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“I uhmmm think I need to see a doctor…” Saphira murmurs at the sight of her new body, as she tries wagging her tails and wiggling her ears. “Maybe this will make me stronger, but I look creepy as the hells…” The girl softly strokes the fur on her arm with her clawed hand, also scraping her fangs against her skin. ‘wow.’ She is quite astounded at her transformation, noting that she must take care to not let herself slip too much further in depravity, who knows what could happen?

The girl straightens what is still left of her clothing and sighs deeply. Then she sets out to find her bearings, quickly looks for any signs of Magnolia, and if she can’t find any, sets off back on her way to the Bartons, looking for shelter to recover more on the way.
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Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
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When Anastasia opens her eyes, she’s standing with Aranya in the hallway of the Barton Castle, walking towards the metal door that she recalls holding Idalia. Aranya wordlessly unlocks the door with her card, just as she had before, and the two walk into the room. Just as Anastasia remembered, Idalia was dangling from black chains, a hole through her stomach, an eye missing, cuts and bruises all over her body, which Anastasia could see through her torn purple frock and leggings, her arm missing once again. Aranya, wordlessly, throws a card which cuts through the bar that the chain is wrapped around, causing Idalia to hit the ground with a dull thud, a new wound appearing on her head when she busts it against the floor. Anastasia feels as though she has no control of her body as she moves forward, stiffly, brandishing her hammer as she approaching Idalia on the ground.

Looking down at her face, Idalia’s remaining eye is glazed over, her gaze distant, as if she were looking several miles away, rather than at anything in the room. Her hair was matted to her head by the blood seeping from her new wound. Anastasia takes her hammer in her hands and raises it above her head, before using it to cave in Idalia’s ribs, with a sickening crack. Idalia doesn’t scream, or cry, or react at all. Anastasia proceeds to lift her hammer again, before bringing it down on Idalia’s body, once again, with another sickening crack, shattering Idalia’s one remaining arm beneath its impact. As if having an out of body experience, Anastasia can see herself, as if standing across the room, an evil sneer has crossed her face, as she brings the hammer down again, and again, crushing Idalia’s body just as Ralph had before, until she was just a mangled mess on the metal floor.

When Anastasia wakes up and looks around the room, she’s in the Dusty Boots Inn’s bed once again, and both Ignia and Idalia are missing from their beds. When she turns to face the other direction, she can see them at the window, looking out at the ground below, Idalia standing behind Ignia, her arms around her midsection, looking out over her shoulder, both girls standing there in their bra and panties, which they had slept in.

Anastasia stared up at the ceiling in mild horror as her brain processed what she just saw before waking up. She couldn’t move or do much of anything except look up for a small while before eventually rolling to the side, straight off the bed with a dull thud. Anastasia slowly got up and rubbed her head, doing her best to rid the dream from her mind. She’s had nightmares before, but that one felt a little too real for her liking. She looked over at Ignia and Idalia who were by the window and walked over to them to see what they were looking at. Wrapping an arm around both of them when she was behind them.

When Anastasia looks out the window, she sees that the Inn is surrounded by Barton Guards, all fully armored. Out in front, leading the squad, are three mercenaries that Anastasia can recognize immediately. The Furies of the Screaming Woods, who had become famous for slaying the monster who had smashed the walls of GreyHaven. Two sisters with red hair and red eyes, one was wearing red and white armored boots and gauntlets, black stockings, and a red, black, and white skirt and top, and was holding a gigantic Buster Sword. The other was wearing black leather pants with a single leg missing, long black boots, a leather zip-up top, and a white overcoat, and was holding a black sword. With them was The Phoenix of Veil Forest, famous for burning down an entire forest in order to wipe out a colony of Terror Crawlers, a blond-haired girl with purple eyes and fair skin. Her hair was tied back in a braid, with additional belts around it, and she was wearing a red cloak over a revealing leather top and a red skirt, with long, fingerless black gloves, and black stockings. On her hip was one of her Ignition Potions. Idalia looked nervous, while Ignia looked confused. When Idalia noticed Anastasia had wrapped her arm around them, she touched her hand “Well, I think he brought his ace...” she said, staring down at the squad and the Mercenaries “... I think I heard that the Furies wiped out an entire Orc encampment, just the two of them, without a single scratch.” she added.

Anastasia couldn’t help but let out a very soft whistle when she saw the guards surrounding them all, her chains rattled a little in annoyance as well. When she noticed a few female figures, she couldn’t help but wonder who they were as they most certainly stood out from the crowd of male clones. After scratching her brain for a bit, she recognized them as The Furies of the Screaming Woods. There was quite the story surrounding them, on top of defeating a monster large enough to smash a twelve foot thick stone wall, they were also reported to have slain a baby dragon and were so overcome with bloodlust they fucked it with their cocks…. That last one was probably someone high on Deathsticks telling that rumor but it definitely stuck in her mind. Their other exploits were mostly large monster slaying and the occasionally very kind and altruistic act which was probably just a front to make themselves look better. Anastasia thought about what they could possibly do against such a large force. “Well… their morale isn’t all that high as proven when they retreated after slaying just a few of them when I freed you, so they might run away if we focus down those girls.” She looks around the various buildings that surrounded them, then shrugged. “Not sure I wanna take my chances though, hey Ignia, you see that house over there? Can you make one of your doors over there? We can waltz out way behind their lines and they probably won’t even notice for a few moments, giving us ample time to get out of here.”

Ignia shrugs “I already checked to see if my Black Doors can reach that far, when I got up this morning. They’re spread out too far for me to bypass their lines with my Black Doors...” she almost mumbles, seemingly afraid of disappointing Anastasia. Idalia, seemingly lost in a trance, starts mumbling of exploits she had heard about the three Mercenaries. “I heard that they defeated an undead siege by themselves… I heard that the Jabberwockeys are so rare because they killed the rest… I heard that a city tried to employ them as their entire army… I heard that there isn’t a Blood Goddess because they’re her… I heard that The Phoenix of Veil Forest has burned down a cave to kill the Ogres inside… I heard that her flames can burn anything… I heard that she killed a Fire Elemental with her own fire...” she mutters, partly to herself. It was showing on Ignia’s face that Idalia was scaring her, she responded by muttering “I wonder if we’re going to die already.” then looking up at Anastasia. Idalia shrugged “Okay, here’s the plan. I’m going to run out and try to fight them alone, you two try to escape.” she said, nervousness clouding her voice.

Anastasia frowns and grunts a little, clearly a little unimpressed but otherwise she just shrugs and tries to think. Or she would if Idalia didn’t keep muttering on and on about how they were some kind of unstoppable force, she swore she was about to hear Idalia say they took on Avenir herself and almost won or some shit. Instead she heard something much worse. Idalia going out on her own? Was she stupid? Not only would that not work, Ana wasn’t about to let her sacrifice herself to these glorified goblins. She gives Idalia a nice smack on her ass, plenty hard enough to hurt. She then looks down at her and shakes her head. “We aren’t going to just abandon you Idalia.” She then looks over to Ignia. “And we sure as hell ain’t gonna die. We just need to come up with an actual good plan. Options of avoiding a fight, are your wires strong and long enough to start flinging us across roofstops Idalia? I know I can turn invisible with my new found body, I don’t think I can make others invisible, but perhaps Ignia can use her fog and you two can try and sneak out with that while I’m invisible… If we gotta fight, I think the best course of action is to try and reduce their numbers, perhaps you can use your fire and doors to roast a few out of the fight, maybe we can use the fog to disorientate some and cause them to lose the group, maybe we can try just jumping across rooftops for all I care.” Anastasia spouts out random idea’s hoping at least one sticks out.

When Anastasia smacks Idalia’s ass, she winces, then sticks out her hips to press her ass against Anastasia’s hand. As the two girls listen to Anastasia list rattle off ideas, Ignia starts looking even more nervous, while Idalia looks as though she’s deep in thought. “If I used my wires on people or the rooftops, especially for slinging around, we’d lose limbs and destroy what we tether them around… if we use her fog, they’ll know we’re coming, because they spread out far enough to nullify Ignia’s doors, so they definitely know what she does.” Idalia pauses when Anastasia mentions jumping across rooftops “If we try jumping across rooftops, we’d be the ones leaving YOU behind.” she says, with a nervous giggle. Ignia leans further forward, pressing her face to the glass “Well… at least the girls that are going to kill us are kinda pretty...” she mumbles, then pauses before adding “Maybe we can negotiate...?” she asks, almost jokingly. Idalia replies “I’m pretty sure their idea of negotiating would be telling us to surrender and we won’t be hurt...” before sighing loudly.

Anastasia sighs heavily when Idalia points out all the flaws with the plans she came out with. It made sense, they would be prepared for whatever Idalia and Ignia could throw at them, but there was still a wildcard in the form of Anastasia. If they were going to have a chance she had to pull off something they wouldn’t expect. Anastasia frowns again, then looks at her various weapons, then specifically her bow. “Yea, maybe they’ll let you go if you ask to suck them off.” Anastasia says sarcastically before scratching her cheek. “They don’t know about my ability to turn invisible. If you can distract them I should be able to sneak past them fairly easily, then I can station myself on a rooftop before the fighting starts, and perhaps surprise them, I might even be able to take out one of those girls with a well placed shot at the right time with one arrow. If that doesn’t sound like a good plan, then I suppose we’ll just have to fight them head on.” She shrugs again.

Ignia raises her hand “I volunteer to distract them...” she says, before moving away from the window and starting to dress herself, while Idalia continues frowning at the window. “Well, I suppose trying that is still better than attacking them head on... ” she mumbles, as she leans against Anastasia “If we lose, they’re not actually going to kill us, they’re going to take Ignia and I back to Lord Barton.” she says. After freezing for a moment, she looks up at Anastasia “Have you stopped to wonder how they found us?” she asks, before glancing back at the window and starting to look beyond the circle of Guards.

Anastasia nods at Ignia. “Be careful.” She states the obvious before looking over at Idalia and presses herself against Idalia, closing her eyes and taking in Idalia’s warmth. “I guess that means I’ll just have to bust you out all over again” She smiles and chuckles a little, wondering if this will be a normal thing for them, but that thought goes away when Idalia mentions how they found them out. Anastasia shrugs once more. “Aranya if I have to take a guess, meaning she did follow us, but they came here only a few hours after we arrived, meaning not only did she have time to go all the way to the Barton castle, but they had time to come here, and I dont think that is the case. Given how long it took us to arrive here. I think they found out some other way.” Anastasisa looks back to where Ignia was and lets go of Idalia, looking herself over to make sure she was ready for battle herself. “Tell me when you’re ready Ignia.”

Idalia nods when Anastasia says that Aranya couldn’t have done it “I still think she’s following us… I have no proof, but… I feel it.” she says, before moving away from the window and starting to put her clothes on. Meanwhile, Ignia had finished dressing, and pulled her hood on “As ready as I can be. If I go down, don’t try to help me, that would mean you’re fighting two against three… plus guards.” she said, sticking out her arms and making sure her weapons work, her two blades, a Falchion and a Colichemarde, sliding out of her sleeves, before sliding back in, becoming concealed again. Idalia finished dressing, zipping her hoodie up, then sighed. “I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble...” she mutters, as she slips her hood on.

Anastasia nods along with Idalia, totally understanding why Idalia feels that way, but also knowing Aranya even if a powerful being as Idalia expected could only do so much in a certain timeframe, especially if restricted by non-powerful beings such as the Barton guards who relied on numbers. Anastasia checks herself down one last time before grinning at Ignia. “Can’t promise that.” She then looks at Idalia and walks over to her, glancing at Ignia to make sure she wasn’t looking before giving her a quick, but loving kiss. “Just don’t get caught or I’m gonna call you a dumbass.” She grins before walking over to Ignia and nodding, then a soft bing...bong resounds from her lantern, and she fades from sight. Giving Ignia a very soft pat on the head before walking out the door.

The building is mostly empty as Anastasia makes her way through the building, in stealth. After she exits the building, she can hear the window opening above her, after Ignia’s Black Door spawns in front of her, and she walks through it, in the middle of the line of Guards. “H-hey, guys...” she stutters, looking at all of the Guards. One of the Guards steps forward to answer her, one with gold edging around his visor, then responds “Lady 07, Lord Barton has determined that you’ve taken too long to return to the Stronghold, therefor we have been sent to reclaim you. Come quietly, and you won’t be hurt.” he says, to which Ignia replies “Uhm… no, I like being free. Sorry.” she says, shrugging. The Guard nodded, then stepped back in line, after which the three Mercenaries stepped up closer to her, the armored Fury, Kadelynn, speaking “In that case, it’s time for me to earn my pay.” she says, pulling her Buster Sword off of her back, and slamming it down on the ground in front of her, crushing part of the stone pathway, shrapnel erupting from the ground and scattering. Despite the display of power, Ignia doesn’t flinch “It’s fine, I don’t fault you… I’ve been expecting this from the beginning, anyway...” she says, revealing her wrist blades. Idalia then dives from the window above, landing gracefully beside Ignia, slipping her Ninjaken for from its sheath. She then strikes her battle stance, her Ninjaken in a reverse grip, then nods at the Guard with the gold-trimmed visor “Hey, Carl, I suggest standing in the back.” she calls out to him, to which the gold-visored Guard responds by switching places with the Guards behind him. The other Fury, Lisette, then stands beside her sister, drawing her weapon “You know, kids, nobody has to get hurt if you come quietly. I don’t really want to hurt you, but this isn’t a charity, we need money.” she says, to which Idalia shakes her head “Ignia is right, I like being free. I spent most of my life in chains, and I don’t intend to go back. I much prefer chancing death.” she says, at which point, The Phoenix of Vale Forest, Seraphine, replies “I think we should all just discuss this over breakfast, everyone is getting way too tense, and I think if we really tried, we could all just compromise, to which Ignia replied “I don’t think there’s a compromise for being a slave or being free. We’re property to him, and he wants to own us again...”, Idalia then added “Besides… why should we compromise, when you’re all out-classed?” she says, giving the fakest grin Anastasia had ever seen.

Anastasia didn’t have much room to pay attention to what Idalia and Ignia were doing to distract the guards and mercenaries, she semi-listened to their conversations, and so far only one of them seemed sensible, that one being the one that asked to discuss over breakfast. Regardless, Anastasia had to focus on brushing past all of the guards. Thanks to her height, she could see past them all thankfully and had a clear path, and thanks to their heavy armor they never noticed the slight bumps against their shoulders and sides. She created a long path past a bunch of the guards on her way to one of the nearby buildings. Once she was finally past all the guards, she made her way to the building she picked out and began climbing it. Thankfully due to the way the houses were built it was a pretty easy climb, and she got a good post on the roof and withdrew her bow and readied a shot at one of the mercenaries, the one with the bigass sword.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The Were-Beast first answers Alice's question, which was clearly a joke, mumbling "Ah... No, this is my first time here in Vitra...", blushing before adding "First off, let me just say that I am not here to assassinate you, or anyone for that matter.", as she raises her hands in non-aggression, continuing "My name is Selvaria Vaimel, I am a mercenary from Azraq and my presence here is purely coincidental. However, since I have the opportunity, I would like to consult Annie Doyle on a job I'm currently working on. I understand that she is still recovering, so I shall wait until she is well enough to speak with me. I promise I won't take up too much of her time.", she finishes. After she was done, she bows her head and exits back through the curtains, leaving Alice, Ophelia, and Annie there with the two Guards.

When the girl had left, Annie looked at Ophelia and, her speech continuing to slur heavily, said "Opheeeeeeelia, you're... so cute when you're angry... and sad... and happy... especiallyyy haaappyyy~" she said, as she lowered her hand that she had been groping her with, between Ophelia's thighs, and slowly began stroking her slit through her panties, grinning at her as she tried to maintain her upright position, having severe difficulty due to the drugs. Alice saw what was happening, and thinking fast, grabbed the sheet that had been folded over across the bed, then pulled it up to cover their lower bodies "Justice cover~" she said, in a singsong voice, looking proud of herself for thinking of it. Annie then raised her other hand to Ophelia's breasts and tugged her bra up, exposing both of them, then, swaying drunkenly, took Ophelia's right nipple into her mouth, sucking on it hungrily as she continued pleasuring her through her panties. Seeing that Annie had exposed Ophelia's breasts, Alice simply let out a startled "O-oh." and didn't seem to know what to do now.

Ophelia somewhat wishes that the guards had left instead of the Were-Beast, Selvaria. After all, Selvaria is not the one she is upset with. That honor belongs to Skyrille and her followers for not having the decency to at the very least warn them that they have guests arriving. And yet the innocent one in these matters have left and the offenders still surround her and her friends. She sighs in her annoyance. At the very least, she is assured to meet with Selvaria again since she desires to meet with Annie. She will have the chance to rectify the mistaken impression at that point.

And then her entire focus is rather forcibly shifted by Annie herself. Namely the face consuming blush that overtakes her face when she is called cute. It is a complement she is wholly unused to receiving and she is completely unsure as to how to respond. Her lack of knowledge only increases when her detective begins naming off various emotional states. She… is more than somewhat unused to having them. Anger was a foreign concept before meeting with a certain Spectross and the wire bitch that accompanied her. Now she feels a surge of it whenever Annie or Alice are threatened. Sadness was a word she read in a dictionary once before...well, she thinks the first time she would have become sad would have been when Annie revealed her dependency on Deathsticks. Her previous happiness came only when she made a difficult kill or had her abilities challenged. Now she is…. Well, with few exceptions she is fairly happy at any given moment just being near Annie or Alice.

Before she can dwell further on the revelations made to her just now, her thought process comes to a screaming halt. Once again, it is completely at the fault of Annie. This time it is because her detective as moved from massaging her breasts to petting her vagina. She was not ready for this transition and it takes more focus than she would care to admit to keep from moaning and alerting the guard to what is going on. This becomes even more difficult when her detective just does not stop! It must be the drugs in her system because Annie would never be this daring otherwise. In any other situation she would not complain in the slightest. Right now they’re surrounded by people Ophelia does not trust. She wonders if she is discovering a new… she thinks the word is “kink” about herself because the effort not to alert those around her is only turning her on further. She is endlessly glad for the quick thinking of Alice by covering them up. At the very least, now her shame cannot be seen. Unfortunately neither can Annie as she adjusts her bra and pulls her nipple into her mouth. All she can do is crush Annie’s head to her bosom, using the grip as a means of maintaining control. It is one she does not think will last long. “Alice, if you could be of assistance?” She asks, as quietly as possible so that the lust and pleasure in her voice is not heard by the guards.

Alice blinks at Ophelia and seems conflicted regarding what action she should take, but eventually reaches over to Annie and grabs her by the hips, trying to pull her off of Ophelia, however she doesn’t seem to be able to get her away from Ophelia as she clings to Ophelia’s hip with one arm and slips her other hand into Ophelia’s panties, stroking her slit with it. Ophelia pressing her face into her chest doesn’t prevent Annie from sucking on her nipple, in fact she only sucks on it harder while running her tongue over it. “I can’t get her off, Hel!” Alice says, panic edging its way into her voice. Meanwhile, the Guards on either side of the curtain lower their heads to hide the blush creeping across her face.

The blush on Ophelia’s face deepens for three reasons. First is the continued molestation of her person and the pleasure that brings. Pleasure that unfortunately it does not appear Alice can interfere with. She is stuck between finding this to be unfortunate or finding the circumstances the most aroused she has ever been. Second is the nickname she hears from Alice. She has never had her name shortened before and from what she knows, such a thing is only used to denote affection, contempt, or an attempt to look down on someone. She doubts Alice knows how to condescend to someone and she knows Alice does not find her worthy of contempt, so affection it is. She is not sure why that makes her lust burn all the hotter, but it is happening. The third is she can see the guards attempting to hide their blush. Meaning she is not being as subtle as she hoped. This would be the time to work together with Alice to pry the detective off of her before her embarrassment increases. Or work at convincing Annie to do this later. All she does, however, is try to whimper and moan as quietly as possible so she has some kind of plausible deniability. Paper thin deniability, but it is better than nothing. “Guard, I must ask: Is there an aphrodisiac component to the drugs?” She asks, trying her hardest to keep her voice level. She can tell she fails to do so completely, but hopefully she does it to a point where the guards are willing to pretend she is not being molested right in front of them.

Alice leans closer to Annie’s ear and starts whispering to her “Annie, let go, now’s not the time or place, pleeeaaase” she says, but Annie doesn’t reply to her, only wiggles her hips and starts making soft purring noises like those of a cat as she continues sucking on Ophelia’s nipple. She thrusts two fingers into Ophelia’s pussy slowly, then starts moving them in and out of her. In response to Ophelia’s question, one of the Guards replies “I’m not sure, you’d be better off asking one of the Nurses.” she says, blushing darkly as she half-watches Annie pleasure Ophelia. Alice stops tugging on Annie for a moment to look up at Ophelia’s face, blankly, before asking “Wh-what’s aphrodisiac?”.

A gasp catches in her throat as Annie works two fingers inside of her. If she is honest with herself, she is surprised that she managed to catch the noise before it completely escaped her. Once again, she was taken completely by surprise by the escalation of her molestation though she supposes she should not be. “I would very much appreciate if you could find out. I do not wish to take advantage of her if her lust is artificial.” And that is the reason why she has not reciprocated Annie’s affections. It would feel a bit like she did so without Annie’s permission if it turned out that she was under the influence of a drug to make her feel this way. It is becoming harder and harder to hold onto her morals however as the pleasure Annie gives her increases more and more. She can feel her arousal drip from her down her legs and coating her detective’s fingers. The sensitive nub in Annie’s mouth feels like she could cut glass with it, it is that aroused. The feeling is only increased when she sees the guard not at all subtly watching them. She is somewhat glad that Alice placed the cover over them so she is not giving away too much of a show, but some part of her wishes Alice had not so she could see how the guard would react to being able to see it all. The thought only adds fuel to the fire erupting within her and it is only the small, quiet part of her that whispers how poor an idea it would be that keeps her from exposing herself.

“A-ah.” She tries to speak to Alice, but a moan interrupts her. She can feel her blush cross from her face down to her neck from the very obvious noise she just made. Well, her deniability has just vanished. “An a-a-phrodisiac is a drug that causes some to feel increased lust.” It takes every fiber of her being to force that explanation out without additional embarrassment and she still fails. “It. mmh! It would be the d-uh-ug making Annie horny, not Annie.”

Annie releases Ophelia’s nipple momentarily, but only long enough to take Ophelia’s other nipple into her mouth, sucking it just as hard as the other, while she thrusts a third finger into Ophelia’s pussy and begins thrusting faster and deeper, her strange cat-like purring becoming louder as her thrusts intensify. Meanwhile Alice had given up trying to pull Annie away, and was now sitting back, rubbing her thighs together, blushing softly “A-are you sure you want me to stop her? You seem to be enjoying yourself...” she says. The Guard, meanwhile, puts her hand to her ear, and starts whispering to herself, while the Guard on the other side of the curtain was trying to discreetly rub her thighs together, while using her visor to try to hide that she was watching Ophelia.

It has become very difficult for her to remember why she is trying so hard to remain silent. All she can focus on are the fingers deep within her setting her insides ablaze, the mouth on her breasts sparking lightning through her being, and the audience she appears to have picked up creating the smallest point of cold to contrast her heat against, making her burn all the hotter. She wants them to see her being loved, almost wants to put on a show for them so they know exactly how much she enjoys it. She very nearly does, lips parting to unleash the moan that has been building in her when Alice’s voice centers her just a touch. Just enough to want some “innocent” revenge for making fun of her. “Oh, d-dO be silent.” she says, reaching out and taking advantage of the fact Alice is close to Annie after her attempts to separate them and taking the woman of Justice’s nipple in her fingers. It is somewhat ruined by the bra in her way, but removing it would take more concentration than she has right now. She may not touch Annie for fear of taking advantage of her, but Alice is under no such restriction. She slides her hand down Alice’s body, the angle somewhat odd given there’s a rather active body between them, until she can slip a hand underneath Alice’s panties. She then immediately starts assaulting the woman’s clit, trying to work her over just as quickly as Annie is driving her. “You may draw u-uh! Unwanted attention.” She fully realizes the irony of her saying those words.It brings a smile to her face to do so as she hopefully adds to the noise happening within the room.

Her other hand finds itself in Annie’s hair, petting her and encouraging her to keep going as orgasm approaches her. She is not sure why she is struck with that desire. Possibly the cat-like purring Annie is emitting? Regardless, her hand in the red mane pressing her closer to her breast while lavishing her with attention feels right.

Alice, rather than remaining silent, moans out loud and flinches back as Ophelia pinches her nipple through her bra. “Wh-what are y-” she starts to say, only for Ophelia to slip her hand into her pantie sand rub her clit, causing her to moan more. Seeing where this is going, Alice dives over to Ophelia and kisses her lips, while grabbing her free breast, massaging it while she bucks her hips against Ophelia’s rubbing. Meanwhile, Annie continued thrusting her fingers in and out of Ophelia’s pussy, starting to use her thumb to rub her clit, while sucking her nipple hard, flicking her tongue against her nipple every so often. The Guards on either side of the doorway were now both rubbing their thighs together, the one on the left now moaning softly as her pussy began getting wet, the thighs of her suit darkening. The Guard on the right had now lowered her hand, now blushing as she instead focuses on rubbing her thighs together as they both now openly watch Ophelia and her companions.

Well, if Alice is not treating this with the care Ophelia has, then there is really no point. Ophelia is fairly sure anyone outside of the room would have heard the woman of Justice’s voice as she expressed her surprise. Thankfully she silences herself by pressing her lips against Ophelia’s own, but she suspects it is too little too late. She finds herself completely unable to care given how thoroughly turned on she is. She thought the first time she was with Alice and Annie was the height of pleasure, but either the situation or the greater experience with each other’s bodies makes it clear that was a very misguided assumption. All of her senses are enveloped now, the sight of her companions and the guards, the scent of Annie and Alice and their arousal in her nose, the sounds of the guards beginning to enjoy themselves as well, and of course the obvious touch and taste. She feels as if she will go mad from the amounts of pleasure she is experiencing and yet she wants nothing more than to prolong it as much as possible. Her hips thrust in time with Annie’s fingers within her, her back arches to push as much of her breast into Annie and Alice’s grasp as possible. Anything to feel more pleasure than she currently is. She does not believe she will last much longer however, so she moves her hand down and plunges two fingers into Alice’s pussy, her palm enveloping the woman’s clit as she works. With Alice’s mouth to contain her moans, she begins unleashing them. She imagines that can only be a bigger turn on for their audience and that is exactly what she wants. She wants them to see everything and desire to touch themselves in turn. If her hands were not occupied, she would remove the blanket covering them so they could see every detail. Alas. The only regret she has is Annie is not getting to feel any of the pleasure she is inflicting on everyone else. Once the drugs are out of her detective’s system, she will have to see about rectifying that as soon as possible. For now, she simply continues running her hand through Annie’s hair, running her nails down her detective’s scalp in hopes she might be sensitive there.

Alice moans into Ophelia’s mouth as she pleasures her, bucking her hips with Ophelia’s movements, her juices starting to coat Ophelia’s hand the more turned on she gets, while kneading and rubbing her breast with one hand, she also starts groping Ophelia’s ass with the other. Annie, meanwhile, thrusts her three fingers in and out of Ophelia’s pussy with more intensity as she licks and sucks Ophelia’s nipple and rubs her clit with her thumb. As the three girls continue pleasuring each other, one of the two Guards, the one on the right, quickly makes her way over to the Guard on the left, first discarding her chest armor, then unzipping her suit, exposing her jet black bra, which she quickly pulls up out of the way, exposing the woman’s pale breasts. She gropes one, while tugging down her crotch armor, after which she slips her hand into her jet black panties and begins fingering her vigorously, the woman bucking her hands into the other’s thrusts, while moaning loudly, her juices soaking her suit and panties quickly, causing them to darken even further.

Annie and Alice’s combined assaults, the sight of the guards pleasuring themselves to the sight of their actions, it becomes too much for Ophelia. With a heartfelt moan, she comes, soaking Annie’s hands in her juices and crushing her detective to her breast as she rides out her orgasm. Her rhythm with her fingers within Alice becomes erratic, pumping into the woman as quickly as she can as her hand moves out of her control. She finds herself staring into the eyes of the guard being touched as she comes, drinking in the sight of the woman’s deathly pale flesh and the darkening stain her arousal brings as rides the waves of pleasure. Even after her release ends, she finds that she does not stop pushing Alice to hers, not only wishing to please her ally in Justice, but prolong the show for the guards. She imagines it would be so disappointing to just begin getting into a show only for it to suddenly end. It is only fair in her mind. Those who please her deserve to be pleased in turn. She is already planning on doing so for Annie later, but she can make no such plans for the guards. So why not provide what they need to reach their own peaks? In the spirit of continuing the show, she deepens her kiss with Alice, making a showing of intertwining their tongues even as she takes control of her fingers back and thrusts them in, trying to make the fingering audible for the audience. She is not altogether sure how to tie Annie into the show seeing as the detective is occupied. Unless she can take the blanket off, there really is not much she can do with Annie at the moment. Well, she can… she takes her hand from Annie’s head and pulls the top of the blanket down, revealing her well split lubed breasts to the guards. It is not much, but hopefully it entices her viewers just a touch more.

Alice only moans louder into Ophelia’s mouth, her grip on her breast tightening due to reflex when her movements grow erratic. Alice’s juices flow more profusely onto Ophelia’s hand as she gets closer to orgasm, starting to pant heavily between her moans. Meanwhile, Annie kicks the sheets off the bed as she removes her mouth from Ophelia’s nipple and lowers it between her legs, using her free hand to tug her panties down to her knees, after which she starts licking Ophelia’s slit as she thrusts her fingers in and out of her, deep and fast, making hungry slurping sounds with every lick. When Annie moves, Alice moves her other hand to Ophelia’s newly free breast, groping them both and massaging them gently. Meanwhile, the Guard thrusts her fingers in and out of the other’s pussy more vigorously, causing her moans to intensify as she bucks her hips in time with the other Guard’s movements, her nipples hardening as the other Guard gropes her roughly. Soon, the Guard gently pushes the other forward, bending her over the edge of Ophelia’s bed, pulling her suit down to her knees, with her crotch armor, before moving the crotch of her panties aside, then thrusting her fingers into her from behind, while tilting her upper body back, allowing Ophelia to see the woman’s breasts as the Guard gropes her left one, as both blush darkly and watch as Ophelia and her companions pleasure each other, the second Guard’s moans coming out more and more intense every moment.

Ophelia wanted the sheets to no longer be an obstacle and thanks to Annie, she now has her wish. She and her lovers are now completely bared to the guards just as one of the guards is mostly bared to them. She does not have much time to contemplate it as Annie adds her mouth to the festivities. Still sensitive from just cumming, Ophelia squeals into Alice’s mouth from both the overstimulation and the sheer surprise. She honestly though Annie would stop after she came, but it seems she was seriously mistaken. Still, with Annie no longer between the two of them, Ophelia’s hand is now free to return the favor. She reaches out and takes hold of Alice’s breast, massaging them with very frequent, brief pinches to her nipple. She begins losing herself to the pleasure, no longer concerned at all with keeping her voice down. She moans at full volume within Alice’s mouth, though with how their tongues orbit around each other her voice occasionally escapes into the world at large.

She would close her eyes to fully enjoy the sensation, but then she would miss the sight of the guards stepping up their own show. They now share a bed with one of them, her body on full display as her dominant partner strips her and plunges her fingers inside. It is at this moment, Ophelia wants nothing more than to reach out and take the unoccupied breast into her hand. Some part of her wants to touch the audience and be touched in return. The mass majority, however, recoils at the idea of having an unknown put hands on her. The last time an unknown she thought would be an ally touched her, it was to drain her blood and drop a hammer on her back. In addition to the many times she has had to use her body to lure perverts in for a kill, the idea of even the guard being that close sends shivers down her spine that has nothing to do with her arousal.

So instead she merely devours as much of the sight in front of her as possible, almost memorizing every moan, every pant the guard being assaulted with pleasure releases. She channels the arousal that brings her back to Alice, speeding her fingers up and adding a third to help push her warrior to orgasm. In this moment, she wants nothing more than Alice and the guard to soak the sheets simultaneously with their release. She may join them as well, Annie’s tongue on her still sensitive pussy almost causing her eyes to roll back into her head. Only the idea of not seeing the guards in front of her helps her rest that impulse.

Alice suddenly moans very loudly and spasms, her grip on Ophelia’s breasts tightening as she does, crying out into Ophelia’s mouth as she starts to orgasm, the Guard being bent over the bed crying out at the same time, the other Guard shoving her further forward so that her lower body is further forward on the bed, her and Ophelia’s group almost face to face, causing her orgasm to be on the bed, both girls soaking the bed with their juices as they reach orgasm at the same time. Meanwhile, Annie pinches Ophelia’s clit and licks her slit more passionately, purring like a cat as she intensifies her thrusts, seemingly ignoring the fact that Ophelia already recently had an orgasm.

She is not sure if she is still overly sensitive from already having orgasmed once or if the sight of the beautiful women around her triggers her own, but Alice and the guard cumming causes Ophelia to cum as well. She can no longer resist her eyes rolling back as the world whites out around her. And now she is certain she is still overly sensitive because this orgasm straddles the line between too much and just enough, closer to being overwhelming. She cries out as she comes, very likely the loudest she has ever been and she is very glad that most of it is captured in Alice’s mouth just as Alice’s orgasm cry was captured in her own. When Ophelia comes back to herself, she finds herself panting as if she has just run a very significant distance. She feels weak with her orgasm and tries her hardest to pull Annie away from her. She most certainly could not handle another one right now. Not while she is this new to the pleasures of the flesh.

“I… am not sure what the procedure here is.” She says to the guards, completely out of her depth as to how to act with them now. She should be pissed because of their earlier transgression, but she finds it is exceedingly difficult to hold her temper with people who she was watched orgasm and have in turn watched her do the same. People whose search for their peak aided in her own. She… no longer feels the urge to leave their presence as soon as possible. She believes, for the first time, she has found it in her to forgive someone. Even if she cannot look upon them without erupting into a blush. “I feel I must apologize for my earlier conduct. I am… unused to dealing with unknown peoples and even less used to caring for someone while they are injured. I believe my protective instincts may have caused me to lash out.” It sounds lame even in her ears, but it is the only explanation she has now that she is no longer angered by their mere presence. “Alice, would it be possible to keep Annie contained for the moment? We will have to do something for her later, but for the moment I think it would feel so good it would hurt to keep going.” The worry of Annie not being able to read the room is great given that is how this first started. And how she seemingly ignored Ophelia’s first orgasm. And how thoroughly feline she has been acting. Felines are not known for heeding to the whims of others easily.

When Ophelia orgasms, Annie closes her eyes and rests her head on her lap, then starts breathing softly as she falls asleep. When Ophelia turns to the Guards and apologizes, the one who had orgasmed starts slipping back into her suit and her army, as she replies “Th-there isn’t a procedure here… we’re all here, and we work with Keep Skyrille because were love her.” she then adds “Don’t worry about it, Lady Ophelia… we should have asked before we sent her in, and that’s likely what master intended, but we didn’t think about it. We understand your getting upset.” she said, giving her a smile as she finishes dressing herself, both Guards still blushing despite the situation having ended. When Ophelia asks Alice to contain Annie, she motions towards her “I d-don’t think I have to, she seems to be napping...” she says, blushing as she reaches over and grabs the sheet, to pull it back onto the bed slowly, to hide the dark patch in her panties from having came through them and onto the bed. With Annie napping on Ophelia’s lap, Alice has room to move closer, so she scoots closer and wraps her arm around her shoulders, hugging her close, while she uses her other hand to fix Ophelia’s bra positioning.

Selvaria Vaimel/Blue56
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When Selvaria steps back out of the area that Annie and the two girls were in, and into the hallway, one of the Nurses moves over to her and gently sets a chair near her, for Selvaria to sit in. "My sincerest apologies, we did not realize Lady Ophelia would get upset." she said, standing beside, after which the two are joined by a nearby Guard. "Lady Selvaria, is there anything you would like to do to pass the time, as you wait on Lady Annie to recover from her drugs?" she asks, giving her a friendly smile. After a moment, a strange yellow blob creature, with a black core, comes bouncing down the hallway, the Nurse smiling when she sees it, bending down, and picking it up, the creature squishing slightly at her touch, as if it was made of jello. She turns to Selvaria and shows it to her, the creature making a 'murr' sound when the Nurse holds it in front of her, asking "Would you like to hold him?" she asks, smiling at her.

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
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The Goblin solutes her while the two undead simply start to lumber off, then all three begin collecting bodies off in the distance to bring back to the Spire for her. Now, separated from her minions, Lilith can't help but feel completely vulnerable. As if something was watching her, and following her, somewhere nearby.

Looking around her, Lilith can't see anything at first, however as she looks harder, she can eventually see two red lights floating in the air, slowly following her from a short distance above the ground. When Lilith spots the eyes, the creature suddenly becomes fully visible, as if deciding the stealth was now completely pointless.

The creature was a one that has been universally accepted as a monster from one's deepest, darkest nightmares. Its skin was a dark gray-black, its face was surrounded by leather-like whiskers, its body was covered in scales, its wings were like leather. The creature's eyes were a bright, glowing red, its arms were crooked, ending in hawk-like hands with razor sharp talons. When the creature moved closer, its tail snaked out from behind it, switching back and forth like a cat looking at its prey.

The creature opened its mouth, as if it were about to roar, however, instead, a psychotic laugh escaped the monster's throat instead, filling the air and echoing into the nearby mountains. The psychotic laugh confirmed that this creature wasn't just a dragon, but the worst kind of dragon, the Lunatic Dragon known as the Jabberwocky, and it was looking right at her, taking a battle stance.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
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When Amun asks if Metia will accompany him, she pauses for a moment, then nods slowly "I suppose, since this job just finished. Unless they want me to follow the Goblins back to their camp and slaughter them there." she says, uncertainly. "Mostly because you're showing interest in not being such a weakling, it wouldn't be difficult to teach you not to block with your squishy sparks." she says, with a smug chuckle, which slowly turned into a giggle. She then glanced around the area, before following Amun back into the city, though once they entered, she broke off, stating "I have to check with my employer, if he's still alive, I'll come to the gate when I'm ready to leave, you can meet me there." she says, patting Camilla on the head as she walks off.

Once Metia is gone, Camilla looks at Amun "When she patted me on the head... it hurt..." she says, rubbing the top of her head, a single tear in her eyes. Though, right after she had said that, the Guards began making their way over to the two. When the Guards arrived at their position, Camilla turned to them "H-he needs healing, he was hurt trying to protect the city..." she said, shyly. the Guards nodded in understanding "That's what we thought, we could tell he was hurt from a mile away." said one of them, before guiding the two to one of the Healing Huts, which were just crudely-converted houses which were being filled with the numerous wounded. The guard in the healing hut looked to be just a Guard in the same armor as the others, but with a cross on its chest plate, and shoulder guards. The crosses seemed to crudely carved in, as though this person was picked as one due to necessity, rather than because they were qualified.

The Guard glanced at Amun's wounds, then scratched his helmet. "So. Uh. I see you... uh... got a cut there..." he stammered, looking first to Camilla, then to Amun. "So, I guess... uhm..." he started, before Camilla cut in "You can help him, right?" she asked, nervously. The Guard looked just as nervous as Camilla, but he nodded vigorously anyway "Y-yeah, of course!" he said, reaching into a nearby cabinet and pulling out a vial of black liquid and staring at it, before starting to pull the lid off. "Right so, this should... uh..." he starts, but Camilla cuts him off again "S-Sir, I think that's muscle relaxer..." she says, to which the Guard looked surprised "O-oh! R-right, of course, s-silly me..." he said, as he put the vial back, reaching up and grabbing a vial of green liquid instead, to which Camilla replied "S-sir, th-that's poison..." she says, looking horrified and nervous now. Finally, the Guard pulls out a vial of red liquid, then looking at Camilla questioningly. This time, she nods slowly, looking embarrassed for the Guard. The Guard then rubs the liquid on Amun's wounds, so that said wounds start to slowly close and heal.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When CeeCee wakes in the morning, she finds that Alessandra is no longer in bed with her, however when she turns to look towards the kitchen area, she finds that Alessandra is cooking over the fire pit built into the counter. When she sees CeeCee sit up in bed, she gives her a smile "Oh, my pet is awake~" she says, in a singsong voice, as she pulls the metal pan out of the fire and turns it over, onto a platter.

She makes her way around the counter, and brings the platter to CeeCee, at which point CeeCee can see that Alessandra has not yet dressed, meaning she is still wearing the bra and panties she had worn to bed. She puts the plate into CeeCee's lap, ontop of the blankets, so that she can eat her breakfast in bed, then sits next to her on the edge, where she gently pets CeeCee's head as she eats. The food that she had given CeeCee was Gray Apples, chopped up and fried with Gray Pineapples, both mixed in with spiced Chicken chunks.

When CeeCee finishes eating, Alessandra speaks again "I hope my little pet liked it. I'm not sure how long we'll have to stay here, since there's a squad of Barton Troops surrounding the Inn. I don't know what they want, but they seem to be waiting on someone. Considering they hired three famous Mercenaries, I think they aren't leaving without their objective." she says, softly, as she moves her hand from CeeCee's head, to her back, and gently massages it. "Does my little pet have anywhere she needs to be? I just finished my previous job yesterday, so if you have nowhere to be, we can take another job at one of the Guilds." she explains.

When CeeCee checks the mirror, she finds that she has grown four more Spider Legs from her back, matching the other four, and has now grown hard black carapace plating on her outer arms and outer thighs, as well as her outer legs and outer forearms, each plate attached to her skin.

When CeeCee checks out the window, she finds that the Inn is, in fact, surrounded by Barton Guards, and that they're being led by three famous mercenaries, the Furies of the Screaming Woods, who once slew a giant monster who was terrorizing a nearby town, and The Phoenix of Veil Forest, who had incinerated an entire colony of Terror Crawlers.

The Phoenix of Veil Forest was a blond-haired girl with purple eyes and fair skin. Her hair was tied back in a braid, with additional belts around it, and she was wearing a red cloak over a revealing leather top and a red skirt, with long, fingerless black gloves, and black stockings. On her hip was one of her Ignition Potions. It was rumored that while she did study to become an alchemist, all she ever did was set things on fire.

The Furies of the Screaming Woods were a pair of red-haired girls with red eyes and fair skin. One was a knight with a gigantic Buster Sword and red and white armored boots and gauntlets, black stockings, and a red, black, and white skirt and top, while the other was an assassin, wearing black leather pants with a single leg missing, long black boots, a leather zip-up top, and a white overcoat. In her hand was a black sword, and on her hands were a pair of black gloves with gold claws. Rumors had been spread that the two had once taken on an entire Orc encampment by themselves, and completed the job without a scratch.

Soon, a strange black door spawned on the ground below, and a girl in a purple hoodie and a black and purple dress, with striped white and black stockings under black boots, stepped out. She had medium-length black hair and purple eyes. She and the mercenaries exchanged words, and drew their weapons, then a girl leapt out a nearby window, landing gracefully beside the first girl. The second girl had fair skin, lilac eyes, and long black hair, and was wearing a black scare, black boots, black stockings, and a black hoodie, all with yellow stripes on them. She struck a battle stance, drawing her Ninjaken, then began exchanging words with the mercenaries.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Saphira manages to climb out of her puddle and look around, she finds that there's still no sign of Magnolia anywhere. Unable to find any clues as to her whereabouts, she chooses to finish her journey to the Barton Castle.

The trip takes her through the rest of the Land of Fools, mostly hills and mountains. After many miles, she finally reaches the Barton Wetlands. The ground is wet and squishes when she takes a step, lightly sinking into the ground under her mild weight. She manages to keep her distance from the water, which allows her to avoid encounters, until she makes it to the Barton Castle. The guards at the front gate, upon spotting Saphira, recognize her and run to her side, despite her change of appearance, and help her into the castle. One of the Guards commenting "My Lady, you look to be in rough chest, allow us to assist you.", each Guard grabbing an arm and wrapping it around their shoulders so that they can carry her the rest of the way.

The Guards quickly bring her, first, to the Healing Center, a room with white walls and a red tile floor, full of cabinets and hospital bed, with white sheets and metal bars all the way around the frame. A guard with crosses adorning his armor helps Saphira out of her shirt, shoes, and shorts, then gently rubs red gel on her wounds, not spending more than a second on each area, so that she can begin slowly healing. After the guard has finished, he leaves and quickly brings Lord Barton to her.

Lord Barton motions for a nearby Guard to grab him a chair, then begins "My Lady, you look... unwell." he says, as the Guard brings a gray chair with red cushions, which Lord Barton then sits in. "I also see that Magnolia, my daughter, and Lady CeeCee are not with you. This concerns me greatly." he gently reaches out and rests one of his hands on Saphira's thigh before continuing "Please, my Lady, tell me what happened to you, and what happened to separate you." he finishes as he gently rubs her thigh to comfort her.
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CeeCee slept rather soundly, both due to her arduous journey to reach Kort, and because of her new warm body to sleep next to. She was quite happy to awake to the smell of fire and roasted meat and fruit. She usually slept out in the wilderness and with no fire, unless of course, it was soo cold she would freeze. But even near Calt, it wasn’t commonly cold enough to be life-threatening. Either way, the luxuries of cities or even just towns, were welcome. “Mmm-hmm.” Replied CeeCee when Alessandra greeted her amidst a yawn. She grinned widely as Alessandra gave her a plate a food. She certainly had never eaten pineapple before but it was sweet and tart. She gave Alessandra a quick squeeze on her butt as she sat down. She quickly finished her plate and placed it on a side table. “Yes, It was lovely.” She said as she stood up and stretched. As she stretched she noticed that the rest of the spider arms had sprouted from her back. She frowned when she saw them and quickly tucked them away. She also soon discovered that some chitinous plates had formed on her arms and legs. She really, desperately wanted to be rid of this disease, it was turning her soft supple body into a hard exoskeleton, surely she was less appealing to beasts in her current state. And she feared her new master? Mistress…? She wasn’t sure what to call Alessandra. She knew that the spectross had large egos, but she was sweet and a very passionate lay. She decided to ask her directly, why not appeal to her best she could. “What should I call you Lady Alessandra, master, mistress? Something else?”

Alessandra gives her a smile when she says she enjoyed the food, and shakes her hips a little when CeeCee gives her ass a quick grope, showing she enjoyed it. When CeeCee asks her what she should call her, she leans back and rubs her chin for a minute, showing an expression of deep concentration as she thought about it. Eventually, she replied, with a smug smile “My Queen Alessandra will suffice, or just My Queen for short~” she coos as she gently rubs her cheek against CeeCee’s.

“As you wish my Queen. I’ve fought with the Barton’s before and they are usually pretty swift, so I don't suspect we will be stuck here too long. But yes they are stubborn and loyal. And their objective must be rather important if they brought three such legendary mercenaries.” She said as she looked outside.

Alessandra smiles when CeeCee addresses her properly, then nods as she explains her knowledge of the Bartons. “I hadn’t known them to employ Mercenaries, so I agree with you, my pet, it MUST be rather important~” she says, slowly stroking CeeCee’s head with her hand. She then pauses for a moment before asking “Hmm does my pet have anywhere she needs to be?” in a curious and adoring tone, as she moves her hand behind CeeCee’s ears and begins scratching gently.

“Well, I’m not in a terrible hurry, other than trying to cure this arachnoid illness. They are very unpleasant.” Said CeeCee in regards to her new spider arms. “I’m not sure who to speak to try to cure it, maybe an alchemist? The healer staffed at the inn said she couldn’t do anything about it. I did pray about it as well, but so far I’ve heard nothing… You wouldn’t know of a way to cure this would you?” She asked with a hefty shrug, displaying all her extra arms for a brief moment. “Oh and I also have these.” She said as she produced her linen-wrapped eggs. “There’s 12 of them, dusk strider eggs. I ran into one a few nights ago and through some miracle, they decided not to kill me. But I used to sell cubs or other baby beasts to nobles in Calt, I thought there may be a market for spider eggs somewhere. So I carried them for a few days and managed to get them out last night before I came down to the bath. I have a few other things on the back burner as well.” She rewrapped the eggs and stashed them away.

Alessandra reaches out and touches one of CeeCee’s spider legs when she mentions them, rubbing the tip between her thumb and forefinger. “I’ll certainly help my pet cure herself if that’s what she wants, however, know that I love my pet, illness or no~” she says. She then adds “Well, I think an alchemist should be your best bet, however, most of them tend to travel, so we would need to have a look around for them.” she then adds, in response to the eggs she had shown her “I know there’s a market for Spider Eggs, though it’s small. However, there’s definitely a strong market for Dusk Strider Eggs, as most people who attempt to obtain them end up feeding the Dusk Striders themselves.” she then smiled as she petted CeeCee again “Oh, my little pet is so good at what she does~” she coos.

CeeCee smiled, a bit reassured by Alessandra’s words. She figured Isuelt was her best bet to find an alchemist, or maybe just get more information on where might be. “Well, I usually try to avoid insects in general though your kindness is very much appreciated, my Queen. There is some skill in what I do but it’s practice more than anything else. Unfortunately the last few beasts I’ve managed to tame have all met untimely ends. In the last few weeks, I’ve tamed an owlbear, a goart, and a liger. I’d be happy to show you how it’s done, so long as what we find isn’t another spider, rather not risk making this any worse. But while we look for an alchemist I do have a handful of entries to add to the grimoire. So whatever local guild you think is the best we could stop in and pick up a quest or two.”

Alessandra reclines in her place on the bed as CeeCee explains to her about her pets, and suggests picking up more jobs “I think I’m perfectly content watching my pet tame her beasts, rather than learning to do so myself. I only need one pet… for now~” she says before adding “I am SO sorry about your other beasts, however. Hopefully, we can keep them alive this time? I’ll try my best, I wouldn’t want my darling pet’s little friends to die, after all.” when CeeCee mentions wanting to pick up more jobs, Alessandra nods “That’s exactly what I had intended to do before we met, I’m so happy that my pet’s plans and my own were so similar~ how convenient, yes~? Though I have no specific Guild in mind, we can just have a look around and see which one we like best~” she says, wrapping her arms around CeeCee and hugging her gently.

“Oh, of course, I wouldn’t suggest my Queen lay with beasts, I merely thought you may wish to watch.” She said with a smirk. “I do have a list of some alchemical ingredients that a woman named Offred asked for. So if we could spend some time foraging on our way to our next job that would be ideal. In terms of guilds, the Silver Owl seems like it may be our best bet. It is the insignia of the town, so I imagine they would be quite good. I do have a bit of stranger request to fulfill as well, tell me do you know of a place called Vitra?” She asked as she leaned into the hug

Alessandra nods and grins as CeeCee says she thought she may wish to watch, cutting in with “I would most certainly… certainly, wish to watch my pet tame these creatures” getting the hint from her smirk. When she mentions her alchemical ingredients, she nods again “I’ll be more than happy to help my pet look and protect her on her way, however my pet’s Queen does not wish to pick the plants herself.” she says, adding “I would be more than happy to check the Silver Owl~” she says, as she lowers her hand and gropes CeeCee’s ass gently. When Vitra is mentioned, she looks somewhat confused “Vitra? Never heard of it~ what’s the request that my pet received?” she responds, in just as refined of a way as everything else she does.

CeeCee let out a soft moan as Alessandra groped her ass, reaching a hand over to massage her balls as they conversed. “Of course my Queen, I appreciate your protection and thoughtfulness. The woman who rules there offered to teach me some of the lost arts if I brought her a chimera. I don’t suppose you are familiar with the chimera?” She questioned, as she rested her head in Alessandra’s lap.

Alessandra sighs contentedly as CeeCee massages her balls “Oooh, the Lost Arts. I have no idea what a Chimera is, but I’ll gladly help my lovely little pet capture one, additional skills can only make her an even better pet~” she says, resting a hand on CeeCee’s head as she lays it on her lap, gently stroking her chin.

“Well thank you, I appreciate it. The chimera a quite dangerous, I’ve met four of them so far, one of them tried to kill me, two of them didn’t care, and I’m not really sure about the last, to be honest. All of them I’ve met so far are female and look like quite young girls, but they are made using the lost arts as well, and inside them is an unnatural force. As soon as the inn isn’t surrounded we can depart.” She said, her tone rose a bit at the end, to indicate she was waiting for permission. “ And it looks like the target might be here?” She said in a questioning tone as the two girls arrived and began to speak to the mercenaries before quickly entering a fighting stance.

Alessandra nods “Well, as long as I’m protecting my precious pet, nothing is dangerous. We’ll obtain one of these… Chimeras… then my pet will have her prize~” she says, cockily. When CeeCee suggests they’ll leave as soon as the Guards have dispersed, she smirks “Indeed we shall, we wouldn’t want to lose time and travel at night~” she says, giving CeeCee a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

“Well, while we wait…” Said CeeCee as she pulled Alessandra’s cock from her panties. “Why don’t I take care of you, my queen?” She asked kissing and sucking on the tip of her member… With no interruption, CeeCee would deepthroat Alessandra’s cock best she could and swallow down her load, something she didn’t have a chance to taste last night.
Alessandra nods slowly, smiling. When CeeCee takes her cock into her mouth, she lets out a soft moan and rests a hand on CeeCee’s head, stroking it gently as she went to work deepthroating her already-hard cock. It wasn’t long before her precum started leaking into CeeCee’s mouth with each bob of her head, especially as Alessandra begins gently bucking her hips in time with CeeCee’s movements. After roughly ten minutes, Alessandra pushes CeeCee’s head down gently as she starts releasing thick cum into her throat, the torrent being just barely small enough for CeeCee to swallow it all without spilling it.. When CeeCee swallows it down, Alessandra coos “Sssuch a good little pit, swallowing every bit of it like that~” adding, as she pets her head more “Exactly what I expect of my pets~” as she gives her a soft kiss on the cheek.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Anastasia lines up the shot the best she can, then finally lets the arrow fly, the arrow glimmered in the sunlight as it drifted through the air, being mostly true to where Ana aimed it, just a little below the head and heading straight into the girls shoulder with a dull thunk. Anastasia appeared back into existence, her body seeming to just drift into reality in a way most couldn’t comprehend, including herself. She mummered out a curse, annoyed with her aim and that she couldn’t end one of the mercenaries chances to fight.

Kadelynn flinches slightly when the arrow hits her, blood running from the place the arrow had penetrated, then she casually looks up at Anastasia. The face she made looked more annoyed than hurt. Rather than Kadelynn going after Anastasia, Lisette, beside her, dashed with incredible speed towards the side of the Inn, leaping onto the side of the building and kicking off of it, launching herself towards the roof Anastasia had positioned herself on. Once her feet connected with the roof, she suddenly disappeared, much the same way Idalia does, then suddenly reappeared behind Anastasia, ramming her sword through her back.

Anastasia winces in pain as she suddenly felt the sword enter her back, she barely had time to register the speed at which the girl bounced up the building as if it was nothing. She looked back over at the girl, one of her chains wrapping around the blade of the sword and forcefully pulling it out of her before Ana turned around to face the girl directly. Grey blood oozing from the new wound and dripping onto the blue tiled roofs. “Gotta admit, that kinda hurt.” Anastasia coughed out, grabbing another arrow from its sheath.

Lisette smirked at her and swung the blade to flick Anastasia’s blood off of it. Meanwhile, Idalia leaps into the air, then fires a massive plume of flame down at Kadelynn and Seraphine, which the two evades by rolling away from the position, causing her to only charr the ground. After the flames had cleared, Ignia raises her arm, generating a jet black orb, before throwing it in between the two women. The explosion appears as a black void in the shape of a dome, but is is evaded by Seraphine, while Kadelynn tanks the black explosion completely. When the black void dissipates, Kadelynn’s eyes are covered by a black aura. “You can take away my sight, I see.” she says, bluntly, in response. Ignia replies “You can’t see that, actually, the darkness is blocking your sight.” her face completely straight, as if the woman didn’t understand what the attack had done. Seraphine laughs “Oh, you sweet, innocent little cinnamon roll~” she says, as she pulls a potion with swirling flames inside from her cloak. She glances at Anastasia, then tosses it underhanded towards her, shouting “Heads up, this one’s a spicy meatball!” as the potion flew. The potion hits Anastasia in the shoulder dead on and erupts into flames, setting her body on fire. As she does this, and Ignia is distracted by Seraphine, Kadelynn, still blinded, charges directly at her, and slashes at her diagonally, cutting clean through her shoulder, the blade exiting through her hip, causing her to cough up blood as she fell in half, a pool of blood quickly spreading beneath her. Idalia cries out in surprise “Ignia! You faggots, you cut her in half!” an expression of rage crossed her face as she turned back to the two women “You won’t be leaving here alive.” she says, he voice evening back out as she struck her combat stance again.

Anastasia figured she would be a bit more used to fire and other hot things with Idalia around, but she seems to have forgot how distinctly unpleasant actually being on fire was. She hoped getting a blowjob from Idalia in her hellhound form wouldn’t feel like this. It was so damn unpleasent infact, she started yelling the entire spectross dictonary of ‘Avenir hates you and I’m going to murder your ass’ of which the Spectross came up with plenty of colorful variatons. She quickly changed her target from the girl in front of her to the Seraphine, just in time to see Ignia get cleaved straight in half, making Anastasia boil in rage, jets of green and red energy firing from her body. Sure, deep down she knew Ignia was probably just gonna get back up but it didn’t stop her from being royally ticked off. Despite this, she targets the girl that hit her with the firebomb instead of the one that cleaved Ignia in half, unfortunately in her rage, and pain, the arrow went wide and hit a guard straight into the face, knocking him out of the equation instantly.

Seraphine watches the arrow instantly kill the Guard, then calls out “Bob, no!... H-his name was Bob, right...?” she asks, to which Kadelynn shrugs. Meanwhile, Lisette uses the distraction to quickly charge at Anastasia, however when she turns back to her in time to see her charging, she changes her dash into a leap, jumping directly over and past Anastasia, before dropping low and slashing her across the thighs. The attack, however, bounces off of her toughening skin. Back down on the ground, Idalia launches two wires from her sleeves and attempts to use them to slash Seraphine, following up on Anastasia’s attempt to attack her, however she ducks one wire, then leaps the other, gracefully, looking at Idalia as she asks “Oh, are we playing Jump Rope now?”. Nearby, Ignia’s body slowly began projecting black streams of energy between her halves, which started pulling the two back together, after which black smoke started rising from the wound as she healed herself back together. Ignia then stands back up, black smoke rising off of her body as her skin is covered in black scales, growing a long scaly tail. Her eyes glow red, her fingers grow talons, and leathery wings erupt from her back. Ignia then charges at Seraphine, following up on Idalia and Anastasia’s failed attacks, a gigantic semi-transparent blade of purple energy being projected from her wrist, which she swung wildly at Seraphine. Seraphine gracefully leaps to the side, causing the blade to slam down on a crowd of Barton Guards, crushing some and bisecting others in a single swing. Despite now being attacked by three enemies, Seraphine throws another potion at Anastasia, this one hitting her square in the chest and exploding into a vortex of flame, charring the ground beneath her, the flame so intense that Lisette is forced to leap backwards to avoid it. Meanwhile, Kadelynn takes a step towards Ignia and slashes her with her Buster Sword, the strike lopping off her arm and one of her wings, forcing her to crash land into the ground, crying out in pain. Idalia hurried to her side and pulled her away from Seraphine and Kadelynn, but Anastasia was too far away to hear what they were saying to each other.

Anastasia even through her blind rage was starting to not like the situation, the guards that surrounded them were just watching yet they were getting slammed by these three girls, apparently the rumors were at least partially true about them. She watched as even with her new form Ignia was easily dispatched by the mercenaries, and Idalia seemed to be struggling to do any damage herself. Ana tried to do something, but when she began retracting the string from her bow, she suddenly felt the overwhelming nauseous feeling sweep over here, causing her to recoil and feel extreme discomfort for an instant and forever before returning back to reality, everything seeming slightly farther ahead.

When Anastasia fades back in, she sees that Lisette is now down below, and is pulling her sword out of Ignia’s chest, as she returns to her normal form, dropping to the ground completely limp.Lisette flicks her sword, spattering Ignia’s blood off of it. Idalia was, at the same time, leaping away from Seraphine, who was now holding her shoulder, blood trickling down her arm and dripping onto the ground, as she took a step back, throwing a potion at Idalia, which she evades by disappearing and reappearing a step to the right of where she had been standing. She’s then immediately forced to duck as Kadelynn charges at her, still blinded, and slashes at her, the blade arcing just over her head, missing her by mere inches.

Anastasia quickly does her best to assess the chaotic situation. It certainly didn’t look good, she didn’t think a chimera could fall when they activated their bestial abilities, but as Ignia slumped to the ground, that showed that was far from the case. Anastasia takes a deep breath and tries to focus her attention on what to do next, the angel memento that hung from her pack glowed a soft green, which radiated throughout Ana’s body, her wounds closing instantly and her mind clearing. She quickly changed her target to the one that seemed the most dangerous, that being the alchemist and let an arrow fly, this one flying straight into her back and out her front, right below the middle of her boobs. Finally, a good hit.

Seraphine cries out as the arrow punctures her body “Oww! Okay, that was just rude!” she says, her voice filled with strain, showing that the attack did hurt her severely, despite how she was trying to act. She turns to the Guards and motions with her hand, causing a group of five to start marching forward, into the battle area. Meanwhile, Lisette looks back at Anastasia and quickly runs towards the building, first leaping onto the wall of the Inn, then launching herself onto the roof again. She then disappears and reappears behind Anastasia, slashing her across her upper back and shoulder, however no wound is created by the strike, and her Angel Memento is glowing green again, before fading back to normal. When Anastasia turns towards her, she has already leapt backwards again, creating a gap between them. Lisette comments “That’s incredibly rare, you know.”, motioning towards the Memento as she drops back into a battle stance, holding her blade in a reverse grip. Back down below, on the ground, Idalia disappears and reappears behind Seraphine, slashing her across the lower back before leaping backwards, Seraphine stumbling and holding her back with one hand, tears forming in her eyes “Oww! Hey, stop focusing me, there are other people here!” she shouts, her voice shaking. Despite her act, she had used her other hand to lob another Potion at Anastasia, which lands at her feet and explodes, knocking her forwards, and setting her on fire again. Kadelynn dashes in an arc around Seraphine, attempting to take Idalia by surprise and slam her blade down on her, however Idalia quickly leaps backwards, causing the blade to slam down into the ground, creating a large crater and launch debris up into the air. A squad of Guards attempts to take Idalia by surprise, attacking her from behind, however she spins around in time to parry one blade, kick the arm of another Guard to thwart his strike, then, placing one hand on the ground, she kicks a third Guard in the chest, launching herself backwards, away from the squad.

Anastasia ignores Seraphine’s comment about it being rude to attack someone during an active battle, and instead temporarily turned her attention to Lisette. “Yea, it wasn’t getting any use from where I found it.” She said completely non-chalantly as if she wasn’t on fire or talking to an adversary before turning her attention back to Seraphine and firing and arrow at her, which once again misses the girl but instead hits a guard who goes down in the single hit. Just in time to get hit by ANOTHER fire bomb, setting her on fire all over again, to which she mostly just huffs in annoyance as, while it was painful, it was a pretty slow go in terms of actual damage.

As Anastasia is staggered by the fire bomb, Lisette quickly charges in, stabs her through the thigh with her weapon, the tip of her blade exiting her thigh through the back. She then quickly pulls her blade out and leaps backwards, skidding to a stop. Meanwhile, Idalia leaps towards Seraphine, causing her to take a step backwards, however Idalia dashes past her, and spins, stabbing her through the stomach, then slashing her across the back, before ducking back around her. Just as Idalia was gaining distance between her and Seraphine, who was now full on crying, Kadelynn charges in behind her and slams her blade down on Idalia, crushing her against the ground and cutting her almost in half, from her shoulder to her hip. As Idalia is crumpling to the ground, Seraphine flings a Potion at her, setting her on fire just as she was starting to stand back up, her wounds healing as Idalia begins to transform, her skin becoming pitch black, and her hair becoming grey, her teeth becoming fangs, her nails becoming claws, horns growing from her head, and flames pouring from her eyes and mouth. Idalia immediately charges at Seraphine, slashing her across the front with her sword, creating a deep wound across her stomach and shoulder. As Idalia is attacking Seraphine, Kadelynn grabs her by the neck, then slams her down on the ground, creating a deep crater, Idalia being buried in the rubble. She then hefts her Buster Sword before slamming it down on Idalia again, causing her to cry out in pain.

Anastasia had so little time to react that so many things happened without her noticing, being on fire certainly didn’t help as she jumped around the roofs trying to get a good angle while also keeping track of the 3 mercenaries, including the one behind her as well as the ones down below as well as idalia and to make sure the guards weren’t doing something funny. Anastasia was becoming mentally overwhelmed with information. She could see Idalia transform down below, but she could also see her immediately go down again. She could feel tears forming in her eyes and running down her cheeks, why the fuck could she never do anything? She felt like she could never truly protect Idalia, and now Ignia, they were always protecting her, and it pissed her off so damn much. As she withdrew an arrow and fired it at Lisette, she would be amazed if it even hit its target with how useless she was feeling.

Lisette dashes towards Anastasia, catching the arrow in her left hand and flinging it to the side, before plunging her sword through Anastasia’s chest. The woman looks straight into Anastasia’s eyes as she twists the sword. Meanwhile, on the ground below, Idalia was slowly picking herself up and out of the rubble, Kadelynn and Seraphine simply watching as the rocks tumbled off of her, her leg and shoulder mangled, and various cuts across her body bleeding profusely, including her eye, which seemed to be bleeding heavily. Idalia bent and picks her Ninjaken up, then pointed it at Kadelynn “I-if you’re tired of your b-beating… I’m w-willing to accept y-your uncon-d-d-ditional… s-surrender...” she says, barely able to keep herself standing in the shape she was in. Kadelynn cocked her head, in confusion, then swung her Buster Sword back, before beating Idalia across the face with her hilt, causing her to transform back to normal and crumple to the ground. The Guards then began moving in, two grabbing Idalia, while two more grabbed Ignia and her missing limb, dragging them away from the combat zone.

Anastasia inhales sharply as she feels the sword enter her chest. She instinctively grabs the sword by the blade with her hands, grey blood dripping from them as Anastasia struggles to breath. More tears streamed from her face and onto her bloodied hands, she looks over to Idalia’s and Ignia’s limp bodies, then at the horde of Barton guards, then finally back at Lisette, except she didn’t see Lisette, she saw black and white hair, piercing and commanding red eyes, pale white and perfect skin. Her vision began fading into blackness, and she coughed up blood onto Avenir and looking her straight in the eyes. “I-Is this my punishment A-Avenir? I-Is t-this what I deserve for b-being unable to protect them?” Anastasia coughs up more blood, and she looks towards the pale blue roof, the corners of her vision black and faded before finally going unconscious and limp.

(Guards taking advantage of the helpless)
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Anastasia wakes up, she finds herself in the middle of a wide open area in what she can recognize as the Bone Depths. The ground is covered in a strange, sand-like powder, making the area look like a wide open desert with the occasional Bone Tree, trees with black leaves and a bark that’s smooth and covers the entire tree, unlike standard bark which covers a tree in rough sheets. Large red and gray tends covered the area, including a much larger one, presumably for the three mercenaries. Nearby, Ignia was laying facedown on the ground, her wounds having healed themselves, aside from her arm which had to have been placed back in order for it to have reattached itself. On her other side, Idalia was laying flat on her back. All three of them had their hands chained together behind them, while Anastasia’s lantern and chains had been buried in the ground beneath her. All around her, Idalia, and Ignia, were a large group of Barton Guards, who were standing vigilantly, or sitting down on the ground, watching Anastasia and her companions. From the larger tent, Anastasia could hear Seraphine, Kadelynn, and Lisette were giving out orders, ending with “We’re going back into Kort to buy some supplies before we return to the Barton Castle, be ready to pack up camp in the morning.”, Kadelynn was saying, just as the three were exiting the tent, after which they began walking back to Kort, quickly disappearing into the distance.

Anastasia groggily looks around, her eyes unable to open fully, not that the bright green glow they emit would be in anyway hard to miss in the dark, though it was sunny out so who knows. Anastasia notices she was being taken along the ride with Ignia and Idalia, which made her feel a little better about the situation, but not by much. “Idalia, Ignia, are you guys alive?” She asks in their general direction, her voice soft and weak, the ground below her shifting every so slightly as she attempted to move her chains, to no avail. She then softly tugged on the chains that held her in place, testing their strength. Unsurprisingly the chains were very sturdy, built to withstand a very heavy amount of force as needed against chimera’s. Her eyes then drifted to the various guards around here, an overwhelming feeling of hate stirring in her body. She wanted to make them suffer for what they have done, she wanted them to wish for death as she exacted revenge on them, she wanted to see the castle they resided in burnt to cinder and ash.

When Anastasia calls out to Idalia and Ignia, Idalia stirs first, rolling over and raising herself up on her knees “A-Anastasia…” she looks around the area, blinking several times and swaying back and forth as she attempts to remain upright. “They brought you with us…?” she asks, falling over onto her side. She then looks over at Ignia, who still hadn’t moved, then calls out to her “H-hey, Ignia, wake up...” she says, waiting a moment. Ignia then slowly opens her eyes “... Oh… I guess we… lost...” she mumbles, though loudly enough for Anastasia to hear “I was completely useless...” she says, recalling how she failed to damage any of the mercenaries, only having killed a group of Guards. She then hid her face in the powder on the ground, her body starting to tremble as she cried quietly. Idalia used her legs to push herself over to Ignia and gently nuzzled against her cheek “Ssshhh, none of us did much… two were barely hurt, and the third was heavily wounded, but not a single one was unable to continue fighting” she says, the disappointed in herself clear in her voice. She then looked over at Anastasia “A-are you okay? I’m… s-sorry for getting you caught up in this… again...” she says, tears in her eyes. Ignia looks up at Idalia and Anastasia again, tears streaming down her cheeks “I told you two to l-leave me if I went down… you don’t have to be here… you shouldn’t be here...” she says, sadly.

Anastasia was more than relieved when Idalia began to stir and talk, she didn’t think she was dead given she seemed to have been healed, but it was still very worrying as she had no idea what had transpired as she was knocked out. “Oh Idalia, I’m so glad you’re ok, and yea, hell if I know why though.” She then turns her attention to Ignia as she stirs, it seems the Bartons had some strange plans for them at this point. “Good to see you’re fine, too, Ignia, and Idalia is right, all of us didn’t really do that great, I barely managed to hurt that alchemist girl, and there was really too many of them to truly have stood a chance. I guess we should have just ran, you two were fast enough, and with my stealth I could have made it…” Anastasia frowns, hindsight was always in 20/20 wasn’t it? She looks back towards Idalia, frowning and feeling a pang in her chest when she starts crying, she managed to eek out a soft smile. “Hey it’s alright, no need to start crying, we’ll figure something out, also shut up Ignia, there was no way I was going to just leave you there, we are in this together.” She hisses at her, but in a loving way.

Ignia started to speak, however she was interrupted by a Guard speaking nearby “I see you’re all awake. Don’t tell me you’re working on an escape plan already, out in the open, in front of so many Guards.” he says, several Guards making their way towards where Anastasia, Ignia, and Idalia were laying. Idalia quickly dried her tears when she saw the Guard making his way towards them “Well, you know, we’re not all that keen on the idea of being slaves again, can you fault u-” her response was cut off as the Guard punted Idalia in the stomach with his armored boot, knocking her a short distance away, after which she curled up, clutching her stomach. Ignia cried out in shock, watching her curl up, then turned her attention back to the Guard that had kicked Idalia “How could you do that!? You’re supposed to bring us back to Lord Barton, why would you hurt us needlessly?!” she cried out. The Guard laughed “I’d have been worried about that before, but we did just witness you piece yourself back together after being cut in half, and regenerating from life threatening injuries. I don’t think we have to worry about hurting you.” he said, as he reached down and grabbed Ignia by the front of her dress, pulling her onto her knees, before punching her across the face with his armored gauntlet, blood flying from her mouth and spattering the ground from the force of the hit. Ignia looked dazed, and went limp, though remaining conscious. The Guard dropped her on the ground, then turned to Anastasia. “Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here.” he said, grabbing a nearby bone log, setting it upright, then sitting on it. “You had those two, 02 and 07, with you. Tell me where 01, 03, 04, 05, and 06 are, and you won’t be harmed any further.” he says, bluntly, as several other Guards move closer to the group.

Anastasia rolled her eyes and looks over at the guys. “More along the lines of working to make sure we’re still alright.” She snaps back at them, tensing up as she sees a guard approach Idalia, her fears were confirmed when he needlessly punts her across the ground. Anastasia clenches her teeth, knowing full well he simply did it for the fun of it and no other reason. She jerks against the chain when they then move onto Ignia, causing the bonetree she was chained to to groan and creak under the stress, but still not managing to break free. “Get your filthy hands off them, you pieces of shit! Is this how you get your rocks off, abusing the helpless?” She growls at them, pissed off not just at the Bartons but at herself for being completely unable to do anything about it. When he then walks over to her and asks her were the other Chimera’s are, she cant help but bark out a laugh and shake her head a little. “Surely that is a rhetorical question? You know that we have no idea, I’ve never even seen that many. Do not waste our time with such pointless questions.” She growls at the guard, her eyes green but flickering with red energy. The ground below her shifting fruitlessly.

The Guard crossed his arms “I suppose if you’re not going to tell us where the others are, then we can show you how we ACTUALLY get our rocks off. Think of it as gentle coaxing, Lady… ah… Wraith Bimbo.” he says, before nodding to the other Guards. By now, Idalia was starting to uncurl, coughing up a bit of blood onto the ground as she tried to raise back up onto her knees. Meanwhile, Ignia was crying on the ground, blood trickling from her mouth. Two of the Guards moved to either side of Idalia, the first grabbing her by the hair and forcing her head back, while the other knelt down beside her and unzipped her hoodie, yanking it down her arms, before grabbing the zipper of her shirt and starting to unzip it. The Guard that was holding Idalia by the hair began using his free hand to undo his armor, causing his cock, much smaller than Anastasia’s, to spring forward, slapping Idalia’s cheek, causing her to start trembling, tears welling in her eyes, as she realized what this meant.

Anastasia wordlessly stares at the guard as he calls her a bimbo and alludes to what will actually get his rocks off. She continued to stare at him before the cries of Idalia ring out and her head jerks in her direction, their intentions more than clear. She roars at the guards before snapping her attention back at the guard that was asking her questions, straining against the chains in the hope that they’ll snap and she can make him wish he was never born. “I see, you guys are too pathetic to get any action besides sucking each others cocks so you gotta rely on shit like this? Not surprising given you have to get others to do your work for you to get this far.” She smirks, her voice surprisingly quiet but seething with pure rage.

“If you tell us where the other 0-Units are, it’ll all stop.” he said, and despite the helmet completely obscuring his face, there was a smile in his voice as he spoke. Meanwhile, Idalia tried to stop the Guards by pursing her lips, however the Guard who had slapped her with his cock punched her in the face once, then twice, then a third time, until she opened her mouth, a big bruise and several cuts on her cheek from the armor plating scratching her. The Guard shoves his cock into her mouth, then, tugging her by her hair, began thrusting in and out. The second Guard unzipped her shirt, exposing her dark gray bra with yellow edges and pale flesh beneath, then grabbed a breast in each hand, groping them hard, causing her to wince and cry out, her voice muffled by the cock in her mouth. Meanwhile, another pair of Guards made their way over to Ignia, who was still crying on the ground, and forced her to her knees, then grabbed her face and forced her to look at what was happening to Idalia. She whimpered and began sobbing louder, as she understood what this meant for her, then the Guard shoved her forward, burying her face in the powder again as he lifted her hips. He fumbled at his armor, slipping his cock out, before tugging her black and purple striped panties down, then slamming his entire cock into her all at once, causing her to cry out in pain as she trembled and cried into the ground. The second Guard then began unbuttoning her dress, while the Guard in front of Anastasia looked into her eyes smugly.

Anastasia makes a keen effort to ignore what the guards were doing to Idalia and Ignia near her, just staring down the guard, completely livid that he has the audacity to do any of this. “Don’t try and play these games you little fuck. We both know that you have no plans to stop, and we both know you are asking the impossible of me. So have your fun while you can…” She smirks a little, as if somehow this situation was funny in some way. “What’s your name? Or does Barton not give you guys any?” She asks cooly, her wrists becoming numb and pure white from the strain she was putting on them as she tries to pull out of them, the bark of the wood dented and only barely managing to keep itself from snapping. Her breathing was heavy and labored, but not due to any injuries, more because it was becoming hard to keep herself from snapping in the fury she was feeling.

The Guard laughs at her “Oh please. We’re men of our word, and if you gave up the information, which you most certainly have, on the other 0-Units, we’d stop immediately. I swear on your mother’s life.” he said, chuckling. When Anastasia asks what his name was, he stiffens “My name? It’s uh...” he pauses, as if he’s making one up on the spot “Chuck. My name is Chuck.” he says, the Guard beside him looking confused as he states this. Meanwhile, the Guard that had been thrusting in and out of Idalia’s mouth sits down on the ground, pulling her down with him, forcing her head into his lap by tugging her hair, and continuing to fuck her throat brutally, her gagging so loud that Anastasia could hear it from where she was sitting. The second Guard lifts her bra, exposing her breasts, then tugs her hips up, before lifting her skirt, exposing her dark gray and yellow panties. He moves the crotch of her panties aside, then rams his cock into her, causing her to let out muffled cries into the other Guard’s crotch. Nearby, the first of the two Guards that were assaulting Ignia was savagely ramming into her pussy from behind, while the other tugged the top half of her dress and her hoodie down her arms in one motion, exposing her black and purple striped bra, matching her panties. He then tugged her head out of the powder, before roughly forcing her bleeding mouth open, and burying his dick into her mouth, muffling her crying. The Guard in front of Anastasia seems to finally grow bored “Well, I suppose if this isn’t enough to get you to tell us, then it’s your turn.” he says, taking a large, black War Hammer off his back, before swinging it behind him, then bring it forward, hitting Anastasia across the face with it. Before she could respond, he then hefted it again, then slammed the end into her chest, breaking a few of her ribs beneath her armor. “It’s alright, I saw you straining against your bindings and decided that you could use some… ah… persuasion not to do that.” he said, before setting the hammer down out of Anastasia’s reach. He and a second Guard then went to work, stripping Anastasia’s armor off. Once stripped down to her normal clothes, the Guard that had been interrogating her then began groping her breasts very roughly through her clothes, while the other hiked up her skirt and began tugging her pants down.

Ignoring the sounds of Idalia and Ignia getting raped was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do in her life, but she wasn’t about to give these guys the satisfaction of any reaction towards that. She sneered at the guard when he seems to grow bored and say it is her turn. “Well Chuck, I hope you enjoy that face of yours cause if I get out of here I’m gonna peel it off.” She chuckles psychotically, as if her psyche cracks a little. She knew he came up with the name on the spot, his buddy’s reaction sold that pretty nicely, but she’d hold him to his word this time. That chuckle didn’t last long however as soon the hammer met her face. He had a nice looking hammer, she kinda wanted it. Her head was jerked towards the direction of Idalia and Ignia, causing her to immediately start pulling at the chains again, this time so hard the tree creaked loudly and a few small snapping sounds resound out as the tree bends forward. Her brief stint is ended just as quickly as it started however as the hammer then meets her chest, causing her to cry out in pain, gagging and having some blood come out of her mouth. She curses in the Spectross language and coughs a little before looking up at Chuck. “You say that as if I haven’t gone through worse.” She gets out before noticing the other guards began molesting her. She growls and instinctively knees one in the face, so hard that even through his helmet she could hear his jaw crack. “Who the fuck do you guys think you are anyway? I hope a sand worm pops out the ground and takes you all under the dunes.” She growls, resistance still clear in her eyes.

The guard that Anastasia knees in the face cries out and drops to the ground, clutching his helmeted head. Chuck sighs and lowers his head, then tells him “Go get medical attention, you incompetent buffoon.”, after which the Guard leaves and Chuck beckons to a different Guard to take the man’s place. Chuck, however, first grabs his hammer again, then swings it back before slamming it into Anastasia’s stomach, knocking all of the wind out of her with the force of the blow. “There, now, no more of that, alright? You should just give us the information we have demanded instead...” before setting the hammer back down out of reach, then returning to groping Anastasia’s breasts roughly, his armored hands feeling cold against her skin, even through her clothes. The second Guard returns to tugging Anastasia’s pants, pulling them off fully, exposing her panties, which the Guard then proceeds to pull at, causing Anastasia’s cock to spring forward, slapping his helmet, with a loud ‘ding’ sound. The two Guards look at her giant cock in shock, then down at their own, each Guard shifting their armor and clothing beneath to expose them, then looking back and forth to compare. Despite the fact that their heads are fully obscured by their helmets, Anastasia could see their eyes, which not only showed shock, but insecurity, embarrassment, and the feeling that they were all inadequate. Even the Guards that were raping Ignia and Idalia, brutally, can see Anastasia’s cock from their positions, and clearly felt the same way about it as Chuck and the second Guard. The Guards eventually shake it off, Chuck quickly tugging Anastasia’s top down until her bra is exposed, then proceeding to slip his cock beneath her bra, pressing her breasts together and grinding her shaft between them, while the second grabs Anastasia’s thigh and holds it up tightly, parting her legs, while he thrusts two fingers into her pussy, immediately beginning to thrust his armored fingers in and out of her roughly. Meanwhile, the first of the two Guards molesting Idalia roughly forces his cock down her throat, then begins unleashing a torrent of cum into her mouth, the cum overflowing her mouth and seeping out in a huge wave, soaking her breasts and bra with sticky seed, while the second Guard thrusts in and out of her hard and fast, while mauling her breasts with his armored hands. Nearby, the first of the two Guards raping Ignia was thrusting in and out of her so hard that if not for the second Guard, she’d be shoved forward each time her rammed into her, and the second guard was thrusting into her mouth so hard that, much like with Idalia, her gagging was so loud that Anastasia could hear it.

Anastasia smirks and cackles at the guard as he leaves, then lets out a bloodied groan as she is hit once again with the hammer. Coughing up her blood onto Chuck’s armor. “Fuuuuuck yooouuu.” She lets out before coughing up more blood, going to bat the other guards hand off her breasts but getting stopped by the chains, causing her just to grunt in annoyance. When they bring Ana’s cock into full view, she can’t help but cackle as they stare at her cock and seem clearly insecure about themselves now, more grey blood dripping out of her mouth as she does so. “What’s wrong boys? Never seen a real cock before? I’m not even hard.” She says through bared teeth, her voice raspy and softer than she would have liked. Even from here she was clearly able to tell from what little view she got of the others cocks that even completely flaccid she was larger than them. She lets out a muffled cry as the guards begin fingering her pussy and groped her breasts, her mood wasn’t at all helped as she could hear Ignia and Idalia get tortured to her side. Damn these chains keeping her from being able to rip their stomachs out their bodies.

The Guard thrusts his fingers in and out of her roughly for a moment, before pulling them back out, then forcing her legs open further. He shoves her backwards, then rams his cock into her pussy hard, hilting it in one thrust. He starts thrusting in and out of her hard and fast while Chuck continues grinding his cock between her breasts, precum leaking out onto her chest with each thrust. Meanwhile, the Guards that had been raping Idalia force her onto her side and set one of her legs on a Guards shoulder as he continues ramming in and out of her pussy, while the other Guard resumes fucking her throat with renewed vigor, not even letting all of the cum empty from her mouth, causing it to explode from her mouth with each of his thrusts. Nearby, both Guards cum hard into Ignia’s mouth and pussy, overflowing them and causing it to spill out onto her chest, thighs, panties, and bra, making them sticky. The Guards pause for a moment, panting heavily, before resuming their thrusts.

Anastasia squirms a little as the guard pulls his fingers out of her pussy and positions himself to start fucking her, anticipating the coming pain until he finally thrusted all the way inside her and she felt… Not much, sure she felt it and it hurt with how fast he went but compared to some of the stuff that went inside her it was pretty damn pleasant. “By Avenir you guys are tiny.” She can’t help but breath out as they fuck her pussy and breasts, frowning even more when she sees her clothes get covered in their cum, as if that inconvinence was somehow even worse. Though it was more of a case of a small thing adding onto an already large pile. She momentairly starts looking away out of habit to focus on something else, only to gaze at Idalia and Ignia again for a few moments before huffing heavily and looking back at the guards fucking her. “Go faster will ya?” She barks out in annoyance.

The Guard gives Anastasia an annoyed look, but doesn’t say anything as he begins thrusting into her harder and faster, each thrust slamming the armor on his hips into her thighs, with a metallic slapping sound. Chuck continued thrusting his cock between her breasts, more precum sticking to her skin as drives his cock back and forth. Meanwhile, the Guard thrusting into Idalia’s pussy finally cums, unleashing a torrent into her which overflows out onto the ground and all over her panties and lower thigh. When the Guard finishes cumming, he pulls out of her, and switches positions with the one that had been raping her mouth. Idalia weakly resists momentarily, however the Guard gives her a heavy haymaker across her jaw, causing her to cry out, after which the Guard manages to pry her mouth open and force his cock down her throat, while the other forces her thighs apart and thrusts into her again, ramming in and out of her while holding one of her thighs up on his shoulder. Nearby, the Guards had begun switching positions, one of the forcing Ignia into his lap, holding her thighs open while her thrusts in and out of her from beneath, and the second guard pulls Ignia’s hair, tilting her head back as he thrusts into her mouth, tugging her head with every thrust as her screams and cries are muffled by his cock, tears streaming down her face.

Anastasia activates her power play by just going limp and make sure they don’t get anymore pleasure than they have to out of her body. It’s not the most effective thing ever but it makes it harder for them slightly and even the slightest bit of resistance is one she’ll take. Thankfully their small size made it a lot easier for her as well, and she just let them have their fun, looking Chuck straight in the eyes despite them being blocked by the helmet, giving him the look that promises him death should she get out of these chains.

The Guards continue thrusting for roughly ten minutes, before releasing their cum onto Anastasia’s face, chest, bra, and into her pussy. When the second Guard cums into her, it spills out and onto her thighs, though the volume is quite low compared to anything Anastasia had seen before. Each Guard pants softly as they empty their balls onto her, releasing a second load onto her breasts, chest, and into her. Meanwhile, the group of Guards raping Idalia reach climax again, cumming into her throat and pussy, and once again overflowing out of each hole, soaking her thighs, panties, bra, and chest even further. The guard that has his cock in her mouth pulls out mid cumshot and lets it out onto her hair and face. The two Guards then pull out of her and stretch, fixing their armor and clothes back into place, before punching Idalia across the face yet again with a gauntleted hand, causing her to cry out as she’s knocked over, then the second Guard gives her a heavy kick in the stomach, causing her to curl up on the ground again as she resumes crying bitterly. Nearby, the two Guards raping Ignia once again reach orgasm, spilling their seed into her throat and pussy, causing each to overflow out onto her skin and clothes, leaving her wet and sticky. The two them pull out of her before their cumshots have finished and soak her body with yet more cum, leaving her a sticky mess. Once the two Guards had finished moving their clothes and armor back into place, one of the two straddle her hips, and while using one hand to choke her, he uses his other to start punching her in the face repeatedly, each strike causing her to cry out in pain and sob loudly.

Anastasia was throughouly unimpressed with them the entire ten minutes they fucked her, she could see why humans were so pathetic, not only were they tiny and pitiful, they got off on abusing the helpless and acted all high and mighty while doing so. Yet these Bartons seemed so much worse on every level. When the guards finished their business on her, she spit on the ground next to her and exhaled heavily. “Are you bastards about done?” She sneered at them, even now still seeming just as defiant as before this all started. She briefly glanced towards Idalia and Ignia again, growling and turning back towards Chuck. “The fact you guys find that necessary will make you forever condemned by Avenir, or Sirius if that slut ever gets around to showing her face again.” Anastasia states flatly.

Chuck laughs at her “Only for now.” he says, before responding to her second comment “It’s just some gentle coaxing, it wouldn’t have happened if you had given us the information we want, and it’ll keep happening until you do.” he says, before motioning to the Guard that was beating Ignia with his gauntleted fists to stop. He grudgingly stands up, off of her, leaving her on the ground, bleeding from her nose and lips, her cheeks bruised, and walks away. Chuck then motions to the Guards that are standing around Idalia to stop as well. The two nod at Chuck, then one grabs Idalia by the neck and pulls her to a sitting position, while the second Guard punches her in the stomach, causing her to cough up blood, then crumple to the ground, dry heaving. The Guards then leave to make their way to the tents, while a second squad arrives, except Chuck, who motions to the new Guards. The new Guards, two on each person, then grab Idalia, who was now sobbing and coughing, and Ignia, who was crying and coughing, taking them to a nearby tent that had been set up while the ‘interrogation’ was happening. Anastasia is grabbed last and haphazardly dumped into the tent, which, as she could tell by the shadows, was surrounded by even more Guards. When Anastasia is brought in, all three of the girls still sticky and wet with cum, their clothes disheveled, Idalia looks at her, trying to speak, but unable to get a full word out between her coughing and sobbing. Ignia doesn’t even try, hiding her face in the tent’s corner, simply continuing to cry bitterly.

Anastasia rolls her eyes, he was still trying to act as if this was all avoidable. She wasn’t quite sure why he was playing that game, but here they were, getting abused and tortured as the guards made a pretty lackluster attempt to pin it on Anastasia. “Keep doing it then.” She spits a glob of her blood onto the ground, the last amount for a while now. “Keep acting like some kind of throne-bound royalty who will be free from punishment. You are the kind of person Avenir despises above all others.” She gives him one last smirk, showing that she was still prepared to fight before she was thrown into a tent along with Idalia and Ignia. With them now together and left alone, Anastasia weakly crawls over to Idalia, nuzzling up against her before looking over to Ignia. “Ignia, come over here.” She calls softly, assuming she does so Anastasa presses herself up against both of them and sigh. “It’s ok, we’ll get out of this, I promise” She says sweetly, like a mother comforting her children.

Ignia does weekly crawl over to Anastasia, gently resting her head on her lap and crying into it loudly. Idalia, meanwhile, tries to stifle her tears and rests her head against Anastasia’s shoulder, taking a deep breath. Once she manages to steady her voice a little, she speaks “Y-yes, we will… and they will all die wh-when we do...” she says, coughing and letting out an involuntary whimper as she moves, showing that she was still sore. “Th-they… were v-very small...” she stammers, trying to lighten the mood with a joke, despite her voice being choked with tears. Ignia doesn’t react to the joke, but instead nuzzles further into Anastasia’s lap, now trying to choke back her tears, but failing miserably.

Anastasia longs to wrap her arms around the two, but because she was bound she had to deal with just snuggling up next to them. She snorts softly when Idalia says she’ll kill them all, but she nods softly in agreement. “Yes, when we will, we will wipe the Barton name off the face of the map, there won’t be a single one left to rebuild.” She says more as a promise than anything else. When Idalia mentions they were small, Ana couldn’t help but cackle a little and grin through the pain. “Yes, it was quite pathetic what they had. I’m sure if you had one you’d be a lot bigger than them.” Anastasia mused, thinking damn near anything would be bigger than them, certainly anything she’s seen so far. She looks down at Ignia and sighs, trying to rub Ignia’s head with her thighs but not really accomplishing much. She then looks back to Idalia and smiles, looking into her eyes. “So, what do you think will happen next?”

Idalia opens her mouth to reply, but it interrupted when the Guards outside shout “LORD COMMANDER ON DECK, ATTENTION!” then all of the Guards stand at attention as a man who looks exactly like all of the other Barton Guards, but with a loin cloth and a long flowing cloak, each red with gray edges, enters the tent. “Hmm... ” he says, as he looks from Anastasia, to Idalia, then to Ignia, still sniffling and crying into Anastasia’s lap. He then looks back to Anastasia “You, Wraith-” he starts “As Lord Commander of this squad, I have orders to reclaim the other 0-Units. If you tell me where the others are located, you are free to go and no further harm will come to you.” he says, stroking his helmet as if it were his chin.

Anastasia briefly thinks they must of been talking about Barton himself, but when she sees the special marking and hear his voice, she dismisses the idea. No, he was just another clone, a high ranking one it seemed. She showed no emotion on her face as the commander asked her the same questions the previous ones did. She sighs and frowns, clearly not amused. “I’m not sure if you’re brain dead or what. How do you expect me to know where the others are I do not know, at first I thought you guys were being rhetorical to have an excuse to commit the atrocities you did but now I see you just can’t think properly.” She sits up and looks the commander straight in the proverbial eyes. “Surely you must realize if I did know I would've said something already. Surely either of these two would of said something.” She states coldly, wondering exactly how dumb these Bartons really were.

The Lord Commander doesn’t react, he stands still as a statue as he speaks “You’ve been spotted with 02, 03, 05, 06, and 07, according to intelligence reports. We have no reason to suspect that you are unaware of their current location, given the great power they possess, as they are incredibly valuable as companions and weapons. A typical adventurer would keep close tabs on them, as they would an enchanted weapon. If you’re not going to tell us what you know, then we have no choice but to continue interrogating you.” he says, his eyes drifting to Idalia, who immediately tries to shrink back, wincing due to the damage she had taken. The Lord Commander first nods, then snaps his fingers. Immediately, four Guards enter the tent, one grabbing each of Idalia’s legs, and one grabbing each of her arms, before carrying her off as she screams and cries. “Because you refuse to work with us, your friend, 02, will share my bed tonight. I do hope you reconsider giving us the information we require.” he said, before striding off after the Guards who were carrying Idalia. Ignia had raised her head and watched after her as she was taken away, whimpering softly. When Idalia and the Lord Commander were gone, Ignia rests her head back on Anastasia’s lap and moved her body closer to Anastasia’s, and started whimpering more quietly.

Anastasia really does wonder if he was braindead. Surely he knew they wouldn’t stay in one place, surely hey knew that since they only got Idalia and Ignia with her she didn’t know where the others were. No, he was deluded in his thought process, there was no point in arguing with apathetic idiots. When the guard then displayed his intention, Anastasia immediately stands up and growls at him. “You are the most pathetic things I have ever seen, I pity your existence, the fires that burn you down will be the only thing Avenir and that piece of shit Cindra will agree on.” She knows better than to make a move now, looking as they carry off Idalia. Hold fast Idalia, this is but a temporary thing. Anastasia then sets herself back down sighing as ignia crawls onto her lap and whimpers. “Do not cry Ignia, focus your mind and stand strong…” Anastasia says cooly, pressing her stomach up against her head.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Vs. Jabberwocky

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Lilith felt a little vulnerable after letting her minions go off to collect bodies for her goddess. But even if she was exposed, Lilith had never felt more powerful in her entire life. She felt like she could take on anyone.

As if to test her new resolve, the creature that was stalking her finally revealed itself. Turning to face it, Lilith was filled with immense dread. She had heard tales of dragons from her mother as they traveled the wilderness together. Most were used to impart lessons on how to survive outside the confines of a city's walls. But the most frightening tales involved one beast in particular, the Jabberwocky.

Her body was drenched in sweat as she stared into the beast's eyes. What could she do? What should she do? Could she attack? She could see it in her mind's eye. Charging at the dragon, her head would be blown clean off by its tail. Run away? The minute she turns around it would claw her back to pieces and feast on what’s left.

Shaking, Lilith’s mind went to one last option. Lifting her skirt, she revealed her well used pussy. It was still dripping with cum from who knows what. Hopefully it would use her body and leave her be. If she can survive being raped by a sea monster she can survive this. She posed, not with the confidence of a seductress but shaking with terror.

The creature's eyes flicked down to her crotch for a brief instant, then the creature quickly turned sideways and slammed its massive, scaled tail into her stomach, the impact knocking the wind out of her, crushing one or two ribs, and sending her tumbling across the ground, before impacting a tree to stop her momentum completely. The mere fact that she still had a torso was an indicator that the creature had chosen to hold back, as a single strike from Jabberwocky would typically reduce a living creature to a bloody mist. The creature closed the gap between itself and Lilith, then lowered its head, holding its face only a few inches from Liliths, as it let out what served as a growl for a Jabberwocky, a sound which resembled insane chuckling.

"AHHHHHHHH" Lilith screamed as she was sent flying through the forest. But it didn't cover the crunching sound of her ribs being destroyed by the creature's tail. When she finally impacted a tree, Lilith let out a loud gasp. Slumping against it, a blank expression covered her face. She stared down surprised to be alive. Was this where it ended for her. Devoured by a Jabberwocky, without even a body to leave for Zalaam. She barely noticed the creature was merely a few inches from her.

The creature casually slapped the tree behind Lilith, causing it to break and collapse beside her, then used the same claw to grab her dress, tugging it upwards with one finger until it slipped off over her head. The creature then lowered its head to her crotch and began using its thick, slimy tongue to lick at her slit, each lick leaving thick and sticky green goo sticking to her skin, while the creature's scaly skin against her thighs felt like she was being jabbed with a thousand tiny needles.

The Jabberwocky just seemed to be showing off as it destroyed the tree supporting her. As she fell back, she was grabbed by the creatures claw. Slipping out of her dress, Lilith landed on the ground with a thud. Rubbing her behind, she sees the Jabberwocky's head lean forward to lick her crotch. She couldn't enjoy the attention as thighs were pricked by it's scaly head. Biting her bottom lips in pain she tried to back away from the creature any way she could.

When Lilith attempts to back away, the creature slams a claw down on her upper body, pinning her to the ground and stabbing one of its claws through her stomach and into the ground. The creature then slides back, pulling its face from her crotch, before ramming forward and slamming its giant dragon cock into her pussy, hilting the entire thing all in one thrust. The creatures then wastes no time before starting to thrust in and out of her, hard and fast, each thrust stretching her a bit more.

Lilith screams louder then she's ever screamed before as she was pinned to the ground. She looked as the large wound to her stomach in horror. Her eyes meet the Jabberwocky just before it slammed it's cock into her dripping pussy. "N-no, too much..." Lilith moaned as drool and blood dripped out of her mouth. She coughed in pain with each thrust. This thing was going to fuck her until there was nothing left. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry" She cried begging the dragon for mercy.

Lilith's cries of pain and apologies only cause the creature to thrust harder and faster, each thrust filling her entirely and reaching her deepest deaths, as the creature's moans come out as maniacal laughter. The creature slips its tongue out of its mouth and rams it down Lilith's throat as it pounds her hard, each thrust driving her into the ground, slowly creating a small trench as it fucks her hard.

"UGH!" was all she could say as she was literally ground down into the dirt. She was broken the moment the Jabberwocky slammed it's cock all the way into her pussy. Her throat was filled with it's large tongue. She was accustom to having her throat stuffed. Instinctively, she started to breath from her nose. Though it was little comfort as her pussy was crushed by the terrifying dragon's massive cock. Blood and sweat slowly filled the crated being formed.

The Jabberwocky forces its tongue deeper into Lilith's throat until she's forced to gag, lack liquid seeping from its throat and into Lilith's, each thrust causing the creature to release sounds which resemble psychotic chuckles into Lilith's mouth. Each thrust feels more painful than the last, the creature's precum leaking into her pussy the closer the creature gets to releasing its seed into her.

Foaming from her mouth Lilith stared blankly at the laughing dragon. The pain was too much for her to bare. Her body creaked with every thrust from the Jabberwock. She choked on the black liquid dripping into her throat. Despite all that, her pussy was quivering from the sensation of being raped by such as commanding creature. Had she fallen so low that this kind of abuse would make her cum?

The Jabberwocky thrusts one more time, so hard that the rocks beneath Lilith crack and break from the force, then releasing a massive torrent of cum that explodes out of her pussy, once, then twice, then a third time, the sheer volume causing the pit she was fucked into to fill with its black seed, until Lilith was partly submerged into it. The creature then forces Lilith's mouth open with its tongue and leaks more black liquid into it, practically drowning her, but stopping just before she loses consciousness. The creature then rears back as it prepares to resume fucking her poor pussy, however the Jabberwocky stops suddenly. Over the creature's back, Lilith can see a legion of undead forming behind it, standing shoulder to shoulder. The Jabberwocky could certainly annihilate the entire legion, however it seems to decide that it's not worth it, and pulls out of lilith, leaving her in the trench, before flapping into the air and taking off into the sky like a bullet. The legion then disperses back into the woods, slowly, leaving Lilith in the newly-made trench, shoulder-deep in Jabberwocky cum.

Lilith's eyes rolled back as she was filled with the dragon's black cum. Her stomach bulges with it's seed until it leaked from her abused hole. But it just wouldn't end, more and more just flooded the pit her body was lying in. No anymore and I'll... but there was no holding it back. Her back tingled as the Jabberwocky's abuse forced her to cum. Her pussy quivered as Lilith moaned around the monster's tongue. Her body offered no resistance as the Jabberwocky prepared to continued fucking her. That's when she saw the legion of undead come to her defense. She didn't want her master's minions to be destroyed on her behalf. But it worked, the Jabberwocky pulled out of Lilith with an audible plop. Left in the cum filled trench, she merely sank into the pit. "help me" Lilith called out weakly for either a member of the undead horde or one of her own minions to pull her out. "bring me to Dartmoore"

Just as Lilith was about to sink into the pool of black cum, Loaf the two headed undead Ogre came and pulled her out of the trench and began to carry her to the partially destroyed city. Lilith herself was only half awake, mubbling "" As she was carried by her minion.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Stepping outside the curtain, Selvaria let out a deep sigh of relief. Not only had that been an awkward scene to walk in on unprepared, but to be met with that sort of hostility right off the bat was precisely why she preferred solitude. Selvaria nods in thanks to nurse as she is offered a chair and takes a seat, unslinging her rifle from her shoulder and letting it rest across her lap. "There is no need to apologize." She assures the nurse simply with a polite smile. She was hardly unused to such treatment from others, but it was something she endured for the sake of completing her work.

Shortly after, the two are joined by a guard and another visitor she hadn't seen before. Selvaria was wary of the yellow blob initially, as she was with all things in this city, but it did look... kind of cute. And as much as she was hesitant to let her guard down, the people of Vitra had plenty of opportunities to do her harm and had not taken advantage of them. When the nurse asks if she would like to hold the blob, Selvaria slowly nods and holds her hands out to take it. "...What is it?" She asks, holding it gently in her hands as it seemed rather soft and she would hate to harm it. While she strokes and pets curiously at the blob creature, Selvaria looks to the guard who had asked her about her intentions. "Not particularly. Consulting with Annie is my only remaining business in Vitra. Although... Do you know how long it will be until she has recovered?" She asks, turning her attention back to the nurse. Though she had gotten over her initial shock of discovering a city populated by the dead, Vitra still unnerved her and she wanted to get back to the job she had been contracted for, and so she would wait here in order to speak with Annie as soon as possible and be on her way back to Azraq. But, if it was going to be awhile until Annie and her companions recovered, then wasting time sitting around would do little for her. Her time would be better spent elsewhere in Vitra, even if it didn't further her current mission any.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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He would've breathed a sigh of relief when Metia acquiesced to his request if it wouldn't have been too obvious. Instead, Amun gave a half bow in thanks and cranked up what charms he could as he smiled at her. "You have my deepest gratitude, Metia. I promise I'll do everything in my power to not let you down." With that said, the were-beast turned in the direction of the city, speaking to the others as he did, "Let's head back to the city and take a brief rest. I believe I'll need some medical attention, and there we can plan our next course of action." He took off, keeping Camilla at his side and Metia in his sight.

Once they reached the city, Amun looked to call over a few guards when Metia announced her temporary leave of the party, patting Camilla's head in a friendly manner before she left. He wasn't surprised by the young girl's reaction, and had to restrain a chuckle at her expense. "We'll have to get used to that bit of roughness, I suppose. I don't believe 'gentle' is in our new friend's vocabulary." They were then approached by two guards, and said guards begun leading them to a healing hut after Camilla stepped in to explain Amun's condition. He was sure to thank the two gentlemen upon his safe arrival, and though the healer stationed was very obviously unqualified, Amun was still glad to have the time to rest and see some degree of medical help... or so he thought until the buffoon pulled muscle relaxer and poison. He cocked an eyebrow at the medic, losing what faith his optimism had given him in the man's abilities with every second. Thankfully, he eventually did apply the necessary salve with Camilla's guidance (he thought she would've made for a better medic than this joke), and Amun's wounds began to heal before his very eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit.

He'd rest for a few moments later to let the medic do anything else he'd need to (and also to let the healing salve work its magic a little more) before he'd head out to meet up with Metia, heading towards the entrance of the town to see if she was there, and if she wasn't, he'd ask around to try and see if anyone would've seen where she was headed. As was typical, Amun had no idea of where he'd be going so he wanted to speak with Metia to plot a course that'd be good for them.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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A wry smirk crosses her face as Annie falls asleep. Thoroughly catlike indeed, doing whatever she wishes to and leaving others to deal with the fallout while they drift into the land of dreams. She suspects if it were anyone else, she would be annoyed by that behavior. It is somehow acceptable when displayed in her detective. In small doses. She is unsure if she would appreciate it if that were her main personalities traits. She wonders if she would hold Annie as close to her heart as she does if that were the case. It matters not, but it makes for semi-amusing idle wondering she supposes. She smiles at Alice as she pulls the blanket back up now that the show is over. A blush crosses her face at the lengths she went to in order to satisfy her newly identified kink, but at the very least she is glad that Alice enjoyed it while it happened. It likely is not something she would do without the two of them anyway as the idea of having a stranger help her put on a show for other strangers seems completely unappealing. She doubts Lady Techra would do such a thing so that leaves Annie and Alice as the only people she has a positive relationship with. Well, it is something to think about at another time.

For now, she is merely glad that both her question on how she should act with the guards was misinterpreted and that they hold no ill will. She was sure that things would become... awkward afterwards. She does wonder what the second guard will do for herself since she offered the first pleasure without receiving any in return, but she is sure gaining the answer to that question would lead to the awkward atmosphere she is trying to avoid. Still, the information she obtained from the misunderstanding could be useful and does mend her image of Skyrille a bit. Even her Lady uses money or her influence to employ people. Even Ophelia herself is not exempt from that since she was purchased before she was old enough to remember. It takes a certain kind of ruler to secure people to their cause without the promise of pay or advancement. It is caused by the resurrection process? Or it is a product of the same process, people merely being happy to be alive and serving the one who caused it? Either way is not her place to delve into unless it becomes apparent something more sinister is afoot.

It would probably be for the best to follow in Annie's footsteps and finish the recovery process asleep. If she can convince Alice to do the same. She remembers far too late that Alice has internal bleeding and broken bones and she hopes that their romp did not set her back in her healing. She doubts Annie's activities did anything to worsen the hole in her, but the amount of muscle movement their activities would have caused makes her more worried for her warrior than her detective. Alice does not seem to show any signs of her condition worsening, but then again she did not show signs of being injured when she burst into the room. Placing one hand on Annie's head, she curls the other one around Alice both to draw her closer and keep her in place. It turns out to be a bit unnecessary as Alice closes the distance herself and wraps her hands around her shoulders after pulling up her bra, but at least Alice cannot escape her grasp without giving her some warning. "We are still injured. It would be for the best if we got more rest." She says, her tone letting Alice know that she is not suggesting the course of action so much as ordering it. Still, she does not want to seem controlling so she plants a kiss on Alice's lips to denote exactly why she worries for Alice's health. She... cannot exactly call them friends in her mind anymore. She is not sure what love is, but she is fairly sure it is the strong, warm, protective feelings she has for Alice and Annie.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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For the journey back Saphira barely takes in her surroundings, her smile changed to a grim look as she lost her companion. The way back to the Barton lands is hard, but without any more monstrous encounters it was just about manageable. The Wetlands make Saphira feel dirty quickly yet again, reminding her of the slimey substance she rested in. At least the long miles of travel help her get used to her new furry features a bit and when the guards spot her, Saphira barely even feels her fangs or fur anymore.

The girl gratefully lets herself be carried by the guards explaining herself in the whisper of a very tired person; “I fought… and lost. These wilds seem ever more dangerous…” In the healing centre Saphira does her best to strip out of her ragged clothes, sitting down on the bed, her eyes closed and now, finally, a grateful smile adorning her face as the healing gel is put on her wounds. “Thank you so much, doctor…”

Although Saphira feels more like resting, she opens her eyes when Lord Barton enters, looking down at him from the edge of the bed, still naked. “CeeCee is probably fine, we split up a while ago… it is a long story my lord. But the gist is this…” the girl lets out a gasp as Barton touches her, letting out a purr, before putting a hand in front of her mouth in surprise. “Uhmm… yea… we found a strange city named Vitra, it seems magical and a place of resting for the dead. CeeCee and I met a strange lady called Skyrille, who showed us their Historium. Quite the awesome place, Magnolia seemed to like it too…” Saphira giggles as she remembers the girl. “Anyhow, Skyrille was willing to teach us more about magical lore and I really love that and CeeCee too, so we got the task to find an artificial lifeform for her. Now CeeCee left Magnolia with me, wanting to go find one while hunting I think. While I wanted to go back to you and simply ask for one…”

Saphira looks down, tears welling up… “Then me and Magnolia were assaulted by cyclopean hunter beasts… I was woefully underequipped and just fell and I don’t know what happened to Magnolia. When I woke up I went and searched for her but the snow was too thick and a gigantic three-headed lion assaulted me. I was in no state to fight and… well it seems those encounters changed me. And I lost her… I’m so sorry… I lost her…” Saphira is crying now, shuddering weakly on the hospital bed as she describes the final part of her journey to complete the story. “…And after reaching the wetlands, I found your castle again.”
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

In the morning, Anastasia is awakened by a hard, armored boot, kicking her in the face, followed by a Guard blowing a bronze-colored horn nearby. “Wake up, it’s time to get moving for the castle.” he says, the Guard beside him nodding his head, before grabbing Ignia by the arm and tugging her to her feet before she has even woke up fully, causing her to stumble. All around Anastasia, the tent is shaking as it’s taken down. The Guards, rather than waiting for Anastasia to wake up fully, three of the four Guards grabbing her by her shoulders and arm, before shoving her and Ignia out of the tent.

Outside, all of the tents were being taken down, however it only takes a few minutes to take down the entire camp, due to how many Guards were working at it. Anastasia can also see that the Mercenaries that had gone to the city had already returned, and were at the front of the massive camp, them and the other Guards making their way towards the Barton Wetlands. Suddenly, Anastasia and Ignia are sprayed, from behind, with a gray liquid like that which was in the tub at the Inn. When she turns to face the source, a Barton Guard is holding a tank of Gray Water, with a nozzle attached. He sprays them again, the liquid being cold as ice, until the cum is washed out of their clothes and off their skin, then four Guards approach them, fixing their clothes back into place. “There, can’t have you looking like that when we present you to Lord Barton.” he says. Ignia doesn’t respond, she merely sniffles. After a moment, she suddenly straightens up “Hey, where’s Idalia?” she whispers to Anastasia.

As if in reply, a pair of Guards arrive at their location, carrying Idalia. While her wounds have been healed again, and she has apparently been cleaned, including her clothes, her eyes have vacant, glazed over stare as when Anastasia had freed her from captivity. The Guards try to set her on the ground, so she could walk with the other prisoners, however she crumples to the ground. “Stand up, 02, we’re not carrying you all the way there.” says one of the Guards, however Idalia doesn’t reply. The Guards wait a moment longer, however Idalia remains completely still on the ground. One of the two Guards gets tired of waiting, and kicks her in the stomach, the force of the blow causing Idalia to roll across the ground until she rests at Anastasia’s feet. She doesn’t make a sound, nor does she move. The two Guards look at each other and groan, before grabbing her by the shoulders and starting to carry her forward towards the wetlands. Their course is interrupted when one of the Guards up ahead screams out “05 INCOMING, PREPARE FOR BATTLE!” however before the Guards can turn around, the large squad behind Anastasia and her companions are suddenly launched overhead and crash into the ground. When Anastasia turns towards the source, Ilaria can be seen stabbing two Guards through the guts which her vines, while deflecting a nearby Guard’s sword strike with her mirror. She quickly charges forward towards Ignia and Anastasia, extending one of her vines towards Anastasia’s shackles, however before it can get near her, Lisette appears, slashing the vine with her blade. “I thought we’d have to look for you, but you seem to have delivered yourself.” she says, as Kadelynn and Seraphine were attempting to catch up to her from the front of the squad gathering.

Anastasia really couldn’t help but groan and curse a little as she found her awakening gift to be a boot to the face. She’s had worse ways to wake up, but it was still quite unpleasant and made her want to rip the guys leg off. Even moreso as she is dragged outside along with Ignia. Eventually she managed to get herself up, wanting to rub her eyes but instead having to rely on just blinking really hard for a while. She was very slightly impressed at how fast they could build and tear down the base, even moreso it wasn’t raided by who knows what lurked at night. She didn’t have much time to ponder that until her train of thought was interrupted by the splash of cold grey water that hit her back. She grumbles more and looks back to see what was happening. “Geez how thoughtful of you guys.” She mumbles sarcastically. When they finally finished, she looks towards Ignia and shrugs. “How should I kno-” as if on que, some guards come in with Idalia in their hands, kicking her across the ground to her feet. She winced in annoyance, more at herself and the situation causing her to be able to not be able to do anything about their treatment of Idalia. She wanted to pick her up and carry her, but with her arms tied up and the guards watching, she could only stare down at her with a feeling of pure resentment for the Bartons. This couldn’t get any worse. Of course, as soon as she thought that it got worse as vines suddenly began erupting from the ground. Looking up, she noticed Ilaria just as the other Bartons did. Anastasia immediately yanked against the chains and looked towards Ilaria, bewildered and very concerned. “Get out of here you fucking idiot! If us three couldn’t fend them off you don’t have a chance in hell, get out of here right now!” She screams at Ilaria, continuing to futilely yank against the chains.

Ilaria either doesn’t hear her, or ignores her. She fires out four vines, two of which go into the ground, while the other two fly straight at Lisette. Naturally, Lisette blocks the two with her sword, while the ones that had gone underground fly straight at Anastasia’s cuffs, however Lisette jumps backwards, past Anastasia, then cuts both of those as well, seemingly knowing where the vines were going to pop out of the ground, causing Ilaria’s eyes to widen in shock. While Ilaria is distracted by Lisette, three Guards charge at her from behind, swinging their weapons at her, however she uses her mirror to hit all three of them over the head, without turning towards them. The impact causes the guards to be knocked to the ground, tumbling end over end. “Ilaria, run! These mercenaries are the real deal!” Ignia shouts at her. Ilaria merely glances in her direction, but chooses not to run, instead hovering higher into the air and starting to rear her vines back, like coiling snakes. Lisette moves back in front of Anastasia and Ignia, then strikes a battle stance. Ilaria then starts rapidly striking with her vines, each strike as quick as a bullet, however Lisette begins blocking every single one with her weapon. While Ilaria is firing constant vine strikes at Lisette, Kadelyn arrives and charges at her, swinging her Buster Sword at Ilaria, which Ilaria attempts to block with her mirror, too late, causing the mirror to be slammed into her from the force of the blow, knocking Ilaria out of the air and into the ground, causing her to bounce against it before hovering back into the air, a grimace on her face. Just as she recovers, however, Lisette appears behind her and stabs her through her lower back, causing Ilaria to scream in pain and hover away in panic, her scream sounding like nails on a chalkboard, just as it had when Anastasia had fought her at the Barton Castle. Once again, before she can fully recover, Kadelynn charges up behind her and slams her in the side with her Buster Sword, cutting into her hip and knocking her back, causing her to slam into a nearby Bone Tree, the force of the impact breaking the trunk and causing it to fall over ontop of her. Kadelynn starts approaching the falling tree “If she sees her companions in shackles, I don’t get what would make her think she can defeat their opponents alone.” she says, before grabbing the tree and slowly lifting it. When she lifts the tree, Ilaria is lying on the ground, however her eyes immediately shoot open and she uses one of her vines to whip Kadelynn in the face, causing her to stumble back, blood trickling from the tiny scratch the attack had left. While she’s staggered, Ilaria’s hair slowly grows down to her feet and turns black, her eyes turn green, her clothes grow longer and turn dark blue and black, while the flower in her hair turns navy blue, and her mirror turns white. “They’ll never find your bodies.” Ilaria says. Her voice is high-pitched, smooth and refined, each syllable carefully articulated, as she hovers back into the air and starts raining vine strikes upon Kadelynn, every single hit being deflected off of her armor as she raises her arms to block her face. Lisette suddenly appears beside Ilaria and swings at her, only for Ilaria to dodge it, however as she’s evading the hit, a potion strikes her in the face, setting her on fire. Nearby, Seraphine comments “Why don’t you just settle down, we can discuss a compromise over breakfast!” she says, while Ilaria shrieks in pain and hovers backwards, trying to smother the flames by patting herself with her hands. Kadelynn recovers from the hits by Ilaria’s vines and charges at Ilaria, swinging her Buster Sword, however Ilaria manages to evade, even while on fire, only for a pair of Barton Guards to swing their weapons at her. She quickly lowers herself into the ground, avoiding the high strike and taking the second in her arm, creating a small wound, which immediately begins bleeding. Ilaria twirls several vines around each other, forming a drill, then uses it to create a hole in the ground, which she hovers into. Lisette runs over to the hole and peers inside “She’s escaping! Kadelynn, hit her!” she shouts, to which Kadelynn responds by running forward and slamming her Buster Sword into the ground. While Ilaria can be heard crying out from beneath the ground, she erupts from the ground further away, almost immediately after, with the fire out and a new massive wound in her shoulder, then uses her vines like spider legs to carry herself away quickly, as she transforms back into her normal form. Kadelynn kicks some of the powder on the ground, in frustration, shouting “She got away! Sirius damnit!”, after which Lisette pats her on the shoulder “It’s alright, we still have the others.”, after which the two and Seraphine start making their way to the front again, while the Barton Guards start gathering the bodies of the Guards Ilaria had killed.

Anastasia growled in frustration when Ilaria clearly ignored them, Ana wouldn’t believe that she didn’t hear her. So clearly she was just being a complete and total dumbass! “By Avenir I swear if you get caught I am going to be so fucking pissed off!” She shouts to deaf ears as she watches Ilaria attempt to be the hero. Due to just being an observer Ana could keep track of this fight better than the previous ones, so she could tell exactly when Ilaria began losing and was really going to stand no chance. She could tell Ilaria severely underestimated her opponents for whatever reason, perhaps still arrogant and thinking nothing could beat her even though Ana had proved that wrong a while ago. Despite this, there was a slight glimmer of hope as she saw Ilaria change in the same kind of way the rest of the chimera’s did. Maybe Ilaria had some ace up her sleeve that she could use now. It was a silly line of thinking, and Ana knew it, but she still held on to that faint glimmer of hope for the few seconds she could become it became clear Ilaria had no such ace in the hole. It took a few moments, but after a bit she seemed to suddenly realize that Ilaria talked. Anastasia blinked a few times, attempting to process the information and what she said. Her voice was unexpectedly pleasant to listen to, it reminded her of her own people. “Wait what she can talk?” She spouts at Ignia, confusion evident in her voice. As Anastasia contemplated this revelation, Ilaria finally seemed to realize there was no winning this fight, and so Ana let out a sigh of relief when she saw Ilaria begin to make her escape, momentarily worried when the mercenaries attempted to stop her, but when it was clear she was going to escape Ana smiled and shook her head. “Dumbass is lucky, but at least she got away, hopefully she’ll do the smart thing and stay out of this.” Ana says more to herself than anything, though in a way she was speaking to Ignia as well. Too bad Ilaria couldn’t of gotten more guards than she did, would of helped out a lot.

Ignia shakes her head “No, I’ve never heard her speak before!” she says, a look of horror on her face as she watches Ilaria getting thrashed in her fight. She visibly relaxes when Ilaria makes her retreat, despite the massive wound in her shoulder. She then thinks to add to her response “I’ve also n-never seen her transform… uhm… I’m guessing it’s a result of her transformation...” she says. She starts to add something else, however she’s interrupted when one of the Guards beats her over the head with the hilt of his sword, causing her to cry out and start sniffling as tears fill her eyes, holding her head through her hood. “No discussing escape plans!” he says, then raises his weapon to strike her again, however Lisette grabs his wrist and glares at him “None of that. Shame on you.” she says, after which the Guard jerks his arm out of her grip and stomps off. As Lisette turns to leave, her eyes meet Anastasia’s, and for the briefest of moments, she looks ashamed, however she quickly catches up with the other two mercenaries again as they move towards the front. “Sh-she stopped him from hitting me again... ” Ignia murmurs. Meanwhile, the Guards load their dead up into a metal contraption, with treads and a giant steam engine, then two Guards pick Idalia up off the ground and begin carrying her. A group of six Guards make their way over to Anastasia and Ignia and shove them forward so that they are forced to begin walking with the rest of the legion.

Anastasia was more than a little surprise that Ignia hasn’t heard Ilaria’s voice either, nor seen her transformation. It seemed there was a lot more to Ilaria then even the other Chimera’s knew. Ana wanted to learn more about her, and all of them really. Assuming she ever got the chance after all of this. She jerks her head at the guard that hits Ignia at that moment, growling before one of the mercenary girls, Lisette or something like that from what Ana heard stop him from going any further. Anastasia locks eyes with her for the briefest moment, and she swears she could see disapproval in her eyes. Her actions seems to support this, as well as Ignia’s words. “Perhaps she has an ounce of humanity in her unlike these guys.” She states flatley, looking at the metal contraption the Bartons were using. She hasn’t seen many of those, but they appeared every now and again, she forgot what they were called though. When she was then shoved forward, she grumbles irritably but starts walking.

It doesn’t take long for the group to reach the Barton Wetlands, where their feet begin sinking into the ground with every step. The Bartons, much like everyone else, swing wide around the water. Despite the long trip, the Guards do not seem to tire, and never rest, despite Seraphine complaining constantly from the front about how tired she is and how her feet hurt, begging for a break. Ignia leans on Anastasia as they walk, and grumbles “I f-feel like my legs… uh… are going to f-fall off...”, letting out a loud sigh. After many miles, the group finally reaches the castle, a massive stone fortress with a thick black metal door, and the Barton Insignia on banners draped over the walls. As they approach, the door moves outward, then slide open. The Guards then shove Anastasia and Ignia through the door, into large, wide open room, with a gray throne with red cushions on it. Lord Barton was sitting on the throne when the Guards and the Mercenaries were brought in. “Oh, what a pleasant surprise, you actually brought two of my Zero-Units back.” he says, with a small smile. Lord Barton, strangely, seemed to look a bit younger, his beard trimmed, and his hair much thicker, both now blond with only patches of gray in them. He also didn’t look nearly as frail as before, instead he looked muscular. The Mercenaries stepped before him, Kadelynn grabbing Ignia by the arm, though not roughly, while two Guards laid Idalia down on the red carpet that covered the stone floor. “Not only did we bring two of them, we also brought the Wraith that had given you so much trouble.” Kadelynn said, as four Barton Guards forced Anastasia forward beside Ignia, who looks incredibly nervous standing there in front of Lord Barton.”Emmaculate, now, take her and 02 to the same cell, and take 07 to her own cell.” he says, to which the Guards respond by doing exactly that, dragging Idalia by her shoulders while four Guards shove Anastasia down a red-carpeted stone stairway, down stone halls and into the metal room with the tubes containing the clones. The Guards shove Anastasia into a metal hallway, and into a round, black metal room, where the Guards chain Anastasia to the ceiling, her arms held above her head. The other Guard carelessly drops Idalia a short distance away, where she remains limp and lifeless.

Anastasia fortunately didn’t have the problem the mercenaries and Ignia were seeming to have. The walk really wasn’t all that bad, especially since she’s walked from Azraq to the castle before. It was pretty standard, and she was a little surprised that not only the mercenaries were getting tired but Ignia too. She didn’t really say anything to Ignia cause of that, only giving her a look of ‘really?’ The remaining walk to the castle was simultaneously long but instant. As if it seemed like it was taking forever yet also happened really fast. A weird feeling to be sure. When they did make it to the castle, Anastasia happily pictured it on fire with large parts of it reduced to ash with that old fart Barton himself on fire screaming in agony. Ah that would be a great sight to behold. Unfortunately, the castle was as pristine and immaculate as ever, no doubt trying to be just as if not more fancy then a Spectross dwelling which made it all the worse. Anastasia kept a relatively straight face through the halls though, memories of her previous especade here flowing in her mind. When they reached Barton, Anastasia was a little confused at first, it was like they were talking to an entirely different person. Once it became clear that was indeed Barton though, Anastasia smirks. “Wow you look better than I imagine, how many dicks did you have to suck to look like that?” Anastasia cackled at him, not really caring for any retaliation by the guards, however Barton and his Guards completely ignore her. Unfortunately she couldn’t berate him any more than that as she was led down the stone hallways that she once snuck through a good while before. She was then tied up to chains amusingly, and hoisted up near the ceiling, her own chains swirling around her, scraping against the Barton’s chains with bright white sparks like some kind of jealous lover. “Well, this sucks.” She huffs to herself and looks over at Idalia, frowning and sighing. “Yea… This really fucking sucks.”

Idalia and Anastasia are left there for what seems like days, however there’s no view of the outside from within the room, and no clock. Idalia merely lays on the floor, completely still, her eyes glazed over, the entire time. Finally, Anastasia hears a voice being carried through the room with a device similar to the one used in Cielo to announce when they’re entering turbulence. “Hello, Wraith woman. I know that you’ve already been interrogated before, however I must do so myself to ensure results.”, it was Lord Barton’s voice, and as he spoke, a group of seven Guards entered the room, one of the kneeling over Idalia and waving his hand in front of her face, which she didn’t respond to either. One of the other Guards was carrying a Steam Drill, while another was carrying a box of screws, and yet another was carrying a black visor with two round pieces with antennas that looked as though they went on the wearer’s temples. “As you can see, we have brought a special item with us this time, and believe it or not, this is not for torturing you. It is actually for controlling 02, as she is my property and has proven herself willful. Now, if you turn over ALL of the other Zero-Units, you can leave with her.” he explains, pausing a moment before continuing “Now, where are 01, 03, 04, 05, and 06?” he asks.

Anastasia was becoming very worried about Idalia as time passed, she was positive she was alive still, but the complete lack of any response for days even with Ana’s prodding was something she wasn’t able to handle well mentally. The days that passed turned Ana into a bit of a wreck even if she was outwardly silent. More so from the lack of literally anything from both Idalia and the world around here. She was thirsty and hungry and tired. Finally though, something happened. It wasn’t a particularly good something, but in a strange way, it was better than nothing. It was somewhat laughable though, she still really didn’t understand why they tried giving them an excuse to do whatever it was they were going to do when it should be obvious really had no idea. What the old piece of shit greatly worried her, but even if she did want to give him the info, she couldn’t, for she didn’t know. “Well… For one thing what you ask of me is impossible as your oh so vigilant scouts and guards said that they never seen me with 1 or 3. Meaning you know I haven’t the faintest clue. And for another I am not sure how long I’ve been here, but I don’t think they stay in one place twiddling their thumbs. I can point you roughly where I last saw them, by the colosseum and Kort, where the mercenaries found me. But, I have no doubt you already searched the nearby area’s there and found nothing, and so beyond that I do not know. Why bother asking? You know I do not know.” Anastasia states quite emotionlessly, dreading what they may attempt to do with Idalia.

The Guards patiently waited after Anastasia had spoke, then finally, after a moment, Lord Barton spoke again “So, you deny ever seeing 01 or 03, and then give us places we already checked? I severely overestimated how much you care about this one, Wraith woman. Perhaps she’s only a tool to you.” he says. “Guards, you know what to do.” he says. The Guards then grab Idalia by the shoulders and tugs her onto her knees, then places the visor over her eyes, lining the round gray sections up with her temples. The Guard with the drill then uses it to put a screw into each of the round metal parts, attaching the visor to her head, before letting her crumple back to the ground once to part is on, one of the Guards commenting “Is she even alive? She hasn’t even blinked”. Lord Barton then speaks again “02, stand.” he says, at which point Idalia’s eyes glow red and she slowly and stiffly stands back up, one hand on her hip. “Good, good. Now, punch the Wraith woman in the face.” he says. Idalia’s eyes glow red once again, then she moves towards Anastasia, and after hesitating for the briefest of moments, she strikes Anastasia directly in the cheek, the hit feeling as though an Ogre had hit her upside the face with a mace.

Anastasia couldn’t help but laugh at Barton’s words. She seriously didn’t understand what the point of all this theatrics were. Just do whatever the hell you were going to do. “You’re either telling a very elongated and dumb joke, or you’re retarded. Unfortunately I don’t think you’re retarded, so I’m not sure why you’re still acting like you give a shit about what I say.” Anastasia then looks over to what they were doing to Idalia and growls, straining against the chains. “Get your putrid hands off her!” She shouts at them, though she knew they wouldn’t listen. She could only watch in apprehension as they did… whatever it was they were doing to her. When they finally finished, Anastasia looks over to where she thinks the speakers were coming from. “The fuck did you do to her?” Just as she asks that, Barton speaks and Ida stands. Anastasia looks over at her, confusion evident on her face. “What the fuck?” She mummers, that confusion only becomes more compounded when Idalia gets told to not just punch her in the face, but she actually listens! Well, clearly not her, that device obviously controlled her somehow so it wasn’t like Idalia was actually punching her, yet it was still a very strange and unpleasant feeling to get punched by her hand. She moves her jaw around, making sure it didn’t break, which it thankfully didn’t. “He didn’t tell you how hard to punch me, you could of had some restraint.” She says more timidly now. Unsure exactly how that device worked. She then looks at the ceiling again. “You guys sure have no limit to what you’re willing to do don’t you?” She shouts before frowning and looking at Idalia, wondering just how far they are willing to take this.

Lord Barton speaks again “You may have noticed that she’s not quite herself, and I’m sure that from your last visit here, you’re fully aware that the arts we have harnessed are not what’s common among the Chaldeans.” he paused and then gave Idalia another order “02, begin dancing.” he says, after which Idalia turns her back to Anastasia, then begins slowly shaking her hips as she waves her arms at her sides. After another moment, Lord Barton gives her another order “02, cease, then await further instructions.” Idalia then snaps to attention and stands as still as a statue. “What I’ve done is take control back from my property. Your companion no longer exists, though truthfully you never had any claim to my property in the first place. Unfortunately, I only had one on hand, but rest assured, I’ll be doing the same to every 0-Unit I reclaim.” he then pauses once again, seemingly thinking to himself. “I’m not sure what to do with you. You’re clearly not useful, but you also hinder my plans. I don’t want to just kill you, but I certainly can’t let you go.” he says, then he goes silent, as if waiting for Anastasia to reply.

Anastasia rolls her eyes and nods. “Yea, I do have a working pair of eyes so I did notice you guys had a bit of a knack for doing crazy shit, not that its all that impressive compared to what’s in Solstace.” She didn’t actually know what was in Solstace, but she’s heard stories from fellow Spectross, and she was pretty certain even with what they had it would be a very silly proposition to extend their influence towards Solstace if that is what Barton planned to do. Regardless, it was still quite unnerving having Idalia do whatever the fuck Barton told her to do.Her face controted in disgust as Barton went on a tangent about Idalia being property, it was such a abhorrent concept. Avenir hated those taking advantage of the weak, and such talk and acts was about as low as you could go in that sense. “You say that as if living things can be property. Such words guarantees your fate in the eyes of Avenir.” She barks at them, only to have him start rambling about what to do with her. “Oh my what charity, not wanting to kill me. Congrats, you surpassed my expectations of what I expect from you.” She says, sarcastic as ever.

Barton laughs when Anastasia mentioned Solstace, but doesn’t comment, then ignores her comment on living things being property. “Well, if you have nothing to recommend to me, I suppose I’ll get to my other work. Now that I have 02 and 07 again, I can construct more.” he says, before presumably leaving. With Lord Barton gone, the soldiers make their way over to Idalia, one waving his hand in front of her face, while another pokes her arm. “Hmm. She seems completely unresponsive when not being given instructions.” one comments, while another adds “I wonder if she takes orders from just Lord Barton, or from us as well?” before pausing. One of the other Guards steps in front of her, then reaches over and gropes her left breast visibly roughly. Idalia doesn’t respond to the act, continuing to remain completely still. A fourth Guard decides to try giving her instructions “Uhh… 02, do a backflip!” he says, and behind his helmet, one could probably guess he was grinning like an idiot. Idalia, without hesitating, does a graceful backflip, landing on her feet. The Guards all clap and high-five each other, while two give each other a fistbump, with a loud clang as their gauntlets connect. “Wait, wait, wait. I remember this one being incredibly agile, she can do way more than a backflip.” another says, before clearing his throat “02, do a corkscrew backflip, into six backhandsprings, then end with a triple frontflip.” he says, snickering. Idalia does as commanded, gracefully performing a perfect corkscrew backflip into six backhandsprings, ending with a triple frontflip, almost running out of room as she performs the feat. The Guards all exchange highfives, slapping each other on the backs. One of the other Guards comments “Lord Barton should have gotten one of these so much sooner, with these visors, they make such amusing toys.” he says, slapping another on the back. “My turn!” says another Guard, cracking his fingers “02, breakdance!” he says, the other Guards nodding eagerly. Idalia drops down on the floor, then begins swinging her legs around in a circle, using only her hands to hold herself up, then flips over onto her head and starts using her hands to spin herself around, kicking her legs in the air, ending by flipping back over onto her feet. The Guards all exchange more back-slaps and high-fives.


The Guards having Idalia perform acrobatic stunts and acting silly goes on for what seems like many hours, until finally one of theGuards stops the scene by speaking up “Wait, we have, right here, a cute… girl-looking monster thing. Are we just going to make this an acrobatics show?” he asks, but without waiting for an answer, he gives her his own orders “02, take off your hoodie thing and your shirt.” he says, smugly. The Guards all look really interested, and remain silent as Idalia unzips the hoodie, then her leather shirt, slipping them off and dropping them on the floor, exposing her pale skin and her black bra with the yellow edges. “Very nice, Lord Barton does good work.” one of the Guards says, making his way behind her and groping her breasts roughly, all of the Guards snickering.

Anastasia shrugs in the chains and nods. “Yea ok, see you fucktard.” She grumbles. When she sees the remaining guards start prodding at Idalia, she pretty much knew exactly what would happen next. These fucks would start using her body for their own amusement while Ana could only sit there and watch… Again. Except… They didn’t, at least, not for a long time. Ana was quite surprised yet relieved they only made her do some acrobatics, dancing, singing, and whatever else their little minds came up with, some of it was actually pretty impressive even after all Ana has saw from her. Since when could she bounce off walls like that? Though, after a while it started becoming somewhat annoying, after the first hour or however long they started repeating commands since they seem to have forgotten already what she did before. And then they got into the really obnoxious things like making her do really high pitched noises and telling really shitty jokes. Then they made the mistake of asking to do the most annoying thing ever and Ana had to try her hardest to scrub that one out of her brain. Though, after an eternity, they finally started doing what Ana suspected they would at first. At that moment Ana realized the obnoxious stuff really wasn’t all that bad compared to this. She grimaces and hopes that these idiots would at least be gentle with her unlike the bastards from the last time this happened.

Te Guard that was groping Idalia stops and gives her another order “02, give me a blowjob!” he says. Idalia gets on her knees and undoes his armor and slips his cock out of his pants, then takes his tip into her mouth and starts slowly bobbing her head. As she does so, one of the other Guards slips his cock out as well and gets down on the floor “02, ride my cock!” he says, then she slips the crotch of her panties aside and lowers herself onto him, without getting wet, but doesn’t show any pain as he enters her. She starts slowly raising and lowering her hips as she bobs her head on the other Guard’s cock. Two of the other Guards quickly close the gap between them, and one of them orders Idalia to jerk them both off, which she does, slowly running her hands up and down their shafts, without stopping either of her other two activities. The remaining two Guards watch on, one commenting to the other “I’m really not sure what we would do if we were to join them, should we just wait out turn?” the other pauses for a moment, then glances over at Anastasia, then back to Idalia “Well, there’s one other woman in the room.” he says, then the other replies “I’ve never fucked a Spectross before...” then coughs “Or anything else...” he mumbles. The two Guards then make their way over to Anastasia, one stepping behind her and spreading her legs by grabbing her thighs, and the other grabbing her pants and starting to rip at the crotch. He tugs her panties down to her thighs, then hs eyes widen through the eye slot in his helmet “Sweet Sirius, what the fuck!” he shouts. The other looks alarmed, while the Guards molesting the mind-controlled Idalia don’t seem to notice. The one behind Anastasia looks over her shoulder and down at her crotch asking “What’s wro-” stopping dead when he sees Anastasia’s cock “... Unholy Tenebris, what the fuck.” he mutters, each Guard looking at their own cocks in disappointment.

Anastasia grimaces further and then looks away as ‘Idalia’ seems to enthusiastically obey their commands, it was sickening to watch. Yet despite what everything in her mind says she could feel her cock slightly harden at the sight. Truly she was as disgraceful as these Bartons. In some weird way, she was thankful that the two guards that approached her could provide some kind of distraction. She would much rather see them attempt and struggle at getting themselves off with Ana then seeing Idalia do all of that even if she was mind controlled. It didn’t stop her from trying to kick one in the face when they approached though despite the chains holding her down. Her own chains rattled as they attempted to unhinge themselves from the Barton chains, small sparks flying onto the ground as they do so. When they take Ana’s pants and panties off, revealing her cock, she can’t help but snort when she hears their reactions. “Well, I know you said you never had a fuck before, but you never seen a cock?” She teases, before looking towards their crotches and smiling wider. “Oh sorry, a real cock I mean.” It was the same line she said last time, but she still was proud of it. She continues to feel the chains, and realizes that they were looser than expected, and so goes for the kick again, this time the chain just goes along with her foot and her boot connects with the guards face, sending him practically flying into the far wall, causing Anasastia to laugh at how weak he must be to get so far from just a kick.

The Guard’s helmet dents from the kick and the force sends him tumbling end over end into the wall. The impact leaves him unconscious and the second Guard first cries out, then crouches down and tightens the chains so that she can’t kick anymore. He starts to comment on her ridiculing and the kick, but seemingly decides his words would be wasted. He instead grabs her thighs again and rams his cock into her pussy from behind, letting out a moan from behind her. He then starts slowly thrusting in and out of her, while she’s left to watch Idalia pleasure the four other conscious Guards at once having now started deepthroating the one in front of her at his command, while increasing the pace with her hands as she jerks off the other two, again at their command. Meanwhile the Guard beneath her that she had been ordered to ride was now holding her hips and pulling her down in time with his thrusts, only pausing to reach up to her chest and tug her bra up to expose her breasts.

Anastasia continues to snicker as the other guard secures her, attempts to whack him with the chains but all they can do is just strain as they attempt to move away from the other chains they were attached to, though occasionally he got close enough they could lightly tap his helmet with a small ‘tink’ sound. She was a little disappointed he didn’t respond, wanting to pick him apart further but he just decided to get along with his business, not even going to check on his friend like some assholes that he was. She moves her back when he goes behind her, bumping him a little but not accomplishing much else. With a huff she stops trying to get at him, realizing it was futile, and sort of watching sort of not watching Idalia pleasure the guards. She wondered if she could get Idalia to listen to her, no matter how simple to command, at least something that she could do to get Idalia to snap out of it in the tiniest of ways.

The Guard starts thrusting in and out of Anastasia slowly, each thrust causing her to sway as much as the Guard’s grip allowed, his moans coming out loud and clear with every thrust. He doesn’t seem to notice his helmet being tapped, nor Anastasia bumping against his chest, due to his armor. Meanwhile, the Guard fucking Idalia’s mouth had grabbed onto the sides of her head and was now roughly thrusting to the back of her throat, while the Guard beneath her had picked up his pace greatly, all four Guards letting out loud moans with every thrust and every stroke. The Guard behind Anastasia lets go of one of her thighs, not actually needing to hold each one to continue what he was doing, and reached up to her chest, groping her right breast hard.

Anastasia frowned, she could barely feel him inside her, she felt the slapping and thrusts more than his actually so called dick. This was a pretty bad situation, despite her best efforts her body was betraying her mind and seeming to enjoy the sight of the situation Idalia was in, her cock was at full mast anyway which said everything Ana needed to know. Curse this new body and its insatiable desires. It was getting really annoying how easily she got hard anymore. To try and take her mind off it, she looks behind her, grinning again. “Have you put it in yet?” She says with clear mocking in her voice.

The Guard growled when she mocked him, and groped her breast much harder with his metal gauntlet as he continued to thrust into her. He also used his other hand to grab her shaft and began jerking her off furiously. Despite her comment having clearly annoyed him, his moans only continued as her fucked her. Meanwhile, the Guard thrusting into Idalia’s throat reached orgasm and started holding her in place as he emptied his cum into her mouth, spasming and crying out in ecstacy. Despite his reaction to his orgasm, the volume of cum that he had spilled into her mouth seemed small, as not a single drop was spilled. The Guard that was beneath her also cried out in pleasure as he fired off several loads into her pussy, causing it to leak out onto her thighs. The other two Guards, meanwhile, had not reached orgasm yet, but with the Guard that was thrusting into her mouth having finished, one of them ordered Idalia to use her breasts to get him off. He placed his cock between her exposed breasts, she and the Guard each used one hand to press her breasts together and he started thrusting slowly, while she continued jerking off the other Guard. The Guard beneath her didn’t seem finished, as he grabbed her hips again and resumed thrusting after his orgasm had finished.

Anastasia tried to place more attention at the faggot attempting to get her off, it sucked but it was better than watching Idalia get gangbanged in such a way. Anastasia started rolling her eyes as she felt the guard jerk her off as fast as he could, clearly he had no idea how to properly please someone which shouldn’t come to any surprise. She grunts a little at how sloppily he stroked her, it was obvious he really had no idea what the fuck he was doing, and the fact she was so big seemed to confuse him as he positioned his hand in multiple places trying to find a good spot. “Yeesh you really have no idea to please a lady.” She comments, just as she says that the sound of the guards orgasming in front of her brought her attention back to that. It was fucking weird to see Idalia fuck them so emotionlessly, neither enjoying nor not enjoying it, it was such a alien concept, yet seeing her so willingly… unwillingly. Whatever the fuck that could be considered go at it was still some what of a turn on.

The Guard stops momentarily to remove his gauntlet, then resumes jerking Anastasia off vigorously while groping her through her top and ramming his cock in and out of her. He was now grunting with every thrust, between his moans of pleasure, the grunts indicating that he was now holding in his orgasm as he fucked her. Meanwhile, the Guard receiving a tit-job from Idalia ordered her to start moaning with each of the Guard beneath her’s thrusts, which she did, starting to let out soft, high-pitched moans with every thrust as the Guard beneath her pulled her into each of his thrusts, causing her semen to spill out and coat her thighs. The Guard that she was jerking off let out one more moan, then spasmed as he fired off three cumshots into her face and hair. He then joined the Guard that she had sucked off in watching the others finish up, perverted expressions on their faces.

Anastasia snorts when the guy seems to realize metal isn’t a great feeling when trying to get someone off, took him long enough anyway. She did have to admit it felt a lot better without metal scraping against it, but she still wasn’t about to let this guy have the pleasure of finishing second or whatever his game was. Except that became a much harder goal when she heard Idalia start moaning. She knew it wasn’t a real moan, she could tell from the tone but it was still a sound she loved to hear, her cock almost immediately start leaking pre when that happens, though she tries to otherwise not react to it so the dumbass doesn’t catch on. The pre coats the guys hand, probably just as much as entire orgasm for him if she had to guess. “Would you look at that, you’re doing something right for once.” She growls out, not exactly able to deny the pre leaking from her cock. Even her pussy was starting to feel good, though it still felt annoyingly empty.

The Guard continues stroking her as he uses his other hand to pull her top down, then uses it to rip her body suit open, exposing her bra, then pulling that down as well to expose her breasts. He then gropes her breast and kneads it with his hand as he further intensifies his thrusts into her pussy, his precum starting to leak inside her. He growls again, outside his normal interval, when she makes fun of him, but his moans and normal growling doesn’t stop. Meanwhile, the Guard thrusting between Idalia’s breasts spasms as he orgasms, his cumshots firing off onto her face, hair, and breasts. The Guard beneath Idalia further intensifies his thrusts and orgasms again, firing off several more loads into Idalia’s pussy, causing it to overflow out onto her thighs.

Anastasia grunts when the guard starts pulling her one-piece open and played with her breasts, her cock dripping more and more precum as he continued to jerk her off. Anastasia was starting to realize that at some point she was going to cum, the sounds Idalia was making really sealed that fate. It also turned out that moment would come sooner than she though, as it wasn’t long before she let out a soft moan and her cock stiffened, shooting out gigantic globs of cum onto the ground and down her cock, splattering sounds echo through the room as it falls onto the ground, a small puddle forming beneath her feet. There was more in that one orgasm then all of these guys outputted combined this entire time. Once she was done, she grimaced and cursed softly, realizing that she came not just to these assholes touch but to Idalia getting banged as well.

The Guard shivers, then cums at the same time as Anastasia, firing off three loads into her pussy, a small amount leaking out of her pussy and down her thighs. The amount that the Guard had fired off into her was among the smallest cumshots Anastasia had ever felt, though the Guard seemed satisfied. He pulled out of her and backed off, commenting “If my performance was so pathetic, your standards for pleasure are very low.”. Meanwhile, the two Guards that were fucking Idalia pulled out of her, leaving her sitting in the tiny puddle on the ground, awaiting further command. Though, the Guards neglected to give her a command, the four over on that side of the room instead grabbing the knocked-out Guard by the leg and carelessly dragging him away and out of the room. Though, the Guard that had fucked Anastasia chose to stay, approaching Idalia and putting his hand on her shoulder, murmuring something about how it was now his turn. “02, ride my cock and make out with me.” he says, his voice betraying the perverted expression on his face beneath the helmet. He sat on the floor, leaning against the wall, then pulled his helmet off, setting it on the ground. His face, much like Lord Barton’s, was flawless, and he had short blond hair and blue eyes. Idalia obediently climbed onto his lap, grabbing his cock and guiding it into her pussy, letting out not a sound as it entered her. Before she could follow through with his other command, he gave her another order “Moan with every thrust, too...” he says, causing her to give a very late moan, intended to make up for the one she didn’t give as he slid into her. He then grabbed her hips and began slowly thrusting into her as he gave her a sloppy and inexperienced kiss. For what felt like somewhere short of an hour, the Guard thrusts into her at a steady pace, as the two kiss and she moans into his mouth, in the exact same tone as before. Finally, the Guard spasms, hilts his cock into her and lets out a cry of pleasure as he cums into her, the excess cum spilling out of her pussy in small amounts. He then gently pushes her off of him and fixes his armor back into place. “02, go take a shower and wash your clothes… then go ask the Guards in the training yard what you can do for them.” he says, standing up and leaving, Idalia following him out, fixing her clothes back into place as she does.

Anastasia grunts at the guards words, moving around a little in her chains. “If so, you admit that you are indeed pathetic.” She states, not really caring what it says about her, and more about making sure he feels like shit. When the other guards leave, she was a little relieved, but only a little as the one that jerked her decided to stay. And of course he decides he wants to mess around with Idalia as well. He takes his sweet team about it to, but she tries not to let it get to her, it was arguably better than what was happening just beforehand, and regardless it isn’t actually her, its something else so it doesn’t count. At least, that’s what she tells herself for the length of time she kissed the guard. She couldn’t wait till this place burned to the ground. Finally though, he finished as well. Though annoyingly he makes Idalia leave the room and talk to more guards, who will do who knows what to her, but Ana chooses to believe they’ll at least be gentle with her, knowing they wouldn’t damage her in anyway lest they gather Barton’s wrath. So there she remains, dangling on the chains and back to plotting plans on how to torture Barton and his stupid blond face.

After what seems like hours, Anastasia can hear the door to her cell unlocking. The door opens, then Idalia enters the room, her clothes having been changed, now leaving her in a pair of red and black leather shorts, and a matching leather shirt, each having the sides red, with a very wide gray stripe down the center and back of each, and the Barton Emblem on the right breast, in pure black, matching her stockings and knee-high boots. In her black hair was a red ribbon, and her movements were stiff, as if she were a machine. She then sits down at the edge of the room, beside the door, lowers her head to stare at the floor, then goes still as a statue, the dark visor making it nearly impossible to tell where her eyes were actually looking.

Anatasia was so fucking bored, it was almost amazing how much she almost wanted the guards to come back and do something, the pure silence and lack of anything was maddening, she could see why some people employ sensory deprivation as a torture method. Just before Ana felt like she was about to start screaming out in anguish, the door opened, and in came Idalia in a stylish new outfit. It actually looked pretty good all things considered, would be better with out that bastards symbol though. Ana shakes her head and starts to think. Ok, they were alone together now, she had planned to try and figure out if she could give Ida orders herself, and if so, how deep could she go. Anastasia clicks her tongue, trying to think of a good way to test the ability to control her… After a while, she clears her throat and tries to speak in an authoritative tone, similar to what Barton has… Except her Spectross accent was way too thick to accomplish mimicking a lower race’s voice like that. “02, come here.” It was probably the simplest command she can make, and if Idalia couldn’t even do that then there was no way Ana could make her do anything else.

Idalia stays completely still for a long moment while strange red symbols play across her visor, different strings traveling from point to point vertically. The symbols stop, then her eyes glow red as she stands up. She then slowly takes one step after the other, a full second passing between steps, until she stops right in front of Anastasia, standing in the same attentive position as when she had been awaiting orders from the Guards and Barton. Instead of standing as still as a statue, her body was trembling violently, as if a steady electrical current was running through her body and she was in severe pain.

Anastasia held her breath for a moment, but when Idalia got up and began walking towards her, she exhales heavily and lets out a small chuckle and shakes her head. By Avenir it actually worked. It was such a surprise she forgot what the big plan was that she was going to do cause she didn’t actually expect it to work. “Wow ok, uhm, now what.” She says to herself, still amazed. Eventually though, she regains her composure and looks down at Idalia. Ok, keep it simple for now. She put her authoritative voice back on and spoke again. “02, do you have any other aliases?” Ana went to see if Idalia remembered that she was well, Idalia. If she could remember that perhaps she could remember everything else too, if not act upon it.

Idalia’s visor displays the same strange red symbols, running across it vertically for a moment, then her eyes glow red as she responds. “This Unit has been referred to as Idalia Baskerville and The Black Hound of Baskerville. This Unit, however, is 02, and those Instances do not exist.” she says, trembling once again, for a moment, before returning back to the statue-like state at attention.

Anastasia blinks a few times, trying to process what it is she just heard before slowly nodding, the idea of it forming in her head. So, she has her memories still, but they seem to be more like pieces of paper than actual memories. Ok, so now that has been established, Ana needs to try and guide something out of Idalia herself, and not this… Thing. “02, Do you feel any desires or wants?” Anastasia said slowly, trying to articulate her words so there was no misunderstanding. She didn’t expect much out of the question, but she needed to probe what remained of Idalia.

Idalia’s visor displays the same strange red symbols, running across it vertically for a moment, then her eyes glow red as she responds. “This Unit feels nothing.” she says, finally, after which she once again trembles briefly, before snapping right back to attention, completely unmoving.

Anastasia nods slightly. Made sense, about what she was expecting. Ok, lets see what there was about herself that she can find out, maybe she could establish a connecting through herself. “02, what information do you have on a person named Anastasia.” She states, wondering exactly what it is she will hear.

More strange symbols appear across the visor, scrolling upwards vertically. Unlike the first several times, the symbols are appearing as a neon green. This happens for a full minute, despite the high speed at which the symbols moved. Finally, her eyes light up red, and she begins to speak again “Traveling companion of a former Instance of this Unit, met that Instance in the city of Azraq, and traveled to the Colosseum of Fools. Defeated many enemies in conjunction with that Instance. Stole this Unit from Lord Barton, rightful owner and constructor. Displayed great concern when this Unit suffered severe damage. Spectross-Wraith Hybrid. Worshipper of Avenir. Proud, powerful, caring, resilient, beautiful. Object of a previous Instance’s affection-” The visor’s glowing red eyes cut off and the visor flickers for a fraction of a second “-Love-” the red eyes return and Idalia resumes speaking “Known to have stolen other 0-Units from the Barton Castle and Lord Barton. Labeled a thief and an enemy.” she finishes.

Anastasia wasn’t quite expecting the sudden shift in color from those weird symbols, or the time it took to process the question. A minute with absolutely nothing to do but wait takes a lot longer than one might think, and Ana was starting to get slightly worried she might have broken her somehow with how long it seemed to take. Just as she was about to say something, Idalia began speaking and regalling what Idalia knew about Ana. Most of it was roughly what she expected, where they met, what they did and such. But Ana couldn’t help but notice the words used in describing Ana. It was very… positive, and certainly unfitting of what else the thing acting as Idalia was saying. She wasn’t sure if the thing knew what beautiful meant, even if it did, why was it describing Anastasia this way? She thought she heard something else to when it says affection, it faintly sounded like love, but it was hard to tell. Ana blinks a few times before shaking her head, feeling as if maybe there was some of Idalia left, something that she could recover. Ok, let’s see if we can compound that idea. “Are Anastasia’s intentions malicious?” She asks carefully, for once in her life really trying to choose her words with care to get the information she wants out of this thing.

The symbols return once again, this time in their usual red color. After scrolling for a moment, the red eyes return and Idalia speaks again, though her words are spoken more slowly “This Unit does not differentiate, this Unit only follows orders.” she says.

Anastasia frowns a little, but once again it made sense, it wouldn’t hold such ideas so how would it know how to answer that. Anastasia thinks a bit more, how to possibly bring Idalia out? She muses for a few moments on possible ideas, before sighing. She didn’t know how much time they had really, if nothing else, she wanted to do this to satiate herself until she can get Idalia back. “02… Kiss me.” She states somewhat awkwardly, feeling weird saying it in such a manner and so… Cold, it wasn’t what she liked, but it would have to do for now.

The red symbols scroll across her visor for a moment, then wordlessly, Idalia places her hands on Anastasia’s shoulders, then climbs up her body until she can reach her lips, then she gives Anastasia a passionate kiss, wrapping her arms around her for the duration, not only hugging her tightly, but holding herself up, the kiss lasting roughly ten seconds. She then drops back to the floor, takes a step backwards, then snaps back into her attention position, as still as a statue.

Anastasia’s cheeks flush grey as Idalia begins to climb on top of her, nearly forgetting the situation as her arms instinctively try and wrap themselves around Idalia, only to be stopped by the chains. She felt her heart beat faster and a warm feeling spread throughout her body as ‘Idalia’ kisses her. It was an actual kiss, too, she wasn’t quite expecting it, but she feels ‘Idalia’s’ tongue slip inside her mouth, the kiss clearly executed in such a way that reminded Ana of the previous times. Anastasia couldn’t help but groan in need as Idalia pulls away and stands at attention again. Ana purses her lips, wanting more, to do more. But she didn’t want to push her luck, if the Bartons found Idalia on top of her they’d know what’s up and most likely rectify that. So she had to hold back for now.

At that moment, she can hear the door unlocking, after which six Guards enter the room. The first one in speaks directly to Idalia, seemingly ignoring Anastasia entirely “02, go see Lord Barton, he demands your presence.” he says. Idalia’s eyes glow red as she moves to exit the room. The Guard at the back slaps her ass as she walks by him, then the Guards shut the door as they leave, leaving Anastasia alone in the room.

Anastasia heart skips a beat as she hears the door unlock, it might be a bit weird seeing Idalia standing right in front of Ana like that. The guards didn’t seem to notice though, and they simply asked for her to go to Lord Barton. She grimaces when she sees them slap her ass, feeling both ticked off and jealous before she was returned to the deafening silence for who knows how much longer. Well, at least there was something to look forward to in the future now that she knew Idalia was still there, if only barely.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Ophelia wakes, she finds Alice slowly waking beside her, while Annie has already gotten out of bed and dressed herself, standing at the foot of the bed, conversing with the two Guards. She had put on clothing similar to what was given to Ophelia, a pair of black shorts, a black sleeveless stomach-exposing top with a gray raven emblem on the back, complete with black and white striped stockings, and black boots that reach up to her knees, each section being strapped together with a gray strap, with a silver buckle. Annie had been nervously asking for her Deathsticks, while the Guards were telling her that they could not do that. Annie sighed and turned back to the bed just in time to see Ophelia waking up. "Hello, Ophelia, it's good to see you awake and unharmed." she said, running her hand through her red hair to get some strands out of her face.

Alice was sitting up beside Ophelia, and once her eyes had adjusted, she gave Annie a grin "I see you're no longer loopy, Annie~" she said, to which Annie responded with a slow eye roll. "It's good to see you as well, Alice." she said, after a short pause, before turning back to the Guards "Well, fine, I guess since you said someone was here to see me, I'll have to see them without my Deathsticks." she said, frustration only barely edging its way into her voice, however she still sounded very calm. By this point, Alice was dressing herself, putting on a pair of clothes that had been left for her, similar to what Annie was wearing, a black top that reached her thighs with the same Raven emblem on the back, a black and gray checkered skirt that only reaches slightly below her top, the same stockings as Annie, black gloves that reached her elbows with the same straps as Annie's boots, and the same boots as Annie, and a black bow in her hair. She seemed to notice the state Annie was in, as she quickly wrapped an arm around her hip "Don't worry, Annie, you don't need those, you have us! Plus, lemme just tell ya, sister in Great JUSTICE, you're one of the smartest ladies I've ever met, you're good to go, trust me~" she said, pulling her tight against her. Annie blushed softly and hesitantly patted Alice on the back "Th-thank you." she said.

Once Ophelia is dressed, should she choose to do so, Annie approaches her and gives her a soft kiss on the lips, holding it for a long moment, before leaning close to her ear and whispering "Thank you for what you did... I w-will not let it happen again." she says, her voice trembling briefly, however by the time she pulls back, she has already hidden all signs of grief from her face and voice. "I suppose we should get back to business, we've lost too much time here." she says, after which Alice throws her arms around Ophelia and gives her a soft kiss on the lips, using one hand to grope Ophelia's ass, before pulling away. "Okay, let's go!" she says, winking at Ophelia "Sisters of JUSTICE, to the hallway!" she says, posing dramatically.

Once the girls are ready, one of the Nurses guides the group out into the hallway, where they see the same Were-Beast, a blond-haired were-beast with the white wings of a bird, wearing a black wide-brimmed hat, a blue cape, and black and blue armor, now holding a yellow and black blob creature, with a Nurse on one side and a Guard on the other. As Annie approaches her, she finishes tying a black bow, much like Alice's, into her red hair. "Hello, my Lady, I was told that you're looking for me. How may I help you?" she asks, slipping her hands into her pockets when she's relatively close to her.

Selvaria Vaimel/Blue56
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As Selvaria pets the blob creature, it jiggles happily and lets out a soft and content 'murr' sound. The creature felt like jello and jiggled with every pet, Selvaria's hand sinking in slightly each time she pets it. When she asks what the creature is, the Nurse giggles "It's a Necro-Blob, it feeds on corpses, though it you met one in the wild, they would probably attack you. We farm them here, and use them to recycle the corpses of those who choose to pass on. They also clean all surfaces they pass over." she said, motioning towards the completely sparkling clean, spotless hallway. When asked how long it would be until Annie recovered, the Nurse gives her a smile "It won't be long, maybe an hour or two. The other Nurses will lead her out here once she's done, not to worry." she says. The Guard then spoke up, as the Necro-Blob jiggled happily in Selvaria's arms "It seems to like you a lot. You can keep it if you like, our tamed Necro-Blobs behave very well, and it's quite resilient, being capable of assisting you in battle." she says, nodding.


After roughly an hour or two, the red-haired girl, this time wearing a pair of black shorts, a black sleeveless stomach-exposing top with a gray raven emblem on the back, complete with black and white striped stockings, and black boots that reach up to her knees, each section being strapped together with a gray strap with a silver buckle, stepped out into the hallway, accompanied by the blond-haired girl wearing a black top that reached her thighs with the same Raven emblem on the back, a black and gray checkered skirt that only reaches slightly below her top, the same stockings as the red-haired girl, black gloves that reached her elbows with the same straps as the red-haired girl's boots, and the same boots as the red-haired girl, and a black bow in her hair, and behind both was the Wanderer, who was wearing a pair of black shorts, a black sleeveless top with a gray Raven emblem on the back, complete with black and white striped stockings, and black boots that reach of to her knees each section being strapped together with a gray strap, with a silver buckle. As the girls approached, the red-haired one was tying a black bow into her hair. "Hello, my Lady, I was told that you're looking for me. How may I help you?" she asks, slipping her hands into her pockets when she's relatively close to her.

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Lilith wakes, she finds herself naked and healed, but not in the partially-destroyed city, but instead in a stone room, laying on a bed with stone frame, and a mattress made from sack filled with strips of cloth to make it soft. The pillow was similarly made, while the blanket she was covered with was black, with a star pattern on it. The walls were covered partially with tapestries with the emblem of Zalaam on them, the room being so large that there were several tapestries on each wall, and the stones beneath were still not fully obscured. On the floor was a black rug with the emblem of Zalaam in the center of it. Standing near the doorway was a Skeleton, wearing a zip-up dress and wielding a long black dagger. When she saw Lilith wake, she reached over and knocked on the black wooden door. After a moment of silence, the door swung open, and a pale woman with long white hair, wearing red leather pants with the thighs armored in black, and a black leather jacket, with a red leather top beneath, entered the room. Her forehead had runes similar to those on the black spire, and her eyes were glowing green. "I see the little shadow is now awake." she said, as she threw her a black apple, with a gray stem. "Amazingly, after your session with the Jabberwocky, when you ordered your pets to take you to the city, people weren't too pleased to see a pair of ogres attempting to enter, so they were chased off by the remnants of the city Guard." she explains "I reached out to your undead and bid them to bring you here instead. You'll find your wounds have been unhealed, so you can return to doing Zalaam's work at any moment, however..." she says, as she motions to the Skeleton near the door, who knocks on it again, after which two more Skeletons enter the room, one carrying a glass flask of Gray Water, while the other carried a mirror with silver edges. The first holds out the flask to Lilith, while the second holds the mirror for Lilith to look into. She finds that her outer arms, both upper and forearms, are now covered in gray scales, as are her outer thighs and outer lower legs. "It seems that you may have caught something from the Jabberwocky." she says, before adding "Regardless, Zalaam's work doesn't do itself fast enough, I had better get back to it. You can leave whenever you want, or stay, it matters not. Your pets are waiting for you down below, and the Goblin is waiting outside your door, it's very concerned for your safety." she says, as she and the Skeleton by the door leave. As soon as Lilith takes the flask and is done looking at her reflection, the other Skeletons would leave as well.

On the black wooden desk by Lilith's bedside is a pile of folded clothes, a pair of black leather pants, a black leather belt with a silver skull buckle, a black leather stomach-exposing top, gray arm guards and leg guards, knee-high gray boots, gauntlets, a black bra, and black panties with a skull on the back, all in Lilith's size.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

When Amun and Camilla leave the Healing Hut, they make their way to Metia, at the gateway. As they approach, she was leaning against the wall, but she pushes off of it and walks briskly over to them when she spots them. "There you are! I was beginning to think you weren't coming, you took so long." she says, to which Camilla responds by whispering to Amun "W-we didn't even take that long...", her voice too soft for Metia to hear her. When Amun asks Metia about plotting their course, she shrugs "I just stay away from the water and kill everything that gets in my way." she says, grinning in a way that was likely meant to be friendly, but came off as unsettling, only partly due to her rows of sharp fangs be bared as a result, causing Camilla to shudder.

Metia turns towards Fero "Hmm next town over... Azraq and Fero are an equal distance, so let's just go to Fero!" she says, before starting to march that way. Camilla hesitates, but then grabs Amun's hand and begins following her. Much like with any Dark Forest, the grass was jet black, and the trees had black bark and leaves, with a blue light glowing through the cracks and crevasses in the bark.

The group manages to travel through the black forest for roughly an hour before they start hearing rustling in the bushes. The moment the rustling is heard, Metia immediately fires a plume of flame onto a bush, behind them, setting it ablaze. A Goblin in rusted armor, just like the ones that had attacked the city, leaps out, screeching in surprise and fear, to get away from the flames. "If you had any sense, you wouldn't have followed us this far. Are you and your companions that desperate to die?" she asks, which prompts four other Goblins to step out of the bushes, creating a short wall of rust-armored Goblins blocking the way the group had come from. Metia wasted no time, drawing her polearms "Alright, squishy one, it's time for your first lesson." she says, baring her dragon fangs. Camilla wrinkles her nose and whispers to Amun "... Squishy one?" she says, in confusion.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Once their fun is finished, Alessandra makes her way over to the window, peering outside, watching the Bartons and the Mercenaries they had hired. "Hmm... you know, I find it interesting that they want that Wraith Hybrid and those two girls. You told me that the Chimeras often look like little girls, and those girls look like they managed to kill a number of those Guards, and they went toe to toe with those mercenaries... I wonder if they're what we're looking for." she says, a sly grin playing across her face as she explains her thought process to CeeCee. "I think these Bartons are after the Chimeras... and those two girls may be Chimeras, especially since they didn't just employ mercenaries, but employed legendary mercenaries. My pet, we shall follow these Bartons!" she says. She then helps CeeCee dress, before picking her up, gathering her supplies into her pack, then carrying CeeCee out of the Inn.

When they exit, they arrive just in time to see the Bartons leaving the town with the black-haired girls and the Spectross-Wraith Hybrid in tow, all three unconscious, the gate shutting behind them. "My little pet, you seem somewhat familiar with the Bartons, where would you say they're going?" she asks, looking over at CeeCee in her arms.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Lord Barton looks saddened and dismayed as he hears the trials that Saphira has been through, placing his hand more firmly on her thigh in sympathy for her pain. This becomes even more obvious when she mentions how she was separated from Magnolia, a look of loss and pain crossing his face.

"It's alright, My Lady. The things you have been through were fit to break even the mightiest of men. Make no mistake, we will find young Magnolia again and make certain she is safe and sound, I shall dispatch a squad of Guards to find her and ensure her safe return." A look of fierce determination paints itself across his face, his resolve in finding Saphira's charge clear in his every word. The look fades soon enough and turns into concern. "Put the matter out of your mind for the time being and take the time to recuperate. I will be certain to outfit you so that such calamities will not happen again, but they do no good if your body is still battered."

With that, Lord Barton stands and snaps his fingers. Two Guards soon appear with a change of clothes for Saphira, complete with new stockings, boots, and underwear. The shirt and shorts look very similar to the ones she had wore before, and had the Barton emblem emblazoned on the back, a belt had also been added, with the belt shaped like the Barton Emblem. The Guards accompany Saphira to her room, which had been cleaned again since she had last left it. On the gray desk, beside her bed, was a folded red hoodie with a large red vertical stripe down the front and back, the Barton insignia covering most of the back.

If Saphira chooses to go to sleep, then when Saphira wakes in the morning, she's greeted with a knock on her door, a Guard calling to her and letting her know that Lord Barton would like her to remain in her room, due to mercenaries having attacked the castle, Lord Barton not wanting her to get hurt. "Once the danger has subsided, Lord Barton has instructed us to inform you that he would like you to see him in his room" the Guards say, after which she can hear them moving back down the hallway, away from her room.

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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Lilith awoke with a start as she stood up from the bed. Scratching her arms she took in her surroundings. It took her a moment to realize that she wasn't in the village. She had never seen so many items with Zalaam's emblem since she left the Nomad Cult. That's when she noticed the skeleton girl to her bed side. She was quite the cutie, though she could spy some of the bone poking out of her dress.

Now awake, the owner of the house entered the room. The woman had a striking frame, but Lilith could sense the power radiating from her. Once she had heard what had happened when her minion tried to bring her back to the village she merely palmed her forehead and shook her head. "Of course that would happen. I'm amazed we got away in one piece" She said regretting her own foolishness. At the mention of her wounds, Lilith felt her stomach for the hole left by the Jabberwocky's claw. It had been healed, or unhealed as the woman described."

"Wait, I've heard of unhealing. Doesn't that only work on un ... dead?" Lilith said as a nagging realization was creeping into her mind. Though that was compounded by the next revelation. Looking into the mirror brought in by the other skeleton, she saw the scales growing on her arm. Her mind froze for a moment with fear. She had seen others in city slums and lost in the wilderness infected by disease. Their body's slowly transforming as their minds deteriorated. But she's never seen anything like this. What fate would these scales have in store for her?"

"Wait!" Lilith called out for the woman. Between the unhealing and the scales, Lilith's mind was racing. So she started out with something simple "What's your name?"

The woman turned back to Lilith before she could close the door "Yes, Unhealing is for undead, which you are. Your entire race is undead. You're a special creation of our Goddess, an undead which sustains themselves through rot by recomposing surroundings into pieces of your undead body." she said, while motioning to one of the Skeleton Girls, who left and then returned with a glass of purple liquid in one hand, and a chair in the other. The woman sat in the chair and began slowly sipping at the liquid. "You are, indeed, a special and unique undead creature who stands above all other undead, displaying free will and self-sustenance, as well as strength, speed, dexterity, and intelligence above all other undead creatures." she explained, while motioning for the Skeleton Girl again, after which she left and returned with a second glass for Lilith, handing it to her carefully. The liquid looked like grape wine.

She then added, in response to her question "I am Lady Ash, a faithful servant of Zalaam, a Necromancer, and ruler of this underground Castle, The Shadow Tower." she says, motioning towards their surroundings with one hand, as she took a sip with her other.

Lilith stared at Ash in disbelief. The Nomad was always cold to the touch but she could never understand why. When she felt her pulse it was barely there. When her and her mother stayed in one place for long enough, the plants would start to wither. Their existence posed so many questions that all seemed to make sense now.

"I'm undead." Lilith said as she looked down at her hands. All the things that were said about her and her kind were true. They really were monsters. Grabbing her head she shook herself as if trying to deny this new revelation. But she couldn't deny Ash's words. Taking the glass from the skeleton, Lilith finished the glass of wine in one swig. Handing the glass back to the skeleton, Lilith giggled "So all this time I've always been a monster?" She said with a distant look. "But why create us?" She asks softly as if to just thrown the question into the air.

Ash laughed at her reaction to being informed that she's undead "Hmm monster? Not quite. You have to ask yourself what makes someone or something a monster or not. The term is almost arbitrary. For example, would a Were-Beast fall under that category? No, of course not. How about when they transform and go berserk? Sure, they're more beast-like, but it's still the same creature. People call something a monster based on their perception of it. We don't care, because we'll serve our Goddess, and what matters is what our Goddess thinks of us." she says, motioning for the Skeleton to get Lilith another glass of wine, which she does, handing it to her just as carefully as the time before.

Ash crossed one leg over the other and leaned back in her seat "Besides, maybe your new sickness will make you even more useful to our Goddess, Zalaam. We'll always be her little shadows, but perhaps you'll be a more effective Shadow with those tough scales." she says, after which she takes another sip of her wine.

The Nomad listened to Ash's words intently. She had never thought about it like that. Her new goblin servant would undoubtedly be called a monster by others. But once tamed, it had shown her the utmost loyalty. Up until now she had served Zalaam for her own purposes, but never truly committed to her cause. To turn even a sickness like this into strength was something she's never considered. either Taking the newest glass of wine, Lilith took a more refined sip in order to savour the flavour.

"It appears I still have much to learn. " Lilith said having finally calm down. "Thank you. If you don't mind could you tell me a bit more about being a necromancer. I've raised a few corpses but I still feel like an Amateur. Especially compared to how you command you friends. " She said looking to the skeleton that had handed her the glass.

Ash nods as Lilith says she has much to learn, quite vigorously "Well, Necromancy is a form of magic, and all magic comes directly from a Goddess. Casting a spell is begging a Goddess to channel her powers through you. Anything else you do to enhance a spell is merely improving the conduit through which you're channeling the power of that Goddess." she explains, taking another sip of her wine "You see, that's one of two things that can improve a Necromancer's power. The Goddess' favor and the arts you use to improve the conduit are what separates better and better Necromancers." she adds, swishing her wine around.

Lilith nodded as she listened to Ash's explanation. Taking a moment to pause, she sipped from her glass and gave the necromancer a serious look. "Lady Ash, I know I am but a stranger to you. However ..." Lilith breaks to build up her courage. "Would you allow me to stay here and learn from you? I wish to better serve Zalaam and improve as a Necromancer. I have other skills that can be of service to you as well." She said as she removed the bed sheets to reveal more of her nude body.

Ash nods "I did say that you can stay as long as you want. If you want to watch me work, that's up to you." she says, making another sip of her wine. She then adds "Just keep your Goblin in check. I don't like Goblins, but it can stay as long as you keep it from doing anything questionable to my property." before downing the rest of her wine. "If you watch me work, though, I will ask for your services, I'll need supplies, and Zalaam will need bodies." she says, handing the empty glass to her Skeleton.

"I can provide both in spades" Lilith said excited that Ash had accepted her presence. Though she would have to ensure her goblin behaved. That shouldn't be a problem given his seemingly one track mind. Finishing her wine she gave the glass back to the skeleton. It was a shame she'd be separated from Camilla and Amun for the time being, but she couldn't give up this chance of a lifetime. Giving Ash a respectful bow, Lilith approached the black wooden desk and began to dress herself. Lilith was actually surprised by how well fitting the clothing were. Once she was ready she turned back to the necromancer. "I'm ready Lady Ash" Lilith said with a dutiful expression.

Ash nodded when Lilith said she could do that, then watched as she dressed herself. "Before the first lesson, I need you to do a job for me." she says, slowly. "You just came from a village, which has been weakened by a Goblin attack. I want you to kill everyone in the village and take all of the corpses in the area to the Spire in the woods, to offer to Zalaam." she says, smiling. "You should face very little resistance, they will all be tired, and most will be either wounded or dead." she added, as she handed Lilith a black glove with a gray Hidden Blade on the wrist, with several black straps with silver buckles for wrapping around her lower arm. "Be sure to send one of my Skeletons to get me when you return." she says.

Taking the hidden blade, Lilith nodded. "Yes Lady Ash. " Despite seeming confident, Lilith was worried that Metia was still in the village guarding it. She was the only reason there was still a village left after the goblin attack. "I will send word once the job is done. Though I might need some help making it back to the surface." She said as she made her way to the door to find her goblin companion "Come on little one, we have our first new assignment"
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Anastasia is left in that room for what feels like an eternity. She gets no visits from anyone, not even Guards, aside from food being brought to her every so often. Finally, she hears the sound of footsteps outside her metal door, followed by voices. “How are we going to get this open? Did anyone bring a key?” asked one girl’s voice. “I can open it!” said a voice that sounded somewhat familiar, and more high-pitched, however Anastasia couldn’t place it. After the girl said this, Anastasia heard a soft ‘Tink’ sound, followed by “OW, my wrist!”, then another voice spoke up, this one less familiar “I should have been the first to try, here, let me” she says, then Anastasia could hear another ‘Tink’ sound, this one louder than the one before “Ow, MY wrist!” the voice says. After a moment, she can hear another ‘Tink’ followed by yet another “Ow, my wrist...” this girl’s voice sounding more even than the others. Another voice announced her turn, saying “Maybe you’re all trying too hard, we should be trying to find a weak point.” then another ‘Tink’ could be heard, followed by “Ow, my wrist!”. Following this was a long period of silence, until finally another ‘Tink’ was heard, then more silence. “Ow, your wrist?” someone asked followed by more silence.

Anastasia once thought being alone was the preferred way to live.Other people just got in the way, other people offered no benefit except more hands in a fight. Otherwise there was no reason to be with anyone. Of course ever since she met Idalia that viewpoint has been challenged. But now, now more than ever did she longed for any kind of contact with someone else. She didn’t even care if it was a guard coming to beat her senseless, she just needed something other than the silence that became deafeningly loud. That elongated silence is how she even managed to hear the incredibly faint footsteps beyond the door, then the sound of girls opening the door. She felt like she recognized the voices, but it was hard to tell through the door. Regardless, Ana’s heart beat rapidly at the thought of possible escape. Surely that’s what these voices meant right? There were no female guards that she knew of, perhaps they were mercenaries but why would Barton have any use for them? So that must mean they are here to break her out! It was a very optimistic thought, but Ana needed that optimism to keep from going insane currently.

Finally the more even voice speaks again “Wait, wait. I should have done this first...” she says, after which an electrical current seems to run through the door, the electricity pulsing angrily all across the surface. The lock then let out a large plume of smoke, which rises into the air and dissipates, then the door creaks open. The first girl that steps into the room is an unfamiliar green-eyed one with long dark hair that fell to her thighs with part tied up in a messy bun, wearing a black body suit, a checkered purple and pink skirt, a purple hoodie vest with a zipper shaped like a cross, fingerless gloves, and a pair of black boots that reached up to her knees. She was followed by a girl with red hair, wearing a strange triangular sword, a black jacket, and numerous straps across her body with a pair of black shorts and a black top that would have exposed most of her stomach if not for the straps, Aurora, who was now wearing a metal visor on her forehead, silver metal gauntlets, and a pink and white dress with silver chest armor. Entering the room last was Ilaria, with Iveta. When Iveta enters the room, she sees Anastasia and looks confused “Thaaat’s not Idalia, I think we’re in the wrong room.” she says before adding “... Wait, I recognize you. You’re that Spectross. I guess I have no problem with releasing you, since you released me.” she says, slowly. The dark-haired girl turns to Iveta “According to Ilaria, this one needs to be rescued as well.”, she started to move towards Anastasia, however Aurora stepped forward and gave Anastasia a cautious wave “H-hey… I hope this makes up for my mistake before… I hope you’re not still mad at me… I went back and got more training, I’m a much higher ranked Paladin than I was befo-” she was interrupted by the dark-haired girl again “Now isn’t the time.” she says, before looking at Anastasia again “Are you able to fight? As soon as we release you, we’re going to be swarmed by Red-Capes.” she says, as she fishes a key from her pocket and takes several more steps towards Anastasia. Meanwhile, the red-haired girl had the door open a crack and was watching the hallway for Guards, while Ilaria hovered near Anastasia.

Anastasia eyes the door without blinking as the people behind it attempt to open it. The sudden bolt of electricity jumpscares her though and she looks away for a moment before returning her gaze. When the door opened, Ana was more than a little surprised by her rescue party. She didn’t recognize the first two that entered, but they both looked capable all things considered. The next person was quite a surprise, she didn’t expect to see that paladin girl around anytime soon. Ilaria coming in wasn’t all that surprising, but still nice to see. Iveta or whatever her name was though… Well, an eye for an eye she supposed. “Oh hey, this is quite a pleasant surprise.” She says, shocked at how weak she sounded. She hadn’t spoken for quite a while now, so she didn’t realize how soft her voice got. She didn’t say anything else until she was let down, when she was being let down, she looked over at Aurora first. “No, I’ve come to terms with what happened, I don’t hold it against you.” She says after gathering her thoughts for a while, she then looks at Iveta and Ilaria. “Good to see you Ilaria, I would ask who you’re new friends are but well.” She gave a wry smirk before then focusing on Iveta. “Well if nothing else, I think we share a deep hatred for the Bartons.” When she heard the dark hair girl talk, she turned her attention to her and shrugged a little, trying to straighten herself out and brandishing her weapon which was still on her back. It felt heavier than she remembered, but not unliftable. “I-I think so, also before I forget, all of you… They did something to Idalia, I don’t know what but she isn’t herself. She’s controlled by them directly somehow, I’m not sure she’ll be on our side when we find her.” She then clutches her side and grunts, a sudden pain shooting through her. She felt like her body was on the verge of collapse, having not moved for who knows how long.

The dark-haired girl looks disgusted when Anastasia mentions something having been done to Idalia “Those visors. They were working on them before The Black Hound burned down Baskerville. The fact that Idalia would side with them can only mean that they’re working in some capacity...” she says, before looking at Iveta. “Now we know why she’s not in the cell Ilaria expected.” she then turns to Ilaria as if she had just spoken “Ilaria says that we should get Ignia next, if they’re not constructing another sister from Idalia, then they’re using Ignia. They may very well have already finished.” she then turns to Aurora “Heal the Spectross-Wraith, she has been dangling by her arms for days now.” she says. Aurora nods, then holds her palm out towards Anastasia, before saying a prayer to Sirius, after which a ray of light shines through the ceiling onto Anastasia. As the ray begins to touch Anastasia, a small wisp of smoke begins to emmenate from Ana’s skin. Iveta then shoves her out of her stance, causing it to stop “WAIT!” she says, before adding, awkwardly “You’re going to incinerate her, she’s part Wraith...”, to which Aurora responds by panicking “OH, SWEET SIRIUS, I’M SO SORRY!” she cries out, tears welling up in her eyes. Iveta then sticks her arm out towards Anastasia “Here, bite me.” she says, smirking, while Ilaria pats Aurora on the back, trying to get her to calm down. Meanwhile, from the doorway, the red-haired girl whispers over to them “Quiet down, it sounds like you’re having a party over there. We’re supposed to be in and out, and still have two more people to bust out of these cells.” she says, to which Ilaria nods, vigorously.

Anastasia nods at the dark haired girls words. “Yea, it was some kind of visor, Barton mentioned only having one though, so I think you’re right that Ignia isn’t going to be in one peice.” She sighs heavily, remembering the time she found Idalia in chains in a room like this, mostly torn to pieces. Ana then blinks a few times when she tells Aurora to heal her, before turning to Aurora and smiling a bit, not quite realizing that her new body wouldn’t respond well to that. As soon as the ray of light touches her, Anastasia cries out in pain and shock, clutching her head as wisps of smoke trail off her skin. Thankfully, Iveta was there. Ana took a moment to recover before straightening up and glaring at Aurora. “Yea, that hurt.” she stated emotionlessly, not really in the physical state to get mad at her right now. When Iveta sticks out her arm though, Anastasia cocks her head to the side for a bit before making a o face as she remembers that the chimera’s blood had healing properties. “I forgot this was a thing.” Anastasia says before leaning forward, opening her mouth, revealing her perfectly suited vampire like teeth before biting down. Those teeth made drawing blood so much easier, and Ana wasn’t expecting just how much blood began to flow out into her mouth as she started sucking. Anastasia drank Iveta’s blood for a few seconds before quickly pulling back, coughing a little. Blood wasn’t meant to taste anywhere near that good, she was slightly more used to it thanks to Idalia but it still surprised her. After coughing a few times, she could feel her body tense up and seemed to connect back together. She didn’t even realize there was a constant throbbing pain throughout her entire body until it was gone. Anastasia moves her body a bit and nods. “Thanks Iveta… but she’s right, we should get going now…. Uhm, what’s the names of those two anyway?” Anastasia asks as she starts walking to the door.

Aurora looks really disappointed in herself as Anastasia drinks from Iveta, meanwhile Iveta lets out a soft half grunt, half moaning sound. As if Ana biting her produced a mixed reception of feelings, her legs also buckle every so slightly, but otherwise she keeps it perfectly straight. When asked what the stranger’s names were, Iveta first motions to the red-head “That’s Zei, she’s a mercenary that Ilaria hired with her earnings in Kort. She’s usually hired for stealing stuff.” she then motions to the dark-haired girl “That’s Indris, otherwise known as The Thunderbird of Razevale, or as the Bartons call her, 01.”, to which Indris responded by bowing “Pleased to meet you, Anastasia.” she says, then as if to answer the question of who had fried the lock, she raised her hands, her palms facing towards each other, then pulsed streams of electricity between them, the static causing her hair to stand up slightly. She then drops her hands after the display, and the girls began to make their way into the hallway that would bring them back into the main room where the other doors to the other cells are kept. When the girls enter the main room, with all of the rubes, the Zei goes first, before indicating that the coast was clear with a thumbs up. The room was much the same as when Anastasia had last been there, aside from several dead bodies on the floor. Ilaria quickly leads the way to the cell that was second from the right on the opposite side of the room, then Zei opens the door to let everyone into the hallway, and Indris makes her way to the door, placing a hand on it and sending a charge of electricity through it, causing the lock to fire smoke into the air, before creeping open. When the girls enter, in the center of the room was Ignia, chained up and hanging from the ceiling of the room. She was bleeding profusely from her head, was missing one eye, and had several holes through her stomach and chest. When the group approached closer, it became apparent that one of her arms was bent at a strange angle, indicating that it was broken. When Ignia looks up at the group, she coughs up blood as she tries to speak, but forms no words. Looking upon her, Ilaria‘s face twists into an expression of anger, Indris immediately fishes the key out of her pocket and approaches to let her down, while trying to keep her face devoid of expression, and Iveta looks away, her fists trembling in anger. Zei shows a look of disgust and moves to watch the hall, while Aurora starts to prepare the same healing prayer she had started to use on Anastasia.

Anastasia decides it would best to ignore the strange reaction Iveta gave, and instead focused on listening to the name of the two other girls. When she mentions one is a chimera as well, Anastasia looks over at her in surprise.”It’s a pleasure to meet you, too Indris… I see you keep up with the name convention that others have.” She chuckles a little then looks at Zei and nods. “Nice to meet you as well Zei.” With pleasantries now out of the way, Ana follows them down to the main room, idly thinking about how each chimera seemed to have their own elemental affinity. Entering the main room, it took a lot of effort to not start smashing stuff up, though the dead Barton guards did really make things look a lot nicer in this forsaken castle. Surprisingly the trip to Ignia wasn’t all that hard, and when they entered her room, Anastasia’s fears were confirmed. She looked up at the twisted body of Ignia, frowning as she looked at the various things removed from here, it wasn’t any less gruesome than the last time, and it made her blood boil that someone could do such a thing. “Don’t worry Ignia, we got a healer, you’re gonna be just fine.” Anastasia says to Ignia, trying to keep her voice down. She looks down the hallway as Zei positions herself, also making sure that there would be no guards trying to sneak up on them as they helped out Ignia.

Ignia tries to respond to Anastasia, but only coughs up more blood onto the floor, a small pool below her feet expanding slightly. Indris unlocks Ignia, causing her to fall, however Indris catches her, preventing her from hitting the floor. As Indris holds Ignia, Aurora casts her healing spell on her, causing the holes in her body to close up, and her eye to slowly grow back. She coughs a few times, then manages to utter “Th-thank you… all of you.” as Indris sets her down on the floor, holding onto her shoulder as she gets used to moving and walking again. She then moves over to Anastasia, giving her a hug, and starting to cry onto her chest. “It’ll be alright, we just need to grab Idalia and escape now.” Indris says, after which she adds “One more fight, then we can all get out of here.”, to which Iveta replies “Well, hopefully we can avoid the fight… Bartons have those horrible Spark Nets...” meanwhile Ilaria gently pats Ignia’s head as she cries into Anastasia’s chest, and Aurora seemed to be mentally patting herself on the back for being able to heal someone.

Anastasia becomes outwardly relieved as she sees Ignia released and begin to heal with the help of Aurora, at least her healing magic worked on Ignia. When Ignia comes over and hugs Anastasia, Ana lets out a relieved sigh and gently hugs her back, gently rubbing her back. “Its ok, I’ll make sure this never happens again.” She says softly. “We need to go save Idalia now though, it’ll be a bit harder, cause she has some visor that controls her, but we’ll find a way to get it off.” She cooes, like a mother comforting a child. She then looks up at the group in front of her and nods. “Yea, those spark nets aren’t very fun to be in, luckily they only have so many.” Ansatasia says at an attempt at reassurance. She then looks at Aurora and smiles. “Nice work by the way.” With that, she lets go of Ignia and turns towards the door. “Well, lets get going then.”

Aurora looks relieved when Anastasia tells her she did well “Th-thank you...” she says. Meanwhile Ignia calms down a little and wipes her eyes. “O-okay… I’ll try my best… l-let’s go hope Idalia…” she says, giving Anastasia one more squeeze, then moving away from her as Indris speaks again “Alright, next is the hard part.” she says. The group makes their way out of the room and down the hallway. Zei pushes the door open slowly, peering out as the door opens a crack. Her eyes open wide and she quickly and quietly shuts the door again. She turns around awkwardly and faces the group behind her “Okay, so… they may be onto us a bit sooner than expected… and the next part of our mission may or may not be sneaking around as we look for Idalia.” she says, scratching the back of her head, nervously. Indris manages to keep a calm face as she responds “You’re not about to tell us they’re all standing just outside that door.”, she then pauses for a moment “How many?” she asks, cautiously. Iveta takes a step forward and cracks her neck to both sides “I suppose it’s time to bust some heads. Keep an eye out for the Spark Nets.” she says, Aurora takes a step forward, pushing to the front “I’ll go first, stand behind me for the initial barrage.” she says, as she starts to say a prayer to Sirius. While Aurora prays, Ilaria puts a hand on Ignia’s shoulder to calm her down, since she was trembling. Zei looks even more nervous as everyone prepares for a fight “Uhm, well, I’m not sure how many, I ran out of fingers... I think it’s important to let you know, there are TWO girls out there with visors, not one.” she says, drawing her weapon.

Anastasia nods and gives ignia one last pat on the head as she walks back. Ana keeps an attentive eye out as they walk down the hall, keeping close behind Zei and Aurora, acting as a lead. When Zei opens the door to the main room and turns around, Anastasia knew what she would say next. As Zei explains the situation, Anastasia was more shocked they weren’t found out sooner. She knew this would happen at some point, but it was surprising how long it took them. She took out her bow and readied an arrow, it was close quarters, but Ana was becoming surprisingly comfortable with the ranged weapon, it seemed to deal a lot of damage. As the group prepared themselves, Anastasia had to do a double take when Zei says there were two girls with visors. “Wait what? Two? How could there be two?” Anastasia wracks her brain for a small while before the thought dawned on her. “Wait, how fast can they make more of you guys?” She says turning towards the chimera’s. “That might be your new sister.” Anastasia hypotheses. “Regardless, looks like we’re in for a hell of a fight, not that we didn’t expect this.” Ana grumbles, for once almost wishing they could have avoided the fight.

Indris looks at Ilaria when Anastasia asks how fast he can make more Chimeras, and she raises three fingers. Indris looks shocked for a brief moment, but recomposes herself almost instantly “Apparently three days is all it takes now. It took years to make myself, Idalia, and Iveta. He must have gotten quite good at it.” she says, though Iveta looked undaunted “Well, if that’s our new sister, I’ll have to pay her a beating.” she says, cracking her fingers. Indris then turns to Ignia, looks at her for a moment, then turns back to Aurora “Well, we’re not going to get any more ready than we are now.” she says. Aurora nods, her hand glowing with a faint light, then kicks the door open, after which she immediately swings her arm in front of her, creating a semi-transparent wall of light, which blocks a massive torrent of arrows, causing them to drop to the ground. She then leads the group forward, everyone remaining behind the barrier of light. “Well, well, well.” Lord Barton says over the communications system “I didn’t expect my property to come back to me of their own accord, I expected to have to reclaim you all with mercenaries. Sadly, Kadelynn, Seraphine, and Lisette are out looking for you, so I’ll have to rely on my army, 02, and 08.” he says, as Idalia in her new clothing steps to the front of the Barton Army, holding her Ninjaken, followed by a girl Anastasia did not recognize. She had black hair, like Idalia and Ignia, yellow eyes, and was wearing a black button-up with checkers on the bottom left part, with a blue collar and a blue tie. She was wearing black stockings with a pair of white boots with black toes and black soles. Unlike the other Chimeras Anastasia had encountered, she had a pair of black wolf ears.

Anastasia’s eyes widen when Ilaria raises the three fingers, brushing back her ‘hair’ in amazement. “Something tells me unless we do something he will get even faster.” She purses her lips and looks toward the door, her lips turning into a grimace. When Indris says that they were as ready as they could be, Ana nodded along with the others and prepared herself. When the door is busted open and Ana sees a wall of arrows heading towards her, she takes a step back, but quickly realized Aurora blocked the incoming barrage. She suddenly felt quite empowered, as if the group they had now stood a much better chance than the one she got captured with even with Idalia and this chimera as a foe. When she heard that annoying ass voice of Barton himself, Ana scanned the room for any possible speakers or whatever else could be used to produce his voice, but saw nothing. She then looked at the new chimera, unsurprisingly looking like a younger girl, though the wolf ears were new. However, there would be a time to find out what her deal was. For now, Anastasia aimed her bow directly at Idalia, clenching her teeth and baring them. “I’m going to try and knock some sense into Idalia.” She stated softly, probably barely audible by the rest of the group.

Indris put a hand on Anastasia’s arm gently “We could do that, or while you and the others deal with the Barton army, I and Ignia could try to incapacitate her and we can try to free her later, in a safe place.” she said, glancing at Ignia as if to see if she was on board. Meanwhile Iveta was looking at 08 and slowly dropping into a sprint stance, as if she was preparing to charge her the moment Aurora’s light wall was dropped. “I… I’m not sure I c-can take her...” Ignia said, as she extended her wrist blades from her sleeves in preparation for battle. She then shook her head, as if clearing any uncertainty “She’s not Idalia right now, I can take her.” she said confidently. Zei, Aurora, and Ilaria then moved closer to Anastasia, Zei whispering “If that’s the plan we’re going with, we should pick someone to watch our back, while the rest hold the line until an opening appears that we can escape through, once the Chimeras are incapacitated and in hand.” she says.

Anastasia frowns for a moment, thinking about what Indris said before sighing and lowering her bow. “Fine, I guess I’ll try and keep all these bastards off your back.” She glances at Ignia who was trying to amp herself up, smiling softly as she watches. She couldn’t watch for long before Zei whispers to Ana about their plan. After a few moments of thought, Anastasia looks at Aurora. “You seem like you’d be a good fit for the task of keeping or flank secure. Me, Ilaria, and Zei will make up the front. It seems Iveta, Indris, and Ignia made up their minds on their targets so I wont bother trying to switch them around.” Anastasia looks at the group, waiting to hear any feedback on that plan and team composition.

The girls all not, then take their battle stances, Indris beginning to twirl a Kama on a chain around above her head. Meanwhile, Lord Barton speaks again “Since you’ve all been so much trouble for me, I’d like to introduce my Steam Knights, their armor is loosely based on that of the Guards in Calt, with a few improvements, of course.” he says, as a large squad of Guards outfitted in heavy gray armor, with steam leaking from the joints. In one hand, the Guards held a sword with a glowing red blade, and in the other hand, they held larger variants of the basic Steam Gun, painted all black. On one arm, the Guards wore a wrist launcher, with a Spark Net loaded into it. Their red cloaks and loin cloths trailed as they approached, several Guards hanging back and raising their Steam Guns while the others formed up a front line, striking battle stances with their Heat Swords, the blades glowing bright red. Aurora chose this moment to speak “If everyone’s ready, I’m about to drop the Wall of Light...” she says, hefting her sword in one hand as she flexed her fingers, preparing to let the wall of light drop. Indris nodded “I’m ready.”, then Ignia held out her arms, springing her blades forward “As am I.”, then Zei held her blade out in front of her in a strange offshoot of a fencer’s pose, while Ilaria began snaking her vines out. Meanwhile, Iveta was pointing at 08 and punching her right fist into her left palm, indicating to her that she was going to beat her up.

Well, Ana guessed it was a good plan then. As everyone took their positions, Ana gazed over the various Barton guards who all looked the same under their armor. She idly wondered how they differentiated between themselves as she raised her bow and pulled the string back, aiming at one at random. Oh hey, these guards look new. Oh hey, Barton unsurprisingly just ripped off someone else’s idea cause hes unimaginitive as fuck. She was pretty sure Barton just found all this tech, didn’t make it himself because of that. Either way, Ana didn’t like the idea of getting touched by those swords. When the girls around here displayed their readiness, Anastasia nodded lastly. “Yea, let’s do this.” She growled out, baring her teeth at the various guards in front of her.

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Aurora lowered her hand, then immediately the Wall of Light disappeared, after which Indris threw her Chain-Kama at Idalia, who had raised her Ninjaken in preparation for battle. The Kama wrapped around her Ninjaken, then Indris gave a tug, pulling the weapon out of her grasp, and causing it to travel through the air. Idalia, however, took a leap after the weapon, grabbing the hilt, then tugging on the chain to give herself momentum to fall towards Indris, however Ignia created a Black Door, which she jumped through, causing her second door to appear beside Idalia in the air, which she exited and attempted to stab Idalia with her Colichemarde, however Idalia tugged the chain into the way, causing Ignia’s sword to get stuck in one of the chain links. As the two fell towards the ground, Idalia kicked out with one of her legs at Ignia’s head, however she ducked it, causing the strike to miss, but Idalia then reversed her kick, causing her heel to strike Ignia in the side of the head. Meanwhile, Zei opened the battle by throwing a Smoke bomb at the enemy Guards, causing smoke to fill the room. She then ducked into the smoke, and sparks could be seen as she attempted to slash through the armor of one of the enemy Guards. Aurora was behind Anastasia, fighting off a group of Guards that had already attempted to flank their group, using a shield of light to bash one Guard while she ran her sword through the chest of a second. Iveta had already ran directly to 08, who was in the midst of ducking one of her punches, flashing the claws at the end of her hands as she prepared to counter attack. Ilaria was hovering behind Anastasia as she used one of her vines to grab a nearby Guard by the ankle, rooting him to the spot to give Anastasia a clean shot.

It was a little hard ignoring well over half the forces plus Idalia and 08, every other fight she’s participated needing every single combatant in her attention. But she learned from last time all that does is confuse her senses, and she was confident that her allies had the others under control. So, she focused on attention solely on the group of guards in front of her. Ana takes a deep breath, making sure her arrow would be as precise as possible when she sees Ilaria root a guard into the ground. Quickly switching targets to that guard, Ana lets the arrow fly. The arrow flies directly in the guards head, and even with the improved armor and steam equipment it easily pierces the armor, sinking itself directly into his skull, killing him instantly. She then calmly reaches behind her to the arrow sheath and grabs another arrow, readying that one for another target.

Zei was dancing around one of the other Guards in the smoke cloud, evading his Heat Sword swings and attempting to puncture his armor with her sword, however all that was happening as a result of her attacks was repeated showers of sparks. The second line of Guards leveled their guns and began firing in Anastasia and her group’s general direction, forcing Ilaria to use her mirror to protect herself, however several stray shots strike Anastasia in the shoulder and one of her thighs, causing small explosions of blood as the shots explode beneath her skin. Despite covering herself with her Mirror, Ilaria correctly guesses the location of another Guard and wraps her vine around his legs, immobilizing him just as she had the one before. Meanwhile, Iveta was frantically throwing heavy punches at 08, who was sliding from place to place on the ground, causing Iveta to miss her strikes, each one shattering sections of the floor, sending up showers of broken metal, while 08 counter-attacked each time, slashing at Iveta’s openings with her claws, slowly covering her arms, legs, and mid-section with deep, bleeding wounds. On the other side of the room, Indris fired a two-pronged knife from her wrist, as Idalia was busy clashing blades with Ignia, who was on the ground, blocking a high slash with her Falchion while Idalia was standing on her Colichemarde with one boot, pinning it to the floor. Indris’ attack forced Idalia to dodge backwards, barely evading the knife, after which Indris slung her Chain-Kama overhead in an attempt to hit Idalia mid-dodge, however she quickly flings herself onto her back and kicks the blade away, before using the momentum to carry herself back onto her feet. Behind Anastasia, Aurora uses her shield to ram another Guard against the metal doors behind them, crushing his skull, after which she blocks a second Guard’s strike with her sword, before kneeing him in the crotch with her armored boot, causing him to crumple to the floor.

Anastasia tries her best to scan the smoke, trying to find out exactly where those guards are. It was a bit easier thanks to their glowing red swords, made them stand out but not as much as she would have liked. After a bit of browsing trying to find a good shot. Suddenly from the smoke, shots rang out into her direction, hitting her in the shoulder and thigh, causing her to wince in pain and clutch her shoulder for a second. It really wasn’t all that grevious of wounds though, so Anastasia rolls her eyes and lowers her bow. Clenching her teeth, she runs straight into the smoke, the swords of the guards now much closer and visible. “Dammit just let us leave!” She roars out, a pulse of energy forming around her. A mixture of red and green wisps that surrounded her and caused the smoke to swirl violently. Large chains formed from the green energy, clearly not physical as they rippled like liquid in the energy. The red energy surrounded the chains, and then the wave pulsed out into the smoke and guards, slamming into them with the same force as every other time she’s physically attacked, but this time with more force as the chains also slam into them, wrapping around them as they passed by and throwing them into the ground and walls, the sound of rattling chains echoing throughout the entire room easily heard through the battle. When the sound of chains disappeared, Ana brought up her bow again and quickly fired a shot into the first guard she sees, once again going straight through his armor and causing him to die instantly.

The Guards stumble, and tumble as they’re struck with Anastasia’s pulse, the pulse also manages to catch Idalia off-guard, knocking her into the nearby stone wall. 08 is also struck by the energy pulse, causing her to tumble onto the floor. Iveta wastes no time in taking advantage of the hit 08 had taken and quickly grabs her by the front of her shirt, then lifts her into the air, before slamming her fist through her stomach. 08 coughs up blood and spasms, but Iveta ignores it as she pulls her fist out of her stomach, then slams her fist through her chest, causing her to spit up even more blood onto Iveta and the floor. She then carelessly flings her aside into a group of Guards who were attempting to stand, knocking them over. Meanwhile, Indris capitalizes on Idalia being knocked against the wall by charging over to her and grabbing her by the neck, slamming her head against the wall, after which she channels a massive charge of electricity through her body, causing her to, despite the visor, cry out in severe pain, so loudly that the glass in the room rattles. Ignia quickly makes her way over to Idalia as she was being electrocuted, grabbing the chain-knife, before quickly starting to wrap the chain around Idalia’s body was she was recovering from the electric charge. Near Anastasia, Zei grabs one of the recovering Guards, then jams her sword up into his helmet, causing blood to spill down his armor, however, before she could jump back from the body, a Guard fires a round from his Steam Gun at her, striking her in the stomach, causing her to cough up blood and collapse. A second Guard fires another volley of shots at Aurora from behind, however she blocks the attack with her shield, then grabs a Guard by the neck and uses him to block another volley of shots, the shots striking him in the lower back, then the upper back, punching through the armor and causing blood to explode from the wounds. The Guard stops struggling and dies. Ilaria closes the distance between her and Anastasia, then uses a vine to stab a Guard through a hole in his armor, causing him to crumple to the ground and die. Two Guards on the floor recover from the impact of Anastasia’s attack, then attack her simultaneously, one stabbing Anastasia in the lower back, while the other attempts to strike her with an overhead slash. The blade in Anastasia’s back is the hottest feeling Anastasia has ever felt and causes her wound to char, as smoke rises from it.

Anastasia takes a quick cursory glance around the battlefield, seeing that her psychic attack seems to have really swung things into her favor, at least as far as the Chimera party is going. With a grin she readies another arrow and fires it into a guard, this one merely hitting his arm though, causing his arm to go completely limp and unusable, but unlike most of his friends he was still alive. Anastasia grunted in annoyance, seeing she still needed to work on her aim. She then noticed Zei get shot. She growls and makes her way over to Zei, using her chains to bat any guards away that got too close. Unfortunately she was too focused on approaching Zei, to check on her, that she didn’t notice some guards coming in from behind, stabbing her in the back and causing her to cry out in pain. She just narrowly managed to dodge out of the way of the second attack though, but that makes the sword in her back drive deeper into her. With a growl she grabs her meteor hammer from her hip and swings it at the guard behind her, causing him to fling onto the ground. She then grabs the handle of the sword from her back and rips it out of her, no blood spilling out thanks to the cauterized wound, she then slams the sword into the guard in front of her, impaling his chest, making him fall the ground dead. With a groan of pain, she puts her meteor hammer back onto her hip and readies another arrow, looking for a suitable target.

Aurora hurries over to Anastasia, standing over Zei “We need to create a path as soon as possible, people are getting hurt!” she says, battering a Guard aside with her Light Shield, causing him to tumble into the nearby stone wall. Ilaria, nearby, nods when Aurora says this, then uses a Vine to grab and lift Zei, before moving towards the exit, motioning for the others to follow her. Indris sees this and grabs Idalia, who was continuing to struggle against the chains due to the severe electric shock she had taken, smoke rising from her body. Before the group can get far, Idalia opens her mouth and breaths a massive plume of flame onto Ignia as she attempts to follow Indris and Ilaria. The flames cause her to scream in pain and drop to the floor, her body catching fire. Indris quickly slaps a hand over Idalia’s mouth to prevent her from breathing more flames, however Idalia’s weight and the occupation of both hands prevents her from dodging a barrage of bullets from a nearby Guard, the bullets striking her in the neck, chest, stomach, and left thigh, then the right shoulder. Despite the wounds, Indris continues dragging Idalia towards the exit. Iveta, bleeding profusely from her wounds, hurries over to Indris and helps her carry Idalia, while Indris calls out to Anastasia “Hey, grab Ignia before the Guards get to her!”, meanwhile several Guards were already attempting to grab Ignia, who stabbed one through the neck with her Colichemarde and was attempting to slash a second with her Falchion, however he had blocked it with his Heat Sword and was grabbing her by the shoulder with his other, while a third was grabbing her by the legs.

Anastasia nods at Aurora, agreeing completely, there was simply way too many guards for them all to handle, it seems the incineration of this castle would have to wait another day. Anastasia then starts backing off, following the path Ilaria takes and using her meteor hammer and chains to keeps the guards off of her. However, when Idalia spouts flames onto Ignia, she quickly diverts her course to ignia before she was told to by Indris. She quickly makes her way to ignia, knocking quite a few guards out of the way as she does so. When she reaches the guards trying to grab Ignia, she pushes one out of the way and roars again. “Get your hands off her!” With that another wave of psychic energy with the psychic chains bursts out of her, pushing the guards nearby back and onto the ground. She takes the opportunity to quickly pat Ignia down with what little time she had, harshly smacking her stomach and thighs and tits to try and put the flames out before she couldn’t do anymore. She easily scoops her up with one arm and begins making her way down the path created by the others,using her free hand to keep the guards at bay as she does so. “What about the new sister?” She shouts rhetorically, knowing full well they couldn’t get to her at this point.

As Anastasia mentions 08, as if on que, she rises back up off the ground, and with a squad of Guards, begins chasing Anastasia’s squad. Aurora moves from the front of the group, to the back, just as the squad was arriving to attack Anastasia and Ignia, then uses her shield to back the closest Guard away, before stabbing a second in the chest. This leaves her open, and allows 08 to attack her, the girl’s claws penetrating straight through her chest armor and creating a heavy wound, which begins bleeding profusely almost immediately. She cries out in pain and attempts to knee her in the stomach, however she dodges to the side and attacks again, this time grazing her cheek, drawing even more blood. Ilaria, still carrying Zei with one of her vines, quickly swipes with one of her free ones, slamming three Guards upside the head, only one ducking in time, then beats 08 over the head with her mirror. She starts attempting to wrap one of her vines around 08’s hips, however a Guard uses his Heat Sword to slash the vine off, causing Ilaria to cry out in pain. Once the group manages to back through the doorway, Aurora blocks it with a Wall of Light, preventing the Guards from chasing them, while also cutting the group off from 08. When the group reaches the next room, a squad of Guards arrives from the other hallway and begins firing their Steam Guns at them, the shots hurdling towards them rapidly. Ilaria quickly moves to the front and attempts to use her mirror to block the shots, however the surface area is too small, allowing one bullet to strike her in the chest, and another to strike her in the shoulder. Most of the bullets are blocked by the mirror, which was centered on Indris, Iveta, and Idalia, due to them being the closest together, which allowed one bullet to hit Anastasia in the kneecap, two more to hit Ignia in Anastasia’s arms, one in the leg and another in the stomach. Once the first volley had ended, Aurora charged ahead of the group and uses her shield to ram the squad of Guards, sending them stumbling over each other, while she called out to the others “Get to the door, quickly! I’ll follow once you’re out!”, the rest of the group following her instructions, Indris and Iveta dragging Idalia out first, Indris pressing her face up to the lock and releasing an electric charge in order to get the gate open. Ilaria, dragging Zei in a vine, follows afterwards.

Anastasia kept her attention on keeping the guards off herself and Ignia, knowing that the various hits that reach the others she can’t do much about. She did notice Ilaria going for 08 though, and Anastasia started to get hopeful that they were going to manage to free 08 as well, but then one of the guards cut the vines off, causing Anastasia to sigh in both disappointment and annoyance. She couldn’t dwell much on that for long though as shots rang out and hit both her and Ignia, she grunts in pain and even more annoyance, trying to figure out where those shots came from, but quickly giving up as more guards attempted to come at her, making her use her hammer to bat them away, various ones flying backwards but everytime she got one three more took his place. She gently lifts Ignia up and talks into her ear. “I know you guys can heal by eating others or something, if it gets to bad feel free to bite me, I’ll manage.” With that she lowers Ignia slightly back into a more comfortable position as the group goes to make their escape, not wasting anytime when Aurora tells them to get to the door.

When Anastasia tells Ignia that she can bite her, she slowly shakes her head, but mumbles “Thank you...” in response. Anastasia and her group manage to exit the building, and Aurora follows shortly after, taking several shots in the process, once in her right hip, then a second in her lower back, followed by one more in her left shoulder, causing her to stumble, but she manages to keep her balance. As the group attempts to escape from the castle, yet more Guards line the Castle walls and begin raining shots down on Anastasia and her group. Yet another shot hits Aurora, though this one only barely clips her head, causing her to start bleeding down her face and neck. Another shot strikes Anastasia in her lower and upper back, followed by another in her upper arm, followed by one more striking her in the collar. Two shots hit Iveta, one in the back, and once in the back of the neck, while three more strike Indris in the back. Ilaria takes a shot in other shoulder before using her mirror to block the rest of the shots that would have hit her. The group finally gets out of range of the Barton’s Steam Guns, and into a Wetland Tree Line, where Ilaria slowly lowers herself to the ground and rests against a tree, Indris lays Idalia down on the ground and drops to her knees, using one hand to cover her mouth while the other holds the chain tight around her body, Aurora collapses facedown on the ground, and Zei breaths heavily as Ilaria rests her on the ground nearby, everyone panting heavily, but saying nothing.

Rest, breakdown, and comfort
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Anastasia doesn’t respond to Ignia, too focused on trying to get them both out alive. Finally though, after a while, they manage to make it out of the castle. They weren’t quite out of the woods yet, but after all they had been through a few extra shots to the back didn’t seem to phase any of them all that much, at least, it didn’t phase Ana. She did wince everytime she got hit, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. When they got out of range, Ana lets out a sigh of relief, and before long they made it to an area they can catch their breath. As everyone collapses onto the ground, Anastasia gently places Ignia up against a tree before turning around and stomping over to the struggling Idalia. She stands over her for a second before talking in that same authoritative voice she used before. “02, stop.” With that, her knees buckle and she’s forced to sit on the ground, the pain of all the shots finally starting to reach her slowly but surely.

Idalia’s visor displays the red symbols from before, scrolling across her visor, for several moments, then stops struggling against her bindings and holds still. Indris hesitates to remove her hand from Idalia’s mouth, but after a moment, she does so, then collapses on the ground, her blood running onto the ground, creating a small red patch beneath her. Meanwhile, Ilaria pokes Zei with a toe, to make sure she’s alive, which causes her to stir and cough. Aurora slowly sits up, then says a prayer, her face pale from blood loss, which causes a ray of light to shine down on Zei, slowly healing her wound. She then drags herself over to Iveta, saying the same prayer to heal her. She takes turns moving to each girl, except Anastasia, healing herself last, then collapses onto the ground, mumbling “I don’t... think I have... any mana left...” she says. Now healed, Ignia slowly stands up, and makes her way to Anastasia, offering her an arm “Y-you need healing, t-too...” she says, motioning with one hand to the numerous profusely-bleeding wounds Anastasia was slowly bleeding out from, a large pool of blood having formed beneath her. Once Indris had caught her breath, she points at Idalia “How did you make her stop?” she asks, her voice even. Iveta slowly sits up and nods, as if to second the question.

Anastasia huffs in amusement as Idalia stops at her order, she still found it hard to believe even now Idalia would listen to her. She just sat there for a bit, doing her best to ignoring the rising pain emanating from the various wounds inflicted on her over the course of the battle. She waited for Aurora to heal everyone, thankful that she was here to make sure everyone didn’t die as soon as they made their escape. That would of been awkard otherwise.. When Ignia makes her way over to Anastasia, Ana looks up at her and nods, but first looks over to Indris. “She uh… She still listens to me, sort of anyway. I’m overruled by the Bartons most of the time but she still listens to me… I’m… not exactly sure why.” She then looks over to Idalia, figuring now that they were out of the castle she might as well ask. “02, how do we take the visor off?” With that, she leans to Ignia and gently bites down on her arm, her elongated teeth once again easily sinking into the flesh. She starts sucking, blood flowing into her mouth, and it didn’t take long before Ana had enough to heal her completely and she let go of Ignia’s arm.

Ignia breaths softly as Anastasia drinks her blood, then when she stops, Ignia mumbles softly “D-don’t stop...”. Meanwhile Indris gives Anastasia a questioning look, but doesn’t comment. When Anastasia asks Idalia how to get the visor off, the red symbols flash across her visor, then she replies “Data not found.”, then the visor returns to normal. Finding that answer unsatisfactory, Indris stands, then moves to Idalia and crouches beside her “I guess I’ll give it a try first.” she says, then grabs onto the visor with one hand, before discharging electricity into it, the electricity flashing across the surface for a moment. Indris seems to discharge electricity into the visor for a long time, before finally stopping, the visor no different from before the attempt. “That’s… not normal.” she says, letting go and sitting back down onto the ground. Ilaria scowls, then lifts her vines, carefully aiming one at the visor. She pauses for a second, then starts using the vine to rapidly strike at the surface of the visor, however each strike results in a metallic ‘tink’. After several moments of striking at the visor, Ilaria stops, and retracts her vines, a confused expression on her face. Iveta starts to stand up to give it an attempt, but collapses back onto the ground, with a soft groan “It looks like the same material as the chains that were used by the Bartons in Baskerville...” she mumbles.

Anastasia blinks a few times when she hears Ignia say something, trying to figure out if what she heard was correct, she looks up at Ignia with a questioning look. “W-what?” However, before she can question further Idalia gives a very disappointing answer. Yea of course this wouldn’t be easy. When Indris tries to inject the thing with electricity, Anastasia tenses up, a little worried that it would hurt Idalia, but the current seems to stick with the visor. This thought process is repeated as each one tries their hand at getting it off, to no avail. When they all seem to give up, Anastasia sighs and crawls over to Idalia, touching the visor and the bits drilled into her head to try and figure out a possible weakness. The only thing Anastasia can think of at this juncture is trying to unscrew the parts drilled into her head, if nothing else she might be able to target the area the visor was connected to. “Well, I dont think we’ll be able to brute force the visor off, we’d either have to find a way to unscrew it or target her head without killing her.” She says, clearly not wanting to actually do that from her tone as she backs off from Idalia.

When Anastasia touches the screws holding the visor in place, she finds that there’s no slots for a tool to fit into, to unscrew them. When she backs away from Idalia, Zei slowly sits up, as does Aurora, still huffing from Mana loss. “Well, I think my work here is done… I snuck you into the Barton Castle, and helped you free your friends. I’ll be going back to Kort to collect the payment you put down on the job.” she says, slowly standing back up and starting to make her way towards Kort. “Good luck getting the visor off.” she says. Soon, Aurora gets back up off the ground and starts to follow her “Uhm, I guess I had better follow her, it’s safer to travel in groups. It was nice seeing you again, Anastasia, may Sirius’ light shine upon you on your travels!” she says, as she runs after Zei, shouting over her shoulder “I hope to see you again soon!”. Ilaria, meanwhile, glances at Ignia and motions with her head towards Idalia’s visor, indicating she should give it a try. Ignia frowns “I guess I can try.” she says, as Indris slowly unchains Idalia on the ground. Ignia gently rests a hand on Idalia’s shoulder as she straddles her hips, then raises her free hand, black fog slowly gathering into her palm. After a moment, she slams the black fog into Idalia’s visor, with a loud ‘boom!’, which causes Indris and Iveta to look away. When they look back, the visor is still over her eyes. After a moment, Ignia starts to make another attempt, however Ilaria grabs her wrist and shakes her head, after which Ignia slowly climbs off of Idalia. Ilaria then looks at Iveta and nods towards Idalia. Iveta hesitantly crouches beside Idalia and grabs the side of the visor with one hand, while raising the other, then she slams her fist down on the visor once.The impact doesn’t leave a single scratch, but Iveta scowls rather giving up, and starts rapidly hammering away at the visor, over and over. Iveta doesn’t stop until blood is dripping from her knuckles, while the visor still shows no signs of damage. Iveta sniffles, then wipes her eyes, but quickly forces herself back to her normal demeanor. “Well, you’re right, brute force isn’t going to do it...” she says, softly, as she stands up.

Anastasia wasn’t even going to try to understand how they got the damn visor on in the first place, sure she saw the tools they used but there nothing for any tool to latch onto, it was such a weird device. When Zei and Aurora get up and express their desire to leave, Ana waves at both of them slowly and nods. “Thanks for all your help you two, hopefully we meet again yea.” She says with a smile, knowing Aurora did a lot of work that fight. Even though she’d rather be bathed in Avenir’s glorious gaze then Sirius’s blind attempt at being something good. She then turns her attention to Ignia and Idalia who were in quite a… Alluring posture with how Ignia was straddling Idalia. Her mind began to start fantasizing for a bit before the sudden loud boom emanating from Ignia’s fog brought her back to reality. She almost stopped Iveta from her onslaught when she began slamming her fists on the visor, but despite that Idalia seemed fine, so Anastasia did nothing. Anastasia scratches the back of her head and thinks for a moment. “Well, at least because she listens to me it’ll make keeping her around and not doing anything stupid easier, will give us time to think of a way to take it off.” She says optimistically, refusing to believe there wasn’t a way to take it off.

Indris looks at Anastasia sympathetically, then gently helps Idalia into a sitting position. Meanwhile Iveta looks first at Anastasia, then Ignia, then Indris, before speaking up again “I don’t think there’s anything else I can do here. I’m going to...” she stops when Ilaria looks at her and cocks her head. “I guess I could.” she says. Ilaria then looks at Anastasia, and Ignia speaks for her “Ilaria says that she has to get back to the job she was on before she came here.” Ignia says, as she blankly stares at the visor on Idalia’s face. Ilaria nods, then gives Anastasia, Ignia, then Indris a two-fingered wave. Iveta follows her, calling over her shoulder “I hope you can consider this better terms than before. Safe travels!” as the two make their way towards the Forest of Bones. Indris sits back down against the tree she had settled against before, while Ignia slowly waves as the two leave.

Anastasia looks over at Iveta when she starts talking, nodding in understanding when she says there was nothing else she could do. Then over at Ilaria when she expresses desire to leave as well in order to finish her job. “Alright, all of us splitting up will make it harder for the Bartons to track us down anyway. Good luck with your mission Ilaria. Yea I think it does Iveta, try not to get yourself into trouble.” She smirks, still feeling a little apprehensive about Iveta, but wanting to get on good terms with her regardless. She waves bye to both of them as they set off into the forest, then looks over at Indris. “What about you Indris? You gonna go as well?” She cocks her head to the side, wondering what Indris’s deal was in general, what kind of person she was.

Indris hesitates, looking at Idalia’s visor rather than Anastasia’s face. After a moment of silence, she finally responds “Idalia isn’t free. I don’t think I can leave her like this.” she says, closing her eyes for a moment and laying her head back. “Don’t feel as though you can’t send me away, though.” she says. Ignia looks up from Idalia’s visor and at Indris “I don’t think we have any reason to send you away. You were very valuable in the effort to break her out of the castle...” she says, sighing loudly.

Anastasia looks over at Idalia as well, thinking for a bit before slowly nodding in understanding once again. “Yea, I get that, I wouldn’t want to leave her like this either. What they did to her is so wrong on so many levels, I’ve never felt such a deep hatred for anything before.” She looks over at Ignia then at Indris. “Yea, I agree with Ignia, I have no reason to not want you here, I’m sure your support will be invaluable to us.” Anastasia tries to start off on a good tone, not wanting a repeat of what happened with Iveta.

Indris nods “Thank you. For now… I hate seeing her in Barton clothes… she keeps spare equipment in a hollow log somewhere, in case she’s captured and has to escape again.” she says, standing up slowly. “I’m going to go look for it, I’ll be back soon, then we can go… wherever you need to go, I guess.” she says, as she slowly walks away. Ignia watches after her, but quickly stands up “I’m going to go help her find it, it can’t be easy finding a hollow log in the wetlands.” she says, giving Anastasia a kiss on the cheek before running off after Indris.

Anastasia agrees completely with Indris, seeing Idalia in such clothing makes her stomach churn a little. Anastasia gives indris a short two handed wave as she walks away, and is a little surprised by Ignia going off after her. “Alright, good luck, I’ll stick around here and watch over her.” When Ignia kisses her on the cheek, Anastasia smiles, gently patting her on the ass as she walks away… Anastasia sits there for some time, looking at the forest around her and at Idalia, trying to keep herself occupied by fiddling with her equipment. However, she was back with her thoughts, and she found herself looking at Idalia more and more often as time passes. Finally, she sets the weapons she was playing with on the ground and crawls over to where Idalia was motionlessly sitting. Anastasia stops right in front of her and stares at Idalias face for a bit. She gives a weak smile at Idalia’s unseeing eyes, happy to be with her again, yet she wasn’t quite with her still. She gently strokes Idalia’s cheek with her hand, before that weak smile starts turning into a grimace. Why did this have to happen? Why is it when she finally found someone to love they were yanked away from her, possibly never to return. After all this time, and all they’ve been through together, this is what happens? She’s captured and turned into an emotionless husk of her former self. Tears begin welling in Anastasia’s eyes, wondering what she did to deserve such a cruel joke. Before she knew it, hot tears were streaking down Anastasia’s face, and she found herself wrapping her arms around Idalia and burying her face into her neck. “Dammit Idalia why did this happen!” She starts screaming out, her voice riddled with despair and pain. “I’m so sorry Idalia, if I was just stronger I would've gotten us out of this mess, I’m always having to rely on you yet the moment you needed me I couldn’t deliver.” The words came out just as she thinks them, the barrier that separated thoughts and speech seeming to suddenly collapse. “Is this what I deserve Idalia, is this what I get for having to rely on you, for relying on someone else? For wanting to be with someone?” She buries her face deeper into Idalia’s shoulder, her tears streaking down Idalia’s back and her head throbbing. Her chest felt so heavy, as if a giant monster was sitting on her, it was like her insides were tearing themselves apart.

Idalia remains still as a statue, completely unresponsive, as Anastasia pours out her feelings to her. Anastasia suddenly feels a gentle touch on her back, which then slowly starts rubbing softly. “I’m s-sorry… I tried my best to prevent this, too...” Ignia says as she crouches down beside her, slowly wrapping her arm around Anastasia’s shoulders. She then slowly starts rocking back and forth, gently pressing against Anastasia, softly whispering into her ear “We’ll free her, it’ll be okay… you’re not alone in this, you have friends… I’ll be with you every step of the way...” trying to comfort her.

Anastasia hiccups as she feels Ignia’s hand on her back, stops crying for a moment as her brain processes who it was, then she immediately starts sobbing again, gently leaning into Ignia. “I… I just don’t understand. W-why her? She’s done nothing wrong, none of you have yet the worst possible fates seem to want you.. I’ve felt feelings I never felt before after I met her, and now she’s been ripped from my life… I should’ve stopped them I’m just… Too fucking weak.” Her words start to get garbled at the end, her sobs becoming more and more violent as she talks. She wasn’t ignoring Ignia, but she was too much in a mentally unstable state right now to do anything but cry.

Ignia gently strokes Anastasia’s head while hugging her against her. “We’ll all get stronger, then they won’t be able to hurt any of us... We’ll crush their castle, then grind their bones into dust… we’ll free her, then we’ll all protect each other… ” she says softly, while using her other hand to gently massage Anastasia’s back.

Anastasia nods her head softly, leaning into Ignia further as Ignia consoles her. “Y-yes, we’ll make them pay for what they did… Then we can bring Idalia back, then we can enjoy our lives.” She says to herself in resurance, repeating the same words over and over, each time more and more quietly as her tears start to fade. After a bit, she looks up at Ignia and gives a faint smile. “T-then we can make our own castle to live in be happy there.” She gives out a choked, short chuckle as she says that.

Ignia nods and gently strokes and massages Anastasia’s back, while using her other hand to gently stroke her cheek. She leans in and gives Anastasia a soft kiss on the lips, then she gives her a second, deeper and more passionate, though still sloppy and unskillful, then she kisses her a third time, and holds it for several moments, as she strokes her cheek one more time, then lowers that hand to her shoulder and gently holds it.

Anastasia gently moves her head onto Ignia’s hand, nuzzling into it a little, wanting nothing more than the comfort it brings right now. When Ignia leans in for the kiss, Anastasia’s eyes widen for a bit, and she slightly backs her head off in surprise, but when their lips connect, she lets it happen. The second time it happened she tries to kiss her back, but find herself succumbing to Ignia’s advances. It was weird having the others tongue inside her mouth, Anastasia was much more used to diving into the other person over the other way around. Anastasia breaks away a little, catching her breath really quick. “W-what if Indris comes b-ba-” She find her mouth invaded again, making her unable to finish the sentence completely. She begins to fully slough into Ignia, her ass on the ground while her upper torso was leant again her, her legs splayed out in front of her next to Idalia.

Ignia slowly lowers her right hand to Anastasia’s chest and quickly undoes her armor, tossing it aside, onto the ground, as she breaks their kiss, only to kiss Anastasia again, licking Anastasia’s tongue with her own softly. Once Anastasia is out of her armor, Ignia gently runs her hand down Anastasia’s arm, stroking it softly, after which she moves her hand to her side and strokes it softly as well for a moment, then Ignia slowly and gently moves her hand to Anastasia’s stomach, rubbing it softly, from her upper stomach to just above her groin area, after which she runs her hand up Anastasia’s body, eventually reaching and groping Anastasia’s right breast, starting to massage it softly, while she uses her other hand to start slowly stroking Anastasia’s bulge through her clothes.

Anastasia’s breathing starts to quicken as Ignia starts undoing her armor, the anticipation causing her cock to harden quickly and by the time Ignia started rubbing her arms she was already at full mast under her clothes. Anastasia tries to say something as Ignia breaks the kiss but it was too small of a time period before she was kissed again. Anastasia shivers as she feels Ignia’s hands touch every part of her body, she instinctively raises her hands up to grab Ignia or something to try and gain control, but despite how gentle Ignia was being it was like an onslaught and Ana couldn’t commit to the act, simply succumbing to Ignia’s touch. Ana never imagined herself in the situation where she was like this, yet the more Ignia touched her the more she didn’t want her to stop, her body seeming to betray her usual instincts and letting Ignia take control of it. Ana lets out a soft moan as she feels her bulge get stroked, her cock twitching at the touch.

Ignia licks Anastasia’s tongue more passionately while she gives her breast another gentle squeeze, after which she she undoes Anastasia’s top, slipping it down off of her shoulders, then she undoes Anastasia’s suit, pulling it down to expose her bra-clad breasts. Ignia breaks her kiss with Anastasia, a string of saliva connecting their tongues as she pulls back. She gently guides her onto her back, slipping her body between Anastasia’s legs as she lays back, all the while continuing to stroke her bulge through her clothes. As Anastasia lays back, Ignia whispers, blushing “You’re… very beautiful… Anastasia...” she says, as she slightly intensifies her stroking, while using her other hand to undo her bra, slowly.

Anastasia moans and shivers more as her breasts are played with, her breathing heavy through Ignia’s mouth and tongue. She helps Ignia remove her top by moving her arms up and positioning herself to make it easier, letting her black lacy bra be on full display when her suit was off. Her nipples clearly erect through the bra. When Ignia stops kissing her, Ana lets out a soft whine of need, letting the string of saliva fall into her mouth as Ignia continues stroking her. When Anastasia is laid down, she splays her legs out as far as possible, giving Ignia plenty of room, letting out soft moans as her cock is stroked. When Ignia tells Ana she is beautiful, Ana’s cheeks flush an even darker grey color. “Y-you are too Igniaaaaa.” She lets out a long, drawn out moan as Ignia strokes her faster. When Ignia undoes Anastasia’s bra, her nipples were fully erect, her skin extremely warm. Her breasts would be sizeable in comparison to Ignia, but in relation to how big her body was they looked quite small.

Ignia takes Anastasia’s right nipple into her mouth and sucks it gently, while she uses one hand to slip Anastasia’s cock out of her clothes, after which she starts jerking her off gently. She lets Anastasia’s nipple slip from her mouth just long enough to whisper to her “Y-you’re… really big...” she says, just before taking Anastasia’s nipple back into her mouth. She uses her other hand to gently grope Anastasia’s free breast, massaging and kneading it gently in her hand. After a moment, she moves her hand from Anastasia’s breast to her own jacket and slips it off, letting it drop to the ground, after which she starts undoing her dress, without once ceasing to jerk Anastasia off.

Anastasia lets out a louder moan as Ignia begins sucking on her nipple, managing to gather enough strength to put her hand on the back of ignia’s head to further entice her. Her back arches a little as she feels Ignia slip her cock out and stroke her with her hand, feeling so much better without the clothes in the way. Anastasia lets out a chuckle as Ignia says she is big. “You’re damn right I am, why do you think s-sex with me is good?” She purrs before letting out another moan. When Ignia begins undressing herself, Anastasia stares at her body, hungirly anticipating seeing Ignia’s naked form. As she waits, small beads of precum begin coming out of her cock, dripping down onto Ignia’s hand and clinging to it like glue.

Ignia releases anastasia’s nipple again, pausing to lick the pre-cum off her hand, licking her lips and letting out a soft “Mmm~” sound, after which she takes the tip of Anastasia’s cock into her mouth. She starts sucking on it gently, bobbing her head slowly, using her tongue to lick below the head, while she resumes stroking her shaft with one hand. She uses her other hand to slip her dress off, dropping it on the ground beside her, exposing her pink and white striped bra and panties, with black lace. As she continues her blowjob, she uses the same hand to slip the bra straps off of her shoulders, then tugs her bra down, exposing her tiny breasts.

Anastasia frowns a little as Ignia stops sucking on her nipples, though it was quickly replaced by something even better as Ignia lucks the precum off her hands then goes for the blowjob. Anastasia lets out a very loud moan as Ignia takes her cock into her mouth. Her back arching further as she instinctively tries to shove her cock deeper into Ignia’s mouth with her thighs. She plants her back straight onto the ground again to look at Ignia strip further, licking her lips as she sees the bra fall off, exposing her tits. Anastasia wanted to lick and suck on those little tits of Ignia’s, but she wasn’t about to move from her position as she got blown. “Oh by Aveeeniiiiirrrr” She moans further. “Ignia your mouth feels soo goooooooooood” She says almost drunkenly. It’s far from the first time she’s gotten blown, but she will never cease to be amazed that anything can feel as good as a good blow and fuck.

Ignia takes Anastasia’s cock deeper into her mouth and bobs her head a bit faster, every movement causing her to gag on Anastasia’s giant cock, but this does nothing to stop her, Ignia licking below her head with her tongue, while using one hand to continue jerking her off vigorously, and uses the other to reach up Anastasia’s body and grope her left breast, massaging and kneading it gently. Every drop of precum that leaked from Anastasia’s tip, Ignia swallowed almost instantly.

Anastasia continues to moan loudly as her cock is sucked, the gagging of Ignia massaging her cock further as the muscles moved. Anastasia started thrusting her cock gently, trying to further increase the pleasure she felt. As she does so more and more precum began to leak out of her cock, going from slow drops, to fast drops to a steady stream as Ignia continued to suck on her. When ignia began to massage her breasts again, Ana put a hand on top of Ignia’s and massages her breasts more roughly, trying to let Ignia know it’s ok if she wants to go harder. It isn’t long before Anastasia is moaning so much she can barely utter out any words. “I-Ign-nia-a, I-Im ab-about-t t-to c-cuuuuuum” She forces out, as if Ignia couldn’t guess that from the amount of pre coming out of her cock. A few moments after she says that, Ana lets screams out in ecstasy, her cock bulging further before unleashing a torrent of cum into Ignia’s mouth. So much that even with Ignia’s incessant swallowing it begins to spill out of her mouth onto Ana’s groin area, covering Ignia’s hand in the sticky tar-like substance. Anastasia’s vision goes dark for a few moments as she is completely lost in nirvana, even after cumming her cock was still as hard, perhaps even harder.

Ignia swallows as much of the cum as she can, but a large amount still spills down her chest and onto Anastasia’s thighs. Ignia slips Anastasia’s cock out of her mouth, then hungrily licks the excess cum off of Anastasia’s thighs, then her own hands. Once she’s done, she slowly straddles Anastasia’s hips, pulls the crotch of her panties aside, after which she lines her tip up with Ignia’s slit, then slowly guides Anastasia’s cock into her wet pussy. Ignia moans with every inch, as she stares directly into Anastasia’s eyes, blushing darkly. After she fits as much of Anastasia’s cock into her as possible, she leans forward, resting one hand on Anastasia’s left breast, then whispers to her “It f-feels good...” then after lifting her hips up, then slowly lowering them back down, letting out a loud moan, she whispers “P-please… cum… i-inside me~” only blushing darker as she speaks.

Anastasia takes the moment Ignia spends getting as much of the cum as possible to recover and regain her senses. Just in time for Ignia to straddle Ana and reveals her pussy to Ana’s cock. Ana eagerly waits for Ignia to slide herself onto Ana, moaning when she finally does, biting her lower lip as she feels more and more of her cock enter Ignia. Unfortunately Ignia can only get about 3/4ths of Ana’s cock inside her before something stops her. Was still plenty for Ana to work with though as she begins slowly thrusting. When Ignia leans forward, Ana reaches up and grabs Ignia’s breasts with both of her hands, kneading them as gently as she could, which was still a bit rough given her strength. Ana lets out a moan as Ignia begins bobbing her body up in down, trying to align her gentle thrusting with Ignia’s own movements. At Ignia’s words, Anastasia smiles and nods. “I already did, but I’ll be happy to do it again.” She purrs and takes one of her hands off of Ignia’s breasts and strokes her cheek with it instead.

Ignia moans with every thrust, and smiles when Anastasia references when they had sex in the bath, in Kort. Ignia tries to ride Anastasia’s cock harder and faster, causing her moans to intensify and become more frequent. She squeezes Anastasia’s right breast, and gently rests her other hand on Anastasia’s when she strokes her cheek, leaning into her touch and nuzzling against her hand, even as she tries to slam her hips down harder on Anastasia’s cock, her juices running down her shaft.

Anastasia moans along with Ignia, not even making the attempt to be quiet out in the forest. She also tries to do her best in matching Ignia’s ever increasing pace with her thrusting. And when Ignia squeezes Ana’s breast Ana does the same and squeezes Ignia’s harder. Though it was a little harder given how small Ignia’s were. She continues stroking Ignia’s cheek as they fuck, before pulling her head down and kissing her, getting some control in this ordeal, though if Ignia wanted Ana wouldn’t stop her from taking control of that too.

Ignia returns Anastasia’s kisses, loudly moaning into her mouth as she massages her breast roughly. Each time Anastasia squeezes her breast, she lets out another moan, her nipple fully erect and poking against Anastasia’s palm. Ignia soon starts panting heavily as she gets closer and closer to orgasm with Anastasia’s continued thrusts, her pussy so wet that her juices are starting to run down Anastasia’s crotch and onto the ground.

Anastasia moves onto her other breast as well as she gropes Ignia, moaning through her mouth as well. Every thrust causing a wet slipping sound to echo through the immediate surrounding forest. Her cock becoming so wet with Ignia’s juices it felt like she stuck her dick in hot water. The juices started turning a dark color as it began mixing with Ana’s pre that began coming out of her cock, and as they continued fucking for a few more minutes a puddle was forming beneath her crotch of both pre and femcum. By then, Anastasia got sent over the edge, and she pulls Ignia into a tight hug as she shoves her cock as far as it’d go inside Ignia, letting out another torrent of cum deep inside Ignia’s pussy, the puddle beneath them growing exponentially larger from the amount of cum that spilled out. Anastasia kept Ignia in the embrace for a little while before finally letting her go, Ignia no doubt going to drink as much of the escaped cum as possible. Should she do so, Anastasia would look over at Idalia, a mischievous smirk forming on her face. “Hey Ignia, why don’t you share some with Idalia, she’s probably hungry with how long it’s been.” She said, trying to pluck an excuse to do so from thin air.

Ignia shudders as she orgasms at the exact same time as Anastasia, crying out into her mouth in pleasure as their mixed cum runs down Anastasia’s shaft. After her orgasm subsides, she slowly lifts herself up and off of Anastasia’s cock, moaning with every inch that’s pulled out of her. Then she gets down on her hands and knees and licks up all of the excess cum from Anastasia’s cock and thighs. With a cum-drunk expression on her face, when Anastasia tells her to share with Idalia, she only blushes and makes her way to her. She gently grabs Idalia’s collar, her mouth full of cum, then gives her a kiss on the lips, pushing the massive amount of cum into Idalia’s mouth, as she gropes her left breast with one hand. She holds the kiss for several moments, before finally breaking it, a strand of saliva, mixed with cum, connecting their tongues when she pulls back, her hand still groping Idalia’s breast.

Anastasia is always a little dissapointed whenver the fucking ends, even though she knows it must. Her cock slowly going limp as Ignia drinks up the cum. Anastasia wasn’t quite expecting Ignia to so readily share with Idalia, saying what she did somewhat as a joke. However the sight of Ignia kissing idalia, cum dribbling down Idalia’s chin made her fully erect all over again. She notices Ignia doesn’t fully back off, still groping Idalia’s breast. Anastasia slowly stands up and makes her way to the two, a smirk on her face. “02, swallow the cum… Then pin Ignia down and make out with her.” She says, wanting to see how far she could go with this, and how willing Ignia might be.

The red symbols appear on Idalia’s visor again, scrolling across for a moment before she suddenly swallows the giant load of cum, then moves to Ignia, grabbing her shoulders, then pinning her down on the ground. She kisses Ignia passionately as she’s pinned down, one of her thighs between Ignia’s legs. Ignia doesn’t struggle at all, she merely blushes as Idalia kisses her over and over, licking her tongue passionately. Ignia attempts to speak while Idalia is making out with her, however every single word is muffled by the kiss.

Anastasia bites her lower lip again as she sees Idalia making out with Ignia. The sight causing her cock to throb. However, despite how horny it made her, she began to realize maybe that wasn’t the best thing to do without Ignia’s permission. “02 stop.” She shouts. When Idalia retreats, Ana looks at Ignia sheepishly. “Sorry… I kinda got carried away there, I don’t know if you’re attracted to Idalia in that way or not. Especially since you’re sort of sisters…” She says with some apprehension, the idea of displeasing Ignia seeming heavy on her heart.

Idalia breaks the kiss immediately, but doesn’t let Ignia back up. When the kiss is broken, saliva runs down Ignia’s chin, her face is pink from blushing so hard, and she looks disappointed that Idalia stopped. When Anastasia apologizes and suggests she may not have liked it, she looks up at Anastasia. “W-w-well… she’s… very b-beautiful...” she says, looking back at Idalia’s face, despite a large part being obscured by the visor. “I d-don’t mind… after w-we did stuff… t-together… I w-wondered wh-what it would… would be like to uhm... ” she trails off, looking away from Idalia.

Anastasia is a bit surprised Ignia doesn’t seem to actually mind what happened, and in fact seemed to enjoy it. After processing what Ignia says for a few moments, she nods and grins. “Well, I can tell her to keep going if you want, and do a lot more while she’s at it.” She purrs. Assuming Ignia agrees, Ana will say. “02, pleasure Ignia, make her orgasm.” if she won’t ana will simply order Idalia to get off Ignia.

Ignia started to nod vigorously, however they began hearing footsteps a short distance away, the splash of boots sinking into the wetlands ground, and twigs snapping with every step. Ignia begins panicking and tries to reach for her dress, but it’s out of reach, and Idalia is pinning her to the ground.

Just as Anastasia is about to tell Idalia to continue, she hears someone approaching, no doubt Indris returning from her trip. “02, get off Ignia and help her dress.” She hisses quickly, before quickly moving to her own discarded clothing and putting it all back on as quickly as possible, fumbling with them as she does so however, going much slower than she would have liked to because of that. Meaning that when Indris is in eye sight, her top is bare except for her bra, however her lower half is completely covered now.

Indris reaches the group with Idalia’s equipment in hand, looking directly at Anastasia’s bra, then over at Ignia, right as she’s zipping her dress the rest of the way. After seeing Ignia zip herself, she glances back at Anastasia, as she hands Idalia the folded pile of clothes without looking, as she tells Anastasia “Nice underwear...”. Meanwhile, Ignia simply blushes and looks at the ground, and Idalia takes the pile of clothes, before returning to standing as still as a statue, now holding the clothes.

When Indris was in eyesight Anastasia purposely started looking a lot more non-chalant and not panicked. Reaching down to grab the rest of her clothes on the ground. When Indris mentions her underwear, she chuckles. “Thanks, nice to know you like what you see.” She grins at Indris, not giving any excuse as to why her suit was off. She then puts said suit on, zipping it up and brushing her arms off, after which she pulls her dress up into position. She then looks towards Idalia. “02, go behind that tree and put on those clothes Indris handed you.” She points to a nearby large tree that should completely cover her body from sight as she changes.

Indris gives her a nebulous wink, then leans against a nearby tree. Meanwhile, Idalia’s visor displays the symbols scrolling across once again, then her eyes light up red as she takes the clothes with her behind the tree and changes. While Idalia changes clothes, Ignia blushes and looks first at Anastasia, then at Indris. After a moment, she shuffles slightly to her left, bit by bit, until she can partly see behind the tree where Idalia was changing. As she watches, she starts very slowly rubbing her thighs together. She suddenly stops and moves back into place as Idalia returns, in her normal outfit that she had worn before she and her companions were captured by the Bartons, or one like it. Once Idalia returns, Indris looks at Ignia and Anastasia, then asks “So, what do we do now?” evenly.

Anastasia smirks at Indris’s wink, but says nothing else. She stands there, crossing her arms and waiting for Idalia to finish. She pretends to not notice Ignia’s shuffling and softcore masturbation, but it didn’t take long for Idalia to finish anyway so it wasn’t the hardest thing to ignore ever. When Idalia returns, Anastasia looks her up and down before nodding. “That’s the Idalia I know… well, physically anyway.” She sighs a little before looking at Indris and Ignia. “Well, I suppose we should head to Kort, perhaps we can meet up with Ilaria there, and I need to check where Ralph could have gone, not that I really care if he is there or not. I’m tired of being around that asshole… Any other suggestions?”

Ignia and Indris remain silent for a moment, until Indris finally speaks up. “We could go hunting for relics… maybe there’s one that can get that visor off.”, then Ignia adds “Ralph is probably gone, anyway… he was left in your room when we were captured, and someone probably found him and let him loose...” she said, her expression downcast. Indris then looks at Idalia sadly.

Anastasia nods, looking around the wetlands that surrounded them. “Yea, that’d probably be a better idea, I don’t wanna deal with him anymore anyway as I said… I’d imagine Barton cause his fancy stuff from nearby, would allow him to create a short supply chain from where he found them to the castle if he settled nearby, maybe even on top of it. By that logic, I think searching in these wetlands is our best bet to find something that may free Idalia.”
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Lord Barton’s face just makes Saphira feel even more down about losing to a bunch of beasts. Of course, there was no way she would have been able to win. But on the other hand it warmed Saphira’s heart to feel the empathy and humanity of Barton so clearly. Thus, when the man declared he would find Magnolia again the explorer-girl believed him fully. “You can do it for sure, my Lord!” A tired smile crossed her face as she nodded. “I will be back to full strength soon I think, with… two tails now.”
Saphira eagerly undresses and dresses up in the new outfit, feeling a lot better just by being properly covered up again. Fresh underwear is quite the luxury out in the wild and well, the Barton insignia. Indeed Saphira takes a quick shower and then heads to bed, sleep being the best way she can heal her wounds right now.
It was early in the morning, way too soon for Saphira when some ruckus outside and then a knock on the door wake her up. The girl opens the door, still in underwear and a shirt. The guards’ explanation makes sense, Saphira is way too weak and there are more than enough defenders here to defend against some mercenaries, so she goes back to bed and turns around, trying to catch some sleep until she’s told everything is safe.

massage scene
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After Saphira wakes up on her own, showers, and dresses, there's another knock at her door. When Saphira moves to answer it, she finds Lord Barton himself standing there in the hallway. It wasn't until this moment that she would notice that he didn't look nearly as old as he had before, only having small amounts of gray in his blond hair, his face flawless and completely wrinkle free, and his muscles well-defined beneath his Lord's robes.

"My lady, the attackers have been fended off, though they did manage to take some things which belonged to us when they escaped." he says as he makes his way into her room and sits on her bed. Though he did not need the cane at all, looking as though he is in his prime, he was still carrying it and set it to the side when he sat down. "Before we worry about that, however, there are more pressing concerns." he begins "You mentioned that a woman has agreed to teach you the lost arts in exchange for a Chimera. While that does encompass my Zero-Units, I have a better idea. I'd like you to capture one of the Chimera that are roaming near Terrorcasta instead, then I'd like you to bring the secrets to us, so that we may all benefit from these arts." he says, patting the bed next to them, indicating for Saphira to sit down beside him.

One night’s rest already makes Saphira feel a lot better and soon enough there is another knock at her door, she looks a bit surprised when it is the Lord himself, and she of course lets him in. She is wearing the outfit Barton provided, hoody included. The Lord is quite the attractive man, probably somewhat older than Saphira, but still handsome. The girl stands before him and listens carefully.
“I’m sorry they stole from you, my lord.” She pouts a little, that was really not something Barton deserves. “Yes, I really do want to know… it is really one of my lifelong wishes to find out more about magic. I can’t think of someone better to use these arts than you, My lord. That would make the world a safer place, I hope.” Saphira eagerly sits down next to the man, looking up at him. “I think I still need a little while to rest and maybe train a bit, but I will go as soon as I can.” Saphira already feels new excitement filling her from the idea of going on the road again. But she isn’t ready yet, her body is still aching at places and there are still lots of bruises that hurt.

Lord Barton smiles when she tells him she can't think of a better person to use the Lost Arts than him "Thank you, my lady, I do try my best." then nods in understanding when she says she needs more rest. "Perhaps I can be of assistance, I know a thing or two about loosening someone up, perhaps it will relieve your aching." he says, gently. He then scoots backwards on the bed and gently grips Saphira by the hips, lifting her up and placing her between his legs, on the bed. He then starts gently and skillfully massaging her shoulders and back with his hands.

As he massages her back and shoulders, he continues "If you would like some training before you go, perhaps my Guards could assist you with that endeavor, so that you may more readily face the next threat to your person, my Lady." he says, before adding "Perhaps I could give you a new companion, as well. I could take you through the same process which gave my Lady CeeCee her young daughter, you'd have a powerful daughter to protect you and help you along your journey." he whispers softly.

“I uhmm… if it won’t be too much effort, that would be greatly appreciated, my lord.” Saphira starts having a small blush as the stately lord lifts her between his legs. Her shoulders quickly relax under Barton’s touch and she finds herself locked in a slight smile. It is as if mental stress is leaving her and not just the stress stored up in her shoulders.
“I’d love some training. I am not the best shot…” She says softly, thinking back to the fights she has had. “And well, I’d love a new companion, but only when I trust myself to be able to defend her and be as reliable to her as she will be to me…” Saphira muses, her breathing growing more regular and relaxed. “If that makes any sense to you, my Lord. I don’t want to endanger others again…”

Lord Barton rubs and massages her shoulders for another moment, then lowers one hand to her side and gently rubs it and her stomach, sometimes rubbing up to just beneath her breasts, while using his other hand to gently massage her right inner and outer thigh. When Saphira agrees to some training, Lord Barton nods "My Guards would be happy to teach you the ways of engaged and ranged combat, my Lady." he whispers.
When Saphira says that she'd love a new companion, but wasn't sure she could protect it, he nods understandingly, then adds "Companions protect each other, I trust that you would do fine. If the creature was as dangerous as you say, and I believe you when you say it is, then no amount of training could have fully prepared you for such an enemy. I can say, that if you truly aren't ready, your companion would be prepared when your training is well underway, so you would then be ready." he assures her, his skillful massaging becoming more intense and pleasurable.
The massaging is starting to be really enjoyable, the light touch of the Lord making the pain of the last weeks fade away… in fact it is pretty enjoyable, way more light and directed than anything Saphira has thus far been subjected to. “hmmmm” The girl lets out a soft hum, closing her eyes and softly wagging along to the Lord’s touches. “Yes, that makes sense, my Lord… you are quite skilled. I guess your work gives you a lot of understanding of the body?” He is very very good and Saphira finds herself just melting a little beneath his touch, if only he would touch a little closer to… but she could not possibly ask such a rude thing to such a polite man.
Lord Barton nods "I've done many things and been many places in my travels, learning any and all skills that I can. That's what led me here, using the Lost Arts. Many years of training, researching, mercenary work... you'd be surprised what a mercenary has to learn to complete every job they're assigned." he says softly. One of his hands gently edges up to Saphira's left breast and he begins gently and firmly massaging and kneading it through her clothes, while his other hand first gently rubs her hip, then her lower back, before spending several moments rubbing and stroking her ass and upper thigh.
Saphira’s smile brightens, “I’ve met a lot of bad and good people out there, mercenaries are quite the mystery themselves, about as fun to discover than the ruins of the old ages. I wish I learned as much as you did, I never knew there was a magical city accessible via portal… there is so much to learn, Lord Barton…” Saphira gasps as the man kneads her breast, before going back to being relaxed, happy that that threshold has been passed. The soft flesh of her breasts are some of the sorest places, so she does not protest the man’s fondling. Saphira even lets him touch her inner thighs and ass, not making it a secret that she is enjoying it, as some soft pleasured sounds escape her mouth and the girl lifts her butt a little to allow the lord access.
Lord Barton smiles as Saphira expresses interest in learning more "If you live her with me long enough, I'll be happy to show you as much as I can, my Lady." he says, as he massages her breast a bit more. After a few moments, he stops just long enough to grab the hem of her top and lift it up and over her breasts, exposing her bra-clad breasts. He then slips his hand beneath her bra cup and resumes massaging and kneading it gently. Meanwhile, he moves his hand from her ass, to her inner thigh, rubbing it more and slowly moving it closer to her crotch bit by bit. Finally, his hand reaches her crotch, and he starts gently stroking her crotch through her clothes.
“Aahh hummm…” Saphira blushes bright now, feeling her body getting hot from the touches, a small spot of moist forming on her new underwear. “You have been nothing but kind… my lord… I would be grateful!” Her breast is still a bit bruised from the fights and especially the abuse of the creatures she fought, but it is mostly soft and still sensitive, making the explorer moan softly, along with the touch on her crotch. Saphira softly grabs onto the bedsheets. “Very skilled… my lord…” she whispers, feeling a little embarrassed for sexually enjoying what she assumes is just a helpful massage.
Lord Barton strokes her crotch until he feels the wet spot forming on her shorts, then he unbuttons and unzips them, before slipping his hand in and stroking her slit through her panties. He meanwhile continues massaging her breast beneath her bra, using his palm to rub her nipple while he uses his fingers to knead and massage her breast. "I'm quite glad you're enjoying this, my Lady, I only wish for you to feel better." he whispers. Soon, she can feel his cock hardening against her lower back, through his clothes.
Saphira leans her head back against the Lord’s chest, her eyes still closed in relaxed enjoyment, moaning happily as he starts stroking her private area, humming cheerfully as her nipple gets some much wanted attention. Then she notices the man’s cock hardening, feeling him even through his clothing. “I uhmmm notice you are enjoying yourself as well, my Lord… you only need to ask for my help…” She says, doing her best to remain as aloofly polite as Barton.
Lord Barton smiles when she says he seems to be enjoying himself as well "You're just so beautiful, my Lady, I can't help it~" he whispers to her, as he slips his hand into her panties and gently rubs her clit with his thumb, while stroking her slit with two fingers. He gently uses his fingers to pinch her nipple beneath her bra, while gently planting a kiss on her neck, his cock stiffening further and poking her lower back.
Saphira smile brightens as she giggles like a little girl at the compliment. “Thank you so much, you are extremely handsome yourself…” she adds, her moans getting a bit louder as Barton can now clearly feel her womanhood getting wet, eagerly enjoying the touch of his fingers. The hairs on Saphira’s neck tingle at the kiss, and she opens her eyes to look up at the Lord, using one of her hands to softly run through his hair. “You don’t have to apologise for what you feel, my Lord…” A hint of playfulness is now in her voice, as her eye twinkle happily.
Lord Barton smiles as she runs her hand through his hair. He slips two fingers into her pussy slowly as he continues rubbing her clit with his thumb. Meanwhile, he grabs her bra with his other hand and tugs it up, then gently lowers his face to her right breast, taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking it gently while he returns his free hand back to pinching and rubbing her other nipple, his hard cock rubbing against Saphira's lower back, through his clothes, as he moves.
The girl moans loudly as he enters her pussy, the insides being warm and extremely soft, the movement of Barton’s fingers sending jolts of pleasure through Saphira’s lower body. The girl hums cheerily as her benefactor removes her bra, revealing her little breasts. “Like what you see, my Lord?” His body already gave her the answer, and she lets her hand slide over the man’s side, reaching back to softly stroke his inner thigh. Finally she softly caresses the Lord’s crotch, smiling innocently as she does, “Oh my~”
He lets out a soft moan as she caresses his crotch, his cock twitching from the pleasure of her touch, and bucks his hips slightly, as he continues sucking her nipple, while pinching and rubbing the other with his fingers. He meanwhile starts thrusting his fingers in and out of her pussy, skillfully probing for her most sensitive places while rubbing her clit with his thumb.
Saphira is satisfied with the results and undoes two buttons of his trousers to reach inside, grabbing his cock through whatever fabric is left, her breathing now accelerating as she still sits between Barton’s legs, moaning up at him. Saphira makes no secret of her most sensitive spots, and an increase in moans and a needier look in her eyes easily reveal her secrets. Of course, now the explorer is eager to do things back, still keeping her eyes focussed on the Lord as she softly strokes his member through his undergarments or just plain if he isn’t wearing any.
Lord Barton moans a bit more as Saphira strokes his cock through the thin fabric of his undies, causing him to buck his hips even more as his cock starts to become fully erect. He thrusts his fingers in and out of Saphira more vigorously, each thrust aimed at her most sensitive areas. He licks and sucks her nipple more vigorously, swirling his tongue around her hard nipple every so often, while pinching and rubbing on her other skillfully with his hand.
Saphira’s breathing gets even more ragged now as she is fingerfucked, moaning happily. “Want more, my L-lord?” She asks, simultaneously scooting her butt backwards, grinding it against his crotch as he continues to suck her nipples, which are standing straight up in the air now.
Lord Barton releases her nipple, then nods as he replies "Y-yes I would, my Lady". He then grabs her shorts and slips them the rest of the way off, before lifting her up by her thighs and setting her on his lap, his cock standing fully erect between her thighs. He moves the crotch of her panties aside, then slowly slides his large, throbbing cock into her pussy, inch by inch. Once he's fully hilted into her, he begins thrusting slowly as he gropes her breasts with both hands, massaging them gently. With every thrust into her, he moans softly into Saphira's ear.
Saphira briefly smirks at his answer, helping to get her shorts off by raising her legs and then letting herself be put on his lap, softly grinding against Barton’s member until he pulls her panty away and starts going. The teasing and fingering has made Saphira wet enough that his cock didn’t feel unpleasant at all, the pressure all extremely arousing, as she sits up, looking down at the lord with her cheeks as red as her hair and a shy smile. Her moans reveal her enjoyment as he starts thrusting, Saphira moving her hips slowly with his rhythm.
He continues thrusting in and out of her, picking up his pace with every passing moment, precum starting to leak inside of Saphira, his moans intensifying with as his pace increases, his large cock reaching Saphira's deepest depths. He gropes her breasts a bit harder, but still carefully, kneading them in his hands as he leans his face closer to Saphira's touching his nose to her's.
Saphira goes with the rhythm, determined to make the Lord feel as good as she is feeling, and she feels divine. Her juices mix with his inside of her as he keeps thrusting, exploring her warm depths. This time, instead of raw power, she feels deliberate affection, and she loves it. When he pulls her closer, she doesn’t even think twice and presses her lips to his, kissing the Lord with a mix of lust and genuine affection as she rides him.
Lord Barton begins thrusting even faster as he returns Saphira's kiss, panting heavily and moaning into her mouth as he gets closer to orgasm with every passing moment. He slips his tongue into her mouth and licks hers with his own. His grip on her breasts tightens as he hilts himself into her, letting out a low moan as he releases a large torrent of cum deep inside her pussy, excess cum spilling out of her as she's overfilled.
Saphira happily lets Barton in, returning the moans equally as she dances her tongue around his, giving intense pants as her breasts get kneaded. Her back arches and a tempest of pleasure breaks loose as she orgasms with him, eagerly riding the Lord out for all his juice as it spills out of her fucked pussy.
Lord Barton lets out a second cumshot into Saphira's pussy, then slowly pulls out of her, a third cumshot firing directly onto her bare stomach once he's out. All the while, he holds his kiss with her, only breaking the kiss once he has pulled out of her, the man panting softly, but only for a moment. He gently lays her down on the bed and slides over her, between her legs, once again slowly pushing his cock into her pussy. He gives Saphira another deep kiss as he starts thrusting in and out of her again, holding her hips gently as he licks and sucks her tongue.
Saphira pants heavily when the kiss is released, giggling at the Lord when he pulls out. “T-that was awesome!” She lets herself be laid down, smirking playfully when she sees he is not done yet. “Let’s go!” As he enters her still cum-soaked pussy again, Saphira softly wraps her bare legs around his back, kissing him passionately, urging him to go deeper.
Lord Barton kisses her more passionately with every thrust, hilting himself into her each time, moaning loudly into her mouth. He moves his hands from her hips to her breasts and squeezes them gently, no longer needing to hold her hips, now that she had wrapped her legs around him. As he gropes her breasts, he rubs her nipples with his thumbs. Without stopping his thrusts, Lord Barton breaks their kiss just long enough to ask Saphira, through his moaning and panting "W-would... you... like to... start sleeping... in my... my chambers~?" softly.
She kisses back, of course with him on top he could easily lead the way, as her pussy now greedily accepts his thrusts, allowing him full access to Saphira’s warm depths. Her nipples quickly return to full stature, and Saphira’s excited moans make clear that the extra attention is working as planned. Saphira flushes more from this question than form any of the fucking, hesitating for a moment as she thinks it through before nodding happily. “Yes, my lord… I’d be aaaaahhhmmmm honoured!”
Lord Barton gives her a smile, then returns to kissing her passionately as he thrusts into her repeatedly, steadily gaining speed with every passing moment, his moans matching time with his thrusts. He reaches one hand down between her legs and pinches her clit as he keeps the other hand on her breast, groping it gently. After roughly twenty minutes of continued thrusting, Lord Barton hilts himself into her again and unleashes yet another torrent of cum deep inside her, the volume of cum being the same size as the previous one.
Saphira does not leave the lord wanting, bucking her hips with him to try and help his rhythm. She savours every moment of the sex, her walls clenching around Barton’s cock as the two make love. Saphira orgasms once more along with the Lord, her body relaxing a lot when he finally pulls out. She smiles up contently at Barton, the cum dripping out of her.
When Lord Barton pulls out of her and sees her smiling, he gently pets Saphira's head. "That was... very good." he says, leaning in and kissing her lips again, then gently resting his hand on her stomach and rubbing it softly. After a moment of rest, he stands up and starts to fix his clothing. "Would you like to begin the process of creating your daughter after you've cleaned up, my Lady?" he asks.
Saphira just smiles and moves back her head to nuzzle Barton’s hand. “It was amazing…” She quickly kisses her back, sitting on the edge of the bed and just putting her underwear and shirt back on. “That sounds good, Barton, I’ll take a quick shower and be right over!”

Zero Unit and Training:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After Saphira has cleaned up and leaves her room, she finds two Guards waiting for her in the hallway. "Hello, Lady Saphira, Lord Barton has instructed us to take you to his lab at your soonest convenience." one informs her, while the other bows.
Once she's ready, the two Guards guide her down the hallway and two the steps, then down the steps and into a large black metal room, with a red carpet, with gray edges, covering most of the floor, the Barton Emblem in the center. The walls are metal as well, being covered with the same red tapestries as upstairs. Lord Barton was waiting for her at a metal box-shaped panel with a glass monitor above it, buttons and dials, as well as levers, lined the panel. "My Lady, welcome." Lord Barton says, when Saphira enters the room. He approaches her and rests a hand on her back, as he turns her to face a green, semi-transparent pod, with a round metal section on the top and bottom, dials covering the bottom section with abbreviations Saphira did not recognize. "I'm going to open this, in just a moment, then I'd like you to step inside. It'll allow me to add your likeness to your new daughter. It will be combined with mine, as well as that of several creatures that we have available, to create a powerful companion for you." he explains. He turns to her and gives her a soft kiss on the lips, before asking "My lady, do you have any preference for which creatures we use?" softly.
“Let’s get going then.” Saphira says, ready and excited to find out what is going to happen. The room is a bit weird, indeed like a laboratory. It all seems very advanced technologically, somewhat misplaced in the medieval aesthetic of the castle. Saphira smiles when she crosses eyes with Barton, tilting her head at the pod. “In there huh? Alright then…” She thinks for a bit on the second question, before answering. “As long as it isn’t one of the ones that defeated me… I just have bad memories of those.”

Lord Barton nods, then pulls a lever, causing the green pod to open up. When Saphira steps in, she finds that the top and bottom have a metal grate closing them off. Lord Barton helps Saphira step inside the pod, by taking her hand, then pulls the same lever in the other direction, causing the pod to close around her. Lord Barton then works with some of the controls, adjusting dials, and pulling certain levers, for roughly five minutes, then presses a large red button on the end of the panel. When he does this, a purple gas begins slowly filling the pod that she's in, however it doesn't become any harder to breath. After several more minutes, the gas is syphoned out of the pod, then Lord Barton pulls the lever, allowing her to step out. Lord Barton grabs her hand as she steps down, saying "I've selected what I believe to be the best traits for her, however we won't know what the results are until she's completed." then he adds "I'll bring her to you when she's done. Until then, would you like my Guards to take you to the training area?" he asks, gently rubbing her back.
Saphira excitedly steps, almost jumps inside. When waiting for Barton to calibrate his machine she asks, “So, how does this work, this seems like advanced stuff?” For a moment, Saphira panicks at the strange purple gas, before finding it is not dangerous at all. As she gets out again, she gives the Lord a quick hug and peck on the cheek. “Thank you so much, I’m sure you’ll have made her amazing.” She then nods. “That would be grand, thank you.”
When Saphira asks Lord Barton about the equipment, he only replies once she is out of the Pod "Well, I must convert dead creatures into a fine liquid, which I use to apply certain traits to the new Zero-Unit, then the gas in that pod is used to copy our likeness into the new Zero-Unit. Zero-Units created without first using an existing Zero-Unit are slightly weaker, however they are still far more powerful than a normal Chaldean. I must confess, I've only tinkered with these Lost Arts to enough of an extent to get it working again, I'm still not quite sure how it accomplishes this task." he explains, before motioning to a nearby Guard "Please bring Lady Saphira to the training area, so that she may learn our skills." he says. The Guard then takes Saphira by the hand and leads her upstairs. He takes her up two more flights of stairs and down a hallway, which is lined with empty suits of Barton Armor, each holding a different weapon, a spear, a sword, a bow, a crossbow, a Steam Gun, several strange-looking weapons that he must have built himself. The Guard finally guides her to a metal door with a huge handle in the shape of a circle, with numerous handles, and tugs the door open.
The room is the largest she has ever been in, with a floor made from metal, and covered with red padding. The room has a single red and gray tapestry with the Barton Emblem on each wall. The room is filled with men who look like younger versions of Lord Barton, each with blond hair, blue eyes, and large rippling muscles. Each one is shirtless, and only wearing a pair of loose-fitting red pants, and each is practicing with a different weapon, slightly older Barton Guards shouting out orders and giving additional information on how to properly use each weapon or perform each task. Against the walls are lines of shelves, each filled with books on martial arts, techniques, weapon forms, leadership skills, and other important information. Once the Guard leads her into the room, a blond-haired man, who also looks like a younger Lord Barton, with blue eyes and large muscles makes his way over to Saphira. "My Lady, Lord Barton has informed me that I'll be training with you. I hope to become well-acquainted with you in the days to come." he says, bowing to her.
“Wow that is amazing technology, being able to capture a person’s likeness like that. If only we knew how it worked. So many possibilities!” Saphira’s mind fills with dreams of technology and magic as she reaches the training ground. “Wow… that’s so much stuff.” Books, weapons, armour and a lot of men. Very attractive and strong men.
When she is done marvelling at the sheer size of the training area she smiles at her new instructor. “Thank you, kind sir. What is your name? And… uhm do you have any suggestions on starting?”
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Spoiler (click to show/hide):

CeeCee took her time to finish cleaning off Allessandra’s cock, her belly nice and full of Spectross cum. She gave Allessandra a cute smile when she pets her on the head. “You can have my throat anytime you want my queen!” She said with a sultry gaze. With her new companion well satisfied, CeeCee got dressed and went to stand next to Allessandra at the window. “You’re likely right. The Barton’s have been making Chimeras for some time now. Lord Barton has a method to create them, using some of the lost arts as well some strange technology. I brought him a skeleton of an Icecrag and some fur from an owlbear, and he collected essence from them, as well as myself. He made a chimera from myself and the other creatures, I decided to call her Magnolia. She is traveling with a friend of mine at the moment. A sweet girl, quite strong but she can barely speak… Magnolia that is. The chimeras come out of the process physically fully formed, but they need some time to develop mentally. Apparently, Magnolia was created with some sort of sedation built-in aswell. Almost all the other chimeras have a potent rage of some kind. I know Lord Barton decently well, but I’m not sure he would part with one of his creations if he is trying to recover them currently. Though bargaining with the knights may be easier… ” Said CeeCee leaning against Allessandra and watching the battle wrap up.

“If they are going anywhere it’s to Barton Castle. It’s not all that far from here. Lord Barton is good at making them but not good at keeping them around. From what I can tell, every Chimera that they have created has escaped. And due to how dangerous they can be, it’s safer if they stay tucked away somewhere. But it seems like the chimeras don’t agree.” She said as she was getting lifted up and whisked away out of the inn.

“Should we follow them right away or try to visit one of the guilds first? I can track them if there is any blood or other bodily fluids left over from the battle.” Asked CeeCee looking up at Allessandra.

Alessandra nods, picking up all of the information CeeCee was throwing down. “Hmm hmm hmm… okay, since we’ll probably be gone for awhile, I suppose we can quickly grab a quest.” she says, turning and making her way to the Owl Guild. Alessandra set CeeCee down, then opened the door for her “Alright, my cute little pet, go ahead and pick whatever guild job you like, then we can follow those Bartons. We don’t want them to get too far ahead, so be quick about it~” she says, patting CeeCee on the head. Then as CeeCee was entering the structure, Alessandra quickly adds “OH, and if you can find someone to help us capture that Chimera… be sure to let them know it’s in their best interest to help us.” she says, winking.

CeeCee quickly hopped down out from Allessandra’s arms and ran over to the quest board, scanning it for anything of note. “Understood my queen!” She said with a smile keeping an eye out for a potential new party member.

When CeeCee enters, the room is mostly wood, including a wooden desk and several wooden tables, with wooden chairs surrounding them. The wooden floor is covered with a light blue carpet, and silver banners with the owl emblem of the guild hung from the walls. The room wasn’t quite full, in fact there were only five people in the room besides the clerk. One girl with long blue hair and silver armor, wearing a silver buster sword across her back was sitting at the table, she merely glanced at CeeCee when she entered then went back to her sipping her glass of wine. Leaning against one wall was a girl all in black with her hood and mask one, holding a crossbow, who pretty much ignored CeeCee, and everyone else. The third girl was wearing a leather top and leather pants, both in black, with her hood up. Beneath her hood, CeeCee could see that she had short black hair. She had just finished talking to the clerk and was making her way to a table when CeeCee entered. The fourth girl had long black hair and was wearing a revealing black outfit with a white skirt and black stockings, holding a sword with runes on it, in the corner, sharpening her weapon. Her lilac eyes flicked to Ceecee when she entered, then watched her as she made her way to the desk. The last girl in the room looked like a necromancer, wearing black thigh-high boots, a black skirt, and a black top with a black leather jacket. She had long purple hair, with matching fox ears and a long purple fox tail, both indicating she was a were-beast. By her side, practically confirming her necromancer status, she had a massive black scythe with a silver blade, and a purple gem built into it. She was standing at the desk, conversing with the Clerk, but not in line. She moved aside when CeeCee entered, so that she could speak with the Clerk. On the board, behind the Clerk, was a list of jobs.

“Hi! I’m in a bit of a hurry but I’d like to pick up the Gnareldknux contract, and I have a handful of grimoires to hand in if you could process them.” She said with a cheerful look. She looked all of the other mercenaries that were inside the guild. The one closest to the clerk definitely caught her eyes, and her nose quite quickly. Most were-beasts had a stronger scent than humans and the females had a bit of extra musk that made them stand out in a crowd. The others looked capable as well but if she would be traveling with any of them she would want it to be the were-fox. She was a little worried that the girl seemed to be a necromancer, but so long as CeeCee didn’t participate in her dark magics then Pradera wouldn’t find her at fault. CeeCee slid up next to her and gave her a quick wave. “Hi, you wouldn’t happen to want to pick up a special job, would you? I’ll be sure to make it worth your while.” She said with a quick wink.

The clerk accepts CeeCee’s grimoire entries, then nods when she says she’d like the Gnarledknux job. He gets out a sheet of paper, then writes in Chaldean “Spider-Wolf-Slut” next to the aforementioned job. “Alright, you’re all signed up, my lady.” he said with a smile. The girl looks at CeeCee’s face, then looks her up and down. “My Lady, you have spider legs growing from your back...” she says slowly.

“Ohh, yes, I know. I’ve been trying to ignore them. They are quite unpleasant. I tried speaking with a healer but they said they couldn’t help me… My next best bet was an alchemist I thought. But I’m on a bit of a time-sensitive mission right now, so dealing with these will have to wait a bit…” She said frowning slightly. “You wouldn’t happen to know of an alchemist that could help do you?” She asked, a bit of hope sparkling in her eyes.

The Were-Fox nods slowly and squints at her “I know a person who can cure that. Not necessarily an Alchemist.” she says, slowly, then adds “It’s one of the… easier… transformative afflictions to cure.” her voice was soft and she seemed to speak at a very slow pace, as if choosing every word carefully, articulating each one, as if she had a Solstacian accent. “Which job did you want me to pick up, Spider Lady?” she asked, raising her eyebrow, her fox tail swishing behind her.

“Ohh, that’s great well if you could introduce me to whoever can cure me, I would greatly appreciate it...Myself and my uhh…. Lets just call her my companion, are seeking to track and capture a particular creature. Which if you accept I’d be happy to tell you all the details while we have less company.” She said giving out as much information as she felt necessary.

She stays silent a moment, then answers “I shall, should there be enough corpses to offer to my Goddess. WILL there be… corpses?” she asks, emphasizing the word ‘will’, tilting her head back slightly and looking down her nose at CeeCee, her hand resting on the hilt of her scythe as it leaned against her body.

“I’m sure we can make that happen if it sweetens the deal? I’ve yet to travel far without running into a few corpses here or there.” She said hoping that her answer sufficed.

The Were-Fox lifted her scythe and strapped it to her back “I shall… go with you, then.” she said, softly, as she crossed her arms over her chest, her tail swishing behind her almost making the girl look excited, despite the bored expression she always seemed to wear so far.

“Great!” Said CeeCee as she turned around and started making her way out of the guild. “I am CeeCee, What’s your name, my lady?” She asked looking over her shoulder.

“I am known as Lucephine” she said, as she followed CeeCee out of the building. When CeeCee and Lucephine step out, Alessandra smiles at them, grabbing CeeCee and lifting her into her arms. “Well, what do we have here~?” she says, looking Lucephine over from head to toe. Lucephine answers slowly “Lucephine, Necromancer of Grayhaven.” she replies, which did nothing to explain her Solstacian accent and slow speech. Alessandra smiles pleasantly at her “Necromancer? Ooohhh, good choice, my pet.” she says, gently petting CeeCee’s head. Lucephine nods “So. Where are we going? What are we doing? I need corpses for the Goddess of Death.” she says, evenly.

“Thank you, my queen.” Purred CeeCee as she was lifted up. “We are going to be following those Barton guards that just left town. We believe them to have captured two Chimera, we would like one of them. I do have some influence with the Bartons, so I would prefer we not kill them if it could be avoided. Or we would need to kill them just make sure no one else sees, and none of them escape the slaughter. Don’t want word spreading back to the Bartons that I crossed them.” She said gesturing best she could towards the gate the guards had left from.

Lucephine squints at CeeCee when she mentions not wanting to kill the Bartons, but regardless responds “Understood. I only hope the plan goes awry.” she says, to which Alessandra replies “Even if it doesn’t, there are always plenty of monsters to kill on the way to and from any place. We may encounter an Orc Camp and just kill everyone there.” she says, grinning cockily. Lucephine nods in understanding. With no business left in the city, Alessandra begins walking towards the gates, petting CeeCee softly on the head as she walks.

“My queen could we stop by the site of the battle before we exit. I’d like to gather the scent of the ones we are tracking.” She said with a smile.

Alessandra nods “Of course, my pet~” she says, smoothly, after which she turns around on her heel and makes her way to the area in front of the Inn. They may not have noticed before, but the area was practically covered in blood. The blood of the Barton Guards, which was the standard red color, the blood of the assumed Chimeras, which was a darker red that was almost black, and the blood of the Spectross-Wraith Hybrid, which was a dark Gray, which was coating part of the roof and dripping down the wall of the Inn. “If they put up this much of a fight against so many trained Guards, I have a hard time believing that they’re ordinary girls.” Alessandra says, looking over the scene. Meanwhile, Lucephine was walking through the area and examining each splotch of blood “Some of this is not human blood… also the bastards carried off their fallen comrades...” she says, mumbling the latter, with a scowl.

“Yeah, the Chimeras are pretty strong…” Said CeeCee as she went about sniffing the dark blood of the chimeras and the dark grey blood of the spectross-wraith hybrid. Once she was certain that she had the scent she returned to Allessandra and lifted up her arms. “I can walk if you ever want me to.” She whispered to Allessandra once she was back in her arms. “I’m sorry the guards left no bodies for you, but I promise we will find some before we are done.” She shouted back over to Lucephine. “Alright, I’m all set to head out. Lucephine did mention that she knows of someone who can cure me, and if we get her enough bodies she will introduce me. So we should try to kill something out there.” She again whispered to Allessandra as she shifted around in her arms, trying to find a position to be vigilant. “But if we find a monster or a beast I’d prefer the chance to tame one first if you don’t mind.” She said as she started imagining what sort of creatures she might run into…

When CeeCee mentions that the Chimeras are pretty strong, she confidently replies “They won’t be all that strong when I’m punching them.” she says, grinning. Alessandra then chuckles when CeeCee mentions that she can walk, answering “You’re small and adorable, why would I NOT carry my little pet?” the group resumed making their way towards the gates of the city to follow the Barton army to the castle. When they reach the gates, the Guards don’t even bother Alessandra, instead shaking in their armor when they see her. “Open the gates for your Queen~” she says, in a singsong voice, which the Guards do immediately. The Guards on the wall, rather than shaking, hurry down the turrets and onto the ground, waving at Alessandra “Queen Alessandra, it’s so good to see you again! Are you off on another job?” they say, as they take turns giving her a fist bump and a high-five, Alessandra ending the exchange by slapping one of the Guards on their armored back, almost knocking him over “Yes, my new pet and I are actually off on several jobs. They’re top secret, however. I may tell you sometime if you buy me and my pet a drink~” she says, almost purring when she mentions the drink. The Guards nod in understanding, one of them bidding her farewell by shouting over his shoulder “Safe travels, my Queen, I can’t wait to hear all about it when you return!”. Once the Guards return to their position on the wall, they open the gate, then exchange fistbumps and high-fives, as if they just accomplished something incredible.

“It helps a bit to be closer to the ground for tracking. But if the wind is in our favor I can scent track from here.” She said as they made their way to the gate. “I see you’ve made a good impression on the local guards my queen,” CeeCee said with a little giggle. Once the gates were open CeeCee was a bit discouraged that she couldn’t see the Barton group, but their tracks were fresh and she trusted Allessandra would be able to see the way they went.

Alessandra considers the option up until they exit through the gates, then nods “They’re quite nice, my little pet, though a bit too fond of fist-bumping and high-fiving~” she says, giggling. “After careful consideration, I suppose since it benefits our job, you may walk for yourself to track these Bartons.” she says, loosening her grip on CeeCee to let her leap from her arms. The trail leads them through a heavily wooded area in the Land of Fools. Roughly a mile and a half through the woods, the ground begins to shake. Suddenly, a massive were-wolf creature erupts from the ground, trees and stone coating sections of its body. The creature attempts to swipe at CeeCee, however in a single instant, Alessandra is already wearing a pair of Steam-Powered Gauntlets the size of ovens, and punches the creature in the arm right before it would have hit her, not only knocking the creature back, but also causing it to howl in pain. “That was a warning shot!” she calls to it “Try anything else, and I’ll punch your arm off!” she finishes. Meanwhile, Lucephine grabs her scythe by the handle, then unsheaths it, flipping it around her arm, before embedding the blade into the ground, creating a small crevasse around the area she had slammed the blade “Can I kill it?” she asks, staring at the creature with blood lust.

“No! No! We can’t kill it.” She shouted quickly stepping in front of the Wolf Kragg. “He is a great and powerful wolf, and he will do us no harm.” She said with a panicked smile. She turned back to the creature and howled loudly, introducing herself and her party, as well as describing her wolf-lineage. My companion apologizes for hitting you o’great wolf. We wish you no harm. I am CeeCee of the Culgan clan, I am sorry for intruding upon your territory. She said as she walked closer to the wolf kragg. What may I offer in recompense?

What might you have to offer me little wolf? He replied in a low guttural growl. You have nothing to give as far as I can tell.. Less you plan on letting me eat one of those tasty morsels.

No, you cannot eat either of them. The tall one is my alpha and the fox in part of our pack. She said confidently firmly standing her ground. Have you a mate great wolf, I would offer myself to appease you.

You can’t be serious little wolf, I would split you in half! He replied with an almost chuckle.

CeeCee simply smiled and pulled her armor off before stepping a bit closer. Are you sure o’great wolf, it must have been some time since you’ve emptied those great big balls? She said as she scooped up the wolf’s furry sac and held them betwixt her arms.

Do not tempt me little wolf! You would not survive my lust. He said trying to push her away from his sac.

CeeCee just squeezed down tighter on his watermelon sized gonads and buried her face between them. It seems you’re already tempted. She said as the head of the wolfs cock slipped free from its sheath. CeeCee didn’t waste any time and began licking and sucking at the tip of his colossal cock.

Hmmm… you’re right it seems. He said in a low growl as more and more of his cock spilled free of its sheath.

CeeCee giggled and wrapped her lips around the wolf’s cock, barely fitting the first few inches in her mouth. She used and hands and her tits to start stroking the beast’s dick, trying to bring him to full mast.

Enough playing around little wolf, are we going to mate or not. His growl was grumpy but betrayed by pleasure.

Ohh, is the big bad wolf not liking this attention. She said in a mocking tone, as she stepped back from his cock.

Ahh! You Bitch! He growled quickly grabbing her between his front paws and lifting her into the air.

Now, Now, play nice! She said as her eyes glowed a cool blue and magic erupted out from her and into the wolf. It took a few moments but it traveled in a wave over the wolf kragg’s body. He visibly relaxed and his eyes were glowing like CeeCee’s. Good boy! She said as the wolf slowly placed her back on the ground. She eagerly walked back forward and began to pleasure his cock again, while she also played with herself. She was still going to have to seal the deal for her magic to take hold, and she wanted to be good and wet for when that happened. Tell me, friend, what is your name? She asked between attempts to suck his massive dong,

Fridolf… what did you do to my mind little wolf? I feel like I'm spinning. He said in a strained voice.

I was just helping you to relax o’great wolf. She said in a sultry tone. She had never been able to talk to the beasts she was taming before, it was a bit surreal. Most of them couldn’t speak, and the only time she had tamed wolves in the wild they just barked out single words, maybe a short phrase. But this kragg could speak, and express how he was feeling. It was a bit shocking, to be honest, and CeeCee worried that her magic may not be strong enough.

Hmm, yes it would seem so. He said as he reached down and squeezed CeeCee’s ass between two of his claws. This continued for a few minutes until CeeCee had deemed she was ready to try to conquer this cock. She slowly withdrew and got on all fours, sticking her ass up in the air and waving her tail back and forth. The wolf kragg didn’t need any instructions. He stomped forward and mounted CeeCee from behind pressing his giant cock against her wet snatch. CeeCee took a few deep breaths and slapped her ass before pushing back into him, her well-lubricated pussy wrapping itself around his monumental member.

Ohh! Little Wolf you feel great, can’t believe I haven’t done this before. He growled slowly pushing his cock deeper into CeeCee. She yelped and began to shake as his near sixty-inch cock pushed hard against her insides. Its gargantuan length was matched by a girth about nine inches around. CeeCee could feel her pelvic bones squeezing down on the Fridolf’s cock, every slight movement he made did, in fact, make it feel like she was going to be split in half. After shaking, moaning, and whimpering for the better part of a minute, Fridolf continued his advances. OHHHHHHH FUCK! She finally managed to growl out after minutes of muted pleasure-filled noises. She looked back over her shoulder to see that Fridolf had maybe buried another three to four inches inside of her, the majority of his cock still hanging in the wind. He grabbed her hips with one powerful hand and planted his other first into the earth, slowly pushing more and more of cock into her. There was a brief moment of incredibly intense pain that almost knocked CeeCee out as her pubic symphysis snapped. It looked as if her hips had dislocated. CeeCee let out a very loud shriek but it faded away quickly as the breath was taken out of her.
Ugghhh, Much better. Said Fridolf and he quite easily slipped his massive cock into CeeCee and began to thrust back and forth. CeeCee squealed as soon as she caught her breath quivering around Fridolf’s massive dick. CeeCee could just barely keep herself from drifting off towards unconsciousness as Fridolf continued to use her as a cock-sleeve... At this point, Fridolf really began enjoying himself. He kept pushing deeper with every thrust, her belly bulging with thirty inches of hot wolf cock. Halfway there little wolf. Growled the wolf kragg. “Mmmmhhngg”. Is all CeeCee could manage to reply, her mind was having a hard time processing words at the moment. One of the common issues with taming something so large was that CeeCee often times couldn’t focus well enough to command the creature she was taming. With no instructions otherwise Fridolf just continued on his merry way, pounding CeeCee’s pussy. He was so large, and his thrusts so strong, that every thrust forward shook the ground and rustled the trees nearby. The sound of his melon-sized gonads slapping against the forest floor echoed off into the distance. Soon he was thrusting at an incredible pace and almost his entire cock was buried inside CeeCee. She came hard as the giant wolf increased his pace, the sensation was too great for her. Fridolf seemed to be slowing down a bit as his knot started to swell. He started pressing the knot up against her already far too full pussy. CeeCee weakly shook her head no, but Fridolf was intent on knotting his new bitch. It took a few hefty pushes and few screams from CeeCee but a large wet popping noise preceded a powerful howl from both CeeCee and Fridolf. Fridolf gave a few more thrusts before his balls tightened and cum began to pour forth. Thanks to the knot, Fridolf’s cum had to hit its mark. CeeCee’s belly soon began inflating with a truly gigantic amount of cum. She began to panic as she became ever more full. The rock hard cock still twitching inside her gave her another orgasm as she ballooned up to an impressive size. Fridolf let out a few deep breaths as he slowly laid on his side. CeeCee was left hanging in the air slowly filling up with cum. Eventually, Fridolf’s knot started to shrink and his cum came gushing out of CeeCee, spraying all over the forest floor. Shortly after his dick began to withdraw aswell and CeeCee was slowly lowered down and rested against his fur. Well done little wolf, well done indeed…

When CeeCee is finished with her wolf, and slips back into her clothes, she turns back to see Alessandra grinning, while Lucephine looks visibly shaken. “I’ve seen many different creatures torn limb from limb, and used for uncountable experiments that many would find horrifying… never before have I experienced something like this… I may be scarred for life.” Lucephine says, her left eye twitching. Meanwhile, Alessandra pats CeeCee on the head “Good pet, that made me… very, very happy~” she says, licking her lips. Lucephine shudders and seems to search for a segue out of this conversation “The sun sinks low in the sky… we must make haste.” she says, shuddering as she considers what she had just seen for a brief moment, one last time. Alessandra follows her gaze to the sky “You’re right, we need to hurry. At this rate, they’ll reach the castle long before us.” she says, slapping CeeCee on the ass “Lead the way, my little pet… and do remember, I’d like to see you same many more creatures and people...” she says, with a wink, whispering the last part so that Lucephine wouldn’t hear.

CeeCee was a bit dazed following her taming session with the wolf kragg but Alessandra shepherding her along made her snap out of it. “Ok right, back to tracking… I’m glad you enjoyed the show.”She said blowing Alessandra a kiss. She then took a long deep breath of the wind and searched out the scents of her mark. While the heavy musk of the wolf kragg was still distracting her she did manage to sniff out the group and started to make some headway. “They went this way.” She said as she started walking off in the direction of her prey, albeit at a bit of a slow hobbling pace.

The group made their way towards the group, which had been stationary before, but had begun moving towards the castle sometime during or after CeeCee’s taming session. Not only had they started moving, but in fact, they had begun moving at incredible speed, as if they were flat-out running towards the castle now. Likewise, CeeCee’s own group began bolting after them to keep up or overtake them, however they eventually become tired when they reach the Wetlands. The group is forced to stop, and Alessandra turns to CeeCee “Alright, my little pet~” she says, resting her hand on CeeCee’s head “We’re going to stop here for a little while, in the meantime, you can casually search for your ingredients. If you need me, I’ll be keeping an eye on you~” she says, giving her a gentle kiss on the top of her head before patting her ass softly. The area was dense with trees, while the ground was beneath a foot of real, actual water. Fallen logs littered the area, as well as the bones of dead Chaldeans and creatures, which Lucephine started collecting for herself, piling them on a raised section of land.

“Shouldn’t we make camp and fire if we are intending to wait out the night? I’ve been stuck traveling out here before in the twilight hours, its how I was adorned with the spider legs.” She said in a worried voice.

Alessandra places a hand on her head “It’ll be okay. I’ll set up camp while you find your ingredients, and I’ll be keeping an eye on you. Just be back before the sun sinks out of view.” she says, smiling. Meanwhile, Lucephine had stacked up all of the bones and was saying a prayer to Zalaam, a dark purple energy rising from her body as she accepted her offerings.

“Ohh, great, thank you my queen!” She said looking up at Alessandra and pursing her lips. She stood on her tippy toes and grabbed up at her but all she managed was to plant a kiss directly on her groin. She pouted and tugged on her arm, whimpering at her ineffective kiss. “My Queen…” She said in a sad tone, flashing Alessandra her puppy-dog eyes.

Alessandra smiled and slowly got down on her knees, so that CeeCee could reach her lips, then gently petted her head. “Did my little pet want something?” she asked, chuckling softly. Meanwhile, Lucephine had finished her prayer and the bones she had collected had formed into a small hut, with a bone door. She pulled it open and went inside. After several minutes, smoke began pouring from the bone chimney, indicating that she had lit a fire inside.

“Yes!” Said CeeCee as she planted a kiss on Alessandra’s lips, tugging on her bottom lip slightly with her teeth. She reached forward during their kiss and grabbed her cock giving it a tentative grope. “Keep that warm for me will ya?” She purred as she broke away from the kiss and scooted away into the woods, tail wagging happily as she went. Despite her focus being on Alessandra, CeeCee still noticed the purple energy flowing into and out of Lucephine. She was forbidden to participate in any of her dark magics, but she could happily observe them. She thought that Lucephine would be creating some sort of twisted bone golem or other conglomerate of bone, but when a pleasant little hut formed she was pleasantly surprised. CeeCee walked over to the hut and spoke a bit more loudly than normal, “My apologies Lucephine if my taming of the wolf kragg disturbed you. Though if you didn’t like what you saw, could have looked the other way!” She said as she began making her way through the woods, new wolf kragg in tow. It took some time but she managed to find a few of everything on the list, and with the help of her new companion, she managed to carry it all back to camp before the sun disappeared from the sky.

Alessandra giggles when CeeCee asks her to keep her cock warm for her, while Lucephine seems to totally ignore CeeCee, despite being able to hear her through her bone structure. While CeeCee collects her ingredients, she can feel Alessandra’s eyes on her, despite the fact she was setting up their tent and building a fire. When CeeCee returns to the camp, Alessandra scoops her up and looks over the supplies she had collected and smiles at her “Good job, my little pet, I think that’s everything you needed~” she says, giving her a soft peck on the lips. When CeeCee looks around her, she can see that three groups of seven Skeletons were slowly patrolling the camp, wielding sharpened bones like spears. They paid her no mind as they shambled in a circle. Though the three groups were large, if a creature of the night attacked, the skeletons would merely serve as an alarm as their bones rattled when they are destroyed. Alessandra set CeeCee back on the ground “Now, my little pet, get some sleep~ I’ll take tonights watch, since the Skeletons would to little to protect us~” she said softly, patting her head and motioning towards the black and white striped tent she had set up.

“Thank you, my queen. Fridolf can take a watch as well, he will listen to any command you give him, I have made sure of it. Please do come join me if you find the time.” She said with a sultry smile as she made her way to the tent. Rest came quite quickly to CeeCee, taming such a large beast had taken a lot out of her. But maybe this one would be a bit tougher than the rest…

Alessandra gives her a smile and a nod “If I get the chance, and you’re not already asleep~” she says, patting her ass.

CeeCee wakes in the morning to Alessandra gently patting her head, whispering “Time to get a move on, we can’t assume that the Barton army stopped for the night, so we probably lost a lot of time.” she says, before slipping outside, CeeCee in her arms, as she used one hand to start packing up the tent. Meanwhile, Lucephine had already dismantled her cozy little bone hut and sent her Skeleton Patrol out into the woods. She was leaning against a tree, sharpening her scythe as she waited for CeeCee and Alessandra to lead the way.

“Yes right away!” Said CeeCee and she got up and quickly dressed. She fished out a few rations and began to munch on them as she led the group forward on the tracks she had found the previous day.

The trip through the wetlands takes them towards the Barton Castle, however as they began approaching a large mountain, they find a massive white-skinned creature that appears to be skin and bones, with large and empty eyesockets peering directly at them. The first person to notice was Lucephine, stopping dead in her tracks. “We’re going to have to take a detour.” she says, the tone of her voice conveying urgency. Alessandra soon sees what she’s referring to and tries not to look directly at it. “Yeah, let’s swing wide… it’ll extend the trip by a day or two, but I don’t really want to endanger everyone by fighting that thing, and we don’t know how long it’ll be there,” she says slowly, her voice abnormally strained.

“Understood, we’ll stay in the cover of the trees and come back around from the north.” Said CeeCee quickly turning and the east and putting some distance between them and the mountain-sized monster.

The trip around the creature to get back on track takes a day and a half, however trail, rather than taking them to the Barton Castle, takes them to clear several miles away from the Barton Castle. Despite the trees being plentiful in this location, they can see individuals the trail leads to, and not a single Barton Guard anywhere in sight. The first girl was one CeeCee didn’t recognize, a dark-haired girl with green eyes, wearing a black bodysuit, with knee-high black boots, a pink and purple miniskirt, and a purple vest with a cross-shaped zipper. She was with the three girls CeeCee was tracking, the black-haired girl in the gray and gold clothes, with a leather shirt beneath her hoodie that only covered her chest and arms, a pair of black and gold boots, thigh-high stockings, and a short gray and gold skirt. Her lilac eyes were now covered by a black visor. Near here was the shorter girl in a purple and black dress, a purple hoodie with cat ears, a single pink and white thigh-high stocking and a black sock, both beneath black boots. She was holding a disturbing black stuffed bear. All three were with the Spectross-Wraith Hybrid, who was wearing her armor over a black dress with vertical grooves, over a black skin-tight bodysuit. The group didn’t seem to have noticed them yet. Alessandra leaned closer to CeeCee and whispered to her “I’m thinking they escaped, which is quite impressive, Chimera or no. I suggest we come up with a plan that prevents us from having to fight four against three, it’ll minimize difficulty.” she says, Lucephine whispering back “Does that mean I won’t get to kill them?” her voice almost sounding like she was sulking.

“We will have plenty to slay after we capture the chimera and bring her to Vitra.” Said CeeCee to quiet Lucephine. “I agree, fighting them is not a safe avenue. We should try to gain their trust, and capture one of the girls when they least expect it. The spectross and the one in the grey and gold have both seen me before. All the Chimeras hate the Bartons and I think the spectross does as well, considering they have a bounty of sorts on her. We are most safe if they think we dislike them too. We’ll tell them that the Bartons stole my daughter and we were tracking the group that left Kort in order to interrogate them. We were deterred by the giant monster and were approaching from the north. Knowing too much about the chimera might give us away so don’t go flaunting what you know. We could ask them if they want to help with the orc situation. Everyone loves killing orcs right? How could they refuse?” Pitched CeeCee worried but confident in her plan.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Selvaria found that she couldn't help but smile as the Necro-Blob jiggled and murred happily in her arms. She had never met something so soft and squishy and just generally enjoyable to hold, and even the knowledge that it fed on corpses could only slightly detract from that enjoyment. Selvaria then looks to the guard, surprised by the offer to keep the Necro-Blob as her own. She was hesitant, after all having to feed this creature corpses was still a bit distasteful to her. And yet, perhaps there was a way around that? How long had it been since she had a companion? She would never admit it, but holing up in her house, avoiding others as much as she could manage, was starting to get lonely. A well trained animal wouldn't turn on her so long as she took proper care of it, and the fact that it could take care of cleaning for her was just an added bonus. "Well... If parting with such a valuable creature is fine... Then perhaps I will." Selvaria eventually tells the guard with a nod of thanks, holding her new pet closer to her chest as she resumes waiting.

While she waits, Selvaria can feel her eyelids start to grow heavier. This was the longest she had set foot outside her house in quite sometime and staying up all night riding the train was starting to take it's toll on her. Holding her Necro-Blob in her arms had dropped her guard enough that she felt comfortable drifting off to sleep in her chair as she waited for the three girls to recover. Selvaria had no idea how long her nap had lasted, but the sounds of approaching footsteps eventually awakened her with a start. Her eyes snapped open, and upon seeing the red haired girl that must be Annie standing in front of her, Selvaria immediately stood up, shifting the Necro-Blob to her left hand so she could hold the strap of her rifle in her right. "Ah! H-hello. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me." She greets Annie hastily, her gaze shifting to see the blond girl and the Wanderer who had objected to her presence. "I hope your injuries have recovered. And.... I apologize for interrupting your rest." Selvaria says, loudly enough that the three of them would be able to hear it before focusing her attention back on Annie.

"As I had mentioned earlier, I would like to consult with you on a job that has brought me to Vitra. The Black Salamander guild in Azraq has contracted me to investigate the disappearance of Lena Ansel." She explains, not bothering to conceal any details from Annie's companions. She didn't feel that anything she knew was confidential, and even if she did receive a private audience, these three seemed quite.... close from what she had witnessed and there was no guarantee that Annie wouldn't just tell them about it later anyway. "My only lead is that a local detective believed it to be connected to a string of disappearances. Some guards also told me that their captain mentioned she was 'sticking her nose where it didn't belong'. While investigating the disappearance of corpses from graves, I was brought here but.... that seems to have been a dead end. Having said all that, I would like to ask two things. Do you believe you can assist me with this matter, and what would it take for me to secure that assistance?"
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Amun gave no reply to Metia's comment on their being late, not sure exactly what was with her frame of reference in regards to time, but it was irrelevant as she moved on to answer his question in a way that provoked more questions. Stay away from the water? Kill everything that gets in her way? Just why would she be afraid of the water, and what sort of violent woman just needlessly kills and kills like that? ... Wait, no, he should expect that of her—Metia seemed kinda crazy. "Fero? Yes, right, well..." Amun trailed off as he watched Metia completely ignore him and leave. He sighed. "I suppose we'll follow her." He took Camilla's hand, as she did his, and he begun to walk off after Metia, still maintaining some distance because he frankly felt like she might just snap on them at any second and try to brutally murder them.

The dark forest, Amun would soon find out, is dark even during a sunny day. Various shades of black darkness painted the flora of the woodlands, with black trees like onyx and jet black grass below. Very little color seemed to exist in this pocketed forest world other than the traces of glowing blue light. It could've been seen as beautiful in some respects, but Amun merely looked at it with suspicion. Thus far, he's felt like he's getting a feel for the outside world. Everything is hostile, and everything is dangerous. Dark places are bad. Suspicious people and things are bad. So what about a place made of both dark and suspicious things?

His suspicions were semi-confirmed when Metia struck a shaking bush with a burst of flames, forcing a screeching goblin out of its hiding place and briefly lighting up the area enough for them to see it clearly. He narrowed his eyes. "It really is quite foolish to follow the enemy after the death of so many of their allies..." He seemed more confident, even as four others appeared. Amun neither shook nor felt any worry at his foes. Rather, he remembered how the goblins were last, and he only felt eager to attack and hurt them like they had to others before. "But if you wish to make this a lesson, Metia, then I suppose this is a bout of fortune." Amun let go of Camilla and took a step forward to shield her, pulling out his recently acquired axe and holding it at the ready.

fight noises
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The moment the Goblins have lined up in preparation to attack, Metia becomes a black blur as she charges over to the center-most Goblin, first using her left Polearm to cut vertically, the strike cutting clean through the Goblin’s armor, flesh, and bone, severing his right arm, causing the creature to freeze for a moment, before crying out in pain as blood sprayed from the wound like a garden hose. Metia then stabbed her other Polearm through its chest, lifting him off the ground, then bared her dragon fangs, using them to bite a chunk out of the creature’s throat. She chewed on the bloody mess in her mouth for a moment, before spitting it back into the creature’s face, the blood blinding him as he gargled, dying slowly. She then, with one swift motion, flicked her Polearm, causing the creature to tumble across the ground, towards Amun, stopping at his feet. “Here, kill that one.” she said, giving Amun a half grin, as she blocked a strike from one of the other Goblins with her Polearm, without even looking.

Amun was really ready for combat at the start. He had his axe out, he was feeling confident with a strong ally on his side, and then... she does her thing. He gagged, looking away for a moment before he starts violently coughing as she very gruesomely brutalizes the first goblin. "D-dear Sirius..." He looked at the decimated body thrown at him with a pitiful look. Not even a goblin deserved what she just did, he thought. But, well... they are enemies. He slowly raised his axe up, barely looking at the nearly dead thing, then dropped it down to slide against its armor as he moved to violently retch at the smell. "Mother of—"

Metia laughed as Amun failed to cut through the enemy Goblin, or damage it at all. three of the four other Goblins moved to attack her, while the fourth attempted to sneak around behind Amun, however rather than evading or blocking the attacks, she moves her upper body slightly, angling it in such a way that the Goblin’s haphazard slashes create sparks rather than cutting into her armor, after which she grabbed the two Goblins by the wrists. Meanwhile, the Goblin that Amun was attempting to kill used its one remaining arm to grab the rusted sword it had dropped and forced itself up, attempting to slash at Amun while a second Goblin attacked him from behind at the same time, the first with a horizontal slash, and the second with a vertical one. Both Goblins were too slow, and Amun was able to easily dodge the two attacks, causing the Goblin behind him to stumble forward into the other, while Metia threw both of the other Goblins like ragdolls, after which she gave the third Goblin a heavy kick to the head, sending it tumbling after them. The three Goblins slam into the other two, knocking all of them over, after which, with a laugh, Metia lets loose a stream of flame from her mouth, setting all of the Goblins on fire and causing them to cry out in pain as they burned alive. One Goblin manages to make it out of the flames, coughing up smoke and stumbling, after which a second crawls from the pile of burning bodies, its skin and armor charred. “Oh look, two managed to survive. Squishy one, kill the one on the ground, surely you can manage that, yes?” she says, as she steps on the pile of charred corpses and watches Amun, ignoring the second Goblin who was trying to pull itself up on a nearby tree, coughing pathetically.

The former noble felt a bit of embarrassment at his clear failure, nearly glaring petulantly at the laughing maniac were it not for the fact that he's scared out of his wits of her. "It's... I'm not too used to the new weapon yet. It's a very different one from what I'm used to.." Amun muttered a half-baked excuse as he tried to raise his weapon for another try—he noticed another goblin sneaking up behind him from the corner of his eye, and the wounded one was trying to take advantage of his pincered state, grabbing its rusted sword for a swing. But they simply weren't quick enough.

Both tried for a slash at his torso in unity, but he predicted the attacks and merely had to duck to the side before they came, letting the blades cut through nothing but air and clash into one another as the one flanking him stumbled off balance into the other. The whole process was neat like folding paper, and he stood a second after to watch Metia rangle them all together and proceed to barbecue them. He hastily pinched his noise as the smell of burning goblin meat filled the air, but he couldn't shield his ears as they screamed in agony. "Disgusting..." It's a toss up if he meant this toward Metia's violent tendencies or the goblins burning. Then, it seemed as if two of them were a little hardier than the others as they just barely came out alive from the burning. He glanced to Metia as she spoke to him, smiling tightly and nodding as he tried to ignore the thinly veiled jab. "Of course. I must do my part in battle some time, correct?" It was just the axe. The handle was all stocky and weird, and the weight was off. He's more of a dagger guy so he's just getting used to it.

Of course he didn't make any more excuses as he instead raised his axe up high to finish off the goblin. But just as he was about to slam the hatchet down on it, he faltered, and his swing went wider than expected as his grip loosened, causing it to crash right next to the goblin's head. His hands were sweaty from the heat. What sort of bad luck..?

Metia laughed as she saw Amun fail to finish off yet another practically dead Goblin. “I suppose you’ll need a bit more training than expected, Squishy One.” she said, not even bothering to hide her amusement. She became a black blur again as she charged the Goblin who had finally managed to struggle to its feet against the tree. She stabbed her Polearms through the creature’s shoulder and abdomen, then pulled them out without bothering to finish the creature off. As the creature tried to hold its internal organs inside its body, Metia grabbed the creature by its neck, then spun towards a further tree, pitching the creature towards it. With a loud crack, the Goblin broke through the trunk, causing the tree to topple over. Behind the broken tree, the Goblin bled to death on the ground, its body bent in numerous strange angles. Meanwhile, the Goblin at Amun’s feet struggled into a kneeling position and was struggling to heft its sword for another attack, screeching in agony as its charred flesh flaked off beneath its melting armor. “Come now, Squishy One, surely you’re strong enough to defeat a charred and dying Goblin.” she said, leaning against the blood-soaked tree that the now-dead Goblin had used to stand up, watching Amun without even moving to interfere in his ‘battle’.

He didn't even bother to glance to her, hearing the gruesome sounds of death and havoc that Amun had come to associate with the were-dragon. He didn't respond to her either, instead placing down his axe to wipe his sweaty hands on his clothes before he picked it up again. "Now... third time's a charm." He took a few deep breaths, looking down at the hurt creature and slowly working himself up to briefly tap into his bestial instincts. Violent thoughts raced through his mind, and he lifted his axe slowly in one hand to bring death down upon the dying goblin. And...

His axe went down whistling through the wind like an arrow shot from a bow. The clean steel edge chopped into the goblin's head, and he then raised it up to repeat the process. Again and again, he brutally chopped into the dead thing's skull, driving the axe's blade deeper and deeper until he was splitting its head in half, armor and all. His eyes were sharpened and focused on the carnage, his head swimming with a desire to hurt the corpse and to prove himself as better than the dead goblin, and he didn't cease until his axe stabbed into the ground beneath and the goblin's head was reduced into a choppy state of pink mush.

"... O-oh... oh dear Sirius—" Disgusted at his actions, Amun turned to vomit on the ground, dropping his axe and shaking from his violent retching. He could taste that awful flavor of stomach bile once he finished, and almost wanted to vomit again just by how awful his mouth tasted. No. No, that's entirely too messy. He... he couldn't have done THAT, right? The were-dog wiped his mouth on his clothes, not sure how to react to what he'd just done.

Metia was clapping nearby, and Camilla was staring at the mess that Amun had made with a horrified look on her face. “Good work, you actually managed to kill one. Well, it was horribly wounded and dying from its burns, but hey, it’s quite a step up from being stabbed.” she said, a smile on her face, revealing her rows of razor sharp dragon teeth. As she clapped, she slowly approached Amun, until she was standing right next to him “Now, you just need to do that to every enemy you come across, before they do that to you.” she said. Meanwhile, Camilla came up on Amun’s other side “A-at least you weren’t wounded...” she stuttered, still staring down at the Goblin’s corpse. Metia nodded in agreement “Indeed, he didn’t block, but he did protect his squishy parts from the Goblins. Be aware, however, there are more than just Goblins outside the city walls, there is far, far worse.” she said, before pausing, then adding “Regardless, we should get moving again, we don’t want to be out at night, nothing good happens at night.” she said, as she nudged the Goblin corpse with one of her armored boots.

Ah... and now Camilla was seeing his mess. Amun felt bad for exposing her to this, but it's not like Metia hasn't shown her much (read: MUCH) worse already. But even being somewhat comparable to that berserker of a woman was... not fun. "Yes, I... we should go." Amun tried to muster up whatever else he had left and get moving. Like Metia said, it was best to head somewhere relatively safer and wait out the night than be out in the wild with the sun gone. He learned his lesson the last time.

religious convo
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Some time later, the small party of three were still passing through the dark woods. They'd made some decent traction through the forest by now, and quite possibly, they were nearly out of it. It was around then that Amun decided to strike up a conversation with their resident berserker about something that had been bothering him. He'd been shooting her glances every now and again. "... Metia, do forgive me for troubling you with this sudden question, but you are a follower of Sirius, are you not?"

Metia didn’t look surprised when Amun asked her whether or not she was a follower of Sirius, and Camilla, who had been staring at the ground and holding Amun’s arm, perked up when he asked, showing her interest as well. “I do indeed, she guides the world with her light, and at her presence, the darkness retreats. It’s true, I don’t conduct myself as a follower should, but… I have no interest in hurting those who don’t hurt others, as Zalaam would have her followers do, and I’m not a fan of Tenebris’ affinity for darkness... I have no interest in the machines of Masino, nor Cindra’s desire to burn everything… I happen to like some of everything. I’m not good enough for Avenir, Fraus exists to be a cunt, Malicia revels in your misfortune, Stellia prefers to look down on us, Pradera wants you to get lost in the woods and do… very odd things with the wildlife there. Chatim and Latom made the water uninhabitable, Estrella is very odd… so Sirius I serve faithfully… unless things need to die.” she explained, uncharacteristically calmly. When she had finished, Camilla leaned closer to Amun and whispered “I don’t even recognize half of those names...” softly.

This was surprising news to him. He'd never seen her seem so calm about... well, ANYTHING before. It seemed like even while stationary she'd be the type to grin maliciously and think of ways to brutalize you. This wasn't unwelcome though. "That is not a view that I'm used to, if I'm to be honest. Where I'm from, you typically had to remain pure for Sirius to the best of your abilities. Pray every day, visit the church every day, help those in need, save those in need... all the typical fare. We were... very faithful to her. So much so that it seemed ludicrous to consider the other goddesses or paths." And look where it got them. The Khufu family now laid dead in the ruins of their home, and its sole survivor has all but renounced their goddess. He, at least, realized the faults in the so-called kind goddess of light. "But you seem to know quite a bit of the goddesses."

“Where most people are from, the other Goddesses aren’t considered. Avenir, Goddess of Perfection, is almost exclusively worshipped by the Spectross in Solstace. Fraus is worshipped by trouble-makers, like Rogues and Toymakers… Zalaam is worshipped by Necromancers, and those filthy Gray-skins. Masino is worshipped in Kort and Calt, as well as by some Toymakers, Trappers, and Artificers… possibly by them Bartons, but I can’t confirm that. Tenebris is worshipped by all of the shady people… she’s really easy to please, and most people who follow her consider curses their friends… Pradera worshippers are relatively common, just not in the cities. I’ve never met a person who worships Chatim and Latom, but a great many Artificers and Alchemists worship Estrella. Malicia is worshipped by gamblers, and Stellia is only worshipped in one city as far as I know. Cidra is… worshipped by so few people that I’ve never met someone who worships her. You know, and some people worship others, but I’ve never felt the need. I feel like Sirius accepts me and my shortcomings just fine… I don’t know all that much about the Goddesses, I’ve just traveled a lot. You learn a lot when traveling whether you’re interested in learning about that subject or not. I think something you’ll find about Goddesses, especially Sirius… is that they take all kinds.” she said, sounding somewhat sad when she brings up her own shortcomings, however she regains her composure quickly. Camilla whispers to Amun shortly after Metia finishes speaking “I’ve only heard of Sirius, Tenebris, Zalaam, and Pradera...” she says, gripping his sleeve tightly.

The conversation regarding the goddesses really got him thinking. Maybe he should rethink his commitment to Sirius and try his luck with the others... as it stood, she obviously didn't consider him or his family despite their devotion. Putting his faith in her for anything seemed like a fool's errand, but wouldn't that be the case for any of the other goddesses? From what he was hearing, just about all of them were distasteful in one way or another. Zalaam is involved with the disgusting dead, Amun never cared much for machines so Masino was out, Tenebris sounded untrustworthy, he didn't feel any sort of affinity for Pradera... it felt like worshipping a goddess would be picking the lesser of several evils and hoping they help you sometime. Amun sighed. "It's all quite complicated, no?" If only there was a straightforward choice that just screamed 'RIGHT' to him. "I suppose I envy you for your faith, then. It's better to be certain than not."

“You have nothing to envy me for.” Metia said, before slapping Amun on the back with such force that it felt as though he was trambled by a bull. “Except maybe my ability to defeat enemies without them first being nearly killed by someone else~” she said teasingly. “Perhaps if you’re so interested in the Goddesses, besides Sirius herself, you should try praying to each of them and see what happens. Maybe one of them will respond in such a way that you would feel drawn to them.” she says, now grinning, unlike before. Camilla tugged at Amun’s sleeve awkwardly “Some of them are scary, though… what if Tenebris answers?” she whispers.

His back nearly broke from the force of the slap, and Amun stumbled forward with a wheeze. Couldn't she have been a little more gentle..? He rubbed his lower back as Camilla whispered to him. "If Tenebris answers... then I'd get to see something interesting." Though it'd be terrifying. He did feel like Metia's idea had some merit to it, and felt it would be harmless to try and see what happens. Maybe... he'd start with Sirius. See if she'd really answer those prayers she never would now that she allowed his family to die. "I believe it's worth a shot," he said in a not whispering tone to Metia, "I'll have to find some time to offer a prayer soon. I hope we're closing in on Fero. At any rate, I thank you for the advice, Metia."
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby MiscChaos » Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:59 am

Somehow, Ophelia is not surprised that when she returns to the waking world, Annie is already getting dressed. She is not certain how her detective does it, whether it is a rather early internal alarm or something, but she has never once witnessed Annie get out of bed or get dressed. Well, there were the first couple of times they woke up together where she found herself groping Annie unconsciously. She wonders if that had anything to do with Annie's newfound habits. Regardless, given how much she enjoys seeing timid way Annie removes her clothing, she is curious as to whether seeing Annie put clothes back on would do anything for her. She doubts it, but she is still discovering “kinks” as they believe they are called, so it is possible. Still, she does enjoy the clothing option given to her detective, large swathes of her beautiful skin in the open for her viewing pleasure. With a brief passing of her tongue across her lips she affirms to herself that she simply must return the favor for the pleasure Annie bestowed upon her at a later time. She wonders if there is a way she can do so while Annie is wearing her new outfit. Her increasingly perverted thoughts are cut off when Annie asks for her Deathsticks, replacing her lecherous expression with a frown, but she is thankful the guards decide not to give them back to her detective. It would be for the best if she broke the need for such things as quickly as possible and she meant every word when she said she was entirely willing to help her detective through the process. She clears the expression from her face before Annie turns around, not wanting her detective to see it. The woman is smart enough that she doubts she would have any measure of success hiding the reason for said expression. Instead, she places a smile on her face. ”It is good to see you hale and whole once more as well, Annie.” She says as she raises from bed. Her eyes rake across Annie once more, but for differing reasons. First place she locks onto is Annie's hand through her hair. Annie tends to use that as a nervous tic, so she attempts to see if there should be any reason for her detective to be uncomfortable. She fails to do so, so she is forced to assume Annie really was just brushing hair out of her face. Then she scans Annie's body. She fails to see any sign of the injuries that lead them to this hospital bed in the first place, so her smile increases in size.

With Alice right next to her, she pulls her soldier for JUSTICE into a one armed hug, just to enjoy her nearness. Then she sighs and playfully flicks Alice’s forehead when she brings up Annie’s previous state. She is not sure why she does such a thing, but it seemed like one of the methods least likely to do any actual damage while also conveying a sense of playful annoyance a strike normally would have outside of combat. She is fairly sure she is thinking too far into this, but it is something she has tended to do more and more often since meeting Annie and Alice anyways. Letting Alice go, she dresses herself in the clothes she put to the side to get into bed with Annie, helping herself to a view of what her Paladin is wearing in the process. She cannot help but wonder how those gloves would feel on her skin and just how easily she would be able to reach parts of Alice under her skirt. She takes a moment to wonder just when she became such a massive pervert when it comes to these two, but the thought is fleeting as she is sure one of them would mention it if they had a problem with it. And she doubts Alice would be the one to bring it up as a problem to begin with, her Paladin being so honest and forward with nearly all aspects of herself. Seeing Annie’s mental state, Ophelia moves to hug her as well. ”Indeed. I meant every word I said when I told you I would do whatever necessary to make up for their lack. You have assisted me greatly with your intelligence and skill. The honor of returning the favor would please me greatly.” She says.

She is more than a touch surprised when Annie turns around and kisses her. Normally she would have to be the one to initiate such things. That or Annie would have to be drugged or swept up in a mood that she and Alice had already created. Still, she does not reject it in any way, shape, or form, returning the kiss before Annie breaks it. ”I would do it a thousand times over if it meant you remained safe.” She responds before her detective steps back. And she means it. It hurt greatly being violated by so many creatures, losing her virginity in such a manner, but she is certain watching it happen to Annie and Alice would have been much, much worse. She would take penises twice the size of the already lengthy monsters she had in every orifice if it meant her suffering through it would keep them away from her lovers. She is still concerned for Annie's mental well-being however. Hiding her pain so quickly and so easily cannot be a good thing. They will have to have a more extended discussion on this another time where Annie can fully discharge her emotional imbalance. Bottling up such things can only lead to problems in the future.

She is drawn from her thoughts by Alice kissing her as well, sneaking a chance to grope her in as well. Ophelia finds herself blushing, a dopey grin on her face afterward. It is at times like these that she is thankful for being born a female. If she had a penis, she was to wonder just how much blood there would be for the rest of her given how often these two would have her erect. Is it possible to become completely unable to think due to the penis holding all of the body’s blood? Ophelia has done no research into the anatomy of a penis, never really seen one before her altercation with the Ice Stalkers unless it was on someone who was soon to be dead (like the idiot who used one as a weapon in the Colosseum), so she has no way of answering that question. She may pose it to Annie later, but she supposes in the grand scheme of things, such information is not altogether necessary for her. Still, she forcibly composes herself by the time Alice points them to the hallway where their guest is waiting. With what little free time she has left, she takes the Steel Pistol and Bronze Crossbow in her inventory and attempts to craft something better from them. It has been a while since she has done so and she is aware Masino enjoys attempts at innovation. She has barely shown any devotion to her Goddess, it feels like and with someone like Alice nearby, that feels like a bad thing to do. So she dedicates this attempt at crafting to Masino.

All too soon, however, it seems they are in front of the Were-Beast from earlier. The first thing she does is bow. ”My apologies for my conduct earlier. We were injured and I was paranoid because of it. If it seemed I was in any way annoyed or angered by you, I would assure you that was never the case.” She says, raising from her bow. She remains quiet from that point forward as the interaction is between the mercenary Selvaria and Annie. The reason for the mercenary seeking Annie out however is… concerning. She is sure Annie has mentioned the disappearances in Azraq before while they were back in the Colosseum, but the fact that they have become bad enough for outside help to be hired is… concerning. Especially given that they now know there is someone out there with a grudge against Lady Techra and those she associates with. She cannot help but think that her Lady could very easily be targeted by those people and her disappearance would be taken as one of just another one in the string of disappearances. Or, perhaps more worryingly, be connected with the disappearances in another way. After all, she currently has no leads as to why someone would be hunting her Lady down and the assassin sent after her implied that she was in the center of some “mess”. Could the disappearances be that mess? Is it something else entirely? Either way needs answers and she supposes assisting Selvaria would be the most effective way of doing so. ”We are traveling towards Azraq as well. For similar purpose even. What odd coincidence.” Is all she says. She does not wish to take the choice of whether to take this case away from Annie, but she hopes that with her words, she has displayed she will be supporting her detective in her endeavors since they all lead to the same place.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby RandomRoninKitten » Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:18 am

Anastasia Ursa/Littlemankitten
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As Anastasia, Indris, and Ignia were about to move out, with Idalia in tow, Indris’ gaze shifted from their path, to over Anastasia’s shoulder. “Hey… those people are moving straight towards us.” she says. When Anastasia turns towards where Indris is facing, she sees a Were-Wolf with white hair and yellow eyes, dressed in a suit of black armor with silver edging, and a black suit beneath. With her are a Spectross with long white hair, black horns, and gray eyes, wearing a tight black dress with blue details, and a Were-Fox with long purple hair and lilac eyes, wearing a black jacket with a revealing black top beneath, a black skirt, and black thigh-high boots. The Were-Fox also had a long purple tail, and was carrying a tall black scythe with a massive gray blade and a purple gem in the top.

As CeeCee and her group approached the group ahead, the taller girl with the black hair turned to face them and said something to the Spectross, causing her to turn around as well. When Alessandra saw this, she commented to the others “Oh, it seems they’ve spotted us. May as well introduce ourselves, yes~?” she said, in her usual tone. Lucephine merely rolled her eyes “I don’t like large crowds...” she mumbles, running a hand through her long purple hair as if to make sure it was in place before introducing herself.

“Yes I suppose we should…” Said CeeCee as she started a long wave to the other group of travelers. “Well Met! I am CeeCee and this is Queen Alessandra, and Lady Lucephine. How do you fare?” She asked loudly to the group.

Anastasia looks over to the approaching group as Indris points them out, frowning and instinctively reaching towards her bow. As she gazes at the group, she lets her arm fall to her side. They certainly weren’t Barton, and they couldn’t be mercenaries hired by the Bartons given how recently they had escaped the castle. They could easily be bandits, but exiled spectross tend not to go that route as Avenir frowns on such exploitative practices. When the wolf girl announces their names, something clicks in her mind. She’s met that wolf girl before, at least, she recognizes her. The other two not so much however, so she couldn’t be sure. “I never expected to meet another exiled around here. Let alone a queen.” As Anastasia said queen, she gave the Spectross a knowing smile, she knew how exiled spectross tended to see themselves, she was one of them after all. Anastasia then turned her gaze to the wolf girl, squinting her eyes. “I think I’ve seen you before…” She ponders the idea for a moment, before realizing Idalia might know if they saw her while travelling together. Looking over to Idalia, she motions to the wolf girl. “02, do you recognize this proclaimed CeeCee?”

Idalia’s visor flashed with the red symbols scrolling across it, then the symbols flashed green “This woman was spotted outside of the black city. She was not part Dusk Crawler at the time. She was with a red-haired Artificer and a Unit 04.”, she said, quietly, only Anastasia hearing due to being in the closest proximity. Alessandra smiled back at Anastasia “It’s true, the Wetlands are quite disgusting, but we had to divert from our original path, there’s a VERY large creature back that way…” she said, motioning behind her by nodding her head. Now that Alessandra was closer to Anastasia’s group, she could see that the Spectross was a towering ten feet tall, looking down at all of them. She then looked across at Ignia, Idalia, and Indris ”May I have the pleasure of knowing your names, my ladies?” she asks, indicating that she noticed the lack of introduction on the parts of Anastasia’s group. Indris took a step forward “I am Indris.” she said, after which she looked at Ignia expectantly. “I’m… Ignia.” she said hesitantly, looking at the ground as she spoke. Meanwhile, Lucephine remained silent, as she moved to a nearby tree, leaning against it.

Anastasia wished she had a poker face, a face that could hide her emotions and keep the enemy guessing about what she was feeling. Unfortunately she didn’t. And as soon as she heard Idalia mutter ‘04’ Ana’s demeanor completely changed. Her posture, face, and eyes all showed her defenses were immediately raised, and even if that weren’t the case, her hands reached for her bow, taking it out of its holster. She didn’t ready an arrow quite yet, but it was clear she was ready to have a fight. As she does so, she backs up to Ignia and Indris, wrapping her arms around both of them and kneeling so she could whisper to them. “That wolf girl had 04 with her, I don’t know which of you that was, but it’s clear she specifically is associated with Barton, the other two I don’t know, I don’t see a spectross associating with that sociopath.” She then straightens up and clears her throat, her voice piercing and no longer friendly. “State your business, why are you here?” She looks the three up and down, seeing that the spectross was definitely on the upper end in terms of height for her species, not that Anastasia really cared at the moment.

CeeCee began to worry as the spectross looked defensive and reached for her bow. Whatever Idalia had said definitely alarmed her. “I’m looking for my daughter and her ward. I lost track of them nearly a week ago but I managed to pick up their scent. It led me here.” CeeCee replied as confidently as she could.

When Anastasia whispers that CeeCee had been with a Zero-Unit, Ignia looks worried, and Indris tenses very slightly, but her facial expression doesn’t change. The two remain quiet as Anastasia calls out to CeeCee and her group to state their business. When CeeCee announces that she’s looking for her daughter and her ward, Alessandra nods “We’re merely looking for her child, though we also grabbed a guild mission for capturing an Orc Warlord… I believe his name was Gnarledknux Facewrecker. A dastardly orc with quite the reputation, we were told by the Guildmaster that he was in the Darklands, and she had lost her daughter in the Wetlands. We’re all from Norn, you see, so we were going to capture him after we found her here.” Alessandra explained, without a moment’s hesitation, her voice smooth as silk. Most Mercenaries would be fully aware of Gnarledknux, jobs to either kill or capture him having been long standing. Indris cocked her head when she heard this and called out “Which Guild in Norn?” she asked, to which Alessandra replied “The White Bat, of course, it has the softest beds.”, once again, without hesitation, her voice just as smooth as before. Indris leaned over towards Anastasia and whispered “There is indeed a Guild called the White Bat in Norn.” meanwhile Ignia behind them looked as though she hadn’t heard of the Black Bat… or Norn.

Anastasia contemplates what it is the wolf girl and exiled Spectross say. She didn’t trust the wolf girl in the slightest, and she doubted that she had an actual daughter and it was very possible she was referring to 04. The mercenary work the exiled spectross said they were doing sounded believable enough, especially since Indris confirmed the existence of such a guild. However, regardless of the validity of these claims, Ana couldn’t afford to get side tracked, either with finding 04 or slaying an ork. Idalia was more important at this juncture, and now that she knew the wolf girl was associated with the Bartons in one way or another, she wanted to get out of here. “We have no interest in helping you if that’s what you’re asking. We have our own problems we need to deal with.” Anastasia states flatly without any hesitation. “As much as I’d love to talk with you Allesandra and regale tales together, I’m afraid the situation prevents that. I do hope we meet again under better circumstances.” Despite Allesandra’s correlation with the wolf girl, Anastasia finds it hard to not be friendly with her. Anastasia would then motion for her 3 chimera companions to follow, and she would start backing away assuming none of them objected.

“Well that’s quite unfortunate…” Said CeeCee a bit under her breath. “Well if any of you happen to see my daughter, please let a guild know. She looks quite a bit like me, but shorter hair and last I saw she was wearing a black and white skirt and blouse. Safe travels to you all.” She said with a slight bow.

Indris and Ignia begin following Anastasia as she motions, with Indris grabbing Idalia by the hand and coaxing her along as well. After they seem to be out of earshot, Indris finally speaks "I wonder if she came upon this... 04... and simply befriended her. I've never seen or heard of this one. In fact, it was somewhat strange that we always seemed to be missing a number. We met 08 in the castle, under mind control, we know of... myself, Idalia, Iveta, as 01, 02, and 03... we know that Ilaria was designated 05, and that Ignia is 07. Ilaria said that Irena is designated 06. This 04... no trace of her anywhere." she says. Ignia then speaks up "I've n-never... w-wait... Lord Barton mentioned needing Idalia because all he has is a defective unit... c-could she be the defective unit?" she asks, putting air quotes around the word 'defective'.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As Anastasia, Indris, and Ignia were about to move out, with Idalia in tow, Indris’ gaze shifted from their path, to over Anastasia’s shoulder. “Hey… those people are moving straight towards us.” she says. When Anastasia turns towards where Indris is facing, she sees a Were-Wolf with white hair and yellow eyes, dressed in a suit of black armor with silver edging, and a black suit beneath. With her are a Spectross with long white hair, black horns, and gray eyes, wearing a tight black dress with blue details, and a Were-Fox with long purple hair and lilac eyes, wearing a black jacket with a revealing black top beneath, a black skirt, and black thigh-high boots. The Were-Fox also had a long purple tail, and was carrying a tall black scythe with a massive gray blade and a purple gem in the top.

As CeeCee and her group approached the group ahead, the taller girl with the black hair turned to face them and said something to the Spectross, causing her to turn around as well. When Alessandra saw this, she commented to the others “Oh, it seems they’ve spotted us. May as well introduce ourselves, yes~?” she said, in her usual tone. Lucephine merely rolled her eyes “I don’t like large crowds...” she mumbles, running a hand through her long purple hair as if to make sure it was in place before introducing herself.

“Yes I suppose we should…” Said CeeCee as she started a long wave to the other group of travelers. “Well Met! I am CeeCee and this is Queen Alessandra, and Lady Lucephine. How do you fare?” She asked loudly to the group.

Anastasia looks over to the approaching group as Indris points them out, frowning and instinctively reaching towards her bow. As she gazes at the group, she lets her arm fall to her side. They certainly weren’t Barton, and they couldn’t be mercenaries hired by the Bartons given how recently they had escaped the castle. They could easily be bandits, but exiled spectross tend not to go that route as Avenir frowns on such exploitative practices. When the wolf girl announces their names, something clicks in her mind. She’s met that wolf girl before, at least, she recognizes her. The other two not so much however, so she couldn’t be sure. “I never expected to meet another exiled around here. Let alone a queen.” As Anastasia said queen, she gave the Spectross a knowing smile, she knew how exiled spectross tended to see themselves, she was one of them after all. Anastasia then turned her gaze to the wolf girl, squinting her eyes. “I think I’ve seen you before…” She ponders the idea for a moment, before realizing Idalia might know if they saw her while travelling together. Looking over to Idalia, she motions to the wolf girl. “02, do you recognize this proclaimed CeeCee?”

Idalia’s visor flashed with the red symbols scrolling across it, then the symbols flashed green “This woman was spotted outside of the black city. She was not part Dusk Crawler at the time. She was with a red-haired Artificer and a Unit 04.”, she said, quietly, only Anastasia hearing due to being in the closest proximity. Alessandra smiled back at Anastasia “It’s true, the Wetlands are quite disgusting, but we had to divert from our original path, there’s a VERY large creature back that way…” she said, motioning behind her by nodding her head. Now that Alessandra was closer to Anastasia’s group, she could see that the Spectross was a towering ten feet tall, looking down at all of them. She then looked across at Ignia, Idalia, and Indris ”May I have the pleasure of knowing your names, my ladies?” she asks, indicating that she noticed the lack of introduction on the parts of Anastasia’s group. Indris took a step forward “I am Indris.” she said, after which she looked at Ignia expectantly. “I’m… Ignia.” she said hesitantly, looking at the ground as she spoke. Meanwhile, Lucephine remained silent, as she moved to a nearby tree, leaning against it.

Anastasia wished she had a poker face, a face that could hide her emotions and keep the enemy guessing about what she was feeling. Unfortunately she didn’t. And as soon as she heard Idalia mutter ‘04’ Ana’s demeanor completely changed. Her posture, face, and eyes all showed her defenses were immediately raised, and even if that weren’t the case, her hands reached for her bow, taking it out of its holster. She didn’t ready an arrow quite yet, but it was clear she was ready to have a fight. As she does so, she backs up to Ignia and Indris, wrapping her arms around both of them and kneeling so she could whisper to them. “That wolf girl had 04 with her, I don’t know which of you that was, but it’s clear she specifically is associated with Barton, the other two I don’t know, I don’t see a spectross associating with that sociopath.” She then straightens up and clears her throat, her voice piercing and no longer friendly. “State your business, why are you here?” She looks the three up and down, seeing that the spectross was definitely on the upper end in terms of height for her species, not that Anastasia really cared at the moment.

CeeCee began to worry as the spectross looked defensive and reached for her bow. Whatever Idalia had said definitely alarmed her. “I’m looking for my daughter and her ward. I lost track of them nearly a week ago but I managed to pick up their scent. It led me here.” CeeCee replied as confidently as she could.

When Anastasia whispers that CeeCee had been with a Zero-Unit, Ignia looks worried, and Indris tenses very slightly, but her facial expression doesn’t change. The two remain quiet as Anastasia calls out to CeeCee and her group to state their business. When CeeCee announces that she’s looking for her daughter and her ward, Alessandra nods “We’re merely looking for her child, though we also grabbed a guild mission for capturing an Orc Warlord… I believe his name was Gnarledknux Facewrecker. A dastardly orc with quite the reputation, we were told by the Guildmaster that he was in the Darklands, and she had lost her daughter in the Wetlands. We’re all from Norn, you see, so we were going to capture him after we found her here.” Alessandra explained, without a moment’s hesitation, her voice smooth as silk. Most Mercenaries would be fully aware of Gnarledknux, jobs to either kill or capture him having been long standing. Indris cocked her head when she heard this and called out “Which Guild in Norn?” she asked, to which Alessandra replied “The White Bat, of course, it has the softest beds.”, once again, without hesitation, her voice just as smooth as before. Indris leaned over towards Anastasia and whispered “There is indeed a Guild called the White Bat in Norn.” meanwhile Ignia behind them looked as though she hadn’t heard of the Black Bat… or Norn.

Anastasia contemplates what it is the wolf girl and exiled Spectross say. She didn’t trust the wolf girl in the slightest, and she doubted that she had an actual daughter and it was very possible she was referring to 04. The mercenary work the exiled spectross said they were doing sounded believable enough, especially since Indris confirmed the existence of such a guild. However, regardless of the validity of these claims, Ana couldn’t afford to get side tracked, either with finding 04 or slaying an ork. Idalia was more important at this juncture, and now that she knew the wolf girl was associated with the Bartons in one way or another, she wanted to get out of here. “We have no interest in helping you if that’s what you’re asking. We have our own problems we need to deal with.” Anastasia states flatly without any hesitation. “As much as I’d love to talk with you Allesandra and regale tales together, I’m afraid the situation prevents that. I do hope we meet again under better circumstances.” Despite Allesandra’s correlation with the wolf girl, Anastasia finds it hard to not be friendly with her. Anastasia would then motion for her 3 chimera companions to follow, and she would start backing away assuming none of them objected.

“Well that’s quite unfortunate…” Said CeeCee a bit under her breath. “Well if any of you happen to see my daughter, please let a guild know. She looks quite a bit like me, but shorter hair and last I saw she was wearing a black and white skirt and blouse. Safe travels to you all.” She said with a slight bow.

When Anastasia's group had gone, Alessandra turns to CeeCee "What was up with that girl in the visor? It was very strange, my pet~" she says, with a grin. She then adds "Suppose we should follow them... out of view and very quietly~" she says. Lucephine then speaks up finally "I can just send hordes of undead after them until they can't fight any longer..." she mutters, pushing off of the tree and moving over to the others.

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Annie doesn’t reply to Ophelia’s comment that she would do it a thousand times to keep them safe, but her brief change of expression, changing from a neutral one to a very slight smile, when she hears it, indicates that she at least feels closer to her.

When Selvaria says that her lead included a local detective believing that the string of disappearances is connected, Annie giggles softly, but remains quiet otherwise until she finishes speaking “The local detective that believes the disappearances to be connected would be myself. I can indeed assist you with your investigation, however we’re in a bit of a dire situation right now. We were making our way back to Azraq to ensure the safety of someone we believe to be in danger. If you assist us, whether they’re truly in danger or not, I’ll be free to pursue that case with you, as I intended to solve it regardless.” she said, quickly glancing at Alice and Ophelia as if to confirm this was okay with them. It was at this moment that Alice spoke up “You know, I heard that my sister was going to be making her way to Azraq after she finished her training, she can actually help us, too, if she’s there by the time we reach the city. She isn’t a follower of Masino, but...” Annie leaned in and whispered to Alice “One step at a time.” before turning back to Ophelia.

Selvaria blinks, surprise plain on her face as she learns that Annie was the same detective she had heard of back at the guild. An extremely unlikely coincidence, but a most fortuitous one to be sure, so she would not be complaining. That Annie would assist her was welcome news as well, but that she was requesting assistance from Selvaria in return, and before they find Lena Ansel at that, was a bit concerning. Work on top of work was starting to pile up with not a single [C] in sight. And yet…. She seemed to have little choice. The time spent assisting Annie and her companions would be well worth Annie’s help if she was truly as good as Selvaria had been told. “Very well, I accept your terms. You can fill me in on the details on the way back to Azraq.” Selvaria eventually replies, nodding to Annie before looking to the blonde girl who had spoken up about her sister. This person looked familiar to Selvaria…. Though she could not quite place where she would have seen her before. She didn’t feel like asking, it would be awkward if she turned out to be wrong after all. Instead, Selvaria decides to share a useful bit of information, since it will be valuable to all of their causes. “Actually, I don’t believe it will take us long at all to return to Azraq. While I was following the corpse thieves, they boarded a…. I’ve been told it is called a Train. It is a construct that travels underground. That is how I came to Vitra, and Skyrille has allowed me to use it to return to Azraq. I see no reason why she would not allow us all to ride it, but it may be best to ask her first.” Selvaria tells the three of them.

It does not surprise Ophelia that Annie would be the centerpiece of an ongoing investigation. She already values her detective’s intelligence highly and the information she gave had to come from somewhere. She has yet to see information come from Annie that Annie did not gather or investigate herself, so it makes sense that the disappearances in Azraq were something she herself looked into. She keeps her silence as the mercenary Selvaria and Annie continue speaking, there being nothing for her to say to add to the conversation. She is slightly annoyed the mercenary seems to have completely ignored her apology, but she figures it is nothing worth getting worked up over. For all she knows and currently cares, the mercenary will be around for a limited amount of time and Alice and Annie would look poorly on making a big deal about such a small, temporary issue. Best just to continue on with things. Her eyebrow raises at the mention of a “train”. She does not believe she has ever heard of such a thing before, nor does she know what one would entail. Are they faster than traveling on foot? How safe are they? Is it anywhere as risky as riding in a boat? She knows one of the goddesses cursed the water to have terrors beyond imagining, but has one cursed the land under ground to have much the same? She supposes she would have heard by now if that were the case, so at worst it is only as dangerous as traveling above ground. “If we must speak with Skyrille to board this train thing, then I suppose we should do so as swiftly as possible. I have no intentions of indebting us to her further, however.” She says. She hopes that since Selvaria did not mention a cost to riding this train there will not be one, but that seems a rather naive wish in a world like theirs. She would much rather walk than pay an outrageous price that could be asked from such a unique feat of technology.

The biggest takeaway from the conversation up to this point is that Alice has a sister. She is aware that no one comes into the world fully formed, but from her lack of one, it is difficult for her to imagine what a family is like. Much less something like a sister. Would her sister be anything like Alice herself? Unlikely given Alice has admitted that her sister does not follow Masino as she does, but it is still rather hard to imagine anything besides another Alice. “I was… unaware you had a family, Alice. Are we keeping you from them? Is there family we should be aware of from you as well, Annie?” She doesn't know much about family, but she knows that those who have it tend to cherish them. Some of the angriest she has ever seen people is when one of her targets discover her work and rage against the world for their loved one being taken from them. She feels preemptive guilt that her affairs may be separating her friends from their family.

When Selvaria accepts her terms and Ophelia and Alice do not object, Annie nods, then prepares to start making her way towards the exit, however after only a step, Selvaria mentions that there could be a faster way to arrive. “Well, we are in a bit of a hurry, so I suppose this Train would be a better way, should Keep Skyrille allow it.” she says, agreeing with Ophelia after she states that they should board as quickly as possible. Ophelia then asks Alice if she is keeping her from her family. “I only have a sister, and she has been traveling on her own for some time. We even went to separate temples for our Paladin training, and she underwent her training at different times. Because she ended her training early to start mercenary work, she isn’t quite as widely known as I am. Last I heard, she went back to finish her training, took another job. It was mentioned that she intended to work for a Guild in Azraq, so we may get to visit her, if she’s there now.” she explains, smiling and rubbing Ophelia’s back. When Alice finishes her explanation, it’s Annie’s turn to reply, and she chooses to first motion with her hands that they should get moving to the castle as she speaks. “I had a family, however I’ve chosen not to see them.” she explains. As the group makes their way out the door and into the streets, the medical staff waving at them as they walk out the door.

The streets look just as they did when Ophelia and Selvaria had seen them last, however this being the first time Alice and Annie have seen the streets, they take a moment to take in the scenery. “How, this is… quite amazing.” Alice says, looking around at all of the buildings and the undead roaming the streets. “Wait… they should all be buried.” she says, scowling. Annie pokes Alice in the armor with a finger “Focus. We have more pressing concerns at the moment.” she says flatly, her expression not having changed as she examined the surrounding area.

When the group approaches the castle, the Guards call out to them and wave “We’ve been expecting you, my ladies.” the one on the left says, as the other motions for the gates to be opened for them. When the group steps into the castle, Alice once again looks quite impressed with the surroundings. The interior of the Castle was just as black as the city, with the floor being checkered in black and gray panels, the walls being made of pitch black stone. A single lilac rug decorated the floor, while numerous portraits of disfigured-looking humans lined the walls, with silver frames. On the opposite side of the colossal-sized room was a silver throne, which sat empty. Numerous Royal Guards were lining either side of the room. Only a brief moment after the group had entered, Keep Skyrille enters through one of the doors lining the walls. “Hello, my ladies, I take it you’re feeling better?” she says, to Ophelia, Alice, and Annie, then to Selvaria she says “And I take it you’ve spoken with Lady Annie as needed?” after which she adds “I’m happy that everyone’s situations have been settled. Now, what else can I do for you?” she says, in a friendly manner, as she approaches the throne and has a seat.

Selvaria remains silent as the group discusses the train and their plans to return to Azraq, shifting her rifle to sling the strap over her shoulder once more, since it seemed as though they were going to be heading out soon, and holding her Necro-Blob carefully in both hands. She deliberately looks away from the three ladies as their conversation curiously turns to their respective families, trying to give them some semblance of privacy in a conversation that she felt she had no right to hear, despite the fact that they had chosen to have it right in front of Selvaria. She can’t help but think of her own situation, now that the topic has been brought up, and as always, she wishes she hadn’t. After all, there was nothing left that she could consider a family. Her parents had been absent since she was very young and the only others she had known were bandits who had raised her, taught her to commit horrible crimes and then tossed her aside when she made for a convenient scapegoat. Selvaria was very grateful that the three ladies were focused on each other, or else they would see just how saddened she looked by this turn of the conversation.

As the group moves on, Selvaria does her best to force such thoughts from her mind. She had a job to do and needed to focus above all else. Instead, she turned her attention to the Necro-Blob in her hands, rubbing it gently as they walked through the city of the undead. Yes, unlike any others she had met, this creature was cute, squishy, and was unlikely to betray her. Perhaps she had found the perfect companion, if she could find something to feed it other than corpses. “Yes, it is a bit unnerving, isn’t it?” Selvaria nods along with Alice’s objection to the undead walking the streets. She had felt much the same upon entering Vitra, and still did to an extent. “Still, they aren’t like any other undead I’ve encountered out in the world. This city is more peaceful than most…” She muses, mostly to herself than anyone else. Alice’s reaction was perfectly normal to Selvaria, it was Annie’s complete lack of a reaction that she found interesting. Was the detective truly so stoic that she felt nothing upon witnessing such a strange sight? Or was it simply a facade?

The castle was just the same as before, leading Selvaria to give it little thought, save a nod and word of thanks for the guards who allowed them entry. They make their way to the throne room that Selvaria had visited earlier and are joined by Skyrille shortly after word. As she had before, Selvaria bows her head to the Keeper upon her entry and greeting. “Yes, I have accomplished what I set out to do. Thank you once again for your assistance. One of your guards gave me permission to keep this Necro-Blob and I thank you for that as well. I shall take good care of it.” She tells the Keeper, holding up the blob for her to see, before turning to Annie, Ophelia, and Alice as Skyrille takes a seat on her throne. “You have said that you do not wish to indebt yourself further. In that case, please allow me to negotiate. This was my suggestion after all.” Selvaria suggests to the three of them, Ophelia in particular since that had been the Wanderer’s concern. Having said that, she turns her attention back to Skyrille. “Keeper Skyrille, you have given me permission to take your Train back to Azraq. As the four of us will be returning there together, I would like to request that you allow them to ride along with me.” Selvaria states simply, bowing her head once more as she makes her request.

Ophelia feels a knot in her stomach loosen when it is revealed that she is not keeping her companions from their family. The way Annie says little about them and speaks past tense about them worries her slightly, but only for what that means for her detective.Is she estranged from them? Have they harmed her in some way? Is she going to have to murder them for that crime? Such questions would be best left for another time when a stranger is not privy to their every word. A thoughtful stranger as she does not feel Selvaria crowding in while they speak, but a stranger nonetheless.She allows herself to simply let her eyes wander the city, taking in sights she had already seen, albeit in a broken, barely coherent fashion, as they all fall into silence. She tenses slightly when Alice expresses her displeasure at the undead walking the city. And finds herself slightly concerned. She knows Masino encourages her followers to bury the dead. Does that mean she is expected to rip the lives from the citizens of this city and re-bury them? It does not seem right to her as she views the undead as just another class of citizen. She even considers them in a better light than she does most as they have never once discriminated against her due to her race. If one of the undead have attacked her, it is because of the disdain they have for all things living rather than singling her out. If killing such a people is a requirement for following Masino, then she feels she is going to have an unfortunate disagreement with Alice. “Perhaps they were buried before. Does Masino look ill upon the undead if they are not hostile to the living? I was of the impression she took in people of all walks of life, even if that life had been rekindled. Do the undead make you uneasy, Alice?” She hopes that Alice has no grudge against the undead given her own positive opinion of them, but it would be for the best to learn of it now rather than later. Especially given that they are neck deep in a city of the undead.

Her thoughts are distracted by Skyrille’s Royal Guard calling out saying they were expected. She wonders if this is their ability to communicate over distance showing itself again. She forces herself to squash the kernel of anger she feels when she thinks about that technology not being used to warn her and her companions they were expecting company. It is over and dealt with and dwelling on it is pointless and potentially harmful.Instead she distracts herself by taking in the scenery, especially the portraits along the walls. Where they former Keepers of this city? How old is it or how often does leadership change hands if they have so many? Or perhaps it is a sort of royal family? She was told that the raised dead have no memories of their former lives so either it is unlikely or they are a family of choice rather than nonexistent blood. Given her slight annoyance with Skyrille, Ophelia is more than happy to let Selvaria take the lead in the discussion as she suggested. She gives a nod to Skyrille to answer her question and a brief, grateful smile to Selvaria for agreeing to handle negotiations and then steps back and allows the conversation to go on without further input.

When Ophelia speaks to Alice regarding the undead, saying they may have already been buried, and asking if they make her uneasy, Alice thinks for a moment “I suppose they could have been… if they’re not hurting anyone, Masino wouldn’t begrudge them their new life… Masino only punishes evil. I guess they don’t make me uneasy, no. In fact, they seem incredibly nice. As Selvaria says, they’re not like most.” she says, wrapping an arm around Ophelia’s hips and giving her an affectionate squeeze. She continued to hold Ophelia all the way to the castle.

When Selvaria speaks to Keep Skyrille, asking her to allow the other three to travel with her, she smiles and nods “You’ve already agreed exchange with me for your own passage, I don’t see why the same trip would need to be exchanged for multiple other times. Take as many willing participants as you wish, my lady.” she says, after which she makes a gesture to one of the Royal Guards, who leaves the room through one of the many doors, then returns shortly after with several black packs, handing one to each Ophelia, Alice, and Annie. “These are your belongings. Your armor and clothes have been cleaned and polished, your weapons have been cleaned and sharpened. You may keep the clothes, think of them as a gift.” she said, after which she added “If you ever decide that you wish to see me again, my ladies, do not hesitate to visit. I’m always happy to have visitors.” she says, to which Annie replies “Thank you for your hospitality, we will keep your invitation in mind.” after which Alice adds “If you agree not to send complete strangers into the room while we’re half naked, I’d be happy to discuss visiting you sometime.” she says, with a friendly grin and a double thumbs-up. Keep Skyrille laughs in a good-natured way and smiles “I do apologize for that, there was a miscommunication. You see, I informed the nurses that there was a visitor for Annie, however I neglected to inform them that it would be best to allow her to wait until your group was ready to receive her. You have my sincerest apologies, my ladies.” she said. Annie looked like she was piecing together what had happened, while Alice laughed with Keeper Skyrille. “My ladies, whenever your business here is concluded, you may leave anytime you wish. I only asked my Guards and Nurses to inform you that I wished to see you so that I may give your equipment back and wish you farewell.” Keep Skyrille explained. She then added “Do you wish for some of my Guards to see you off when you’re ready, or would you prefer to find the Train System yourselves, my ladies?” she asked.

Selvaria raises her head as Skyrille speaks and gives her permission for all four of them to ride the train back to Azraq. “Thank you, Keeper Skyrille. Your generosity is much appreciated.” She replies. This was more or less what Selvaria had expected, but it was better to be on the safe side, rather than risk finding the limits of Skyrilles kindness. And it seemed like the other three needed to retrieve their gear anyway, so this trip was not at all a waste. Alice’s mention of Selvaria intruding on their recovery catches Selvaria off guard as she thought they were past that already, her eyes widen and she can feel a slight blush warm her cheeks as she recalls the scene of the three of them, scantily clad and in a rather intimate position. It seems like Alice is merely making light of the situation however, rather than seriously being upset about it. Selvaria had already apologized for that, though it was clear now that the fault was not her own, so she simply brushed the comment aside. “I will return when I have completed the task we agreed upon.” She says simply and leaves it at that. Upon being asked if they would like guards to show them the way to the train, Selvaria shrugs, not concerned either way. “We will be departing from the same place I arrived, yes? I remember the way well enough.” She replies before turning to Ophelia, Annie, and Alice. “Unless you would prefer an escort? I have no objections to that either.”

A small smile crosses Ophelia’s face as Alice wraps an arm around her and without a thought she returns the favor, linking the two of them together as they travel. She reluctantly lets go when they arrive at the castle, however, since she’s not sure how formally Skyrille holds her hall.She keeps an ear for what is being discussed, but none of it really concerns her until Skyrille brings up the prospect of them visiting once more so she keeps her silence. She supposes she’ll keep the clothes as suggested. They are rather nice and she rather hopes Alice and Annie does the same since they look…. Rather divine in their outfits. Still, she has never been happier to see her armor than she is right now. She is moments from stripping immediately and donning her armor, but Alice’s teasing comment stops her. After all, it would make little sense if she became angered because a stranger invaded their room while they were in their small clothes and then do much the same in a much more open room, right? Then again, she was much more concerned about Selvaria being in the room while they were all vulnerable rather than the state of their clothes. Now that all of them are fully recovered, she is a lot less worried about her state of dress in a room full of women. Still, what she knows of social conventions, as little as that is, indicates it would be for the best if she found another room to change in. She also sets her mind to ignoring her anger from earlier. If Alice does not care and Annie does not remember and none of them were harmed by it, then there is no reason to bear a grudge. Currently, the only one who is treating this as a concern is mercenary Selvaria and even then she only considers it out of embarrassment if the blush gracing her cheek is any indication.

Still, it seems that business in this city is concluded. She gives a small bow to Keeper Skyrille. “Farewell. May your endeavours be peaceful.” She says in lieu of promising to visit again. It is a possibility given that this is one of the only two cities she has visited that do not discriminate against her kind and she has not explored the city in any kind of capacity. She is more than slightly curious as to how the undead live when they are not hostile, but said curiosity will have to wait for another time. “If you know the way, I see no need for an escort.” She says in response to Selvaria’s question. Beyond that, the less people she does not know, the better in her opinion. “Though before we find the train, I would appreciate a place to change into my armor. I feel exposed without it.” A habit from back when she wore her Death Shroud, she supposes. Any time she ever exited the Techra Estate, it was while wearing that armor. Being without a method of defense when not someone she considers safe gives her an annoying itch she would like to disappear.

The trip back through the black, dimly lit streets and to the train is relatively short. The building that housed the Train was wide open, with black and white checkerboard-patterned floor, made from tiling, with black and white striped walls. The train itself was sitting in a drop-off with a dirt floor, and was a black tube-shaped construct with red lights on it. When the group approached, a Guard inside opened the door for them and welcomed them inside "Welcome! Master has asked us to return you to Azraq, please get comfortable in one of the seats" she said, after which she then motioned to the black leather seats lining the two sides of the train. Selvaria would notice that the bodies had all been cleared out of it, and that the train had been cleaned. Alice thanked the girl and Annie nodded, after which Alice quickly plopped down into a seat, grabbing Ophelia's hand and pulling her into the seat next to her, then she wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly. Annie, meanwhile, sat down on Ophelia's other side and leaned against her, shutting her eyes.

When Selvaria has a seat, Annie begins speaking to her, explaining what she knows of the case so far, without moving her head from Ophelia's shoulder or opening her eyes. "I haven't investigated in-depth yet, however during a job drought at my agency, I looked into your current case case. You see... there's evidence of transactions between those in Azraq's Government and another organization... with the products being humans. It's quite possible that many of the people who have disappeared, were sold. I do not yet know what for, or why, or to who... but I intend to find out." Annie explained, completely emotionless. Alice meanwhile leans close to Ophelia and whispers into her ear "You make those clothes look quite nice... I like them on you~" she says softly, with a smile.

After what felt like an eternity, with Annie and Alice eventually falling asleep on Ophelia, while Selvaria's unnamed Necro Slime rubs against her tummy and squeaks happily, the Train finally stops in Azraq, and the group is let off. The station is much like the one they had entered to board the Train, and when the girls leave through the secret entrance, a loose stone slab with an empty trash can covering it, none of those in Azraq seem to notice, even as Alice shoved the stone slab and the trash can back into place. As the group leaves the alley, Annie looks all around her at the familiar stone structures with blue details and matching roofing, and sighs "Well, I suppose we're home again." she says, referring to Ophelia and Selvaria both being from Azraq.

Alice suddenly perks up beside Ophelia "There she is!" she says, suddenly rushing forward and throwing her arms around a blond-haired, blue-eyed girl in a pink and white dress, with silver armored gauntlets and boots, as well as a silver armored chest piece and visor. The girl seemed surprised to see Alice "I thought you lived in Calt, still?" she said, hesitantly hugging her as if she wasn't sure she was actually here. Alice laughed "I do, but that doesn't prevent great JUSTICE from bringing me to other cities, sis!" she says. The girl then looked over her shoulder at Selvaria, Ophelia, and Annie "Uhm... hello, there, kind strangers... I uh... haven't had the pleasure of..." she started to say, but Alice cut her off "Aurora, these are Ophelia, Annie, and random mercenary that has seen us half naked!" she said, with a big grin "Annie is a Detective who could shoot the head off a pen and everything about you from a glance, Ophelia is a strong fighter, kind friend, and an ally of Great JUSTICE in Masino, and this person is... uh... someone we met like uh... however long it has been ago. She's a mercenary, she uh... mercenaries stuff." she said, before turning back to Ophelia, Annie, and Selvaria "Annie, Ophelia, person we just met, this is my sister Aurora, she's a Paladin of Sirius, and is from Calt, like myself.She's real good at hitting things with her sword and healing... or at least she was the last time we saw each other, since then she has finished her training and is likely even better now." she said, smiling. Annie was the first to respond, taking a few steps forward to close the gap, then extending a hand to shake hers "Well met, Aurora, we've become quite fond and familiar with your sister." she said, to which Aurora replied "Good to meet you as well, and uh... Ophelia as well. Any friends of Justice or Alice are friends of mine as well." she said, with a smile. She then made her way to Ophelia and extended her hand, with a friendly smile on her face. Once Ophelia either shakes her hand or refuses, she'll extend her hand to Selvaria "Well met, my lady... Alice hasn't... uh... given your name yet." she says, nervously.

Soon afterwards, the girls can hear a scream from just down the street and out of view, followed by a group of people running from the area and down the street. Alice quickly unsheathes her Vorpal Blade, while Aurora unsheathes her own weapon. A beautiful sword with a black grip and silver ornaments on the pommel and cross guard, and an ivory blade. In unison, Alice and Aurora state "JUSTICE calls!" each girl striking a different pose, Alice placing her back against Aurora's holding her blade in a reverse grip in front of her, while Aurora raises her blade up and over her hair, pointing it to the side as if to block an overhead strike. Should Ophelia or Selvaria decide to pose with them, they make room for them, however after posing is finished, the two girls immediately begin running towards the commotion.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
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When asked his name, the instructor pauses for a moment "Uhh... Ch-Chuck?" he says, as if it's a question. He then clears his throat and straightens back up "Don't worry, I'll guide you through your training, when you're done, you'll feel more capable than you've ever felt before." he says.

With that, her training begins.

Over the course of a passage of time that Saphira can't quantify, she is subjected to numerous training sessions to improve her capabilities in every way imaginable.

The first thing her mentor teaches her is endurance. Several other trainers take turns beating her with staves in order to toughen up her body, the mentor telling her that this training is used for every Barton Guard, in order to ensure that they're more likely to survive combat. After Saphira was able to withstand the beatdown without losing consciousness, she moved on to the next step of training.

The second step was an obstacle course. It started with a ceiling lined with handle bars, above an electrified floor. The person undergoing travel across the area would need to travel across the bars using only their hands, and if they fell, they would be shocked all the way back to the starting position. The area was a mile long, so if someone fell near the end, they ended up being shocked repeatedly all the way back to the start.

The second area was one with a floor covered in wooden poles, the size of an individual's forearm, which individuals would have to cross on their hands and knees, while avoiding touching the razor wire above their heads. Falling off of the poles would result in touching yet another electrified floor, which would shock the individual every step of the way back to the start. This was to teach balance, and encourage learning to crawl low to the ground.

The third area was one covered in spinning wooden pillars, with rotating metal arms, which were electrified to cause an individual to get shocked if they didn't learn to properly evade. With every few feet deeper into the area, the wooden pillars would spin faster, making it harder to dodge the strikes. This was to teach evasion.

After that room was a room with a large and heavy metal cube, which Saphira had to lift and carry a full mile. The cube was incredibly heavy, and would discharge an electric shock at random intervals. The electric shock was so powerful that it would knock Saphira down every time it went off, and she could not leave the room without the cube, as it had to be placed into a slot on the door in order to open it.

In the next room, a Caltish looking construct was blocking the exit, the door having a symbol on it for each Goddess. While the construct was attacking her with a staff, she had to fire her gun at each of the symbols in alphabetical order in order to open the door, and even as she tried to exit, the construct continued to attack her until she passed through.

After Saphira had managed to finish all of the rooms in the same day, she moved on to the next stage of training, which was reading a series of books on botany, logistics, exploration, a bestiary on known creatures beyond the city walls, weapon maintenance, Gun-Blade techniques, and armored as well as unarmored combat against non-chaldean and chaldean combat. All of this was while the Mentor beat her over the head with a staff each time she lost focus.

After she had finished that stage of training, she was finally instructed proper Gunblade, Long Sword, Stiletto, Pistol, rock, and unarmed techniques and combat. She was informed that rock combat is better than unarmed combat if a rock is available. All of these were taught to her by correcting her technique while she was using blunted weapons against a more experienced opponent, more tips being given each time she was beaten with the weapons.

During this time, Saphira would sleep in the Barracks with the rest of the Guards, waking up early in the morning, training for a set duration, then sleeping, only to repeat the process over again after she has finished sleeping for the designated amount of time.

Finally, she was informed that Lord Barton wished to see her, and she was guided to to him by a set of Guards, to his personal chambers, where he was waiting for her with a girl with long red hair, similar skin to her own, and green eyes which also resembled her own. She was wearing a black top with six buttons on the front, and a white button-down shirt, with a pair of white pants with lace on the sides, and black boots. On her back was a sword with a black sheathe, and a red and black handle, and a red and gold cross-guard. When she entered, Lord Barton stood "Hello again, my lady, I hope your training has gone well." he said, in a friendly manner "This is your unnamed daughter, just as I promised you." he explained, after which the girl, hesitantly waved at Saphira "H-hello..." she said, staring at the floor. "As you can see, the process was a success, and she greatly resembles yourself. I do hope you're satisfied with the results." he said, as he sat down on the edge of his bed.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
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The group soon approached the city of Fero, a city with a lop-sided black stone and metal wall that was supposed to protect them from the sea creatures, however, in reality, the mad King simply didn't realize that the sea monsters could easily destroy it if they so desired.

When the group approached the gates, a pair of large black metal gates with numerous spikes lining the front. The Guards, clad in black armor with red loin cloths and capes, looked down at them "Well met, travelers, what's your business in f-" he was interrupted by Metia "DAMNIT, HERMAN, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO I AM AND WHAT I'M HERE FOR, LET US IN OR I'LL COME UP THERE AND THROW YOU INTO THE OCEAN!" she shouts. The Guard lets out a squeaking sound and orders the gates opened, after which Metia wastes no time leading the group in. "Don't mind Herman, he's just a slow guy." she says, as she leads the group through the streets, towards the square. "Okay, where do we want to stay~?" she says, looking around the city, indicating she hadn't been there in some time. The streets were made of black cobblestone, with much like the structures, with flat roofs. Most of the buildings had no details on them, and looked much the same, as if they were built for a purpose and then left to suit that purpose, regardless of appearance. The few structures that had details were the Guilds and Inns. The shops were owned by the King, and therefor looked the same as any other building. When they reached the square, it was just as basic as the buildings, simply a circle patch of cobblestone, with some of the Inns and Guilds surrounding it, notably the Gray Frog Guild, the Raging Wasp Guild, and the Manticore Guild, with only two Inns on the other side, the Open Book and the Sunken Tree Inns.

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Lilith Rose/Mark3000
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When Lilith comments that she'll need help, Ash snaps her fingers and a Skeleton arrives to guide Lilith to the surface. The castle is among the largest Lilith had ever seen, with winding halls lined with portraits and tapestries, Skeletons roaming the halls, and numerous other doors leading into other rooms, including a library, an alchemy lab, a bath, and other rooms that she found it difficult to identify. When Lilith is finally brought to the exit, it's a stairway leading up a set of black metal doors. Upon the skeleton opening them, a large mountain of stone splits apart with the doors, which had apparently been hiding them. When she finally surfaces, she finds that she's only a mile from the woods which had been full of undead, and her Goblin tugs on the leg of her pants, grunting at her and pointing to the woods, as if to tell her that it knows what she needs to do to accomplish her mission.

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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Littlemankitten » Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:16 am

Anastasia keeps an eye on the group as they leave, only turning her attention away once Indris begins speaking to her. Nodding slowly as she does so. “I don’t really remember much of how 04 must’ve looked, I know I saw her but it was a while ago and for a short amount of time. Ana thinks for a few moments before looking over at Idalia. “02, what does unit 04 look like, and tell me any other information you know about 04.” Anastasia says firmly, wondering exactly what Ignia meant by defective. “Ignia, Indris, I don’t think I need to tell you this but keep an eye out for that group, I don’t trust them and I don’t plan on going back to that castle so soon after I escaped.”

Idalia’s visor lit up just as before, the red symbols playing across it, lighting up some of the areas previously covered by shadow beneath the trees. After only a moment, she responds in her, now-usual, monotone. “04 wears a dress which is quartered in black and white, black stockings with black boots, and a ribbon that is split black and white. She has one black eye and one red eye, and her hair is split half black and half white. This zero-unit was deemed defective due to experiencing below average intelligence, and as a result was determined to be unfit for production of new zero-units. She was given the alias ‘Magnolia Barton.’ She was then sent with a mercenary to help with her mission.” she then paused and her visor’s symbols became blue “Data not found.” she said, before going silent again. When Anastasia tells Ignia and Indris to watch out for the other group, Indris nods “They’re not currently following us.” she said, while Ignia replied quietly “O-okay… uhm. For Lord Barton to decide she’s not fit for uh… p-production… I think the problem has to be pretty extreme, she’s the only one he has given that label… that I’m aware of.” she said.

Anastasia does her best to remember the description Idalia describes. She vaguely remembers seeing a girl that fit that description, but the mental image was fuzzy and she couldn’t really remember the face all that well. She didn’t say anything as the three of them said their piece, taking a few moments to think after Ignia talks before finally saying something. “If she’s the only defective one that must mean her intelligence is so bad she can’t do battle effectively. Or perform basic tasks. I don’t think she is with Barton in his castle, meaning he perhaps just released her as he didn’t wanna deal with her, or perhaps she somehow escaped. Regardless if we stumble across her it might be more trouble than it’s worth trying to bring her into you guys’s group of sisterhood.” As they walked, Anastasia kept an eye out for any danger, by now they had gotten out of line of sight of the previous group, and so was making sure they stood out of line of sight and weren’t trying to do anything weird.

When Anastasia that it may be best to just leave Magnolia alone if they came across her, Indris makes a face but looks away, while Ignia cocks her head. “But if she’s not smart enough to fight, wouldn’t that mean she could die… you know… alone.” Ignia says, hesitating. “I think at the very least, we should bring her to a city so that someone could take care of her… if not us.” she adds. Indris doesn’t say anything in response, she just continues peering through the trees as if to see something half-hidden.

Anastasia cocks her head as well at Ignia’s words, but then nods and sighs. “Yea I suppose you’re right, I wasn’t trying to say we should leave her to die, I just wasn’t sure about her becoming a permanent resident if that makes sense. We’ll see what we can do for her if we ever come across her, figure out what her deal is and make a plan from there.” She then looks over at Indris, wondering if perhaps she took what Ana said wrong. Ana wasn’t trying to insinuate they were leaving her to die, and she hoped what she said cleared that up.

Ignia nods slowly “O-okay.” she says, as she looks at Indris, who continues to stare off into the woods. Eventually she pokes Indris’ arm “Wh-what are you staring at?” she asks, to which Indris replies “Nothing. I’m looking for the Ruins.” she says, softly. “If she’s actually here in the Wetlands… I would think Lord Barton would have found her if he wanted to.” she says, after a long pause.

Anastasia keeps an eye out the same as Indris, knowing the ruins would stick out like a sore thumb in these relatively flat wetlands. Though the tree cover, while sparse, definitely hindered the search. “I have no idea where she would be, but I agree, I doubt she’d be so close to the castle… Also I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for, I imagine any ruins around here would be pretty obvious, but I still don’t know what to expect…” She thinks out loud, just keeping away the silence after what happened in the castle.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Blue56 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:52 am

Selvaria is quite glad to see the train once again, not only because it meant she could return to Azraq at last, but also because she found the construct fascinating and would enjoy riding it again. Especially now that it no longer contained piles of dead bodies and creatures that she assumed would harm her if they came across her. Unsurprisingly, Ophelia, Annie, and Alice all sit together, so Selvaria takes a seat in the across from them. She listens closely to Annie's findings as she lays her rifle across the seat next to her and lets her Necro Blob rest in her lap. The news that her case is linked to such a grand conspiracy of human trafficking is quite alarming, but it does make sense given what she already knows. "I see... So when the guards mentioned that their captain said she was sticking her nose where it did not belong... Perhaps Lena Ansel also came to the same conclusion you did somehow? We'll have to tread carefully if the guards are involved in this plot..." Selvaria muses. This was much more dangerous than she had first imagined when she took the job and would end up much worse than just a stolen door if things went wrong.

Selvaria hadn't noticed it the first time she had done this, her focus had been elsewhere after all, but the time it took for the train to make it's way between Azraq and Vitra was quite long. The train felt like it was moving quite fast, so she didn't even want to imagine how long it would take if she had tried to return to Azraq on foot. Annie and Alice seemed to have long since fallen asleep, and normally Selvaria would have followed suit, were it not for the adorable little blob squeaking happily and rubbing against her. She had already fallen asleep for a bit while waiting for Annie to recover, so she found she couldn't resist staying awake to play with her new companion, quietly of course, to avoid disturbing the sleep of the three ladies sitting across from her. It was rare for Selvaria to pass up an opportunity to nap, but simply holding this Necro Blob put a smile on her face in a way nothing else had in quite some time.

The rest of their trip goes by much faster now that she has something to occupy her mind, and soon enough, the four of them are following the path that Selvaria had first taken to board the train. Though they lack the cover of darkness, their exit through the hidden tunnel in the alleyway goes unnoticed by the throngs of people walking the streets of Azraq, too busy to notice the moving of trash bins and things like that. Selvaria was right about to ask just where they were headed from here, since she knew nothing about this person Annie wanted her to help save, but Alice seemed to have run off before she had the chance. It was surprisingly fortuitous that Alice finds her sister so soon after they return to Azraq. Selvaria simply stands by in silence as the two chat and Aurora is introduced to them all, Alice's energetic way of talking making the conversation difficult to follow. Still, Selvaria does manage to pick up that the sisters were from Calt and that Ophelia and Alice were followers of Masino, some interesting similarities that they shared with Selvaria. However, there were a few points that concerned her as well, the first being Alice's apparent love of justice as she seemed to profess it at every opportunity. Selvaria would need to take extra care to avoid revealing her unsavory past around these ladies, as she very much doubted Alice would take too kindly to learning of her time as a bandit. The second was that Alice seemed determine to never let Selvaria live down walking in on the group in their undergarments, though Selvaria manages to keep her expression neutral during all of this, aside from her initial look of shock. "My name is Selvaria Vaimel. As Alice has already stated, I am indeed a mercenary here in Azraq." She introduces herself when her turn comes, shaking Aurora's hand and raising her voice to ensure that Alice hears and hopefully remembers Selvaria's name next time. "It's a pleasure to meet you. You two are from Calt? I was born there, though it has been many years since I returned." Normally Selvaria would avoid revealing too much about herself to strangers, but perhaps a simple detail like this will help make her a little more memorable.

Before the conversation can continue on for much longer, a commotion down the street interrupts them. Normally, Selvaria might leave something like this to the city's capable guards, but Alice and Aurora leap into action almost instantly. She watches, mesmerized as the two proclaim their devotion to justice once again and strike a pose. The act is baffling to Selvaria, but there was something oddly moving about it. Before she realizes what was even happening, Selvaria finds herself standing behind the two, her feet planted firmly on the ground in a widened stance, while her white wings burst out from beneath her cloak and spread out majestically behind her. Her Necro-Blob sits atop her left shoulder while the barrel of her rifle rests against her right, her left hand reaches up to grip the wide brim of her hat between her thumb and index finger before sliding across the brim as she stared resolutely out into the streets. What the hell was that? Before she knew it, Selvaria had been swept up in the momentum and joined in on doing something ridiculous. The mercenary stood dumbfounded as the sisters ran up ahead to investigate the commotion and Selvaria followed closely behind after her senses returned to her, clutching her rifle tightly and desperately trying to put her inexplicable actions out of her mind.
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