Mail Server Issue (Fixed)

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Mail Server Issue (Fixed)

Postby Renara » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:59 pm

So it seems there's been a glitch with the DNS settings for my mail server; while it's still operational, a lot of mail providers will be rejecting messages coming from or going to the server until the DNS issue is resolved, which may take a day or two.

Short version; you may not receive any board e-mails over the next couple of days, after which they'll be delivered all at once, sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: Finally got this resolved, so apologies to anyone that gets all of their board notifications in one go!

For those interested in such things the issue was that one of the PTR records for the mail server wasn't pointing to the correct domain, these records are basically DNS in reverse, pointing an IP address to a domain, and are used by many mail servers as a basic verification step to check that an outgoing mail server is legitimate (and not some dirty spammer), so if the PTR record is wrong, your outgoing mail can end up being rejected. Unfortunately most hosting companies etc. don't let you set your PTR records manually, so it requires a support request which can be slow.
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