t wait to see what they look like when they hatch, it’ll have to be a beautiful child, since it came from the two of you~” she says, before adding “... We’ll need to teach them about great JUSTICE!” she says. Aurora looks just as baffled as Alice was, but blinks away that confusion when Alice shows how pleased she is “Well… uh… congrats, Ophelia… Annie… this is certainly an interesting way to have a child, but I guess there’s always something people won’t be able to understand...” she says, slowly, blushing again. “Wait, that means you two… did... ” she says, blushing even more as she sinks back into the Noter… after a few moments, Aurora speaks again “A-a-anyway, where’s your detective agency?” Aurora asks, suddenly, changing the subject after seemingly having recovered from her embarrassment temporarily. “It’s on the west side of the city, you’ll recognize it by the purple stripes, not to worry.” she says, smiling “You should all visit sometimes, Verger is a great cook.” she says, to which Verger replies “Luthica isn’t, because she doesn’t cook. Ever.” she says, smirking at Luthica. “Whewficca no kewk?” Lily asks, cocking her head in the other direction as she continues patting Aurora on the back, who seemed to have grown used to it by now, not bothering to stop Lily. Verger laughed “Nope, Luthica does not cook, not even once. Other people used to do that for her, but that’s a story for another time.” she says, to which Luthica replies “Or, you know, never.” as she brushes her hair out of her face. “Ohhh~?” says Alice “Were you wealthy, but… you know… did something to upset your parents lots?” she asked, leaning towards Luthica as if she was ready to be told a secret, though without taking her hands off Ophelia.

Ophelia takes a moment to ponder something: She is now really glad that she did not go with her initial name when it came to Lily. If the girl is having such troubles pronouncing Luthica's name, she may have had issues with Helena or anything more complex. She really should come up with a nickname for the Rune Mage, however, so Lily stops butchering the woman's name. She is not altogether certain that Lily even knows Verger's name. Well, she obviously does since every time Verger is mentioned, Lily translates it over to Singer Lady, but obviously the same will have to be done with Luthica. But what nickname to give? She does not wish to continue the "Lady" motif and have Lily call the Mage "Rune Lady", but she does not know enough about her to make a moniker based on her personality. Well, besides being intensely personal with some of her questions, but that seems like a terrible thing to base a nickname off of. Maybe a shortening of the woman's name? The "Luth" part of it seems to be what Lily trips over the most, so would Hica work? She will try it and see if Lily can pronounce that easier.

She has to resist a frown when Alice mentions teaching the child JUSTICE, knowing Alice would take it poorly if she does. This sort of thing is exactly why she trusts Annie to be a mother more than Alice. She worries about the paladin shoehorning her child into a role similar to Alice's instead of letting the child explore and figure out what she wants to do and what she likes. It is a little too public right now, but she will absolutely have to have a conversation with Alice about what is acceptable to teach her child. It seems she has to have a great many conversations with those important to her today. And she honestly doubts she will enjoy any of them. Instead of saying what she is thinking, she simply says, "Thank you." for their congratulations and leaves it at that. She then searches desperately to drag her out of her growing funk.

While she is doing so, she finds herself having to restrain a giggle. The fault lies squarely at the feet of Lily and Aurora. Particularly how Aurora has grown so comfortable with Lily patting her consolingly, that she does not appear to notice the girl is still doing it. She wonders just how long it can for and if she has some way of timing it. Will Lily's arm get sore at some point? All semi-amusing questions to answer, she thinks. She notes the location and colors of the Runic Bard team's agency, but the majority of her thoughts are still with Lily's actions. She tunes in when Luthica's inability to cook is revealed simply because Alice seems to take an interest in the subject. "We have shared the story of how we met Lily. Among other things." She feels a small blush as she remembers just how riotously Luthica laughed at their new circumstances. "Surely this story cannot be as bad. If it helps, I cannot cook either. Or, more to the point, I have never once attempted it."

Selvaria is suprised, though not unpleasantly, to learn that substance leaking from Felix's appendage is not the same plum flavored taste she had experienced earlier, but instead an entirely different delicious fruit flavor. Truly, her pet was a treasure trove of unexpected surprises. Seeing the way the blob was so clearly enjoying thrusting into her mouth and coating her tongue and throat with it's jelly flavoring, Selvaria did her best to pleasure the appendage with her tongue and take it as deeply into her mouth as she could. Her focus on Felix is disrupted somewhat, as Blanche's movements capture her attention. Selvaria could feel that thick shaft pulsing against her tight walls, and there was almost a desperation to the way she was thrusting now. The Spectross must be feeling something similar to what Selvaria herself is at this very moment, her own core throbs with need and she feels on the cusp of an even greater pleasure. Without a second thought, Selvaria gives herself over to that pleasure, her eyes rolling back in her head as her legs wrap tighter around Blanche's waist, clinging to the other woman for dear life as she rides her cock. When she finds herself plunged as deeply onto Blanche's dick as she could manage and feels those hot jets of cum fill her up, Selvaria is pushed over the edge. Her legs tremble, her wings spread victoriously and she moans intensely around the appendage in her mouth, happily swallowing the copious amounts of the sweet substance that Felix shoots down her throat as she experiences her first orgasm. Why had she been avoiding this for so long, Selvaria can't help but wonder in her blissful state. There must be some reason, but for the life of her, she simply could not recall it at this moment. As Felix withdraws its appendage, Selvaria gives it a lust drunk smile, finding it adorable as always in it's blissful state of rest. She slides Felix back onto her shoulder to rest and wraps her arms around Blanche, panting heavily as she comes down from her orgasmic high. "B-Blanche.... Th-hat... Mmmm~ .... Was amazing..." Selvaria mumbles, smiling softly at Blanche and planting a kiss on her lips, unaware of Felix's banana jelly flavored substance that still remained all over her. She could lay her forever, filled by Blanche and embracing her, blissfully unaware of her surroundings and troubles.

Luthica rubs runs a hand through her hair as Ophelia tells her that she owes her information about herself for what she and Annie shared, then shrugs. “Alright, I guess I’ll share. You see, I used to be the daughter of a wealthy merchant, however he and my mother had told me not to leave the house. Naturally, that means that I left the house… well, I didn’t just leave the house, I actually decided to travel with a group of Wanderers who were passing through town. Well, by passing through, I mean getting run out of town, but I really wanted to see Norn, so I went with them. I didn’t return home until ten years later, and when they saw me, I was no longer welcome. So, while I USED to be wealthy, I am no longer wealthy, because my parents cut me off. Everything is technically left to my younger sister.” she explains, sighing. “Though, I’ve met nice people and learned valuable skills, so I’m not actually heartbroken that I had to give up my inheritance.” she adds, while Verger pats her on the back. “I, on the other hand, have never been anything other than a Bard, so there really isn’t much to tell. I’ve been everywhere, so I didn’t mind settling down and helping Luthica with cases for a time. I may leave eventually, but there really isn’t anywhere else to see. Maybe I can cross the water and see if there’s anything over there someday.” she says, before adding “Though, I guess I’d have to be ready to die before I did that.” she says jokingly. “How do we know there’s anything over there besides more water?” Aurora asked, to which Alice responds “That’s why someone would want to check, to find that out. Well, that, or for the sake of adventure!” Alice says, striking a triumphant pose. “I don’t think it’s worth it, traveling across the water is too dangerous, and for all we know, at best it’s more land.” Annie says. Lily perks up when Annie says this and replies “Wand? Dewt… wocks… gwass… waaand.” she says, as she dips a hand into the noter and tries to pick up part of it, only to watch it fall through her fingers. Verger chuckles again as she watches Lily “Anyway, I suppose we had best get back to work. The investigation won’t conduct itself, and the longer it takes, the more people could get hurt.” she says, stretching before pulling herself up and out of the noter. Luthica sighs and follows her “Well, it has been fun, nice meeting you all, Lily, Ophelia, Alice, Aurora, and nice seeing you again, Annie. I hope to see you again soon, and please remember that you’re always welcome to visit us at any time.” she says, with a friendly smile and a wave. Verger waves as well, as she begins walking towards the door with Luthica “See you again soon, ladies, I hope!” she says, as the two walk out of the room. Annie, Alice, and Aurora wave back at them and say their goodbyes, while Lily waves with both hands “Bye bye, Singah Laydee, bye bye, Whewffficca! Fanks for geetah!” she says. When the two are gone, Alice gropes Ophelia’s ass and smiles at her, while Annie looks up at Ophelia “Speaking of cases, didn’t we have something to do today, as well?” she asks.

When Selvaria has her orgasm and tells Blanche how much she enjoyed it, she smiles “I’m glad you had fun, too, cute little Selvy~” she says, after which she returns Selvaria’s kiss. When they break their kiss, Blanche gently grabs Selvaria’s top and moves it back into place, covering her bare breasts. “I have to go take on another job or I could lose my room here, but… I do want to see you again, so please, come see me at room 24 anytime, cute little Selvy~” Blanche says, as she gently gropes Selvaria’s ass for a moment, before grabbing her hips and starting to slowly pull her gigantic cock out of her, the massive amount of cum she was filled with slowly spilling into the noter now that it wasn’t blocked by the Spectross’ cock anymore. She then gently kisses Selvaria on the lips again, while using one hand to move Selvaria’s bikini bottoms back into place, after which she begins making her way towards the steps of the bath, using one hand to wave at Selvaria as she went. Felix, meanwhile, moves towards Selvaria’s cheek, resting against it as it closes its eyes and begins breathing softly, nuzzled up against her.

Selvaria can't help but feel sad to hear that Blanche is leaving so soon, but ultimately she understands, being a mercenary herself. Being such a well regarded mercenary group, the Friendly Mushroom guild must have strict standards, lest people just free load off of their luxurious rooms. Selvaria lets out a whimper as their kiss is broken, followed by an elongated moan as the cock she had come to enjoy so much was slowly removed from her pussy. It feels a little embarrassing, watching all that cum flood out of her slit, still gaping slightly from the fucking it had just recieved, and soiling the noter for any who used the bath after them. She feels the same when she gazes upon Blanche's gigantic cock one last time, still in awe of its size as well as her ability to fit such a large object inside of her. "I... I hope we can meet again as well Blanche. Be safe and best of luck on your next job." Selvaria replies quietly, cupping Blanche's cheek with her hand as they share one last kiss before parting a little regretfully. She returns Blanche's wave with one of her own, smiling for the Spectross as she departs before leaning back and relaxing. Her hips felt weak from her first sexual experience and she was now a little dirtier than she had been when she came into the bath in a way. Feeling Felix nuzzled up against her cheek, Selvaria rubs the blob affectionately as she rests in the noter.

Now that her head is a little more clear, she can reflect on what just happened as she relaxes. Looking back, it was unbelievable that she had become so enamored with Blanche and been willing to engage in such lustful acts. Time and time again, she had turned away those who approached her and yet this time, the moment she let Blanche close enough to discuss Felix with her, she had been so caught off guard by being complimented and touched that she didn't know what to do. This was not good... Her willingness to devote herself to others had led her to become a murderous bandit until she was betrayed in the past, she had shut herself off from others for so long to prevent that from happening again. And yet... She had never been willing to give herself to her bandit companions in the way she had just done with Blanche. Was that merely a sign that her will had become weaker over time, or were things truly different this time? It felt too dangerous to hope for the latter, but she couldn't deny that she had taken great pleasure in sharing such an act of lust with Blanche. For all her pondering on the matter, it was difficult for Selvaria to decide how to proceed from here. Perhaps it would be best to just focus on the task at hand for now and see where things go from there. And perhaps spending more time with Blanche when the opportunity arises, to learn more about the mysterious Spectross and sort out some of her feelings about what had happened, wouldn't be such a bad idea either...

Selvaria decides to clear such thoughts from her head for now, relaxing and cleaning herself until she notices that Luthica and Verger seem to be departing as well. If the others had finished their little chat, then it would be time to move on soon. Before she could receive Annie's assistance with her own case, she had to help Annie secure somebody's safety, although it was still a mystery as to who that was to Selvaria. The sooner they got this done the better though, so Selvaria rises to get out of the bath, her legs still a bit shaky from earlier. Finding a spot outside the bath where no one else was around, she flaps her wings furiously, shaking them dry in a way that was more efficient than trying to do so by hand, then finds a towel to dry the rest of her body. Her gear was still up in Aurora's room, so they would need to return there first, but she would wait for the others to finish bathing and head up there with them, rather than go alone.

Ophelia feels a great deal of disgust for Luthica's family for what they have done. Not only were they every bit as restrictive as she despises, they also abandoned their child because of something as minor as not following their every whim. Simply because she wished to be more than a princess locked in her tower, she no longer has any support from her parents and she has not heard anything about her now rich little sister doing anything to rectify the mistakes of their parents. Alice, Annie, Lily, and herself are not a conventional family, but if anyone even suggested for her to abandon them as easily, they would find themselves wearing their entrails as a necklace and their blood as nail polish. At the very least, Luthica seems to have gained something much more than those disloyal, pathetic specimen who called themselves her family. "I am sorry you had to go through such pain. I am glad, however, that you seem to have found people more inclined to be loyal to you in their stead." She says, hoping Luthica does not take it the wrong way.

By comparison, Verger is a lot simpler... and not at the same time. It is rather suicidal to her to wish to travel the water. Bold, but suicidal. She figured the Bard had a lot more zest for life than that. Ending it via sea monster sounds like a terrible way to end. It is concerning that Alice seems to be on board with this plan. With a look of worry, she turns back to her Paladin. "Please do not go to water. Even if you were successful in finding new lands, I do not like your likelihood of returning here. That would worry me greatly." She simply cannot see herself going to water. She has Lily and her currently unborn child to worry about and risking herself in such a manner would be the height of irresponsibility. Not to mention how worried her children would be without her. She is not sure Lily would be able to get by. She is cute enough that she would probably get adopted again, but what if the ones who pick her up are like her birth mother? Lily has been doing so well learning and she would hate for all the progress to be reversed. Or worse. Given how innocent Lily is, it is not hard at all for Ophelia to imagine some pervert taking advantage of that. No, aquatic exploration is not in the cards for her.

Ophelia nods when the other detectives make their excuses and begin to head off. "May your days be peaceful and we meet again." She says in farewell. She does make a mental note though that she really needs to work on Lily's pronunciation. While it is cute, it occasionally makes it hard to understand her, which is really not for the best. Lily is cute enough without that. Her thoughts are derailed, as they so often seem to be, by Alice groping her. Her paladin really is incorrigible. She forces down her blush to turn her attention to Annie. They are probably past the point of keeping secrets from each other. She is about to have a child with Annie for crying out loud! They really should know what they are getting into before it happens at this point. "Yes. We were to meet my handler, Lady Natalia Techra. She has held my freedom in her hands since I was a child. My first memories are of being in her care. Because of the Colosseum, I have reason to believe both that she is getting into something that brings retribution and that she is currently in danger. I would like to make certain that she is OK for my lifelong association, find out what she has been doing for JUSTICE, and then leave her service so that I may stay with all of you without the risk of being called away."

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Day has arrived for Saphira and Lilith
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“Ok, that was quick. New plan; wait for the lift to hit the bottom and then we will charge out and try to capture one and get away before they can take the lift back up. Lucephine I need you to get some undead help for us. Position them in front of the lift, to block off the others if they make it up. My Queen, do you think you can knock Ignia off of the cliff? I’ll focus my and Fridolf’s efforts on bringing down Indris. Unless you think Fridolf has a better chance of knocking her off. Either way works.” She said in a hushed tone, which had been the norm while they were stalking this party.

Without questioning her orders, Lucephine grabbed her scythe off of her back, then flipped it around, slamming the blade into the ground, purple fog rising from the cracks as the ground began to break apart. Once the crack had opened wide enough, hordes of zombies began crawling out of the ground. The creatures, once out of the cracks in the ground, stood at attention before Lucephine as her eyes glowed purple, as if flames were pouring from them. Alessandra watched the show, before responding to CeeCee “I don’t see a cute little thing like her being a problem at all~” she says, smiling. “I DO so wish that we could have fought them head on, but I don’t want my darling pet to get hurt.” she said, frowning at the prospect of acting sneaky, something Spectross consider beneath them. Lucephine grins at her undead horde, then speaks to them in a language that CeeCee doesn’t understand.

As soon as CeeCee heard the whirring and hissing halt she signaled for her party to close in on the two chimeras that stood near the cliff. “My queen, please go with Fridolf, Lucephine and I will approach behind the zombies so they don’t see us coming. Lucephine, can you have your thralls stand close together so that we can hide amongst them?”

When CeeCee asked Lucephine, Fridolf, and Alessandra to move in, Lucephine spoke again to the zombies, in a language CeeCee could not understand. When she had finished, the creatures began stumbling towards Ignia and Indris. At CeeCee’s request, Fridolf created an opening underground for Alessandra to move through, closing the tunnel up behind it. Lucephine attempted to stay behind the horde as they approached.

Indris and Ignia notice CeeCee and Lucephine immediately, the giant horde not throwing them off when they get into range. “I hoped I wouldn’t see you again, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect it.” Indris says, quickly moving to the control panel. When she reaches for the lever, Lucephine’s eyes glow bright purple, and a horrifying creature emerges from her shadow, cloaked in darkness with numerous tendrils extending from its body, a noose around its neck beneath its hood, and a skeletal frame, extending its long, bony arm to try to get Indris’ hand away from the controls. Her reaction is near instant, using her chains to wrap of the creature’s arm, then tugging it to the side to restrain it, while kicking the lever with her boot to cause the platform to begin returning to the cliff. Ignia started to move to help her against the creature which had emerged from Lucephine’s shadow, however Fridolf and Alessandra emerge from the ground behind her. Alessandra reaches out and grabs Ignia’s shoulder, attempting to grab her and throw her over the side of the cliff, however she extends her blades from her sleeves and attempts to slash Alessandra’s arm. The woman dodges backwards with impressive speed, despite her massive size, while Fridolf attempts to move around behind her. Ignia dodges backwards to evade Fridolf’s massive claw, but Alessandra had changed position, now standing behind her, and successfully punches her in the back of the head, sending her tumbling across the ground, the girl barely managing to right herself mid tumble, allowing her to land on her feet in a battle stance. Meanwhile, Lucephine’s shadow creature disappears, then re-emerges from her shadow, freeing it from Indris’ chains.

Anastasia anxiously waited for any kind of response from Ignia or Indris. When it finally came though, it wasn’t directed towards her. By that point she could see what was happening however. The group from before was ambushing them, she could only see two of them but she was sure the third was there too, which is probably were the purple fog was coming from. Anastasia lets out a soft curse, she should have dealt with them beforehand. It seemed Ana was out of the doors range too, since Ignia didn’t take the moment to use them. Then again, she seemed to be quite distracted by some kind of beast. At least, that’s the only thing she can assume that massive clawed belonged to. Why was a beast fighting for them though? The question made Anastasia all the more ticked off. If she had to go sit in a hole while Ignia and Indris fought them off she would not be happy at all. Just as she thought that though, the platform reversed it’s movement, and she began going back up. Slowly but surely. Hopefully she’d make it in time in that case. She readies her bow and puts an arrow on it as preparation for the upcoming fight.

CeeCee stood up straight and started a sort of march after she and Lucephine were noticed. It was unfortunate but it was bound to happen shortly anyways. She hefted her axe and gave Lucephine a knowing smile. “I think we can kill this one.” She said pointing her axe at Indris. “Have the zombies try to peel off if the others make it up the lift. Otherwise, we need to lay everything on her as quick as we can!”

Indris cocked her head and looked at CeeCee with a smug expression “You think you can kill me? I suppose I should show you what pathetic weaklings you are.” she said, sounding only slightly upset at this point. Lucephine glared at her “You don’t seem to understand that you’re surrounded and out-numbered.” she said, her eyes glowing purple. Indris raised one of her hands, electricity slowly pulsing around it, sparks flying, lighting up the area “I’m not all that out-numbered, there’s only two of you.” she said, as she suddenly leapt forward, slamming her hand down on the ground, causing electricity to pulse through the ground, electrifying all of the undead surrounding her. Lucephine seemed to see the attack coming, leaping into the air right before Indris’ hand touched the ground. All of the undead dropped to the ground, and Lucephine landed back on her feet “Your electric attacks won’t save you.” she said, spinning her scythe in her hand before slamming the blade into the ground again, causing purple fog to rise from five of the corpses, before they stood back on their feet.

CeeCee started to quicken her pace, turning her march into a deadly sprint as her teeth, claws, and fur began to sprout all over. Just as her form had changed fully, Indris threw down her hand onto the earth. CeeCee slammed the hilt of her axe into the ground and vaulted herself forward past the undead horde that was now a group of slightly charred limp bodies. Lucephine managed to bring some of them back from their redeath to continue marching towards the enemy. With a clear path between herself and Indris, CeeCee dashed forward and brought down her axe twice on the lightning wielding chimera. Her first swing fell slightly short but the second landed managed to deliver a decent gash to the girl’s arm.

Indris grimaced and stumbled back slightly “You really shouldn’t have gotten so close.” Indris growled as she threw her Kisarigama at CeeCee, wrapping the weighted end around her body, after which she took several steps forward and grabbed her by the face, discharging massive amounts of electricity into her body, which flowed into the ground and shocked the undead horde, as well as Lucephine, who spasmed and screamed until she dropped to the ground. After she had finished discharging electricity into CeeCee, she kicked her in the chest, knocking her over onto the ground. Lucephine quickly recovered from the attack, then charged over to Indris, swinging her scythe at her, however Indris leapt backwards, then threw the bladed end of her Kisarigama, before jerking the weight back, causing the blade to catch Lucephine in the back, causing her to cry out and drop to the ground, coughing up blood as she fell.

CeeCee barely had time to see Fridolf and Allessandra emerge before she was violently shocked and kicked in the chest. She coughed and gasped for breath as the beast slowly left her. She was about to retort and encourage Lucephine but a moment later and she was lying there on the ground next to her. CeeCee noticed that Indris had already turned her attention to the other fight so she nudged Lucephine and motioned for the tree line. “C’mon, we’ve got to get out of here!” She said between pained breaths as she began crawling away from the battle.

Meanwhile, Fridolf burrowed back into the ground, and erupted back out of it, swiping one of his claws at Ignia. The attacked battered her side and knocked her against a nearby tree so hard that she bounced off and fell to the ground on her knees. Alessandra attempted to take advantage, however Ignia quickly rolled away, leapt into the air, then kicked off of a nearby tree, propelling herself away from Alessandra’s attack, which ripped right through the tree she had been against, causing it to collapse. As Ignia was just landing on the ground, Fridolf leapt into the air and slammed down near her, the attack creating a small crater in the ground, and once again knocking Ignia away, however this time she managed to land on her feet. Just as Ignia was landing, Alessandra attacked again, the strike barely missing Ignia and slamming into the ground, creating another crater and a shower of debris. When he first attack missed, she swung her other fist just as Ignia was leaping into the air and managed to strike her leg, which sent her tumbling across the ground and into a crouching position on the ground as she tried to gain her bearings. She managed to locate both enemies, coming in for another combination attack, and conjured a cloud of black fog into her hand, then threw it, causing a large explosion of purple energy and a cloud of fog on Alessandra’s face, however Fridolf managed to avoid the attack, and went charging towards Ignia. Ignia took a stuffed bear out of her backpack just in time, and threw it, causing it to grow into a large black stuffed bear with glowing green eyes, a rip in its stomach with a third green eye, a red cape that was tattered at the end, and an arm that was larger than the other, with belts around the wrist and three razor sharp claws. The creature immediately charged Alessandra, who attempted to punch it, however the creature swipes at her with its claw first, cutting her across the stomach and sending her tumbling across the ground and into the tree she had punched over, with a loud thud.

Meanwhile, Fridolf swipes his claw at Ignia, which she evades by jumping over it, then kicking off of it to get away, but Fridolf leaps after her, slamming into the ground when he lands, creating another crater and knocking Ignia away, sending her tumbling across the ground alongside her bear creature. Ignia slowly stands back up, more black fog flowing off of her body and filling the air as her skin is covered in black scales, long scaly tail growing from her lower back. Her eyes glow red, her fingers grow talons, and leathery bat-like wings erupt from her back. She floats into the air, then charges one of her wrist blades, the Falchion, with purple energy, before swiping it crosswise, the attack creating a purple shockwave which flies at Fridolf. Fridolf leaps over the attack, which passes beneath him, however Ignia’s bear creature follows up the attack by running at Fridolf and attempting to stab Fridolf in the chest with his razor sharp claws. The Fridolf rolls to the side, then leaps into the air, before slamming down on the ground ontop of the bear creature and Ignia, crushing them down into a newly-formed crater, causing Ignia to cough up blood onto Fridolf’s arms, as her ribs are crushed beneath the creature’s massive clawed hands. Indris arrives just as this was happening, and charges a blast of electricity in her hand as she came running at Fridolf.

The attack slams into his chest, discharging many volts of electricity through his body, causing him to spasm uncontrollably. As he was spasming from the electric attack, Indris leapt into the air and threw the bladed end of her Kisarigama at him, though the electricity wears off just in time for the scorched and charred creature to grab Ignia from beneath him and burrow into the ground at incredible speed. Seeing the creature escaping with Ignia, Indris runs after him, leaping into the trees and using them as platforms to race after the creature, however he moves too quickly and she soon loses sight of him. As CeeCee watched Indris give up chase she willed Fridolf to go to Barton Castle. They were not far from there and he could possibly send out a group of knights to rescue them. Her hope was to survive long enough for the Bartons to arrive. She angrily screams at the sky, then slowly walks back to the battleground, where she stops beside CeeCee and Lucephine, who were attempting to crawl away. “So, I see your pet got away with my sister.” she says, as she plants a boot on CeeCee’s back. “You may think that was your goal, but I’m under the impression that if I inflict enough pain on you, you’ll change your mind.” she says, putting her weight on CeeCee’s back, and twisting her foot back and forth to dig her heel into her lower back.

Anastasia was in the very unfortunate position of being completely unable to help. The elevator was slow going down, but it felt even slower going up. Thankfully she had a good view of the battle at hand, and was able to see how well they were doing. Indris at least. Indris was unsurprisingly more than prepared for the possibility of these bastards coming back to ambush them, and wasted no time teaching them the error of their ways. Anastasia was surprised how fast she managed to take CeeCee and the Luchiphine down. She expected this group to be more trouble given they had the audacity to attack them, but perhaps they just expected Indris and Ignia to be weaker than they were. Wouldn’t be surprising given how unassuming they look. Whatever their reason, CeeCee went down in one fell swoop, and Luciphine didn’t fare much better. Anastasia was impressed to say the least, she knew all of the chimeras were powerful but Indris seemed potently so. Not to say Ignia and Idalia weren’t monsters in combat themselves. Anastasia seriously wished she could have been a part of that, but this damn elevator was too slow. She gave the elevator a stomp as if that would somehow solve anything and looked towards Ignia’s fight.

Ignia seemed to be doing quite well herself. It was clear Alesandra was even out of her league. Which is a shame, cause Ana managed to put up a better fight. Though she knew how annoying not being able to see was. Alesandra couldn’t even get a hit in though before she was sent into the forest with a nauseating impact. She almost decided to start cheering until she noticed that the beast that seemed to be working for the group was still standing. Anastasia didn’t even try to understand why a beast of such size was doing their bidding, perhaps magic of some sort. Regardless, the beast began turning the tables on Ignia. Despite Ignia’s best efforts she couldn’t land any kind of hit on the beast. The beast didn’t share the same problem though, and after chasing Ignia around a bit it only needed a single hit to down Ignia. Thankfully Ignia had her chimera powers to save her as usual, and Anastasia hoped she would be able to return the favor. But when the giant paw landed on Ignia, Anastasia couldn’t help but wince and yell up. “Get your filthy paws off her you mutt!” She knew her words meant nothing to it or anything else, but it made her feel like she was at least a part of the damn fight. She couldn’t even do anything, she was just an observer and now Ignia was in trouble. This is exactly why Anastasia didn’t wanna go down the elevator in duo’s. The situation only got worse when the beast grabbed Ignia and bolted into the forest. No no no, this was not good. It only took a few seconds for Anastasia to realize that Indris couldn’t catch it either.

Anastasia yelled in sync with Indris. She wasn’t about to lose one of her best friends again. Her hands clenched onto one of her chains that surrounded her, her knuckles graying from how hard she clutched them. She followed Indris’s path towards the were-beast, who seemed to be the leader of the group given their past encounters. “02, keep and eye on Lucephine and Alesandra to make sure they don’t manage to escape.” She said without breaking her eyes off CeeCee. When she reached CeeCee, she casually reached down and grabbed her by the throat, easily hefting her up, making sure Indris’s heal scraped down her back as she picked her up. She lifted CeeCee above her head, so CeeCee’s body was feet off the ground. Her grip was like iron, only barely gentle enough to keep from suffocating the were-beast. “You’re going to get that damn cock-sucker back here with Ignia right now before I show you the meaning of pain.” Anastasia growled, the chains that surrounded her swirled around her violently, rattling as they do.

CeeCee didn’t spend much time watching the battle, she was focused on crawling away toward the treeline. She didn’t make it too far before she felt the heel of the boot pressing her into the ground. It wasn’t hard to guess that it was Indris. A boot to the back was about the most pleasant thing that had happened today. CeeCee honestly barely felt the Chimera trying to stab her with her boot heel. With everything she had been through in the last week alone so far this was a cake walk.
CeeCee was relieved when Anastasia didn’t just stomp her head into the ground. She was a little less relieved when she started to choke her and lift her up into the air. “Not a chance!” She managed to squeak out before she pushed her four spider arms down onto Anastasia’s arms, holding herself up and relieving some of the pressure.

Indris held up a hand and began charging electricity into her palm, causing it to arc off of the ground. “Well, if you’re not going to work with us, we’ll just have to electrocute you until you do. If that doesn’t work, I’ve already considered the possibility of skinning you alive and pitching you over the cliff. Resistance is futile, especially since failing to convince you would just mean we have to hunt down your pet… a second electric shock was going to bring it down, so it’s not as though it can fight us off.” she said, her expression cold and calculating. Meanwhile, Idalia was watching Alessandra, who was unconscious, and Lucephine, who was visibly trying to get The Violator to come back out of her shadow, but lacked the strength to succeed, which just left her growling into the ground as she laid mostly still.

Anastasia wasn’t playing games with this werebeast fucker. As soon as she made it clear that she wasn’t going to cooperate, Anastasia tightened her grip around her throat, easily enough to stop any airflow before lifting her up further and smashing the face of the werebeast onto the ground as hard as she could. She then let go, but only for a second before the various chains that surrounded her seemed to read her mind and wrapped themselves around the girls legs and arms, hoisting her up, bounding her to whatever ethereal realm the chains came from. The chains stretched her legs and arms enough to where the muscles started straining. Anastasia’s emotions were on overdrive, causing the bright blue, cold as can be substance to drip from her body. Anastasia growls after Indris says her piece. “And if electricity or flailing you doesn’t get you to talk, I’m sure we can come up with all sorts of ways to make you finally speak up.”

CeeCee yelped as she went from quite high up in the air to almost a foot deep in the ground very quickly. Somehow she managed to not break anything as she collided with the earth but the impact left her head spinning. She was already weak from the electrocution so the chains quite easily wrapped around her and lifted her back up. Never had she found herself so quickly changing from being suspended to pressed into the ground, and vice versa. She coughed out a mouthful of dirt and grass as she listened to Indris’ plan to get her to talk. Sure it was frightening but she had already had two doses of the electricity, and she doubted it would change her mind. And if she managed to survive having a city fall on her head, she was sure the cliff wouldn’t be enough to snuff her out. The skinning however was a terrifying prospect. But if she had any chance of making it out of here alive she would need to stay tough. “There’s no way you could find him, or keep up with him. Your sister is gone, and will not be coming back.”

Indris raised an eyebrow “Well, your call.” she then fired off a charge of electricity that was so powerful that it sounded as though thunder was booming in CeeCee’s ears as the electricity arced off of her, setting nearby trees on fire, rapidly heating up the parts of the chains that were touching CeeCee’s skin, causing them to burn chain-link patterns into her bare skin. After nearly a full minute of discharging electricity into CeeCee, charring various parts of her skin, Indris finally stops. A black cloud of smoke rises off of CeeCee and into the air, which causes Indris to slowly wave it away with a hand. “There’s a lot more where that came from, so, once again, where is my sister, where is your Lapdog taking her?” she asks, as she holds out her palm again and begins charging more electricity into her palm, the arcs already starting to set blades of grass on fire.

Anastasia kind of knew what to expect and thus anticipated the bolt of electricity from Indris. Apparently she wasn’t as prepared as she thought as the loud bolt of thunder combined with the blast of heat that radiated off of where the werebeast was caused her to jump a little. It was a lot more intense than Anastasia expected, and for a second it seemed so intense Ana was convinced that Indris killed her. Surprisingly though, she lived. Indris probably had a lot more control over her electricity than she gave her credit for. Anastasia then shrugs and figures they might as well start the flailing. She grabs an arrow from her pack, pricking her finger with it to test its sharpness. It was to no ones surprise extremely sharp. Anastasia then walked closer to the girl and lifted the arrow to start. Just before she made the first incision though, Ana stopped and thought for a moment before grinning. “You seem to be hot, let me help cool you off.” She then brings the arrow to her own skin, dipping the head in her bright blue ectoplasm before unceremoniously jabbing the arrowhead into CeeCee’s right cheek, just below her eye and cutting upwards, letting the ectoplasm seep into the open wounds, and CeeCee’s eye.

CeeCee had plenty of near death experiences, this one though may have been the closest she ever felt to Pradera’s Forest. The moment the lightning hit her, her vision went white and a low hum washed over her ears. She could smell juniper and maple, and the scent of countless beasts on the wind. But then she could smell flesh, and blood, and burnt hair. And the low hum became a terrible ring. Her eyes finally adjusted and she raised her head just in time to see Anastasia plunging an arrowing into her face. She screamed, loud enough to wake the dead, but she still couldn’t hear a thing. It took all her restraint not to move, she wanted to jerk away but she knew that if she did, the arrow would most certainly cause more harm. So she stayed painfully still as the impossibly cold arrowhead tore through her flesh and sliced into her eye. She merely shook in pain unable to speak and barely able to draw breath. Every one of her muscles were clenched painfully as she shivered and convulsed. “Isuelt” She whispered, unable to register her own voice.

“Oh really? What’s in Isuelt that you’re taking my sister there?” she asks CeeCee when she’s sure her head is no longer ringing. “If I don’t like your answer, I’ll strike you again.” she says, holding her hand closer to CeeCee, letting her feel the electricity arcing off of her palm, each arc feeling like a hot poker being jabbed into her through her armor. “You may want to think carefully before answering, wonder to yourself whether or not what you’re telling us is the truth. If you manage to convince us of the wrong answer, you can rest assured that we’ll back to finish the job… you… your team… you’re all weaklings, you dropped like pathetic mooks from a single attack, so you most certainly can’t stop us.” she says, the arcing electricity growing even hotter and more painful, becoming more frequent.

Anastasia wasn’t sure she believed that answer. Why would they possibly take her to Isuelt, and more importantly, why cant this girl call back her pet. Either the pet isn’t as trained as it should be, or she was dealing with something she couldn’t control in the first place. The very thought of that caused Anastasia to tighten the chains around her arms and legs, bending them and causing them to start peeling off a few layers of skin as she does so. It wouldn’t be much longer before they had the power to break the bones. “Can you not call that beast back? Do you really think trying to trick us will save you at this point?” Anastasia then rips the arrow out of the girls eye, then dipped the arrow in more of the ectoplasm before gently putting it on CeeCee’s collar, letting the coldness of it do its work. She looks over at Indris, clear annoyance on her face. “If she doesn’t give us any answers soon can I just toss her off the edge? She wont be any use anyway.”

“There are no tricks. There’s an alchemist in Isuelt who agreed to cure me of this arachnoid affliction. But she wanted one of you three to experiment on. My daughter wasn’t satisfactory enough, she had heard of Idalia the hound of Baskerville but said that either of you other sisters would do as well.” She said arching her back in order to stay away from the electricity. “FUUUCK!!!” She shouted as the arrow was torn from her eye. Her left eye laid totally limp and her sense of depth vanished as her still working eye twitched around trying to make sense of her environment. “I need to send a message through a tree to call him back, he’s gone too far at this point to hear a normal call. And it needs to be old, an elm or an ash.” She said now feeling the burn at both ends from the electricity and the ectoplasm.

Indris stared blankly at CeeCee as she told her a blatant lie. “Well, for one, the existence of Chimera is nearly a secret, people who have heard of the Black Hound of Baskerville only know that a black monster burned the village down. For another, nobody knows that I’m a Chimera, they believe that I know electric magic. For another, Ignia isn’t even known to exist by anyone but the Bartons and us, the people in Kort, in fact, where she was living, only know that she’s a little girl who takes Guild Quests. Clearly you think we’re either bluffing or stupid.” she then turned to Anastasia “Yeah, I agree with throwing her over the edge of the cliff, she clearly doesn’t care about her life. We know where Ignia is, anyway.” she says, letting her electricity dissipate and placing her hands on her hips.

Anastasia couldn’t agree with Indris more when she finished talking. Anastasia knew CeeCee would somehow have to be in cahoots with the Bartons. She remembered seeing her in Barton gear beforehand, and even if she didn’t only the Bartons would want to capture a chimera for ‘study.’ Her employer was thus really obvious. She proceeds to walk in front of CeeCee and gives her a faint smile. “Well, you had your chance, I’m sure the rats will be happy.” With that, the chains lift CeeCee up in the air like she was just a rag doll, obviously ready to fling her off the edge at a moments notice.

CeeCee clung to the little glimmer of hope she had left, if they took her to a tree Pradera would heal her and there was a chance she could escape. They ignored her request to be taken to a tree though, and they seemed ready to bring her to her end. “You’ll spare my life if I tell you where she's really going?” She asked Anastasia, while glancing off towards the cliff.

Anastasia hesitates for a moment, looking at Indris before shrugging then looking back at CeeCee. “So you freely admit to lying before? If you would just simply bring her back you would not be in this situation right now… But sure, enlighten me with the truth.” She emphasizes the word truth in a way that showed Ana probably wouldn’t believe CeeCee no matter what she said at this point.

“The only dishonest part is the location. And to be honest I don’t know how to tell you where it is. The woman who wants Ignia is from Vitra. It’s a strange city that’s on a different plane. If that makes any sense. When we first crossed paths it was barely a league away from us. But the entrance can move, and be in multiple places at once. She does want to experiment on her, that much is true. And she very well may be an alchemist, I’m not really sure what she is…” Replied CeeCee.

Indris looked at Anastasia with a look that said ‘Look at all of this bullshit’, then turned back to CeeCee “Well, thank you for your newfound honesty… Anastasia, please, let her go.” she says, with a smirk, so that Anastasia knew how she meant it. She then made her way over to Idalia and whispered something in her ear, despite the fact Idalia wouldn’t be able to respond due to the visor.

Anastasia frowns at the girls newfound story. She nodded at Indris when Indris looked at her. Clearly CeeCee though they were fucking stupid, or maybe CeeCee was fucking stupid. Or maybe both. Cause now apparently an interdimensional city that never stayed in one place was where she was being taken… Despite the fact it constantly moved and a beast wouldn’t be able to find it. Regardless, the answer was obvious. Only Barton wanted the chimeras, Ana saw CeeCee in Barton clothing. Therefor Ignia was being taken to Barton. “Alright, I’ve had enough, what a waste of fucking time.” Anastasia murmured. The chains then lifted CeeCee higher into the air and began tossing her around like a doll, catching her midair and throwing with such force there was no way joints weren’t being dislocated or bones broken. Anastasia definitely made sure of this as she used the chains to bend back CeeCee’s legs and arms so even if she did survive the fall somehow she couldn’t move. With that, she slammed CeeCee onto the ground once more, no doubt cracking a few ribs, before flinging her off the edge unceremoniously. The chains retreated back to their normal position around her and she walked over to Indris and Idalia. “Alright, lets head back to that wretched place. We’ll be able to track it with how huge it is, it’ll leave one hell of a trail… 02, follow me” Anastasia then began running off towards the Barton castle, more than a little pissed off at this entire situation. Can’t she ever catch a break?

CeeCee had suspected the truth was even less believable than the story she had spun. Even if she had said it first she doubted it would have made a difference. Still, Anastasia and some of the Chimeras had seen the city of glass, they all passed it when they first met. But they didn’t wish to believe it. CeeCee thought this fate would come to her the second Anastasia stepped off the cliff, but they opted for a bit of torture first. After she could tell that Indris wasn’t buying the truth a slow sodden breath left her. She closed both her eyes and said a quick prayer to her goddess before being painfully flung through the air and twisted into a pretzel. The pain of having literally everything broken all at once was too much and CeeCee passed out as she began falling into the pit.


When CeeCee wakes, she doesn't feel as all as though her limbs are broken, or as though she had been thrown over the edge of a cliff, she instead feels light, as though there's no weight to her body. When she looks down at her body, she finds that she's partly transparent, and giving off a green glow. Rather than wearing what she had when she passed out before, she's wearing the same clothes that she had on when she first left Calt.

Rather than the wetlands, she's surrounded by green trees, and the ground is covered with flowers and green grass. Behind her is a stream, with no sign of any monsters in it, and above her the sky is partly cloudie, and sunny, despite the fact that it was night when she had lost consciousness. Nearby, to her right, is a dirt path through the woods. A short distance down the path, CeeCee can see a bear that seems to be sitting in a tree's shade, though rather than resting, CeeCee gets the feeling that he's waiting for something.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After Ophelia finished explaining what Lady Techra was to her, Alice, Annie, and Aurora stared at her for a long moment, not saying anything, until Annie finally spoke up. “That sounds to me like you’ve been her slave up until recently.” Annie said, before adding “That really doesn’t change what we’re doing here, but I’m happy that you’re free to pursue what makes you happy now, and I’m glad to help you with your goals at hand.” after which Alice spoke up as well, as she hugged Ophelia tightly “Nobody can ever enslave you again, I’ll JUSTICE PAWNCH them if they try! We all have each other now, so nothing can ever break us apart, and I’ll never let anything hurt you, or make you sad, or force you to do anything against your will.” she said, kissing Ophelia on the lips deeply. Lily then added “Sewvass?” cocking her head, and taking Verger’s guitar off her back, strumming once and saying in a relatively good sing-song voice “JAWSTIIICE~” before putting it away and moving over to Annie and Alice, hugging them both. Aurora then, looking slightly nervous as if she didn’t belong, commented “W-well… I’m happy to help in your endeavor in anyway that I can… I don’t think anyone should be enslaved, and I’m morally obligated to help anyone that’s in danger… I’ll gladly help however I can.” she almost mumbled.

Selvaria listens on quietly as Ophelia explains her circumstances and what mission they were setting out to accomplish. She had never heard of this Lady Techra, but she did not sound like a particularly pleasant person to interact with from what she had been told so far. Still, Selvaria knew all too well the feelings of loyalty towards ones who raised her, even if those people did not deserve it. And she could not help but admire Ophelia's courage to recognize it as such and attempt to leave that person. It was a courage that Selvaria had always lacked, and she can't help but wonder now what her life would be like if she had attempted to do what Ophelia was now. Feeling the odd woman out, Selvaria was content to remain silent, but seeing how Aurora clearly felt the same and still spoke up in encouragement for Ophelia, it wouldn't feel right to let her do so alone. "This is part of my agreement with Annie, so of course I will do my utmost to help you succeed in this endeavor." Selvaria says quietly, but then feeling as this is not enough, adds "And I would very much like to help you be free as well. If you will allow me, of course." Selvaria tells Ophelia, giving the Wanderer a small reassuring smile. She knew that if she were even considering what Ophelia was going to do, she would be quaking with fear. Trying to reassure the other woman was the least she could do.

Ophelia's instinctive reaction is to shout down Annie. How Lady Techra raised Ophelia and would never do something like enslaving her! It is only her knowledge of Annie's character that checks that instinct. Because Annie is very much unlikely to say something without having some thought put into it. So before she can deny Annie's words, she has to figure out Annie's thoughts. A slave is one with no freedoms, no payment for their services, and no prospects for escaping or improving their lives. Going off of that definition... Ophelia fits the mold. The only freedom she had was to determine how she killed her targets. Beyond that, she did not do a thing without her Lady's explicit permission. She most certainly did not garner a wage like the rest of Lady Techra's servants. One could make the argument her room and board were her payment, but given that many servants live on the estate and still receive a wage would nullify that statement. And while she was never supervised for her assignments, until recently she did not have the mindset necessary to change how things were. She had been conditioned to want to kill as an escape for the boredom and lack of things to do while on the Estate. Somehow that seems worse than a physical restraint, being built up in such a way that she did not even contemplate simply not completing her assignment and running away to a better life. So... for all technical definitions, yes, Ophelia was a slave to Lady Techra. A rather sick feeling develops in her stomach. How much longer would she have taken to come to this conclusion without Annie and Alice? WOULD she have come to that conclusion? She already knew she did not wish to be in Lady Techra's service anymore, but to equate it to slavery... she shudders.

She allows herself to be comforted by the reassurances of Annie and Alice, especially in Alice's kiss. She is not sure Lily understands what is going on at all, she most certainly does not understand what "Sewvass" means (she mentally ups her time tables for introducing proper pronunciation to Lily), but she allows her charge's innocence to ground her a bit. She notices how awkward both Selvaria and Aurora seem to be about the situation since they do not seem to have much at stake in it, but she appreciates their willingness to assist her anyway. "Thank you. All of you. I could not do this without you." She says, barely able to get her voice above a whisper due to the emotion running through her.


After their preparations are complete, and the group moves out, making their way to the estate. Ophelia leads the group to the alleyway where he secret entrance to the estate is located. The spare bits of trash are still where she left them to cover the slab of stone that hides the secret entrance that she had used to exit the passageway that leads far outside of the estate. After the group verifies that nobody is around, Alice uses one hand to lift the slab, and allows everyone to slip into the passage, before dropping it closed. Once inside, Alice comments “Wow, it’s pitch black down here, I can’t see anything.” to which Annie replies “Ophelia can see in the dark, she doesn’t need lighting.” after which Lily simply repeats back to her “Dawk?” cocking her head, then she grabs Ophelia’s hand without having to feel around at all, smiling up at her as she does. Annie and Alice then each felt around until they managed to find Ophelia’s shoulders, each grabbing one so that she can lead the way. Aurora grabs Alice’s free hand, then holds her hand out for Selvaria to grab.

When Ophelia leads them through the tunnels to the secret entrance to the estate, she finds that the bookcase to her room is completely missing, leaving the tunnel system in plain view if one were to walk into the darkness of her room. As the group enters the room, they find that it wasn’t just the shelf missing, but everything that had been in Ophelia’s room, leaving it even more empty than usual. When they entered the room, Aurora suddenly said “O-oh yeah… I can do this.” she then held out an arm, and her Shield of Light was summoned, which lit up the room, allowing them to see the marks where furniture used to be. Annie let go of Ophelia’s shoulder, then crouched on the ground at the secret entrance that they had just entered through, and had a close look at the floor and the wall. “Just as I thought, there used to be something here, blocking the tunnel.” she said, rubbing at the floor with her thumb where marks had been left by the shelf. “It looks like it was a shelf of some sort...” she adds, standing back up and looking around the room. Alice looked at the entrance of tunnel and shrugged “I guess they decided that they didn’t care if someone found the entrance…? Maybe they decided that it was just taking up space… along with everything else in the room.” she said, motioning around her at the empty room. Aurora scratched her head “Something’s wrong...” she said, looking around at the room, then at the door. Lily let go of Ophelia’s hand, then walked over to where Annie had crouched, and mimicked her movements, rubbing at the marks on the floor, before standing up and pointing at the spot, repeating “Shewf!” back to the group. Annie smiled at her, then turned back to Ophelia “I suppose we should move deeper into the estate, there’s not much to look at here.” she said, motioning towards the door.

Selvaria took the time to make sure she was well prepared before they left. Once changed out of her swimsuit, she inspected her gear for any tears or defects at least four or five times over and made a point to clean her rifle and take stock of her ammunition just as many times. She was always meticulous in maintaining her gear, but this time even more so as she had managed to salvage some new gear from their fight the day before and she hadn't had time to look it over until now. It was likely that they were walking into a dangerous situation, and it was more than just her own fate that rode on this. Failure here could spell doom for all of them, a burden Selvaria had rarely had to bear. With that in mind, she took a moment to close her eyes and clear her thoughts as well. Many things had happened this morning to put her heart and mind into turmoil. Going into battle in such a state could lead to no good. Once she is certain that she is prepared, both physically and mentally, Selvaria straps her rifle over one shoulder and lets Felix rest on her other, giving her blob a smile and a quick kiss before following the others out into the city.

Selvaria cannot help but feel a certain sense of deja vu as she finds herself once again ducking into an alleyway where there is a hidden tunnel that Alice so handily uncovers. First the train and now this. It was strange to think that she had lived in this city for some time and was blissfully unaware of all the secrets that lay just beneath the surface. Unlike the tunnel she had followed to Skyrille's train, there was no lighting, and given Ophelia's ability to see in the dark, it was obviously because there was no point to it since the tunnel was apparently solely for her use. Though Selvaria's bird like qualities gave her excellent eyesight, even that did little to help her in the face of such darkness. Feeling Aurora's hand reach out to her, she takes it with a brief word of thanks and follows cautiously along. If they were attacked down here, they would be completely unable to fight back.... Thankfully, that isn't the case and they reach the end unharmed. The room they emerge into is just as dark as the tunnel they had come from, but thankfully Aurora remembers that she can produce light. A useful ability in this case and one that would have been helpful earlier, but Selvaria keeps that comment to herself. Instead she unslings her rifle from her shoulder and keeps it at the ready, unsure of what threats may await them here. Selvaria is unsure of what to make of the empty room, other than that she did not quite buy into Alice's logic. Why have a secret tunnel if you aren't going to hide it after all? "Were the contents of this room valuable? Perhaps it was stolen." Selvaria wonders aloud, though truly only Ophelia could answer that. Annie was correct, there really wasn't much to look at in here, though the absence of what should be present could have some meaning. "Yes, we should confirm the status of the rest of the estate before we jump to any conclusions." She says, nodding along with the detective. If the rest of it was just as empty as this room, then perhaps Lady Techra had moved away for some reason. Or perhaps she truly had been robbed of her possessions.

Ophelia is somewhat regretful she has to change out of her swimsuit, but she cannot fight in case they run into something on the way or, somehow, in the Estate itself and being unable to defend those she cares for is unacceptable. So she gets geared up, makes sure the pack with the egg is very much secured to her person, and then prepares herself mentally as much as she can. She can do this. She can demand her freedom from her Lady and end her life of murder. She does wonder... would Annie and Alice stay with her if they knew how many she had killed? That she did so for no other reason but because she was told to? No justification, no force, just an order that was so easily followed? It seems against the very JUSTICE Alice espouses. She knows that Masino herself knows and does not care after converting, but would Alice feel the same? Would Annie understand? Or would she be repulsed? Regret bearing a child to such a twisted soul? After this is all said and done, she needs to sit down and have this conversation. Hiding it from them does nothing but make her feel like she is tricking them. They need to have a conversation anyway addressing Annie's sleep schedule and Alice's heavy handedness when it comes to forcing JUSTICE on her children, but she supposes this one needs to come first. After all, if things go wrong here, there will not be a need. She will still be a slave and they will be forced to separate.

She shakes her thoughts away. This is not the time to stack such weight on herself. Instead, she focuses on showing them the way to the passage she is so familiar with and then acting as their guide when they enter. She is so used to the utter darkness that it did not occur to her that the others would have an issue with it. Thankfully, with Ophelia herself not down here to act as gatekeeper, this passage is as safe as can be. She tilts her head in confusion when Lily seems to seek her out without problem though. "Lily, can you see? You managed to find me without guidance." The question has to be asked, she supposes. It could just be the young one is somehow in tune with her mother, but if there is someone else capable of finding their way through here then they should know.

She stops in shock as the bookcase separating her room from the passage is completely missing. She begins to develop an uneasy feeling in her stomach. Lady Techra would never open herself up to danger like this, especially with Ophelia out on assignment. Her feeling deepens when she realizes not just the bookcase is missing, but everything in her room is gone as well. That Aurora agrees with her instinct only makes it worse. "There was nothing of value in this room." She says, replying to both Annie and Selvaria. "After all, this is where I lived. If I were not on assignment, I was here. This is the only part of the Estate I have ever seen. There was a bookcase in front of the tunnel to hide its presence from casual view, though if someone were to witness it in the first place... well, I was to be a secret. Only Lady Techra and a select few servants knew of my existence. Anyone else, I was to eliminate with extreme prejudice to keep the secret." She has already determined that she needs to tell them how she lived, so this taste will be a good benchmark as to how they will react. "In the mental state I was in at the time, there was no right or wrong nor were there reasons to question my assignment. Lady Techra ordered it and so it was done without hesitation. For that same reason, I never questioned why I merely had a bookshelf for hiding the tunnel, a bed to rest in, a place to store my equipment, and a shower for cleanliness and nothing else. Lady Techra did not tell me to think about it, so I did not. On the same token, I do not understand why the room has been emptied. Without me to stand guard in front of the tunnel, anyone who discovered the secret passage would have free reign to the rest of the Estate. Something is terribly wrong here." Following that statement, she makes to leave the room and find the way upstairs. The sooner they see just what is going on, the sooner they can resolve things.

When Ophelia asks Lily if she can see in the dark, she cocks her head and a confused expression crosses her face, but all the same, she nods. “See fffffine!” she says, her face shifting from confusion to a smile, though she hadn’t said it loud enough for the others to hear. When Ophelia explains to them how she was forced to live, Alice shows clear disgust “Forcing you to kill people like that rather than doing it herself is pretty barbaric. I’m sorry you had to go through that, Hel.” she said, giving Ophelia a gentle hug. Meanwhile Annie responded with “I imagine that if this wasn’t all you knew, the story would be a bit different. Don’t feel bad for being enslaved and indoctrinated, especially now that you’ve freed yourself and intend to make that clear to your slaver.” Annie said. Aurora merely nodded with what he two others said, opting not to comment, seemingly. Lily, meanwhile, was walking around and spinning in the emptiness of the room. When Ophelia moves to leave, the others follow quietly.

When Ophelia and the others enter the next room, the door suddenly slams behind them all. They found themselves in a wide open room, which was just as empty of furniture and decorations as Ophelia’s former room, however the room was filled with strange creatures that Ophelia had never seen before, standing on the bare tile floor. The creatures had mostly black forms, and each wore differing attire. One kind had blue hands, feet, tails and the tip of his head, wearing a mask with a beak and vented eye holds, with their chest bear, and baggy brown pants. Another was wearing a strange metal helmet with bars over the face, and baggy coveralls, the tips of his arms, legs, and head green. Yet another seemed to wear no clothes at all, and his body cycled between red and black. All of them had glowing yellow eyes and seemed to be made of a strange black substance that was neither solid nor liquid. At the front of the room was a set of double doors, which was chained and barred shut with metal bars and metal chains, and on the other side of the room was man in golden armor standing on a balcony overlooking the rest of the room. The man was wearing a white hood which strangely seemed to make his face completely black despite Ophelia’s night vision, a pair of golden constructs on his back which resembled wings, and a white loin cloth with his strangely perfectly crafted golden armor, and had one hand planted on the railing. “Ah, ladies, welcome.” he said, the creatures below remaining quiet as the man spoke “I knew that if we waited long enough, we wouldn’t have to search for you, we’d only have to wait. I understand that your kind, the Vagabonds, cannot be recognized twice, however… no other Vagabonds have reason to return here, let alone with a group of misguided Paladins and… that thing.” he said, pointing at Lily with a black gloved finger. As the man pointed, beams of light suddenly shot out of his back, and drooped downward, as if the light was affected by the force of gravity, but only partly.

Alice took a step forward and slipped her Vorpal Blade from her sheath and held it at the ready “Who are you and what do you want with Ophelia!?” she said, her voice demanding but steady, as she trained her eyes on the man, a cold expression that Ophelia hadn’t witnessed up until now on her face. Annie threw the tails of her overcoat back and slipped two of her Steam Pistols from their holsters and readied them “You’re not a mere man, I want to know, not only who you are, but what you are.” she said, however the slight change in her voice inflection was the sort that she used when asking a question that she already knew the answer to, not as to who the man was, but what he was, and more as though she wanted him to confirm her conclusion for her. Annie then added “I also want you to understand that Lily isn’t a thing, and you should refrain from referring to her as you just did” her voice becoming as even as usual. Aurora, however, followed up Annie’s question with a statement “Uhm. There’s an Angel in Lady Techra’s estate.” she said flatly, though she hadn’t drawn her weapons yet, she was gazing in wonder at the Angel. Lily, meanwhile, cocked her head and pointed at herself in confusion as the Angel continued pointing at her, as if to say “Who? Me?”, but instead she replied “I n-not fffing, Lily perrrson!” she says.

Ophelia nods when Lily says she can see just fine. So the young girl has what Annie called Night Vision as well. At the very least, that means she never has to worry about losing Lily in a dark place. No matter what, her charge will be able to find her. She smiles at the fact that it seems Lily is just as confused about everyone else's inability to see in the dark as Ophelia was and occasionally continues to be. Such a normal thing to the both of them that none of the others can do... well, she supposes it would be like trying to describe things to the blind. Things that come natural to you is utterly alien to them.

When Alice insults Lady Techra, she is once more forced to squash the rising instinct to shout the paladin down. From her new perspective, and knowing Alice, forcing someone else to do all of the dirty work, especially for something as frowned upon as killing, would look bad to most others. Ophelia has long since been desensitized to it so she would not know, but she does know that Alice has a valid complaint. Enslaved was a word that Ophelia had gotten used to thinking of in terms of herself. Indoctrinated... well, she needs a minute to even remember what that word means. While she likes to think of herself as intelligent, she knows that she can barely read, her writing is likely atrocious, and her vocabulary is lacking in certain places. She speaks the way she does simply because most of her targets were of the upper class so they were the ones she studied the most, not because she chose to thanks to higher learning. Thinking about the word, she remembers hearing it in conjunction with a cult she once was ordered to avoid. She did not question why she did so at the time since, to Lady Techra, most if not all religions praising a Goddess is a cult. She remembers her Lady mentioning not to allow them to brainwash her into their way of thinking. That would be indoctrination. ...she does not wish to think about it any longer. It is beginning to frankly be disturbing the amount of things she missed while under Lady Techra's power.

Thankfully her thought process is disturbed when the door slams behind them. She is not sure if this room is supposed to be devoid of all furniture, but the fact that it is is disturbing. The strange creatures, some of them somewhat similar in the face to Selvaria's Necro-Blob, only further her feelings of unease. Unease morphs into alarm she sees the other way out has been sealed, making escape impossible unless they destroy the obstacles. Alarm transforms into wariness when the man reveals himself and she finds that her eyes can't pierce his hood despite her ability to see in the darkest night. The wings on his back only further her wariness and she finds herself placing her hands so that she can grab her weapon quickly. It somehow is not at all surprising when he reveals that he has been waiting for her. There is not any other reason for staging an inescapable conflict such as this. "Given that you were searching for me, can I assume that you are related to the Goo Assassin that made an attempt on my life not too long ago?" She says, deciding to get the more obvious part of this dance out of the way. She finds herself growling when he refers to Lily as a thing, however. While his lightshow is impressive, it is rather hard to see it through her rage. If he had referred to Ophelia as a thing, she could deal with it. She has heard such comments her entire life. Lily, however, is much too pure to be referred to in such a way. She forces herself to swallow her anger, however. They need information and they cannot get it if she charges headlong into battle. If even Alice can restrain herself enough to ask questions, she can do the same.

She briefly looks at Aurora when she mentions that the man standing in front of them is an Angel. Were those not supposed to be servants of Sirius? Why would one of them have anything to do with her given how little his Goddess seems to care about anything that goes on in Chaldea? Regardless, this may present a problem. She is not sure who Aurora would side with if forced to choose between Alice and a messenger of the Goddess she serves. She keeps a wary eye on her for now until she can figure out which way Aurora will fall. "An Angel? A servant of Sirius, yes? May I ask what business you and/or your Goddess would have with me and what involvement Lady Techra has in it? Where is Lady Techra for that matter?" She might as well fish for as much information as possible. The more she knows, the more angles she knows to expect future assassins from. As a side thought, she reaches over and pats Lily. "Yes, you are most definitely a person. Do not let him or anyone attempt to tell you otherwise." It is a lesson Ophelia herself had to learn, so imparting it on her charge is only the responsible thing to do.

Listening to Ophelia describe her life living in this estate with Lady Techra caused Selvaria's heart to ache. Not only because it was a cruel way to force someone to live, but the way Ophelia described how she followed her lady's orders without question, no matter what harm they caused, once again reminded her of how she had lived much of her life as well. Selvaria wanted desperately to be able to provide some sort of solace to Ophelia, yet she did not know what she could do. She did not know what words to say, nor what actions could make those words reach the Wanderer. And in the end, perhaps she didn't have to. After all, while Selvaria had faced the weight of her actions alone, Ophelia had Alice and Annie and Lily by her side. Perhaps that would be enough, and any clumsy attempts at comforting from her were not needed.

Regardless, that had little to do with the task at hand. Selvaria decides her silence and her focus were the best things she could offer Ophelia now. Their trek through the estate reveals first a room just as devoid of any furnishings as the last. But this time they were not alone, and the door slamming behind them of it's own accord signaled that they had walked into a trap. The creatures that awaited them did not look particularly threatening... In fact, they were actually kind of cute in a way, but Selvaria knew that that did not mean they were not deadly in their own way. The truly threatening one looked to be the hooded man who looked down on them from the balcony. He had been expecting them from the sound of things, though Selvaria had no idea why that would be. Aurora's statement that this man is an Angel is especially alarming given that they seemed to be trapped in here with this man and his minions. She had heard of Angel's of course, but she had never seen one before. Surely being a Paladin of Sirius, Aurora would know better than any of them though. Ophelia had questioning his purpose of being here covered, but there was one thing he said that bothered Selvaria that the others seemed to have overlooked, perhaps in their understandable anger. "Do you know something about Lily, that we do not?" Selvaria asks, finally speaking up for the first time in a while. Lily was a complete mystery to them, but it seemed odd for this Angel to refer to her in such a way unless he knew something about where she had come from perhaps.

When Alice asks the man who he is, he seemingly ignores her entirely, however when Annie asks him what he is, he merely nods towards Aurora, when she states that he’s an Angel, then proceeds to ignore her comment that he shouldn’t refer to Lily as a thing.

When the Slime Assassin is mentioned by Ophelia, slime begins pouring from the ceiling and onto the floor, pooling in the middle of the crowd of strange creatures, forcing them to step to the side. After the flow stops, the slime creature from before slowly forms from the puddle. “You rang, filthy Gray-Skin?” he says, in his voice that sounds like a person speaking from beneath the water, though his voice is notably more nasal than the group had noticed before. The Angel seems to ignore the creature’s presence “Indeed. He is one of my tools to prevent opposition to the will of our Goddess, which these foolish, misguided Paladins have been acting against.” he says. When Ophelia asks the Angel about his servitude to Sirius and how Lady Techra falls into his business, he sounds as though he starts to laugh or chuckle, but instead replies, his voice sounding as though it has a built-in mild echo “I do indeed serve Sirius and carry out her will. Your Lady Techra had set up for you an assassination after her previous task, and her target was an important figure in funding my Crusade to bring about our Goddess’ will. These creatures you see before you make up my army, and this figure funds the research and manufacture thereof.” he explains. When Ophelia agrees with Lily and agrees that she’s a person, she leans into her head-patting and smiles.

Selvaria then asks a key question, whether or not he knows something about Lily that they as a group do not. “Perhaps you should see for yourself.” he says, snidely, motioning to an area of the room that had previously seemed empty, however when the Angel makes his hand movement, a tentacle forming a sharp edge darts towards Annie. Aurora starts to move to block the attack, while Annie raises her gun and tries to move out of the way, Lily becomes a blur and steps in front of the attack, forming a crude and concave barrier of ice, with cracks in numerous places and icicles hanging off of it. The shield blocks the attack and forces it to bounce off, leaving Annie uninjured. The tentacle then attempts to strike around the ice barrier several more times, Lily increasing the size of the crude, concave hunk of ice and moving it slightly to block the other strikes, while Aurora moves up beside her and assists her in blocking the few she missed which wouldn’t have struck anyone. When the attacks stop, the tentacle retractics and a second slime creature slowly pools out of the corner and forms himself, this one green instead of the purple of the first, and much heavier-looking in his humanoid form. The Angel then speaks up as Lily slowly lets her barrier melt away, hooting softly “As you can see, your Lily isn’t just a girl, she’s an abomination created from beasts found in the wild.” he says. He then adds “I see one of your misguided Paladins is helping your abomination, too. You dare defy our Goddess?” he asks, before adding “Or are you secretly a Death Knight?” in a snide voice. Aurora stands from her battle stance and draws her ivory blade “I’m no Death Knight. Why do you believe that attacking these innocent people is in the interests of our Goddess, Sirius?” she demands. The Angel chuckles softly “You are just as clueless as I originally thought when you arrived here. Your Goddess went dormant because the only species of Chaldean that was supposed to roam this world is the Nephilim. The other Goddesses prevent our Goddess from reaching that goal, so she shut down and stopped calling upon her council. You fool, you’re contributing to your Goddess’ silent and withdrawn state.” he said, pointing to Aurora. Aurora pointed her Ivory Blade at the Angel “I think you’re the one that’s a fool… with all due respect. Our Goddess loves all creatures, so long as they live peacefully with each other, or as much so as they’re able. That’s why she made me a Paladin, and that’s why she loves the Nomads just as she does Nephilim and humans.” she said. The Angel laughed at her “You’re too hopelessly misguided to see the glorious future Sirius had intended with the superior Nephilim species, but that’s why my Crusade is active and moving on to the next phase, once I deal with you. I’m going to turn all Chaldeans into Nephilim in the name of our beautiful and magnificent Goddess.” he says.

Annie shook her head slowly, and Alice rolled her eyes “So, you’re here to make everyone more like you… and you’ve conflated doing that with ‘Sirius’ desiring it.” Annie said, before adding “Of course, I don’t really care what you claim your Goddess wants, I’m going to stop you regardless, because your plan is insane.” she says, to which Alice adds “I’m just going to show you what Great JUSTICE is so that you don’t forget in the future. Of course, my darling friend of JUSTICE Ophelia is going to make sure you learn the lesson twice as effectively.” she said, smiling at Ophelia. The Angel then spoke up again “Bravado isn’t nearly enough to stop the wheels of fate. Glass Castle is going to make every Chaldean a Nephilim, whether you believe in my just cause or not. You may not have recognized that you’re out-matched now, but perhaps… now?” he says, as he snaps his fingers. Suddenly two more Slime Creatures pool into the floor, on the group’s left side and behind them, near the door. The one at their left is the same color as the first, but his entire lower body forms into a mass of tentacles.The one which appears at their back is green, just like the heavier one, but forms into a gigantic snake creature with a red forked tongue lolling from its mouth. The Angel waits for a moment, seemingly for something to happen. Alice looks around, as all of the creatures, the army of creatures and the slimes, seem to be awkwardly awaiting something, then comments “Uhm. Did someone come late?” she asks, puzzled. Lily looks around the room, then lets out a hoot. The Angel looks up at the ceiling “Everyone’s hear but you, stop making us wait.” to which a voice responds “Sorry, I didn’t realize you meant me, too!” this voice being female-sounding, and apologetic. More slime drips from the ceiling and forms into a purple slime girl with long purple hair, and a swarm of blue slime snakes forming from her body.

Selvaria is starting to feel a little out of her depth as she listens to the Angel talk about his plans. She was just a simple mercenary, this talk of assassinations and creating armies was a bit beyond someone like her. From what she could gather, it sounded like Lady Techra was not their enemy here, and in fact was opposed to the Angel who threatened them now. So had this Angel captured Techra? Or had she managed to forsee the danger to her person and fled before the Angel had arrived? It was impossible to say and the Angel had simply brushed off Ophelia's question on her whereabouts, so it would seem that mystery would go unanswered. Actually.... "I would think that if he had captured Lady Techra, that would be something he would use as leverage against you. I cannot say for certain but... At the very least, I do not believe she is here." Selvaria says, quietly enough to be heard by her companions, but not the Angel.

The Angel turns his attention to Selvaria next, answering her question rather vaguely. Seeing that he had apparently signaled an attack on Annie, Selvaria immediately raises her rifle and points it firmly at the Angel, trusting Aurora and Annie to be able to protect themselves. The surprise comes when Lily rushes to their defense, and conjures from nothing a barrier of ice to block the incoming attacks. The ice seems rather crudely formed, an indication of Lily's lack of control over her power, but it was an impressive and effective display nonetheless. Selvaria watches on in awe for a moment, out of the corner of her eye so that she can keep her rifle focused on the Angel. ".... Do not attempt that again." She warns once she recovers from her shock at seeing Lily's abilities. Selvaria feels the temptation to not give him a second chance and put a bullet in his head spike as goes on to insult Aurora as well by asking if she is a Death Knight. Such disrespect for one who shares his faith was uncalled for. She also wanted to tell him that having special abilities did not make Lily an abomination, but based on his cruel demeanor, she felt it would simply be a waste of breath. The contrast between the Angel and Aurora only becomes more apparent as the two converse. It almost sounded like they were talking about two different Goddesses. It was strange to think that so many people worshipped Sirius, yet were completely wrong about her, but then it was true that the Goddess had lay dormant for a long time now. Perhaps her true nature had become lost and distorted over time. It was impossible for Selvaria to say for sure. What she was sure of was that this plan to turn all of Chaldea into Nephilim sounded patently insane. She could not even begin to fathom how such a thing was possible, let alone how this “Glass Castle” would facilitate such a plan. It was clear that this Angel was delusional, but if anything that only made him more dangerous as he was unlikely to listen to reason.

Things were already not looking good, the enemy matched their numbers for a six on six battle by her count, and it only gets worse as two more formidable looking slimes rise up to join in surrounding the group. Selvaria can feel her heart start to pound as panic rises, but she forces herself to stay calm and keep her rifle trained on the Angel, in hopes that no one would make any foolish moves while their leader was in harms way. The air grew heavy as everyone waited in a silent stand off, until the atmosphere was completely ruined by the ditzy female sounding slime who began dripping down from the ceiling with a timing that would have been almost comical were the situation not so tense. Now the numbers advantage tilts even further in the enemy's favor, but they had fought off a superior force just the day before and turned out just fine. Hopefully this would be no different, even though the situation felt much more dire. Selvaria's mind raced with the possibilities as she calculated the best course of action from here. The stand off could only last so long, especially not given the Angel's confidence that he has them out matched. "Big one behind us, should be taken down or at least moved... Need to keep a path to the door clear so we can get out in case things go south." Selvaria mutters, mostly to herself but hopefully her companions would pick up on what she had in mind as a fight seemed all but inevitable now.

A look of disgust overtakes Ophelia's features as the slime assassin comes when called. Because of course he did, he seems to live to be annoying like that. Instead she just sighs her ire. She also finds her ire increasing when she figures out just WHY the slime is so egotistical: He's the manufactured pawn of a self-important maniac. "That does not answer the question of where Lady Techra is currently." She remains him, not expecting much of an answer given how he straight out ignored Alice. Alice is many things. Easy to ignore is not one of them.

Her thoughts are then erased when she sees him attempt to harm Annie. She moves for her Detective, red coloring her vision every step of the way... and then Lily somehow moves even faster, summoning an ice barrier to take the attack. Her eyes narrow at the sight of it though. The wall is... fragile looking. With the cracks and the simple nature of it, it is entirely possible that the barrier could fail to protect the person/people it needs to. Lily also needs more awareness. If she can expand the size of her barrier, then the only reason Aurora needs to step in to assist is because Lily does not see the attacks the need to be blocked. That or Lily decided that she did not need to block them because they would not have struck anyone. She will have to ask later. Her rage reignites when he calls Lily an abomination. "Given you keep the company of literal monsters, I would not be so quick to label others an abomination. All you have shown me is the girl is skilled in Ice magic." While Ophelia wouldn't doubt that Lily could possibly be more than human, that is not what the display she just saw displayed. Lily used Ice to defend Annie. That is the only thing she saw. No transformation, no disfigurement, just a focus that is unusual for the girl. She makes a sound of annoyance when the thing Lily was repelling turns into a second slime. She is beginning to have a great distrust for the things. Not that she trusted them a lot to begin with given that they are most often found in the wild attacking travellers.

Ophelia actually finds her fury draining and her open dropping open when he finishes his rant. Holy shit, he is actually completely, indescribably insane. He... He honestly believes that Sirius is sleeping because the world has more than Nephilim in it? He actually believes he is serving his Goddess by forcing the world into one race. Her head hurts from the sheer stupidity of what she just heard. "I... uh... um... Just... how on Chaldea did you come to such a bone-headed, stupid decision? Sirius is weakened because there is not enough Nephilim? How would that even work? Does Sirius somehow draw life energy from them? Does she use them as a base for her consciousness and it is spread too thin? Help me understand just where this spectacularly retarded idea came from because I am completely and utterly failing to grasp it." She says, placing her head in her hands as she begins to feel a headache come on. "This is even disregarding the fact that your Goddess is looked upon as the kind one. If you go about forcing everyone to become Nephilim, even if it turns out you are correct, EVERYONE WILL HATE HER. She will become the goddess with the LEAST power because NO ONE WILL PRAY TO HER. After all, the last time they did, they got their entire race changed without their consent. And do not even get me started on the racists who believe in the superiority of their own race. How many of them will destroy themselves and others because of this change? Is it not one of the principles of your Goddess to avoid unnecessary suffering? I know no one ACTUALLY follows it and that is one of the reasons I personally do not follow Sirius, but fucking hell, man! As an Angel, you should at least pay lip service to it!" Her inability to understand the stupidity in front of her actually made her curse.

The fact that Annie piles on to what she has said only makes her more sure that the plan laid out before her is so ill-conceived if it were human, it would have been birthed in a dirty back alley, killed its mother on the way out, and then left to die there shortly after. She forces herself to abandon her train of thought when more slimes pop out of nowhere, holding onto it would only cause herself pain that she could ill afford in combat. She begins wondering on the differing personalities of the slime people. The one she fought before is an utter egotist so nothing she says could convince him to back down, but could she convince the slime woman of the error of this plan? Does she have the freedom to turn on her creator? At the very least, she loses nothing from trying. "Ma'am, you sound more intelligent and sensible than the others around here. Please tell me you hear the folly of this plan? A fight will happen here it seems, given the Angel dislikes having us interfere with his plan, but I would rather not fight more people than I have to. Please, disengage. I am not asking you to fight with us, though it would make me happy if you did, just find somewhere else to be for the time being." If the gambit works, great, one less foe to defeat. If it does not... well, would it be for the best if they split the number if enemies? Currently it is the 6 of them versus the 5 slimes and potentially the Angel if he decides to get involved. 6 people all fighting the same targets are bound to trip each other up. Splitting into 2 Parties of 3 is much less likely to cause confusion. And then they need an exit strategy in case things do not go well. Selvaria seems to be on the same page because she mentions that the door needs to be unlocked.

When the attack finishes, the Angel finally replies to Ophelia’s question “First of all, our Lady Techra is at the Glass Castle headquarters, where she is held in captivity. Secondly, that was not ice magic, that was ice manipulation, your so-called “Lily” is part Ice Kragg, part owl, part bear, and part wolf. Abominations like her suppress the physical traits of their other parts until near death. Besides, these aren’t monsters like her, these are soldiers and weapons which assist me in righting the world’s wrongs.” and then Ophelia rants at him, which he patiently listens to for the entire duration. When Ophelia had finished her rant, he floated up into the air, only slightly above the ground, then held out both hands as if he was holding out a long object “FOOLS! Our benevolent and infinitely wise and caring Goddess, Sirius, created the Nephilim in order to uphold peace in the world, however the other creations of the other Goddesses tainted the world with their violence, influencing the weaker races and similarly tainting them. Have you not noticed? The Nephilim of the world travel about righting the wrongs, spreading justice, helping the weak, and punishing the wicked. They truly lead by example, and because of this the rulers seek them out and employ them above others. When a Nephilim enters a city, unlike the Vagabonds, they are sought out and begged for their services. What happens with a Vagabond? They are chased out. What happens with any other race? They are ignored. We Angels are the embodiment of good, and as such, those more like us, the Nephilim, embody as much good as possible for a mortal. As such, the Chaldeans as a people have disappointed our lovely Goddess and driven her into a depression as she watches people suffer because of each other. Once everyone becomes a Nephilim, they will uphold the morals of Sirius, and Sirius will awaken from her depression to once again shower the world with her grace. Once she sees that I am responsible, she will elevate me to her second in command and seek my council in all things, as befitting an Angel of my calibur. The fact that you called our method of elevation unnecessary suffering only shows that you are in desperate need of this transformation so that you may understand it for yourself. You will all become Nephilim, the superior race, thus becoming closer to our Goddess, by force if needed… your compliance isn’t a factor.” he then spread our the strange tendrils of light on his back and shouted “Your messiah has come, and all shall be saved by Glass Castle!”.

When Ophelia attempts to convince the slime woman to back off, she merely shrugs “Well, my choices are to be destroyed and forfeit my reward… or fight against you. It’s not that I want to hurt you, it’s that I have to. That’s how it is for the others as well. Uhm… sorry.” she replies, her voice sounding truly apologetic. Alice, meanwhile, seemed to be dozing off, but soon shook her head and went back into a battle stance “I really want to hit him now, can we just clean up these mooks and punch him in the face now?” she asked, to which Annie replied “I’d really rather not fight all of these enemies if we didn’t have to… but seeing as they were manufactured to fight for the psychotic Angel, I guess we have to. We should probably keep one alive for questioning, if possible.” to which Aurora replied “Don’t we need a plan? Especially if we’re going to be fighting an Angel… Angels can destroy entire cities with a flick of their wrist.” and while she was speaking softly, the Angel seemed to hear her anyway “Not to worry, weaklings, misguided Paladins, and fools. I’m not going to dirty my hands dealing with you, my warriors are more than sufficient.” he said.

Hearing that Lily was made from several different beasts is interesting to Selvaria, as it seemed to confirm her earlier suspicion that the girl is one of the artificial beings that Skyrille had asked her to capture. The Keeper had given the impression that these girls were dangerous beasts that wandered the land devouring other beasts, but Lily seemed to be anything but that. The difference between magic and manipulation is largely unknown to her as she does not deal much with magic, but from the sound of it, Lily did sound all that different from a were-beast like herself from the Angel's description. Selvaria remains silent as Ophelia merciless picks apart this Angel's plan. She had not given it much consideration as she does not understand how such an act would at all possible, but Ophelia has raised a number of excellent points and pointed out many flaws. By the time the Wanderer is finished, Selvaria is smirking in amusement as she keeps her rifle pointed at the Angel. Predictably, the Angel does not take too kindly to this and though the following rant is largely uninteresting to her. She could not speak to Ophelia's experience as a Wanderer, but while it was true that Selvaria's presence often went largely ignored, that was a boon to her more than anything else. The treatment that the Angel described Nephalim as receiving seemed more tiresome to her than something actually desirable. The one thing that did stick out to her was when the Angel spoke of becoming Sirius' second in command. "You are no true messiah... You seek to do this for your own personal gain. While that may be understandable to some, do not think you can fool all of us as well as you have fooled yourself into thinking that this is for the good of us all." She tells him quietly, but refrains from commenting further. Words were wasted on someone as delusional as him.

Hearing Aurora describe the destructive powers of Angels is quite alarming to Selvaria. She wondered how much of that was true, or if it was simply an exaggeration of her faith. After all, if this Angel was truly so powerful, why would he need an army of slimes? Still, hearing that he had no intention to take part in the upcoming battle was a relief, as it meant one less enemy for them if nothing else. Selvaria lowered her rifle at last once she heard that, deciding that provoking the Angel needlessly was foolish and nobody seemed concerned about her shooting him thus far anyway. When Aurora asked about a plan, Selvaria turned to Alice. "Do you think you can break that door open?" She asked, feeling that the Paladin was the strongest of them and had the best chances of success. "That Angel is extremely confident that his slimes will defeat us. If we prove him wrong and emerge victorious, that should catch him off guard enough for us to break out and escape. We can try to bring a captured slime with us then. Perhaps the woman will be the most likely to give us the information we need." Selvaria proposes , looking to the others to see what suggestions or addendums they had for her plan.

Ophelia finds it rather hard to concentrate on the rest of the Angel's words when it, and a corpse really is just an it, says that they have captured Lady Techra. Given the insanity of this asshole, she is very much betting that her Lady is being experimented on in order to perfect whatever process this idiot has for converting other races into Nephilim. Probably maliciously given that apparently her Lady had made herself a minor annoyance to this thing. She knows she should not be plotting an assault on this so called Glass Castle, she really should not. The way he said it clearly has the makings of a trap. But it is very hard to resist the urge, if for no other reason than to get the answers she came to the Estate for in the first place. It is with an act of will beyond what she knew she was capable of that she brings herself down to a calm enough state to hear what else the corpse in front of her has to say.

To say that Lily's genealogy has no effect on Ophelia would be one of the most profound understatements known to Chaldea. She honestly does not care what it is that makes up Lily, she simply cares that the being in front of her is her charge and if she's going to be discriminated against for what she is. Thus far the answer, save for the unimportant thing in front of her, is no, so it is of no issue to her. And honestly, she feels she should be angry that the creature called Lily an abomination, but she is not in the habit of being annoyed by corpses unless they are undead. She also has to suppress the urge to laugh when he uses the "that's a monster, but these aren't because reasons" excuse. No one save for the windbag in front of her has attempted killing Lily for the species having a tendency towards attacking civilized people. Slimes, on the other hand, are killed on sight for attacking people indiscriminately. Seems more monstrous than Lily and she does not think she will find anyone who disagrees with that assessment. Her amusement dies when the moron launches into a counter rant which addresses none of the points she brought up. Instead it is generalities and conjecture. She is not sure if just how stupid she thinks this is appears on her face, but she hopes so. She really does. Because this is the dumbest thing she has heard in all her years of life. Oh, and cannot forget the megalomania. The idea that Sirius would REWARD him with greater power for his stupidity... she has to wonder if his brain has been replaced with cotton or some such empty object.

"Three things: First, everything you say lowers my estimation of your intelligence by such degrees that if you decided to play in the ocean I would not be surprised in the slightest. Second, it strikes me that a lot of this stupidity would be solved if, instead of being a complete moron, you sought out your goddess and ASKED HER if she would be OK with a plan. Because what I know of her suggests otherwise. Third, if you turn me into a Nephilim, I'm murdering everyone I feel deserves it just to spite you, oh messiah." She does not say that those she feels are worthy of death are those that would do harm to the innocent. There is no way she could betray Alice's JUSTICE by doing otherwise and that is without mentioning Annie's response to murdering the innocent. Ophelia sighs when the woman slime seems apologetic about having to attack them. "Understandable. I will not ask again then. I wish you gain the freedom to make your own choices." Given how she was in a similar position not too long ago, she feels for the woman. The asshole who attacked her before, not so much since he seems to enjoy attempting to kill people, but the rest of them seem worthy of her sympathy. Perhaps she should try this again when the man capable of murdering them is nowhere to be seen? No one should be forced to serve. It should be a choice to do so. And the choices being "serve or die" is not an actual choice.

With the tactical information that the Angel will not be interfering, she begins planning. The party should be split in order prevent people from tripping over each other. She is not sure about Selvaria's skill level given how she did not hit a single enemy in their last fight, so she should be supported by those she knows are good in combat. She should also have a close range specialist to keep the enemies off of her while she takes her shots. Unfortunately, the only people who fight at close range are herself and Alice, potentially Aurora, but she has not seen her ability in combat yet. Still, pairing Aurora and Selvaria should happen anyway since if things become dire, Aurora can heal Selvaria to keep her in the fight longer. Yes, Aurora and Selvaria are now in a party in her mind. She is not sure if Selvaria's Necro-Blob can fight, but they will have his support as well. Perhaps Annie to round it out? Because she still does not know Aurora or Selvaria's skill level so having Annie, who she knows can fight, would balance that. That would leave her own party as Alice, Lily, and herself. Close range only, but both herself and Alice can close the distance between themselves and their opponents easily enough that that should not be an issue. She is not sure what skills Lily has, but she does know they will need to be honed given the appearance of her ice earlier. Still, she counts them as the mightiest of the combatants, so it would be for the best if they drew in the most of the opposition. There are 5 slimes and a small army of the minions. Ophelia's party should take on 3 of them and then if either party finishes their bout, they can reinforce the other if necessary.

"Annie, Aurora, back up Selvaria. Lily, Alice, and myself will draw the majority of their ire and make our way to the door. Once there, we will attempt breaking it to secure the exit route. Stay close enough that we can assist each other, but not so close that we are tripping over each other." She says, laying out the basics of a plan. "If we wish to capture them, we will need a jar or something similar. They possess the ability to make themselves fluid so conventional capture methods are pointless." She says, drawing on her experience with the asshole slime.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

While most people would no doubt wonder what the fuck kind of name Heart is, Lord Barton seemed to be far too nice to let Saphira know how downright sadistic and evil it is to give a child such a name, at least to the extent that all he said to Heart was, after an uncomfortably long pause, "My condolences, child." with a smile and a gentle pat on her shoulder. Heart herself seemed confused, likely because she didn't understand how horrible the name was, due to being relatively new to the world, however she smiled all the same.

After Saphira sits beside Lord Barton, he gives her a gentle kiss on the lips, after which he turns to Heart "It's a bit late, my dear. You'll find your room at the end of the hall." he says, giving her a friendly smile. She nods slowly, looks at Saphira again, then scampers off to her room.

Once she was gone, Lord Barton gets ready for bed, then joins Saphira beneath the covers.


In the morning, after Saphira is finished going about her morning routine, a pair of Barton Guards leads Saphira to the dining room, where Lord Barton motions for her to sit down at the wooden table across from him. Set in her spot is an over-easy Negg, some sausage, and fried potato slices. On the left side of the table, Heart, who is horribly named and Saphira should likely feel bad for giving her such a horrid name, is sitting, and already eating. When she sees Saphira, she gives her a smile "G-good morning... mom..." she says, looking at her lap.

"Good morning, my lady" Lord Barton says "I hope breakfast is to your liking. Once you feel prepared and rested, my sources have indicated that Lady Magnolia should be on the southern half of Chaldea." he says, with a smile.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
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The group made their way out of the city via the usual method, then began the long trek towards the orc camp, with Metia leading the way. The trip took very little time, as they only had to travel for roughly a mile in The Green Forest, with was merely a forest filled with trees with green leaves and equally green grass, and into one of the Black Forests beyond. The group traveled deep into the forest, all of them remaining relatively quiet, until far off in the distance, they could see patrolling orcs in jogging suits of various colors. In view from their current vantage point, they could see that one was wearing a red jogging suit with two white stripes up each side, his hair shaved into a mohawk which ended in a ponytail that reaches his knees, and with him were two more orcs in similar jogging suits, one yellow and the other blue. The orc in the yellow had a flat-top, and the orc in the blue was wearing a mullet.

When the group spotted the orcs, they quickly ducked behind a tree, Metia pulling Amun and Camilla with her so that they wouldn't be spotted. The orc in the yellow seemed to be arguing with the orc in the blue, as they were keeping an eye out for activity in the area. Soon, the orc in the blue pointed at the orc in the yellow, then dabbed. The orc in the yellow looked extremely offended for a moment, then placed both of his feet together and spread his arms out to both sides, which seemed to offend the orc in the blue. The two orcs then yelled at each other, and struck what looked like a battle post... only for the yellow orc to start showing off his dance moves while using his mouth to beat box his own music. Once the orc in the yellow was done showing off his dance moves, the orc in the blue responded in kind, each having what appeared to be a two-round dance-off.

As the dance-off was occurring, Viola commented "I think we found the right Orc Camp..." with a hint of distaste in her voice. Adelita patted her on the back "Indeed we have. This is what The Dongsmasher's orcs are known for." she said.

A short distance beyond the dancing orcs was massive grouping of tents that had been constructed from stitched-together cloth and logs, the cloth that formed the tents being vibrant neon colors. In the center of the camp was an extremely tall tripod with a crystal dome dangling from it, with an orcish lantern inside, which would create beautiful light during the night, which Dickfuck's orcs would dance to until retiring to bed. Below that was a fire pit, and just beyond, Dickfuck was sitting on his throne, in a very high wooden seat, wearing a black Power-Walking Suit with lame designs up the arms and legs, with a matching helmet. Dickfuck seemed to be distracted by a group of six orcs that had formed two teams of three, having a dance-off against each other, the two groups each notably better than two orcs having a dance-off loser to Amun's group in their hiding spot.

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
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Lilith wakes to one of Ash's skeletons standing by her bedside, poking her in the ribs with her index finger. Once Lilith is awake, she speaks in a high-pitched and childish monotone voice "Lady Ash is ready to begin your training." she says, before standing in the center of the room and waiting for Lilith to dress herself and prepare.

When she's ready, the Skeleton guides her to stone steps that Lilith hadn't been to before, and leads her down deeper into the castle. The stone steps lead to yet another hallway with yet more doors, but the Skeleton seemed to know exactly where to go. She leads her to the 42nd door on the left, then opens the door for her to enter.

Lilith finds herself in a wide open room with a dirt floor and bare stone walls. On one side of the room, Ash was sitting atop a stack of shining red metal slabs with one leg crossed over the other. "Welcome, I hope you've mentally prepared yourself for your training, as I'm sure you're aware, it won't be easy." she says, motioning towards the dirt floor. In the center of the floor was the corpse of a man in rusted armor, seemingly freshly dead. "As you can see, I have a gift for you." she then motioned to a dark corner of the room and a purple torch lit, revealing a large cage with more corpses in it "As you can see, the man there isn't the only gift I have for you. I'm currently supplying you with just enough power to raise that man and two other corpses, which I'm sure you know how to do. Obviously there's more corpses than two in here, however that's your lesson. A Necromancer must know the strengths and weaknesses not only of themselves, but of their undead. Part of this is understanding what you're resurrecting before you resurrect it, so that you may use your limited resurrective power wisely. Obviously, you need to learn this before I teach you more advanced techniques, otherwise when the day comes that you must face an enemy army with your own, you'll lack basic strategy." she explains. "Inside that cage, you have a Bonelands Agony Spider, a Felnine, an Armored Tweetling, a Berrymonger, a Glorg, a Crooked Forest Wolf, and a Limb Snatcher. Each of these creatures has its own strengths and weaknesses, while the Guard over there is a great general purpose undead. Once you've selected and resurrected your undead, I'll release a creature for you to defeat with your undead. We'll repeat this assignment every day until you win, after which we'll move on to the next step of your training." she says. She then leaned against the stone wall, seemingly getting comfortable as she waited for Lilith to begin.

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Anastasia Ursa/Littlemankitten
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As Anastasia and Idalia descend into the dig site via the platform, it made loud whirring and clicking sounds, alongside the hiss of the steam. Up above, on the ledge, she could see Ignia had started conversing with Indris, though all she could see if Ignia’s back, and Indris was keeping her usual neutral expression, so she had no way of figuring out what was being discussed. When Anastasia had reached halfway down into the pit, she could see purple smoke pouring from the nearby woods. Indris noticed this as well and pushed herself forward off of the console she had been leaning against, staring at the fog.

Anastasia wondered if they made this elevator slow on purpose. Sure it was a long way down but damn was it taking forever. She could probably start a game of cards with Idalia and have time to finish it. It wasn’t long before Anastasia started softly singing an old spectross folk song she was taught a long time ago. The lyrics were probably butchered but she only really sung it in situations like these. Maybe she should go see if that Spectross, Alessandra, knew the lyrics better… That thought process stopped short when she looked up again and saw some purple fog drifting out of the woods. Anastasia frowns, anytime she sees purple like that bad things ended up happening, usually involving the undead. She cups her hands to her mouth to direct her shout upwards. “Hey Indris, Ignia, if that fog is something bad it might be best to try and get us back up there if you still can.” Anastasia still hadn’t locked down the precise range of Ignia’s black doors. She knew they were pretty short, but she couldn’t judge it that easily still.

Indris and Ignia notice CeeCee and Lucephine immediately, the giant horde not throwing them off when they get into range. “I hoped I wouldn’t see you again, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect it.” Indris says, quickly moving to the control panel. When she reaches for the lever, Lucephine’s eyes glow bright purple, and a horrifying creature emerges from her shadow, cloaked in darkness with numerous tendrils extending from its body, a noose around its neck beneath its hood, and a skeletal frame, extending its long, bony arm to try to get Indris’ hand away from the controls. Her reaction is near instant, using her chains to wrap of the creature’s arm, then tugging it to the side to restrain it, while kicking the lever with her boot to cause the platform to begin returning to the cliff. Ignia started to move to help her against the creature which had emerged from Lucephine’s shadow, however Fridolf and Alessandra emerge from the ground behind her. Alessandra reaches out and grabs Ignia’s shoulder, attempting to grab her and throw her over the side of the cliff, however she extends her blades from her sleeves and attempts to slash Alessandra’s arm. The woman dodges backwards with impressive speed, despite her massive size, while Fridolf attempts to move around behind her. Ignia dodges backwards to evade Fridolf’s massive claw, but Alessandra had changed position, now standing behind her, and successfully punches her in the back of the head, sending her tumbling across the ground, the girl barely managing to right herself mid tumble, allowing her to land on her feet in a battle stance. Meanwhile, Lucephine’s shadow creature disappears, then re-emerges from her shadow, freeing it from Indris’ chains.

Anastasia anxiously waited for any kind of response from Ignia or Indris. When it finally came though, it wasn’t directed towards her. By that point she could see what was happening however. The group from before was ambushing them, she could only see two of them but she was sure the third was there too, which is probably were the purple fog was coming from. Anastasia lets out a soft curse, she should have dealt with them beforehand. It seemed Ana was out of the doors range too, since Ignia didn’t take the moment to use them. Then again, she seemed to be quite distracted by some kind of beast. At least, that’s the only thing she can assume that massive clawed belonged to. Why was a beast fighting for them though? The question made Anastasia all the more ticked off. If she had to go sit in a hole while Ignia and Indris fought them off she would not be happy at all. Just as she thought that though, the platform reversed it’s movement, and she began going back up. Slowly but surely. Hopefully she’d make it in time in that case. She readies her bow and puts an arrow on it as preparation for the upcoming fight.

CeeCee stood up straight and started a sort of march after she and Lucephine were noticed. It was unfortunate but it was bound to happen shortly anyways. She hefted her axe and gave Lucephine a knowing smile. “I think we can kill this one.” She said pointing her axe at Indris. “Have the zombies try to peel off if the others make it up the lift. Otherwise, we need to lay everything on her as quick as we can!”

Indris cocked her head and looked at CeeCee with a smug expression “You think you can kill me? I suppose I should show you what pathetic weaklings you are.” she said, sounding only slightly upset at this point. Lucephine glared at her “You don’t seem to understand that you’re surrounded and out-numbered.” she said, her eyes glowing purple. Indris raised one of her hands, electricity slowly pulsing around it, sparks flying, lighting up the area “I’m not all that out-numbered, there’s only two of you.” she said, as she suddenly leapt forward, slamming her hand down on the ground, causing electricity to pulse through the ground, electrifying all of the undead surrounding her. Lucephine seemed to see the attack coming, leaping into the air right before Indris’ hand touched the ground. All of the undead dropped to the ground, and Lucephine landed back on her feet “Your electric attacks won’t save you.” she said, spinning her scythe in her hand before slamming the blade into the ground again, causing purple fog to rise from five of the corpses, before they stood back on their feet.

CeeCee started to quicken her pace, turning her march into a deadly sprint as her teeth, claws, and fur began to sprout all over. Just as her form had changed fully, Indris threw down her hand onto the earth. CeeCee slammed the hilt of her axe into the ground and vaulted herself forward past the undead horde that was now a group of slightly charred limp bodies. Lucephine managed to bring some of them back from their redeath to continue marching towards the enemy. With a clear path between herself and Indris, CeeCee dashed forward and brought down her axe twice on the lightning wielding chimera. Her first swing fell slightly short but the second landed managed to deliver a decent gash to the girl’s arm.

Indris grimaced and stumbled back slightly “You really shouldn’t have gotten so close.” Indris growled as she threw her Kisarigama at CeeCee, wrapping the weighted end around her body, after which she took several steps forward and grabbed her by the face, discharging massive amounts of electricity into her body, which flowed into the ground and shocked the undead horde, as well as Lucephine, who spasmed and screamed until she dropped to the ground. After she had finished discharging electricity into CeeCee, she kicked her in the chest, knocking her over onto the ground. Lucephine quickly recovered from the attack, then charged over to Indris, swinging her scythe at her, however Indris leapt backwards, then threw the bladed end of her Kisarigama, before jerking the weight back, causing the blade to catch Lucephine in the back, causing her to cry out and drop to the ground, coughing up blood as she fell.

CeeCee barely had time to see Fridolf and Allessandra emerge before she was violently shocked and kicked in the chest. She coughed and gasped for breath as the beast slowly left her. She was about to retort and encourage Lucephine but a moment later and she was lying there on the ground next to her. CeeCee noticed that Indris had already turned her attention to the other fight so she nudged Lucephine and motioned for the tree line. “C’mon, we’ve got to get out of here!” She said between pained breaths as she began crawling away from the battle.

Meanwhile, Fridolf burrowed back into the ground, and erupted back out of it, swiping one of his claws at Ignia. The attacked battered her side and knocked her against a nearby tree so hard that she bounced off and fell to the ground on her knees. Alessandra attempted to take advantage, however Ignia quickly rolled away, leapt into the air, then kicked off of a nearby tree, propelling herself away from Alessandra’s attack, which ripped right through the tree she had been against, causing it to collapse. As Ignia was just landing on the ground, Fridolf leapt into the air and slammed down near her, the attack creating a small crater in the ground, and once again knocking Ignia away, however this time she managed to land on her feet. Just as Ignia was landing, Alessandra attacked again, the strike barely missing Ignia and slamming into the ground, creating another crater and a shower of debris. When he first attack missed, she swung her other fist just as Ignia was leaping into the air and managed to strike her leg, which sent her tumbling across the ground and into a crouching position on the ground as she tried to gain her bearings. She managed to locate both enemies, coming in for another combination attack, and conjured a cloud of black fog into her hand, then threw it, causing a large explosion of purple energy and a cloud of fog on Alessandra’s face, however Fridolf managed to avoid the attack, and went charging towards Ignia. Ignia took a stuffed bear out of her backpack just in time, and threw it, causing it to grow into a large black stuffed bear with glowing green eyes, a rip in its stomach with a third green eye, a red cape that was tattered at the end, and an arm that was larger than the other, with belts around the wrist and three razor sharp claws. The creature immediately charged Alessandra, who attempted to punch it, however the creature swipes at her with its claw first, cutting her across the stomach and sending her tumbling across the ground and into the tree she had punched over, with a loud thud.

Meanwhile, Fridolf swipes his claw at Ignia, which she evades by jumping over it, then kicking off of it to get away, but Fridolf leaps after her, slamming into the ground when he lands, creating another crater and knocking Ignia away, sending her tumbling across the ground alongside her bear creature. Ignia slowly stands back up, more black fog flowing off of her body and filling the air as her skin is covered in black scales, long scaly tail growing from her lower back. Her eyes glow red, her fingers grow talons, and leathery bat-like wings erupt from her back. She floats into the air, then charges one of her wrist blades, the Falchion, with purple energy, before swiping it crosswise, the attack creating a purple shockwave which flies at Fridolf. Fridolf leaps over the attack, which passes beneath him, however Ignia’s bear creature follows up the attack by running at Fridolf and attempting to stab Fridolf in the chest with his razor sharp claws. The Fridolf rolls to the side, then leaps into the air, before slamming down on the ground ontop of the bear creature and Ignia, crushing them down into a newly-formed crater, causing Ignia to cough up blood onto Fridolf’s arms, as her ribs are crushed beneath the creature’s massive clawed hands. Indris arrives just as this was happening, and charges a blast of electricity in her hand as she came running at Fridolf.

The attack slams into his chest, discharging many volts of electricity through his body, causing him to spasm uncontrollably. As he was spasming from the electric attack, Indris leapt into the air and threw the bladed end of her Kisarigama at him, though the electricity wears off just in time for the scorched and charred creature to grab Ignia from beneath him and burrow into the ground at incredible speed. Seeing the creature escaping with Ignia, Indris runs after him, leaping into the trees and using them as platforms to race after the creature, however he moves too quickly and she soon loses sight of him. As CeeCee watched Indris give up chase she willed Fridolf to go to Barton Castle. They were not far from there and he could possibly send out a group of knights to rescue them. Her hope was to survive long enough for the Bartons to arrive. She angrily screams at the sky, then slowly walks back to the battleground, where she stops beside CeeCee and Lucephine, who were attempting to crawl away. “So, I see your pet got away with my sister.” she says, as she plants a boot on CeeCee’s back. “You may think that was your goal, but I’m under the impression that if I inflict enough pain on you, you’ll change your mind.” she says, putting her weight on CeeCee’s back, and twisting her foot back and forth to dig her heel into her lower back.

Anastasia was in the very unfortunate position of being completely unable to help. The elevator was slow going down, but it felt even slower going up. Thankfully she had a good view of the battle at hand, and was able to see how well they were doing. Indris at least. Indris was unsurprisingly more than prepared for the possibility of these bastards coming back to ambush them, and wasted no time teaching them the error of their ways. Anastasia was surprised how fast she managed to take CeeCee and the Luchiphine down. She expected this group to be more trouble given they had the audacity to attack them, but perhaps they just expected Indris and Ignia to be weaker than they were. Wouldn’t be surprising given how unassuming they look. Whatever their reason, CeeCee went down in one fell swoop, and Luciphine didn’t fare much better. Anastasia was impressed to say the least, she knew all of the chimeras were powerful but Indris seemed potently so. Not to say Ignia and Idalia weren’t monsters in combat themselves. Anastasia seriously wished she could have been a part of that, but this damn elevator was too slow. She gave the elevator a stomp as if that would somehow solve anything and looked towards Ignia’s fight.

Ignia seemed to be doing quite well herself. It was clear Alesandra was even out of her league. Which is a shame, cause Ana managed to put up a better fight. Though she knew how annoying not being able to see was. Alesandra couldn’t even get a hit in though before she was sent into the forest with a nauseating impact. She almost decided to start cheering until she noticed that the beast that seemed to be working for the group was still standing. Anastasia didn’t even try to understand why a beast of such size was doing their bidding, perhaps magic of some sort. Regardless, the beast began turning the tables on Ignia. Despite Ignia’s best efforts she couldn’t land any kind of hit on the beast. The beast didn’t share the same problem though, and after chasing Ignia around a bit it only needed a single hit to down Ignia. Thankfully Ignia had her chimera powers to save her as usual, and Anastasia hoped she would be able to return the favor. But when the giant paw landed on Ignia, Anastasia couldn’t help but wince and yell up. “Get your filthy paws off her you mutt!” She knew her words meant nothing to it or anything else, but it made her feel like she was at least a part of the damn fight. She couldn’t even do anything, she was just an observer and now Ignia was in trouble. This is exactly why Anastasia didn’t wanna go down the elevator in duo’s. The situation only got worse when the beast grabbed Ignia and bolted into the forest. No no no, this was not good. It only took a few seconds for Anastasia to realize that Indris couldn’t catch it either.

Anastasia yelled in sync with Indris. She wasn’t about to lose one of her best friends again. Her hands clenched onto one of her chains that surrounded her, her knuckles graying from how hard she clutched them. She followed Indris’s path towards the were-beast, who seemed to be the leader of the group given their past encounters. “02, keep and eye on Lucephine and Alesandra to make sure they don’t manage to escape.” She said without breaking her eyes off CeeCee. When she reached CeeCee, she casually reached down and grabbed her by the throat, easily hefting her up, making sure Indris’s heal scraped down her back as she picked her up. She lifted CeeCee above her head, so CeeCee’s body was feet off the ground. Her grip was like iron, only barely gentle enough to keep from suffocating the were-beast. “You’re going to get that damn cock-sucker back here with Ignia right now before I show you the meaning of pain.” Anastasia growled, the chains that surrounded her swirled around her violently, rattling as they do.

CeeCee didn’t spend much time watching the battle, she was focused on crawling away toward the treeline. She didn’t make it too far before she felt the heel of the boot pressing her into the ground. It wasn’t hard to guess that it was Indris. A boot to the back was about the most pleasant thing that had happened today. CeeCee honestly barely felt the Chimera trying to stab her with her boot heel. With everything she had been through in the last week alone so far this was a cake walk.
CeeCee was relieved when Anastasia didn’t just stomp her head into the ground. She was a little less relieved when she started to choke her and lift her up into the air. “Not a chance!” She managed to squeak out before she pushed her four spider arms down onto Anastasia’s arms, holding herself up and relieving some of the pressure.

Indris held up a hand and began charging electricity into her palm, causing it to arc off of the ground. “Well, if you’re not going to work with us, we’ll just have to electrocute you until you do. If that doesn’t work, I’ve already considered the possibility of skinning you alive and pitching you over the cliff. Resistance is futile, especially since failing to convince you would just mean we have to hunt down your pet… a second electric shock was going to bring it down, so it’s not as though it can fight us off.” she said, her expression cold and calculating. Meanwhile, Idalia was watching Alessandra, who was unconscious, and Lucephine, who was visibly trying to get The Violator to come back out of her shadow, but lacked the strength to succeed, which just left her growling into the ground as she laid mostly still.

Anastasia wasn’t playing games with this werebeast fucker. As soon as she made it clear that she wasn’t going to cooperate, Anastasia tightened her grip around her throat, easily enough to stop any airflow before lifting her up further and smashing the face of the werebeast onto the ground as hard as she could. She then let go, but only for a second before the various chains that surrounded her seemed to read her mind and wrapped themselves around the girls legs and arms, hoisting her up, bounding her to whatever ethereal realm the chains came from. The chains stretched her legs and arms enough to where the muscles started straining. Anastasia’s emotions were on overdrive, causing the bright blue, cold as can be substance to drip from her body. Anastasia growls after Indris says her piece. “And if electricity or flailing you doesn’t get you to talk, I’m sure we can come up with all sorts of ways to make you finally speak up.”

CeeCee yelped as she went from quite high up in the air to almost a foot deep in the ground very quickly. Somehow she managed to not break anything as she collided with the earth but the impact left her head spinning. She was already weak from the electrocution so the chains quite easily wrapped around her and lifted her back up. Never had she found herself so quickly changing from being suspended to pressed into the ground, and vice versa. She coughed out a mouthful of dirt and grass as she listened to Indris’ plan to get her to talk. Sure it was frightening but she had already had two doses of the electricity, and she doubted it would change her mind. And if she managed to survive having a city fall on her head, she was sure the cliff wouldn’t be enough to snuff her out. The skinning however was a terrifying prospect. But if she had any chance of making it out of here alive she would need to stay tough. “There’s no way you could find him, or keep up with him. Your sister is gone, and will not be coming back.”

Indris raised an eyebrow “Well, your call.” she then fired off a charge of electricity that was so powerful that it sounded as though thunder was booming in CeeCee’s ears as the electricity arced off of her, setting nearby trees on fire, rapidly heating up the parts of the chains that were touching CeeCee’s skin, causing them to burn chain-link patterns into her bare skin. After nearly a full minute of discharging electricity into CeeCee, charring various parts of her skin, Indris finally stops. A black cloud of smoke rises off of CeeCee and into the air, which causes Indris to slowly wave it away with a hand. “There’s a lot more where that came from, so, once again, where is my sister, where is your Lapdog taking her?” she asks, as she holds out her palm again and begins charging more electricity into her palm, the arcs already starting to set blades of grass on fire.

Anastasia kind of knew what to expect and thus anticipated the bolt of electricity from Indris. Apparently she wasn’t as prepared as she thought as the loud bolt of thunder combined with the blast of heat that radiated off of where the werebeast was caused her to jump a little. It was a lot more intense than Anastasia expected, and for a second it seemed so intense Ana was convinced that Indris killed her. Surprisingly though, she lived. Indris probably had a lot more control over her electricity than she gave her credit for. Anastasia then shrugs and figures they might as well start the flailing. She grabs an arrow from her pack, pricking her finger with it to test its sharpness. It was to no ones surprise extremely sharp. Anastasia then walked closer to the girl and lifted the arrow to start. Just before she made the first incision though, Ana stopped and thought for a moment before grinning. “You seem to be hot, let me help cool you off.” She then brings the arrow to her own skin, dipping the head in her bright blue ectoplasm before unceremoniously jabbing the arrowhead into CeeCee’s right cheek, just below her eye and cutting upwards, letting the ectoplasm seep into the open wounds, and CeeCee’s eye.

CeeCee had plenty of near death experiences, this one though may have been the closest she ever felt to Pradera’s Forest. The moment the lightning hit her, her vision went white and a low hum washed over her ears. She could smell juniper and maple, and the scent of countless beasts on the wind. But then she could smell flesh, and blood, and burnt hair. And the low hum became a terrible ring. Her eyes finally adjusted and she raised her head just in time to see Anastasia plunging an arrowing into her face. She screamed, loud enough to wake the dead, but she still couldn’t hear a thing. It took all her restraint not to move, she wanted to jerk away but she knew that if she did, the arrow would most certainly cause more harm. So she stayed painfully still as the impossibly cold arrowhead tore through her flesh and sliced into her eye. She merely shook in pain unable to speak and barely able to draw breath. Every one of her muscles were clenched painfully as she shivered and convulsed. “Isuelt” She whispered, unable to register her own voice.

“Oh really? What’s in Isuelt that you’re taking my sister there?” she asks CeeCee when she’s sure her head is no longer ringing. “If I don’t like your answer, I’ll strike you again.” she says, holding her hand closer to CeeCee, letting her feel the electricity arcing off of her palm, each arc feeling like a hot poker being jabbed into her through her armor. “You may want to think carefully before answering, wonder to yourself whether or not what you’re telling us is the truth. If you manage to convince us of the wrong answer, you can rest assured that we’ll back to finish the job… you… your team… you’re all weaklings, you dropped like pathetic mooks from a single attack, so you most certainly can’t stop us.” she says, the arcing electricity growing even hotter and more painful, becoming more frequent.

Anastasia wasn’t sure she believed that answer. Why would they possibly take her to Isuelt, and more importantly, why cant this girl call back her pet. Either the pet isn’t as trained as it should be, or she was dealing with something she couldn’t control in the first place. The very thought of that caused Anastasia to tighten the chains around her arms and legs, bending them and causing them to start peeling off a few layers of skin as she does so. It wouldn’t be much longer before they had the power to break the bones. “Can you not call that beast back? Do you really think trying to trick us will save you at this point?” Anastasia then rips the arrow out of the girls eye, then dipped the arrow in more of the ectoplasm before gently putting it on CeeCee’s collar, letting the coldness of it do its work. She looks over at Indris, clear annoyance on her face. “If she doesn’t give us any answers soon can I just toss her off the edge? She wont be any use anyway.”

“There are no tricks. There’s an alchemist in Isuelt who agreed to cure me of this arachnoid affliction. But she wanted one of you three to experiment on. My daughter wasn’t satisfactory enough, she had heard of Idalia the hound of Baskerville but said that either of you other sisters would do as well.” She said arching her back in order to stay away from the electricity. “FUUUCK!!!” She shouted as the arrow was torn from her eye. Her left eye laid totally limp and her sense of depth vanished as her still working eye twitched around trying to make sense of her environment. “I need to send a message through a tree to call him back, he’s gone too far at this point to hear a normal call. And it needs to be old, an elm or an ash.” She said now feeling the burn at both ends from the electricity and the ectoplasm.

Indris stared blankly at CeeCee as she told her a blatant lie. “Well, for one, the existence of Chimera is nearly a secret, people who have heard of the Black Hound of Baskerville only know that a black monster burned the village down. For another, nobody knows that I’m a Chimera, they believe that I know electric magic. For another, Ignia isn’t even known to exist by anyone but the Bartons and us, the people in Kort, in fact, where she was living, only know that she’s a little girl who takes Guild Quests. Clearly you think we’re either bluffing or stupid.” she then turned to Anastasia “Yeah, I agree with throwing her over the edge of the cliff, she clearly doesn’t care about her life. We know where Ignia is, anyway.” she says, letting her electricity dissipate and placing her hands on her hips.

Anastasia couldn’t agree with Indris more when she finished talking. Anastasia knew CeeCee would somehow have to be in cahoots with the Bartons. She remembered seeing her in Barton gear beforehand, and even if she didn’t only the Bartons would want to capture a chimera for ‘study.’ Her employer was thus really obvious. She proceeds to walk in front of CeeCee and gives her a faint smile. “Well, you had your chance, I’m sure the rats will be happy.” With that, the chains lift CeeCee up in the air like she was just a rag doll, obviously ready to fling her off the edge at a moments notice.

CeeCee clung to the little glimmer of hope she had left, if they took her to a tree Pradera would heal her and there was a chance she could escape. They ignored her request to be taken to a tree though, and they seemed ready to bring her to her end. “You’ll spare my life if I tell you where she's really going?” She asked Anastasia, while glancing off towards the cliff.

Anastasia hesitates for a moment, looking at Indris before shrugging then looking back at CeeCee. “So you freely admit to lying before? If you would just simply bring her back you would not be in this situation right now… But sure, enlighten me with the truth.” She emphasizes the word truth in a way that showed Ana probably wouldn’t believe CeeCee no matter what she said at this point.

“The only dishonest part is the location. And to be honest I don’t know how to tell you where it is. The woman who wants Ignia is from Vitra. It’s a strange city that’s on a different plane. If that makes any sense. When we first crossed paths it was barely a league away from us. But the entrance can move, and be in multiple places at once. She does want to experiment on her, that much is true. And she very well may be an alchemist, I’m not really sure what she is…” Replied CeeCee.

Indris looked at Anastasia with a look that said ‘Look at all of this bullshit’, then turned back to CeeCee “Well, thank you for your newfound honesty… Anastasia, please, let her go.” she says, with a smirk, so that Anastasia knew how she meant it. She then made her way over to Idalia and whispered something in her ear, despite the fact Idalia wouldn’t be able to respond due to the visor.

Anastasia frowns at the girls newfound story. She nodded at Indris when Indris looked at her. Clearly CeeCee though they were fucking stupid, or maybe CeeCee was fucking stupid. Or maybe both. Cause now apparently an interdimensional city that never stayed in one place was where she was being taken… Despite the fact it constantly moved and a beast wouldn’t be able to find it. Regardless, the answer was obvious. Only Barton wanted the chimeras, Ana saw CeeCee in Barton clothing. Therefor Ignia was being taken to Barton. “Alright, I’ve had enough, what a waste of fucking time.” Anastasia murmured. The chains then lifted CeeCee higher into the air and began tossing her around like a doll, catching her midair and throwing with such force there was no way joints weren’t being dislocated or bones broken. Anastasia definitely made sure of this as she used the chains to bend back CeeCee’s legs and arms so even if she did survive the fall somehow she couldn’t move. With that, she slammed CeeCee onto the ground once more, no doubt cracking a few ribs, before flinging her off the edge unceremoniously. The chains retreated back to their normal position around her and she walked over to Indris and Idalia. “Alright, lets head back to that wretched place. We’ll be able to track it with how huge it is, it’ll leave one hell of a trail… 02, follow me” Anastasia then began running off towards the Barton castle, more than a little pissed off at this entire situation. Can’t she ever catch a break?

CeeCee had suspected the truth was even less believable than the story she had spun. Even if she had said it first she doubted it would have made a difference. Still, Anastasia and some of the Chimeras had seen the city of glass, they all passed it when they first met. But they didn’t wish to believe it. CeeCee thought this fate would come to her the second Anastasia stepped off the cliff, but they opted for a bit of torture first. After she could tell that Indris wasn’t buying the truth a slow sodden breath left her. She closed both her eyes and said a quick prayer to her goddess before being painfully flung through the air and twisted into a pretzel. The pain of having literally everything broken all at once was too much and CeeCee passed out as she began falling into the pit.

As Anastasia and Idalia started to run off, Indris called out to her “Hold on a moment! Shouldn’t we question the other two? The monster that she had sent away with Ignia is going to get there before us regardless, so I think it’s best to prepare better.” she said, putting a hand on Anastasia’s shoulder as she caught up. Behind them, Lucephine had already been conscious, and Alessandra was starting to wake, seemingly looking for CeeCee, who they had just pitched over the side of the cliff.

Anastasia skidded to a halt as Indris called out and looked behind her with a curious face. When Indris explained why they had to stop though, Anastasia grimaced and looked in the direction of the castle again, her legs still wanting to move her in that direction as she thought. After a bit though, Anastasia’s body relaxed and she nodded. “Fine… Alessandra there was the one that fought with the beast, so maybe she knows more.” Anastasia mostly guessed, really she just wanted to talk with one of her kind over the necromancer girl. So she walks over to Alesandra and hovers over the spectross, placing her hands on her hips. “I didn’t think another exiled would work for someone who kidnaps children and sends them to a slaughterhouse… Who does she work for? What do you know?” Anastasia’s voice still held plenty of annoyance, but she kept it softer for Alesandra.

Indris stands near Anastasia, holding Idalia by the hand to keep her close as well. Alessandra shakes her head when Anastasia asks her why she would work with someone who sends children to a slaughterhouse “I was told no such thing. When I met the girl… who seems to be missing now… ” she says as she looks around “She only said that a Chimera needed to be captured so that she could learn the Lost Arts. Seeing as they were durable enough to be crushed and cut apart by the Barton Guards without suffering from permanent injury, I decided that they would be okay if we captured them and brought them to whoever. I.. didn’t realize they were being taken to a slaughterhouse.” she said, as she reaches up to the tree and pulls herself to a standing position, leaning on the tree to remain standing.

Anastasia let Alesandra finish speaking before she said anything herself. But her eyebrow was raised as Alesandra explained herself. “She’s at the bottom of that hole now… Even when we threatened her she kept spinning up a bunch of bullshit to try and lead us elsewhere… So we showed her we were serious.” Anastasia brushed her psuedo-hair back and stared Alessandra down. “Just because they can survive it doesn’t mean they dont feel every bit of pain everyone else would. Yet even so they will kill them in the end anyway after ripping off every limb and carefully extracting organs to keep them feeling every moment of it.” Anastasia’s voice was seething as she said that, the prospect seeming so evil it was hard to keep calm talking about it.

When Anastasia tells her that CeeCee was thrown down the pit, she seems somewhat sad at first “W-was that really necessary?” she asks, but then Alessandra looks horrified as Anastasia explains to her what happens in the Barton Castle “That’s horrible, what kind of disgusting and evil sociopath would do such a thing, especially to such cute little girls!?” she asks, her face looking more disgusted as she speaks. She whirls around to face the tree behind her and punches it in anger, destroying part of it and causing it to fall over “I can’t believe I was helping someone do something so horrible.” she says, now just sounding disappointed in herself. She then turns back to Anastasia “W-where’s your other friend...?” she asks, as if she was dreading the answer. Indris steps up beside Anastasia “CeeCee’s pet took her, to the slaughterhouse.” Indris says, Alessandra looking unsurprised by the answer.

Anastasia nods and sighs, wondering the same question herself. “Barton does apparently, and his subordinates. They use them as slaves if not to rip them to pieces. That’s kind of what happened to her.” She motions to Idalia. “They put a visor on her, now she has no will, and will only follow Barton, and for some reason my orders. We suspect he plans to do that to all of them when he gets his hands on them. The ones he doesn’t rip apart that is.” Anastasia then grimaces when the subject changes back to Ignia. “Yes, we’re going to have to infiltrate the castle and rescue her. That pet of hers is much too quick to intercept so we can’t catch it before it brings her to Barton. If it was possible, we would have killed him and destroyed his castle long ago, but unfortunately he has power and men the same as major cities.” She looks at the tree Alessandra knocked over, wishing she could do that to Barton’s face.

Alessandra punched her hand into her palm “They’ll have far fewer when I punch them. Nobody enslaves cute girls and gets away with it, not while I’m around.” she then shakes her head hard and seemingly relaxes a little “A-anyway~ I’ll come with you and help you free her~” she says, he demeanor reverting back to the way it was when Anastasia had first met her, her voice friendly and melodic, no longer clouded by the anger and disappointed it had been filled with before. Indris didn’t comment, she instead deferred to Anastasia to see if she would accept help from the Spectross.

Anastasia stares at Alessandra for a while, trying to gauge the authenticity of what she says. It doesn’t take long for Anastasia to make up her mind on that though, and Anastasia looks towards Indris and nods. “I don’t believe any of my kind would willingly help such a person if they knew the truth, unless they no longer worshipped Avenir which is hard to believe, so I think she is trustworthy enough to help us out. Anastasia then looks over to the necromancer girl and motions towards her. “What about her? What’s her deal in all of this?”

Alessandra hesitates for a moment “She just wants to kill things for Zalaam~ she’s a sweet girl, really… well, not really~” she says, chuckling. Indris rolls her eyes “If she just wants to kill stuff, we could just tell her there are a lot of people to kill in the Barton Castle.” she says, before adding “That thing in her shadow… it’s really strange. She calls it the Violator.” as they were speaking, Lucephine started to get to her feet.

Anastasia frowns at Alessandra’s words. That doesn’t exactly sound like something Anastasia would want to have as a friend. “So like Zalaam she’s a necrophiliac whore?” Anastasia murmurs so only Alessandra and Indris could hear and chuckles a little. Indris did have a point though, she might be of some use to them. “Well, I don’t like the idea of working with her based on that alone, but I suppose we could use the help.” With that, Ansatasia walked over to Lucephine and cut straight to the point. “Alessandra says you wanna kill stuff. Whatever reason you followed that girl at the bottom of the pit aside, her pet took my friend and we need her back, but to do that we have to besiege a castle. Assuming its like every other time we went there, there should be plenty of killing when we get there.” Anastasia crosses her arms, waiting for an answer.

Indris chuckles with Anastasia, while Alessandra smiles pleasantly. When Anastasia makes her way to Lucephine, she nods slowly “The Violator demands souls, Zalaam demands corpses.” she says. After she speaks, The Violator emerges from her shadow and grabs Lucephine, helping her up. “The Castle shall fall.” she says, as The Violator retreats back into her shadow, and she places her scythe back onto her back. Indris moves over to Anastasia and whispers into her ear “We may need to split from her after we have Ignia back.” she says, straight-faced.

Anastasia stares at Lucephine for a bit. The girl obviously had a few screws loose, as expected from a follower of Zalaam. Regardless, all Anastasia needed from her is to help them free Ignia, whatever the girl does after that she could care less as long as it doesn’t harm her or her group. She nods at Indris whispers in her ear. “I would be more than happy if the castle fell, but my main goal is rescuing my friend. Whatever you do after is not our concern.” Anastasia grimaces as she says that, feeling weird speaking such a way to a follower of Zalaam. “So, if you two are on board I guess we can go and fix this situation.”

Alessandra replies “Hold on just a moment~” after which she wraps her arm around Anastasia’s shoulders “I’d like to speak with you privately first~” she says to her, giving her a friendly smile “Behind those trees?” she asks pointing to a grouping of trees a decent distance away. Indris stares at them, but shrugs, then moves over to sit by a stump, holding Idalia’s hand to pull her with her, then gently guiding her onto her lap, letting Idalia rest there against her chest. Lucephine didn’t respond to the situation, she instead started wandering around the area, seemingly aimlessly.

Anastasia flinches a bit as Alessandra suddenly wraps her arm around Ana’s shoulder. Surprised by the sudden touch. Anastasia cocks her head in mild confusion as she looks to where Alessandra pointed. Then over to Indris to see what she thought. When Indris shrugs, Anastasia shrugs as well. “I guess, can you try and be quick? I dont wan’t to make Ignia wait any longer than she has to.” Anastasia then started heading over to where Alessandra pointed, curious as to what the Spectross wanted.

Alessandra guides Anastasia over behind the trees, then rests her chin on Anastasia’s shoulder from behind, wrapping her arms around her. “I already apologized about getting your companion captured, but… I was thinking that wasn’t good enough, so maybe I can do a bit more to make it up to you~” she says into her ear softly, as she lowers her hand between Anastasia’s legs and under her skirt, then starts slowly, gently, and skillfully rubbing her cock through her tights.

Anastasia gasps sharply when Alessandra wrapped her arms around Ana from behind, not expecting that in the slightest. She stammers a little bit, at a loss for words as her brain processes the situation before she instinctively lets out a soft moan as Alessandra slips her hand up Ana’s skirt. Anastasia’s cock seemed to jump at Alessandra’s skilled touch, immediately becoming harder and growing to almost 3/4th its full length. Though clearly still not its full length. Anastasia’s cheeks flush dark grey and she manages to stammer out an actual sentence. “I-I do not mind the offer, b-but I’m not sure we have the time.” Anastasia was completely flustered, if it was anyone else except perhaps Idalia or Ignia she wouldn’t feel this way, but since Alessandra was a member of her own kind, it felt much different to get propositioned.

Alessandra giggles softly and whispers into her ear again “We have time, it’s okay~ the monster won’t be any less at its destination than if we didn’t, and you’ll be more relaxed for the fight~” she says, as she strokes Anastasia’s cock more vigorously, moving her free hand up Anastasia’s body to her chest, undoing her chest piece and gently dropping it into the grass, before groping her right breast through her clothes and massaging it just as skillfully. Alessandra then gently brushes her cheek against Anastasia’s to turn her head, after which she kisses Anastasia’s lips softly, slipping her tongue into her mouth and licking her tongue passionately.

The reasonable side of Ana wanted to push Alessandra away and rescue Ignia before engaging in anything like this. Unfortunately her body didn’t share the same goals, and it was like everytime she thought about stopping her body sent waves of pleasure to remind her how good Alessandra’s hands felt. By Avenir Alessandra’s hands felt like the work of a goddess, they seemed to know exactly where to touch on her cock and how hard to press. She was at full length before she knew it, her moans coming out in sharp, hushed gasps. She didn’t want the others to know she was getting molested, so did her best to keep quiet. It became slightly easier when Alessandra kissed her. Anastasia recoiled just a little before quickly giving in and letting Alessandra work her magic. She brought her hands up and cupped Alessandra’s cheeks, pressing Alessandra’s head against her own and sticking her own tongue in Alessandra’s mouth. Doing a dance with their tounges as they each mutually try and vye for control while submitting to each others will at the same time, something Anastasia was told Spectross tended to do sexually.

Alessandra lets out a soft moan into Anastasia’s mouth as their tongues wrestled, her kiss becoming more passionate with every passing moment. Her hand stops massaging Anastasia’s breast for a moment as she pulls her dress down off her chest, and then moves to unzip her body suit, slowly exposing her bra-clad breasts, after which she slips her hand under her bra and massages her breast skillfully while rubbing her nipple with her thumb. Meanwhile, her other hand continues stroking her cock through her clothes, her fingers working at her shaft vigorously and skillfully, each movement deliberate and purposeful.

Anastasia gently bites Alessandra’s lower lip, and moves her hands down Alessandra’s cheeks and to her neck then to her shoulders then to her sides. She grasps Alessandra’s breasts and massages them much the same way Alessandra was massaging her own. Unfortunately Anastasia didn’t have as much experience, so it was quite a bit more sloppy then Alessandra, though it was still skilled enough to be more than pleasurable. After massaging Allesandra for a while, she began taking off Alessandra’s strange black and blue one-piece, exposing her much more sizable breasts to the air. Anastasia then retracts her mouth from Alessandra’s own and grins. “This isn’t fair, how could I have said no to such a gorgeous woman in the first place?” With that, Anastasia dipped her head a little, though not by much considering how tall Alesandra was and began licking Alessandra’s breasts and then suckling on the nipple, grasping the other breast with her free hand and massaging it semi-roughly. She moaned through her breast-filled mouth as Alessandra continued to jack her off, by Avenir Alessandra was so skilled it was almost dizzying. Precum leaked off the tip of her cock and wetted Alessandra’s fingers, sticking to them like glue, she felt close already, much to her dismay since at this point she wanted this to last hours, her previous concerns having completely vanished and instead been replaced with pure lust.

Alessandra shivers in pleasure as Anastasia runs her hand down her body, then moans softly as Anastasia massages her breasts through her dress. By the time Anastasia slips her dress off, her nipples are already erect. When Anastasia compliments her, she giggles softly “You’re not supposed to say no, why should beautiful women such as us keep our hands off each other~?” she replies, starting to jerk Anastasia off a little more vigorously as she speaks, her other hand moving to Anastasia’s head and stroking it slowly as she begins sucking on her nipple, drawing out louding moans and gasps as her nipple becomes fully erect in Anastasia’s mouth. Down below, a colossal bulge had formed beneath Alessandra’s tight black shorts with blue flame designs up the legs. As Anastasia massages her other breast roughly, Alessandra smiles “H-harder~” she gasps out. When Anastasia’s precum begins sticking to Alessandra’s fingers, her smile grows even wider and she is urged onward “I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying yourself as well~” she says through her soft moans.

Anastasia might have fought that point she made a few moments ago, but right now Anastasia was willing to do absolutely anything with Alessandra her mind a frenzy of lust and carnal desire. As she sucked on Alessandra’s tits, Ana noticed the giant bulge that formed below her. Her free hand subconsciously reaching down and rubbing the tip through her clothing. Again it wasn’t quite as skilled as Alessandra but Anastasia was damn well doing her best to make sure Alessandra would cum too in all of this. Anastasia gropes Alessandra when Alessandra tells her to, roughly squeezing both her cock and breast and suckling on her other one as if it was the last thing she’d ever do. Not long after, a explosion of pleasure erupts from her cock, indicating how close she was to cumming. She moans loudly through Alessandra’s breasts and ends up having to stop the sucking so she could breath as she got closer and closer. Panting heavily as pre cum comes out in a steady stream. Finally, Alessandra’s expert touch pushes Ana over the edge and she lets go of Alessandra’s breast, covering her mouth so she can mouth the scream of pleasure she let out as cum exploded out of her cock. Enough to easily soak her clothing and Alessandra’s hand in the sticky, pitch black substance. A small puddle forming on the ground beneath her. When she finished Anastasia backed herself up against a tree to stabilize herself, slowly massaging Alessandra’s cock as she recovers from her orgasm. Anastasia then looks up at Alessandra almost apologetically. “I...I do not possess the skill you have as you could probably tell so… I-I cant make you feel as good as you made me feel.” Anastasia suddenly spurts out, suddenly feeling distinctly bad. It was a huge blow to her psyche knowing she wasn’t as good as someone else, especially another Spectross in something.

Alessandra’s moans become more intense as Anastasia continues sucking and groping her breasts, her cock twitching as Anastasia begins rubbing it through her shorts, causing more high-pitched moan to escape her lips. Alessandra smiles down at her as Anastasia has to stop sucking on her breasts due to nearing orgasm, and even wider when Anastasia soaks her panties and tights as she cums. As Anastasia backs herself against the nearby tree and continues stroking Alessandra’s cock, she slowly bucks her hips, gasping softly from pleasure. “Ssshhh~” she says, as Anastasia apologizes, closing the gap between them again, she leans down and kisses Anastasia’s lips passionately, licking her tongue again, then pulling away after almost a full minute of holding the kiss. “We’ll practice a lot~” she says, winking, after which she slowly lowers herself to her knees, while slipping Anastasia’s cock out of her tights and her panties. She takes Anastasia’s cock into her left hand, then rubs it against her cheek slowly “Mmm~ it’s so big, Anastasia~” she says, after which she uses her free hand to pull her tights down further “And you have such cute panties~” she adds, as she slips Anastasia’s cock between her breasts and starts slowly rubbing it between them, while licking just below the head of Anastasia’s cock, making soft “Mmm~” sounds to indicate that she likes the taste.

Anastasia was happy Alessandra was enjoying herself, though was a little surprised when she went for the kiss again to calm her down. Figuring Alessandra would be a bit more put off by it. Though if anything it seems to have encouraged her more. Anastasia let out a soft moan as Alessandra kissed her though, enjoying how passionate it felt. Anastasia gently rubbed her shoulders and breasts again as she did so until she pulled away. Anastasia whined needily as she did so, and nodded gently when Alessandra said they’d have a lot of practice. Though the sentence didn’t quite register in Anastasia’s head as Alessandra got on her knees. She stammered out a few incomprehensible words to try and reply, but whatever thoughts she was trying to form into words vanished as she watched Alessandra put her cock on her cheek. The thought that came to mind now was much easier to put into words. “You look so damn hot like that…” Anastasia breathed out. Anastasia smirks a little as Alessandra says she had a big cock, though she wasn’t sure if it was as big as Alessandra judging by that gigantic bulge she had. “Ah, such flattery~” Anastasia jests as Alessandra compliments her panties too. She let out a soft moan as her cock slipped into Alessandra’s breasts. She doesn’t remember the last time she had a tit-job… She moaned louder as Alessandra’s tongue met her cock. Her cock twitching in anticipation as Alessandra tastes it. “If you think that tastes good, wait till I pump your mouth full of my cum~” Anastasia giggled almost drunkenly, lost in the pleasure of Alessandra’s grasp.

Alessandra lets out a soft gasp as Anastasia gropes her breasts. As she licks Anastasia’s cock and rubs her shaft with her breasts, she stops just briefly to give Anastasia a smile and a wink when she tells her how hot she is, then instead of resuming what she was doing, she licks the excess cum from Anastasia’s tip. When Anastasia tells her that she’s going to pump her mouth full of cum, she giggles softly “Ohhh, I can’t wait, Anastasia~” she says, playfully, before starting to grind her shaft between her breasts far more vigorously, her tongue returning to skillfully licking just beneath the head of Anastasia’s cock, all the way around it, shaking her hips seductively with every lick, her saliva running down Anastasia’s shaft and onto her own breasts.

Anastasia hated to admit it, but Alessandra began to prove how much skill could make a difference while fucking. She loved it when Idalia blowed her, but it didn’t feel quite as good as this. Alessandra used her tongue and lips just as skillfully as her hands, placing them at just the right spots and using just the right amount of pressure to send waves of pleasure rippling throughout Ana’s body. On a pure physical sense there was no competition that this was the best fuck she ever had and she’s only just got a handjob and started with a blow. She still enjoyed Idalia and Ignia on a more emotional scale though. Anastasia puts her hand on Alessandra’s head, gently pushing down to keep Alessandra going. Pre was already leaking from her cock, small drips that colored Alessandra’s saliva black. Alessandra’s breasts just added onto it all, they felt so warm and soft against the shaft of her cock. And it felt like her body was trying to get her cock even harder and longer despite running out of space to do so, twitching as it strains to do so.

Alessandra let Anastasia’s pre smear onto her breasts as she continued grinding her shaft between them, occasionally licking up small amounts and swallowing. After several more moments of this, she rubs her nipples against Anastasia’s shaft, then releases her tits and takes her cock into her mouth. She starts off easy, bobbing her head slowly while expertly pleasuring her cock with her tongue, before taking it deeper into her mouth a little bit at a time. She soon takes Anastasia’s tip all the way to the back of her throat, then begins deepthroating her skillfully, each bob of her head punctuated with a lack of gagging, suggesting that Alessandra had no gag reflex. As she was deepthroating Anastasia’s cock, she slowly slipped two fingers into Anastasia’s pussy, and started fingering her deeply and vigorously, her fingers searching for her most sensitive places, rather than thrusting aimlessly, while her other hand held her shaft gently and daintily. This entire time, Alessandra had not once broken eye contact.

Anastasia had to cover her mouth to muffle the moans as Alessandra licks and sucked the head of her cock, the sight of Alessandra letting her pre spread onto her tits warranted a particularly loud one. She wanted nothing more than to see her cum all over Alessandra, as well as pumping it deep inside her. It was quite a conundrum. When Alessandra moved to using her mouth fully, Anastasia’s knees nearly buckled from the surge of pleasure that washed over her. Amazed how easily she could take most of Anastasia’s length. When Alessandra then shoved her fingers deep into Anastasia’s pussy, Anastasia nearly screamed, and a large spurt of pre came out of her cock, enough to warrant a full human ejactulation. Meanwhile her pussy was so wet Alessandra’s hands would get coated in her juices in just a few seconds. Anastasia had to bite her hand, nearly drawing blood in order to keep herself from screaming out and alerting her colleagues. Her legs shaking from the pleasure as she does so as she does her best to keep herself propped up. She does her best to stare into Alessandra’s gorgeous grey eyes, but the pleasure causes her eyes to roll up and shut frequently.

Alessandra closes one of her eyes and cocks her head as she greedily swallows Anastasia’s load of precum, then immediately attempts to take her entire length into her throat, the strain evident on her face as she stares into Anastasia’s eyes. She manages to take all of it to the back of her throat, and lets it rest there for a moment, before bobbing her head with extreme speed and vigor, her tongue running around Anastasia’s shaft each time she bobs her head, intentionally letting small amounts of Saliva and pre-cum run out of her mouth and onto her bare breasts. As she thrusted a third finger into Anastasia’s pussy, Alessandra began to heavily abuse each of Anastasia’s most sensitive spots with her fingers, only increasing her intensity as she thrusts her fingers into her deepest depths.

Anastasia’s knees buckle when Alessandra takes her entire length into Alessandra’s throat, the grip she had on the tree behind her was the only thing stopping her from collapsing onto the ground. Instead of collapsing though she slowly began sinking, slow enough for Alessandra to easily adjust her posture without taking Ana’s cock out of her mouth at least. When Anastasia’s ass hit the ground finally, she was fully lost in the pleasure, any other sense having now completely taken leave as Alessandra deep throats her. Alessandra was going so fast and passionately Anastasia was sure she was going to get sucked dry in a few moments. The third finger entering her pussy was what started her tip over the edge finally though. The one thing she was still capable of doing was covering her mouth thankfully, now fully biting her hand, drawing small drops of gray blood out to keep herself quiet as the pleasure surged even further. Her cock began twitching violently, and her legs shaking more intensely, clearly indicating she was about to cum. After a few more moments, she finally does. Chomping hard onto her hand as she bucks her hip upwards, trying to shove as much of her cock into Alessandra’s mouth as possible as she unleashes a second torrent of cum. There was even more than the first time, so much more that Anastasia completely blacks out for a few seconds, her brain completely overloaded from the pleasure she felt. She didn’t stop until quite a bit of time after. Her vision finally returning as she lets her hand flop to her side. Panting heavily as she attempts to catch her breath. She mumbles something under her breath but she was in no state to form words.

Though Alessandra couldn’t smile with such a large cock in her mouth, her eyes, as she stares into Anastasia’s own, show that she otherwise would be smiling, especially as Anastasia slowly lowers herself to the ground, only encouraging Alessandra to pick up her pace and intensity even further. When Anastasia cums in her mouth, Alessandra swallows as much as she can hungrily, but there was so much as a good amount does drip onto her breasts and chest. Once she’s done swallowing the load, she gives Anastasia a pleasant smile, just before licking the excess cum off her cock, after which she slips her fingers out of Anastasia’s pussy and slowly licks them off as well, staring into Anastasia’s eyes the entire time. When Anastasia’s vision returns, she can see that beneath Alessandra’s shorts, her gigantic cock is standing fully erect, the two layers of clothes barely keeping it from springing free. Still smiling pleasantly, she finally breaks the silence “I’m quite happy that you enjoyed yourself~” she says, leaning forward and giving Anastasia another kiss, one of her hands groping Anastasia’s ass firmly as she licks her tongue, the taste of Anastasia’s cum still covering every bit of her mouth and tongue.

It takes a while before Anastasia can really start moving her body again, she has to stare at Alessandra before she can though. Not that she minded looking. Alessandra was gorgeous after all. Anastasia’s eyes flicker to the gigantic bulge that stood near her though. When Alessandra finally breaks the silence though, her eyes flicker back to her face. Only for it to get close again for another kiss. Anastasia let out a soft, contented moan as she was kissed, eagerly tasting her own cum as she does so. She tasted pretty damn good if she had to say so herself. She suddenly realized why Idalia and Ignia seemed so needy now. She idly began to wonder if Alessandra tasted like that too. As she thought that, her hands began to move on their own accord. They reached down and grasped onto Alessandra’s cock beneath her clothes and she began slowly and sensually jerking her off. She only does that for a few moments before she reaches further up and puts her hands at the hem of Alessandra’s shorts and forcibly shoves them down. She then shifts her panties aside. She couldn’t see what her panties looked like right now but she was sure they looked wonderful. Now that Alessandra’s cock was fully exposed, she resumed her soft and slow handjob. By Avenir she knew what to expect but feeling such a gigantic cock in her hands was intimidating. It was different from handling her own since her body was accustomed to it, but when its a foreign object she could truly get a feel for its size.

Alessandra moans softly into the kiss as Anastasia begins working her shaft again, then her cock springs free as Anastasia moves her black panties with a giant blue X on each hip aside, twitching in the air. As Anastasia continued jerking her off, small amounts of pre-cum began dripping from the tip, making Anastasia’s hands sticky. Alessandra soon broke the kiss and and let out soft gasps right in front of Anastasia’s face. “S-someone’s still excited, I see~” she says, playfully as she starts slowly swaying her hips forward and back to help Anastasia’s hands pleasure her gigantic shaft. She soon reaches up and starts slowly rubbing Anastasia’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she licked Anastasia’s excess cum off her lips.

Anastasia pants softly as Alessandra retracts from the kiss, she then takes a moment to look down at Alessandra’s panties. They looked quite nice, much like the rest of her outfit, though her cock looked even better right now. Anastasia mused about how interesting it was she was now near pitch black, while Alessandra was snow white. Black and white, as Avenir always showed herself as. She looked back up to Alessandra’s face and grinned. “While I know you were trying to apologize to me, it wouldn’t be very fair if I got all the fun… I’ll try and be as good as you.” She said the last sentence a bit more melancholic, but she began jacking her off a little faster and harder after she says it, rubbing her palm against the head of Alessandra cock and stroking its entire length with her other hand. “I wonder, do I taste better or you? You’re quite a bit bigger than me, so it’d be unfair if you won in the taste department too~” Anastasia says that with a pout, feeling actually disappointed, but exaggerating it in her tone and look.

Alessandra moans as Anastasia continues jerking her off, even louder when Anastasia starts rubbing her tip with her hand, and stroking her shaft with the other, causing her to fall down onto her ass the rest of the way, spreading her thighs as her precum drips more profusely all over Anastasia’s hands. She bucks her hips more vigorously as she tilts her head back slightly, gasping and moaning. “I e-eagerly wait for you to f-find out~” she says, winking seductively at Anastasia and licking her lips. She slowly reached up from Anastasia’s breasts and began stroking her cheeks softly and gently, before lowering them to Anastasia’s shoulders and massaging them skillfully.

Anastasia smirks a little as Alessandra’s precum soaks her hand, using it to lubricate the handjob, every new drop of pre makes Anastasia go faster and harder, causing wet shlicking sounds to resound through the nearby trees. Anastasia eventually moves both hands onto her shaft, stroking her if not with great skill then with great passion and longing. She needed Alessandra to cum right now, she wouldn’t be done with her then of course, but similar to her time with Idalia and Ignia, to faces Alessandra made, the sounds she produced, the way her back arched. It produced a unique sense of pleasure in Anastasia. She always used to think pleasure was just that, a physical sense that you got from fucking someone. But with Idalia, then with Ignia, and now with Alessandra she sees that it encompasses far more than just that. Anastasia lifts her head up and nibbles on Alessandra’s exposed neck and growls softly. “I’m going to give you the best damn blow you ever had…” As she said that, something suddenly clicked in her brain. “Wait… I’ve never blown anyone before…” she mumbles, not really intending it to be said aloud though. Her jerking off suddenly slowing down for a moment as she realizes she won’t be able to blow Alessandra’s brains away if she’s never blown anyone before. Her handjob starts resuming in intensity after a bit though as she goes back to reality.

Alessandra’s moans increase further in intensity and her panting grows louder as she nears orgasm, though the strain on her face showed that she trying to resist orgasm. “I l-look forward to it, I’m sure you’ll impress me g-greatly~” she said, her voice still straining to remain graceful and melodic, despite the situation she was in, being jerked off by a Spectross-Wraith woman. After several moments of gasping, moaning, and panting, she was finally forced into orgasm, and her cock sprayed copulus amounts of cum onto Anastasia’s hands, face, chest, thighs, and crotch, practically soaking her from head to toe as Alessandra stifled her cry of pleasure with her hand.

Anastasia had to admit she was not at all thinking about where all that cum would land, she was just focused on making sure Alessandra would cum in the first place. But when the hot white substance started coating every inch of her body she realized perhaps she should of started blowing her sooner. Regardless, what’s done is done and now Anastasia had to figure out how to get all this cum off her before returning to the group. She looks Alessandra in the eye first before licking her lips, tasting the cum that was all over her. She mused over it a bit, before grinning a little. “Hmmm, I think I taste sweeter, what do you think?” With that, Ana lifts her head up and kisses Alessandra again, making sure her cum dribbles into Alessandra’s mouth. As she does so she gently rubs Alessandra’s cock with her thumb, trying to keep her hard. After a few moments she pulls away and grins again. “I think I might need a better test though~.” With that, Anastasia lowers herself further and slides herself under Alessandra, she continues to slide further down till Alessandra’s cock was above her face. She grabbed her cock then and lowered it, smearing the cum onto her face as she rubs her cock with her face. She then begins to lick the head gently, though keeping it slow for now.

Alessandra lets out a moan into Anastasia’s mouth as she tastes her own cum, then moans once again as Anastasia rubs her cock with her thumb to try to keep her hard. Once the kiss had ended, she replies “Mmm~ I think you do, my dear~” she says, only to smile when Anastasia says that she may need a better taste. Her cock twitches when Anastasia rubs up against it, then as Anastasia licks the head gently, Alessandra reaches down and begins gently stroking Anastasia’s head, to encourage her to continue. “I had thought it wasn’t possible for someone to be even more beautiful, but I think it is so with you down there~” she says, playfully, following it with another soft moan as Anastasia continues licking her.

Anastasia continues to lick Alessandra’s cock hungirly, using her hands to very slowly jerk her off as Ana uses her tongue along the length of the cock. When Alessandra mentions how beautiful Ana looked below her, Ana stopped for a moment and smirks up at Alessandra. “I could say the same to you, I think you looked quite nice sucking my cock~” She then continues her service for a small bit before eventually taking the head of Alessandra’s cock into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head at first before slowly taking more and more. It was a lot harder to manage than Anastasia first anticipated, it actually hurt a bit as Anastasia had to stretch her mouth open so wide it strained the muscles in her jaw. Also unfortunately for Ana, she did not share the same lack of a gag reflex. So just a few inches in she began gagging and had to use that as a soft limit for now, bobbing her head without going much farther than a few inches.

Alessandra moans more loudly and rests her back against a tree for support as she bucked her hips and rubbed Anastasia’s head, precum pouring from her cock with every lick of Anastasia’s tongue and every bob of her head. “I-if I look so nice with y-your cock in my mouth, I should make s-sure I do it v-very frequently~” she gasps out through her moans of pleasure. As her pleasure builds, she gently pushes down on Anastasia’s head to move her cock deeper into Anastasia’s throat. “M-mmmph~! Your m-mouth is so g-good, Anastasia~” she moans out as she arches her back sharply.

Anastasia lets out soft moans as she sucks Alessandra’s cock, feeling more than pleased even without Alessandra gently rubbing the head of her cock. She lets out another pleased moan as Alessandra says she should suck her cock more often, and Anastasia knew she’d enjoy that. Though grunts in some annoyance as Alessandra pressed her farther down. Ana’s gag reflex really started to make its presence known as she choked on Alessandra’s massive member, causing the pleasure Ana was feeling to be quite a bit less pronounced. Tears began to well into her eyes and she patted Alessandra’s thigh firmly, trying to let her know she was going a bit too far too quick.

Alessandra lets out a muffled cry of pleasure, covering her mouth with her free hand as she continues holding Anastasia’s head down with her other. She reaches orgasm and fires off several massive loads of cum into Anastasia’s throat, continuing to hold her head down until she finishes cumming. She pants loudly and rests her back against the tree “V-very good, Anastasia~” she says, smiling at Anastasia and winking.

Anastasia was quite ignorant to what it was like wanting to gulp down a bunch of cum. Sure she’s had it happen before but she didn’t want in it then, doing her best to spit out as much as possible, and hating the feeling of the cum inside her. This was much different though, and she began to understand a bit more about how Idalia and Ignia felt. The feeling of Alessandra’s cock twitching violently inside her mouth as well as Alessandra’s increase in moaning led Ana to realize how close Alessandra was, and how much tension there was in waiting for the torrent to arrive. Without even realizing it it was like her body moved for her, she felt her gag reflex suddenly alleviate, if not completely, and her tongue immediately flattened itself, her cheeks puffed out a little as well. The preparation still wasn’t enough to prepare her for how much ended up coming out though. She tried drinking it as much as possible as it came out, gulping it down in large quantities only for it to be replaced with double the amount each time she swallowed. The cum tasted wonderful as she already knew, but the hotness of it as well as the feeling of Alessandra’s cock exemplified it, as if the few seconds from her hand to her mouth last time was enough to greatly diminish the taste and feeling. Her gag reflex decided it still wanted to hang around though, and she ended up choking a lot more, which caused lots of the cum to spill out of her mouth and onto the ground below her. When it finally ended though, Anastasia pulled back and gasped for air, coughing heavily, realizing she was practically drowning with how much there was. Anastasia continued to gasp for a while before looking down at her clothes. “W-We s-should get ourselves cleaned up s-somehow then h-head back I think…” She sputtered out, realizing how long they’ve been at this by now.

After the two clean up and return to the group, Indris looks up from holding Idalia, and Lucephine spins around from inspecting the woods to face them. Indris asks “What took so long?” to which Alessandra replies “We could discuss that… or we could go search for your friend~” with a smug but friendly smile. Indris shrugs, then stands up, pulling Idalia up with her. “I suppose we should move to the Barton Castle, so that we can help Ignia escape… again.” she said, putting emphasis on ‘again’ to make more clear the frustration she felt in regards to having to keep breaking people out of the Barton castle. Alessandra cocks her head at Indris “Again~? Does this mean that being kidnapped by this man is a somewhat regular occurrence?” she asks, the idea sounding as if it baffled her.

Anastasia smiles faintly at Indris as they return, though starts to look a little embarrassed when Indris asks what took so long. “Well, I haven’t spoken to one of my kind in who knows how long I may have… Gotten sidetracked.” Anastasia says genuinely embarrassed now, seeing how long they took, and knowing the truth of what happened is even worse than the fabrication. Anastasia then moves next to Indris and puts a hand on Idalia’s shoulder to help guide her, wanting to feel Idalia’s warmth as well even if just on her hand. When the conversation moves to the ‘again’ part. Anastasia nods and sighs heavily. “Not just a day ago our entire group were prisoners in his castle… Even then it wouldn’t of been the first time either, except for me. I got to see first hand the atrocities Barton not just commits but revels in, like he gains some sadistic joy from it.”

As the group makes their way towards the Barton Castles, Alessandra nods her head in understanding “That’s… really disturbing. Is there nowhere that’s outside of his reach? There must be a place that he won’t send his troops.” she says, stroking her own face as she thinks, her voice becoming less melodic and more normal as she tries to think. Indris sighs “I have wondered that since I escaped from their lab in Baskerville. They seem to be fully willing to send their troops anywhere, and send wave after wave, armed with Spark Nets, powerful electric nets that will bring down any one of me or my sisters by themselves, just one.” to which Alessandra replies “One shot? Do you think it was an intentional weakness? How does electricity even hurt you, when you can manipulate it yourself?” she asks. Indris shakes her head “It’s… strangely not the same sort of electricity. I can’t manipulate it at all. I think it’s less a design flaw with us, and more that the Spark Nets, much like the visors, we designed specifically for us.” to which Alessandra responds by simply nodding, though her face showed slight confusion. She then seems to perk up “That reminds me~ what were ou all at the ruins for~?” she asks.

Anastasia shook her head, but waited for Indris to finish her first topic. “As far as I can tell they always know where we are at. They were always there no matter where we went, sometimes it took longer for them to get there, but they showed up none the less, the last time with a full fledged army marching into a city. He has influence clearly as well. I’m honestly not sure where we could hide, we can simply run for now.” Annoyance built in Ana’s voice, she hated that they had no choice but to run. Anastasia let Indris answer the second point though, as Ana had absolutely no knowledge of the function of either the nets or Indris’s own electrical powers. Indris explained it pretty good regardless. Though she could answer the third question. “To fix the visor that they put on Idalia, we had hoped that perhaps there would be some piece of technology down there that could help us, as we suspect they didn’t get all of what he has on his own, and instead raided those ruins.”

Alessandra cocks her head in confusion “They have influence everywhere~? That’s scary~” she says. When Anastasia explains that she wanted to fix the visor that was put on Idalia, or more specifically remove it, she perks up “Have you tried going to that strange village in The Darklands? I think it’s called Anglar. The residents are all highly gifted in the art of magic, and it’s probably the most peaceful place in all of Chaldea~” she says, before adding “I think that it would be the most likely place to have the means to remove the visor that doesn’t require going back to Solstace~” to which Indris responds “Anglar? I’ve never been there, but I heard that the inhabitants were… odd.” she says. Alessandra smiles at Indris “Well, they may be odd, but does that matter if they can get the Visor off and won’t butcher you~?” she asks. Just then, Idalia trips over something and falls onto the ground. When the group turns to look at what it was she tripped over, they’re met with the sight of Ignia unconscious, half buried in the ground, with her face against the dirt.

Anastasia nods in agreement. It is indeed terrifying, few individuals can hold such influence, the only place they couldn’t have any would have to be Solstace. Maybe a few other cities she hasn’t heard about… Such as this Anglar place Alessandra suggests. “As much as I would love visiting Solstace and seeing the home of my people, I do not think they would be very welcoming of us, as much as I hate to say it. This Anglar place might be our best bet then… The Darklands is very far away though, but perhaps that’s a good thing as it means the Bartons will struggle to catch up.” Just as she finished her thoughts, she hears a dull thud on the ground behind her. When she looks as see Idalia tripped, she was about to start sighing but then she noticed Ignia was there. Anastasia wasted no time and hefted Ignia out of the ground, checking her body for any major wounds that might need tending, lifting up her skirt and shirt and everything during that, not really caring about her companions and more concerned about Ignia’s well being. When she found nothing that couldn’t be healed with time or a potion, Anastasia looked over to Lucephine. She then pointed at roughly where the Barton castle would be from their position. “The Bartons are over there in that direction, don’t expect to destroy the entire castle on your lonesome, but I’m sure you’ll manage to take a few with you at least.” She then covers Ignia back up with her clothing and holds her in a princess carry. “So… What direction is The Darklands from here?”

When Anastasia mentioned that she wanted to go home, but didn’t think they’d be welcome, Alessandra agreed “Well, even if we were, they certainly wouldn’t welcome your friends~” she said. When Anastasia pulled Ignia out of the ground, she let out a groan. Indris helped Anastasia brush the excess dirt off of her clothes and skin. Aside from numerous slowly-healing bruises where it looked like the creature had hit her when smashing her into the ground, Ignia didn’t appear critically damaged. When Anastasia lifts Ignia’s dress and opens her blouse, Alessandra eyes her skin and underwear lustfully. Indris gently hugs Ignia as she was being held by Anastasia, and when she informs Lucephine as to the whereabouts of the Barton Castle, Lucephine nods slowly. The Violator emerges from her shadow, then whispers something into her ear, which prompts Lucephine to spread out her arms and begin speaking in a language Anastasia didn’t understand. Slowly a massive army of undead begins emerging from the ground, filling the area. The number of undead was such that Anastasia couldn’t count them. Once they were done emerging, Lucephine began walking in the direction Anastasia had pointed, her massive army of undead following her in formation.

“She’s going to try anyway.” Indris said as she watched Lucephine leave. Alessandra nodded in agreement “Regardless, The Darklands are this way.” she says, leading the way towards the Anglar Village. When Anastasia lifts Ignia into a princess carry, she rests her head against Anastasia’s chest, but her eyes remain closed. Indris grabs Idalia’s hand and helps her up, then pulls her after the two Spectross as they made their way to the Darklands.

Anastasia frowns a little, wishing she could show Ignia and Idalia and the others Solstace one day. With Ignia being mostly in decent shape though, Anastasia felt a lot less stressed out, especially with the promise of a possible solution to Idalia’s problem. She did want to kill that damn beast though, even if she knew it was really that CeeCee girl that did this not the beast, the beast was just acting on her will, much like with Idalia’s visor. Didn’t stop her from wanting to kill it though. That train of thought was interrupted when the horde of undead suddenly forms around here. It wasn’t too surprising, there were so many cities lost in the times that almost every part of the earth one walked was a graveyard . Even so it startled her and she instinctively reached for her bow, still managing to support Ignia with just one arm. It only took a few seconds for her to realize that it was Lucephine’s army. Maybe she did have some chance of doing more damage then… She watched the undead army with caution still as they left and meandered towards the castle. “Well, I sure hope she manages to weaken them, if only a little.” Readjusting her grip on Ignia again, she then followed Alessandra, keeping near Idalia and Indris to make sure they didn’t somehow leave her sight either as they walked.

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Meeting the villagers.
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Anastasia’s trip takes her a great distance around the channel that divides the wetlands, before traveling into Calt’s Black Lands, an area that’s covered with black dirt, black grass, black trees that are covered with black leaves, a land so black that aside from the snow near Calt, one could not tell the difference between night and day there. Travel across the area was long, and took many hours, however they eventually came upon The Darklands, a place with strange purple water flowing through it in the narrow channels, with dark-colored grass that seemed to come in two varieties, black and grey, but not separated into specific areas, it seemed to instead grow randomly. The trees that covered these areas had black bark with a green glow shining through, and glowing sky-blue leaves. The seeds the grew from the branches glowed a sky blue as well, with swirling mist inside the transparent shells. Given the reputation of the Black Lands, it was incredibly strange that Anastasia and her group were not attacked by some horrifying creature, especially given that they were traveling at night, however they managed to see the village in the far off distance.

The village seemed completely separate from the Darklands, as the ground within the radius of the wooden fence that surrounded it was mostly sand, with dunes raised to separate different sections of the village, with stairs built from sandstone to allow easy travel. The houses were rounded with antennae on top of their wooden roofs, and round windows and wooden doors built into the front of each. Windmills were built throughout the village, seemingly at random, while slender green trees with red orb-shaped food growing from the branches were growing inside the village alongside gardens that looked as though they were growing real plants instead of the gray plants that seemed to be so common within the cities. While none of the inhabitants were outside, smoke coming from a few of the chimneys indicated that some of the residents were still awake. When the village came into view, Alessandra finally spoke up “Well, there it is.” she said, motioning towards the village with one hand. Indris cocked her head “The architecture is certainly… unique.” she said, her expression as neutral as ever.

Anastasia wished the black lands had a bit more… White to it. It’d go well with Avenir then, but when it’s nothing but black things upon black things it felt like it belonged more to Tenebris. Not to mention with nothing but black around it was incredibly disorienting and she was sure that the guidance took a few random turns it wasn’t supposed to take. Regardless, they got out of the blacklands eventually, it took much longer than she would of liked though. Even after all that time Ignia never woke up either, which was worrying. Hopefully when they reach the village she will have woken up. When they entered the darklands it was mostly similar, except much more visually appealing. The blue leaves and green glow with the mostly dark grey landscape painted an eerily beautiful picture. As they travelled further north though, the air became increasingly heavier, and Ana became increasingly antsier. She knew that the darklands were dangerous, not so much from prior knowledge but just by looking at the place. But a feeling of dread crept ever closer for a reason she couldn’t put her finger on. The purple streams became more and more common, meaning they had to pick their path more carefully constantly. The air became more humid, too. After a while Anastasia realized why she was starting to feel like they were walking to their doom. It’s cause they were, they were approaching the ocean. “I-Is the village near the ocean? Cause I think we’re getting pretty close to the ocean which is something I never want to do ever.” She said somewhat panicked. It wouldn’t be long before she got her answer though, and before they could see the ocean the village thankfully came into sight. As they approached the heaviness in the air seemed to vanish, and it was like all of the tension lifted from her body. To say the village looked out of place would be a vast understatement. It probably couldn’t be more out of place if it tried. Ana had to agree with Indris, the architecture was something she’s never seen before. “This village as a whole is unique. To be situated near the ocean, in the darklands no less, and be completely safe. Truly there are wizards and other magic users here.” With a newfound sense of clarity, Anastasia began walking into the village.

As the group made their way into the village, Indris was looking up at the trees “What… are those? I’ve never seen them before, in all my travels.” she said, to nobody specific, while Alessandra replied to Anastasia’s comment “Monsters won’t come near, not from the water nor the Darklands themselves. The wooden fence is even there purely for aesthetic~” Alessandra said with a smile, after which she replied to Indris “Those are Pribablt, the villagers love them. They’re quite tasty, too, being naturally sweet and juicy. They like to make pie out of them~” she says. When the group drew near one of the houses, the door slowly creaked open and a fat creature with black skin, pudgy arms and legs, a giant nose, sharp teeth, and a large mouth and bead-like eyes, wearing only a red speedo with pink flower designs on it, stepped out onto the sand. “Hello, travelers.” he said, in a strange accent that Anastasia did not recognize, “Welcome to our humble village. We saw in our Ziggurats that you would be arriving here tonight, so some of us stayed awake to make you feel welcome.” he said, in a friendly way. He then stepped aside and held his arms out towards his house in a strange pose akin to dabbing “I understand that you have nowhere to stay for the night, so please, feel free to sleep within my spare bedrooms and share my food.” he said. Indris looked at Anastasia “They not only knew we were coming, but they cooked extra food and stayed up late to greet us...” she said in a voice that sounded distant. Alessandra gave them a smile “Impressive, yes~?” she said, before turning to the creature “Thank you~! We appreciate your hospitality~” she calls over, before motioning for the rest of the group to follow her into the house.

Anastasia stared in wonderment at the village. To think this tiny village had the power to keep creatures even from the water at bay. It should of been obvious given their proximity to the ocean, but the very idea flabbergasted Ana. She barely heard Alessandra’s explanation about the fruits, her attention focused on the door ahead of her opening. When she saw the occupant, her lips pursed tightly and she instinctively reached for her bow before she realized the creature was one of the residents. “The fuck?” She heard herself say before her brain could even process the thought. She had no words for what was talking in front of her. She’s seen some weird stuff in her travels at this point, but this was definitely the weirdest. In order to keep herself from staring, she forced herself to look at Indris and reply to her statement. “Well, that is generally what you do when you know guests are coming, though the more concerning part is how they could see us coming.” She then looked back to the creature, her initial shock now mostly gone. “T-thank you, I’m sorry that was rude of me. I’m Anastasia and this is Indris, Idalia, and in my arms Ignia.” She rattled off immediately, going through the mental politeness checkbook. When Alessandra motioned for them to come inside, Anastasia walks in, somewhat dazed by all of this, though a thought creeps into her mind. “You’ve been here before haven’t you Alessandra?”

The black creature merely smiles “It’s quite alright, we’re not blind to our appearance, my lady Anastasia. It’s nice to meet you all.” he says, after which Alessandra introduced herself “I’m Alessandra~” after which she turned to Anastasia “Not exactly, I have been to the one on the southern part of Chaldea, near Fero~” she says. When the group enters, they find that the house is carpeted with a red rug with the same flower design as the creature’s speedo. Against the smooth walls is a similarly rounded yellow leather couch with tan cushions and a wooden frame, while on the other side of the living room is a fire place. On the rounded walls are shelves with glass nicknacks on it, though none of the shapes are creatures that Anastasia recognized. The creature motions for the group to sit “Please, make yourself at home, and I’ll bring you some food.” he says, pleasantly, before making his way over to a wooden door, and exiting the room, into a second room with a red tile floor, with the same flower design as the carpet and the creature’s speedo. During the brief time that the door was open, Anastasia could see a wooden counter on one side of the room with a stone oven against the wall, and a wooden table on the other side of the room with chairs all around it. Soon, the creature returns with two trays, upon which were several wooden plates, each filled with food that Anastasia did not recognize, alongside cups filled with purple liquid, too dark to be the water they had passed on their way here; On the played, the food was chopped up bits of what looked like the fruit that was growing from the trees they had seen outside, the insides an orange color, with some seasoned and chopped up green french-cut vegetables mixed in with mashed orange sludge, and on the other side of the plate was a strange semi-transparent blue goo. He set the two treys on the small wooden coffee table that sat in the middle of the room, then slowly walked over to a wooden rocking chair near the fire place. Upon sitting down, a strange purple creature with catlike ears and a catlike tail scurried over to him and leapt into his lap. He smiled and began slowly petting the creature. Alessandra said “Thank you~” and picked up her plate and the silver fork that had been set down with it, and began eating immediately, while Indris only started jabbing at the goo with her fork, watching it jiggle. Idalia didn’t make any moved for the food, she merely sat down where Indris had pulled her down and stared straight ahead. Ignia soon opened her eyes and started to look around, her eyes settling on the creature in the rocking chair, at which point she recoiled and grabbed onto Anastasia, leaning in and whispering “Wh-what’s that thing?” just loud enough for Anastasia to hear.

Anastasia blinked a few times at Alessandra’s words. There are multiple of these villages? “Uhm, exactly how many villages are there like this?” When Ana gets her answer, she then focuses her attention on the interior of the house. It was just as unique as the exterior. Filled with things that she couldn’t even comprehend a use for, along with more oddly disturbing decorum. However once she got used to the looks of everything that surrounded her, it really was a pretty nice place. Some redecorating and it’d be worthy of a true home for them. When the food arrived, Anastasia pursed her lips again. If the rest of the village was anything to go off of the looks of the food should be deceiving, but Ana still couldn’t help but feel her stomach squirm at the sight of it. She stared at the tray in front of her for quite a while, mimicking Indris and occasionally prodding at it as if she expected it to start scurrying off the tray. She felt herself doing her best to not look at the strange man and the cat thing that joined him. Her staring contest with the food though was interrupted by Ignia shuffling around, then speaking. Anastasia gently pats Ignia’s head when she clutches onto her. “That’s the person we’re going to be staying with for now. So far they’ve been very nice and have given us quite the hospitality.” As she explains, she realizes the creature never gave its name. She had to put quite a effort in to look at it, but when she managed she smiles. “Do you have a name? Also if you don’t mind me asking how did you know we’d be here?”

“Well, two that I know of~” Alessandra replied, having already cleaned her plate, despite how daintily she had been eating. After having replied, she picked up her drink with two fingers around the handle, then sipped it just as daintily as she had eaten. Meanwhile, Indris was carefully raising a piece of the chopped up fruit to her lips and taking a very delicate bite, as if it may explode. When Anastasia explains that the black thing is their host Ignia blinks at her in confusion, but calms down regardless, staying on Anastasia’s lap as she reaches for a plate of food and begins slowly eating it, looking around nervously with every bite. When Anastasia asks the creature’s name, he smiles at her “My name is Froom, my lady, and you have my sincerest apologies for not introducing myself. You see, we don’t have many guests here.” he says, before answering Anastasia’s question “Ah, yes. You see, in the center of our humble village is the Ziggurat, a construct which allows us to witness coming events. It is a gift from one of the Great Old Ones to show us is love.” he then paused for a moment before continuing, the cat-thing stretching on his lap and beginning to poke his fatty thighs with its claws, though Froom took no notice “I have no doubt that you did not come here simply to visit, my ladies, so what can we do for you?” he asked, pleasantly, as he scratched his cat creature behind the ears.

Anastasia joins Ignia in the careful taste testing. Starting off with small bites and tentative sniffs. Once she was sure it wasn’t poisoned despite Alessandra’s ravenous appetite, she worked on it more like it was a normal meal and not her imminent demise. She continued to pet Ignia’s head with her free hand, looking over at Indris and Idalia with a bit of a worried expression as Froom explains everything. “Given your location I can see why, I was about ready to turn back and get as far away from the ocean as possible… Great old ones?” She says with a obvious questioning tone before the conversation moves onto what they wanted to come here for. Anastasia gently sets down her silverware and looks much more serious as she contemplates her words. She points over to Idalia and sighs. “I have been told you might be able to remove that visor from here. I don’t know if you know about the Bartons. But they’ve been conducting cruel experiments on Idalia, Ignia, and Indris here, along with many others. This visor is just the latest. It… Controls her, she is no longer Idalia, she is just an empty husk that follows the orders of the Bartons, and for reasons I don’t quite understand, me.” She sets her hand down and looks at Froom intently, clearly waiting for a response, looking as if her very life hinged on the answer.

When Anastasia looks over at Indris and Idalia, Idalia merely continues to stare straight ahead, vacantly, while Indris is now eating more of the fruit normally, not having moved on to the rest of the food yet. “Mmhmm...” the creature says, when Anastasia mentions the Bartons and how they were experimenting, then when Anastasia asks if he can remove the visor, the creature gently sets the cat down and stands up from his rocking chair “Ah, yes, the visor. It is cobbled together from the lost arts that were plundered from the ancient ruins.” he says as he crosses the room and gently rests a hand on the visor, gently tugging at it and looking at it closely, turning Idalia’s head from side to side to look at it from every angle “We’ve seen these in the ziggurat… many of them. Your Idalia is not the only one, there will be more, and they shall be used to stand against a grave threat.” he says as he continues his examination. “I’m sure that you have no doubt that the Goddesses can indeed grant the power to remove this product of the ancient arts… whether or not they will is another thing entirely. They are not needed to do so, however, because there is another.” he says. He then cracks his fingers behind his back and begins to speak in a strange language, his voice low, but joined by what sounds like more than fifty other voices, the other fifty voices rising to become louder than his. He moves his fingers in a twitching motion, then wiggles them back and forth as a transparent force, as if heat off of a metal surface, begins trailing off of them and rising towards the ceiling. The creature then takes several steps back as he points his fingers at the visor, the force rushing towards it and wrapping around each piece. The creature’s voice grows louder and he pulls his arms backwards, slowly, as if struggling with a great force that was pulling against him. Sweat begins to trickle down his face, stains begin to form on his speedo, drool runs from his lips, however the focus on his face shows that he’s focusing too hard to even lick it from his lips. Wind begins to blow around the room, buffeting Anastasia’s hair, along with Ignia’s, Indris’, Idalia’s, and Alessandra’s. At one critical moment, the black creature grunts and a deep gash appears across the fat rolls on his cheek, trickling bright red blood down his face and onto his shoulder. The nicknacks on the shelf begin to rock back and forth, while the fire begins to flicker so heavily that it seems that it may go out at any moment. The furniture begins to slowly rise, and the creature’s eyes glow with a white light as he begins to grunt and strain, until finally the visor pops off and falls to the ground, the floating objects slamming back down on the floor, the black creature falling over onto his rump with a loud thud. Idalia looks around the room, first at Indris, then Ignia, then Anastasia, confusion clear on her face “W-where am I?” she says, looking at the various nicknacks on the shelf before adding “This… this isn’t the Barton’s holding cell… or even their castle...” she says. Indris sets her food down and stands up from the couch “Idalia, you’re back...” she says her eyes wide, looking from Idalia, to the black creature, who was now standing up slowly. Ignia, who still had a piece of the fruit sticking out of her mouth, closed her teeth, causing half of it to fall out onto the plate, as she stared blankly at Idalia. Alessandra merely grinned, but soon moved to help the black creature to his feet.

Anastasia, despite knowing these creatures seemed to have some sort of premonition magic, was still surprised when he talked about the visor. She knew Idalia was not the only one, as she saw the new sister have one when they escaped the castle, but at the mention of a grave threat, Anastasia was left confused. Did he mean the visors were going to be used to help with a tragic event? Or that they were going to be used to help with a threat to the Bartons? Before she could think about this more, Froom began prodding the visor, inspecting it and saying something that sounded almost like a passive insult to Avenir. Anastasia was certain Avenir could of removed the visor, it was just she had no form of contact to Avenir, she held no magic and could not go to Solstace. However, the way he said it, along with the mention of great old ones made Anastasia start to wonder if there was more beyond the goddesses. The thought seemed near impossible, but once again, she could not dwell on it before long before Froom began the ritual to remove the visor from Idalia. The next ensuing few minutes brought a great deal of stress to Anastasia. Whatever the fuck he was doing seemed almost malavolent in nature despite his stated intentions, the voices and atmosphere putting every part of her body on edge, but despite her growing internal protests she found herself unable to move, instead simply staring at Froom as he did the magic. It only became more intense as he continued, and when the furniture began lifting Anastasia felt an uncontrollable urge to scream and cry, like something was next to her that would forever be beyond her power to control. It almost seemed beyond Froom’s control too as a large cut forms on his face, his focus seeming to lapse just for a split second, but that was enough to anger whatever he was invoking. Finally though, the visor fell off, and just like when they first entered the village, all the tension in her body released at once. Anastasia inhaled deeply, staring at Idalia, amazed that not only it worked, but she was herself again as if nothing ever happened. Once the shock passed though, Anastasia moved quick, she grabs Ignia and only somewhat roughly sets her to the other side of her seat. She then stands up so fast she pushed the furniture back a little before quickly walking over to Idalia, crouching down and hugging her tightly, only barely gentle enough to keep her breathing. Anastasia buried her face in Idalia’s shoulder for a bit before looking up towards Froom. “Thank you so much, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repay you for this.” She says, her voice cracking a little as she feels tears start form. Without hesitating a moment she returns her face to Idalia’s shoulder, letting the tears fall. “I missed you so much, I was worried I’d never be able to get that thing off.” She says, not really caring about giving Idalia an explanation and instead caring more about holding Idalia, the real Idalia in her arms again.

Ignia continued to stare, and seemed to only barely notice when Anastasia set her aside. When Anastasia hugged Idalia, she hugged her back after hesitating a moment “Back? Where did I go? I feel like I’m missing something, guys, I’m really confused. When did Indris even get here? Who is the black guy? Where even is here?” she asks, patting Anastasia on the back. When Anastasia thanks the creature, he smiles, as he wipes the blood from his face “You’re welcome, my lady, I’m happy to help. You need not repay me, either.” he says, as Alessandra helps him back into his rocking chair. Indris finally comes to her senses and starts answering Idalia’s questions “We’re in the Anglar Village, that guy is Froom, our host, and he removed a mind-controlling visor that the bartons had put on you, which none of us could remove. I’m here because I helped you, Ignia, and Anastasia escape.” she explains, quickly. “You have a lot to thank Froom for, you would otherwise, basically be an empty husk.” Indris adds, as she sits down beside Ignia “I didn’t really expect it to work...” Ignia said, when Indris sat beside her, seemingly shaking her out of her trance-like state. “Wait… now that you mention it, I vaguely remember them bringing me into Anastasia’s chamber… then forcing me to look at her as they put something over my eyes, but… I can’t remember anything after that… it’s like the thing was put on my eyes, then I teleported here.” she says, hugging Anastasia tighter. She then looked at Froom “Th-thank you… for helping me.” she says to Froom, after which he nods, Froom then speaks up again “I understand that you may have business to attend to, however we do have spare houses in the village. The coming storm will sweep all of you up, and you’ll be forced into the Barton army if you leave. This is a safe place, within which the Bartons cannot disturb you. Should you decide that you’d like to take us up on my offer, please speak to Woolzery in the morning, and he’ll give you a place to live.” he says, smiling pleasantly.

Anastasia doesn’t let up on the hug for quite a long time, only really starting to soften it after Indris explains what happens, and where they are. Realizing just how sudden this situation might seem to her. She simply nods to Froom in response, then adds onto what Indris says. “As Indris said, you had a form of mind control device implanted on you… I was forced to watch you seemingly willingly do terrible things. You did nothing of your own volition, simply doing absolutely anything the Bartons asked of you, as well as me for some reason. It was thanks to you being able to listen to me we got you out of there relatively easily. I don’t know exactly how long we were kept in that castle, but I do know Indris showed up with Iveta, Ilaria, Aurora, and a mercenary called Zei to get us out of there. After that we really just wandered, hoping to stumble upon something that would help you. Eventually I met a fellow exile, Alessandra.” She points to Alessandra as she says her name. “And she pointed us to this village, when we got here we met Froom, who apparently knew we were coming with magic, and then he got the visor off you.” She explained in a bit more detail than what Indris provided. It was then Froom spoke up and said something that made Anastasia frown a bit. Staying here? She certainly didn’t mind staying for a little while, but for how long exactly was another question. She highly doubted the Bartons would set foot near this place with the ocean so close, assuming they could even know Ana was here in the first place. She looked over to Indris and Ignia, though didn’t budge from Idalia, afraid to let go of her completely. “I feel like staying here for a bit would be a good idea… It’s just a question of how long we want to… If we’re safe from the Bartons here, we might be able to stay until we figure out exactly what to do next and how to stop them from hunting us down should we leave. Though, I worry about Ilaria and Iveta and Irena, along with your sisters still trapped in the Bartons castle…” She trails off a little, leaving an opening for the others to say their opinions.

When Anastasia mentions that she did terrible things, Idalia stares at her “Wait, what sort of terrible things? Do I even want to know?” after she said this, her eyes lit up “Wait, wait, wait, I missed the reunion? Indris, Iveta, and I were all in one spot, and I wasn’t there?!” she said, at first sounding slightly upset, but then just sounding depressed. She then turned to Alessandra and waved with one hand “Yeah, hi… thanks for uh… helping us.” she says, lowering her head slowly. “I’m sure another reunion will happen, it’s not like Barton will leave us alone.” Indris says, negatively. When Anastasia asks the others if they’d like to stay there, Indris answers first “It would be a nice change of pace from wandering city to city, to keep them off my trail. I’m certainly in favor.” she says, after which Ignia replies “I don’t mind, if the other house is like this one, then it’ll be nice and cozy… besides, Froom is nice.” she says. Idalia answers third “If you’re staying here, I’ll stay here. I know we’d all prefer to have a break from the Bartons, so that’s an immediate plus.” she says, leaning into Anastasia. Indris then added “Well… I said I’d like to stay here, but I’m worried about my sisters, too… so while the rest of you stay here and rest, I can go find the oth-” before she finished her sentence, Alessandra touched her shoulder and spoke up “Not to worry, if you give me descriptions and general location, I can go let them know you’re here~” she says, with a pleasant smile. “I have other things to take care of, but I’ll be back to check on you when I’m finished~” she says, squeezing Indris’ shoulder. Ignia pointed at Alessandra “The last I remember, you were trying to punch me in the face...” she says, slowly. Alessandra laughs softly “Oh, don’t you worry about that, I’ve changed my ways and want to help you, just ask Anastasia, we’ve come to an understanding~” she says, smiling.

Anastasia was thankful Idalia got sidetracked from her original train of thought, since Ana really didn’t want to think about how to tell her what happened in the period of time she was brainwashed. Anastasia gently pats Idalia’s head when she seems down from missing the reunion, but didn’t respond as Idalia mentions the probability of reuniting again anyway. When Indris responds, Anastasia nods slowly. All three of them seem unanimous in that any kind of break from getting hunted by the Bartons was extremely welcome, and Ana had to agree. When Indris then spoke up, Ana was about to object as she didn’t want the possibility of Indris getting captured to arise without her interference, but Alessandra beat her to the chase. The Bartons would not be hunting Alessandra, so it’d be true that she could find the sisters much easier than Indris could, as she wouldn’t have to worry about the Bartons everytime she turned a corner. When Ignia states that Alessandra was hostile last time she checked, Anastasia nodded along with Alessandra and shrugged. “She had no idea about what you guys were or what would happen to you. I can firmly say none of my people would agree to help with such an atrocity. She was simply given false information. Besides if nothing else, I think she knows better than to take you on anyway now.” Anastasia chuckles a little before looking to Alessandra and listing off the most complete description of the others as she could. They all looked fairly unique so Ana hoped it wouldn’t be too hard for Alessandra to find them and point them here.

“It’s true, I don’t want to fight you again~” she says, shrugging her shoulders “You’re too fast, and you hit too hard~” she adds. Ignia looks at Alessandra doubtfully “Well, I guess if Anastasia trusts you...” she says, leaning back onto the couch. Indris then comments “I don’t think she’ll make any moves against us, either.” then after Anastasia gives Alessandra descriptions of the others, she nods and smiles “That’s easy enough to remember, I’ve been told that I have an excellent memory~” she says. Indris then turns to Alessandra “Thank you for doing this for us.” she says, sounding genuine. “Oh, not to worry, I want all cute girls to be safe and sound~” she says, smiling “Anyway, I don’t want the Bartons to get to them before me, so I had best get going~” she says, giving Indris a pat on the head, followed by Ignia, who flinches back, then Idalia. She only gives Anastasia a wink before starting to make her way towards the door. “Wait, it’s night outside. That’s a bit dangerous, don’t you think?” Idalia says, frowning. “Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ll be back before you know it~” she says, smiling, after which she exits without another word. Froom frowns, but then smiles again as he turns to the remaining girls “Well, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Worrying won’t help, so once you ladies are done eating, I suggest you get some rest, then we’ll get you settled in your own home in the morning.” he says, pleasantly, before sipping from his own cup.

Anastasia was happy that if not the other two that Indris seemed to understand Alessandra was on their side. She understood Ignia’s apprehension, and Idalia being untrustworthy of someone new was entirely understandable as well. She just hoped that they would see that she was a pretty good person… Though Anastasia had noticed she seemed more than a little… Lustfull. Regardless, if Alessandra helped them out in such a significant way it shouldn’t be that much of a problem in the long run. Anastasia was worried about Alessandra going off on her own at night, but she suspected she was doing that because the magic the villagers used would protect her for the journey, similar to how they weren’t attacked as they were arriving, probably cause the villagers knew they were coming. “Well, if you find yourself in trouble be sure to come back~” Anastasia yells after her as she leaves before turning to Froom. “You’re right, it’s been a bit of a long day, and I’m not sure how well Idalia is right now after having that visor on for so long, she might need the rest since I’m unsure if she ever slept with it on… Or if she even needed to.” Ana frowns a little, contemplating what she just said before finally letting go of Idalia and standing up. She went back to her plate and quickly finished off the food so they could get to their house and see what was in store for them there.

Shortly after the girls had finished their food, there was a knock at Froom’s door. Without hesitating, he quickly stood up from his rocking chair and went to it, yanking it open with a smile “I have come.” said a slim blue man with a large head, slanted eyes, and purple puckered lips. He was wearing nothing but a speedo, one which looked exactly the same as what Froom was wearing. “Welcome, Woolzerly, as I’m sure you’re aware, our guests are here. Woolzerly, these are Idalia, Ignia, Anastasia, and Indris. My ladies, this is Woolzerly.” he said. Woolzerly nodded at the group “I am Woolzerly, pleasant to meet you. I foresaw that my services shall be required this night.” he says. Froom nods “These ladies were going to seek a house to live in come morning, however if you’re here now, perhaps they’d prefer to stay there?” he asked, turning to Anastasia’s group. Indris nodded “I think it would be better than imposing on you further, since you’ve already provided food and helped my sister.” she says, turning to Idalia, who replies “I’m inclined to agree, we could get used to the house sooner that way.” she said, smiling faintly. At this point, Anastasia could see that Idalia had dark circles around her eyes from sleep deprivation. Ignia merely looked up with more of the fruit slices hanging from her mouth, replying with a soft “Mmph?” as if she wasn’t paying attention.

Anastasia at first though Alessandra might have already come back, realizing that perhaps going out in the dark was a bad idea after all, but instead it was another villager, who somehow looked so different yet similar to Froom. Equally as strange to look at, but having a totally different appearance. Anastasia stared at him for another few moments, but the shock wore off much faster than when she first saw Froom. She nods and waves gently. “Nice to meet you as well, Woolzerly.” It seemed Woolzerly was the one who managed the houses around here. Anastasia had to agree with Indris and Idalia though, if mostly cause she didn’t want to sleep in a place that had such a strange creature in it. “Yes, I think that would be most wise. The sooner we get used to our dwelling the better. Especially if we end up staying here more long term.” Anastasia smiles wide when she sees Ignia being oblivious to the conversation at hand, it seems she took a liking to the fruit around here. Not surprising, that might be the first real fruit she’s had in a long time.

Getting used to the home
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Woolzerly nods “As you wish.” he says, after which Froom gives them a wave “I hope you find the accommodations to your liking, my ladies.” he says in a friendly manner. Woolzerly then leads them outside and back into the sand. He leads them up the nearby steps, then beyond the garden and lines of fruit trees. In the darkness, Anastasia could see that there was a castle with a matching rounded aesthetic to the houses overlooking a deep trench with a massive pyramid within, with semi-transparent glowing blue sides, and golden corners and edges. Woolzerly, however, leads them to the left, up to a three-story house with a mushroom cap-shaped roof made of wood, white walls, round windows, and a round wooden door. “This is one of our spare houses. Most of us Anglar live alone, so this house has remained unoccupied for many years, however it has been maintained alongside the other houses in the village. We foresaw your arrival today and the possibility of you staying, so we’ve already stocked it with food and furnishings.” he said, taking a black key from the crotch of his speedo and pushing it into Anastasia’s palm. “If you need more food at any time, let one of us know, or pick it if you prefer, the garden is open and there’s plenty for everyone.” he says. “Please make yourself at home, and have a pleasant sleep.” he says, with a nod, before turning and heading back down the sand steps. Indris first looked at the house “Wow, that’s much larger than what I was expecting...” she said, while Idalia took a few steps towards the garden, commenting “They sure have a lot of food, too. I don’t think they’ll ever go hungry here.” she said. Ignia, meanwhile, stared at the key and mumbled “Did he just take that out of his speedo…?” quietly.

Anastasia was one for opulence, so she wasn’t sure they could meet her quite high standards. Yet she would also be completely fine with any bed that shared Idalia at this point, so she’d probably be happy regardless. As they walked to their house, Anastasia eyed the castle in the distance, it wasn’t quite her style, none of the village was. A castle was a castle though, not that she expected to be taken there. Her suspicions were soon to be found correct as she is instead lead to a still decently sized house. More than enough to fit all of them in its walls. She was surprised that they would give them such a large house though, she sort of expected one similar to the one Froom lived in, being only a single story. She was so enamoured with their future living area she didn’t even notice where the key came from until Ignia said something. She looked down at the key in her palm and pursed her lips before shrugging. “I’ll just pretend it didn’t. I can always wash it anyway. This place seems very good though, I think we’ll enjoy our stay here until we figure out what to do next. We might be able to figure out how to turn those fruits into a more… Appetizing looking dish.” With that, Ana walked up to the door and put the key in the lock, turning it and pushing open the door gently. When they got inside, she would thoroughly explore every room.

When Anastasia pushes the door open and steps inside, the others follow her in. The interior of the house lights up the moment they step in, the ceiling being coated with a yellow substance that glows as if the walls were lined with torches. The living room had a rug that was exactly the same as Froom’s, a red carpet with the same flower design. The room was also decorated with three couches that matched Froom’s, with an end-table on each side of each couch, a fire place on the other side of the room, and several shelves on the walls that were lined with even more nicknacks. This time, rather than the strange creature nicknacks that Froom’s house had, these nicknacks were carved from wood into the shapes of famous mercenaries from all across Chaldea, and painted accordingly. Hanging from the walls were paintings that were the common depictions of what people assumed the Goddesses looked like based on accounts from those who claimed to have seen them. Through a door near the fireplace was a kitchen, also much like Froom’s, though with a longer table that could seat ten people, and a room that was made from metal, with a damp floor, which had strange blue mushrooms growing from it that seemed to give off cold, which kept the food contained within cold. On the upper floors were several storage rooms, as well as six bedrooms which were all furnished with beds, wooden dressers, even more nicknacks on shelves, and two bathrooms decorated with the same tiles as the kitchen, and curtains that matched the speedos that the villagers wore. The top floor was a bathhouse, with showers lining the walls, which were painted with pictures of flower gardens, while the bath itself was filled with actual water rather than Noter. The floor of the bathhouse was a tile one, the tiles matching the kitchen and bathroom tiles. While Ignia picked up and looked at each nicknack, Indris explored the bedrooms, commenting “They really like that design that they used for the speedos, I wonder if it’s a religious thing.” while Idalia followed Anastasia around the house, holding her hand tightly.

Anastasia felt she would certainly be content with this house. It was quite opulent for such a remote village. Better than any of the inn’s she’s stayed at on her travels, but probably still nothing compared to what Solstace had. Regardless, it would be a lovely place to live. She didn’t really like the flower design that lined practically everything though. She would prefer a more flat color design. Anastasia took a few moments to browse the various knick-knacks of various persons, seeing if she could recognize any of them before she continued on. When she noticed the paintings, she smiled widely at Avenir. The paintings would never do such a gorgeous goddess justice, it was nice to see a painting of her here though, even if she shared the space with the others. Probably so any other travellers could see their respective goddess… Anastasia immediately began taking down the pictures of the other goddesses though, leaving only Avenir, Estrella, and Sirius. Though she moved Sirius and Estrella slightly below Avenir. She kept them as they were the only other goddesses Avenir considered worth her time, and so were worthy of respect in their own right. She stored the other ones away in a closet. Not destroying them more out of respect for the villagers and their intentions over the goddesses themselves, though she muttered insults to each one she put away. The kitchen looked quite pleasant, though unremarkable compared to the rest of the house. The room with the mushrooms was fairly unique, but not unheard of. Even so it would provide quite the convenient space to store their food. When they moved on to the bedrooms, she was surprised to see they managed to fit six separate bedrooms on a single floor. The house was fairly spacious but even so it was quite remarkable how space efficient they made the house. They were all exactly the same size, so Ana couldn’t claim the biggest one. Instead she claimed the one with a window that overlooked most of the village. Marking it has hers by setting down her bow in front of the door. When they went upstairs, she found more floral designs much to her annoyance. However a floor dedicated to a bath was certainly a luxury she did not expect here. She looked at it for a bit before noticing it wasn’t made with noter, but instead real water. She immediately tenses out of habit, expecting some creatures of the deep to leap out and kill them, but none came. She slowly encroached on the bath and looked at it more closely, seeing it was completely empty and free from any danger. “I would prefer not to have so many floral designs, it complicates the walls too much… On a more important note however, this bath has real water in it, clean water with no monsters… I have never seen anything like it in my life, I thought only Solstace could achieve such a feat.”

Idalia remains mostly quiet as she follows Anastasia around the house, holding her hand tightly. When they were looking through the rooms, Idalia quietly commented “There are a lot of rooms in this house, too. If the others wanted to stay here, there would be plenty of room for them.” she then paused before adding “I wonder if they have a Guild… if not, we should see if we can start one, so that we can accept jobs here instead of in another city...” she said. When Anastasia claims her room, Idalia slips her Ninjaken from its sheath and drops it beside Anastasia’s bow, giving her a smile when she does so, to ensure she noticed. When they enter the bathhouse, Idalia looks around in amazement “Yes! They have one of these t-” she stops mid-sentence when Anastasia points out that it’s real water, which causes Idalia to slip her katars from her sleeves and move close to the edge to look into it. After a few moments of watching the water closely, she puts her weapons away. “Y-yeah, I wonder how they supply it to all of the homes. We should ask whenever we get the chance, since I’m a bit curious.” she says, as she lays down on her stomach and pokes the water with her pinky finger. As Anastasia and Idalia were talking, Indris enters the room “I checked the cabinets in the kitchen, there’s a whole lot of food there. I don’t think we’ll run out.” she says, as she tosses Anastasia one of the fruits that were growing from the trees outside. At that moment, she notices the water and tenses up, her hand moving to her Kisarigama. When she sees Idalia poking it with her pinky, she calms back down “That’s pretty impressive, supplying real water instead of noter… these people are truly amazing.” she says, as she gets down on her stomach beside Idalia and pokes the water with her. Soon after, Ignia enters the room, holding one of the nicknacks “Look, Ana, it’s a nicknack of you!” she says, holding it out. The nicknack was Anastasia before becoming a Spectross-Wraith Hybrid, holding her hammer, and wearing a full suit of golden armor, the body piece matching what she now wears, while the rest matched the body. As she held it out, she noticed the water, Idalia and Indris poking it carefully, then the fruit in Anastasia’s hand. She trades Anastasia the nicknack, then grabs the fruit from her, before laying down on her stomach beside Idalia and poking at the water with the two of them, with one hand, while taking bites of the fruit with the other.

Idalia seemed to have noticed how space efficient the house was to. It’d be hard not to she guessed. When Idalia mentions making a guild, Anastasia nods faintly, wondering exactly how that’d work around here. “I suppose, though given how isolated this place is, I can’t imagine it’d be a very busy guild. Anything to give us something to do though would be nice… If that doesn’t work out I think Malal is close by too, I remember it being way north on the continent.” Back at the bathhouse, Anastasia gently poked her finger in the water as well. It felt much cooler than she expected, and a lot less thick than the noter. When Indris came in, Anastasia looked at her just in time to see the fruit flying in her direction, she quickly reached her arms up and grabbed it, though the sudden movement messed up her balance and she nearly falls into the water but manages to catch herself at the last moment. “Yea, I wonder if there are any huntable creatures around these parts or just things that will mess us up.” When Ana sees Indris stiffen at the sight of the water, she grins and chuckles a bit before returning her attention to said water, only for Ignia to then come in as well, holding a knick knack of Ana from way back when. At the sight of it, Anastasia smile falters a little. She grabs it and inspects it, reminiscing about what she used to look like. “I’m unsure if I should feel longing towards my old self, or be content with what I am now.” She mutters just loud enough for the others to hear, but only barely. When she looked back up, Ignia had stolen the fruit she seemed to love the taste of, and the smile returned to Ana’s face. She gently sets the figurine down by the door and walks back to the bath. “While I would love taking a dip in there, I think we should sleep first and then get a proper look around tomorrow. I think we’ll be happy here from what I’ve seen.”

As the four of them were poking at the water, Indris replies to Anastasia’s comment regarding huntable creatures “They had some kind of salted meat that I didn’t recognize, so they must. Then again, considering what we’ve seen so far, I’m not sure huntable to them is huntable to us. We may have to try our luck at some point, or otherwise just obtain our meat from whatever market they may have.” Indris says. When Anastasia comments on the nicknack, Ignia reaches over and pokes Anastasia’s nose “I think it doesn’t matter, though. Ana is Ana, what does it matter beyond that?” she asks, Idalia adding “I think what matters is that you’re happy. If you like yourself how you are, then I see no reason to long for the past, and if you want to go back, I’m sure there’s a way to change yourself… but we all love you the same either way.” to which Indris adds “I think you put too much thought into it. We’re a great many things, and more is added to us every day. The changes affecting your appearance doesn’t make it lesser or greater.” she says, before adding “I’m sure you’ve seen most of us change before, we stop suppressing what we are… I’m pretty confident that if we were like that at all times, it wouldn’t change how you feel about us.” she says. Ignia looks over at Indris, then flicks water into her face, causing Indris to flinch back, as Ignia giggles “I don’t think we’ve actually seen you transform, except maybe Idalia~” she says. When Anastasia suggests that they all sleep, Idalia nods “Yeah, I feel really tired...” she says. “Yeah, it’s getting pretty late.” Indris says, as she wipes the water off her face. Ignia then perks up “Oh! Can I share a room with you, Indris?” she asks, smiling. Indris looks confused, but nods slowly “I guess.” she says, as she and Ignia stand up.

Anastasia shrugs. “I would want to try at least once and see what we can find. Give us another thing to do past what the guild could offer. Besides, we’d need to keep our combat skills up lest we get rusty and something tries knocking the gates down even with their magic.” She says in reply to the comment about the salted meat. On the subject of her appearance, she definitely appreciated what the three of them had to say about it. Yet despite the words she couldn’t help but feel a pang in her chest, as if there was something deeper about it than just appearance alone. Like she shared a connection, no matter how tenuous, with something she despised. She sighs and wrinkles her nose. “It has more to do with just appearance, it goes deeper than that… I appreciate it none the less. It will be something I’ll always think about though.” When they mention their own transformations, Ana grins and nods. “I have to admit, there is something alluring about you guys getting serious~” Anastasia says playfully. She did like how they looked even after the transformation, so they were right Ana didn’t see them any different regardless of appearance. When all of them share a desire to sleep, Anastasia stops poking at the water and gets up, grabbing Idalia’s hand and walks to the door. “I’ll see you all tomorrow morning then.” She gives Ignia a knowing smirk before opening the door and walking out towards the bedroom. When she gets to hers she picks up the bow she left there and opens the door, setting it near the dresser and immediately stripping her armor off. She would help Idalia get comfortable too if she needed it. She went straight to bed afterward, the feeling of a real bed, and Idalia next to her quickly sending her to sleep.

“I suppose so.” Indris says when Anastasia mentions keeping their skills up by hunting regardless. When Anastasia mentions how she finds their transformed states alluring, Indris blushes, Idalia smiles, and Ignia smirks, though Indris tries turning away to hide her response to the compliment. When Anastasia leaves to go to her room, Idalia follows her, holding her by the hand, while Indris and Ignia make their way into the room across from Anastasia’s. Ignia and Indris tell her good night, before closing their door. When Anastasia and Idalia are alone and Anastasia starts stripping out of her armor, Idalia slips out of her clothes as well, revealing her plaid gray and red bra and panties. Idalia looks at her underwear with a frown “Barton colors...? Eww...” she says, sighing “We need to burn these, I have plenty of underwear, I don’t need the Barton ones...” she says as she crawls into bed with Anastasia and wraps her arms around her midsection, giving her a soft kiss on the lips before getting comfortable there.

Anastasia finds herself waking up between Alessandra and another Spectross, one with a single golden horn and teal hair. Despite the teal-haired one not introducing herself, Anastasia felt that she knew her name was Blanche. Anastasia leans in and kisses Blanche on the lips while Alessandra gently grabs and massages Anastasia’s breasts. After kissing Blanche, Anastasia softly kisses Alessandra on the lips, licking each others tongues passionately. Anastasia soon breaks the kiss and lowers her face to Alessandra’s crotch, slipping her erect cock out of her panties before taking the tip into her mouth and beginning to suck on it. While she does this, Blanche pulls her panties down, and pokes her tip against Anastasia’s wet pussy, before thrusting her enormous cock into her pussy. Anastasia continues sucking off Alessandra while Blanche fucks her from behind for several minutes before both cumming hard into both holes, flooding them and causing the excess cum to spill down her chest and thighs.

Anastasia kisses each Spectross again before leaving the room, going across the hall, and entering Indris and Ignia’s room and looking over each sleeping girl. She pulls the blankets down, exposing Indris’ pink and purple striped bra and panties, then she spreads her legs open and moves the crotch of her panties aside. She grinds her erect cock against Indris’ pussy, causing her to moan softly in her sleep. After several moments of grinding against her pussy, getting her wet, she pushes her cock into her, tearing her hymen and causing her to bleed, before beginning to thrust in and out of her very tight pussy rapidly as she kisses the sleeping girl’s lips. After thrusting for several moments, she finally cums inside Indris’ pussy.

When she was done, she licked the excess cum off of her pussy, moved her panties back into place, then pulled her covers up, before returning to her room, where she finds Idalia riding Alessandra’s cock, moaning loudly, while sucking off Blanche. Anastasia makes her way over to the bed, then gropes and massages Idalia’s breasts roughly. It wasn’t long before Alessandra came hard in Idalia’s pussy, and Blanche came inside Idalia’s mouth, the cum exploding out of both holes and soaking her body. Once Idalia became soaked, Anastasia wakes up.

When Anastasia wakes up, she finds herself in the same position she had laid down in, with Idalia’s arms around her, Idalia still asleep.

Anastasia had to agree with Idalia that the Barton colors looked extremely bad on her. She was tempted to rip them off her right then and there but Idalia seemed content with sleeping in them for a night, so Anastasia pushed the thought in the back of her mind and simply went to sleep happy that she finally had Idalia back at last. The ensuing dream she had was a nice one, perhaps her time with Alessandra perverted even her sleeping mind to show her such things. Though Blanche seemed to be fairly unique looking among the race. She idly wondered why her brain decided to show her such a spectross as she laid there, awake and now horny. Wondering if perhaps she could enter Ignia’s and Indris’s room and do exactly what she did in the dream. After a few moments thought, she decided against it. She wouldn’t do such a thing to Indris without knowing Indris would like it, Ignia maybe, but with Indris right there it would be risky. As for Idalia, she seemed so tired even in her horny state of mind it was hard to justify waking her for a fuck. So Anastasia squirmed around lightly, looking around the room, wondering what she should do. She could see a faint light spilling in through the windows, enough that she could tell it must be early sunrise. Regardless of her thoughts, she found herself gently caressing Idalia’s sleeping body, her hand moving to Idalia’s inner thighs as she held her. When she realized she was doing that, she stopped, not wanting to wake Idalia. Slowly, she began removing herself from Idalia’s arms, doing her best not to wake her before getting up and going into the hall, wondering where to relieve herself without making a complete mess wherever she did it.

Idalia doesn’t stir when Anastasia slips out of bed and makes her way into the hall. As she passes Indris and Ignia’s room, she hears discussion taking place. When she moves closer, she can make out the words. “Indrisss, it’s still early, where are you going?” she can hear Ignia ask, followed by the sound of the covers being pushed off as she moves to the edge of the bed. Indris replies, over the sound of rustling clothes which indicated she was getting dressed, “I have to go make breakfast, I want to have it finished before everyone else is up.” she said. Ignia replied in a whiney voice “Nooo, come back to bed and ressst, you’ll have plenty of tiiime...” she says. Indris then replied “That would be fine, it can stay warm in the oven if needed. Besides, I have to figure out what to make with all of the strange things in the cabinets.” Indris replied, as Anastasia could hear her putting her boots on. Ignia then replied again “Waaaiiit, thooouugh, I want… more of what we did last night. We didn’t kiss much...” she said, transitioning from whining into a more nervous voice, quieting down slightly when she mentioned kissing.

Anastasia was a little surprised to here Ignia and Indris would already be awake. Perhaps all of them have the same internal alarm clock, except Idalia in this case. As she moved closer to make out what they were saying, Anastasia stopped near their door. If Indris was going to go and make breakfast, perhaps she could go and see if Ignia wanted to… Wait, kiss? Ignia convinced Indris to kiss her? That was the only explanation, Indris didn’t seem like the type to ask for that kind of thing, much less from one of her sisters. Anastasia knew she should probably just go and quickly masturbate in the bathroom, but her curiosity was peaked. The door was thankfully already very slightly open, so she put her finger on it and very gently opened it to look inside through a sliver. Hoping that neither of them saw it, and if they did, dismiss it as a breeze or something.

When Anastasia opens the door, she can see Ignia sitting on the edge of the bed in a pair of black lace panties with purple edges, and purple rose patterns on them, and a matching bra, while Indris was standing a short distance away, slipping her jacket on over her body suit. “I only agreed to do it once, and at the time I didn’t have anything I needed to be doing. Right now, as I said, I’d like to make breakfast.” Indris was saying. She started to make her way towards the door, but Ignia grabbed her wrist and tugged her back “Waaaiiit… stay here with me for awhile, and I’ll help you make breakfast… it’ll be quicker. Pleeeaaase...?” Ignia says. Indris sighs “Well, if you helped, it would be easier, two heads are better than one...” Indris mumbled, as she plopped down on the bed beside Ignia. Ignia didn’t waste any time, she grabbed Indris by her jacket and tugged her into a soft kiss. From where Anastasia was standing, she could see how sloppy the kiss was, and could tell Ignia was licking Indris’ tongue, while Indris was blushing. Ignia then slipped Indris’ jacket off, before grabbing at her zipped and starting to unzip her body suit with one hand, while she lifted her skirt with the other, Indris’ pink and purple plaid bra becoming visible, while Ignia used her other hand to grab Indris’ crotch and start stroking it through her clothes as she held her locked in the kiss, drawing out soft moans from Indris, while her blush darkened. The moment Ignia started fumbling at her clothes, Indris started very weakly pushing at her shoulders, but not really struggling.

Anastasia almost started backing away when she saw how close Indris was to the door, thinking she was about to leave and Ana would have to rebound to her door to look like she just left her room. But it seems Ignia convinced her to stay right before Ana had the chance. When Ignia went in for the kiss, Ana’s eyes widened at how brazen Ignia was. Ana always had it in her head Ignia was the more modest type, but thinking about it and seeing this made her question if perhaps Ignia was a lot more brazen than Ana initially gave her credit for. Ignia always seemed to know what she wanted and how to get it. Proved even more as Ignia not only went in for the kiss, but began undressing Indris , stroking her even. Indris didn’t seem to mind all that much either, so perhaps they did this last night to. Regardless, Anastastia found herself slowly taking off her pants and shifting aside her panties to release her cock. Grabbing it and slowly stroking it with her hand as she watched Ignia confidently molest Indris. It was clear she was still inexperienced despite that confidence though, hopefully that’ll change with Ana’s help.

Ignia’s constant rubbing soon causes the crotch of Indris’ suit to darken from her wetness, and she begins bucking his hips in time with Ignia’s movements. Ignia uses her other hand to pull Indris’ bra up, exposing her breasts, after which she begins clumsily groping Indris’ right breast while she slowly pushes her down onto her back, moving into place to straddle her hips without breaking her kiss, Indris’ upper body being on the bed while her legs dangle off the edge.

Anastasia uses the wall to steady herself as she slowly jacks off, looking intently at Ignia and Indris as Ignia clearly starts to dominate Indris. Getting on top like it was the most natural thing ever for her. She almost wanted to speak up and guide Ignia, suck on this, touch that. Not so much for her own pleasure, but because she had more of an idea on how to please others than Ignia seemed to. Obviously she couldn’t say anything without getting herself caught though, so she kept silent as she rubbed her cock, wondering how far Ignia planned to go.

Ignia begins thrusting two fingers into Indris’ pussy through her suit and panties, beneath her skirt, causing her to moan loudly into Ignia’s mouth with every thrust, bucking her hips in time with Ignia’s movements as she grabs onto Ignia’s shoulders, weakly pushing at her. Ignia soon breaks her kiss with Indris and takes her left nipple into her mouth, sucking it hard while groping and massaging her other breast. With her mouth now free, Indris started to speak “I-Ignia s-stop, you only m-mentioned k-kissing~!” she sputtered out through her moaning and gasping.

Anastasia began stroking her cock even faster as Ignia went farther. She couldn’t really tell if Indris was into it or not, not that she cared as her mind was focused solely on getting sexual satisfaction at this point. Ignia was quite aggressive to, seeming to go full force and doing her best to satisfy Indris. Small bits of pre began forming at the tip of her cock as she stroked, slowly coating her hand as well as dripping onto the ground right beneath her, forming a very small puddle.

Ignia removed her hand from Indris’ crotch and roughly tugged at her body suit, pulling it down to her hips, exposing a small part of her panties, which matched her bra, then slipped her hand into her panties and rammed two fingers into her pussy, causing her to cry out in pleasure and arch her back. She started thrusting in and out of her rapidly as she sucked on her nipple hard and started pinching the other. “I-Ignia, n-nooo~!” Indris said as she bucked her hips and pushed on Ignia’s shoulders, still not trying hard enough to move her to actually accomplish anything with her pushing.

Anastasia began to feel as if just her hand wasn’t doing it for her, but she didn’t exactly have much choice in the matter, but the urge to barge in and join them was becoming increasingly tempting. At the same time, she was stroking so much that she couldn’t stop, and so couldn’t exactly move from her position unless she absolutely had to. Meaning she was stuck in a situation that was quite awkward for her. Regardless, the pre cum began flowing out in a steady stream, and it began feeling like she was getting close to cuming, surges of pleasure washing over her body. She knew she’d have to cover her mouth soon enough, she’s managed to stifle the moans from ever happening so far, but when she cums she knew she wouldn’t be able to. So she stationied herself against the wall to support her. The view was less good, but she could still see what was happening and it’d have to do. She then used her now free hand to cover her mouth, just in the time for the first moan to start escaping her lips, though she managed to stifle it enough it was barely audible.

After several moments of continued protesting on the part of Indris, and continued thrusting, sucking, and pinching on the part of Ignia, Indris started to spasm and shiver beneath her as the crotch of her body suit darkened considerably from reaching orgasm and soaking it even further. Ignia released her nipple and grinned at her as she pulled her hand out of her panties. Indris started to say something to her, but Ignia slipped her cum-soaked fingers into Indris’ mouth, silencing her and cleaning the cum off. She soon slipped her fingers from her mouth, and Indris got to speak “... I didn’t agree to that...” Indris said, simply, her blush not having left her face yet. “But you did enjoy it right~?” Ignia said, teasingly. Indris sighed, quietly nodded, then slowly stood up, giving Ignia a chance to get off of her. Indris quickly stripped her body suit and skirt off, fully exposing the rest of her bra and panties, but then pulled some folded clothes out of her drawer, along with another pair of bra and panties, these black with a single purple X that started on the front, with the arms reaching across the sides and around the back. “I’m going to go shower, since you just made a mess of me, then change clothes and start breakfast.” Indris said simply, finally having forced the blush from her face “Let me know when you’re out and I’ll come help… or perhaps you want me to help you in the shower, too~?” Ignia asked, grinning. “No, thank you.” Indris said, rolling her eyes as she made her way towards the door. “Maybe you’d like to get Idalia and/or Anastasia to join us… next time~?” Ignia asked, her smile turning from innocent to seductive as she asked. Indris merely stopped, then shrugged as she resumed traveling to the door.

Anastasia reached orgasm the same time as Indris, thankfully the sounds of those two plus the wall that seperated and Ana’s hand muffled her loud moan enough they couldn’t hear it. A torrent of cum splattered onto the floor, creating a huge puddle of black, tarry cum on the floor right next to the door. Anastasia leaned into the wall to keep herself from collapsing as her eyes rolled into the back of her head from the pleasure. Yet it was still nothing compared to how cuming with someone else’s help felt. Regardless, it satisfied her enough to continue on with her day not constantly wanting to fuck something. She stayed there to catch her breath for a little while longer, listening into Ignia’s teasing and attempt to make her go farther. Ana certainly wouldn’t complain if Indris invited her over for a three or foursome, but it seems Indris didn’t want to entertain the idea for now. So Anastasia decided not to push her luck and quickly moved to her own door, going back to her room so she could wash up her hands. She kept her door slightly open as she did so. When she finished washing her hands and straightening herself out, she walked back out of her room as if it was the first time in the morning she did so, stretching and looking as if she just woke up.

When Indris walks out of her room, she steps directly into the puddle Anastasia had left and slips, falling into it, coating parts of her body and her bra and panties in the black tar-like substance. She first looks at the substance on her body, then looks around. When she spots Anastasia, stretching in front of her room, she asks “What is this, and why is it outside my door?” not sounding irritated, her expression remaining neutral. Ignia walks up beside her, also in her underwear, and looks first at the substance, then at Anastasia, a smug expression slowly crossing her face.

Anastasia looked surprised as Indris slips on the puddle, she didn’t actually have to feign it that much as the comical way she fell was actually surprising. When Indris asks what it is, Anastasia looks at it for a bit then walks up, pretending to inspect it then shrugs. “Don’t know and not sure I wanna know, might be another quirk of this village.” Anastasia then stands up and offers her hand for Indris to help her up, looking over at Ignia with a knowing smile. “You have any idea what that stuff is?”

Indris accepts Anastasia’s hand as she helps her up, then when Anastasia asks Ignia if she knows what it is, causing Indris to turn towards her, Ignia quickly changes expression “Not a clue. Maybe someone dumped something, and forgot.” she says, grinning at Anastasia when Indris turns away from her. Indris then shakes her head and makes her way into the bathroom, before shutting the door. Ignia then turns to Anastasia “Enjoy the show~?” she asks, smugly, as she stands on her tip toes, then grabs Anastasia’s shoulder so that she can pull herself up and give her a soft kiss on the lips.

Anastasia tries to keep expression mostly neutral as Ignia and Ana exchange, but as soon as Indris turns around and leaves, Ana’s face immediately blossoms into a grin and she shakes her head, chuckling softly. “You’re a perverted little devil aren’t you~? As much as I did enjoy it you should try and consider Indris’s feelings more, she seems to be quite unsure of herself in that regard.” She kisses Ignia back, though keeping it more soft and gentle over passionate. “I know what you’re thinking, and no I won’t fuck her unless she explicitly wants it.” She smacks Ignia’s ass, thrusting her hips a little suggestively. “Anyway, shall you go keep your word and help her cook? I might be able to help too, though I must admit I never really cooked before.” She said with a small amount of embarrassment in her voice.

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... This is a brand of stupidity Amun couldn't entertain even if he were drunk. It was like the swordfight in the bath, but... somehow less understandable? "I'd expect they'd be known for... well, quite literally anything else, but I suppose it's no problem of mine." If he had his way, they would no longer be capable of this farce soon enough. More importantly, this also gave them a significant opportunity. The one in the throne HAD to be their target, and he looked pretty distracted with the theatrics of his orcs. This meant they could potentially sneak past a few fights and skip right to him!

A plan formed in his mind, and he turned to his companions. "Okay... I think I have a grand idea. Metia, I'll need you up front with me. Viola, please keep in the back and you remain behind her, Adelita. Camilla will take the middle." He'd head off straight after voicing his 'requests', hoping they wouldn't protest to any helpful strategies. Any experienced soldier would see the chance he had anyway, so no doubt his companions knew and were on board—or so he hoped. Without delay, Amun began to sneak out of their hiding spot and head to the nearest obfuscating object, be it a tree, a bush, or even a construction of some kind. He'd slowly duck from place to place, trying to stay out of sight as he made his way to Dickfuck.

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First Lesson
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Lilith wasn't quite sure what her first lesson would be as she followed the skeleton deeper into castle. When they finally reached Lady Ash, Lilith gave a respectable bow and listened as she explained what she wanted the nomad to do. 'So it's a test of my judgement skills' Lilith thought to herself as she was pointed to the corpses in the other corner. Along with the man, there were a litny of bodies to choose from. But the two that stood out the most were the Armored Tweetling the Berrymonger. Among these monstrous bodies were these two little beasts. Ones most likely to be prey rather than predator. But they were options as well. Were they just there to trip her up or was there something else. Taking a moment she gave each of the bodies a closer look to see what she could gleam.

Upon closer inspection, the Bonelands Agony Spider seemed to have a strong carapace, and many legs for maneuvering and piercing, as well as 10 eyes, drool that seemed to be corrosive, four sets of pincers for a total of eight.

The Felnine had yellow fur, pointed ears, sharp fangs, what looked to be a lion-like tail, and four paws. Its body was slender and muscular, while its claws looked to be razor sharp.

The Armored Tweetling had a sharp beak that was covered by the body armor that covered the top of its body, it was covered in green and white striped fur, it had bird-like legs with sharp talons, and its eyes were covered by what looked like yellow glass.
The Berrymonger had a coat of thick fur around its neck, a set of two tails with fluffy ends, green eyes, and arms that ended in hands that ended in hands that seemed to be capable of grabbing and holding onto objects. It had green splotches on its fur. In its hands, it seemed to have gripped a blue berry even in death.

The Glorg was a black-skinned creature with red eyes and a long blue tongue that seemed to reach down to its feet. Its lips were thick and its body seemed to not only be coated in thick rubber-like blubber, but beneath all of that, it had bulging muscles. Its hands had three fingers and a thumb, only lacking a pinky, and it had a long dragon-like tail on its lower back.

The Crooked Forest Wolf had thick white fur, sharp fangs, and claws on its paws. While it could not be seen from appearance, the Crooked Forest Wolf was actually capable of dislocating and relocating its neck at will, and was known to be capable of leaping from tree to tree for extra mobility.

the Limbsnatched was covered in black scales, with strange armor plating on the front of each limb, as well as the top of its head and back. It had a slender head, sharp teeth, and a very short tail. Its eyes were a bright yellow, and its front limbs were capable of functioning as arms and legs, and also had razor sharp claws that it uses for ripping the limbs off of the corpses that it finds while hunting, which it would carry with it for days until fully eaten.

Looking over the bodies, Lilith's eyes settled on the Glorg. At first she has dismissed the body as just a sack of fat that collapsed under its own weight. But upon closer inspection, she saw it was actually quite sturdy. Whatever Lady Ash threw at her, Lilith knew she'd have to have someone who could take a hit. Moving towards the Glorg's mouth, Lilith called upon Zalaam's power and breathed the black mist into the Glorg's corpse

Between the Armored Tweetling and the Berrymonger, the Tweetling had caught her eye. Its armored body and sharp beck seemed useful. And Lilith couldn't deny how cute the little birdy was. That was as viable a reason as any to raise someone. Once again calling upon Zalaam's blessing, she parted the Tweetling's beck and filled it's small body with dark mist.

By the time Lilith raised the corpse of the man, she was surprised how tired she was. Even with the additional power from Lady Ash, Lilith had never raised two bodies on her own, let alone three. Once she caught her breath she turned to Lady Ash with her three chosen undead. "I've made my choice Lady Ash"

Ash made a lifting motion with her hand, then the cage slowly opened, and the newly-resurrected creatures made their way over to Lilith, alongside the corpse of the man. Once Lilith and her undead were in position, Ash raised one hand, and a black tar-like substance began to form, black fog rising off of it, just above her palm. The ball of black fog and liquid began to grow, and after several moments of allowing it to grow, Ash threw the orb onto the ground a medium distance ahead of Lilith. The substance, upon making contact with the ground, slowly formed a pair of legs, then part of a torso, before abruptly beginning to erratically form bone-like black protrusions that first straightened out, then began wiggling around like tendrils, while what would have been the upper body remained a strange inky jet of tar-like liquid that seemed to be an endless stream, black fog rising off of it and filling the room, slowly dissipating when it makes contact with the ceiling. "There's your opponent. Do your best, and remember that if you lose, I'll only prevent it from killing you. Think of it as a reminder not to fail my training." she says with the slightest hint of a smile.

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Lilith smiled as her small band of undead surrounded her. But that smile quickly turned to dread as Lady Ash revealed her opponent. It was unlike anything she'd seen before. It's twisted form filling her with a sense of dread. But she could back down from her first lesson. "I'll show you what I'm capable of" Lilith said preparing for battle.

On her command, her undead horde marched towards the Rattling Legs. The Armored Tweetling led the charge moving with a quickness that might have rivaled its speed when it was among the living. Once it was in striking distance, the Tweetling used its momentum to propel itself forward like a bullet straight into the enemy’s torso. A Black substance sprayed everywhere as it stumbled around, unsure of exactly what tore through its body. Lilith could only stare in amazement at the hole the Tweetling’s beck left.

Not wanting to waste this opportunity, Lilith advanced as well. With her Morningstar, she swung at the Rattling Leg’s hips to try and knock it out for good. Once she heard the sound of metal hitting flesh, Lilith didn’t overstay her welcome. As quickly as she struck the creature, she had disappeared into the shadows of the little arena. Lilith was going to use her stealth to set up her traps and gain the advantage. But that didn’t prove to be necessary. After her Zombie guard missed, the Rattling Legs ran towards the Glorg. Whether it thought the large monster was an easy target or it was running scared, Lilith didn’t know. But the legs attempt to harm the large beast were for naught, as its tendrils left nothing but light scratches. Finally taking notice of the Rattling Legs, Glorg used its tail to slam the creature into the ground. Once it lifted its tail, Lilith watched as the Rattling Legs crumbled to the ground and stopped moving.

As Glorg lay the final blow on the Rattling Legs, Lilith slipped out of hiding and approached her horde of undead. She tried her best to contain her joy besting the strange foe. Kneeling down, she stroke the Armored Tweetling under it's beck. Who know such a small creature could hold so much power.

She then turned back to the Rattling Legs. Even though the threat of rape hung over the battle, she couldn't help but imagine what such a being could do to her. Looking closer, she tried to see what was between the Rattling Leg's ... legs. Thoughts of seeing the Glorg and Undead guard ravaging the disembodied pair of legs filled her head. Wiping the drool from her mouth, she approached Lady Ash. "So, how did I do?"

Between the Rattling Legs' thighs was a dangling cock and a pair of balls. With the legs now down, the jet of black substance was now leaking all over the ground, while the fog had stopped pouring from the top.

"Well done, you picked well and ordered your undead well." Ash said as she slipped off of the top of the pile of metal slabs, landing on her feet. "You're off to a good start. If you keep up the good work, you'll become a full-fledged Necromancer rather quickly, Little Shadow." Ash said. She then inclined her head towards the three creatures Lilith had resurrected with her power and they went limp, crumpling to the ground. "You can expect the next stage of your training to come later today." she says.

Once the Rattling Leg's sex was confirmed, Lilith couldn't help but fantasies about being ravaged by it. But that could come later. She didn't want to out herself as a Harlot in front of her new teacher.

Accepting her mentor's praise, Lilith gave her a polite bow. "Thank you Lady Ash, I look forward to you next lesson." She said as her small horde went limp. It was true that Lilith raised them with borrowed power, so they were never truly her's to command. "Still I never imagined raising three undead could be so exhausting, even with your assistance. I've only managed to raise one at a time."

"It shall become easier with time." Ash said as she snapped her fingers. Several Skeletons entered the room and grabbed the corpses, dragging them towards the cage. "I keep a wide variety of corpses on hand in case of an attack, corpses kept here decay so slowly that I have not actually seen decay occur yet." she explained before returning to her original topic "The more favor you gain from our Goddess, Zalaam, the more easily we may raise corpses. Well, that and having sex with a corpse will make the task easier. You can actually recover your lost stamina that way." she said, before motioning for Lilith to follow her out of the room.

She leads Lilith down the halls, to yet another room. One of her Skeletons opens the door for her, and she enters. In the center of the room is a massive black orb, floating above a dome-shaped platform with a bowl-shaped platform ontop, designed to hold the orb if it wasn't floating. The rest of the room was painted black with Zalaam banners draped over the walls, and various shelves filled with books beneath the banners.

"Before I showed this to you, I wanted to make sure that you weren't completely talentless in terms of Necromancer capabilities." she said, waving a hand over the surface of the orb, which caused it to display what fitted the description of the Barton Castle, a large gray stone castle with red and gray banners with the Barton Emblem hanging fron the walls and emblazoned on the gate, it displayed guards fitting more defenses onto the turrets "My Skeletons in the Barton Wetlands have sent word to me that the Bartons are amassing larger and larger forces, and preparing machines of war. Do you know what this means?" Ash said, as the orb displayed a large group of Guards funneling out of the front gates and forming up before moving out.
As Lilith followed, she though on Lady Ash's words. Undead were one thing, but she'd never had sex with a corpse before. Could a person's cock even get hard after death without being raised. It peeked Lilith's curiosity. If she was training to become a Necromancer, she would have to try it eventually.

They finally reached another ornate room inside the sprawling castle. Once her awe-struck face calmed down, Lilith looked into the crystal and saw the Barton's Emblem. When Lady Ash's posed her question, Lilith gave a puzzled look. "My apologies, I'm not familiar with the politics of the land". As a Nomad, Lilith never had a grasp on what nobles actually thought. "But if he's preparing for war, there are bound to be casualties ..."
Ash chuckled softly "Correct. They're preparing for war. I don't know who they're preparing for war with, but they're preparing for war, and as you said, when there's war, there's casualties, and where there's casualties, we win. Regardless of who comes out on top, we'll be able to raise those fresh corpses, and use them to create more corpses." she explained. "We'll wait for the right time to strike, and then we'll take both armies by surprise. Those armies will become our army. If we collect enough, we'll be able to overrun larger cities." she said, grinning. "As the situation develops, I'll give you more details. We don't know when we'll need to move, so make sure your undead and pet Goblin are ready."

Lilith hummed a Lady Ash lay out her intentions. It was clear that her mind was set on accomplishing something grand. For her entire life Lilith has focused on only surviving for the next day. She never had any dreams of her own. To her Lady Ash’s ambitions seemed beautiful in their own way. “I’ll do everything in my power to assist my Lady” she said with a bright smile. “If you’ll excuse me, I must attend to my undead. But I’ll return for the next lesson.” Lilith said with a bow as she left the room

Fun Time with Minions
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Even without the assistance of the skeletons, Lilith was able to make her way through the castle to the outer walls. Once she left the castle she called her minions. As both came stubbing towards her, Lilith could hear their moans as they approached. They sounded pained and frustrated. It didn’t take long for to figure out why. When Lump and Loaf arrived, she could see both her minion’s cocks were standing at attention poking past what little clothing they had.

“Poor things” Lilith said as she approached her two minions. She hadn’t given them the attention since arriving at the underground castle. And even the undead had needs. Lilith began to wonder if being undead was the root of her own insatiable lust. Striping her clothing, she placed them by a nearby tree. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you” Lilith said softly.

Sensing her intent, the two undead ogres let out a moan as they surrounded their master. Loaf approached first with his twin cocks now fully erect. Opening her mouth, the Loaf wasted no time in shoving one of the two meat logs down her throat. Gagging, Lilith’s eyes went wide as the second slid against her face. The scent of rotting filled her nostrils as she tried to breath. Once comfortable, Lilith began to bob her head taking more of the ogre’s cock into her mouth.

Suddenly, Lilith felt her hips being lifted up. As her feet left the ground the Nomad could feel something poking at her soaking pussy. Even though she couldn’t turn her head, Lilith knew what was going on. With a powerful thrust, Lump crammed his thick cock into her tight honeypot. She moaned around Loaf’s first cock as the two ogres gripped onto the Nomad’s body. Spit roasted between the two ogres, they lifted her off the ground as they fucked her. Lilith’s eye went wide as her minions moved in such a chaotic manner. At times both would pull back leaving her suspended just by their tips. At other times they would thrust forward at the same time and Lilith would feel like she would be crushed between the two ogres. All the while, Loaf’s second cock leaked precum all over her head.

With their moans becoming more guttural, they both thrust forward at once and filled her small body with cum. Her eyes bugged out as streams of undead seed flooded her pussy and mouth while Loaf’s second cock sprayed her over her head. But she could only hold so much. By the time the second and third stream of semen came, it started to seep out of loose holes. Once they were finished, they pulled back and gently lowered her to the ground.

Getting a moment to breath, she notices her goblin companion hiding behind a tree. Seeing him, Lilith sat up and opened her legs to show off her cum stained pussy. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. Come” She said with a more commanding tone. All too eager to fuck, the goblin practically ran towards Lilith and dove into her pussy. The small monster humped her sloppy hole with vigor. While smaller than the two ogres, the goblin’s prick was still rather pleasurable. Wrapping her legs around the monster, Lilith held the goblin close. With a moan she patted the goblin on the head. Under the frenzy of thrusts, Lilith bit her bottom lip as she orgasmed. Her loose pussy tightened around the goblin’s small prick. Unable to hold back, the goblin cried out as he added his seed to the soup of cum already in her vagina.

Once they were all satisfied, Lilith sat with her minions in the forest outside the castle. Still naked, she sat with the goblin in her lap. Lilith arms wrapped around the goblin as she slowly stroked his cock. “You three must be getting tired of having sex with only me” Lilith said with a bit of a sigh. While her two undead ogres didn’t respond, her goblin companion vigorously shook his head no. “Lady Ash said that a war may be brewing close by. If all goes well, you’ll get a chance to fuck new partners and even gain some new companions” Lilith said as she continued to stroke off her goblin companion. Just as the little monster was about to reach his second orgasm, Lilith let go of him and got up. “I’d better get ready for my next lesson” She said as she stretched a bit. Trying to clean off her minion’s cum as best she could, she equipped the new hidden blade Lady Ash had given to her and made her way back into the castle. Now on the edge of completion, the goblin followed suit hoping his new mistress would let him cum.

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CeeCee awoke and felt good, good for the first time in a few days. Free of unease or pain or worry. Free of her affliction, free of any weight. She looked down at herself to find... a ghost? A specter, some other sort of spirit. She had no idea how she had become like this, or gotten here. Wherever here was. Some sort of green boreal forest. It looked a bit like her dream of Pradera, smelled the same aswell. But she was didn't have this strange green glow about her in her last dream. She had no doubt she had died. The fall from the cliff was too great, and if she was still alive she imagined she would be in a world of hurt, even if it had been weeks or months since the fall. But she felt young and fresh and was adorned in her hunter's clothes from Calt. She had many questions but she doubted asking herself would get her very far. She tried a few times to wake up, just in case, it was really a dream. But despite her efforts every time she opened her eyes she was still in the forest. The path was clearly there to guide her. To what she was unsure, but the bear seemed to be waiting for something, hopefully for her. She walked slowly down the path and called out to the bear. "Warden of the wood, where am I?"