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Postby lilbooth » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:02 pm

CeeCee was a bit somber as she made her way to Kort. Another one of her pets had died, which seemed to be a repeating pattern as of late. She’d traveled without a mount for quite some time, but just like her time in Barton castle made her miss its luxuries while on the road, walking alone through the wilderness was both lonely and tough. Her steps were heavier than normal but either luck or some semblance of stealth let her make it past a mountain crag. At some point in her travels, a terrible feeling of dread washed over her. It was brief and intense and stopped her in her tracks. The feeling fled as soon as it arrived and she stood perplexed for several moments. With nothing around her to cause such a sensation, she pressed on, until she was met with a small channel of water. CeeCee knew that even the most dangerous of creatures on land were nothing compared to those that lived in the water. She was fairly certain that the monsters of the oceans and lakes couldn’t make it this deep into the mountains but she was still cautious. Just as she was looking for a way over the channel she saw a hand reach out of the water. She was astonished to see any other travelers this far out in the wilderness. Still wary of danger she quickly grabbed a branch from a nearby tree and reached out to the person under the surface. Hopefully, they would grab onto the branch so she could pull them to safety. Just before she closed the distance to the channel of water a stiffness radiated out from her shoulders. At first, she thought she was just sore, and picking up the branch had made her ache. But when the stiffness progressed and settled she was quite concerned. She glanced back over her shoulder and saw a long thing spider leg. She immediately tried to reach back and knock what she presumed to be an entire spider off of her. Except no matter how she moved the legs matched her. It took her a bit to figure out that there was no spider on her, instead, these legs had grown from within her. She shivered at the thought that she had such foreign parts growing from herself, but with no cure waiting for her in the wilds, she would simply have to deal with whatever repercussion the new appendages might produce.

As soon as the hand grabs onto the branch, CeeCee could easily conclude something was horribly wrong. Suddenly, the hand rises high out of the water, and beneath it was a highly disturbing pale, worm-like monstrosity, with black eyes narrowed into slits, small pincers for arms, and a very large, frog-like mouth, lined with sharp, needle-like fangs, which tugged hard on the branch, the strength of the pull being far more than enough to yank CeeCee and the branch into the treacherous water of the channel.

As soon as the hand started to rise up and the first tug was felt, CeeCee dropped the branch and quickly stepped back. Her fears were quickly realized as a monstrous creature soon revealed itself. She didn’t know if the creature could make it out of the water, but she wasn’t exactly going to wait to find out. She backpedaled until she felt she was a safe distance away and then just observed. She had no idea the capability of the creature so she was ready to run if needed. But she wondered if it could speak, and what sort of noises it made. “What are you.” She called out quite loudly to the creature, nervously awaiting a response.

Rather than respond to CeeCee’s shout, the creature’s hand reared back, then threw the branch like a javelin, the stick sailing straight at CeeCee, however she was far enough away that she could avoid the brunt of the attack, the stick merely cutting her across the cheek before crashing against the ground and shattering into pieces. When the creature saw that the stick missed, it slowly submerged back into the water, the hand atop its head disappearing with it.

CeeCee winced and ducked out of the way as the branch was flung back towards her. It was surprisingly accurate and powerful. The hand and arm like appendage on the creature was more than just a lure for prey, it was a fully developed and functioning limb. CeeCee did her best to remember as many details about the creature as she could before setting out towards Kort. She made sure not to cross the water near where she had encountered the monster.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby MiscChaos » Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:29 pm

Ophelia feels slightly guilty when the nurse takes offense to her displeasure with being touched. "It is nothing to do with you personally. I am simply not fond of being touched by those I do not know." She says as the nurse leaves the room. She is not sure if the nurse hears her, but at the very least it has been said. She is still weary of the people around her, especially since they gave her clothes rather than her armor and weapons back. Still, it is preferable to being nearly nude in front of all these potential hostiles. Still, at the very least her suspicions are confirmed: Each and every resident is undead. She's not sure what Goddess or art allowed Skyrille to return sentience to the dearly departed, but she is unsure whether to be impressed, disturbed, or wary. She will reserve judgement for when she sees more of the residents and sees if there is a more insidious purpose behind them. If they are simply allowed to live their... would it be un-lives? After lives? Second lives? Yes, she believes she will go with that. If they are simply allowed to live their second lives however they wish, then all is well. She bears the undead no ill will unless they choose to attack her or those she cares for, seeing their plight as much the same as the plight of the Nomads for being mindlessly despised, so if they choose to live within this city peacefully then she will be glad for them finding a place free of discrimination.

Now dressed, save for the boots which she holds in her hands due to a rule of the Techra estate that has been ingrained into her, she follows Skyrille and her guards to where Annie and Alice are recovering. It is not like she feels cold too terribly much due to her extremely low body temperature, so given the safe terrain there is not a problem following her Lady's directive at this moment. As she walks, she finds herself becoming more and more worried as she does so. She thought Alice's wounds at least were not as severe as her own, especially after the beasts took their pleasure from her body, but she remembers that Annie was bleeding out in the snow from her injuries when she lost consciousness. And it's entirely possible Alice became exhausted or further injured carrying the both of them to this city. Alice was in no condition to be carrying two people even before one of the Ice Stalkers knocked her out so they could all ravish Ophelia. And she only saw part of Alice's journey, but in the shape she was. It is entirely possible that she was further injured fighting something off while she and Annie were incapacitated. The literal only hope she has is that Annie is unaware of the sacrifice Ophelia made for the both of them. Alice was conscious enough to carry her here, so hoping she did not see is pointless, but Annie already smokes her Deathsticks due to her problems in dealing with stress. She does not wish to know the consequences of the detective knowing Ophelia was brutally raped for her sake would have. She can only hope Annie stayed unconscious until they were separated. If that happens then at least something good would come of this entire fiasco.

Ophelia withholds a sigh when she sees that Annie and Alice are being held in two different rooms. It means that she cannot visit the both of them at the same time, especially if it means interfering with their treatment. Meaning that she must take longer to assuage her fears of their injuries. Still, there is nothing for it but to just suck it up and deal with it. "My thanks for your hospitality thus far. May your day be peaceful and pleasant." She says as Skyrille departs. Looking in the windows gives her no hint as to which of her companions are in which room, so she simply opens the door on the left and enters. "Good day. I am looking for my companions who came in with me." She says, addressing the doctors in the room. "They are a red-haired woman draped in crimson and black and a blonde woman adorned in blue and white. Would either of them happen to be in this room?"
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Mark3000 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:36 pm

Lilith was kind of amazed that no-one on the battlefield noticed Chet was dead. Though judging by how the other guards fought, it's no wonder why he didn't stand out.

Surveying the battlefield she found the source of the burning bodies. "So Metia was here after all" She said under her breath. Knowing how the Were-dragon could get, she decided to steer clear for the moment. Close by were Amun and Camilla. Lilith breathed a sigh of relief but before she could greet them, she was stopped by three goblins. "I don't have time for more small-fries" She said preparing for battle.

Moving into engage range, Lilith swiped at the first armored goblin as her blade swiped against the goblin's chest. Not pleased with her attack, the first two goblins attack the Nomad. Meanwhile, the third goblin attacks Chad leaving a large gash in his leg. Once they were finished, Chet swung at the first goblin. Only for his slow swing to completely missed.

Kissing her teeth, Lilith stabbed at the the first goblin again. She missed, but just as the goblin was about to retaliate Lilith disappeared. Unable to locate the missing Nomad, the three goblins turned their attention to Chet. They cut and cleaved his dead body until it was covered in gashes. But the undead warrior remained standing. He even managed to scratch the first goblin.

It was then that Lilith appeared from the shadows and swiped at the first armored goblin. Bleeding from a cut to the arm, the goblin stepped forward right into a bear trap. The sharp teeth of the trap practically mangled the goblin's stubby legs leaving him a bloody mess on the floor. Is a rage, the other two attacked Lilith in a blind rage to avenge their fallen comrade. But they miss and Lilith slips back into the shadows after attacking the second goblin. Unsure how to respond, they merely focused their attention on Chet again. The zombie warrior shows a bit more liveliness. Even managing to evade one of the goblin's attacks. But he really does look like he's back at death's door ready to go through.

That's when Lilith reappears again from behind the second goblin this tie and slashes at the goblin's back. While the attack does a fair bit of damage, it also sets off another trap Lilith had laid on the goblin himself. The small creature screamed as the teeth ripped through his armor and into his chest.

As the second Goblin falls, Lilith pauses before continuing her attack. She wasn't sure of goblins could understand Chaldean, but it might understand this. Grabbing the hem of her dress, she raised it just a bit to reveal her naked pussy to the armored goblin. "Listen, I'm only interested in the leader of your little band of invaders. If you promise to guide me to him, I'll let you do what ever you want with me" She says with a wink before lowering her dress.

The Goblin, despite the helmet covering its face, blatantly stares at Lilith's pussy until she lowers her dress, then nods its head vigorously, dropping its rusty cutlass, to show its agreement, then running over to Lilith, tugging at her dress.

Lilith was happy that her little show excited the goblin so much. But if she's going to take on the head of this band of goblins, she'll need help. Begrudgingly, she turns and makes her way to Metia. If she could get her help, it would help things go a lot smoother.

When Metia sees Lilith approaching her, she grins and flings the Goblin she had just killed off the tip of her Polearm, causing the corpse to ragdoll across the area until it smacks into the side of one of the incomplete houses "Grayskin! I see you're still ali-" she looks at the undead Chet that was dragging itself across the ground after Lilith and cocks her head "You're supposed to block with your shield, weapon, or armor, Sirius didn't give you infinite lives." she says, rolling her eyes as she rested her foot ontop of a Goblin which was bleeding out nearby, who cries out in pain and struggles to get out from under her "So, Grayskin, I don't suspect that you came over here just to say hi." meanwhile, the Goblin next to Lilith hid behind her in fear of Metia.

Welp, Metia was still Metia. That was both reassuring and frightening at the same time. Quite the feet if she said so. On top of that she didn't seem to notice Chet's undead condition. In response to Metia's little jab, the undead warrior merely nods and lets out a low growl in agreement.

"I was hoping to rest up here before reaching Fero, but these goblins ruined that plan. I decided to lend a helping hand. I even got this little guy to agree to lead me to their leader. " She said bringing Metia's attention to the small armored goblin at her leg. "How about it, wanna try and take on a bigger fish"? She said with a confident tone. Though Lilith did leave out the real reason she was help these people.

Metia considered for a moment as she used her Polearm to step the Goblin beneath her armored boot in the back of the neck, only slowly stabbing it in so the creature cries out and dies slowly "Well, these pathetic Green-skins aren't putting up much of a fight, so I suppose I'll go with you and slaughter their leader, it would certainly reduce the casualties that Sirius' creations suffer." she nods, then looks back at Chet "Is he going to be okay? It looks like the guy has been blocking with his squishy parts a bit too much." she says, only with mild concern.

"Don't worry, he's a sturdy young man" Lilith said as she motioned for Chet to nod in agreement. She didn't know how long she could keep up this charade. Though something Metia said did bother her. There would be less casualties if they took out the leader. At the same time if she left things as they were, there was a chance she wouldn't have anything to offer her goddess.

"Alright then let's put an end to their leader. Lead the way little one. Remember there's a reward waiting for you at the and of this" She said blowing him a kiss. In preparation for the coming battle, Lilith put away her hidden blade and moved her morningstar to her main hand while putting on the Gold Tower Shield. They weren't really her style, by they did seem stronger then her messily blade.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Blue56 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:50 am

Selvaria quietly follows the guards through the castle halls, impressed by the amount of rooms this structure held and left wondering as to their purpose as they apparently weren't important enough to warrant a stop on this tour. The room they eventually come to however, seems worthy of taking a closer look at. Selvaria gaze is filled with curiosity as she takes in the 'Historium' as the guards had called it. Were all these books recorded history of Vitra, or was it more expansive than that? What exactly are all those spheres? If the books were written in the same unrecognizable language as the labels, it seemed as though there wouldn't be much to learn here save for what the guards could tell her.

Shortly after their arrival in the Historium, Selvaria finally meets the Keeper she had heard so much about. She hadn't known what to expect, but the woman that stood before her now did have the eerie appearance contrasted by a pleasant demeanor that Selvaria had come to expect from this city. Selvaria had never met anyone even of even remotely high stature before, and so she was unsure of the etiquette this situation required, simply bowing her head as she introduced and hoping that would be sufficient. "Greetings, Keeper Skyrille. Thank you for meeting with me, and for your hospitality thus far. My name is Selvaria Vaimel, a mercenary from Azraq." She says softly and politely, raising her head to look the Keeper in the eye before continuing. "I have been tasked with investigating a disappearance, and my search brought me to a graveyard where I encountered your servants excavating bodies. I followed them to your.... train... and ended up here."

"I came to see you for two reasons. The first is to ask if you have any information on a woman named Lena Ansel, or might know of someone in the city who does. The second is to request permission to return home on your train once my business is concluded. I don't expect to receive this for free, of course. Though my funds are limited, I would be willing to work for you in exchange for these requests, should you find it agreeable." Selvaria concludes, albeit somewhat reluctantly. She preferred not to trade favors as it was often a poor substitute for funds, but to request assistance and offer nothing in return would be quite rude as well.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Randomizer4 » Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:04 pm

“Oh wow!” Despite the memory of the painful experience, Saphira giggled at being partly an animal now. CeeCee would be proud! She took a second to scratch behind her own ears, smiling at the fun feeling. But now on to more important business… Who killed those wolves, and where is Magnolia. As far as she knew, the wolves didn’t take her, so she had to still be around.

Saphira straightened and put on whatever clothes she had left still, shivering in the snow. “Thanks for the fur I guess…” She murmured, starting to scout the area, looking for tracks of Magnolia or whoever did this to the wolves. Maybe Magnolia killed them? Even she couldn’t see the fun in getting raped, could she? You’d have to be a pretty weird person to enjoy that sort of thing. Anyhow… it was time to drudge through the snow in search of Magnolia. If she couldn’t find any clue, finding some sort of shelter would have to come first, someplace she could make a fire would help, otherwise she’d be sick by morning.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby RandomRoninKitten » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:42 pm

Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Idalia and Anastasia choose to leave their room to search for Aranya.

Their trip all around the Colosseum is long and drawn out, taking them to every nook and cranny of the building, past each of the various warriors and mercenaries. Their search eventually takes them to the dining hall, where they see a man sitting at a table, the seat in front of him empty, while an incomplete card game was sitting in front of him. When the two spotted the man, Idalia quickly rushed over to him, vaulting over one of the tables and sliding under a second to get to him "Hey, HEY, what's your name!?" she asked, grabbing the back of the man's armor and shaking him to wake him up. When Anastasia got closer, she could see why Idalia was panicking, the man had a card sticking out of his chest and was bleeding out, he wasn't up and trying to find help because he had bled out to the point of losing consciousness. The man didn't seem to register Idalia shaking him at first, but soon his eyes opened wider "... O-oh..." he said, not answering her "Hey, wake up, I asked you a question!" Idalia shouts, grabbing the man's helmet and pulling it off, before slapping his face to get his attention. The man's face perfectly matched the picture Anastasia was given of Ralph Kipling, however Idalia wouldn't know that, she only knew the man's name, as the person Anastasia was searching for. The man, however, kept losing consciousness rather than answering Idalia's question, so she looked to Anastasia "Since he was stabbed with a card, I'm guessing it was Aranya, and given that, probably the person you're after, we have to get him help quick or he'll bleed out!" she shouts, tugging on the man's armor to get him out of the seat and starting to drag him away.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The woman nods "Master has informed us that you would be coming." she says, as she stands up and leads Ophelia to the curtains, which she pulls back.

Annie was laying on the bed in front of her in her black bra and panties, the wound she had received from the Ice Stalker only partly closed. Annie perks up as soon as she sees her and reaches her arms out "Opheeeeeeelia~" she says dreamily, the look on her face showing that she's not all there. The undead medical worker leans closer to Ophelia and explains "She wouldn't calm down without her Deathsticks, so we gave her something to calm her down, so that she would let us treat her, don't worry about it." she says. Annie unsteadily sits up in her bed and reaches her arms out a bit further "Come heeere, Opheeelia, it has been... aaahhh a gajillion hours since... uh... we saw... each other, and yooouuu look like you... uh... need a huuug" she says, having to reach for the words, and having a hard time sitting up.

Before Ophelia could go to her, if she intended to, the door behind them slammed open and Alice barged into the room "OPHELIA!" she shouts, several medical workers following her into the room, each one pleading for her to get back into bed so they can finish treating her, Alice ignoring them entirely, making her way towards Ophelia, wearing nothing but her light blue bra and panties, the healing gel coating her front and back almost entirely. She threw her arms around Ophelia and hugged her tight with crushing force "I was so worried about you and Annie, neither of you could even walk when I dragged you all the way here, Annie never woke u-" she looked over at Annie, waving at her groggily, her head dropping back and forth as she tried to sit up "-OH, SHE'S AWAKE!" she said, and started to say something else, but she was interrupted by one of the undead nurses tapping her on the shoulder "Lady Alice, please rest, you have many broken bones and internal bleeding..." she explained, which Alice ignored again, tugging Ophelia over to Annie so that she could hug both of them, Annie commenting "Aliiice has... pretty haaaiiir..." she says, reaching up and playing with it, adding, as she used her other hand to rub Ophelia's cheek "Opheeelia has... pretty skin... and smooth...", to which Alice laughed "What's up with her?" she asked, to which one of the undead nurses replied "We had to give her something to calm her down so that we could treat her wounds, she'll be like this for a while." to which Alice replied "I like her this way, she compliments us more~" before hugging them both tighter.

One of the nurses then spoke up again "Whenever you're all fully healed and ready to leave, Master would like you to visit her in Echo Castle first." she says, lowering her hand from her ear, indicating that she had just finished speaking with Keeper Skyrille.

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The Goblin leads them around the thickest part of the battle and down the hill, away from the city, eventually bringing them to a cave at the base of a large mountain. The Goblin shivers as it stands near the cave, and points into the opening emphatically, speaking in a language that Metia and Lilith didn't understand. As the two peered into the cave, they could only see darkness, however they could hear heavy breathing in the cave. "Well, let's not waste any time." Metia said, drawing both of her Polearms, then starting to walk into the cave. When Lilith started to follow, Metia backs out of the cave, then jumps backwards, kicking a tree with her feet to change direction, a ball of crystal smashing through the tree just as she jumps off of it.

Metia lands on the ground, crouching and watching the cave as a massive, muscular, red creature walks out of the cave, another ball of crystal in its hands, its body covered in dark red markings, spikes growing from its upper body, its face covered with a hard material, from which three red horns grew. It was wearing a brown pair of ripped shorts, which barely concealed its gigantic package. When the creature exited the cave, it shouted at Metia "HOW DARE YOU SAY THOSE THINGS ABOUT MY MOTHER!" before roaring loudly. The monster was soon followed by a second, a large green monster with two heads, and muscles which were almost as large as those of the red creature, wearing only a loin cloth and straps on its legs and arms.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Camilla doesn't comment on the situation, simply standing close to Amun as Metia yells at him, lifts him, drops him, then walks away. When the two follow her, they see her speak with Lilith for a moment, before the two of them, a Goblin, and a Guard walk off towards a mountain near the city.

The group stops at a distant cave at the base of the mountain, and when Amun and Camilla come into sight range of them, they can see Metia enter the cave, before leaping backwards out of the cave, then onto a tree and into the air, just before a massive ball of crystal smashes through the tree, reducing it to nothing but splinters. The creature comes out after Metia, a massive, muscular, red creature walks out of the cave, another ball of crystal in its hands, its body covered in dark red markings, spikes growing from its upper body, its face covered with a hard material, from which three red horns grew. It was wearing a brown pair of ripped shorts, which barely concealed its gigantic package. When the creature exited the cave, it shouted at Metia "HOW DARE YOU SAY THOSE THINGS ABOUT MY MOTHER!" before roaring loudly. The monster was soon followed by a second, a large green monster with two heads, and muscles which were almost as large as those of the red creature, wearing only a loin cloth and straps on its legs and arms.

Camilla moves closer to Amun and grabs onto him "Those things are huge... how are they supposed to kill them alone?" she asks, and he can feel her trembling against him.

Selvaria Vaimel/Blue56
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Keep Skyrille nodded in understanding as Selvaria explained herself. "I have no information on the girl you seek, however I do have a Private Investigator who ended up here after being attacked on her journey home, to Azraq, you may be able to get information from her. She's in the Hospitorium nearby, you likely saw it on your way here." she explained, adding "As for making an exchange to take you home... hmm..." she thinks for a moment, touching her finger to her chin "I request that you would capture and artificial lifeform for me, they are wandering about, and slowly more and more are being created. I would like you to bring me one. I will, however, send you home first, though I would like you to complete this task when possible." she said, with a friendly smile. "If you do this for me, I'll give you a gift, so please, don't forget." she adds.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

CeeCee attempts to jump over the narrow channel of water, however she's stopped in mid air by a bloated and shriveled hand grabbing onto her ankle and pulling her down into the water, her face crashing against the bank as she slips into it. Once she's standing in the water, she can see that it was indeed significantly deeper than she had originally thought. She then hears a garbled groaning sound, as if someone were trying to groan while fully encased in water. When CeeCee turns to face the source of the noise, she sees a head, and shoulders rising out of the water, the head and shoulders of an undead, their face pale blue as if they were drowned, their hair matted to their shriveled skin. When the creature fully rises, it towers over CeeCee, and she can see that their lower body is the body of an undead horse as it stands before her, as if the corpse was cut in half and sewn to the back of a horse, the creature is soon followed by numerous, uncountable numbers of undead, all rising out of the water and starting to slowly slosh through the water as they move towards her, each having the body of a horse in place of their legs, just as the first did. The creatures all reached towards her with one hand, while holding a rusty sword in the other, letting out garbled groans and stumbling after her, their eye sockets glowing blue as they glared after her. The creature which held her ankle, she could see beneath the water, slowly rising from the muddy ground beneath the water her and the uncountable horde of undead were standing in, its mouth opening as it leans forward to bite into her thigh.

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

After Saphira fully dresses herself, then begins to search for Magnolia, she finds that the snow is falling too heavily for her to find any kind of tracks which would indicate which direction the girl had traveled. As Saphira travels through the snow in search of shelter, the ground begins to rhythmically shake beneath her, as if something so massive that it could shake the ground, was walking across the area. When Saphira looks towards the source of the shaking, through the blizzard, all she sees is darkness at first. As she continues to look, however, she's able to see a bright green glow, and soon she begins to make out a moving shape, then she can see that there's a shape to the darkness.


What she sees is a massive creature with three lion heads, a mane of tentacles, and the tail of a snake. The creature's mouths and eyes all glowed green, and it had massive, razor sharp teeth. It was at this moment that Saphira realizes that the creature was no longer moving, and that it was staring down at her with its bright green eyes. The creature slowly opens its mouth and lets out a loud a fierce, loud roar, which shakes the ground and knocks Saphira off of her feet, causing her to bounce and tumble across the snow, before slamming into a nearby tree. As the creature roars, a jet of green flame pours from its mouth, melting a patch of snow, and even with the distance she had gained from the creature when knocked back, she can still feel the intense heat.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Randomizer4 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:15 pm

Encounter with the three-headed lion:
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Saphira’s mood is not very bright as she can’t find any sign of Magnolia in the snow. With luck she could find her somehow after the weather clears. So shelter first. The girl was in no state to fight or sleep in the cold snow. The blizzard was getting intense and… was that shaking? Something was causing the earth to shake and Saphira did her best to peer through the snow to discover the source of the tremors. First she saw nothing, then darkness, then a giant creature. A three-headed massive lion… and it was coming towards her. Saphira panicked, trembling from both the cold and the sight of the majestic creature. Its roar knocked her off her feet and smashed her into a tree. Then its fire warned her off its magical potential.

Saphira had no choice but to try and escape, there was no way she could ever take on a monster of that size. So she struggled on through the snow, but failed to gain any ground on the monster, which had no problem pursuing her with its gargantuan legs.

The creature merely watched Saphira run through the snow away from it for several moments, watching her gain a little bit of ground, however it takes two steps towards her, erasing all progress she had gained through her efforts, each step shaking the ground beneath Saphira’s feet, and knocking her to and fro, preventing her from regaining her footing. The creature looks down at Saphira with her three heads, its three massive, gaping mouths pouring green light from within, before suddenly launching a massive ball of green flame down onto Saphira, which exploded in a bright green light, burning Saphira’s body, and sending horrible agony through her. When Saphira can see again, she’s laying on the charred ground, the snow melted away and reduced to steam from the heat of the attack, the trees charred to black powder on the ground. The creature, once it sees that Saphira had opened her eyes again, slams one of its paws down on her body, hard enough to hurt her immensely, but not enough to break all of her bones to the extent that she couldn’t move, showing that the creature was toying with her.

Saphira was merely a little doll in the massive creature’s grasp. Its steps threw her around and bruised her already battered body, before all went green around her and she only felt pain, until she felt nothing anymore. For a flash of a moment she thought she had died, but she found herself waking up again, her clothes charred, her body hurting all over and the ground around her clear of snow. The creature immediately pinned her with one claw, causing Saphira to scream in pain. She squirmed under the three-headed lion’s grasp, unable to escape but probably giving her the satisfaction of a struggling prey.

The creature let out a low groan, then lifted its paw and slammed it down on Saphira’s body again, this time she could feel some of her bones cracking and breaking beneath the force of the strike. The creature then lifted its paw back up, slowly letting its claws out, then lower its paw back down, digging three of its claws into Saphira’s body, one through her stomach, one through her chest, and another through her arm, the claws fully penetrating through her body and into the ground. The creature then lifted her up with its claws, into the air, before suddenly tossing her upwards, off of them, and letting her fall briefly, before batting her away. The impact was heavy, and broke even more of her bones, and likely would have killed her when she hit the ground, if not for the deep snow she landed in cushioning her landing to a degree. As she was laying in the snow, the creature made its way over to her, and as it did, its fur seemed to raise off of its body and stand straight up. When the fur extended and darted towards her, wrapping around her arms and legs, as well as her neck, choking her lightly, she discovered it wasn’t fur, but many long tendrils with tips like the head of a horse’s cock, but with barbs all around them.

Poor Saphira was completely helpless. Her bones cracked under the sheer force of the second blow. It made Saphira want to throw up, but the blow was followed by its claws digging into her flesh, cutting through her body and literally pinning her to the ground. Then she was picked up and slapped around like a cat’s toy, which she really was, but luckily her life was spared by the snow. Saphira barely registered what happened to the creature’s skin, gasping as she was soon surrounded by a mess of tendrils who looked less than friendly. If only she could move at all…

A single tentacle had wrapped around each of her limbs and her neck, the one around her neck tightening and cutting off her air supply, but loosening its grip each time she felt like she was about to suffocate. Several more tentacles extended down to meet her, with one of them rearing back, before darting forward and hitting her across the face, the impact feeling like a punch to her face. After the strike, the same tentacle forced itself into her mouth and down her throat, before starting to thrust in and out, while another slipped itself into her shorts and began tugging them downward, exposing her panties bit by bit, while yet another lifted her shirt up over her breasts, without removing it, exposing her bra. Two tentacles slipped under her bra and wrapped around her breasts, squeezing them very hard, while the tentacle which pulled her shorts down, snaked into her panties and suddenly rammed itself into her pussy, after which it began thrusting in and out of her hard. Each tentacle leaking purple liquid into her body as soon as they entered her, however the volume of the liquid was too great, causing it to leak out of her holes.

Saphira did not give up completely, trying to wiggle whatever muscles she could still muster and doing her best to breath, panicking each time the tentacle that controlled her air supply cut her off from life long enough. She was so close to death… her entire body felt destroyed and now it would be violated again. The girl sends out a high pitched whine at the slap, which gives the tentacle enough time to enter her throat and to start pumping her full of the liquid, which was too much for the girl to swallow and soon it was leaking out of her mouth. Her already beaten breasts were squeezed again, sending jets of pain through her body. Despite some desperate hip-wiggling, Saphira could do nothing to prevent the tentacle by her crotch from raping her, and soon the purple liquid also leaked from her ravaged cunt. The giant monster could probably barely register the pain Saphira was in, her body was already beaten once not so long ago and now it was shaking at the brink again. At this point the girl’s body had trouble processing all the different pain and pleasure signals it was receiving and her feelings were just a confused mess as thinking got almost too hard.

The tentacle around her neck forced her to lift her head, then slammed her head back down against the stony ground, causing blood to start flowing from the new wound on her head. The tentacle held still for a moment afterward, before slamming her head down a second and third time, one after the other, while the tentacle in her mouth continued roughly violating her throat, practically drowning her in the purple liquid, the liquid overflowing out of her mouth and running down her chin. The tentacles around her breasts rubbed against her flesh and squeezed them hard, the purple liquid seeping from the tips and soaking her breasts, making her skin all sticky and slimy. The tentacles around her legs lifted them up, forcing them further apart, as the one in her pussy thrusting in and out of her harder and faster, soon joined by a second one, then a third, forcing three tentacles the size of a horse’s cock into her pussy at once, painfully stretching her and leaking even more of the purple liquid into her, the slimy and sticky substance pouring out of her and creating a large puddle beneath her hips, and making her pantie, shorts, and thighs equally slimy and sticky.

Saphira’s eyes teared up as she started bleeding, the impact causing the list of places giving her agony to rise further. Her body was now on full-instinct mode as any higher-level thinking got completely overtaken by raw survival instinct from the overwhelming pain. It took extreme effort on Saphira’s part to not drown in the purple liquid, as it was already hard enough with the tentacle squeezing her airpipe shut. She couldn’t even scream out all her pain, part of which came from her sensitive breasts being squeezed and covered in the sticky fluid. Her pussy was already stretched by one tentacle, and she felt like she was going to be ripped apart by two, but somehow her pussy managed to accommodate the two tendrils. Then a third one joined in, causing Saphira’s pussy to stretch to a breaking point, as it felt like the raping tentacles caused her whole insides to turn to mush as they kept cumming their strange liquids.

The tentacles twitch and shiver, indicating that they were nearing orgasm, however before they could do that, the tentacles all tighten around Saphira, with yet another extending from the creature’s mane and wrapping around her midsection, after which she was lifted up, then slammed down against the ground as all of the tentacles continued pounding her holes hard, deep, and fast. The tentacles continue slamming her against the ground repeatedly as she’s violated, over and over, each one creating a deeper and deeper indentation in the ground, until she was in a small trench. The tentacles then suddenly released a massive volume of the purple liquid into her throat, pussy, and all over her breasts, arms, thighs, most of it simply covering her and filling up the trench, until she was practically bathing in the liquid. At this point, the creature seems to become upset that so much of it wasn’t going into her body, which prompted it to force her head back into the liquid. The liquid filled her lungs, and just as she felt as though she were about to drown, the creature let her raise her head out of it to take a breath. Once she had caught her breath, the creature forced two tentacles into her throat again, and thrust two tentacles into her pussy again, rapidly thrusting both sets, while the others slowly lift her off the ground by her arms, thighs, and midsection.

Saphira wanted to cry, whine and moan all at once from being slammed into the ground like a broken toy, but there was nothing she could do. Why wasn’t she dead yet? She didn’t understand why her body wasn’t giving up, but now she was stuck with the shame, fear and pain for even longer as the rape continued. Her sore and stretched pussy kept taking in the tentacles, while her throat was still being filled with liquids. Then, the lion seemed to cum, drowning her holes in the filthy liquid. She had nothing left and most of the stuff flowed out of her, making a pool in the trench where she was laying. Her suffering hadn’t ended as the monster wasn’t satisfied with her performance. Again, it almost made her drown by pushing her head underwater, before it ravaged her anew, forcing her jaw to open as wide as possible to take in two of its tendrils. She felt herself being slowly lifted up and feared one final sort of strike against her…

The tentacles suddenly pulled out of her throat and pussy, while she was brought towards the creature, slowly passing beneath it until she feels a much, much-too-large cock pressed against her. The tentacles slowly flip her over so that she’s facing towards the ground, then the creature slowly starts to ease itself forward, its gigantic lion-like cock pushing into her pussy, every centimeter causing Saphira unimaginable pain. As the creature pushed into her, she could feel the purple liquid seeping into her skin, preventing her from being ripped in half by the creature’s massive cock. The creature didn’t bother pushing all the way into her, instead stopping when she was filled, and beginning to thrust slowly, but incredibly hard.

Saphira felt a tingle of relief as the tentacles pulled out of her, but she soon shook with fear as the Lion’s actual member pressed against her. She looked at the ground as she felt the thing push against her. It pushed inside, somehow, through massive amounts of purple lube, the thing slid inside her. Saphira still managed to feel another level of pain from this, and now she was free to scream all she wanted. The Lion-dick… it was too much. Well, the tentacles were already too much. This was truly overwhelming suffering piercing into the middle of her body from between her legs.

The creature continued to ram in and out of her, hard and deep, for what seems like hours or days, the incredible pain coursing through her body with every single movement of the creature’s cock, her body unable to become used to its massive member. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the creature finally cums hard inside her, the volume of liquid more than Saphira had seen thus far, practically unleashing an ocean into her. After the creature had finally finished, it carelessly drops her, letting her free fall back into the puddle of purple liquid with a loud ‘sploosh’. The creature then slowly struts away, leaving her there, fully submerged in sticky, slimy purple liquid.

There was no end to the pain. It just went on forever and Saphira lost count of time. She swore it got dark and became daylight again but she wasn’t sure of anything anymore, except for a spear ripping her open, sending shocks of pain through her she never got used to. It was unbearably hellish pain and when the creature finally came, she sighed in relief, even as the ocean of cum flooded her and she was discarded. Still, she had pain everywhere, and blood and purple tentacle cum. But at least, the creature was done. She tried to at least make sure she wouldn’t drown in the pool of liquid, before passing out. She was done.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby MiscChaos » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:31 pm

A maelstrom of emotions pass through Ophelia as she takes in the sight of her detective laying in the bed, clearly not in full control of her facilities. An almost overwhelming sense of joy seeing the horrid wound closing and knowing that Annie will recover, fury so powerful that her vision is tinted red from her detective being so obviously drugged out of her mind (though the explanation from the medical staff does lower the severity of her rage by an appreciable margin), almost crippling worry that Annie had to be drugged in the first place as she is concerned about what would cause such worry in her detective to begin with (and still fervently hoping that Annie did not see what she had to do to protect her and Alice from the lustful intentions of their foes), and just a smidgen of lust at seeing Annie in her underclothes. She is actually incredibly surprised she can feel lust given what has happened to her so recently. Possibly she craves the reassuring touch of those she cares for after being ravaged by those who so obviously don't? Either way, she isn't likely to act on that last emotion as Annie is currently in a state that would make Ophelia guilty for laying with her.

With a smile, Ophelia is very near acquiescing to her detective's request for a hug when the door bursts open and, without thought, she moves to block any potential hostile's view of Annie from the door. Her relief only increases when Annie enters the room. She takes a moment to look over Alice and is glad that there isn't any obvious injuries on her like there is on Annie. Then her entire thought process comes to a screeching halt as Alice throws her arms around her and envelops her in a hug that would likely put lesser beings right back into a hospital bed. And has hard as it is, Ophelia finds herself returning the hug just as fiercely, burying her face into her warrior's shoulder and breathing in her scent. It is slightly fouled by the smell of the medical gel interfering but it is enough of Alice that this is acceptable. A frown that she hopes Alice cannot see crosses her face as her warrior describes the tribulations she suffered bringing the both of them to safety. With broken bones and internal bleeding if the medical staff is to be believed and she has no reason to disbelieve them. She hopes that the staff on hand here heal them correctly. Bones healing wrong will cripple someone for life and she has no wish for Alice to live with such a condition. To that end, it is likely the best idea for them to be in bed. Alice has already started the process, pulling the both of them to Annie so that she may include them in her hug. "My thanks, Annie. Your skin is a joy to touch and behold as well." She replies with a smile, running her hand down Annie's cheek. She determines she should do such a thing as much as possible right now as her detective, while not under the influence of such drugs, is a lot less inclined to touch and be touched. She very clearly remembers how hesitant to be fondled Annie was during their first time together. She wonders how she can acclimate her detective to being touched by her and Alice without being bothersome about it. She supposes step one would be for Annie to come back to herself in the arms of those she can trust.

"Is it possible to have us all treated in this room? Or in this bed? I have doubts that anyone could successfully convince myself or Alice to leave it now that Annie is awake and on her way to being well. And I know Alice must get off of her feet so that her injuries can be healed." She gives Alice a small glare as she says this, warning her non-verbally that she will be listening to the medical personnel so that she may heal as quickly as possible. She does not wish for Alice to have come so far gaining assistance for them just to be irreparably damaged at the point of finish. "You wish to heal us. I also wish for that outcome in addition to being able to observe and comfort my friends. This would be the path of least resistance to accomplishing both of our goals." She says, laying in the bed next to Annie and hoping Alice does the same. She really should not be standing with broken bones. After a moment of thought, she removes the clothes she just put on to put herself in the same state as her companions are in. It felt odd being the only one dressed out of the three of them. Besides... skin on skin contact is very warm. She could use the warmth of her companions right now. She nods to the nurse that informs them that Skyrille would like to speak to them before they leave. "Did you manage to arrive to this city unmolested? My apologies I was unable to assist in making our way to gather assistance. You... would definitely have seen the state I was in."
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Blue56 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:52 am

Selvaria frowns slightly, she had known it was a long shot that Lena Ansel would be connected to this strange city, but it was still disappointing to know that she had come all this way for seemingly nothing. Or perhaps not? Selvaria cocks her head, curiously pondering the information that a private investigator from Azraq is currently in Vitra. Could this be the same one the clerk at the guild had mentioned? It almost seemed too coincidental to be true, but it would certainly be worth looking into. "I see... Thank you for informing me. I will go and visit this person before I return to Azraq then." She tells the Keeper with a nod of thanks.

Skyrille's response to the request to use the train again, however, does catch Selvaria off guard. The request to find an "artificial lifeform" was an odd one, but the news that Skyrille would allow her to return to Azraq on the train first was baffling. "That is... most generous of you." Too generous in fact. Selvaria had never been paid completely up front, especially not with the promise of additional pay she hadn't even asked for on completion. Skyrille was either too trusting or there was something here that Selvaria was missing. It was incomprehensible to the mercenary that someone would give so much while guaranteeing little in return for themselves. Perhaps the mere chance that someone might bring her an artificial being was so valuable to the Keeper? Or there was some other ulterior motive...

Regardless of her paranoia though, Selvaria had offered her services and she intended to follow through with it... Eventually. "I will undertake the task you have chosen. However, my current job will have to come first." Selvaria eventually replies, compelled to be honest by her sense of professionalism. "Once Lena Ansel is found, I will begin my search for an artificial lifeform. In the meantime, could you tell me more about them? How will I know the difference between an artificial creature and a normal one? Can you tell me where they are being created, or where I would be likely to find one?" Finding an artificial life form would be be easiest done at their source, but if there were anywhere they tended to gather then all Selvaria had to do was go there and capture one. Once her questions were answered, Selvaria would thank Skyrille for her time and head over to the Hospitorium in search of the private investigator she had been told about.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby lilbooth » Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:40 am

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Cee Cee let out a small gasp as her foot was caught by something in the water. She was sure there were no roots or rocks that she may have stumbled over. After she recovered from smashing her face into the bank of the river she looked back to her leg. Unfortunately, there was no rock nor branch, but a rotten looking hand. Great, more undead. She thought to herself. She did her best to scoot back up the bank and break her leg free of its grasp. As the undead slowly emerged from the channel she was more confused than frightened. They were quite oddly shaped, part man and part horse, but not like a centaur. No, someone had sown these corpses together before reanimating them. A horse an a rider, all with the same weapon, possibly some ancient army that now lives in under the water. She knew she stood no chance of defeating the seven that stood before her. “Easy now boys. There’s plenty to go around.” She said as seductively as possible. She hoped she could reach out with her magic and bend one of them to her will, and simply have them whisk her away to safety. It seemed whatever magic animated them was stronger than hers though. She kept scooting backward up the bank and held her hands out. “Please show me mercy.” She said with some heaviness in her voice.

As CeeCee reached out with her power to charm creatures, one of them looked as though they may have started to come under her sway, however the creature shook its head, and just like that her connection to the creature was immediately severed. One of the creatures that had risen from the depths of the channel behind her reached out and grabbed her by the back of her neck, squeezing it hard and painfully, while the others drew closer. The next creature to reach her grabbed her by the wrist, while another struck her in the face with the hilt of its blade, the creatures not seeming bothered by the fact that she wasn’t resisting. After she had been struck with the creature’s weapon, another kicked her with its hooves, and would have knocked her back if not for the first creature choking her. Once the first few creatures had finished beating on her, the one that was choking her, shoved her forward, causing her to stumble into the water, at which point more hands erupted from the ground beneath and grabbed her wrists, forcing her to stay bent over, while yet more hands groped at her leggings, pulling them down. The creature behind her didn’t wait for her panties to be removed, it instead immediately rammed into pussy from behind, the undead horse-cock’s size stretching her painfully.

Dread sunk in very quickly once she was grabbed from behind. The creatures dripping fingers were somehow course and rough. She gasped as the hold tightened and managed one scream as she was clocked over the face. She barely had enough air left once she was kicked to make a muffled whine. She should have figured the undead army wouldn’t go easy on her. She did all that she could to keep herself out of the water. She was fairly certain that the undead didn’t need to breathe, but from her past encounters with the undead, they far preferred to fuck a warm body. She was fearful she could easily slip into the channel and drown so whenever she had the chance she would cling to the bank. Luckily the undead horsemen decided to turn her around and bend her over. Her summer of horse breaking had taught her that it was the easiest position for both horse and tamer. Though despite the position being favorable, didn’t have any time to prepare for horse cock, undead or otherwise. She couldn’t manage to scream from the painful insertion, her insides were already overfull and the thrust of the undead horsemen sent her head spinning. She was dizzy and delirious, all her inside were shifting around with every thrust. She began to moan and groan and shake painfully.

The undead didn’t let her get used to his size at all, it immediately began thrusting hard and fast, the creature letting out pleasured groans with every thrust. A second creature moves closer to her from the front and used the hilt of its sword to hit her across the head again, this time twice, before forcing its own undead horse-cock down her throat and beginning to thrust in time with the other creature. The rest awaited their turn around them, while yet more rotting hands reached up for her from beneath the ground, grabbing at her arms, wrists, ankles, legs, and thighs, while others grabbed onto and began attempting to strip her of her armor, while also groping at her breasts roughly.

Her rear infiltrator’s increase in speed was noticed by Cee Cee, that was until she was hit across the face twice over. The stinging pain did a good job to wake her up and endure the suffering. Her legs would be trembling, but they were held nearly stiff by the hands underneath. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as the horsemen shoved its cock down her throat. Despite the dizziness and full feeling she didn’t gag on the massive cock, that reflex was long gone for Cee Cee. Her jaw, however, without a warmup, was very painfully forced open. She just focused on breathing, she knew she had a long ordeal ahead of her. Gurgled moans escaped her full throat as the two abused her from both ends.

The creatures only thrust harder, the longer they fuck her throat and pussy, green liquid starting to leak into her with every thrust, the hands that were rising from the ground squeezed her body and groped her breasts while tossing her armor aside once they had removed it entirely. Yet another hand grabbed her by the throat and squeezed, only loosening its grip each time CeeCee was on the edge of losing consciousness. Suddenly the two creatures shuddered, before cumming hard, entire torrents, into her throat and pussy, overflowing each and causing the liquid to leak out of her and into the water, however, the moment the creatures pulled out of her, they were replaced by two more, who rammed into her immediately and began thrusting hard and fast, just as hard and fast as the two creatures before them had ended.

Cee Cee’s gurgles and moans were only intensified as the creatures emptied their balls into her. At least now she was well lubricated for the next two creatures to partake. She was concerned for the eggs in her womb but her body was doing a good job protecting them. The sickly green liquid may sicken her through, so she forced out as much as she could.

The creatures thrust even harder than the ones before them, practically ramming her against each other with their inhuman strength, while the hands from beneath the ground gripped her so hard that her bones ached as if they were cracking from the force. The strength felt such that they could pull her beneath the ground if they felt inclined, however, they were instead content to squeeze her body and massage her breasts roughly, their nails digging into her skin and drawing blood as she was fucked between the undead.

Whilst the original rough groping from below was at least a bit pleasant it quickly turned foul. The tearing of her skins caused more tears to stream down her face. And despite her slicked up entrance, the force of the undead made sure she could not pleasure from the experience. The hands had complete control over her, so she did as she always and kept breathing, taking in small but necessary gasps of air whenever her throat was not being squeezed shut. The cruelty of the undead was immense, what was done to them to cause such hatred of life….

The two creatures finally hilted themselves into her throat and pussy, causing immense pain, due to the size of their cocks and force of their thrust, then they unleash a huge torrent of the green liquid into her throat and pussy, causing it to explode out of her and into the water. The creatures rammed into her a few more times, releasing two more torrents of green liquid into her, before pulling out. While the creatures did trade off with two more of the undead, and after the seventh should have meant that they had run their course, the two that had gone first had their way with her again after they had cycled through completely. The creatures continued to take turns for several hours, practically using CeeCee as a sex toy, until finally the creatures stopped. With all of them satisfied, sexually, one of the undead grabbed CeeCee by the back of the head and forced her head under the water until she felt like she was going to drown, then pulled her back up out of the water, before adjusting its grip to her neck and forcing her into a standing position, though lifting her high enough that she had to stand on her toes to keep from being lifted. One of the creatures punched CeeCee across the face, while the second hit her across the cheek with the hilt of its sword, the third punched her in the stomach, the fourth grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into a swift uppercut, the fifth donkey-kicked her in the chest, and CeeCee could feel some of her ribs break, while the last drew its rusted and broken sword, and used it to stab her through the stomach, twisting the blade in her gut before pulling it out. The creature that was holding her then proceeded to throw her out of the channel and onto land, the force of the throw sending her tumbling across the ground. After a moment, her bra and armor were thrown after her, the bra draping across her head, while the armor hit her square in the face. The creatures then slowly sunk back into the ground beneath the channel and out of sight.

Cee Cee endured the agony of the 14 horse cock spree from morning till mid-afternoon. She was exhausted after the first few rounds and basically numb from then onward. She didn’t stir from her numbed mind until she felt the water on her face. She thought at first they had dropped her but quickly realized that she was being held under. She struggled with what little strength she had left and it eventually paid off. She was not drowned in the river but the seven horsemen all took turns beating her again until whatever was left of their aggression subsided. For the second time in the last ten or so hours she was tossed through the air and tumbled to stop on the ground. The undead were kind enough to return her armor to her before they sunk back into the waters of the channel. They managed to hit her directly in the face with her armor which knocked her to the ground yet again. She laid there for several minutes taking as deep of breaths as she could manage to try to reoxygenate her blood. As soon as she had the strength to sit up she did, and shortly after she stood,

Cee Cee slowly went about gathering her belongings and continuing her treck to Kort. She was significantly slowed, the eggs weighing her down, the stab wound, the broken ribs. She was in terrible shape. But she feared she wouldn’t make it out in the woods tonight. She pushed on to town, and would seek a healer for both her body and her illness. Then perhaps someone who might know a bit about insects to appraise the eggs.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Littlemankitten » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:36 am

Anastasia was at first mildly worried about what Aranya may have possibly gone or possibly done. This worry only grew further as they spent longer and longer looking for her. They spent a very long time looking for her, yet no evidence pointed to her leaving the building. The worry slowly started to become annoyance around the one hour thirty minutes mark. Which also happened to be the time they started searching the dining room. Anastasia saw that there was a man that looked a little out of place, but Idalia was a lot quicker on the uptake on his actual condition. It wasn’t until Anastasia walked closer to see why Idalia was panicking until she figured out he was stabbed in the chest with a card. Anastasia recognized him immediately when she got close as the person she was meant to beat up. Anastasia wasn’t exactly sure how she found him, but she had plenty of time to do it. Regardless, her contract did say that he shouldn’t be dead. Anastasia grumbles a little at the sight, what the fuck was Aranya trying to pull here? Ana crouches in front of the guy, deciding to make the best of a bad situation. “Well, it seems part one is already done, Richard Johnson sends his sympathies for whatever trouble you may have had that prevented you from paying him back.” With that, Anastasia fished a lesser health potion out of her pockets and shoved it into his mouth, ripping out the card as she does so.

The man accepted the Potion without a word, though his eyes narrowed when Anastasia mentioned Richard Johnson. Idalia noticed this, but the man’s wound was already closing. She had drawn her Ninjaken in the blink of an eye, but when she had it out, she hesitated to use it, and in that brief moment, Ralph had already jumped backwards out of his seat and out of her immediate reach, drawing his weapon, a polearm-like mace, and pulling his helmet back on. “You lost me at Richard Johnson, I sure as hell am not going to that man quietly, and you can’t make me.” he said, glancing from Idalia to Anastasia “Neither of you look so tough, anyway.” he adds. Idalia rolled her eyes and moved closer to Anastasia “I should have stopped him, but the fact that we just healed him made me reconsider… ” she grumbled to her as she pulled her hood up in preparation for battle.

(Battle with a good comeback, but not good enough)
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Anastasia was a bit slow on the uptake, and her chains were unable to intercept the man when he started moving back quickly. Anastasia looked the guy up and down and contemplated if what she said was a good choice. After a few moments she shrugged to herself and drew her bow, something she didn’t particularly enjoy using but had proven to be very effective in the past. The chains around her rattled in anticipation for the fight. “Hey, I didn’t go through a bunch of hellholes just to lose to the likes of you, you could of at least thanked me for saving your life.” She grumbles before looking towards idalia. “I’m not sure how good of a fighter he is, but I think we’ll be able to take him together.” She states confidently before readying herself.

Idalia flips her Ninjaken from one hand to the other, then back into her right hand. The moment she catches it, she seems to disappear completely, suddenly appearing behind Ralph, at which point she quickly slashes the surprised man across the back, cutting through his armor and drawing small amounts of blood. Ralph stumbles and looks at her as she crouches low into her battle stance again “You little bitch, what the hell are you?” he asks, hefting his Mace Polearm in one hand and drawing his short sword with the other. “I’m nobody.” Idalia replies, casually. Ralph looks unimpressed, leaping at Idalia and swinging his Mace Polearm at her, slamming it down on the ground. Idalia evades it, and the following flash of light. When the flash dissipates, Idalia is standing beside Anastasia again, crouching low with her Ninjaken in a reverse grip.

Anastasia grins as she sees Idalia attack Ralph, she didn’t remember Idalia being quite that fast, but it seems she’s become more powerful over time, along with herself. As Ralph was distracted with Idalia, Ana held up the lantern attached to her hand. Whatever forces controlled it seemed to understand, and the light around the room began to stream into it more vigorously, plunging the entire dining hall into a dim light as if there was merely one candle attempted to illuminate the entire room. Despite the darkness covering the room, Ana could see perfectly. She takes a few steps back from the fight and draws her bow, readying an arrow and pulling the string back, launching it. The arrow flies perfectly and hits Ralph directly in the stomach, blood seeping through the new wound.

Ralph grunts in pain as the arrow strikes him, then when he sees Idalia disappear again, despite the darkness, he turns to try to find her, but doesn’t see her appearing behind him, then spinning away as he turns to locate her. He cries out in surprise and pain as Idalia slashes his leg, before disappearing and reappearing further back, crouching on a nearby table. “Why don’t you just come quietly? It’ll save you additional pain. Surely you’ve realized that you couldn’t defeat either of us alone, let alone both of us at once. If you had your team with you, you may have had a chance.” she says, not mockingly, but as a matter of fact. Ralph growls in anger, and a bit of pain as he was now bleeding profusely from his leg, stomach, and back “You have no idea what you’re talking about, those are just lucky hits, and all of them are shallow scratches.” he declares, before dashing towards her and slamming his mace down at her, however she side-steps the attack, then leaps over Ralph’s head, landing on the table behind Ralph. “If you’re not trying to hit me, then perhaps you should start.” she says, flipping her Ninjaken around in her hand, lightly bouncing, as if she were a boxer.

Anastasia keeps close track of his movements, despite his current struggle, he probably didn’t gain his reputation by accident. She slowly moves around to the side, circling his position with the bow at the ready. As Idalia attempts to talk him down, Anastasia joins in on it, backing her up. “She’s right, I don’t think you’re in a very good position right now. I’m just doing what I was told to, if you can just pay the debt you owe then we can leave both uninjured, well, not you but less injured than you will be.” It quickly became apparent that was the last thing in the world he wanted to do however, and with that in mind Anastasia sighs and takes a deep breath, calming and then focusing her mind. It was a little harder to do than before she changed into what she is now, but when she managed it, it felt more focused. A small red-green wave of energy emanates from her, slamming into him and causing disorientation in his mind, as if something was scrambling his thoughts. “Give up.” Ana states again as this happens.

Ralph starts to comment “I came here to make the money TO pay hi-” but his words are cut off by Anastasia’s psychic attack, stumbling and falling when he is struck by it, then while he’s down, Idalia inhales deeply, then exhales a wave of flame onto him, causing him to scream in pain. While Idalia was still breathing fire over him, he charges down the wave of flame, catching her by surprise, then swings his Polearm Mace at her, the strike causing a loud crack as she’s struck in the arm and side by the giant metal orb on the end of his polearm and sent tumbling down the table, coughing. Despite the heavy attack, Idalia quickly turns the tumble into a roll and rises to her feet, and back into a battle stance, though with her left forearm bent at a strange angle. Despite his armor glowing red from having flames breathed onto him, Ralph seems to be proud of himself for hitting Idalia “Don’t count me out just yet, you’re just being cocky. I’ll have to teach both of you ladies how it’s done in the arena.” he says, brandishing both of his weapons.

Anastasia cocks her head a little at his words, she was told he wasn’t paying off his debt, that means he didn’t tell anyone he was here to do that. Regardless, her job was to bring him, whether or not the timing was unfortunate for him didn’t really matter. Regardless, he was being quite violent, so she had to calm him down first. Ana’s eyes momentarily drift to Idalia when she is hit, momentarily worried she might be injured, but when she got up her eyes went back to Ralph. Just as he finishes his sentence about them being cocky, she lets another arrow fly, this one flying straight into his side, embedding itself a lot deeper into him than the last one did, looking to cause a lot more damage. “I don’t think you can show us anything we don’t already know.” Ana states flatly as she readies another arrow.

Ralph cries out and then gurgles when the arrow strikes him in the side, however with surprising speed, he charges at Anastasia, attempting to stab her with his shortsword, however the blade is deflected off her tough skin and armor. While he was letting out a gasp of shock from the blade failing to damage her, Idalia kicked him in the back of his knee, then stabbed him in the back of his shoulder with her Ninjaken. In response, Ralph quickly stumbles backwards and swings his Polearm Mace backwards towards Idalia, who ducks the attack, then rolls backwards, away from him.

Anastasia flinches a little as Ralph lurches for her at a surprisingly fast speed, but, despite it being a direct hit, it doesn’t even manage to harm her. She grins, and decides to do something she hasn’t done before. She quickly fishes a scroll she had found a while back that does… something. She wasn’t quite sure what, but she opens it, to which nothing happens. “Do you know how to use this thing?” She asks at Ralph who was trying to keep Idalia off his back, she attempts to slam it into Ralphs back, but it just falls to the ground, face up. It seems to suddenly activate and launches a burst of flames up into the air and onto the ceiling. Not hitting anything. “Oh... “ Ana says with some confusion in her voice.

Ralph, despite the situation, and despite being startled by the burst of flame, laughs at her failure to use the scroll “Not like that, you typically want to hit your opponent with the attack.” though he stops laughing when Idalia uses the distraction to stab him through his left thigh with her Ninjaken, causing him to cry out in pain, and become even more unsteady on his feet. He tries to retaliate by swinging his shortsword back towards Idalia, which she evades, disappearing and reappearing on top of the nearby table again. “It’s okay, Ana, I have never used one of those, either.” she says, reassuredly. Ralph looks at Idalia angrily, then back to Anastasia “Despite how you look, you may be less of a freak than her...” he says, gesturing towards Idalia. Though Ralph seems to be in significant pain and bleeding profusely, his armor has stopped glowing red from Idalia’s flame breath.

Anastasia grumbles a little, looking down at the charred remains of the scroll. “Why did it activate when it fell? Was I supposed to slam it on the ground?” She says, the entire idea of fighting now lost in her mind as she wonders what exactly she was supposed to do to activate it. She’s brought back to reality when Idalia attacks him again, with Ralph proceeding to insult her. Anastasia snickers, chains starting to approach him. “You know, usually when you’re losing, you’re not supposed to insult your assailant and anger them more.” With that, Anastasia uses a chain to swipe across his torso, striking with such for a huge tear in his armor forms, a large chunk of metal getting shaved off and flung across the room, causing a loud clang as it hits the wall. The tear cut a large portion of his skin off as well, but didn’t go very deep very luckily for Ralph.

Ralph gasps and shudders with fear when the chains rip through his armor and skin with ease, the blood running down the ruined and shredded metal, however he overcomes his shock and fear quickly. With surprising speed, Ralph dodged around the chain after having been hit, then swings his Polearm Mace at Anastasia, slamming her in the side, and knocking her over into a nearby dining table. Idalia gasps, then growls like an angry wolf, leaping at Ralph “You shouldn’t have done that!” she says, before exhaling a massive plume of flame at Ralph, however Idalia’s angry growls had warned him that she was about to attack, allowing him to evade the plume of flame by dodging to the side, before spinning quickly, slamming his Polearm Mace into Idalia with a loud and ugly crack, the direct hit sending Idalia flying into a stone dining table, forcing her through it and into a second table, causing it to crack and break from the impact. Idalia was left laying in the rubble of the table, coughing. “Phew, that felt great.” Ralph says, looking through the darkness at Idalia, admiring his handiwork “If you’re not dead, you should get back up so I can hit you again” he says, with a laugh. When Idalia doesn’t move or respond, Ralph moves towards Anastasia, still recovering from being slammed against the table, then lowers his shoulder, charging at her and slamming into her with his armored shoulder with the force of a charging mammoth. At the moment of impact, however, Anastasia starts to stumble, but then slowly fades away.

Anastasia was quite surprised that Ralph was still ready to go after she ripped away such a large chunk of his armor off, so much so that she totally wasn’t prepared and thus allowed him to knock her back into the tables behind her, causing pain to shoot through her. She quickly starts to regain her footing, just in time to see Idalia go flying into the distance. Where did he suddenly gain all this strength? He was just a punching bag a few moments before. Regardless, Anastasia had to do something. She starts to get up in order to attack, but time seems to slow down, and a weird tingling sensation overcomes her, like electricity was flowing through her. Because of this, she didn’t have the reaction speed to dodge out of the way of Ralph’s attack towards her, and she could feel the impact cause her to skid back. That electrical feeling then bolts through her, and she feels like she is convulsing without actually moving, and a weird sensation overcomes her, one that was indescribable yet horrible, as if something was ripped from her that never should be possible. It was as if she was suffering through an indescribably powerful version of vertigo which lasted both for a few milliseconds and forever. Yet she was quickly back, and found herself up against a wall, both Idalia and Ralph in different positions than when she was hit. She blinked a few times, trying to regain her bearings after whatever the hell that was.

Idalia was bleeding from her head, she was limping, her left arm was now bent strangely in multiple places, and she was coughing up blood, however this wasn’t stopping her from dodging around Ralph as he swung his mace down at her, the attacking creating a crater in the floor. Idalia’s movements were far more sluggish, and because of this, Ralph was able to completely avoid her Ninjaken slash by ducking backwards. “What’s wrong, little girl? Not feeling so well? Not so cocky anymore?” Ralph taunts, huffing and puffing from the drawn out battle, but not seeming to mind that he wasn’t able to hit Idalia. When Anastasia phased back in, Ralph took a break from attacking Idalia, who gladly stopped to cough up more blood. “What the flying Zalaam was that?” he asks “You just disappeared and reappeared into and out of nowhere!” he says, while Idalia uses a nearby table to steady herself “I h-haven’t seen you do that before, I was w-worried...” she says.

Anastasia slowly gets herself up, her left eye glowing a dull red, while her right glowed green. She looked towards the two, slowly lifting up her bow again. “I have no idea, let’s just say it wasn’t of my own volition.” With that, Ana weakly draws the bow back and fires an arrow at Ralph again, it whizzes past his head though and hits the wall behind him, falling to the ground with a dull clank. Anastasia huffs and slumps her shoulds down, looking at Idalia with a dry smile. “Is it me or have you done more than me in the past few fights?” She couldn’t help but feel like despite her best efforts she was always on the failing end of fights in the past while, with the exception of the first arena fight.

As soon as the arrow whizzes passed Ralph’s head, he, again with surprising speed, dashes over to Anastasia, swinging his Polearm Mace upwards, striking Anastasia under the chin and sending her sprawling backwards against the nearby stone wall. Idalia cries out in anger and shock, then dashes at Ralph, slashing him across the back with her Ninjaken, before then slamming him in the back of his helmet with the hilt of her Ninjaken, with a loud clang. Ralph grunts in pain in anger, then swings his shortward backwards at Idalia, which she evades by dropping down low and leaping backwards on her good leg. Ralph follows up the counter attack by then slamming his mace down on the floor, creating a bright light when he misses Idalia entirely, due to her side-rolling away from the spot. Ralph, however, followed the attack by starting wildly swinging both his blade and mace at her, repeatedly, destroying table and furniture as Idalia desperately leaps and rolls from place to place on one good leg, and with one good arm. Finally, Idalia seems to believe she sees an opening, which causes her to duck under his mace swing, and stab at the opening Anastasia had left on his chest, however Ralph had left himself open intentionally and met the attack by kicking Idalia in the chest with his armored boot, forcing her stumbling backwards. With Idalia now off-balance, Ralph swung his mace down at her, catching her full in the chest and slamming her onto the ground, creating a spray of blood and a crater on the floor. Panting, Ralph looks over at Anastasia, laying against the wall “Whew, this bitch is a handful, and has no idea when to stay down.” he says, raising his Polearm Mace over his head “I’ll just have to fix that. You brought it on yourself, shorty.” he says, as Idalia gargles on the floor. He then slams his mace down on her over and over, blood spraying onto the walls and table as he repeatedly rushes her body with his mace, until what was left on the floor in front of him was a mess of blood and broken bones jutting through pale flesh. “I guess it’s your turn, or are you going to leave me alone if I leave you alive?” he asks, turning his back on the mess he had just made.

Anastasia could barely register what was happening at this point, the fact he could move so fast from across the room seemed entirely unnatural even after she’s seen similar feats multiple times. It turns out she would just be a distraction as his real target was Idalia. Ana attempted to support Idalia as she was slowly overpowered, slowly getting the bow back up and a arrow readied, however when she fires it she was much too weak and the arrow only makes it halfway to its target before falling harmlessly to the ground, and even that attempt sapped what little strength she had left in her, and she dropped the bow and let her arms fall limp next to her as she watched as her friend, her first and only true friend was beat into a bloody mess against a wall. She’s seen Idalia recover from some insane injuries, but nothing could possibly come back from that, that though drove home into her head for every slam Ralph put into the pile of gore. She didn’t even attempt to stop the bleeding, a feeling of overwhelming depression falling over her. It was so intense she suddenly wondered how she managed to consider any other feelings of sadness truly sad in the past. She had been too weak, and because of that weakness Idalia was dead, she had to be. She couldn’t beat that damn ghost, she got knocked down against a bunch of cloned guards, she got punted around by Idalia’s fellow chimeras, and now this. Idalia was always carrying her in the fight, it seemed that way at least. If only she could repay her for one fight. She looks up at Ralph, and coughs up some blood. She slowly rose her hand up, and gave him the finger. “You’re a… A fucking faggot.” She states before letting her arm fall down again, chuckling to herself as if she took leave to all her sanity. It was the last bit of defiance she could muster before her most likely death.

Ralph cocked his head, then chuckled “Well, I suppose as far as last words go, I’ve heard worse. Your friend here didn’t even say anything.” he says, walking towards Anastasia, sheathing his short sword while raising his Polearm Mace. As he was moving, the mess that had been Idalia began to smoke and steam as it slowly rose from the floor, reconfiguring back into a human-like form, the pale skin turning black as night, horns growing from her head as her hair turns dark gray, her lilac eyes turning green and beginning to emit flame, her mouth growing her teeth into fangs, her nails turning to claws, and a forked tail growing from beneath her skirt. She takes a step forward and grabs Ralph by the shoulder, flames flowing from her mouth as she speaks, first starting as a low growl “It’s true, you’re a faggot.” she says, her grip tightening, crushing the armor on his shoulder. “Wh-what the hell are you? I turned you into a bloody pulp! There were pieces of you all over the walls! You can’t still be alive!” he shouts, panic filling his voice. Idalia simply responded “Yes, you did, and it hurt like hell. As for who I am… the Black Hound of Baskerville.” she then grabbed the back of his helmet and slammed his head through the nearby stone table, shattering a corner, then one of her wires snaked out of her sleeve, wrapping around Ralph’s legs, causing him to fall to the floor, then Idalia took his mace from him, then used it to beat him over the head once, horribly denting the helmet and knocking him unconscious. She then discarded the mace and made her way over to Anastasia “That was far more difficult than I had expected, he didn’t even hurt us until he shouldn’t have been able to fight anymore.” she said crouching and reaching out her hand to help Anastasia back to her feet.

Anastasia never really accepted her death beforehand, but she was perfectly content with it happening now of all times. Before such a thing could happen though, steam and smoke rose from the remains of Idalia, and it was at that moment Anastasia realized that unkillable hound still wasn’t done yet. She began laughing to herself as Idalia formed from the pile of gore, looking more than a little pissed off. “Oh well now look what you did, didn’t we tell you to give up before?” She snickers and watches in amazement as Idalia walks over and so casually finishes him, using his own weapon and everything. The Black Hound of Baskerville, Ana was sure glad she was on her side. Anastasia gladly took Idalia’s hand, and as she got up she immediately went for the hug, wrapping her arms around Idalia and just taking in her unnatural warmth, glad that she was still alive. “Is there anything that can keep you down by chance?” She snickers again before looking over to Ralph’s unconscious body. “Honestly, I kind of want to do to him what he did to you, but we got this far so we might as well finish the job. I think Richard is in Azraq or something, pretty far away annoyingly, we’ll have to keep him unconscious somehow, I don’t think carrying him will be a problem for either of us.” She then looks back at Idalia’s face, her pitch black skin, blazing red eyes, small flames flickering from her mouth, it was oddly beautiful. She doesn’t even realize she’s just staring at Idalia now.

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Idalia pauses for a moment, then returns Anastasia’s hug “It really depends on how much blood I’ve had beforehand, so I prefer not to let that happen. Any single one of those times can be the last time.” she says, shuddering in Anastasia’s arms. “I was intending to kill him, actually, but I remembered that our job was to capture him… so I hit him with his mace instead. I think we should drag him all the way to Azraq instead of carrying him, it would serve him right for giving us so much trouble.” she says, looking into Anastasia’s eyes as she stares at her. She reaches up to pull her hood down, now that their battle was over, but realizes that she didn’t pull it back up when she regenerated from the puddle of gore that Ralph had reduced her to.

Anastasia nods, wondering where exactly she got the blood for this case for a moment before shaking it off. “I see, well, we’ll just have to keep you at full supply then.” She says, still staring at Idalia and thinking about their gameplan. It would be a good while before Anastasia finally breaks eye contact and attempts to stand on her own, though she stumbles a little. After a few tries she manages it though. “Well, with Aranya gone, I guess we gotta leave since they won’t let us compete. I hope they dont mind Ralph here coming with us though.” She looks at the body, wondering how exactly they’re gonna get him out without the guards noticing. If it even matters. “Too bad there aren’t any windows on the ground floor… Or anywhere for that matter. I think our only option is to just slip past the guards with him dragging behind us.”

When Idalia sees Anastasia stumbling, she gently grabs her arm and wraps it around her shoulders so that she can support her. “We didn’t need to compete anymore, since we have our objective right here, anyway. I guess she unintentionally led us right to him… or maybe intentionally, I can never tell with that girl.” when Anastasia mentioned needing to sneak Ralph out of the building, she freezes for a moment, showing the thought hadn’t occurred to her, then she thinks for a moment. “Wait, they can notice, as long as they don’t realize what’s happening. We could find a chest to hide him in, or… we could say he’s our companion, and tell them that we’re leaving with him because he’s too weak to fight.” she says, each suggestion simply a shot in the dark.

Anastasia shrugs, slightly leaning against Idalia now as she tries to regain strength in her legs. “Yea, I honestly have no idea what was up with her, she seriously seemed to have an entirely different lens on life than us. But regardless, she’s gone now it seems. So we don’t have to worry about her for now.” Anastasia then shakes her head at Idalia’s suggestions, all seeming a bit too obvious for the guards. After a few moments of though, she shrugs and says. “How about, I leave the colosseum and go under the balcony we uh, talked at. You can drag him to the balcony and toss him off, and I’ll catch him.” She says, feeling it was probably the least-likely to fail solution they thought of currently.

Idalia nods slowly when Anastasia tells her they don’t have to worry about Aranya anymore, then pulls the hood on over her head when she starts blushing at the mention of talking on the balcony. “W-well… don’t miss?” she says, with a nervous chuckle, as she moves to grab Ralph, making sure that Anastasia is steady on her feet when she moves away from her. Once she has grabbed Ralph by the back of his armor, she moves to the door, then bolts down the hallway, towards the balcony. She can hear loud gasps and the sound of running feet as people see Idalia pulling Ralph behind her.

Anastasia smirks a little as she sees Idalia blush, she looked so adorable, unfortunately she didn’t have much time to look as Idalia started bolting away with Ralph in tow. Anastasia hesitates for a moment before finally bolting towards one of the entrances, she almost trips a few times but thankfully she regained her balance at this point and was able to make it to the entrance in fairly good time. She gets to the entrance in record time and shoves the doors open, shooting straight passed the guards without a word before barreling around the colosseum towards the balcony. Once she made it under the balcony she looked for Idalia, outstretching her arms in preparation
When Anastasia arrives under the Balcony, she can hear the sounds of swords clashing up above, however she can’t see what’s going on up there. The sounds are punctuated with Idalia peaking over the edge, now looking normal again, shouting something, then flinging Ralph over the railing. Despite the urgent situation, Idalia’s throw was on-target and catching Ralph is incredibly easy for Anastasia. After Ralph is over the edge, Anastasia can see Idalia leap onto the railing of the balcony, before flinging herself over the edge as well, numerous guards shouting at her in alarm, surprise, and anger as she plummets from the railing.

Anastasia was a little surprised at just how easy it was to catch him, he was heavy and she had to plant herself into the ground firmly in order to catch him but it was all a pretty simple task. She quickly found that Ralph wasn’t the only one falling however, and Idalia quickly leaped herself off too. Anastasia quickly dropped Ralph onto the ground in front of her and moved to intercept Idalia, going through the exact same process.

Idalia was a lot harder to catch, having launched herself off the balcony like a bullet, however Anastasia manages to catch her anyway, the impact knocking her back several steps as Idalia lands in her arms with the force of a falling cannonball. “N-nice catch, Ana...” she says, blushing as she looks up at Anastasia’s face. She then glances over at Ralph “B-both times, of course...” she adds, before looking up at the Balcony, both girls able to see the guards running back into the structure to possibly begin pursuit.

Anastasia felt that catching Idalia was actually harder than catching Ralph, probably because she wasn’t just a limp body. Regardless, she managed, with Idalia falling into her arms into a princess carry. Anastasia looks at Idalia smugly and nods. “Thanks, and as much as I enjoy this position, I don’t think those guards will let us enjoy it.” With that, Ana sets Idalia down gently before grabbing Ralph and quickly running away from the colosseum. As she runs, she looks towards Idalia and wonders if its a good idea to just travel all the way to Azraq which was half-way across the country without a third member. Things were still relatively hard with Aranya around. “Hey, you wanna grab one of your uh, sisters I guess they kind of are? I think the trip to Azraq will be a lot easier with 3 people, or we can grab them all, but I think monsters are attracted to larger groups.”

Idalia gives Anastasia a quick kiss on the cheek before she sets her down, then follows her, intentionally staying a very short distance behind her to keep an eye on Ralph as they dragged him. When Anastasia proposes grabbing one of her sisters, she perks up “Yes! Actually, we should ask Ignia to come with us, her ability to make that black fog and the linked doorways would make smuggling Ralph into Azraq SO much easier!” she says. When they reach the woods near the Colosseum, Idalia starts leaping from tree to tree by kicking off of the sides of the trunks.

Anastasia’s cheeks flush a dull grey as Idalia kisses her cheek, but she doesn’t have the time to focus on the act, and so focuses on just running as far as possible, towards where she thinks the best path towards Kort is. “Sounds good to me, she would of been useful here, too. They’re in Kort right? There is a large river in the way, so we’ll have to take the long way around if we’re to reach them, unless you have some genius idea on how to cross it without getting killed.” Anastasia stuck to the ground, tired and sore but still managing to keep pace with Idalia hopping through the trees, Ralph was behind her, bouncing off every rock and small branch Ana leapt over, causing quite the racket behind her unfortunately.

Idalia nods and latches onto the side of a nearby tree “Yeah, they’re in Kort. I actually remember the giant channel that practically quadruples the distance required to reach that place. Really, REALLY poor placement of that city.” she says, with a loud sigh. “They should have just gone to uh… Bacon. I’ve heard weird stuff about it, but it’s so much closer.” she adds, leaping off of the tree and landing on Ralph’s chest, gracefully, before starting to walk beside Anastasia again. “I don’t think, even if I had an idea to attempt to get across it, that we should. That is the absolute fastest way to get killed out here.” he says, placing her hands on her hips as she walks.

Anastasia sighs a little and nods at Idalia’s words, maybe the people that built Kort didn’t want to be so directly associated with the colosseum or something, who knew. Why it’s placed there didn’t really matter, they just head to deal with it for now. “I feel every city has weird stuff about it.” She says a little annoyed. She barely even registers Idalia landing right on top of Ralph, mostly cause she didn’t really care. She continued to drag him along the ground, large sticks and dirt finding their way into the holes made in his armor. “If only Cielo was still around, that place was the only way one could just ignore rivers.” Anastasia looks up at the trees surrounding them, a very light snowfall starting. The temperature felt like it was starting to drop, but not terribly so currently. “Well, I hope it doesn’t get to cold…” she says after a small while, looking over to Idalia as they walk occasionally, just to look at her. It was an odd sensation she felt around Idalia, it’s only been getting more and more noticeable as they stuck together.

Idalia nodded “Well, probably, but in the case of Bacon… uhm… the residents are very unique, you don’t see them anywhere else.” when Anastasia mentioned Cielo, Idalia commented “Yeah, what happened to Cielo was weird. Also, it hurt a lot.” she said, casually mentioning that it had fallen on her directly. When it starts snowing, Idalia raises her arms and spreads them out, enjoying the snow “I don’t mind the cold, in fact I love snow” she said, with a smile as she caught some snowflakes in the midst of walking, only lowering an arm to pull her hood down so that the snow lands in her hair.

Anastasia gave Idalia a curious look. “What do you mean unique? Is it like Solstace where certain people really only stick around there?” Anastasia then chuckles a little as she sees Idalia enjoying the snow. “Yea, I was there too when it fell, and after that happened I had to go on a daring rescue mission! Also, don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly fine with it, it’s just we got a long way to walk, and I’m not sure how bad it’s going to get is all.” Just as she mentions it getting worse, the snow starts falling a little more heavily, still light, but much more steady now. “We might have to try and find some shelter if it comes down to it.”

Idalia looks over at Anastasia, continuing to catch the snowflakes with her arms outstretched, “Well… they’re all… infected with Coulrosis, and other races refuse to stay there.” she explains, shuddering “That doesn’t mean they’re bad, and I haven’t met them, but I know the disease is highly disturbing.” she explains. In response to Anastasia mentioning her daring rescue, she blushes “Y-yeah… you and Aranya. The way you both stood up to such a large army and Ilaria was really impressive. I bet he has created more, and keeps them imprisoned just like he did with my sisters and I...”, she said, only nodding when Anastasia suggests that if the snow got too bad, they’d have to take shelter.

Anastasia blinks a few times as she tries to remember what Coulrosis was, but as soon as she remembers she quickly shakes her head vigorously. “Yea, we ain’t going near that place, I’d rather take the extra time to go around the river. I’ve seen a picture of one way back when I was in Azraq, I don’t wanna see them in person.” Anastasia then quickly takes the chance to change the topic, nodding and looking ahead smugly as Idalia expresses her admiration of what Ana and Ara accomplished, though as she thought back about it, she started rubbing the back of her head a little nervously. “Yea, honestly it probably wasn’t the smartest idea, the only reason it worked is cause the Bartons let us leave… But well, I wanted to protect you, and I guess I wasn’t thinking quite straight.” Ana laughs a little, feeling quite lucky it all worked out in the end. Suddenly, a large gust of wind came through and the temperature dropped dramatically, the snow turning heavy in an instant. “Ah shit, why can’t it just stay reasonable out?” She immediately starts looking around for a possible shelter, pressing up against Idalia as to not lose her against the blinding conditions.

“Well, I guess I can see why they went to Kort...” Idalia responds, when Anastasia says that she wants nothing to do with Bacon. Idalia blushes when Anastasia says she wanted to protect her, and attempts to focus on a different part of the statement “I g-get the feeling that despite the front Aranya was putting up when Lord Barton told us we could leave, she would actually have split if he tried to overrun us...” she says, having let her arms drop back to her sides now that the snow was falling so heavily, then pulling her hood back up over her head due to all of the falling snow. As Anastasia is looking for a shelter, the best she can find is a rather large, but low Darkwood tree, with the leaves and branches low to the ground, creating a dome of leaves, blocking a large portion of the heavily falling snow.

“I don’t see how they could be aware of that though.” She idly wonders aloud curiously, though she was quickly reminded of the strangeness that was Aranya’s existence again. “Honestly, I don’t want to think about her much more. Whatever her deal was isn’t our problem anymore, she dipped after pulling some weird stunts. I hope she doesn’t end up following us or some shit.” As she says that she instinctively looks behind her shoulder, not that she could see anything past the heavy snow. She soon spots a large tree that covered a good amount of ground that could shelter them though, and Ana used her free hand to grab Idalia’s hand and pulled her in the direction of the tree. “That tree over there looks like it’ll shield us from the worst of it.” Another icy gust of wind ripples through the area, causing Anastasia to shiver as she felt it even through her multiple layers of clothing and armor. Once they were under the tree, Anastasia lets go of Idalia’s hands and sits herself up against the back of the tree, with plenty of room for Idalia to set wherever she pleased really, even in front of Ana.

Idalia straightens up when Anastasia mentions they couldn’t have known about Bacon “You’re right, maybe they checked a map and saw that Kort was closer, but didn’t realize it wasn’t… truly closer? I guess we can ask when we see them.” she says, smiling at the thought of seeing the others again. When Anastasia mentions Aranya following them, she freezes, then slowly looks around as well “If she were following us and didn’t want us to know… we probably wouldn’t...” she says, sounding nervous as she stares off into the snow, with one hand on the handle of her Ninjaken, sheathed on her lower back. Idalia’s worry is interrupted, however, by Anastasia pulling her into the tree dome with her. While surprised, initially, she casually plops down in the snow right beside Anastasia, then leans on her as she reaches out with her foot and kicks Ralph in the chest, scooting him a bit further to the edge of the leaf-covered dome. Once sitting beside Anastasia, she gently leans against her, resting her head on her arm and closing her eyes. “This is a nice tree covering, I wish we could take it with us,” she mumbles quietly.

Anastasia wraps an arm around Idalia as she leans into her, pressing her body into her and sighing contently. “I hope they didn’t go straight through the river, but I think even they know the dangers of such things… Also don’t worry, if Aranya is following us, we can kick her ass.” She chuckles a little bit before closing her eyes and listening to the wind and snow fall, as well as Idalia’s breathing. She nods a little as Idalia mentions taking the tree with him, snorting softly. “I don’t think we’re strong enough to take it with us, seems pretty impractical to…. Though now that you mention it, we did get interrupted with me carrying you.” With a mischievous grin, Ana quickly moves to scoop Idalia up, lifting her up and holding her in the same kind of princess carry as when Ana caught her, Idalia’s back resting against Ana’s lap, a hand on her ass and on the back of her head. Ana looks down and stares into Idalia’s eyes, a smug look on her face. “Nowwww we can enjoy the way I caught you from falling.” She says, a grin forming on her face.

Idalia nods when she mentions them going through the river “Lord Barton is cruel to us but he doesn’t want us to get killed, so he’d have definitely warned them of the water. If he didn’t, as he didn’t warn me since I had to escape from my prison, the locals told me at the first city I had arrived at… and all subsequent ones each time I left.” she explained, without opening her eyes. When Anastasia mentions kicking Aranya’s ass, Idalia opens her eyes slowly “I wasn’t worried about fighting this idiot-” she says, kicking Ralph again “-I am very worried about fighting Aranya, I have no doubt she’s tougher than Ralph. I heavily suspect that she was holding back against my sisters, and in each Colosseum battle.” she’s interrupted when Anastasia picks her up into her lap, gasping at first, but then blushing as she rests her head against Anastasia’s chest, getting comfortable in Anastasia’s arms.

Idalia and Ana bond even more
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Anastasia nods as Idalia rested in her hands. Even with the harsh cold that ripped through the trees around her a warm, fuzzy feeling slowly spread throughout her body. “Ever since I was growing up it was drilled into my mind to never go near the water, to only drink from designated areas. The very idea of going near the water now puts this primal fear into me because of that…. Also, I’m not sure she was necessarily holding back, but she is a follower of Malicia, so she didn’t care about the outcome, hence why she chose her cards at random. Even if she was holding back, I don’t think she would start picking them carefully when she isn’t holding back, but who knows with her. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.” Anastasia briefly looks at the snowstorm blowing around her, then at Ralph’s unconscious body, then back at Idalia. “You know, you continuously surprise me about your capabilities. The way you were able to get back up and then so non-chalantly take out this faggot when I was down…” Anastasia gently lowers her face closer to Idalia’s, the glowing green light from her eyes softly illuminating her face. “I never thought I could be so entranced by someone else.” Anastasia then lowers her face more, kissing Idalia on the lips gently, a short, but passionate kiss. She could feel her cock harden as she kissed Idalia, so much that it started pressing up against her back. She then pulls back a little, still looking into Idalia’s eyes. “I think making that dumbass decision and freeing you from the Bartons might of been the best decision of my life.”

Idalia starts to reply to what Anastasia said about Aranya, but she stops when Anastasia starts to talk about her instead. She starts to say something to that, but sputters, then blushes as Anastasia kisses her lips, hesitating for a fraction of a second, but then returning her kiss, using one hand to gently stroke Anastasia’s cheek only stopping when she pulls back. “I… I just didn’t want him… to hurt you...” she says, blushing even darker, especially when she feels Anastasia’s erection poking against her back. “Th-thank you… I’m happy that I haven’t made you regret that decision...” she reached up with one hand and gently strokes Anastasia’s cheek again as she adds “I just… it’s like a puzzle… we work together, and fit where the other stops… what I did was only with your help, and what you do… I’m always willing to give you mine. You and I are one puzzle.” she says, smiling shyly and gently running her hand down Anastasia’s cheek.

As Ida kisses her back, Ana begins to wonder if this is what love felt like. She always heard about love, and so people say they loved each other, but she had no idea what it felt like. Yet as Idalia kisses her, then began to explain how they were just puzzle pieces in the same puzzle, a feeling washed over that just made her feel so elated, as if they were the best damn words she ever heard. She makes a soft purring sound as Idalia rubbed her cheek, pressing her head into her hand as she talked. “I feel like one puzzle piece has been working a lot harder than the other, but I’m hoping I can help pull my own weight in the future.” Ana leaned down again and kissed Idalia again, longer this time, letting her tongue lazily explore Idalia’s mouth before eventually pulling out again, her dick rubbing up against her back as she does so. She looked into Idalia’s eyes one last time before letting go of Idalia’s ass, letting it fall onto her lap more, and using the hand to start rubbing Idalia’s crotch. “By Avenir, you make me feel ways I never felt before.” She gently starts kissing Idalia’s neck for a few moments before stopping momentarily to speak. “I wanna fuck you so bad.” She says bluntly before moving back to kissing her neck, rubbing her crotch through her clothes more vigorously.

Idalia licks her tongue with her own, panting softly into her mouth as she moves her hand to the back of Anastasia’s head and gently strokes it. When she feels Anastasia’s dick rubbing against her back, her blush darkens further, and she starts to say something, but is interrupted when Anastasia slips her hand beneath Idalia’s skirt and starts stroking her crotch through her panties, drawing a moan from her lips, her moans intensifying more as Anastasia kisses her neck as well. In response to Anastasia proclaiming that she wants to fuck her, Idalia hesitently reaches up to Anastasia’s chest and begins undoing her armor, tosses it aside, then gently grabbing and massaging Anastasia’s right breast through her clothes.

Anastasia lets out a moan and instinctively closes her eyes to focus more on the feeling of her breasts getting massaged, Idalia reacting positively to all of this seems to only invigour her cock more, and it seems to gain an extra few inches as her breasts are groped, sliding itself across Idalia’s back. After a few moments of just enjoying it, she opens her eyes and begins returning the favour, gently taking off Idalia’s skirt and undoing her hoodie, putting it to the side and leaving her underwear exposed before groping Idalia’s breasts and kissing her neck. “Have I ever told you that you look beautiful Idalia?” Ana states almost as an afterthought as she kisses her neck, saying it as a culmination of thoughts about how attractive Idalia seemed to get as they spent time together.

Idalia instinctively moves her free hand to start to cover her black and purple lace bra and panties, but stops herself, not stopping her massaging of Anastasia’s breast at any point. She moans softly as Anastasia gropes at her breasts, her nipples stiffening beneath her bra. “N-no, you haven’t… th-thank you...” she says, when Anastasia tells her she’s beautiful, then awkwardly replies “I th-think you’re beautiful, too...” as she uses her free hand to pull Anastasia’s head down so that she can give her a sloppy kiss on the lips. She then pauses for a moment, then stutters “C-could I try to pleasure you th-this time?” lowering her gaze to try to hide her blush as she asks.

Anastasia was about ready to brush Idalia’s hands out of the way as she attempts to cover herself, but she seems to realize herself, eliminating the need. She continues to knead Idalia’s breasts, gladly taking the opportunity to kiss Idalia further as she moves her head down. Whimpering needily as Idalia retracts again. At the mention of Idalia taking a leading role, Anastasia pauses for a moment, the idea being quite foreign to her, but she nods, kissing her again quickly. “Do whatever you like.” She purrs, retracting her hands from Idalia and leaning back so she can position herself how she likes.

Idalia returns her kiss, softly, each kiss Idalia returns showing not only that she has little experience, but that she has no experience at all. Idalia frowns very slightly when Anastasia takes her hands off of her, but nods when she says she can do as she likes. She slides off of Anastasia’s lap, then carefully strips her of her remaining armor, before slipping the top of her dress down to expose her black, lacy bra that held intricate patterns. She gives each of Anastasia’s breasts a gentle squeeze, then kneads them for a moment, before getting down low in the snow, carefully drawing Anastasia’s erect cock out of her dress and panties which were similar to her bra, made with lace and styled into intricate, black patterns. The massive member resting against Idalia’s cheek, causing her eyes to widen at the sight of such a large, throbbing, cock. She then looks up at Anastasia nervously, before taking her shaft in both hands and starting to slowly and gently stroke it, while hesitantly licking the tip with her tongue, each lick showing how inexperienced she was at this, her hot breath coming out in puffs onto Anastasia’s crotch.

Anatasia felt a little awkward letting Idalia take the lead as she was, it felt off for her to have someone else take off her armor and try to please her without her input. It felt good in a way though, and she certainly wasn’t complaining. She moans softly as Idalia squeezes her breasts, closing her eyes to focus more on the feeling. She frowns a little when Idalia moves down, but knows better things were coming. Anastasia shivers a little as she feels her gigantic cock get pulled free and exposed to the cold blowing wind, but the feeling of cold seems to evaporate quickly as Idalia took her shaft into her hands, shivering with pleasure this time as Idalia slowly jacked her off, feeling even better as Idalia softly licks the head. Anastasia wasn’t exactly experienced herself in these matters, but she could tell Idalia really had no idea what she was doing. Letting out a soft moan at the sensation, Anastasia finds even the little attention to be overwhelming, and she only barely manages to eek out words to try and guide Idalia. “I-It feels the b-best when you l-lick below the h-h-heAD” Her voice elevates as Idalia licks exactly where she was talking accidentally, the sheer pleasure coursing through her feeling unnaturally intense.

Idalia immediately starts focusing on licking below the head, while she continues stroking Anastasia’s shaft with both hands, increasing her pace and intensity gradually. After several more moments of stroking Anastasia’s cock with both hands, Idalia reaches up with her left hand and slips it beneath Anastasia’s right bra cup, gently squeezing and kneading her breast again, matching the tempo with her own licking, suckling, and stroking of Anastasia’s cock. When Anastasia’s cock becomes fully erect, Idalia slowly and hesitantly attempts to take the head into her mouth but has trouble fitting it in, though eventually she manages and starts sucking on it gently, while slowly bobbing her head in time with her kneading of Anastasia’s breast, and her hand movements on Anastasia’s giant cock.

Anastasia has to use all of her willpower to not grab the back of Idalia’s head and shove her as deep as she could possibly go, her hands balling into fists then opening then balling again, soft moans constantly escaping from her lips, her back arching as her cock was sucked, jerked and licked along with her breasts being kneaded. Pre-cum began dripping from her cock, coating Idalia’s mouth and sticking to her like a magnet whenever she touches it. “Y-yoUR a-ah, doing-g g-great-t.” Anastasia says trying to reassure her, and to make sure she doesn’t stop, she brings a hand up to her mouth, gently biting it to keep herself from screaming out and alerting every creature in a ten mile radius of their location even through the snow storm. Instead she let out loud, long moans. Unable to keep her other hand free, she brings it to Idalia’s own hand who was massaging her breast, rubbing the back of her hand roughly so Idalia’s could rub her breast more vigorously.

Idalia is encouraged by Anastasia’s comment, as well as her loud moaning, however when her precum starts leaking into her mouth, she attempts to take Anastasia deeper. Her jaw, however, proves to be in the way, which prompts Idalia, after several tries, to take her hand off of Anastasia’s shaft, then slip two fingers into her mouth, giving her lower jaw a hard tug, causing it to dislocate with a sickening snap, allowing her to take Anastasia’s cock all the way to the back of her throat. Idalia then starts deep-throating Anastasia’s cock, while, when prompted, she starts massaging and kneading Anastasia’s right breast more roughly. Meanwhile, Idalia moves her free hand to Anastasia’s slit and starts slowly stroking it with two fingers, inserting both fingers once Anastasia feels wet enough.

Anastasia bites her hand harder as Idalia continues to blow her, unable to suppress the moans that were coming from her, getting louder every second that passed. Anastasia was quite disappointed when Idalia suddenly stopped blowing her, that disappointment was soon quickly replaced with shock and heavy concern about what Idalia just did, her jaw just hanging loose below her, but before she can say anything Idalia takes her as deep as possible and that shock is replaced with pure ecstasy again. A large spurt of pre comes out into Idalia’s throat as she does so. “W-What the f-fuck Idaliaaaa.” She half moans half screams out. Almost convinced Aranya’s deathstick smoke had stuck in her system or something. As Idalia started fingering her, her fingers would get soaked almost instantly, showing that despite what Idalia did Ana was still extremely turned on.

Idalia doesn’t slow down, and in fact speeds up when more precum is released into her mouth, swallowing all of it. Idalia thrusts a third finger into Anastasia’s pussy and thrusts even faster, matching her thrusting speed with the speed that she was deepthroating Anastasia’s cock, while using her hand to more roughly grope and massage Anastasia’s breast, occasionally pinching Anastasia’s nipple between her fingers.

Anastasia was completely lost to the ecstasy, her entire world was just pure pleasure at this point. Because of that, it was only a matter of time before she could no longer hold it in. She digs one hand into the dirt, and harshly presses her hand against Idalias on her breast before screaming out. “A-Ahhhh I-I’m c-cummming I-idaliaaAAAA” Her vision goes blurry as she feels her hot, thick cum pour of her cock and into Idalia’s throat, going straight down into her stomach with extreme force. Idalia starts pulling out, thinking that was it, but as soon as the cock pops out of her mouth, more comes out, spraying onto her face and breasts, so much comes out so quickly that she is quickly completely coated in the tarry cum, with some large globs slowly dripping down her sides and stomach. When Anastasia was finally done, she lets out a deep breath and closes her eyes, the post-orgasm glow still causing her to feel very warm and pleasurable. “T-Thank you.” She manages to get out.

Idalia’s eyes widen as Anastasia cums into her mouth, then once she is over her surprise, she swallows all of it, licking her lips when she lets Anastasia’s cock out of her mouth. Anastasia, however, contrary to Idalia’s impression, was not done, and cums all over her face, hair, and breasts the moment the cock is out. Idalia cries out as she’s coated in Anastasia’s cum, but then blushes as she grabs her own breasts and starts to lick the cum off of her skin, where her bra doesn’t cover. “N-no, th-thank you...” she stammers, blushing darkly. She then gets down on her hands and knees in the snow again, then slowly licks the excess cum off of Anastasia’s cock, followed by her pussy, then sits up and slowly licks the cum off her fingers that she had used to finger Anastasia with. “H-how was that?” she asks, hesitantly, between licking her fingers, without looking away from Anastasia’s face.

It takes a little while for Anastasia to fully regain her senses, but she is able to see Idalia hungirly drinking as much of her cum as her possible, the sight riled Anastasia up all over again, and her cock went from slowly softening back to full mast quite quickly as she watched. The fact Idalia started licking her cock and pussy again also helped. With Idalia crouched back though, Anastasia went on all fours, staring Idalia in the face and crawling towards her, she puts on hand on inbetween Idalia’s breasts and pushes her onto her back before straddling her legs and reaching down so their faces met. “It was so damn good I can’t help but want more.” Anastasia purrs, kissing Idalia, letting her saliva mix with the residual cum and pressing her body into Idalia, rubbing her erect cock against Idalia’s stomach.

Idalia notices Anastasia’s cock get fully erect again, then gasps as Anastasia shoves her onto her back, then straddles and kisses her. She gets over her surprise immediately, however, and kisses Anastasia back just as passionately. As she rubs her cock against Idalia’s stomach, she holds the kiss with her, slowly arching her back in time with Anastasia’s movements so that her stomach grinds against Anastasia’s cock, while reaching up with both hands and gently stroking Anastasia’s sides, slowly running her hands upwards to her breasts, then groping them through her bra and massaging them roughly.

Anastasia kisses her passionately, eagerly sliding her tongue into Idalia’s mouth and exploring every inch of it. She lets out soft moans as Idalia strokes her sides and breasts, noticing that Idalia was starting to get rough and paying her back in kind, harshly pressing her face up against Idalia and putting most of her weight on Idalia. Anastasia didn’t want to waste much time on foreplay this time around, especially since she knew Idalia was as wet as she could be. She scoots herself back a little and grabs her cock with her free hand, positioning it in front of Idalia’s pussy, sliding the head against it for a few moments to further lubricate it with Idalia’s juices before sliding it in. At first she does it gently, but as soon as she feels her into head slip in she slams her entire length into idalia in one fell swoop, she then grabs Idalia’s breasts and kneads them roughly, parting her lips from Idalia’s slightly as she does so. “I hope you’re ready to be fucked into oblivion, cause you’re all mine now.” She growls seductively as she starts to thrust inside her, starting fast instead of slow.

Idalia moans more loudly as Anastasia gets rough with her, eagerly and sloppily licking Anastasia’s tongue with her own, and continuing to massage her breasts roughly. When Anastasia positions her tip against her slit, Idalia flinches back for a fraction of a second, but moves back into position quickly. When Anastasia rams her cock into her, she cries out in pain and pleasure and reflexively tightens her grip on Anastasia’s breasts for a moment. Her cries of pleasure only increase in intensity as Anastasia gropes and kneads her breasts, her nipples poking her through her bra as they become fully erect. When Anastasia starts thrusting in and out of her, Idalia bucks her hips in time with the thrusts, moaning with every movement as she undoes Anastasia’s bra and tosses it aside, before resuming her rough groping and kneading of her breasts.

Anastasia goes back to kissing Idalia, kneading her breasts even more roughly as she rams into Idalia. Idalia’s cries of pleasure just makes Ana all the more into it, and she doesn’t waste any time thrusting in and out of her faster and harder, every thrust causing a slapping sound to ring out only to be faded away by the howling snow. Anastasia then takes a small break from kneading Idalia’s breasts to stroke the rest of her body, making sure her arms and hands covers as much ground of Idalia’s body as possible, she needed to feel every inch of Idalia’s body at this moment, she needed all of Idalia. She could already feel pre running down the length of her dick to further lubricate Idalia’s pussy, a mixture of both black pre and Idalia’s juices flinging out of her pussy after every thrust.

Idalia moans and cries out in pleasure into Anastasia’s mouth as they kiss passionately, bucking her hips with Anastasia’s every thrust, and arching her back to push her breasts into Anastasia’s hands. Idalia stops squeezing and kneading Anastasia’s breasts only to pinch her nipples, then removes one hand from Anastasia’s right breast, only to lower it to her crotch and thrust three fingers into her pussy, then starts moving them in and out deep and hard, while using her thumb to rub her clit.

Anastasia was in heaven, every thrust she did seemed to drive Idalia further into the ground, at this point she was in practically a small crater, despite how rough she was going Idalia seemed to be having the time of her life as well, only further compelling Anastasia to keep going as such a pace. When Idalia moved her attention for Ana’s breasts to her pussy she came right then and there, slamming herself into Idalia one more time and unloading a huge amount of her black cum into Idalia, unsurprisingly causing it to back up and flow out of her pussy there was so much, Anastasia moaned loudly through Idalia’s mouth, shuddering and having such an intense orgasm she lost all support and feel the few centimeters onto Idalia, now having her entire weight on her. Ana still wasn’t satisfied however, and as soon as she was done cumming inside Idalia, she started to thrust again, squelching noises resounding out as her cum was thrust out of her pussy and impacted against Ana’s cock. She brought her hands up and cradled Idalia’s cheeks with them, kissing her with such fierce passion it felt like their lips were glued together.

Idalia cries out into Anastasia’s mouth and reaches orgasm at the same time, spasming uncontrollably, then as Anastasia collapses on her, she moans softly as she feels the warmth of Anastasia’s cum filling her and overflowing out onto the snow. She pants softly and wraps her arms around Anastasia. When Anastasia starts thrusting again, she cries out in pleasure and surprise again, which was cut off by Anastasia’s kiss. When she gets over her surprise, she returns the kiss just as passionately, and begins thrusting her hips with Anastasia’s anew, while hugging Anastasia tightly with both arms.

Anastasia slowly lifts herself up against so Idalia had room to do more, though a lot of her weight was still on her. After a while, she finally broke free from the kiss to do something a little different, lowering her head a little so she could suckle on Idalia’s tits, biting on the nipples and licking them with her tongue, she uses her hands to knead her other breast and her thighs as well. After a while though, the crater Ana was fucking Idalia into was getting a bit to large for comfort, and so seemingly out of nowhere Ana picked Idalia up and pinned her up against the large tree they were sheltering under, not letting her cock slip out of her during the proccess. She wrapped her arms around Idalia’s back to shield her from the rough bark as she continued to fuck her. She supported Idalia with her thighs, having her lifted about two feet off the ground. The force of the pounding caused her arms to scrape against the bark of the tree and have blood start to ooze out of her arms, but she really didn’t give a shit at this moment.

Idalia only cries out louder as Anastasia picks her up and presses her against the tree trunk, fucking her against it. Idalia’s juices were now running down Anastasia’s shaft and dripping into the snow as she pounded her, Idalia wrapping her legs around her hips tightly and bucking her own in time with Anastasia’s thrusts, as Idalia grabbed her by the sides and pulled her closer, so that she could take Anastasia’s right nipple into her mouth and suck it hard, while she lowered her left hand between Anastasia’s legs and resumed fingering her pussy with three fingers.

Anastasia was panting so hard she could only kiss Idalia for a few moments before needing to catch her breath again at this point, thankfully her skin was tough enough that only a few scratches formed on her arm from the tree bark, not that she would of cared if it got worse at this point. She puts a hand on the back of Idalias head and puts her forehead at the top of Idalias head. “You call that sucking?” She breathes out into her hair. She let out another loud moan as Idalia started fingering her pussy again, and it just made Ana wanted to go even harder, even though she was already going as hard as physically possible. Anastasia continued to fuck Idalia as hard as she could for a few more minutes, causing the ground below her to be covered in so much sexual fluid there was a sizeable puddle at this point. Eventually she couldn’t hold it in any longer though, and she slams into Idalia so hard she lifts her up another half a foot before unloading more of her cum into Idalia. Anastasia didn’t know how she had so much cum stored inside her, nor did she care, all she knew is she wanted as much as possible to be pumped into Idalia. The puddle below them became even larger as her cum dripped down their legs and onto the ground, and when she was finally done, Ana gave Idalia one last kiss, long, gentle, and loving before retracting her cock from her pussy and gently setting Idalia to the ground.

When Anastasia pulls Idalia’s head back and presses their foreheads together, then asks her if she calls that sucking, Idalia tries to respond, but was moaning and panting so hard that no words came out, she just fingers her even harder while pulling Anastasia into each of her thrusts with her legs. When Anastasia thrusts one last time, Idalia orgasms at the exact same time as she does, spasming and crying out in pleasure as she does, then simply moaning softly as she feels Anastasia’s cum being pumped into her, a content smile spreading across her face, even as the cum overflows and spills out of her. Idalia returns her kiss, just as loving, then lets out a content sigh as Anastasia sets her on the ground. “D-did you e-enjoy that, t-too...?” she asks, through her panting as she rests against the tree, not yet reaching for her clothes.

Anastasia sits next to Idalia, gently pressing up against her and nodding with a massive grin on her face. “And here I thought fucking couldn’t get any better, but somehow that was the best damn sex I ever had.” She chuckles and stares off into the wilderness, her cock finally soft for the first time in quite a while now. She spends a few minutes cuddling with Idalia before finally seeming to notice the snow had settled down a lot, enough to where they could travel again for a while probably. Reluctantly, Anastasia slowly got up and began putting her clothes and armor back on. “Well, I guess we should continue on to Kort then, when we drop this asshat off maybe we can see about finding a room to stay in for a while.” She winks at Idalia as she says that, then looks over at Ralph, almost wanting to just leave him there.

Idalia gives Anastasia a soft kiss on the lips, after she says that was the best she has ever had, then replies “I’m g-glad you enjoyed it, t-too...” blushing and reaching behind her to pull her hood on and hide her face, but realizing her hoodie is on the other side of Anastasia, forcing her to remain vulnerable as she cuddles Anastasia tightly. She looks disappointed when Anastasia gets up and starts dressing, but reluctantly moves to dress herself as well. When Anastasia makes the implication that they could stay in a room and have fun together, Idalia nods and smiles shyly, her blush only darkening ”I w-would like that...” she says, before following Anastasia’s gaze to Ralph, who quickly shuts his eyes the moment he notices the two staring at him, still bound tightly by Idalia’s wires.

Anastasia giggles a little as Idalia expresses her desire to do this again sometime, she doesn’t quite see Ralph close his eyes, but even so she gets an idea. With both her and Idalia fully dressed again, Anastasia starts dragging Ralph along against, but stops at the giant puddle of both Ana’s cum and Idalia’s juices… but most Ana’s cum and plops his face right into the puddle, putting her foot on the back of his head and stretching her muscles, popping a few of her bones as she does so. She lets him sit there for a few moments until she feels he might start asphyxiating before dragging him along, making sure his body goes across the puddle and back down the route they planned to take.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Mark3000 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:24 pm

Like a good little guide, the goblin them to the heads of this goblin invasion. She had hoped to take what ever was inside the cave by surprise. But instead, the minute Metia stepped inside, the two targets came out in a rage. Lilith was expecting just a pair of larger goblins, not these two Goliath. Though they both had quite the package. "What the hell did you say !" Lilith cried to Metia as she drew her Morningstar. Metia rolled her eyes when Lilith asked her what she said "I told them that their mother acts like you, gray-skin." she says, sarcastically. Once she says this, the two creatures charge them, Metia leaping to the side, beside Lilith, in preparation for the battle.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As five of them rushed each other, swinging their weapons to try and draw first blood. Metia came in hot trying to pierce the the crystal ogre, she believed was called Lump Loaf with her spears, but they landed short. The two large monsters retaliated as they swung their respective weapons at Lilith and Chet. They were both able to dodge the incoming attacks. Lilith got out of the way with an excellently timed roll, while Chet lucked out after taking a step to the right. Seeing how tough they were, Lilith relized this could be a drawn out affair. Taking another sip of her Potion of Angel Tears, she swung her morningstar at Lump Loaf. Even though it was her first time using it, Lilith managed to his the large oaf. Only for her weapon to clink off his large body doing no damage. Seeing this Lilith panicked and disappeared into the shadows, but not before leaving a little something under Lump Loaf.

Seeing Lilith's failed attack against the red ogre, Metia instead turned her attention to the two headed beast, Loaf Loaf. Lilith had Chet do the same. The undead warrior shambled forward and sunk his battered blade into the creature's thigh. Metia on the other hand plunged her spears into the ogre's belly and attempted to gut the beast. Loaf Loaf let out a painful bellow and pushed the Were-Dragon away before she could finish him off. Seeing his brother in pain, Lump rushed to his aid only to have Lilith trap go off and take off a good chunk of his foot. But that didn't stop him from charging Chet and smashing him into the ground. The zombie guard stopped moving as the magic that had raised him finally faded.

After not being able to find Lilith, Loaf turned his attention to the woman that had attacked him. With an angry grunt he attacks Metia and managed to connect. But the fist he uses to attack burst into flame as he flew back writhing in pain. Seeing the two headed ogre on his last leg, Lilith turned her attention to the red ogre. Lilith couldn't control the force around her that seemed to drain her enemies of their strength. But she was getting better at sensing it and using it to her advantage in battle. Placing another trap under Lump Loaf, Lilith appeared from the shadows and swung her mace at the hip of the large monster. This time she actually was able to hurt the large beast causing it to grip it's sides in pain.

Going in for the kill, Metia attempts to take Lump's head clean off. But her swing is short and Lump tries to capitalize on the opening. But two things happen. One, he sets off Lilith's as it takes out a chuck of his leg. Two, the second he even touches Metia his entire arm is engulfed in flame. Bleeding and burning, Lump writhes on the ground in pain until he but stops completely.

As the battle ended, Lilith let out a sigh of relief. She was glad she had brought Metia along on this little adventure. Now she had two lovely bodies to offer her goddess. Going up to the two headed ogre to raise the large beast. "I command thee in the name of Zalaam, Rise"

Loaf slowly rises as Metia looks on in confusion. "Oh, you do that stuff. I hope you realize how gross raising the dead is." she says in disgust. "Regardless, I'm going to go let the Goblins know their leaders are now dead, then kill them as they flee." she says, slowly making her way away from the cave and towards the battlegrounds. Meanwhile, the Goblin moves out from behind the tree and starts poking Lump and Loaf both with a stick, alternating.

Lilith was a little surprised at Metia's reaction. She was sure the Were-Dragon would have run her through with her lances when she raised the large oaf. "Maybe so, but these undead are a better fuck then some living men. If you're curious I could give you a little taste." She said summoning her new undead servant.

Remembering her deal with the goblin, Lilith took off her dress and hung it on a near by rock. "A deal's a deal. My body is yours to play with little one."

Metia completely ignores Lilith and continues away from the cave, being far out of earshot by the time Lilith takes her dress off and encourages the Goblin to claim his prize.

The Goblin wastes no time, running to Lilith and grabbing her, then shoving her against the broken tree that the crystal had busted to pieces earlier. The Goblin pushes Lilith's legs apart, then rams his little cock into her dry, then starts thrusting in and out of her, rough and hard, while grabbing and roughly squeezing her breasts, letting out happy panting noises with every thrust.

Lilith didn't bother holding in her pleasurable moans as the goblin shoved his little cock into her pussy. Even with the small size, Lilith could feel his cock assaulting her moistening vagina. She shaked her hips with every thrust. "Eager one aren't you." Lilith said with a lustful tone. But she felt like she needed more. Looking to her new minion, she summoned the ogre towards her. Looking at his two gigantic cock, she licked her lips. Re positioning herself and the goblin, she turned so the two were facing each other. Leaning forward, she kissed the goblin, working her tongue deeper and deeper.

By the time the kiss was over, the two were on the ground. Lilith held the goblin tightly with both their asses exposed. She then called forth her new minion. "Alright, your first order will be to fuck both me and my new friend in the ass." She said with a lustful expression.

The Goblin screeched in surprise when the ogre rammed one of his gigantic cocks into its ass, and the other into Lilith's, before starting to thrust slow, but very roughly. Once the Goblin was over the initial shock of being penetrated, her resumed thrusting in and out of Lilith's pussy, while he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard, and resumed his kiss with her, forcing his abnormally long and slimy tongue into her mouth.

A sharp shiver ran through Lilith's body as she was double penetrated by both the goblin and the ogre. The variation in size only added to the pleasure. The goblin's small prick was able to find all the right spots inside her wet pussy. Meanwhile her new minion managed to stretch her ass in ways she couldn't imagine. Lilith let the goblin's tongue explore her mouth. Her smaller tongue was enveloped by his long, slimy appendage. When the kiss was over, Lilith let out a soft cry. "You're a horny little cretin aren't you. Letting your undead leader fuck you in the ass. Do you want to come inside? Do you want him to cum inside you?" She whispered into his ear. Her sharp claws digging into his back.

The Goblin nods vigorously and doesn't slow at all, his cock starting to leak precum into Lilith's pussy as he thrusts more and more intensely, his fingers and claws digging into Lilith's breasts as he squeezes and gropes her tits hard. The ogre keeps the same steady rhythm as it pounds them both, letting out monotonous groans with each thrust, its hands squeezing Lilith's sides hard.

Lilith drooled as the two of them fucked her brains out. Her nipples stood erect as the goblin's fingers dug into her breasts. The sensitive tips rubbed against his palms. While under the Orge's weight and immense grip, she felt the air being squeezed out of her. "Ooohhhhh, you're both wonderful. Please, I need your cum! Fill me with your seed!" She cried as her hips moved frantically to keep pace.

When Lilith cries out for cum, the Goblin lets out a screech as it starts pumping much larger amounts of cum than he should be capable of with such a small body into Lilith's pussy. At almost the same time, the Ogre suddenly releases an explosion of cum into both Lilith and the Goblin's ass, so much so that it immediately explodes out of them and soaks the ground.

Lilith matches the goblin's screech with a scream of her own as she reached her own climax. Her lower hole constricted around the goblin trying to milk him of his creamy seed. It was already more then she could imagine. But it still paled in comparison to what the undead ogre was able unload. Lilith's body was filled to the brim with cum. To the point that is squirted out of her stuffed holes. Once the highs of her orgasm passed, she patted the goblin gently on the head. "Yes you did very well. Good boy" She said as if talking to a pet.

Slowly she lifted the goblin off of her while motioning her undead ogre to back away. Lilith bit her lip as the slow withdrawal forced her to another orgasm. Cum flooded out from her holes already adding to the sizable puddle. Looking down at the exhausted goblin, a wicked smile spread across Lilith's face. Turning the goblin onto his back, she stepped forward and worked her foot in his crotch. Her heel pressed against his testicles painful as she shifted her weight over his body. "You're really something aren't you. You sold out your bosses and comrades for some pussy. Then proceeded to moan like a bitch as you undead leader fucked your ass. But I like obedient little monsters like you. What do you say, follow me and I'll give you food, pussy and more." She said lifting her foot off of him and turning to her newest undead minion.

Lilith couldn't contain her glee. Never had she felt so powerful. This large brute that had tried to kill her was now hers to command. With Zalaam's power, she could make anyone bend to her will. A lifetime of mistreatment, discrimination and abuse had all lead to this. "I can do this" Lilith whispered to herself. "I can carve out a place for myself in this world, I'll find mother and we'll be able to live together forever" She said looking at her hands. Confident in her new direction, she ordered her undead Minion to pick up Chet and Lump Loaf. Lump would make a fine offering to the Black Spire. While Chet served her well and deserved to be raised once more by the tower. As they left for the Black Spire, Lilith looked back at the goblin one last time to see if he would follow her. Whether or not he follow, Lilith left to bring a pair of new corpses to the Black Spire.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby mrblah » Sun Jul 07, 2019 10:56 pm

Amun followed at a distance, not much wishing to be too close to the violent were-dragon unless necessary. He always kept himself a little ahead of Camilla in case he'd need to shield or move her to the side, and tightly held her hand. Along the way to wherever Metia wanted to go, he kept a lookout for anyone suspicious or anything undesirable, so he saw Lilith before Metia had met with her. "There she is, of all times..." Amun grumbled with a bit of annoyance. When he needed her before, she was nowhere to be found, but now she shows up? And who was that she was with? He huddled a little closer to Camilla, but followed the newly formed group regardless. At the very least, those four would distract any dangers away from him and the girl. It'd be good to stick nearby.

When they got to the cave, he raised an eyebrow at the choice of destination. Why were they here..? He tried to think of some likely scenarios—but a massive crystal ball smashing through a tree Metia just hopped onto halted those ideas before they could form. The massive two monsters that followed the ball of crystal were alarming, and he quickly crouched down behind something to hide with, taking Camilla with him. "They... they'll figure it out, Camilla. We just have to stay here and let them work." If they looked like they were on the losing side, it'd be best to either cut losses and turn tail or, if they beat down the monsters enough, try to sneak in a finishing blow or two to save them. He'd have to see how things looked.

Thankfully, neither plan would be necessary. It seemed they had everything under control as they cleanly swept the floor with the two massive creatures. Metia stayed on the front lines and beat downed the two oafs, and Lilith was totally untouchable and didn't get nary a scratch. Amun was amazed by the capabilities of the group, eyes wide as he thought to himself... it'd be best to stay with them. They were strong. If he made friends with them, they could protect him and Camilla. Despite his misgivings for Lilith and Metia, what was more important was safety rather than comfort. At least, that was the case at present.

But it seemed they both had other ideas. Metia separated from Lilith and started heading inside, just as Lilith got down to... oh... oh dear Sirius. Amun quickly covered Camilla's eyes, blushing at the sight of her starting to do her intimate business with the monsters she apparently was enslaving? It would've been a more pleasant sight to him, had they not been dead. Instead, he merely felt disgust at the necrophilia and begun walking to the cave that Metia entered. He had to pass by the sordid act with Camilla, and continued to try to ignore it as Lilith's moans and the other sounds of sex grew more intense. "Ignore the noises, Camilla. It's nothing for you to think about." Walk walk walk he's walking really fast into the cave they go-
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby RandomRoninKitten » Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:05 pm

Anastasia Ursa/LittleManKitten
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Ralph flails and gargles as he's held under the puddle, showing that he was indeed awake the entire time, but once again loses consciousness by the time Anastasia pulls him out of the puddle. When Idalia sees that he was awake, she blushes and covers her chest, despite being fully clothed "H-he saw what we were doing!" she cries, tears in her eyes, her face showing clear embarrassment.

The trip around the channel is long and arduous, taking them through the hills and forests of the Land of Fools, however they manage to get through the areas without encountering any enemies. After several hours, and a massive amount of walking in a wide arc around the narrow channel, Idalia and Anastasia, along with their captive, are able to see the walls of Kort in the distance.

Kort was a city that was mainly painted white, with pale blue trim on the edges of the wall. The emblem on the large city gates was a white Owl, shaking snow from its feathers. As the two approached, the city Guards, wearing gray armor, with blue capes and loin cloths, looked over the edge, then shouted "Well met, travelers! Welcome to the city of Kort, we are pleased to make your acquaintance!" he shouts, the other two knights on either side giving the knight who spoke a fist bump, then a double high-five, before reaching behind the first knight and high-fiving each other while nodding the entire time, as if they had done something incredible. Idalia was briefly confused, but nonetheless called up to them "Hello! We're just looking for a friend of ours." the knight nodded again, as the gate started to swing open, allowing the two through. When they walked past the Guards, they started to inquire about the man being dragged behind them, but Idalia cut them off "He attacked us on the road, we're just stopping here on the way to take him to his home city, so he can be detained there." she said, with a smile and a nod. The Guard seemed to accept the story, and gave Idalia a high-five "Good work, my ladies, he will not hassle anymore adventurers!" he said, as the two continued walking.

Inside the walls, the city was much the same. The structures were made of wood and stone, primarily white, but with blue edges and blue roofs, as well as blue-painted doors and window frames. The people didn't seem to notice Idalia and Anastasia as they traveled, through the light blue stone streets. As they reached the square, a circular stone area with a flag in the middle, a banner with the emblem of Kort in the center, benches all around it with trees growing from the patches of dirt around and beneath the benches.

When they reached the square, Idalia glanced around at the various buildings, three guilds, a store, two Inns, and a bath. The guilds were the Navy Falcon, Black Wave, and Silver Owl Guilds, while the Inns were The Rusty Blade, and The Dusty Boots. "I wonder where they would be staying... you know, I hadn't actually considered it, but-" she said, as she rested one foot on Ralph's chest, then rested her arms on her knee "-It's entirely possible that they could be on a job right now, and we may have to wait until they get back." she says, sighing.

Anastasia looks around the various guilds and inns before shrugging. "You can't sense their presence or anything like that huh? Guess that'd make things to easy. Well, lets go into the guilds and ask if they've seen a trio of girls"

Idalia freezes "I... forgot I could do that..." she mumbles as she closes her eyes for a moment. She then suddenly perks back up "They're definitely in the city, in fact, they're really, really close." she says, then both girls feel their shoulders being tapped, and hear a girl's voice asking "What are you doing...?," which causes Idalia to jump and lose her balance, falling off of Ralph, but managing to regain her footing without falling down completely. When the two spin around to look, Ignia and Ilaria are both right behind them, Ilaria floating up in the air, with her arms crossed, as per usual, while Ignia was the one tugging their arms, a look of confusion on her face "I thought you two were fighting at the Colosseum...? Where's Aranya?" while the two of them were standing there, Irena is nowhere in sight.

Anastasia rolls her eyes as Idalia says she forgot about said ability. When she mentions they are really close, Anastasia instinctively starts looking around. She jumps a little as she feels the tap on her shoulder, almost elbowing the person behind her in the face before she sees it was Ignia, who was on her tippy toes and really struggling to reach Ana's shoulder. "Oh, that's convenient. Well, we got the guy we were looking for." She motions towards Ralph who had a giant black stain on his face now. "As for Aranya.... Well, we got into a argument about something." As she says that she looks up at Ilaria. "So she fucked off, leaving us unable to participate anymore since its a three person deal... Also were is uh... Ilina? Imia? Irena!" Anastasia grins to herself at remembering the girls name as if it was some sort of huge accomplishment.

Ilaria cocks her head, but seems to understand what the argument may have been over, as she nods slowly. Ignia also nods, though she looks confused regardless. "Well, if you got the guy, I guess you don't need to fight in the Colosseum anymore, anyway..." she says, slowly, before adding "We all decided we could make more progress by taking on different jobs. I got back first and just waited for the other two before accepting another. Ilaria already took another job and was just leaving, I was just about to go get another at the Silver Owl Guild."

Idalia perked up when Ignia said that she hadn't taken another job yet "Good! You already weren't traveling together, you haven't taken a job yet, you should come with us to Azraq!" she says, quickly reaching out and giving Ignia a surprise high-five, then grabbing her hand with a friendly smile. Ignia hesitated and looked at Anastasia as if for confirmation that the two wanted her, her look of confusion she had been wearing the entire time only deepening.

Anastasia nodded at Ignia's statement about them not needing to fight anyway with the target down. When she said she hadn't already taken a job however, Anastasia was about to express how perfect that was before Idalia got to it first and asked her to join. Anastasia gives Ignia a nod. "We need to take him to Azraq, but we decided the trek would be a lot easier to do if we had a third member again, incase we stumble upon some undesirable creatures. So, do you wanna tag along?" Anastasia smiles at her, trying to come off as pleasant, though Ana was a little concerned about how confused Ignia was getting, as if there was something fundamental either her or Ana was missing about the situation.

When Anastasia and Idalia both agree, Ignia smiles "I'd love to! Don't worry, I won't let you down, you'll be glad Aranya deserted you!" she says, the smile on Idalia's place showing how much she appreciated Ignia's excitement. The discussion was interrupted by by a thumping sound. When the group looks over to the source, it's Ilaria, who was thumping one of her vines against the floor to get their attention. She gives the group a smile, then waves at them with two fingers, as she resumes her trip along the stone path, towards the gate. Ignia and Idalia wave at her as she leaves, Ignia interpreting "Ilaria says she has to go, and that she wants us to have a safe trip." she says.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The nearest undead nurse sighs loudly, hunches over, and lets her arms dangle when Ophelia suggests that they should all stay in the same room to be treated "F-f-fine, yes. You can all bet treated in the same room..." she says, sulking afterwards, though all of the nurses soon leave the area and close the curtains behind them, calling back as they leave "We'll be back shortly to re-administer your healing gel, please don't move around too much.". Meanwhile Alice grins sheepishly and sinks down into the bed with Ophelia and Annie, understanding why Ophelia wants her to rest. Meanwhile, Annie wraps her wraps her arms around Ophelia and rubs her cheek against hers "Ooopheeeliaaa~ when I look at yooouuu..." she says, groping her left breast with one hand and gently squeezing it "I juuust want toooo pull you into beeed and make sweeeeet love to yooouuu~" she says, using her other hand to stroke Ophelia's side, practically purring as she does so. Alice grins as she watches Annie touch Ophelia "I definitely like her better this way, we should keep her drugged during our travels." she says, jokingly, leaning against Ophelia's other side.

Shortly after Alice says this, a blond-haired were-beast with the wings of a bird enters the room, wearing a black, wide-brimmed hat, a blue cape, and black and blue armor, enters the room. After she enters, a nurse is briefly at her side, saying "I understand you're here to see the detective, Annie Doyle, however she's currently on medicine to calm her down, since she has recently been through a traumatic experience. She'll be back to normal soon, not to worry." before returning to her desk, closing the curtains beforehand.

Selvaria Vaimel/Blue56
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Skyrille nods in understanding, then patiently answers Selvaria's questions "Well, they all look like little girls, they are made at Terrorcastra in the Screaming Woods, and the Barton Castle in Barton's Wetlands." she then pauses, before answering slowly "There's... not really a visible difference between an Artificial and a normal lifeform, they suppress their inhuman features until they are heavily damaged, but if you can see them feeding, they tend to kill and eat the various creatures roaming the land, on the spot." she explains, hesitating as she explains their feeding habits.

The trip to the Hospitorium after her discussion with Keeper Skyrille is relatively short, and takes her back through the square, where she had been earlier. The Guards at the Hospitorium are expecting her, and greet her immediately "Salutations, my lady, our master has informed us that you're here to look for our visitors." she says, motioning to a third Guard nearby, standing beside the fountain at the square. She approaches immediately "Follow me, my lady, if you don't mind." she says, as she guides her into the Hospitorium and down the hallway. The room was small, with horizontally striped patterns on the walls, as did the hallway. The floor was black and gray tiles in a checker pattern, while the stripes on the walls were also black and gray. The trip down the hallway was short, the Guard standing aside and opening the door for Selvaria when they arrive at the right room.

The Guard follows her in when they enter, and pulls the curtain aside for her, staying outside as she enters. Inside the room was a red-headed girl, laying in the hospital bed, wearing just a black bra and panties, with a Wanderer in a sky blue bra and panties, horns sprouting from her head, through her short black hair, on one side, and a blond-haired girl in lighter bra bra and panties. The red-headed girl was clearly on extremely strong medicine, as she was stroking the Wanderer's side while groping her left breast, speaking with slurred speech as she compliments the Wanderer. Meanwhile, the blond girl in the lighter blue underwear was laughing at her. When she sees Selvaria enter, she casually waves "Howdy, there, come here often?" she asks, the look on her face heavily implying she understood the absurdity of the scene.

A nurse is soon by Selvaria's side, and she explains "I understand you're here to see the detective, Annie Doyle, however she's currently on medicine to calm her down, since she has recently been through a traumatic experience. She'll be back to normal soon, not to worry." she says, before returning to her desk, closing the curtains behind Selvaria as she leaves.

Lilith Rose/Mark3000
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As Lilith steps on the Goblin, it screeches in pain and pleasure, squirming to rub its crotch into Lilith's foot. When she suggests that it follow her, it nods vigorously, immediately getting up and suiting back into its rusty armor, before quickly following after her and the undead creature that had been Loaf Loaf.

The Goblin struggles back into its rusty armor, before quickly following after Lilith, and the undead creature that had been Loaf Loaf. As the Goblin follows her, it obediently, without being asked, picks up and carries the dead body of a Guard as they walk passed it.

As the two make their way across what was previously the battlegrounds, Lilith can see numerous dead bodies everywhere, Guards and Goblins alike, though her own personal Goblin doesn't seem to mind one bit, even stepping on some of the Goblin corpses as it follows her to the Black Spire.

When they two start to enter the forest, the Goblin hesitates very briefly, but when Lilith walks deeper into the woods, he quickly follows her anyway. The various undead wandering the woods stop and stare as Lilith, Loaf Loaf, and the Goblin slowly make their way to the Spire, Lilith feeling the pleasurable and painful nails-on-chalkboard sound in her mind the closer she draws towards the Spire, until she's directly upon it. Once there, the sound in her mind, the call of Zalaam. When she heard it, she immediately knew what to do; Lay the bodies of the undead before the spire so that Zalaam may claim what was now hers.

As she laid the bodies at the base of the Spire, the purple roots sprang up from the ground and snatched them up, as well as the corpse the Goblin was holding, taking it right from his hands, causing him to jump back in fear. The roots begin glowing purple, then the corpses glow purple as well. After just a moment, the roots set the corpses back on the ground, having raised each of them as undead, including Chet, who begins to wanted aimlessly with the other Guard corpse. Lump, however, makes his way over to Lilith, then stands at attention just like Loaf had, as if waiting for orders. The Zalaam's call informs Lilith that for being such a good little shadow, she can keep both Lump and Loaf, to carry the rest of the dead, and to serve as her personal bodyguard and servant as she carries out her work.

Amun Khufu/MrBlah
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Camilla keeps starting straight ahead, despite Amun's hand over her eyes "What's she doing?" she asks, before Amun takes her with him and follows Metia, who went back down towards the battlefield, not into the cave, therefor preventing him from having to sneak by Lilith and making the trip much easier.

This time, however, the Goblins were fleeing as Metia shouted after them "YOUR BOSSES ARE DEAD, I KILLED THEM BOTH! RUN, COWARDS, RUN!" while firing blasts of flame after them, the Goblins shrieking and dying as each flame blast hits the mark and sends them burning and writhing to the ground. Metia cannot, however, launch her flame blasts fast enough to strike all of the fleeing Goblins, so the remnants of the Goblin Army manages to escape her wrath. When she turns away from the escaped army, her eyes meet Amun's "Oh, I see you survived the battle, good work." she says, giving him a playful punch in the shoulder, which felt like getting kicked by a horse due to Metia's strength.

Meanwhile, Amun can see Lilith has finished her intercourse and was picking up the corpses nearby, alongside the one Goblin in rusted armor that was with her, who had picked up a corpse himself, and making their way into the woods that had been crawling with numerous undead when they had made their way through it earlier. Camilla leans over to Amun and whispers "What's she doing with those dead people?" she asks, quiet enough that Metia apparently doesn't hear.

In the distance, the Guards were collecting their wounded and slinking back into their city to receive whatever poor medical attention the city had to give.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

As CeeCee makes her way to Kort, the walls start to come into view, the trip being cut down to roughly a tenth of what it would have been, due to her leaping over the channel. Kort was a stone city that was mainly painted white, with pale blue trim on the edges of the wall. The emblem on the large city gates was a white Owl, shaking snow from its feathers. As she makes her way around towards the front gate, through the grass and over the hills, she catches sight of a Pink-haired girl leaving the city. Her hair was long and was let down outside of a single braid with a flower design at the end. She had fair skin and was wearing one black boot and one black sandal, with a pink flower-like skirt, with a tight black dress beneath. There was a black mirror floating near her, and she had black vines dangling from her back, tied into a ribbon.

As she was leaving the city, she noticed CeeCee approaching, and raised an eyebrow, as if confused by her state, partly drenched, sticky liquid on her, her clothes disheveled. As she stared, CeeCee could see that her eyes were a dark pink. Floating in mid-air, the girl didn't say anything, she merely stared.

(If CeeCee ignores her and enters the city, ask more for a Collaboration)

Saphira Perinther/Randomizer
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When Saphira awakens, she finds that the area was just like it had been before she lost consciousness, minus the giant monster. The patch of the area that had been melted was now covered in snow again, and the puddle of purple liquid that Saphira had been in had partly froze, and was extremely cold by now.

When Saphira looks at her reflection in the puddle, her skin had turned black and she now had a second set of ears, in front of her wolf ears, these the ears of a lion, covered in black fur. Her eyes now had a green glow, much like the one now emanating from her mouth. Her fingers now had sharp claws like those of a lion, and the fur on her body was now black with blue and white tiger striping. From her back side, she now had two tails, a wolf's tail with blue fur, with black tiger striping, and a lack lion's tail. The fur on the outside of her thighs was now on her outer forearm and outer upper arm, as well as her abdomen. Her teeth had developed not only wolf fangs, but also lion fangs.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Ophelia feels a little bad that she is upsetting the medical staff with her request. Not enough to withdraw it, but she can definitely feel a little shame. It disappears when Alice gets into the bed, however, the sheepish look on her face as she obeys the unspoken command much more important to her than the ire of the nurses. Her entire thought process is derailed as Annie gropes her and makes her confession. She is aware that Alice is not serious in her suggestion to keep Annie drugged, but she cannot help by feel a small part of her agree. Seeing her detective so affectionate is more than a little bit of a turn on. She can't help a brief moan as Annie squeezes her breast. It is very hard to remember Annie is injured and should not partake in strenuous activity. Doubly so since Alice would want to get involved and she especially should not do anything to further damage her bones or bleeding internal organs. But surely a kiss would be fine? And as far as she is aware, her breasts were unharmed so returning the favor should not risk anything. At the very least, a kiss will be fine. She puts her arms around Annie and pulls her close to give her one...

And then the mood is ruined as she hears the door opens to admit strangers into the room. Ophelia sighs at the interruption and being exposed in what was almost a moment of intimacy to someone she does not know. "If at all possible, could we be asked before you admit an unknown into the room? Especially an armed unknown? Especially given we very clearly are not dressed to receive guests?" She says, anger coloring her words very clearly. None of her companions have any way of defending themselves as they are still injured and missing their armor and weapons and furthermore they are in a state of undress they may not willingly show others. She knows Alice may not care as she burst out of their room at the Colosseum in much the same state of dress to fight an assassin, but she suspects Annie would care a great deal as baring herself before herself and Alice embarrassed her to a great degree. Alice may be willing to respond in her usual manner, but Ophelia is much less so. She doesn't know the aims of this individual besides that they were looking for Annie. Information apparently they were given by Skyrille since the were-beast was guided to the room by one of Skyrille's guards. So apparently their host felt it was in her right to volunteer HER detective to some unknown without checking with them first! She will be grateful for the medical assistance they were provided, but as of right now she no longer trusts this place with the safety of her companions. Apparently at the will of the Keeper, their services can be given to people who could be coming to harm them. Utterly unacceptable to her. "And can someone explain why we were the last to know someone was looking for us? We have assassins after us and having people we don't know simply waltzing into the room with your blessing is not appreciated. I would very much like to know we have company before they reach us. Based on what I have seen, you have the capability of doing such a thing. Please utilize it."
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Littlemankitten » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:17 pm

Anastasia was happy to see Ignia was excited about the idea of joining, and couldn’t help but snort when she said that she’ll make them glad Aranya deserted them. She was about to say something when Ilaria started thumping her vines on the ground to signal her departure. She gave Ilaria a friendly wave goodbye before turning her attention back to Ignia and Idalia. “Well, as much as I’d love to get going right away, the fight with this faggot.” She kicks Ralph in the stomach as she says faggot. “Left me feeling quite worse for wear, so I wanna take a rest first before we leave. Where is it you three are staying?”

Ignia answered immediately “We’ve been staying at The Dusty Boots, we have a room there that we’ve just been keeping the same room rented.” she says, pointing at the Dusty Boots Inn. She then led the way to the Inn. Inside, the floor was white stone, with a light blue carpet covering most of the floor, excluding only the very edges closest to the wall. The desk was made of black wood, as were the door frames, though the doors were blue-painted wood. When they stepped into the structure, the Clerk seemed to recognize Ignia immediately, waving at her “Hey! Welcome back.” she says, to which Ignia responds with “Thank you. These are some friends of mine, I’m just taking them to my room.” the clerk then nodded, though Ignia suddenly stops before heading up the light blue-carpeted steps, turning back to Anastasia and Idalia “Would you like to see the the bath?” she asks. “Oh, we should see the bath, most Inns don’t have those!” Idalia says, tugging on Anastasia’s sleeve while smiling at her, adding “Or, at least before we leave”.

Anastasia looked over at the inn Ignia pointed out, wondering if it would be really dusty on the inside to fit the name. She was glad they managed to find a place to stay and get some work done without much delay or hindrance. As Anastasia followed Ignia into the building, she saw it was indeed, quite dusty, though not terribly so. Only a little more than the previous guilds and inns she stood in. It looked quite pleasant on the inside though, the black and darker blue coloring being quite pleasing to the eyes. She certainly wouldn’t mind staying here for a bit. Anastasia gave the work a quick nod as she passed by to go up the stairs as a courtesy gesture. When Ignia mentioned a bath, the thought of not only getting clean but seeing Idalia in a revealing outfit made Ana start nodding her head before Ignia could even finish the suggestion. “Yea, we both really need one anyway, especially Idalia here.” She gave Idalia a suggestive wink before turning back to Ignia. “We can do it right now, lead the way!” She holds Idalia’s hand for a moment, giving it a small squeeze and letting go before Ignia could see.

(Obligatory swimsuit episode)
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Ignia smiles when they both agree to go to the bath, while Idalia blushes at Anastasia’s mention of her needing a bath, the wink only making her blush darker, at which point she pulls her hood up to hide her blushing. Ignia doesn’t seem to understand what the implications were, she just retains her smile and leads them through a second door to the right of the stairs. The room she brings them into was a dressing room, matching the colors of the first room, but with a blue and white checkerboard pattern on the floor, constructed from tiles instead of being covered with a carpet. When the group enters, Idalia quickly takes out her swimsuit, then quickly moves over to one of the black metal lockers, taking off her equipment and clothes, stuffing each article of clothing into it as she undresses. Ignia takes a locker nearby, but skipping an empty one to give them more space to undress. Idalia was wearing the same bra and panties as before, while Ignia was wearing a lacy black and purple plaid bra and panties. The two quickly put on their swimsuits, Idalia wearing a black two-piece, tie-on bikini that matched her typical clothes, having her yellow stripe up each side. Ignia was wearing a black two-piece bikini that was black on the front and back, and purple on both sides.

Anastasia loved it when Idalia blushed like that, it was so adorable. She tried to keep her focus ahead though, as much as she enjoyed Idalia’s company she knew she couldn’t just stare at Idalia all day. As they entered the room, Ana looked around at all the lockers and equipment in the changing room, it wasn’t the kind of room she sees often, very few places have the commodities to support such a place, so it was always nice to see one. Anastasia had to resist the urge to stare at Idalia as she changed, instead getting out her own swimsuit that rarely saw use out of her pack and stripping to put it on. She took off her golden breastplate first, then her leggings, then boots and gauntlets and mask. This left her in her casual clothing, which she also took off. She stood there in her lacy black underwear for a small while, trying to remember how to put the swimsuit back on before going fully naked. Her midnight black body was clearly visible for Idalia and Ignia for a while as she struggled to put the swimsuit on, except for Ralph as the chains moved to block his view in a flurry of green and metal. The swimsuit was a tight fit and overall a pain to put on. Her small B cup boobs frequently jiggled as she struggled to put it on, and even fully flaccid her cock was larger than most fully erect ones. Finally, she managed to get the swimsuit on, the bulge from her cock clearly visible through the swimsuit. With her swimsuit on, she briefly glances towards Ignia’s direction, getting a nice view of her petite body. It was surprisingly similar to Idalia’s, they even had that same strange indent on their shoulder. The major differences seemed to be that Ignia had smaller boobs, being almost flat, but with the lumps still managing to be discernible. She also had a less defined pussy, but slightly large clit, observable even from where Ana was at. The sight of Ignia’s naked body made her cock lengthen and thicken about two inches, and she had to quickly look away before she’d find herself at full mast. With them all ready, Ana heads towards the pool.

While Anastasia was staring at Ignia’s body, the two girls were talking and comparing their breast sizes quietly, however when Anastasia turns away, then back to them, the two girls glance at her, Ignia asking “Is everyone ready?” though as she asks the question, her gaze shifts downward, and stops on Anastasia’s crotch, staring at the large bulge for a moment, while Idalia is more focusing on her entire body, biting her lip. Ignia finally shakes her head, breaking her gaze away from Anastasia’s crotch, then quickly leads the way to the bath, awkwardly, Idalia turning slowly so that she can look at Anastasia for another moment, before they leave the room. The bath was a large pool of dark gray-colored water, as nobody can actually get real water, forcing everyone to settle on the gray-colored substitute, the risk in getting real water being too great. The floor around the pool was the same checkerboard pattern as the previous room, while the wall was light blue and white horizontal stripes. Black wood benches were set on each side of the room, every few feet, with a towel rack between each bench, each loaded with light blue towels. The moment they enter the room, Idalia quickly leap into the air, performs a corkscrew spin and a double flip, before splashing into the Gray Water, splashing the two girls outside, Ignia raising her arms to block the plash. Idalia turns back to the two, knowing she splashed them and giggles as she swims backwards. Ignia calls after her “You did that on purpose!” not angry, just stating a fact, after which she makes her way to the steps and slowly descends into the water a little at a time.

Anastasia had to glance at Idalia to as she was looking at Ignia of course. When they got into the room with the pool, Anastasia couldn’t help but ogle at the cheap imitation of water. It wasn’t so much the ‘water’ itself that amazed Ana, but more the fact that people had come up with a way to bathe without the risk of your ass getting chomped. Every time Ana saw a bathing area it never ceased to amaze her. Her staring was interrupted by Idalia’s dive however, and Anastasia found herself suddenly drenched in the ‘water.’ She agreed with Ignia, and decided that Idalia was challenging her. Ana took a few steps back to press herself up against the wall and got into a pose to start running. After lining herself up with Idalia she took off in a sprint. She wasn’t the fastest in the trio by any stretch of the imagination, but she still managed to make the biggest splash as she jumped pretty high thanks to the strength in her legs and came down right next to idalia, creating a much larger splash than she did. She laughs as she lands in the water, sweeping the hair out of her eyes before giving a grin to Idalia. “Sorry, didn’t you see you there.” She says in a very smug tone before giving Idalia a tiny splash with her hands.

Idalia spits the water out of her mouth, then giggles at Anastasia before splashing her back. Meanwhile, Anastasia had also drenched Ignia, who shook the water out of her hair like a dog, then gave the two a deadpan look. She first reached into the ‘water’ in front of her and made an opening motion, after which a black door like the ones she had used while fighting Anastasia’s team formed above Idalia and Anastasia’s heads, before swinging open and spilling a constant blast of water over the two of them, Ignia grinning from her seat on the steps all the while. After a moment or two, the door shuts and vanishes. “Did I make the biggest splash?” she asks, grinning mischievously, to which Idalia replied “Can we just consider that cheating? Was it even a splash?” she asked, jokingly while brushing her hair out of her face.

Anastasia splashes more water at Idalia when Idalia splashes her, though when she looks over to Ignia, she gets a sinking feeling she was up to something. Her suspicions were confirmed when she sees the door form above her head. She didn’t have time to get out of the way before a torrent of water splashes onto her. If she wasn’t completely drenched somehow before she was now. When Idalia asks if that was cheating, Anastasia nods her head, still grinning. “Yea I think that was, meaning she is fair game now.” As she says this, the chains around her start circling her body faster, rising into the air before they came together and spun so fast they made a form of sawblade. She was staring at Ignia the entire time this happened, and it soon quickly descended into the water, making huge splashes of water that went straight in Ignia’s direction, they happened in such rapid succession Ignia only got a split second of relief before the next splash hit her. “Am I winning?” She mused aloud to them both.

After the first splash hits Ignia, she creates a door in front of her that starts absorbing each splash of ‘water’ that Anastasia sends her way, after which a second door spawns directly over Anastasia’s head, out of which comes each splash of water that Anastasia had fired. Ignia calls over to her “If using my Black Doors is cheating, so is using your chaaains!” in a playful tone, meanwhile, Idalia had ducked for cover, considering herself outclassed in this splash fight, calling out “I can’t do anything like that-” after which she suddenly paused. “Oh wait, duh.” she says, after which her body starts to shudder, before a large scorpion tail slowly grows from her back, above her swimsuit bottoms, which she then swings sideways at the water, creating a single large wave, which was aimed directly at Ignia. Ignia sees it coming, however, and creates another black door, this one sideways, which catches the wave, then sends it back at Idalia by spawning the second door above her head. Once the wave was splashed over her, that set of doors disappears. Idalia stares blankly and blinks for a moment, dripping wet, as her tail slowly retreats into her body, then she comments “Okay, that’s really unfair in a splash fight!” she says, jokingly, still wearing the smile she had since the moment they arrived at the bath.

Anastasia’s smugness quickly turned into one of playful annoyance, she had no idea how to compete with those damn doors, which just proved that bringing her along the trip to Azraq was the right choice. When Idalia grew a scorpion tail, Anastasia was briefly confused. She knew Idalia could turn into a hound but not a scorpion. Idalia seemed to be capable of continuous surprises. Even after Ignia’s display of defensive tactics Anastasia was briefly sure that Idalia’s tail attack would certainly get her. This was quickly proved wrong as one of the doors appeared and completely negated the attack, letting it reflect back onto Idalia. Anastasia moves herself over next to Idalia and nods, wrapping an arm around her below the water, which Ignia couldn’t see thanks to the water being opaque. “Yea, I’m not sure I can win against that.” Anastasia leans closer to Idalia and whispers to her. “I think if we go from two angles at once we can get though.” With that, Anastasia steps away from Idalia, making sure to give her a playful pat on the butt first before yelling out to Ignia. “Won’t stop me from trying though!” She says as she starts the chains up again to splash her some more, she does this as she slowly moves in a circle around Ignia so she can’t look at both of them at once.

When Anastasia moves to pat Idalia’s butt, she wiggles her ass into Anastasia’s hand, while she reaches between Anastasia’s legs and slowly strokes her bulge, giving her a mischievous grin as she does so, only stopping when Anastasia moves out of reach. When Anastasia starts using her chains to splash Ignia, Idalia moves to the opposite side, her body starting to shudder again as her arms shift into those of a bear. She uses her new paws to launch a large wave at Ignia at the same time as Anastasia. Ignia quickly opens a Black Door on each side of her, negating both attacks, then spawns two more doors, one over Anastasia and the other over Idalia, causing Idalia’s splash to drop on Anastasia, while Anastasia’s splashes onto Idalia, Ignia giggling the entire time. “Not to worry, I have doors for everyone!” she says, playfully. Meanwhile, Idalia gives up and transforms her arms back to normal “Okay, so attacking from two sides at once did not work. Darn, foiled again!” she says, in a mock villain voice.

Anastasia gently bites her lip as Idalia rubs her cock through the swimsuit. Her mind drifting to night time where they might get some alone time hopefully. Her attentions turns back to the task at hand when Idalia’s arms turn into those of a bear, making Anastasia stop trying to understand exactly what Idalia could and could not do. Regardless, Anastasia’s plan was quickly foiled as Ignia spawned two doors to counter both of them at once, causing Anastasia to huff in annoyance, her mind focusing on finding a way to beat Ignia and those doors. She forms an idea though, and just before she stops throwing ‘water’ at ignia’s direction she slips the chains beneath the ‘water’, stopping them as she does so. She focuses her mind, to try and see them even though she can’t see them and have them position themselves under Ignia. Once she was confident, she starts spinning them under Ignia, though a little off to the left. Causing a small whirlpool that covers Ignia in elevated water, also threatening to drag her under the waves “Can you block that?” Anastasia asks, sounding smug once again.

Ignia seems to panic for a moment, though she quickly opens a door beneath her, draining herself and the water into it, then spawns the second door on the edge of the bath, slipping out and sitting safely on the edge, though with a large amount of water spilling onto her when she exits. She then kicks the water in front of her, causing it to splash Anastasia in the back, giggling as she does so. Idalia then dunks herself in the water, after which she leaps out and onto the edge of the bath “If we’re just trying to dunk her, I’ve got that covered!” she says, first leaping onto the wall, then kicking off of it, launching herself towards Ignia, who tries to spawn a door in front of Idalia’s travel path, however Idalia kicks the door shut just as it’s opening, then grabs the doorframe and uses it to propel herself forward to maintain her momentum. Ignia starts to panic, and spawns a second door, which Idalia avoids by grabbing the bottom frame and using it to propel herself into a baseball slide beneath it. Once beyond the second door, Idalia grabs Ignia around the hips and launches into a sideways dive towards the water, which Ignia tries to stop by spawning a third door, which Idalia avoids by grabbing its nob as it swings open, and using it to propel herself over the door and into the water, with a loud ‘sploosh’. She soon surfaces with Ignia in her arms and a grin on her face, Ignia spitting a stream of water out of her mouth like a fountain statue. “I got her! Do I win a prize?” she asks, to which Ignia responds with “I don’t think we have anything to use as a prize.” as she wiggles to get free of Idalia’s grasp, which only causes her to wrap her arms around her tighter.

Anastasia was certain she had finally got her, but then she used the doors to get out of the pool herself, causing Ana to throw up her arms in defeat, and walk over to the pool edge. As she does so though, Idalia makes one final attempt, going for a full assault and trying to attack her head on. At first Anastasia just thinks a door will lay that plan to rest just like everything else they tried, but when Idalia uses the door themselves to propel herself foreward, Anastasia clasps her hands together and lets out a loud “hah!” as she watches Idalia do her thing. “You got her now Idalia!” Ana cheers on as Idalia goes through the second door, before grabbing Ignia and swinging her into the ‘water’ despite Ignia’s best attempts to stop her. Anastasia makes her way over to the two, and as much as she wanted to pin Idalia at the edge of the pool and give her her ‘prize’ she couldn’t with Ignia there, so instead she goes behind Idalia, wraps her arm around her and picks her up with Ignia still in Idalia’s hand, lifting both of them up into the air out of the ‘water’ easily. “Take this as a prize for now.” She laughs, hugging her tightly before setting both of them back down into the pool. When both of them are back in the water, she softly caresses Idalia’s boobs under the water for a bit before moving back.

(Ignia finishes what Idalia started)
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Ignia flails in the air as Anastasia lifts them both, while Idalia giggles, then when Anastasia sets them both down, and gropes Idalia’s breasts beneath the water, she slips her hand back behind her and starts slowly stroking Anastasia’s cock through her swimsuit, while using her other hand to grope her breast hard, using her body to hide what she’s doing, all the while biting her lip to stifle her moans from Anastasia groping her breasts. Ignia end up being dropped into the water, so she has to come up and wipe her eyes before Idalia is forced to stop and step away from Anastasia to avoid being seen. When Ignia comes up out of the water, Idalia grabs the side of Anastasia’s swimsuit and starts looking around at the surface of the ‘water’, then states flatly “Huh, I think I dropped my pendant...”, Ignia doesn’t seem to realize that Idalia was not wearing a pendant, she had dropped it off in the locker. Idalia goes down under the water, then Anastasia can feel her shifting Anastasia’s swimsuit, then feels the familiar feeling of her cock entering Idalia’s mouth. Idalia then grabs Anastasia’s hips and strokes them as she starts bobbing her head beneath the ‘water’. Meanwhile, above the ‘water’, Ignia looked at Anastasia with a look of concern “What does her Pendant look like? Maybe I can help find it.” she says.

Anastasia has to seriously focus in order to suppress the moan as Idalia starts stroking her cock. By Avenir it was like Idalia could never get enough of it. Not that Ana was complaining, she couldn’t get enough of Idalia either. She was really disappointed that she had to step away, but she always reasoned it would make the next time they fuck feel that much better as they blueball each other. At least, Ana was thinking they were blueballing each other until Idalia says she lost her pendant. Ana opened her mouth to voice her confusion, as she knew Idalia put the pendant in her locker, but by then Idalia was already in the water, and she could quite quickly feel her swimsuit pending and immediately knew what was up. Anastasia bites her tongue so hard that greyish blood oozes out as she feels Idalia start blowing her. By Avenir she loved that feeling. It’s only the second time but she swore Idalia has gotten much better at it than last time, seeming to have already learned how to use her tongue and go at the right pace to make it feel so much better. Anastasia was reminded of the situation back in the arena however as Ignia looks at her, and she can’t help but grimace ever so slightly. At Ignia’s question, Anastasia does her best to keep her voice level. “W-well, it’s a lilac colored gemstone with a golden border on a black c-chaaAIN” Her voice cracks as Idalia suddenly does something that felt really good, but she quickly regains her composure and shakes her head. “Honestly, Idalia has some sort of connection to it I t-think and will find it the easiest, its way too hard to see in t-that stuff anywa-way…” she stops talking just in time for her to let out a spurt of pre into Idalia’s mouth, which despite not being the actual orgasm felt so damn good she almost cried out. She moves her hand under the water and puts it on the back of Idalia’s head, rubbing it gently, trying to show her appreciation for the kind act.

Ignia looks really confused when she hears Anastasia speaking strangely “Even if she’s more likely to find it, it would still help if we all looked… it can’t take all that long if all three of us are looking around… uhm are you alright, Anastasia?” she asks, taking a step towards her, her position approaching where Idalia is. Meanwhile, beneath the ‘water`, Idalia slipped two fingers into Anastasia’s pussy and was slowly thrusting them in and out, while she pressed her Bikini-clad breasts against Anastasia’s shaft and was slowly grinding them together, while licking and sucking the tip of her cock.

Anastasia wanted to both kiss and kick Idalia at the same time. She really enjoyed Idalia sucking her cock, but this was pretty unfortunate timing, she was more than a little surprised Idalia was willing to with Ignia right there. “Y-yea, I am. I just have t-trouble speaking occasionally, I t-think it’s cause of well…” She motions to her entire body, then the chains, alluding to her transformation. As she does so, she scrunches her face a little, she can see the pool right above her crotch darkening slightly as her pre leaks out, she felt so damn close to cumming already, maybe it was because it was a risky situation, but she hoped Idalia finished up soon.

Ignia looks down at the ‘water’ and notices it darkening, then gets an even more confused look on her face “Hey, Anastasia, what’s that?” she asks, pointing at the darker patches in the water and taking a step forward. When Ignia steps forward, her knee bumps into Idalia’s back, causing Anastasia’s cock to slip out of her mouth as Idalia is knocked over. Knocking over Idalia causes Ignia to trip, and as Ignia is tripping, she tries to grab at something to keep her balance, causing her to accidentally grab Anastasia’s breasts. Idalia, once she regains her footing, shoots up out of the water, and looks around frantically to try to figure out what was going on, a dark blush on her face.

Anastasia swore she was just a few seconds away from shooting her load deep into Idalia, who she was confident would take it all eagerly, unfortunately those plans were ruined when Ignia bumped into Idalia, causing a panic to ensue. Anastasia wasn’t quite sure exactly what happened, all she knew is Ignia suddenly fell onto her, grabbing her breasts to keep her balance and Ana falls onto her back, thankfully she was pretty boient and so just floated on the surface, her cock was still out behind Ignia though and was now above the water, so Ana quickly moved her hands to adjust her swimsuit to quickly cover it, though since she did that she made no move to get Ignia off, and so she stares at Ignia with a bit of panic on her face, before it turned to one of smugness once again. “You enjoy this position?” She asks, cracking a smile as she does so.

Ignia blushes dark red as she realizes she’s groping Anastasia, while Idalia blushes just as redly due to what she had just been doing and the fact that she almost got caught. Ignia quickly flinches back, taking her hands off Anastasia’s breasts, while Idalia quickly looks around the room. “I uhh… I have to uhh… take Ralph to the room! I-Ignia, what’s the room number?”, to which Ignia responds “I-it’s 44… t-take the key from my clothes in the l-locker...” she says, looking down to try to hide her blush. Idalia climbs out of the pool quickly, grabs Ralph by the leg, then bolts out of the room, stealing one last glance at Anastasia as she exits. Once Idalia is gone, Ignia looks at Anastasia and stammers “S-s-s-sorry...” while fidgeting in front of her.

Anastasia would normally be a little angry at the situation, both because Idalia did it right in front of Ignia, and because her cock felt so hard it was almost painful and wasn’t able to finish. Those two were so adorable in their reactions however she couldn’t be mad. It was almost comical how that all went down. She stayed quiet as Idalia displayed her need to get Ralph to their room, though Ana suspected she was gonna do a bit more than that while she was alone. When she hears Ignia apologize, she was way too horny and ready to get off to do anything but slowly walk back to Ignia, grab her arms gently, then guide them back to Ana’s breasts. “Squeeze them.” Anastasia says softly, but commandingly.

Ignia first looks shocked, looking from Anastasia’s breasts, then to her face, then back to her breasts… then to her face again “I… you… wh-...” she stutters, not finishing any of these statements, she finally just follows Anastasia’s instructions, slowly squeezing Anastasia’s breasts, blushing and shaking from nervousness all the while. “L-l-like th-this...?” she asks, as she obediently squeezes her breasts.

Anastasia wouldn’t have been so willing to turn around and start fooling around with Ignia if she wasn’t so close to cumming when Idalia was doing her thing. Ignia stopped that, so she might as well finish it too. Anastasia nods, letting out a tiny moan. “Yea, like that.” She reaches over, gently caressing her cheek and lifting her hair out of her face as she squeezes. Anastasia just lets Ignia do that for a while, before deciding she needed more. She pushed Ignia’s hands out of the way gently before reaching down and grabbing her one-piece by the hem and slowly taking it off, revealing her breasts to Ignia fully. She grabs her hands again and places them on Ana’s breasts again, but this time brings Ignia closers, pressing her cock against Ignia’s stomach through her clothes.

Ignia closes her eyes and leans her head into Anastasia’s hand as she caresses her cheek, continuing to squeeze Anastasia’s breasts as she does. She looks confused, briefly, as Anastasia moves her hands away, but understands, somewhat, when she places her hands back on her breasts, then returns to squeezing. Her blush darkens as she feels Anastasia’s cock on her stomach through Anastasia’s swimsuit, her stomach gently rubbing against it as the ‘water’ around them shifts. Ignia tries to look away from Anastasia in her embarrassment, however when she looks down, her gaze is instead met with Anastasia’s giant cock, which she begins to stare at once again.

Anastasia let out a louder moan as she felt Ignia’s hand against her exposed flesh, definitely a lot better than with the swimsuit in the way. She was so ready to go she instinctively started humping Ignia’s stomach slowly, as if she was already inside. When she notices Ignia staring at her fully erect cock, she couldn’t contain herself anymore, she casually puts her hands on the back of Ignia’s head and coos. “You can’t fool me, you want to know how it tastes, I’ll help you find out.” With that, Ana forces Ignia’s head down to the tip of her cock, then forces the head into her mouth, then half of the shaft, and almost all the way down to her throat before Anastasia gains some sense and stops so she doesn’t hurt the girl.

When Anastasia says that she knows that Ignia wants to taste her cock, she looks back up at her in surprise, but at that moment, she puts her hands on Ignia’s head and forces her cock into her mouth, cutting off what she was about to say. She makes loud gagging noises as Anastasia rams half of her cock into her mouth, placing her hands on Anastasia’s hips, but obediently stops herself from struggling, though for half of a heartbeat, she started to push away. With her head down, Anastasia can’t see that he difficulty breathing had caused tears to form in Ignia’s eyes.

Anastasia let out a loud moan as her cock slips into Ignia’s mouth, it wasn’t quite Idalia’s, but it still felt quite amazing unsurprisingly. Her cock seemed to resume from where it was before, and she didn’t have to thrust before pre-cum began leaking out, and the moment Ana did start thrusting the pre coated Ignia’s mouth. She was a little amazed she didn’t cum right then and there, and so had to thrust a little harder as time went on. Anastasia might of been desperate but she wasn’t trying to hurt the girl in any capacity, and so tried to get Ignia more adjusted to the size of her cock, slipping it out some then slowly inching it back in as she thrusted, though it wouldn’t be long before the slowness of it was abandoned.

Ignia releases a gagging sound with each thrust, her hands tightening on Anastasia’s hips, until she starts to taste the precum, at which point she starts to relax slightly, holding still and relaxed as Anastasia thrusts in and out of her throat. As more precum leaks into her throat, Ignia tries to swallow as much as she can, though it still begins to leak out of her mouth and down her chin, onto her chest and bikini top.

Anastasia was starting to lose hold on what little bit of restraint she had, but when she felt Ignia suddenly switch from apprehension to eagerness, she let herself ram her cock in as deep as it would go. Maybe she was a bit too eager, but as she felt the head of her cock brush up against the back of Ignia’s throat she couldn’t help herself, and in one swift motion the floodgates finally opened and she gave Ignia plenty of what she seemed to desire. Her cum went directly into ignia’s stomach, but there was so much it still managed to back up and flow into her mouth so she could continue to get a taste. As she came Ana let out a loud moan, no longer trying to stay quiet as her legs and hands shuddered, her hands keeping a firm grip on the back of Ignia’s head to make sure she wouldn’t try and slide out. Ana came for a bit longer than usual, pumping more than usual into Ignia, nearly a full minute of non-stop cumming. Finally though, Ana finished and backed off, letting her cock slip out of Ignia’s mouth before stumbling back a little. Anastasia didn’t feel quite content yet though, and before even she could catch her breath she grabbed Ignia by the torso and lifted her up, swinging her to the side of the pool and pushing her up against the edge. Anastasia leans foreward so her face was right in front of Ignia’s. “I’m going to make you feel pleasure you never felt before.” Anastasia purrs as she licks her lips, pausing for a moment so Ignia might eek out a response before planting a firm kiss on her lips, slipping her long black tongue into Ignia and exploring her mouth. She grabs Ignia’s breasts and squeezes them roughly. She does this for a good while before finally breaking the kiss and moving her hands down and grabbing her by the legs and lifting them up so she had a perfect path to her pussy. She gazed at her bikini for a bit before leaning forward and planting her lips on the bikini, licking her pussy through them for just a moment before shifting it aside and liking it directly, making sure to focus on her clit.

Ignia swallows as much as she can, but the sheer volume of cum forces some of it to spill out of her mouth and onto her chest and bikini top. The cum also blocks her throat, forcing her to cough and hack, until Anastasia suddenly shoves her up against the side of the bath. When Anastasia tells her what her intent is, Ignia merely stutters out an incoherent response, blushing darkly and shivering from nervousness, before Anastasia licks her lips and begins kissing her. At first, she seems surprised, but then she returns her kiss, licking her tongue with her own. Anastasia could tell from the kiss that Ignia had never done this before, her tongue movements sloppy and inexperienced. She moans into her mouth as Anastasia gropes and squeezes her breasts, her nipples poking her palms through her top as they stand fully erect. When Anastasia breaks the kiss and releases her breasts, Ignia pants heavily, her cheeks flushed, however she returns to moaning loudly and holds onto Anastasia’s head as she begins licking her slit, Ignia bucking her hips into Anastasia’s mouth as she pleasures her down below.

Anastasia wasn’t exactly surprised at how sloppy Ignia was, but she appreciated the effort Ignia was attempted to put in, and she certainly seemed very into it as she felt her nipples through her top. When Ana moved down to lick her pussy, she surprised herself at how into it she got, eagerly sucking on Ignia’s clit and thrusting her tongue into Ignia’s pussy, using her hands to massage Ignia’s thighs as she does so. She goes to town on Ignia’s pussy for well over a minute before she finally pulls back, licking her lips and getting a final taste of Ignia’s juices, which tasted surprisingly good before moving her body back up and positioning her cock at Ignia’s pussy. She slowly starts edging it in, getting the tip in first and slowly the head. Once the head was in she kept going further inside, slow enough that Ignia could be accustomed to it. Once she was a few inches in she started kissing Ignia’s neck softly. Soon she felt the tip of her cock hit Ignia’s hymen, and she uses all of her willpower to stop herself from piercing it immediately. She kisses Ignia on the lips for a bit without moving her cock further in or back before looking her in the eyes. “This is going to hurt for a bit.” She warns cooly, knowing after the pain subsided Ignia would be in a world of pleasure. With that, she starts thrusting deeper, feeling the hymen straining against her cock before finally breaking, causing her to jerk and thrust in another inch really fast with a loud moan.

As Anastasia pleasures Ignia down below, she rests her hands on her head and bucks her hips against Anastasia’s mouth, her pussy getting wetter with every passing moment. When Anastasia finally pulls away, Ignia was shivering in pleasure. She watches as Anastasia touches her tip to her pussy, then moans and trembles as she starts to slowly push into her, her body tensing up as she wraps her arms around Anastasia’s mid-section, tightening her hold as Anastasia pushes further into her. Her moans increase in intensity as Anastasia pushes deeper, until she hits her Hymen,at which point Ignia reddens and looks up at Anastasia’s face. When Anastasia kisses her lips, Ignia relaxes slightly, returning her kisses sloppily, and loosening her grip on her, instead gently stroking her back as they make out. When Anastasia breaks her kiss and tells her that it’s going to hurt, Ignia looks concerned and nervous, her panting picking up, but she nods slowly in understanding. When Anastasia thrusts into her, tearing her hymen, she cries out in pain, and her blood starts running down Anastasia’s shaft.

Anastasia began thrusting slowly now that she took Ignia’s virginity, the feeling of taking it made Anastasia feel unreasonably happy, as if the fact she did it was the best possible outcome. Regardless, it wouldn’t take long before the trickle of blood started getting colored black as Ana started leaking out pre into Ignia’s pussy. She begins kissing Ignia more passionately, eagerly playing with her tongue, intertwining it with her own. As she thrusts she lets go of Ignia’s thighs, placing them behind her back before wrapping her arms around Ignia’s back and forcing them together while simultaneously putting more of her weight on Ignia, Ana pressed their flesh together so hard it hurt a little, but she could feel Ignia’s heart beat and her breathing continue to intensify as they fucked. After this she beings to thrust faster, simultaneously going deeper as well, Ignia was so tight though the more she tried the harder it became, Ignia’s body resisting the pure size of Anastasia, showcasing how Ignia was not built to take such a long and thick cock, not that it stopped Ana from trying to go deeper.

Ignia moans into Anastasia’s mouth as she fucks her, each thrust drawing out another moan, Ignia’s pussy tightening on her as she thrusts deeper into her. Ignia’s arms wrap around Anastasia, holding her tightly against her body, while she softly returns each of Anastasia’s kisses, hungrily, each moan being muffled by Anastasia’s mouth and occurring through her sniffling and whimpering as she cries in Anastasia’s arms, beneath her. Anastasia pressing her body against Ignia’s causes their breasts to be pressed together as well, Ignia’s hard nipples poking against Anastasia’s and rubbing together as she thrusts into her, Ignia’s juices coating Anastasia’s shaft more and more, as it mixes with her precum.

Anastasia is a little concerned with Ignia crying and whimpering, but her body language and moans told her she was still enjoying it greatly, which meant Ana kept going without pause. Ana started kissing her even more roughly, sinking her tongue as deep as it’d go into ignia’s mouth, her black saliva dripping down into her. Anastasia was getting close to cumming, and as she felt herself getting closer she instinctively started slamming herself into Ignia as deep as her cock would go, every thrust causing a resounding slapping sound that echoed throughout the pool area. She proceeded to go even faster as she got even closer, and faster, and faster, until she thrusted one last time, going as deep into Ignia’s pussy as was possible before unloading her cum into her. Ana let out a loud moan into Ignia’s mouth as her cum filled up her pussy and womb, before leaking out onto her legs and into the pool, which by now had become an entire shade darker as so much of her cum had mixed in with it. When she was finished, she released her tight grasp on ignia’s body, but kept the kiss going for a while longer as well as keeping her cock inside to. Finally though, she broke away completely, panting heavily, the area they had just fucked cover in the tarry black substance. “Ahhhh that felt great.” She said contentedly, slowly walking through the ‘water’ towards were here swimsuit was discarded.

Ignia sloppily licks Anastasia’s tongue with her own, her movements haphazard from her nervous shaking and trembling as she cried. When Anastasia’s thrusting becomes harder and deeper, slamming into her with every thrust, Ignia’s trembling, crying, and moaning intensifies. Ignia begins to orgasm after Anastasia starts pumping her cum into her, her body spasming from the intensity of the orgasm, crying out into Anastasia’s mouth. When Anastasia finishes cumming into her, she lets out a long soft moan into Anastasia’s mouth, returning her kiss sloppily and hugging her tight. When Anastasia pulls away, Ignia, panting heavily, sits up and slowly moves her swimsuit back into place, her face dark from blush, with a content expression. She watches Anastasia go to retrieve her swimsuit, wordlessly, for several moments. Once Anastasia is dressed, Ignia quietly speaks to her “Th-that was… f-f-fun… th-thank you...” she says, avoiding looking directly at Anastasia’s face.

Anastasia retrieves her swimsuit, looks at it for a moment, before shrugging and heading back towards Ignia without putting it back on. When she was back to Ignia, she looked at her bemusedly and gently pats her head. “Let’s go see how Idalia is faring without us.” She turns towards the edge of the pool and gets out, completetly naked but swimsuit in tow. When she goes into the locker room, she fishes for the key to her locker, but she couldn’t find it in her swimsuit. With a huff, she grabs the door to the locker and pulls, ripping it clean off its hinges before retrieving her stuff, putting it all back on, and forcing the door back into roughly were it should be, bent and tilted to the side. She then heads back up towards their room to go find Idalia.

Ignia closes her eyes and leans into Anastasia’s touch when she rubs her head, letting out a soft, content sigh. When she suggests they go back to their room, she nods and follows her out of the pool and puts her clothes back on. Due to cleaning herself before getting out of the bath, Anastasia arrives at the room a moment before Ignia does. Before Anastasia can knock on the room door, Ignia stands on her tip toes and gently tugs on Anastasia’s sleeve twice to get her attention, but when Anastasia looks down at her, she looks away, then hesitates to speak for a moment. She stutters momentarily, but then looks up at Anastasia again “M-may… m-m-may I have another… uhm… k-k-kiss?” she asks, blushing and averting her eyes again, looking towards the door.

Anastasia hums a tune native to the Spectross softly as she walks back to the room, when she reaches the room, she was about to knock before she felt a tug on her sleeve, when looks down and sees Ignia, she cocks her head to the side for a moment before grinning as she asks for another kiss. She leans down a little and nods. “Sure, why not.” With that, she leans in and gently plants her lips on Ignia’s, kissing her softly for a moment. It wasn’t a long kiss, but she hoped it would tide Ignia over as she stepped back and knocked on the door.

Ignia returns her kiss, sloppily, gently resting her hands on Anastasia’s hips, her fingers tightening into them as she tries to hold the kiss as long as possible. She leans forward and tries to follow Anastasia as she pulls back. “Th-th-thank you...” she says, quietly, just as Anastasia reaches up to knock. She slowly pulls her hood on as she hears Idalia making her way to the door. “Took you girls long enough!” Idalia says, as she opens the door, showing that she had fully re-dressed herself after leaving the bath area. Once the door was fully opened, Idalia gives Anastasia a soft smile as she looks directly at her, then gently gropes her ass as she walks into the room. The room was one with three beds, each covered with light blue sheets and a white comforter, which matched the light blue carpet with a white silhouette of a pair of boots designed into the center of it. The walls were made of white stone, and the ceiling was light blue as well. When the two follow Idalia into the room, Ignia answers “S-sorry… I was uh… r-really dirty… a-apparently...” she mumbled, though loudly enough for both Idalia and Anastasia to hear. The room had a chest on one side for keeping a person’s stuff, and on the opposite side was a light blue-tiled kitchen area with a stone table, some black wood stools, and a stone oven for cooking food. A sink was built into the counter. Near the kitchen area was a door the led to the bathroom, which also had a light blue tiled floor.

“Dont mention it.” She purrs to Ignia as she gives her thanks. When Idalia opens the door, she can’t help but just stare directly into her eyes and give her a huge smile. “Yea sorry, Ignia here really took her time getting clean.” She said nonchalantly as she walked in. She gently jutted her ass out in Idalia’s direction when she felt her grope it, but didn’t stop as she actually wanted to see where she was staying the night first. Ignia then confirmed what Anastasia said, if a little awkwardly. Anastasia looked at Idalia and gave her a shrug, as if saying ‘don’t ask me why she’s talking like that’ she then walks over to one of the chests and dumps her armor and extra stuff in there, keeping her clothes on though before waltzing over to find a bed to plop herself down on so she can finally take the rest she wanted. Once she did find the bed she would plant herself face first into it. As she laid there, she started thinking about Idalia and how much happier she felt with her. Yet this quickly lead to her thinking about Ignia, and how she just fucked her so willy nilly. Sure, Idalia did get her going real good before she did, but surely she should of had more restraint then that? She lets out a sigh, thinking about how ever since that damn wraith came around she became so much more willing to let her dick decide things for her, she really needed to change that, but no matter how much she tried otherwise she couldn’t help but think about slutty stuff that truly was not fit for a spectross. Avenir would be so disappointed in her, but she didn’t know what to do about it.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby Blue56 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:39 am

En route to the Hospitarium, Selvaria spends the short walk collecting her thoughts and planning how she might go about capturing one of these artificial beings. They may just look like girls, but they sounded rather dangerous, roaming the land like beasts, feasting on other beasts. Who knew what they would do to her should she attempt to capture one and fail? On top of that, Barton Castle and Terrorcastra were a long way from Azraq, though perhaps she could use the train to get her closer. If Selvaria did undertake this task, it seemed to her that her best odds of success would be to wait outside one of those locations and try to catch one of these girls while they hunted for food. It would be easier for her to hide in the Screaming Woods, but that also was true for her prey and the name of the forest made it the less pleasant option. The wetlands seemed like the safer and easier of the two options, though Selvaria wasn't entirely familiar with either region.

Her planning is interrupted, however, by her arrival at her destination, where Selvaria is pulled from her thoughts by a guard greeting her. She simply nods in return and steps inside. As with all things in Vitra, Selvaria wasn't entirely sure what to expect, especially given that this was where all the corpses were being brought when she had first arrived. But the truth was surprisingly mundane, at least until the guard pulls the curtain aside to reveal three women sharing a bed clad only in their underwear. Selvaria could feel her face start to flush at the sight as she entered the room, she had only been told of Annie, not any others, and she certainly had no idea they would be so... exposed. Almost immediately, she averts her gaze, but her attention is pulled to the blond woman who greets her. "Ah... No, this is my first time here in Vitra..." Selvaria mumbles in response, aware that the woman addressing her was clearly joking, but unsure how else to respond in this bizarre situation.

The Wanderer is the next to speak up, and she's clearly unhappy with Selvaria's presence. Understandable for sure, but there was something in her tone that struck Selvaria as rather entitled and ungrateful for someone who apparently had been brought here for treatment after being attacked. That particular thought was better left unvoiced for the sake of accomplishing her goal here though. She truly hated having to interact with others like this... "First off, let me just say that I am not here to assassinate you, or anyone for that matter." Selvaria begins, raising her hands in a gesture of non aggression before continuing. "My name is Selvaria Vaimel, I am a mercenary from Azraq and my presence here is purely coincidental. However, since I have the opportunity, I would like to consult Annie Doyle on a job I'm currently working on. I understand that she is still recovering, so I shall wait until she is well enough to speak with me. I promise I won't take up too much of her time." She tells the three of them, not sure which one is the detective she was looking for, before bowing her head slightly to the trio and pulling the curtain aside to exit the room. Selvaria would give them privacy, but for now since she had no other objective, she would simply wait a short ways away from their room inside the Hospitarium until Annie was recovered.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Lilith had gained quite a bit from her little excursion to Dartmoore. She gained not one but two undead minions, and mighty ones at that. Even though she was still getting use to this new power, Lilith could already feel her limits. So to be gifted the second ogre was more then she could ask. She had gained a new servant in the goblin. He had already shown himself useful as he helped to carry one of the bodies. Lilith didn't know if he understood what her aim was or just mimicking his former leader. But in the end he performed the task amicably. She also had a surprising amount of time domineering the little creature. the Nomad began to wonder what other ways she could bully the little goblin. But more then anything, Lilith had gained Zalaam's favor. She would do everything in her power to continue showing her worth.

Turning to her small cabaret of minions, Lilith clapped her hands. "Alright you three, continue to bring the corpses to the Spire. I'm going into town to assess the situation and perhaps get some rest. When the job is done come to the town but stop before reaching the gate." She said with a short yawn. Lilith then started to make her way back to Dartmoore. She was curious about how many people were left in this little village and if they were desperate enough to enlist the aid of the undead. She entered the town following the wounded guards to where they were being treated . If she was lucky, she would find the guard she spoke to before or whoever qualified as a leader in this humdrum place.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

Postby lilbooth » Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:16 am

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

The end of her journey was surprisingly pleasant. Sure she was poisoned, raped, beat, raped again, beaten again… you get the point. She was in bad shape. The last few miles of her trek were quiet and peaceful. Having never been to Kort before, she had no idea what sort of people, businesses, or guilds were here. She hoped to find a whole host of people. First a healer or someone who could help cure her of the spider-like disease that she contracted, and mend her stab wound. Next someone who knew a bit more about insects or spiders, and could possibly help her with the eggs she was carrying. She obviously didn’t want them to hatch inside her but didn’t want to expel them too early. Spider eggs for food aren’t very popular, at least not where she is from. But a clutch of fertilized and ready to hatch spiders might just sell well to the right buyer. Before she could make it into Kort however, she spotted a strange-looking girl. She waved at the strange girl and called out to her.

“How are you floating in the air?”

When CeeCee speaks to the girl, she floats a little closer to her, then cocks her head momentarily, seemingly deep in thought. She then points to her throat and shakes her head, while raising her other hand in a shrugging position. After doing this, she moved her lips to mime speaking, as if to further exemplify her point. Typically, all over Chaldea, people did this to explain to someone that they could not or would not speak.

CeeCee frowned for a moment when the girl did not speak to her. She tried a few quick signs but the girl didn’t seem to respond to those either. Still quite intrigued though Cee Cee wanted to learn something about this pink-haired floating girl. “I’m Cee Cee, an adventurer, and beast tamer. Are you from Kort?” She said as she walked closer to the girl.

The girl was confused by CeeCee’s attempt at sign language, looking at her like she was batshit insane. She did, however, nod at her when she explained who she was, showing her understanding. When asked if she was from Kort, she shook her head slowly, then pointed south-east, over her shoulder, a very faint scowl crossing her face as she indicated that direction.

“Fascinating… are you human? And are there others like you from your home? Ones who float about like you do?” She asked whilst trying to visualize the area to their South-east.

The girl, when asked if she is human, shakes her head vigorously, a smug expression on her face. She nods when asked if there are others like her, but then shakes her head when asked if they float as well. As if to indicate further that she isn’t human, the vines wrapped around her hips, the vine bow, wave at CeeCee as if to say hi.

The display of the vines made Cee Cee quite excited. She did a bow of her own to greet them in return. She pondered if the girl had any connection to Pradera, being that she and the vines seem to be connected in some way. They were of a strange color but nothing seemed sinister about the girl so it seemed to be a safe subject. “Do you worship any of the goddesses? I am pledged to Pradera the Goddess of nature. Did she gift you with those vines?” She question, eager to learn from the mute girl.

The girl seems amused by CeeCee bowing to her, and when asked if she worships any Goddesses, she looks confused and shakes her head, as if the idea had never occurred to her or she didn’t understand the concept. Needless to say, she shakes her head more vigorously when asked if the Goddess gifted her with the vines.

CeeCee was slightly discouraged when the girl looked confused again but she was still excited by the magical nature of the floating girl. She hummed for a few moments before continuing her questions. “Do you make the mirror float, or does the mirror make you float?” She asked gesturing to the black mirror, she didn’t know how much she could get out of her before she was tired of the questioning, but she seemed to be happy to share so far.

The girl looks at her mirror, then back at CeeCee… then shrugs. The mirror floats around in a circle in front of her, then around her body, before moving back to the point it started at as if to show CeeCee that the girl can control is free, like the vines. The girl smirks for a moment, then floats it over in front of CeeCee to show her reflection. After letting her look for a moment, the mirror returns back to the girl’s side.

CeeCee smiled as she floated closer and showed her her reflection in the mirror. She got the idea that the girl very much made the mirror float, despite her shrugging response. While she was close Cee Cee pulled her hands up to her chest and looked quite giddy. “Could I touch the vines?” She asked with a yearning smile.

The girl gives her a look as if CeeCee were a bird that had just smacked into a sheet of glass, then slowly extends her left vine forward, poking CeeCee in the chest with it, as if she had T-Rex arms and wouldn’t have been able to touch it if she had extended it a reasonable distance instead, then leaves it there for CeeCee to feel it. When she touches it, it was, in fact, a vine, the only difference being that it’s black.

“Oh.” She said softly as the vine poked her in the chest. She gently reached up to the touch the vine and big surprise, it was, in fact, a vine. “Can you feel the whole length of the vine? Like its an extra arm or something?” She asked, giving little squeezes to the vine.

The girl shakes her head vigorously, then uses the vine to poke CeeCee in the chest again, continuing to look at her like a bird that smacked into the glass. She then extends another vine from behind her and uses that to poke CeeCee in the chest as well.

“Sorry, did you need something?” She said letting go of the vine she was examining. She was a bit confused why the girl kept poking her in the chest, she was having a hard time determining the girl’s goal here, she stepped back a bit, but not so far that she couldn’t be reached.

The girl shakes her head, then retracts all of her vines back into place, wrapping them around her own hips, then crosses her arms as she floats in the air.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. But I’m sure you have lots of fun magic stuff to do, so don’t let me keep you.”

The girl shrugs, then extends her vines from her hips and onto the ground, using them like spider legs, as she starts to leave, giving CeeCee a lazy two-fingered wave as she makes her way north.

“Wait! I don’t know your name. Can you write it for me?!” She shouted after the girl.

The girl stops when CeeCee calls after her, then moves closer, until the two are back within talking distance, then she extends one of her vines from her hips, onto the ground, then uses it to sloppily write “ILARIA” into the ground, destroying rocks and grass as she etches it there.

“A pleasure to meet you, Miss Ilaria.” Said Cee Cee with another slight bow. CeeCee noticed how powerful the vines were, which immediately made her speculate that Ilaria was a chimera. She would have to talk to Lord Barton again about the number of chimeras she’s found out in Chaldea. “Safe travels!” She said as she waved and headed into Kort.

As CeeCee tells her goodbye, Ilaria turns back and, once again, gives her a two-fingered wave as she walks away, using her vines as legs.
Kort was a city that was mainly painted white, with pale blue trim on the edges of the wall. The emblem on the large city gates was a White Owl, shaking the snow from its feathers. As CeeCee approached, the city Guards, wearing gray armor, with blue capes and loincloths, looked over the edge, then shouted "Well met, traveler! Welcome to the city of Kort, we are pleased to make your acquaintance!" he shouts, the other two knights on either side giving the knight who spoke a fist bump, then a double high-five, before reaching behind the first knight and high-fiving each other while nodding the entire time, as if they had done something incredibly. Rather than waiting for CeeCee’s reply, the three Guards motioned for the gates to be opened, one guard shouting “I RECOMMEND THE DUSTY BOOTS, GREAT INN”. The gates quickly swing open, allowing CeeCee to enter, where she can see that inside the walls, the city was much the same. The structures were made of wood and stone, primarily white, but with blue edges and blue roofs, as well as blue-painted doors and window frames. The streets were paved with stone, and the square, a circular stone area with a flag in the middle, a banner with the emblem of Kort in the center, benches all around it with trees growing from the patches of dirt around and beneath the benches, was only a short distance into the city. There were three guilds, a store, and two inns. The guilds were the Navy Falcon, Black Wave, and Silver Owl Guilds, while the Inns were The Rusty Blade and The Dusty Boots.

“Ohh, thank you, sir, I’ll be sure to check it out.” She replied with a quick smile. With not much else to go on CeeCee made her way towards The Dusty Boots. She kept her eyes peeled for a healer or alchemist as she walked through the city.

There was no specific building for a healer, however, when CeeCee enters the Dusty Boots, she can see that a door beside the Bath House had the Medical Emblem on it, showing that The Dusty Boots had a Healer. Inside, the floor was white stone, with a light blue carpet covering most of the floor, excluding only the very edges closest to the wall. The desk was made of black wood, as were the door frames, though the doors were blue-painted wood. The Clerk sees CeeCee enter and waves at her “Hello! Welcome to The Dusty Boots, what can I do for you, my lady?” she says, in an excited and happy tone.

“A few things if you don’t mind.” She said with a sigh of relieve. “I’ll need to book a room for the evening, and I could use a bath, as well as a consultation with the healer you have here. I’m also looking for an expert on insects, specifically arachnids.” She said as she moved the two spider arms that were above her shoulders.

The clerk nods and glances at the two spider legs with a worried expression, the worry only deepening when two more spider legs grow from CeeCee’s lower back, their appearance matching that of the first two legs. “Uh… I can see why you’d like to see the healer… a room is 2[C], the bath comes with your room, and the cost for your visit to the Healer is up to the Healer to decide.” she says, quickly pointing at the door leading to the healer’s room “I don’t know where you’ll find an Arachnoid expert, but… maybe you can find an Alchemist, they tend to travel a lot, and many are a jack of all trades, but experts in certain areas. I uh… wish you luck...” she adds, still staring at the spider legs.

CeeCee twisted and contorted as the second set of legs formed on her back. It was just what she got for complaining. After a few moments of her muscles contracting rapidly, she stood back up. She shivered as she felt the legs moving around, she did her best to fold them away as she reached for her echos. She placed two on the desk and waited for her room key. “Thank you, miss.” She said in a strangely calm voice, she would enter the healer’s office as soon as she got her room key.

The Healer was a girl with long, blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a black robe with a cross on it, a snow cap, and a scarf. When CeeCee entered, she eyed her momentarily, before giving a nearby stool a kick in her direction. The room, unlike the lobby, was light gray, with a single white stripe around the center of the walls. Next to the Healer was a black wood desk, with various supplies and files on it, and on her other side, she was leaning on a hospital bed, while sitting on a black wooden chair. After having kicked the stool, the Healer quickly got to the point “Welcome to my Healing Station, please have a seat and describe your problem in as much detail as possible.” she says, in a soft and boring voice, though she was already eyeing the spider legs on CeeCee’s back and was only asking as an obligation.

“Well, there are quite a few things that I would consider a problem. The most concerning are these 4 spider-like legs that have grown from my back. I had an encounter with a Dusk Strider about a day and a half ago. The first set sprouted yesterday, and now these two came in just now.” She said extending out the bottom two legs. “ I also have a few broken ribs, this nasty stab wound, and I may be carrying a clutch of spider eggs in my womb.” She said pausing to think if anything else was wrong. “A couple other bruises and scrapes here and there but that's the major stuff.”

The girl stays stone-faced until CeeCee mentions having eggs in her womb, at which point, however briefly, her eye twitches. “I don’t want to know what you’ve been doing,” she says, as she turns and opens a cabinet above her head, then standing up to rummage through it. She eventually pulls out a cube-shaped container, full of a red substance, then sets it down on the desk. She then continues rummaging through the cabinet, until she pulls out a glove, with long, slender prongs, each attached to a finger, then sets that on the counter beside the red liquid. Lastly, she reaches into the cabinet and pulls out a sphear-shaped container with purple liquid inside. Once she had set all of her equipment out, she looks back at CeeCee “I cannot cure your Arachnoid sickness, however, I can heal your wounds and remove the spider eggs. Before I start the process, I want you to know that it will be VERY invasive, and uncomfortable. Is this fine?” she asks, twitching again when she mentioned CeeCee’s sickness.

“Uhh, do you have a muscle relaxer? I could try to push the eggs out myself. But yes if that doesn’t work I’d like them removed. Can you refer me to someone who can cure me?” She asked her mood becoming quite gloomy. “Will the eggs be destroyed if you have to remove them?” She asked. She definitely needed them to be removed, as they likely only further progressed her sickness.

“Yeah, sure, I can just give you muscle relaxer. It will cost an extra [C], though,” she says, reaching into the cabinet and removing a triangular container with purple liquid in it. She then pauses, seeming to think about her second question “No. I know of no person, and no way to cure your sickness. At least take comfort in the fact that you’ll only become a hybrid, not a full Arachnoid.” she says, looking at the legs and twitching again, before adding “No, the eggs will not be destroyed if I must remove them.” she then picks up the cube-shaped container and says “Please remove your clothes, leave your underwear on.” bluntly.

“I’ve only got 6 [C] left to my name, so if that will cover the less invasive treatment I’ll take it. If not, then please do as you must to heal me.” She said as she stripped off her gear. And stood or sat wherever she was instructed to.

“Five [C] will cover the entire treatment, including the less invasive method of removing the eggs,” she says, as she puts on a pair of gloves, then sticks her hand into the jar of red liquid. She smears the liquid on each of CeeCee’s wounds, moving quickly, never lingering for even a moment longer than necessary. In only a minute, each of CeeCee’s wounds had been smeared with the red liquid. The Healer then returns the jar of red liquid to the counter before giving CeeCee the jar of purple liquid. “You can keep that and use as much as you need. If you run out and the eggs are still there, come back and let me know. You can either rest here until the healing is done, return to your room, or go about your normal activities, none of it would stop or hinder the healing process. Only use the relaxer once at a time.” she says, before sitting back in her seat and leaning against the wall.
“Well thank you very much.” She said as she shelled out the payment and received the treatment. “I’ll go and try to get these out now. Thank you again for your help.” She said as she redressed and made her way to her room. With little time to waste she quickly took off her clothes and made herself comfortable on her rented bed. She assumed it was a topical muscle relaxer because the healing liquid was also topical. So once she was comfortable and relaxed she went about trying to get all the eggs out of her system.

The room was one with a single bed, covered with light blue sheets and a white comforter, which matched the light blue carpet with a white silhouette of a pair of boots designed into the center of it. The walls were made of white stone, and the ceiling was light blue as well. After applying the relaxer, there’s still a significant amount left in the jar.

It took the better part of a few hours to get all twelve of the eggs out. Once she was finished though she felt much less bloated, and hopefully, she slowed down the progression of her arachnoid illness. She quickly secured all the spider eggs, wrapping them in a sheet and storing them in the safest place she could find inside her room. Other than her core feeling very weak, and her pussy being quite stretched, she was feeling good as new. The ordeal had built up a bit of sweat, and she was still partially covered with the undead semen, so a trip to the bathhouse was definitely next on her list. Luckily it seemed like all of the healing ointment had managed to dry and settle into her skin, so she wasn’t worried about washing it off. She wrapped herself in a towel and carried her gear down to the bathhouse. Wash tubs were usually pretty close to the bathhouse so once she arrived she went about cleaning all her gear then finding a place to hang it out to dry. Then she would make her way into the water, for a nice long soak. She did take a few moments to offer a prayer to Pradera, she asked for a cure for her illness or at the very least some guidance on how to rid herself of the disease.

The locker room that she passed by on the way to the bathhouse, it matches the colors of the first room, but with a blue and white checkerboard pattern on the floor, constructed from tiles instead of being covered with a carpet. The bath was a large pool of dark gray-colored water, as nobody can actually get real water, forcing everyone to settle on the gray-colored substitute, the risk in getting real water is too great. The floor around the pool was the same checkerboard pattern as the previous room, while the wall was light blue and white horizontal stripes. Blackwood benches were set on each side of the room, every few feet, with a towel rack between each bench, each loaded with light blue towels. The water in the tub looked as though it may be a shade darker than what was typical of a water substitute. Already occupying the bath was Muscular Horse Were-Beast, conversing with an extremely tall Spectross woman, her towering cock beneath the water in front of her. When CeeCee wanders into the bath, the Spectross smirks at her, while the Horse Were-Beast full-on stares at her breasts.

CeeCee blushed slightly as she entered the bath and received the attention of the horse were-beast and the spectross. She offered the horse a quick smile as she settled into the water. “Glad you like them.” She said as she laid her head back on the edge of the bath and closed her eyes. “How are you fine folks this evening?” She questioned, in a sweet tone.

The Were-Horse slid closer to CeeCee, saying “Much better, now that I have such a beautiful lady in the bath with me.” he said, while beneath the water, she could feel his cock poke against her outer thigh, allowing her to feel how large it was. Shortly after the Were-Horse made the comment, she heard him let out a soft “Ouch!” as the Spectross thumped him over the head, commenting “TWO beautiful women, barbarian.” her voice showing her indignation. She then felt the Spectross on her other side, nearby “Tell me, my Lady, have you ever seen a Spectross before?” her speech sounding very refined, as she articulated every syllable of the sentence.

CeeCee giggled a little when the spectross thumped the were-horse over the head. She turned to face the Spectross and looked her over. “I’ve seen a handful, but you seem like a bit more than a handful.” She said while reaching her hand over to the spectross’ cock underwater. She cupped her hand under the spectross’ dick and hefted it up out of the water. “Several handfuls at least!”

The Spectross woman grunts in pleasure as CeeCee lifts her cock and comments that it’s several handfuls, the cock growing even more in her hand, and still not reaching full size. The Were-Horse realizes he was ignored and becomes indignant, so to get CeeCee’s attention, he reaches over and gropes her nearer breast roughly. Meanwhile, the Spectross smirks as CeeCee is holding her cock up and comments “Surely it’s the largest you’ve seen, my lady?” saying it more as a statement than a question, while she reaches over and scratches behind CeeCee’s ears.

CeeCee turned to face the were-horse just after he groped her. “You’re lucky you’ve got a horse dick, less I'd bite your manhood off for that.” She said while bearing her teeth. “If you’re so eager you can use that tongue of yours on this.” Said CeeCee as she spun around, propped her ass towards the were-horses face, and shook her booty back and forth. She returned her attention back to the spectross woman and gave a lewd smile. “Certainly the largest my lady. Might I know the honor of your name?” She said while planting a kiss on the tip of her cock. She giggled again as the spectross scratched her head, her tail wagging back and forth.

The Were-Horse grabs CeeCee’s hips and lifts her up, then runs his tongue along her slit, slowly, not even hesitating. When CeeCee mentions that the Spectross woman’s cock is the biggest she has seen and gives it a kiss, it finally reaches its full size, and from CeeCee’s new position, being lifted by the horse, she can easily compare and see that the Spectross woman’s cock dwarf’s the horse’s by a wide margin. “Of course it is~,” she says in a singsong voice, before adding “My name is Alessandra, my lady,” she says, scratching her head vigorously, while pushing her hips a bit further forward, urging CeeCee to continue pleasuring her giant cock. Her face changes from a smirk, to a look of amusement as she sees CeeCee’s tail wagging.

“A pleasure to meet you Lady Alessandra.” She said between delicate kisses across the spectross’ cock. “I’m CeeCee.” She volunteered before sliding her grip further Alessandra’s cock and engulfing her the whole head, sucking and swirling her tongue around the tip. “What about you shorty, what’s your name?” She asked the were-horse, as she pulled her mouth off of Alessandra’s shaft, making a pleasant popping noise.

The Spectross moans in pleasure when CeeCee continues kissing her cock, then lets out a louder moan as she sucks on it and pulls it from her mouth with a pop. The Were-Horse gives CeeCee’s pussy another long lick before lowering her hips to reply “My name is Bob, and if my cock were inside you, you wouldn’t be calling me shorty.” he said, indignantly as he slips his tongue inside her, pushing it deep inside her pussy. Meanwhile, the Spectross replies “It’s nice to meet you, CeeCee, you’re very good with that mouth, my lady”, giving her a wink as she continues scratching behind her ears with one hand.

“Well, what are you waiting for then shorty.” She said with a smirk as she ground her pussy against his face. “Show me what you got.” She said urging the were-horse to give her his best shot. He was pretty good with his tongue, but if he lived up to his word, he would be better with his cock. CeeCee was loving the attention she was getting from the spectross, especially the scratches. She lifted Alessandra’s cock out of the way and nuzzled her face up against her balls, kissing and licking all over her impressive sack while stroking her shaft.

The were-horse rolls his eyes, then lowers CeeCee’s hips, before suddenly ramming his cock into her, most of it at once. He doesn’t wait for her to adjust to his size, he instead begins thrusting in and out of her immediately, pulling her hips with each thrust. Meanwhile, Alessandra moans, as CeeCee nuzzles and pleasures her balls while stroking her shaft. “Unngh, I want to keep you~,” she says, scratching behind her ears with both hands for a moment, before lowering one of her arms to CeeCee’s right breast, kneading and massaging it expertly. She then adds “Hmm… will you be my pet, lady CeeCee~?”, smirking down at her.

CeeCee up until this point had been pretty calm and collected as she went about pleasuring Alessandra’s cock. The switch from the were-horses tongue to cock was a bit rough, but nothing she couldn’t handle. She was already quite aroused though and starting to breath heavy and moan as she was rammed from behind. “Who says you can’t?” She said as she came up for air, licking along the whole length of Alessandra’s shaft. As Alessandra started to massage her breasts, CeeCee opened wide and slid Alessandra’s cock down her throat. “Mmm-hmm” Replied CeeCee bobbing up and down enthusiastically.

Alessandra and Bob were both moaning loudly at this point, as Bob rammed into CeeCee over and over, reaching her deepest depths with every thrust, while Alessandra groped CeeCee’s breast a little harder and more vigorously, using her thumb to rub her nipple, while scratching behind her ears with her other hand, moving from position to position so that CeeCee wouldn’t get bored with it. As CeeCee took her cock into her mouth and began deepthroating her, she gently began bucking her hips, letting out more pleasured moans with every movement “You’ll be my pet~? You’re coming back to my room, then~” she says, smirking through her moans of deep lust.

CeeCee did her best to nod to Alessandra, but mostly just said yes with her eyes. She began to quiver with pleasure as she was filled from both ends. She took a few deep breaths through her nose before plunging her throat as far down Alessandra’s dick as she could manage. She moved her hands off of her shaft and tugged on her balls, squeezing and kneading trying to get Alessandra to cum.

Alessandra smiled pleasantly through her moans as CeeCee confirmed her request, then grunted as she tried to hold in her orgasm, as CeeCee was tugging on her balls, her moans intensifying further. Instead of Alessandra reaching orgasm, the Were-Horse rammed into her one more time, then cried out as he began filling her with incredible amounts of cum, the semen spilling out of her pussy and leaking into the bathwater. The Were-Horse then pulled out of her slowly, and relaxed against the edge of the bath, reaching behind him and pulling a Deathstick out of his bag, lighting it, then taking a long huff. Alessandra, meanwhile, was gently petting CeeCee and groping her breast with her other hand, while panting softly as she tried to hold her orgasm in a bit longer.
CeeCee, now standing again slowly pulled her mouth off of Alessandra’s cock and hopped into the air slightly to grab hold of her shoulders. She reached down and lined Alessandra’s cock up with her dripping wet pussy and started to grind against her. While she hung there in the air she kissed Alessandra’s chest and neck and whispered into her ear. “Fuck me.”

Alessandra leans her head forward, pressing her cheek to CeeCee’s, then whispers back “You didn’t even have to ask~” before slowly pushing her gigantic cock into CeeCee’s pussy, stretching it painfully and moaning softly with every inch. Once she has pushed as much into her as she could fit, she stops for a moment, before starting to slowly thrust as she holds CeeCee’s sides with her hands. “That’s a good pet, take every inch~” she whispers as she thrusts in and out of her slowly, precum leaking into CeeCee’s pussy.

CeeCee let out a powerful moan as Alessandra’s cock slid into her. Her whole body started to shake as she nearly bottomed out. As Alessandra started thrusting CeeCee orgasmed hard and buried her face into Alessandra’s shoulder, giving her a bite to suppress her scream. Only moans and grunts escaped CeeCee’s mouth but her tail flicked back and forth wildly as she was impaled by the Spectross.

Alessandra thrusts harder and faster as she feels CeeCee orgasm, her grip tightening on CeeCee’s sides, though not enough to hurt. As Alessandra feels CeeCee bite her shoulder, she grins and starts gently rubbing her cheek against CeeCee’s, soft moans escaping her lips as she pounds her pussy hard and deep. “Awww, such a good pet, having an orgasm so soon~,” she says, punctuating it with a single particularly hard thrust, before returning to her rhythm.

“I was… going… easy… on you!” She said in between gasps for air. She pulled her face out of Alessandra’s shoulder and stared right into her eyes. She wrapped her arms and legs around Alessandra tightly and started pushing her hips down, setting a faster pace.

Alessandra let out more intense moans as CeeCee started ramming her hips down on her, however, she touched her nose to CeeCee’s and smiled at her “So… was… I~” she says between moans as she grips CeeCee tightly, leans back, then starts ramming her cock into her even harder, practically slamming CeeCee upwards with every thrust, against her own grip, each thrust threatening to drive her cock up into CeeCee’s ribs if she used her full length, however, she seemed to know exactly where to stop to fill CeeCee to maximum capacity, reaching her deepest depths, without hurting her. Alessandra was now grunting with every thrust, right into CeeCee’s face, between every moan, while smirking at her.

“Fuck!” CeeCee shouted out as she kept bucking her hips into Alessandra. “Can I kiss you?” She asked staring into eyes. Sure she had been kissing and licking all over this whole time, but this moment was more intimate than before. There was a deep longing in CeeCee’s eyes and she looked up upon Alessandra.

Alessandra grinned, though her moans and heavy thrusting remained uninterrupted, and in fact only intensified as CeeCee asked to kiss her. “My… pet… may… kiss… me~” she practically purrs as she speaks through her moans and pounding. Alessandra moves one of her hands up from CeeCee’s side, now holding her up with one hand, and cups CeeCee’s breast, massaging and kneading it gently.

CeeCee leaned back and grabbed Alessandra’s breasts, tweaking her nipples before pressing her lips against Alessandra’s. She held the kiss for about ten seconds before breaking off and whispering to her again. “Fill me up.”

Alessandra moans into CeeCee’s mouth as her hard nipples were tweaked, then as CeeCee asks her to fill her up, she rams into her cervix with one powerful thrust, before suddenly cumming hard inside her and overflowing her pussy, her cum spilling out of her in such a large amount that the bath actually lightens a shade. After her first cumshot, she releases a second and third into CeeCee’s pussy, both exploding out of her just like the first had. Alessandra then slowly pulls her cock out of her, letting out a soft moan as inch after inch slides out of CeeCee’s pussy.

“Woah…” Said CeeCee a bit shocked by the water changing as Alessandra’s cum mixed into the bath. She was quite fond of feeling full of cum, especially when she had such a magnificent creature to thank for it. Though as Alessandra slowly pulled out, CeeCee’s pussy couldn’t hold onto any of her seed. She waited for a few moments to let herself drain a bit before she dismounted and kneeled in front of Alessandra. She slowly started cleaning off her cock with her tongue, reaching back to squeeze Alessandra’s ass as she worked. “Shall we head back to your room my lady?” She questioned sucking on the tip of her cock once more.

Alessandra let out a soft moan as CeeCee cleaned off her cock, gently petting her head and scratching her behind the ears until she was finished. When CeeCee asked her if they would head back to her room now, she nodded slowly, smirking “We may, my little pet~” she replied, grabbing CeeCee in her arms and carrying her around as if she were a little kitten. She carried her out of the bath and into the changing room, only setting her down to put her clothes back on. She put on a pair of neon blue panties with black edges and a matching bra, followed by a tight black pair of shorts, then over it all, she put on a revealing blue and black dress, which matched her horns. She then turned back to CeeCee and lifted her again, after she had grabbed her things, and once again carried her, heading for her own room.

“I do need to grab something rather important from my room if you don’t mind, it’s on the way.” She said softly to Alessandra. CeeCee quickly popped into her room and grabbed the spider eggs she stashed away as well as the muscle relaxer she had gotten from the healer. Once she had all her belongings she stepped back out into the hall and held up her arms ready to be scooped up again.

Alessandra casually lifted CeeCee in one arm, as if she weighed nothing, then carried her, this time, to her own room, which was rather bare. The room was one with one bed, covered with light blue sheets and a white comforter, which matched the light blue carpet with a white silhouette of a pair of boots designed into the center of it. The walls were made of white stone, and the ceiling was light blue as well. In other words, it perfectly matched CeeCee’s room. When she arrived, she gently set CeeCee down on her bed, then moved to the black chest against the wall, and slowly rummaged through it, before pulling out a black collar, with a black chain attached. She turned to CeeCee and smiled “Now, here’s your collar, my little pet~” she said, as she placed it around CeeCee’s neck. The collar was actually incredibly comfortable, as if the inside we made of an incredibly soft material, while the outside was made of leather. Once the collar was on, she took the chain off and set it aside “There we go, good girl~” she says, sitting down beside CeeCee and gently petting her head.

“It’s lovely.” Said CeeCee stroking the material lightly and laid against Alessandra. “I’ve had a very long few days, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going to sleep now.” She said as she started to pull the comforter back and slip into the bed.

Alessandra nods and touches her cheek to CeeCee’s, whispering “Don’t worry, my little pet, things won’t be so difficult for you any more ~” then she slipped her dress and shorts off, before slipping under the blankets with CeeCee and wrapping her arms around her, hugging her as if she were a plushie. Alessandra was so tall, that her legs would have dangled off the bed if she weren’t bending them at the knees.
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Re: Carnival of Rust

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Oh, his mistake. He must've been reading the situation wrong. Amun spun around to follow Metia back to her next destination, wondering just how long she'd stay in the area slaughtering random monsters and hoping she'd get bored enough that they could move elsewhere, preferably a safe place where he could rest and hopefully entrust Camilla to someone. The life he'll likely be living for the moment is no place for a child.

He watched impassively as she slaughtered the remainders of the goblin army, simply looking on with apathy as some burned to death and some managed to flee with their lives. He didn't care for the little monsters, considering their prior actions. If anything, he only took a small bit of pleasure in seeing her terrorize them as they had others. Served them right for their misdeeds, he felt. Then, it seemed she finally noticed them as she turned, and Amun had to force a polite smile on his face as she approached. "Oh, truth be told I mostly kept behind you, but thank you for the praise regardless." Amun made to bow in greeting when she suddenly punched him in the shoulder, forcing the former noble to stumble back onto his ass, shouting as he held what he thought was a broken shoulder. He would've immediately rebutted had it not been for the lack of aggression on her part. That was just... her being playful?! Amun tried to hide his shameful pain behind a shaky laugh. Yep, he could never take her in a fight.

"- HM?" He jolted a bit as Camilla surprised him with a question, and the were-dog looked to where she was looking to see Lilith leaving with her undead minions. "O-oh, well..." He didn't know. He knew jack all about what she was doing, honestly. He just knew he wanted no part of it. Amun looked to Camilla with a smile. "Never mind that, Camilla. Now that the battle is over, perhaps we should return to the town shortly to see to my wounds and any you may have? Perhaps resupply as well. Then..." He looked to Metia with a hesitant, hopeful look. "Perhaps... Metia, would you like to accompany us on a trip to the next town over? I understand if you wouldn't wish to be saddled with us, but perhaps along the way you could show me a thing or two about proper combat? From what I'd seen, you're quite proficient in battle. Had I your sort of skill, well..." He glanced to Camilla, hoping to appeal to any sense of righteous protectiveness the were-dragon may have.
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