Eyes in the Darkness

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Eyes in the Darkness

Postby RandomRoninKitten » Fri Jun 11, 2021 12:12 am

Chapter 1: Legion of Monsters
Monday, 6AM.
Aurora Knight/Markimoo
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

It was yet enough gray day in the settlement, and despite the sky being covered in black clouds, with the bright red light of Skia's sun barely shining through the cracks, it couldn't have been colder than 120 degrees. Aurora was leaning against one of the many crumbling and rotting wooden structures on the edge of the village, this one a saloon, as she watched over the villagers who were working in the garden, harvesting their shriveled vegetables that were planted in haphazard rows. One of the few things that could survive in such hostile conditions were a type of Eggplant that was commonly referred to as "Shitplants" by those on the outside, for their terrible taste that's somehow worse than the Eggplant and its shriveled black appearance. Most often, each villager who is still alive at the end of every few days, gets one Shitplant and one cooked rat as their dinner, just barely staving off starvation for the time being, alongside a cup of cactus juice to keep them from dying of thirst, due to how rare rain was on the Outside. In rare instances, the villagers would be able to feast on something else, such as a coyote, and maybe have some actual water with their food.

Nearby, Aurora could see a familiar figure approaching from beneath the shade of the village's water storage tank. The sight of the storage tank, a large metal dome with wooden legs, the only wood in the village that wasn't rotting, reminding her that the damn thing had been empty for six months now. The thought stung even more due to cactus juice tasting like tar mixed with rotten, moldy testicles.

By the time Aurora looks up again, the familiar figure, who she recognized as Sheriff Katzlein, who was most often just referred to as "Katz", had reached Aurora's position under the shade of the backside of the village's saloon.
Katz was a tall, light-skinned woman, with gray hair tied back in a long ponytail that reached her lower back, bright yellow cat's eyes, and a long, gray-furred cat tail. She was wearing a black top with a high collar with red vertical stripes and red edges, black gloves, black shorts with one leg and red edges, black bracers with red edges, and black-armored boots, with a transparent cloak. On each of her hips was a quiver of arrows, to compliment the red and black metal compound bow that she had strapped to her lower back. During Aurora's time in this shit hole, she had spoken with Katz relatively little, due to the fact that she rarely had much to say. The woman, while not unkind or unfriendly, was strangely terse with everyone, despite being well-liked by the village. Despite the fact that Katz is a Therian, the village had treated her very well, though if the murmurs that Aurora she had heard at the saloon were to be believed, this wasn't always the case.

Katz first stares out across the sand at the villagers who were gardening. One was a tall, strong man named Chuck, who had been a gardener in the village for at least a decade, according to the others. He had sandy blond hair and gray eyes, and was well-known for being very kind to everyone. Due to also being a cook, he also sometimes snuck extra portions of rat to Aurora when it was possible. Gardening with him was also an old man, at least seventy, named Fred, and a young Therian girl with long, dark hair, and bright blue eyes, named Aidalee, who would frequently bring others Cactus Juice, even when she wasn't assigned to gardening duty. It was well-known that Aidalee's parents had died of thirst just outside the village, and she was subsequently accepted into the village, helping with chores.

Katz eventually turns her attention to Aurora. "Last night, approximately 11PM, Chuck saw a flaming object impact the desert, approximately 9 miles to the north." she begins, as she leans against the Saloon with Aurora. She pauses for an uncomfortably long period of time, before continuing "I think it would be safest to investigate... I'll leave it up to you. Would you rather investigate the impact site, or stay here and protect the village?" she asks, staring into Aurora's eyes as she waits for her answer, no emotion on her face, as per usual.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

During the most recent two years that Kaylynn had been wandering around The Outside, she had gathered numerous wayward Umbrage into a small village in the northern Grundleplyth Mountains, due to how rarely others tended to pass by there. With life on the Outside as difficult as it was, people tended to avoid having to scale through mountain ranges in roughly zero degree weather. That being said, having to travel through the mountains herself made coming and going just as difficult for Kaylynn. Luckily for her and those she had gathered into her small village, Umbrage had the ability to very quickly adapt to changes in weather, so while it remained extremely uncomfortable for her, it would not kill her unless she was exceptionally careless.

The ice and snow crunched under Kaylynn's feet as she made her way through the mountains, stopping beneath a Scumpkin. Scumpkins were gigantic, black Pumpkins that tasted like Shadow Creature splooge, and were filled with juice that had the consistency of tar. They were the most common food source in the cold climates of Skia, and grew from tree-like stems, upside down, making them look like trees with a giant black pumpkin placed on top. From here, Kaylynn was usually able to peer through the raging blizzard to admire her handiwork on her Umbrage village. The houses were constructed from the gigantic Blizzshrooms that populated the flat sections of the Grundleplyth mountains, their stalks to tall that an entire house could be constructed beneath it, and caps so big that they could be used as roofs, allowing the Umbrage to save resources.

Rather than the small village that Kaylynn had grown accustomed to seeing, and had spent so much of her life constructing, she sees that frozen lake that they had fished in and gathered water from broken through, the ice floating in pieces on the surface of the water, and the walls of her huts broken down, the Blizzshrooms ripped out of the ground and strewn across the snowy floor. It would have been a drastic improvement if Kaylynn could say that the villagers were nowhere in sight... but she could see them fairly well from here. Dangling from the knocked over mushroom caps, laying in piles on the ground, partly covered with snow, she could see numerous bodies of the villagers she had led to safety wrapped in thick black webbing. The men, the women, the children, all of them. Similarly, the warriors that Kaylynn had left to guard the place were flat on the ground, their insides liquified and leaking through their eyes and nose. Whatever creature did this even went so far as smashing the village's Scumpkin Patch.

If Kaylynn chooses to close the distance between herself and the village, she finds that pitch black powder had been scattered across the village. This wasn't an unknown phenomenon, as Kaylynn had seen "Shadow Minions"(Or, as Umbrage preferred to call them, "Glooms") killed before. When a Gloom dies, their corpse will eventually crumble to black powder, leaving little trace that they were ever there. Soon, Kaylynn hears a thundering sound nearby, which causes the snow to shift off of the shattered pieces of the village's huts, followed by a roar, the sound of a Scumpkin stem falling over into the snow, then the shouting of a humanoid. It sounded as though it was coming from the west of Kaylynn's position, on the other side of a nearby mountain of ice.

Alpha Thuban/Embers
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Alpha is awakened by a bump, then as she attempts to open her eyes, the sunlight blinds her at first, but as her eyes adjust, she can eventually make out three men and a wooden horse-drawn carriage. One man had shoulder-length blond hair and was wearing black leather pants and a tan button-up, with a tan cowboy hat, the second had short dark hair, a matching beard, and was wearing black leather pants and a light blue button-up with a white cowboy hat, while the third had brown hair and was wearing black leather pants with a pink button-up and matching cowboy hat. The blond noticed that Alpha was awake first, and spoke up "Hey, you, finally awake?" he asks, as he hands her a shitplant from a crate that sat between them. A fourth man sat in the driver's seat, driving the carriage, an old man with a long gray bear, a bald head, and wearing a thin white short-sleeved shirt with brown pants. The blond continues "We found you laying in a creak-bed, seemed like you were starving to death, and we couldn't leave you there to die." he explains, thoughtfully. The cart bumps as they drive over some rocks, the frame of the carriage rattling. Looking around them, Alpha could see that they were riding along a sandy trail in the desert, heading towards a village in the distance. The trail was flattened so heavily that carriages must have been traveling along it for quite some time, especially for the cart to manage to travel through sand, and the horses to be able to walk safely.

Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Serenity stood on the sidewalk, in the streets of the southern district of Ignova, the city of the Infernal Magna. 6AM was a bit of an odd choice for a business meeting, as was the sidewalk of a busy street, as it was a perfect location to be accosted by the Crimson Inquisitors, often referred to as Crinqles, but not in earshot. Primitive motor vehicles were zooming down the road in front of Serenity, though not too frequently, given the time. They had four rubber tires, seemed to need to be cranked up to do anything, and were constructed with a weak body comprised of a flimsy metal that those on this world seemed to consider sturdy. To make matters a bit worse, rain was absolutely pouring down on her. Due to the fact that it had started shortly after she had arrived at the meeting point, a red phone booth, Serenity had arrived without and umbrella. Behind her was a store, selling some of the more uncommon food that are only farmed on the Inside, where it can actually survive due to the Magnas.

As Serenity is pondering this, a car passes by too close to the cement curb, and splashes water all over Serenity, leaving her clothes soaked completely. As luck would have it, a woman approaches Serenity at this moment, arriving early for the appointment. The woman had shoulder-length white hair, with her bangs falling over her face and almost covering one of her bright blue eyes. She had pale skin, as was common for humans on the Inside, and was wearing a black pinstripe suit jacket over a white button-down shirt, both of which were cropped short to expose her naval, with a short black pinstripe skirt with a huge black belt with gold studs, thigh-high black boots, and black tights. Around her neck, she wore a black choker, and a necklace with a golden flame pendant, and each of her hands were covered with elbow-length black gloves that reached deep into the sleeves of her jacket. She was holding a black umbrella above her head, to keep herself dry. Serenity had spoken to this woman a few times, and this was because she often acted as a go-between for a number of different clients that had hired Serenity before, allowing them to keep their identities a secret.

The woman had an annoyed look on her face, and as she approached Serenity, she unclasped a second umbrella from her belt and opened it, before holding it out to Serenity. "Here." she says, flatly, though not unkindly, as she held it out. If Serenity doesn't accept, she shrugs and places it back on her belt, but if she does, she nods and continues. "Miss Serenity, my boss would like to hire you for your services as an independent contractor. To the north of the Dead Swamp, a village of Umbrages have been refusing to pay their protection Cawks to the Crimson Inquisition. A legal team was dispatched to that location by the Magna, a week ago, but they have not yet returned. To that end, it's in my boss' interest to either extract payment, or... nullify the need for payment from that settlement... before the Magna chooses to send a team of Crimson Inquisitors to solve the problem. I'm sure you understand. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to obtain that payment for my boss, or end the existence of that village." she says, placing emphasis on the implication of slaughtering the settlement if they refuse to pay.

Cerberus Delta/Bwoo
Spoiler (click to show/hide):

Delta was in her mostly barren quarters within the Frozen Palace. Her room was had a light blue carpeted floor with white drapes covering her window that overlooked Bleeze, the city of the Blizzard Magna. The walls were white, decorated with light blue snowflake designs, while the ceiling was plain white, with snowflake-shaped blue gems hanging a short distance from the ceiling. This design, focusing on light blue, matched the design of the rest of the palace, which was designed to look as though it had been carved from ice. Its entire exterior was a frozen-looking light blue color, with each of the eight towers being topped with a dome-shaped roof, and an antenna with a snow-flake design on the tip. Occupying one corner of Delta's room was a little white arctic fox, a favorite animal of the Blizzard Magna, which had been given to Delta as a gift. It was laying on its side, rolling back and forth playfully, and holding a squeaky toy of a penguin in its mouth.

Delta herself was seated on her bed, a bed with a white mattress, covered with a light blue sheet, and a lighter blue comforter, which had been designed with an image of snow-capped mountains. Looking out the window of her room would reveal that, as always, it was snowing in Bleeze. The city streets, busy with cars driving along the road and pedestrians walking from place to place, were coated with snow. Despite the fact that Bleeze was situated in a part of Skia that actually had a warm climate, the Blizzard Magna ensured that it was always snowing. One may ask why she had her city built in a location that didn't have the climate she wanted, and the answer would be that she liked this spot best. So it was.

Suddenly, Delta's door swings open, and a familiar voice greets her. "Ooohhh, Delta~" says a woman's voice, sounding like rushing wind and filling the entire room. A few snowflakes blew into Delta's room, and Delta's fox stood up excitedly. Three more arctic foxes bounded into Delta's room and bee-lined for the corner of the room, where Delta's fox was, and they started to wrestle. Meanwhile, a familiar figure strutted in. She had long white hair that reached her lower thighs, and light blue eyes, snow white skin, and had fairly large breasts. She was wearing a white metal mask over the lower half of her face, with horizontal slits across the front, from which her icy breath misted into the air, a pair of light blue stockings with white snowflake designs and frilly tops, thigh-high white boots with light blue belt-like straps and avalanche-like designs, a black skirt with white snowflake designs around the edge, a white waist-coat with black edges with a snowflake pattern, a short-sleeved light blue top with white shoulder-coats draped over her arms and a black upper half that was designed with ice-like gems on the sleeves and collar which matched the bright blue gem that decorate the white bow that hung just above her breasts, and a white hood that she wore down.

Despite her mask covering her lower face, Delta had known the Blizzard Magna long enough to be aware that she was always smiling. "Hellooo, my darling~ rise and shine~" she says, in an overly enthusiastic manner, with a beautiful singsong voice, just before quickly approaching Delta as she ran a hand through her long, white hair. "I trust you're doing well this morning~?" she says, sweetly as she sits down on the bed, right beside Delta, and crosses one leg over the other, while resting an arm across Delta's shoulders. As she waits for Delta's answer, she uses her free hand to grab the mask that she covered her lower face with and take it off, resting it on the bed beside her. Without the mask, the rest of her flawless and beautiful face is revealed, and her voice ceases to sound like the rush of heavy wind, and instead sounds like the voice of a normal woman as she carries on "I'm having a wonderful morning, you know aside from a single small detail~" she says, sweetly, in her beautiful singsong voice, quickly continuing "There's a meeeaaan village in the Dead Swamp, I'm not exactly sure why anyone would want to live in such a nasty place, by the way, but they're not paying our fee for keeping them saaafe~ isn't that rude~? We have such good Bleeze Knights, they put their lives on the line to keep everyone free and safe, it's sooo mean and rude not to pay them for their hard work in keeping them free and safe, you know~?" she says, as she uses her other hand to rub Delta's back with skill that far transcended that of a professional masseuse. She waits a moment, sighing softly, though not in a sad way, before continuing further "You know, it would make me happy, and keep them from getting into more trouble, if you were to sneaky sneak into their village and get rid of whatever meany leader is telling them not to pay for our services~" she says, smiling sweetly at Delta as she continued giving her the world's best back rub.

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Re: Eyes in the Darkness

Postby Littlemankitten » Sun Jun 13, 2021 8:48 pm

Who sets up a mercenary work meeting in the middle of a crowded street as the sun was starting to make itself known in the morning sky? She could visibly see some Crinqles douching around yelling at civilians or casually drinking some coffee or something on some corners. Serenity had to figure maybe the plan was hiding in plain sight, no one would suspect anything if you're just hanging around in a crowded street in plain daylight. All the suspicious stuff happens behind closed doors at night after all. She watched the various vehicles drive down the road. They were very simple and primitive, she was pretty sure there was more technology within herself than there was in this entire city. However everyone had to start somewhere, and she knew given time they'd eventually catch up with her. For now though, she can remain smug as she watched one break down onto the side of the road, the driver yelling and screaming at the vehicle, kicking the tired which caused him to stumble backwards. It was a funny distraction that caught the attention of some Crinqles and to distract her from the downpour of rain falling onto her. She didn't particularly mind being wet herself, but it was still fairly annoying to be caught in such a torrential rainfall without an umbrella. Her amused smirk was wiped from her face as a car passes by and splashes her with water, making her look down and grunt as she notices her clothes were soaked. They were soaked before of course thanks to the rain but she notices that people could see her practical grey bra and panties through her clothes, revealing the cleavage of her mid-size breasts that was normally hidden to the world. Just as this happens, her contact which she knew quite well despite not even knowing her name showed up. The woman was one of the few people she saw on a regular basis, and despite really only talking business she felt a strange bond with the girl, as if despite being worlds apart they were connected in some superficial way. Or maybe her emotional cortex was acting up due to the rain. She eyed the woman casually, turning to face her. When she offered Serenity an umbrella, she hesitates for a moment, before nodding and taking it. "Thanks." She says curtly. There was no small talk beyond that, and as usual the girl launched straight into what her job would be. It sounded like a standard fare. Some people weren't paying the Magna their due so she should get payment or eliminate them. She's done this before, though only for specific people, not a entire village, so this job would be a bit more complicated. Perhaps this was a good thing though, if she was being entrusted to take care of a entire village, that means her reputation was preceding her. Though, the fact that a legal team was apparently dispatched first but never returned home gave her a bit of a suspicious feeling. When asked if she would accept the mission in weird manner, Serenity shrugs. "Yea sure, sounds like something I should be able to handle. Unless this legal team was a full on group of fully trained and armed soldiers, in which case it's probably above what I am capable of."
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Re: Eyes in the Darkness

Postby Blue56 » Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:08 am

Delta's dreams vexed her as always. That night, like most nights, she dreamt of infiltrations and assassinations, but not ones that she could remember. The person in the dream was undoubtedly her, but Delta was infiltrating places she had never seen with comrades she had never met before and killing people she had never seen. The dreams themselves did not bother Delta, it was no worse than things she had actually done in her service to her Master, but the fact that she was having them at all. What was the purpose of such things? Diagnostically, all of her systems were functioning properly so there were no performance issues to be concerned about, but it still bothered Delta that she had no explanation for the phenomenon.

When she awoke to the usual cold Bleeze air, Delta put the dream from her thoughts and dressed for the day to come. Her clothes were light and easy to move in, which left her vulnerable to the cold, but Delta dared not complain about her Master's favored climate. The fox the Magna had entrusted to Delta often slept with her, keeping her warm at night, but upon her waking, it had already moved on to it's usual corner to play with the numerous toys she had gotten for it. Delta was unsure what purpose caring for this fox served, given that there were plenty of other servants who weren't designed for combat better suited for this task, but it was an order from her Master, so Delta carried out her duty with the utmost care, prioritizing the fox's wellbeing over her own.

Once dressed, Delta sat on her bed, staying on standby in case she needed to deploy early. She would begin combat exercises if she received no orders within the next hour, but waiting proved to be the correct choice as she heard a familiar voice heading her way. For reasons she could never place, Delta always felt conflicted when first seeing her Master, but that feeling would quickly vanish whenever the Magna's touch made her shiver with and whenever she felt compelled and satisfied to answer her questions. "Greetings, Master." Delta greeted the Magna simply, leaning slightly into her as she wrapped her arm around Delta's shoulder. "All of my systems are functioning normally. I am ready to deploy as needed." Delta responded, correctly assuming that her Master was here with a mission for her. She listened as intently as she could as the Magna explained her problem with the village in the Dead Swamp, but found it somewhat difficult to focus while her Master's hand so beautifully massaged her back. Delta's ears twitched and her eyes closed as she let out a pleased sigh, only opening once her Master had finished her orders. "Mission accepted." The words left her mouth without a moments hesitation. "I will deploy immediately." Delta stated, though she waited for her Master's permission to leave before she would collect her gear and head out to the village.
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Re: Eyes in the Darkness

Postby Mark3000 » Sun Jun 20, 2021 12:26 am

Aurora adjusted her hat as she watched over the villagers as they worked their ‘fields’, if you could even call them that. The land was one step from being completely barren. The only life it could support tasted like shit. But this was the place that these people called home, thus the Yorl would put her all into protecting them.

It had been a difficult journey to Skia. After the destruction of her world, Aurora was flung into space like most of her sisters. She was lucky to land on the planet with minimum damage. But it still took time to repair herself. Luckily these people saw fit to shelter her while she repaired herself. When she was back on her feet, Aurora offered her serviced as a guard for the small settlement. From the time she had spent here, Aurora had learned how dangerous the Outside could be.

As she leaned against the Saloon, she watched as Katz, the sheriff came over. The two shared a quiet disposition and little else. But she had earned the trust of these people despite being a Therian went to show how much trust they had in her. Giving the sheriff a polite nod, Aurora listened to what Katz had to say. As she did, the Yorl looked out over the villagers working in the garden. Even little Aidalee was working hard to help despite how difficult it was to live here.

As Katz finished briefing Aurora, she took a moment to ponder the request. “I think it would be best to investigate. If it’s a threat, best to deal with it now before it can grow into a more difficult issue down the line.”
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Re: Eyes in the Darkness

Postby Embers » Thu Jun 24, 2021 5:41 am

Head-wrenching headache and fatigue grips the Maldika's body as the Old Ones' influence decays and gives way for Alpha Thuban's self to reclaim her body, for a while at least. A.T. stares off into the fading night sky with an expressionless face, she recognizes the early morning colors and recognizes that sunlight is probably not going to blind her at such an early hour. Still recovering from the dizzying experience of the Old Ones' influence A.T. offers no interactions to her rescuers as she stands up and stabilizes herself on a single wide tentacle sprouting from her back.

That village didn't look like an "inside" city, but it definitely looked like it might have guards. As the commoners tried to speak with her and urge her to sit down as the carriage was moving Alpha Thuban blocks out their voices and concentrates her attention into the distance, although the Old Ones' transformation doesn't come with super sight, it does come lesser perception skills that help her decide whether that village is a place of interest or not.
A.T. detects enough living beings to warrant a small community, she also detects a couple of tall buildings.

"Sunrise and booze." she speaks in a hushed voice, the words were meant to herself. That was the goal for this fading period of freedom. If there were a lot of working humans in one place, there's bound to be some alcohol-like substance nearby, Alpha Thuban looks off into the horizon and sees the sun's light creeping over its edge. Now that the carriage was getting closer and closer to the village, Alpha Thuban hops off the cart, sliding over the dirt for a moment then channeling her agility to utilize that momentum into a full speed sprint.

Although A.T. could cover distance much faster if she had used her tentacles to sprint, she opts to lay low and sprint towards the village away from the entrance where guards might be. Once inside, the scout begins searching and scouring around for alcohol, she had already spotted the tallest structure and a good place atop it to watch the sunrise, all that's left was to find some alcohol before its too late.
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Re: Eyes in the Darkness

Postby MiscChaos » Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:39 pm

As bad as surviving zero degree weather is, it’s still better than surviving “civilized” land. What that says about the rest of the world is a thought she’s had far too many times to bother repeating now. Still, the walk home is worth it to Kaylynn if this journey is even a little bit as difficult for “civilized” folk as it is for people who actually live here. With the ice and snow, they should hear trouble coming from miles away and either hide away or be prepared for whatever comes near. If they’re really lucky, they’ll get more broodmares for Umbrage/Gloom production out of the invasion, but really the biggest point is to make sure there are no free survivors. They don’t need a bunch of puffed up assholes coming to tear their home apart, thank you very much. Sure, home is a bunch of building sized Blizzshrooms hollowed and modified to their liking, but it’s better than wandering the wilderness. Or worse, the streets of a “civilized” city. At least the people of her hovel either don’t care or are too broken to care when one of their own lose their handle on their sex drive and just have to have a fuck. The people around them are likely in just the same situation and will either brush it off as a nice little way to pass the time or will “get their revenge” later when their own sex drive goes off. There’s actually a few Umbrage in the village who might as well be couples because they won’t fuck anyone else, stuck as they are in their cycle of “revenge”. About the only one immune to being pounced on is Kaylynn herself. Not by any rule she made, it just seems everyone else feels too grateful for being pulled into her community to force themselves on her. It’s a weird feeling, so she just ignores it for the most part.

As she creasts the Scumpkin to peer into said community, what she sees causes her to freeze in a way the temperature hasn’t in a long time. She was probably being optimistic earlier when she thought the location would allow them to see and hear threats coming. Or maybe they did see it and decided they could take it on. Either way was a lie given that she can’t see a single living Umbrage in the area besides herself. Well, she doesn’t know if the ones in webs are dead. They might as well be if the webs are too thick to cut off, but at least they’re in a bit position than the guard who seem to have been turned into Scumpkin juice. She can make an easy comparison given that their Scumpkin patch has been smashed open! “Slut! We’re moving in.” She says to her only companion: her sex slave, Malinda. Being the squishy human that she is, she has more on in the way of winter-proof clothing. But the proof of her ownership of Malinda, the torn and tattered wedding dress, is on underneath the thick coat and boots. Malinda doesn’t respond, but then again, she doesn’t really have to. She just has to follow orders. On their way into the village, she sees black powder all over the place. Meaning their Glooms have been killed too. She ignores the sound nearby, more focused on the village itself. “Search for survivors. There has to be someone who made it out of this mess.” She really expected to be angrier about this, what with her life’s work being destroyed. Mostly she’s just numb. It really just feels like another reason to move on with her plan to infect the world. They wouldn’t have to worry about an attack like this if they were in one of those safe cities on the Inside.
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