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Estate Warfare
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As soon as Ophelia finishes speaking, Aurora quickly dashes in front of Annie and Selvaria, then throws her shield at Useless Assassin, the purple one with no defining features that Ophelia had battled before, causing the shield to bounce off of his head with a loud ‘Tonk!’ before landing back into her hands, after which she uses it to slam into him, knocking him back into a crowd of blobs, knocking them down. Annie follows up, by firing off a shot at the knocked-down Assassin, the shot exploding on contact and blowing the surrounding Blobs to pieces in a fiery explosion. Aurora quickly backs up from the explosion, raising her shield to protect herself from it, then looks at Annie “What was that?” she asks in confusion, as she slams her shield in the face of an approaching Green Blob, causing his helmet to ring as he falls over. “Bolt Round, they’re loaded with powerful explosives.” she says, as she leads her gun with what looks like another explosive round.

Meanwhile, Lily sees Aurora attacking enemies, which prompts her to do the same. Her expression changes from her usual air-headed smile, to one of deep concentration as she seemingly disappears from Ophelia’s side, then Reappears in front of the Fatass Assassin, the green one with massive bulk, slamming her ice spike through his midsection, causing him to gurgle, before forming a second ice spike on her other hand, which she uses to slam him across the face. Alice immediately shouts “JUSTICE PAWNCH!” then punches a nearby Red Blob in the face, causing its head to explode, after which she dashes into a group of other Blobs, swinging in a wide arc with her Vorpal Blade, cutting a group of other Blobs to pieces, before dashing once again, this time to the giant snake-like Slime, Bigmouth Assassin, and slashing him across the body with a diagonal slash, Alice’s attacks looking less like her standard powerful slashes in this battle, and more like calculated strikes with surgical precision.

Selvaria watches closely as the battle starts off with a bang, Aurora and Annie's combined attack seeming to cause significant damage to the Slime and unfortunate Blobs caught in the cross fire. Annie's special bullet was an intriguing idea to Selvaria, and one she hopes she can emulate in the future, but for now her normal bullets will have to do. She doesn't dare turn her attention from the battle at hand to look, but Alice's familiar shouts of JUSTICE tell her that the other group has engaged just as quickly. Selvaria recalls what Blanche had said earlier about Necro Blobs being useful in combat, and though she was loathe to put her beloved pet in danger, there was no doubt that they needed all the help they could get. "Felix... We need your help. Fight well but... Be safe." She whispers to her companion, taking him from his perch on her shoulder and setting him down so he can join the fight. With that done, Selvaria takes up her rifle and aims at the Slime Aurora and Annie had targeted, following up their attack with a shot of her own. Her round seemed drastically less effective than the attacks that had proceeded it however, and upon seeing this Selvaria immediately changed her target to the army of smaller Blobs. The targets would be difficult to hit, but there were so many that hitting something was incredibly likely, and unlike the larger Slimes, her bullets were actually effective. Lining up her shot, Selvaria's next attack pierced through the Red Blob she was aiming for and actually punched all the way through and hit the Blue Blob right behind it, her hands moving with precision to load her next round quickly and line up her next shot, seeking to keep her effectiveness high by making each bullet fired count for two enemies.

Ophelia's eyes widen as Lily not only once more proves her swiftness, but a more serious demeanor and demonstrates her strength by striking a blow that causes the rather large slime assassin to recoil due to the sheer force she can put behind her attack. Yet small things still stick out to her. Lily's ice spike could have been sharper, the shards that made it up could have been arranged in a way to make it more debilitating, the spikes themselves are full of cracks. While Lily's natural talent is impressive, her skill will need quite a bit of work. Still, this is not the time to give those corrections. The heat of battle is a very poor time to attempt to adopt a whole new regiment since the enemy will gladly take advantage of the time you are adjusting to beat the tar out of you. She will devote time to it once everything is settled. Speaking of new regimens, she wonders what is going on with Alice's combat style. Before, she favored wide sweeping slashes that destroyed hoards. Now she is being pinpoint accurate. Ophelia wonders what brought about such a change, but combat is, again, a terrible place to ask such things. It will be better suited for the after action report.

Still, her opponents are rather far from her and she does not have a way like Lily and Alice to close distance across the battlefield. Which means she must support her comrades in another way. Making herself unseen, she deposits herself in a small hoard of the blob army. While not visually impressive, the sight of more than a few blobs suddenly falling to the ground, either drained or dead should make for a rather disturbing sight. She takes a moment after hearing an explosion to look over at the source. She smiles when she sees it is Annie that caused it. She hopes that means they have the battle well in hand.

When Selvaria shoots the Useless Assassin, he shrieks, while the two blobs she had shot at dropped to the ground and turned into puddles. Felix, when set on the ground, wastes no time transforming into a ball of spikes, after which he expanded to multiple times his normal size and began rolling over the Blob army that was moving in to replace the ones Annie had blown up, however the other Blobs Soldiers started to move in one Annie, so Felix turns into a stream and wraps himself around Annie, after which he fires out several spikes, striking at the Blobs who were moving too close for Annie to safely fire another explosive round. After the first few strikes, Felix reforms into a suit of semi-transparent armor, blocking the shots being fired from the Steam Rifles of nearby Blobs. Meanwhile, the Useless Assassin had recovered from the attacks and was now attempting to stab Aurora, having transformed his hands into razor sharp claws, the first attack hitting her in the shoulder and drawing blood, however she blocked his next two attacks then stabbed him in the arm with her Ivory Blade, causing him to stumble backwards, however he quickly recovered and resumed his assault. Meanwhile, the Lady Assassin used one of her Slime Snakes to try to strike Selvaria, however Aurora quickly slapped the Useless Assassin’s arms aside, then leapt backwards, blocking the snake with her shield, which left her open to a second Snake, which slipped past her shield and bit her neck, causing her to grunt in pain, just before using her Ivory Blade to slash the head off the snake.

Meanwhile, Bigmouth lunged at Alice, biting her on the shoulder, which caused her to cry out in pain “JUSTICE DUNK!” she shouts, as she grabs the now-vulnerable Bigmouth, rips his mouth from her shoulder, then throws him up into the air. Alice then leaps into the air, grabbing him by his head, before slamming him down on the ground, causing a loud crash as a crater forms, debris being thrown everywhere from the force of the impact. Alice then backflips off of Bigmouth and stabs a Blob in the face, causing it to be reduced to a puddle. Lily was pulling her arm back to hit the Fatass Assassin again, however he turned into a puddle, traveled across the floor, slipping between her legs, before forming behind Alice. Alice realized this and spun around to punch the creature, but he opened a hole in it body and reformed around her arm, immediately pulling her into his body with a loud ‘pop’. Inside the creature, Alice attempted to free herself by thrashing around with her Vorpal Blade, but the Fatass held her in place. Lily looked shocked as she watched this happen and quickly ran at the creature to try to free Alice, but her path was blocked by the tentacle creature. Lily attempts to stab the creature with her ice spike, only for him to wrap a tentacle around her arm and carelessly fling her away, causing her to slam into the wall with a dull thud. He then begins looking around as if searching for Ophelia. When he spots the puddle of dispatched blobs, he extends a tentacle and sweeps it across the area, missing Ophelia just barely, but the nearby Blobs seem to notice the position he was attacking and open fire on the spot with their Steam Rifles, several shots hitting Ophelia in the shoulder, side, and thigh.

Although she knows her focus should remain on the battle at hand, Selvaria cannot help but stop and stare in awe as Felix transforms and wreaks utter havoc on the enemy Blob army, before attaching himself to Annie and becoming a suit of armor to protect her from the incoming waves of enemies. She had witnessed his flexibility to an extent before, but this was on level she could never have imagined before. Though she was a bit envious of Annie for getting to spend time wrapped in her pet like that, those thoughts were quickly pushed from her mind by the Slime recovering and beginning his assault on Aurora. Felix was doing his best to support Annie, so she would have to do the same for Aurora, but just as she was taking aim, she found herself under attack from the Slime Woman, who attacked from a distance with snakes made from her slime. Though she had noticed the attack, Selvaria knew she wouldn't be able to evade it in time. She braced herself for a hit that thankfully never came due to Aurora's speedy intervention. Before she could even thank the Paladin, another snake was already biting Aurora, only to find itself swiftly decapitated. Though Selvaria wanted to turn her attacks to the Slime Woman, she decided it would be for the best for them to defeat the Slime that was engaged with Aurora first. She could see a path for her bullet to strike true in her mind, her next shot struck the ground between the Useless Assassin's legs, intentionally and at an angle that caused it to ricochet towards the wall behind the slimes, passing through a pair of unfortunate blobs on the way. Once it hit the wall, it ricocheted yet again, this time back towards the Useless Assassin, gunning down a few more blobs as it traveled towards the Slime's legs, aiming to disable his legs and make him an easier target for the others, and from an avenue of attack that could not possibly be predicted.

Ophelia's eyes narrow as the rotund slime that Lily was dealing with moves to engulf Alice. She is not sure if this is a problem or not. If they harm the slime surrounding her, will it harm Alice? Will it not matter? They will have to see because allowing the Paladin to remain inside of the thing is unacceptable. While she is concerned about that and Lily's durability, which turns out to be a baseless concern given how quickly her charge pops up after being flung into a wall, she almost misses the tentacled slime swiping the area in an attempt to locate her. She just barely keeps in front of it, but is so concerned with it that she misses the assault from the blob army. She has a moment where she thinks "So this is what it is like for an attack not to do harm to me. It is unfamiliar being on this side of it." before one of them hits her so hard in the side that it feels like it loosens her ribcage and she hits the floor. She is not sure how Alice pulls her back to her feet engulfed as the paladin is, but it happens and she clutches her side in pain.

It pisses her off slightly that she has to use this so early. That her trump card needs to be deployed so soon into the battle. But with her wound as it is, she cannot afford to not draw upon the power of the memento. With a sigh, she allows it to flood her with power, healing her injuries in an instant and bringing her to a plane beyond where she usually stands. With a sip of an Elixir to recharge herself, she simply says "Begone" and activates a spell that the knowledge of came with her transformation. She can feel the spell rip out a piece of each enemy on the field and then turn it against them, hurting themselves one of the few ways that cannot be defended against. And then she feels the stolen piece be used to revitalize herself in all ways. "My, but that was a very useful spell. I shall endeavor to learn it sooner or later." She says to herself as she levels the playing field just a bit. She barely pays attention to the corpses of the blobs that did not survive her attack. The important things are the slimes, after all.

The enemies that Selvaria struck with her shot are quickly reduced to a puddle, while the Useless Assassin is knocked to his knees. Despite needing to fend off two more bites from the Lady Assassin, Aurora manages to capitalize on the Slime’s predicament, throwing her shield at him, which bounced off of his head, nearly knocking him over and causing his head to mash into an odd shape, before charging over to him and thrusting her Ivory Blade through his chest, after which she swiped it to the side, splitting him from chest to shoulder, causing him to gurgle in pain. Aurora started to attack again, however she noticed one of the Lady Slime’s snakes darting out towards Annie. Aurora leapt to block the attack, and managed to block one, but two more followed it, one of which slipped between Aurora’s legs, biting into Annie’s shoulder through Felix. Annie cried out and grabbed the snake by the neck, then after firing her explosive round into a crowd of Blobs, began firing normal rounds into the snake to try to get it off of her, while Felix was forced to use his tendrils to block shots from surrounding blob soldiers who were focusing their fire on Annie. Annie started to look sick, indicating that the slime snakes were poisonous. Aurora moved to cut the slime snake with her blade, but yet another darted out and bit her sword, preventing her from swinging it. Aurora, with her sword locked in place, instead bashed the Slime Snake with her shield, which didn’t cause it to release Annie, which prompted Aurora to instead fling her shield at the Lady Assassin.

The shield bounced off of her head with a loud ‘tonk’ and caused her to shout in surprise, as well as release her snake from Annie’s shoulder. As soon as the snake retreated, Annie dropped to her knees, but despite her apparent weakness, continued firing shots at the nearby blobs while Felix protected her from them, each of her bullets striking the blobs in the head with impressive accuracy.

While Aurora was busy protecting Annie and attacking the Lady Assassin, a group of Blobs sneaks up on Selvaria, one of them firing off a shot that strikes her in the shoulder, while the Useless Assassin can be seen in puddle form, slowly closing in on Selvaria’s other side.

Through the Blindfold that comes with Chaos Form, Ophelia’s eyes glow bright green as she unleashes her attack, causing numerous Blobs to clutch their heads and collapse into puddles as streams of dark energy form between Ophelia’s head and those of her enemies. Unlike the weaker blobs, the Slimes quiver and become malformed temporarily as Ophelia attacks them with their own minds, and by the time the attack ends, the number of Blob Soldiers in the room has been drastically reduced, and the Slime Assassins look as if they had been hit by a stampede.

Lily follows up on Ophelia’s attack, disappearing and reappearing in front of the Fatass Assassin as he attempts to pull himself back together, she plunges her Ice Spike into his stomach, narrowly missing Alice, then attempts to stab him in the face with her other, which the Fatass Assassin stops by grabbing her arm. The two then begin to struggle, Lily slowly pushing him backwards, his feet sliding on the ground. Lily pulls her arm out of his body then attempts to stab him with it again, but a fist forms from his chest and punches her across the face, which causes her to yelp in surprise, rather than pain. Meanwhile, the Snake Assassin had yet to recover from being dunked into the crater, and the Tentacle Assassin quickly moved behind the Fatass, and reached his tentacles into the creature’s body, beginning to attempt to use them to stab at Alice, who was narrowly managing to avoid them despite her movement hindrances. After several attempts, the Tentacle Assassin manages to stab Alice in the stomach, after which he uses it to hold her in place as he starts using a second Tentacle to rip at her dress, slowly exposing her leggings and her blouse.

Selvaria was quite pleased to see her plan come together, bringing their foe to his knees where Aurora swiftly and decisively ensures that he stays down. Any reprieve that granted them was short lived however, as the Lady Slime presses her own assault. Felix had his metaphorical hands full fending off the blobs that were opening fire on Annie, trying to defend against the slime snakes seemed to be beyond the understandable limits of his capabilities. Even Aurora's assistance isn't enough to get Annie out unscathed. To make matters worse, by the looks of the detective, she appears to be poisoned by the attack. Selvaria didn't possess any means of curing such a poison, and judging by a lack of response from Aurora and Annie, they didn't have an antidote either. That meant they had to end this fast, before any of them succumbed to poison.

Perhaps she had been mistaken in targeting the Useless Assassin first. It seemed now that the Lady Assassin was the real threat. With that in mind, Selvaria lined up a shot, but before she could pull the trigger, she was shocked to find herself shot in the shoulder instead. Selvaria cried out in pain, clutching her wounded shoulder as she turned to see the crowd of Blobs that had managed to take her rear. She fired into them immediately, her bullets piercing them with ease, but each one she felled seemed insignificant compared to the horde that still remained. To make matters worse, she caught sight of a suspicious looking puddle moving toward her out of the corner of her eye. It's size meant that it could only be the Slime she had thought they had just vanquished. Selvaria immediately turned to fire a pair of quick rounds into the puddle. The Blobs could still hurt her, yes, but this assassin was the greater threat by far. This was a bad situation though... Felix could not assist her without abandoning Annie, and Aurora was currently engaged with the Lady Assassin. It would be difficult, but she would need to deal with this herself.

A grim smile paints itself across her face when Ophelia sees the damage done by her attack. A greater one spreads as their pain becomes her strength, empowering her to do greater things still. It is a good start, but the slimes are still standing. One even has the audacity to begin tearing at Alice's clothing. Only she and Annie (and she supposes those who witness their shared exhibition kink) are allowed to even glimpse what lies beneath the Paladin's garments! For that, if nothing else, they must pay. "For the crime of attempting to strip Alice, I sentence you all to the Abandonment of Hope." She decrees as she powers one of the other spells whose knowledge came with her form. None are safe from the spell, the range of it much greater than she anticipated. "Such marvelous spells this time around. Absolutely glorious." She says as she looks upon her new realm. "Since you seemed to enjoy it so much the last time I did this, let us do it once more." She says as she prepares the spell Broken Dreams.

She does observe Lily's assault on the rotund Slime and a much less grim smile makes itself known. Lily fights well for one so seemingly innocent. She leaves herself open a touch too much for her to be comfortable with, but that is something that can be taught in less extreme situations. Combat practice was not something she saw herself taking up with her charge, but not correcting the errors she sees in the girl's form would only lead to trouble later down the line. For the moment, however, she is not worried about it. Lily did not sound like she was harmed by the attack she took so she must be durable enough at least to not worry about low level strikes.

When Ophelia casts her spell, the room they were previously in is replaced with massive graveyard, filled with stone graves of varying shapes and sizes, sometimes small stone towers, otherwise basic stone slabs. The roof above their heads had been replaced with a purple abyss, even more land masses with even more graveyards all that fills the empty void. The graves then begin forcing themselves open, and undead begin to rise from the dirt. The undead waste no time in attacking the present blobs, who looked horrified that they had suddenly been transported to a graveyard. With the undead horde rising from the graves, most of the seemingly innumerable blobs begin to fire at them with their steam rifles. What few keep their attention on Ophelia, seemingly understanding she’s the source of this teleportation, they begin firing on her with their steam rifles, however with her newfound power, the bullets just bounce off of her skin and clothing, her body glowing with a green light each time a bullet is deflected.

When Ophelia uses her magic again, the blobs and slimes all begin to writhe again as she attacks them with their own mind, even more blobs being reduced to puddles by the attack. Once the slimes have recovered from the attack, the tentacled one raises an additional tendril, the tip becoming a sharp point, which it then jams into Alice’s shoulder, causing her to scream, while he returns to using the other tendrils to resume ripping her clothing, Alice’s bra and panties now fully visible, light blue with white lace. Lily’s face doesn’t change from the look of concentration, however she starts struggling more desperately against the Fatass Assassin, she digs her heels in, another crude and cracked spike of ice appearing on her knee as she jams it into the blob’s lower stomach, causing it to tremble and gurgle in pain. The creature responds by growing two more arms, which then reach out and grab Lily’s shoulders, after which a fifth arm grows from his chest again, which darts out and begins rapidly punching Lily in the face and chest, causing her to grunt with each hit, her lip being busted from one strike. Lily lets out a roar and pulls her leg out of the creature’s stomach, after which she slams it into his chest.

Meanwhile, the giant snake-like slime begins to slowly and unsteadily rise out of the crater Alice had put it in. “Fake Hero, Alice, I want you to know that while you may be trapped and useless inside that specific slime assassin, any single one of these Slimes could have done the same.” the Angel says “You have no skills outside of hitting things physically, which makes you useless here.” he says, mockingly. While Alice couldn’t speak to reply to the Angel, she struggles to raise her arm, the one with the impaled shoulder, then splays her fingers out, releasing an electric wave that travels outward. While the wave looked quite impression, the Blob army and the slimes don’t seem to notice the attack, which causes Alice’s previously pained expression to look completely disheartened instead.

Over with Selvaria, Annie struggles to get back to her feet, but instead eventually gives out and drops to the floor, flat on her back. Felix returns to his normal form and continues to defend Annie, who was now completely unconscious, from the Blob army’s gunfire. When Selvaria fires her rifle at the puddle, it quicers, then shifts to its full Assassin form, then attempts to charge at her, but Aurora leaps backwards, at the same time forming a new shield of light on her arm, then beats him over the head with the shield, staggering him and opening him up to another attack. With Aurora distracted by the Useless Assassin, the Lady Assassin fires a stream of green liquid from one of her snakes onto Aurora’s body, which then starts melting her armor, slowly revealing first her dress, then her black sports bra with a wide white stripe down the front and back underneath, as well as her matching undershorts through her now-tattered armor and clothing. Aurora either ignores her exposure or doesn’t seem to notice as she throws her shield at the Lady Assassin again, bouncing it off of her head, staggering her and causing her to cry out in surprise and pain.

Ophelia had expectations for what the Abandon Hope spell would accomplish. Whatever they were, this was not it. Teleportation to a whole other plane of existence that seems to belong to the dead would already be far beyond what she imagined doing, but having an undead army at her beck and call... She wonders if this is what it is like to be a Keeper with little morals. So the stereotypical Necromancy ramped up to a new order of magnitude, basically. If this is what the goddess offers, Ophelia begins to understand the worship of Zalaam. Not nearly enough to give up her faith in Masino, but she understands the temptation of this sort of power at one's fingertips. She allows the mass majority of the zombies to do what they are currently doing: providing a counter army to face the blob army the maniac brought with him. A few she commandeers for her own command. "The slimes before you. Lay waste to them." she orders with a wave of her hand. With the order given, a small horde descends upon the slime holding Alice hostage. The mass majority are useless for the purpose, but that is the beauty of a hoard: not all of them have to do harm. Just one or three is enough. The ones who do land hits show that the slime has no defense against them, the undead's teeth somehow piercing the body of the foe and tearing into its very being.

While she is contemplating her next move, she notices pinpricks against her skin and turns to figure out what the annoyance is. "Huh. So this is what it is like to be so much tougher than your foe. Normally I am on the other side of this equation. I realize I said this earlier, but the present moment simply does not compare." With a shrug, she waves her hand again and a wide swath of the blob army simply becomes a muddle of goo. What her spell does not rid them of, her hoard engages. She wonders if she can destroy the entirety of the army this way. It cannot hurt to try. But first things first, the slime that has been stripping Alice has gone way too far. She is not sure if she blends into the background as she normally does or merely moves so fast that it appears she has gone invisible. Either way, the tentacled slime does not realize it is in peril until it is far too late. "I warned you that stripping Alice was a crime." She says as she brings her dagger down the middle of the slime. The mere force of her swing causes it to erupt into bits of slime so small that hitting the floor is more akin to raindrops than a fallen foe. Given what she has seen of slimes, it will pull itself together eventually, but not any time soon. "You," she says, pointing at the slime holding Alice, "are next."

The fat slime is already rather beaten thanks to Lily's efforts, but it is not enough to let Alice go just yet. She also has to hide a wince at Lily's actions. Why would you offer a limb to an enemy already proven to hold such things captive. It seems the assault she suffers as a result actually hurts her as well, which is worrying. Alice is already more or less disabled, but having Lily go down would make this fight go from difficult to a lost fight. At the very least, her charge frees herself without too much issue. She begins to worry more about Alice when her attack, while impressive looking and impressive performed while engulfed in slime, does nothing to no one and lowers her Paladin's morale. "We all have bad attacks, Alice. I believe you will make the next one count." She says, hoping to restore hope.

Selvaria's predicament only seems to grow more dire as the Useless Assassin shifts back into his solid form and goes on the offensive. Thankfully, Aurora seems to be aware of this and moves to intercept, but this goes almost unnoticed as the room they are in seems to shift and change before her very eyes. She finds herself in a graveyard, not unlike the one from her nightmare, and just like then, the graves burst open and undead flood out of them. Could this situation possibly get any worse?! But just as she is preparing to fend off her new foes, Selvaria notices that they seem to be attacking the army of blobs and not herself or any of her allies. Could this be the doing of one of her allies? Looking back, she sees what can only be Ophelia, though the Wanderer looks very different from what the woman she knew. It was a dreadful power that she seemed to possess, but seeing it work so well in their favor, Selvaria was grateful for it all the same.

Powerful though Ophelia may be, it only lessened Selvaria's own situation somewhat. Annie had succumbed to the poison, and Aurora was suffering from her attempt to defend the mercenary, just as she had predicted and sought to avoid. "Felix... Help Aurora!" Selvaria called out, using the distraction of all that had been going on to reposition herself to defend Annie. The army of the dead wasn't the only useful thing about this graveyard, the tombstones and statues were also quite advantageous to Selvaria and her style of sharpshooting. The mercenary took a deep breath, her eyes scanning her environment and envisioning the path her bullets would take. And then, after that brief moment, she began to fire in quick succession, her hand moving at blinding speed to load round after round. Each shot would seek to eliminate one of the many blobs that still sought to defeat her, but more than that they would continue on to ricochet off of a nearby obstacle and redirect to her true target, the Useless Assassin. Culling the blob horde was needed, but it would not further their victory. She needed to lessen the burden on Aurora and deal with the real threat in the assassins at the same time.

When Ophelia gives the order, the undead immediately begin to swarm over the Slimes, forcing the fatass slime to grow additional arms to batter them aside, and forcing the giant snake-like slime to use its massive bulk to slap them away from it, but the undead continued to swarm out of the graves, and even when attacked, would get right back to their feet until they had been completely disabled. The blob army manages to keep them at bay due to vastly superior fire power, however the swarming undead prevents them from focusing on any other targets for the most part, less they be overrun. When Ophelia practically teleports in front of the tentacle slime and reduces him to a shower of tiny droplets, the droplets slide across the floor and into the crowd of Blobs, as if attempting to escape the battle. Ophelia’s threat to the Fatass Assassin may have gotten a reaction, however it was difficult to tell through the creature’s mask-like face. He instead grows yet more arms, making his total eight, the free limbs attempting to grab Ophelia, while the others continue to hold and batter Lily, while she continued stabbing at him with her knee’s ice spike, the strikes causing the creature to gurgle in pain, but not a single one of them bringing him down.

With the tentacled Slime no longer attacking Alice, and with Ophelia’s encouragement Alice’s struggles against the Fatass Assassin are renewed, she begins to slowly attempt to move, as if she was struggling to walk through tar, however the Fatass, seeming to sense that Alice is attempting to escape, shifts his body further, spikes forming inside of him, and they begin stabbing into Alice’s body. Despite the wounds and the pain, Alice soon bursts out of the Assassin’s body, spinning around with her sword and cutting off one of his many limbs, however afterwards, she drops to her knees, panting heavily. She was bleeding heavily from wounds on her arms, legs, thighs, chest, stomach, and had one long gash on her cheek. Despite having only been on the floor for a brief moment, a pool of blood was already beginning to form from all of the blood seeping onto the ground.

As Selvaria protects Annie, dropping hordes of Blobs with each shot of her rifle, Felix follows her orders immediately, turning into a stream and stretching towards Aurora, wrapping around her and transforming into a suit of armor, stretching slightly further to cover the places where her underwear had been exposed by the acid. When Selvaria’s bullets converge on the Useless Assassin, he explodes into a rain of droplets on the floor, which then rush away. Aurora charges at the Lady Assassin, while forming another shield of light, at the same time slashing her Ivory Blade in an arc that strikes three Blobs that got in her way, reducing them to puddles, however as she moved forward, the Lady Assassin extends one of her slime snakes, over Aurora’s shoulder, which bites Selvaria’s hip, then yanks her out of her hiding spot and slams her through a Tomb Stone, breaking it in half with her body, after which a group of three Blob soldiers fire several shots at her, one striking her in the stomach while a second strikes her in the thigh, the third missing and hitting the tomb stone that she had just been used to break.

Aurora cuts the snake that had attacked Selvaria off, then proceeds to bash the Lady Assassin with her shield, after which she stabs her in the stomach with her Ivory Blade however the Assassin leaps backwards and begins firing off a steady stream of green liquid from her snakes, which Aurora blocks with her shield, but the shield is not large enough, causing some of the green liquid to splash onto Aurora, forcing Felix to extend parts of his body around Aurora’s shield, increasing its size, though the liquid also begins burning Felix, causing him to shriek and jiggle in pain.

From her vantage point, Selvaria can see things start to sway in their favor. Her barrage of bullets had proven to be too much for the Useless Assassin, the change in terrain had been perfect for unleashing an onslaught of unpredictable shots, just as she had hoped. It did not escape her sharp gaze that the droplets of slime he had been reduced to were all escaping of their own volition. He might return later in the fight if he managed to recover, but it was safe to assume that he was neutralized for now. That and seeing Felix become armor to protect Aurora brought a smile to Selvaria's face. One that was very short lived as she felt a sharp pain in her side. Her gaze followed the snake biting her back to the Lady Assassin for a brief moment before she was yanked forward through the tombstone she was taking cover behind, forcing her to involuntarily cry out in pain from the force of being used to smash through stone. That had almost certainly broke a rib or two, and if that wasn't bad enough, there was a trio of blobs ready and waiting to shoot her. Selvaria felt the bullets pierce her as Aurora severed the snake that was holding her, causing the mercenary to fall to the ground with a grunt of pain, clutching her wounded stomach to slow the bleeding. WIth her other hand, Selvaria attempted to push herself back to her feet so she could get into hiding and keep up the fight, but a sudden wave of nausea washed over her, causing her to start coughing blood up onto the ground. Ah right, the snakes were poisonous. This combined with the pain of her other wounds was too much for her to handle, and Selvaria collapsed to the ground.

Selvaria's vision was starting to grow hazy as she lay there, and she would have liked nothing more than to pass out so that she could be free from the pain that surged throughout her entire body. And yet, as her consciousness began to fade, a piercing shriek reached her ears and kept her awake. "F-Felix...." She muttered, recognizing the sound of her beloved Necroblob, though she had never heard him make that sound before and never wished to hear it again. How could she simply give up and let her pet suffer so? Through the mind bending pain screaming at her to stop moving, Selvaria could feel her grip tighten around her rifle. Though her broken ribs and bleeding stomach made it all but impossible for her to get up, she could fight through the pain enough to at least prop herself up into a prone shooting position. It was all she could to keep her grip steady as she took aim, not at the blobs who had shot her, but the Slime who threatened Aurora and Felix. She would fight through any agony if it meant saving her beloved Necroblob from even the slightest bit of pain he was experiencing now. Selvaria didn't trust herself to make a ricochet shot in this state, instead waiting for the right opportunity before firing a shot straight at the Lady Assassin's head.

Ophelia wonders if it makes her a bad person for having the urge to laugh maniacally at the moment. She is riding the power high of her Chaos Form and now she has an undead army at her disposal, beating back the blob army that had been so overwhelming just moments before. She now understands when people just throw bodies at her, except this is better because she does not have to worry about sentient beings dying pointlessly. As far as she can tell, the zombies she is commanding are mindless, only aware of her orders and the enemy before them. Much less guilt inducing. She just has to not think about Skyrille and her city of the dead and she is fine. Motion helps with that, though she is not at all surprised when at the end of her attack, the pieces that made up the defeated slime begin running off. While she hoped that overwhelming force would put them down for good, it seems they are just as adept at avoiding death as the first slime assassin was. Meaning she is very unlikely to kill a single one of them here. Frustrating...

When Alice finally manages to disengage from the rotund slime holding her in place, she sees her chance. Without fear of getting her lover caught in the crossfire, she can strike with impunity. "You should have heeded my warning." She says as she stealths/teleports in front of the one who dared holding Alice down. With the last of her Chaos fueled power, she strikes. And strikes. And strikes. She hacks the thing to pieces faster than the eye can see until she finally jumps back, allowing it to fall into myriad pieces. She knows they will retreat from the battle as quickly as possible, but at the very least the being they make up is no longer a factor. Now there is only one assassin left. And she hopes it does not realize how close this fight still is. Ophelia in her base form is not very powerful, Alice is on her last leg, and Lily, while powerful and swift, has taken quite a few blows herself. And because of his separation from the entirety of the fight, the last slime is fresh. Well, at the very least she still has her zombie army even if she has fallen out of Chaos Form. That will at the very least keep the blobs from becoming an issue. "Alice, are you good to keep going?" She says, concern coloring her voice as she sees how badly the paladin is bleeding. From everywhere really. She thinks Alice's face is the only place on her body that ISN'T... no, there is that cut on her cheek. So yes, everywhere. Very concerning indeed. "Lily, are you OK? You took quite a few hits before the enemy was subdued." She asks, trying to gauge how healthy her ward is while she is doing inventory.

Selvaria’s shot only grazes the Lady Assassin’s cheek, before embedding itself into a wall, then the three Blob Soldiers fire another volley of shots at Selvaria, one striking her in the back, another in the shoulder, and the third in her hip. Meanwhile, the Lady Assassin doesn’t let up her stream of acid, eventually forcing Felix to split into a group of five Angel-Like blob creatures that were flying through the air on blob wings, each one spitting sparkling powder at the Lady Assassin, though she seemed to be ignoring it. Without Felix forming armor for Aurora, the Lady Assassin was able to force Aurora back, dropping lower with every step onto she was on her knees. She jerked her sword hand backwards, then threw her sword at the Lady Assassin, the blade stabbing through her chest, causing her to cry out, but the attack didn’t stop her, she merely responded by launching a volley of slime snakes at Aurora, one biting into her neck, another into her shoulder, and two more into her arm. Aurora attempted to shake them off, but she couldn’t use her shield arm, because she was blocking the acid stream with it.

When Ophelia tears the Fatass slime to shreds, all of the pieces slink away just as the tentacle assassin before it had. Lily drops her ice spikes to the floor, now that her hands are freed, and flexes her fingers, hooting softly. When asked if she can keep fighting, she looks down at her heavily wounded body, and tests moving it. “I can still move, so I can still fight.” she says, getting back to her feet with significant amounts of difficulty and hefting her sword again, grunting from the effort that the simple act required. When asked if she was okay, Lily nodded, and took a battle stance, preparing to sprint to the remaining slime creature, before letting out a beastly roar, like that of a bear, a flare of bright red power blazing from her eyes, intense enough to swerve past her head, dissipating as it reaches behind her. She dropped down even lower, then charged at the giant snake-like Slime Assassin, Alice following behind her, much slower than was typical of her. The Snake-like creature attempted to use its gigantic body to slam Lily and stop her advance, but she forms two crude and cracking ice spikes onto her hands, and slams them into the ground, launching herself over the creature’s body, then slamming one of the two spikes across its face as she sails by its head. Alice attempts to follow up the attack by slashing at the creature’s body with her Vorpal Blade, but the creature recovers from Lily’s attack too quickly, and darts its head forward, biting Alice and lifting her up into the air as cries out in agony, blood pouring from the two new wounds created by the creature’s fangs, as she slams her Vorpal Blade into its face in retaliation, causing the creature to flinch back and gurgle in pain.

Selvaria grimaced as her shot only barely connects with her target, and has virtually no effect. To make matters worse, the only thing she had succeeded in was drawing attention to herself. Another volley of bullets collided with her prone form, sending pain ripping through the numbness she had felt all throughout her body. Selvaria was no stranger to combat and thus the pain that fighting so often brought, but even throughout all her years, she had never felt so close to death as she did now, lying in an ever growing pool of her own blood. Her vision was starting to blur, and she involuntarily coughed up a deluge of blood before her arms gave out and she collapsed to the ground. There was no way Selvaria could shoot like this, and attempting to do so would only reward her with more of this agony. Though it shamed her to give up like this, there was little for her to do but loosen her grip on her rifle and watch on as best she could. Felix had heart breakingly succumbed to the torrent of acid, but Selvaria took some solace seeing that he had split himself rather than die as she had feared. Aurora fought on valiantly, and Selvaria could only offer as silent prayer to Masino for her victory as she watched on, drifting in and out of consciousness.

Seeing Lily as serious as she is for as long as she is is getting... strange. Lily is the quirky, slightly less than intelligent ward that she cannot convince she is not the mother of. Not this warrior woman who fights past her own injuries as if she does not notice them. It is going to take some getting used to in order to adjust to what she is beginning to think as "Warrior Lily" since it feels like a different person. Still, that is very much less worrying than Alice continuing on despite being very obviously at the edge of her endurance. The blood pool Alice has created is worryingly large and the effort it took for her paladin to make it to a standing position took entirely too much of her strength. Even her movements seem slower than usual. The Alice she is used to would have had no problem following up on Lily's strike. Instead she only gets a counter strike after she has already been further injured. They need to end this battle as quickly as possible.

Easier said than done now that Ophelia is back to hit and run tactics, but she will do what she must. Fading back into the shadows, she appears at the snake assassin's back and carves into him. She is not sure how given it is a being of slime, but it appears that her strike caused it to start bleeding slime. Well then. There's a plan: if she can make it bleed out through a myriad of such cuts, then she can bring it down that way. Yes, that will do nicely.

Aurora starts to look even more pale than usual as the poison starts to spread, then she suddenly grabs the snakes and yanks on them, pulling the Lady Assassin with them, then she leaps forward, slamming her shield into her chest, knocking her backwards. She yanks the snakes again, bringing her falling back towards herself, before slamming her into the air with her shield again. She attempts to maneuver a third time, but the Lady Assassin lets her slime snakes detach from her body, then forms into a stream, flying around the shield strike, before reforming into her normal form, changing her arm into a blade, and stabbing Aurora in the thigh. The Lady Assassin then takes Aurora’s shield from her and beats her over the head with it, knocking her unconscious.

When Ophelia stabs the creature, it lets out a shriek, then spins its body in a circle, knocking back a group of Ophelia’s zombies, while swinging its head back and forth, Alice still in its mouth, going limp. Lily lets out another roar, and propels herself into the air with her ice spikes again, striking the ground so hard that the ice breaks to pieces and she has to reform them mid-flight. Once she’s high enough in the air, she stabs both of her spikes into the creature’s neck, and begins reforming them into a pair of jagged, flat surfaces, with crude claw-like appendages. Lily then starts growling with effort as she starts to pry the creature’s head off its body, slime spraying out of the forming wounds with every centimeter. The creature shrieks in pain and forms spikes all over its body, several stabbing into Lily’s stomach, shoulder, thigh, and eye, stabbing straight through her body. Lily, however, only roars in response, and finally pries the creature’s head from its body, sending it splattering onto the ground, forcing it to drop Alice, who bounces once, before going completely limp on the ground, her Vorpal Blade still tightly gripped in her hand despite her unconsciousness. Lily drops to the floor when the creature reverts to a puddle and slinks off just like the creatures before it, then drops to her knees momentarily, before struggling back to her feet. She looks around the room, as if in a daze, confusion evident on her face as she rubs the socket where her eye had been stabbed out, as if something were blocking it, seemingly not noticing the blood pouring from her eye socket and her new wounds.

While Lily was distracted by her missing eyeball messing with her vision, the Lady Slime Assassin from earlier sneaks up behind her in the form of a pool of Slime, then suddenly shoots up from the ground and stabs Lily through the chest with her hand transformed into a long-bladed Katar. She spreads the blades out into three prongs, twists it, then yanks it out, causing Lily to cough up a torrent of blood, before collapsing onto the floor. The Lady Slime then transforms back into a pool of slime and begins traveling across the floor towards Ophelia at high speed.

Ophelia's heart drops into her toes when she sees what it has cost to bring the last foe low. Alice, bloody and unconscious on the floor. Lily, filled with holes and missing an eye. The missing eye really is the more concerning issue. While Alice's injuries look grievous, she does not doubt Alice's ability to live through it. Lily's missing eye, however... she is not aware of treatments to regrow missing parts. Even then, the eye is a rather complex organ (or so she thinks. She is not 100% sure). Regrowing that incorrectly could be just as bad as or worse than not regrowing it at all. But then there is the simple matter of it BEING EASY TO REACH THE BRAIN THROUGH THE EYE. Ophelia needs to be absolutely certain Lily has not suffered brain damage from the last, desperate strike of the slime. Damage from a strike such as that could very easily be fatal. "Lily..." She starts.

"BEHIND YOU!" she shouts as she sees the Slime she spoke with earlier solidify and stab through her child's chest. She can only watch in horror as the one blade becomes three and they are all torn out of Lily in the most brutal way possible. "YOU BITCH!" She regrets ever trying to extend the olive branch to this monster. She should have known that no matter how civilized she seemed, the slime is naught but a mindless beast. Seeing the slime charge at her, she begins charging back at her, bloodlust the only thing on her mind. She does not question why this slime stands before her when she knew Annie, Selvaria, and Aurora were handling it. She does not contemplate the meaning of that. She just knows it has unforgivably injured Lily and that she wishes to tear the beast apart.

The slime puddle slips between Ophelia’s legs as she charges, then forms up into the Lady Slime’s standard form, after which she sends several snakes darting at Ophelia, biting into her arms, side, neck, and thigh, then transforms her arm into a hammer-like shape and uses it to beat Ophelia over the head. Meanwhile, the last of Ophelia’s zombies were gunned down by the seemingly inexhaustible army of Blob Soldiers. Over on the other side of the room, where Annie, Aurora, and Selvaria had been facing their own opponents, the Blob Soldiers were dragging their unconscious forms into the center of the room, while four others were grabbing the unconscious forms of Alice and Lily. The Angel let out a booming chuckle in his echoing voice as he slowly hovered upwards, over the railing, then towards the floor.

Conversion (Contains Rape)
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

“I’m quite impressed that you managed to give my assassins so much trouble, despite being a fake hero, a misguided paladin, a mercenary, an assassin, a monster, and a mere investigator.” he said, giving them a single clap. “Now then, I did state that I would be of you into greater beings… but first, I’m sure all of you are aware that Necro Blobs eat corpses, however, a little known fact is that sexual activity can sustain them as well, and I have an entire army to sustain. Murder is quite against the wishes of our Goddess, however this manner of feeding isn’t so permanent.” he said.

He raised his hand and was just about to snap his fingers, the eyes of all of the Blob Soldiers on him as if expecting it, only to be interrupted by a loud shout “VORPAL CLOCK!” without even seeing Alice move, she appeared directly between Ophelia and the Angel, her Vorpal Blade out, slashing towards the Angel’s head, but his sword in hand, blocking Alice’s slash. Alice looked shocked that he managed to block the attack, despite her severe wounds slowing her movements and drastically weakening her, though the Angel didn’t even seem to be straining. “Ah, the fake hero returns for more.” he says, his tone mocking. “I’m a true hero, I don’t care what you think you know, I’ve devoted my life to delivering JUSTICE. You’re the one who’s fake, you embody nothing that Sirius stands for.” she says, her body shaking from strain, despite the Angel not even pushing against her weapon. “You are fake, you weren’t even supposed to inherit the Vorpal Blade or the Vorpal Clock, that would be the misguided Paladin. Once you’ve reached the end of your days, everyone in Chaldea will forget about you. You’ve done nothing to make the lives of Chaldeans better, you’ve only momentarily helped a select few people. Watch, this Vorpal Blade is unbreakable in the hands of the true hero...” he says, as he slowly pushes his weapon forward, forcing Alice to her knees. The blade of the Angel’s sword glows, then Alice’s sword snaps in half, and the Angel’s blade descends into Alice’s shoulder, cutting a deep gash into it, the upper half of Alice’s sword clattering to the ground beside Ophelia. Alice’s eyes grow wide as she raises the remains of her broken weapon in one hand, stating mostly to herself “W-what? T-the unbreakable sword of heroes...” she then looks at the sword embedded into her shoulder as if only having just noticed it. “I can’t fail here… I-I’m a hero… I have to protect Annie and Ophelia...” she coughs up blood, then attempts to stand back up, lifting her broken sword, only for the Angel to rip his blade from her shoulder and punch her across the face, knocking her back to the floor, the rest of her Vorpal Blade being knocked from her hand as she falls. “Well, with that little interruption out of the way, I think it’s time that my Blob Soldiers receive their sustenance.” he says, raising his hand again and snapping his fingers, causing the Blob Soldiers to begin closing in on Ophelia and her downed companions.

Ophelia honestly thought she could not hate anyone more than she hated Wire Bitch and the Barbarian. What she feels right now, head swimming and consciousness being difficult to hold onto, makes the feeling she felt for them seem like a child at play. This beast, this fucking monster who tore her child apart and is even now clubbing her over the head, stokes her ability for hatred to a level she never thought possible. Not only has she harmed her charge and herself, but because of her Ophelia herself is now unable to defend the others around her. She WANTED revenge on the other two. For this thing in front of her, she NEEDS to see it torn to pieces, gathered into such a small space that it feels absolutely claustrophobic, frozen, and then thrown to the bottom of the ocean so that when it thaws and frees itself from its container, it is endlessly violated by everything that lives in those waters until the end of its life or eternity. Whichever comes first. Seeing the blob army drag everyone else into the center of the room only further fuels her rage. Rage that morphs into fear and worry as he announces his next step. She is not afraid for herself: her maidenhead has been thoroughly ripped away. She is terrified for the innocent Lily, the anxious Annie, and the, to her knowledge, virginal Alice. And somehow she doubts she will be able to gather all hostile attention onto herself so she is the only one violated. For one, there is simply too many hostiles to distract. For another, she very much doubts the madman calling itself an Angel would allow them to become distracted.

As she opens her mouth to try it anyways, she is interrupted by Alice's cry. To be completely honest, Ophelia is shocked Alice is conscious to begin with. The last attack she took from the snake slime, she was hoping her paladin would stay unconscious through the ordeal about to happen. What is more shocking is that Alice is well enough to challenge the psycho in the first place. She does not know what this "Vorpal Clock" is about, but it must tie into Alice's sudden ability to move. She wishes that whatever it was would have been enough to erase all of Alice's wounds. A fully powered Alice would not be such a small challenge for this insane fuck. She does not know anything about the Vorpal Blade being unbreakable and she would doubt such a tale even if she knew about it, but she does see the effect of having the sword broken has on Alice. If Alice's Vorpal Clock somehow reversed the paladin's injuries, she would be more willing to bet that previous wielders simply used that ability to reverse damage done to the Blade. They are not, however, in a place where Ophelia can suggest that to Alice. All she can do is gather the piece of the Vorpal Blade that landed near her, hopefully stash it in her supplies without anyone noticing or caring, and add the asshole to her list of people to throw into an ocean for what he has done to the mental state of Alice. She would drag Alice closer to her, but given the circumstances that would merely paint a bigger target on her paladin. Since that is the last thing she wants, she needs to figure something else out. "If this is the extent of your army's power, I am not concerned. After all, despite looking down on us, just us was enough to reduce it to the dregs. I imagine that a force either more numerous or more powerful than our own would laugh at the sad thing you call an army and then forget you within the hour." She says, hoping to draw his ire so more of the forces focus on her.

Nobody in the room seems to notice Ophelia stashing the broken sword into her pack, despite the numerous pairs of eyes that could have done so. When Ophelia speaks, however, the Angel’s head snaps face her with almost supernatural speed. “Oh really?” he says, his voice sounding as though he was straining to sound amused, but the anger was still audible, if only slightly. “You’ll be happy to know, abomination, that this is not my entire army. My army at the Glass Castle is many times this size, this was merely a squad.” he then paused and inclined his head slightly “Besides, Azraq already belongs to me, as well as all of the forces that come with it.” he says, as he brandishes his sword. “I think, now that you’ve volunteered, I can’t stand the sight of an ascended undead any longer, so I’m going to make you into a Nephilim first.” he says, as he tosses his sword into the air, then catching it with two fingers, before flicking it towards Ophelia, the tip stabbing into her shoulder. The Angel then points at the sword with two fingers, then it disappears in a flash of white light. As the Angel approaches closer to Ophelia, the army of Blob Soldiers all move in on the rest of Ophelia’s companions.

One of the Blue Blob Soldiers with a Green Blob Soldier beside it grab Annie by each shoulder and begin tugging at her clothes, starting with her overcoat, which they actually seem to remove very carefully, not ripping it at all. They then remove her top, then lift her skirt and pull down her tights, until her red and black striped panties are exposed, along with her matching bra. The Blue Blob moves the crotch of Annie’s panties aside and undoes his pants, slipping out his pitch black cock, before slowly grinding it against her slit, while the other slips its own cock out and forces her mouth open, then his cock into her open mouth, Annie remaining unconscious through all of this.

Meanwhile, two others, a red blob and a blue blob, drag Alice away from Ophelia, then pull up her bra and pull her panties down, while turning her over onto her stomach. The red blob whips his cock out and tilts Alice’s head back, before forcing its cock into her mouth, while the blue blob undoes its pants and slips his own out, while lifting Alice’s hips up, then begins rubbing its shaft against her slit in an attempt to get her wet before penetration.

Three more blobs approach Selvaria, two Blue Blobs and a Green Blob, one of them tugging Selvaria into its lap before pulling her top up, while the two Blue Blobs start pulling her pants off. Once her pants are removed, one of the two Blue Blobs moves over to her side and undoes its pants, slipping its cock out, and begins insistently poking her cheek with it.

Two Red Blobs begin removing the remnants of Aurora’s clothing, her tattered dress and her mostly-melted legging, exposing her bra and panties the rest of the way. One red blob begins groping her small breasts, while the second begins rubbing her crotch through her panties.

Two Blue Blobs, a red blob, and a green blob drag Lily closer to the far wall, though not nearly far enough for Ophelia to lose sight of her. The red blob pokes her face, which causes her to open up her one remaining eye and look around, sleepily. Once Lily is awake, the Red Blob begins pulling her top off, and the moment he does, Lily begins sniffling and crying “N-nooo… not… not again!” she cries as her half and half black and white bra is exposed. She attempts to push the blobs away, only for the green blob to gently push her arms down, before lifting her skirt up and starting to rub her slit through her panties, causing her to kick her legs, which a blue blob then pins down, while keeping them parted. The second blue blob then undoes its pants and slips its cock out, before pushing it into her mouth, cutting off her screams and cries.

As all of this was going on, the Angel extended his tendril-like wings, each one moving towards Ophelia, two of them wrapping around her wrists, each one burning her as if she were touching a sheet of metal that had been in the sun, and pulling on them, forcing her up into the air, where the Angel allowed her to dangle. He then slipped one under Ophelia’s top and started lifting it, while the other slipped under her skirt and lifted that. The Angel then used one of his two remaining wings to move the crotch of Ophelia’s panties aside, before ramming it into as deep as it can reach. “Becoming a Nephilim will purge the evil of your race from your body. You should be grateful, ascended undead.” he said, with a snobbish chuckle.

A slightly arrogant smirk paints itself across her face when she appears to get under the madman's skin. Especially since it comes with free information. Honestly, his desire to appear superior to everyone makes manipulating him very simple to an extent. She will have to make use of that at a later date. She ignores being called an abomination with the ease of long practice, but logs it anyway. "You appear to have ignored the point that just the forces against you today nearly destroyed your squad. Then again, you appear to ignore a lot of my more accurate points so I cannot say I am surprised. Nor am I surprised that you ignore Sirius' directive to be especially kind to Nomads. You do not actually enjoy listening to your goddess, do you?" She says, smirk still on her face. It disappears at the same time part of the sword disappears into her shoulder and she has to swallow a grunt of pain. Easily done since this does not even rank in the top 50 of the most painful things she has experienced recently. She has just enough focus to see that the army is closing in, but then she is thoroughly distracted by the psycho using its wings to encircle her.

Even her distraction is not enough to miss hearing Lily's cry and avoid putting the information together. Lily has... been through this before? How? WHO!? Does it have something to do with the men chasing her? Were they the ones who did it? She wishes she had not allowed the ones from earlier to escape so she could gather more information. Or castrate them if her suspicions turned out to be correct. Or as long as she could draw the process out, truthfully. "Stay strong, Lily." She wishes she could promise that it would be over soon, that mother would be by her side through it all, but honestly she has no control over either of those. All she can do is continue to draw the madman's wrath and hope it does not direct itself to anyone else.

Speaking of wrath, she is fairly sure simple wings should not burn to touch like the ones on her wrist do. Is he influencing this with its temper or is this unfortunately just a part of it? She finds she really does not care much for the answer as she is dragged into the air. She knows what is coming the instant he begins rearranging her clothes, but that still only barely prepares her for scorching hot wing shoved into her vagina. It still hurts less than having multiple Ice Stalkers within her, but it really is not a very pleasant experience. She cannot prevent the grunt, but she can avoid screaming her pain. Lily has enough to worry about without seeing her mother writhing in agony. "I was not aware rape was a divine tool of Sirius. Why, if that was more widely known, I am sure all kinds of scum of Chaldea would flock to your goddess. Is this the future you envisioned? A bunch of rapist Nephilim? Tenebris and Zalaam would be pleased, I think." she grits out, trying not to let her pain show as she continues pointing out the many holes in his ideals.

In her severely wounded state, Selvaria is only dimly aware of the battles conclusion. Through blurred vision, she can see the forms of those who still fight, but it's frustratingly difficult to make out what exactly is going on. Her consciousness fades for a moment and the next thing she feels is her limp body being dragged across the ground, the pain in her wounds flaring up from this and waking her up somewhat, though she was still too weak to struggle or even know who was dragging her. It would be ideal if it was an ally dragging her to safety but... She dare not get her hopes up. Eventually, she feels herself come to a stop and rest on the ground once again. Voices and another round of commotion dimly echo in her mind, but Selvaria finds it difficult to focus enough to tell what's going on, likely due to the blood loss. It's frustrating, but all she can do is lie there and wait to learn her fate.

Her consciousness fades once again and when she becomes aware of her surroundings, Selvaria finds herself being moved again. She groans, only dimly aware of her clothes being removed, her leaden limbs putting up no resistance to prevent herself from being exposed. Through the haze of her mind, she feels a sensation that's strangely familiar. This slimy appendage poking at her cheek reminded her of.... "F-Felix...?" She whispers, opening her mouth to pleasure her beloved blob again. As she did so, it only took a moment for her to realize something wasn't right here. Even if Felix had emerged victorious, would he really be doing this right now? If it wasn't her Necroblob however.... The enemy! "W-wait... N-no...!" Selvaria muttered softly, her eyes opening and the rush of adrenaline she feels gives her the strength to struggle feebly, turning her head away from the unwanted appendage seeking entrance to her mouth.

When Ophelia calls the Angel out on ignoring how much of his force was lost, and ignoring Sirius’ directive, he laughs snobbishly again “Foolish mortal, you know nothing of that which you speak of. You’ll witness the full power of my army on the morrow, when we begin conquering Chaldea, to advance my grand design that will bring our Goddess Sirius back from her isolation. She’ll come back to a world that lives in peace and harmony.” the Angel then begins ramming his wing in and out of Ophelia’s pussy at incredible speed, as if he’s trying to reach a goal rather than bring either of them pleasure. “The evil will be purged from you the moment you become a Nephilim, Ascended Undead, your design is flawed and fills you with destructive and dark intent.” he says. As he was speaking, the female slime assassin wraps her lower body, in the form of a stream of slime, around Ophelia’s hips and uses her hands to grope the Nomad’s breasts roughly, while moving her masked face up beside Ophelia’s “Don’t worry, the process won’t take long, you’ll become something better soon.” she says in a seductive voice.

When Ophelia calls the Angel out, again, this time on raping people, the Angel again lets out a snobbing laugh “FOOL, the other option for sustaining my army is murder, which I abhor, and this is the only way to make the lesser races into a Nephilim. My ends, a world devoid of evil, justifies my means. You’ll understand once you’ve become something greater.” he says, as the force of his wing’s thrusts become heavier, each thrust jarring Ophelia’s entire body.

When Selvaria opens her mouth to accept the blob’s cock into her mouth, it jiggles and lets out a pleasured ‘murr’ sound, then grabs onto her head. Selvaria manages to turn away from the blob, causing it to let out a disappointed squeak, while the second blob moves the crotch of her panties aside, then starts rubbing her slit gently, while the blob whose lab she was on began groping Selvaria’s breasts gently through her bra. The first blob, who she had turned away from, tried to gently turn Selvaria’s head back towards him so that he could get his cock back into her mouth.

The Blue Blob that had been rubbing its cock against Annie’s slit seemed to achieve the desired result, and slowly pushed itself into Annie’s pussy, then starts thrusting in and out of her slowly, which seems to wake her up. At first, she looks confused, but then she starts weakly struggling, only for the green blob to pin her hands together with one hand, while holding her face with the other as it shoved its cock into her mouth. She tried screaming, but her voice was muffled by the cock in her mouth, and the poison had made her too weak to get the two blobs off of her.

The Blue Blob that had been rubbing against Alice’s slit also seems to get her wet enough, while in her unconscious state, and pushes its cock into her pussy, breaking her hymen and causing blood to start seeping out of her pussy and down its shaft, while the red blob rocks her head back and forth, helping her to pleasure its cock with her mouth. After having taken Alice’s virginity, the Blue Blob waits a moment, before starting to slowly thrust in and out of her while extending its arms to grope her breasts, letting out pleasured murring sounds with every thrust.

Aurora wakes from her unconscious state and begins trying to kick the Red Blob off of her as he was rubbing her pussy through her undershorts, despite the crotch darkening from the attention she was getting. “G-get off of me! Sirius would not approve of this, you psychopath!” she shouted, but the wounds and poison had made her too weak to fight off the blobs, and the Red Blob rips a hole in the crotch of Aurora’s undershorts, exposing her pussy, then shoves its cock into her, causing her to cry out. The other blob lifted her sports bra up, exposing her breasts, then begins groping them.

The Blue Blob holds Lily’s head still as she struggles and cries, tears running down her face as he thrusts in and out of her mouth. The green blob moves the crotch of her panties aside and pushes its cock into her, which only causes her to fight against their grips on her arms and legs harder, all to no avail. She screams around the blue blob’s cock as the green begins thrusting in and out of her, as she squirmed and writhed beneath them. The second Blue Blob lifts her bra up, exposing her small breasts, then begins rubbing and kneading them with its hands, while the Red Blob slips its cock between her small breasts and begins thrusting, while the Blue Blob presses them together around its cock.

The familiar sounding 'murr' and the disappointed squeak would have been heartbreaking, had Selvaria not already realized that the source was not her darling Felix. Instead, she only felt angry that these inferior creatures would dare impersonate her pet. "Do not make that sound." She growls, still struggling weakly, though that did little to prevent her clothes from being removed. Selvaria couldn't help but shudder and let out a gasp as she felt a slimy touch on her now exposed slit, accompanied by her breasts being gently rubbed, the touch still muffled by her bra. It was true that she had just experienced something similar earlier today with Blanche, but she was still quite unused to being touched in such a way. Not only that, but it was unnerving just how gentle they were being with her. Selvaria was under no illusion of the fate of those who were defeated in this world, she had witnessed it countless times in her times as a bandit, but it had always seemed so... harsh and painful. While the treatment she was receiving is very much unwanted, it's not nearly as unpleasant as what she had been expecting. As these thoughts run through her mind, Selvaria notices her struggles become even more feeble. In part, she imagined that the adrenaline rush from struggling only served to circulate the poison even faster throughout her body, but she was also becoming more aware of the cries of her allies around her. Even though her faded vision made it difficult to make out what was happening around her, the sounds she heard made it clear that they were in a similar situation as herself. Even if she managed to fight off these molesters, she had no hope of escaping this without any aid. With that thought, Selvaria's struggles began to cease entirely. Though she had managed to keep her head turned away from the first blob, he slowly forced her to turn back his way as her resistance faded. "D-don't.... You are not the one I..." She groans, still refusing to willingly take his cock in her mouth. She had only ever done that for Felix, and she had no intention of changing that now.

Ophelia grits her teeth and tries her damndest not to let her discomfort with the madman's methods show. Besides, outside of the horrible, terrible feeling of being vigorously violated by a man who is so obviously out of touch with reality she is surprised the world itself has not smote him, she is rather enjoying tearing massive holes into his arguments and seeing him perform mental gymnastics to explain it. It is amusing showing him just how moronic his thought process is even if she knows she will not be able to change it. Idiots of this level will ignore any evidence that threatens their worldview with a prejudice usually reserved for Nomads. Still, it passes the time and keeps her mind off of what is happening with her lower body. And she wants to ignore that as thoroughly as possible for as long as possible. She is further distracted when the female slime dares to touch her after all the abomination has done. She releases a growl from the depths of her being that holds all her malice for the thing touching her breasts. "I will see to it you are destroyed so completely and utterly, people will whisper tales of fear of the event so that they may know to avoid my wrath." She spits at the slime, hatred coloring her every word. And just like that she is no longer having fun showing the obvious weak points in the idiot's thoughts since it means she has to be in close proximity to the slime. While she may dislike the false Angel for arranging the situation, she DESPISES the slime for causing her to fail to protect those important to her.

"You may change anyone's race anyway you like, but you cannot change their thought process. After all, if you were stripped of your rank as you so righteously deserve, would you think any differently? I doubt it." She says, the amusement in her tone replaced by anger. "And both rape and murder are going to get you in trouble with Sirius. Either way you are going directly against her will." She then ceases speaking as the thrusts start hitting her so heavily, so deeply that it begins to hurt. Her resolve to not show her discomfort strengthens. She will not give him the satisfaction. Now if only there was some way of prying the slime off of her...

The blob creatures don’t seem to notice, or maybe don’t mind, when Selvaria tells them not to make the murring sound. The blob continues rubbing her slit for several moments, gently, until she finally gets wet, then whips its cock out and slowly, gently, pushes it into Selvaria’s pussy, then once she’s used to the size, it begins thrusting in and out of her slowly and gently, letting out more soft murring sounds as it enjoys the feel of her. The blob that had been rubbing her breasts soon slips its hands into her bra and begins rubbing her nipples with its slimy thumbs, while massaging and kneading her breasts gently with its hands. The blob that she was refusing to take into her mouth frowns and continues squeaking in disappointment, and whining, repeatedly poking her lips and cheek with its cock, wiping its slimy substance all over her face each time, instantly.

When Ophelia tells the Lady Slime that she’ll destroy her, she nods [color=#BF00FF ]“Well, after what has happened, and will happen, to you, I suppose it’d be understandable to want to do that to all of us.”[/color] she mumbles, as she gropes Ophelia’s breasts hard, a tentacle forming from below her stomach and extending so far that it reaches Ophelia’s mouth. First, it slowly caresses her cheek, leaving the slimy substance sticking to her skin.

When Ophelia questions the Angel further, he suddenly rams his wing into her pussy with a single hard thrust that feels as though it nearly breaks her hips “Being stripped of my rank, which would never happen, would not change me, however being reduced to a lesser race, such as any Chaldean, especially an Ascended Undead like you, would change me, as I would no longer be genetically superior to all others, I would no longer be a being of light.” when Ophelia mentions murder, the Angel lets out another snobbish chuckle “Fools, we have not murdered anyone, but should anyone attempt to stop us from making this better world a reality, they would be attempting to perpetuate evil, and therefor would be worthy of death. We, however, only wound, we do not intend to kill anyone. Yet.” he said. After the Angel finishes speaking, the Lady Slime forces her tentacle into Ophelia’s mouth, first as liquid to slip through her lips, before reverting it to a semi-liquid form, like jello, and beginning to thrust it in and out of her throat, leaving a lime-like taste in her mouth with every thrust.

The Blue Blob continued thrusting into Annie slowly and gently, while the Red Blob pushes her head up and down, gently, while thrusting in time with the forced movements, each Blob making soft murring sounds and jiggling in enjoyment. Tears began running down Annie’s cheeks, despite the gentle treatment, as the blobs raped her.

The Blue Blobs continue thrusting in and out of Alice’s mouth and pussy, the one that’s guiding her head up and down on its cock slowly using its other hand to pet her head, as if encouraging her to continue despite her unconsciousness. The second blob continues thrusting in and out of her pussy while groping and rubbing her breasts gently.

The red blob continues groping Aurora’s breasts, and as she attempts to yell something else at the Angel, the blob cuts her off by kissing her on the lips, which causes her cries to become muffled, while the second blob continues thrusting in and out of her pussy, while she attempts to squirm away, to no avail, tears running down her cheeks as she’s raped.

The blue blob releases a large amount of black liquid into Lily’s mouth, so much that it begins pouring out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her chest. Lily lets out a muffled scream, then snaps her mouth shut, and spits a squirming shape out of her mouth and onto the ground, causing the blue blob to screech in pain, just like Felix had before. She then cries out loudly “MOMMYYY, HEEELLLP MEEE!” followed by loud sobbing and crying, which was then cut off when the blue blob grows a new cock and thrusts it into her open mouth again. Meanwhile, the green blob continued thrusting in and out of her pussy, seemingly taking no notice of Lily biting off the blue blob’s dick, even if temporary, while the second blue blob continues groping and massaging her breasts, as it presses them together for the red blob to continue rubbing its cock between them, all of the blobs continuing to murr in pleasure and contentment.

Ophelia is more than somewhat stunned that the slime actually cares enough to see where she is coming from in her rage. She had begun building an image in her mind where the slightly clumsy, kind image the thing had projected was a cruel mask to make luring suckers in easier so she could take advantage of them. She is having trouble deciding if this blunts her anger or makes it worse. She lands on making it worse since she would think someone who understands the results and how it will affect others would make an effort not to do such things. Yes, her life was in danger so she had to do it today, but Ophelia does not doubt that she had plenty of opportunity to escape before this time if this truly bothered her. That she did not means she likes this on some level, which makes her pleasant personality worse to Ophelia.

She does not get to share her revelation with her new hated enemy as the madman takes this opportunity to try invading her uterus via penetration of her cervix. The attempt does not succeed, thankfully, but it is more than enough to take her breath away in a huff of pain. "I have organs in there I would rather not have damaged." She wants to say sarcastically, but with no breath she can only think it. She is guessing she does not appreciate all the holes she is revealing in his "perfect" thought process and is taking the opportunity to let her know. And he once again misses the entire point she was trying to make that Sirius does not grade bad things on a scale. She would not be happy with "Yes, I raped the whole of Chaldea, but I did not murder them, so it is OK!" At least, Ophelia hopes she would not be happy with that. Otherwise, well, it would turn out the idiot with his wing inside of her is actually serving the perfect Goddess for him. Speaking of, she would really rather he finish this up already. While his slender wing is not nearly as painful girth wise as the Ice Stalkers she was forced to entertain, the fact that his wing feels like it is on fire is not at all pleasant. Even her body lubricating itself to reduce the pain of insertion only helps so much with his new, brutal pace.

She does spare a rather venomous thought as the slime forces her tentacle into Ophelia's mouth. Because of course. If you cannot win the argument, just silence the competition so it gives the illusion of winning. She is not sure why she expected any differently. It only fuels her loathing she feels for the female slime for following the nonverbal order while simultaneously cutting off her oxygen supply for seconds at a time. While she appreciates the taste of lime rather than cock, or whatever the hell that first assassin was made of, in her mouth, she would rather just not deal with it at all. And seeing as the woman can just turn the tentacle to liquid, biting it to tear it apart would just be a waste of her time and increasingly shallow pool of energy. She is running on rage at the current moment, but that can only take her so far. She is trying her absolute best not to notice anything else going on around her for fear that her rage would morph into despair. So she does not wish to know what is going on with Lily, nor Alice, nor Annie. She is not often willing to lie to herself, but in this instance, she pretends they are not subject to something like she is going through. She is going to pretend that either they are not being violated at all or that the violators pretend to care and so they are not trying to break through to the girls' internal organs. Given this and the only other time she was violated, she knows this is not the case, but she continues the lie anyway.

The lie is very violently broken when she fails to block out the sound of her child calling for help before being silenced once more, but there is little more she can do but try not to shed tears and try to make this up to her girl as soon as possible.

Selvaria does her best to ignore the touches of the blobs as her breasts are groped directly and coated in slime. Despite the pleas of the one seeking to use her mouth, she doesn't give in, allowing his cock to rub slime all over her face as well. It was annoying, and a little gross, but she was determined to not give in. She was starting to wonder if they were just planning on groping her until she felt the still unfamiliar sensation of being penetrated. These blobs were not nearly as well endowed as Blanche, but she was still unused to sex and even this cock felt tight in her pussy; Selvaria let out a gasp as she was filled, followed by an elongated groan as the blob started thrusting, slowly and gently, but still very much unwanted. It was strange, she had often witnessed the women who fell prey to her former group of bandits break down in tears and she had always assumed that it was a very traumatic experience. And yet as these blobs were undoubtedly raping her, it felt surprisingly... empty. Perhaps it was because she was finally getting what she deserved. She had brought so many others to a similar, or worse, fate and had often wondered what could be done to atone for her sins. Selvaria had escaped justice all those years ago, but the guilt of her crimes had always weighed heavy on her heart. Yes, maybe this was fate in a way, and these creatures were unknowingly delivering the punishment she had evaded for so long.

It is only once Lily's heart rending cries reach her ears that Selvaria's heart is filled with sorrow. If this was her punishment, then why did that innocent young girl have to suffer? Had she doomed her and all the others by fighting by their side? At last, Selvaria joins the others in their tears, slowly streaming down her cheeks as she gasps and pants with each thrust. The other blob's insistent poking at her mouth was starting to irritate her even more. They may be gentle, but these blobs were monsters all the same from the way they must be treating Lily. "I tol- MMMPH!" Selvaria had turned to angrily tell the blob to leave her alone, but opening her mouth had left her vulnerable to a well-timed thrust that filled her mouth. A rage filled shout is muffled by cock, she had tried so hard to deny this creature, and her anger had gotten the better of her.

The Lady Assassin continues roughly thrusting the tendril in and out of Ophelia’s throat repeatedly, while groping her breasts, as the Angel continues to violating her with his wing, the thrusts maintaining the nearly bone-breaking force of the previous thrust. After what feels like an eternity, the Angel shouts “IT’S TIME!”, at which point Ophelia can feel heat spreading throughout her body, as if she was set on fire, both inside and out. As the unbearable heat spreads through her body, the Lady Assassin suddenly breaks away from her, leaving the parts of her body that she had touched covered in slime. The Angel’s wings suddenly leave Ophelia, dropping her to the floor and leaving her in the burning pain for several moments, before she finally feels it fading. When she looks down at her body, particles of light are spilling from her wounds, rather than her own blood, and her skin has become tan-tinted, as if she had spent her entire life in the desert, though she can only see her tan skin briefly, as a jet black nylon-like substance is spreading across her body. Should Ophelia attempt to rip it away, it reforms near-instantly, and continues to cover her until her tan skin is fully covered. Her hair suddenly turns a light gray-ish white and grows down past her shoulders, her eyes turn sky blue, then, painfully, metal-like dome-shaped structures began erupting from her back, five on each side of her back, in two rows, after which tendrils of blue light are emitted from the structures, giving Ophelia her own wings of light, just like the angel.

The Angel chuckled as he looked down at Ophelia, then spoke “Be grateful, for you’ve become something greater than what you once were. You are still part Ascended Undead, of course, however your now-superior genetics should eventually overshadow that part of you.” he said. Once he had finished speaking, he snapped his fingers, then a group of blob soldiers began making their way to Ophelia, while the Angel turned away from her and began making his way towards Selvaria, nearby, commenting over his shoulder “You may be something greater now, but that does not excuse you from your duty.”
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Conversion, Part 2
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Two blue blobs grab Ophelia by her wrists and pin her to the ground, their touch gentle but firm. As she was being held down, a green blob pushed Ophelia’s legs open and undid its coveralls, slipping its cock out, after which it wastes no time in ripping a hole in the black substance covering her body, specifically that covering her crotch, and penetrating Ophelia, slowly and gently. After holding its position for a moment, the blob begins slowly thrusting in and out of her, letting out soft murring sounds to indicate that it was enjoying itself.

Meanwhile, when Selvaria finally opens her mouth and the blob takes the opportunity to thrust its cock into it, it jiggles happily and grabs onto her cheeks, before starting to thrust gently and slowly, its cock tasting like blueberry. Meanwhile, the other blob continues groping her breasts, while the third continues thrusting in and out of her pussy repeatedly, murring contentedly with every thrust. The creatures fuck her for what seems like an eternity before finally jiggling again and gripping her hips and cheeks tightly, and releasing a huge load of black liquid into her mouth and pussy, so much that it overflows from her mouth and pussy, onto her breasts and thighs. The blobs start to resume thrusting, however the Angel begins approaching them, which causes the blobs to leave her there on the floor. “I’ve decided that it’s your turn next. The others can wait a bit longer, as they’ve actually made attempts to live their lives in a way that’s acceptable to our Goddess, Sirius. You, however, have not.” he says, after which his wings of light extend, wrapping around Selvaria’s arms and legs, restraining her, the contact burning her skin as if she was touching metal that had been left in the sun all day. Another wing then darts forward and rams into Selvaria’s blob-cum-filled pussy, penetrating her as deep as she could take it, before suddenly and rapidly thrusting in and out of her, the wing burning inside her just as the others did on contact with her skin.

The Blue Blob jiggles in pleasure and releases a happy squeaking noise as it cums inside Annie’s pussy, while the Red Blob tightens its grip on her and cums hard inside her pussy, the black liquid overflowing out of both holes, causing her to cough loudly as it invades her throat. The two blobs pull out of her, leaving her hacking and coughing onto the floor. While the Angel is penetrating Selvaria with his wing, he turns his head to the Blobs and tells them “Take her away. I’ll get to her later when we arrive at the castle.” he says. The two blobs then grab Annie by the shoulders, and begin to pull her away, as she struggles against their grip “L-let me go, you stupid Blobs!” she shouted between coughs “OPHELIA, DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME, YOU HAVE TO SAVE YOURSELF!” she shouts as she’s dragged through a door on the other side of the room, the blobs slamming it behind them.

The two blobs that are thrusting into Alice’s mouth and pussy, while Annie is being dragged away, finally jiggle in pleasure as they release massive amounts of black liquid into Alice’s mouth and pussy, each overflowing out onto the floor. The two then pull out of her, letting her fall onto her side, on the floor. Despite the Angel not giving them an order, they grab her by the legs and slowly drag her out of the room, after Annie, Alice remaining unconscious the entire time.

While the Red Blob gropes Aurora’s breasts and makes out with her against her will, despite her struggles, the second Blob continues thrusting in and out of her, until it jiggles in pleasure as well, and suddenly starts releasing black liquid into Aurora’s pussy, overflowing her and soaking her undershorts. The red blob then breaks its kiss with her and the second blob pulls out of her pussy, taking the red blob’s place by shoving its cock into Aurora’s mouth, while the red blob forces her legs open and thrusts into her pussy, after which it begins moving in and out of her slowly, just as the blob before it had.

The blobs continue thrusting in and out of Lily’s mouth, between her breasts, and into her pussy, while she cries and struggles in their grips, until all of them begin squirming and jiggling, suddenly pumping black liquid into her mouth and pussy, and all over her face and breasts. The blobs then all shift positions, the one that had been groping her moving between her legs and thrusting into her, while the one that had been in her mouth begins groping her breasts, and the one that had been fucking her pussy before starts thrusting its cock between her breasts, and the one that had been thrusting between her breasts shoves its cock into her mouth, just as she had been screaming in protest.

How long must she endure this? Listening to these creatures murr while they used her body angered Selvaria. Listening to the pained cries of her comrades filled her heart with sorrow. Remembering that it was her fault they were in this situation made her wish she had never even been born. It felt like this cycle of anger, sadness, and self loathing would never end, and all she could do was sob and seethe silently, her cries muffled by the cock in her mouth as the blobs fuck her to their hearts content. Pathetic. Eventually, it seems like it will finally come to an end as the blobs begin to jiggle and shudder inside her before she's filled with an absurd amount of their black cum. When the blobs pull out and let her fall to the floor, Selvaria can't help but feel grateful that it is over.

She lay there in a daze for a moment, black cum staining her body and overflowing out of her pussy as she weakly coughed some of it up onto the floor as well. And then the voice of the angel cuts through the haze of her exhausted mind. Hearing that it was her turn next filled her with dread. Was he going to turn her into a Nephilim now? What did such a change mean? Would she still be herself when he was done? Her mind raced with the possibilities before his other statement registered, implying that he knew about her past. She had already felt as though this was all a punishment for her crimes, but to hear the angel say as much was quite the shock. "Wh-what could you possibly know about me?" She stammers weakly. It was impossible, only her former comrades knew who she really was, and who knew if they were even still out there after Cielo's destruction? Before she can think about it any more, those hot tendrils that were his wings attached to her limbs, holding her in place. Selvaria grit her teeth and hissed in pain, but even that couldn't brace her for the feeling of the next one entering her cum filled pussy. She gasped at the sharp pain, but was given no time to get used to the strange and painful sensation before he began thrusting it as deeply and quickly as he could, causing her gasp to turn into a high pitched scream. The contrast between this and the blobs gentle treatment from before had caught her completely off guard, and if she were capable of rational thought, she might have wished she could have stayed with them a bit longer. Selvaria thrashed fruitlessly, her limbs flailing against the wings that held her as she tried to get as far away from the tendril that so painfully fucked her.

Ophelia almost feels like releasing a sigh of relief when the Angel says it is finally time for this to end. That sigh of relief quickly turns into a muffled scream of pain as it feels like she has been set alight from the vagina through to the rest of her body. She does not realize when the abomination lets her go, but all she knows is she is free to vent her pain via her vocal chords. She tried so hard not to do so, but the sheer agony coursing through her is too much to bear. She curls in on herself to help bear the pain, but it only does so much until it finally fades on its own. Just when she finally begins to relax, her eyes fly wide open as she sees her pale skin tan. Her panic only deepens when even that tanned skin is covered by some dark substance. Fearfully, she tries to tear it off, but it only comes back as if she never touched it at all in an instant. The thought of Lily crosses her mind so she manages to resist screaming in terror, but she does find herself hyperventilating as she watches the stuff consume her entire body. She only notices her hair in this mess when it grows long enough to block her eyes briefly. That is when she notices that it has also changed colors. Her contemplation is once again interrupted when another scream of pain tears itself from her throat as something erupts from her back. When she can see through the tears in her eyes, she notices that she now has wings just like the monster in front of her. She has never practiced self-mutilation before, but the urge to attempt ripping the wings out of her is strong enough to test that resolve.

When he once more begins with his incessant prattle, she begins to think she just might hate him as much as she hates the female slime. Just because he WILL NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP. Still, and she is not sure if this is Alice or Annie's fault, she still has enough in her for one more bit of snark. "Still feel like tearing out your entrails and feeding you to a sea monster. Becoming 'greater' has not changed anything." she says, voice barely above a whisper due to the damage she has done to her throat. She does make sure to say "greater" as mockingly as possible. Somehow she is not surprised when he then surrounds her with blobs, obviously intending to do the same thing everyone else has suffered. She has a moment where she hopes the black thing across her skin will prevent the slime from gaining entry, but just as everything else she has done today, she finds herself sorely disappointed. Apparently "Sirius's Chosen Race" is just as susceptible to rape as everyone else. Go figure. She wonders if it is possible to memorize which blob is which. Because with the murr of pleasure the blob taking advantage of her releases, she finds she really wants to find it and take revenge. She has wings now, she can apparently violate someone (or something) without the help of Masino's gift now. At the very least, it is gentler than everything else that has welcomed themselves in her vagina without permission. Still does not reduce the urge to make the thing a vagina and anus and shove her wings up both orifices.

Her lethargy morphs once more into sheer, unadulterated rage when she hears the madman command to take Annie and Alice away. "YOU BASTARDS! IF THEY ARE NOT AS THEY ARE NOW WHEN THEY FIND THEM I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR! SIRIUS WILL WEEP WHEN SHE SEES WHAT I HAVE DONE WITH YOU!" She shouts, taken to heights of fury she never imagined possible. She is at the point where she contemplates destroying Sirius just to spite the fiend in front of her. She would not say that out loud right now, however. As furious as she is, threatening his Goddess seems like a great way to end up dead. She cannot help Alice or Annie if she has expired. So she bites her tongue (literally) and refrains from saying what is on her mind.

The Angel only chuckles when he hears Ophelia shouting at him, not even pausing his penetration of her pussy with his wings, in fact his thrusts only become heavier, feeling as though they could break her bones, just as with Ophelia. “As I said, the darkness inside you will pass as you settle into the greater being you have become.” he says, after which he turns his head back to Selvaria “The servants of Goddesses have a limited sort Omniscience, so reading what you’ve done was simple. Your evil acts will not be washed away by becoming a greater being, however the desire to do such things should pass.” he says, his thrusts becoming yet heavier.

The Blob thrusting into Ophelia picks up his pace slightly, however the thrusts are still so gentle, that it’s as if they believe her to be made of glass, seemingly unbothered by Ophelia’s shouting. After roughly twenty minutes of thrusting, the Blob finally releases his thick black goo into Ophelia’s pussy, overflowing out of her and onto the floor.

Meanwhile, the Blobs that had been raping Lily finished again, bathing her insides and her skin in yet more of the black substance, before dropping her onto the floor, where she curls up into a ball and cries deeply into the puddle. The blobs, however, move to grab her, to drag her away, only for her to begin crawling away from them. The blobs, seemingly against the idea of running, begin to follow her, trying to grab hold of her arms to drag her away.

The Blobs further away, raping Aurora, seem to finish at the same time, before pulling out of her, her skin almost completely covered by the black fluid seeping out of her mouth and pussy. The Blobs, now finished, grab her by the legs and start very slowly dragging her away, as she claws weakly at the floor to try to escape their grasps, coughing up even more black liquid as she tries to yell at them.

After what feels like an eternity to Selvaria, the Angel finally shouts “IT’S TIME” and immense heat begins spreading through Selvaria’s body, feeling as though her insides and her skin had been lit on fire. The heat continues to build, even as the Angel nonchalantly drops her on the ground. Selvaria’s skin darkens to tan, as if she had been living in the desert her entire life, then a black substance, like jet black nylon, begins covering her skin, while her hair becomes white. The unbearable burning pain stops for a moment, then suddenly metal-like objects begin erupting from her back, creating two rows of five, before emitting her own light blue wings of light, in addition to her normal wings. Her eyes then begin light blue, and the pain finally ends. The Angel then floats over to Selvaria and grabs her by her shoulder, lifting her off the ground, before handing her off to a group of three blobs, who carry her side by side, bride style, through the door that Annie and Alice had been taken through, where even more Blob Soldiers, practically a second army, were waiting. The group of blobs then stand aside for them to pass through, and out a second door, with a group of roughly fifty more blobs following them.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Once Selvaria had been carried out, the Angel turned back to Lily and Aurora “Things will be easier if you stop struggling, you’re only making it harder on yourself.” he says, before turning to the Female Slime Assassin, and nodding towards the door, which she quickly exits through after nodding. At the moment, a loud slam is heard, causing all of the blobs in the room to jump and look around in confusion, the ones who were holding down Ophelia jumping away, the one who had been cumming inside her accidentally pulling out. The Angel looks towards the door, where the slamming sound had been coming from and shouts “You’re not going to be able to break through that do-” only to be interrupted by the door being reduced to tiny splinters, scattering across the room. Luthica, Verger, and a were-dragon that Ophelia didn’t recognize then step into the room, quickly scanning the area. Unlike when Ophelia had met them before, Luthica was now wearing a purple skirt with leggings, purple boots, and a white and black top with long sleeves and purple ribbons, while Verger was wearing a black top with a white stripe down the middle, a white collar, and black leggings, black sleeves that were detached from her top, and black stockings. Verger was also now armed with a large metal guitar, with purple stars painted across it, and a giant curved blade the size of her entire body on the edge of the guitar’s body. The Were-Dragon was a black-haired girl with tan skin and blue eyes, with large black-scaled wings and curved black horns, wearing a black metallic dress. As they stepped into the room, Luthica commented “So, that’s what you do with the victims you purchase from Azraq.” her bright blue eyes shifting to the Angel, whom she begins glaring at. “You were fools to come here, Bard, Mercenary, and… you.” he said, hesitating when he turns his gaze to Luthica. He pauses again, staring at Luthica, then speaks up again “I don’t know what you are, or what you’ve done to hide yourself, but it won’t help you.” he says, his wings igniting so brightly that the room becomes white for an instant. Luthica then levitates off the floor “Your omniscience is limited, so I took advantage. You never know when you’ll end up facing off with… well, one of you.” she says, tilting her head. “That would also be why I brought her.” she says, nodding her head towards the Were-Dragon, who spreads her wings and takes flight “I hope you’re ready for a beating. All of the people you’ve kidnapped… I’m going to give you one good whack for each one.” the Were-Dragon says. Luthica’s rune on her back then begins glowing through her clothes as a portal opens in front of her, a swirling mass of purple energy. Out of the portal spills five round black objects with a plume of purple feathers on the top, and a single giant purple eye on the front, who all begin rotating around Luthica’s head like a halo.

While Luthica and the Were-Dragon were posturing against the Angel, Verger dashes over to Aurora and swings her weapon, cleaving all of the Blobs that were chasing her in half, then she throws her weapon across the room, causing it to whirl around like a rotor, cleaving apart the blobs that were chasing Lily and embedding itself into the wall. Lily unsteadily gets to her knees and grabs the blade out of the wall, before sliding it across the ground, towards Verger, who grabs it up and makes her way to Ophelia, kicking one Blob in the head, causing it to explode, before slashing the other blob’s heads off with her Guitar-Blade. She then grabs Ophelia by the arm and attempts to pull her to her feet “We need to hurry, Luthica and Lyandris aren’t actually expecting to win, they’re just distracting him.” she says, quickly and urgently, as Aurora was unsteadily picking herself off the floor, and Lily was crawling towards Ophelia.

Meanwhile, the Angel summons his sword from a pillar of light that forms by his side, between the floor and ceiling. “Fine, it has been some time since I’ve had a chance to silence warriors of darkness, I’ll take the bait.” he says. As he was striking his battle stance, Lyandris spreads her arms out, claws of dark energy growing from her fingers, and she attempts to take a swing at the Angel, who casually blocks the attack, not even moving from his spot. As this was happening, Luthica levitates to her right, circling around behind the Angel, then waves her arms, two purple spell circles of energy forming over her palms, while a book with intricate purple designs on the covers appears from another portal, levitating beside her. The orbs circling her head then begin firing plumes of flame at the Angel’s back, while Luthica summons from the spell circles two blades of purple flame-like energy, which she fires forward at the Angel’s back.

The Angel completely ignores the plumes of flame, which don’t seem to damage him even slightly, however when the purple blades are fired towards him, he pushes his sword downward, forcing Lyandris to fly backwards, then sweeps his sword behind him, knocking both blades aside.

Ophelia laughs a bitter laugh when the imitation angel keeps waffling between the darkness "will pass" and "should pass". One would think that, as a critical component of his "plan" (and it pains her to even sarcastically think the word in conjunction with what he is currently doing), he would want to be sure the transformation has the effect he apparently only has conjecture for. Otherwise he merely has a lot of angry Nephilim willing to beat him over the head with something sharp and lethal and nothing has changed besides everyone sharing a race. And she doubts THAT would change anything either. People would just find different reasons they were superior to others. The rest of her time, since the Angel finally shuts the hell up so she does not have anything safe to poke at, is spent ignoring the thing currently enjoying her vagina. If it was not completely against her will, she might enjoy the gentle touch the blob has having with her. As she is more worried about what is going on with Alice and Annie now that they are out of her sight, she does not and instead comes up with more and more depraved ways of making everyone who caused this to suffer. Her personal favorite at current time is cutting him open and using the madman's intestines as a condom as she allows the monster with the largest penis to fuck him so hard in the ass, it comes through his mouth. Sure, it would likely kill him before the suffering could really begin, but most of the fun in this scenario is coming up with ways to keep him alive and coherent so that he may truly know her wrath. She is wondering the likelihood of Aurora using her healing power to do so when the thing finally finishes. Inside her. Honestly, it is not like she can be impregnated by such beasts (as far as she knows and she hopes that remains true), so what is with the obsession with finishing inside? At the very least, an outside finish can be washed off easily in the bath. Yes, she is very much aware she is using annoyance to stave off the horrible feeling of violation, deep worry for her lovers and their location, and concern for her child and her mental state after all of this, but it is all she has right now.

Her concern for Lily deepens when she sees the blobs attempting to drag her away as well. Her struggles to get out of the blobs' grip renews as her fear of having everything she loves stripped from her and becoming alone reaching a fever pitch. 2 out of the 3 people she holds central to her new life are already gone. She will not suffer the last to go as well. Just as she is contemplating the consequences of entering Chaos Form a second time, the door shakes. Then it bursts into splinters. She has never been more glad to see what amounts to strangers, but Luthica and Verger, along with a woman she does not know, are the most beautiful sight she has seen in the past... hour or so? The most curious thing she understands from what happens next is that it is possible to block the Omniscience of the madman somehow. She will need to discover that method ASAP so the bastard will not see her coming next time. The very instant she finds herself freed of her captors, she tries to stand up, though given what the fake did to her and the blob did not give her time to recover from, it is a more difficult proposition than she would have liked. Once Verger helps her the rest of the way up, she wastes no time taking Lily into her arms. It is difficult with how little strength she feels, but... "I am sorry I have failed you, Lily." She says, misery in every word. "I will make sure it does not happen again." With Verger's warning in her ears, she quickly makes her way to the broken door. Whatever else is going on, they need to escape the mansion, recover their strength, and then figure out how to find Alice and Annie before anything terrible happens to them.

Lily cries into Ophelia’s chest as she hugs her, then keeps her arms locked around her as they make their way to the broken door. Several squads of Blobs run after them,but the closest ones get too close, and a single sweep of Vergers Guitar-Blade cuts them in half. The ones that weren’t cut down by Verger begin firing on the group with their Steam Rifles, however Aurora limps into the path of the attacks and summons her Shield of Light onto her arm, blocking the shots to cover their escape.

Outside of the estate, the yard was massive, with a hedge maze, and where various statues had once decorated the grass, there were only patches of dead grass. The entire area was blocked off by a tall golden fence with points on the tops, for decoration.

Meanwhile, Luthica’s orbs begin firing what looks like sharp purple crystal shards at the Angel, rapidly, while he swats them away at incredible speed with his hand, managing to dodge or catch every single shot. Lyandris attempts to take him by surprise by swiping her glowing purple claws at his back, however he quickly spins around, so fast that it looks as though he didn’t even turn, and grabs her arm, immediately ramming his Angelic Sword through her stomach, causing her to spit up blood. The wound doesn’t seem to phase Lyandis, though, and she attempts to stab her free hand through the Angel’s chest, only for her purple claws to shatter on contact with his armor, causing Lyandris’ eyes to widen in shock. Luthica cries out when she sees Lyandris impaled on the Angel’s sword and summons another glowing purple spell circle, out of which a gigantic glowing purple hand which looked as though it was made of bronze emerged, reaching for the Angel. As the gigantic hand reached for the Angel, Luthica’s orbs continued to fire the crystal shards, only now that the Angel wasn’t deflecting them, the shards were merely breaking on contact with his armor.

The Angel first kicked Lyandris in the ribs, knocking her to the floor with such force that the tiles break as she bounces off of them, before landing flat on the ground, then he reached out his hand and touched it to the palm of the one emerging from Luthica’s spell circle, which caused it to stop entirely and begin straining against the Angel’s strength. “Your dark magic won’t work against me, Sorcerer, the forces of darkness cower in fear of the light.” the Angel announces, after which a ray of light breaks through the ceiling and burns the hand, causing the skin to melt slightly while a cloud of black smoke rises off the burned area, forcing it to retreat back into the portal, so quickly that the house’s foundation rattled. “That’s fine, you’re out-matched regardless.” Luthica says, however immediately after she finishes that statement, the Angel rushes to her at such incredible speed that the gust of wind from his movement nearly knocks Ophelia, Verger, Aurora, and Lily off their feet, then grabs one of Luthica’s orbs, and slams it into her stomach, forcing the orb inside her, a massive amount of blood gushing from the wound and onto the floor. Lyandris then manages to shakily force herself to her feet, only for the Angel to then throw Luthica at her, knocking them both throw the broken door and down the estate steps, onto the front stoop.

“I d-don’t think our d-distraction lasted long enough...” Luthica coughs out as she lays on the ground with Lyandris, behind the retreating Aurora, Verger, Ophelia and Lily. “U-uh I’m not sure what else we can do...” Aurora says, as she blocks more Rifle Shots from the Blob army. Lyandris struggles to her knees “V-verger… want t-to tag in…?” she asks, almost rhetorically. “Well, I’m more of a singer than a fighter...” Verger says, as the Angel slowly hovers down into the doorway, forcing the Blob Army to stop their gunfire. Luthica’s orbs resume firing on the Angel, however the crystals continue breaking on contact with his armor. “I only need one more minute...” Luthica says. Verger rolls her eyes “I don’t think I could even buy a single second, though.” she says. “I c-can try...” Aurora says, holding her side with one hand, barely staying on her feet as she held up her shield of light. “Okay, now you’re just making me feel bad.” Verger says, nervously, before adding “I guess I was going to die eventually anyway.” she says, as she steps past Aurora, and raises her Guitar-Blade “Okay, Sicarael, give me your best shot.” she says. “Foolish singer, you know that you don’t stand a cha-” he starts to say, but Verger interrupts him by slashing at his head with her weapon, only for the attack to bounce off of his hood as if it were made of metal. The Sicarael then, wordlessly, snatches Verger’s guitar-blade from her, then thrusts the neck of the guitar, which Verger was holding it by, thrusting it through her stomach, causing her to cough up blood and double over onto the ground, bleeding profusely from her stomach. “I suggest that you all surrender peacefully, there’s really nothing you can do even if you got beyond the estate’s fence, I own this city.” he says, his voice less smug and more exasperated now.

As Verger, Luthica, and Lyandris struggled to get to their feet, though failing, Aurora sighed and raised her shield. “I’m not going to let you take them.” she says, her voice straining just from the strength is takes her to stay on her feet. As she draws her Ivory Blade from the scabbard, she’s interrupted by the golden gates which close off the estate’s yard from the streets being broken off the hinges. “Your reign of terror ends here, Sicarael!” a man’s voice shouts from across the yard. When Ophelia turns towards the voice, she can see a man standing with two women, and an army of guards with them, walking towards the estate. They had brown hair, swooshed to the side, which reached down to his chin, pale skin, and was wearing a brown top, matching pants, and had very bits of silver armor on his clothes, including a pair of armored boots. As he approached, he was drawing his sword, which was mostly decorated with bronze, and had the crossguard shaped similar to an axe head. Trailing behind him only slightly, the two women were nearly identical, with platinum blond hair, pale skin, and glowing amber eyes. One was wearing her hair down except for a sidetail, tied back with a black bow, with a revealing black top with gold buttons, and no sleeves, with a black skirt, and armored black boots with gold trim. The second girl had her hair down, and was wearing a tiny hat off with a red bow on it, a red top with gold buttons and no sleeves, and a red skirt. The girl in the red called out to the Angel “Terrorcastra demands your immediate and unconditional surrender.” to which the girl in the black added “And if you refuse, we would declare war, if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re going to be defeated here and now.” The girl in the black then waved a hand forward, and the guards began approaching the Angel. The Guards were wearing brass-colored armor with a yellow cloak, a yellow sash, and a black loin cloth on the front and back of their armor, and each was armed with a bronze-colored sword, which they were drawing in unison.

“My unconditional surrender?” Sicarael said, sounding somewhat amused. “Why would I surrender to opponents who couldn’t beat an egg, let alone me? You fools had best retreat while you have the chance.” he said. The man looked angered by Sicarael’s comment, however he replied “I was hoping you would say that, I needed an excuse to utterly destroy you.” he said, throwing his sword up into the air, then catching it, after which he dashed in front of Ophelia, Lily, Aurora, Lyandris, Luthica, and Verger, standing directly between them. “I won’t let you hurt anymore innocent people, the last thing you experience will be the taste of my blade.” he said, striking a battle pose. Before either one could swing, Sicarael paused, and despite the lack of a face, it was plain that he was utterly shocked. “Fine, you can have these worthless Chaldeans, I have more pressing concerns.” he said, before suddenly disappearing into a pillar of light. By the time the blinding pillar of light was gone, along with the Angel, so were all of the Blobs that had been standing behind him.

“What just happened…?” Aurora asked, dropping to her knees. Behind her, Luthica began laughing, only to suddenly cut off “Ah, it hurts to laugh… before we came here, I had set up a spell to summon an army of scarecrows in full armor in the middle of a field… I don’t know where his base is, but I got lucky and the army was close enough that he was tricked into believing that he was being marched on.” Luthica explained, adding “Naturally, transporting so many bodies, even if they aren’t living, takes a very long time, so we had to distract him here, long enough for the spell to work. Though, we didn’t know that until we got here, we were actually just trying to get him out of the city...” she explains further. The man sighed loudly in front of them “Next time… I guess.” after which he turned to Ophelia and her group, Lily still clinging to her hips, trembling and crying softly, “Are you all alright? If you can walk, the Guards can carry you, but we need to get out of Azraq.” he says. The girl in the black then approaches them “I’m Spade” she says, then points to the girl in the red “She’s Diamond”, then she points to the man “And he’s Lucian. We’re agents from Terrorcastra, and we came here investigating that Angel, Sicarael.” she explains.

The battle going on behind Ophelia is none of her concern. All she needs to know about it is that it is still ongoing and therefore still providing cover for her to escape with Lily. Well, perhaps a little more detail is necessary. For one, she can hear it is very quickly going very poorly for those she would rather it not. And that means the window of time for her to get Lily to safety is rapidly dwindling. Instead of paying attention to that, she tries to determine the quickest way of exiting the estate. A straight line is simple enough: gather her strength and sprint across the yard before the madman realizes that they are missing. Yes, that will do. Everyone else can figure out their own way out.

As she tenses to sprint, an intense gust nearly knocks her off her feet, delaying her charge and forcing her to see what is going on. It looks like she was merely collateral and the moron was not even aiming for her. Still safe for now. This time she is forced to pause by Aurora speaking up. Only one thought manages to pierce the veil of "Must Protect Lily": "Alice would saddened and angered by you leaving her sister behind". With a sigh, she abandons her plan of exiting the estate with Lily while everyone else is distracted and begins building a plan to include Aurora into it when suddenly the gate is broken down. Well, that makes all her planning rather useless if they are just going to be saved by an army. She supposes this is for the best. Any of her other plans would have bought her ill will from those present and she may have need of them while she saves Alice and Annie. Apparently... Sicarael? Even his name sounds pretentious! She does not care enough to remember his entire name anyway, so he is being dubbed... hmm, which variation of his name would anger him off the most? Ra. Short for retard. Yes, that will do. Regardless, it appears Ra has managed to somehow piss off an entire city. She says somehow, but given how he acts, she finds it not only very believable, but very likely to multiply in the future.

Given Lily is still in her arms, she is unable to bow in thanks to the man and women that tricked Ra into leaving (once again proving her point about how his forces would do with an army), but she can at least verbally do so. "Thank you. I can walk." Not well or fast, but given what she allowed to happen to Lily, Alice, and Annie, the least she can do is carry Lily away from it all. "What a coincidence. Given he has just kidnapped my dearest friends, I will also be investigating that false angel. I need to know where he is likely to take them so I may make sure they do not come to any further harm." With her eagerness to convert word into action, she begins moving out. She definitely needs to leave the city, if only because Alice and Annie likely will not be here. From here, she would either take the train back to Skyrille or follow this force back to Terrorcastra and join their investigation. Well, she would only be in Skyrille's company long enough to recover before going to Terrorcastra anyway. Might as well cut out the middle. She trusts that someone will outline the next step soon enough, but for the time being she does not wish to be on the estate anymore. There is nothing but terrible memories here.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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A timely intervention

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Selvaria did not understand the explanation for how this angel knew about her, and in fact having made no mention of her crimes left her wondering if her truly knew at all or was simply spouting nonsense. In the end it didn't matter, because his comment about her desire to do evil showed her that he may know her past, but did not understand her heart. She had never had any desire to rob and kill from the start. Her motivations were either insignificant to him or incomprehensible to a being that seemed to have such distorted views of good and evil. Though this was only a momentary relief as it did little to stop his brutal thrusts, ravaging her pussy even harder with the hot appendage. Restrained and weakened, Selvaria could do little but grit her teeth to stop from screaming and endure this pain. It was far too long before it was finally over, but once the intense burning sensation began to spread all throughout her body, Selvaria found herself wishing it had gone on for a bit longer. As she's so carelessly dropped to the floor, Selvaria doubles over, clutching her stomach tightly, her wings wrapping around her as if to protect her from the unbearable pain that left her howling in agony. She was only vaguely aware of the changes that were occurring, she could see her skin become tan and covered in a strange black substance and the strands of her long hair turning from blonde to white, but it paled in comparison of the pain that wracked her body. Just when it seemed to be over, it turned out she was only being granted a momentary reprieve as agony shot throughout her once more as her new set of wings burst forth from her skin, joining rather than replacing the pair she currently possessed.

At long last, Selvaria collapsed, panting heavily and feeling pathetically grateful that her suffering was ended, for now at least. She merely groans in discomfort and hangs limply as the angel lifts her off the ground and hands her off to a group of blobs who carry her off. What would become of her now? Her mind felt no different now than she had before, so being conscripted to this angel's army was off the table. Would he simply imprison her? And what of her beloved Necroblob? Yes, she simply couldn't leave him behind! "W-wait! No! F-Felix..." She mumbles squirming weakly in the grasp of the other blobs, her arms outstretched to the doors she had just passed through, a feeble desperation leaving her wanting to go back for her pet.

The Blobs ignored Selvaria’s protests as they made their way out the back of the Estate and onto the grass, the rest of the Blob Army following behind them, while several other squads moved out in front of them, all of the Blobs except those carrying Selvaria, brandishing their weapons as if expecting enemies to stop their advance. Soon, after Selvaria had started stretching out her hand towards the door, the Lady Slime Assassin seeps out in a puddle through the crack in the bottom, then in the form of the puddle, zooms straight across the ground and to the Blobs that were holding Selvaria, and shifts to her normal state. “Hmm, you’re not supposed to be conscious… we can’t have you finding out the location of Glass Castle, sorry.” she says, before transforming her hand into a hammer and beating Selvaria over the head, knocking her unconscious.

When Selvaria awakes, she finds herself with the Blob Army, being dragged through the Black Forest, between trees and through the black and dark blue grass on the ground, a Blob holding each arm, though the Lady Slime Assassin is no longer in sight. Suddenly, Selvaria can hear a whistling sound from somewhere beyond the trees, after which a blue light shines from the ground beneath her feet, etching into the ground a spell circle. After a moment, the blobs begin panicking, however they move too slowly, and the spell circle flashes, flash-freezing the feet and legs of the blob army, while avoiding Selvaria’s feet. While the Blob Army was locked in place, glowing yellow arrows begin zipping through the trees, striking blob after blob in the head, reducing them to puddles of ooze with each hit. The arrows were being fired so quickly that it was as if they were being fired from a belt-fed machine gun.

Her protests being ignored only serves to make Selvaria more desperate, and her struggles against the blobs holding her become more frantic. She had lost so much already, she could not bear to lose Felix too! When she spots a puddle of slime seeping out from under the door, her hopes soar thinking it could be Felix, only to be dashed moments later as that puddle forms into the Slime Assassin that had defeated her. Glass Castle? What did that matter to her right now? "D-dammit, I don't care about that! I need t-" And mid-sentence, she felt a painful thud atop her head and her vision went black almost instantly.

Selvaria came to with a groan, her head throbbing as she groggily gazed up at the forest she was being dragged through. Why were the blobs dragging her now? They had no problem carrying her before. If she was supposed to be some higher being now, she certainly wasn't being treated as such. Selvaria remained limp in the Blobs grip, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that she had woken up, since they would likely knock her out again. She was trying to ascertain her location by looking for any sort of landmark she might find familiar, though she was unable to learn much before the ambush began. The whistling had been innocuous to ignore, but Selvaria was familiar enough with ambushing from back in her bandit days to recognize it as a potential sign of attack. Her eyes immediately started scanning the tree line for signs of attack, while the spell circle formed underneath the unwitting blobs. Even if she had spotted the assailants, it wouldn't have mattered. The attack was so swift and decisive that she wouldn't have been able to do much to prevent it, even if she wanted to. Now free from the grasp of her blob captors, Selvaria hits the ground and immediately begins crawling to the nearest tree she can hide behind, using the grass as cover from the onslaught of arrows. The fact that the spell freezing the blobs had presumably deliberately avoided her was not lost on Selvaria, but she did not fancy taking the chance in assuming these mystery attackers were friendly to her. She had no friends after all, and the only ones she could consider allies were Ophelia and the others, and they certainly hadn't shown themselves to be capable of this.

Every single arrow fired was puncturing the head of a blob, striking directly through each one’s forehead, however once the main force had been struck down by the arrows, the scouting quad that had moved ahead doubles back and forms up to try to counter-attack the ambush. Immediately after the blob soldiers form up into a squad, a gigantic green fireball sails past the tree Selvaria was hiding behind, and into the crowd of blobs, erupting into a massive explosion that knocks down several trees, nothing but ashes left of the squad of Blobs. The remaining Blobs finally manage to free themselves by firing their rifles at the ice coating their feet, then attempt to move in on Selvaria, ducking low to hide in the grass from the assailant firing the arrows. When the Blobs draw close to Selvaria, Felix emerges from her backpack, transforming into a chakram mid-flight, and squeaks in delight as he hacks the squad of Blob Soldiers to pieces, before embedding himself into a tree.

With all of the Blob Soldiers downed, Selvaria can hear the approach of a horse, a rare sound given how few horses are available in the kingdoms, followed by a single pair of footsteps. Felix transforms back into his blob state and quickly slides across the ground, up Selvaria’s body, and onto her shoulder, kissing her cheek, then the two ambushers show themselves.

The first is a woman with fair skin and long white hair, with a wide-brimmed hat and a white cloak trailing behind her. She was wearing gold-armored gloves, boots, and shoulder pads, with a black top, black jacket with gold edges, and black pants. When her black-furred horse carried her into view of Selvaria, her golden eyes flicked directly to her, though she didn’t raise her solid gold bow. “Howdy, Nephilim.” she said, reaching up and tipping her hat to her.

The second pair of footsteps proved to be a familiar face, as Blanche emerged from around the tree next, this time wearing a dress with a blue skirt, and a white top, a white star with golden edges and a teal bow beneath it on her chest, white thigh-high white boots and white gloves. In her hand, she was holding a white and gold staff with a winged star on the end. “I leave you for a day, and you get yourself into trouble with a blob army. Oh, cute little Selvy, what am I to do with you?” Blanche says, smiling at Selvaria.

Selvaria was very much grateful that she had chosen to move out of the way as she watched an impressive fireball soar past her and decimate the group of blobs she had just escaped from. Her only regret is that perhaps she should have stolen a weapon to take with her as the blobs free themselves from their icy prison and move to recapture her. How could she escape? Fighting without a weapon was no option, especially in her weakened state. Running would be difficult as well for the same reasons, not to mention even if she escaped she would be alone in this forest with no means to defend herself from wildlife. The blobs draw ever nearer as she weighes her options when suddenly she hears a delightful squeaking that she could never mistake. "Felix! You're okay!" She cries out in joy as her pet emerges and dispatches the enemies that threaten her with ease. How clever of him to hide away where not even Selvaria herself would have suspected he might hide. Suddenly this dark situation seems a little brighter.

With the last of the blobs dispatched, all that remains is herself and the mystery ambushers. Feeling Felix kiss her cheek, Selvaria can't help but smile despite the situation and nuzzle her cheek against him in response, though she refrains from moving too much. It would be best to remain hidden until she knew what she was dealing with. Approaching, she can hear a strange sound. They were not human foot steps, but instead... a horse? She had not seen such creatures enough to be certain. Her suspicion proves to be true, as a woman riding a black horse comes into view. And her plan of hiding is blown almost instantly as she is immediately spotted. Thankfully, the woman greets her instead of attacking and, feeling somewhat at a loss, Selvaria instinctively tips her hat to the woman as well in return. "N-Nephilim...?" Oh, right. People were going to start looking at her differently now and it would take some getting used to until she could undo what had been done. If she even could.

But that was a thought she would have to put aside for now as the next person to step into sight is a very welcome one indeed. "Blanche?!" Selvaria can scarcely believe her eyes. Blanche should have been back in Azraq, so she must not have been brought too far away from the city. In that moment, Selvaria is so relieved that her exhaustion is all but forgotten as she rises to her feet and practically throws herself at Blanche, embracing the Spectross tightly. "I... I... I never expected anyone to come to my aid...! Thank you! Thank you so much for saving me, Blanche!" Selvaria says, the trauma she had experienced and contrasting happiness she felt at being saved causing tears to stream down her cheeks. And then she seemed to remember that there was a stranger here as well, and that her clothing was still in a state of disrepair that left her "Ah! Forgive me... I... I got a bit carried away." She stammers out an apology, releasing Blanche as her hands and wings move to instinctively cover herself. Blanche had already basically seen her nude, but it still felt a bit awkward, not to mention the other woman present. "Ummm.... Wh-what are you doing here? Is this a coincidence or did you come looking for me?" Selvaria inquires, grateful of course but still curious all the same. Nobody but those she had traveled with knew where she was going after all, so no one should know she was missing either, let alone where to look for her.

Blanche chuckles softly and rubs the back of Selvaria’s head when she hugs her “There, there… I’m here to protect you, cute little Selvy.” she says, smiling. When she pulls away and apologizes to the strange, she merely shrugs. When asked if the situation was a coincidence, Blanche chuckles again “Elios and I were on our way to our Guild job, when we just happened to see a legion of creatures that weren’t quite your Necroblob. We had never seen such a thing, let alone with Steam Rifles, so we decided to check it out. When we got closer, we saw that they had a prisoner, and when we saw the prisoner was you, I politely asked Elios to help me free you.” she says, after which Elios replies “When I spotted you abisselfa, above-board, not only acock, but in a bad box, I decided that for all I knew, you could be ace-high, and according to hoyle, it would be all-fired anti-goglin of me to absquatulate, had I done that, I may as well have had arikara at that point, and someone would need to attitudinize me.” she said, with the thickest Darkstar accent Selvaria had ever heard in her life. After Elios had finished speaking, Blanche leaned in close to Selvaria and whispered “There’s a reason she usually doesn’t talk much...”, meanwhile Felix had started softly rubbing against Selvaria’s cheek, squeaking happily.

Selvaria smiles and sighs contentedly as Blanche rubs the back of her head. Being reunited with her and Felix again did make her feel as though things would be alright. As she steps back, she gives Felix a smile and plants a kiss on his cheek now that she's able to. Seeing him become so wounded during their battle had been a painful experience, so Selvaria was quite happy to see that he was back to his usual self after that. It was also quite a relief to see that his affection for her had not changed despite her change in appearance. Selvaria nods along to Blanche's explanation of how they came to her aid. "I see... That is quite the fortuitous coincidence.... I thank you for coming to my aid. If you ever require assistance, I am in your debt." She tells the pair, bowing her head to Elios in particular who had gone out of her way to help a stranger. Elios' response is.... unorthodox to say the least. She had heard a Darkstar accent before, but this was..... This went beyond an accent. It was practically a different language. Once she realized she had no hope of understanding a word of what the other mercenary was saying, Selvaria simply began smiling and nodding until Elios was finished, nodding to Blanche in understanding of her explanation.

"Right. Well, I appreciate it. But I really need to.... Hmmm...." Selvaria started to say before realizing she had no idea where to go from here. She had no idea where she was at the moment, let alone where Ophelia and the others or the Angel were. Though she was loathe to impose further, she might need to ask for Blanche's assistance a bit longer. "I suppose I should explain. That blob army belongs to an angel of Sirius. My allies and I did battle with his army of blobs and slime assassins.... And we lost, as you could likely surmise. This will sound crazy, but he plans to turn all of Chaldea into Nephilim. And as you can see, he is capable of doing so." She explains, indicating her now black skin and tendril like wings. "I don't know where the others are, but I was being taken to a place called Castle Glass. Where were you two headed? Perhaps it is nearby if you were traveling in the same direction as those blobs." It was a long shot, Glass Castle was apparently at a secret location, but perhaps Blanche would know more about it, or at least investigating areas in that direction would turn up results.

Blanche smiles when Selvaria thanks her and pulls her close, into another hug “Aw, Selvy, you don’t owe me anything, I’m happy to help my cute little Selvy anytime.” she says, to which Elios adds “Welcome.” quickly. When Selvaria starts to say she needs to do something, but pauses, Blanche cocks her head and waits patiently, until Selvaria explains what happened to her. “Well, first, if this Angel so much as touches one of Avenir’s creations, he’s in for a rude awakening. He sounds like a barbaric creature, and I’d gladly destroy him. As for our destination, we were going to Bacon, for our Guild mission. The mission seems easy, people just don’t like setting foot inside that city.” Blanche says. Elios then added “That place is a bag of nails, leaves you all balled up when you go through those badlands.” quietly.

Selvaria returns the hug Blanche gives gladly, this time staying in the other womans embrace, her face starting to feel rather warm as Blanche dotes on her but she still felt content despite herself. "Thank you.... But, I am a mercenary too you know. Even if it's something simple, I hope you'll let me pay you back someday." She tells Blanche, attempting to look serious about this despite her current appearance. Even Blanche told her she didn't owe her anything, she still didn't like feeling indebted to someone. She did have some pride in her work as mercenary after all. It is understandable that Blanche would feel this way about the angel's plan, she knew that Spectross were very prideful in their race and unaccepting of change, and it seemed like Blanche was no exception. She had heard much about Bacon and understood why people didn't like going there. It seemed like a good place to have a lair you didn't want someone to find. "I see.... Then, would you mind if I accompanied you? I would like to assist you in your work if I could, and see if I can't find any leads while we're there." She inquires of Blanche. She didn't have anything better to go off of after all, and she would do better in the company of other mercenaries than going it alone.

Blanche smiles when Selvaria expresses a desire to pay her back “Aww, that’s so cute~” she says in response, after which she gently strokes Selvaria’s head. When she asks to come with them, she smiles even wider “I’d be happy to have you with us, after all, it’s easier to protect my cute little Selvy if I’m with her.” she says, after which she looks at Elios, who nods slowly. “Then it’s settled, we’re all going to Bacon~” she says happily. Felix seems to either understand what Blanche was talking about, or senses her excitement, but either way, he jiggles happily and pecks Selvaria’s cheek.

Selvaria couldn't help but find Blanche's attitude towards her a bit.... condescending perhaps? She knew Blanche didn't mean anything by it, and perhaps it was understandable that having to rescue her wouldn't leave the impression that Selvaria was a strong and capable mercenary. Maybe if she could prove herself in combat, she would be taken a little more seriously. Until then... Well, being shown such affection was a concept entirely foreign to her. As much as it bothered her, she found she somewhat enjoyed it in a way. "Thank you Blanche, Elios. I promise I won't slow you down." She tells the pair, wrapping an arm around Blanche's waist to remain close as they traveled. She also made sure to return Felix's kiss, smiling and rubbing him gently with her other hand.
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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After a very long trek through practically all of Chaldea, during which Lily only sniffled and whimpered while following Ophelia, holding her wrist to her chest, Terrorcastra could be seen from a distance. Terrorcastra was a massive fortress, shielded by a gigantic dome that had been constructed by sheets of various different kinds of un-painted metal, the dome itself was surrounded by a deep trench that had been filled with noter. Hovering around the dome were small, round, flying, eyeball creatures with round purple bodies, horns, bat wings, clawed feet, and long dangling tails.

When Aurora sees the eyeball creatures, she shivers but doesn't say anything. Luthica, meanwhile, comments "Nice security." as she looks over at Diamond, Spade, and Lucian, to which Diamond replies "In a world like this, you can't take any chances." as the group approached the metal dome, the eyeball creatures continuing to fly around the area, except for one which continued watching the group. When they reached the front gates, a set of black double doors with yellow-painted edges, and no handles. Without anyone having to say or do anything, the doors glowed very light purple for a moment, before slowly swinging open and granting access to the city.

The extremely thick double doors slammed shut behind the group when they entered, after which they had the enter through another set of similar double doors that allowed entry through a colossal black stone fortress, which served as a second layer of defense for the city. The fortress walls were lined with numerous more city guards. Within the metal dome, the metal plates were lined with chains, numerous bright purple lights shining down on a city of black cobblestone structures with gray-tinted glass windows, while the metal-plated ground, matching the unpainted metal dome, was made of various un-painted sheets of metal, the only gaps occurring around the gardens that a few of the buildings had fenced in behind them, and the pathway through the streets which were made of yellow cobblestones.

The center of the city had fountain, much like others, spraying out noter from the base that a statue of King Gaylord, a man clad head to toe in black metal armor, with a custom-made sword, and a yellow-trimmed brown hood and robe, was standing on. Just above the water spout, at the statue's feet, was a plate with "King Nicholas Humperdink Gaylord" chiseled into it, and a long list of his various exploits chiseled beneath his name, followed by "May our beloved king rest with his ancestors, while his legacy lives on in the hearts of his subjects". Behind the statue was a massive pillar, which held at the top a glowing purple sphere, wrapped in rotating black metal chainlinks that connected it to the highest part of the metal dome.

Just beyond that was the castle, a massive black cobblestone castle, with a balcony in the front, above a set of black and yellow double doors which allowed entry into the castle. The castle's towers, of which there were eight, had more of the orbs that the statue's pillar was holding, each connected by a chain to another part of the metal dome roof. Beneath the castle was a purple spell circle, which bathed the castle in a soft lavender light. The castle windows were made from stained glass, of various colors.

As the group made their way directly to the castle, one of the Guards that were with them commented to nobody specific "I can't wait to see the Queen again." while a second Guard replied "We have specific orders to report directly to her when we get back, so you don't have to wait long."

There was a notably large amount of Wanderers among the citizens of Terrorcastra along the way to the castle, and more Were-Sects than would be spotted in other cities, though the majority of the population still seemed to be humans.

When the group approached the gates of the castle, the Guards opened the gates immediately, and each of the Guards that were with Ophelia, Aurora, Luthica, and Verger gave the Guards at the gates a quick fist bump as they entered. The interior of the castle was tiled with marble, each with dark purple wind designs on them. The tapestries on the walls were each yellow, with the Terrorcastra Emblem on them in black. Along the floor was a yellow carpet with black tiger stripes, leading to a throne on an elevated section of the floor. The throne was solid black, with yellow cushions on the arms, back, and seat.

On the throne was a pale girl with long blond hair, wearing a red dress, with white frills and black designs on it, and a red hat with a crown design and red and white ribbons with roses on each side. When the group entered, her red-pink eyes flicked to them, and her twenty Royal Guards, standing at attention along both sides of the throne room, turned diagonally towards the front of the rooms. "Welcome back, my friends, it's nice to see that all of you made it back safe and sound." she said, without an accident, similar to how Annie spoke, but with a strange vacancy in her eyes and an upward swing in pitch at the end of her sentence. When they had entered, she had been sitting sideways in her seat, with her legs dangling over one side of the chair, using the arms of the seat to support her back and knees, but when she spoke, she shifted to sit properly, her legs crossed to keep anyone from seeing up her dress.

All of the Guards, Diamond, Lucian, Spade, Luthica, Verger, and Aurora, kneeled on the floor, Lucian speaking first "Your grace, Queen Alpha, we have urgent news from the wetlands and Azraq, and we brought some warriors who did battle with the Sicarael." he said, his tone and method of speaking far more soft and formal than it had been before. She nodded her head "Go on, Lucian." she says. Lucian then goes on to give his report; "We first visited the Wetlands, Barton Castle, as you requested. What we discovered was that he's now using mind control to keep particularly strong warriors under his control, and he has declared himself king, while beginning to expand his castle into a city. He has also, strangely, somehow, de-aged himself back to his prime. He also has begun mobilizing his troops against Sicarael. He opposes the rogue Angel, but for... different reasons, though he didn't elaborate. When we investigated Azraq, it was as you suspected.... Azraq was working with the Angel, and in fact, has declared for him. They're now mobilizing and intending to work with the Angel in turning everyone in Chaldea into Nephilim, starting with themselves."

When Lucian finished, she nodded in understanding, then replied "So, you informed him that he's doomed, yes?" she asked, to which Lucian replied "Yes. We informed him that Terrorcastra has declared war on him.", after which she responded "Good, well done, all of you." then she glanced over Ophelia, Lily, Luthica, Aurora, and Verger as the Queen said "If it's not too much trouble, I'd like you to give me your account of what happened. When we're done here, I'll have rooms prepared for you, if you'd like to stay, and send you some medical attention to help you recover from your battle." to Ophelia... then she looked back to Lily. When Lily looked back at her with her one eye, she whispered to Ophelia "S-same... same..." sniffling, and hooting softly. "Well, well, well..." she says, which caused Lucian, Spade, and Diamond to look up slightly in surprise. Without replying to the surprise of the others, she snapped her fingers and said, softly "Someone please get this girl a drink, the special stuff for my sisters and I." at which point, Diamond and Spade seemed to understand, while Lucian still looked confused. A girl with long purple hair, her bangs covering half of her face, and red eyes, wearing a yellow and black striped short-sleeved top and black leather shorts with a purple belt soon entered with a glass of red liquid and held it out to Lily. If Ophelia allows her to drink it, her wounds will start to give off steam as they heal in only a few moments, including her eye growing back.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Eventually, after what seems like a century, the group arrives outside of Bacon. The city itself was surrounded by a wall that appeared to be constructed of rainbow-colored walls, though the colors were all so faded that they were nearly black. Despite the walls surrounding the city, there was a gap in the front, with no guards, which allowed Blanche, Selvaria, and Elios to walk right into the city.

The interior of the city was covered with a dense fog, the structures were rainbow-colored log cabins, and faded circus tents that looked as though they were patched together from mismatched fabric, a river of noter was running through the center of the city, with a cobblestone bridge connecting the two banks, constructed from rainbow-colored cobblestones. Further into the city were strange mechanisms, such as a giant wheel with seats on it, lights in the shape of a star decorating the metal frame, and a circular structure with wooden horses and lights on it, rotating in circles. The residents of the city were mostly hidden by the fog, though a few could be seen. All of them were either nomads, or were white-skinned creatures with elongated limbs, bright-colored hair, bright red noses, and strange markings on their face. The curse of the Goddess, Fraus, was feared far and wide, as it transformed Chaldeans into creatures with a preference for bright colors, bleached skin, and bright-colored hair, who wanted to hurt or trick others just for their own amusement. These creatures were feared and rejected more than Nomads, and even to such an extent that most lived in a single city, and the rest were more rarely seen than Spectross.

Far off in the distance, near the edge of the city, almost touching the opposite side of the wall, was a strange, colorful castle with a giant head on the front, with glowing eyes and a purple top hat. It looked to be built from stone, like the rest of the castle, and had a red nose, and only four teeth. The castle itself had lit up windows all around the outside, and on each of the towers, which had pointed black roofs.

All throughout the city, they could hear strange music, but couldn't find anyone playing it, and the instruments that would be required to play such music couldn't be identified. The music sounded as though it had started playing in their heads when they entered the city, and wouldn't stop.

Elios looked around at the city and frowned "A bag of nails." she says, tipping her hat down over her eyes. Blanche chuckles "Well, we knew what we were getting into~ I suppose we should look for a place to stay for awhile... preferably with running Noter, I think it's quite rare here, so most of the citizens bathe in the noter beneath that bridge~" she says, pointing at the bridge. While she did sound somewhat cheerful, she sounded less so when discussing bathing under the bridge. Felix was shivering as he looked around the place, and moving up closer to Selvaria's face, pressing himself against her cheek.

After making their way through the city streets, the passersby generally ignoring them... for now... Blanche, Elios, and Selvaria eventually come upon a rainbow cobblestone structure with a wooden door, and Blanche stops "Ah, here we are~" Blanche says as she leads Selvaria and Elios to the door and pulls it open for the two of them, side-stepping a brick that had been placed on the door, which shatters on the ground. Blanche completely ignores the brick that she had evaded, but Felix jumps a little when it shatters on the ground.

The interior of the building was just as colorful as the outside, also being constructed from the rainbow cobblestones, while the desk with the Harlequin behind it was constructed from rainbow-painted wood, which had become faded. The Harlequin was wearing a black top hat, a black and white split jumpsuit with big fluffy black and white alternating buttons, and had black markings around his eyes and on his lips. When they entered, he spoke in a raspy voice that sounded like he had been smoking Deathsticks his entire life "Welcome to the Ferris Inn." he said, flatly, while visibly trying to get a good view of Selvaria. When Felix saw this, he shifted into a one-piece yellow jumpsuit, with black stripes down the legs and sleeves, to hide Selvaria's body. When Blanche sees this, she smirks, then turns back to the Harlequin "We'd like a room for three, please~" she said, in her usual tone. The Harlequin glanced at Elios, who had left her horse outside, then back to Blanche and replied "Number 29." he says, to which Blanche nods, and leads them down the hallway, which had been painted rainbow over the cobblestone, sloppily, but had a standard rainbow cobblestone floor and ceiling. The doors were painted the same as the walls, and had wooden nobs that had been painted pink.

When the group reached room 29, Blanche opened it and frowned, Elios understanding immediately "No locks." she said, flatly, to which Blanche nodded "Well, I guess that means we'll have to take turns standing guard~" she said, shrugging as they entered. The room was floored with wood, with rainbow stripes and a matching wooden wall with strange portraits hanging from it, each in monochrome. The first was a Harlequin staring creepily into the room, while the second one was similar, this one was smiling creepily, and showed enough of the person's body that the viewer could see he was wearing a white button-up with plaid pants and suspenders, and had a target painted on his chest. The last gave Selvaria a bad feeling, despite depicting a relatively normal human, with a gray beard, gray eyes, a full head of hair, and wearing a suit with a tie.

When Elios noticed the portraits, she frowned, but Blanche went to investigate the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen had a stone oven and counter, as well as more rainbow-painted cabinets, while the bathroom had a stone tub that was barely large enough to fit Blanche, and running noter from a spout far above it. Elios waved her hand, and a shadow phased through the walls, and into the room, after which it took the form of her horse, which then proceeded to sit down on the floor and look around at their new room, after which Elios made her way over to him, petting his head.

The bed, in the center of the room, had a hay mattress, a large hay pillow, and rainbow sheets with a blanket that were as thin as tissue paper.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Camilla starts to ask a question, but when Amun begins to move, the others are forced to follow suit. The group manages to get a decent distance away from Dickfuck, however, the Warchief turns his head and looks at them like they're bugs, then calls out to them, in a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard while a cat dies in the same room, as if his voice is a scream contorting itself into words "AH, 'ELLO DEH' PUNY GITZ, WELCAH TO MUH WOHCAMP!" he says, Camilla cringing as he speaks, while Metia puts both hands on her weapons, Viola begins scanning the area for movement, and Adelita freezes in place, waiting for a fight.

After a moment, Dickfuck continues "AH YA HEH' TO CHALLENGE MAH DANCIN' BOIS TO A DANCE-OFF? AH'VE CHALLENGED YA PUNY GITZ TO DANCEOFFS LOTZ, BUT DEY NEVA' GOT BACK TA MEH! IZ RUUD!" he says. Rather than reply directly to Dickfuck, Viola leans closer to the others and whispers "Now may not be a good time to point this out, but... the mission said stop him, not kill him. I think we have more than one option here. Maybe we can convince them they're we're representing a city that he attempted to send a message to, and if we win, he'll leave them alone. This Warchief seems like a wildcard, so it could work. If we fail, we still have the fighting option." she says, meanwhile, Metia squints at her "I can take them. All of them. If they're dead, they're stopped." she says, to which Adelita replies "Do you mean dance or fight?" she asks. Camilla was shaking as she looked around "I vote dance, I can try to dance, but I certainly can't f-f-fight..." she says.

Meanwhile, several of Dickfuck's orcs moved a bit closer to Amun's group and started beatboxing music as they started showing off their dance-moves menacingly, one standing on his hands and flipping himself around, while one danced the floss, and another started twirling around on the ground using only his hands, while yet another starts kicking his legs back and forth while pumping his hands up and down between his legs as if he was riding a horse.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After Lilith had finished with her minions, one of Lady Ash's skeletons arrived and motioned for Lilith to follow her. The Skeleton then leads Lilith down the halls and into the room she had left earlier and Lady Ash wastes no time in waving her over. The orb that she had been looking into earlier now showed the locations of the black spires that had been appearing all over Chaldea. "As you can see, Lilith, this is a map of all of the Spires that stand in Chaldea. I've been trying to track them to the original source so that we could hopefully join forces when an opening arrives, and overrun Chaldea with undead. I think I've located her." she said, touching a spot on the orb, and causing it to zoom in on a ruined cathedral, of a style that Lilith didn't recognize from any Goddess. "I believe that the source of those black spires is here, and I'd like you to go investigate. This cathedral is above the catacombs, and I'm sure you know where that is, it's a Chaldean landmark. If she is there, be very careful and respectful, this is a very powerful Necromancer. Try to convince them to work with us, or at least to come see me, so that we can discuss it." Ash says, before running her hand over the orb and causing it to zoom out. "I'll send some undead with you, so that they know that they're not working with someone weak. Think of this as your next lesson, and something you should always remember is that arriving to speak with a Necromancer without an army of undead is considered disrespectful or a show of weakness." she says, as she continues staring into the orb.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When CeeCee approaches the bear, and refers to it as Warden of the Wood, it immediately looks at her. 'Welcome to the afterlife." the creature says, though CeeCee would get a strange feeling that he's omitting the word "retard", though there's no indication otherwise. The bear, however, continued "Our Goddess is not blind to the fact that you believe that it is not your time, therefor I'm here to show you the path." the bear waves its paw towards an area beyond the woods that looks like a charred and burned hellscape, though there's a distinct disconnect between that place and the garden she now stood in. "I have no doubt that this area looks like hell, and so it should. Know that you can find your way back to the world of the living by wandering that hellscape, but you must also understand that by choosing to seek the world of the living, you may become lost within the hellscape, and there's a chance that you could never find your way back to the garden." he said, and sadly the hellscape looked as though there may not be dick there. The bear stood up on two legs and continued "The only advice I can give you for your journey is that you can find your way again by seeking the lanterns throughout the hellscape, our loving Goddess placed them there so that those who seek to return to life have a better chance." he says.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Anastasia calls Ignia a perverted little devil, she smiles sweetly. When Anastasia says she won’t fuck her unless she wants it, then asks if she’s going to keep her word and help cook, she replies “Well, the shower in there is really big, and there’s only one… we could go in there and see if she wants it~” she says, as she gives Anastasia another kiss on the lips, and runs her hand over Anastasia’s crotch slowly rubbing her through her clothes. Through the door, they can hear the water running as Indris showers.

Anastasia gives Ignia a cheeky smile when Ignia mentioned the shower, bringing her hand to a chin and making a show out of thinking about it. “I suppose~ We’re all girls after all, nothing too weird.” Ana chuckled softly, exhaling heavily as Ignia rubbed her crotch through the clothing, feeling it twitch as she did so. She slipped her tongue into Ignia mouth as they kissed, but kept it relatively quick before breaking away, smacking Ignia’s ass mostly lightly. “Don’t avoid the question.” Ana smirks before turning towards the room where the single, huge shower was held. She guessed the villagers were used to either living alone or showering with their household, which is why it was built that way.

Ignia licked Anastasia’s tongue with her own, and wiggled her hips as her ass was smacked. When Anastasia spoke up, calling Ignia out on avoiding the question, she giggled “Yesss, I’ll help her with breakfast. She gave me more than I asked for, after all~” she says. She then let herself down from Anastasia’s shoulders and back onto the floor, just in time for Idalia to step out of her own room, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, and wearing nothing but a half black and half gold T-shirt, diagonally split from hip to shoulder. She sleepily wandered over to Anastasia and gave her a side-ways one-armed hug “Good morning~” she says, cheerfully. “Good morning, Idalia~” Ignia says, as she skips around to Idalia’s side and hugs her tightly, giving her a kiss on the cheek “We were just about to shower, there’s only one, so we’d have to share~” she says.

Anastasia nodded to confirm that she heard Ignia, and stopped dead in her tracks as she heard and then saw Idalia step out of their room. Anastasia grinned, feeling intrinsically more happy to see Idalia finally up and about, completely normal as she should be. She wrapped her arms around Idalia and picked her up, squeezing her tightly in a monsterous hug. “Good morning!~” She said with extra chirp in her voice, swinging Idalia around in the air for a bit before setting her down. “I hope you had a nice sleep, I know I did after finally knowing we’re safe here.” Anastasia looked back over to the showers and nodded. “Yea, its weird how there is only one but oh well. Indris is already in there, I hope there is more than one bar of noap…. Or soap I guess seeing as there is no fake stuff here…” She said as she began walking towards the showers again.

Idalia hugged her back as Anastasia swung her around, then giggles softly as she’s set back on the ground. “Thank you, I slept fine. I didn’t realize I was so tired until we got to the room. I felt like I hadn’t slept in a month.” she said, when Anastasia said she slept well. The two then followed Anastasia into the bathroom, which was a gigantic room, tiled with red tiles, flowers painted on them just like the speedos of the Anglar, one gigantic, round area in the center with a red curtain, flowers decorating it, surrounding it. Above, they could see numerous spray nozzles dangling from the ceiling. The walls were also painted red with flowers, just like the floor tiles and curtains, with shelves lining it, towels on each of them.

Idalia looked around in wonder, while Ignia immediately starts stripping her clothes off, throwing each article of clothing on the floor until she was completely naked. When Idalia notices that Ignia is naked, she blushes slightly “Someone’s excited about the shower...” she says, though she starts tugging her T-shirt off anyway, exposing her bra and panties.

Anastasia pats Idalia’s head as they walk, happy to hear that she got a good night rest. It wasn’t totally unexpected, especially since she didn’t exactly remember what happened with the visor on, but it still made her happy. When they entered the room, Ana mused over the possibility of completely redecorating the place again. The floral theme that prevailed through the village looked quite ugly in her opinion, and she wished she could replace it with better colors and designs. She cocked her head at the sight of the nozzles in the ceiling, unsure exactly how to use them. She could guess what they were for, but she never actually used a shower so there would have to be some fiddling about required… When Ignia began stripping herself, Ana made little effort to hide her oggling, smiling as she then proceeded to oggle Idalia next for a bit before stripping her own clothing off. Folding her clothing, as well as her lacy black panties and bra into a neat pile. She put a hand on her hip and gave Idalia, along with Ignia a great view of her entire front, her breasts perky and holdable as ever. Her cock was soft, though still very sizeable even as it drooped. “So uh, any of you actually know how to use those things?” She says as she points to one of the nozzles hanging from the ceiling.

Idalia smiles and leans into Anastasia as she pets her, and once all three of them were naked, both Idalia and Ignia look her up and down, Ignia licking her lips as she oggled Anastasia’s cock. The two snap out of it when Anastasia mentions using the nozzles. “You just wash beneath it, it’s all Barton has in his castle to wash with.” Ignia says, cringing very slightly when she mentions Barton. Ignia then makes her way over to the curtains and pulls them aside.

Inside, not only was there Indris, who was naked, and now blushing due to seeing all of the others standing outside the curtains naked, but there was also more shower heads standing in a ring, spaced out to make room for others to walk through. All of the shower heads were on, and spraying into the shower area, which was slightly sunken into the floor to give room for someone to crouch down into the standing water. Standing between a set of shower heads was a panel with a series of nobs, each marked in a language that none of them could read, but presumably they’d control the numerous shower heads and the drain system. “Wow, this is really impressive!” Ignia said, staring at Indris’ naked body at first, but quickly motioning towards the shower area. “Y-yeah. It took some testing to figure out which nobs were for which heads...” Indris said, her gaze lingering first on Ignia’s naked body, then Idalia’s, then on Anastasia’s, settling on her cock for a moment, before she forced herself to look at Anastasia’s face. “I had thought you girls would wait for me to finish...” she adds, quietly. “Well, we’re all girls, there’s no problem with showering together.” Idalia says, giving her a reassuring smile. Ignia makes her way into the shower, smiling sweetly, while Idalia stays with Anastasia, waiting to follow her in.

Anastasia was more than a little aware about the hungry look in both Idalia’s and Ignia’s eyes as they looked at her body. And while as much as she would like to pound Idalia while she ate Ignia out or something, she decided being a horny freak wasn’t a very healthy mind set, so she kept her mind on the showers for now. Though that mindset did its best to make a resurgence as ignia pulled the curtains aside and revealed Indris’s naked body. Unsurprisingly Indris’s body looked just as cute and hot as the other sisters. She did her best not to stare though and began looking around the room. When Indris looked at and referred to her, she looked back at Indris and smiled. “After all we’ve been through and we can’t even share a shower? It’ll be much faster and more efficient this way, we’ll all get done at the same time and be ready for breakfast.” She said with genuine sincerity. Wanting to oogle Indris aside, it was true that it would take way too long should they all go at once. Anastasia follows Ignia in, sighing in contentment as the warm water hits her skin, the droplets of water immediately accenting her curves and forming around her breasts, trailing down and running down both her legs and flaccid cock. “Wow this feels really nice, like a warm rain without the ever present sense of danger in a rainstorm. Does this place have real soap too?” She said, looking around for said soap and occasionally pausing to look at the three bodies that surrounded her.

Idalia follows Anastasia into the shower, and as Anastasia tells Indris that it’s more efficient to shower together Indris sighs “No, you’re right, it’s easier this way.” she says, while Ignia had sat down in the pooled water to start playing in it. When Anastasia starts looking for the soap, she can see bars of it in pockets lining the curtains. Each one was a little black bar, in a zipped pocket to keep water from getting in. After Anastasia had already spotted them, Indris quietly walked over and unsealed one, before grabbing it and making her way over to Anastasia, handing it to her. “Oh, hey, their soap is black.” Idalia said, moving up beside Anastasia and giving the bar of soap in her hand a sniff. “Well… it’s not noap, it’s just black. Kind of smells like… blackberries.” she says, smiling up at Anastasia. “Hey, Indris, are your breasts bigger, or Idalia’s?” Ignia asks, suddenly, causing both Indris and Idalia to blush. Idalia looks from Ignia to Indris, while Indris returned her gaze. “I think we should measure, you two stand side by side, then Anastasia can judge~” she says, smiling.

Anastasia frowned for a moment when she saw the black bars. Was it noap after all instead of soap? It would be very odd if so given everything else in this village was the real deal. Though when Indris came up and handed her a bar, she could tell it couldn’t be noap cause it smelled quite pleasant, most noap had no stench to it, being as effective as normal soap for the most part but not making one smell good, smelling good was a luxury reserved mostly for spectross after all. “Interesting, I wonder why they decided to go with black soap of all things.” She grabbed to soap and smelled it, smiling a little as she did so. She was about to start washing herself when Ignia decided she wanted to continue being a perverted little devil and asked Idalia and Indris about their breast sizes. Anastasia snickered and shook her head. “It seems Ignia has been rubbing off on me too much, she’s become such a tease hasn’t she?~” She said in a very light hearted way, pointedly not reprimanding Ignia for her actions. Her attention flickered to Idalia’s and Indris’s breasts, her face inquisitive as she genuinely tries to figure out which set was bigger.

When Anastasia refused to measure breast sizes, Ignia lets out a long “Pffffft! Come on, I’m sure you’re curious, too.” she says, standing up out of the water. Idalia, meanwhile, moved up to Anastasia and stood on her tip toes, whispering “Let me help clean you up~” as she reached towards the soap, smiling sweetly at Anastasia. Ignia, meanwhile, was now speaking to Indris “Come on, just stand close to Idalia, and we can see which set is bigger, you know you want to~” she said, to which Indris replied by rolling her eyes, and making her way over to Idalia, standing beside her. Now that the two were side by side, Anastasia could see that Idalia’s breasts were just barely larger than Indris’, which Indris seemed to notice as well, since she quickly stepped away from her. “I’m not sure I want to measure...” Indris says, as she plops down into the water.

Anastasia mused over their sizes for a bit before Idalia suddenly gets closed and stands on her tippy toes. Anastasia smiles and nods, definitely not passing up the opportunity to get washed by Idalia, though she wouldn’t have refused any of them. Anastasia repositions herself slightly, outstretches her arms and legs a little to give Idalia easier access to her body. She was surprised to see Indris go along with Ignia’s second call for breast size comparisons, and with them now side by side and at a good angle, it was clear even without measurements Idalia’s were larger. Anastasia giggles as Indris steps away and sits down. “Well, Idalia’s are bigger, I can tell pretty easily, but not by much. Regardless, both of you are very attractive so what does it matter?~” She says sweetly, moving a little towards Indris so her cock swung nearer to her head. Not directly at Indris, but closer to where Indris could easily reach out and grab it should she want.

Idalia smiles triumphantly when Anastasia says her breasts are bigger, even if slightly, but doesn’t comment, instead grabbing the soap from Anastasia and starting to scrub her back with a red wash cloth, decorated with flowers. Indris, despite the distance between her head and Anastasia’s cock, flinches back as if it was going to smack her in the face. “Thank you...” she says, when Anastasia says they’re all beautiful. “It’s okay, Indris, my breasts are the smallest out of all of us, it really doesn’t matter~” Ignia says, before adding “I was just curious, you know.”, to which Idalia replies “Even if it mattered, it’s really not noticeable unless you’re really looking.” with a smile. After a short pause, Idalia then adds “... Besides, Iveta’s are even smaller than Ignia’s.” with a slightly wider smile and a giggle. While Idalia was speaking, Ignia moved over to the edge of the shower area, then kicked water at Indris, which caused her to flinch back towards Anastasia, her cheek bumping Anastasia’s cock, though she wasn’t aware of that yet, as she was wiping the water from her eyes, while Ignia giggles softly.

Anastasia smirks a little as Idalia goes behind her and starts washing her back, letting out a contented sigh as she did so. That felt really nice. Anastasia doesn’t move from her position as Indris flinches back, as despite the flinch, Indris made no attempt to actually move away, hinting perhaps she didn’t truly mind. When Ignia mentioned it didn’t truly matter as hers were the smallest, Anastasia snickers. “And mine are the biggest, though perhaps my overall size gives me an advantage there~” She says bemusedly. Ana flinched very slightly as she saw Indris suddenly jerk back, her cheek planting on the head of Ana’s cock. Her cock instinctively stiffened at the contact, hardening slightly, growing about an extra inch out as it lifted itself a little. Anastasia looked over at Ignia and feigned annoyance. “Ignia, that wasn’t very nice of you to splash water in Indris’s eyes, now look what you’ve done~” She grinned, but despite her contentment with Indris’s position, she didn’t want her to be forced there, so Ana moved Indris’s head away lightly with her thigh, lightly enough to where Indris could easily stop the movement if she wanted. She also realized Idalia was starting to move up in her washing towards her head, so she lowered herself and sat down so Idalia could actually reach her head instead of having to stand on her tippy toes.

Indris jumps away when she finally gets the water out of her eyes, then blushes when she realizes that Anastasia’s dick was touching her face, while Ignia merely laughs louder at her “I’m sure she doesn’t mind, she’s just shy~” Ignia says, while Idalia scrubs Anastasia’s upper back, though while she can’t see her, she can hear Idalia chuckling to herself. Idalia then moves from Anastasia’s back, to her front, and starts by scrubbing her stomach and sides, but soon moves upwards and starts scrubbing her breasts, occasionally giving one breast a grope as she leans over Anastasia’s shoulder. Ignia, meanwhile, moves over beside Indris “Come on, you want it, don’t you~?” she says, as she wraps an arm around Indris’ shoulder and grins at her “It’s easier and more fun if you just admit it~” she says, sweetly, while Indris blushes and mumbles something to her.

Anastasia giggles softly as Indris blushed, she looked so adorable with the red, panicked face on. “Shy or not no need to splash water in her eyes.” Anastasia says with a soft sigh, leaning back a little as Idalia moves her scrubbing to the front of her body, smiling and looking up at Idalia’s face as she leans over Ana’s shoulder. She gently wraps an arm around Idalia’s waist and rubs her back and ass gently, letting out very soft moans as Idalia starts scrubbing and groping her breasts. Her cock stiffened further, becoming half erect from the attention her breasts were receiving. She looks away from Idalia as Ignia teases Indris and looks at Ignia instead. “Ignia you’re teasing her too much, if she wants it then she wants it, if she doesn’t she doesn’t, I really don’t mind either way.” She says, her tone only seeming half-concerned.

Idalia giggles softly and starts groping and massaging Anastasia’s breasts a bit harder and more vigorously, less discreetly. When Anastasia tells Ignia not to splash Indris, and that she’s teasing her too much, she rolls her eyes “Oh come on, she needs the encouragement or she’d never do anything~” she says. She notices Anastasia’s cock hardening and nudges Indris “Look how big it is, Indris~” she coos to her as she rubs her hip. Indris’ gaze wanders to Anastasia’s cock and she blushes darker. Ignia licks her lips “Well, if you’re going to be difficult, I guess I’ll show you~” she says, after which she spawns a Black Door, then walks through it, exiting a second door in front of Anastasia, both disappearing behind her. She then grips Anastasia’s cock with one hand and looks up at her as she runs her tongue from the base of Anastasia’s cock, to the tip. Idalia looks surprised, over Anastasia’s shoulder “I didn’t realize you were so… ” Idalia starts, pausing her groping of Anastasia’s breasts as she contemplates the next word.

Anastasia’s breath and heartbeat quicken as her breasts are groped, her cock stiffening to almost its full length. She runs her hand down Idalia’s body, moving her hand to Idalia’s front and softly rubbing Idalia’s slit. Not trying to be too subtle since it seemed Idalia was abandoning subtlety herself. Anastasia didn’t know what to say with Ignia’s quip about Indris needing encouragement, though despite it all Indris still refused to back away, making Ana feel a little confused about what Indris was thinking. She pursed her lips when she heard Ignia say she was going to show Indris, and her eyes widened as one of Ignia’s black doors appeared in front of her. Ignia was as assertive as ever, and Ana really couldn’t complain as she felt Ignia grasp her cock and run her tongue up her shaft. She let out a soft moan as she did so, the single lick causing Ana’s mostly erect cock to go full mast, showcasing its full size to the 3, Ignia’s hand looking sort of small compared to it. When Idalia speaks, Anastasia looks up and gives Idalia an aroused and somewhat worried look. “I-Ignia is v-very assertive y-you know… And unfortunately w-with my new b-body I find it much too h-hard to say no t-to this k-kind of thing.” She clenches her teeth and lets out another moan as Ignia does her magic.

Ignia giggles as Anastasia’s cock becomes fully erect, then takes her tip into her mouth and begins slowly bobbing her head while using her tongue to lick just below the head, while using both hands to rub her shaft. When Anastasia says that Ignia was very assertive and she found it too difficult to resist, Idalia rolls her eyes and gropes Anastasia’s breasts hard “I don’t mind, you can fuck whoever you want.” she says, as she leans in and gives Anastasia a kiss on the lips “You just have to love me more than the rest~” she whispers as she pinches Anastasia’s nipples. Meanwhile, nearby, Indris was watching intently, blushing as she slowly rubs her thighs together, but still refusing to join in.

Anastasia moans louder and uses her free hand to rub the back of Ignia’s head. Ignia was starting to get quite competent in giving head, and while it was still a long way from Alesandra, it still felt positively blissful. She let out another heavy sigh, this time in relief as Idalia said she didn’t care who Ana fucked. Though she winced in pain slightly as Idalia groped her breasts harshly. “O-oh, good.” She muttered out, unsure exactly how to respond. When Idalia kissed her, she returned it passionately, immediately invading Idalia’s mouth with her tongue. She resumed rubbing Idalia’s slit as they kissed, dabbing her fingers inside for a quick moment every once in a while to tease Idalia a bit. Anastasia made a note of Indris’ behavior, wondering if they went too far, yet if anything Indris seemed to be enjoying the sight.

Idalia licks her tongue with her own, while massaging Anastasia’s breasts with both hands, and bucking her hips against Anastasia’s rubbing, letting out soft moans into her mouth. Ignia, meanwhile, bobbed her head faster onto Anastasia’s cock, moving further each time, licking all over her shaft below the head with her tongue, while using using one hand to rub Anastasia’s slit, and the other hand to stroke her shaft vigorously. Indris was rubbing her thighs together a bit faster and harder while blushing at the sight of her companions before her.

Fuck Ana could get used to this, being with the one she loved… ones she loved? It was hard to say, she knew she at least loved Idalia, the flutter in her heart every time she saw her told her that much. What about Ignia though, she would go through the same great lengths to protect Ignia that she would use to protect Idalia. Did that mean she felt the same way towards her? She didn’t know, and her body was too focused on the pleasure in front of her to contemplate such things. Ignia was indeed getting very competent with her skill in sucking cock, Ana could feel her pre begin to flow out of her cock and into Ignia’s mouth, her cock twitching and throbbing from the attention it was receiving. Ana finally decided to stop teasing Idalia and instead inserted two of her fingers into Idalia’s pussy, pumping them in and out slowly at first, but gradually getting faster as time went on. Even if Indris joined in, she wasn’t sure what attention she could give her, and vice versa, not that she wouldn’t try.

As Ana started thrusting her fingers in and out of Idalia’s pussy, she began moaning louder into Anastasia’s mouth with every thrust, bucking her hips in time with the movements to get her deeper, while using her hands to rub and massage Anastasia’s breasts, and her thumbs to rub her nipples. Ignia, meanwhile, took Anastasia’s cock all the way to the back of her throat and started deepthroating her hard and vigorously, while plunging two fingers into her pussy, and using her other hand to stroke what parts of Anastasia’s shaft that wouldn’t fit in her mouth. Indris moved a little closer and was watching Anastasia’s interactions more intently as she rubbed her thighs together, small amounts of juice starting to run from between her legs and into the shower’s standing water beneath her.

Anastasia’s moans became more and more intense as time went on, her tongue vigorously trying to find every inch of Idalia’s mouth as they kissed, and her fingers going as deep as they would possibly go to Idalia’s pussy with each thrust, her fingers slick with her juices as she did so. Her nipples were hard and erect, easily graspable by Idalia’s fingers. Anastasia’s cock was overflowing with pre-cum at this point, and it was clear with the rising euphoria that she felt that she was extremely close to cumming. Ignia’s throat felt like pure bliss, her tongue making an infinitely pleasurable feeling somehow feel even better. Anastasia barely even payed attention to Indris at this point, focusing on the pleasure brought upon by both Idalia and Ignia. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, and with a final loud moan she thrusted her fingers as deep into Idalia as they would go, doing the same with her cock and Ignia’s mouth, trying to shove her cock deeper into ignia’s throat by pressing down despite the fact it was as deep as it could go. Though she wanted those extra few inches inside Ignia. Cum gushed out of her cock and deep into Ignia’s stomach, a torrential amount as always that quickly backed up and began overflowing out of Ignia’s throat, then out of her mouth. She kept going long after any reasonable being would stop, threatening to suffocate Ignia before finally she let go of Ignia’s head, her cock still rock solid but done for now.

Idalia cried out in pleasure into Anastasia’s mouth and bucked her hips wildly as she orgasmed, at the same time as Anastasia, while she filled Ignia’s mouth with her cum. Ignia made gagging sounds as she attempted to swallow all of Anastasia’s cum, despite her throat being blocked by Anastasia’s cock as she pushed down on her head. When she finally managed to get her cock out of her mouth, she coughed a few times as the excess cum ran down her chest, and licked her lips. Wordlessly, Ignia then grabbed Anastasia by the shoulder and pushed her onto her back, Idalia having to dodge out of the way as her juices from her orgasm ran down her thighs. Once Anastasia was on her back, Ignia quickly straddled her hips and lowered herself down on her cock, moaning loudly and shivering from pleasure as Anastasia’s cock was guided into her wet pussy. Idalia, meanwhile, moved behind Ignia and lowered her face between Anastasia’s legs and started slowly licking her pussy as Ignia started slowly riding Anastasia’s cock, extremely tight on her.

Meanwhile, Indris slowly and hesitantly crawled over to Anastasia and leaned her face close to Anastasia’s, whispering “C-could I… try k-kissing you to see how I feel about… uhm… moving further?” she asked, while Ignia, through her loud moans, smirked at them triumphantly.

Anastasia sighed in contentment as she felt Idalia’s warm juices slide down her hand and arm, along with the sight of her cum running down Ignia’s face and down her chest. She could see her juices from her pussy covering Ignia’s hand too. Anastasia let out a surprised yelp as Ignia suddenly pushed her down onto her back, then lets out an amused chuckle. “Wow someone can’t wait after that~” She says with a smug look, letting out another moan as Ignia lowers herself onto Ana’s cock. Her cock was already ready to go for round 2, making it easy to slide right into Ignia, her leftover cum coating the outside of Ignia’s pussy as they began thrusting. She lifted her legs so Idalia could get easy access to her pussy, moaning louder as both her pussy and cock were pleasured at once. She had plenty of leftover juice for Idalia to lick up. She smiled when Indris then walked over to here, happy to see her finally making a move. And when Indris asks if she can kiss Ana, Ana nods and looks Indris in the eyes. “Go ahead, go as slowly as you want~” She says reassuringly, her face contouring in pleasure as she talks.

Ignia smiles and nods vigorously when Anastasia says that she couldn’t wait, showing her full agreement, after which her pussy tightens even further and she begins riding her harder and faster, moaning even louder with every drop of her hips. Idalia, meanwhile, spread Anastasia’s pussy and starts licking deep inside her, just as vigorously as Ignia was riding her, slurping up all of her juices, while stroking her own pussy with two fingers. When Anastasia agrees to let Indris kiss her and tells her to take her time, she nods slowly and leans in, giving Anastasia a sloppy and completely inexperienced kiss, just as inexperienced as the one she had shared with Ignia earlier in the day.

Anastasia moans in sync with ignia’s own, every drop of ignia’s body sending a surge of pleasure throughout Ana’s body. She placed one of her hands on Ignia’s hips to help guide her tempo, the slaps of their bodies resounding throughout the shower in a steady rhythm. Idalia’s attention to her pussy just doubled the pleasure she was feeling from her body, the two parts of her sending their own flurry of pleasurable sensations. Conjoining with each other to make one hell of an experience that made Ana moan loudly. Her cock and pussy both leaked out pre and juices respectively, her arousal more than clear based on how much was coming out. When Indris finally moves in and kisses Ana, Ana smirks softly, finding the inexperience of Indris’s kiss to be quite amusing. She kisses Indris back softly, not invading her mouth quite yet, but trying to show Indris how it’s done. Ana was no expert, but by know she hopefully knew how to kiss well. She places her free hand on Indris’s shoulder, preparing to lower it in case Indris decides to go further

When Anastasia starts guiding Ignia’s pace, she conforms immediately, but starts groping her own tiny breasts with her hands as she holds her riding pace with Anastasia’s movements, her moans now occurring between her panting as she gets closer with every drop of her hips. Idalia, Meanwhile, moans into Anastasia’s pussy as she fingers herself, licking up every bit of her juices as she licks deeper and deeper into her pussy. Indris, meanwhile, holds her kiss with Anastasia, trying to follow her lead, but still not improving much in her kissing skill, though she does hesitantly stroke Anastasia’s cheek with one hand.

Anastasia does her best to actually kiss Indris instead of kissing her inbetween moans, but with the attention she’s receiving its somewhat hard to do. She does her best to manage though, letting Ignia go faster with her thrusts downward. She feels herself building towards orgasm again, and instinctively begins to explore Indris’s mouth, not roughly so, but enough to where she let her tongue intertwine with Indris’s. She slowly lowers her hand down Indris’s shoulder as well, moving to her side and near her breasts, rubbing the side of said breasts occasionally. Finally though, Ignia’s and Idalia’ attention was too much, and she let out another loud moan into Indris’s mouth, suddenly kissing Indris much more roughly as she pumped her seed into Ignia’s awaiting pussy, her own pussy spraying her juices all over Idalia’s mouth and face, with some of her cum mixing in as it drips out of Ignia’s pussy and down her cock towards Idalia’s face.

When Anastasia cums inside of Ignia, she lets out a long moan and orgasms at the same time, then she rubs her lower stomach with a hand as she sighs contentedly and smiles. Meanwhile, Idalia giggles and licks up as much of the excess cum as she can from her face, and Anastasia’s cock and thighs. When Anastasia’s kissing gets rougher with Indris, she attempts to keep up, but notably struggles, and when Anastasia finishes, she pulls back, panting softly.

Ignia rolls off of Anastasia and into the water, then leans against the raised section of the floor before passing out, smiling. When Idalia sees that Anastasia’s cock is now free, she looks at Anastasia, after she pulls away from Indris, and smiles “My turn?” she asks, sitting back and spreading her legs, while Indris looks at her naked body and blushes.

Anastasia catches her breath now that there was a lull in the fucking. She felt as if she just ran across the entire of Chaldea. Her cock droops oh so slightly, but perks back up as Ana feels Idalia licking her thighs and cock. She watches Ignia roll off her and then pass out, thankfully out of the water. Anastasia lets out a little chuckle. “Guess she didn’t get enough sleep last night…” When she then hears Idalia speak, she looks over and grins, then looks to Indris. “If you feel more comfortable with your sisters, you can always help Idalia out~” She says sweetly before dragging herself to Idalia and positioning herself above her, planting her face on one of Idalia’s breasts and suckling on it. She then uses her hand to guide her cock against Idalia’s pussy before thrusting it in, letting out another moan as she does so. She leaves one of Idalia’s breasts open for Indris, along with Idalia’s mouth of course. Assuming she wants to help please Idalia that is as Ana began thrusting into Idalia.

Indris nods slowly when Anastasia suggests she help Idalia if she’s more comfortable with her. When Anastasia moves to Idalia and sucks on her nipple, it hardens almost immediately as Idalia moans, then Idalia gladly wraps her legs around Anastasia’s hips and moans even more as Anastasia thrusts into her. She then pants out “Unf~ it feels like it has been forever since we did this...” softly, as her pussy tightens on Anastasia’s cock hard. Meanwhile Indris moves behind Idalia and leans her against her chest, wrapping her arms around her lower body. She leans her face close to Idalia’s, then whispers “D-do you mind if I… kiss and touch you?” she asks, nervously. Idalia hesitantly nods, then Indris kisses her lips softly while using one hand to grope her free breast, unskillfully, which causes Idalia to flinch back very slightly.

Anastasia eagerly suckles on Idalia’s tit and uses her tongue to massage her nipple as she does so, savouring the taste of Idalia, which she had been deprived of for much longer than she ever would have wanted. When Idalia mentions it feels like its been forever, Anastasia cackles softly. “You’re telling me…” She says, her voice muffled from Idalia’s tit. She began thrusting harder as she said so, wanting to feel the body of her lover again. If nothing else, Ana was getting good at thrusting at a good tempo now, going rough but steady, and not in a way that would hurt Idalia but instead hopefully maximize her pleasure. That was the plan anyway. Ana looks up for a bit to see what Indris would do. Smiling when Indris asks to kiss her. Ana resumes her suckling, but notices Idalia flinch a little at Indris touch. In an effort to help, Ana reaches out and grabs Indris’s hand, loosening her grip a little with her fingers and guiding her hand to do it a certain way.

Idalia moans into Indris’ mouth with every thrust and does her best to move in time with Anastasia while she licks Indris’ tongue, Indris doing her best to return Idalia’s kiss, her lack of skill visible to Anastasia. Indris accepts Anastasia’s help in massaging Idalia’s breast, and the affect is noticeable as her nipple stiffens from the attention, just like her other has from Anastasia’s suckling. It wasn’t long before Idalia’s juices were running down Anastasia’s shaft from her skillful fucking.

Anastasia did her best to continue to help Indris with her attempts. She couldn’t help her that much realistically but the least she could do was make sure Indris wasn’t hurting Idalia. Idalia could show her how to kiss and stuff after all. Anastasia retracted her mouth from Idalia’s nipple and began kissing and gently licking Idalia’s body all over. Her boob and sides and neck and wherever else, making sure to mark as much of Idalia’s body with her tongue and saliva. Her cock twitched and pulsed as she continued to fuck Idalia, she could feel pre begin leaking out of her cock too, further slickening Idalia’s pussy, and causing the sticky black substance to meld onto the floor with Idalia’s juices. Anastasia really wanted to cum inside Idalia, even more than normal, she wanted to hear Idalia scream in pleasure as she was pumped full of her seed, a carnal desire that took the forefront of her mind.

Idalia cries out in pleasure into Indris’ mouth as they make out more vigorously, Idalia becoming even tighter on Anastasia as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. As Indris and Anastasia pleasure her breasts, her nipples become fully erect, and finally, with a scream of pleasure, Idalia orgasms, her juices coating Anastasia’s cock and thighs due to the intensity of her climax. As she’s orgasming, she reaches up a hand and grabs Indris, pulling her harder into the kiss and kissing her more passionately until Anastasia’s and her own orgasms end.

Anastasia’s moans and cries become more and more frantic, along with her pace as they continued to fuck, the pleasure growing greater and greater. When Idalia orgasms and her pussy massages her cock as it contracts, she was pushed over the edge. With a final thrust Ana plows herself as deep as she could go inside Idalia and unleashes a torrent of her black, sticky cum. As always more than Idalia’s pussy could really handle and so it backed out and dripped onto the floor and Anastasia’s cock, Anastasia’s body shuddering as she came. When she finally finishes, she grins and looks at Idalia passionately kissing Indris. “Liking it so far Indris?” She says with clear humor in her tone.

Idalia breaks the kiss when Anastasia finishes cumming inside her, then reluctantly lifts her hips so that Anastasia’s cock slides out, letting out a soft moan with every inch removed.When asked if she liked it so far, she licks her lips “Y-yes… kissing, at least… I’ve never done anything else.” she says. ‘Well, now’s your chance to try other things~“ Idalia says, before adding “I’m going to follow Ignia’s lead and rest for a few moments, I think I’m still not one-hundred percent. Have fun~” she says, before laying down in the standing water beside Ignia, resting her head on the raised stone edge so that it was outside the water. Indris watches her lay down, then looks over at Anastasia’s naked body, then her face, before commenting “I… guess it’s just us now...” nervously.

Anastasia grimaces a tiny bit as Idalia slowly gets up, debating about possibly slamming her back down so they could do it all over again, but she relents and lets out a soft, contented sigh as she sits down, catching her breath for a bit. When Idalia says its time for her to try other things, Anastasia gives Indris a smug smirk which then turns into one of feigned embarrassment. “Man I didn’t realize I was so good at tiring them out, looks like we’ll all be catching some extra rest.” The smirk returns and she reoorientates herself so her front was directly facing Indris. “Seems like it… So, wanna try kissing something else?” She says, grabbing the base of her cock and pointing it at Indris. A few drops of her cum still leaked down the shaft, and despite cumming multiple times in quick succession it was as hard as ever.

Indris blushes when Anastasia says that she’s good at tiring them out, but otherwise doesn’t reply until Anastasia suggests that she try kissing something else, at which point she looks nervous, but nods anyway. “I’ve never done it before… but I guess I could t-try...” she stutters as she gets on her knees in front of Anastasia and softly kisses the base of her cock, then the tip, each kiss making Indris visibly more nervous.

Anastasia does her best to take a more calm, focused mode now that she was dealing with just Indris. Take it steady, just like you did with Idalia the first time… Wait she didn’t take it steady the first time with Idalia at all. OK then with Ignia… Ok maybe not Ignia either. Right, new experience. She takes a deep breath and tries to put on an inviting, non-aggressive facial expression to help Indris ease into it. “You’ll do fine~ That’s why you watched the others right?~” Anastasia said reassuringly. When Indris began slowly kissing her cock, she let out very soft moans. Though despite her lecture towards herself, she found herself getting a little impatient after a bit. “Right, but you gotta start putting the whole thing in your mouth, not just kiss it as you saw, so get the head in at least ok?” She said, placing a hand on the back of Indris’s head to help guide her.

Indris’ eyes widen a little as Anastasia suddenly presses on the back of her head, letting out a sound of surprise and minor discomfort as she gags slightly on the gigantic cock, even if it was just the head, but she doesn’t attempt to pull back. After a moment, she starts bobbing her head slowly while sucking lightly on the tip of Anastasia’s cock. She places her hands on Anastasia’s thighs, but otherwise does nothing with them. Every few moments, she lets out another gagging sound, but her face showed, through her dark blush, that she was determined to see this through.

Anastasia lets out a soft moan of pleasure as Indris begins slowly bobbing her head up and down. She wasn’t taking much in overall, definitely not the same as Idalia or Ignia, but she was happy she was finally getting an actual blow instead of some soft kisses. Anastasia gently wraps on of her legs around Indris’s torso, bringing Indris in a little closer with said leg and gently rubbing her head to show she was doing a good job. “I think you can fit more than that~” Anastasia says sweetly, pressing down on Indris’s head again to try and get another inch or two inside Indris’s mouth.

Indris coughs and gags again as she takes another two inches into her mouth, then resumes bobbing her head slowly, now finally moving her hands to Anastasia’s shaft and starting to stroke it slowly with both hands. Saliva started slowly running down Anastasia’s shaft and onto Indris’ hands, making them slick. Despite how she was bobbing her head on Anastasia’s cock, Indris’ tongue was working very little, practically doing nothing at all, showing that unlike Idalia who had the basic idea the first time, Indris doesn’t even have the vaguest idea of what she’s doing.

Anastasia exhales heavily and contently. Her cock twitching and leaking small amounts of pre now that Indris was starting to do it better and better, causing smears of black to appear on Indris’s lips and hands as it coated her saliva. Anastasia then began to notice Indris wasn’t using her tongue at all. It wasn’t the biggest deal, but it did certainly impact her enjoyment. “Use your tongue, run it against the shaft and below the head, it feels better that way~” Anastasia said as she continued to rub Indris’s head.

Indris closes one eye, slowly, then starts running her tongue against the shaft and below the head, obediently, and sloppily, between gags, while continuing to bob her head and stroke Anastasia’s shaft with her hands. When she starts to taste Anastasia’s precum, she cocks her head to the side and swallows it, then starts bobbing her head a bit quicker.

Anastasia continues to let out content moans of pleasure as she was sucked off, her cock leaking more and more precum, smiling a little to herself as Indris swallows it. Finally though, she reached her limit and she let out a loud moan and started cumming right into Indris’s mouth. Only about half of Ana’s cock was inside so most of it actually went into her mouth instead of down her throat like the others, meaning it backed up much sooner and began pouring out of her mouth quickly, coating her face and hands in the sticky black substance.

When Anastasia cums into Indris’ mouth, she coughs and gags, causing the liquid to run down her chin and onto her breasts, despite her best attempts to swallow it. As the shower rinses the liquid off of her, she quickly slips Anastasia’s cock out of her mouth and tries to wipe the cum off of her with her hands so that she can try to lick it off and swallow it before it washes away. As the licks the remains of the cum off her fingers, she realizes what she was doing, and blushes darkly, while stuttering something that doesn’t amount to anything intellegeable.

Anastasia leans back a little and closes her eyes, letting the feeling of the shower hit her face as Indris licks her fingers. Even if she couldn’t see it Ana could easily hear it, Indris didn’t exactly attempt to hide what she was doing. Anastasia opens her eyes slightly just in time to see Indris blush deeply and stutter something. Anastasia lets out a little chuckle and nods. “Do I really taste that good Indris?” Anastasia looks at Indris, smiling sweetly before stretches her arms outward then grabbing Indris by the shoulder. “Right, now that you gotta taste, its time for you to find out how it feels all the way inside you.” With that, Anastasia pushes Indris to the ground and straddles her legs, grabbing her dick and lining it up with Indris’s pussy before thrusting it in, slowly, but going all the way, not stopping until she was all the way in.

When asked if she really tasted that good, Indris begins sputtering something else, but Anastasia grabs her and pushes her onto her back. As she pushes into her, Indris doesn’t resist, she instead stares nervously at Anastasia’s face, then moans and arches her back with every inch that enters her, her pussy extremely tight. Due to thrusting all the way into her, Anastasia also rips through Indris’ hymen, causing blood to leak out into the standing water in the shower, and for Indris to grimace and grunt from pain, though unlike Idalia and Ignia, no tears are shed. When Anastasia stops, Indris pants softly, resting in the water and staring at Anastasia, blushing as she waits for her to start thrusting.

Anastasia lets out a soft, prolonged moan as she slowly thrusted into Indris, just like Idalia and Ignia her pussy hugged her cock tightly. She barely felt the resistance of Indris’s hymen, the pleasure of her cock being enveloped by Indris’s pussy far outweighing that feeling. Though she could tell she tore it when Indris suddenly winces in pain. It seems she didn’t really mind it though. When she was all the way in, Anastasia gave Indris a playful smirk and leaned down, kissing Indris and diving her tongue into Indris’s mouth as she began to slowly thrust her hips.

When Anastasia starts thrusting into her, Indris wraps her arms around Anastasia’s back, and starts moaning softly with every thrust. When Anastasia leans in and kisses her lips, then slips her tongue into her mouth, Indris sloppily attempts to lick Anastasia’s tongue, though her kissing is very sloppy and inexperienced, and her moans fill Anastasia’s mouth with every movement of her hips. Rather than move her hips with Anastasia’s thrusts as Ignia and Idalia had, Indris lays still and takes it.

Anastasia knew Indris was inexperienced, Indris demonstrated that multiple times now, yet she kept doing small things Ana didn’t really consider before that seems to just try and ruin the whole experience this time around. The sloppy kiss was manageable but the lack of movement from Indris made it feel surprisingly lackluster. Anastasia grunted a little bit and tried to wrap an arm around Indris’s lower body, but the positioning was much too awkward for that, So Anastasia broke the kiss for a moment. “It’ll feel a lot better if you move your hips as well, for both of us.” Anastasia said, trying to keep her patience. She was getting better at that at least recently. With her advice said, she went back to kissing Indris, knowing she could only get better at that with experience. She thrusted a little faster as she did so, but tried to keep a manageable rhythm for Indris to follow.

Indris starts to reply and looks genuinely bothered by the fact that Anastasia wasn’t seeming to enjoy it, her face showing a mix of embarrassment, disappointment, and sadness, however when she starts to reply with an apology, Anastasia interrupts it when she resumes her kiss, and now as Anastasia thrusts, Indris manages to match each of her movements with her own hips, moaning louder now into Anastasia’s mouth each time, while her kisses and tongue movements were now attempts to mimic Anastasia’s, even if Indris wasn’t very good at it.

Anastasia smiled to herself inwardly as Indris began thrusting her own hips in sync with Ana’s. That felt much better, the motion feeling a lot more fluid. Anastasia didn’t really wanna hear an apology from Indris, she wanted to see results, and so far she was getting them. Now that there was some good motion going, Ana could feel pre leaking from her cock and into Indris’s pussy. She slowly began to speed up her thrusting, trying to keep the increase in pace gradual though so Indris could keep up.

Indris’ moans started to become cries of pleasure into Anastasia’s mouth, and started to become mixed with heavy panting. Indris managed to follow the increase in pace slowly. As precum flows into Indris’ pussy, the standing water in the bottom of the shower also begins to tint black as the pre-cum flows into it. Indris slowly gets better and better at mimicking Anastasia’s kissing movements, and as she gets closer and closer, her pussy tightens hard on Anastasia’s cock, making it harder to maintain her pace.

Anastasia began to kiss Indris rougher and with more fervor as time passed, her lips pressing against Indris’s harder and harder as she tried to kiss Indris more and more passionately. She could feel Indris begin to waver as Anastasia went harder, but she couldn’t stop herself. The feeling of going deep inside Indris was much too pleasurable to slow down even a little, that feeling of pleasure building with each passing moment until finally it reached its climax. Anastasia let out a loud moan through Indris’s mouth, biting Indris’s lower lip gently as she came, filling her pussy with black, tar like cum that overflowed out into the water below. Anastasia did her best to fill every inch of Indris before finally pulling out and releasing their kiss. Anastasia panted as she tried to catch her breath and rolled off Indris, feeling quite worn out after cumming for the sixth time now in quick succession.

Indris shivers and spasms as she reaches orgasm at the same time as Anastasia, then she lets out a loud cry of pleasure as Anastasia cums inside her, causing her to arch her back. When Anastasia pulls out of Indris, she lets out a shuddering sigh, then closes her eyes and relaxes as Anastasia rolls off of her. “Th-this is not… what I e-expected… t-to do today...” Indris stuttered, tiredly and quietly.

Anastasia lays there for a small while, panting slowly as she felt her eyes slowly close. The weight of fucking three people at once hitting her in a big load. She felt exhausted now, she really needed to join Ignia and Idalia in their napping. “Well, I hope you liked it.” Anastasia yawned out before closing her eyes, wondering what they’ll have for lunch since breakfast is out of the equation now.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby mrblah » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:55 am

His heart nearly stopped when the Warchief's gaze suddenly shot towards them, and for a moment, he floundered for a response. Thankfully, it seemed the absolute idiot didn't realize they were trying to assassinate him, so instead of immediately siccing his underlings on them, he instead opened himself up to diplomacy... perhaps this was indeed a good chance to take. "As dumb as it seems, we can try this method first before resorting to a fight." He turned to whisper to the others. Camilla and Viola seemed on board with the idea already. "If worst comes to worse and it looks like we're not doing well Metia, you can rush in while they're distracted to devastate them beforehand. The rest of us can then use that opportunity to hopefully wipe out the rest of the Warchief's allies before we focus on him." He formed the simple plan in moments, and was already turning around to enact it. If they waited too long Dickfuck might get suspicious.

"Indeed, O' mighty Warchief, we have come to challenge thee tribe to a battle ballet!" He made a grandiose gesture to the crowd, upping his dramatic act. "Me and my companions here are travelling dancers hired on behalf of a nearby city whom you threaten. We were sent in hopes to persuade you to turn back and not bring harm to those we represent, and for that sake, we shall dance! And so in which case..." He hates what he's about to do. Amun twirled on one foot, throwing his arms out to flow alongside him as he spun forward to dramatically stomp toward the Warchief with an open finger pointed at him.


Sirius damn it he's gonna vomit if he keeps this up.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby MiscChaos » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:07 am

Ophelia can feel the trek drain her steadily of what energy she has left, especially given that she chooses to continue holding Lily throughout it all. She never once contemplates putting her daughter down, however. She already failed Lily once today, after all. She has no intention of doing so again while her little girl is missing her damn eye and very obviously suffering after everything that happened to her. She just makes soothing sounds to Lily to try to get her to calm down and continues begging her forgiveness for not protecting her. Consoling Lily nicely distracts Ophelia from her failure to protect Annie and Alice, the fact she has no idea where either of them are right now nor their condition, and that she has had her race changed against her will. She is not sure she would not self-destruct once those thoughts begin circulating through her mind and Lily does not need that right now. Her girl has enough to worry about without her mother breaking down into a crying mess, so her breakdown is reserved for a time when she is not in Lily's presence. Which is fine. She has either not felt or buried her emotions for her entire life before Alice and Annie brought them out, only encouraged to feel bloodlust for her kill. She can suppress them for however long she needs. When she sees the floating eyeballs, she immediately goes on guard. She has already watched one set of monsters to take advantage of Lily, there is no way in hell she is allowing another. When Luthica mentions them as security, she relaxes slightly. If the new people wanted to harm her or Lily, then they could have done so immediately after separating them from Ra or at any point during the trek here. ...unless they were having them ferry themselves to make the capture process easier. She has already escaped the chance of captivity once this day, she hopes she will avoid having to do so again since she doubts someone will come and save her again.

She avoids saying anything about the name of the man in the statue. Given how revered Gaylord is, insulting him would most definitely be a poor choice. While death is not something she fears now that she knows the fear of losing those important to her, she is not one to shirk her responsibilities. Allowing herself to die now would mean no one is taking care of Lily. Lily is the last person she has near her that she cares for. Even if she was interested in ending it all, her fear of losing Lily would far outweigh it. So she holds her tongue and continues to allow herself to be guided to... wherever they plan on going. She does not know and can barely find it within herself to care. The castle (and she finds herself in a lot of castles recently) is not quite as grand as Skyrille's she feels, but it is still yet another mark of outrageous wealth in its own way. She is not sure if it is because of her recent losses or because of her changing opinion of Lady Techra, but she is coming to despise shows of wealth. The people attached to them come with dangers that make her fear for those around her.

She is content to ignore what is going on around her until the so-called Queen speaks. It reminds her painfully of Annie and she feels a fierce pain in her heart. She hopes she does not feel this way every time she thinks of her currently lost lovers. She has become used to pain from the outside. Pain from within is a much harder sensation to adjust to. Either way, the sense of trust she has for Annie causes her to pay attention to what Alpha says, even if she has none of the dignity she would expect what with reclining on the throne when they first entered. The thought of someone having genuine mind control is... disturbing. Deeply so. Lady Techra was effective even just using conditioning to control her. Being able to just completely bend her to her Lady's will... that is terrifying. The only thing she fears more is the situation she is currently in where her loved ones are separated from her. She is not sure how de-aging oneself works, but that is little more than a footnote to the mind control subject. She cannot control an angered, bitter growl in the back of her throat when Ra is brought back up. It is even worse to have it confirmed that Azraq willingly worked with the madman. She was willing to believe that maybe he had taken control of the city forcefully, but it turns out her city was even worse than she thought. It is a tough pill to swallow, but less so than the pain she has already been through.

When she is asked for her version of events, she has to take a moment. Everything is still so fresh that thinking on it hurts. She is about to begin when she hears Lily speak up. "Same?" she whispers back, confused. Ra called her some abomination... so does that mean Alpha is cut from the same cloth? This is confirmed when Alpha calls Lily her sister. Still, a drink? Special stuff? What does this mean? When the other girl brings in the drink, Ophelia visibly restrains herself from striking it from the girl's hands. While she very much doubts Alpha has bad intentions at the moment, she has to force herself to keep this in mind and not jealously defend Lily from everything. Beyond that, it looks like whatever the substance is, it is known to everyone except for herself and Lucian. She allows Lily a single sip and plans to immediately retaliate if any ill effects are imminent. When Lily's wounds begin steaming and healing, she no longer attempts to prevent Lily from drinking and instead actively encourages her daughter to continue. Her relief in Lily's healing, going so far as to recover her eye, makes her legs weak and she almost collapses to the floor. Tears bead in her eyes due to how powerful her joy is. The instant Lily is healed, she crushes the girl against her chest in a powerful hug. "Thank the Goddesses." she whispers to herself as she does so. "I was so, so worried about how you would recover from your injuries. I am so very glad you will be just fine now." Due to the lock she has on her emotions, she still does not fall into actual tears since if she starts, she does not think she will be able to stop, but it is a very close thing.

Gathering herself, she turns to Alpha. "You have my sincerest gratitude in ensuring Lily will be OK. Not knowing anything about her, I was deeply concerned about if she would recover. If I may ask, what was the substance she ingested? Is it easily acquirable? I would like it if I did not have to make Lily wait so long to be healed again." With her concerns given, she tries to center herself so she can answer the question asked of her. "I was an assassin raised by and under the control of Lady Techra. The madman's Slime assassins found myself, Annie Doyle, and Alice Liddel while we were in the Colosseum of Fools completing the last assignment I was given." Normally, she would possibly try to edit things in the name of information control. She will not do that right now. She considers this information payment for restoring Lily's health. Even if it hurts her to speak of her lovers and how they came together. "Annie and Alice had their own reasons for hunting this man, but in the end it did not matter. The assassin eluded to Lady Techra being in danger and we made the decision to return to Azraq to check on her. Upon entry, we saw unmarked men attempting to abduct Lily in broad daylight. We cut down the army and she latched onto me as her mother. The next day, we entered the Techra Estate. It was a trap laid for us by the egomaniac who claims to know Sirius's will. From the sound of it, you already know his intentions. He brought a necroblob army and 6 Slime assassins to bear against us. He seemed vulnerable to psychological warfare as he lost his composure when we pointed out the many flaws in his plan. He attacked us. We defeated 5 of his assassins and a large swath of his army, but in the end we lost and he converted myself and one other into Nephilim immediately. He abducted Annie and Alice to convert at a later time. He also broke Alice's Vorpal Blade in half, though I have recovered the pieces." That should be a decent summary of the events. If asked, she can detail the abilities of 5 of the assassins, but since she has never fought one of them, she cannot describe them all. "If I may be so bold, I would request assistance in tracking what Ra called The Glass Castle. It seemed to be his base of operation and it is where I suspect Alice and Annie will have been dragged to. I wish to free them from his grip as soon as possible."
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Mark3000 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:01 am

Staring into the orb, Lilith listened to her master. In truth, she hadn't truly committed to overrunning Chaldea with undead. But if it was the only way to make a place for herself in this world, she would do it.

She had heard of the catacombs. Mainly as a place to avoid while travelling. But she was always curious to explore them. Nor could she ignore the chance to met with the Necormancer that had raised those black spires. Rubbing her horn, she looked to Lady Ash.

"I will do everything in my power to ensure the necromancer meets with you" Lilith said with a respectful bow

Ash nodded "Now, I'm not sure whether or not it's still there, given that the Necromancer is suspected to be in that location, however, I'm sure you've heard the legends of the Pendant that lies deep inside the catacombs. Under no circumstances are you to attempt to collect that Pendant, your orders are clear. Going after that Pendant is FAR too dangerous at your current level." she replies, as one of her Skeletons enters the room with two glasses of purple liquid, each with a lime slice on the edge of the glass. Ash accepts one and takes a sip.

"A Pendent?" Lilith asked as she took the other glass. Taking a sip, she gave Ash a curious look. "I've haven't heard the legends. Is it really that legendary to be guarded by such powerful enemies?"

The drink tastes sweet and sour at the same time, somewhat similar to a gold apple sort of wine. "There's a Pendant, known as Legion, with the power to capture, leash, and control Shadow Dwellers. It's a legendary artifact, and many have tried to obtain it, however none have succeeded to my knowledge. Many make the attempt in order to instantly gain Tenebris' favor, while simultaneously gaining incredible power. I'd consider attempting to obtain that Pendant to be suicide." Ash said, without a hint of emotion, before returning to her drink.

Lilith nodded as Lady Ash explained the pendant's power. the Nomad would be lying if she said she wasn't tempted. In a world like this, you can't have too much power. However, if even a powerful necromancer like Ash considered it a suicide mission it would be better to leave it ... For now.

Taking another sip, Lilith hummed. "Understood. I'll focus on the mission. I am ready to head out as soon as possible." She couldn't explain but after playing with her minions, Lilith felt fully renewed. "If I could make one request, could I bring the Armored Tweetling from the last lesson with me. Think of it as a ... good luck charm"

Ash nodded "Sure. There's many more where that came from, so you can feel free to keep that one. I don't think I need to remind you, but please do avoid conflict unless you're positive you can get more corpses out of it than you would lose." she says, before adding "You may leave when you are fully prepared. Don't hesitate to use my Skeletons to deliver messages."

Nodding, Lilith gave Lady Ash a bow before finishing her drink and leaving the room. Making a detour to retrieve the undead Armored Tweetling. With the little birdie in hand, Lilith rendezvous with her other minions as well as her goblin companion. Once the undead entourage Lady Ash promised had assembled she would depart.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby lilbooth » Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:03 pm

CeeCee took some time to take the information in. She wasn't really surprised by anything the warden had said. She may not find her way back to the world of the living or to the garden. And it was a journey she would have to do alone... At least for now, she had an uncanny ability to find allies in even the most foreign places. "What do these lanterns look like Warden? Our goddess shares no love of machinery. Are these lanterns of a natural manor?" She questioned. All he had said made sense except for this. It wasn't enough to make her distrust the bear, but it may very well have been the first test of her goddess. "Thank you for your guidance wise warden." She said with a deep bow. She turned to the hellscape before her and began to march onward, not really so sure of what she was searching for.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Blue56 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:13 am

After being beaten, raped, dragged about halfway across Chaldea if she had her geography right, and then walking even further, it was no understatement that Selvaria would happily stop anywhere to rest. And yet, if it weren't for their business here, she would still move on in search of just about any other walled settlement after beholding Bacon for the first time. She had heard the stories of course, the city populated by those who suffer from Fraus' curse, but words could not convey the sense of dread this place instilled in her. The walls, once brightly colored perhaps but now faded from lack of maintenance, and the lack of a guard or even a gate made this place seem abandoned from the outside. That may have been preferable to the truth, as the shadowy figures of the monstrous looking residents in the thick fog was perhaps the most eerie thing that Selvaria had ever seen. The rest of the city was just as run down looking as the wall, but disturbing as the architecture was, the music was even worse. It was obviously unnatural as it seemed to echo within her mind rather than originate from any tangible source. Was this part of Fraus' curse as well? The castle in the distance, as awful looking as the rest of this place, is the only source of real interest. Was there some sort of ruler here in Bacon? It certainly didn't seem like it, especially with the lack of guards.

Though Selvaria did not know what "bag of nails" meant, she assumed that Elios was just as displeased with this city as she was and found herself nodding in agreement, despite a bag of nails sounding more useful than disturbing to her. Blanche seemed surprisingly at ease here. It was odd that the idea of bathing in the river was what caused the cheer to fade from her voice, although Selvaria was none too enthused at the idea of sharing a bath with the residents of this place either. It was Felix's reaction to Bacon that made her heart ache from the way he shivered with fear and huddled up closer to her. Her hand immediately moved to hold him close, rubbing him gently to comfort her beloved pet. For his sake, she wanted to be done with this place as soon as possible.

Blanche's suggestion of finding an inn seems sensible, though Selvaria does not have high hopes for any inn in this city, since she couldn't imagine they receive guests often enough to keep well furnished rooms. And so she follows along, keeping her gaze ahead and doing her best to avoid contact with the residents who thankfully ignore them. When the door opens and Blanche gracefully avoids the brick that falls before stepping inside, Selvaria jumps in surprise at the sudden shattering sound, clutching at her rifle at what she perceived to be an attack. Was that.... a prank? A brick like that could severely injure someone though... More importantly, Felix was just as startled as she was, and Selvaria picks the blob up and holds her closely to her chest. She needed to ensure her pet was safe and happy, as difficult as that might be in this place. "You seem surprisingly well adjusted to this place... Have you been here before, Blanche?" Selvaria asks as she follows behind, seeing how the Spectross was relatively unperturbed by all of this. The inn was more or less what she had expected from Bacon, colorful yet run down, and the Harlequin behind the desk seemed to match this. She hadn't had much time to dwell on it, but his leering called attention to the poor state of Selvaria's clothing, which Felix was quick to cover by becoming a jumpsuit to cover her. She couldn't help but smile at that, despite this terrible place she was in. Sharing such a close connection with one she held such affection for was a bright spot in this gloom.

Their room was... again, much what Selvaria had come to expect. The lack of a lock was the most disturbing part by far. Blanche was correct that they would need to sleep in shifts to ensure their safety, especially in a place like this. "Feel free to let me keep first watch then. I apparently slept for some time and you had to expend energy rescuing me, so that would only be fair." She says, though she wouldn't exactly call being knocked unconscious and dragged around "sleep", but while she wasn't feeling rested exactly, she didn't feel like sleeping for once either. The rest of their room seems standard, for Bacon anyway. The bed.... existed and they could indeed sleep on it, though it was sure to lack comfort, and there was only one that they would have to share. The bath was small but at least it was there, and there was even a kitchen although she was afraid to find out what kind of food was available in Bacon. The portraits stood out the most, and oddly enough, the most normal looking one was the most disturbing to her. She couldn't place why but it was simply a painting. It couldn't harm her and even if she couldn't ignore it, she could always take it down during their stay here. Speaking of which, she hoped it wouldn't be long. Even if this place was a potential lead in her search for Glass Castle, she would rather search from a different location once their business here was concluded. Elios' method of sneaking her horse into the room, clearly through some sort of magic, was interesting but... She doubted conversing with the woman would produce coherent results. Instead, Selvaria followed Blanche as she examined the room. "What exactly are we to be investigating here? There was a similar listing at the Black Salamander guild, but it was light on details so I don't know much about it just yet." She asked the Spectross.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Anastasia awakes, she finds that Ignia, Indris, and Idalia are crowded around something in the middle of the shower, sitting in the standing water at the bottom. “I think it’s mine.” Ignia was saying, triumphantly as she puffs out her chest, to which Indris replies “... Well, I hope it’s not mine.” in a disinterested monotone. Idalia let out a nervous giggle in response to both statements, then replies “I’m pretty sure it’s mine, though… we’ve had a relationship the longest, so it would be about time something like this happened. My biggest worry was that it’d be in a bad place, but here we are… there’s no better place than here, I think.” she says, and despite the fact that Anastasia was at Idalia’s back, with a good view of Indris and Ignia’s front, she could tell that Idalia was carefully holding something in her lap.

Anastasia felt a little sore when she opened her eyes. She must have thrusted too hard one too many times. She yawns and slowly picks herself up off from the hard ground, not exactly a great sleeping position either. Now stood up, she rubs her eyes and looks over to the three who were talking about the ownership of something. She takes a few steps forward to look over Idalia and see what’s on her lap. “What’re you guys on about? Find something cool?”

All of them were paying too close attention to the thing in Idalia’s lap to notice Anastasia until she asked what they were looking at as she looked over Ialia’s shoulder. What she saw was an egg that was have black and half white, divided down the middle, with purple stripes. Idalia looked straight up at Anastasia as she leaned over her and started to say something, but she was interrupted by Ignia “She’s holding the child that you and I spawned together!” she says, with a sly grin. Idalia gives Ignia a scowl, then replies herself “We’re not sure who the other mother is, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that one is you.” she says, to which Indris adds “Probably not mine, we only did it once.” the look on her face practically screaming that she was fully aware of how faulty her reasoning was.

Anastasia stared at the egg blankly for a while, not quite comprehending what she was seeing, even after Ignia and Idalia made it obvious what it was, it took Anastasia a good while before it finally clicked in her head. She was a mother? That can’t be right, surely this was some kind of jest if not from these three then from the villagers. Yet the longer she looked at it the more it clicked inside her head, and a growing realization inched into her brain. No, this was her child. There was no doubt about it this egg held her crotch spawn. She didn’t know how she knew but she did, like a voice in her head was telling her so. She looked at Idalia, then Ignia, then Indris, then back at the egg, dumbfounded. “So… I-I’m a mom now?” Her tone of voice said she couldn’t quite believe it. Yet by this point she was practically certain of it. It seemed none of the other three shared that definite knowledge however. She leaned down and picked up the strange egg carefully and cautiously, as if dropping it would be the worst thing that could happen in this world. A warm feeling spread through her chest as she did so and a smile crept onto her lips. “W-well, this certainly happened at the right time as you said… Perhaps the villagers can find out? They know magic so surely they can figure that out right?”

“You mean WE are mothers now~” Ignia says, grinning. Idalia rolled her eyes and grabbed the bar of soap from earlier off the floor, then threw it at Ignia, bouncing it off of her forehead, which caused her to squeak in surprise and rub her forehead where the soap had hit her. “We don’t know whose it is. I agree, we should see if one of the villagers can tell us.” Idalia says, to which Indris replies “I doubt they have enough orgies that they’d have to develop magic for that...” in monotone that made it hard to tell if she was kidding or not. Ignia, still rubbing her forehead, commented in a pouty tone “... I hope she’s a Spectross...” as she picked up the bar of soap, taking a big bite of it as if to spite it for hitting her.

Anastasia didn’t exactly mind whoever the other mother might be. Sure she’d prefer if it was Idalia realistically but given she considers them all to be good, trustworthy people it wasn’t the worst thing in the world whomever it was. Besides the same people will be raising the kid regardless. Anastasia giggled a little as Ignia was hit with the bar of soap, then snorted at Indris’s comment, a huge grin on her face. Yea, the kid will be fine. At Ignia’s comment, Anastasia looked back at the egg and shrugged. “I’m not exactly sure how this all works, but I doubt she’ll be 100% spectross… Especially since I’m not anymore.” Anastasia then gave Ignia a ‘wtf?’ look as she ate the soap, wondering if the Chimera will somehow develop some kind of cleaning based abilities from that before shrugging and heading towards the door. “Well, let’s go find out then shall we?”

After the group had finished in the shower, and finished getting dressed, they gathered in the living room. Ignia was wearing a black hoodie with a purple skull and crossbones, a purple pocket on the front, black and purple striped sleeves, and a hood with cat ears sewn onto it, one with the interior black and purple stripes, and the other with a skull. With the hoodie, she was wearing a black and purple plaid skirt over pants with one black leg and black and purple striped leg, and boots with a purple stripe up the front.

Idalia was wearing a gray sleeveless dress with black frills and black string straps that allowed her green bra to be seen, under a black jacket with a hood, with black stockings with frills at the top, and a pair of gray boots with white laces.

Indris was wearing a pair of tight black leather pants with straps that crossed over her back and midsection and a belt around her hips and right thigh, as well as a tattered white waistcoat with black lining. Her top consisted of a black stomach-exposing tube top and a white hood with a single sleeve, and a body portion that was only a single strip of fabric that wrapped from her right shoulder where the sleeve was attached, to beneath her left arm.

Once everyone had gathered in their casual clothing, Idalia posed the question “Are we going to see Froom, or are we just going to take a look around?” she asked. Ignia, who had opted to hold the egg and hasn’t given it back since, then commented “Well, Froom seems like the best option… he helped us last time, so why not this time?” she asked, as she was stroking the egg with one hand, and holding it to her chest with the other. Indris, meanwhile, was leaning against the nearby wall, shaking her foot impatiently as the others discussed their options.

Anastasia didn’t even realize the three had those pairs of clothing with them, so when she went downstairs with her black one-peice dress she was surprised to see them in such different clothes. She decided not to question it though since Anastasia could very easily just never have noticed them before. They looked good in them anyway. When Idalia asked whether or not they should visit Froom, she had to agree with Ignia. “Yea, I think Froom is our best option. He has proven capable after freeing Idalia, so I imagine even if he can’t do it, he can point us to someone who can.” Anastasia looked over at Indris and frowns a little. Indris seemed a little… Annoyed ever since they woke up, was something bothering her? Well, if she kept up the attitude she’d have to question her about it.

Idalia looked at Indris, after Anastasia had agreed, as if awaiting some sort of response, but Indris only stared back. After a moment, Idalia then announced “I guess it’s settled, then. To Froom’s house!” she said, flinging the door open and stepping out, Indris following right behind her, and Ignia following Indris. Now that it was daylight, the village was very busy. More of the indigo cat creatures were wandering the village, casually, a strange orange dog-like creature with snail-like eyes and a perfectly circular mouth was sitting in the shade of a nearby tree, wagging its tail. Slithering through the sand was a an orange snake-like creature, with fox-like pointed ears, and the same perfectly circular mouth as the dog creature. Even more Anglars were working in the garden they had seen on their way to their new home, a green Anglar with an antenna and yellow lips was making his way up the steps that led to the upper part of the village when Anastasia and her companions exited the house, and gave them a friendly wave.

Idalia waved back at him and smiled, while Indris gave a quick three-fingered wave. Ignia was busy holding the egg, and therefor opted to just smile and give the Anglar a nod of acknowledgement. As they made their way down the steps to the lower part of the village, Anastasia and her companions passed a white Anglar with a perfectly cube-shaped head, who bid them good morning. “Good morning! Your village sure is lively during the day.” Idalia replied, with a smile.

As the group crossed the sand towards Froom’s house on the lower level, they pass by a group of more Anglars, chopping down and planting more trees into the sand. Each of the Anglars waves at them briefly as they pass by, and Idalia waves back. As soon as the group reaches the door, Idalia knocks on it twice, then waits. After a few moments, the group can hear a rustling in the house, then Froom opens the door with one hand, while holding his Indigo cat creature in the other. “Ah, hello, my friends. How are you this fine morning?” he says.

Anastasia looked over back at Idalia, hoping it was just her imagination that Indris might be upset about something before following the group out the door. She wasn’t quite expecting the activity she saw. Having only really seen the village at night to see so many strange creatures roaming around was quite the sight. An Anglar was wandering around too, and Anastasia raised her hand and nodded in affirmation of his existence. She did her best not to feel disturbed by the various animals and other Anglars that were roaming around, hoping she would get over that soon. But no matter how many times she saw them, they just looked so wrong to her. Especially since none of them really followed a set pattern in how they looked. She would do the same gesture to the white Anglar they passed by as they made their way to Froom’s house. Anastasia had to agree with Idalia that things were certainly a lot more busy now. Which she supposed shouldn’t be all that surprising. That’s how most villages worked, they were active when people were awake. Anastasia would repeat her gesture for every single Anglar they passed, and by the time they made it to Froom’s house, she began reconsidering the population of this village. It was already quite a fair bit more than she originally thought. When Froom opens the door, she smiles and gives a nod. “Hey there, we’re doing pretty good…” Her eyes darted to Indris, wondering if that was true before quickly returning to Froom. “We were wondering if you could help us with something, I think you might know what it is, and we are having a bit of trouble determining the mother…” She said in a low voice, what she said giving an obvious indication of what she meant by that.

Froom nodded and started to speak, but before he could utter a word, Ignia broke in “Also, you wouldn’t happen to have more slices of that fruit, would y-” she started to ask, but Idalia, without looking, reached out and flicked her forehead, causing her to squeak and flinch back. Froom chuckled at the scene, then wet on “I foresaw this when I awoke this morning, indeed.” he said, before stepping aside and motioning them inside. Ignia, excitedly, entered first, with Idalia and Indris following behind them. Ignia quickly plopped down on the couch, the egg on her lap, after which she reached out with her free hand and grabbed a plate of sliced fruit that was on the table, and began scarfing it all down. Idalia looked at her with an exasperated look on her face, but didn’t comment. Idalia opted to stand, while Indris leaned against the wall beside the doorway to the kitchen, with her arms crossed. “Yes, please help yourself to the fruit, I had set that out in preparation for your coming.“ he says, before continuing “Now, to identify who the second mother of your newborn child is, I must only get the attention of the Great Old One, Asllapiscu.” he says, as he sits down in the chair across the room from the couch with a drink in his hand, taking a slow sip from it as his cat-like creature paws at his nose, though he didn’t seem to notice, or didn’t care.

Anastasia snickered a little as Ignia suddenly burst out about the fruits she liked. Ignia was adorable, though, she was glad Idalia flicked her otherwise she would have to. Anastasia felt a little apprehensive when Froom said he forsaw this happening. Not because of this exact situation, but because she didn’t want Froom to know everything they might be doing cause one of is ‘Great Old Ones’ told him so. When Anastasia entered the house, she stood inbetween Idalia and Indris, eyeing Ignia scarfing down the fruit, and keeping tabs on Indris’s body language. Perhaps Indris was just worried about her being the mother. Would make sense, they weren’t super close, the same way Idalia was. Plus it was their first time. Maybe she’s overthinking things as well.. Regardless, Froom had made his preparations, and despite the cat-thing pawing at his nose seeming annoying, he seemed ready.

Froom closed his eyes for a moment, then both of them shot open and the world around them was suddenly a black void that only contained Froom, who appeared to be sitting on nothing, Ignia, Indris, Anastasia, and the egg. Froom began to speak into the empty black void in a language that Anastasia did not understand, while Idalia looked slightly nervous, Indris looked indifferent, and Ignia, while chewing hungrily on the fruit still, looked as though she was watching a play. After Froom had finished speaking a long monologue into the void, everything went silent for long moments, before in the distance suddenly appeared a colossal flying Hummingbird-like creature of such immense and incredible size that it could easily have fit a nearly infinite number of Entire Chaldeas across its body and still have had spare room. The creature’s body was solid black and would have been invisible if not for orange markings across its body and a bright orange glow that radiated outward from it, and a bright blue light that surrounded its feet and tail like a halo. The creature looked directly at Froom, and spoke in a booming voice that seemed to echo across eternity, in the same language that Froom had spoken, seemingly. Froom responded again in the same language, then pointed at the egg. Suddenly an orange glow, brighter than the sun, blocked out all vision. When the glow faded, Anastasia, her companions, and Froom, were all sitting in his living room again, just as they had been before. Froom took another sip of his drink, before setting it down on the table beside him, petted his cat-like creature, then turned to Anastasia “The Great Old One, Asllapiscu, says that the child is yours… and Idalia’s.” he said, pausing before giving the second answer as if for dramatic effect. Ignia frowned “Aw...” she said… before stuffing another slice of fruit in her mouth and chewing sadly, while Indris merely looked relieved. Idalia smiled “well, like I said before, what better time and place than here and now?” she replied, turning her smile to Anastasia.

Anastasia blinked a few times when the area around her suddenly became just a black void. That was new, certainly didn’t happen back when Froom took off Idalia’s visor. Anastasia wasn’t particularly worried though, it was a little disconcerting yea but given the magic being played with here not super surprising. What was surprising however when a fuck-huge bird thing appared in front of their faces. Anastasia jumped as the thing appeared out of nowhere. It was a size which she couldn’t even begin to comprehend, so utterly massive and exuding so much power Anastasia felt weak in the knees. It looked beautiful even. Anastasia didn’t let herself collapse onto the ground though, knowing that whatever the fuck this thing was, Avenir must be even more glorious than this. Regardless, this thing was technically on their side for now. At least, it was entertaining Froom. When it looked at Froom and ‘spoke’ Anastasia could feel her insides rattle, and she felt sick to the stomach. This was extremely unpleasant, but she wasn’t about to show she was letting something who was just here to answer a question get to her. Just as quick as the thing showed up though, it was gone. Anastasia would never say this out loud but, she never wanted to experience that again. Despite the experience, when Froom spoke her attention snapped straight to him. And when he said that the child was Idalia’s, she grinned and nodded and looked at Idalia. “Yea you’re right, certainly a good time to have one.” With that, she wrapped Idalia in a giant bear hug and picked her up, squeezing her for a bit before setting her down. She then looked at Ignia and smirked. “I think we might have some trouble taking it from her though.”

Idalia tightly returned Anastasia’s hug, then gave her a quick peck on the lips. Ignia, meanwhile, rubbed the egg with her hands “I was hoping it was miiine… I guess it doesn’t make much difference since we’ll still all be together, but still...” she said… before quickly stuffing another slice of fruit into her mouth. “I’m sure you’ll have another chance.” Indris said, after which Idalia replied “We’ll have plenty of chances to change that, don’t worry. It’s not as though my having a child means you can’t.” she said with a smile. In response, Ignia hugged the egg and rested her face on it. Froom, who was sitting in his seat as before, smiled and rested back “I’m glad to have been of service. Before the proposal slips my mind, if any of you are interested, my people are also masters of Runic Magic. I know that the Spectross traditionally prefer that magic as well, so if you don’t know it already, you could quite easily find a teacher here.” he said.

Anastasia didn’t really respond to Ignia, but gave her a sly look when Indris and Idalia eluded that they would have more chances in the future. Indeed, Anastasia didn’t see why she should stop really. Well, it would depend on how good of a mother she could be she supposed, but assuming she felt confident in her abilities, a second or third wouldn’t hurt. Though, Froom suddenly made a proposition that felt sudden, though made sense. “Runic magic huh? I never really considered it, all I ever really knew for a while was how to swing a hammer really hard, though the bow I have now was too good to pass up, so I had to learn fast… I don’t know about it, but I guess I can talk to someone qualified here and see if its worthwhile.”
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Ophelia whispers back to Lily, questioningly, she nods slowly and hoots again, but doesn’t really look up at her, instead keeping her face buried in her chest. She drinks the liquid thirstily, downing all of it in the span of a few seconds, and despite her wounds healing, she remains sad as she returns Ophelia’s hug. When Ophelia tells her that she was worried about her, she only hugs her tighter and whimpers “M-mommy...”, followed by more soft hooting.

When Ophelia turns back to Alpha, her expression is neutral, betraying nothing. When she thanks her and tells her that she doesn’t know anything about Lily and asks about the liquid, she adjusts her posture in her seat and smiles “You’re very welcome, we have plenty where that came from. It actually wasn’t the substance, perse’, that healed Lily, but that fact that it was her that ingested it. You see… I and my sisters, including Lily there, are not human. We can regenerate and become stronger by ingesting other living or recently living creatures, or blood.”

When Aurora hears this, she perks up “Wait, I’ve seen other people like that. She must have come from Lord Barton’s castle, just like the girls who travel with that Spectross I helped to save. She must have either escaped or been abandoned.” she says.

Verger then replies “I don’t see why he’d abandon her, she’s such a sweet little girl...”, to which Luthica starts to add something, but she cuts herself off before she can form a coherent thought.

When Ophelia explains everything that had happened and requests for assistance in finding Glass Castle, Alpha sits up in her seat “I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through, my lady. Experiences like that are one of the many reasons we oppose everything Sicarael stands for. As for finding your friends, we already have as many squads as we can spare searching for the Glass Castle, and you can rest assured that we’ll do everything in our power to free everyone he has taken prisoner. You, on the other hand, should rest and recuperate while you have the chance, as things will soon begin to escalate. We will relay to you absolutely every bit of information in regards to your friends, and anything that may affect your friends, that we obtain.” she says, as she shifts in her seat uncomfortably again, before adding “As for the Vorpal Blade… may I see the pieces?” she asks.

While Lily's physical state seems to be restored, her emotional state is still very damaged. Ophelia will have to see what she can do to fix this at a later time. Preferably without the girl witnessing her own emotional state. Somehow, she doubts that would be good for Lily's healing. They will have to have a conversation later on what is going on and the girl's experiences. She has been distressed every since that dead man's army violated her. Ophelia can recognize that this is very much a good reason for being saddened even if she herself did not get the chance to go through the emotion herself since it was counterbalanced by the joy of preventing Alice and Annie from experiencing a similar fate. And according to Lily, this is not the first time this has happened. She wonders if that contributes to the reaction Lily is having right now. That conversation will have to wait, however.

When Alpha reveals that they are not human, Ophelia has no reaction whatsoever. She already knew that because of the soon to die screaming man and her current lock on her emotions would prevent her from showing much anyways. The tidbit about blood regenerating them revives another unpleasant memory, though. "I recall another being who was similar. We worked together to kill a giant scarab and then she and her companion betrayed me. After I was beaten, she painfully drained a portion of my blood. I suppose that means she is of the same race as the two of you." Even through her lock, she has to work to keep from growling her anger as she remembers the incident. Even though many worse things have happened since then, that betrayal still holds a place in her mind as the 3rd most rage inducing thing in life. Even though her anger, she does note the information about blood. She is more than willing to offer some of her own to keep Lily in good shape. It would be better than worrying over whether her daughter will suffer depth perception problems due to missing an eye. When Aurora brings up a Spectross, her mood sours even further. "It is quite possible that Spectross was the companion I just spoke of. I do not know of others who travel with such a rare breed." She knows the existence of a Lord who houses Lily's race should be the information of greater importance, but knowing what her number 3 and 4 most hated entities are doing sticks out more. And Aurora helped save them? She tries her hardest not to hold that against the Paladin of Sirius. There was no possible way she could know how treacherous the Spectross is and how much she has hurt Ophelia. Given her terrible emotional state, she is not particularly successful. "Some people just do not care about how nice you are if you cannot do as they wish for you to do." Is all she has to say about Verger's comment about Lily's abandonment. Given the connection Aurora made earlier about abductions, she is willing to bet that even after abandoning her, Barton attempted to reclaim the girl through force. Why, she does not know. To keep the secrets of Lily's race from getting out? Regardless, he is now number 5 on Ophelia's shit list. A distant 5, but on there nonetheless.

Ophelia lets the empty platitudes Alpha offers wash over her. She will believe in the woman's words when she sees them in action. With the exception of Skyrille, she is not used to those with power doing anything to assist those beneath them. Even assisting Lily could simply because they share a race. The assistance she has received thus far is simply because it is in opposition to a man that they have already declared hostilities towards. Yes, she will wait and see and decide how much to trust this woman later. On that same note, she is extremely hesitant to show Alpha the Vorpal Blade. "I will show it to you. I will not allow anyone to touch it. It is the only link I have to Alice and I will not risk ANYTHING removing it from my possession." She says, shifting Lily into one hand and pulling the two pieces out of her pack with the other.

When Ophelia details her encounter with the Spectross and the Chimera, Aurora cringes “I don’t know the other girl very well, but I can say that the Spectross was very violent. I often wondered if it was because I accidentally released a giant, evil, dangerous Wraith from her body, which raped us horribly… I can say that the other girl, when I met her, is not nearly so vicious anymore...” she says, before going on “I do know that Lord Barton is the sort of man that would have abandoned Lily. He keeps her sisters locked in holding cells, tortures, rapes, and dismembers them repeatedly. The others that I met, Idalia, Indris, Ignia, and Ilaria told me that in addition to all of that, he starves them.” she explains, her voice wavering as she spoke.

Verger looks horrified, Luthica’s expression is one of barely restrained rage, Lucian looks as though he’s ready to march over to the fortress and beat Lord Barton with a sack of potatoes, but Spade, Diamond, and Alpha look unsurprised. “I feel as though Lord Barton is no better than Sicarael...” she says.

When Ophelia agrees to let Alpha see the Vorpal Blade, she smiles “Thank you.” she says, as she stands up from her throne and slowly makes her way over to Ophelia. She stands only a foot or two away from Ophelia as she stares at the Vorpal Blade with a look of interest on her face. “Truly a marvelous weapon… nothing of this world could have broken such wondrous work.” she says slowly as she tilts her head from one side to another. “I don’t believe Artificers are even capable of constructing such weapons anymore… however, if you are ever willing, we could make an attempt to repair the Vorpal Blade.” she says, as she looks up from the Vorpal Blade and into Ophelia’s eyes

Ophelia is utterly unsurprised to hear Aurora describe Hammer Whore as violent. "Yes, I gathered that when she dropped a hammer on my spine after the first woman drained my blood for no reason." She is slightly torn on what to think of the rest of the statement though. On one hand, she kind of wants to find the wraith that harmed the Spectross so and thank it from the bottom of her heart even if Aurora was caught in the crossfire somewhat. On the other... well, she doubts the benevolence of such an encounter if Aurora would describe it as evil. She cares not for if the Wire Bitch "is not nearly so vicious". It does not change the fact that she betrayed and harmed Ophelia for the most asinine of reasons. She doubts the woman even feels remorse for her actions even now despise the changes Aurora claims she has undergone. She still kind of wishes Aurora had reported the both of them dying horribly, but she really does have better things to think about than this. Even if the thought of their suffering is the one bright spot in this horrible, disgusting day.

Even that is ruined when Aurora reports on the terrible conditions they are held in. How is she supposed to hate someone who grew up like that!? She knows better than anyone else just how your living environment influences your behavior! If she had been raised in such a cruel environment, she very much doubts she would have come out any less violent than the Wire Bitch! Hell, Ophelia now feels lucky that she survived the encounter given mercy is not something taught in those circumstances. She grew up in a significantly less, to borrow words from Alice, fucked up situation and she did not know how to spare someone's life until she met Alice and Annie. Ugh! She cannot possibly hold a grudge against the wire woman now. Not without feeling like the biggest hypocrite in the world. The Spectross, however, is still fair game. ...somehow she feels this is not the takeaway she was supposed to leave with given the reactions of everyone else in the room. This does cause a new question, one that causes a pit of ice to form in her guts: How long did Lily live in such a situation? Did she suffer any of the offenses Aurora described? Is this what Lily referred to when she said "Not again"? She thinks she might be sick if she continues this line of thought. She thought she was furious when she thought of her betrayal earlier, but the thought of Lily being exposed to ANY of what Aurora described... "Oh dear, I seem to be seeing red. I was not aware that was actually possible." This sums up her feelings rather succinctly. She is actually so pissed off that she has cycled back into calm. She locks onto that because her emotional balance is quite weak as it is and she really does not need to have that breakdown in the middle of Alpha's court where Lily can see her.

She rather forcibly distracts herself by centering on Alpha's request to view the Vorpal Blade. And her offer of repairing it. Her immediate instinct is to refuse and then lock it away so that none may, accidentally or otherwise, destroy her keepsake of Alice. The only reason she does not is because... well, she will meet Alice again one day. Of that she has no doubt. It will happen if she has to destroy the whole of Chaldea to make it possible. At that time, what better way to greet her lover than with her repaired blade? "I wish to be in viewing distance of anyone doing anything with the blade. I will bring them to an immediate halt, violently if need be, if I believe they are doing anything that may harm the blade. Is that understood?" She says, locking eyes with Alpha so she can see just how deadly serious she is in her declaration.

“Well, if that’s your requirement, then I suppose I have no choice but to accept. When preparations are complete, I’ll send the best Artificer to your room, should you choose to stay in my castle that is.“ she says with a small smile, after Ophelia had agreed to allow her to repair the Vorpal Blade. “Speaking of your room, would you like a room in the castle? If so, would you like a room with companions, or would you like separate rooms?” she asks, to which Aurora replies “I’d like a room in the castle. I want to be near court so that I can obtain information on my sister and Annie quicker.” she says, before adding “A room with my companions or not does not matter, so long as I’m here… though I would like to help Ophelia look after Lily...” she says as she takes a small step closer to Ophelia.

Luthica stretches and replies “I don’t mind, either. I’ve been sharing a room with Verger for a very long time, so I’m used to sharing.” she says, to which Verger responds by nodding and adding “For anyone that was wondering, she likes to take all of the blankets.” jokingly. Lyandris then shrugged "I'd rather have my own room, but I don't mind sharing with whoever." she said.

Ophelia puts the Vorpal Blade away for now, wanting to reduce the chances of any harm coming to it. When she is given the option to stay in the castle or not, she does not give it even a second of thought. "To stay in an inn or a similar establishment would increase the time taken to inform me of any changes in the situation or updates on intelligence. I would like Alice and Annie back in my arms as quickly as possible, so I will not be doing that." Her eyes narrow in sudden thought. "Unless you are planning on putting some kind of cost on staying in this castle. I have no intention of indebting myself to you over something as paltry as where I sleep." She says, drawing Lily into both of her arms again now that the Vorpal Blade has been put away. "And no matter where I stay, Lily will be coming with me. I absolutely refuse to be separated from her."

She side eyes Aurora when the Paladin of Sirius steps closer to her. On one hand, she is Alice's sister. Her very presence does harm to Ophelia's mental state because it reminds her of the person who is not there. Every time she lays eyes on the woman, it comes with a sharp pain in her heart and the thought that someone else really should be standing where she is. On the other, she is Alice's sister. Besides the Vorpal Blade, she has no links to her missing lover. Which is still better than Annie. The only link she has to her detective is the egg they made together shortly before their separation. But she cannot dwell on that if she wishes to maintain her emotional balance. Anyway, so while Aurora's presence hurts, it is also a tie to Alice. Something she wants so badly, she is already forgiving the Paladin of Sirius (she cannot think of Aurora as just the Paladin. She absolutely cannot. That title belongs to someone else) for assisting one of her most hated enemies despite holding a small grudge against the woman for doing so earlier. Beyond that, Aurora is a much more emotionally stable person than Ophelia herself. She has only recently come into emotions besides bloodlust after all. If she had to choose between herself and Aurora to teach Lily in that manner, she would not choose herself. She has to tell herself that she is not replacing Alice and Annie. Using Aurora as another teacher does not usurp her lovers' mental place as Lily's other mothers. If she tells herself that enough, maybe the guilt that comes with her decision will stop feeling so sharp. "Aurora may either share our room or have one adjacent to it. The decision is hers and I do not mind either way." The words feel like ashes on her mouth, painted so by guilt. But she will put Lily's needs before her own every time. Speaking of, they still need a private place to speak so that she may know what is wrong with Lily. Private quarters are as good a place as any. She also needs a place that Alpha would not mind being destroyed. She has a feeling that when she finally cuts loose to fix her emotional state, it will be quite violent. It is the only way she knew how to react to the outside world for her entire life after all.

Alpha chuckled as she made her way back to her thrown when Ophelia said she had no intention of indebting herself to her. Once seated, she crossed one left over the other as she replied "Well, for one thing, we both have similar goals, in that we want to stop Sicarael and save those he has captured, so doing something like that to you would make little sense. Secondly, I have no need of any money from others. My father, King Gaylord, devoted his life to ensuring that his family and his kingdom prospered greatly. I would never dream of needlessly taking from someone, especially someone who has suffered as you have. Take all of the time you need, of course, but I do hope that someday you'll learn to trust me." she said, with a smile. She then muttered something about how she knows trusting hurts before turning to some of her guards "Please escort our visitors to their rooms, make sure they're comfortable. One of you send word that we're looking for the best Artificers in Terrorcastra, and another one of you please ensure preparations are started on a meal for our guests." she says.

After Queen Alpha had finished speaking, Lucian quickly spoke up "Your Grace, I'd like to show the guests to their rooms, if it please you." he says. Queen Alpha looks at him for a moment, as if trying to read his blank expression, then replies "As you will." as she leaned back in her seat.

After the guards had their orders, they, alongside Lucian, guided Ophelia and the others into one of the many branching hallways. The hallways inside the castle matched the throne rooms design, but between each of the metal doors was a transparent pillar with purple light filling it, which lit the hallway. After much walking, Lucian finally stopped and held his hand out to a Guard, who handed him a silver key, which he accepted and used to open the first room "Lady Luthica, Lady uhm..." he paused for a moment as he fished for Verger's name, until she finally spoke up "Verger. Thank you~" she says, smiling. Lucian quickly nodded, then continued "Yes, Verger, this is your room." he says. The room had a thick yellow carpet with the Terrorcastra emblem in the center, in black. In each corner of the room was one of the same transparent pillars as was in the hallway, lighting up the room with a purple light. The room had two finely crafted oak benches with soft yellow cushions, a glass table with a checkered yellow and black grid on it, and arranged across the table were glass figures of famous, infamous, and unknown mercenaries in various positions. Unlike the ones that Annie had at her house, these figures were unpainted, however the glass that had been used to sculpt them was stained in a different solid color for each mercenary. There were other doors in the room, one leading to a kitchen with black and yellow checkered tiles making up the floor, while another led to the bathroom, with a matching tile floor, and two others led to bedrooms, where the bed frames were made of black wood, and the bed sheets were black, with yellow pillows and a yellow comforter.

Verger and Luthica quickly stepped into the room and, waving to Ophelia and Lily, thanked Lucian, before Verger turned to Ophelia "If you need anything, don't hesitate to let me know, okay?" she said, before lowering her gaze to Lily "Uhm... have a good night, Lily..." she muttered, before gently shutting the door. Lyandris shrugged "I guess I get my own room, then." she mumbled, before Lucian guided them to the room just beside Luthica and Verger's. This one, Lucian gave to Lyandris, saying "Lady uhm..." he started, before Lyandris pinched him "I'm more widely known than Luthica, you have no excuses for that. It's Lyandris..." she said, before stepping into the room and kicking the door shut. Lucian mostly ignored the pinch, only rubbing his arm for a moment, then leading Ophelia, Aurora, and Lily to the room across from the other two and opened the door for them "Lady Ophelia, Lady Lily, and Lady uh..." he paused. Aurora patiently waited moment, and Lucian finally remembered "Aurora, Lady Aurora." he said, gesturing into the room "This is your room. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask." he said, before hesitating, then adding "My room is just three doors down, if you need me for anything." he said, seemingly more to Ophelia, as he was looking into her eyes. As he stared at her face, he grew slightly more nervous, then gently shut the door behind them.

Ophelia's room was just like the two previous rooms, though each room had a different set of mercenaries on the table. Ophelia had more time to examine the mercenaries, since it was easier when she wasn't viewing them from the doorway. Her table had glass figures of famous mercenaries, though among them was a figure of Alice, dressed in her usual blue dress, with her Vorpal Blade in one hand, and her fist out as if she were using her Justice Punch, and a figure of Lyandris, her wings spread and her purple claws out. Among the figures was also one of the Spectross she had just discussed earlier, wielding her hammer in both hands and swinging it upwards as if to hit an enemy into the air.

Aurora made her way to a dresser in one of the bedrooms immediately and threw off what remained of her ruined dress and her white armor, exposing her white sports bra and undershorts, each with a black stripe down the front and back, then changed into a pair of the clothes in the drawer, a stomach-exposing, sleeveless black top with the Terrorcastra emblem on the back in yellow, and a pair of black leather pants with a yellow stripe running up the outside of each leg. As she changed clothes, her face showed a look of pure sadness, which she had been hiding the entire trip to Terrorcastra, but once she was dressed and exited the room, she had changed her expression back to a somewhat neutral and business-like look. She then seemed to notice the glass table for the first time.

Aurora soon moved over to the table to examine the figures, getting down on her knees and looking closely. She first reached towards the figure of Alice, but grimaced and stopped herself before reaching over it and picking up a figure with long hair, wearing a top with long hip-tails and a short skirt, with a pair of armored boots and gloves, holding a giant sword as if she was about to swing it crosswise. "Th-they have Kadelynn, she's famous across Chaldea..." Aurora said nervously, after which she started looking over the board, until she found another figure with long hair, this one holding a long sword with an extended handle, and wearing a zip-up stomach-exposing top, a long coat, and pants with only one leg "O-oh, her sister, Lisette..." she said, picking it up as if to show Ophelia. Lily, in Ophelia's arms, hesitated, but after a moment turned and looked at the figures that were in Aurora's hands, then reached out and grabbed the figure of Lisette, examining it with the same sad expression on her face, though her eyes showed a look of curiosity as she looked at the figure, turning it over in her hand, hooting sadly.

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When Selvaria asks Blanche if she had been to Bacon before, she shakes her head "No, but I know what these creatures are about~" she says, before adding "If you don't want something to happen to you, then you should watch out for that happening here, as it's their idea of a prank~" in the same cheery, singsong voice that she usually spoke in.

when Selvaria offers to take the first watch, Blanche shakes her head vigorously. "My cute little Selvy needs actual rest, being transformed into another race and being knocked unconscious is not resting, silly Selvy~" she says, as she grabs Selvaria, takes a seat on the bed, then sets Selvaria on her lap. She wraps her arms around Selvaria, hugging her tightly, then starts softly rubbing her cheek against Selvaria's own. "You've had a hard time, and I'd like for you to take it easy for now~" she says softly as she presses her lips to Selvaria's and gives her a long, soft kiss on the lips, while gently running her hands up Selvaria's sides, stopping at her shoulders and massaging them gently, her touch incredibly delicate and relaxing. Each time Selvaria looks into Blanche's eyes, she feels her soreness and the tightness in her joints fading away, and an overwhelming sense of calm washing over her. Meanwhile, Felix reforms on Selvaria's shoulder and gently licks and kisses her cheek, jiggling and squeaking happily, while rubbing against her face in between licks and kisses.

Elios seemed to ignore all of the special attention Selvaria was getting, instead stating "I'll watch first." as she moved over to the door, drawing her bow. She leaned against the wall and began watching the door and window calmly, but every few moments, her eyes would flick to the portrait of the man in the gray suit, as if she found it suspicious. Her horse, meanwhile, made its way over to the window and rested on its knees as it watched the outside.

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Dance battle goes here

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When Lilith grabs the armored Tweetling, it begins tweeting at her in her hands, as if excited to be removed from the cage. As Lilith leaves the castle, her own undead follow her, as well as the Goblin, who remains very close by. From seemingly nowhere, a gigantic army of Lady Ash's skeletons begin following Lilith away from the castle and towards the distant Cathedral, marching in formation.

During the trip, most creatures that Lilith encounters seem to avoid Lilith and her army entirely, disappearing almost on sight, either because the forces were so numerous, or because Lump and Loaf were so large and threatening. After many hours of marching, Lilith eventually arrives at Hanged Man Forest. True to its name, the the vast majority of the forest's trees have numerous bodies of people who hung themselves dangling from a multitude of their limbs. The forest was covered with a thick fog, and the grass and leaves were a dreary gray, matching the sad scene that awaited anyone who ventured into the Hanged Man forest.

A short distance into the forest, Lilith finds the Cathedral that Ash had told her about, a tall structure, mostly constructed from stone, with gaping holes in many areas, and stained glass windows. A red glow was emanating from the inside, shining through the holes and into the fog, causing it to tint red. The door was missing from the front, allowing Lilith to look inside the structure without entering. The various blue-cushioned benches had been destroyed or knocked over, while the podium and altar had been partially destroyed, half of the podium resting against a partly-destroyed stone wall, while the rest was laying across the stage. The chandeliers, previously hanging from the ceiling, had all been bent and knocked to the floor, the chains broken. Portraits that had once lined the stone walls were knocked down and destroyed, rendered unrecognizable by age, and whatever event had left this Cathedral in such a state.

A vault had been constructed to separate the catacombs from the rest of the building, however the massive, black metal vault door was partly standing ajar, and from within the catacombs, a red glow was washing over half of the room. The necromancer that Lilith had been sent to find was nowhere to be seen, however a table and a single chair, made from bones, were standing on the stage, both appearing significantly newer than the rest of the cathedral.

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The Warden, when asked about the lanterns, replied "Plants with a natural glow, hanging from withered trees. Be careful, in such a place not everything is as it seems." he says. He doesn't reply when CeeCee thanks him and leaves.

The trip through the woodlands to the hellscape is relatively easy, with tall grass and many trees and various exotic plants lining both sides of the path, many of the plants ones that CeeCee had never seen before, great, small, colorful, plants of every kind. Eventually, the path suddenly stopped at the edge of the hellscape, not even transitioning, just stopping abruptly.

As CeeCee crosses the Hellscape, she begins to feel as though her Goddess may not have created this area. The feeling is unshakable, and comes from seemingly nowhere, then lingers at the back of her mind with every step. Just as the creature said, every few miles, a twisted and withered tree with a glowing plant, shaped like a gord, can be seen, leading her.

Eventually, CeeCee starts to feel hot, as if the temperature is starting to increase rapidly, and the humidity in the air was starting to skyrocket. She starts to pass strange creatures, seemingly wandering aimlessly, not acknowledging her in any way. The creatures looked as though their heads were wrapped in bandages, with a seemingly random number painted in red across the bandages, each one was dressed in nothing but a potato sack, and all of them had limbs like those of starving old men, and were walking on all fours. At first, they were relatively rare, however the further CeeCee traveled, the more of them she saw.

Soon, she began to see the creatures in gradually larger crowds, each crowd following a man in a blue cloak, with a wooden staff between his withered hands. The creatures without the bandages around their faces had no eyes, no ears, and no nose, but they had gaping mouths with large, sharp teeth. Their skin was tinted gray as if they had been walking through smoke, and some clutched metal crosses.

Soon, she began passing by giant heads with blue dots instead of eyes, no nose, no ears, only giant mouths out of which poured even more of the wretched gray-skinned creatures that wandered the hellscape aimlessly. Some of the creatures had spider-like limbs, and crawled across the giant head's featureless face. ll of the creatures continued ignoring CeeCee, as if she wasn't there.

After CeeCee felt as though she had been traveling for an eternity-and-a-half, she began passing by strange trees that looked as though they were made of twisted and withered limbs, all of them clutching each other. The trees made no sound, and did not sway, yet the limbs writhed in masses against each other, as if they were the limbs of the dead, grasping for the life they had lost. From behind one of the trees, a creature with no features on its face, only a mouth that seemed to be attached to its trumpet, with numerous hands sprouting from its forearm that it used to play, arrived and began following CeeCee as it played.

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A Heart to Heart
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Ophelia is not sure she is willing to trust Alpha at her word at current time, especially since, given her quiet aside to herself, Alpha herself knows the dangers of trusting others recklessly. Perhaps if the events of the past day did not happen she would be more willing, but she simply hurts too much to offer her trust to someone new. The only reason she gives the Queen even the small leeway that she does is because Verger and Luthica seem to trust the woman and Ophelia trusts the two of them to at least look out for her if it matches up with their objectives. The way they rescued Lily and her from Ra is proof enough of that even if it is not enough to allow her to believe they helped because of any other reason. When they are dismissed to find their rooms, she simply gives a good of a bow as she can with Lily in her arms and then turns to follow their guides.

It is only with numb detachment and a desire not to allow herself to be lost that she observes the layout of the hallways and the rooms spread throughout them. She can feel her face contort as pain and sorrow tears through her heart when she sets eyes on figurines much like Annie liked to carve. She is not sure if it is her bias or not, but they are not of the quality her detective created, but they are enough alike that the reminder hurts. She checks her expression soon enough, but the fact that it happened to begin with means her emotional control is slipping. She only needs to hold on for a little longer. Once they are guided to their room, she can put Lily to sleep and seek out somewhere unimportant to vent (and possibly destroy). She acknowledges Verger’s comment with a nod of her head, but does not trust herself to actually speak. Her guard goes up the instant the duo is no longer in her presence though. While Lyandris was present during her rescue and was an essential part of it, the fact remains that she simply does not know the woman. Without even a preliminary chance to gain a handle on her personality, it is entirely possible the woman is a mole. She will discuss this later with Verger and Luthica since they seem to be familiar with her, but for the moment she is unwilling to trust Lily’s safety to a stranger. Given Lucian is male and the only two things she has seen a male desire from her is to kill or violate her, she also does not trust him, but with Aurora nearby they still outnumber the potential hostiles so she sees no need for a pre-emptive strike. She relaxes slightly when Lyandris retreats into her own room, but her guard raises right back up when Lucian pays particular attention to her. She either looks much worse than she thought given Verger made the same offer or this man is piggybacking off of the previous offer to have her lower her guard, but either way she merely stares him down until he leaves. At the very least, with Verger and Luthica nearby if he opens hostilities, she can gain reinforcements in the form of those two before he is likely to reinforce himself. They are also closer than Lucian is so he will likely have to tip them off to reach her. Still, she wishes there was more distance between herself and the male. It would make her more comfortable since she knows that, since he received a key from a guard earlier, the lock on the room would not be a decent deterrent to him gaining entry in the night. It may be a good idea to simply miss a bit of sleep and watch over Lily for a few nights. She will have to see at a later point.

Once the male has left the room, she finds herself in pain once again as she spots a figurine of Alice in the room. Her first instinct is to lash out and banish the source of her pain, but she could not bring herself to harm even Alice’s likeness. It would feel too much like bringing harm onto Alice herself. Next she wishes to hide it, but it almost feels like that would be proclaiming a sense of shame in knowing her Paladin. And she could never do such a thing. Almost without thought, she reaches out and gently traces the figure’s face, the likeness extremely accurate. She must grit her teeth to prevent tears from falling from her eyes, the weight of Lily in her arms reminding her that she cannot fall apart just yet. So she moves on. The fact that Lyandris has a figure means she must be at least somewhat famous. Famous for what she is not sure, but information on the woman should be available in that case. She makes a mental note to seek said knowledge out later so she knows what to expect from the dragon. She sees the Spectross and without thought throws the figure against the far wall. It irritates her that the foul woman is well known enough to have a figure made of her, but it infuriates her that someone would put said figure in a room that she dwells in. She absolutely will not stand sharing living space with such a tainted thing and she cannot bring herself to care about any trouble that may bring.

Finding anything to distract herself from her downward spiral, she finds herself staring at Aurora as the woman changes. She finds herself appreciating Aurora’s figure. Specifically her chest and rear. And she feels guilt tear through her as she even begins to consider going any further than that. ‘Does Alice and Annie mean so little to you that you would bed the first attractive woman who reminds you of them!?’ Rings through her thoughts. It just… hurts. Everything hurts really. And she knows that sex with another woman feels good. She just wants everything to not hurt for a time. Surely that cannot be wrong? But she cannot bring herself to actually believe that. Even the thought of it seems like trying to forget her lovers. And that feels like a crime above all others. Just as she is resolving herself to never look at Aurora in such a way again, she catches the look on the Paladin of Sirius’s face. And finds she can understand it. After all, it is much the same expression she would have if she allowed her emotions free reign. Maybe colored by anger, but similar enough. Ophelia may have lost her lovers, but Aurora lost her family to the madman. Given what she knows about family, it is entirely possible Aurora feels even more strongly than Ophelia herself. And given how her own feelings are overwhelming her, that is quite a feat. But Aurora pretends everything is fine when she re-enters the room so Ophelia follows her lead. She has to speak with Lily at another time, she might as well do the same with Aurora. She does not know who this Kadelynn person is, nor does she know of Lisette, but Lily’s reaction to Lisette is something she does find interesting. It speaks of a familiarity that, as far as she knows, has no business being there. Did the woman save Lily from whatever violated her charge the first time? Was Lisette the cause of her violation? She does not know, but she feels there are more pressing matters to discuss at the moment.

“Lily, I understand you are sad and also understand if you feel I have failed you for what happened, but please. Just talk to me. Your silence is concerning. Even if you merely wish to yell at me for failing to protect you as a mother should, I would much rather have that.” She says, turning the girl to face her. “Please? Speak to your mother?”

When Ophelia throws the figure of the Spectross woman against the wall, it bounces off and drops to the floor, still fully intact.

When Ophelia speaks to Lily, she first lets out a soft hoot, and sets the figurine down on the couch, then clings to Ophelia, staring into her eyes as she speaks “Mommy… shiny man hewt mommy… and poofed jawstice laydee… and hurt me… and poofed quiet laydee… a-and… poofed wing laydee... I wanna hewt him...” she says, giving Ophelia a tight hug, while staring into her eyes, with tears running down her cheeks. After giving her the tightest hug that she could, without breaking eye contact, she loosens her arms again, and reaches one hand up to Ophelia’s face and touches her left cheek, then more quietly says “D-did shinny man change mommy, tew…? Mommy is whewwy pwetty, but… wooks diffewent...” she says, as she gently rubs Ophelia’s cheek with her hand.

After Lily had finished speaking, Aurora sniffled a little, and tears started running down her cheeks as well. She quickly used her shirt to dry her tears, accidentally flashing her bra to Ophelia in the process, then quickly sat down on the couch beside Ophelia “L-Lily… we’ll find them again… and then nobody will be able to separate us.” she says, though she doesn’t just look at Lily, but at Ophelia as well, after which she gently leans against Ophelia and hugs both her and Lily tightly.

A frown crosses Ophelia’s face when she sees the figurine bounce without any visible damage. While she commends the craftsmanship of the artist, the shattering of one of her most hated enemies would have been cathartic. She could use cathartic at present time. She contemplates walking over and stomping on it until it breaks, but that seems a touch petty. Not that that would normally stop her, but that would be a poor example to set for Lily. That is the only reason the figure is allowed to remain whole at the moment. She will be throwing it out of the room at first opportunity, however. Surely such a small level of pettiness is acceptable for a mother?

It takes more than she wishes to admit not to frown at Lily when she begins speaking. Showing anger for merely talking the truth would definitely be a poor example, making Lily fear to speak up in front of her. Given all the other things the girl has to be afraid of, her own mother should not be one of them. As loathe as she is to answer, her change is obvious enough that one as, to be frank, simple as Lily can notice it. Lying about it would be pointless. “Yes, the bad man changed Mommy. Or at the very least, how I look. He thought that would change how I act. He was very wrong. No matter what, the core who loves you very much will not change.” She says, mirroring Lily and pressing her hand against her daughter’s cheek. “Do not worry. We will get the chance to hurt him. Hopefully very soon. We do not allow those who hurt people we like to get away with it.” She is not sure that is a lesson that should be taught, but it will be nonetheless. “And then he will never be able to hurt you, Alice, Annie, Aurora, or me ever again. We will make sure of it.” It takes a lot more effort than she is willing to admit to keep the sheer malice she feels for the madman out of her voice. Lily does not need to learn what hate is. Not from her. Even in the brief time she has known the emotion, she can recognize it for the ugly thing that it is. While she hesitates to call Lily completely ignorant of the world given what she has been through, she is pure enough that Ophelia feels she must do what she can to shield her from the ugliness.

Speaking of shields, Aurora speaks up and it takes everything in Ophelia’s power not to stare too openly at the revealed bra. Her earlier thoughts intrude, including the guilty ones about betraying her lovers. She also finds herself trying to make excuses. She knows for a fact that Alice would not mind the arrangement. Her Paladin is the sort who was willing to be intimate in front of a crowd and was the one to bring up having additional partners in the first place. Annie, on the other hand… well, it is honestly the feeling of betraying her that is her biggest guilty point. Before they were separated, she stated she would be willing to be with her detective and raise a child with her. That seems like a very serious commitment to make, especially since they made an egg together. Annie seemed perfectly willing to share with Alice, but she has no evidence that she would do so with anyone else. But that does not change the rest of what Aurora has said. And it does not change the small, but profound, amount of comfort she gains when the paladin of Sirius hugs her. Some of the tension she has been carrying since they ran into Ra disappears for a time. “You are absolutely correct. We will find them. We will rescue them. And then we will become strong enough that no one will tear us apart.” She says, returning Aurora’s hug.

When Ophelia tells Lily that her physical changes won’t change the core that loves her, she looks slightly cheered up, and when Ophelia rests her hand on Lily’s cheek, she leans into the touch and rubs against it, sighing contently. When Ophelia says that they’ll get their chance to hurt him, Lily nods slowly ”We will be… stronger than shiny man when he twies to hewt us again… Wuv you, mommy...” she says softly, and tiredly as she hugs Ophelia again and rests her head on her chest, drooling a little, which left a small wet splotch on her.

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Aurora, meanwhile, tightens her arms around Lily and Ophelia, using one hand to rub Lily’s back as she rests on Ophelia’s chest. She rests her head on Ophelia’s shoulder, and sighs softly as Ophelia hugs her back. After a moment of resting in Ophelia’s arms, Aurora and Ophelia can hear Lily’s soft breathing indicating that she had fallen asleep. "Hey... um… Ophelia... I'm the sort of person who feels much calmer when I have someone I trust on hand… if I’m alone, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep. This may be… somewhat awkward... but would you like a massage? It might help you relax a little... and it'd definitely help me sleep tonight..." she says, in a sad and pleading tone, as if she was already anticipating rejection.

“I love you too, little one.” She says, planting a kiss on Lily’s brow. When Lily seems to fall asleep in her bosom, she cannot help but give a small smile. While everything else is going wrong, she is happy to at least be able to comfort her charge enough to lull her to sleep. It does not feel like much, but it is a form of improvement. After all the setbacks and trauma recently, improvement should be savored. She hopes that when Lily next wakes, she is closer to her usual self than she has been. She would understand if it takes time, but a withdrawn Lily worries her greatly.

She feels an eyebrow raise when Aurora makes her request. On the one hand, she still feels somewhat leery about people touching her. On the other… well, she has literally been hugging Alice’s sister for the past minute or so. Clearly Aurora is not one of the people whose touch makes her nervous. Either because she trusts Alice and therefore trusts her sister by extension or because she genuinely trusts Aurora due to what they have been through together, she finds she does not mind the idea of Aurora laying hands on her. Given the perverted thoughts she is still trying to suppress, she may even prefer it. If it were just a selfish thing, then Ophelia would refuse out of hand, but she did make the resolution to make sure Aurora’s emotional state was as good as Lily’s. So that would mean doing what she can to ensure that. And if that means getting a massage… well, she has heard of those. It seems harmless enough if it will allow the Paladin of Sirius to relax. “Very well. I reserve the right to request you to halt if I grow uncomfortable, however.” She says, gently lowering Lily onto the bed. She may not know exactly what a massage entails, but she is aware the recipient must be laying down. Doing so with her daughter in her arms would be awkward at best. With her girl no longer in her arms, for the first time in hours if she remembers right, she looks to Aurora to see what happens next.

When Ophelia tells Aurora that she reserves the right to ask her to stop, she nods vigorously and nervously “Of course, I really don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” she says. She patiently waits for Ophelia to lay Lily down on the bed, then gently strokes her Lily’s head once she has been laid down. Aurora then gently grabs Ophelia’s hand and leads her, gently and carefully, to the bed in a different room. “W-would you please have a seat on the edge of the bed?” she asks, softly. If Ophelia does as requested, Aurora sits directly behind Ophelia, then asks softly “M-may I please remove your armor? If I don’t, it’ll get in the way, and it won’t be… very relaxing for you...” she says. After pausing for a moment, she adds softly “If you’re not comfortable doing that, I could work around it...” she says, as she touches the armor gently.

Ophelia tilts her head in confusion when Aurora requests her to sit on the edge of the bed. Has her knowledge of massages been incorrect? In any case, she is the inexperienced one here, so she might as well follow instructions. She is already grateful Aurora had the foresight to move rooms as to avoid bothering Lily, so she will continue to believe the Paladin of Sirius knows what she is doing. Maybe it is merely a shoulder massage? From what she knows, that would require much less in the way of laying down than a full body massage would. With a shrug of her shoulders, she begins removing her armor herself. Even if she had any body shyness before, which she did not as it was never taught to her, the events of the past few days would have done wonders for getting rid of it. As it stands, the only reason she did not get naked before others before was because of the directive from Lady Techra not to do so in front of males. Even if she still thought of her Lady’s directives as laws of the universe, it would not have forbidden her from doing so in front of females. Now she refuses to bare herself before a male for other reasons… she is not sure that is better. But such thoughts are not conducive to the atmosphere of relaxation Aurora is trying to build. So she buries them to be reviewed later and merely continues relieving herself of her armor.

Once Ophelia’s armor is off, Aurora replies “Th-thank you...” then gently begins massaging Ophelia’s shoulders, gently and skillfully, occasionally moving from her shoulders and skillfully massaging her back. Though Aurora’s movements show she has a lot of experience giving massages, Ophelia can hear the nervousness in her breathing, but that nervousness fades as Aurora gets more into rhythm the longer she continues the massage. “W-would you like me to make it a full body massage? I figured starting with just your shoulders and upper back would be more comfortable for you until we get into it, I’m actually better at a full body massage...” she explains, slowly becoming nervous again as she asks.

While Ophelia still reflexively tenses when Aurora begins prolonged contact with her, it ceases quickly enough. And soon she is able to enjoy the first massage of her life. It is… different than what she thought it would be. Then again, she is not exactly sure what she expected. Most of the massages she has seen have been via being somewhere she was not supposed to be. She is not sure how many of the things she saw would still happen in a professional parlor, they were still the only things she knew. And quite a few featured… hands that wandered more than Aurora’s does. Perhaps it is a different style? Either way, it is far more soothing than she thought it would be, the tension in her shoulders melting away in such a way she would not have thought possible until she recovered Annie and Alice. She wonders why Aurora seems nervous about it. The woman really is quite excellent with her technique! She had hoped that doing this would settle Aurora, not make her more unbalanced. While the relief she receives is nice, it was not the main point of this exercise. She hopes it is working as more and more of the Paladin of Sirius’s nerves seem to filter out of her breathing. Or maybe Ophelia is simply paying less attention because of the massage? It is quite possible given that, except for after making love to Alice and/or Annie, this is the most relaxed she has ever felt.

She tries her hardest not to tense back up whenever her absent lovers pass through her thoughts. It would defeat the entire purpose: She would lose her relaxation and Aurora would think she is doing a poor job and become more nervous. It is more difficult than she would like to admit, however. It appears to have been a useless effort anyway given how the woman regains her nerves when she speaks again. A full body massage was what she was expecting in the first place, but stating it so bluntly would likely do nothing for the woman’s nerves. It would be for the best to use her recently acquired tact in this instance. Well, that and... “If this is how a shoulder massage feels, I would really like to know how a full body one feels. Please, continue.” She says, a touch of want tinting her tone.

Once Ophelia gives Aurora permission, she gently guides her down into a laying position, then sits beside Ophelia, after which she starts gently massaging her whole body, each and every movement even more skilled than when she had been giving her a shoulder massage, and Aurora seems to feel more comfortable giving a full body massage than the shoulder massage before. After she had been working at Ophelia’s body for a few moments, she finally asks “So, how do you feel? Are you feeling any better?” she asks, though no longer seeming to feel as nervous as she had been before. At the start, Aurora keeps the massage to Ophelia’s back and shoulders, however she begins moving to parts of her lower body, but making sure not to touch any of her naughty bits, carefully avoiding each one.

A full body massage is much more in line with what she thought of when she pictured a massage. The positioning anyway. She did not picture just how utterly limp she would feel having the knots of tension in her body worked out like they are. She also did not picture how chaste it seemed. Maybe she should have observed the eavesdropped ones more? Then she could have possibly seen if such things are unusual in massages or not. Then again, all the ones she observed were in bedrooms of those she sought to kill so figuring out how that worked would have been a distant second in her mind, if it showed up at all. It may be for the best though. She still is not sure how she feels about anyone besides her absent lovers touching her in such a fashion. Of course, does it count if it is in a massage? Such things are supposed to happen, right? It is expected to occur and nothing to feel awkward about, right? Well, if it happens then she will know for sure, she supposes. “This feels marvelous, Aurora.” She says around a sigh. “Will you be doing the front as well?” She is not exactly sure if doing the front is normal, all the ones she saw focused on the back and the things that could be touched there. Still, she more than idly wonders how such a soothing touch would feel upon her breasts. She may need to bring the subject up, her curiosity is so powerful. She will wait and see for the moment, however. She is in no hurry to have Aurora’s hands leave her back, though she is curious about something. “Is there a reason you have skipped my behind? I may be mistaken, but I was led to believe a full body massage included such areas as well.”

When Ophelia tells her that it feels good, Aurora smiles and replies “I’m glad that I can help you relax, Ophelia.” she says, sweetly. When Ophelia then proceeds to ask her if she would be doing the front, and whether or not there was a reason that she skipped her ass, she pauses for a moment “I-if you’re comfortable with that, I’ll be sure not to miss those areas.” she says. After going back over her back again, Aurora gently begins massaging Ophelia’s ass each time she passes over it, just as skillfully as she had been massaging the rest of her body. After massaging her back, shoulders, ass, and legs again, Aurora moves to Ophelia’s upper body again, and gently begins massaging her front, primarily her breasts, with her hands. After she starts massaging her breasts and ass for a few moments, Aurora finally speaks up again “H-how does that feel, Ophelia...? D-do you like when I touch your breasts?” she asks, hesitantly.

Ophelia almost regrets asking when she hears Aurora’s stutter. As far as she knows, it means the return of the woman’s nerves. She cannot see the woman’s face to confirm her suspicion, but it does somewhat confirm her thoughts that what she saw was not typical of a massage. At least she did until Aurora complies and resumes her massage, including the areas she skipped before. Now she is still confused. Maybe it is something you have to request before it happens? She has never seen the request given before, but it is possible she merely missed it. She still does not have enough information, it seems.

But that is a thought for later. For the moment, the complete massage somehow manages to feel even better than anything before it. Aurora’s hand on her rear somehow relaxes into not feeling her legs and turns her on at the same time. And that is before her masseuse moves to her breasts. The moan she releases is just short of sexual. She has had people (Alice and Annie mostly) touch her breasts before. She has never had someone make them the focus of a massage before. It is entirely different from what she is used to, but does not fail to turn her on just as much. She can feel her nipples harden and her core become a bit wet. Given her lack of evidence otherwise, she can only assume this is a normal part of a massage. If that is the case, she really has to wonder why there are not more massage parlors in Chaldea. It seems like the kind of thing to be very popular with a lot of people given the stressful lives they all lead. She is so relaxed and soaked in gentle pleasure, she almost forgets that Aurora asked her a question. “Very much so.” She answers, lust coloring her every word. “Please, continue. Do not stop until the massage is complete.” She does not know when that will be, but she is growing steadily more excited about reaching the end of it.

When Ophelia confirms that she likes when Aurora massages her breasts, she continues more vigorously, rubbing her stomach, her breasts, her sides, her hips, her ass, and her legs. Despite her massage reaching every part of Ophelia’s body, skillfully and gently. After going back over Ophelia’s body several more times, paying special attention to each body part, to ensure that Ophelia is relaxed. Finally, Aurora starts using her left hand to massage Ophelia’s front, especially her left breast, while she first massages Ophelia’s ass with her right hand, then slowly slides it downward, then along her thigh and up to her crotch, after which she starts slowly rubbing her pussy. As she continues, she softly asks “H-how does it feel, Ophelia?”

Before this point, Ophelia was not aware it was possible for her entire body to feel like an erogenous zone. But the way Aurora touches her not only forces her to realize that point, but also the need to restrain her voice. She is not sure how soundproofed the room is to the outside world, but even before that she does not wish to wake Lily in the next room. So that means restraining her moans and cries of pleasure so that they do not carry too far. It is a strange feeling: being so pleasured that she has to bite her lip to keep quiet and being so relaxed that she does not tense despite the feelings flowing through her due to the massage. And then Aurora hand reaches her vagina and a brief cry tears itself from her throat before she regains control. She can feel her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Yes, she has very many questions about why massages are not more popular. There should be parlors on every street corner! She finds she cannot answer Aurora’s question, the space necessary to do so putting her in danger of another loud moan. She merely lets her feelings on the matter show on her face. It is absurd how quickly she is approaching climax with little more than heavy petting. Is this the power of a massage?

Aurora starts rubbing Ophelia’s pussy more vigorously while continuing to use her other hand to massage each of her breasts, and occasionally the rest of her body. Soon, Aurora starts using her thumb to rub Ophelia’s clit, while continuing rub her slit with her fingers. As Aurora continues to pleasure Ophelia, she leans over her to gain better access to her body, she can feel Aurora’s breasts pressed up against her back. “Am I missing anywhere else, Ophelia?” she asks, softly, Ophelia able to feel her breath on the back of her neck.

The pleasure bouncing through the entirety of her body, the sustained and vigorous assault on her sopping core, Aurora’s skilled hands tracing around the rest of her body, it is all too much for Ophelia. She feels like she has been plugged into a lightning spell and has let the electricity course through her relentlessly. The feeling of Aurora’s breath in her neck is the final straw. Her throat feels like it closes with her effort to keep from screaming out, but a keening cry she did not even know she could make still manages to escape from her as orgasm crashes down on her. Everytime she thinks it may be done, Aurora’s gentle touch reignites it for a brief moment, making the moment feel like it lasts forever. Only once she can finally see through the cloud of white that enveloped her vision does she realize just how much she tensed back up. Of course, once everything is over, that tension leaves her and she can barely feel her legs, let alone any trace of stress. “Oh dear Goddess, that was amazing. You have my sincere thanks, Aurora.” She says once she is capable of forming words again. “I had no idea massages were such powerful things.” A thought then occurs to her. “And how do you feel? Did this make you feel better at all?” If it did, it seems terribly disproportionate. Given everything she just felt, she feels the need to return the favor to Aurora somehow. She may need to learn the art of massages in order to do so, but she will if need be. But she remembers the entire reason this started was because Aurora likes to touch trusted others to calm down. If that was not accomplished then, no matter how good it felt, this was entirely pointless.

Aurora continues rubbing Ophelia’s slit all through her orgasm, and only stops once she’s done, after which she quickly blushes and licks the excess cum off her fingers. When Ophelia thanks her, Aurora blushes “Y-you’re welcome, I feel better now that you feel better… it sounded like you really enjoyed that massage… I’m really glad...” she says, as she lays down on the bed and wraps her arms around Ophelia, hugging her tight and rubbing her cheek against Ophelia’s own, softly. “I’d be happy if you just a-asked me any time you… uhm... wanted me to give you another massage… I think it would continue to help keep you relaxed… you know...” she says.

Ophelia feels quite suddenly torn on Aurora’s offer. On the one hand, she would like another massage. She very strongly would like one. On the other… well, the contents of a massage feel very similar to what she would do with her lovers before moving on to even better activities. And doing that with Aurora feels like a betrayal to them. Hell, their separation is so recent she swears she can still feel Alice’s hug or Annie’s skin against her own if she thinks hard enough about it. Accepting the offer feels like spitting in the face of all they went through. But then again, it is simply a massage, right? It is not as if she is doing something sexual, it is simply a method of relaxation. So she should not feel guilty about pursuing it, right? She feels very conflicted about this. But while she was under Aurora’s touch, she did not think about what she lost and what may be happening to them. Her rage and her sorrow abated for a time. And she would give anything to feel like that again. Even if it replaces them with guilt. Guilt feels a lot worse than either of those. “I would like that.” She says, concealing any other than on the matter. “Likewise, I am more than willing to learn the art of massage to return the favor.” It would not be fair to just enjoy herself after all. She should give just as good as she gets after all.

Aurora blushes darkly when Ophelia agrees to asking her when she wants another massage, then blushes even darker when Ophelia says she wants to learn “I’d b-be happy to teach you everything I know about m-massages!” she says, smiling, despite her nervousness. Aurora starts to say something else, but from the other bedroom, Ophelia can hear Lily “Mommaaa… I miss yooouuu...”, her voice sounding as though it was still clouded by sleep, implying that she had only just woken up. When Aurora hears her, she releases her hold on Ophelia’s body and sits up slowly. “Either that was a short nap, or we did that for longer than it feels like we did...” she says, her blush returning again.

Ophelia is beginning to become concerned about Aurora’s habit of blushing. It happens so often for reasons she is not privy to that she is beginning to worry that it is affecting the woman’s health. Blood constantly rushing to one’s face cannot be good. Especially for no discernible reason. They were merely discussing massages. Unless they are some taboo thing where Aurora is from, there is no reason that it should cause such a reaction. And if it is taboo, she really should apologize for subjecting the Paladin of Sirius to it, though it does confuse her because Aurora was the one who asked to do it. Perhaps the act itself is not taboo so much as who they do the act with? But, again, Aurora asked to do it so that should not be the problem either. For the moment, Ophelia gives up on understanding exactly what is going on. Compared to the other issues around her, this one is minor enough to not garner her attention. She will be content to just allow it to either disappear or an explanation to make itself clear at a later time. Or it won’t and the curiosity will drive her mad until she figures it out, but that is a later issue. For now, she will just take Aurora’s offer at face value. “Thank you. I look forward to your tutelage.”

Her concern for whatever else Aurora might say is immediately overwritten by hearing Lily call out for her. And her curiosity for the woman’s mysterious blushes increases when she does it again when she brings up the potential length of time for a massage. “To my knowledge, massages are not brief affairs to begin with. It is entirely possible that we have been here longer than we anticipated.” Given her complete lack of nudity taboos, it does not cross her mind to redress herself before going to Lily. “There, there, little one. Mommy is here.” She says, lowering herself back to the bed and gathering the girl in her arms. Running her hand through Lily’s hair, she whispers, “Go back to sleep, Lily. You are obviously still very tired.” It likely would not be wise to remove herself from Lily again tonight. Her charge is obviously sensitive to her position and will not be able to stay asleep if she leaves. She will not sabotage her daughter in such a manner, so she supposes this is the end of her day. There still is so much to do, but making sure Lily is fine is priority.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Mark3000 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 5:10 am

Riding on Lump's shoulder, Lilith couldn't help but feel ... powerful. Sure the army of skeletons was borrowed, but for the time being it was hers to command. She looked on in amazement at just how orderly the undead seemed to march. Looking to her own minions, she tried to get them to march in turn as well.

Even surrounded by undead, the Hanging Man Forest filled the Nomad with an uneasiness that just wouldn't go away. Was this really a popular play to end one's life or was it simply how the local necromancer kept track of her undead? Questions like this filled Lilith's head has her group finally approached the cathedral.

After taking a moment to soak in the beauty of the structure, she began her search for the necromancer. Moving to the stage, Lilith beckoned a few of the skeletons to enter with her. Once there she ran her fingers along the table and called out. "Hello? Is Anyone Here?"

When ordered, the few skeletons followed Lilith onto the stage. While standing with Lilith patiently, the skeletons stand as still as statues. Neither moving a single centimeter, nor speaking at all. The other Skeletons remain where Lilith left them, standing just as still as the others.

The table wasn't even dusty, as if it had just been set up within the last few days. When Lilith calls out, nobody replies from within the Cathedral, all remains quiet. With no answer, Lilith's mind is drawn back to the catacombs. Moving to the vault door, she gave it a light tap before entering. Hopefully following the red glow would lead her to the necromancer.

When Lilith opens the vault door, it unleashes a loud creak like nails on a chalkboard, and she finds that gray stone steps leading down into the catacombs. The floor is constructed from cobblestone, with a stone pillar every few feet to hold up the stone ceiling. The walls on either side of the cobblestone walkways are filled with small openings for numerous embalmed bodies to fit inside. Some bodies, however, have been laid on the floor or leaned against a wall. Each of the openings with the embalmed bodies in them give off the same red glow that had been pouring through the crack in the vault door.

The legends are that the protectors of the catacombs, or the undead within, would embalm any poor souls who wander into the catacombs, if they do not wish to keep them for company, which causes an overflow of corpses, which aren't laid to rest in the openings.The paths branch out immediately in three directions, and each is lit by a series of glowing green torches which have been connected to the wall above each of the openings for the bodies. A damp wind blows through the tunnels and soaks Lilith through her clothes as soon as she takes her first step onto the stone stairway.

"Ugh" Lilith cries as her clothes are suddenly dampened by the damp wind. Shaking of some of the moisture, she travels deeper into the catacombs. She took a moment to study the embalmed bodies. It was her first time seeing anything like this. Staring at the openings, she tried to see what the source of the glow was.

Once her curiosity was sated, she proceeded to where the paths branch. The torches at least were a sign that someone frequented these crypts. Kneeling to the ground, the Nomad slowed her breathing and tried to listen for the faintest sound coming from any of the three paths.

When Lilith gets down low and listens to her surroundings, at first, she doesn't hear anything. After a few moments, Lilith can hear shuffling coming from one tunnel, a loud scraping sound like metal dragging across stone down another path, and down the third path, she can hear a dragging sound, like something heavy and soft was being dragged across the ground. Each sound was extremely faint, however.

The nearby Skeletons didn't react to the sound, they merely stood as still as statues, however Lilith's Goblin started to look both nervous and confused, huddling closer to Lilith when he hears the sounds.

Lilith began to think to herself. 'There's movement coming from all three paths. What ever is being dragged along the second and third paths sounds dangerous. The shuffling from the first path could be any number of creatures ...' Lost in thought, she didn't notice her goblin's nervous expression.

When she stood up, Lilith looked to the third path. If the necromancer was down here doing work, they were either moving bodies or junk. Lilith was going to bet on the bodies. With a fair bit of confidence, she took the third path.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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dance dance revolution
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Metia still looks annoyed by the idea by the time Amun is turning back to Dickfuck to make his challenge. When Amun turns back to Dickfuck, addressing him as a mighty warchief, he grins, then when Amun makes his challenge, Dickfuck grabs his seat and propels himself off of it with incredible upper arm strength, performing a perfect front flip, after which he lands on his feet gracefully. “THE DONGSMASHAH CODE P’EVENTS MEH FROM DECLINING A DANCE-OFF CHALLENGE… NAH’ DAT I WOULD! DICKFUCK, TEH ALMIGH-Y DONGSMASHAH ACCEPTS YO’ CHALLENGE!” he shouts, after which he turns to the Orcs that were dance battling each other a moment before, and shouts “DROP DEM SICK BEATS, O’CKY BOIZ!” after which he drops into a lower stance, his arms in dabbing position as he waits for the beats to start.

The orcs produce instruments from seemingly nowhere, move into a tight formation, then begin toplay strange music that Amun had never heard before, while yet another orc, similarly dressed, slides into the middle of the group on his knees and begins to sing in a voice that doesn’t come close to fitting the voices they had heard from the orcs so far. As the music plays, Camilla starts to nod in time with the beat, while Viola shakes her hips, and Adelita leans over and whispers “I didn’t know Orcs even played instruments...” to which Metia replies “These orcs are anything but typical.” an annoyed expression on her face.

A moment after the beat starts, Dickfuck drops even lower, onto the ground, then performs an impressive spin, while only supporting himself with one elbow, showing incredible strength and balance. He then shoved off the ground on his hand, launching himself into the air, after which a group of other orcs caught him on their backs, forming a makeshift platform, before shoving him forward into a spin, like an orcish top, the Dickfuck gradually using his arms to move himself into a different spinning position, starting on the ground, but moving up onto two hands, then back onto the ground. He ended his performance by shoving himself into a back-handspring, onto his feet. He then crossed his arms, indicating that it was Amun’s turn, bobbing his head to the beat as he waited.

... The former noble had no idea how to comprehend the sights before him. These monstrous creatures who looked all too capable of totally smashing him instead were playing some strange form of music and... break-dancing. He's seen those types of moves on the streets of Cielo, once. The younger people back then would love to show off near the slummier areas of the floating city, inventing their own dance moves and having dance-offs eerily similar to this one. From this background knowledge, he really had to say...

The goddamn Orcs knew how to dance—and well, at that. It was somewhat of an intimidating sight to see Dickfuck spin on his elbow of all parts and doing these various intricate and acrobatic moves in his performance. Dance-offs were all about impressing others, correct? He had a feeling the few ballet moves he'd been taught wouldn't cut it with this crowd. No... it looked like he would lose unless he pulled out something incredibly impressive. But... but what? Amun thought deeply as he stared forward with intensity, his body tense as he watched- and Dickfuck just called him out. Shit. He needed more time..!

"... Impressive moves, Warchief; I must say, I hadn't expected you to be so skilled... but you made a grave error trying such moves against me. Back in my home, they referred to me as 'Dance God, Lord of Smooth Moves.' I've had many a bouts in the ways of the rhythmic motion, and throughout all of those battles... only I had ever mastered this technique. Feast your eyes!" Amun stepped up to bat with no fucking idea as to what he was going to do. He had to make up something that looked ridiculous, but something that he could do and would impress these simpletons. He...

starts flailing his arms at hyper speed, his hands open and body loose as he turned and shook his body in tune to the music. He briefly lowered himself down, shifting to his right and left as he kept moving his arms in seemingly random, fluid, yet somehow orderly fashion. This was it. This was his true attack at full power. Witness and weep.

As Amun begins his own dance, the other Orcs around Dickfuck look amazed, as if Amun had done something incredible. The look of deep concentration on Dickfuck’s own face shows that he’s trying to come up with his own move to counter what Amun had just done, showing that he had managed to at least trick the Orcs into believing that what he did was remarkable.

After Amun had finished dancing, Dickfuck dabs once, raises one hand in the air, whipping it around in a circle as if he were swinging a lasso, then shuffles his feet, after which he breaks into a jazz square, before dropping down onto his hands, swings his legs around in a circle, alternating hands to prevent his legs from smacking into them, then transitions into standing on his elbow, spinning in a circle. He then lifts himself up on one hand, flips forward, swings his legs around while standing on his hands, then spins on his knees, pops up onto his feet, pointing both index fingers at Amun, while four of his Orcs roll towards him on the ground, flops backwards onto them, then allows them to carry him off by rolling. Once out of Amun’s space, he kicks back onto his feet and crosses his arms, indicating it was once again Amun’s turn.

By Sirius it's working. Through some way, they're actually buying his bullshit. Amun finally ends his performance to allow his opponent his chance to counter, stepping back to give Dickfuck room. He tried to maintain a still confident and mildly impressed look as the orc completely blew his mind as to what something so green, stupid and bulky could do on the dance floor. Seriously, how is he so acrobatic?! It was clear the orcs were even well trained as they jumped in to boost his performance at the drop of the hat with seemingly no notable signal from him. It was absolutely flooring. He really doesn't know if his luck would hold out for another performance...

Amun stepped back up, clapping for Dickfuck amicably as he bought time to come up with some other maneuver to pull out. He had no idea how to start... but the were-dog slowly raised his arms up as he silently prayed for luck from Malicia. Amun flapped his arms as he twirled about on his toes to imitate a bird flying, then he paused in place as he began several dramatic high kicks. Then, after his foot landed down to the ground, he began marching around with his hands together and hopping as if he were riding a horse, following up by spinning his arm to mime a lasso and throwing it out to catch Dickfuck. "This maneuver was used by Dancing Star Sir. Schmuck Offeinhower the Second! It was his opening move in his battle against Lord- I mean- K... King Smooves!" Amun bounced back to give Dickfuck his room to dance.

After Amun prays to Malicia, he could see a shadow shift out of the corner of his eye, however if he looks, nothing would seem out of the ordinary. During Amun’s performance, the Orcs don’t look impressed, however when he gives them his spiel about how the dance was used, he could hear the rolling of dice, so audible that it could only have taken place in his mind, and suddenly the Orcs look intimidated. Camilla whispers to Amun “How are you doing that...? Your dance was clearly unimpressive, but they look like they believe they’re losing.” she says, very quietly.

Dickfuck wastes no time in leaping into action, he forward rolls onto the dance floor, once Amun has cleared it, then once he stands up from it, he does a single spin, then shuffles back and kicks his feet out, spinning around while supporting himself on both hands, then twirls onto his head, kicking his feet into the air. He then flips onto his feet, two other Orcs coming up behind him as he does so, in a line, standing in a T-pose. The orcs then throw their hands out in different directions, the third orc mimicking Dickfuck’s position while the second mirrors them, after which they shuffle into a position beside each other, while swinging their hands out, the third Orc moonwalking off the dance floor while Dickfuck and the second Orc puff out their chest and wing their arms back, while making their gigantic biceps shake back and forth. Dickfuck then flips onto his hands and uses them to spin around, while kicking his legs out, as the second Orc gets onto his hands and knees and moves under Dickfuck as he rolls his back against him. Dickfuck then flips back onto his feet, then uses the second Orc to kick off of as he performs a backflip, then the second Orc moonwalks back off the dance floor, while Dickfuck leans onto one hand, flips around once, then kicks onto one hand, in a one-handed hand stand, twirling himself in a circle on one finger. He then drops down on the floor, performs an aerial roll, then stands on one hand again, after which he uses only his fingers to walk himself off the dance floor, while using one foot to point his toes at Amun. Once off the dance floor, he kicks his leg, and gracefully moves himself onto his feet, and crosses his arms.

Amun shivers at the mental sound, feeling an unwelcome sense of discomfort as if he were hearing a strange and scary sound... but Camilla's question brings him out of his stupor. "Well... I haven't the foggiest." He did, and that sound proved it. Perhaps there was a Goddess he held some measure of favor with after all. He'd hesitantly thank her in his head.

Then Dickfuck would utterly smash his previous dances with something so completely amazing that Amun couldn't even pretend to hide his wide-eyed look. "... A-ahem," was his attempt at clearing his throat as he tried to save face. No, those moves were impossible. The fluidity he made them with, the sheer grace and style... he shouldn't be able to top that.

But he had to. If he didn't, they'd be forced into a fight, and that would be dangerous for various reasons. All of that unpleasantness could so easily be avoided if he somehow defeated the orc warchief in a dance-off. If he, somehow, managed to just top those moves... he would finally feel some semblance of accomplishment. He would be the one to do something to help everyone instead of being carried, and that's on top of the bonus of not fighting to his possible death. "I'll admit... you are truly a skilled opponent, Dickfuck," Amun tried to steady himself as he prepared for his most theatric scam yet, "but I'd not seen one powerful move in all your performances. There's just one move you could never do, one said to have been created by the one and only Mythical Dance Guru himself, said to be the creator of such classics as the Wavy Arm and the Chop Chop Slide. Now, witness, all of you... the most advanced dance move ever created..!"

Amun twirled forward, his arms spinning out wide as he tried for his most graceful spin possible—before he'd suddenly end his spin with an abrupt stomp onto the ground, his arms out and hands wide open as he slowly raised them up. Here goes... Amun began to swing his arms left to right, clapping them together occasionally as they neared together while stepping to the left and right. He swung his arm up in an arc and pulled it down while his other arm pulled up high, before he'd bring them together and mimed a smooth pulling maneuver with both arms, one stretching out as the other lifted in the opposite direction, his legs widening and closing as he slides from one direction to the other. This was it. He had to make this even bigger.

Amun spun around with an unnecessary flourish, spinning faster and faster on his heels as he dizzied himself with the increasing speeds. He then stopped himself abruptly—similar to how he did as he started—and he brought his arm together to dab on the orcs and fall to the ground.

The orcs look on in astonishment as Amun dances, and the dicerolling sounds again as Amun finishes his dance, spins, and dabs to the ground. Metia makes her way over to Amun and grabs him by the arm, pulling him to his feet, whispering “I hope you’re ready to fight, that was the worst dancing I’ve ever seen.” only for Dickfuck to call out “TRULY, DANCE GAWD, LURD UV SMOOVE MOOVES, YOU AWE TEH MIGH-IEST DANCEH OF TEM ALL! IT WUZ A GLORIOUS AWNER TO DANCE BATTLE YOO!” he shouts, the other Orcs cheering as he speaks. “AS SAID IN OUR TERMS, MUH WERBOND WILL LEFF UR CITEH ALONE! YOO MAY COME BACK TO SEE MEH AS A CHAMPION ANYTIME YOO PLEZZ!“ Dickfuck says, bowing to Amun. Viola squinted at the scene of the Orcs all bowing to Amun, then mutters “What the Zalaam did I just witness...?” while Adelita shakes her head slowly. Camilla then whispers to Amun “We should leave before they change their mind.” after which Metia whispers “We really should have fought this one out, this is way worse.” while slapping Amun on the back so hard that it felt like a horse kicked him.

After the Orcs had finished bowing, they quickly stand back up and start another three versus three dance battle, while Dickfuck climbs back onto his throne and stretches. Once on his throne, Dickfuck calls down to Amun “NEXX’ TIME WE MEET, DAWNCE GAWD, LURD UV SMOOVE MOOVES, I SHALL BE EVEN BETTUR DEN YOO, WE SHALL BE RIVALS UNTIL TEH END OF TIME!” he says, his expression suggesting he was stating this in a friendly way.

Amun grunted a bit as Metia pulled him up. He'd fallen on his face and her being her was not helping in the slightest. "Was... it really that bad?" Damn, and he'd even gotten hurt for this performance... but maybe if they rushed Dickfuck now they could take him out while he's reacting to Amun's failed dance attempt. This is what he thought as he raised his head, only to be surprised by the impressed looks and sudden praise levied his way. "..?" He was just as shocked as his companions were. Even he felt that he was going a little too overboard at the end there... but it seemed like everything went fine.

"You were saying?" Take that, Metia. Don't ever insult the Lord of Dance's moves ever again. After whispering smugly to the were-dragon who could squash him like a bug and silently agreeing with Camilla, Amun regarded Dickfuck. "Truly- ACK!" Metia definitely didn't approve of this ending. He stumbles forward at the harsh pain, his hands reaching for his back as he mumbled swears upon her name... then he remembered his audience and worked to straighten up despite the pain, coughing into his hand to reset. "Truly, you too were a most excellent opponent, Dickfuck. I'll be looking forward to our next bout in the near future. For now, I must take my leave to spread the good word of Dance to the world. I bid you, farewell." Amun bowed ceremoniously, then turned and walked off without a glance back as if he really felt that confident to turn his back on a band of orcs. He merely waved a hand to call his companions to him, feeling pretty confident with himself for securing that outcome.

Amun’s companions waste no time in following him out of the Orc camp, Adelita being the first to catch up “I suppose that was better than we could have hoped for… though I’m confused as to how you accomplished that...” she says, after which Metia catches up “I could have taken them… it didn’t have to be like this.” she says, as Viola and Camilla catch up and begin walking beside them. “While I’d have been perfectly happy if I never had to witness that, I think it’s better than risking getting hurt. Besides, we can now travel to Terrorcastra, and those Orcs are no longer hostile towards us.” she says. Camilla then comments “I feel like we could have done anything in that Dance Battle, and as long as Mister Amun talked it up, we’d have won...” she says.

He wasn't sure whether he should be proud or hurt by these statements. "A great warrior wins the battle, but the greatest warrior never had to fight to begin with, no? I believe things are better this way, personally. Now we've quite possibly made a powerful ally, odd as he is." Strategically speaking, he's made good with Dickfuck, a warchief of a band of orcs. They could no doubt prove to be terribly horrendous to battle against, and with his positive connection to them... he could, theoretically, mobilize that power for his own purposes. It wasn't something he planned on from the get go, but it's a clear opportunity for the future, should they ever meet again.

"As Adelita says, we can indeed now focus on our journey to Terrorcastra with our mission complete. Shouldn't we return to base to acquire our reward before we go?" Rewards are important. Amun does not simply risk his life for free.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After having collected his reward, and then proceeding to travel across most of Chaldea, Terrorcastra could be seen from a distance. Terrorcastra was a massive fortress, shielded by a gigantic dome that had been constructed using sheets of various different kinds of un-painted metal, the dome itself was surrounded by a deep trench that had been filled with noter. Hovering around the dome were small, round, flying, eyeball creatures with round purple bodies, horns, bat wings, clawed feet, and long dangling tails.

As the group approached the metal dome, the eyeball creatures continue to fly around the area, except for one which continued watching the group. When they reached the front gates, a set of black double doors with yellow-painted edges, and no handles. Without anyone having to say or do anything, the doors glowed very light purple for a moment, before slowly swinging open and granting access to the city.

The extremely thick double doors slammed shut behind the group when they entered, after which they had the enter through another set of similar double doors that allowed entry through a colossal black stone fortress, which served as a second layer of defense for the city. The fortress walls were lined with numerous more city guards. Within the metal dome, the metal plates were lined with chains, numerous bright purple lights shining down on a city of black cobblestone structures with gray-tinted glass windows, while the metal-plated ground, matching the unpainted metal dome, was made of various un-painted sheets of metal, the only gaps occurring around the gardens that a few of the buildings had fenced in behind them, and the pathway through the streets which were made of yellow cobblestones.

The center of the city had fountain, much like others, spraying out noter from the base that a statue of King Gaylord, a man clad head to toe in black metal armor, with a custom-made sword, and a yellow-trimmed brown hood and robe, was standing on. Just above the water spout, at the statue's feet, was a plate with "King Nicholas Humperdink Gaylord" chiseled into it, and a long list of his various exploits chiseled beneath his name, followed by "May our beloved king rest with his ancestors, while his legacy lives on in the hearts of his subjects". Behind the statue was a massive pillar, which held at the top a glowing purple sphere, wrapped in rotating black metal chain links that connected it to the highest part of the metal dome.

Just beyond that was the castle, a massive black cobblestone castle, with a balcony in the front, above a set of black and yellow double doors which allowed entry into the castle. The castle's towers, of which there were eight, had more of the orbs that the statue's pillar was holding, each connected by a chain to another part of the metal dome roof. Beneath the castle was a purple spell circle, which bathed the castle in a soft lavender light. The castle windows were made from stained glass, of various colors.

There was a notably large amount of Wanderers among the citizens of Terrorcastra along the way to the castle, and more Were-Sects than would be spotted in other cities, though the majority of the population still seemed to be humans.

As the group approached the front gates of the castle, the Guards on either side, men covered from head to toe in brown armor with black and yellow details, stood at attention. “Welcome back, Lady Viola, Lady Adelita” they said, after which they said “Welcome to Terrorcastra, Lady Metia” in unison. The Guards then opened the gates for them, allowing them to enter the castle.

The interior of the castle was tiled with marble, each with dark purple wind designs on them. The tapestries on the walls were each yellow, with the Terrorcastra Emblem on them in black. Along the floor was a yellow carpet with black tiger stripes, leading to a throne on an elevated section of the floor. The throne was solid black, with yellow cushions on the arms, back, and seat.

On the throne was a pale girl with long blond hair, wearing a red dress, with white frills and black designs on it, and a red hat with a crown design and red and white ribbons with roses on each side. When the group entered, her red-pink eyes flicked to them, and her twenty Royal Guards, standing at attention along both sides of the throne room, turned diagonally towards the front of the rooms. The girl smiled and addressed them “Ah, more visitors! With my dear sisters, no less.” she says. Viola and Adelita quickly knelt down in front of the throne, Viola saying “Your grace, we have returned with Lady Metia.” softly and respectfully. Metia and Camilla quickly dropped to their knees as well, realizing this was Queen Alpha. “Well done! Welcome to Terrorcastra, Lady Metia, I’m so happy to see you. Oh, but who are our other guests?” she asks, motioning towards Amun and Camilla.

Wow... this kingdom was an impressive view, and seemed to be far away from a great deal of the world he knew. He had been fairly apprehensive at the sight of the flying giant eyeballs in the sky because they're very clearly monsters, but they seemed to not even notice as the group neared... or so he thought. "..?" One of them was clearly staring at them. It's easy to tell they're staring because they're giant eyeballs. Why are they still moving closer? Why is no one else pointing this out as if it's not happening right above them?

Amun wouldn't entertain these thoughts for much longer as they entered the dome. He noticed the faint purple glow as they'd approached, marveling at the unknown system as he passed by. They'd pass another massive pair of double doors into the city itself, and again he'd be amazed by what he saw. The civilization looked... advanced, and alive. It clearly held great history within itself that marked it as a long-standing existence, yet despite what he'd expect, it wasn't as destroyed or damaged as he thought a city of the ground world would be. Despite the various monsters roaming about right outside the dome, Terrorcastra looked fortified and powerful, much as he felt his home was before its end.

The inhabitants seemed to be a great deal of the less common and more shunned of the races; which is to say, Wanderers and Were-Sects. Amun still remembered his encounter with Lilith, a Wanderer with very specific and fairly dangerous tendencies that he hadn't wanted Camilla anywhere near. He felt a bit worried over the presence of such creatures and worried that perhaps the queen of this kingdom may turn out to be just one of them. Would she be anything like Lilith was if she were a Wanderer? Or perhaps she'd be a Were-Sect?

They arrived to the gates of the castle and were greeted by the guards—well, that is to say, the three important women were and he and Camilla were ignored, which is all too fine with him. Amun was more so surprised by Metia's inclusion in the greeting. Was she really so popular..? They'd then head right past the third pair of gates into the castle where they'd meet the queen. He could still feel the tension pumping through him as he shot back and forth between the worst outcomes of this situation and the more desirable ones. The former noble would have to use his political training and charms if he wanted this to go well. They'd come to first view of the queen sitting in her throne. It was to his delight that she was in fact a beautiful young woman who looked nothing like Lilith and just might have been human. Amun mentally exhaled in relief.

Once Viola and Adelita had kneeled, Amun followed their example with all the grace and subservience he could muster into the action. He listened quietly as the three briefly spoke and prepared himself for the moment attention would be on him. When it came, he hadn't missed the allowance to speak as she referred to him and made sure to keep quiet. He knew of royalty well enough to know that some of them were just so strict in their dominion. Amun didn't know the type of rule this queen preferred, but it was best he played it as safe as possible and expected her to be a strict one.

Viola replied after a moment, when Amun didn’t say anything “That’s ah… a Were-Beast that accompanies Lady Metia. He apparently talks and dances.” she said. Queen Alpha looked confused for a moment “I-is he a fool, then...?” she asks. Metia snickers and speaks up “Well, yes, he’s a fool, but not in the Jester sense, more in the-” she said, but she was cut off by Viola “He’s more of a Bard… he talked his way out of an Orc camp assault. They had been sending messages to a city to send challengers, and he talked them into leaving the city alone.” she says. Adelita then commented “We haven’t seen him in a battle yet, he hasn’t needed to.” to which Metia started to comment, but seemingly decided not to. The Queen reclined backwards slightly “A Bard?” she asked, before turning to Amun “I hadn’t realized Bards were so common, a Bard just came to court today, alongside a Runic Mage, an Assassin, and a Paladin. It has been quite the busy day. So, tell me about yourself, Bard. I need to know who I have in my court before negotiations begin.” she says.

Thank God for Viola and Adelita. Metia seemed far too insistent on ruining his reputation at any chance she'd have... but then again, he's not sure if their help was much better at the same time. As in—a Bard? Amun had NEVER considered himself along the likes of those traveling fools who danced and played music with such happy-go-lucky dispositions. He was more of a... strategist who played his part. Being introduced as a Bard might also leave some expectation that he'd do some amazing performance, and as was shown before, he's a terrible dancer.

Still. He could work with this. Even though the queen was now referring to him as Bard. Amun gave a brief nod as he began. "Your Highness, I am Amun Khufu, formerly of Cielo and now... a humble traveler, I suppose. As the others said I'm not much of a warrior, but I had been taught the art of diplomacy in my younger life so long ago. I thank you for allowing me presence before you within your home." He kept his tone even and loud enough to be heard, but not so much that he was shouting. "Although... if I may, I wouldn't quite consider myself a Bard. They've trained extensively in the art of entertainment, whereas I am only an expert in a few of those fields."

As Amun spoke, Alpha kicked her foot slowly, and while this act may have looked slightly impatient or childish, the look in her eyes indicated that she was carefully taking in everything Amun said. “A former noble, trained in the art of diplomacy. Hmm.“ she tapped her chin with her finger. After a moment, she finally spoke again “Okay, then. So, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve brought you here.” she says. She pauses for a moment, before starting again “Recently, Azraq has declared for a rogue Angel, who has been gathering an army of blob soldiers, who are to assist him in converting every Chaldean into Nephilim.” she says, slowly and seriously. “I’ve been trying to gather powerful mercenaries in an effort to oppose him. As of right now, we don’t know where his headquarters, Glass Castle, is, we only know that Azraq is behind him now, and he’s about to begin marching on every other city. As of right now, the only other city we know that has announced their opposition to his goals is the Barton Stronghold.” she finished. Neither Viola, nor Adelita reacted to this, but Metia looked very slightly surprised. That surprise quickly went away, then she replied “If you’re asking me to annihilate his army, then I’ll gladly do so. As a matter of fact, I like my race, and this can’t have anything to do with Sirius’ actual will.” she says. Camilla looked shocked, and quickly reached over and grabbed Amun’s sleeve “I don’t think we were prepared for this...” she whispers.

He blinked. Did... he just stumble upon something very serious? Amun listened carefully as Alpha spoke, his face betraying nothing of his growing feeling of anxiety and worry. Rogue Angel going for the equivalent of genocide? A queen gathering mercenaries to fight him? No shit, Camilla. This is surprisingly not a good situation for them to be in and now Metia's fired up about it. "..." He wanted to sigh. Again, just when things seemed to be going his way... now he was getting wrapped up in some world war that was way bigger than him—and it wasn't his concern. Sure, in the case that this Angel succeeds Amun and everyone else would become a Nephilim, but that's not really a terrible end to the were-dog. He wasn't so strongly attached to his race that he'd go to war for it, and he'd bet a lot of people felt the same. Nephilim also weren't the worst things to become, so why bother fighting it? In any other situation, he'd just wish them well and leave it as it was.

But... if he did that, he'd lose multiple powerful companions and the opportunity to be safeguarded within the walls of a strong kingdom. That he would not risk. Going to war against an Angel might be dangerous, but surviving out there alone? He'd die in a day. Caught between a rock and a hard place... "As Lady Metia said, I'll do whatever is in my power to support the war effort, Your Highness. Truly, this Angel cannot be allowed to do these cruel acts he intends upon." He put a little bit of emotion in his voice, masking it as anger at said Angel when he really was just cursing Sirius and her damn inability to control her people. Is she really just the crux of all his problems at this point? This can't all be a coincidence.

Alpha smiled when Amun said that he agreed with Metia, then replied “Good. I suppose I’ll get to see how helpful you are soon enough. I’ll need to send someone to communicate with King Barton sometime soon, but until then, I’ll give you a room so that you can stay at my court.” she says, after which she turns to Metia “If it pleases you, I’ll be giving you a mission soon as well, we can’t have such a powerful asset sitting around with nothing to do.” she says. She then turns to her guards “Please escort Amun, Metia, and the girl to their rooms. Send word that I’d like food made for them.” she says. The Guards immediately bowed, then led Amun, Camilla, and Metia into a hallway. The hallways inside the castle matched the throne rooms design, but between each of the metal doors was a transparent pillar with purple light filling it, which lit the hallway. Before the group reached their destination, they could hear a woman, singing beautifully. While the song wasn’t one Amun had heard before, the woman was singing so skillfully and beautifully that one could only assume that she was singing the song perfectly. It wasn’t long before the group found the source, and Amun could make out the lyrics.

Sitting on my throne up in the sky
You better watch out, guy.
Anyone who comes this way will die.
No one in this world can understand
Who I am
That is why I'm my own biggest fan.
Do you know what it's like to be built this way?
With only the power to push others away?
Insects crawl below they do not know
My anger grows
I'll return in full everything that they're owed
Lives on this earth I grow tired of
Death from above
The annihilation of everyone you know and love
Do you know what it's like to be built this way?
With only the power to push others away?
Up in the sky
Ten miles high
A man stands above the city he will destroy-“

The girl that was singing was sitting on the floor, a black guitar with green wind details starting at the head and working their way up to the neck. She had aqua-colored eyes and long, wavy teal hair, with two black pins on each side of her bangs, with only a small portion of her hair tied back in a black bow. She was wearing a white choker around her neck, and was dressed in a black outfit with a white stripe down the front and a white collar, with a blue tie around it, and black stockings. Despite the distraction of Amun, his companions, and the two guards, her playing and singing were still perfect. One of the Guards hesitantly cuts her off “Lady Verger, your singing is beautiful, but that song… it’s insensitive to victims of the Cielo and Monsteropolis tragedies.” the Guard says, in a gruff but apologetic voice.

Amun nodded further into his bow, of course not once daring to look up as he replied. "My gratitude, Your Majesty. I will do my best to not disappoint." Only when Alpha had commanded her guards did the were-dog stand to follow them out. He made a mental map of the halls they passed through along the way as he looked about. Hopefully he should be staying in Terrorcastra for some time, so he should get acquainted with the place. On the way to their temporary quarters, Amun was pleasantly surprised to hear a beautiful voice's song. He couldn't quite make out the words, but as they neared he'd come to realize just what those lyrics were. And... well, there was quite some conflict within him.

A dark frown had settled on his face at the grim reminder of both his failure... and that man who doomed his home. He could practically imagine the words sung by the woman coming from the man himself, and that harsh mixture of grief, terror and rage shaded his vision with just the barest hints of red... but he was able to contain himself as the singing was interrupted by the guard. "... Please, such a melodic voice shouldn't be so shackled by those worries. I'm sure the Lady means no disrespect to either myself or the other victims." Of which he's sure there's only a handful. Most likely a majority of them are from Monsteropolis or whatever that place was. As far as he knew, the second survivor had abandoned him and he'd gotten the third killed to save said survivor and himself. Amun smoothed his features out and offered a polite smile.

When the guard told Verger to stop, she frowns, but her smile returns when Amun calls her voice melodic “Thank you, my Lord, I practice extensively!“ she says, happily, her accent a somewhat complex blend of Valian and Nornian. “Do you wish to hear another song? I don’t know how often I’ll be able to find an audience since I’ll be staying here at court.” she says. Metia frowns at her growls a little “I know what you Bards are about, keep to yourself.” she says, looking at Verger the same way she had been looking at the Orcs earlier. Camilla looks confused “But she hasn’t done anything wrong...” she says. Metia looks at her and replies “Bards are well known for being scumbags. It’s best to avoid someone like that, she’ll poison you, steal from you, molest you, or all of the above in no specific order.” she says. The Verger looks hurt, but doesn’t reply. Instead, Metia turns to the Guard “Where’s my room? I don’t want to be near this scumbag anymore.” she says, to which the Guard replies “Just two doors down, on this side.” he says, moving to the door he specified and opening it for her. Metia immediately slips inside and slams the door, which causes Camilla to cringe and turn to Verger “I-I’m so sorry… she’s uhm… you know… like that...” she stammers. Verger smiles at her “I’m used to it, even of all you seek to bring is the magic of music, you’ll inevitably be lumped in with the worst of those you share an occupation with.” she says, her smile becoming a half-frown when she mentioned being lumped in with others.

Oh, what a nice girl she is. Amun's smile becomes a little more genuine at her honest and cheerful response. "Please, just call me Amun. I'm no one so important as to be referred so respectfully." He'd raise an inoffensive hand in a gesture. "And I would love-"

Metia interrupts with the gentleness of a rockslide, cutting right through Amun's response and offering some surprisingly scathing words. Amun is clearly surprised by her ruder than usual conduct and remained quiet as he listened... to what seemed to be her hatred for Bards? He's even more confused now at her words. Hadn't she likened him to a Bard earlier or something similar? He'd always thought they were on favorable terms despite how dreadfully irritating she is... has he been wrong this whole time? He watched as she went on her way, feeling the slightest bit worried as she did. "... Well, as the young lady says, I'm sure Metia was simply in a bad mood and meant no harm with her words. I'd never known her to hold such animosity towards a friendly face upon first meeting. I'm sure it's only a misunderstanding, Lady Verger..?" He'd trail off with a hint of a questioning tone, silently asking for her preferred title. After dealing with this, he may wish to speak with the were-dragon later to ascertain just what... this, was. Among other things.

Verger smiles again when Amun says he’s sure it’s only a misunderstanding “You don’t need to call me Lady, I only go from place to place and play music, just Verger is perfectly fine. Being addressed as Lady is very rare for me.” she says, with a giggle, before adding “There’s no hard feelings, her room is near mine, so I can apologize for offending her any time she’ll hear it.” she says, strumming her guitar once. “If you don’t mind my asking, if you’re not a Lord, what brings you to the Queen’s court?“ she asks, her eyes scanning Amun’s face, moving to Camilla, then back to Amun. Camilla still looked uncomfortable due to Metia having insulted the girl and stormed off, unable to find anything to say to the Bard.

"Then it is so wonderful to meet you, Verger." He nods his greeting to her briefly, then continues. "As for what we're doing here... our friend had been invited to help fight in the war against the rogue Angel. I decided it would be my express honor and duty to fight alongside her, and Camilla here..." He wasn't sure. Honestly, he didn't like the idea of her fighting in the war as well, so he'd hope to keep her away from it. She likely wouldn't want any part in it either. "You never had said your preference earlier. What would you want to do, Camilla?"

When Amun explains that Metia had been invited to help fight the Angel, Verger doesn’t look surprised “Us as well, though we actually had a different experience with that. You see, a few of my friends, four of which were taken prisoner by that Angel, had a violent confrontation with him, at which point Lyandris, Luthica, and myself attempted to assist them. Long story short, the only reason we escaped was because he got distracted. Some TerrorCastra Guards escorted us here, because the city we were in, Azraq, had declared for him, so we needed somewhere to go.” she explains.

When Amun asks Camilla what she intended to do, she replies “I’ll uhm… ask what I can do to help here… since I’m not a fighter, you know...” she explains, nervously “Maybe I can be a cook or something...” she adds. She then turns to Verger “Lyandris, as in the Black Dragon of Norn?” she asks. Verger smiles and nods “She heard me playing one night, while in Norn, and my music helped her sleep, as she suffers from Insomnia. She sought me out the next morning, and we became friends.” she explains, after which she plays a few notes from a lullaby.

Black Dragon of Norn? He really didn't need to know any more dragons after his first one... he could only imagine this Lyandris as someone incredibly powerful with no sense of restraint or respect for others. No thank you. "Understandable choice, Camilla. I'm sure you'll find your calling here in time." He had a similar idea. Since he's not a fighter, he should be capable of assisting in other, more useful ways. Perhaps he could get involved in the politics of the area and get closer to the queen...

"And I regret to hear of your friends' fates, Verger. If this hadn't happened too long ago, I do hope we'll have a chance to rescue them in the near future. We'll just have to pray for their safety." They're probably dead or already changed. Amun, in truth, had no illusions as to their health and he has no intention of ever trying to rescue them. Unless it would be easy to. "So you and your companions are staying here in Terrorcastra then? It seems we'll be seeing one another often. Perhaps I could hear more of your beautiful music."

When Amun tells Camilla that she should find her calling there, she smiles “I hope so. It’s really hard to see what you’re doing as helping when you can’t actually fight the threat… maybe I could learn to be a healer.” she says, mostly to herself. When Amun says that he’s sorry for the fate of her friends, and that he hopes they’ll get a chance to rescue them, Verger smiles again “Aww, thank you, that’s nice of you. We’re actually waiting for word from the court on the status of our friends, so when we’re notified of their location, I’ll let you know that we’re leaving so that you can join us, if you want.” she says, happily, then after a short pause, she adds “You may have heard of one of them, her name is Alice, she’s famous for helping people in need.” she says, When Amun says that perhaps he could hear more of her music, she smiles even more “I’d be happy to play more for you, I’ve traveled from place to place, and learned many songs. I will admit that I’ve never been to Bacon, but I may visit there someday, to learn their music as well, and add it to my collection. My room is actually directly behind me, so if your room is nearby, you could come see me any time, and I can play some music for you.” she says.

The Guard, nearby, seemed to be getting impatient, so he snapped to get Amun’s attention, then handed him a silver key “Your room is right beside Lady Metia’s, on the left.” then he handed Camilla another key “And your room is across from his. Food will be sent up for you shortly, and if you need anything, just let one of our Guards know.” he says, not in an unfriendly way, before he and the other Guard made their way down the hall and back towards the Throne Room. Camilla looks at the key, confused, then shrugs, saying “I was expecting to share a room with you.” she said, as she turned and looked at the door to her new room. Verger smiles “Don’t worry, it’s not as though you can’t visit each other.” she says, to which Camilla responds by nodding slowly.

No he really didn't care to and he's pretty sure it's still incredibly unlikely that they'll receive any sort of notice. "Of course. I'd be happy to assist you and your friends in any way, Verger." He would pay attention to the name spoken. Alice... didn't ring any bells. He hoped he could've met her. If she were the type to like helping people, perhaps she'd make for a good ally to have. "I haven't, I'm afraid. And I'll be sure to visit you sometime." What a delightful offer. Amun smiled smoothly at Verger, already making plans to take her up on the offer in the near future. Far be it from him that he'd say no to a girl welcoming him into her room. With how friendly she is... he felt he had good chances with her if he played his cards right.

Now it seemed their time may be coming to a close. The guard's impatience had alerted him to the passage of time, and he honestly should get going. "Thank you, sir. I appreciate your assistance." Amun nodded to the guard briefly, pocketing his key as he chuckled at Camilla's statement. "Come see me tonight if you wish, Camilla. As Verger said, I'm not so far down. Any time you feel lonely, I'll be there." It was a bit of a shame for him to hear they'd be rooming separately too, but he supposed it was for the best. He'd never thought of her in a sexual light before their time in the bathhouse, but now... well, suffice to say the were-dog wouldn't think about just sleeping alongside her.

"Now, I think I must be off. It's been a long journey here and I've some other matters I wish to attend to before I retire for the evening." Amun offered another smile to Verger. "It was very wonderful to speak with you, Verger. Just this small chat had easily brightened my day."

When Amun agrees to help if she lets him know, Verger smiles and stands up from the floor “Great! I’ll let you know, then, the more of us there are, the better.” she says, as she slings her guitar across her back. When Amun says that he had never heard of Alice, Verger cocks her head and looks at Amun as if he just grew a second head “You know, Alice Liddell, blond hair, blue eyes, wears a dress, shouts a lot, has a legendary sword, but prefers to punch things?” she says, but she shakes her head afterwards as if it doesn’t really matter.

When Amun tells Camilla that she can feel free to visit him if she feels lonely, she smiles and nods her head vigorously “O-okay, thank you!” she says. With that, Camilla waves to Amun and Verger, then retires to her room, softly shutting the door behind her. When Amun says that he has to go, and that it was wonderful to speak with Verger, she reaches out and gives him a quick hug “I’m glad that I can brighten your day, and you’ve made me happy as well!” she says excitedly. After the hug, she gives Amun a friendly wave and retires to her room with a friendly wave and a smile.

Apparently this 'Alice' is popular. No wonder why she's here then. Amun would offer a goodbye and a wave to Camilla, and would've done the same for Verger when the musician had surprised him with a sudden hug. "Oh," he couldn't keep his surprise hidden despite himself, but he returned the hug anyways, wrapping his arms around her in a tad more intimate manner—he assumed she wouldn't mind. This one really was rather bold and friendly... he supposed that's what made a bard a bard. Amun responded to her goodbye with a wave of his own, and once she disappeared into her room, he'd turned to head down... to Metia's door.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Exhale. This will no doubt prove to be tiresome if she does answer. He could only imagine few people would dare seek a conversation with the violent were-dragon, but his curiosity over her dislike for bards and small bit of worry that it extended to him pushed him to knock on her door. Knock knock. "Metia? It's Amun. Are you... still awake?" He only hesitated a moment.

“The doors unlocked, squishy dog-boy.” Metia shouts back from inside. When Amun enters, he finds that the room has a thick yellow carpet with the Terrorcastra emblem in the center, in black. In each corner of the room was one of the same transparent pillars as was in the hallway, lighting up the room with a purple light. The room had two finely crafted oak benches with soft yellow cushions, a glass table with a checkered yellow and black grid on it, and arranged across the table were glass figures of famous, infamous, and unknown mercenaries in various positions. Metia was sitting on one of the benches, in her black bra and matching panties, her bra having intricate designs around the edges and a red bow on the front, while her panties had a black bow on each hip, and similar intricate designs on the front and back. She was watching him enter with her bright red eyes, while she was taking turns looking over each of the mercenary figurines on the table with one hand, and holding a fully armed and armored figurine of herself in her other hand, the figure in a pose in which it was swinging one of her halberds, while firing a plume of glass flames from her mouth. “What do you need, squishy one?” she asks.

... First, what in Chaldea is she doing with toys and where did they even come from? How'd she get a figurine of herself for that matter? Like, are there even toy companies in this world or what? "Evening." Despite the massive amount of confusion he was hit with, Amun was able to reply properly as he should, right after he made sure to get an eyeful of the were-dragon in her underwear. He stepped further into the room and closed the door. "I'd just come for a chat, if you had the time. I feel like as long as we've been traveling together, we hardly know one another. Seemed only right I take this opportunity as it is now." Of course this chat was spurred on by the incident earlier and he honestly could've gone a much longer time without ever really talking to the draconic girl, but she didn't need to know that. "Would you mind if I took a seat?" He offered a polite smile to her.

When Amun asks if Metia has the time to talk, and explains that they don’t know each other very well, she replies “I have the time, I don’t feel like sleeping yet, and all I was doing was seeing if I could identify all of these mercenaries.“ she says, as she tosses the figurine of herself at Amun. “Obviously, I know that one.” she says, with a light snicker. When Amun asks if he can have a seat, she motions towards the other benches with her now-free hand “It’s not like I’m sitting in all of them at once, go ahead, Squishy One.” she says, in a tone that suggests that the request was dumb, after which she reached out towards the table with one hand and picked up the figure of a girl with long hair, tied back in a messy ponytail, holding a long sword with an extended handle, and wearing a zip-up stomach-exposing top, a long coat, and pants with only one leg. ‘I think I’ve seen her before, actually.“ she mumbles to herself as she lays down on the couch and examines the figure.

He caught the figurine, giving it a mere glance before he'd dismiss it. So they just have these in their rooms..? Judging from what she said, they must not belong to her. "Thank you," he said as he headed over to the bench gestured to. Regardless of how dumb she may have seen it, manners were still very important to Amun. So long as you weren't a total bastard he'd want to treat you with them. Amun took a seat and paused to figure out how to start this conversation... how he approaches this topic and what he says could mean a lot. He needs to be careful. "As I said; I was hoping we could get to know each other a little better. I'd realized there must've been a lot I didn't know about you when you earlier showed such animosity towards Verger—the bard," he corrected himself because Metia obviously hadn't stayed around to get the girl's name. "It's not an overstep for me to wonder just where that came from? I'd understand if you didn't want to talk about it. I simply thought it was something curious."

She scowled at Amun when he said that there must be a lot that he doesn’t know about her, then scowled further when mentioned her animosity towards Verger. “Of course there is. When someone has spent their life as a Mercenary… well, they’ve seen things. Regardless, Bards are crafty, egotistical, no-good, lying, thieving, betrayers and low-lives. The singing kind. They travel from city to city, they bed who they can, then they leave them. They sing about the exploits of others, lie about their own. They may as well be Tenebris or Fraus followers.” she says, angrily, as she sets the figure back down on the table and sits back up. “Every Bard puts on a disguise when they interact with people, they’re all evil, they’ll stab you in the back when it’s convenient, or stab you a different way first if they can. This Bard, I wouldn’t be surprised if she fled at the first sign of danger, and has slept with every person in every city she has been to, as that’s the nature of a Bard. Surely you’re not completely unaware of the reputation they’ve earned for themselves.” she says, as she rests her legs on the sides of the table that were devoid of figures, as she had moved them all to the center when she had been examining them.

... Well, best to not let Metia know he has a good few of those traits. Hopefully she hadn't caught him staring at her legs; seriously, couldn't she have worn something before opening the door? This is incredibly distracting. "I have. But I try not to judge anyone so heavily on first meeting. I've met Bards who are simply delightful people who aren't such scoundrels. Many groups of people have terrible reputations, but they cannot all be as many say." But he didn't really come to engage in an argument over this. Changing her mind about how she viewed Bards wouldn't be the most beneficial outcome for him so it'd be more trouble than it’s worth. "Still, I don't mean to ignore the experience you've gained in your time. However... hadn't you likened me to a Bard?" Time to get into the thick of it. "Do you truly see me as such a detestable person?"

When Amun says that Metia shouldn’t judge everyone by the reputations their kind has garnered, Metia sighs and rolls her eyes “Sure, but the risk of trusting a Bard is far greater than any possible reward. If I see that teal-haired prostitute again, I’m throwing her out the nearest window.” she says, in a matter-of-fact tone. When Amun points out that she had likened him to a Bard, and asks if she sees him as detestable, she scowls “No, you lack all of the performance skill required to be a Bard, I only meant that you had similar speaking skills to what the Queen may use a Bard for. If anyone thinks that you have the performance skill of a Bard, they didn’t see your dancing in the Orcish Dance battle… something I wish I never had to say in a sentence. I also seriously doubt that you have any singing skills.” she says, as she crosses one leg over the other and rests her elbow on the arm of the couch, and her cheek on her hand. She then pauses for a moment before adding “Why do you care what I think of you? I just kill things.” in a self-deprecating, yet dignifying tone.

Ow. He's glad she doesn't hate him, but that's a hell of a reason. She's completely dismissed him as a performer just based on his dance moves... but more importantly, a completely unexpected chance opened up. In fact, it was so unexpected that he had stared at Metia in total puzzlement for nearly a minute after she'd said those words. Was she kidding? Was this some form of... vulnerability? "I must admit; I'm shocked you think of yourself that way. While I won't deny I know you best for your talent in murdering just about anything, there's no way that's all you are, Metia. I'm certain there's more to you than just that." And he was being honest. She's also really attractive so that's at least two things she has going for her. "I care what you think about me because I'd hope we could be friends. I'm sure I must've said this before to you."

When Amun expresses his shock regarding how Metia sees herself, she cocks her head at him “That’s literally all I’ve been doing since I was twelve. I can’t even cook, I just charr the remains of my enemies with my fire breath, and eat them.” she says, as if this should have been apparent to him already. When Amun expresses his desire to be her friend again, Metia sighs “I think you have as well, but I don’t exactly understand what it is a friend is supposed to be, or what a friend is supposed to do. I’ve had companions, and I’ve protected them from our enemies, but if there’s anything I’ve learned during my life as a mercenary, it’s that the average Chaldean will betray you and attempt to take the job’s reward for themselves. The last time I trusted a companion, they left me in a pit with raging Sprabs, to die, and took the Job reward for himself.” she says, more like she was now talking to herself than to Amun.

She's totally not wrong to suspect that. Chaldea is kind of a terrible place all things considered. "I won't begin to say you're incorrect to be so distrustful. Before we met, I was traveling alongside another survivor of Cielo's... fall. She fought alongside me to save our city, and the sting of defeat left her embittered and far too focused on vengeance. Some day, she'd up and left me to chase after the man who caused it." Amun looked off, wistful at the reminder of his first companion after the destruction of his home. The story he'd given was, of course, abridged. Metia didn't need to know the details. "Betrayal is common in this world, and I fully understand the thought of not trusting anyone so as to prevent being betrayed... but doesn't that only serve to isolate you from any chance of true companionship?" Ah, but he'd apparently need to explain a little bit about friendship. He's not surprised the were-dragon lived a harsh life if she didn't even understand that much.

"Friends are fairly similar to companions. You protect them, and they protect you, but there's also a mutual level of genuine concern and care that goes beyond just doing it out of your best interests. A friend is someone who would easily put themselves in harm's way for you if that's what was needed, even if it'd put them at a disadvantage. Friends talk to you and want to know you." He adjusted himself in his seat as he got more comfortable. "They're rare, I think, but they're more valuable than any sword or armor. I'd much rather have a friend than the strongest companion I could ever have."

Metia listens patiently as Amun explains his supposed betrayal, then when he asks whether or not it would only serve to isolate her, she shrugs “I’ve never needed a companion, I’ve destroyed everything in my path, including those who tried to betray me. When I found that man who left me in that pit to die, I ripped his arms off and beat him to death with them. I don’t blame your companion for leaving you to seek revenge for all of the people who died in that calamity. I intend to take that job, myself, when someone finds him. I don’t usually do detective work, but surely someone will be willing to hire a mercenary to do the killing after they do the finding.” she says, annoyance edging into her voice when she mentions beating the man to death with his own arms.

After Amun finishes explaining what a friend is, she frowns. “I’d do that. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who would do that for me.” she says. “You’re squishy, it makes more sense for me to take a hit for you. If you took a hit for me, you’d probably die.” she adds, tapping a finger against her lips as she considers this. “I wouldn’t mind getting to know you, but I’m also sure that I’m going to be put on the front lines, here, while you’re going to be sent on diplomatic missions...” she says, scowling “Can someone be a friend if they’re separated from you? Would you even seek me out after? I think… I think you’ll be assigned bodyguards, and when the war ends, you won’t seek me out.” she says, in a matter of fact manner, rather than an accusatory one.

That gives him pause. She's... not too wrong. If he had bodyguards, her only use to him is gone. He'd only ever seen her as someone strong to keep him and Camilla safe. Now they're in Terrorcastra, where he just may end up gaining support more proficient than her. She'll be gone elsewhere to fight other battles, and he'd stay behind in safety. Why should he care about making friends with her under this context? He'd never really thought this far ahead.

"... Maybe you're right. It's entirely possible that I would be given bodyguards to replace you after you go off to the war front," he started honestly, "and then the reason why I wanted to travel with you at the start would be fulfilled by another; I can't deny that. But, if I were to be honest, I am far too in debt to you to simply forget about you so easily, Metia. You saved my life several times and you've taught me several things you clearly don't even know of yourself. You'd even protected Camilla for me—and as important to me as she is, I could only see that as a direct favor to me. I very likely would die from any attack sent your way, but I can promise you I'll talk my way into preventing any attacks that I can. Even if we're separated, I will come to find you once you return." Sirius, he's getting lost in the moment now. All this talk is making him feel like his younger, dumber self. Odder still that he's saying all of this to the most violent person he'd ever met. "Would you at least give me the chance to prove it?"

Metia stands up and stretches after Amun finishes telling her that she’s important to him, he owes her, and that he’d seek her out, and she should let him prove it, she replies, casually “Sure, I’ll let you prove it.” she says, extending a hand to Amun with a sharp-toothed smile. “I’m not expecting you to follow through with this, though. Once we’re sent on our assignments, I expect to never see you again. Chaldea is vast, and I’ve never been of value to anyone outside of my ability to kill things. This is the moment that you don’t need me… and that’s the moment I never see my companions again.” she says, matter-of-factly, her bright red eyes staring directly into Amun’s.

Please stop stretching he's really trying to not do anything he'd regret. Her being in her underwear already gave him several unwanted flashbacks to that time in the inn. "I'll take your challenge, then. I'll warn you; I fully intend to smash your expectations with nothing but positive disappointment." Amun offered his own smile, taking her offered hand and shaking it as his eyes stared right back into her own with determination. It seemed like he's done something very unlikely and possibly may have deepened his bond with the were-dragon he once would totally abandon for a more likable protector. Now... Amun couldn't say. "While we're on this topic... why exactly do you call me 'squishy one' and how can I fix this error?"

When Amun says that he’ll take her challenge, she squeezes his hand hard, and nods slowly “I’ll believe it when I see it. In fact, I’ll make this a bet.” she says, lowering her voice slightly. “If I see you again, just as you said, once this war ends, I’ll be your bodyguard until you dismiss me.” she says, confidently. When Amun asks why she calls him Squishy One, she smiles even wider “Because, you’re squishy. When you get hit, you squish. You can correct this supposed error, by letting me hit you once, and surviving. Then, I’ll use your name.” she says, her voice shifting to sweet and innocent, while she gives Amun the cutest smile she can.

Deal. 100%. There's absolutely no downside to this arrangement. While he wouldn't expect perfect allegiance, he's fairly confident she'd make good on his word and that type of loyalty is something he wanted dearly. Now, with the second proposal... "How hard would you hit me and where would you target?" Amun asked with a completely straight face. The nickname had been a thorn in his side since she started and he honestly feels like he's toughened up some since they first met. There may be a chance he could survive a punch from her—and honestly, even if it'd hurt, the pain would be so worth it.

Metia doubles over, resting a hand on Amun’s shoulder, and begins giggling uncontrollably, a cute giggle, rather than a maniacal one that people would expect from her. When she finally stops giggling, she straightens back up and catches her breath “If I punched you, you would die. I don’t want to kill you.” she says, smiling sincerely. After catching her breath for another moment, she finally adds “If you’re willing to risk death to get me to stop, I’ll just call you Amun.” she says, slapping his shoulder so hard that it feels like he was hit by a horse-drawn carriage.

... He blinked. His draconic protector seems full of surprises today. Amun could only stare as she's hit by what looks to be a sudden laughing fit... and he has to immediately squash a strange and alien thought of 'how cute' as he reminds himself who he's dealing with; while it's an indisputable fact that she's not lacking in beauty in any form of the word, Metia is still Metia. She can NOT be considered cute. He does appreciate her mercy though. "Well, I appreciate your- URK!" Fucking hell, again with this?! Amun stumbles a slight bit and barely manages to keep himself from falling at the good-natured slap. "..." He'd almost continued on to address that little tidbit, but he feels he's already made a surprising amount of progress with her just this day and he wouldn't want to chance it. "I appreciate your mercy."

Amun straightened himself out. "Now then, I suppose I shouldn't take much more of your time up if you wish to rest." His main concern was addressed, so he should consider this a victory and cut off while he's ahead. "I'm glad we had this talk. I must say I was a bit worried before I walked in here, but I see now that those worries were unfounded."

She smiles when he says that he appreciates her mercy, then when Amun says that he doesn’t wish to take up more of her time, and that he was worried, she slaps him on the back, the impact feeling like he was struck by a cannon ball. “You don’t need to worry about me.” she says, as she stretches again “You should probably rest, too. Good night, Amun.” she says, softly.

Sirius FUCK is she going to keep doing that? How is she not noticing the groans of pain every time she does it? There's no way this isn't something she's doing on accident—Amun is fully certain the were-dragon is just a sadist. "Y-yes, quite... good night, Metia." After he recovered from the back breaking maneuver, Amun headed for the door. Out he goes.

Amun left to his room after that. 'twas time to turn in for the night.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Take it easy, the Spectross way

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Things she didn't want to happen are the people of Bacon's idea of a prank... The list of things that Selvaria did not want to happen was impossibly large and went far beyond a mere brick falling on her head. To watch out for all of those things at once.... Well, the simplest way would be to avoid contact with the citizens of Bacon whenever possible. A difficult task perhaps, but a vital one if she wanted to emerge from this place unscathed. She would have to consider her options for doing so carefully during her watch. Or at least that was the plan until Blanche's next sentence registered in her mind. "Wha- Ah!" Selvaria started to protest, but found herself swiftly lifted off the ground and carried over to the bed. "Bl-Blanche, wait.. Please, I'm fine. I can still.... Mmmm~" Her protests were feeble, and in her current state she had no hope of freeing herself from Blanche even if she really wanted to. But all desire to do so faded away once she feels Blanche's lips press against her own.

It only takes a few moments for Selvaria to relax into Blanche's embrace, warping her arms around the Spectross as well and snuggling up close to her as they share a kiss. This relaxed, blissful state of mind only deepens as Blanche's gentle touch works away all the stress and tension the days events had built up inside of her, and the longer Selvaria gazes into those soothing green eyes, the more she starts to wonder why she was even fighting this to begin with. Under normal circumstances, she might have thanked Elios for taking first watch, and probably felt incredibly embarrassed that the other mercenary was witnessing her in such a state, but the goings on in the room around her are only a dim thought in her mind as Felix reforms on her shoulder and begins showering her with affection as well. In her happiness, Selvaria does feel a brief pang of guilt, imagining the fate of her companions from earlier and how they likely were not enjoying themselves as much as she was now. That guilt was what was driving her to push herself beyond the limits of her weary form, and yet after seeing Blanche's concern for her and being asked to take it easy, how could she refuse? After a long while, Selvaria breaks their kiss and gives Blanche a small smile before turning to Felix and returning his kisses with many of her own. She couldn't neglect her darling Necroblob after all. "I.. I suppose I can't say no to that. Very well, I will rest... For now. Thank you Blanche. This... Feels nice." Selvaria relents, whispering her gratitude to the Spectross before leaning up to share another kiss. It did feel like this was something she needed for today, not only physically but after being concerned that what Angel had done would change her, it felt comforting to know that Blanche still viewed her as cute little Selvy.

When Selvaria kisses Felix, her lets out soft murring sounds into her mouth and licks her tongue softly, though he lets out a disappointed squeak when Selvaria breaks the kiss. When Selvaria agrees to rest and gives Blanche another kiss, she returns her kiss just as passionately and softly licks her tongue, while gently and skillfully massaging her back and shoulders. Blanche then breaks the kiss, keeping her eyes locked on Selvaria’s own, and pulls Selvaria tighter against her, so that she can feel the bulge beneath Blanche’s skirt and panties pressing against her crotch, after which she starts slowly and softly grinding that bulge against her, while resuming massaging Selvaria’s back and shoulders with her hands. With Blanche’s lips off of Selvaria’s, Felix takes the opportunity to kiss her lips again, murring happily into her mouth, while a tentacle starts to grow off of his body and slip into Selvaria’s shirt collar and beneath her bra, slowly wrapping around her right breast, and stroking it softly.

Meanwhile, Elios was alternating between focusing on the door, and focusing on the portrait of the man in the gray suit, a very slight blush on her face as she tries desperately to ignore what’s happening with Selvaria, while her horse merely stares out the window.

Though Felix's disappointed squeaks are always heart rending for Selvaria, in a way, she's relieved to be hearing these sounds again from him and not the pale imitations that were the Angel's blobs. And she knew that she would not be leaving him unattended for long anyways. For now she simply focuses on enjoying Blanche's massage, her wings shifting of their own accord to allow better access to the parts of her body Blanche's magical fingers wandered over. Though it felt strange, even her new tendrils were simply enough to move if she focused enough on it. Though it would be better if she didn't need to, it seemed as though she was getting used to her new body. That was merely an idle thought however, the more pressing matter on her mind was Blanche breaking their kiss. She whimpers, suddenly being able to relate to Felix, but finds herself rewarded in a different way as she finds herself pulled closer and feels the familiar sensation of Blanche's bulge rubbing against her crotch. "Ahh...! Hehe... Is this your idea of resting?" Selvaria asks, gasping at the sudden contact before giggling lightly as her gaze remains locked with Blanche's. She keeps her arms wrapped tightly around Blanche to hold close while she moves her hips to grind against the bulge, her crotch starting to dampen from it and the attention she's receiving elsewhere. Normally Selvaria would be mortified to think that Elios was witnessing this while trying so hard not to, but once Felix moves to claim her mouth once more, any chance of her attention going anywhere else are reduced to zero. As she happily returns her pet's kiss and enjoys the sweet taste of his saliva, Selvaria shudders at the feeling of his tentacle slipping down her shirt and caressing her breast. Her low moans join his pleasured murrs as she enjoys the sensation, moving one hand to stroke and caress his soft body in return for his own affections.

When Selvaria asks if this was Blanche’s idea of resting, she giggles “I’m sure we’ll find that this is restful for both of us~” she says, as she starts grinding her bulge against Selvaria’s crotch a bit faster, gaining more speed slowly with each passing moment, and letting out soft moans as she massages Selvaria’s back and shoulders more intensely. She brings her lips to Selvaria’s neck and softly kisses it, then gently nibbles on her ear. Felix, meanwhile, passionately and eagerly licks Selvaria’s tongue, murring softly while he starts gently squeezing and massaging Selvaria’s right breast. After a moment, Felix slips a second tentacle down Selvaria’s shirt, through her bra, then into her panties, where it starts slowly rubbing up against her slit alongside Blanche’s grinding. With each movement against her slit, Felix lets out additional murring sounds into Selvaria’s mouth.

Elios, meanwhile, was starting to grind her thighs together, while she blushes and attempts to ignore what was happening to Selvaria.

Selvaria simply smiles at Blanche's words, feeling that perhaps the Spectross was right again and this might be just what she needed. After being raped and suffering so at the hands at the Angel, it would be nice to be reminded of how much she had enjoyed herself during her first time with Blanche. And by the way Blanche was speeding up her grinding, Selvaria knew she was in for a repeat performance soon enough. She increases the speed of her own grinding to match, and while her right hand pets Felix's soft squishy body, her left moves from Blanches back and up her side, all the way to her breast, gently groping and massaging it like Felix was doing for her now. As she continues to kiss her beloved pet, she feels his new tentacle begin to explore her body, shuddering in pleasure as it moves past her breasts and down to tease her slit, now soaking wet from the sensations she was feeling there. How delightful. Felix's versatility never ceased to fascinate her. She knew from last time that the tentacles he created were just as pleasurable for him as they were for her now, so Selvaria was more than happy to let him use her pussy. "Mmmm~ I love you Felix..." She breaks the kiss for a brief moment to whisper affectionately for her pet. "Why don't we help Blanche feel good, too?" She suggests, smiling at him before pressing her lips to his once more and licking his sweet, jelly tasting tongue, her hand beginning to massage Blanche's breast more intensely now.

As Selvaria increases her grinding speed with Blanche’s, and gropes her breast through her clothing, she lets out a soft moan “I’m glad that my cute little Selvy is so eager~” she says, as she moves her hands from Selvaria’s back, to her top, then lifts it up to expose her bra-clad breasts. She then gropes Selvaria’s breasts gently and begins massaging them, alongside Felix. When Selvaria tells Felix that she loves him, he visibly smiles and jiggles happily, while rubbing up against her cheek, his squeaks and movements so affectionate that it could only mean that he loves her, too.

When Selvaria tells Felix that he should help make Blanche feel good, too, Felix grows a third tentacle, and starts to reach for her, but Blanche looks into Felix’s eyes, and smiles at him warmly, after which Felix smiles back and instead slips his tentacle down into Selvaria’s other bra cup and begins rubbing and massaging her other breast, both tentacles assisting Blanche in pleasuring Selvaria’s beasts. When Selvaria returns to kissing Felix, he slips his tongue into her mouth and begins licking her tongue, jiggling and squeaking happily. After a moment of licking her tongue passionately, his tongue shifts in shape to match something more similar to a cock, and more of the delicious jelly-tasting liquid starts leaking into her mouth. At almost the same time, the tentacles rubbing Selvaria’s breasts begin leaking the same sticky liquid into her bra and down her breasts, while the tentacle inside her panties slowly slips into her pussy, Felix letting out a soft murr of pleasure into Selvaria’s mouth with every centimeter.

When Selvaria starts massaging Blanche’s breast more intensely, she lets out a louder moan “Mmm~ my little Selvy is certainly horny, isn’t she~?” she says teasingly, before adding “Would you like me to stick it in now, hmm~?” she asks, through her soft moans.

Selvaria's heart swells with joy, first when Blanche praises her eagerness, and then even moreso when Felix jiggles so happily and returns her affection in his own adorable way. Traveling to Vitra and meeting him was perhaps the best thing that had ever happened to her, even if it did inadvertantly lead her to being defeated and raped by the Angel in Azraq. No matter what happened from here, Selvaria knew she would cherish and treasure Felix for the rest of her days. While she enjoys Blanche joining his tentacle in gently massaging her breasts, an act that sends shivers of pleasure down her spine, Selvaria also watches Felix go along with her idea and grow another tentacle presumably for Blanche. However, she's surprised by the wordless interaction between the two that seems to stop Felix from going through with it. Selvaria can't help but pout slightly, she had wanted to share Felix's delightful touch with Blanche after all, and why was it that she was able to communicate with him non verbally, when Selvaria, his owner, could not?

In the end, she finds she cannot complain too much as she ends up getting that extra tentacle to herself in the end. And if Blanche did not want Felix to touch her, then that was her right as well, as hard as that was for Selvaria to comprehend. Rather than dwell on it, she instead focuses on making them both feel good. If Blanche and Felix would not do so for each other, then Selvaria would need to be the bridge that connects the two so to speak. As she busies herself with kissing Felix, she is pleasantly surprised to feel his tongue take on a more phallic shape like he had before, which she immediately begins to lick and suck on, much to her pets apparent delight. Next, she feels the tentacle stroking her slit begin to seek entry, something that causes her to tense up a bit at first, as the last thing to penetrate her there was the Angel's hot tendril. But she quickly forces herself to relax, reminding herself that this was not nearly the same thing. Selvaria is rewarded almost immediately as she hears Felix's pleasured murrs and feels him leak that delicious sticky substance of his into her mouth and all over her breasts, moaning loudly back into his mouth in return as he starts to fuck Selvaria to her delight.

She can feel her face start to warm at Blanche's teasing, though she is unsure if actually blushing is even possible with the changes to her body. Regardless, the statement calls attention to the fact that she is indeed acting much differently than she normally would. However, Blanche is hardly one to talk given that she initiated this. And even if Selvaria is horny, that's only because Blanche made her this way since the Spectross was responsible for teaching her the joys of sex to begin with, and Selvaria intends to tell her as much. "Mm~ Bluph thith yummph flauth!" Her protests were not as effective as she had imagined due to the cock in her mouth, a fact that she had no intention of changing at the moment. She quickly gives up on responding to Blanche's teasing, instead opting to nod vigorously when asked if she was ready for Blanche's cock. Selvaria knew that that would certainly help Blanche feel good, and in truth, Selvaria longed for it herself as well. A bit regretfully, her hands leave Blanche's body so that she can start to slide her pants off, exposing her panties where Felix was already helping to get her ready.

Felix squeaks and murrs happily as Selvaria sucks and licks his newly-shape-shifted dick-tongue, that he moves around inside her mouth, rubbing it against her tongue as it leaks more delicious liquid into her mouth, while Felix rubs and squeezes her breasts with his tentacles, and thrusts the third in and out of her pussy vigorously. Meanwhile, when Selvaria tries to speak with the tongue-cock in her mouth, Blanche laughs, despite the pleasure she’s receiving from Selvaria massaging her breasts. As soon as Selvaria nods in agreement to being ready to be penetrated, and takes her pants off, Blanche smiles “I knew you would be, I just love when you ask for it~” she says, sweetly. She grabs Selvaria by the hips, then comments “You have such cute panties, my little Selvy~” teasingly, after which she gently lays her on the bed, and moves the crotch of her panties aside, and moving herself between Selvaria’s legs. Despite all of the moving around, Felix remains secured to Selvaria’s body, pleasuring her and murring happily, while Blanche lifts her skirt and slips her gigantic cock out of her panties, then lines it up with Selvaria’s pussy, before slowly pushing her giant cock into her, inch by inch, moaning softly. “Oh, Selvy, you’re so tiiight~” she moans out, as she starts slowly thrusting in and out of her alongside Felix.

Selvaria feels her face heat up again at Blanche's comment about wanting her to ask for it. It was still a bit strange and embarrassing for her to be penetrated by such a large cock but... Well, if Blanche truly loved it, then her only regret was that her mouth was occupied and left her unable to do so verbally without sounding like a fool again. She had not chosen her underwear with factors such as cuteness in mind, they only needed to be functional since she never intended others to see them, but it still felt good to hear that Blanche liked them all the same. Selvaria holds onto Felix, needlessly as he seems to stick to her just fine, as she's lifted up and laid down on the bed. Once there, she spreads her legs to allow Blanche better access to her pussy, she finds herself unable to ask for Blanche to start fucking her as the Spectross apparently likes, so Selvaria merely hopes that the excited look on her face will be enough. Even as she prepares to take Blanche's giant cock, Felix still continues to thrust with an even greater vigor now, causing her to squeal in ecstasy around his cock-tongue, her back arching from the pleasure she feels. Her muffled moans only grow ever louder as Blanche starts to push into her tight slit. No, tight didn't even describe it, Blanche alone had been enough to stretch her tunnel to the limit, but with her and Felix thrusting into her in tandem, she feels almost impossibly full. Both of Selvaria's hands clutch at Felix, holding on to the Necroblob and busying herself by ensuring that no inch of the cock in her mouth went unpleasured by her tongue and gulping down the sweet substance he so generously provided her with. It was a difficult task as the surges of pleasure from attention she was receiving elsewhere made it difficult to focus. Selvaria's body began to shake and quiver in ecstasy from Blanche and Felix's thrusting and her intense arousal was starting to stain the bed beneath them.

As Selvaria squeals around Felix’s cock-tongue, Blanche smiles through her moans “I’m happy you’re so excited, my cute little Selvy~” she says, after which she begins thrusting gently and slowly in and out of Selvaria’s tight pussy, moaning with each and every thrust, Felix thrusting his tentacle in and out of her in time with Blanche. Soon, Blanche grabs Selvaria’s bra and undoes it, tossing it aside, then grabbing her breasts gently, massaging them alongside Felix. As Selvaria pleasures every inch of Felix’s cock-tongue, he murrs more and louder, squeaking happily into Selvaria’s mouth with every movement of her mouth. Felix shapeshifts two of his tentacles into larger ones, wrapping them tighter around her breasts and massaging them more vigorously, while using the tips to rub her nipples. A second tiny appendage grows out of the tentacle that Felix is using to fuck her tight pussy, and begins grinding against her clit.

Selvaria feels a swell of pride as Blanche’s moans join Felix’s adorable murrs, signaling their enjoyment of her body. She was still new when it came to sex and so it was good to know that her lack of experience was not a detriment per se. Though Felix’s body prevents her from seeing much of what’s going on, the sensations she feels paint a clear picture for her. Blanche’s wonderful cock joining Felix’s tentacle filling up her tight pussy, her bra being removed so that she can feel Blanche’s hands against her breasts directly, and Felix’s other tentacles growing and constricting her breasts while the tips rub her nipples, causing them to stiffen. All these sensations lull Selvaria into a blissful state, her vision practically clouded by lust as her only focus becomes giving Felix and Blanche pleasure so they can do the same in turn for her. “MMmmm~ Mmmmn~ MMPH!” Suddenly, the rhythm of her moans is disrupted by a new feeling, namely Felix’s new appendage grinding against her clit. It was a touch she had never experienced before and so she was unprepared for the sudden spike of ecstasy shooting throughout her. And Felix did not let up, the motion only continued, causing her hips to buck upwards, unconsciously seeking more of that intense feeling of pleasure. Selvaria’s hand moved from Felix’s body to grip the bed sheets tightly, her moans steadily increasing in volume. The pair would make her cum in no time at this rate, but Selvaria did not want this feeling of bliss to end so soon, she would ride the edge of her orgasm for as long as she could.

Felix’s dick-tongue slipped further into Selvaria’s mouth and into her throat, then began moving back and forth in time with the movements of his tentacles and Blanche’s hips, leaking even more of the liquid into her mouth, leaking so profusely that it started to overflow. Felix let out a louder murr than the previous ones, his tentacles and his dick-tongue suddenly releasing giant loads of sticky goo-like liquid into her mouth, onto her breasts, and into her pussy all at once. At the same time, Blanche’s thrusts increased in intensity and she thrusted into Selvaria as deep as she could reach before release several large loads of cum into her pussy, with a loud moan, as she reflexively groped Selvaria’s breasts tightly.

The stimulation is too much, Selvaria had intended to hold on as long as possible, but that quickly proves to be impossible for her. Once Felix begins to thrust in tandem with Blanche, she can feel her limbs start to tremble and her orgasm crashes over her like a wave of ecstasy. Her eyes lose focus and a pleasured cry escapes her throat, though it is thankfully muffled by Felix's cock tongue stuffing her throat. And she was not alone in cumming for long, while she still twitched and spasmed in the throes of orgasm, Felix began to deposit a copious amount of his delicious nectar into her mouth, which she gratefully swallowed even as she felt it overflow out of her mouth and spill onto her cheeks. Her breasts were coated as well, and she felt her pussy, already stuffed tight with tentacle and cock, get a healthy dose of blob cum as well. Through the haze of ecstasy, Selvaria heard Blanche moan louder, and she certainly felt the Spectross start to thrust harder, before joining the pair and cumming, her delightful cock pulsing before adding her own dose of cum to what Felix had already given her. As she lay there, panting and moaning lightly in the aftermath of her wonderful orgasm, Selvaria brought a hand up to rub gently against Blanche's own, even as the Spectross still groped her breasts tightly. She brought her other hand up to stroke Felix's soft body as well, even as she continued to swallow his cum and lick his cock tongue clean. It felt so nice... She had never experienced something like this before, the warmth and comfort of others. Selvaria had been skeptical of Blanche's idea of taking it easy at first, but now she could feel a sense of peace overtake her as her consciousness faded and she drifted off to sleep.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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A small reunion.
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

A knight in shining gold armor with a twisting golden vine designs across each and every plate thrusts his buster sword through Anastasia’s chest, then kicks her over onto her back. Quicker than lightning, he then twists and kicks Idalia, in her Black Hound form, in the face, knocking her to the ground, before using his sword to chop downwards, cutting her in half. Ignia uses her black doors to try to take him by surprise, in her Jabberwocky form, but he’s too quick, and in a flash has already hacked off both legs and one arm, before stabbing her through the stomach and slamming her through into a boulder, shattering it. Indris then throws her Kisarigama at him, wrapping it around his sword, but he tugs her towards him, then kicks her in the head, snapping her neck and cracking her skull. Once all of them are defeated, the knight kneels over Anastasia and removes his helmet, revealing Lord Barton’s face, but in his prime. He whispers to Anastasia “You’re too weak, I fear. You’ll never be able to protect them from me, and you can’t go anywhere to escape. I will make them all slaves to my will once more, and I’ll make you watch.” he says.

When Anastasia awakes, she finds that Idalia was already out of bed, and could hear the sound of clanking silverware and plates from downstairs. It was now half a year since she, Idalia, Indris, and Ignia had arrived in the Anglar village, and Indris had almost immediately picked up the habit of making breakfast for all of them first thing in the morning. At first, she was only a decent cook, however she displayed the ability to learn incredibly fast, and had become a very good cook in a very short time.

After Anastasia is finished with her morning routine, and makes her way downstairs, she finds that Indris was in the process of setting the table, while Idalia and Ignia had already sat down in their respective places, and Anastasia’s daughter with Ignia, Rhea, a short girl with shining gold eyes, extremely pale white skin, long wavy white hair, white horns with black ripples, and white dragon wings with a black underside, wearing a white dress with gold lining and black frills, and black boots with gold plating, had sat herself in her usual seat, waiting patiently and quietly. Beside Rhea was Anastasia’s daughter with Idalia, Alveare, who had extremely long white hair, pale skin, and gold eyes, just like Rhea, but rather than the Jabberwocky Traits that Rhea had, she had canine-like ears and a matching tail. She was wearing black leather boots, a pair of leather shorts, a leather jacket with only the top button fastened, and two clips in her hair, which failed to keep her bangs out of her face. Alveare had her feet rested on the table, and her chair leaned back as she waited for Indris to serve the food. When Idalia saw Anastasia enter the room, she stopped what she was saying, something about Alqarfs that Anastasia didn’t catch, and leapt from her seat, wrapping her arms around her and planting a kiss on her lips “Good morning~” she said with a smile. “Get a room, you two...” Alveare said, with a roll of her eyes, to which Rhea replied “They have one...” in her usual mumble that could still be heard by anyone at the table, to which Alveare replied “Hush, chuckles.” as she flicked her forehead, causing Rhea to squeak in surprise. Ignia had sat up straight when she saw Anastasia enter, then after Idalia gave her a kiss, she quickly opened a black door behind her seat and flipped herself over the back and through the door, falling through a second black door that had opened over Anastasia’s head, stopping her fall by wrapping her arms around Anastasia’s shoulders and planting a kiss on Anastasia’s lips, the second Idalia pulled back.

Indris, meanwhile, set a plat in each girl’s spot, full of sliced fruit, crispy chopped Desert Scorpioid meat with onions, and hash browns. “I noticed that you keep waking up later and later. Soon, you’ll start missing breakfast.” Indris said, slowly, ignoring Idalia and Ignia clinging to Anastasia.

Anastasia wakes with a jolt upwards and a sharp gasp. She could feel beads of sweat on her body, and an inspection on her arm would show that those were indeed present. She breaths in and out quickly and heavily as she looks around the room, trying to orientate herself on where she was at before finally realizing where she was. She spends a small time calming down, wiping her forehead and inspecting the runes that were etched into her arms and legs. There weren’t many of them, but they were very ornate in nature and glowed a bright white to offset her pure black skin. They seemed to pulse dully, and she was fairly convinced her nightmares got even worse for each rune etched into her skin. She certainly got weaker with each one. It was like the runes were sapping away at her energy in order to build their power. Not that they did much currently, she could only barely use them.Though unlike when she first got a batch at least she didn’t pass out everytime she tried. After finally managing to calm herself down and forget the horrific sights she saw in her dreams, a sight she has grown accustomed to by this point, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and got up. She was practically naked except for a pair of lacy black underwear that she wore fairly often, and so started her routine by taking those off and going to the shower area, where she took a quick shower to wipe the sweat from her body and then headed back into her room where she put a clean set of black underwear, with a bit less lace than her previous pair though no less ornate, and then slipping on some leggings, and the one-peice suit she had since she first left Azraq. After doing a few miscellaneous hygiene tasks, she exits the room and walks downstairs.

When Anastasia gets downstairs and enters the room with her family in it, she was immediately assaulted by Idalia and Ignia. In a loving way that was. She didn’t even have time to say good morning to everyone before she suddenly found her mouth occupied with Idalia’s. And she also barely had time to return the kiss before it was then replaced with Ignia’s. She did her best to kiss them both back before they were finished. At least even with her weakened state she could stand with both of them clinging onto her easily. She grins and surveys the scene before her. “Morning Idalia, Ignia, Indris, Rhea, and good morning to you too Alveare.” She says with nothing but affection radiating from her voice and posture. She looks at Alveare with a slight look of disapproval though. “What have we told you about having your feet on the dinner table, as well as hurting your sister?” Both of which were prevalent issues when it came to Alveare, that she and Idalia tried to work on. They suspected the treatment towards her sister was some kind of show of superiority, to prove she was the better one or something. Though Alveare frequently showed behavior that seemed to indicate she loved her sister nonetheless. When Indris asked about her sleeping habits, Anastasia looked at her tiredly and shrugged. “I keep saying its the Runes. They sap my energy like a bunch of mosquitoes. And I still have another batch that needs to be etched onto me before I can actually start using them properly. Though I’d never miss your cooking no matter how tired I feel.” She gives Indris a playful smirk then drags herself, as well as Ignia and Idalia over in between her two daughters and sits down, wrapping her arms around both of them for a hug before then going for the food in front of her, scarfing down the food hungirly though with good table manners. “Any news from the villagers?” She asks no one in particular before taking another bite.

When Anastasia asks Alveare about hurting her sister and propping up her feet, she rolls her eyes again “Probably not to do it.” she says, as if she was struggling to remember, though she puts her feet down all the same. “I knew that you knew~” Idalia says sweetly when she sees Alveare put her feet down. When Anastasia says that she’s sleeping longer because of the Runes, Indris looks as though she doesn’t believe her, but quietly takes her seat all the same. When Anastasia begins eating, Idalia and Ignia return to their seats and begin eating alongside her, as do Indris, Alveare, and Rhea.

When Anastasia, over breakfast, asks if there’s any news from the villagers, Rhea laughs manically for a moment, before slapping a hand over her mouth and blushing, a mortified look on her face. This was an uncontrollable part of her Jabberwocky heritage, and had been occurring since she hatched from her egg, and had bothered Rhea every time. Alveare, on the other hand, pointed at Rhea as she laughed at her, causing her to blush even darker and bow her head to hide her face. Meanwhile, Idalia replied “Well, when I last spoke to Saoirse, he said that the king forbade him from sharing details from outside the village.” she said, in a worried tone, to which Indris added “I’m fairly certain that they’re afraid we’ll leave if we knew what was going on. We’ll just have to wait for Alessandra to get back, then she’ll gladly share information with us.” in a neutral tone. Ignia, meanwhile, was rubbing Rhea’s back while she listened in “Alessandra has been gone a really long time…” she muttered.

Anastasia wasn’t the biggest fan of Alveare’s attitude, and it was a miracle she managed to keep her patience as long as she had, but sometimes she really wonders how long till Alveare makes her snap. She knew Alveare meant well she just seemed to like pushing people’s buttons. This was further proved when Rhea suddenly laughed, causing Ana to jump a little, not expecting that to happen, though when Alveare pointed and laughed, she gave Alveare a very disapproving look. “Alveare!” She snapped, her tone indicating her clear annoyance. She sighs heavily, not exactly wanting to berate her own daughter, so she just hoped that would be enough to make Alveare stop that. When Idalia said that the king didn’t want them to know anything, she grunted. “Yea, they’ve been getting increasingly hush-hush about anything relating to the outside world. But they must know we’ll get information regardless from Alessandra, as well as Illaria and Iveta whenever they show up.” She says with an uncertainty in her tone she couldn’t hide. None of them have showed up in over half a year, and while it was understandable for Ilaria and Iveta since they were unaware of their location, Alessandra did know. Did Alessandra plan to just leave them there despite her promise to come back? She doubted it, Alessandra seemed genuine when she promised her return, yet it was seeming more and more unlikely with every passing day. When Ignia mentions how long Alessandra was gone, Ana nods slowly. “Yea...She has hasn’t she? I’m sure she’ll come back though, us Spectross tend to keep our promises.” She says it to motivate herself as much as to motivate the others. Knowing she couldn’t brush the skepticism aside, she continues eating, taking only a few more bite before her plate was empty. With her food finished she leaned back into her seat and sighed.

When Anastasia snaps at Alveare, she cringes and sits back in her seat, crossing her arms, but not really sulking. Idalia then comments “Come on, sweetie, you really don’t need to pick on Rhea.” she says, sweetly. When Anastasia mentions that they’ll get information when Alessandra and the others return, the uncertainty in her tone causes the others to grow silent, except Rhea, who laughs maniacally again, trying to cover her mouth to stifle it the entire time, but failing to stop it completely for several moments. Alveare starts to laugh at her again, but Idalia looks directly into her eyes and smiles at her, which causes Alveare to change her mind. Rhea, meanwhile, hides her face in the tablecloth in embarrassment. When Anastasia mentions that Spectross keep their promises, to encourage the others, Indris replies “I could go find the others. Maybe Alessandra ran into some trouble.” she says, to which Idalia quickly replies “If one of us goes out there to find them, we’d be in even more danger than they are, since they’re together, and one of us would be alone.” she says, to which Ignia replies “I could go! My black doors and fog would make it harder for them to catch me.” to which Alveare replies “I could do it, they don’t even know I exist.” she says, grinning triumphantly. Rhea, meanwhile, remains quietly embarrassed. “I have more experience than both of you, I’ve been eluding the Bartons since the very start of my time as a Chimera, and that wouldn’t change if I went out to find them. My track record speaks for itself.” Indris says, in a more serious tone, rather than her usual neutral one.

Anastasia feels bad everytime she has to snap at Alveare, but she knew both of them would feel much worse should she go beyond that. Ana really had no idea what to do in fixing Alveare’s behavior, as everything she did felt wrong. It was clear she was having no impact though, as when Rhea had another outburst of laughter, Alveare started to do the exact same thing again. Though Idalia managed to stop her. Anastasia becomes visibly crestfallen, if only a little. Though it wasn’t rare for Alveare’s behavior to depress her over anger her at this point. It made her feel like a failure as a mother. She gently rubbed Rhea’s back when Rhea hid her face. She had no idea what to say, so simply kept silent as the conversation moved onto finding Alessandra. A conversation Ana didn’t appreciate very much. She let them talk though, but after Indris chimes in she speaks up. “The Bartons managed to beat multiple of us at once. We all know how risky going out is even as a entire group. I worry about what happened to Alessandra too but I am not risking losing any of you for her. If any of us go out all of us are.” She says with an extreme amount of conviction, memories of previous captures flooding her head, unfortunately including those where the Bartons raped her lovers. Something she hated, though despite that the memory caused her cock to stiffen, realizing what was happening with her body, she shifted her brain to conjure a mental image of her plowing Idalia before she shook it off, hoping her daughters wouldn’t notice the small bulge. She suddenly remembered why she stopped wearing these clothes for a while, they did an awful job at concealing that whenever she got aroused. She’d have to put on a skirt when she was finished here. Regardless of that, if there was any topic that could be discussed where Ana would be at her most stubborn, it was this one.

Indris started to reply to what Anastasia had said, and while her expression was completely neutral, Anastasia had known her long enough to know that she was about to object, however she was interrupted by a knock on the door, which caused Rhea to jump. Idalia stood up from the table “I’ll go see who it is, it’s probably Froom.” she said, as she made her way to the door. Indris, Ignia, Rhea, and Alveare, meanwhile, leaned over the table in an attempt to see who was at the door sooner, however the door remained out of view for everyone, despite their best efforts. While Idalia left to answer the door, Alveare looked down between Anastasia’s legs, then looked up at her face and grinned.

Anastasia could then hear Idalia open the door, then she could hear Alessandra at the door greeting her with a singsong “Hello, sweetie~” after which Idalia replied “Oh! We were just talking about you.” she says, which prompts Ignia to leap through one of her black doors, exiting a second one into the living room, while Alveare, Indris, and Rhea quickly make their way into the living room.

When Anastasia follows them, she finds not only Alessandra, but Ilaria, Irena, and Iveta with her. Ilaria merely smiled at her, while Iveta commented “The folks here are a bit weird, but the place is definitely nice.” awkwardly, as if she still wasn’t used to Anastasia not being hostile towards her, to which Ignia replied “Once you try the fruit, you’ll love it.” as she was nibbling on a slice herself. Irena continued to look around at the room, as if she were seeing a house for the first time, rather than having seen this particular house for the first time. “Anastasia, it’s so nice to see you again~” she said, as she walked up to Anastasia and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly.

Anastasia was ready to start an argument with Indris, not anticipating ever conceding a point though. However a knock on the door stopped that before it could happen, so Ana relaxed and sighed softly. She wondered what Froom might want now. He often asked them to help around the village as all of them were generally physically stronger than the villagers, and much easier to ask for aid then their great old ones just to build a fence. Anastasia looked towards the direction of the door though didn’t make an effort to try and see it, though when she looked back she saw Alveare grinning at her. Anastasia gave her a questioning look. “What?” She asked, completely unaware as to what Alveare might be thinking. A few moments after she heard Alessandra’s voice and immediately perked up. Anastasia could no longer compete with her family in rushing to the door, something she could thank the runes for, so she ended up taking her time at heading for the door. Anastasia grinned as she saw the large group waiting for them. More than just Alessandra came by it seemed, which felt like a huge weight off her chest. “You get used to them, Iveta.” She said in a friendly tone, still knowing the strain in the relation she had with Iveta. She waved at Ilaria, then looked at Irena curiously before suddenly being enveloped by a hug from Alessandra. Anastasia hugged her back, with as much strength as she could manage which was still less than what Alessandra was outputting. “Nice to see you again too. I was just starting to think you might never show back up.” She said playfully before looking over at her two children. “There have been some new additions to the family since we last saw each other.” She broke free from the hug and walked over to Rhea and gently put a hand on her head. “This is Rhea, she’s a sweet little thing, but uh, if she starts laughing suddenly, pay no mind to it, its normal.” She then walked over to Alveare and ruffled her hair. “And this rascal is Alveare, who is a lot less sweet but no less adorable.” She says as lovingly as possible, her beaming grin showing how happy she was to have them.

Idalia made her way to Iveta and hugged her tightly, while Indris leaned against a nearby wall, separating herself from the reunion. When Anastasia says that she was starting to think she Alessandra wouldn’t come back, Alessandra laughed softly “Well, finding this one wasn’t as easy as finding the others~” she said, nodding towards Iveta, then adding “She was hiding underground, and only came out for food, it was pure luck that I found her~” she said. When Anastasia introduces Rhea and Alveare, Alessandra smiles “It’s so nice to meet you~” she says, after which she pauses a moment and studies Rhea, who straightens up as if to make herself taller. “Hmmm a Were-Jabberwocky? But the part of her that would be human is quite clearly Spectross.” she says, losing her singsong tone for a moment. Meanwhile, Ilaria hovered towards the floor until she was hovering just above it and nodded at Alveare in greeting, to which she replied “Oh uh nice to meet you… I’m Alveare… what’s your name?” she asked, after which she patiently waited for a moment, after which she tried again “... What’s your name?” she asked a second time, to which Ilaria responded by looking over at Ignia, who quickly rushed over and explained to Alveare “She’s mute, sorry. Her name is Ilaria, she’s my sister.” she said, to which Ilaria replied by nodding and giving Alveare a sweet smile.

Anastasia looked over at Indris as she distanced herself, giving her a concerned look before turning her attention back towards Alessandra, then at Iveta. “You were hiding underground? That must’ve gotten awfully boring, its a good thing Alessandra managed to find you.” When Alessandra makes her way to her kids, she watches their interaction, and immediately grows concerned by the way Alessandra talked about Rhea. Her mood clearly shifted towards one of… Caution? It was hard to tell but it was clear she saw something in Rhea. Ana wasn’t even sure what a Jabberwocky was, nor why it was such a big deal. “Is there a problem Alessandra?” Anastasia asked curiously, trying to sound mostly non-chalant about it. Though she was temporarily distracted by Ilaria’s and Alveare’s interaction. “Oh sorry, I should’ve mentioned that.” She said quickly before turning her attention back to Rhea and Alessandra.

When Anastasia mentioned hiding underground being boring, Iveta nods “It was, but the psychopaths are less likely to look there, and lately they’ve been crawling all over Chaldea.” she says. Meanwhile, Alveare replied to Ignia “Wait, then how does she communicate with anyone?” she asked, to which Ignia replied “Well, I’ve known her my whole life, so generally I can guess what she’s saying in any given situation…” she says, wrapping her arm around Ilaria’s shoulders in a side hug, grinning, which caused Ilaria to smile and nod to Alveare. When Anastasia asked Alessandra if there was a problem, she smiled “No, but Jabberwockies are very strange creatures. There’s only known to be one in all of Chaldea, and they are commonly said to be among the most dangerous of all creatures. They are also said to laugh maniacally, hence their nickname of Lunatic Dragon. Her wings and horns are of a different coloration, however the resemblance is clear to see.” she explains, while Rhea shifts nervously under Alessandra’s gaze, and suddenly bursts into uncontrollable psychotic laughter for only a moment, before slapping her hands over her mouth to stifle it, blushing in embarrassment. Alessandra reached out and gently rubbed Rhea’s head “It’s okay, sweetie, that’s not your fault~” she says, giving her a reassuring smile “Think of it as a show of power, you’re part Spectross, and part powerful dragon, after all.” she says. Nearby, Irena had wandered over to Indris, and they were talking amongst themselves quietly, and Idalia was speaking with Iveta.

Anastasia nods at Iveta’s words. So that confirms what she was suspicious about, the Bartons have been expanding their search campaign, and most likely all their other operations as well. Knowing that the Bartons had what seemed to be a practically infinite supply of troops, she wasn’t sure how long until they start daring to get closer to the ocean… “Well, we haven’t seen any outsiders get close to the village, they usually turn back a good ways away once the humidity starts rising. So you’ll certainly be safe here.” Anastasia and the group had occasionally gone out to fetch some wood or other things around the village, and so had stumbled upon some random outsiders in the distance. They were quite rare though, and had always turned back. Turning her attention to Alveare, she hoped Alveare could learn quickly about to how to recognize what Illaria wanted. Alveare was a smart kid though, or so Ana believed, so she didn’t doubt that. When Alessandra explained what Jabberwockies were, Anastasia hummed in thought and shrugged. “Well, Rhea is far from dangerous, at least to us. How she gained the traits of a Jabberwocky I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Rhea is Rhea.” She tenses when she hears Rhea have another fit of laughter, wondering how they might react to it, but relaxes immediately when Alessandra comforts Rhea. “She’s right Rhea, if what she said is true then you’re something special. To have the blood of not just a Spectross but a dragon? A particularly powerful one to boot, if you can learn to control both aspects of you at will, you’d be something few would mess with.” Anastasia looks around the room, seeing discussion were taking place around them. She was glad Indris finally found the will to talk, though Anastasia was reminded how little she knew about Irena. She was practically a stranger still. She had some knowledge of Ilaria and Iveta at this point, but all she knew about Irena was her physical appearance, and her ridiculous strength. Strong enough to punch through people.

When Anastasia mentions that there haven’t been any outsiders near the village, Iveta sighs and nods “I really hope that it stays that way.” she says, to which Idalia replies “Well, if they do show up here, they’d have to contend not only with all of us, but with the strange powers of the Anglar.” she says. That’s when Iveta blinks twice and squints at Idalia “Oh, you got the visor off. I forgot they had even put one on you… ” she says. Idalia laughs “Anastasia told me that it was the Anglar. They seem to be quite powerful.” she says, smiling. When Anastasia and Alessandra encourage Rhea , her embarrassment dissipates slightly “... I appreciate that, but I really want to know where the traits came from...” she says. Ignia then suddenly appears at Anastasia’s side “Well, I… may or may not gain Jabberwocky traits from my Battle Form… ” she says, coughing nervously. As if to emphasize the point, she takes a step back, then slams her palms down on the floor as black fog pours from her body. Slowly, horns similar in shape to Rhea’s, and wings similar in shape to Rhea’s grow from Ignia’s head and back, then scales begin covering patches of her skin, specifically her cheeks and the sides of her neck, as well as her upper arms, forearms, thighs, and lower legs, then her irises narrow into slits, like cat eyes, her teeth become fangs, and her hair grows spikier. “As you can see, there’s a family resemblance.” she says, as she rises back to her feet. Ignia’s transformation had gained the attention of everyone in the room, but Alessandra is the first to respond “Yeah, that is definitely a Jabberwocky~” she says, her singsong voice returning. In response, Ilaria smirked, implying she already knew, while Indris seemed detached from the situation, Irena commented “I just assumed it was a dragon, personally...” in a quiet tone, as if it embarrassed her not to be aware of what kind of Dragon it was. “I kinda knew, I just thought it was obvious enough that I didn’t need to say anything...” Idalia said, hesitantly. Iveta then puffed out her chest “That’s nothing, watch this.” she said, as she thrust out her arms behind her, her hands and fingers splayed out as she growled. Soon, two gigantic mandibles formed from her arms, like those of an antlion, while eight spider legs sprouted from her back, which then lifted her up into the air, so that she no longer needed to use her legs. Additional eyes, each one bright red and glowing, formed on her forehead, and her skin developed exoskeleton plating of what looked like black diamond on her upper arms, forearms, thighs, cheeks, and lower legs, just like the mandibles and spider legs. “Behold, the most powerful of Chimera Battle Forms.” she said, smirking. Idalia laughed “Alright, ladies, let’s show her what she has to contend with!” she said, playfully. Idalia then stomped her foot as flames and smoke started erupting from her body, horns growing from her head as her hair turned gray, black fur beginning to cover her blackening skin, as her teeth grew into fangs, sharp claws grew from her fingers, her eyes became bright red, and a second pair of ears, those of a wolf, grey from the top of her head. Joining in, Irena arched her back and held her arms out to her side “I think most of you haven’t seen me transform yet, anyway.” she says, nonchalantly as an additional set of eyes grew in her palms, and numerous black tentacles grew from her back, while her skin slowly turned black and slick. Her legs became double-jointed, bone-like spikes growing from her knees and elbows, while yet another set of eyes, these on the ends of stalks, grew from the top of her head, and her hair turned light purple and grew longer, reaching down to her hips. Ilaria raised an eyebrow, then threw her head back, flipping her hair, as bright light radiated from her body. Slowly, Ilaria’s hair grew longer and turned black, her eyes changed bright purple, she grew taller, and her clothing grew to fit her changed body, and became dark black with a blue lining. “Your forms are all barbaric in comparison to my own.” she says, as glowing butterflies of pure energy begin circling her body alongside her hovering mirror. Indris rolls her eyes when she realizes she’s the only one who hasn’t transformed, then steps away from the wall as electricity begins pulsing across her body, and black feathers grow from her scalp, fluffing up from beneath her hair, alongside an additional set of ears which resemble those of a fox, covered in even more black feathers. A large set of Thunderbird wings erupts from her back, pure black which a line of purple feathers at the very edges, and a line of razor sharp bone forms on the top edge. Razor sharp talons grow from her fingers, and a line of purple feathers grow from her arms, and a purple marking develops between her eyes, running down her cheeks, and stopping at her neck. “This all seems quite… pointless.” she says, rolling her eyes as she looks around the room at the transformed girls. “I’ve never seen mom transform before...” Rhea mumbles as she pokes her wing with her finger. “That’s clearly a Hellhound, but why are my beast features white?” Alveare asks in a puzzled tone. Idalia thinks for a moment before replying “I just assume it’s a result of Spectross heritage.” she says, shrugging.

Anastasia smirks when Idalia says they’d not only have all of them to contend with, but the Anglar villagers. “Anyone with hostile intentions wouldn’t stand a chance here.” Anastasia says confidently. When Iveta and Idalia discuss what the Anglar did, Ana nodded in confirmation. “The villagers here certainly possess great power, and I am indebted to them for doing that. They are even teaching me runic magic to help with our fight.” She looks over at Ignia when she begins talking about her Jabberwocky Chimera form, her eyes widening when Ignia chooses now to transform, something previously only reserved for battle. Because of that Anastasia never truly got to appreciate their altered form, as she was usually too busy trying not to die. That was certainly the case with Ignia, so she made no attempt to hide her inspecting of her new form. Ana had to admit she looked sexy, the ever annoying bulge threatening to make a return. Dammit she got distracted from putting on a skirt… “That makes a lot more sense, I have to admit I never really got a good look at you like this, given the only times you’ve transformed with me around was during battle. I always assumed it was just a form of dragon as well, not specifically Jabberwocky.” It seemed Ignia started a form of competition though. Anastasia’s attention was diverted to Iveta, who also began transforming. Her transformation wasn’t quite what Ana was expecting. Not that Ana was expecting anything specific. Spider legs certainly wasn’t on her list though. It was a bit more off-putting than Ignia’s, though perhaps that was because her relation was more strained than with Ignia’s. Ana didn’t dislike it though, she was still nice to look at. The diamond like pattern on her new exoskeleton being among the most interesting parts. Next up was Idalia though, whos form was the one she’s gotten the best look at. Idalia’s form was probably the hottest, both literally and figuratively. So Ana, like with Ignia, made it quite obvious about how thoroughly she inspected the form. A smirk formed on her face, and by now she had to take a nearby seat in order to cross her legs to hide the ever-growing erection she was getting. She really hated that, why wont her body let her appreciate her family in peace? Irena ended up going next, and it was by far the most disturbing form, yet still oddly attractive. It sort of reminded her of herself with the pitch black skin, though the tentacles were very strange to look at. The stalks with eyes on them being something she avoided looking at entirely. She wondered exactly how much Irena could see with all those eyes… Comparatively, Ilaria seemed underwhelming. For the most part it just looked like she became more mature, got an outfit change, and had a swarm of butterflies following her. Ana could appreciate it though, Ilaria’s form was among the sexiest so far. Finally was Indris, who seemed most unenthused about this sudden competition. Her form was expected, Anastasia had never seen it before but it made complete sense when the features of a Thunderbird began forming given Indris’s propensity for electricity. Though she also gained a lot of extra bits that seemed somewhat out of place. With all of them transformed, Anastasia had to admit she liked them all, even if Iveta’s and Irena’s were a tad bit offputting to look at. “You guys should transform more often, you all look good.” She says in a half polite and half seductive tone. She then gestures towards Irena. “Though you look a little creepy~.” She says playfully, clearly meaning it as a joke. When Alveare asks why her features were white instead of black, she agreed with Idalia, it seemed most logical given Rhea also had a very heavy Spectross influence.

When Anastasia mentions that she had never gotten a good look at Ignia’s transformed state, she smiles and places each of her hands behind her head, posing for her. “Do you like it?” she asks. When Idalia, likewise, sees Anastasia checking out her transformed state, she smiles and winks at her, then starts to comment, however she’s interrupted by Irena transforming. When everyone had transformed, and Anastasia comments that they should all transform more often, Idalia, Ignia, Iveta, and Irena smiled, while Ilaria only looked more smug. Indris, meanwhile, transformed back to her normal state. When Anastasia says that Irena’s transformed state looked a little creepy, she shrugged “Well, mollusks aren’t exactly adorable, and it’s more for battle than appearances.” she said, chuckling in a good-natured way as she reverted back to her normal state. Indris then turned to Alessandra “The reunion is all well and good, but we need information from the outside. We need to know what has been going on while we’ve been here.” she says. Alessandra frowned for the briefest of moments, then replied “Well, a rogue Angel, Sicarael, has announced his intention to make all of the races in Chaldea into Nephilim, then Azraq announced their support for this. Since then Lord Barton and Terrorcastra have announced that they would oppose him. They’ve all mobilized their armies and begun taking positions to start all out war against each other. Barton’s forces… cover most of Chaldea.” she says. Iveta then broke in “Among each squad of his clones is a girl with a visor… I wonder what those could be.” she says, frowning, and saying the last comment sarcastically. Indris looks enraged for only a millisecond before regaining her composure “So, Barton forces are everywhere, and most kingdoms look as though they’re going to go to war… and Lord Barton is using Chimera slave clones to bolster his forces.” she says, scanning everyone’s faces for their reactions. Idalia looked angry, Iveta looked sad, Irena looked embarrassed, Rhea looked horrified, Alveare was clenching her right fist so tightly that blood was dripping from her palm as she clenched her teeth, and Ignia looked so upset that she seemed prepared to fly straight to the nearest Barton army and go berserk. Ilaria sighed “I think that the worst part here isn’t that Barton and his army is everywhere… but that he’s opposing Sicarael’s clearly evil intentions. So, what now?” she asked.

Anastasia nods when Ignia asked if she liked Ignia’s form, looking at her more than a little lustfully thanks to the pose Ignia struck. However, her attention had to be diverted elsewhere as some of them began returning to their normal state, and Indris in her usual fashion going straight to business. Anastasia turned her attention to Alessandra and crossed her arms, fully anticipating bad news. And boy did they get some bad news. Not only was Barton further increasing his forces and enslaving more Chimera girls, but a rogue Angel had the audacity to try and convert all of Chaldea into Nephilim. Anastasia’s face crunched in anger, she wanted nothing more than to kill Barton, she wasn’t even that worried about the angel, that was something that the goddesses would put an end to, especially Avenir. Yet despite the overwhelming desire to go out there and challenge Barton again, she knew it was pointless at this juncture, they needed more time to prepare. “I’m not too worried about Sicareal, there is no way Avenir or many of the other goddesses would let him get away with such a goal. If anything this may help us. With him waging war, most of his forces will be dead or busy. His resources will be strained, and his attention elsewhere. This could be a good opportunity to rid this world of his vile presence once and for all.” She says with large amounts of conviction, clearly ready to do it right now. However, she slumps back and sighs. “However, we aren’t ready for such a fight yet. We need to ready ourselves for that task, and I definitely need to finish my runic magic training first, I wouldn’t be able to hurt a normal Barton goon right now. Waiting might be better though, the longer this war drags, the more he’s gonna start weakening.”

The group remains silent for a moment, then Indris abruptly replies “Right. Well, I’ll be back.” she says, with her usual neutral tone, before opening the door, stepping out, then slamming it behind her. Rhea stares at the door for a moment, then laughs maniacally before slapping her hand over her mouth and turning red with embarrassment. Ignia watched after her as well, then quickly shifts back to her normal state “I’ll keep an eye on her, stay out of trouble, Rhea!” she says, as she quickly pecks Anastasia on the lips, then uses a Black Door to chase after Indris.Idalia rolls her eyes and shapeshifts back to her normal state “Well, I can understand how she feels, but she always wants to run off on her own. It’s tiring, you know.” she says. Ilaria shrugs “I’m sure she’ll be fine. Ignia’s skills are perfect for escaping and staying hidden.” she says, confidently. Iveta then transforms back to her normal state and starts to speak, but Alveare interrupts her “Should we really just watch them leave?” she asks, her anger still showing on her face from the earlier news. “Don’t worry, they’ll be back, and the best laid plans take time~ I heard that Lord Barton had been regressing in age, which suggests to me that he’s readying for battle~” she says.

Anastasia immediately stands up when Indris leaves, fully prepared to run straight after her before thinking better of it. This was Indris, there was no way she could be persuaded to stay. She definitely knew better than to take on Barton herself regardless of how mad she was too. Besides even if she did go after her, she was too weak to chase after her really… Man these runes sucked. When Ignia said she’d keep an eye on her, Anastasia nodded, then slumped back onto the seat when Ignia left, unable to even kiss Ignia back since it was just a quick peck. “I won’t lie, I hate the fact they left with a passion, and I hate that I can’t go after them right now to knock some sense into them, mostly Indris…” She sighs sadly and crosses her arms, shaking her head when Alveare asked if they’d just let them leave. “They aren’t stupid enough to take on Barton on their own or something, more likely Indris plans to act as a scout and look for a good oppurtunity to strike for us. If she is dumb enough to try and take on Barton on her own, Ignia will step in.”
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Over the course of an entire year, Ophelia is allowed to stay in her own personal room at Terrorcastra, and is frequently brought information by Lucian, by his own request. Due to the frequent information dumps, Ophelia is aware that Sicarael currently holds Phail, Lairn, Lorth, Noxustra, and Alteneisen, with Fero attempting to hold them back from the Black Plains, while The Bartons have been preventing Sicarael's forces from advancing beyond the Worthless Plains, and Terrorcastra had been attempting to take Alteneisen back by advancing from the Hanged Man Forest. Sicarael's forces had attempted to pass around Barton's forces through Vitra, but had been stopped cold by a legion of undead around Vitra, which didn't engage, but instead merely blocked their path and forced them to return to The Worthless Plains. Despite the clear and obvious threat, Norn and Greyhaven have yet to mobilize their forces, while Calt has given Sicarael a deadline for the release of all of their prisoners and complete disarmament, before mobilizing to completely annihilate his army.

As requested by Ophelia, she's also allowed to oversee the repairing of Alice's Vorpal Blade, which takes most of said year, due to the incredible skill care required in working on such a valuable weapon. By the time the repairs are completed, the Vorpal Blade looks exactly as it did before when Alice had been using it personally.

Aurora had been able to spend most of the year with Ophelia, however a week ago, she had been asked to assist in taking back Alteneisen, which she could not refuse due to her status as a Paladin meaning that she must free them. Luthica had left Terrorcastra in search of Glass Castle within the first week of her time there, but hadn't told anyone. Verger had been visiting Ophelia as frequently as possible to play music for her and Lily, but had been sent to speak with the King of Darkstar on the same day that Aurora had left to free Alteneisen.

Lastly, half a year into her stay in Terrorcastra, her egg hatched into her new daughter, Helana.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Ophelia was in her room with Lily, who was sitting on the floor, playing with the mercenary figurines that were set up on the table, while Helana, Ophelia's new child that she had with Annie, was throwing knives at a target that had been set up against a nearby wall. Helana is a dark-tan-skinned girl with dark purple hair and purple eyes, with small horns that are hidden by a purple hairband, wearing a purple, one-piece, sleeveless leotard cut to reveal her stomach and part of her breasts, elbow high, fingerless gloves and stockings that go up to the top of her thighs, both the same color as her leotard, as well as a bow that decorates her side, a memoir to her other mother. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, startling Lily, though Helana seems unbothered, and causing her to drop the figure she was playing with, a figure of a girl with long, spiky, dark hair, wearing a sleeveless jacket, boots, and a skirt over a body suit "Oh, I'll get it, mom!" she calls out to Ophelia, before rushing over to the door and pulling it open. Standing just outside, with his hand up to knock a second time, was Lucian. "Hey, Lucy!" Lily says, smiling, to which Lucian responds by waving at her "Hello again, Lily, it's nice to see you doing well." he says, as he hands her a new Mercenary figurine, one of a girl with her hair tied back in a long ponytail, wearing a suit with a fedora, one card being thrown from her hand, connected by action blur so that it appears in mid flight, which Lily accepts with a huge smile "Yay! Thank you, Lucy!" she says, hugging the figure to her chest. As usual, Lucian was all business, and immediately scanned the room for Ophelia "Is Lady Ophelia available? I have urgent information for her." he says. Once he spots her, and/or she makes herself visible, Lucian's face goes from urgent to a small smile, then he calls out to her "Lady Ophelia, Queen Alpha has been brought information regarding the whereabouts of Lady Alice, and she requested that you be brought to her for a word." he explains, to which Lily responds with a shocked expression "One of my other moms! I'll save her this time, I've been practicing my JUSTICE Pawnch!" she says, excitedly. "Doesn't that mean that she also knows where Castle of Glass is?" Helana asks, just loudly enough for Lucian to hear.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

During the year that Selvaria spent in Bacon, Elios would leave the Inn frequently and come back with new information regarding what was happening outside of the area.

Due to the frequent information dumps, Selvaria is aware that Sicarael currently holds Phail, Lairn, Lorth, Noxustra, and Alteneisen, with Fero attempting to hold them back from the Black Plains, while The Bartons have been preventing Sicarael's forces from advancing beyond the Worthless Plains, and Terrorcastra had been attempting to take Alteneisen back by advancing from the Hanged Man Forest. Sicarael's forces had attempted to pass around Barton's forces through Vitra, but had been stopped cold by a legion of undead around Vitra, which didn't engage, but instead merely blocked their path and forced them to return to The Worthless Plains. Despite the clear and obvious threat, Norn and Greyhaven have yet to mobilize their forces, while Calt has given Sicarael a deadline for the release of all of their prisoners and complete disarmament, before mobilizing to completely annihilate his army.

During this time, Selvaria got to know Blanche, Felix, and Elios a bit better, and had an egg, which hatched after half a year, due to being fucked by Felix and Blanche nearly every night, into her new daughter Felicity.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After having spent an entire year in Bacon, on the last day, as Selvaria awakes, sleeping beside Blanche and Felix again that night, she finds that Blanche is already awake and dressed, while Felicity was staring out the window and into the streets of Bacon. Felicity was a very tall, light blue haired girl, with a braid on one side of her head, with four bird-like wings, a pair of Nephilim wings of light, the standard black Nephilim exo-skin, and glowing blue eyes. She was wearing her usual outfit which consisted of a see-through black leotard, with a black leather bikini-like top with red edges, black leather pants with a black belt and red markings down the sides, and black boots, as well as a red hooded cloak. When Felix sees that Selvaria is awake, he quickly gives her a passionate good morning kiss, after which Felicity notices that her mother is awake "Mom, when are we leaving Bacon?" she asks, softly, seemingly having waited for Selvaria to wake up so that she could ask both Blanche and Selvaria at the same time. "Well, if cute little Selvy is ready to leave, I suppose we've investigated here enough~ the client only wanted to know what Bacon was like beyond the rumors~" she said, pausing. Elios then commented "If y'all wanna leave this here bag of nails... we may have to contend with Angel Boi's blobs." she says, which clear discomfort each time she avoids using her Darkstar vernacular. Elios had been making clear attempts to make her speech more understandable for Blanche, Felicity, and Selvaria during her year with them. Blanche smiled at Elios, then turned back to Selvaria "Those won't be a problem... besides, if we want to take that job for helping Lord Barton against Sicarael's forces, we'll have to get used to fighting them, anyway~" she says, before adding "What do you say, cute little Selvy~?" she asks in her usual singsong voice.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

During Amun's year in Terrorcastra, he is brought information by messengers regarding the current state of the continent.

Due to the frequent information dumps, Selvaria is aware that Sicarael currently holds Phail, Lairn, Lorth, Noxustra, and Alteneisen, with Fero attempting to hold them back from the Black Plains, while The Bartons have been preventing Sicarael's forces from advancing beyond the Worthless Plains, and Terrorcastra had been attempting to take Alteneisen back by advancing from the Hanged Man Forest. Sicarael's forces had attempted to pass around Barton's forces through Vitra, but had been stopped cold by a legion of undead around Vitra, which didn't engage, but instead merely blocked their path and forced them to return to The Worthless Plains. Despite the clear and obvious threat, Norn and Greyhaven have yet to mobilize their forces, while Calt has given Sicarael a deadline for the release of all of their prisoners and complete disarmament, before mobilizing to completely annihilate his army.

The week after Amun and Metia first arrived in Terrorcastra, Metia is sent to the front lines to fight back against Sicarael's forces, and thus far she has won each and every engagement, with seemingly no preparation or tactics whatsoever. Before she was sent away, however, Amun had been making nightly visits to her room while she was asleep, due to her door remaining unlocked, and having his way with her as she slept. One of these nightly visits resulted in an egg being produced, which eventually hatched into Amun's new daughter, a girl with long, straight white hair, purple eyes, fair skin, dragon horns, and a dragon tail, named Mena.

For the rest of the year, however, Amun spent his time forming connections with the other people at court, and managed to land a position as Queen Alpha's Master of Communication, which allowed him to gather enough funding to hire an investigator and a bodyguard.

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Amun was making his way down the halls of Terrorcastra, his bodyguard on his left, and his investigator on his right. The Bodyguard Amun had hired was a blondhaired knight, named Aigle, who was well-known for escorting priests of Sirius from city to city. She had fair skin and long blond hair tied back into a ponytail, and dark blue eyes. She was keeping silent, dressed in her elaborately designed tan top that exposed her shoulders, the lower section of which was purple, with a blue stripe down the front, and her silver armor with sharp gold designs, armed with her purple and silver shield, and her expertly-crafted broad sword. She usually kept quiet unless called upon, and never forgot her manners, often being excessively polite. Amun's investigator, a Were-Gator named Gorgophone, a girl with very long, wavy green hair, bright yellow eyes, an alligator tail, and fair skin, normally dressed in a black overcoat with green X designs over a white top, a black choker, a brown mini-skirt over tight black shorts, with green socks and black boots, was in the process of explaining to Amun what her findings were. "I understand that you requested that I either find a Cielo survivor OR find information on the culprit, however I think you'll be pleased to find that I've brought you both. Because Machinery was used, I visited the shops in Calt first, where I obtained a list of people that bought those same parts the month of, and the month before, that incident. This lead me to a man named Bob White, who lived in Azraq up until the time of the incident. People who lived in the area saw men in unmarked armor coming and going from his house during the month before the incident occurred, however... unmarked armor was never seen abandoned in Azraq, and men in unmarked armor were never recorded leaving Azraq... so, I investigated the Azraq Armory, where I found unmarked Armor in a hidden compartment. My conclusion, therefor, is that Azraq itself hired Bob White to hijack Cielo." she said, pausing with a smug grin that indicated she was proud of herself for discovering this information. After a long pause, during which she seemed to be awaiting praise, she finally added "I've also brought former Captain of the Cielo Guard, Prairy, here. She's currently in the Throne Room, where she is speaking with Queen Alpha as she awaits you." she said, as she twirled her black staff with a round metal disc-shaped machine at the end, glowing green rings at the bottom and inside the disc glowing with every movement. Mena, walking behind Amun a short distance, and Aigle both looked shocked by the revelation, but neglected to comment, seemingly awaiting for Amun's response first.

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Lilith spends an entire year in the depths of the catacombs, the way behind her having somehow shifted into more labyrinth the moment it had gone out of view for her. What followed was an entire year wandering the catacombs, as her slowly diminishing army is forced to fight off the dangerous Catacomb Guardians. Because Lilith can't find food, she's forced to eat decayed corpses, and break open bones to suck out their marrow just to stay alive. By the end of the year, Lilith finds herself only traveling deeper and deeper into the catacombs, as if it was forcing her down there, as if it wanted her there. The light diminishes the deeper she travels, however as a Nomad, there's no difference between the darkness and the light.

Finally, Lilith finds herself leaving the catacombs through a massive, stone, revolving door that leads into a long stone bridge in a stone cave, with a massive lake of lava passing beneath the stone bridge. Each stone that made up the bridge was covered with similar runes to what Lilith had seen on the black spire, on the other side, she could see a figure cloaked in black, in front of it a stone altar upon which was a glowing purple gem in an onyx pendant, on a black metal chain. The moment she looked at the gem, her head began to fill with the familiar nails-on-chalkboard sound of her Goddess, pain spreading through her head "My little shadow, why do you hesitate? Advance. Claim what's yours." the voice said. Lilith's Goblin, meanwhile, stayed near Lilith. He had looted corpses in the catacombs, and used the loot to construct better armor than what he had been wearing before, and now had two short swords.

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Anastasia stared at the pitch black ceiling above her. She has been for the past few hours now, completely unable to sleep, nearly sick with worry. It’s been six months since Ignia and Indris had left, and there has been no word from them. She frequently worried about their safety, and while usually she can brush it aside, sometimes she had episodes like this where it was almost sickening. Images of them tied up with chains in that castle were echoing through her mind, brutalized and tortured… Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore and quickly sat up, rubbing her face to try and rub the images out of her mind. She looked over at Idalia’s sleeping form, a soft smile forming on her lips. Idalia was always so adorable when she slept, like a puppy. At the very least she had Idalia to comfort her, though she didn’t want to wake her up, so Anastasia slowly got out of bed, thankful at the quality of the beds as they didn’t squeak at all. Without putting any clothes on, she walked out into the hallway with just her underwear and bra on. Since she became a high spectross, gaining even more features of the great Avenir, her clothing was changed to be more opulent. Everything around her changed to be more opulent. According to the villagers she had the very power of Avenir flowing through her now, something normal Spectross did not, and so the power of her realm spilled here, turning everything around her ornate and fanciful beyond belief, though they often changed back when she left their presence. The current set she was wearing was the normal lacy black she usually wore, but with even more ornate styling in the lace and silver accents with jeweled studs on some parts of them where the designs end. The halls were always lit with candles, as they never burnt out. She walked over to the end of the hall where there was a large window overlooking the town and stared out into the darkness, with only a few candles to break it. Very rarely she could hear the sounds of ocean creatures at night despite how far the ocean was still, sounds that sent chills down her entire body like a primal sense of fear. But tonight all was quiet except the sound of particularly powerful gusts of winds hitting the house, causing it to creak slightly.

As Anastasia was standing at the window, she felt a familiar gentle touch as two pale white arms wrapped around her midsection, followed a soft, panty-clad bulge pressing against her back. “Having trouble sleeping, darling~?” Alessandra asks, as she gently rests her chin on Anastasia’s shoulder and gives her a soft kiss on the neck, and starts softly stroking Anastasia’s stomach, from her belly button, up to the very bottom of her bra, before gently stroking back down to her belly button again. “I could hear you wandering around the halls, from my room, and I thought I’d come to see you~” she whispers to her, in his soft singsong voice, her rose-scented breath tickling Anastasia’s neck as she spoke.

Anastasia jumps a little when she feels the arms wrapping around her, but quickly calms down when she sees who it was. She lets out a soft sigh. Her own pale white skin had made a return about a month ago when she became a high spectross, and it looked even better than what she had before. Somehow flaws became apparent on Alessandra’s skin, ones she never noticed before, heck, even now Anastasia wouldn’t be able to describe what those flaws were yet they were there. She looks over at Alessandra, who she didn’t have to look up at as much. She gained a few inches in height, not enough to cancel out the height difference, but enough to be noticeable. She shivers a little as she feels Alessandra’s hands run up and down her torso. She still felt as skilled as ever at least. “I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking about Indris and Ignia again.” She still wasn’t quite used to her own voice, which while mostly the same had a strange reverb-like quality to it now, like a second voice was mimicking her words, barely audible over her own. “Why are you awake? Can’t sleep either? Don’t tell me you were staying up, waiting for me to come out of my room.” She teased, though actually wondering why Alessandra was still awake.

Alessandra starts increasing her stroking area, slowly, until she’s rubbing just above Anastasia’s waistband, up to just below her bra. “I’m sure they’ll be fine, they know not to chance getting into trouble when they’re out alone, and Ignia is nearly uncatchable~” she whispers when Anastasia explains why she’s up. When asked why she’s still awake, Alessandra snickers “When I was searching for your other friends, I had been operating primarily at night, since I was searching cities, and the Bartons were less likely to just show up at night, so I was more likely to find them out and about~” she explains, before adding “My sleep rotation has yet to return to normal~” she says, softly, as she leans in and gives Anastasia a soft kiss on the lips. When she breaks the kiss, she comments “I can help you pass the time, if you’d like~ Things are always better with company~” she whispers.

Anastasia purses her lips, her cheeks growing hot as Alessandra begins rubbing just below her breasts. “I suppose you’re right, though I hate not being there to help protect them, I don’t ever want them to suffer again…” She says, her voice pained, even the reverb sounding worried. “Though I know I must trust in their abilities, and I certainly know they’d be smart enough to not fling themselves into a trap.” Then Alessandra kisses Anastasia on the lips. She leans into the kiss a little, though clearly wasn’t all that into it. Giving Alessandra’s body a once over when she retracted from the kiss, yet the worry overshadowed any lust she might have felt at the moment. Anastasia turns away, looking back out the window, while moving away from Alessandra’s embrace. “While I appreciate the offer, not everything can be solved with that.” She tries to convey she wasn’t currently in the mood, something that was rare. Though she did once go almost a week without doing anything, much to Ignia’s annoyance, back before she left.

Alessandra follows Anastasia when she tries to move away, and when Anastasia gives her body a onceover, she sees that Alessandra is only wearing a matching teal lace bra and panties, with star patterns, each star pattern outlined with gold fabric “Of course, they’ve gained much experience when spending their time with you, and let’s not forget, Indris has been avoiding Barton for years~” she whispers. Then she replies “I just want to comfort you, worrying won’t do anything for them, just make you feel bad~” she says, as she runs her left hand down Anastasia’s stomach, then strokes her bulge through her panties, slowly. As she strokes Anastasia’s bulge through her panties extremely skillfully, she uses her other hand to gently grope her right breast, massaging it just as skillfully, as she leans in, touching her nose to Anastasia’s “Mmm~ Anastasia, you’re really quite beautiful~” she whispers softly, her mouth only centimeters from Anastasia’s.

Anastasia was a tiny bit annoyed Alessandra continued her assault, though she did have to admit Alessandra always did give a good time, though she also wished Alessandra would stop viewing her as some kind of very high quality meat in a way. “I know I know, yet that doesn’t stop me from worrying.” She said, fully aware how irrational her fear was. But after all that she’s been through it’s not as though it was unwarranted. When Alessandra said she just wanted to comfort her, and began rubbing her flaccid cock through her panties while also groping her breast, she sighed softly, looking back at Alessandra, the worry starting to be replaced with lust. Alessandra was always good at seduction. Her bulge quickly stiffened, immediately growing a few inches under Alessandra’s touch. Anastasia thought about whether she actually should do it as Alessandra leaned her face close to Ana’s. After a few moments, she decided maybe it would be best if she just gave in. She smirks slightly, staring into Alessandra’s eyes. “And you’re really quite persistent. Though I admit you have a way with words… Though I think your mouth would be better suited with more than just words inside it~” She says, giving Alessandra just enough time to respond before leaning into the kiss and softly but passionately kissing Alessandra, slipping her tongue into Alessandra’s mouth and wrapping it with Alessandra’s own.

Alessandra continues stroking Anastasia’s bulge through her panties, while slipping her hand into Anastasia’s bra, gently squeezing and massaging her breast as she replies “You’re not the only one who wants something in my mouth~” she replies, after which she returns Anastasia’s kiss, licking her tongue softly. She holds the kiss for several long moments, before breaking the kiss, a strand of saliva connecting their mouths for a moment, after which she kisses her lips again and rubs Anastasia’s nipple with her thumb, while stroking and rubbing her shaft more vigorously through her panties. The entire time this was occuring, Alessandra continued slowly and softly rubbing her own bulge against Anastasia’s back, through her own panties.

Anastasia moans softly as Alessandra begins massaging her breasts, smirking lustfully when Alessandra agreed her mouth was better filled. When Alessandra kisses her again, she reaches behind her and begins groping Alessandra’s ass, their position not exactly favoring anywhere else to feel up. Anastasia’s cock slowly hardens, reaching about half its full size by the time Alessandra breaks the kiss, though already making it more than a handful for Allesandra to stroke. She could feel Alessandra’s own cock growing on her back, causing her to moan softly while giggling at the same time. “Mmmm, you’ve always loved the feeling of my cock haven’t you, and the taste~ It’s like since the first time we did it you couldn’t get enough~” Anastasia grins, slapping Alessandra’s ass. “I can’t tell if you’re getting so hard cause of our touch, or if because you’re anticipating mine in your mouth already~.”

When Anastasia reaches back behind her and gropes Alessandra’s ass, she giggles softly and wiggles her hips “Find something you like, beautiful~?” she asks, softly whispering into Anastasia’s ear. When Anastasia asks about her desire to suck her off, Alessandra giggles softly “I like to think that we can’t get enough of each other~” she whispers in response, as she starts jerking Anastasia off vigorously, her grip causing Anastasia’s panties to wrap around her cock and rub against her with every movement of her hand, while she uses her other hand to start alternating between her breasts, massaging each one, both her jerking and massaging techniques noticeably even better than they had been the last time she and Anastasia had pleasured each other, as if Alessandra had reached the ceiling for sex skill, then broken it while she was away.

Anastasia nods softly when Alessandra asks if she found something she liked. “Mmmmm, I like a lot of things, though I have to admit this is particularly nice~.” Anastasia chuckles softly when Alessandra says they can’t get enough of each other. “Perhaps, though sometimes I think you just like me for my body~.” Anastasia says teasingly, managing to stifle her moans quite well. It wasn’t just Alessandra that was becoming excellent at this. Though she had to admit her skill made it a lot harder to act calmly. To prove that point Anastasia ended up letting a moan slip, groping Alessandra’s ass harder. By now Anastasia was fully erect, her panties looking as if they were about to snap any moment as they strained to contain Anastasia’s gigantic size. Pre began to leak from her cock as well, coating Allesandra’s hand’s in an extremely thick and potent liquid. It was reminiscent of her cum back when she was a wraith, though its thickness didn’t stem from its tar like nature, but instead it seemed there was just so much more if it in a smaller space. It was also half black as well, though the other half was white, making for quite the interesting sight. “Mmmm, sometimes I wonder if you even understand the concept of a skill ceiling, cause everytime I think you can’t get any better at this, you somehow do.”

Alessandra snickers when Anastasia says that her ass is particularly nice “Oh thank you~” she says, as she kisses Anastasia’s cheek once, then her lips. When Anastasia says that sometimes she feels as though Alessandra likes her for her body, she chuckles softly and gives her another kiss before replying “Well, I do like your body, but if that’s all I licked, I wouldn’t have bothered finding your friends for you~” she says, lovingly, as she tightens her grip on Anastasia’s breast and massages it even more vigorously, while also jerking Anastasia off, her strokes only feeling better and better with each movement of her hand. When Anastasia wonders if Alessandra understands the concept of a skill ceiling, she giggles softly and kisses Anastasia’s neck “I think every skill ceiling is too low for you, beautiful, so I strive to break through them~” she replies, sweetly, as she suddenly tightens her grip on Anastasia’s cock, and jerks her off even harder, yet somehow still gently.

Anastasia smirks a little in response to the thanks, and kisses Alesandra back. When Alesandra said that if she just wanted her body she wouldn’t of saved her friends, Anastasia grins and nods. “That is true, though maybe you just saved them so you could fuck them too~.” She slaps Alesandra’s ass again, her tone clearly teasing. Anastasia moans slightly louder when Alesandra amps up her game, though still managing to keep it down. When Alesandra says that every skill ceiling is too low for Ana, she tries to giggle again but just ends up letting out another moan. “A-Ah you’re s-such a AH flatterer~ N-Next thing unghhh… I know y-you’re going t-to start calling m-me your Ah-ahhhh… Queen o-or master or somet-t-thing.” With that, Anastasia is pushed over the edge and she slaps a hand over her own mouth, unable to contain the loud moan that pours out of it. Her hips buck on their own, trying to go deeper into something that wasn’t there. Her body shakes and her eyes roll into the back of her head as a torrent of black and white cum pours out of her cock, coating her panties and Alesandra’s hand before dripping down her legs and falling onto the floor, some globs large enough to produce loud ‘plap’ sounds as they hit the floor. After creating a nice size puddle below her, the orgasm finally fades and she lets her hand fall loose, letting out a content sigh. “You never cease to amaze. I guess it gives me someone to strive to beat though~.” She says, turning around to face Alesandra with a grin, then looks down at the mess she made, frowning a little. “Well, we’re going to have to clean that up won’t we? I suppose that is the only downside about producing so much.”

When Anastasia cums all over her panties, Alessandra’s hand, and the floor, she smiles in satisfaction, then replies to what she had said before orgasming “Hmm… queen? Queen Anastasia? Does that mean we should get you a castle?” she asks, her smile widening, as she licks the cum off her hand “Mmm~ your cum tastes even better than before~ I think the improved taste fits the Avenir-glorifying coloration~” she says, with a wink. When Anastasia points out the mess and compliments her, Alessandra giggles “Thank you, I do my best to impress~ Not to worry about the mess, we can clean it up when we’re done here~” she says with a wink, after which she gently grabs Anastasia by the shoulders, presses her against the window that she was jerking her off beside, and kisses her lips. While she holds the kiss, she uses one hand to move the lower crotch of her panties aside, and slips her own cock out, then gently and slowly pushes her cock into Anastasia’s pussy, every inch feeling like the best inch Anastasia had ever had, stretching her pussy, as Alessandra moans loudly into Anastasia’s mouth, each moan followed by a pleasured gasp. When Alessandra’s cock is fully inside her, she immediately starts thrusting vigorously, moaning loudly into Anastasia’s mouth, fucking her hard against the window.

Anastasia thinks about Alessandra’s words. A castle would be quite nice. After a moment of thought, she grins wider and nods. “Yea, I think that would be befitting of everyone living in this household, after all we’ve gone through I think a castle would be very nice.” When Alessandra begins eating the cum on her hands, Anastasia watches with bemusement, and lets out a small laugh when Alesandra says her cum tasted even better. “Good to hear, I’d hate it if the people I had sex with didn’t like how I tasted~” Anastasia bends down and sticks her finger in the puddle below her, tasting the cum from it and nods. Wow, she really did taste good, it was hard to describe but it was somewhat sweet yet tart, but just enough of each that they blended perfectly together. She straightens herself out, only to be grabbed and pushed against the window, her back against it. Before Ana can say anything Alessandra kisses her, one Anastasia returns passionately. She was expecting Alessandra start start lowering herself to begin sucking Ana off, but instead she found that Alesandra was wanting to go the full way. Anastasia lets out equally loud moans into Alessandra’s mouth as Alessandra inserts her giant cock into Ana. It felt wonderful, painfully so. She could feel her pussy stretching to accommodate Alessandra’s cock, it caused a throbbing, dull pain. Yet overlapping that pain was an incomprehensible feeling of pleasure. It was a different kind than when she used her cock, and roughly on par from when Idalia or Ignia were particuarlly passionate about their sex. Anastasia wraps her arms around Alessandra, pressing down on Alesandra’s back to try and drive Alessandra deeper into her. Once Alessandra was fully in, it was all she could do to keep herself from becoming a mess. Then Alessandra did something she hadn’t done before and started at full speed. Anastasia’s eyes widened at the intensity of Alessandra’s thrusts, the pleasure immediately becoming too much to bear. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head again and she dug her nails into Alesandra’s back. She could hear the panes of the glass shaking violently, as if there was an extremely powerful gust of wind slamming against them.

Alessandra breaks the kiss, then kisses Anastasia again, as she grabs her bra and pulls it up, exposing her breasts as she continues fucking her hard against the window. Precum starts to leak into Anastasia’s pussy, but instead of driving herself to orgasm, Alessandra pulls out of her pussy, then turns Anastasia around and presses her front against the window, then thrusts into her pussy from behind and resumes ramming in and out of her hard and fast, moaning with every single thrust and panting heavily. “A-Anastasia~ Your p-pussy is so good~” she moans out as she holds her hips firmly and pulls her into every thrust. As she thrusts in a feral manner, not befitting Alessandra’s typical demeanor, she leans closer to Anastasia’s ear and moans out “W-we should have done this b-back in the forest~” her voice wavering from pleasure.

Anastasia takes what little time she had away from the kiss to regain her breath, only for it to be resumed. Anastasia continued to be surprised with the amount of vigor Alessandra proceeded with. She could feel Alessandra’s cock leaking out pre into her despite the fact they just started, but instead of continuing, Alessandra opted to turn her around and press her into the glass with her boobs and face looking outside. There was no one outside thankfully, but Alessandra doing that suddenly made her realize that they were in plain view. “A-Alessandra, s-should Ahhh, we really ungh, be doing t-t-this in f-front ahhhh~ Of the wind-dow?” She lets out a loud moan, unsure what to make of Alessandra’s ferocity. When Alessandra says her pussy was really good and that they should have done this in the forest, Anastasia lets out a small giggle which turns into a moan. “I-I’m g-glad I c-can make you, ahhhh~ Feel so… ungh, good… But c-can we m-move somewhere e-else?” Anastasia says with some concern, though she can feel that concern fade away the longer they do this. Her own cock began to drip pre onto the window, the drops sliding down it and leaving stains on the glass.

Alessandra only thrusts harder and harder, her cock filling Anastasia’s deepest depths with every thrust. When Anastasia asks if they should be doing it in front of the window, and to move somewhere else, Alessandra giggles through her loud moaning “Wh-what’s wrong, A-Anastasia~? Th-there’s-ahn~-n-nobody out there~” she moans into Anastasia’s mouth as she starts leaking precum into her pussy again, holding Anastasia’s hips tightly and pulling her even harder into her thrusts. After long moments, Alessandra starts panting heavily, indicating that she was nearing orgasm, her cock throbbing and twitching inside Anastasia’s pussy “A-Anastasia, I’m g-going to-ah~- cum~” she moans out.

Anastasia moans louder as Alessandra continues to pound her, the feeling of pleasure nearly totally eclipsing her worry about being seen. “Y-yea but, uhnghhh, someone c-could s-show uuup…” She says, her own breath becoming extremely heavy. It felt so could she was already approaching orgasm herself. She tried moving her hips in line with Alessandra’s thrusts, but Alessandra was holding them in place, seeming to not care about that. She could feel the precum coat her pussy, Alessandra’s cock threatening to unleash its load at any moment now. Anastasia ends up getting there first however, and she lets out a cry of pleasure, her body shaking from orgasm. Her pussy clamps down on Alessandra’s cock, the orgasm making her body try and milk the seed from Alessandra. The glass in front of her suddenly went from clear to white and black as her own seed coated it, some of it splattering onto her face and body as it happened.

Alessandra starts to reply, however Anastasia’s pussy clamps down on her cock when she orgasms, which causes Alessandra to cry out in pleasure as she hilts herself into Anastasia and cums hard inside Anastasia’s pussy. She releases a massive torrent of cum into Anastasia’s pussy, which overfills her and causes the excess cum to explode out of her, making an even bigger mess on the floor, as well as soaking Alessandra’s thighs and panties. After the first massive torrent of cum, Alessandra releases two more, each one overflowing out onto Anastasia’s thighs, as well as the floor. Alessandra pants heavily after her orgasm, then gently leans onto Anastasia’s back and starts gently kneading her left breast idly “Mmm, that felt quite incredible~” she whispers softly into Anastasia’s ear, after which she adds “Now… how about I fill my mouth with your cock~?” she asks, her cock still inside Anastasia’s pussy.

Anastasia breaths heavily as she attempts to recover from the orgasm. She could feel the massive amount of cum swimming inside her, incredibly hot. She then looks down at the incredibly large puddle below her, then at the window, grimacing slightly. Cleaning this up will be an absolute pain. Anastasia gyrates her hips a little, pleasure exploding through her body in a quick pulse as she does so. When Alessandra leans down and massages her breast, she lets out a very quick and soft moan. She nods in response to Alessandra asking if she should blow Ana now. “That was quite nice, and as much as I enjoy the feeling of you inside me, the idea of me inside you feels just as if not more appealing~” Anastasia pushes back a little that way she was off the window, and had room to maneuver.

When Anastasia gyrates her hips, Alessandra lets out a soft moan. When Anastasia agrees to being sucked off, Alessandra giggles, then slowly pulls out of her pussy, and slips her cock back into her panties, and drops to her knees. When Anastasia turns around, Alessandra gently pushes her into sitting position on the window sill, then smiles lovingly up at her, just before slipping her tongue out and licking the base of her cock, very slowly and skillfully. After focusing on the base on her cock, she licks from the base, all the way to the tip, then takes the tip into her mouth and starts sucking and licking it skillfully, each movement of her tongue feeling as though it was perfectly crafted to bring Anastasia the absolute maximum pleasure. While sucking off Anastasia, Alessandra uses one hand to stroke her slit, while using the other to grope and knead her ass.

Anastasia lets out a somewhat displeased sound as Alessandra slips out of her, the void in her pussy feeling quite disappointing. Though that feeling of disappointment was replaced with a renewed feeling of lust as she turned around and saw Alessandra on her knees. Now that was a sexy position Anastasia liked to see. Though Alessandra wanted Anastasia on the sill of the window, pressed up against the now slightly cold cum, which Anastasia didn’t mind. Especially not when Alessandra’s tongue made contact with her cock. She lets out a moan of pleasure as Alessandra licks her cock from the base to the head, then lets out a louder one when Alessandra slips the cock into her mouth and begins sucking on it. “Ohhhhhh~ I think I found out what the best use of your mouth is~” Anastasia breaths out, bucking her hips instinctively as she was pleasured. When Alessandra begins stroking her slit and rubbing her ass, she smirks and lets out noises to show she was pleased with that, and then brings one of her legs up and wraps it around Alessandra’s torso, bringing her in a little closer.

When Anastasia says that this is the best use for her mouth, Alessandra winks up at her, then slips Anastasia’s cock out of her mouth and licks around her cock, just below the tip, before commenting “Oh~? Mine, too~” she agrees, before slipping Anastasia’s cock back into her mouth and starting to bob her head, taking Anastasia’s cock deeper into her mouth with every movement of her head, and continuing to skillfully pleasure it with her tongue while she thrusts three fingers into Anastasia’s pussy, after which she thrusts them in and out of her slowly and skillfully, every movement of her fingers more pleasurable than the last, as if she knew exactly where to touch her. After only a few movements, she finds Anastasia’s G-spot and begins rubbing it with her fingers with every thrust.

Anastasia continues to moan softly as she was sucked off, giving Alessandra a sultry smile when Alessandra agrees that sucking her cock was the best use of Alessandra’s mouth. She bucks her hips even harder as Alessandra goes even deeper, seeing Alessandra’s throat bulge more and more as she took more of the cock. There was a lot of cock to take, so Alessandra would have her skills put to the test on that front, but given how well she’s been able to do it so far, Anastasia didn’t doubt Alessandra for a second. Alessandra’s work on her pussy really amplified it all, the feeling of both her pussy and cock being pleasured simultaneously causes her brain to go haywire from the absurd amount of pleasure, and Anastasia found herself pressing down on Alessandra’s head with both hands before she even realized she was doing it. Precum leaked continuously like a small river into Alessandra’s mouth, filling it with her bichromatic seed.

When Anastasia’s precum begins leaking into Alessandra’s mouth, she lets out a soft moan, then begins swallowing every bit of it, then starting to suck noticeably harder, as if she was trying to get even more to come out. Alessandra, when Anastasia starts pushing down on her head, winks up at her, then takes Anastasia’s entire cock into her mouth, without even gagging. After holding that position for a moment, she starts bobbing her head up and down, pleasuring Anastasia’s cock with her throat, while she continues vigorously fingering Anastasia’s pussy, grinding her fingers against Anastasia’s G-spot with every movement, as she continues rubbing and groping her ass with her other hand.

Anastasia moans louder as Alessandra begins to suck even harder, the pleasure pulsing through her body so hard every time it reached her head her vision blurred for a second. At this point it was so loud someone could probably hear it through the walls, not that she realized or cared. Alessandra’s efforts were not in vain, as the pre starting coming out in small spurts, like what a normal human would have as their full orgasm. When Alessandra took her entire cock into her mouth like it was nothing, then began bobbing her head furiously while also rubbing her gspot, Anastasia could barely contain herself. She did her best to keep herself from orgasming, trying to deny herself so she could feel this pleasure for as long as possible but it was only a few more moments before she let out a cry of pleasure, her cock gorging slightly before unleashing a huge torrent of cum, even larger than that of the last few times. She let out another few spurts afterwards, each not quite as large as the first, but still a massive amount as usual, enough that even a large group of human males would pale in comparison to. Enough that even if Alessandra was the best at swallowing cum, enough would spurt out of her mouth and splatter onto both Alessandra’s and Anastasia face and breasts

Alessandra takes as much of Anastasia’s load as she can into her mouth, and swallows it as quickly as she can, however soon it becomes too much, forcing her to let Anastasia’s cock out of her mouth, and take several loads to her face and chest, soaking her bra and hair, after which Anastasia’s next load soaks Alessandra’s stomach, panties, and thighs, making her a mess from head to toe. When Anastasia finished cumming, Alessandra looks up at her and smiles “Well, I can see you’re certainly enjoying yourself~” she says, in reference to how soaked she had become. Alessandra then turns her head suddenly and smiles “Well, hello there~” she says. When Anastasia follows her gaze, she sees Idalia standing slightly further down the hallway, fully dressed, watching the exchange “Oh, no, don’t stop on my account, I was just watching the show.” she says, in an amused voice, as she smiles slightly at Anastasia.

Anastasia lets out a sigh of contentment after she finishes jizzing all over Alessandra, smirking at her, her cock slowly softening and shortening at this point now they’ve gone three rounds. When Alessandra says Ana must have enjoyed herself, she nods and chuckles a little. “Yea I did, and you seemed to as well, that’s quite a good look for you, I guess you needed a bath anyway~” Anastasia jests at her. Anastasia blinks a few times when Alessandra starts talking to someone behind her, and she leans to the side a little to see who. When she sees it was Idalia, she grins and slowly gets herself up. Anastasia instinctively looks Idalia over from head to toe. Idalia might not be a spectross, yet she somehow manages to look as gorgeous as one. When Idalia says she was watching the show, Anastasia smirks a little and walks over to her. “Oh but Idalia, you’ve never been one to just watch have you~?” When she reaches Idalia, she leans down and kisses Idalia on the lips passionately for a bit. When she stops, she grins. “I couldn’t sleep, and I didn’t want to wake you, but Alessandra was already up and decided to help me alleviate my worries.”

Idalia returns Anastasia’s kiss, then when she says that she couldn’t sleep and Alessandra was helping to alleviate her worries, Idalia smirks “That’s fine, it’s not as though I was jealous that you had another girl sucking you off, or anything like that.” she says, as she rubs Anastasia’s side. Alessandra grins seductively and crawls over to Idalia and moves her face really close to Idalia’s “Perhaps you’d like to join us, then~?” she asks as she rests her hands on Idalia’s cheeks “Or… maybe you’d like a bit of what you missed out on…~” she adds, as she presses her lips to Idalia’s, causing her eyes to widen in shock, and a soft gasp to become muffled by Alessandra’s lips, as she kissed her passionately. The kiss lasts roughly an entire minute, during which Idalia remains stiff for several moments, before closing her eyes as Alessandra starts licking her tongue. When Alessandra finally breaks the kiss, a strand of drool connects their tongues momentarily, and Idalia pants heavily, her tongue still lulled out of her mouth for a moment, as she gets over the surprise kiss.

Anastasia made an amused sound, ruffling Idalia’s hair. “Oh? Well I do suppose you like it when you’re below me and trying to take my rod, though its cute when you can’t fit anymore~” Anastasia says seductively, practically purring out her words. When Alessandra comes up and asks Idalia to join, Anastasia was about to say something before Alessandra then kisses Idalia roughly. Anastasia smirks again, watching as Idalia goes from surprised then into it. Though when Alessandra finishes the kiss and she sees Idalia’s face, Anastasia suddenly realizes where Idalia was coming from. No way she was going to let Alessandra be a better kisser than her, not with Idalia. A few moments after the kiss ends, Anastasia swoops in herself and kisses Idalia as well, doing her best to out-do Alessandra with it, diving her tounge into Idalia’s mouth and and exploring it, pressing her body into Idalia’s, the act causing Anastasia’s cock to re-harden and expand on Idalia’s stomach, lifting up Idalia’s shirt slightly as it does. After about a minute as well, Anastasia steps back and grins, looking over to Alessandra. “I can see why Idalia might’ve been jealous, I couldn’t have you outdoing me.”

Idalia starts to recover from the kiss, then starts to speak, a blush starting to cross her face, however she’s interrupted by Anastasia kissing her. She gasps into Anastasia’s mouth at first, but then returns her kiss just as passionately, licking and sucking her tongue, and blushing even darker as her gold and black striped panties are exposed slightly by Anastasia’s erect cock. When Anastasia finally breaks the kiss, Alessandra smiles sweetly and replies “Oh, but I don’t think who is better at anything really matters, as long as we all derive pleasure from the acts~” she says, winking. Idalia, meanwhile, starts to try to fix her skirt, however Alessandra moves behind her and grabs her skirt, lifting it until her panties are completely exposed “Oh, Idalia, I think we should make it up to you, by giving you what you missed out on~” she says, as she gently presses Idalia against Anastasia and slips her erect cock back out, slipping it between Idalia’s thighs and starting to slowly grind it against her slit through her panties, causing the crotch of her panties to quickly darken from her wetness as she moans softly, cutting off what she was about to say.

Anastasia looks back at Idalia when Alessandra said it didn’t matter if they were better as long as they derived enjoyment from it. “True, but it’s better if we give our partners the most pleasure possible right?” She looks down at Idalia’s panties when they are exposed, her eyes lustful as her cock twitches in anticipation. When Alessandra says they should make it up to Idalia and presses Idalia into her, she smirks and wraps her arms around Idalia, pulling her into an embrace and nods. “I think we should, I think the both of us can give the best pleasure to someone so deserving~” Anastasia says it lovingly yet with a seductive undertone. She grabs the hem of Idalia’s shirt and pulls it back slightly, slipping her cock in the gap between the shirt so it can press against Idalia’s skin before letting it go and thrusting lightly, letting her cock twitch and pulsate against Idalia’s stomach as Alessandra rubs her pussy. “You said you were jealous of someone else sucking my cock, so why don’t you indulge in that need~?” She then kisses Idalia’s neck gently, rubbing Idalia’s back and sides as she does so.

Alessandra continues grinding her cock against Idalia’s slit, through her panties, Idalia moaning softly in response. When Anastasia says that it’s better to give their partners the most pleasure possible, and that Idalia was deserving, Alessandra smiles sweetly “Oh, I like the way you think, Anastasia~” she says, as she leans over Idalia, without pausing her grinding at all, and gives Anastasia a soft kiss on the lips. When Anastasia wraps her arms around Idalia, she hesitantly returns her hug, then when Anastasia asks if she’d like to suck her cock, since she was jealous, and slips her cock beneath her shirt, she blushes even darker “U-uhm… y-yes, but what’s A-Aless going to do?” she asks, nervously, as she feels Anastasia’s cock against her skin. In response, Alessandra giggles “Why, I’m going to put it in your tight little pussy, and make love to you~” she says, as she turns Idalia’s head to the side and gives her a passionate kiss on the lips, before adding “Is that okay~?” softly.

Anastasia felt her lust rise everytime Idalia moaned. She loved hearing that sound, it made her both hard and giddy with love. Anastasia grins when Alessandra said she liked how Ana thought, and returned the kiss slightly more aggressively, though still softly. Anastasia’s grin did falter a little though when Idalia seemed hesitant in returning the hug, though once Idalia spoke she understood why. They never did have a threesome that involved multiple cocks before, not that was consensual anyway. Anastasia did have to admit the idea of someone else fucking Idalia was a tad iffy to her, but also at the same time exhilirating in the way, mostly cause she would be there with her. If it was anyone else she probably wouldn’t even think about accepting anyway. “As long as Idalia’s ok with it, she can always just blow us both at once or whatever else she may want to do, I really don’t mind as long as she’s enjoying it~” She softly rubs her cock on Idalia’s stomach, the length barely reaching the bottom of her boobs, the old cum still on it coating her skin in a small layer.

When Anastasia says that it’s okay as long as Idalia is fine with it, Alessandra smiles and looks to Idalia, who was still drooling from Alessandra’s kiss. When addressed, she comes out of her surprise and wipes the drool from her mouth “W-well, if Anastasia is o-okay with it...” she says, blushing darkly, even moreso when she feels Anastasia rubbing her cock against her skin. Alessandra smiles and grips Idalia’s hips, after which she starts rubbing against her slit faster and harder, causing Idalia to moan loudly as her juices run down her thighs. As she was grinding against her, Alessandra whispers into her ear, through her soft moaning “Mmm~ I can’t wait to put it into your tight pussy~ I can see you’re so excited that your juices are running down your legs~” after which she giggles softly.

Anastasia chooses to believe Idalia is more in awe of her kissing skills over Alessandras, or perhaps a combination of them both. Regardless, Idalia says she was ok with it, so Anastasia lets out a soft giggle and nods. “In which case~” Anastasia brings her hands up to Idalia’s shoulders and slowly pushes her downwards, continuing to thrust her cock lightly against her stomach and after a few moments uses one hand to grope Idalia’s breasts in a firm yet loving manner. She guided Idalia down slow enough both her and Alessandra could easily move their positions without stopping what they were doing. Anastasia went down with her as well until she found herself sitting on the floor again, with Idalia leaning down to her, slightly crouched, ass in the air. With them in a new positons, Anastasia kisses Idalia fondly for a moment before moving back a little so her cock pops out of Idalia’s shirt, swinging a little as it does so, lightly smacking Idalia on the face.

Idalia lets out a soft squeak as Anastasia guides her down lower, and moans softly as her breasts are groped, her nipples hardening against Anastasia’s hands through the fabric of her bra and shirt. With Idalia now bent down, Alessandra stops grinding against her slit, and moves the crotch of her panties aside, while Idalia grips Anastasia’s shaft and starts slowly stroking it while she licks her softly just below her tip. In the midst of her licking, Alessandra slowly and gently pushes her cock into Idalia’s pussy, causing her to let out a long, low moan of pleasure with every inch pushed into her. “Ohhh~ you’re so tight, Idalia~” she moans out seductively, before starting to slowly thrust in and out of her, causing Idalia to moan even louder as she tries to focus on licking Anastasia’s cock.

Anastasia moans softly as Idalia grips her cock and begins licking it, instinctively placing a hand on the back of Idalia’s head, not pushing down or anything yet, but placing it there for when she wants to. Anastasia wraps a leg around Idalia as well, rubbing Idalia’s back with it. She uses her free hand to reach down and continue to grope Idalia’s boobs. Anastasia lets out soft moans of pleasure as Idalia licks her, grinning wide when she hears Idalia moan even louder, a slight pang of jealousy does hit her, but she ignores it. She had to get used to the idea of someone being inside her that wasn’t out to hurt her or use her still. The images of the Barton guards using her flashed in her mind. While her brain tried to tell her that was kind of hot, she knew that she would never let that happen again, and the current situation was totally different.

Alessandra picks up her pace, thrusting in and out of Idalia, mixed juices leaking down Idalia’s thighs and pooling on the floor beneath them, both girls moaning in time with each other, Idalia’s moans occurring somewhat more frequently as Anastasia rubbed and groped her breasts. When Alessandra notices Anastasia groping Idalia’s breasts, she takes one hand off Idalia’s hip and smiles at Anastasia as she lifts Idalia’s shirt up, exposing her black and gold bra, before returning her hand to Idalia’s hip. Idalia, meanwhile, took Anastasia’s tip into her mouth and started slowly bobbing her head while running her tongue all around her shaft just below her head, while using both hands to stroke and rub Anastasia’s cock. Despite Anastasia’s best efforts, the images of Idalia being fucked by the group of Barton guards persisted in her mind, playing over and over.

Anastasaia begins softly pressing down on Idalia’s head when she began actually sucking her cock, enough just to guide her. She gives Alessandra a wink when she lifts Idalia’s shirt up so she had better access to Idalia’s breasts, she takes full advantage of that, slipping her hand underneath Idalia’s bra to grope her breasts a bit more roughly. She let out moans of pleasure as Idalia quite expertly began working her tongue around the shaft. She still wasn’t close to Alessandra, but compared to when they first met she’s made leaps and bounds in skill level. “Oh Idalia, have I ever told you how good you’ve gotten at sucking my cock~?” Anastasia has quite often, but she says it everytime cause Idalia improves everytime. However her enjoyment was slightly nullified by her stupid brain trying to show her images of the Bartons raping her. No brain, she didn’t belong to the Bartons anymore, she was hers! Anastasia presses down quite hard on the back of Idalia’s head as she thought that, trying to prove her point in her head, though she quickly softened her grip. “Sorry~ I couldn’t help myself~” She said, trying to dismiss it away.

When Anastasia presses down on Idalia’s head, she obediently takes her cock deeper into her mouth, moaning around it loudly with each of Alessandra’s thrusts, while she presses her breast into Anastasia’s hand by arching her back, moaning with each movement of her hand. When Anastasia tells her that she’s gotten good at sucking on her cock, Idalia blushes, but even with the cock in her mouth, it’s easy to tell that she’s proud of having improved in terms of skill. When Anastasia presses down on Idalia’s head harder, she gags softly and gives Anastasia a confused look, but relaxes again when she lightens her pressure and apologizes. Alessandra, meanwhile, thrusts harder and faster with every passing moment, precum starting to leak out of Idalia’s pussy as Alessandra moans louder, nearing orgasm.

Anastasia continues her onslaught on Idalia’s breasts, feeling them up and squeezing them, brushing and lightly pinching the nipples as well. Anastasia lets out a soft giggle when Idalia clearly looks pleased about having become a good cock sucker. Anastasia does her best to try and keep from having an orgasm too quickly, wanting to instead keep this going for as long as possible, but unfortunately its her body that decides when its ready to unleash its seed. Her precum leaked heavily from her cock as it readied for the main event, it really didn’t help Idalia was getting quite good at this. She could tell Alessandra was near orgasm as well, and probably Idalia too though it was somewhat hard to tell from the position she was in. So she felt a bit less bad about nearing orgasm already, and instead embraced it and bucked her hips so her cock would go deeper into Idalia’s mouth. She lets out a loud moan of pleasure and unleashes a torrent of cum into Idalia’s mouth, not as big as when Alessandra was blowing her but clearly nothing to scoff at, especially not with the additional two large spurts that came afterwards. When she finally stopped coming, she lets out a content sigh and grins, gently rubbing Idalia’s hair. “Good girl~”

When Anastasia cums, Alessandra cums at the exact same time, filling up Idalia’s pussy, and overfilling it, causing excess cum to explode out of her and onto her thighs, panties, and the floor. Meanwhile, Anastasia’s cum, similarly, explodes out of Idalia’s mouth, forcing her cock out, causing it to spray Anastasia’s cum onto her face and breasts as she cries out in pleasure, orgasming at the same time as Anastasia and Alessandra. Once all of them were finished, Idalia and Alessandra pant heavily. “That was surprisingly… nice...” Idalia comments, as she rests her upper body on Anastasia’s lap, Alessandra’s cock still inside her pussy. Alessandra chuckles “Nice enough that you’d want to do it again~?” she asks, in a singsong voice, before adding “We still need to go to bed, and there’s enough room for all three of us~” she says, quietly and seductively.

Anastasia slowly gets up, helping Idalia up as she does so and admires her work plastered all over Idalia. When Idalia comments that was pretty nice, Anastasia smirks and smacks her ass. “True, though I will still want you to myself.” She says in a mostly joking tone. When Alessandra asks if it was good enough to do again, and insinuates she meant right now, just in the bed, Anastasia grins and looks at Idalia. “I suppose we could switch positions~ Cant have either of us hogging a specific spot can we?~” Anastasia grabs Idalia’s hand, smiling seductively. “Well, lets head to bed then, assuming you’re fine with that~”
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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He'd become well-adjusted to these halls by now. Long and outstretched they'd seemed at first, after months of passing through them with the authority of an official appointed by the queen herself, Amun had come to see them as familiar sights. As was common now, he kept his personal bodyguard nearby as he walked through them. Aigle was a young woman he met some time ago whom he hired after some forethought brought back the memories of the hell he'd stepped out of. With Metia becoming increasingly more busy over the months... he'd need some capable protection to make up part of the losses, though he had no illusions that Aigle would be quite as effective as Metia was. He's been in little danger overall after being quartered off in Terrorcastra and never had the time to fully test her capabilities aside from having her spar with a knight or two, but despite this, the were-dog was quite confident in her ability. What he had seen impressed him.

But they weren't alone. In fact, their current matter of business was brought to him via the other person in the room—Gorgophone. "Oh? Excellent, Gorgophone! You've surpassed my expectations entirely." His response was kind, but there was a tone in it that someone could attribute to that belonging to an adult praising a child. This was just how he usually addressed the investigator though. Mature as she was in appearance and working the somber job of an information gatherer, it wasn't uncommon that Gorgophone would "subtly" fish for praise during and after the job. After dealing with that sort of behavior from his own kid growing up, there was absolutely no way Amun could resist teasing her a bit for it. After all, it was adorable! A little tiresome at first, but he grew on it in time. She was quite the capable investigator anyways, so what was wrong with a little praise?


"Prairie-" Captain Prairie? The very same one he fought alongside with against the bastard who destroyed his home? Amun was completely taken by surprise at that, having thought she died in the crash... he knew he hired Gorgophone to find survivors, but he expected the only ones found to be either Sir Cole who was left in Fero or Lydia. Never had he thought Captain Prairie would've lived. After all... there were just so many bodies. So many limbs and blood, of death and carnage... he couldn't imagine how that felt for her as the captain of the city's guard. Lydia had been guilt-ridden and borderline suicidal when they met. That other girl whose name he forgot honestly WAS suicidal or something (honestly it didn't matter if she was or wasn't she was depressed and he killed her), so... it was a testament to Prairie's will that she hadn't broken down. Or perhaps she had, and Gorgophone had brought back nothing but a husk of the powerful woman she once was.

He'll see. "Thank you, Gorgophone." Amun schooled his expression, exhaling out a stressed breath as he readied himself for the upcoming meeting. Idly, his hand reached out to pat the investigator's head. "Very good work, Gorgophone. I'm proud of you." That was a little more forward than usual but he needed some relief from the subtle tension in his body. Amun still blamed himself for the fall of Cielo. If he hadn't neglected his personal training like his father wanted, he could've stopped Bob White. Prairie only needed just a little bit of help, and he was too cowardly to manage even that much. Did she blame him? Had she grown to hate him over the years? It wasn't a comfortable thought.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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A year goes by before Ophelia truly fully grasps it. Every day feels like a failure as it has not brought her any closer to finding Annie or Alice. While wary of Lucian and his intentions (he is a male after all), she is thankful that he keeps her informed about what is going on around the world. After all, it strikes off places so she knows not to search there. There is no point in looking anywhere that Ra’s forces have no pierced. Calt, Norn, Vitra, and Greyhaven would all be wastes of her time as they are not owned by the angel, the area beyond The Black Plains will not have what she seeks and neither will the Worthless Plains (though she stops by Calt anyway to offer her prayers to Masino. She thought perhaps that would assist her in her quest and in a way, she supposes it did). Her best bet would be to backtrack from areas he has recently conquered back into the older ones as they would have already been under his domain when her lovers were abducted. The way he spoke, the Castle of Glass was already built at that time so none of the newer settlements would house it. It feels like she has spent just as much time out of Terrorcastra searching as she has spent within it and while she feels stronger because of her efforts, it has yet to produce the results she so craves. She brings Lily and Aurora with her any chance she gets, just as much because of their invaluable assistance as it is to avoid descending back into the pit that is loneliness. While initially she despised herself for growing close to the Paladin of Sirius, feeling as though she was replacing Alice with her sister, she really cannot help herself. At first, it was merely to ward off being alone. And then she began to view Aurora as her own person rather than just as “Alice’s Sister”. While within the confines of her mind, she can admit to herself that she may love Aurora as she does Alice and Annie, she cannot bring herself to act on it. Not while her first lovers are missing as they are. So for half the year, she searches endlessly for the Castle of Glass, returning to Terrorcastra to oversee the repair of the Vorpal Blade, rest briefly, and gain more information on where to look. Her search attempts take a drastic dip once her daughter is born.

Before Helana’s birth, she found herself consumed by hatred of the Angel and desperation to locate her loves. There was not room for much else besides that and her feelings for Lily and Aurora. Helana rather forcefully made room for other things. From the first moment she saw Helana emerge from her egg, Ophelia knew that, even more than Alice and Annie, she would raze entire kingdoms to ensure her safety. It is a love so overpowering that, for the first time in a long time, she wonders just how her own mother could have given her up to Techra. Was her mother defective? She has heard and read many cases of mothers developing an overwhelming bond with their child upon their birth, so what prevented her mother from feeling that? Or did her selfishness overpower that? In the end, it does not really matter, but it makes her determined to never have her own daughter have similar concerns. Her daughter may have been born grown physically, but Ophelia felt there was so much more room for her to grow otherwise. Her daughter would not fall into same pitfalls her. She went out of her way to make sure her little Lana socialized with others so she would not turn out as incapable of doing so as herself. While Ophelia fakes it very well, she is very much aware that being locked in a basement, only interacting with others to kill them or receive orders, has made her very poorly socialized and she misses cues and gambits that others would see immediately. She also has large gaps in her knowledge as to how the world at large works, such as not knowing what massages entailed or any of the many heroes and heroines that line their rooms as figurines. So she makes sure her daughter has none of those weaknesses. The fact that she can do the same to Lily, who she still considers her first daughter, is a very large bonus. She has to be very careful not to seem like she is favoring one daughter over the other. While one may think she would be more biased towards Lana, it is Lily who most concerns her. As far as Ophelia is concerned, she already failed Lily once before when she was violated by the madman’s army and she has yet to make up for that failure. That can potentially translate into doting on Lily more and being more likely to acquiesce to her demands. Which, according to the many childrearing books she consumed the first week of Lana’s birth, could lead to resentment of both Lily and herself. Not wanting her youngest to despise her, she put considerable effort into making sure the two of them were treated the same. With exceptions. Lana does not need to be taught correct word usage and sentence structure after all. Lily does not desire to be taught how to fight like Ophelia like Lana does. Treating the both of them exactly the same just would not work. Or maybe it could and she is simply doing mothering wrong. She can only hope that if she was, someone would point it out. More than likely Aurora.

Even if she did not find herself developing feelings for Aurora, she would at the very least have an endless gratitude for the Paladin of Sirius assisting her as she did with her daughters. For as hard as she tries, there are just certain things Ophelia cannot communicate or teach due to her inexperience. Aurora is a great help in that regard. She fears Lana would have turned out just as awkward as herself if not for the other woman’s assistance in the matter. She knows her daughter would have turned out just as limited in combat as her without Aurora’s spell teachings. Ophelia does not know the first thing about magic, combating it or withstanding it, so having someone knowledgeable in the area is a major relief. It is probably why she feels quickly squashed resentment when Alpha calls Aurora away to assist in the freeing of Alteneisen. Alpha must surely have many more resources she can use in that battle rather than tapping Aurora’s combat expertise. Given how they arrived and how obviously attached to each other they are, she would have thought the woman would have done the courtesy of at least sending Ophelia along with Aurora to prevent from separating them. As it is, it has been a week and every day Ophelia feels more and more antsy. Is Aurora OK? How is the battle going? Has she been captured like Annie and Alice? Aurora managed to avoid becoming a Nephilim like Ophelia herself back then. She can only hope and pray to Masino that this continues being the case. If Verger had gone to the same place as Aurora she could possibly feel a bit better, but the woman responsible for teaching Lily the guitar has gone in a different direction entirely. So she distracts herself. She continues raising Lily and Lana, she sharpens and cares for the newly repaired Vorpal Blade, she trains and does whatever she can to keep her mind away from Aurora since she does not have the practice she has in doing the same for Annie and Alice.

Thankfully she does not have to wait long. A knock sounds on her door soon enough. There are very few people who bother her while she is in her quarters, so she is not overly surprised when it is Lucian who comes knocking (though she does have to restrain a smile. Lily’s communication skills have come such a long way it is hard not to feel proud of her daughter). Her smile drops the instant Lucian asks for her. She does not dress herself while in her room if she has no plans for the day and still would not if Lucian was a female. Given he is a male, she quickly dresses herself before entering the room. “Yes, Lucian?” She says, voice laden with curiosity. Her entire body stiffens when he tells her Alpha has information on Alice’s whereabouts. It is only her stunned state that allows her to stand still long enough for Lily and Lana to speak. Her eyes widen when Lana, clever as always, points out that that means they possibly have information on the Castle of Glass. That is more than enough to push her into action. “Alpha sits in the throne room, yes? Come along, Lily, Helana.” She says, not waiting for the response before she pushes past him and into the hallway leading to the throne. If she is mistaken, Lucian will correct her before she gets too far, she imagines, but her hopes are rising too high to allow her to stop. A year of fruitless searching and she finally has a lead. She does not care if she has to reach into Zalaam’s belly and tear Alice out herself, nothing will stand between her and her beloved. She can only hope that Annie is in the same location, though the circumstances that can make the two separate would be concerning in itself. The only time she looks back is to make sure her children are indeed following her.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Blue56 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:08 pm

To say that Selvaria's year in Bacon had been an eventful one would be quite the understatement. From the moment she woke up on their first day there, she devoted as much time as needed to assisting Blanche and Elios with their investigation. It was their sole reason for being there and the sooner they were finished, the sooner they could leave. When she wasn't helping Blanche and Elios, Selvaria preferred to spend as much of her time as possible outside of the city, accompanied by Felix. It was mostly because she feared the city and it's residents, but there were also many things Selvaria felt she could only accomplish beyond the walls. Her first order of business was to obtain tools and parts to maintain and modify her equipment from surrounding settlements. She wished to limit her interactions with the people of Bacon as much as possible, and she quite frankly did not trust them to supply her with quality goods. Her rifle in particular, was in dire need of an upgrade, and though her skills were a bit rusty, she was eventually able to improve it's performance significantly. While Selvaria ventured through the wilderness, she found that her bird like qualities lent themselves well to more than just sharpshooting. Her sharp eyes and senses were invaluable in tracking and hunting wild animals, something that would be helpful in keeping Felix fed and happy. These skills lent themselves well to improving her sharpshooting and also proved useful in her third goal, which was to track the movements of the blob army and locate Glass Castle. Being defeated by the angel and his army had shown Selvaria that, though she had thought herself a capable mercenary, she was in fact quite weak. Selvaria had spent far too much time holed up in her home in Azraq, letting her skills and equipment degrade as she hid herself away from the world. In order to counteract that now, she would need to work herself to the bone, not only to regain what she had lost, but to surpass her old self. Or that was her intent at least, but every time Selvaria found herself working long hours and pushing herself to the point of exhaustion, Blanche was there to put a stop to it in a way that only the whimsical Spectross could.

With the amount of time Selvaria spent "resting" with Blanche and Felix, it was perhaps inevitable that a mysterious egg appeared. The idea that a child was inside, waiting to hatch, was quite a distressing one to her. Selvaria already had a very distorted idea of what a family was like, having been abandoned and alone for so much of her life. How could someone like her possibly be a mother? Not to mention Bacon was quite possibly the worst place she could imagine to raise a child, besides perhaps the bottom of the ocean. And yet, when the egg finally did hatch, and Selvaria beheld her adorable daughter for the first time, all those worries and fears temporarily faded away and she knew that she could devote every fiber of her being to this child's health and happiness. After much deliberation, she decided to name the girl Felicity. Though some might think it strange to name her daughter so similarly to her Necro Blob, for Selvaria it made perfect sense. Meeting Felix had been a major turning point in her life, it had been the first time since her abandonment that she opened her heart to another being, and Selvaria knew that this child coming into her life would be an occasion just as, most likely even more, momentous as that. Though Selvaria still devoted time to her work and training, her focus was mainly on raising her daughter Felicity to the best of her ability from that day onward. Selvaria's borderline paranoid nature surely made her an overly cautious parent, and she was aware of how that might impact an impressionable young girl, but she still simply couldn't help but worry for her child at almost all times.

Spending her days with Felix, Felicity and Blanche, whom she loved, and even Elios who she was starting to grow fond of, were the happiest days Selvaria had ever had. And yet as her elation grew, Selvaria could also feel the guilt in her heart steadily grow along with it. After all the crimes she had committed, the lives she had ruined, was it really okay for someone like her to settle down and live a happy life? Selvaria did not truly know, but she had to find a way forward that would bring her heart peace. Unfortunately, she felt truly alone in this struggle, as she had never been able to bring herself to tell her companions about her past. Selvaria had truly wanted to tell Blanche as she felt her affection for the Spectross grow, but the thought of Blanche despising who she was and leaving her left Selvaria paralyzed with fear. The same was true with Felicity. What would she do if her own daughter grew to hate her? Selvaria knew that Felix would love her unconditionally, and that was a relief to be sure, but if she were to lose two of the three most precious to her in this world... She could not even begin to imagine how she would live after that. Selvaria had begun to have nightmares lately as her worries grew. It was always the same, she was in camp with her old bandit group while they enjoyed the "spoils" of their latest raid while Selvaria herself sat huddled away by the fire, desperately trying to ignore the cries of the women as they were beaten and raped. She had had these nightmares many times in the past after she was cast aside, and though the women in her dreams then were unknown to her, they were now people she was familiar with such as Ophelia and her companions, and even her precious Blanche and Felicity, and yet still Selvaria sat and did nothing but try not to watch...

Thankfully, on this particular morning, Selvaria had slept peacefully. It was one of only a few and perhaps that was why she was the last to awaken. Like most mornings, Selvaria is greeted by a kiss from her beloved Felix, which she happily returns, taking a few moments to hold the Necro Blob close to her before getting out of bed and letting him sit on her shoulder. Next, she turns her attention to Felicity, smiling gently at her daughter as she walked over, Selvaria reached up to softly cup her cheek while planting a kiss on the other. It was a still a bit strange to be shorter than her own daughter, but that was certainly the Spectross aspect of her heritage. "Good morning... Dear." Selvaria greets her daughter warmly, referring to another in such an affectionate way still felt a bit strange to her, but she was slowly getting used to it. When Blanche speaks up, Selvaria makes her way over to the Spectross and leans up to share a tender good morning kiss with her lover as well before turning her attention back to the question at hand. It was no surprise that Felicity seemed so eager to leave Bacon, the city was by no means a pleasant place to grow up and there was a whole wide world out there that Selvaria was simultaneously both eager and terrified to help her explore. "Well... I think we've certainly spent more than enough time here... I am ready to go now, if we'd like." She replies, smiling up at Blanche before looking to Elios, who raised an excellent point about the blob threat they would face. Selvaria knew that the three of them could handle what lay ahead, but she couldn't help but give Blanche a concerned look before glancing over at their daughter. They had all taught Felicity what they could about defending herself given it's inevitability in this world, but the idea of bringing her out into combat with them was still a distressing one to Selvaria. Even so, she knew they couldn't simply leave her behind either, with no home for her and no one to entrust her care to. It would be difficult, but Selvaria would have to look after her daughter to the best of her ability and simply hope that all they had done for her was enough. "It is no secret that I wish to defeat Sicarael and his army for my own personal reasons... So we might as well get paid to do so, if Barton is willing to hire us." Selvaria tells Blanche with a resolute nod. She knew little of the Bartons, save what Skyrille had told her so long ago about creating artificial humans. It gave Selvaria pause to work with such a group but... the enemy of her enemy was her friend, for the time being at least. Undoing her mistakes and rescuing Ophelia and her companions was her goal right now, and anything else would just have to wait until afterwards.
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