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Area52 Project Status/FAQ

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:06 pm
by Renara
At this time, the Area52 project has been effectively cancelled for a while and so their project forum has been locked to future posts.
All materials posted here have been made freely available for use in user projects, LoK related or not. If you do use any materials then you are strongly encouraged to credit the creator and the Area52 team as appropriate.

If anyone is interested in continuing the work that the Area52 team has done, then please do so in the Creative Corner, and if the effort gains enough momentum then I can reopen this forum for use (just PM me).

To clarify; Area52 was a separate project from the "main" one here at, working in their own way to bring updates to PlayShapes' original LoK game(s). As ever, anyone is welcome to embark on such projects, and I really hope people will get something out of Area52's attempt, so thanks guys!