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Postby Thaedael » Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:53 pm

In light of recent events, I have decided it is time to make an amendment to the original rules that have been laid out by the administrator Renara. As you have already noticed, Renara granted the privledge of a sub-section dedicated to the art of role-playing, a privledge most of you had the pleasure of excercising. Since it's inception, the sub-section rules, and consequently the game-master's rules have been followed. However there have been a few issues that have arisen in times of late. In an effort to keep the role-playing section community protected and to continue to promote a healthy growth a few things need to be made clear so that the sub-section can continue to enjoy good fun for all members current and future.

General Rules;
First and foremost, this sub-section is still part of the forums, and as such is governed by the forum rules as made clear to all members who sign up;
Renara's post concerning forum rules
Particularly these rules that apply;
  • New users' posts undergo an approval process, meaning they won't show up right away. Don't worry though, your posts will appear once approved (usually a day or two, please don't re-post the same thing!), and once you gain enough posts you can post freely without restrictions!
  • Keep it constructive! The forums are a place for ideas and discussion; personal attacks ("flaming"), or generally inappropriate content is not constructive!
  • Keep it on topic! The discussion and creative areas are for on-topic posts only. We don't mind a brief aside or indirectly related comment, but if you want to have a silly conversation then create a new topic in the general forum or use private messages please!
  • If a Legend of Krystal team member weighs in on a dispute in the forums, then treat their decision as law. If you don't like a decision, then PM the team member, or myself, for clarification.
  • Please try to avoid going off-topic, the new thread button is there for alternate or spin-off ideas! Also, if you create a new thread that contains visible fetish material that others may not like, then please be clear about it in the topic title.
  • Please don't discuss pirated software and or printed publications on this forum; it's up to community members to find their own way to get a hold of them that is within their means.

RP-Specific Rules for this Sub-Section;

Recruitment Thread;
  • The Recruitment Thread is where you begin to formulate the ideas behind your role-play. You can post ideas here for feedback, demo mechanics and rules, and promote interest in your ideas and concept. This is also where you start to recruit players.
  • If you're getting enough interest in your role-play idea, then you may create a separate recruitment thread for it in the OOC sub forum; please do not do this until you've got some people interested!
  • Once you feel you have aqquired enough ideas, you may create an in-character thread in the main Roleplay forum and out-of-character threads in the OOC sub forum. Please restrict the number of OOC threads to only those that are actually necessary; for example, one for discussion, and one for character sheets.

    Out Of Character Threads;
    For Organizers of RPs;
    • So you want to make a role-playing thread? Here is what you should know;
    • Rules; Any good role-playing game will have rules set up in a clear, friendly, easy to read manner. Things such as mechanics, posting conventions, etc. should be in the first few posts as to make them easily accessible for reference as needed.
    • Storyline; If you want to post a back story, feel free to place it early on in the thread, so that many people can read it to get an idea before posting.
    • Anything else that should be noted should also been in the first few posts. Feel free to also edit your first posts as needed so that people do not have to searc the entire thread to find them.
    For those playing in RPs;
    • You must follow the forum rules as outlayed above.
    • Out of character posts are not for making one image posts, one smiley posts, or posts that do not contribute something worthwhile. They are actually for talking about the game, whats going on in game, getting clarification from other players and/or the game master (GM). As such they are not for spamming posts that are both off topic or requesting for others to post non-stop.
    • Follow the rules written by the GM. If you disagree with him feel free to either pm him, or talk to him in a civilized manner, instead of going against him in an agressive manner.

    In Character
    • This is where the game occurs. You will follow the rules presented to you by your Game Master (GM) before posting here.
    • This is for people who are part of the game to post, if you are not part of the game, feel free to post in the OOC thread relavant to the IC thread you have noticed, and request to join there if there is room etc.
    • If there is a posting order set by the GM, follow it.

This section is for the fun of all members of the forum, the goal is to have fun, Happy role playing, and good luck to all of you

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